Pakistan Builds A Wall On Afghanistan Border To Control The Flow Of Terrorists

by | May 17, 2018 | Headline News | 18 comments

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    In order to attempt to curtail the flow of terrorist between Pakistan and Afghanistan, the former country is building a wall on the border it shares with the latter. “For the better security of our country and nation, we had to do this work,” a Pakistani army official, Brig. Nisar.

    Nisar, who only uses one name, told journalists during a government-organized visit to the border that this is in Pakistan’s security interest. The barrier has angered the Afghan government, which disputes the location of the boundary and says the fence will” tear communities apart.”

    According to NBC News, construction began last year on two fences that parallel each other as they snake through the remote, mountainous landscape. Standing 13 feet high on the Afghan side and 11 feet on the Pakistani side, sharp spirals of silver barbed wire are cradled at the top of each.

    Additional coils of barbed wire have been placed on the ground in the gap between the fences, which are dotted with Pakistani military towers. Pakistan’s military says it will have 92 percent of the national border fenced before the end of 2019. Only three miles of the 789-mile stretch of the border along the remote southwestern province of Balochistan has been fenced so far, according to a military official who spoke to NBC News on the condition of anonymity. However, there are some parts of the border will not be fenced as they are too mountainous.

    Many have questioned the efficacy of border walls, and whether or not the cost is worth the outcome.  But if the goal is reducing an influx of human beings, there is at least some real-world evidence that border walls are effective.

    Beyond Balochistan, Pakistani authorities said the other part of the fence, including the portion visited by NBC News, would eventually total 516 miles in length. Around 146 miles of that stretch has been completed, according to officials. Pakistani security officials also told NBC News that while Pakistan has 64 security fortifications and posts in one 112-mile stretch of the border, Afghanistan has built only eight.

    Pakistan is accusing the Afghan government of not doing enough to stem the flow of terrorists into the country.  Pakistan alleges that Afghan territory is being used by the Islamic State to plan terrorist attacks. “The current border is not accepted throughout history. This is a critical issue,” said Mohammad Yaqub Ahmad Zai, Afghanistan’s deputy minister of border and tribal affairs.



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      1. I don’t blame them for building a wall. If I had the misfortune to live in either one of those countries, I wouldn’t want the other coming in.

      2. “Good fences make good neighbors” is from Robert Frost’s poem “Mending Walls”. Pakistan has their wall. Where’s ours?

        • “Pakistan has their wall. Where’s ours?”

          Not gonna happen under President Chump’s watch, and realistically … probably never gonna happen down the road either. There’s only one Wall that President Chump is concerned about … and that is … Israel’s Wall and security and nothing more.

          • silly goy -we have a wall…..itz called WALL STREET!!

        • The US government has over 1,100 military bases abroad; 800 bases we the little people are allowed to know about, and 300 bases we are not supposed to know about. All are dedicated to some kind of regime change or another.

          Here at “home” we have over 4,000 military bases. And yet, when it comes time to protect our borders against a George Soros funded caravan the best our feckless, orange golem of a president can must is the national guard.

          Seems to me that the real question that needs to be asked is: “Where is the real regime change taking place?” In the US.

          Wherever the most US military bases are that’s where the most regime change is going on. Whenever you hear the words “borders” or “fences” or “sovereign country” spoken in relation to the United States of America — think “bullshit.”

      3. Walls worked for the Chinese for a long time. Worked for the Russians until Reagan asked Gorbachev to tear it down. Down where I live, walled and gated communities swear by them and their own private security. Even my own neighborhood is partially walled for miles. Walls work. Simple as that.

      4. What a great idea! America should have walls for the same reason. I heard some rumors about one on going up on the southern border, but I think the terrorist enablers shut that shiit down.

      5. It works for Isrealhell, it worked for China, it has yet to work for the good ol US of A.

        _ ?

      6. The libtard progressives in Congress will no doubt want to give Pakistan money for their wall to block illegal aliens, while at the same time condemning President Trump for wanting to build a wall to block illegal aliens from our nation.

      7. Walls and enforced illegal immigration policy works – the wall on Mexico’s southern borders hugely controls illegal immigration down there, the Israeli/Palstinian West Bank wall works, the Berlin wall worked, the Iron Curtain walls across Eastern Europe worked, the Hungarian fence walls have reduced illegal immigration more than 99.999%, the Norwegian/Russian border fence walls work. Mexico doesn’t want a wall on its American border because based on their wall they know walls work. Humans are made of physical matter – physical barriers block physical matter. Border walls are deployed in many areas over the world, you know why, because they work. For some reason only Western Europe, Canada, and the US don’t believe walls and enforced immigration policy work. We hardly even enforce immigration laws here, the fed. gov’t is the main law breaker.

      8. I will let you in on a little secret: all the trash Pakistanis and others talk when they are in the West (endlessly blaming white people for the world’s woes etc.), they do the total opposite in their own countries. The London mayor will go on about LGBT rights when he knows it will piss people off, but he would never mention this topic when he visits the ‘homeland’.

        You can find it all in most third world countries: child rape, attacks on homosexuals, abuse of women, interethnic attacks and killings, mass rapes, mass killings, etc. But despite this horror show that goes on day in, day out, the white man is spoken of as the worst thing on the planet. Go figure …

      9. Mohammadens build a wall to exclude terrorists, democrats and sold out rinos dont want one, even if ms13 has been labeled a terrorist orginization. Am I missing something here?

      10. SORRY-ASSED PAKISTAN. YOU CALL THAT A FENCE??????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      11. I remember when you all believed in the border wall and actually believed Trump would build it. Haha. Told you so.

      12. no one wants people from islamic countries. Why?
        Answer is their cultural beliefs is one of violence

      13. Trini Lopez; “if I had a hammer, I’d hammer in the morning, I’d hammer in the evening, all over this land…” Hell, even Lopez wanted a wall.

      14. Walls alone never work.

        What works is heavily armed border police that shoot to kill without issuing warning. A bounty on each illegal alien of $5,000 DOA would also be interesting.

        What works is fining every company that hires an illegal alien the sum of 50 times the annual salary of the CEO for each violation. If it bankrupts the company, put it up for sale, a nationwide sheriff sale, and all money goes to pay off the fines.

      15. Jihadists believe they can kill their way into Paradise. I want a very high wall between that person and myself and those I care about. If that’s crazy, then I am crazy!

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