Outrage: Government Forces Private Citizens to Pour Bleach on Home-Grown Organic Food *Video*

by | Nov 10, 2011 | Headline News | 358 comments

Do you LOVE America?


    “He has erected a multitude of New Offices, and sent hither swarms of Officers to harass our people, and eat out their substance.”

    The Declaration of Independence
    July 4, 1776

    With 48 million Americans on federal food assistance we are bewildered by the latest government outrage from Nevada, where a  group of private citizens gathered together at Quail Hollow Farm for a Farm-to-Fork dinner consisting of an organic spread prepared by Chef Gio were forced to dispatch and sanitize hundreds of pounds of food with bleach.

    As invited guests began to arrive, mingle and satiate their appetites, one unexpected individual, operating under the auspices of the Southern Nevada Health District, had another plan in store for dinner.

    The following outrageous first-hand account of the incident should make your blood boil. If it doesn’t then we don’t know what will.

    Via Laura Bledsoe of Quail Hollow Farm:

    [Video of the Event Can Be Viewed Below]

    Our guests were excited to spend an evening together. The food was prepared exquisitely.  The long dinner table, under the direction of dear friends, was absolutely stunningly beautiful. The music was superb. The stars were bright and life was really good.

    And then, …

    for a few moments, it felt like the rug was pulled out from underneath us and my wonderful world came crashing down.  As guests were mingling, finishing tours of the farm, and while the first course of the meal was being prepared and ready to be sent out, a Southern Nevada Health District employee came for an inspection.

    Because this was a gathering of people invited to our farm for dinner, I had no idea that the Health Department would become involved.  I received a phone call from them two days before the event informing me that because this was a “public event” (I would like to know what is the definition of “public” and “private”) we would be required to apply for a “special use permit”.

    If we did not do so immediately, we would be charged a ridiculous fine.

    Stunned, we immediately complied.

    We were in the middle of our harvest day for our CSA shares, a very busy time for us, but Monte immediately left to comply with the demand and filled out the required paper work and paid for the fee.  (Did I mention that we live in Overton, nowhere near a Health Department office?)  Paper work now in order, he was informed that we would not actually be given the permit until an inspector came to check it all out.

    She came literally while our guests were arriving!

    In order to overcome any trouble with the Health Department of cooking on the premises, most of the food was prepared in a certified kitchen in Las Vegas; and to further remove any doubt, we rented a certified kitchen trailer to be here on the farm for the preparation of the meals.  The inspector, Mary Oaks, clearly not the one in charge of the inspection as she was constantly on the phone with her superior Susan somebody who was calling all the shots from who knows where.

    Susan deemed our food unfit for consumption and demanded that we call off the event because:

    1. Some of the prepared food packages did not have labels on them.  (The code actually allows for this if it is to be consumed within 72 hours.)

    2.  Some of the meat was not USDA certified.  (Did I mention that this was a farm to fork meal?)

    3.  Some of the food that was prepared in advance was not up to temperature at the time of inspection. (It was being prepared to be brought to proper temperature for serving when the inspection occurred.)

    4.  Even the vegetables prepared in advance had to be thrown out because they were cut and were then considered a “bio-hazard”.

    5.  We did not have receipts for our food.  (Reminder!  This food came from farms not from the supermarket!  I have talked with several chefs who have said that in all their years cooking they have never been asked for receipts.)

    The only way to keep our guests on the property was to destroy the food.

    We asked the inspector if we could save the food for a private family event that we were having the next day.  (A personal family choice to use our own food.)  We were denied and she was insulted that we would even consider endangering our families health.  I assured her that I had complete faith and trust in Giovanni our chef and the food that was prepared, (obviously, or I wouldn’t be wanting to serve it to our guests).

    I then asked if we couldn’t feed the food to our “public guests” or even to our private family, then at least let us feed it to our pigs.  (I think it should be a criminal action to waste any resource of the land. Being dedicated to our organic farm, we are forever looking for good inputs into our compost and soil and good food that can be fed to our animals. The animals and compost pile always get our left over garden surplus and food.  We truly are trying to be as sustainable as possible.)

    Again, a call to Susan and another negative response.

    Not only were we denied the use of the food for any purpose, to ensure that it truly was unfit for feed of any kind we were again threatened with police action if we did not only throw the food in the trash, but then to add insult to injury, we were ordered to pour bleach on it.

    Now the food is also unfit for compost as I would be negligent to allow any little critters to nibble on it while it was composting and ingest that bleach resulting in a horrible death.  Literally hundreds of pounds of food was good for nothing but adding to our ever increasing land fill!

    This is the land of the free?

    If you control the oil you control the country; if you control food, you control the population.

    -Henry Kissinger, Former U.S. Secretary of State

    When a farmer cannot prepare a farm-to-plate home cooked meal for friends and guests without intervention by a government agency we have a problem – one that goes against every founding principle of this nation.

    This is just the latest example of the police state moving into every facet of our lives. They want it all. Total control. They want to know who you talk to, what you say, where you meet, what you eat, and what you’re thinking. Failure to comply will unleash a beast so powerful and with tentacles so widespread that it can, with no qualms or conscience, destroy your life, liberty and right to pursue happiness.

    Laura the farmer and her healthy organic food eating friends are domestic terrorists for attempting to serve bio-hazard materials for consumption. And, if you haven’t given your government a reason to be considered one yet, we can assure you that you’ll do something soon enough. They’re watching, ready to pounce at a moment’s notice.


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      1. As my father-in-law would say, “That lady (Susan) needs to be drug down a gravel road for a few miles.”

        • That’s no lady. Somebody somewhere was damn tired of it.

          • Somebody get a rope!!!!

            • Should have sent her to the bull pen and then fed her to the pigs.

        • i wished they’d beat her ass…..took her phone….and beat the shit out of her

        • I don’t think she could run for a few miles.


          Most Americans still don’t get it,…

          America has ALREADY been overthrown!

          This country has been invaded and taken over by the international bankers, who then corrupted every aspect of our government.

          The US Federal Government is NOT an American gov’t. It is an Enemy Force Of Occupation that has camouflaged its overthrow of the US Gov’t.

          Their design is simple: Subjucate, extract wealth, exterminate.

          This has been the British/International Banksters/Israeli mode of subversive takeover through out their respective existences,… especially for the British, thru the Banking systems (look at what they did to China, India, Indonesia, and EVERY other country they had been in).

          As such, the USA is not “America The Free”, it is actually the largest POW Camp in the world and we are all prisoners and potential disrupters, hence the Dep’t Of Homeland Security (which is actually Homeland Gestapo) has labeled Americans who still think and act like this is the USA and “resist” the occupation as…….. “terrorists”.

          Since we ARE technically POW’s, then the Law Of War and the Geneva Convention should apply, and the principles for ALL POW’S to observe is:

          It is the Duty of all POW’s to RESIST our captors by every means possible.

          To disrupt their designs and actions by any and all means.

          To REFUSE to cooperate in any way.

          To Refuse any/all special treatment.

          To provide NO information expect name, rank, serial number (SS #)

          To create as much difficulty as possible to cause the greatest use of personnel and assests
          so as to reduce their capacity to wage warfare elsewhere on us.


          It is our duty to “defend our country against ALL enemies, both foreign and domestic”, and clearly, the enemy of greatest destruction against the US, are the domestic ones.

          It is time for Americans to recognize that the USA HAS been overthrown by the International Bankers, aided and abetted by corporations, corrupt politicians and a judicial system that has been wholly bought-off.

          We are not fighting to correct an American Gov’t, We are fighting to eliminate this Enemy called the Federal Government, and PUT an AMERICAN Government Back in power!

          JD – US Marines – Fighting To Restore An American Gov’t.

          • “Their design is simple: Subjucate, extract wealth, exterminate.” Most don’t realize that WE are entering the “exterminate” phase of the design you describe.

            And won’t until it begins right in front of their blind eyes. By the way, happy B-day MARINE!

            • Hi Yental,

              Thanks for the Birthday wishes.

              November 10, 1775 – The Marine Corps was born in Tunn tavern, Philadelpia, PA.

              We were here before the United States even came into existence,….but have NO desire to oulive the USA.

              The problem:

              The “Enemy Force Of Occupation” called the US Federal Gov’t, is controlled by the same people who control the Free Press, Mass Media, or the proper term – “The Joseph Gobbels Ministry Of Proganda”.

              Most Americans genuinly have no clue that they are simply fodder, and in the view of the International Bankers that are running this country, we are LESS than roaches in their eyes! At least roaches don’t consume some of the earths more valuable resources like oil and natural gas,… hence their desire to reduce the human population by over 90% to less than 1 Billion (there are currently 7 Billion people, estimated)

              They will soon be moving into the final phase of “population mitigation” by using a Nuclear False-Flag to obtain the shock and awe needed to institute COG, REX84, Martial Law, and it will be coupled with a Bio Agent (Small Pox and Pnemonia Hemmoraghic) to provide the excuse to herd the masses into “Treatment Camps”,.. FEMA Camps, where most will die and leave up a flue pipe as hot exhaust gases (high heat is the only way to destroy pathogens with 100% certainty). This is called an oven no matter how you wish to describe it.


              We have Americans willing to fight.

              Most Americans have firearms.

              We have the moral highground (A Sun Tsu requirment to win)

              What we lack:

              Organization, communication, concise information.

              If a group of selfless men can organize a Patriots Group to address the Overthrow of the American Gov’t that has occurred, everything will fall into place on its own,… hence why DHA, TSA, FBI, CIA, NSA, NRO, and a host of other alphabet organzations we never even heard of are SCOURING the country to spot any such effort.

              The Prison camp guards don’t want us inmates to realize our predicament, a develop a response plan.

              But we will succeed.

              JD – US Marines – Defender of The US Constitution.

            • The Local Foods Movement is a direct threat to Monsanto and the Agribusiness food system. The Farmers Markets are also seeing increased “supervision and intercession” by local health departments.
              This it a creeping process to remove the local foods and eventually home grown foods. They already have privately owned seeds and most seed are now owned by private business.
              In other countries it is also illegal to buy more than you need for a day or two of meals or to store foods.

          • you are 100% correct on that.
            its about time people rew some balls and kicked the shit out these scum bag ass holes.
            these scum bags do this shit because they know people dont have any balls.
            until people start fighting back scum bag loosers like that usless no good bith will keep on doing what they are doing.

            • FOR ALOT OF INFO YOU ALL REALLY NEED TO KNOW .. GO TO http://www.Alcuppett.com .It may really open your eyes. This man is ex army and retired joint chiefs ….

            • Here is the thing…you rich? If not, you won’t have any impact. You need to hire scumbag attorneys to file briefs. The only way they will “listen” is through paperwork. Guns? Really? THE biggest badest badass military & police force in the world, you going to go up against it? Go to youtube & other site as see how cops kill people every week. Until we have a military coup, we’re F’d. Sorry, that is the sad truth.

          • Yes, and when the DHS finally gets around to building a fence along the border, you can rest assured that it will not be for the purpose of keeping Mexicans out. World’s largest prison camp indeed!


            Based on the Trading With the Enemy Act of 1917, as amended March 9 1933, you are correct. They declared us the enemy to steal our property.

            • Fed the *F* UP says:
              Your comment is awaiting moderation.
              November 11, 2011 at 9:58 pm

              Why are you people paying attention to this woman?!!
              *F* THAT!! Take a peaceful stand and say NO! I’m gonna eat MY FOOD!! This is crazy?! What happened to that undaunting American spirit?!!! Why are you bowing to that woman, or any of her ilk?!! Learn the law! Take a stand!! Stop being so “nice”! Arm yourselves with the law!! Learn your rights! AND PLEASE!! Stop saying that “you have no say so”!! You only have “no say so” if you’ve been brainwashed to believe that. And stop asking “who owns America now?” YOU DO!! THE PEOPLE OF THIS COUNTRY!! every race creed and color who were born here OWNS THIS COUNTRY!! OUR ANCESTORS (every race creed and color) ALL OF THEM in one way or another died for this land!!! Don’t let these demons talk you out of the truth about who you are in THIS LAND called AMERICA! IT IS YOUR BIRTRIGHT!

          • @ us marines , oh my man jd great post ;0P, you need to square away your shit and get your ass into politics… and stay faithful to the corps motto.

            You should be working with ows that is nearest you… your wasting your talents here my man!

            STRENGTH AND HONOR LeatherNeck!

            Keep em’ coming!

          • Sadly, all you wrote may well be true.

          • You are so right, right now I think that they are trying to bait as many people as possible so they can start something, but thats ok, we will finish it.

          • wait, Obamacare will go the next step and mandate medications and vaccinations, weight requirements and other diet controls

            • You are full of shit.

            • its already happening , the insurance i have to sign up for at work, that i’ve had for yrs is now changing restrictions, if you are overweight, the insurance is now saying higher deductible then those at the government so called average weight, if you smoke, higher deductible.. its coming. time to take this country back.

          • Ditto. This is disgusting. Great post.

          • JD, you are right on man. Do you have a blog or something because I could read your stuff all day long?

          • JD – You always NAIL IT. I love what you write here and the trenches. The 2nd revolution will positively occur this year. The war will be very, very brief. The psychopathic, genocidal enemy, a/k/a zion-scum owned fed gov et al, will quickly be overthrown and executed, many death by torture, per the WILL of the People. The REAL enemy, the rogue state of israel will permanently cease to exist. Liberty shall return for us 1st, and then the other nwo oppressed countries will expeditiously follow.

            Armed to hilt and just waiting to kill the enemy when the war starts…

          • Lets take out those parasites in Congress and begin to share the abundance of America and give everyone a chance for a happy life…without the threats of a tyrannical government clearly out of control…..EVERYONE NEED TO STAND TOGETHER OR WE WILL FALL APART!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • only a few..?? a one-way “ride” to “Susan” would have been appropriate then have “Susan” join her for “a few” more miles… amazingly enough though, if taken to task for such misdeeds, their harmonious response would inevitably be: “i was only doing my job.” the obvious mind-set being that the gov’t knows what’s best for the proletariat but even the gov’t workers don’t and aren’t allowed to think nor use “good judgement”… ciao commrades

        • Next time, tell them it’s a private event, no money being charged, so if you want to come and inspect, get a search warrant. Thanks, and goodbye. We’re private citizens minding our own business.

        • Everyone!!! It is now time to bring out the big guns…no playing around. IF sheeple keep on letting these thugs doing these things they will only get worse. This is totally ashame!! CONTOL is it, period!

        • I had a few dealings with “Susan” when I worked for the FS Dept of the CCSD. She is unbelievable…and so arrogant as well…..she thinks God died and left her in charge! I feel so bad about the waste of all that really good food….what a shame!

          And yet you see some of these restaurant kitchens around Las Vegas and believe me you would not want to eat there…but they don’t bother those that pay that gooo ole payola!!

        • She should have simply been kicked off of the private property she was trespassing on. That should have ended it there.

          • How many retards from the gov were there? How many farmers and guest? Well, go ahead and tell her to f*** off, sit down, take her phone/their phones, and keep her and the other goons and lackeys there for the rest of the evening (watched at gun point!: “don’t f***ing move or I’ll f***ing blow your brains off!”) and eat your food. Evening over? Goodbye and come back again! If someone complains, it’s their word against a few mentally retarded idiots! How many guests were there? How many goons? Do the math! In a court of law, numbers count! All guests would witness that all was well until this woman and their goons came around acting aggressive, etc. But since we are good, law abiding, peace loving folk, we talked them to sit down and share dinner with us and every one of them with us had a great time! Hey folks (addressing guest witnesses in court), wasn’t that what happened? YEEEEEEEEESSSSSS! See judge? Nothing really like these deranged people are saying happened really happened! Food was good, music was great, and they drank themselves into a stupor!… They really, really enjoyed it!
            What? They asked us to destroy the food? NO! NEVER! They even took doggy bags of left overs home! Didn’t you folks all see them do it? YYYEEEEEESSSSSSSSSS! See judge!
            It’s the word of several dozen folk against a handful of disgruntled few…
            This makes me think when during WWII a handful of Nazi soldiers held a concentration camp of a few hundred people and left them freeze to death… their minds had been beat into submission to a point that it never occurred to them that if they would charge that handful of soldiers they would have overpowered them, even if a few would have been killed…
            Are we the people of this country being numbed to a point that we believe resistance and revolt is no longer possible? Hope not!

            JD is right and we need to think like the founding father did: pledge all, including life and fortune (all we own) to free this country from these foreign and domestic enemies!

        • It’s always a woman. Women are the perfect bueaucratic agents of the elite. All women are naturally power hungry control freaks trying to micro-manage their little lives and social circles. A tyrant must only unleash a woman’s natural desire to dominate others. Give them nice little pieces of paper from universities saying they are approved experts in sociology, psychology, and other pseudo-sciences, and you give them an air of authority.

          All nations that grant women the right to vote will inexorably drift towards socialism and tyranny.

          • Wow. Sexist much? Thank goodness we women have the right to vote so morons like you have a snowflake’s chance in hell of ever holding any position of authority.

        • She’s a robot and the 2cnd Amendment comes to mind as the proper response to this Because 1776 is the answer for these Govt. loonies these believers of 1984 Orwellian tyranny.

      2. Outrageous!!! I can’t even think of words to adequetely express my feelings on this.

        • I had the same problem when putting this article together. It’s so ridiculous that this is happening in America that it’s almost surreal.

          • YOU ALL NEED to REMEMBER your Constitutional Rights and Learn the Right of Tresspass Laws for Your States!

            Those people coulda legally expelled Bounced her fat ass right to the Property Line with as much force as necessary to do so!

            Repeat after me please… “FUCK YOU an STFU you Federal Peice of Shit , Get The Fuck Off My Property , or I’ll sick my Dog “Killer” on your Fed Ass!”

            If they say No and Have no WARRANT! Well Let The Ass Beating Begin!

            This is bullshit ! It’s time we Identify the AssHole Feds Agents and fight Fire with Fire!

            Ghandi was a Pussy, it’s time to “Rock n Roll” People!

            • To this, all I can say is “Henry Bowman for President.”

            • I would like to take what you are saying and combine it with what Peregrin Took says with respect to not complying in the first place.

              Everyone, including myself, seems to be stuck on “what can I do about it?” Non-compliance backed up by others of similar conviction seems a good starting point IMO.

              We still have a “working cell phone” system. The “FEDS” are operating like a pack of wolves with respect to this TYPE OF ACTIVITY. THEY cut-one from the herd and concentrate THEIR full efforts of intimidation on that individual. The timely placement of a phone call to an organized group prepared to show up and support the non-compliance may have some potential.

              Yea, it will take some local organization initially as well as full commitment by those that “sign-on”. But if this could start at the grassroots level of farmers, city, county, and state levels….Would it not make a “declaration of independence” style message at the Federal level?

              I don’t know, just trying to address my own frustration and growing anger as well.

            • “Ghandi was a Pussy”

              You do know that Ghandi wasn’t an American, right?

            • The first mistake these folks made was to conform to the threat of fine if they didn’t comply with the Special Use Permit. Had they not complied with the threat (yes is was a threat) ther would have been nothing the “government” could have done.

              By complying with the threat and filling out the forms and gaining the “permit” they invited the inspector on to the property and the trespass laws would not apply. Susan would have been an invited guest and the farm has agreed to abide by anything she stated by gaining these permits.

              This was a PRIVATE function on PRIVATE property by PRIVATE invitation so how could there ever hve been a public function? The function became public by gaining the permit.

              If they had stood up to the threat and said “No, I’m sorry but we will not comply with that request” (always be polite – first to be rude is wrong) When susan showed up, and entered the function she could have been charged with trespass and thrown in jail at least for the night.

              There may have been a summons issued but it would have been thrown out of court because it would have no force and effect. Using the courts in this manner is one of the best ways to stick it to them and NOT comply.

              It is time that Folks in North America learn what their common law rights and duties are, then abide by them. Them we will see justice served and these thugs will have no power at all. Yes it is a scary proposition to go up against the “man” but we have to. and this way there is no violence. You may get called a name or two, but grow some thicker skin..

              I suggest everyone here take alook at http://www.georgegordon.org and learn a few things about common law and how to apply it. No, I’m not affilliated in any way – actually I’m Canadian and really have nothing to do with the US government at all – except that we tend to follow your example like the good puppies our -so called – leader are. I DO listen to what he has to say and have lived my life outside of government interference for the past 12 years.

              Be Blessed.
              Be Healthy.
              Go Organic.

            • While I agree with you in principle, there are better and more appropriate methods which can circumvent the illegal use of authoritarian force and coercion.
              Also, if you do some research, you will find that Ghandi’s pacifism was misunderstood and often misrepresented by those with their own agenda.
              He believed in the right to gun ownership and the right to self-protection and self-preservation.
              He used the basic principles of pacifism and non-violence to resist a much stronger force (British military and economic power) because the Indian people had no other method to confront the evil that had exploited and raped their country for almost three hundred years. They were also divided by the evil that is Islam, a situation that was exploited to full advantage by the British Imperial conquerors.

        • I smell a bureaucracy gone stupid.

          I wonder why they didn’t just tell the inspector to get the hell off of their land? If it’s a private event, it’s a private event.

          Then, no matter how that came down, I’d look into who really instigated this. Someone had to have called the health department, and unlike Child Protective Services or other departments, I sincerely doubt that it is allowed to remain anonymous.

          After that, if the inspector and/or department refused to leave, get a lawyer and sue their asses into the next time zone, as they have clearly broken the law here.

          I’ve volunteered cooking duties at various church and diocese events. Yes we had health inspectors, but for a damned good reason – we invited the public to the events, with the proceeds going to various charities and to help out a couple of convents. In those cases, they were each actually rather helpful and kind. I even got one to help me calibrate our digital cooking thermometers by using hers as a check/control device.

          OTOH, we’ve had positively huge private events by invitation-only, and no city/county/state inspector would even think of coming close to it uninvited.

          • “I wonder why they didn’t just tell the inspector to get the hell off of their land? If it’s a private event, it’s a private event.”

            Well, yes, it WAS a private event, but they were threatened to get a public permit or else face a huge fine. That’s how offices like this work… threats. Screw “mens rea.” You’re automatically guilty so you can face massive fines.

            After they registered with the health district, that made the event public, thus giving this b**ch legitimacy to come in and “raid” their event.

            Their mistake was listening to them to begin with. Once you comply with the first request, it’s already too late.

            • @Peregrin Took, Excellent point. Non-compliance with the mountains of ludicrous regulations is a good starting point for the resistance.

            • There is that, and I totally agree with you.

              The first thing they should have done when first contacted would be to give a reply that included the words “…what part of ‘private event’ do you not understand? Now go away and don’t even think of trespassing.” (then hang up before the threats are rattled off)

              OTOH, someone had to have instigated this to get the health department all riled up in the first place, and I don’t think the instigation occurred within the bureaucracy. The folks who got shafted by all of this need to demand records of who called this thing in, even if they have to ask for a court order to do it.

            • I suggest putting on another event, and then be sure to have everyone bring video cameras, cell phones and invite members of the media to the event…hey, invite Glenn Beck again as a keynote speaker! Get Fox News on board! Have the local newspaper cover it as well. Make it a media event this time AND be sure to let the Health Dept know that you will NOT be applying for any of their draconian permits, either!! STAND UP AND SHOUT, “We’re mad as hell and we’re not going to take any more!!” Let your voices be heard far and wide!!

            • A license means the government is granting you permission to do something Biblically immoral. A permit means the government is granting you permission to do something that they have no right whatsoever to forbid you to do. NEVER get a permit for anything. By doing so, you are granting them the right to regulate or restrict it. A drivers license is not a license – it’s a permit. By taking it you agree to abide by their rules. Google “right to travel.” Here’s one website: http://www.apfn.org/apfn/travel.htm

      3. OMG!!! Your f’in kinding me!!! CSA are certified! I am processing pumkins I will be freezing them. I look forward to poising my family with pumkin pancakes, pumkin cinnamon rolls, pumkin bread, all slathered with jams I made here. Good night in heaven…. some days I wish I just stayed in bed!

        • On a tangent, and not to lessen the horror of the topic of this article, which is absolutely unforgiveable, is your pumpkin cinnamon roll recipe available for duplication?…it sounds amazing (I have to find the rainbow somewhere).

          • KB
            My computer crashed and as soon as I get it back I will post Pumpkin Cinnamon Rolls Recipe. Sorry about not get back to you sooner.

        • Well. It’s offical. I am an outlaw. I eat right out the garden , can what I don’t eat ,AND I fertilize with chicken poop from my own hens. I”m a walking biohazard I tell ya! What a load of bull hockey. How in the hell do people without a lick of common sense even get jobs like this?, is what I want to know. I’m pretty sure I would have to run up to her and lick her whole face just on germy principles for being such an as$hat.

          • So am I, Jen10~welcome fellow “terrorist”!! 😀

          • I do the exact same thing – from what I have seen food poisonings in the US have all been from Large Mass Production Farms that are inspected by USDA.

            This whole encroachment on individual rights is a pathway to the UN’s Agenda 21 – where they state that individually owned farms are non-sustainable.

            Don’t JUST be mad – go out and vote for LESS government.

            • Inspected? or poisoned?

        • Step away from the pumpkin…….

          • Mac,
            Pumpkins don’t “squash” people, people “squash” people! How long before the PTB require registration for these types of dangerous vegetative products?

            • apparently, based on what happened on this farm, we’re not too far off at all.

              Next thing you know the Justice Department will be smuggling pumpkins into the hands of mexican drug cartels… a scary proposition indeed.

          • Drive-by fruitings are on the rise…

          • I heard it was one of those special pumpkin/SUV hybrids that was responsible. Those SUVs have a mind of their own, always running people over, crashing into other cars, destroying the environment…

      4. This is the perfect scenario for our not so friendly neighbors to turn us in, because we have the audacity to grow our own food. If you think your safe because of where you live, think again, there are rotton people everywhere, who would get great pleasure out of turning [you dangerous food growing terrorists] in. After all, Mr. Pres. will undoubtedly tweet all of his devoted followers and encourage them to report any suspicious activity in the vegetable gardens.

        When will enough Americans get a backbone and say STOP!!!! Enough is enough and I’ve had enough. These terrorist, nazi, socialist, tax-payer paid repressors, need to go.

        What a freekin nightmare this country is becoming. I look at my kids and actually get tears in my eyes when I think of the things that they may miss out on, it rips my heart out.

        • As long as we’ve had cities, we’ve always had to endure nosy fucktards, who have nothing better to do than to ensure that everyone around them are complying with the full letter of every single law.

          The good news is, in most collapses of civilization, those folks are usually the first to get put up against the wall. IIRC, most of the snitches that turned folks in to the Nazis during WWII were the first to get beaten to within an inch of their lives, then publicly humiliated and ostracized. If they were smart, they immediately covered as much of their tracks as they could in order to avoid the punishment.

      5. Why didn’t everyone get up an tell them to get the hell off your private property, eat the food an let them find the evidence!

        • Agreed, defining “cut vegetables” as a biohazard. You want a biohazard, wait until I have processed those vegetables and delivered them out my “south pole” for your inspection.

      6. I guess that I am not surprised that this happened in Nevada…..after all this is the state that re-elected Harry Reid . Now if this was happening in Texas….then I would be very concerned. I will be cooking on my farm this weekend. They are welcome to try to stop me. Better send a lot of them
        Montgomery County Texas

        • It doesn’t matter what state you live in. California or Montana, it’s still a foul.

          • Incredible. In the part of California I spent a good bit of childhood in, this would be unthinkable. Wonder what twit decided this regulation was a good idea? Backtrack and remove.

        • I might be half crippled but I have sufficient anger to open an old time can of Whoop Ass on these punks.

          Let us know how yer weekend turns out.

          • Electric can opener or manual.

            • BS-activated auto-opening top

        • hey, PA (which is run by a Republican led government) is a state where raw milk is legal (you can go to any Amish farmer and buy direct) but they are trying to shut down access to raw milk everywhere (and that includes Democratic CA, where you can buy raw milk in stores – see stories on the Rawesome Food raids). I don’t believe it’s legal to buy raw milk at all in TX, so don’t blame Harry Reid for NV’s idiocy, there are idiots everywhere and in both parties.

        • Nevada has other way-in-your-face laws. A Nevada driver’s license holder has given (a condition of getting the license) irrevocable consent to being blood tested if LEOs think you are DUI. Yes, they can drag you out of your car, hold you down and extract blood from you against your will and somehow that is constitutional. We live in the myth of freedom, but we are not free.

      7. i thought only things like this only happened in the uk – beggars belief

        • This would never happen in the UK……we don’t have enough monitors left due to the cutbacks lol

          On a serious note we are encouraged to grow fruit and veg and private citizens invited to eat for free as guests would not warrant inspection anyway. X

      8. “This is the land of the free?”

        No. It is not. We are shackled with big government regulations and big brother.

        It’s killing our spirits and our wallets. By design.

        • No, Mr. B, our shackles are the only thing left that are being produced, manufactured, made,- whatever word you want to use – and stamped “Made in USA”. The people who live in this country are the ones who have made them, and they are the only ones who can shut down the assembly line. Our once proud and free people are now mindless, terrified, weak, and obedient to the extreme. This article is as great an example as there can be of why our economy, our education system, our energy policies, our businesses, politics, health, you name it, is in the condition it is in. One bureaucrat in Nevada set the standard now and has shown every government bureaucrat at every level in the country just how easy it is to subdue us and suffer no retaliation or disobedience. This video is disgusting, shocking, and above all, humiliating for the ease with which one little oxygen wasting government bureacrat had every single one of the people at that event cowered and obedient of her “authority” over them.

          It’s pathetic how little courage the people in this country has. It’s pathetic and it’s shameful and it’s embarrassing. Not one thing took place at that event that was in any manner whatsoever legal and Constitutional. The people, as has become usual, were docile and obedient. They and they alone were responsible for what took place. Sure, it’s outrageous what that bureaucrat and her puppet master did, but it pales in comparison to what those people did – or did not do, whichever way you prefer to view it.

          Not one of them said, “No.” Not one of them said, “Get off my property and don’t come back.” Not one of them demanded that bureaucrat to show a warrant, or any sort of order, or any semblance of justification and rationale for the entire episode. Not one of them displayed even the remotest spark of courage or defiance or even anger. They were all submissive, all obedient, and not one of them reacted in any way other than that. They then have the audacity to play this outrage out in a video that was recorded, that they probably didn’t even know was recording, judging from their total lack of intelligence and intestinal fortitude.

          They and they alone gave those bureaucrats the power and authority to “order” them to destroy that food. I would be willing to bet anyone here that these very same people voted for Harry Reid and the POS in our White House, and rejoiced when they won.

          I feel no sympathy for any one of them, and I’m almost glad their little gala was ruined. They are the very people, with their mentality, that have ruined this country. My last words to them are,”Crouch down and lick the hands that feed you. May your chains sit lightly upon you,and may posterity forget that ye were our countrymen!”

          Actually, I hope the chains weigh a ton and a half.

          • AMEN

            • HERE, HERE!!! And most of these folks teach their children using “TJE” principles, aka the constitution??? Give me a break!!

          • Read the freakin’ link people. After she called the farm defense lawyers, they DID demand a warrant and kicked her butt off the property. Just, not before they poured bleach on everything. Also, everyone here is so gung-ho on dragging the inspector down gravel roads and such–that is disgusting, barbaric savagery. How does that thought even leave someone’s brain? Whatever happened to a genteel smattering of tar and feathers and being ridden out of town on a rail? Or shaving the heads of the “collaborateurs”? Shaming can be a powerful weapon.

            • Tar and Feather – a genteel smattering? I guess you don’t really know what it all invovles. If one lived after suffering so many burns from the hot tar, the Tar did not come off without taking the skin as well. Now THAT is barbaric!

            • Steve: that is why I used the word “smattering.” In case you don’t have a dictionary, it means “a small amount”–feel free to look it up. A genteel tarring and feathering is done to the clothes. If I had advocated someone being covered in boiling pitch, to the point that they could die, I would have reminisced about “whatever happened to the days of a barbaric mob surrounding the Loyalist customs official and dumping a cauldron of boiling pitch over his head?” as with the John Malcolm incident (round two–his first tarring was genteel) before the Revolution. Here’s a Brandeis link you can read to beef up your weak knowlege of Revolutionary history: http://revolution.h-net.msu.edu/essays/irvin.feathers.html

              Another lesson to be learned here is, don’t mess with Mama Bear as she enjoys a good dust-up. 😉

          • Here, HERE!!!

            And most of the folks that attended this gala teach their children “TJE” principles/the constitution??? Give me a break! The first chance they had to put their beliefs into practice and they folded. No sympathy here!

            • “If you stand for nothing, you will fall for everything!”

      9. Time to go visit Susans home and check her place for labels and if she is growing a garden!

        • You will probably find her brown uniform.

        • Oh, we could inspect the dates on the cans of vegetables in her pantry, check the tightness of the screws on the wire connections to the circuit breakers in her panels, check and make sure her auto insurance has never lapsed and see if the water to her dishwasher is 140 degrees.

          I guarantee we could find some law, rule, code, regulation that she is breaking.

          • She probably has an out of date battery driven sex toy that is not sterile. She has a life too. /s

            • ROFLMAO

            • FOUR!

            • Bank shot off the cart, through the trees, skimming over the sand trap, and……plunk! hole in one!

              Carl: Cinderella story…from out of nowhere….there’s the shot, it looks like…It’s in the hole! It’s in the hole!

            • Last time I saw one like that, it had a hook in it.

        • “Time to go visit Susans home”

          I agree. There is no answer to the problem of ever growing, ever intrusive bureaucracies from the ballot box bc the bureaucracies are independent of the electoral process.

          But the person who shows up at your house doing the evil of the bureaucracy (the Susans of the world) has a face and does live somewhere. They need to be afraid of the people who they hassle. The need to fear that if they enforce these immoralities masquerading as laws “for your protection” there will be personal repercussions for them. Just following orders is no longer a valid defense.

          And keep in mind if you are paying taxes you are paying her salary. You support the system as much as the enforcers. The only legal power citizens have in the face of this cancer of a government is to starve the beast.

          >>We are Anonymous. We do not forgive. We do not not forget. We are legion.<<

        • You speak what I feel. Most Americans are disgruntled with our government. Some still thinks that there is hope our government will turn things around. I tell you this day that if all who know what true repentence is would repent and humble themselves Yah would turn away our enemies from within and without. Mouse-e-tone in late 70’s said he would take us down from within. I can’t remember how to spell his name correctly, but he was the leader of China. I’m beginning to believe they and other countries because of the Beast called the United Nations wants their slaves. But they do not and will not lift a finger to do nothing but figure out how to get free cheap labor in this country. They already get it in other countries, that’s why businesses have taken their business out of this country. The Roman Empire did the same, everything we are doing now, and fell. Why! Because of immorality, half of the American people are divorced, and the other half are not happy with their marriage. A small percentage are happy and true to each other. Drugs and the new love movement was a movement to bring us down as a nation. It was done by grafting in the wounded and unhappy children. You Marines God bless your souls need to understand a higher power put us here on earth to teach us that man cannot rule himself. He is greedy, selfish, and wants to do everything his way, his way or the highway. The Bible discusses our predicament to a tee. We are Epraim and Mannasseh, the twin sons of Joseph. We are prophesied about in the scriptures and our demise. The only way to turn this around is to have him on our side, our true God who was replaced with pagan faith. One must study the whole Bible not the new revised, they have deliberatly taken out whole scriptures. Once our country as I knew it was so sweet when I was a child. I was shocked when I went to the movies and saw men and women in bed together, and men tying a womang to a tree stripped of all clothes accept for her panties. Immorality brings down a nation. Marines I plead with you to study your Bibles, and understand that our Saviour told us how we would end up if we did not repent of such sins. Adultery is punishable by death. I am not a Muslim. Our Saviour gently taught and told us we could be protected from temptations by simply praying away the desire to do wrong. Truly I and all of my family would fight back if we knew Yah was on our side. King David knew he was on his side everytime he won a battle. When he lost it was because David sinned and was corrected harshly. I want us to be free again as we were and prosperous. Men will always be men unless they truly decide to reach out to Yahuwah our very Creator and his Son. Jesus was not his name, he was a Jew and all Jews have a name of the forefathers, well not all, but a great deal of them. There were twelve tribes of Israel not one tribe. They were told not to intermarry with different races, it changes genetics. Men change the genetics of animals as well. Yahuwah said not to do that. Do we keep singing the praises of our forefathers or do we sing the praises of our Father who created us in his image. The Bible says that we have mixed worship, we worship him in part, but not whole. This is a sign given that we are his people if we keep his Sabbaths, not mans. Who are men but mere mortals who will all die and go to the grave, never to know life again unless our Father grants us to live when he returns with the trumpets blasting by his angels. The dead in Yahshua shall rise first then those of us who are left standing. He did not come to change the law of Yah, but to atone for our sins so that we could be reconciled again to our Father. Anyone who seeks him can find him. He says he wants a broken contrite heart, and he will test and try the reigns to see if we will indeed stay faithful to him. Joseph, seemed to be the purest in heart of all the other eleven brothers. Judah and all the others through him in a pit and took his coat and dipped it in the blood of a lamb and took it back to their Father, who grieved. It was not intended that men have multiple wives, but Yah allowed it to show how jealously would enter in. All of you please get down on your knees and lift your hands up high and beg the Father for forgiveness. He will lead you into battle with him at the helm if you learn the truth instead of a lie. If we were truly a righteous nation, no one could bring us down, no one. The angels would be there to help fight the battle and drive the enemy into the sea and leave but one sixth of them. We are his chosen people those who follow him in truth and in righteousness. We have not truly won wars, they were to weaken us each time. The Bible says that even the enemies would be at rest with us, and other countries would come and bow down to his chosen people those who obey his commands. Please I implore you today to seek our Father, whom the Son brought. Read John Chapt. 17, and see who we are to worship. I love you guys and what you want to do and try to do. You are made in the image of our creator, be a warriour for him, not this nation but for him. He will make us great again and King David will be raised up to be Prince forever as it says in Ezekiel.

      10. All she had to do was obey the law and they would not have hassled her. Those laws are there for our protection. If you don’t want inspectors coming after you then make sure you are not violating any regulations. What if she had served some of that non-documented food and someone had become sick or died? The survivoring family members could have then sued her and taken her farm. Clearly an instance where we should be thanking our benevolent protectors for looking out for our best interests.

        • the food one produces in their own garden is safer than the shit we get from the store, when was the last time you heard of a salmonella, e-coli case in which it came from ones own farm

          • I have NEVER gotten food poisioning at home.

        • That was sarcasm by the way. The point being that there are plenty of knuckleheads who would find agreement with my comments, that the government os only looking out for us. Personally, if that had been my land that that bitch came on, i probably would not have done anything different at that moment but i sure as hell would find out who that supervisor was and arrange a little accident to happen on their property and then sue them for everything they own because they were in violation of some legal minutiae. Those who live by the law die by the law.

          • Whew!! Had me worried there for a minute, Moon Mistress!!!

        • I’m seriously hoping you are joking, Moon Mistress!!! Or are you one of those people that believe children shouldn’t be allowed to play dodge ball because they might get hurt?? This is freaking unbelievable!!!

          • You are all really missing the point. If the farm had been growing GMO food regardless of all the other nonsensicle reasons that Inspector quoted.. It would have been fine . They do not want any of us eating real food .They want us all to be poisoned by their processed and GMO based foods with their 50,000 plus recipes they add to the food

            • Oh by the way again the Bible says not to genetically alter anything. Not to crossbreed animals or people, but we do it and look what we have now a big mess. What we do in ignorance is one thing, but what we do when we know it’s wrong is another. No wonder they took our Saviours words and distorted them, it was to be able to say that all of the old stuff in the Bible does not apply all we have to do is to pray over unclean food and it will be alright. Our Saviour said he did not come to change one dot or a tittle of the law, but to magnify the law. We made man our ruler because we refused to obey our Father, so he gave us a reprobate mind that cannot know him. Leave children to their own devices and see what kind of product is produced. That too is a problem with our nation, children are ruling their parents. There would not be any GMO’s or sickeness if we were obedient. So we live today, tomorow may never come. I know many people who have died young and old, I grieve their deaths, because I knew them and miss them. If I had the power I would raise them back up, but I don’t have that power. Our Father has that power, who will stand up for him and what he gave us.

        • Personally, Unless you are being sarcastic, I think you are losing your flippin mind!

        • I think what we are seeing now is that the “Law(s)”, you mentioned, MHM, is(are) being made up by control freaks who don’t have anything better to do with their lives other than push their agendas into and on to our lives. Who in their right mind would want to promote these laws and work in this capacity (as the lady in question) other than people on power trips, i.e. I KNOW WHAT’S BEST FOR YOU! I think one of the reasons you are getting so many thumbs down is because the whole system is getting out of hand. Laws on top of laws on top of laws. It’s a system that is totally designed to control and manipulate, even if there was a time that the “law” promoted well being. I think we all here want to decide for ourselves what is good for us and not someone else, when it comes to what we put inside our bodies.

          Yes, somebody gets sick and the cook can be sued. Is that how good, caring friends treat each other? That world of rampant “suing” hopefully is also dying. Too many “have nots” and corrupt lawyers that need to be strung up.

        • Obey the law? I respectfully suggest you open a restaurant or a donut shop. Maybe a convenience store or a pizzeria. Then After you have tried to comply wth thousands of nitpicking regulations enforced by little powerhungry bureaucrats who push people around to compensate for their sexual inadequacies, get back to me about obeying the law. Been there done that for 30 years.

        • Probably “telling” that so many give your first comment a thumbs-down without understanding the sarcasm that is later clarified. LMAO!

        • This is an Atrocity !!!!! .. The Federal Facist Government Is in Need of being overthrown.Arm yourselves and keep the Federal Pigs off your lands. Defend your constitutional Freedoms and YOUR LANDS !!!!.. These are the end times ..Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ will soon return..Before he ddoes there will be civil war andthey will put everyone in their death camps ..The United States has been sold out

          • This was not the Fereral govt. but that of Nevada. At least get your players correct.

        • Love your sarcasm, fellow RAH fan Moon. Beautifully put.

      11. the problem here is that everyone at that party didnt run that bitch with the cell phone off private property.

        I think if a mob of people that large and that hungry told her to pack up her shit and leave she would have been stupid as a rock to stick around

        dont ask any government for anything..and dont tell them what your going to do

        Tell them to suck it, and do what you were going to do anyways a large enough group can tell them to go stick a fork in themselfs.

        If i were there i would have ignored her to the point of her getting agrivated enough to leave.

        hell I would have dug into the food and ate it right in front of her as an act of defiance

        • What do you do when the cops show up after kicking her off. Don’t get me wrong, i totally agree with you about standing up to them, but you know she’d call the police immediately and in comes the swat team. This is what i have been struggling with lately, how far should we take the defiance, especially when we have families to consider.

          • This is an issue very near and dear to my heart. I would stand up for something I wholeheartedly believe in. My family would understand and support me in this. What would I be saying to my family if I didn’t stand up for what I believe in?

          • lol..sorry but by the time the swat team got there my team would have devoured the evidence..so it would be than again be prove what?
            ..and thanks for stopping by Swat team..do you know what SWAT stands for?
            S erious
            W aste of
            A ll our
            T ax money

          • By the time the jackboots got there, they could have enjoyed a nice meal. Oh, the jackboots have families to consider, the govt. stooge doing the “inspection” probably has a family to consider. Most people in the country have a family to consider. When they are marching us off to camps at their whim; we will have a family to consider. John Addams, Ben Franklin, Geo Washington had families to consider. Maybe people should consider what their families life will be like in the gulag.

            • good point

      12. I would excuse the inspector off site, with a message to send Susan over and I would deal with her myself.
        Thank you for your stopping by inspector, Tah Tah!

      13. This is not going to end well, someone is eventually going to snap and put an end to this sh!t….and the results will be, well, not good for the “Mary Oaks” of the world…

        • Slit Marys throat and feed her to the pigs. Then dump her car in an old mine pit and cover with dirt.

      14. The restaurant lobby could have made a lot of noise about this. The farm sold tickets and acted like a restaurant. The food authorities came down on them too hard but take a look at how they promoted it. http://quailhollowfarmcsa.com/29.html

        • Interesting website, and this might also be their LAST annual farm to fork dinner.

        • You work for Green Valley Ranch?

        • The website is enough to pique the local authorities; do the math on tickets + wine= $100 a head; kind of surprised the BATFE and CC Sheriffs Office didn’t due to liquor served. Now if you couple that with Clark County’s lost revenue due to the current depression, the value of this as a target becomes apparent.

          Monday morning quarter backing is pretty easy, like making the individual show her credentials, then making her leave unless she could produce the specific documents that allowed her to be there Under the Color of Authority, depending on the document type produced she could still be asked to leave since she was trespassing, etc. As to the ‘person’ on the phone, the Sheriffs Office could verify if this had any legality or enforceability per NRS or CC Codes~ remember, even when a Search Warrant is be served and conducted it has to signed by a judge, The Court Clerk, and contain relevant citations of law.

          The list goes on, but I won’t.

        • That’s what opened the door, when they SOLD tickets.

        • They should have accepted donations for the plates for $100.00, and gave them the food for free……..

      15. So where does this leave me in thinking about getting a federal permit to distill my own ethanol to fuel grade?

        Mile high distillers in Colorado have their permits.

        Or should I expect heavy boots on my property.

        Or risk prosecution, cannot do that.

        I will apply for the permit, it is free and there should be no reason to deny it.

        I will keep y’all posted.


        • Forget the permits. You are opening the door to the elephant.

      16. I guess we need to go ahead and get that permit for Thanksgiving Dinner. These people need to be shoved up there own asses and sent on there merry way!! Im going to celebrate this video by planting some vegetable seeds in the grow room tonight. Sorry, I guess that makes me a terrorist. Instead of protesting with signs and fancy ryhmes, we should all stop following there rules and do what the hell we want to!

      17. As a promotor of gardening to friends, family and church members, this enrages me. I surely would not have given up that easily. They would have had to take me to jail to stop that meal from happening.

        I guess we break the law several times a year when we have pot-luck dinners at church or church picnics.

        Heck, our local municipality did a similar farm to table dinner at the local fire house! All the food was grown in our township and cooked at the firehouse kitchen.

        EVERYONE needs to stand and just say no to this abuse!!! It’s ok to have GM grains in everything we eat, pesticides on fruits and veggies, but not share home-grown healthy food?

        I need to get off this now and put this anger to some good use and get some work done.

      18. This REALLY pisses me off; I am sick of the government at all levels.

        Growing up as a kid, we ate and served home grown pork, chicken, rabbits, quail and fish to invited guests. No one ever got sick at all. We didn’t some some damn government inspector telling our food was safe.

        I told a friend yesterday that I was concerned that most Americans had no desire for freedoms anymore; just let the government do what ever it wishes.

        I think its about time we revolted and took back our country and freedoms.

      19. I wonder how big a shit they are going to take, when the general population tells them all to F off.
        God I hope it happenes in my life time, im growing impatient.

        They cannot enforce a law, or rule, that WE ALL ignore

        • As long as Fear motivates the masses to stay in line, on the designated path, we here will be the one’s blazing the trails and, fortunately or unfortunately, exposing ourselves in the process.

          • I vote “expose” in a full, pants around the ankles, FULL MOON!

        • yes you said it and i know what your saying, you can bring your armed fuckos and i will be quicker, I cant wait till that happens either and we tell them to F off. you said it!!! Most these people are starving for power and I never realized how many bastards they really are out there like that. the ones that really tick me off is one of those women, nothing about the good women here, but some stupid know it all bit** that tries to tell us how things are going to be. dont go there lady or you wont ever make that same mistake again.

        • those people had a chance to get it started, they should have told them to go get a warrent, then called a lawyer

        • VRF says ” They cannot enforce a law, or rule, that WE ALL ignore”

          No, but they can single out citizens for prosecution/and attempt to make an example out of them. And the individuals who commit these civil liberty crimes in the name of the state “protecting you” will continue to “do their job” bc they don not fear retribution for their acts. But I say they should.

          It’s like the school yard bully. He only tortures those who don’t fight back. Fight back & he thinks twice about hassling you. The bureaucrats are bullies in the same way. I say they should think twice before they go out & hassle someone. They are not innocent. Just following orders is no longer an excuse.

          >>We are Anonymous. We are Legion. We do not forgive. We do not forget. Expect us.<<

      20. Yea, like USDA inspects all of the food. Red tape.

        • Only when it turns green.

          • That is how meat is defined “appropriately aged and tenderized in central Mexico. I know, ate the beef in Cuernavaca Mexico in the mid 70’s. Back when you could still travel in Mexico with a bag of common-sense and some bottled water.

      21. Everyone, make sure you click on the link (toward the top) and read the full story on the Farm to Consumer Legal Defense Fund site….they have to trash a good portion of their food, but with the help of the lawyers and the local cops, they kick the inspector off the farm and are preparing to defend their constitutional rights. The evening truly had a happy ending, and hopefully this organization can help give the health department officials the smackdown they so richly deserve. (This might also be reflected in the video but I haven’t had the chance to watch that yet).

      22. Grow and raise your own and protect it with your life, since ultimately it is your life.

        • Yes, that is where this will end.

      23. In watching this video, I heard the guests call what happened “apalling”, “despicable”, “a shame”, “a terrible thing.” But what will these people actually do in response to this situation? After giving their comments on this video, how many of them went home and took some action? The last couple on the video statated that they “can’t eat the food we want to”. If they don’t take some form of action to give greater voice to their complaint, then they deserve what has been done and will be done to them.

      24. I’m just glad Mary was on the phone with Susan. If it had been Janet Reno on the other end of the line, Quail Hollow Farm would be a smoldering ruin today.


        • Wrong! It would have been buldozed after the inferno.

      25. There are small food clubs in the city I live in, where everyone brings their own dish. Like a potluck. They get popular and the groups rent little venues. They live in constant fear that authorities will come bust up their little gatherings. It is really insane. That is the biggest outrage. I believe what this farm did was act like a restaurant, and the red tape involved in that is huge. Zoning laws and restaurant regulations are totally out of control in this country, and only make the environment worse.

      26. wait til they go after the hunters..and tell them they cant eat what they kill…Hahhahahha,,I’d pay to watch that

        • Yep, Pa rednecks are not to be ordered around. Will let ya know.

        • Hell I’d pay to play!

      27. This is a bunch of B.S. !!! The government needs to stay out of our lives.
        We are already into the second stage of a possible revolution..and we are heading into the third. People.., this could get ugly.

        When do we start our own underground? 😉

        • someone should forward this for national tv……like the judge on fox business…..

          • Even better–do what I did…my contacts know I don’t mess with videos–and when I send one via email and tell ethem thye need to watch, they will watch and they will send..
            Make it go viral!!!

      28. How much more shit has to be rubbed in Americans faces, until we say enough is enough, no more

      29. Maybe one responce to this outrageous Obama abuse would be to announce 10 or 20 dinners per week on the same day of the week in your area, and then tell the responding gestapo food agents your dinners have been cancelled.

        Kill ’em with numbers.

        • don’t blame Obama – the structure for this excessive government intrusion was laid years ago and most recently by GW Bush (Patriot Act, wiretapping of innocent American citizens, Guantanamo, extraordinary rendition, etc). Pres. Eisenhower and earlier Presidents warned us of the growing power of the military-industrial complex and we did not heed the warnings, and now we have a Supreme Court stacked with “conservative” activist judges declaring that corporations are people with the same rights (but none of the responsibilities) of real American citizens. Take back your power by withdrawing your business from the multi-national corporations (move your money from the big banks to small local banks and credit unions; eliminate all processed/refined foods, all foods made by big companies, patronize local organic farmers and artisanal producers). Support your neighbors.

          And above all, avoid drawing attention to your (our) subversive activities by maintaining a peaceful, matter-of-fact routine – just live your life according to natural principles, teach others to do the same, and model what real health and happiness is. some of the most effective actions against the Nazis was by those who quietly hid fugitives in their attics or other secret places (my former father-in-law was one who survived this way)

      30. Happy Birthday United States Marine Corps!

        • Who’s the douchenozzle that voted this down?

      31. Unbelievable. Think about all of the recalls of “properly labeled and processed” food. People get listeria and all sorts of stuff from the crap at the grocery store. There’s a new recall every other week!

        That being said, everyone that wants to thump on Susan – well, you are just shooting the messenger. I was definitely not a fan, and I sure wouldn’t take that job, but she is only the local voice for a way bigger problem. Ol’ Susan is not worth the jail time, nor is she truly the guilty party here.

        Nope, this all goes back to the PTB. They don’t want to think that we can survive without them.

        • Keep singing God save the Queen.

        • I think I dislike Democrats. No, I know that I dislike Democrats. You’re one aren’t you Daisy.

      32. At this point, I think it’s just a matter of someone firing the first shot. Folks are nervous. Everybody I Have a conversation with eventually voices they’re concern about “something in the air” and how bad things might get economically. Even my 80 y/o gramma who is a dyed in the wool Obama supporter asked me about world events the other night. People are angry. Normal everyday folks are talking about civil war.

        • I am witnessing the same “phenomena” from others I had earlier “written off”. The “AWAKENING” is at hand.

      33. Ron Paul is all I have to say about that.

        • The Dims will never be ready for him, but they will wish they did someday when their pension drys up or doesn’t buy anything!

      34. I recently had a visit from an elderly woman who works for the NASDA, National Association of State Departments of Agriculture. She knocked on my front door and asked if my land was a farm. I was not home but my wife answered. She wanted to know if we grew vegetables, sold them to neighbors, or had chickens. The woman began to look around, snoop. My wife, true to form, told her that “my husband is funny about people on our land. Maybe you better come back some other time.”
        The woman handed her business card to my wife and left, stating that I can call later. Of course I did not.

        I am not sure how this woman was informed, but she said she was canvassing the area to get an accurate count of small farms in the area as it effected their funding. I checked around my area, an nobody else got a visit. She came to my house specifically.

        I looked up NASDA. Their purpose is to regulated food production through licensing and inspection, and, I assume levelling fines. They also consider food a homeland security issue. That makes your backyard garden fall under eminent domain. In the event of disruption of food supply, they will come take your cucumbers away, and whatever else they want.

        First, they are a Federal agency therefore they have no Constitutional right to be anywhere on my land. Second, the visit put a face on socialism/totalitarianism for me. It does not come, initially, as tanks and guns. It starts with sweet looking old ladies working for government bureaucrats, out there “just doing their job.”
        Third, if forced me under the radar as all government meddling will do to hard working people.

        Yes, friends. Federal government intrusion has started. I think it was Ayn Rand who said that the end of society is when people who produce nothing tell people who do produce how they are to do it.

        Stay the course.

        Semper Fi

        • The first thing I would “demand” from an intruder representing this organization or any other organization (governmental) would be a drivers license. I’d get their name and address. They don’t provide then they will need a warrant to be on my property. These are people who’s trip it is to infringe on other peoples sovereign rights and they need a little of their own “in your face” medicine. We live in a War Zone and this person is either the enemy or represents the enemy, simple as that. We’re dealing with heartless and mindless people who enjoy flaunting their assumed power, while on the payroll.

          They need to be “re-educated” and “reprogrammed” and sent back to their master.

        • just remember who created the Dept of Homeland Security – nobody complained about it then, only now!

      35. “Refuse to be a victim”

        Some government pukes come up on my farm and tell me I can’t eat my own food that I grew! Never happen cause unlike these people in the video …. I do not give a Damn what the State or Federal government says! I’ll kick you ass right off my property! I do not give a F**k what paper they have in their hand.

        If people across this country don’t starting making a stand they are going only suffer more and more of these government intrusions! “Refuse to be a victim!”

        P.S. Happy 236th Birthday to all my fellow Marines! 🙂

        Semper Fi

      36. simple lesson learned here.No “public invitations”.Have everyone coming make a reservation and be on a list.Post a guard at the gate. If your name is not on the list–no admittenace private gathering.If anyone tries to force or bully their way onto the property past guard and locked gate—-open fire,the law is suposedly on your side.This inspector would not have had a search warrant or been able to obtain one. Happy hunting fellow gardeners!

      37. So, it’s OK for people to accept food stamps to feed the family, but it’s not OK to plant your own food to supliment what you get from the government?
        Adolph Hitler allowed his people to grow their own food!!!! So what’s going on in the US?
        I live in Australia now and one of the first things I did was plant a veggie garden when I got here. I had my own veggie garden back in the Pacific North West and brought my milk from a woman who lived on a farm 10 miles from where I lived. I guess things have changed back there huh?

        Here’s an idea for you folks. Stop calling home grown food organic. Its pretty obvious that “organic” is a dirty word and the government would like to stamp it out. Call it “wild food” call it “self seeded” call it “weed gathering” but don’t call it organic!!!
        I plant my veggies all spread out. No straight lines. Everything is all mixed up and looks like a weed garden, but the “weeds” produce food. If the Nazis ever came to my property I’d more than likely be charged with letting my garden go to weeds!

        Bio hazards!!! WTF???

        As a side note, off the subject. I was in a taxi last night headed into meet my partner for dinner. Talking to the taxi driver, he commented on the amount of Americans now living in the city. And he’s right!! Americans who are lucky enough, have voted with their feet and moved to Australia. There are many of us here. You hear them at the store, at work, at play. I’ve even heard them on TV being interviewed for local news stories and thought, “what the heck? Sad in a way, but it’s true. I’m currently working on getting my two brother-in-laws out here with the rest of us.

        The only way I can describe the feeling living here, is I know what it must have felt like for Europeans to have escaped Nazi occupied Europe during WWII. Although I feel like an exile from my own country there is a feeling of relief being here. But there is bitter sadness, at the thought of friends and neighbors still back there suffering under “jackboot” tyranny.

        • Like Australia is some super wonderland of freedom that would _NEVER_ mess with individual’s rights …cough gun control cough…

          • Dont have guns, but we got jobs and we still have food. What you got?

            • Food? Anyone of our states has more fertile soil than your entire country. So you’ve got a low skilled job exporting raw material in your volatile commodity based economy to pay for one of the highest housing markets on the little bit of country that’s actually inhabitable.

        • “weed gathering”

          I wonder if the Fed inspects that CA wacky weed?

      38. Why did these people let this bitch in? Why didn’t they say “there is nothing going on here that is your concern” when she showed up. If people just yield to their masters, their masters will apply more pressure. She should have met harsh(not violent) resistance at every step of her “inspection”. She should have left that place in tears; ready to quit her job. If people are sheep, they will be hearded.

      39. Government inspectors don’t make food safe.
        I can can tell you what makes food unsafe, and thats giant corporate farms pumping out genetic modified, pesticide coated “food like substances”.

        Have another solen green twinkie courtesy of the food stamp president

        • Happy 236th Birthday!

          Semper Fi

          • Bloodyfellow: How’s the spider bite?

            • hey, thank for asking …it still hurts like a bitch when I bump my elbow. There is a knot there its pretty tender still. It bothers me the most in the mornings when I’m out deer hunting, must be the cold. The Doc said that I’m one of the lucky few that seem to have some resistance to the recluse bites. Being that I don’t have a huge hole in my arm! I was bit on my leg by a copperhead about 10 years ago and was lucky there to… I did get real sick but, did not have any real bad tissue damage.

              I don’t get poison oak,ivy or sumac either …not bothered my bee stings or fire ants. Must be all that good 0+ Cherokee blood! 🙂

        • My neighbor thought I was crazy for eating raspberries right off the briar. I asked “What is there to worry about? I KNOW I havn’t used any pesticides”.

      40. POWER TRIP!!!!
        Sounds like the pissant govt. official is taking out her own personal shortcomings on other people.

      41. Didn’t anyone at the dinner party own a gun? She should have invited someone old and sick, like me, who has nothing to lose. Cross me; and we’ll check out together, and I don’t care who you are!

      42. When will people learn to tell these Gestapo agents to go “F” themselves and to get the hell off the property? Don’t they own a dog?


        “I received a phone call from them two days before the event informing me that because this was a “public event” (I would like to know what is the definition of “public” and “private”) we would be required to apply for a “special use permit”. If we did not do so immediately, we would be charged a ridiculous fine. Stunned, we immediately complied.”

        Mistake No. 1. You volunteered into their jurisdiction. Next time, hold your ground and force them to provide a LAW that required you to do what they are telling you. In writing. If they produce a STATUTE, tell them you want a LAW, not a statute, because a statute requires jurisdiction, and they cannot have jurisdiction unless you are enjoying a government created privilege. The use of your property and the consumption of your labor is a natural right, NOT a government privilege, and therefore they cannot regulate or require the licensing of that which you exercise as a natural right. Supreme Court’s got your back nine ways til Sunday on this one.

        “We asked the inspector if we could…”
        “I then asked if we couldn’t…”

        Mistake No. 2. You were asking for permission to do something on your own property. You volunteered your consent to their authority. You should have called the sheriff and had that cunt hauled off to county (if you could find a reasonable-minded deputy with a sense of duty towards his Constitutional oath, but here I refer you to Mistake No. 1).

        Finally, Mistake No. 3: you did not immediately set upon this woman with clubs and knives and any blunt, heavy objects that were within the vicinity, then buried her already rotten corpse out in the pasture. You people are pussies. You are sheep. You are craven cowards. You will do whatever anyone tells you and you will not question them no matter how ridiculous and you will not resist them because the will to live has been stripped from you and you don’t even know it.

        What’s wrong with you people? FIGHT THE FUCK BACK ALREADY.

      44. I think this is fake. How could anyone be so stupid? This is just beyond beyond the pale. This had to be staged to invoke an ire in people to get them to finally rise up and give TPTB the violent Reaction they need to implement the next Solution.

        I am effectively punch drunk from shaking my head.

        • No, they just haven’t woken up yet. That’s why they were ‘immediately complying’ and trying to please this worthless bureaucrat &itch who showed up on their property with no grounds for this kind of crap.

          Every time another incident like this occurs, it will hopefully spur Americans to stand up and refuse to comply.

        • ZH?

          • Yes.

      45. first off, when you sell tickets, its not a private get together anymore. i mean, do you sell tickets to your turkey dinner? anyway, they needed to ban together and tel the bitch to f off, crush the cell phone, and flip the car. after they tie her up and enjoy dinner, drop her off at the end of a dirt road with no shoes and tell the bitch to start walking.

      46. I think that people are not anywhere near outraged enough quite yet to stand up and tell the government to stick it. Problem is, most people living on the US soil are lazy and quite comfortable with their TV dinners, fast food, etc. Sure you folks who read here know a thing or two about making your own food, but does the average american? That would be a NO. We have all discussed how fast the population at large would starve to death if SHTF, but as far as Joe Six-Pack and Samantha Sheeple are concerned, that won’t happen here…

      47. IF they were acting like a restaurant – open to the public, selling tickets, etc. I frankly don’t have a big problem with it. Regulation of businesses that sell to the public is a public health and safety issue. If n ot regulated, there are not a few that would happily poison their customers as a matter of course. Just ask anybody who has inspected Chinese restaurants anywhere in the USA.

        • I take it you have yet to acquire a taste for “gato frito”. Thats OK, not the first choice on my menu either.

        • MEOW!

          • Fruffy,? No, I not see fruffy, with juicy hind leg. (not pc but couldn’t resist.)

      48. The “conditioning” of the sheeple to march willingly into the slaughter house is progressing nicely. WE will not garner the open support of the “masses” until it is too late.

        If WE don’t start the “process of meaningful revolution” now, the whimper of the revolution that may eventually come will be meaningless.

        Might be time to breakout the old IRA “handbook” on strategies, oranization, and tactics to apply to a winning revolution. Even a very protracted one.

        Coincidetally, they were also labeled “domestic terrorists” right up to the day they brought the British establishment to their knees.

        Assuming WWIII doesn’t side-track the “awakening”, does anyone here believe that a bloodless, peaceful, diplomatic solution is still a viable option? If so, I am “all ears” and eager to hear about it. The only one I have considered is a “massive citizens arrest” campaign that starts at the TOP and continues all the way down. Still, doubt that would be bloodless.

        • The only way a peaceful revolution is possible is IF the American people are able to win over the hearts and minds of the military and the police as a part of ‘the 99%’. If that happens, it’s all over for these so-called leaders that are turning the U.S. into a fraudulent, tyrannical, Orwellian nightmare. The powers that be will not stop until we are all impoverished, enslaved and poisoned by government-sanctioned food.

          • The “cops” have been militarized by careful design. You can see it at the OWS protest. I do not believe we can “recruit” most of them back from the dark side at this stage of the conflict.

            Factions within the military, many are already on board. All of this “theory and speculation” will soon be tested. One way or another. KEEP PREPPING!

            • “The Republic will be reorganized in to the first Galactic Empire… For a more safe and secure society”

              “Emperor, Star Wars”

        • You need to careful what ask for you may get a visit in the night.

        • People need to stand their ground.
          Absolutely, ask to see the “law” written specifically for your county of residence.

          But before it gets that far, I have NO TRESSPASSING signs clearly posted. This stops ANYBODY as a point of contention.
          They don’t leave and I call the county Sheriff.
          Most people don’t know that by law your Sheriff supercedes ANY other law enforcement including the feds.
          See if your Sheriff stands behind the Constitution.Admonish Sheriff for his failure to uphold an OATH he freely gave to protect you.

          And for Gods sake don’t sell tickets or advertise your event.

          Be willing to insist to see a warrant issued from YOUR COUNTY for their ability to legally even enter your property.

          This is happening because a csar from Obamas office,name is Cass Susstein,has an insecurity whereas he thinks he is going to control everybody.
          He tried to mess w/farmers requiring them to get CDL licences to drive tractors for ther farms.
          Thsat lasted less than a week.

          I have information that is not the right time to divulge as yet but I assure you that info WILL BE COMING in short order!

          For now just hang on is all I can say.
          This shits gonna stop before long.
          And for the record, NONE of this is meant to imply ANY violence against anybody.

      49. I think these actions are in part designed to discourage and demoralize us as Americans.

        Why else would they allow banks and corporations to commit crimes, put people out of their homes and (really) poison people with GMOs, vaccines, synthetic drugs and the like – and NO ONE has gone to jail? The only ones in jail are regular people who are caught possessing marijuana, growing their own food, drinking raw milk (God forbid!).

        We must not give up at any cost. Whatever you may think of the Occupy movement, at least it shows people are now really starting to wake up to the Orwellian tyranny that used to be the United States of America. Maybe some of them aren’t as awake as many who are steeped in alternative news, but it’s a start.

        I am ashamed to be an American. How do we stop this? How do we push back against a completely out of control government? Is revolution the only answer?

        • That is the same question I am asking, and apparently the answer is YES.

        • A Revolution? Probably won’t work. A Civil War where certain States fight the Feds in order to leave the Union? Could work, but it’d come at a price.

          No, the answer is simple. Those men and woman who are in Uniform are the answer. Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force, Coast Guard and ALL men and woman serving in Law enforcement. Believe it or not, they are the answer.

          You thinking what? It’s simple. All Military and Law enforcement swear an oath to protect and serve and all that wishy washy stuff. But most importantly they are swearing to UPOLD the Constitution and swearing loyalty to the President and Country.

          However, when the President throws the Constitution out!!!! Then it’s the DUTY of all who serve, to restore Government. If they don’t, then they are simply traitors, because they aren’t doing what’s expected of them as the Warriors they are.

          So to all 82nd, 101st, 10th Mtn. 3ID, 4ID all MARINES, the crews on all ships, Tankers, the Army Reserves, the Coast Guard, active and non active. Policeman, State Troopers, Sherifs, Deputies and Marshalls. All Of You!!! Get off your COWARD asses and do your jobs you TRAITORS!!! You aren’t doing your jobs!!! Uphold the Constitution and abide by the REAL laws of this country, You shameful, Yellow bellied, cowards!!!! TRAITORS in UNIFORM!! Do you job!!

      50. Yep,big fake. Staged event, dont fall for it.

      51. like i said before… get someone out there that has an in with someone on talk radio or tv and get this before the general public….maybe alex jones….or coast to coast …or hannity….glen beck….maybe even rush…there should be a lot of people that would like to make this a big topic…..

        • Do you think you know any of these people. No disrespect, But I believe they are making money off other peoples misery and that disturbs me and furthermore, you shouldn’t trust any of them.

        • Overkill – Have you lost your mind?
          You come to a site like this and then tell people to call Alex Jones, Hannity, Beck, and golly oh gee maybe even Rush?

          These people are your enemy in reality.
          Just as much a Wolf Blitzer,CNN,etc.
          What the hell makes you think these people aren’t MSM?
          If they began to air the truth they would lose their multi-million dollar contracts.

          They ALL are the enemy of the sovereign states that make up America.

          You don’t have to believe me.
          But then I don’t have to listen to you either.

          Mark my word, when the SHTF Hannty will be the first of them to be thrown under the bus. The worthles, sniveling POS.

          Useless idiots all!

      52. yental: we are on the same page my friend…. but, let me remind you that the IRA lost!!! and the same tactics and strategies would only have the same results. When the time comes for revolution it must gain the backing of the people or it will fell. However no war was ever won by playing nice!!!!

        • Convincing the people of that undisputed fact “However no war was ever won by playing nice!!!!”, will be OUR salvation or doom. We don’t need them all, but WE need more than we currently have. This “information bomb” needs to be detonated all over this country. As “times” continue to get worse, more minds will become receptive.

      53. Are you aware that all commercial food producers must treat the produce before packaging it for sale/consumption? Go to a farm area and get a tour of the local packing plant and watch all the food go through a bath of water with “bleach” in it. Why? Because food borne illness kills about 6000 Americans a years and sickens about 100 million a year. Should the government try to mitigate this problem?? You seem to think they should not.

        • Guess I missed the part where this was to be distributed commercially. Sounded like a “farm-to-table” feast for family and friends locally. And no, I don’t believe the gooberment has any business sticking their nose in it on THIS LEVEL.

          • And according to the stats you cite, THEY are apparently doing a sh*tty job of it anyway!

          • If it were not a commercial endeavor then the inspector could not have gotten in!!! I have eaten meals at wineries (not a restaurant) and they have to comply with health regulations too. If you serve the public you are a commercial food service and come under the law. Perhaps, as some people here seem to think, they shouldn’t. What the hell, serve whatever you want anyway you want and screw the sanitary conditions (washing hands after going potty if for wimps). I say lets let the public decide; make everyone who does not abide by the sanitary requirements post their intent and let individuals decide for themselves. I do think though that to make that informed choice might invalidate your medical insurance so lets also agree if you get sick then you pay for it.

        • More Government control… that’s what we need! That will fix everything. You know they have to treat their food because of the carelessness they exhibit during collection, harvesting, and butchering. No wonder people get sick or die from it.

          • It was YOUR generation that handed this country over…

        • People forget we used to live our lives with little to no Government interference or control before Woodrow Wilson. People grew their own food or they starved. We didn’t have supermarket. Its called Personal Responsibility.

          • Right on the mark! There are some people who still do produce most of their own food and barter with others for what else they need that they have not or could not produce. Sadly, many folks (think living in the big city and still asleep about things) consider this quacky. While I am glad to have access to a supermarket, I am also very proud of what I produce and so are many of the people I have the most respect for.

        • Viox killed 58000-62000 people.How were they protected.
          Food borne illness statistic are not accurate. If you report/ complain to health department about restaurant, they log this as a complaint, 90% of the times nothing is confirmed during investigation, no stool sample, no leftovers, no food in the restaurant, no bacteria/viruses in stool lab report.

          BUT… in statistic we have 1000 million food borne illnesses HA????

          People driving with carry out foods /leftovers for hours (at room temp) and then consume that food, or get diarrhea after coffee/sugar and soft drinks full of artificial colors. Common…. give me a break

          Call health dept and ask them about final results of food borne investigation …. Lots a time it is Norwalk virus…Simply because it matches lots of symptoms.

          • Most people taking Vioxx were already ill and in most cases it was their illness that killed them not Vioxx. The reason the lawyers and paid experts went off the tracks to claim it was Vioxx was greed; pure and simple. There is no case where there is any proof that Vioxx killed anyone.

            • gotta disagree about that damn vioxx, my husband about died of a heart attack from taking just 1 of those pills, he was perfectly healthy only 46 told the doctor he had a backache, she perscribed that awful stuff for him, thankfully he was healthy enough to fight off the effects and has been fine since then,I hate to think how many sick people died from vioxx.

            • I believe they were forced to take it off the market because otherwise healthy people were having heart attacks. ALL pharmaceuticals have serious risks, it’s better to fix your diet and lifestyle first (whole foods, natural fats, regular exercise).

              btw, if you take statin drugs, wean yourself off as they can destroy your cell walls; use turmeric in your food instead. cholesterol is not your enemy (it comprises your cell walls and brain tissue as well as helping pull inflammatory substances out of your body). fat is not your enemy (you need it to absorb fat soluble nutrients). avoid processed foods and inflammation goes down. eat natural/traditional fats and your weight will go down! visit http://www.westonaprice.org for scientific references….

      54. I eat food straight out of my garden, unwashed, all the time. It is the safest food source I know of. Hell, I grew it. No poison at all. Rain and well water. My chickens lay dirty eggs, but give a good wash and they are good to go. No sickness here on the farm, ever.

        Indeed, Happy Birthday Marines. Defenders of freedom and liberty against all enemies, foreign and domestic.

        Semper Fi

        • you betcha…this marine and the marine i am married to eat outta our gardens too… this gal/inspector would have been escorted to the road and shown the no trespassing sign right quick.

      55. I wonder if the First Lady’s garden produce has undergone such scrutiny?

        • They don’t eat the food from that garden cause there is so much led in the ground from all the years the White- house has been painted… no shit it’s true!

          The garden is only for show!

          • Good to know that the Whitehouse is acclimating to an enviornment of lead. Hope the copper plating/jacket doesn’t spoil the “taste”.

            And OF COURSE, I’m referring to the dining utensils used, not what you silly “domestic terrorist” are thinking in your already “scanned minds/COMMENTS”. LOL!

        • You would probably have to ask the “wetbacks” that work the garden. Sorry, native south Texan that grew up in a “PC incorrect” time when “the term” was used loosely and without any intent or forethought of malice. To be a barefoot, dirt eating on just about everything kid again.

          I have a “crop” of grandkids that are constantly afflicted with some “ailment”, and they don’t know what the admonition “go out and play” means. I have eaten more dirt than they have had to wash off.

        • No, but I do think her garden makes her ass look big.

          • It’s not the garden!

            • Is it the mendacious, Manchurian, muslim from Mombassa that she calls bitch that makes her ass look fat?

      56. I would have went into a violent and uncontrollable rage!

      57. Thats it I am growing a larger garden next year and if someone comes and tells me I can’t eat what I grew myself then I am releasing my two cats and golden retriever on them along with every freaking rabbit and squirrel in my backyeard to nibble and claw at them. If this doensn’t suffice, I have a prickly and sticky branhc I cut off my pine tree that will fit nicely up their a**.

      58. And nobody there was brave enough to put a bead at her head. A bunch of cowards.

      59. Stop spending all money. Let everything collapse.

      60. We are experiencing more and more Government control and authoritarianism. Yet what can you do? Call your senator, representative ? Been there and done that. There is no recourse unless you have deep pockets and want to challenge everything in court, only to ultimately loose to in their justice system. So what is the answer? Are the sheeple ever going to wake up come together and take back our country. If you think you will ever do it at the ballot box you are sadly mistaken. So… again I ask what is a person to do?

      61. Opp, sorry, i didn’t mean to splash that bleach in your face.

      62. employ “the tatics of mistake”. everytime your enemy makes one NAIL THEM TO THE F..ING WALL. everytime you do it they make more mistakes and again you nail them to the f…ing wall. pretty soon you have a well insulated wall. from the doctrine of how to overthrow a goverment and insulate your house at the same time. prep ya’ll!

      63. All I can say is “WOW”!!!!!

      64. So much for the land of the free,may God just bring it all down.

      65. glad i was not there because i would be in the clink
        she would be thrown out and used as compost.

      66. those folks in the video looked like deer in the headlights! i bet they were given a great education on what to do and what not to do…and i sure hope this was for them a big wake up call.

      67. Why do you all think American’s are purchasing rifles, handguns, and ammo greater than any other time in our history? I’ll let you all answer that question.

        • Deer season?!? Well, some kind of “coming season”!

      68. We have dumpster divers looking for food and this B**CH throws it away after pouring bleach on it??

        Somewhere there is a God watching this ridiculous event and He will get the last laugh.

        • Not to far away from where I live there is a grocery store (small town mom n pop kinda place) where the owners know there are folks looking in the dumpters behind their place for food.

          I am aware that the employees have been instructed to make sure the “garbage” is carefully stacked neatly in boxes and then put into the dumpsters “because it will fit more in that way” (wink wink, nudge, nudge)the exception being rotten produce and similar “stinky” foods that are double bagged “to keep the smell down” and “the rotten stuff only goes in the dumpster on the far end”. Any employee caught mixing the two kinds of “garbage” is written up and if it happens more than twice they are fired, but it is my understanding this has never been a problem.

          It is by acts like these store owners kindness and understanding that feeds my hope that mankind really is kind and sustains the hope of humanity being real and not some illusion.

          • Thanks for that FedUp…Inspiring to know there are still Americans with heart…Amen.
            Like you, at times I search for that reality that mankind still cares about…mankind. Sigh.

            • Yes, it is sometimes a struggle to find “humanity” among the snitches, snoops, hatemongers and shitdisturbers. But, I know there are people out there who care about their fellow man, and I take heart there are more than I know about. I think there are plenty more for that matter, it is just that we don’t know about them because no one sees they are helping others “behind the scenes”.

        • Your “God” does’nt care JJ…

      69. Well… first they shall tell her to get lost it is private gattering,second they should tell her to leave /get lost and don’t give her consent.It is all about consent….I bet you they signed some papers too,those goverment people are not as tough when confronted ,and don’t give them consent.

      70. It’s only a matter of time till the FEDS phuck with the WRONG Veteran and then it’s gonna be “GAME ON”!

        Arm Up Stock Up Prepare!

        I suggest ALL Veterans Identify the Federal Offices in their LOCAL Area as well as Federal Employee’s and Agents!

        They KNOW where you ALL Live! I just Think it’s fair We THEIR EMPLOYERS ;0) Know where they live and work!

        Fair is fair in Love and War Right? ;0P

        Learn of this folks, it may just save your life!

        They are no longer here to serve as public servants… they are nothing more than over-paid NWO IMF FED MAFIA ENFORCERS!

        They are the enemy and aim to destroy you and your way of life!

        You MUST FIGHT Them or perish!

        It’s really that simple!

      71. Hmmm,last year, when my oldest son was married, I had a western themed rehearsal dinner for about 100 people…IN A BARN!! Oh My!! Guess I should be glad we weren’t busted! And I cooked ALL the food…not USDA inspected at all!! And we even had a barbershop quartet…singing while the guest ate dinner..and they weren’t licensed either! GASP!! I’m a rule breaker…yes, I am!!
        Now seriously, this is a VERY scary situation!! The pure arrogance of that woman was astounding!! She KNEW she held all the cards..and she wasn’t cutting them any slack! I do wish the sheeple that were there for the dinner would have said “To heck with you, witch, and would have grabbed a big plate of food and started pigging out!! What could she have done? Called the police to help her..”because people are eating food”???? Geez, when are they going to wake up??

      72. perfect example of blind sheep following orders..
        living under the illusion of a democracy..

        fools all.
        outrageous incident?..yes!

        just like some of the commenters here..

        ok now..you must all quietly go to the camp..

        it is coming..
        and most will oblige..

      73. SmokyMtnLady wrote, “What could she have done? Called the police to help her..”because people are eating food”???? ”

        If they did that the property likely would have been seized. That happens a lot.

        Do You Know How To Defend Your Property?

        “… Because there is no requirement that anyone be charged, much less convicted, large numbers of forfeiture cases are not even connected to a criminal proceeding but property is confiscated by police.” …


        It’s funny/sad how so many write on here they would call the Sheriff. Don’t they know the Sheriff’s and the Feds are bound at the hip? If not, see this:

        Stealing Camp Zoe: The Federal “Forfeiture” Gang Strikes


        [While you’re at it, have you seen the video, “Don’t Talk to Cops”? If not, you should.]

        It’s also obvious from the replies here that they use what you love against you, to control you.

        Many on this blog continue to see the military as something separate from the goberment when they are not. In the same way other People think they are a part of the goberment and have a say in the decision making processes and such when they do not. Most of these minds refuse to consider otherwise.

        That’s why, when Old Southern Man asks, “what is a person to do?” the answer is, End The Fed.

        Help to End the means of financing the tyranny you all claim to despise. It’s really that simple,… oh and, Opt Out too.

        • You need to see Sheriff Mack’s videos and circulate those–very educational.

          And, yes, ‘don’t talk to cops'(by an attorney–gasp!!) comes to my mind every few days —great video.

      74. The morons at there should have poured the bleach toward Susan’s mouth.

      75. supporting local don’t do it, vote the idiots out of office take back the country, vote Ron Paul 2012.

        Hmmmmmm, I wonder if I should toss those squrrils and eeer meat out of the freezer, they wern’t FDA inspected

        • Toss em to me, I’ll inspect them on the “grill”!

        • “Vote”? Dream on…

      76. I can’t believe the American people are letting this happen! When you can’t eat the food that you grow,there is something wrong with government! It’s time for change and time for Americans to stand up for what they belive in! I get free range eggs and fresh veggies and farm beef! The government says be prepared for disaters but when we prep we are called terrorist, when we try to eat healthy they say we are unamerican,and when we exercise our constituional rights we get thrown in jail! They should have packed up all of the food and went to a new location and not let anyone know about it and have their feast!

        • Mike – Which kind of criminal do you want to be?

          A) The kind of criminal who violates the law by growing food for his own consumption in direct violation of Wickard v Filburn (support by a Supreme Court decision in 1942)? Google it!

          B) If food becomes scarce I can envision an executive order making food “hoarding” illegal. The definition of a hoarder is anyone with more than a month’s worth of food. 99% of the population would eagerly support such legislation because preppers make a convenient scapegoat, as if we “caused” the problem.

          C) If you are completely unprepared and have very little food stored in your house you need to be arrested because you are likely to steal, according to government profilers. You need to be relocated to a FEMA camp “for your own protection”.

          Of course, if you are a government bigshot and will be taken care of by way of confiscated goods, you don’t fall into any of these categories. The power elite finally get what they want: the entire population other than government officials are criminals. See you all in the FEMA camps!!

      77. off topic, but another example of our government at work…

        Holder Plays Dumb While Dems Push Gun Control

        “Holder presented the improbable case that he was not responsible for — or even aware of — the plot.”

        “Attorney General Holder’s claim that he was ignorant of one of the most deadly political scandals in U.S. history, which was run out of his department with key input and the understanding of his top lieutenants, is simply not credible…”

        “Holder used his opening statement to shift the blame to the American gun dealers — whom his Department forced to supply weapons to the cartels — and Congress.”


      78. I think I was married to Susan once, but not for long.
        I also think I was married to Mary, but not for long.

      79. Here is a note from Laura that follows up the evenings events–you can find more infor out there by googling “quail hollow farms” “mary oaks”.


        “Follow up on the “Inspection” incident:
        Susan LeBay( she is the one that originally sent out the inspector to Quail Hollow Farms) from the Health Department sent an official to Giovannis soon to open bakery/pizzaria. She came unannounced while he was not there. He states that he could tell that she came with “her boxing gloves on.” I was very worried for him as he is on the verge of opening his new pizzaria. He found that as soon as she heard the story, realized that we had a certified kitchen on the premises, understood the method he used to prepare the food, that she was a bit baffled by all of the commotion. She not only didn’t give any citations of any kind, she also did a pre-inspection of the premises and made things ready for him to immediately proceed with his plans to open right away. Gio felt her heart soften. They left as friends. (Miraculous!)

        Tom Collins our County Commissioner did get a meeting together with the Health District employees, Susan LaBay, Mary Oaks, Steve Goode, ourselves, himself and Janice, a member of his staff. The meeting was as cordial as possible. Commissioner Collins wanted to understand what happened. He tried to explain to Susan that although there may be laws, sometimes you need to use good judgement. (This seemed to be beyond her comprehension.) She admitted that the decisions she made were “judgement calls” because she believed we were dishonest. She did in the course of the meeting briefly apologize, after much justification, stating that she “may have handled the situation badly.” She did inform us, and this is the really frightening reality, that she did have authority to do what she did, even to destroying the food to make it even unfit for our animals. Commissioner Collins stated that we need to work with the Legislature to make some changes in the laws. We will definitely be working with him on this!

        From this meeting we learned that for the future, even if we obtained all required permits, we would never be able to serve our farm raised meats to the public unless we had them shipped off to some distant processing plant to have them USDA stamped and certified. Imagine taking our fresh untainted meat and sending it most likely out of state to join hundreds of other meats of unknown origin and health to be butchered and wrapped by “a professional” and then shipped back to our farm. I have read the articles and seen the movies about the diseases that can be obtained in these “safe places.” No thank you!

        In the future we will no longer have “public events.” We WILL have a Quail Hollow Farm Diners club which you can join and then we will personally invite you to our “private event.” More on that forthcoming. “

        • Tell that story to the Amish and Menonites in my community—psst…funny!!!

          • How many of THEM ever get food poisoning? I’m betting it’s fewer than one.

        • Can’t believe the idiocy. You morons should have moved to get her fired. She would probably have found another job in another dingbat county, but at least you wouldn’t suffer from her any mor.

        • I’ve got a big ole elk roast thawing in the fridge. Gonna cook that sucker and have a bottle of wine. Might just have to have a Glock or a Colt as the table centerepiece.

          • What kind of Colt?

          • @Plain Old American: This has to be the most “hateful” post I’ve read. Bragging about an Elk roast to someone that loves it, but can’t find a legal one in the Texas hill country. I’m calling your local “health, safety, general pain-in-the-ass inspector” just as soon as I can trace your IP address!!!!! LOL

      80. When you charge money for a meal, restaurant rules then apply. Not to say I wouldn’t have tried to lose my boot in her behind………..

      81. What’s the Guv gonna do next, stop us from preparing, eating and gathering for Thanksgiving and Christmas too?__I hope they all burn in hell!

      82. And at these ‘private’ events, leave a shoe box at the doorway on the way out for ‘donations’ to the staff working to provide a safe and healthy environment for your friends.(wink–wink)

        I have lots of ideas to get around ‘idiot’ bureaucracy!

      83. If people don’t start saying no to this stuff, (they) have already won!!

      84. What kind of dumb ass lets these Nazis onto the property in the first place? Idiots willing to slip on the chains of oppression, that’s who. It’s private property – go away.

        Let them get a court order from a judge if they think they are within the law. Sue them.

      85. that mary oaks needs a night time visit from the Veggie Vigilantes. And she looks like she could use a little disinfectant as well.

      86. As long as you continue to let it happen it will. You all know what it is going to take, and it cannot be said on here because obviously nobody will come and help me when they come. Screw peace. It is time to stop being wimps and take a piece of them. Way less of them then us. But then again none of us can agree on anything huh.

      87. The bees are dying, the trees are dying, the bats are dying, the government is Geo-engineering the weather ie weather modification spraying (Many) chemicals like aluminum oxdide to make clouds to shield the sun’s warming effects….the food companies are making GMO genetically modified foods…BUT noone knows how this is effecting the environment…The oil/gas companies are fracking the ground looking for gas & oil….In the 1800’s the mining industry used hydrolic mining to find minerals & gold…it ruined the land…

        Our government no longer represents “The People” and we need to stand together to reform our government….as Thomas Jefferson stated, “The tree of LIBERTY needs to be refreshed from time to time with the blood of PATRIOTS and tyrants”. Get ready, the time is near…..

      88. If you think it is getting bad now, just wait until they have our guns.

        • Gotta feeling THEY will be “confiscating” alot of ammo first. A “double tap here, a double tap there, here a tap there a tap EVERYWHERE a double tap”

          Damn, I should write jingles for the MSM.

          • shoot low boys! they’re ridin shetlin ponies!

      89. If we are going to be free, we need to begin by learning about our rights and asserting our freedoms. Many people waive their freedoms because they are unaware of how free they are. The first rule of being free is to understand your rights and the natural law. Do not consent and do not beg for privileges. When you cook dinner for friends and some strange woman shows up saying she is there to inspect you, tell her to get lost or you’ll use self defense. Don’t apply for permits or licenses and don’t allow these people unto your property.

      90. To the person that had the event. Post a copy of the flyer, or method, used to invite the guest’s, please.

      91. Check out their website…how can anyone take them seriously? They certainly seem possessed and on a power trip.

        The legislature needs to DEFUND them.

        You need a locked gate. And better friends who don’t squeal.

        Should have locked the government agent in a stall, tossed her cell in some wet spot and denied everything!

        We the People are smarter than these bureaucrats. We just have to make up our minds we are going to win and not put up with their BS.

      92. Wake up people, this whole video appears to be a hoax!!! Everyone of you know good and well you wouldn’t let someone on your private property without any credentials or warrants and tell you what to do with your food. This is too ridiculous to be true.

      93. Oh, those poor cowering sheeple. They bowed down to one lonely tyrant when they should have stood up and, after the first ridiculous demand, ordered her off the property! Sure there would have been hell to play later; but they would still have their dignity. They ask, “Who owns America now?” and “What should we, what could we do?” The answer is we, the people, still own America and we will refuse to let it become Amerika! They did not have to allow that tyranny to persist since there were no SWAT types there to stomp them. Get some spine, Mr. & Mrs. Bledsoe!

      94. People its time to confront the goverment FDA and all these phoney raids on healthy foods when they allow GMO’s and poison to be put in our water supplies then try to pretend thay are concerned about our health. We need to throw them out of the offices that they really are not using for the good of the people we do not need to put up this farce of policy and nest of vipers. hey are paid by the citizens to protect us not harress us. We should file law suits and if the Judges don’t uphold the law then we need to kick them off the bench and get one who stick to the real law not this hitler style nazi coroporate take over who has highjacked our goverment.
        Enough is enough trhow the bumbs out and get real leadership for the people.


      95. I happened to notice all of the advertisers trying to sell storage food or emergency food. While I do believe that being prepared is a smart thing, I don’t think people should be duped or scared into buying products. Pretty low budget film, and the so-called fed lady appeared to be holding back a smile. Find something better to do than making movies.

      96. In the USA all that is needed to stop the Feds in their criminal actions is to have the county Sheriff stop them. The Sheriff in the USA is the highest ranking official in every county.

        The Sheriff is responsible to all of the people in his county.
        Of course it has to be a Sheriff who keeps his word_his oath.

      97. The more I think about this video, the more questions I have. Who in their right mind would do everything this nasty woman tells them to. I can’t believe that someone did not say,(you throw it out, you throw bleach on it, I’ll just watch}. Either they are truly sheeple or this is a set up. Were they that terrified of her pen in hand, or were they reading a bad script.

        Either way, this has happened before to average citizens growing their own food. I believe you will eventualy have to pay for a permit in order to grow any type of garden, and it will be minitored by big brother. Scary times ahead if we don’t take a stand.

      98. I couldn’t leave this topic without sharing one last story:
        A few months ago, I read a journalist’s account of returning to his California hometown, the area he grew up in, and how disgusted he was with the deteriorating conditions due to the economy or lack of.
        He said there were Mexicans in vans on the sides of highways selling tacos and burritos; that Mexicans had started selling food from their homes, complete with setting up tables and chairs in their living rooms.
        Does this make anyone apparent of the hypocrisy and go …hmmmmm??

      99. Why in hell are the hosts asking this “inspector” so many questions? Can we do this, can we do that? That’s B.S. When people start refusing to comply with onerous rules, and refuse to pay extortion money, and defend themselves when men with guns show up at their front door, then and only then will the madness, subjugation, and intimidation end, and not before.

      100. they became a place of business when they started charging 76 dollars a plate. 150 bucks for a couple. at that point it’s not a private event but rather a business that sells to the public and all laws apply.

        sounds like the frarm didn’t understand the laws nor really organized to prevent this from happening.

        the farm should have been in contact with the health department while in the planning stanges long before hand.

        • Hogwash! A one-time event once a year is hardly a business in and of itself. Caveat emptor can never be replaced by government surveillance and vapid, hollow compliance with common thuggery and gangster mentality.

        • Simply take down the web site and don’t charge for the meal. Find a way around their rules. Their problems began when they asked for a permission slip. People in the FUSSR are experts at skirting state rules and staying under the radar.

          Note how often people get sick in restaurants “inspected” by these asshats. If they are anything like the electrical inspectors I have dealt with in the past, the “inspections” are a joke. I remember being handed green tags (approval) through slightly opened car windows because it was raining.

      101. “I received a phone call from them two days before the event informing me that because this was a “public event” (I would like to know what is the definition of “public” and “private”) we would be required to apply for a “special use permit”.”


        Actually, private, personal and privately owned business rights were taken away when smoking-bans were normalized in privately (non-government) owned businesses.

        Rights activists warned this was happening, but everyone hated the smokers so much and wanted to see them punished that they led eventually to outdoor bans in major cities like San Francisco ($500 fine) and NYC ($50 fine).

        So once that line was crossed and government decided private choice was no longer allowed and normalized, thus you will see that become the norm for all other choice.

        It is after all, what the people wanted and demanded when they first opted to demand private choice no longer exist for businesses in particular in regard to smoking bans.

        The ironic part too, all the second-hand-smoking (Hitler’s phrase for it) studies ever done and they all showed no harm to non-smokers, but like good propaganda and the worlds’ biggest lies, repeat it often and use enough high-level highly-paid experts, who get paid for saying so, then everyone in society agrees – and thus, private/public property lines are forever and indelebly blurred – forever, until the end of time.

        • I agree about the smoking ban, when they take one groups rights away you can be sure they’ll be after yours later, I tried telling people yrs ago when they first started with the smoking witch hunt this was the beginning of a loss of freedoms most disagreed with me but lo and behold here we are.

        • um, as an asthmatic I know from personal experience that breathing tobacco smoke is harmful to a non-smoker’s health (I once entered a hotel room and promptly had my throat close up, returned to the lobby and told them if they didn’t find me a non-smoking room in their hotel they would have to find me one in another – they promptly “found” me the non-smoking room I had booked). there are also many studies showing the dangers of tobacco smoke (my father and his mother both died from the effects of heavy smoking)

          and besides, if you choose to smoke that’s your business but your right ends at my nose and lungs. I have the right to breathe uncontaminated air in public spaces (and it used to be that smokers would ask those around them if they minded – you know, to be “polite”)

        • My father poisoned me with “second hand smoke”, my sinuses are permanently damaged. I cannot believe people are still in denial about ciggarettes. That aside, it is stupid things like this that divide us, and will enslave us.

        • I have never been a smoker, but totally agree. The smoking bans were an obvious camel’s nose under the tent.

      102. Why don’t these sheople rebel? Just because some blonde bimbo comes in with a badge and a clipboard doesn’t give her the right. These people just laid down and begged to be kicked.
        Some of us are going to have to get arrested and then sue these people before this is going to stop. They’re just going to get more agressive. You can complain and write news articles all day long, but if you don’t start standing up to these bullies, they’ll continue to bully.

      103. One mistake is filling out that form, which then proclaims the event “public” and amounts to a request that the govt allow you to do something you have a right to do without asking. The other mistake is allowing these creepy people to get so much control in the first place. This is your territory – you need to get rid of the Southern Nevada Health District completely. Get the county sheriff involved. If he aligns himself with the Southern Nevada Health District you’ll know he’s one of the bad guys.

      104. Doesn’t suprise me, I live in Nevada, they run Washoe county like a little Nazi enclave. I bought property here in the mid ninety’s, and the county CODE enforcement showed up with guns because I built a storage shed that was 2′ longer than allowed without a permit! They weren’t to happy when I said I spent several years in the military fighting communism, and nobody told me we lost the war!

      105. I watch this footage and I can’t believe my own eyes. Why do people lie down and obey short, dumpy authoritarian little fascist shrews like this lady? Why did they allow the Health Department to get a foot in the door by obtaining the permit? Where are the brass balls of yore? Where are the brains? Where are the balls? Who are these people. What sissies have we become? Americans are supposed to have firearms and very bad attitudes. Run them off of your property, you crackers! Refuse to comply. Tell them to simply piss off if you were dumb enough to attract them in the first place. Let them Swat team you, then … Makes for a more convincing case when you sue their asses off and make a shining example of them in court, does it not? Is this so difficult? People, just ask yourselves: What would Steven Segal do in this situation? For some evil troll bureaucrat pen-pushing troll? Still, I feel bad for these Does anybody have this inspector woman Susan Oak’s contact number? Ooh, that gives me an idea: Steven Segal starts an organic farm after hitting it big in Holywood … One day, this bitch Susan Oaks from the S. NV Dep. of Health shows up uninvited at the raw foods buffet …

      106. at a time when Nevada has the highest unemployment rate in the country taking food from anyone is a crime.

      107. So much has been said in this forum that sums up the feelings of most Americans and Canadians. I am tempted to react the same way as ‘US Marines’ in that a physical response is called for here. (Our Canadian laws and farm boards that control every phase of food production are the same as USA laws ).
        But, as a Canadian Christian, I have to say, look around at our countries here and elsewhere in the world.
        It’s about over! The world has had ample opportunity to repent (change direction). Democracy? Freedom? They’re just words on paper, nothing more.
        Guns. Food storage. What utter nonsense. That’s Satan’s advice to unsaved and those who still think they are in control of their lives.
        Get right with God. Jesus is and has been our only savation.

        • “Guns. Food storage. What utter nonsense. That’s Satan’s advice to unsaved and those who still think they are in control of their lives.”

          It is a damn shame you were not around to admonish Noah while he was “prepping”! Not that I agree with everything he “reportedly did”.

          “He” could have done us all a favor and left “a few” off of the LIST OF TWO’S and added “them” to the SINK OR SWIM list.

          Fleas, mosquitoes, ticks, lice, bedbugs, e coli, a genetic pre-disposition to drink organized religious drool-aide, etc, etc, etc.

        • It is your delusional religion that has gone a looooong way towards letting parasites take over. You think religion will save you, you are dreaminin’…

      108. This annihilation of property rights all started with bans on smoking in privately owned restaurants and bars across the nation and around the world. It worked so well that now they are banning everything from salt to organic foods. Everybody thought smoking bans were just great. I wonder what folks think now?

      109. why are WE NOT offen these people who run us who think they own us .time will come

      110. I am one person removed from this. A friend of mine was at the event. The problem here is that people have been brainwashed and intimidated into a compliance mentality. The health departments are part and parcel of the USDA and they specialize in intimidation. I know someone who has been trying to get approval to sell raw milk and other products from it. They got partial approval but could not get it for the milk even after they had jumped thru all the hoops. Finally the inspector, when pressed finally came right out and said he just didn’t want to approve it as he felt the “risk” was too high. I guess thy think we should be glad to be poisoned by mega-agriculture companies.

      111. There was a major missing element at this gathering… a healthy serving of the 2nd amendment. Perhaps armed guards posted (suspecting the lying, deceitful government) as well as all guests wearing their weapons for dinner. Then order them off your land, three times, and then escort them off at gunpoint, calling the police to report trespassers, and yes, videotaping it all, of course, for bringing criminal charges for trespassing. We must learn to stand up for our rights and freedoms from this kind of tyranny.

      112. Okay, I admit it. I am a criminal and a terrorist and I have dragged my kids into it.

        *deep breath*

        Tonight, we had squash from our garden, beans from the neighbours garden, and biscuits topped with jam made from blackberries we picked in the WOODS.

        What was I thinking!?!?!?! How can I elude capture and prosecution!?!?!?!

        Come on, kids, we’ve gotta hide!

        • Daisy you are a BAD PARENT!! How could you endanger your family like that? Feeding your children and yourself healthy wholesome foods without any cancer causing chemicals or loaded with synthetic flavors! How can your family expect to get cancer, diabetes or a whole slew of other health problems if you aren’t eating government approved foods!

          Oh, wait. Is my hypocrisy sticking out from under my shirt?

          I fed my family venison stew made with (gasp!) meat from a WILD animal that wasn’t inspected by the USDA, carrots potatos n onions I canned from our garden. The stew was seasoned with herbs I grew and deydrated myself -what if they have micro mold spores and there was no govenment official to intervene?

          And strawberry-rubarb pie for dessert also made from canned foods I grew in my garden. What if I messed up the canning process somehow! I’ve put the whole family at risk!

          Yes, the terrorism is rampant. Maybe we should call child welfare on ourselves. 😉

          • @ Fed Up, You should have pleaded the 5th. What you did is not only criminal, but would easily fall under the classification of “felony food abuse with intent to poison hapless diners”.

            The most hienous part of your crime is the ommision of MY invitation to this feast.

            • Almost as heinous as my spelling.

      113. If no money was being charged, and they were invited quest,should have called the sheriff and had her removed.

      114. After destroying the meat, they should have trussed this bitch to a spit and roasted her ass over the fire in lieu of the meat she had them destroy. FUCK THE GOVERNMENT. LOCK AND LOAD.

      115. Why are you people paying attention to this woman?!!
        *F* THAT!! Take a peaceful stand and say NO! I’m gonna eat MY FOOD!! This is crazy?! What happened to that undaunting American spirit?!!! Why are you bowing to that woman, or any of her ilk?!! Learn the law! Take a stand!! Stop being so “nice”! Arm yourselves with the law!! Learn your rights! AND PLEASE!! Stop saying that “you have no say so”!! You only have “no say so” if you’ve been brainwashed to believe that. And stop asking “who owns America now?” YOU DO!! THE PEOPLE OF THIS COUNTRY!! every race creed and color who were born here OWN THIS COUNTRY!! OUR ANCESTORS (every race creed and color) ALL OF THEM in one or another died for this land!!! Don’t let these demons talk you out of the truth about who you are in THIS LAND called AMERICA! IT IS YOUR BIRTRIGHT!

      116. It’s ok to vent here. Normal and natural reaction. Won’t change anything. You need to find out how THEY control you in order to understand why THEY can control you. The answers are here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Shs4mIcEqp8
        Take the time to study and absorb this. Then YOU will begin to control them.

      117. All of the pansies that allowed “one” person to do this to all of their food, got what they deserved. How about growing some balls people, and telling the Feds
        to “F Off”

      118. At some point we will have to take up arms again to defend ourselves from the biggest threat to freedom on earth – the US government. We need to occupy the occupy movement with a real agenda for freedom – not communism. I know it sounds bloody but either that or we become slaves of the corporations run by bankers and the FED.. That woman from the Health Dept.(I use the term liberally) was a disgusting piece of digested bovine fodder.

      119. I am not letting the Health Department know about my 20 guests at my organic Thanksgiving Feast this year. I do not agree with some of the comments about killing this inspector, feeding her to the pigs, dragging her down the road, etc.. She is just another overpaid, useless regulatory soldier of the government, taking orders from a superior who is too much of a coward to be there his/herself.

        I do think all government (Fed, state, county and city) is out of control and once the civil war/revolution starts, we will find out how strongly the people feel about true change and how many will be willing to die to take their country back from this corrupt political and corporate system from the rich and the union bosses who puppeteer our elected officials that we allowed to create our current corrupt out of control system.

        If she was actually escorted off of the private property, by force if necessary and then the people proceeded to have dinner, I would support them. These people were as much of cowards for not standing up for their rights as that inspector was for being there!
        Maybe they need to eat more non-organic food and grow some balls.

      120. You still don’t get it. They fell for the get a permit or face a heavy fine intimidation tactic. As soon as they got the permit they granted the state jurisdiction. The time to challenge jurisdiction was when the state claimed to have authority over them. WRONG, PROVE IT. The so called health department would have folded then and there. All the commenter are filled with violence or frustration, just what the state wants, another win for the communistic anti-Christ, anti-Life zionist state. The Law is ours, why don’t we use it??? Nearly every statute they write is null and void as they all violate the Supreme Law of the Land.
        By the way I saw this a couple of days ago, I don’t even waste my time with this any more, our people have become boot lickers, they still want to think that some great white hope is going to be elected and is going to put everything right with no effort on their (The Peoples) part. The courts are ours, if we don’t use them, whose fault is it?

      121. The first mistake was getting a permit. Once a permit is applied for you enter the administrative jurisdiction for whatever agency that provides the permit. NEVER SURRENDER YOUR RIGHTS! Always demand legal process! They must grant an administrative hearing when you ask for one or they have no jurisdiction due to lack of due process. As I am sure you know due process is required of gov’t whenever they require an action by a private citizen and is spelled out in the US constitution and all state constitutions.

        Never let them (gov’t agents of any stripe) tell you that you must do anything until they have done what is lawfully required of them. Never talk to them and do not answer any questions, EVER, without advise of counsel! Never let them onto your property without a warrant and make sure no one in your family or any guests allow them onto your property or in your home without a warrant. Google “never talk to police” on You Tube for a good clip on not giving up your rights.

        You may only use enough force to protect yourself or others when you are in actual fear for your or others lives. When they act outside the law they are in peril in lawful courts. We must not do anything that gives them cause to feel that they are in fear for their lives or we are asking for a justified response by guys with guns.

        That said I would go blind and deaf if I was present when some usurping, officious, overbearing gov’t thug was to get a dose of street justice as a lot of them so richly deserve.

      122. Simply put, this seems like a story of someone wanting to tell their tale of woe.

        The “government” woman should have been shown the door very quickly.

      123. As a health inspector of many years’ service (now retired) my job, as I saw it, was to help people do what they wished to do within the law . I was the practical science versus communicable disease guy. I made sure nobody was going to get sick and then, well, “Have a nice event!” And yes, I have seen a few situations that were actually dangerous to the health of the public. I have seen almost none that were not easily correctible with education and a friendly service-oriented attitude.
        We old timers were generally of that mindset, but the newcomers (for the last 15 years or so, are “enforcement oriented” eco-Nazis. Besides the mindset, they don’t know much about science at all and don’t know how to apply scientific principles to the real world and they don’t much care that they don’t know. They have their interpretation of the Food Code regulations to enforce. Also, the larger the agency, the worse it gets.
        From the description, it sounds like you took care of about everything to ensure the safety of the public.

      124. I say everyone should go to their local farmers market and spread the word about stuff like this and be willing to stand and fight when these punk ass bureaucrats stick there noses in where it doesn’t belong. National protect your farmers market day should be a priority if we can organize one.

      125. This is the new food law that was passed last year. It was said as it was being voted on in Congress that it would make it against the law to grow your own food. Today we see this as true.

        Today we see a God given freedom taken away from us by the Hitler in our White House and his Gestapo Congress.

      126. US FDA – Monsanto thugs… and it just makes you think about what Bill Gates was talking about he said we have to reduce the population of the world and we can do it without public knowledge through Gov Health Care and Vacines… you know they are totally doing it through the food. Look at how many women have problems conceiving and how fibrosis is on the rise every where. Autism 1 in 100 kids give me a break. What is next they will banish people from eating what is in their gardens. They are already going after the Amish for their organic milk. No matter where you sit politically this has got to stop & get that Female Democrat Rep out of the Congress who is Married to the Monsanto Executive.

      127. Here’s the kicker. Once you apply for a permit for what ever reason, you automatically fall under the jurisdiction of the state’s codes and statutes. If they did not get a permit the department of health would not have the authority to tell these good folks what they can and can not do with their food. IT IS AGAINST THE LAW TO TURN A RIGHT INTO A PRIVILEGED. Mabury v Madison Anything against the Constitution is null in void.

      128. And if they did not dump the food, and then add the bleach; if they were strong and bold, and brave and ate the food the Nazi storm troopers would be called in. Of course at this point if they did not comply they would be arrested. If they refused to be arrested and apposed the Satanic system…well kids, they would be shot.
        A war is coming. The Jews did have some that fought back against the plague of evil humanity. So will we.

      129. That kindly person from the Nevada Department of Health needed to be reminded for whom she works. I would recommend the ancient art of tarring and feathering. Lay it on thick boys, lest she forget the lesson!!!

      130. They should have said,” It’s a private party we don’t need your permission.” Then show the regulatory Nazi to the property line. Have a few riflemen waiting when the idiot shows up with the sheriff, take them into custody and have your own trial. The charge would be acting as domestic enemies of the Constitution (i.e. treason). Give them a taste of their own medicine and put them in fear of their own lives. Then make them sign a legal doc stating that no crimes were committed and that no charges will be pursued, (unless they want to become fertilizer).
        Kick them off the property. Let them try to get around that one when a large group of witnesses will testify the statement was signed of their own free will. If they ever try to make arrests later, they are screwed by their own system. Of course it’s just easier to make them disappear.

      131. Is this true?

        Is there any documentation to show that this is true and not just internet propaganda?

        Don’t get me wrong, as a Viêt-Nam vet, I have NO love for the government of the aristocracy that own this country.

        But is this true or are we being used? Again.

        • Doc, you are on the right page with the right mindset. I’m “leaning” towards “true”, but completely understand your potential skepticism.

          In this “massively propagandized” world, taking anything at face-value is ill-advised. Time will tell, but having cruised the site for some time, I’m inclined to give Mac the benefit of the doubt.

          • And thanks for your service, a day late. Vietnam Vets are the most “pissed-on” Vets in OUR history. You still honor your oath, YOU have a free-pass in my estimation.

            Hope you get a credible answer to your question in a timely manner.

      132. Mistake number 1. You complied. Shame on you! You people deserve everything that supposedly occured. You should get it over with and just turn yourselves in to your local FEMA camp.

      133. This story is fake.

      134. You know, 2 or 3 generations ago if some uncertified “government worker” came onto one of our grandaddy’s farms & told them they couldn’t feed their own food to a mass of people, that “worker” would have been in the pig troughs the next day, or fertilizing the back 40. Just sayin’ ~

      135. It seems that when they put up a web-page and sold tickets to the public, they asked to be “inspected”. That said, destroying the food went beyond the pale.

        If anyone still really believes things like this can be changed by “voting”, I would reccomend a serious reality-check. “We The People” no longer control this country. There is no “law” that they cannot/will not bend to thier ends.

        To them, the Constituion of the United States is nothing more than an inconvienient piece of toilet-paper, sitting in a glass box in a museum; one that they must reluctantly pay lip-service to on occasion. We are but one PD away from the ultimate tyranny.

        If they have decided it’s OK to kill you whenever it suits them, do you really think they care about destroying food and slowly poisoning us?

        Our country was taken over from within long before most of the people alive today were born. All we see now, is the bill coming due. Soon they will dispose of any pretense of thier ultimate intentions.

        Good luck everyone.

        • They only real power that a peaceful citizen has is to say NO! — and to live that NO! NO- I will not participate in my own subjugation.

          The police state runs on money. It gets it through the taxes you voluntarily pay. Its harsh & painful to admit but its true that the taxpayer is as much a part of the system of oppression as is the guy with the badge & the gun.

          Don’t want to be oppressed? Rearrange your life so that you don’t pay taxes. Don’t be part of the problem be part of the solution. Live your politics!

          >>My name is Legion for we are many. We are Anonymous. We do not Forgive. We do not forget. Expect us.

      136. Where did you say we live???? This sounds like it is right out of a Police state….has America become that? You try to comply with the law, and the law takes you down?! With the world resources so low, that people in our country are starving, this really takes the cake….pun intended.

        Yesterday, I learned that our President pays over $102,000 to his DOG TRAINER…that is right, PER YEAR….and it is NOT out of HIS pocket, but ours.

        We are on a sinking ship….and it is going down fast…..
        God help us…

      137. Even the headline of this story is a lie. This was a commercial function, they were, for this event, a restaurant. They charged customers for food and they prepared the food, they were a restaurant. But they were ignorant of the laws and regulations that govern restaurants.

      138. Hear we go folks, clear reason you cling to you Holy Bible and many many GUNS. Our forfather knew this day may come. Second ammenent rights.

        Guess why they want to take your guns? So you will do exactly as they tell you with no recourse. The south has on average 17 guns in each home with 4 thousand rounds. When the micro chip is forced to come upon you and your family (marshall law) you will get the big picture.

        Remember who hates the bible and guns? You got it my friend. Never forget.

      139. This article should be sent to the president and to all of Congress. This is private dinner. this kind of nonsense is ridiculous.

      140. They should have never responded to the first request to get a permit. To comply is to give them authority. You should have not responded and the police would have had to come out and sense it was on private property would have had to leave. But I will give you dollars to dough nuts that some one that knows your family called on you guys. Look out for those neighbors that are not real neighbors but are predators.

      141. Time to introduce the imbeciles in the gov to Bastille Day. They will be much too dumb to realize what it will mean to them personally. Mankind is not in need of bureaucrats as they always excess to requirements.

      142. It surely must be hell to wake up everyday being a plague to society, then to look into a mirror only to witness the face of diabolical vitriolic…

      143. I think it was very bad recored you could not hear all of it two meny people talking at one time!!

      144. For all you wondering how people can just stand by and watch all this happen under our noses — I’ve been watching the giant chess game since sept 11 2001 – that was when the crackdown on liberty started and why it happened. Guess what? Fluoride was fed to POWs by German and Russian militaries in WWII to keep them stupid and docile — put the pieces together? Fluoride people – has nothing to do with teeth – the organization that produced these dental studies was the same one that had thousands of tonnes of the stuff to get rid of as byproduct of producing the aluminum needed to build the cold war military machines and nuclear missiles, shortly after the EPA got down their throat for illegal disposal of the toxic substance — that company is Alcoa. And as one British representative has said “these decisions get made in the darkest recesses of parliament and are not up for debate” (the decision to force fluoride on the masses via their water supply)

        I can’t wait to see these witches and warlocks who call themselves “elite” on trial, by the laws created under their own systems. Should be fun 😉 and .. it will happen. But we need to take the issues to our smallest daily decisions – that is how we do it.

      145. Food NAZIs!

        Undercover agents have nothing better to do? What about all the tainted imported honey that the USDA knows damn well is being blended and dumped on the US markets? Seemingly they are all paid off to look the other way on that, and they go to a farm feed and bust everyone for cooking fresh local raised food and threaten legal action?

        Lord love a duck…

      146. This is not new to the Fed Gov. This type of Fed control has been going on for years on Native American Indian Rez,which is why they have been inconflict for so long. The Gov has had alot of practice in condoning there own involvement in nations within nations, yet alone other countries. It is not surprising that now there focus is turning to the general populace.
        Wait until the military is asked to turn there guns on US citizens, if you think that will never happen then put your heads back in the sand.

      147. It is appropriate time to make some plans for the future and it’s time to be happy. I’ve read this post and if I could I desire to suggest you some interesting things or tips. Maybe you could write next articles referring to this article. I wish to read more things about it!

      148. Your first mistake was in applying for the permit. That gave the department jurisdiction and you had lost at that point. Basically you said to them the the event was a public one – not the other way around. The phone call to you was the underhanded part. But you fell for it and the law was now on their side.

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