Packing Heat: Missouri Lawmakers Expand Gun Rights, OK “Concealed Carry Without Permit”

by | May 16, 2016 | Emergency Preparedness, Headline News | 108 comments

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    While so much of propaganda about gun control has been inundating the country and clouding the debate about the 2nd Amendment in effort to restrict firearms, the state of Missouri just surprised everyone by actually expanding gun rights!

    The heavily Republican legislature just passed a bill in both the Senate and House allowing people to carry concealed without needing a permit, and without requiring training. Moreover, it reinforced the state’s Castle Doctrine and Stand Your Ground statutes.

    via the NY Times:

    Missouri lawmakers have passed a sweeping expansion of gun rights in the state, one that would allow people to carry concealed guns without requiring permits and widen their right to stand and fight against perceived threats.

    Under the measure, most people would be able to carry concealed guns, even if they have not completed the training currently required to obtain a permit.

    The legislation would also expand the state’s “castle doctrine” by allowing invited guests, such as babysitters, to use deadly force against intruders. It would also create a “stand your ground” right, meaning people would not have to retreat from danger in any place they are legally entitled to be present.

    Symbolically, Missouri essentially put up a giant “Come and Take It” in defiance of all those who would disarm Americans and usher in a crime-ridden, heavily bureaucratic and debased police state.

    Of course, it has gun control advocates steaming, and attempting to argue that the bill will create more violence.

    While many Democrats denounced it, Republican supporters of the bill described the measures as reasonable approaches to personal safety.


    “To me, this is modern-day lynching,” said another Democrat, State Representative Kimberly Gardner of St. Louis. “This bill would allow open season for vigilante-style behavior and put all of us at risk.”

    As of now, it is unclear if Democratic Gov. Jay Nixon will sign the bill, or veto it and force a legislative fight. But a message has been signaled, loud and clear.

    Americans do NOT want to give up their guns, and will do everything they can to protect themselves in self-defense from anyone who would attempt to disarm them.

    With so much of the country going eroding into liberal la-la land, this is one state that understands and honors the intent of the founders in framing the Constitution to empower ordinary citizens against criminals, both within and without government.

    As the NY Times notes, the trend is swinging back towards free and open gun rights… a possible sign that gun control efforts, despite deep pockets and incessant appeals to emotion involving children and other victims of gun violence, have fallen on deaf ears.

    Ten other states already have what supporters describe as “constitutional carry” laws allowing concealed guns without permits, including ones enacted this year in Idaho, Mississippi and West Virginia, according to the National Rifle Association.

    No doubt that is why President Obama has resorted to using executive actions to impose gun control, and why Hillary Clinton is talking openly about using the executive pen to restrict rights, rather than even attempt to jam rights-restricting legislation through the Congress at the federal level.

    Do you think this is a big win for the 2nd Amendment?

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    Texas Police Chief Warns Obama That Gun Control Will “Cause A Revolution… You’re Not Our Potentate, Sir”


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      1. I’m from Mo. and our dipshite gov will not sign these bills. the legislature will need to override his veto.

        • Missourah is a State I’m proud to be from, it’s almost as Free As Wyoming. Why they still elect A-Holes like Jay Nixon as Gov and Claire McCaskill as a U.S. Senator is beyond me. But then again it’s no supprise when you have Liberal Bastions like St.Louis and Kansas City. And no matter your thought on smoking, I just read an article on cigarettes where CA. is wanting to add a $2.00 tax on a pack of smokes, NY State has a $4.35 tax which is the highest and the Free State of Missourah is the lowest at .17 cents. Trekker Out. Constitutional Carry, Ain’t It Great!

          • Joplin surely did have some of the sexiest ladies I ever did see, or at least around 40 years ago. …sure glad I put the cigs down when I did. (Hey, it wasn’t a hard decision at all. Smoke and have another heart attack and die, or quit right then. I optioned to quit. (Almost didn’t survive that first one ….and there ain’t NOTHING like major heart attack to get your full attention).

            I pray Missouri “Goes For It” and draws “the line in the sand.” (Though we’ve no need for one …yet). Post election …maybe. Now. No, but it wouldn’t hurt one bit?

            • Bud, just to clarify what I was saying about the TAX on cigarettes. I used them for years and one of the few smart things I did, was to quit. But I also hate Government when they try and control people through Taxation. And as I told a Politican one time when they were trying to pass some kind of legislation on cigarettes,”Theirs only one thing I hate worse than Cigarettes, and thats the Government telling me I can’t smoke them”. And another thing that gets me, is when people that say they’re for freedom but they will back a city wide ban on smoking in a bar or restaurant, if you don’t like the business that allows it, go somewhere else. JMHO! Trekker Out.

            • Bud

              (Almost didn’t survive that first one ….and there ain’t NOTHING like major heart attack to get your full attention)

              Yep…..let me guess VFib? Been there done that two times. Its mighty dark over there, quiet too. Can’t stand being near smoke or respiratory irritants since quitting. Figure I saved my life and $20 k over the 14 years since I quit.

          • Well, I have seen pictures of old timey post offices, where all the postal workers were armed and smiling… that’s how it used to be in the old days, when THE PEOPLE ruled… as opposed to now days, when THE OLIGARTHS rule…

            • We have a choice between a blatant racist (ignorant, stupid corporate CEO) and a pro-one percent, hates-Russia, wants-war-with-Russia idiot… a hell of a choice– both suck!!

              • Anonymous another thing thats really sad, now that the OLIGARTHS rules, we can’t even say nigger without the hate speech police coming down on us, even if we ain’t racist. Trekker Out

                • If you would like to read something interesting google racist descriptions. Every ethic / racial group has quite a few but blacks account for more than all others combined.

            • Yeah and now a Postal Customer can’t even go in a post office with a gun! Treker Out. Semper Paratus!

        • unrelated:

          Zimmerman’s PF9 us again up for auction. While I fully support his right to do this, this gun has no added value to me. New PF9s can be had for less than $300, and this one’s ‘history’ doesn’t increase the value to me. This Kel-Tec model is not junk (to me), but it’s not an heirloom firearm. It’s a relatively inexpensive, concealable 9MM that’s not expected to be fired a lot. It’s just a bonus that the auction drives the wackos into a tizzy. Now that I think of it, that alone increases the gun’s value somewhat.

        • Missouri lawmakers expand gun rights.? Missouri lawmakers start obeying the constitution is more like it. These rats had no right to make infringement laws in the first place. And should be tried for high treason. What part of. Shall not be infringed. Don’t these colleged educated people understand?

          • People have a right to make stupid, racist comments… and other people have the right to shoot these stupid racist commenters also… that’s how it used to be in the old days…

            my grandpa shot a guy in the foot for making negative comments about grandma (his sweetheart at the time)…

            Someday, we will all be wearing guns again, after we get the courage, will power and intelligence– to chase the oligarths/one percenters, and other “officials” away… then the fun will begin– we, the people will rule again. 🙂

        • Pappy, I am sorry to see that you use such a nice name for that no good @ssh@le sob governor of ours.

      2. Needs to happen for the whole USA.

        Be well all…

        • Nice idea, but i know that in the liberal/progressive paradise i live in im more likely to get swatted because i owned guns rather than ever in a million years be able to cary one except from my safe to my work table and back

          • Thought you ‘lost’ all those tools surfing…

            • I sold em, farmins been so bad i needed the cash, thats why all i got is blades now

              • Hanging ten with an AR takes talent…

                • Because Charlie don’t surf…

                  • Relax people, the Gov has vetoed these laws before. He’s a (D) Real hope is they have a chance to override in, I think, September, and may have the votes to do it. Same problem in New Hamp. Go to NRA-ILA get the up to date story, or handgunlaw for info.

                    • If you are not an NRA member join; it’s the only reason we have a chance.

                    • NRA has compromised too many times, Gunowners of America is pure, and hats off to Larry Pratt.

                    • Paranoid, how about a loud, resounding NO to joining the NRA?

                      They’ve done little to nothing to further our cause and in fact have compromised so much of it away we are fighting an uphill battle on something that should be a walk in the park.

                      The NRA can KMA.

                      They’ll never get a dime from me.

                    • Unfortunately GOA, Larry Pratt, has very little political power. I the end its who can get votes for or against a politician in sufficient number to sway the election. The NRA ILA is the most effective grassroots group in the USA. Their strategy is pragmatic. In 1994 the assault gun ban with the new high cap magazine ban passed. The NRA had the foresight to put in a 10 year expiration which required a re-vote a decade later. If no vote was given the ban expired. Don’t tell me that the NRA is ineffective.

                      We don’t have the luxury of picking this or that pro gun group. We need them all including your State Associations.

                    • Well spoken Kevin2! The NRA ain’t perfect but it sure has saved us from a lot of onerous gun laws. So I’m with Paranoid, if you don’t belong, it’s time to join. Seems they’re are alot of people that would rather complain than spend a few dollars a year to fight for their freedom. Trekker Out. GOA Ain’t Bad!

                    • Don’t get me wrong: I don’t like every thing the NRA has done. But without them we wouldn’t be able to own a BB Gun. It’s not the Gun owners of America that Congress worries about.

                    • The NRA has five million members, if they had ten million members gun control would be a dead issue for every politician in the country, they wouldn’t dare bring it up.

                      Your rights depend on you being politically involved. Joining the NRA is the cheapest and most effective involvement you can get, unless you consider forum posts to be beneficial.

                  • Mountain Trekker

                    Its not just handing over a few bucks, its getting involved. I did and met so many great people in the process. At one time I could call Neal Knox, since deceased and founder of the ILA at his home in Md. Met Mr Heston, knew Aaron Zelman (may he be known for good) of JPFO quite well. Had dinner with Steven Seagal and a short conversation with him. Richard Feldman who had a falling out with the NRA was one slick guy too. I referred to him as the NRA CIA.

                    For those who don’t know the NRA grassroots division does a lot. Ask former NJ Governor Jim Florio as his political career went down like the Titanic. NJ is however a hopeless place being its a suburb of NYC and Philly. Philly is only good because Pennsylvania is so rural.

                    The Second Amendment exists in practice because of the unwavering tenacity of a core of its supporters. I have more respect for anti gunners than many exclusive Trap & Skeet shooters that are more like golfers than gun owners. Many had the attitude just don’t take my $5000 trap gun and I’m fine.

            • Eppe, the lesson here is NEVER go out in the water with any ‘liberty tools’.

              • As Chef said, “Never get out of the boat”.
                Have a good trip, hope all goes well.

              • Sorry. but I never go anywhere without them

              • NRA compromise has gotten us where we are today.

                • If it wasn’t for the NRA you would be Canada.

                  • Perhaps, yet nobody has left due to our Constitution YET (yet, I say).,, but I’ve “caught them” (NRA) in more than one danged lie, (at We, The People’s) expense. This 2nd Amendment is NOT about “making deals” which is what NRA does with our rights ….frigs around and makes deals …and slowly losing ground (that they won’t admit too). In my humblest opinion. NRA does many “good” things as well …but that is not why we pay them. (So when I determined ALL of my membership went to other things, I cut them off).
                    Besides, where does it say I have to pay out my ass for God-given rights (as in supporting them plus their 50 calls a month for MORE MONEY OR OBAMA IS GOING TO TAKE AWAY ALL GUNS BEFORE THE SUN RISES …etc.
                    Just got sick of it …another ‘bs’ way to make money off VERY WORRIED PEOPLE.

                    • Trump has a concealed permit in New York .. He better not let us down.

                    • Your dues pays for membership, not lobbying. If you didn’t donate to NRA-ILA you have nothing to complain about.

              • Kula lost them in a hollowed out Koa wood tree trunk, dragged off the Mt top by the Big Kahuna, and used the hull to visit the Hula Dancers on the other side of the island. A big wave came up and washed the tools overboard.

                But alas, smart and clever Kula carved a bone hook and pulled them tools back up, along with the other islands back when.

                Sheesh people, know your island history. Capt James Cook told me about this native story.


          • Which island are you on. I’m on the Big I.

        • Scary read.

          ht tp://

          • The rise of far right political parties in response to mass immigration is heating things up nicely. The NWO’s whore, Merkel deserves to be gang-raped by her “special guests” for what she’s engineered. Drive out the Muslim from your land before they gain the whip hand.

        • I suspect that eventually some loony will slaughter 30 or 40 people in a school or mall, and that will be the catalyst for draconian new national laws that will supercede all State laws.

          Incidentally, Maine has allowed no-permit concealed carry since last October (and lifted State laws against gravity and automatic knives) and amazingly, we haven’t descended into chaos yet. (By sheer coincidence, the State also happens to be largely rural and white.)

          • Karl V

            The greatest fear TPTB have, is that a mass shooter will be stopped literally, “dead in their tracks” by an armed law abiding citizen, in such a fashion, that it will be impossible for it not to go viral. In one fell swoop, like “Dumpty Dumpty”, their manufactured, massaged news comes crashing down virtually impossible to resurrect.

            • For those that are members of The USCCA or Armed Citizens (two of the largest “insurances” (should you have no choice but to shoot someone). For $30.11 monthly, it’s worth it. (For USCCA).

              Each month there are hundreds of articles (including The Archives) of a myriad of ‘armed citizens’ that were forced to use their arms in Home Break-ins, Attempted Car-Jackings, Stabbings (80-yr-old Granny and her 12-gauge stopped THAT one) …but you’ll never see the same in the “regular, controlled media.” (For the very same reason …IT WOULD GO VIRAL). However, perhaps it has in a way being that we now have more armed citizens that at any other time in history).

              Maybe something is ‘amiss’?

      3. I’ve always wondered if obeying any law infringing on our right to bear arms is aiding and abeading treason? How can it be otherwise ? We are condoning blatantly unconstitutional laws. By obeying them. Can anyone argue with that?

        • In the land of the free we are not brave enough to disobey a blatantly unconstitutional law ? And the gov. Employees who enforce these laws are even worse? Isn’t it easy enough for them to look the other way? Or don’t they get a big gun bust promotion if they do? Corrupt coward greedy rats to the core? Payback is you know what ? And we have records of everything.

      4. Kula Hawaii has been ruined by the Asian gun control immigrants . Everyone of them wants a gun . But doesn’t want anyone else to have one . Third world stupid.

      5. Way of life in Missouri. Not all of us live in St. Louis. Look up Castle Law. Should make some people think twice. I still have rights in this state, and I appreciate


        • Maybe I’ll move to MO. Plenty of room at Mizzou!

      6. Fergusan watch out!

      7. So how long till we know if the bill gets signed?

        If not signed, it’s just another symbolic waste of time.

        I’m leaning towards it probably not being signed, but the overwhelming vote in favor of it may get it signed anyway.

        • @Anon:

          Here is a link to the Missouri law process regarding the Constitutional carry bill.

          ht tp://

          Be safe….stay the course….BA.

        • As noted above the Legislature has a chance of overriding any Veto in September. One State did that this year, West Virginia perhaps. It passed by enough votes to override so we shall see.

      8. I usually carried in a fanny pack, or small of back holster (PPK types only). Always use a holster! The 45 in the picture isn’t even cocked, or half cocked! There is a really good safety for cocked 1911A 45’s use it, the cops do.

        • The way he’s carrying it if it was full cocked the hammer would put a hole in him.

          • Gotta love a 1911 . But I want 10 mm car door penetration.

      9. I carry concealed no matter the state or place or so called law.

        • As do I.

        • I carry concealed when I want to.

        • MENZO –


          The 2nd Amendment is OUR open carry / conceal permit.
          I do not comply with unnecessary Government “paper work”.

          • Menzo, fanny pack for my Taurus PT111. Has a separate compartment for extra mags.

          • Warms my heart to read things like that…

        • You don’t need a permit to exercise any of the God given rights. And that Is especially true for the second.

        • “M”

          God Bless the Big Mo.!!!!!!

          In the Commie state of Illinois. You can’t carry unless you have an Illinois C.C.l. But this one I don’t enforce.

          If I can carry to protect myself and family when I’m off duty. Why don’t you have the same RIGHT?????? So screw the law in Illinois.

          But saying that. If you are convicted of a major Forcible Felony. I will hammer you. This is where I draw the line is right there. Every one else should carry, and have the Right to chose.


          • Sgt. Dale… from what I understand any type of felony conviction bars one from legally possessing a firearm for life in the entire US. Not just Forcible Felony as you suggest, any felony such as a nonviolent type. That seems like over reach to me, that law needs to be challenged. For instance if the felony was committed over 35 years ago, nonviolent nature, no record since, one should be able to protect themself from a firearm threat by same.

            • AL
              The reason I stated this is, and you might know that boy that just turned 18 year old that had sex with his 16 year old girlfriend and now he is a felon. There are some Felonies that are Bullshit. and you know that.

              Like I said I’m old school and don’t believe in some of the new laws. They are mostly Bullshit. If I get out the youngsters coming will never learn. That is why I stay.


              • What is the difference between person A that got caught with pot decades ago and has a felony and the President? Answer; getting caught.

            • Every American that fought against the British was a felon. Wake the f up. These are x felons .they paid their debt. Soon they’ll make everything a felony . Speeding ten miles an hour over the speeding limit Felony speeding. They already have felony trespassing . For gov. Property. Give these rats an inch and they’ll take a mile . What part of shall not be infringed don’t you understand.?

          • I am no felon. But no one will hammer me either. When someone attempts to disarm me I will deprive them of their life. Even someone in costume. I wore a US military costume a while and killed people so I do know exactly how.

            • It is what happens when they insist on pressing our backs to the wall. What less should they expect? We’re from the same mould there Menzo— or were in the same one for “our time in the barrel”?

              • No doubt what you said is true. I for one am fed up.

      10. this is encouraging

        I hope it is just the beginning as Americans rise to the challenges to our freedom and liberty. It is a good day for America. There are so many working day and night to rob of us the things our fathers fought and died for. We must work harder and longer to preserve our freedom and liberty. Thank you, the people of Missouri who made this happen.

      11. Time to restore our rights.
        Start with the second so we can work on the others.

        Watch to see what Gov Nixon does next – his move

      12. I do see a trend here,I view the second as just a affirmation of birth rights,nothing more.While I applaud these new measures will irregardless never voluntarily give up my rights for self defense against all who wish me/pets/family/friends ill,never,till I am dead anyhow.

      13. Warchild, same here. I don’t give up anything either. Want to take something away from me and expect me to just go along with it? Nope, not in my lifetime or theirs. If you don’t want to take the dirt nap, then just forget the idea altogether, and you’ll be OK.

      14. Brave,keep in mind I am a man without much to lose(perhaps everything to gain),so,am ready though not hoping to die.Best be ready to die is all I am saying.The point of the spear,whether puppet masters or whomever need to know from the beginning that they also will die with us.

        • Thats why 4gwf is the mo
          Top down

        • Warchild, I know all too well what I face. If it’s my time then so be it. I’m more like Kulafarmer; just don’t give a shit anymore. I’m not giving up anything. someone would have to kill me for it.

          • Its sorta sad really that the country we were brought up in has become this monster. Were just normal guys, just happens we find some relief in venting here, (thanks Mac) but just imagine how many tens of thousands just stew over their brew in the afterwork hours,,,,

          • Bravado brave. Another one of your threats to pretend people.

      15. Too bad you’d have to live in Missouri to do it……

      16. The original issue at Lexington was gun confiscation by the Brits. They were out confiscating arms and the people said NO and ment what they said The British army was the best in the world at the time and to fire on it took alot of guts The beautiful gods in DC would start another war in their quest to achieve godhood. All shall worship Hillary and Bill as they destroy the world. Lexington6 will happen again

        • Not many people know the British were coming to confiscate the canons. Our rats don’t want us to know that . Like Obama said we arm people’s whose governments don’t represent them .well what if we think our gov. Doesn’t represent us? Do we get arms? No we get disarmed.

      17. How can they expand rights we already have. This is fuckin rediculous. Gonna have a gun if I feel like it. The second amendment says keep and BEAR arms. To bear arm you gotta have it on ya. This crap is stupid when will people wake the hell up. If your afraid to carry your not excersizing your rights. 2nd applies to the whole country not just Missouri. How can you be an armed citizen with your piece at home in a safe. I say this matter need to go to Supreme Court to be settled once and for all. Do we or not have the right to keep and BEAR. I’m not getting a ccw permit it’s means you believe you need permission to excersize your constitutional right to firearms. if you don’t feel you need to carry a gun don’t. But don’t do it cause your afraid of breaking the law. If your afraid your allowing your rights to be infringed on. They are violating your rights. I’m not ok with that sorry. Fuck them.

        • It HAS been through Supreme Court TWO TIMES and both time were in our favor. Yet now, Hillery is ‘running off at the mouth’ that The Supreme Court GOT IT WRONG TWICE (her exact words) and she intends to fix that. (BS …every other pres has claimed the same and failed).
          So, Supreme Court says YES WE CAN and upholds The 2nd “to the letter.” (No matter what you may to the contrary, if it does not comply with “The 2nd” …then it is not ‘actual law’ at all).

          • If the Dems win the White House they will appoint the next few Justices to the Supreme Court. They will overturn Heller and MacDonald just as fast as they can.

            Then we’ll see what happens, but make no mistake about it, this election is for all the marbles.

            You want to keep your guns, vote against Hillary.

      18. I’ve tried to find the bottom line of so called gun control so far it’s. Only your enemy wants you defenseless . Or only your enemy wants you disarmed .

      19. Business is bad for me now and lots of businesses are feeling the heat.. businesses that I never expected to feel the heat so soon and friend who own business’s are telling me that everyone is complaining about being broke.. this is 2009 all over again.. lets just say that we make it to February 2017, Trump becomes president.. the damage is so bad to the economy that most businesses will not survive it..all outcomes are leading to economic callapse.. it’s not looking good, since I made adjustments in my business back in 2009, and still ended up homeless between January 2011 – May 2014.. now if it hits again, and I loose my place and things disrupt my indoor comfortable lifestyle, how will me and my lady work it out is she looses her job..the best solution is still to move our of the city into the country away from the BS.. and still they, the enemy can find you no matter where you go..Every where I look, I see a dead end..I am in the same boat like most of us on this site..I Hear some really bad, stuff guys and I don’t want to earn talk about it.. the dollar is dead, and people are going to go ballistic ape shit in be streets of all the major cities especially when the food runs out.. the food is going to get cut off, it’s going to get extremely bad, bad bad. In the next month in Venezuela. Why has russia not help Venezuela?.. why is it taking place, it’s being done on purpose.. it will be done on purpose here in the’s coming back to that energy inventor guy that I posted a video audio on last year about the so called event that causes a run on the grocery store, the guy who said that the talk show host got pissed at him when he refused to let him back up a truck to buy up all his energy machines..this guy is 100% on the money….We must have lots of food and water..Our state of Texas is very much as risk like most of the states..this is going to make 2009 look like a joke. That’s what they brought in the military equipment..i am leaving my condo in the next few months, because of what I was told.. now more town homes, apartment etc, can’t live in this type of area of residence anymore, have to clear out, wish me luck but I am bailing ass soon as I can..i wish I was in better shape but I an just as phucked as most of us on this site.


        • HCKS, I read a couple articles ago that you were going to buy more lifestraws.. I agree with you, they are a great product.. With that being said, keep in mind that the life straws don’t filter out dissolved solids, like chemicals, or viruses.. I guess what I’s saying is to choose your water source wisely if you can, then boil it before drinking.. I have the Family life straw, where you dump the water into the top of it, and it runs through the filter and out the hose to what ever container you use for storing the water..

          Here is the info from lifestraws web site..

          Common Questions:

          Does the LifeStraw Personal filter out salt water, chemicals or viruses?

          The LifeStraw Personal is designed for the backcountry and will filter out 99.9999% of waterborne bacteria and 99.9% of waterborne protozoan parasites. Chemicals, salt water and viruses will not be removed. If you were looking for a high capacity filter to remove viruses, the LifeStraw Family 1.0 will be able to remove 99.999% of viruses.

          Can I drink pool water with the LifeStraw?

          Pool water contains chlorine and other chemicals. The LifeStraw can only filter out bacteria and parasites, not chemicals.

          Keep up the posts HCKS.. I don’t comment much, but have been reading SHTF for several years now.. Hope that you find this info helpful… Nemesis

          • Chlorine is not an issue as it will vaporize out of the water.

            • K2- agreed, that info was from lifestraws website, common questions. I would be more concerned from drinking from a polluted stream, river or lake.. That is the point I was trying to make.. Pool water is probably a lot cleaner than tap water ..


              • Algaecide is another matter that I’m not sure of.

        • HCKS
          Get to the country side as soon as you can. It takes time to set up. I don’t remember if you said you had a BOL in the country? If you do go there and set up better and use that as your new home.

          Good Luck and my God watch over you!!!! Keep in touch.


          • Took me two years to build a large log cabin, but looking back (two homes later), it could have been done in a few months had I been just a tad smarter (and a bit richer I suppose). It is well worth the money to have a well drilled or (best) ‘tap’ into a year-round spring hole that overflows (all the time). These are all over Costa Rica as well (life-straws do not work so well there due to virii (viruses).

        • HCKS. You make a lot of sense and have been helpful so I will throw some help your way. Whoever your scientist friend is, get a new one. He should have been able to pre warn you about the current state of affairs. He is all knowing and has given you varied advice before. Also try running your business rather than typing to strangers on a computer. Also try a different type of business. There are a lot of businesses doing well. Again refer to my comment about your scientist friend regarding your business failing.

      20. The main thing that a concealed carry permit gives you is the ability to use your weapon to help protect others. If you have no permit, but carry anyway, you will only use your weapon to protect you and your family. It is too much hassle afterward to help others. Unfortunately, the permit versus no permit policies have to be checked in every state you enter. At least now you can visit Missouri.

        • You can defend others if you want to. Never touch the cartridges with bare hands before loading the weapon. Kill the offender and walk away.

          • You would have to “lose” the barrel as well or ballastics could ‘pin’ you (also your firing pin and lotsa other little “never tell you abouts” to do with fire-arms and forensics. Sucks!

        • Just say you saw the trouble starting and you ran to your car and got your pistol out of your trunk. Just watch out for cameras that are everywhere.

          • Hopefully that shit never happens but I think that I would still help someone in trouble no matter the aftermath. I’d want the same done for me.

      21. Maybe time to buy a RV . So they can’t tax you out of your house or land?

      22. For all you Vets out there that use your local VA Hospital, in case you weren’t aware of it, the VA has their own Police Dept. Ours, here in Florida, are known as the Parking Lot Cops. All they do is patrol the hospital parking lot, and write tickets for taking a wrong turn in the parking lot. I got one, and now have to go to a Federal Court to challenge the $50 ticket.
        For taking a wrong turn in a Parking Lot!
        ‘To Protect and to Serve’. Rotten Bastards!
        They wouldn’t make a pimple on a Vet’s ass.

        • You speaking of Tampa Bay or??

      23. There desperate for money now. If everyone would stop speeding and everything else we could starve them out. Please make an effort.

      24. And with this new law da brothas who do the carjackings, home invasions, rapes, robberies… be very nervous and afraid!

      25. So, it’s cause for celebration when some politicians “let” you practice your natural rights? Are you all insane? A stance that would actually be encouraging, as far as walking back the usurpations of liberty perpetrated daily (and codified by the just us department) would be to abolish any and all laws that are not aligned with our natural rights, some of which are codified in the constitution. Anything else is just more displays of contempt for the liberty of the individual citizens of this nation.

        Side note, was watching a dvd yesterday and the fbi warning about a $250,000 fine and imprisonment for copying OR distributing the movie without authorization…. Got me thinking, I guess there aren’t rules about stealing trillions off of the citizens, but woe be to the person who makes a copy of a Disney dvd. So, this is justice? This is what I sacrificed 10 years of my life defending? So the connected could gang rape the country, and their punishment, if meted out at all, was to give up a small portion of the profits they reaped from their theft. Yeah, Trump is the crazy one. Keep telling me that lie Mr. Mainstream.

      26. Safe zone areas for koran toters will use our rights to arm against legal citizens. They tend to run in packs, live in packs, breed in packs (except when raping our daughters). Next, if your neighbor belongs to the nat. guard and he is ordered to take your food, your gun, your rights are you prepared to kill your neighbor, you son, your uncle or have them report you for what ever , can you pull the trigger? That is what civil war is all about. For your beliefs are you willing to ware the c4 vest, the koran totters will. We have an animal we have never dealt with before now one who is living down the street in packs. It’s been a long time since our last civil war. WW2 the Lion slept. Sleep on.

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