Outrage: Bank Of America Freezes Funds of Licensed Online Gun Dealer: “We Believe You Should Not Be Selling Guns On The Internet”

by | Jan 7, 2013 | Headline News | 306 comments

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    Legal gun ownership in America is under attack on all sides. From pending bans that would restrict the sale, transfer and possession of certain weapons, to outright calls for repeal of the Second Amendment, we are entering an unprecedented era in American history.

    So much so, that not only is the government now coming after your right to bear arms, but private sector businesses are following suit.

    One of the country’s largest financial institutions, the ironically named Bank of America, has now taken it upon themselves to decide what is or is not a lawful business practice.

    The following alert was posted on the Facebook page of licensed firearms dealer and manufacturer American Spirit Arms.

    According to owner Joe Sirochman, the bank, which was recently caught engaging in the highly unlawful practice of laundering billions of dollars in Colombian drug cartel money, has put a freeze on American Spirit’s transaction deposits and has refused to release funds legitimately processed through the company’s web site.

    In an apparent attempt to take the moral high road on the issue of gun ownership, Sirochman says the Bank of America manager he spoke to about the inaccessibility of his company’s funds told him the bank believes he “should not be selling guns and parts on the internet.


    My name is Joe Sirochman owner of American Spirit Arms and I wanted to share my recent experience with Bank of America .(which we have been doing business with for over 10 years)…. Everyone is familiar with the latest increase in guns sales , dealers selling out of inventory , Manufacturers back logged for months , large revenue all generated in the last two weeks …. American Spirit Arms is no exception to the overwhelming demand . What we have experienced is that our web site orders have jumped 500 % causing our web site E commerce processing larger Deposits to BANK OF AMERICA ..Well, this threw up a huge RED Flag with Bank of America . So they decided to hold the deposits for further review , meaning that the orders/payments that were coming in through the web, ( being paid by the customer and that were shipped out by American Spirit Arms ), the BANK was keeping (UNDER REVIEW )… as you could imagine this made me furious…

    After countless hours on the phone with BANK OF AMERICA I finally got a Manager in the right department that told me the reason that the deposits were on hold for FURTHER REVIEW …



    …I flipped the F**k Out and told them that they have no right to make up their own new rules and regs… that we are a firearms Manufacturer with all the proper licensing FFL (Federal Firearm license ), SOT and that we follow all Federal and All States’ rules and regulations on shipping Firearms and parts ..and that we are also Audited by ATF and Homeland Security on a regular basis …

    She said that she understands that but that the deposits will be released after they have a chance to review and clear them … I told her that This was unacceptable and the those deposits (that were a week old by now ) needed to be released ASAP, that we are a small business and rely on the revenue to run and stay operational.

    After that being said another Manager got involved and released one of the deposits (to help out )… So far to date after two weeks of sales only 1/3 of collected internet sales have been released ..I am still pissed and looking for another Bank and options …

    I just thought the public should know ..

    I will keep everyone posted on new developments ..


    Joseph P Sirochman
    American Spirit Arms
    16001 N Greenway Hayden Loop
    Suite B
    Scottsdale AZ 85260
    480-367-9540 phone
    480-367-9541 fax

    Sourced through Ironic Surrealism via Steve Quayle

    As Karl Denninger succinctly points out, what we have here is a private institution determining that their internal regulations and opinions supersede the Constitution of the United States of America:

    *** you Bank of America.


    It’s not enough to sell hinky deals in the housing market, to play “head in sand” with Countrywide, to improperly foreclose (even on houses they don’t actually have a loan on!) and more. 

    Now we have them deciding to effectively steal by conversion, even if only temporarily a lawful business’ fundsthat supports Constitutionally-guaranteed Rights.

    **** that and **** you Bank of America.

    We second that.

    Vote with your wallets and say no to any business that would trample your rights.


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      1. I thought the bank’s responsibility was to process your deposits and withdrawals. It doesn’t seem as though anyone solicited product suggestions.

        • I’m sure more than one gun business does their banking with BOA, if this is true, wonder if more people will speak up about this happening to them?

          I’d like to see more proof…

            • So much News coming out after this school tragedy, that I can’t keep all of it straight. Some of it true and some lies, coming from all sides. I need help! I can’t remember,wasn’t there something about Cerbereus Capital that owns Freedom Group, going to stop producing AR15’s??? As Quoted in this article, which is old news, where McMillian had loan problems with BOA and they said that they had lot’s of outstanding loans with gun companies, such as 250 million dollar loan to Freedom Group. Which at one time was rumored to belong to Soros. Maybe that’s the reason they could get a loan. Don’t really know. Oh what a tangled web we weave. Anyway be sure you know whatever financial instute you deal with. all credit unions are not gun friendly. When I lived in Missouri I banked with United Credit Union, when Mo. was trying to get Concealed Carry passed and UCU put up a No concealed carry sign on their door, long before the law was ever passed. I informed them that if they didn’t trust me to carry concealed, I didn’t trust them with my money. I closed my savings and checking accout and paid off a loan that I had there. Sure didn’t break them, but they knew where I stood. It would have gotten to them if all their gun coustmers had done the same. The Masses must let these people know where we stand. Trekker Out. Semper Paratus.

              • ha and they still dont get the reason for carring Concealed..and No you dont have to comply or tell them you are or arnt..thats the point of Concealed

                I dont pay any attention to those “You will die here” stickers..they dont stop a crazy..but a45 sure will

                But.. another thing..I would never stop a robbery of a bank with my Carry weapon..I will comply completely with the theif, lay down not eye ball him and let it go..Its not my money, and he’s not holding ME up..so fuck the bank.

                They didnt hire me..and if im not directly threatened by the robber..im just going to stay as calm as possible and wait til its over..
                remember they just want in..and out quick with the money..if you dont fuck up their plan they mostly wont even pay you any mind

                although with that said a agree with you, if your bank doesnt recognise your right to carry..than screw em

            • That’s not proof, that’s not even true. Take for example the part of the article where they bash on BoA claiming that they were giving credit cards without social security numbers. That’s not true as that was never more than a test program. An illegal alien still can’t get a credit card, even through BoA, unless they steal someone’s identity. And Obama has ensured that is even harder to do now as social security numbers are now checked against a database.

              And, believe it or not, there is nothing in US law requiring that you have a social security card at all. You can always opt out if you want, or just never sign up to begin with. I personally knew of someone who never had one until their 50s.

          • I am curious as to what the actual cause was that triggered the freeze, but the manager’s comments are extremely out of line.

            The only real solution to this involves exactly two words: Credit Union.

            BoA is a massive criminal organization in my opinion, and should have had its charter dissolved a very long time ago (and more than a few directors jailed).

            • My brother had near $5000 taken from his BoA account one day and caused many checks to bounce. He called the bank and was told that the transfer was an internal bank proceedure and he would have to file a claim. it took a year to get his money back. Then they came after him for bounced check fees by a collections company.
              Stay away from them.

              • Bank of America’s internal operations are massively effed up on their best days, let alone when they decide to do product evaluations without customer input. I had so many problems when my credit card was sold to BoA that I wound up sending a complaint to the Controller of the Currency. Everything was straightened out but they are feckless feckers if I’ve ever seen one.

                TECHNICAL SUGGESTION: If you want to ding them, take all your money out of your account or pay off your credit card with them but LEAVE YOUR ACCOUNT OPEN…JUST NEVER USE IT. It will cost them to carry the account with nothing coming in to offset it. I know it’s not much but it’s the equivalent of sending fishing weights in a Business Reply Envelope to a company you hate. Try it, you’ll like it!

                • I closed my account with BOA a year ago and was surprised when I got another statement from them. Seems they never really do close your account even when you withdraw everything and close the account.

                • while i have no proof this sounds more like OBummer is working thru banks and other Dimwitocrap friendly companies
                  BoA is in his corner and will do anything they can to avoid more fines
                  so why not try and run all gun companies out of business
                  how else do you explain his latest plans
                  he needs to be impeached
                  lets all march on Washington DC july 4th and hold a giant impeachment party

            • I love a good lawsuit! Especially one that will legally reinforce OUR gun rights ….

              which “SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED”.

              I am smelling serious punitive damages as there is “restraint of trade” happening here too. The manager will be looking for a new job before this is over with. LMAO! 🙂

              • Unfortunately, the 2nd Amendment only prohibits government from infringing, not private institutions.

                OTOH, I think (but I’m not a lawyer) that the shop could sue over restraint of trade, unless BoA could come up with a *valid* reason for freezing the accounts (like a lien, IRS demand, garnishment, things like that).

                • If you look at this as a civil rights violation then BofA can be sued. Ask yourself, would BofA be sued if they were to tell a small business that we are freezing your account because your business caters to Gays, Abortion or minorities or that your business builds church pews and we don’t believe in god so we’re freezing your account. All I can say is that the only thing that would stop me from suing would be lack of evidence. If this company has no evidence, then they best be watching for a lawsuit to be filed against them. I’m sure that this story has cost BofA customers and money.

                • “””Unfortunately, the 2nd Amendment only prohibits government from infringing, not private institutions.”””

                  ALL CORPORATIONS are government entities. They are in no way private, just like those who use a SSN are public persons and lose any right or protection concerning private property under the Law.

              • The big point here seems to be that they decided that THEIR ideaology allowed them to keep HIS money. They knew what his company did from the start. Shows that the banksters are one short hop from not just stealing brokerage accounts, but deposits too. They consider it ALL to be THEIR MONEY.

            • OQ,
              BofA=scumbag banksters.

              They are beyond screwed up, they are criminal. Some of the things they’ve done, and what they’re doing to me in person is on the verge of invoking vengeance.

              (I have no choice, they bought my mortgage… and no, I can’t move it.)

              Maybe, if tSHTF, I will get to see bankers burn.

              • Try to suck out as much as possible, buy a used trailer and small lot, then default. Let them have their house. Don’t leave until the man with a badge and gun makes you. Do everything you can to drag it out.

              • (I have no choice, they bought my mortgage… and no, I can’t move it.)

                Make them prove the “seller” had rights to sell it to them. Odds are, there is no legitimate mortgage in existence to pay.

            • Maybe the solution is find a good lawyer who likes guns and sue the shit out of BOA and take them before the SEC and let them explain their actions, which sounds to be illegal. If BOA doesn’t want to do business in AMERICA with legitimate businesses then let them close their doors. Do they have the option to pick and choose customers? It seems like all that is going on with shit like this, the gun ban talk, obama’s bullshit, is like a testing of the waters to see how this country reacts and so can ( perhaps ) dictate their next move. It would be nice if AMERICA had leaders interested in promoting AMERICA instead of what some stupid bitch like difi or pelosi thinks. Come on obama, get with the f*cking program and do your f*cking job for a change. Or are you still trying to get kofi to do it for you? Yeah, that’s what AMERICA needs, some stupid african bastard running the show.

          • 30 year customer. I’m closing my BOA account tomorrow. End of story.

            • Leave it open but empty your funds and use another bank. Let them keep servicing the account with no payback.

              • Unfortunately, BoA will simply close the empty (and even non-empty) account after something like 90 days of no activity. Any money in it becomes theirs after a certain waiting period after that.

            • If you do it in person, leave a little and have a hard luck story ready so they are less likely to find a reason to keep your money. Talk as though you may need to apply for a loan as well.

              re: safe deposit boxes
              May want to rethink the “safe” part. I think I recall the British .gov looting these in recent memory and demanding reciepts for contents to make sure taxes had been paid on whatever (good luck finding a reciept for your grandmother’s diamond necklace). I remember a handgun being found in at least one box and announcement of the intent to prosecute the owner of the box.

              Lets you the mindset of the banksters. Possesion is 9/10 of the law (which they have on their side). Barnhardt was right.

          • This also happened to another business in Oceanside,Ca. not to speak for them but Ares Armor had their credit card account frozen rendering there credit card sales nonexistent. they had thousands of dollars “frozen, & under review” and the credit companies excuse was they didn’t like what their company sold and didn’t agree with the owners beliefs. They switched asap to a 2nd amendment friendly credit company(for now at least).

          • BOA holds the contract for all military travel cards.

        • Why is he still doing business with BOA? Over the past two years, many people have been pulling out of BOA. My wife, daughter, mother-in-law and countless others I know have. The wriring has been on the wall about BOA for the past two years.

          • It broke my heart to leave BofA. When my older brothers and sisters lost their dad in Vietnam and my mom later found my dad I learned a great story about the BofA of the 60’s. My mom was now alone, 4 kids, and a mortgage with BofA. When the branch manager knocked on her door a few weeks after her husbands death she was scared to death. He asked to come in, asked how she was doing and if she needed a few months of no payments to get by. She was shocked, and said she was planning on going to work and maybe a month would be great. The manager said take two, it’s on us. Then he asked what kind of work she was planning to do. She wasn’t sure she admitted. Then he said why don’t you come to our branch Thursday. We will teach you to be a teller, and as soon as we have an opening it’s yours but until then you could be on call and cover for people on vacation or sick. She was again shocked, and that Thursday was the first day of 27 years with BofA. My dad once bought a local startup bank stock and I thought mom was going to kill him. She’d be dismayed at BofA today. She’s been gone a long time now, and I’m glad she doesn’t have to see this corp for what it is.

            • Agreed. BoA of the 1960s is definitely not the BoA of today.

              • Ain’t too may that are OQ.

              • Damn few companies in the 1960s act like they do today.

                As the economic pie shrinks labor and customers from most to least expendable are increasingly mistreated. While now it may be getting political on occasion the underlying reason as always is economic be it reward or punishment.

          • DRD5508 These are my thoughts exactly. But just like every thing else. People just want to sit on there butts and grip and complain, but when it comes to taking action, they do nothing. They won’t contact their Politicians about issues, so do you think they’re going to move their accounts out of these banks. Do you think they will get rid of their credit cards or any other loans or ties they have with these institutions. I don’t think so. It takes a little effort. How many people deal in cash, everyone gets direct deposit, they have bills paid out of their accounts, because it’s easy. And then we cry about the NWO and Gov. controlling our lives. It takes effort to be free. So let these Companies and Banks and Politicians know that we won’t stand for them infringing on our rights. Does it take time and effort? YES. But we have to get out of the gun shop and the bar and off of these blogs, to make our voice heard. And don’t wait until it effects you before you get concerned. It seems like this is what this company did.

            • Well mountain trekker I did just that I called BofA cancelled my cards and paid them what I owed them. A letter is in the mail explaining why which I have copied here.
              To whom it may concern:

              I would appreciate it if you would make sure that this letter is forwarded to the President and CEO of your company. My wife and I have canceling our Bass Pro Shop card through Bank of America for very specific reasons.

              It has been brought to our attention that your bank determined to hold funds pending review for several weeks due to the reason that your customer American Spirit Arms sells guns and parts via the Internet. During the companies owners conversation with the manager of the Bank of America he was told and I quoting, Sirochman says the Bank of America manager he spoke to about the inaccessibility of his company’s funds told him the bank believes he “should not be selling guns and parts on the internet.”

              Was it not your bank that was involved in a massive bail out by the citizens of the United States of America and was it not your bank that laundered money for illegal drug cartel’s, and was it not your bank that foreclosed on thousands of American homes combined with Countrywide mortgage ? And was it not your bank that replied to your customer “After countless hours on the phone with BANK OF AMERICA I finally got a Manager in the right department that told me the reason that the deposits were on hold for FURTHER REVIEW …

              HER EXACT WORDS WERE …


              I as a American citizen can no longer in good conscious do business with a person or company that refuses to live by the very laws that represent our country. I have made sure that all of my friends and contacts are aware of your anti- American business practices and will continue to voice my disdain for your corrupt and illegal practices. I have also voiced my concerns to Bass Pro Shop a very large volume gun dealers and provided them with the information for their own review.

              Let Freedom Reign for all Americans

              Lets all take action, one small step can cause a land slide.

          • I left them in 2010, and have had only awesome results since then.

          • My title for home mortage has been sold 4 times now. I was surprised the last one was Bank of America. I immediately refinanced our home to US Bank. I want to pay off my home earlly so I can have my title in my very own hand.

            There are several Banks now that have changed since the 1960s. Remember, these guys were the hippies that protested America, and now are running (ruining) it….[Ugly’s Opinion only; If I unitentionally pissed off a 1960s pot-head I am not sorry]….

        • This is the beginning of a series of trial runs for the government/banking cabal before they tell you to take a micro-chip under your skin.

        • I don’t bank with those dummies anyway, but if I did, every cent would be out of there as soon as they opened tomorrow. What they are doing is criminal and they should be held liable as so.

        • it is time to start boycoteing these damn communist banks ,buisnesses,and federal goverment,we also need to get the parents of kids going to these communists universities to start pulling them out if their professesors teach progressive communism,we must take our schools back and throw out the communists in this country,however we need to..

        • Uhm, have you been living in a van down by the river ?
          The banks have been
          a. writing laws that they buy via lobbying
          b. scewing the real estate market
          c. mucking the mortgage markets
          d. receiving money from the FED to pump up the stock market
          e. screwing savers with zero interest rate savings accounts
          f. aiding and abbetting the FED in destroying the value of your hard earned dollars by degrading purchasing power

          Pay attention to what banks do. Ask your bank manager why the interest rate on your savings is so low, but yet they want you to open up a credit card account with an 20% interest rate on unpaid balances.
          Knowledge is power.

          Banks dont like guns, unless they are the kind that are hired to protect the money inside the banks vault.

        • After the start of on-line transactions it didn’t take long for overseas military or terrorist organizations to catch on to the benefits of buying guns and ammo from the US manufacturers and gun dealers who have what they need. BoA is very big in the UK with the Euro. It very easy to see in their transaction files products from US Gun Dealers being paid from BoA-UK. And the Gun Dealer has NO IDEA that the AK-47 or the AR-15 he sold to someone with a US address is actually being paid from a UK account under a name linked to Iran or Afghanistan. Maybe The Dealer did this in the past with a now good client on-line. Lets say he did this sale prior to the attack on our embassy. He would never know if his firearms were used in that attack. But BoA can see the connection in the files.

      2. Especially when it is legal to sell said products

      3. I don’t know the law not that the rule of law matters anymore.

        It’s not their money to freeze.

        • Think about it from this perspective. If they can freeze funds that are not theirs without a court order they can freeze your funds without a court order too. The illusion of legality even to the most ignorant is transparent. The justification therefore defaults to necessity to maintain the public safety. Those words, “public safety” post 911 have resonated throughout the public to accept that which was once unthinkable. All that is needed to maintain compliance from the masses is an occasional threat sufficient to induce fear. A whip cracks because of physics but it’s intentional to induce fear and hence compliance.

          • Kevin
            As soon as I read this article I contacted Bass Pro Shops and talked with the manager. I informed him that I use their card “often” and that I would be sending to them, it is issued by Bank of America with a letter explaining my reasons. The manager was taken back and knew nothing about this and he replied, please send me a copy of the letter “this goes against everything Bass Pro Shops believes in”.

            We have all wrote many things on this site and replied to thousand of articles, the time to respond is over. We, each and everyone of us needs to act. Send this article to everyone you know, get friends to sign up for NRA, close any accounts you have with this bank and find a friendly local one. There is no more time folks, soon your paycheck, retirement check and S.s. check will be held up because you did not register or turn your guns in. The American hating Muslim has now made his first move, how you respond to it will determine the course of your life.

            Act now or forever hold your piece !

            • For ever hold your piece…oh yeah i caught the play on words


              Peace to you, and good will

            • Good job!

              We’ve got to hit ’em where it hurts.

            • Get out of the credit card trap. Declare your own debt jubilee. File bankruptcy before they can further tighten up on THAT. They want to spot us from doing what they do on a regular basis.

            • ou have that right,we must get the REAL AMERICAN to start pulling out of these communist org.and then start with a law that prohibits communists from being elected in our goverment….what is good for the goose is great for the gander

          • Sounds like BOA figured out a new way to get extra operating funds without paying interest. They also get to screw with the gun industry, a two for one deal in their eyes.

          • If the IRS can freeze my bank account at Bank of America back in the (90’s) because a stranger had (my same “first” name and “last” name but a different “middle” name and social security number) and SHE had defaulted on HER taxes—they made hubby & I (bounce all of our bills we had just paid-all over town) then after 10 days they unfroze our account after ((I HAD proved to them)) with my birth certificate and social and a “notarized affidavit”–that I was who I was and NOT her—over $300.00 later in BOUNCED fees–which we had to pay and (NOT them)—and they weren’t even sorry they did this to us— No explanation or an excuse for it–Nothing… 🙁 If the IRS has the freedom to DO that to us — Any “bank” in America can do it to us–at ANY time. I am with a credit union now and will NEVER go back to a bank, especially that one. The big financial free-fall is coming– get your money out of the banks while you can—and into a credit union or buy silver and bury it. Let them fail–not you. Our 2nd Amendment Rights are ours to do with as we will and its supposed to help Stop this kind of Communism crap that is going on. Prayers to all of us.

            • I hate to say it, but when the bottom drops out the credit union is going to bend you over too..just sayin

            • IT IS TIME TO CUT THIS FEDERAL GOVERMENT DOWN TO 25% OF THE SIZE NOW,AND ALSO GET RID OF —EPA,DOE,IRS,DOT,FEDERAL RESERVE BANK,DEPT OF CIVAL RIGHTS,DEPT OF ALL KNOWING MEDICAL PROFESSION,if we don’t start now we can kiss it goodbye,also all those who died for all of us will rise up.

        • Why is anyone surprised? They can do whatever the hell they want now, don’t even have to hide it anymore, out in the open and in your face. TPTB do not have one truly strong opponent, but just wait till they come out with the new gun laws, all hell will break loose.

          • Exactly! We are seeing TSHTF and we are also watching our society devolve beyond the Rule of Law. It’s here. Time to brace your stronghold.

        • I wonder if they will seize all the Medical Marijuana clinics cash from CA??

          • That would likely depend on whether BOA supports medical marijuana or not (based on this article).

          • They have to find it. That’s pretty much a cash business. They should all stop accepting credit/debit cards. It’s not as though the customers will stop coming in.

        • If its not in your hands, wallet, or in a safe at home, its not yours. This is America, land of the slaves. Dont believe, re-read the article.

      4. I do not think that the banksters and their federal cronies want what may be coning. This is getting very serious and the time for keeping quiet is at an end.
        Be well.

      5. There is a low level war going on inside the USA right now. Soon it will break into full scale civil war. Coming to your jobsite soon, Eric Holder to outlaw background checks for black job applicants. He says too many blacks are denied jobs because they have felony convictions. He says this causes “Disparate Impact”. So employers must stop doing criminal background checks on blacks. Seems to me that criminal behavior by blacks is the problem here, not “disparate impact”.

        • Seems to me if you can’t do a background check, well you can’t hire them. That should get Mr. “Coxxsucker” Holder real far in advancing his agenda. No background check,no hire = no jobs for blacks. Makes a lot of since. Brilliant Mr. Holder! Black people should love you for that! Are you trying to help,or hurt them?

          • How are blacks going to be able to purchase firearms without a background check?

        • Just Blacks? How about Hispanics? What happenbed to the days where it was an expectation that everyone followed the rules, paid taxes and acted civilized in public? We had prayer in the schools and said the Pledge of Allegience at the begining of the school day. America is becoming a third world country. Led by corrupt Godless filth. Our time of reckoning is at hand. There are consequences for bad judgement.

          • Its unfortunate, seems those days are gone, quite sad, no mention of God, allegence to country, no mention of morals, the country is filled with idiots who think Jersey shores and the bad girls club is cool, who think violent as all hell video games are not suspect,
            MOLON LABE

            • Molon Labe, It is a classical expression of defiance by King Leonidias to Persian army’s demand that the Spartans surrender their weapons at the Battle of Thermopylae. 480 BC and used many times thereafter including the Texas Revoloution.

              Like the Patriots on Lexington Green in 1775, the Texans at the Alamo, the Spartans STOOD UP to great odds and will be remembered forever for their great skill in battle and most of all for their fortitude.
              Americans colonists did not give up their guns to the Red Coats in 1775 and we will not ever give them up without a fight.

            • I saw a quote from some elected puke that went something like “The state ought to have a monopoly on legitimate violence”. Probably easy to find, and vividly shows the mindset pervading .gov

              Americans should let that statement sink in really deep.

          • NO NO NO these damn negrows hate all of us who are not black and radical,all of those in DC are the same,this is their way of reformation,look at the putus and his queen on 8 ,ooo,ooo.oo vacations on our dime….

            when will we put a stop to this,we REAL AMERICANS this includes white,black,asians,,spanish,who are literate and who are civilized humans,,,the day is near..

          • in our buisness we do our own background check,we don’t need this communist goverment

        • do you have a link for that

          • The EEOC’s attention to the collateral consequences of arrests and convictions complements the agency’s work with the Federal Interagency Reentry Council, a Cabinet-level group convened by U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder to examine all aspects of reentry – including employment access for individuals with criminal records.


        • How dare you! It’s not the blacks’ fault they’re felons. It’s those darn laws. Blacks should be able to strike back at us evil Whites for slavery generations ago that we have no control over now. You racist pig.

        • Be careful here. It’s kinda getting hard to tell who the criminals are nowadays! To those still infected with a corporate mentality, everyone who posts on this site is a criminal!

          In a country where the bank not the law of the land decides what is legitimate trade, your daughter or mother can be legitimately molested at the airport, your house can be foreclosed despite you not owing a cent, and ANYONE can be detained without trial indefinately, the term felon just doesn’t mean what it once did.

          The corp’s version of a criminal and ours is no longer be in alignment. Never forget that one man’s “terrorist” is another man’s heroic “freedom fighter”. If hiring do your OWN research and hire those that you trust, increasingly I scared that these may be decent honest individuals who have been blacklisted by the “system”. If someone seems shifty or untrustworthy do not hire them, no matter how glowing their official records.

          It’s time to trust your gut, your families saftey may depend on it shortly. As an example here in England I’ll not deny any man a job simply because he once defended his home (and children)from a burglar by knocking the thief out.

        • If everyone was to change their status of “Race” on all Federal documents, it would completely screw up the Feds. White collar rebellion by the millions would be quite a feat….

          • That’s easy. I always fill mine out as follows:

            Race: Human

            I dare ’em to say differently, and I love the disruption that it gives the people who have to enter it. 😉

            • I have been putting human in the race block on all forms for a cpl years know.
              It always makes me smile as I watch them read it.

        • You know Mauddy, ….You’ve been sour towards Black people ever since your old lady left ya 2 years ago for a black guy from Muscle sholes Alabama. Dont hate the entire race of black folk for the ignorance of a few Sir. Some of “US” Negros served their country for 30 years such as myself and live by the constitution and will die for it Sir! P.S. i KNOW YA WELL SON,…
          SO SLOW DOWN ON THE PIGMENT HATEIN ! good year my friend !

          • Just a little off topic Here OB
            The girlfriend and i were watching a tribute to Oprah the other day, think it was her most memorable shows special, one of the shows, a real early one in her career had her interviewing an incredibly racist white guy from somewhere in the south, man he just went on n this n that etc etc, sort of shocking, mind you i grew up here in hawaii and we were not racist, anyway, she had the same guy back on her show quite a few seasons later, this guy was STILL oblivious to how ignorant he appeared and he was still obviously a die hard racist, almost hard to believe, and still shocking, this woman has made a literal empire from nothing but her talent, incredible, and quite inspiring, i guess some people cant get themselves out of the way though, and i dont understand how people can be so narrow minded, there are good and bad in every race, we all bleed the same though, anyway it was an eye opening clip in her show

            • Well KF,….all I can say is that for one Oprah probably thrives on stirin shit up and it’s that racist asshole’s first amendment right to hate whether my Tanned ass likes it or not. I’m just sayin to My lighter brothers “IN ARMS” to not look at ALL of Blacks as being on the goverment KOOL AID . And just a small factoid “SLING SHOT” statics will tell you that 12 to 13 % of the US population is black SOOOO…….Who voted him in to office……..mARTIANS…MAYBE …Just sayin !

              • Good point there Oldbrotha and the facts are a small percentage but they get all the attention and play upon past greivences that should have buried the hatchet long ago. This allows for the political correct and the goody two shoes, aided by a dumbdown educational system, supported by a socialist political machine to ENSLAVE THEM.

                You do not see all the Latinos on the T.V. or the Irish or Asians. You see the Blacks.

                If you are going to close the racial divide of this country you have to get rid of the Jesse Jacksons and Al Sharptons who are not interested in fixing anything because they will lose their power. I would include the Gangster lifestyle or your not going to get any help from me.

          • Sorry to say Old Brotha. Lots of blacks would give their lives for Obama and his socialist programs. They don’t need a Constitution. Lets see if the amend the Constitution for Obama’s third term. Notice they reference to 2016 and it is not Hillary. Lets face it you will be fighting for Team Obama cause you know where your bread is buttered.

          • Old Brotha. We may disagree, still thanks for you time in service. I do RESPECT THAT.

          • You don’t know me at all, slick. And you ain’t no brotha.

        • That’s fine not to do back ground check but that should go for everyone not a select few.

        • who in the hell does this boy think he is?our votes don’t count anymore,that is why our forefathers put in our GOD given rights,the line is getting closer,we wander where the military stands??????

      6. I saw this first on another news site and called the place to verify, and it’s totally true. What was REALLY interesting is their website would not come up for me, out in metro Denver, but it came up over at their place.

        I also advised that if there is nothing in their contract with Bank Of [Screw You] America that advises they reserve the right to freeze accounts based on that corporation’s political beliefs, then they should sue on that basis, as well as on damage to their buiness.

        • I just received a notice from my local/regional bank, First Miwest Bank, that as of the 1st of January, the FDIC is no longer insuring any non-interest bearing account. If the bank should close down, any money in this bank is gone. How nice for them. We keep enough in the bank to pay bills and the rest goes away.

          • I don’t even do that–direct deposit goes in 12:01, withdraw at 8:30 next morning.
            I like paying bills by cash–except mortgage.

            • I tried paying my electric bill with cash, and they would not take it. Check or electronic transfer only. The uility companies are regulated by the gov so it stands to reason they are complicit in letting the Fed “take a peek” in your account from time to time

              • blackrifle- so this must be when the collapse comes they can take everyones money who is stupid enough to still have it with them is what im getting out of this. if that is true then they must be gearing up for something big too hit and now government is telling banks they must have enough money to withstand another 2008 hit. anyone know about any of this nonsense. Does this mean that in a few months or years when the system comes down they will simply keep that money and you will lose everything? Is that the reason about 5 months ago everybody on here was saying get your money out of the accounts now?

          • that is what all of us are doing,all of our freinds

      7. You better follow “Bank Transfer Day” movement.

        I did transferred most of my accounts to local credit union (BECU) including business accounts and I am happy. Previously I thought Citibank is best in service. Now I know – my credit union is better.

        • totally with you on this but with foreign depositors and rich folks, we are probably like change to them while the others are like dollars and hundreds of dollars and we are just change or cents. What I think will happen is these banks will lose money and all business will stop if a civil war breaks out and nothing will be running. They better not ask for this. These liberals quoted that if obama does not win election they will riot, guess what if you try and ban guns your going to get that riot plus 30,000,000 times that you idiots!!

      8. All, I have heqard a similar story in the past nearly identical to this…It was false. Granted i have no funds with BoA and won’t but if this were actually happenning I believe there would be more coverage of this. Just because its here doesn’t mean it’s 100% true and I reqad this blog EVERY DAY. Rumors can get out of control and if BoA did something like this, there may have been a good reason that is not mentioned here or that is public knowlege……Just saying.

      9. Sounds to me the bank was hoping to put a small gun owner(somewhat small) out of business by holding funds for a few weeks to cause the business to fold. I’m glad this was shared and hope we hear the truth of what these fuckers and high bankers and liberal sided idiots are doing. There will be a war very soon and I don’t think any of them care what happens or is this exactly the trigger they want, they know we are broke but if we fuck with people and gun rights we can cause havok in the US and this will cause the civil war and get a total socialist control and changes in our laws to happen. I wonder. I don’t know. ATF as for you to know my 50 cal and 338 laupa are sold, I needed money so sold them at a gun show along with my ar rounds and everything else. I know you will protect us when things fall apart. lol

      10. A sad story but no sympathy from here. Anyone still doing business with BOA for ANY reason imo deserves what he gets. Their track record of corruption and leftist politics has long been known.
        Your own due diligence is essential but find a locally run institution with a good financial record and patronize them. Forget the tbtf outfits. We closed ALL our bank accounts long ago and deal only with local credit unions. ymmv.

      11. This story sound familiar, seems like I heard it before or a version of it. I’m not fully convinced it’s legit. If it is legit then:

        I have no sympathy for anyone that’s banking with BofA. If you’re that stupid then tough shit. BofA has a track record that should bring their character into question.

        As a side bitch, where I live people will park their rigs and then hike down to a river and go fishing. When some get back to their rigs they’ve been broken into and valuables stolen. They will go onto a local fishing site and complain that a gun, fishing rod, laptop, ipod, camera and work tools were ripped off. I have no sympathy for them, how can you be so dumb to leave your assets expose to thieves. The fault is theirs and what pisses me off is that the dumb shits only encourage the thieves with easy picking. The same can be said for anyone still doing business with BofA.

        • I did some searching around to try to find something to debunk this story and I couldn’t find anything concrete. The reason why this story sounds familiar is last year there was the story of “McMillan Fiberglass Stocks, McMillan Firearms Manufacturing, McMillan Group International” and the story went along the line of that BofA didn’t want their business because they were a firearms parts manufacturer. BofA denied the story with showing a $250 million business deal involving Bank of America with Freedom Group Inc., one of the world’s largest manufacturers of firearms and ammunition. Maybe the BofA just caters to the big international corps and shits on the small domestic arms manufacturers. Bottom line is I’ll keep an open mind on this story but I’ve already made up my mind about BofA for so many other reasons.

          • I bet BofA would gladly let this company use a revolving credit line. BACK ON THE TREADMILL, KNAVE!!!

      12. I nearly closed out a Bank of America account nearly ten years ago. I say “nearly” because I left 30 cents in it; at the time I wasn’t sure I wanted to completely close it. Since then, they keep sending me a monthly statement saying I have 30 cents in an account. At this point, I keep the account open because it must cost them at least a dollar for the monthly statement that includes postage, a couple pieces of paper, an envelope, and whatever labor is involved. Just trying to do my part, and I recommend it to everyone, if only to give a piece of mind satisfaction in some way. Or am I missing something by doing this (seriously, reality check requested).

        • Bahahahaahahahahahahahahahaha

        • I completely understand your motive. It’s a get back at them type thing. However, maybe think about it from this end as well. Even though you are definitely costing them more than they are, or have ever, gotten from you 30 cents, is it right? I’d say no. Why? The old adage of, “two wrongs don’t make a right” applies here I believe.

          I see this as a catch 22 I suppose. Meaning, if you’re a Conservative then by definition what you’re doing is totally opposite from conservatism. It’s costing them more money, thus in the long run, costing us more money. They have been and will continue to be funded by tax monies – your money and my money!

          Think about it this way. Let’s say 1,000,000 people did that thinking they’re getting one over on BofA. Do the math on that! Using your number of a dollar, that would total a whopping $1,000,000.00! What does that accomplish except more debt for them, thus more debt for us?

          Anyway… just a different perspective.

          • Thanks Anon. That’s the reality check I was looking for. Not sure what I’ll do with it yet, but you have made me think about it. A goal for 2013 was to decide if I wanted to continue this thing with BOA (hence my one and only post here at SHTF), and I appreciate your view.

            • No prob. I’m glad I was actually able to help in some way.

              Stay awake. Be prepped up. Keep your powder dry!

        • as many people as we can get, should do this exact same thing, and tank these banks

          • Many banks have a policy that if the account remains inactive for XXXX, the account will be closed.

            • I have been mailed a check for less than a dollar when closing credit card acct. Seriously.

          • @VRF,Daisy,KY mom, Ranchers Wife,Connie, don’t tread, Anton Hackl and everyone else….totally off topic, but just wanted to say “Thanx” for all your kind words and prayers for my dh…..I was such a “basket case” a couple of days ago…..but some good news today, he is being transferred to a hospital near our home tomorrow…..much easier for me to get to visit each day.

            ( I guess I can say “The SHTF for me” sure am glad I prepped for the past year!! thanx again to all of you, take care CC.

            • keeping those prayers still on top for ya CC

        • PROJECT MAYHEM. well done, my friend.

      13. this is happening faster than i thought, the go along to get alongs(and those wanting easy access to federal money) are making themselves known.

        will be interesting to see where this country is in 6 months if you dont live in the US, for those here; 2013 is not looking to be fun.

      14. OK people, did you not realize that the bank (AKA your Lord and Master)has the right to do whatever it wants to the funds that you place in it? Since they can no longer launder cartel money, they want to seize yours until the next round of QE…..

        Ok, maybe a slight exageration there, but not much…..

        Keep your powder dry.

        • I worked for the old First Union Bank for awhile, and you are right. Their corporate rules and that of the Government is all that matters to them.

          It’s pretty much screw the customer and way you can!

          • any way, not and way.

          • Disregarding the fact that FDIC funding is miniscule compared to the assets they “insure”, I have heard numerous stories concerning reimbursement from FDIC. One popular story says that they have 99 years, and another common belief is that NO timeline is specified. Either way, unless your name is Conner McLeoud (Immortal), it pretty much sounds like your reimbursement payment will be sent the first Tuesday after NEVER.

      15. About a year ago I split our cash resources up between 4 different banks and CU’s and keep just enough in each one to cover a few weeks expenses.

        Don’t keep all your eggs in one basket.

      16. Tick, tock, tick, tock…

        Time is counting down. They know it, and we know it! The question is – when will the clock strike our midnight hour?

        Be ready! Be prepared! Time is short…

      17. unbelievable. I know I’ll be cancelling my Bank of America accounts as soon as possible. Who are they to decide what is or isn’t acceptable to be sold anywhere, especially after they got caught laundering money for drug cartels.

      18. If they can/will do this to a firearms maker, they can/will do this to those who resist the new laws that are coming. (It’s the Chicago way)

        After all, who the flip are we to stand up to the will of the Great and Powerful Wizard of Barry?…meer citizens.

        I heard this on Fox News Sunday yesterday: Another example of this type of dealing is; If the Repubs push Barry on the Debt Ceiling, The Dem’s will strike back by pulling all of the Government Inspectors and shut down the Food and Pharma industries.

        For those who have not, it’s time to stock up on “spendables” and food, water, fuel, ect. This one is going to the mat!

        God, grub, gold, guns, and guts.

      19. There you have it! Another Holier than thow and I know what is best for you crowd. He needs his ass beat, plain and simple. While everyone is in the “post where they live and what they have mode”, why not post where the Bank Of America, Exec’s live?

        • Most banksters live in Hyme Town NY. next to Hebe ave. Across the street from Martin LOOTER King Blvd.

          Where it intersects with Rosa Parks ave. And Colman Young Blvd. Where their local Sinagog is located.

          Just head East on kosher Hwy. Or simply call 1-800-JEW BOYS for directions.

      20. yeah boycott BOA and close accounts…that is obvious! But that manager’s personla info bneeds to go viral for all the world to see and know what she is doing!!

        phone number at home and at work
        make and model of car

      21. My husband works as a contractor – not a direct employee. Has been that way for 32 years. Has been paid the same amount (for various reasons!) for the past 6 years. After the Patriot Act was passed, requiring that banks monitor deposits over a certain amount – not very large, btw – every month, the teller has to go get a manager’s approval to make my husband’s deposit. I can always tell when I get a new teller, because they tell me I have to wait for a receipt until they get the approval. Been there, done that for the last 6 years. And this is in a local credit union!!

        I would rather scrounge for aluminum cans and returnable bottles on the side of the road every day for a living than do business with BoA!! They are, unfortunately, probably well within the limits of the law, due to the unusually large increase in the amounts of the gun mfg’s deposits…but that was what should have been explained. Even the Patriot Act doesn’t give them the right to withhold the deposits (or even express their opinion) based on their approval or disapproval of a legally registered, legally operating company!

      22. Time for every one to pull out of every banking institution and let them fall like they should have before the bail outs..that was done with all of OUR money.

        • VRF,

          You will notice that it says “Federal Reserve Note” on the bills. They are not “OUR MONEY” and we neither own them or have any claim to them. They are owned by the private banking institution known as “The Federal Reserve”, a private corporation much like the IRS, the FBI, the BATF and the Treasury department. All shell corporations of the International Money Fund (IMF) (…aka Illegal Mother F’ers)

          So, what you and and what you do means nothing to them. Our duty, as citizens (and duly attributed “The Militia”) is to protect the constitution from enemies foreign and domestic. Are you doing your duty? Keeping money in these banks surely is aiding and abbeding. I don’t keep any money in the criminal banks. Do you?

          …I’m doing my best. The shooting hasn’t started yet but they sure are pushing hard for it. My finger itches.

          • Yup I know this, but Im talking about getting a message to the bank itself

            • VRJ

              You are right and that is not the issue here. The fact that the owner was told that his dealings with arms and parts and their dislike is the issue. We can all find something that shows them to be within the law, the difference is that was not their reasoning, it was the guns….. Stay the course patriots moles will fill your heads with all kinds of reasons you need to know the difference, your lives depend on it.

              • Sorry this post was directed to JRS about the fine print, not VRJ

            • America is at the Awkward stage….It is Too Late to work within the system….yet still too soon, to begin Shooting the Bastards….Claire Wolfe, 2000.

          • When some bankster decides he can do this to individual accounts on a large scale, it could be the beginning of the end for the current banking system. The whole sceme is built on trust. How many accounts at RBS are now emptied as soon as direct deposits have been made, after the “glitch” that froze accounts for more than a week? A good day to expect such a “glitch” would be Friday, as many people are paid on Friday.

      23. If the bank manager made a personal statement on her feelings about guns she will probably be reprimanded for it. Way out of line. However, BOA did nothing illegal here. People should read the fine print when they open an account at a bank. It will tell you about the length a bank is allowed to hold checks,etc before they will be credited to your account. Don’t ever think the corrupt banks don’t cover their asses ALL the time. Most people don’t read the contracts they sign before putting their John Hancock on the line. Caveat Emptor. That being said, hang some pedophile bankers.

        • This is true, I have had Big checks for my company held until they were satisfied they would get the money..sometimes as long as 5 days, Ive had to call my Bank Rep and light a fire to get my money to keep things flowing..really puts a cramp in your style

          these tactics are somewhat new, well after the Bail-outs

          It still dont make it right, and If I were this guy..I’d pull the account..tell his manager why and move on to some other method of banking..

          at a minimul level of operating capitol..Ie..cash the checks, and keep a balance that allows him to keep operating but witout a surplus that they can F with.

          Im not sure this is feesable or not..I developed a repor with my Bank Manager and basically told him..you keep up with this shit..Im out of here..so far..no more of the banks BS

          • BTW it wasnt BofA..it was Chase

          • VRF….Even the small town bank here does that even if my dh’s check was from a 100 year old business–they didn’t care.
            Makes it hard to pay your employees, huh.

            • Sure as hell does, and with all the rules around timing of pay really can back you into a corner if you dont have some surplus..and a lot of companies dont have that these days..Im lucky and dont have much debt..I run a pretty tight ship thanks to my ‘Ol mans teachings..I carried it on into my personal life too ( thanks Dad..Big time)

              On top of it all the funny games that get played from customers paying on time..and not “getting their paperwork” into Accts payable in a respectful amount of time..sometimes I can get layed out for 120 to even as high as 180 freakin days..Im still waiting on one for 10G’s thats at or will be close to 180 if they ever get their act togeather..I still pay my people, and still pay my vendors on time, its how I was raised.

              Oh but they sure want you to be on time when they have a problem for you to fix..If it aint the banks into you..its your customers..than the government wants their cut before you even get yours..no wonder some of these small Buiz guys say F-it!

          • The fine print surely covers their asses, but we all know that almost all of the customers paid with credit or debit cards. The banksters know pretty much instantly whether the transaction will fly.

        • Yes, that’s true regarding checks. However, these were from online sales which would have been paid with credit or debit cards – nothing more than a a digital entry.

      24. Ahh the irony, a bank that has been accused by the FBI of laundering drug money,of mortgage fraud,corruption, misleading homeowners,rigging global interest rates, The $137 million fine for bilking needy schools and cities, The ingenious plan to suck multiple fees out of the unemployment checks of jobless workers,Fined $335 Million for Discrimination, was fined $2.8 million by the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority for overbilling customers by $32.2 million over an eight-year period,laid off 30,000 workers and then shipped the jobs overseas,after recieving a 45 billion dollar bailout, is so moral it will stick it to the “EVIL” gun manufacturers who obey the laws of the land….
        what a shock….

      25. OK, I may get some thumbs down for part of my post, but I don’t care; I’m going to have my say. Where the #$%& does BofA get off preaching to their customers about anything when they have a track record of corruption and illegal foreclosures as long as I-40? I don’t blame that business owner for voting with his wallet; he’s been given the best reasons for doing so. Maudy, you made a valid point about the background checks. It supposedly originates with the EEOC. If the background checks are eliminated for black people, they have to be eliminated for ALL groups, including white people. Kevin2, you made a very interesting point on “public safety” post-911 and I’ll expand on that. What they call public safety and have done to civilian LE since 911 is totally illegitimate. They’ve been totally brainwashed against the people and have been setup to be used as instruments of oppression against the people. When TSHTF, unless they disappear, they will be overwhelmed quickly. braveheart

        • What about your post would make you think you’ll get red thumbs? I think you’re right on!

          • He IS right

      26. Take out everything of your bank of America safety deposit box and leave a round in the box.

        • Don’t forget to wipe you prints off the round first! 😉

        • I never understood the whole safety deposit box thing.
          OK, if my house catches on fire, documents there will be better than documents in my “fireproof” (LOL) box at home.
          If there’s a “bank run”, I can’t see them letting me in to retrieve the contents of my box.
          So for the folks with 20 pounds of gold in the safe deposit box, what are you thinking?

          At my bank, we have a couple checking accounts & (had) a couple savings accounts, all accessable online.
          The savings accounts had the kids names on them; I would transfer a couple dollars to each account each payday.
          When my son turned 18, we got a letter from the bank, saying since he was no longer a minor, the privledge of having a savings account would now cost $10 per month.
          I closed the account.
          Later, I called to ask the interest rate on the remaining account.
          It took 15 minutes of being put on hold & transferred to several different people to get an answer.
          And the answer was 0.01 percent.
          That is NOT 1 percent, that is 1/100th of 1 percent.
          That account has had a $0.25 balance for the past 2 years.

          • This is why you don’t let the bankers use your money.
            They loan at 10-12 % other than mortgages, and give you 1/100th of a penny on each dollar?/
            That is sad and a joke.
            Better having ready access in the closet at home.
            Convenience is worth more than 1/100th of a penny on a dollar.

        • Sure. Get a terrorist charge against you because of a dispute with a bank. Legal defense charges should not be more than twenty thousand dollars. Not to mention bail, court costs and other nasty things.

          • The bankers are the terrorists. The round is a reminder of the war of 1812 when beat the banisters!



          • No , what John says is right..It aint worth it..just walk away..with all your money and tell them to pound sand..find a lending insitution that will work with you..not against you..If enough people did this, the bad ones would cese to exist

            doing a stunt like was suggested is just going to get you un-necessary attention

        • It the great depression, they confiscated gold and you could not open any lockbox without a representative of the government being present. Look it up. Dont keep a lockbox. Keep a safe affixed firmly to your house. And arms to defend it.

        • Iowa I like that Idea, leave a round and leave a pile of shit wrapped in a plastic bag too with a note saying this is you looking into my stuff you—-. It’s never the same and small good people are losing ground and big powerful sinister bastards are starting to think they are king tut and can do what they please. but someone above said read the fine print, they have the right. regardless if you read it, lawyers and these corrupt bastards have every ground and law covered even for laws written for them. It’s all a scam and when they try and take our 2nd, its time for us to take back what is ours to begin with, our country and our freedom, but it will never happen, either this whole country folds and we get it back(whick I don’t think we will) or it goes socialist. We must nut give up whats ours and swat and police atf and special contractors/national guard- Do not do something that is unlawful and let these theifs take the last things we have. Do the right thing and say no and do nothing. I would love for Obama and Feinstein etc say they are banning all guns or just ar-15’s ak etc and law enforcement does nothing. that would make him feel like a winner. Would love to see that in my lifetime but wont so we must do what we must do.

          There are millions and millions of us, we have them way outnumbered.If we bond together and do what the law says we will never lose anything. We will have our honor and pride and respect always.

        • Leave some do-do in the box.

      27. I hope the bank manager gets fire. She is a representative of the Corporate Office (follow company rules) and her statements make her liable. Also as far as the FINE PRINT, there should not be any and stated verbel/outwardly before signing that the bank can freeze assets at any time. They can also call in your note on your car or home but that does not happen very often.

      28. to big to fail…and to big to obey the law…and that is at a mere managers level….she should be personally sued and held accountable….after removing funds and closing all accounts…

      29. EVERYBODY should remove their money from them NOW !!!!!!

      30. I’m really not concearned with this as much as I am with the Idiot Obama in charge and his crooks behind closed doors to see what they are talking about with our ar-15’s and other guns and what they are trying to do in Jan. We hear rumors about high capacity and certain guns, but as soon as we hear something from their deadbeat asses, they might start a civil war in this country and im not sure if this is the trigger they are looking to do to deal with this massive debt. I believe they think we will just turn them in or face fines. My ass they will be very wrong on this. They can’t tax us on them, sure they have an idea how many bullets we bought with our CC cards and guns thru background checks and our address all tied to some program tracking, but remember you sold them at gun shows for cash and there is no way they can find out anymore period on you about them. So if you want to bury them, hide them in other homes or use them do what you have to do but don’t be frightened by these idiots at all. we the people have the power! This is our country not theirs!!!! We are the majority and about 100 idiots are not going to disarm us to roll all over us for their money gain and corrupt practices.

        There will never be peace between bastards that break laws and make them us and lie to the general public to gain power. We are smarter these days and have seen all the tricks they use. The tricks will be us this time if they try and continue this BS.

        • Clint,

          Now would not be the time to bury any guns, seems to me that the folks that buried some guns should be digging them up right about now. If we the people don’t stand strong against the guns bills they want to pass, then we do not deserve the right to be a free country..Just remember they work for us. And the time will come when Americans stand up to remind them of this FACT…

          Standing By In Texas,


        • There will be no civil war. People allow their children to be taken with no action. They allow their property to be seized with no charges being leveled. You think guns will cause a response? Just a bunch of words on internet sites.

          • Hello, John W.

            Good points as to why no civil war. I would agree except that the misery index is going to be so great that nobody escapes it clutches. Compound the misery index with misplaced priorties and you lots of people doing stupid things like riots. Then of course you escalate from that point.
            As to what sets it off is like when C. Eastwood, the Gunslinger and the Mexican Bandito are in the middle of the grave yard facing each other, wondering who is going to draw first. The Feds, The State or the Common Man.

            What was that crazy sound I just heard?

            • @ John W

              @ John W

              A while back you mentioned “killing for sport.”

              Israel’s War on Children: Part I Murdering Children for Sport – The Jewish Holocaust Against Arab Children

            • yup, theres two kinds of people in this world..those with guns, and those who dig……., you dig.

          • @ JOHN W
            Fox News site ran an article on how American is getting closer to a Civil War. You can see it on “The Modern Survivalist” web site.

            Pat Buchanan said this weekend on TV that if a gun ban is passed “There will be a Revolt”.

            Bob Woodward yesterday said on ABC TV, “If a Tea Party member had been Speaker of the House and a deal on the fiscal cliff had not been reached, AMERICA WOULD BURN”.

            This implies that Obummer is willing to let it burn to get his way. Also Nancy Pelosi called for 1 trillion more of new taxes today.

            I hope that you are correct, but many important people, who are in the know, are beginning to see things otherwise.

          • You know John W., since you’re referencing your opinion on the future action or inaction of a “collective” (meaning multiples of)…or many.
            Allow me to put it to YOU in a “singular” context:

            PERSONALLY…John, what do YOU intend to do when they come for YOUR personal GUNS?

            Will YOU roll over too, like you opine WE will?

            …the collective here at shtfplan are very interested in YOUR PERSONAL POSITION…relative to YOU ONLY!
            We’re NOT a part of John W’s PERSONAL equation, are we?

            Care to share what actions YOU’RE gonna undertake, John?

            Be VERY CAREFUL in how you answer, John….you have a lot of credibility at stake right now!

            …the ball is in your court, pal!

            Man up!

            • For some reason, Anton, John doesn’t seem to like to answer when you ask him questions like this.

              Perhaps it’s not in his job description?


              • Funny thing!

                I get the same impression!

                • DPS- This is not at you. I will never bury my weapons and will defend my home regardless of what they do. A lot of people will give them up and a lot more will not! I will not. Standing by in PA.

        • Clint,

          Hope my statement didn’t offend you sir, you seem to be one of the more respectable men on this site. I have no doubt in my my that when the time comes we will all protect of families as well as our rights. For me I just know that I will not hide my guns and I will not surrender my guns and I’ll be damned if I will pay 1 red cent for the right to keep my guns. If Americans will just standfast on this we will overcome their bullshyt…


      31. sounds like they are getting ready for a “bank holiday”…

      32. I changed banks 7 times once without changing buildings. When the building became Bank of America I changed buildings and banks. That was some years ago. Bank of America is still in the same building. I have a hard time understanding why anyone would bank with them, but they do.

        Boycott gun free zones! If you have an account with Bank of America, switch banks!

      33. Listen for all key the buzz word’s!!!! they alway’s telegraph there move’s and intention’s in the first few news broadcast’s add them all together and you will know what there up to.
        Listen to the progressive station’s for update’s.

      34. You should report this on consumerist.com
        They have what is called a EECB (email executive carpet bomb) that they can help you get fixed with them.

        I would also advise to GTFO of dealing with BOA. Like many people have advised above, there are nothing but horror stories with them and you really only have yourself to blame for dealing with. Support a local Credit Union, they’ll cause much less hassle than BOA.

      35. BofA is one of the worst predatory banks out there. Those jerks tried to steal my grandmother’s SS money when she defaulted on a credit card. They were forced to return her money under state law. Bastards, I would never do business with them.

      36. Okay so this is SHTF Plan. The plan as I see it posted here is to wait at door for the tptb comes to take our guns then A. we tell them we don’t have guns anymore, and they simply say okay have a nice day. or B. we bury our guns in the back yard so we can say we have no guns and they can’t find them.

      37. have done business with them in the past, now whatever happens never will again.

      38. @ everyone….while we are at it lets add…GOLDMAN SACHS, WELLS FARGO, J.P. MORGAN CHASE, BANK OF ENGLAND, ETC to the list.

        • None that will work if Wdont End The Fed.

          – Ron Paul Voter

          • We don’t

      39. Hmmm,

        Some thing wrong here. As the President of American Spirit Arms states in his article:

        “What we have experienced is that our web site orders have jumped 500 % causing our web site E commerce processing larger Deposits to BANK OF AMERICA ..Well, this threw up a huge RED Flag with Bank of America.”

        These are purchases by phone or on the web. Not money from dealers. This is supposed to be immediate transfers of money. I will bet anyone that the funds have been deducted from the buyers accounts or charged to a credit card they used. So when the transaction took place Bank of America accepted payment.

        If that is true they have no legal right to with hold access of deposited funds to the client (American Spirit Arms). My question would be what has happened in the past between American Spirit Arms and B of A ?? Would just like a little clarification.

      40. Plan A. assumes they will be considerate and believe you. Not likely.
        Plan B. Kind of negates self defense.
        Plan C. Calls for waiting at the door and shooting it out with 75-100 well armed, disciplined soldiers. I’m sure the MSM will cover you as a patriot loyal to the constitution, valient to the very end. Meanwhile your family will be just fine without you. Yeah get a grip.

        Plan D. Calls for us to collapse the system on our schedule not theirs. This will deprive them of needed revenue, the means by which they are able to subdue us.

        Personally I think Plan D. might be the best course of action. A good offense is a good defense. And it is on our terms, not theirs. While I do not believe we can collapse it completely we can put a crimp in it. We would all have to pass the word and millions would need to participate and be diciplined and committed to the cause it would be possible.
        Nonames’ post above is a good start, and shows how easy it is to get the word out.
        I would add to the list not only the banks but big corps, like GE, AT&T, verizon,google,walmart. I would say facist book but we need their tools to progress.
        I say boycott these corporations, or even just one or 2 of them.
        If this fails see plans A.B.C. above. good luck and take care

      41. Rule# 1: Any company that got “bailed” out with my hard earned tax $$, I remove my assets from that so called “company”

        Rule# 2: Re-read Rule# 1

        Bottom line, take your $$ out of these cannot fail companies!!! I’ve moved all assets to local credit unions. Enough is enough and unless you talk with your hard earned $$, it is the same crap from these folks!!

      42. I will post on their site if they dont change what they are doing will quit using them

        • I am sure they will be real concerned about losing your thousand dollar account.

          • Lets hope several million others will join her.

          • John W,
            You get the jerk of the week award.

            • No, I think that goes to the douche bag who told the guy the other day that he didnt deserve to live since he had diabetes

          • Jackass.

          • Not great at math John, but 1 million customers at $1000, as Sen.Everett Dirksen,D-Ill. use to say. A Million here and a Million there, and pretty soon your talking about real money. Hate to Quote a Liberal but it is what it is. Trekker Out. Semper Paratus!

        • OOh, bad move, and they are shivering in their boots that they may lose your business.
          Geeze, some just don’t get it–like those still tuned to cable/tv, but still bitching about the media.

          • Why so hard on the young lady? At least it is a step in the right direction. Maybe one day she will be as tough on the internet as you and JohnW.

            • Agreed High-speed!

        • Made copy of list. Past it on. Thanks.

        • Very usefull list, AND full of surprises.

          Thanks for sharing

        • Good list but for some reason there aren’t many large corporations on it. I am sure some of those on the list were setup by the corp. so they would have clean hands so to speak.
          More than anything I believe we need to have a viable plan. Most people on here understand the concept of needing a plan. In the case of us restoring or replacing our current system of corruption, we need to put up a united front and rear. We will need to form coalitions that are equally supportive of each other.
          I am not talking about trying to change government from inside it is too late for that. We need to put together solutions for all types of problems that are out there. There are probably 10,000 small organizations out there fighting for there own cause, but none of them by themselves will ever have any real pull. If however all of these pulled together there would be some progress made towards solutions.
          In order to do this, those involved would have to be supportive of the others cause. In other words you scratch my back I’ll scratch yours. If you support me on my cause I in turn will support your cause.
          As long as one group doesn’t try to bully the other group we can accomplish great things.
          We already know the types that we will never be able to work with, but will have to work against.
          At the same time, there are plenty of others that know know that there is something wrong in the system. Just because you don’t totally agree with their cause doesn’t mean it isn’t valid. They probably do not agree with yours either.
          The betterment of this country and our society dictates that we neeed to do things that we would not normally do.
          Each of us has a choice to make we can sit in front of our computers and keep saying the same things over and over again or we can look for solutions and make alliances with other groups. Take your pick of the differant groups, chemtrails,vaccines, organic foods and supplements, flouride in the water etc.etc..
          Go to their websites, learn the lingo and build relationships with them just as you have done here. Please be careful not to go into these groups with all guns blazing, or it will just reinforce a stupid stereotype and get all of us labeled as nuts.
          I am a 20 year military vet I have done enough time outside the wire to know that a shooting war is not what you need or want if it can be helped. Believe me on this folks.
          Please consider what I have said here, the country that we love so much needs each of us to do our part to find solutions.
          United we Stand. later

          • Sorry Ed.
            Spent forty plus years voting and talking to politicians who think their shit don’t stink. They lie to the News media and the News Media sides with them. They are trying to put the double wammy on all of us with a financial collapse and a gun grab. I am getting ready to fight off a bunch of SOB’s

            Thanks for your time in sevice but I do not see anyway around this without fighting someone. It’s FUBAR

        • Got the list copied. Thanks VRF

      43. This “gun fight” will push us over the edge I fear.

        • break his bank with bogus reports..call and call and call until they go out of their minds spending money and resources they dont have, until they go stark raving mad, r broke..than have them insitutionalized

          hey its a start to get some of these Nazi sympathizers off the streets

          • I like the idea of turning in “guns” and “rocket launchers” made of junk at gun buybacks. I bet you can find some “demilled” items cheaply at gun shows and such.

      44. Get your money out of the banks now before the bank holliday comes. We’re all in some real pretty shit now. It’s actually happening. We are going to have a full blown economic collapse and SHTF situation. Finish your last-minute preparations.

      45. I see Bank of America is selling $11.6B of mortgages back to Fannie Mae. This whole thing just goes in circles. I wonder if any of the ‘free’ $45B of printing into Mortgage securities has any ties?

        America, we’ve been duped! And we have taken it hook, line , and sink. We got goosed and allowed it.

        • it would seem that way wouldnt it?…but it aint over yet, and the fat lady hasent sung

      46. @ everyone…..and for god’s sake let’s stop buying their cheap chineese made slave goods and buy only MADE IN AMERICA products.
        Stop going to the MOVIES and supporting these rabid anti-gun actors/actresses/directors/producers and HOLLYWEIRD in general.
        Stop supporting the NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB, ETC who at the executive level are mostly ANTI-GUN as we saw from BOOB COSTAS ( boob was not a typo btw lol ) as he took orders from his bosses to trash the 2nd amendment at the halftime of one of these meaningless sports games. ( how he still has his job is beyond me )
        Stop eating out…buy good organic food at the supermarket and eat healthy so you won’t need this insane OBAMACARE. ( the prospect of being under OBAMACARE should frighten everyone into eating extreamly healthy from now on )
        Stop breaking ANY traffic laws so the revenue generators ( police ) cash flow will dry up and they might go back to doing real police work instead of seeing how much money they can milk out of those who still are lucky enough to have a job.
        Stop going to STARBUCKS for the most ridiculously over-priced cup of coffee the world has ever known.
        Stop spending money on all of these ridiculous made up holidays that require us all to spend money we don’t have so someone doesn’t get mad at us ( valentines day for example). If there was any truth in advertising here the holiday’s would all be called ” buy an expensive gift you can’t afford day”. On CHRISTMAS and EASTER we could take the MATERIALISM out of those holiday’s and actually focus on CHRIST and what he did for us instead of a big fat guy in a suit that doesn’t exist and a bunny rabbit that doesn’t exist.IF YOU CALL YOURSELF A CHRISTIAN STOP INSULTING WHAT JESUS CHRIST DID FOR EVERYONE BY TEACHING YOUR KIDS ABOUT A FAKE SANTA AND A FAKE EASTER BUNNY!!!
        Stop giving any money WHATSOEVER to the REPUBLICANS/DEMOCRATS or the REPUBLICRATS if you will and let that well run dry for them.
        Stop letting these quack doctors get you on their drugs for pete’s sake!! Humans have a wide range of emotions…being depressed now and then is NORMAL just like being happy, sad, glad, frightened, etc are normal emotions. Go the nutrition route..it works. Would you rather spend 1,000 a month on prescription drugs or good organic food and suppliments? The choice is yours. I assure everyone you WILL spend money on one of these 2 options. Choose wisely.
        folks…i could go on and on like this…but i think most of you get the point. VOTE WITH YOUR DOLLARS…IT’S THE ONLY VOTE YOU HAVE LEFT.

        • The last movie I took my wife to was Twister. I dont watch any regular tv, mainly on internet now.

        • badpuppydog–great post.

          What happened to God’s ??(Something or other??)
          I miss her posts.

          • God’s Creation?

            • yeah..Crickets

      47. Thank you for calling Bank Of America. Your call is important to us. It may be recorded for security reasons.
        Press 1 for an english speaking person in Pakistan. Press 2 for an english speaking person in India. Press 3 for an english speaking person in Bangladesh. Press 4 for a spanish speaker in Ecuador. Press 5 for a spanish speaker in Mexico. Press 6…..
        (press 5, beep…)
        Gracias de telefono el Banco De America. Su communicado es importante. Por favor, marque dos esta transactimento…
        (hang up. redial. press 2, beep…)
        Thank you for calling. Please follow instructions to quickly reach the representative who can best serve your needs. For Domestic Money Laundering, press 1. For International Money Laundering, press 2. For reposession information on mortgages we don’t actually hold, press 3. For abusive, surly branch mangers who don’t give a damn about you, press 4. For abusive, surly regional managers who won’t even pretend to care about you, press 5. For congressmen whom we have bought, body and soul, press 6 to be told which legislation we want you to pass. To speak to someone who claims to be morally superior to you, and therefore, able to determine if you should even be in business, press 7……

        OR, TRY THIS—

        Good mornin.’ Bank of okieville, this is Earl, the president speakin’. What can I do for ya?

        “Howdy, Earl, it’s okie. I gotta get some replacement heifers at the sale tomorrow. Gonna need about…oh… 7500 dollars. Can you draw me up a line of credit letter before you go to lunch?”

        No problem. Matter of fact, I got that much in cash if ya want to stop by and get it. Or I can bring it out to your house. We’ll worry about the paperwork next Monday when I see you at the cafe. By the way, you need to borrow my stock trailer to get them cows?

        • Moooahahahah , perfect S Oakie..can I copy that and hand it to my Corp banker rep the next time I see him?
          Brent might just get a chuckel out of this, but it might also send a subliminal meassage to him

        • smoking
          that last part is the way banks used to be,,,,


          • Damn snake…are we really that old?

            …yep, I remember those days too!

            • AH
              yup we are,,been fun too,,going to be funner hahahahahaha
              i know but it just looks good in print


      48. I believe this person. I had accounts with BAC for 50 years and I got so mad with them 4 years ago, I closed all them. They gave me a lot of trouble and I had been a perfect customer. They were rude and I am so glad I don’t deal with them. When I walked out I said I hope you fail.

      49. Not sure what to do anymore. Should I work another 2 hours per day to pay taxes, or skip 2 hours per day and drink beer?

        • Drink Beer

        • Agree with slingshot on this one. I vote Brewski!

        • Move up to Tequila and start at noon

          • Nah…I avoid the killer-cactus juice…makes me 10ft tall & bullet proof…(NOT!)

            But you know what I mean!

            • I do know what you mean..you need to not drink any tequila that is a mix..only drink the 100% blue agave..no bs Cuervo..or like that..get the good real stuff from mexico

              • VRF,

                Always been a whiskey man myself, A nice cold glasss with a double shot of Wild Turkey at noon and there goes the day…LOL

                Keep your powder dry and your Teq cold,


                • Right on Boss

      50. Anonymous and VRF, I was referring to my points about the background checks and LE’s attitude toward the public since 9/11. Thanks anyway. braveheart

        • I missed it BH..what comment were you refering to? I cant seem to find it..either way..Im sure i agree with you..If I didnt..than red thumb me..im a big boy

      51. Bank of Amerika is ALLLLLL DONE like burnt toast!

      52. SmokinOkie, once again, you’re showing your talent in the satire dept. That one is priceless. Keep it up. Braveheart

      53. I stopped dealing with them and went to PNC a few years ago. Not only is BOA evil for a multitude of reasons, they have awful deals compared to everyone else in the industry.

        PNC has been a true pleasure to deal with. And they never mind me open carrying in their branches…

      54. Thumbs down to Bank of America. They should have been taken out of the picture a long time ago. We’ve talked about these idiots in the past. I hope none of us have a thing to do with them. If so, shame on you.

      55. I left Bank of America several years ago

        I also had a custom bumper sticker made that is still
        on my vehicle today


      56. I have the perfect bank account. You can get to it anytime you are at home, whether an EMP or other dangerous disaster has occurred. It goes in value every month. It is what you need right now, not having to purchase what you need using credit, checking, or cash. It is called your stockpile of food, water, and most or everything else you use each day of what you have sacrificed and saved up.

        Yes, right what you need, right there for you WHEN this happens. No waiting in line, or waiting for the bank to open, no danger of credit being no good. It is right there for you, right there to be used by your family. this is what is called sound wise investing, for your future.

        • BI
          need some info on fault lines east of mississippi river,,can you help me or tewll me where i can find the info,,
          like where do they start from to end where??how many what states,,if you will


          • @ snake eater. This is really the easiest to find where the dangers about where you live in regards to earthquake faults: http://geohazards.cr.usgs.gov/cfusion/qfault/index.cfm

            You can plug in your country and state and see what is the closest dangerous faultzone, as well as other people can do the same.

            Next you can look at the geological hazard map: http://earthquake.usgs.gov/hazards/products/

            This shows how much energy in gravitation force you are likely to expect. Use 20% the force of gravity as a base to when the real destruction starts to occur. 10-20% will frighten most people but usually leave them alive. You start to get about about 40-45% the force of gravity and you start increasing the fatalies a lot. Anything above 100% will literally throw a person up in the air. 200% and most people are going into the ceiling of their home if there is true vertical movement.

            Hope this helps.

            • thanks BI
              been to busy digging elephant traps,,got them all done noe so will look into once again thanks



      58. Going right now to close my all my accounts with BoA.

      59. @ BI….I agree 1000% ….keep up the good earthquake work man……you continue to blow me away with your accuracy. The sun is looking very scary to…where has our sun expert justoneguy been?

      60. Wah, Wah, Wah. They are a private business, they can conduct their business as they see fit. As for circumventing the constitution, the constitutuion only protects from governmental sanction. Learn some basic civics, morons.

        • they provide a service, and when enough people see that they fuck their cusomers around, and they fail..I dont wanna hear no wah wah wah from them

        • JoeinNC

          “They are a private business, they can conduct their business as they see fit.”

          So I can refuse to serve anyone I choose for whatever reason I desire because it’s my business? GTFOOH

          You damn sure can’t hold funds that are not yours without legal cause.

          Learn the basics of History and Law.

        • If they hadn’t taken millions in bailouts, I might agree with you.

      61. looks like you made it onto drudgereport.com

      62. The administration said they would be working with corporate entities to assist with gun control. There will be huge perks for the corporations that side with Obummer. One company specifically mentioned was Walmart. I will ban them for life, along with any other gun control hacks.

      63. @ smokinokie……lol…once again sir you have made me laugh.

      64. A lot of these comments is what makes me keep coming back ……without some comedy what do we have

        • Me too Rich!

        • Well I heard Jesus done left Chicago…because they wouldnt recognise his right to bare arms..so he was bound for New Orleans, or out to California thru the forrest and the pines..Im sure he wont be happy when he gets there

      65. Manager of FPSRussia found murdered Keith Ratliff, the manager of FPS Russia, the 3rd most popular youtube channel was found dead yesterday, tied up to a chair and shot in the back of the head.




        The radio and media at large isn’t mentioning the exact details, however this is a very important thing. FPS Russia is a driving force in the pro-gun movement concerning youth. The videos published are very pro-gun, and reach literally millions of impressionable youth showing them that firearms just aren’t for people in movies or video games.

        • Yeah my kid watches him all the time

      66. I hope every gun owner in America follows my lead and pulls all of their money out of BOA. I will no longer use their services or accept funds drawn on their bank. I will be advising my clients that if they use BOA to expect to have to pay cash, as I will no longer honor BOA checks. I will also be providing them with a written statement as to why I have chose to invoke these rules.

        • Gun dealers should be very concerned about excepting checks from BOA accounts. Their next step will be to not honor checks written to gun dealers even if the customer has the money.

          • Good Point

      67. MMmm..wow..someone recovered from a cerebral hematoma , very quickly..for as old as Hillary is, there is no way she could have recovered from such a intercrainal hemorrhage and clot this quickly..not even a Teenager could bounce back that fast.

        Guess they had to just divert long enough to come up with their “story”..and not what time it would take a person of her age to recover from such an injury..as if it were ever for real.

        I Know Im not a Nurse..or Doctor..and I havent stayed in a Holiday Inn lately..but from what I remember about this sort of thing is..it takes longer to recover from this sort of injury than the time that has lapsed since it has happened, so..Im calling BS on that it ever really happened..

        Can anyone show me im wrong, or prove me right? just looking for the facts to back up my old knowledge..thanks

        • VFR
          nnnnaaaaahhhhhh that isnt it at all just bill was hanging around the hospital,,,


          • lol..and no doubt looking for a hummer, but probably from a nurse and not that ‘ol died up hag

            • VFR
              you got it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1


      68. Gold, Bttchez!

      69. This situation has one of the easiest solutions available. Every gun owner in America that has an account with Bank of Amerika should just remove their federal reserve tokens immediately. They wouldn’t be in business the next day and would never ‘play nazi’ again. And every other bank out their would be very careful from then on.

        • unre,southron
          my friend that wouldnt work because the big cheeze in dc woud just take more tax payers money and fill it back up


          • You’re right. Sorry. I just wasn’t thinkin’.

      70. Everyone bailed on BOA. Guess this guy missed the news flash. Sounds like he is waking up now.

      71. @ Bad Puppy Dog ~ You are 100% Right~!

        @ Smoking Oakie ~ I spit out my coffee I was laughing so hard. You have got that absolutely nailed! So funny…
        So true. I get tired of calling someone in India who has a thick accent. In fact, I stopped calling and put all my $ in a ESL federal credit union account. English only.

        • A while back I was having problems getting on the internet with my DSL connection. I couldn’t get results from either the phone company or the internet provider. The phone company decided to do a conference call between the phone company, the internet company, and me. The phone guy was Mexican, and the internet guy was from India. I let them hash it out. I don’t know how they understood each other. When they were done, I got a free upgrade on my DSL speed, plus a free month of internet.

      72. BI, I have the same kind of account. It’s called MY PREPS. My life insurance policy. I still add to the account every week. After TSHTF, it will pay me nice dividends such as KEEPING ME ALIVE AND GIVING ME PEACE OF MIND. There’s no better account to have as far as I’m concerned. Braveheart

      73. Emily
        how are ya girl friend???


      74. Reg CC violation

        Sec. 229.10 Next-day availability.

        (a) Cash deposits. (1) A bank shall make funds deposited in an account by cash available for withdrawal not later than the business day after the banking day on which the cash is deposited, if the deposit is made in person to an employee of the depositary bank.

        (2) A bank shall make funds deposited in an account by cash available for withdrawal not later than the second business day after the banking day on which the cash is deposited, if the deposit is not made in person to an employee of the depositary bank.

        (b) Electronic payments–(1) In general. A bank shall make funds received for deposit in an account by an electronic payment available for withdrawal not later than the business day after the banking day on which the bank received the electronic payment. (2) When an electronic payment is received. An electronic payment is received when the bank receiving the payment has received both– (i) Payment in actually and finally collected funds; and (ii) Information on the account and amount to be credited.

        A bank receives an electronic payment only to the extent that the bank has received payment in actually and finally collected funds.

      75. I closed ALL accounts with this bank several years ago when they started giving lower interest rates to select individual (gey) groups. Its not the groups or life style, it was their discrimination against others I would not stand for….Everyone should think about removing their accounts to another institution (credit union) IMHO $.02

      76. Ain’t this about a b$@&? ..I’m not surprise at all what BoA is doing to this company. I’m
        In the military and I had BoA military banking and all I gotta say is that they are bad,disrespectful and unprofessional. I closed the account and now a happier customer with federal credit union.

      77. What next…”Planned Parenthood” ?

      78. title=””> Zionists trying to abolish constituation

        Not very surprising that the thieves and murderers who will get punished by the citizens (owner of the banks and media) are now trying to come away with their finance and war crimes by abolishing self-defense right.

        Personally I think this agenda has a strong zionistic streak since Judaism clearly states that enslavement of the goy is completely welcome.



        • Because our tax dollars would bail the assholes out–again.

      81. Just have to add a few comments.
        1-Quoting FOX News is not evidence. They just report what will cause a stir…not what’s really going on.
        2 – NO person, in their right mind, wants to repeal the 2nd amendment. Again, probably heard on Fox News while trying to cause a stir.

        Stop being sensationalists. Nobody is going to come take your guns away. If you believe that, then please, go out to the woods and create yourself a bunker and lock yourself in. We don’t need you anyway.

        • your right no one is going to take our guns away and not many are worried that they will. What many are worried about however, is any more additions to the already long list of infringements on the 2nd amendment.

          Besides no one takes guns, but some do give them away, look at the rest of the world!

        • SoCal10

          Most of you people out there are like, “Closet Yankee’s”.

          Keep voting in Boxer, Pelosi and Fineswine.

          Anybody have an Earthquake report?

      82. Does anyone believe or seen the Sandyhook busted if typed on google about the dates and one of the girls sitting on Obamas lap for a photo. anyone believe this. God if this was real or it happens to be real, this has to be the biggest bust of all time!!!!!

      83. also the Phelps (supposed parents) are not really the Phelps, but the Sextons who live in Fla and work for Home land Security. Or the young girls who is posted as a sandy hook victim and mom is now saying that her daughter’s photo was stolen from her Flickr account and that the pic was taken in 20009 and that she is alive and well.

        Howabout the fact the state troopers have sequestered the childrens parents and won’t let anyone talk to them to interview them? I dind’t see any caskets at the memorials on tv? No one has talked to Ryan or Peter Lanza? Also state authorities in CT are threatening to arrest anyone who says anything they deem to be fake about the shooting???

        Things that make you go hmmmmmmmmmm??


        “acting as grieved parents in sandy hook Nick Phelps (fake name)

        Now at home in Florida using their real name..Sexton

        they work for …..you’ll never guess…

        Homeland Security…………..as what? “Crisis actors”..to promote Obamas attack on the 2nd Amendment”






        • Don’t forget the fact that ‘THE’ adam lanza has no records since 2009—since 2009 folks–think he may be in a coffin or cremated???

        • Good stuff BJ. Remember folks the FEDs passed a law last year that makes it LEGAL for them to lie to US.

          Sandy Hook may be the first official propaganda scheme of the year, but it won’t be the last.

      84. If your a conservative or a gun owner and bank with Bank of America take your money and leave. Personally I wouldn’t do business with any of the big five banks.

        I’ve been hearing rumors one of the big five won’t be around by 2014 and guess what the FDIC is already broke.

        Think of what would happen if all gun owners pulled their deposits from BofA.

      85. If y’all don’t know what to do, copy the URL of this story,
        paste it in an email and send to all you know.

        These people and eBay are in the same pool of crap.

        Y’all Beware! Be careful of what you say and to whom!

      86. Paden My French when I say it, but FUCK BOA…..

      87. Call me a conspiracy theorist, but who’s to say the government isn’t behind the B of A freeze? Just curious…

        • Theory?

          They’re getting in good graces with the Administration for some reward later.

          When government controls this much power abuse is guaranteed. “Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely”. Any organization or group(s) are subject to the same. The more power is dispersed the better off you are living under it conversely the opposite also applies.

      88. @ jay jay
        ….. great minds tend to think alike :>)
        @ emily

      89. @ Snake Eater ~ I am fine, good to see you!

      90. Hi. I didn’t read the above responses but I can tell you that there is probably more to the story. Would need to know if the guy’s merchant account holder is B of A, or if B of A is just the bank where he has his business banking account. Those with merchant accounts know what I am talking about. It could be that all he needs to do is find another merchant account. Other websites are selling guns and parts via credit card payments so this appears to be an issue with this one guy and his particular branch. Really not sure….

      91. I recreated the sandyhook.org google search and went to the church web page. First, google wasn’t posting the dates under the headlines on my version for some reason, as is shown in Breithbart’s video. Emilie Parker’s page was not there, at least not where I could find it. A search of the site was futile. Two things: either they already pulled the page, or the video is a fraud. I’m not saying which because I don’t know, but I wonder why google doesn’t show the post dates on my version, using firefox.

        • “sandy hook was a HOAX, jst like the aurora theater, and “giffords,” and VA tech HOAXES.

      92. I had an account with bofa years ago. I only had it a year and a half when I closed it they kept losing my deposits and then would bounce my checks telling me that I was responsible for the bounced check fees. Every time I’d take my deposit receipts down to the bank as proof I had deposited my check and every time I told them I wasn’t paying the bounced check fees since it wasn’t my fault. I went to another bank Security Pacific, best bank I’ve had. Several years later bofa bought them out and ended up with that crappy service again. At the same time I had bofa the second time I had a car loan with them…what a pain in the @ss they would lose my car payment then send me a late notice that I hadn’t made my payment so off to the bank with the receipt and canceled check and they had the gall to tell me I still owed the late fees. I think the three stooges could have run the bank better.

      93. That’s fine. When this revolution breaks out in a few months, we will BURN DOWN EVERY location of bof, wells fargo, and every other “bank” which STOLE millions of homes, fucked over scores of millions of Americans, and ruined our lives.

        Further, the people in control of select criminal enterprises will be some of the first killed by the Patriots, along with their families: women and children DEAD, killed in front of them. PAYBACK comin’ soon. Have fun – scumbags.

      94. As if anyone with an IQ above room temp needed yet another reason not to deal with these thrice-be-damned mega banks. Use your local credit unions and banks, folks. Do not do ANY business with ANY bank that is larger than regional in size. The smaller, the better. At least the small guys know what service is and how to show appreciation to those who keep them in business.

        The only exception to this could be US Bank. My wife had a very good experience with them when she cleaned up her Mom’s estate. Great service and no problems. It’s a shame that this is so unusual. It used to be the norm.

      95. American Spirit Arms are notorious for their terrible products and customer service. I do not believe this story or anything they propagate.

        Knowing these guys they were probably violating terms of their merchant accounts by advance batching orders more than 24hours prior to shipping and generating hundreds of complaints. I call BS!


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