Outbreak Of Flea-Borne Diseases Typhus: Los Angeles Descends Into Third World Hellscape

by | Feb 5, 2019 | Headline News | 70 comments

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    Residents and officials in the city of Los Angeles, California are horrified that their city has descended into a third world hellscape of poverty and disease. The typhus outbreak raging through the city is a flea-borne disease often reserved for socialist and poverty-stricken dystopias such as Venezuela.

    But that’s modern Los Angeles. Typhus is spread by fleas hitching a ride on rats. While the general population struggles under the weight of the government (local, state, and federal in LA’s case) and the homeless population continues to climb up, the same cannot be said for the rats that carry fleas the cause typhus. The rat population in LA is doing just fine, however, as piles of garbage dot the cityscape, making it Thanksgiving Day every day for the city’s fat, happy rodents, wrote the American Thinker.

    According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention‘s website, Murine typhus, is also called endemic typhus or flea-borne typhus, is a disease caused by a bacteria called Rickettsia typhi and it is spread to people through contact with infected fleas. People will get sick with murine typhus when infected flea feces are rubbed into cuts or scrapes in the skin. In most areas of the world, rats are the main animal host for fleas infected with murine typhus. Murine typhus occurs in tropical and subtropical climates around the world where rats and their fleas live. Yet now, it seems that the disease is taking over and spreading, along with Hepatitis A, through Los Angeles thanks to the socialist policies that enrich the political elite and enslave and impoverish everyone else.


    The city is spinning rapidly out of control.  As people struggle to make ends meet and carry the tax burden of a city, state, and federal government hellbent on overspending, the area continues to descend into a third world hellscape. Sadly, the return of a disease thought left behind in the Medieval Times such as typhus is only the tip of the proverbial iceberg when it comes to problems in Los Angeles.  For months, county health officials attempted to say that typhus only really affects the burgeoning homeless population.  However,  Deputy City Attorney Liz Greenwood, a veteran prosecutor, told NBC4 she was diagnosed with typhus in November, after experiencing high fevers and excruciating headaches.

    “It felt like somebody was driving railroad stakes through my eyes and out the back of my neck,” Greenwood told the I-Team. “Who gets typhus? It’s a medieval disease that’s caused by trash.”  Everyone in LA can now apparently get typhus thanks to the very left-leaning policies they’ve allowed.

    Responding to complaints from other city workers fearful of getting typhus, the city fumigated the Los Angeles Police Department’s Central Division office, as well as parts of LAPD’s main headquarters, NBC4 said. The deputy city attorney reportedly said she will not go back to work at City Hall East until they also fumigate that building, too.

    Yet that’s all just treating the symptoms of the problem.  The city is spending money they don’t have to fumigate buildings the paid for with stolen money (taxing the residents) and looking to constantly raise taxes to “help” get rid of typhus.  But that disease will eradicate itself when people aren’t forced to share living spaces with rats that carry infected fleas. This is all just a symptom of the major disease communism that’s swiftly sweeping its way through big cities in the United States.  No amount of taxation or theft will fix this. In fact, a lot less of that will have an immense impact. 

    Government anti-poverty programs are a classic case of the therapeutic state setting out to treat disorders created by the state itself.” –The Foundation For Economic Education


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      1. Don’t worry about the fleas…the locusts will eat them when they get here.

        • Now that’s a pleasant thought!

      2. Fleas will be the least of their problem when the human rats EBT cards don’t work anymore.!!!!

      3. From the state that gave us mental midgets like Nancy Pelosi, Maxine waters and other DemoRats, The fleas will have a field day

      4. Los Angeles IS a third world socialist sh thole.
        Sleep with dogs and wake up with flees

        • Not just LA, anyplace where there are so many brownskins is a turd world shithole.

          • In a jail or migrant center?

            According to revisionist accounts of the Holocaust, a majority of the deaths were caused by Typhus / Typhoid.

            Sanitation, now, is inhumane.

      5. When dealing with libtard, lefty socialist dogma… nature will find a way. In this case, it’s killing off the population with Typhus.

        We don’t call them the Deamonrat party for nothing!

      6. What, me worry?

      7. Let’s hope that all of the other city governments are watching. Rats are very good at living in human environments. Diseases carried by fleas and ticks are impossible to contain when you mix a large homeless population with a large rat population. Tax supported facilities for bathing and laundry might help. Reducing the homeless population by screening for illegal aliens would help to reduce the homeless population. Putting a bounty on each rat and making food less accessible might help to reduce the rat population. All of this takes money which the over-taxed population of Los Angeles doesn’t have because of the high cost-of=living. Welcome to sanctuary city;welcome to Hell.

        • Putting a bounty on rats would merely encourage clandestine rat-breeding facilities. They’re so much easier to “catch” when they’ve been bred in captivity. See “cobra effect” on Wikipedia.






      9. The last typhus epidemics were in Ireland under horrendous starvation conditions in the late 1840s as the potato crop was ruined.

        Then naturally during the Civil War(1861-1865) when rats would invade the sick and wounded in field hospitals and rat bites were common.

        Then between 1918-1922.

        You had multiple kinds ofcontagion simultaneously circulating with the latter like the three waves of influenza H1N1 type A.

        Then there was tuberculosis from 1895-1954 where many fled to the semi-arid West like California as they thought it would be helpful…not knowing about desert fever ie coccidiodiesmycosis.

        It was so horrible that one in seven died worldwide with crazy medical procedures done to try to find any treatment that would work.

        The most haunted spot in America is the Waverly TB sanitarium near Louisville KY…where the restless ghosts appear so frequently that ghosthunters visit it routinely.

        • htt ps://www.webmd.com/a-to-z-guides/what-is-typhus
          Typhus is spread by rickettsia bacteria and anibiotics are necessary usually doxycycline which is NOT a standard fish antibiotic a prepper might stock for his “fish”. But you could take Cipro which is among the top five recommended “fish” antibiotics.

          It sure would be prudent to have one decent medical reference manual like the Merck manual as an overall diagnostic and treatment protocol book.

          Remember that when treating a home for fleas that almost certainly arrive due to dogs and cats, that the adults will lay eggs and if you don’t have electricty to daily vacuum, it would be a big mess.

          You use insecticide, most likely diatomaceous earth to especially dust carpets and drapes and bedding and sofas.

          And there are three cycles that you have to complete to remove the infestation…or else they WILL COME BACK.

          • You should be able to find an older archived Merck Manual, but of course that means you have a tablet computer and a solar trickle charger at the bare minimum and likely a USB hard drive with all your documents. You have that…right?

            Otherwise a feller would have to go scurrying through libraries to find one post-SHTF poke hitting the Farmer’s supply for animal antibiotics as pharmacies would be cleaned out by looters, but I doubt they would think to get these.

            • 1DXx_HhOF_4
              Typhus presentation in patients

              A patient with Typhus is a problem because they got what they though was just an insect bite, but 5-14 days later, they got a rash, fever, headache, and then a COUGH which is a telltale sign. A rash does NOT cause a cough nor rarely a headache. A very sensitive person prone to alergies might get a fever, but that is unusual.

              That window is your problem and flea bites are common if around feral dogs or pets that mostly stay outside or sleep in a barn.

            • Do you know of an antibiotic that will cure liberals and socialists?

              • There is no effective treatment for total insanity or stupidity.Antibiotics are for bacterial infections and some parasite infections. If you consider Democrats to be parasites, well….

                There are effective treatments for lawlessness and shame and guilt due to sin. That is accepting Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior.

          • I made a list of the most valuable antibiotics and when to use them and why based on things like pregnancy. But you would have to look through a month worth of posts to find it.

            Doxycycline is way down the list at number seven, but might be used in three common stds that in a SHTF scenario might get transmitted due to sexual-assault.

            Because you won’t have pregnancy tests and since pregnancy is common and there’s a gap before loss of menses, then you have to presume pregnancy based on patient history and that means alternative antibiotics just in case.

            • People presume that they will rapidly assess the patient’s illness, but that is ridiculous under SHTF conditions with zero diagnostic testing, no labs, no xrays,etc. Plus you have no one to consult and agree with your diagnosis.

              Days may be lost and it takes time for symptoms to reveal themselves. Your initial diagosis may be compounded by weater effects where people ignore the insect bite and think they have contact dermititis or a summer cold or inhaled some dust.

              It’s the real world versus a textbook. Patients are not good observers and can’t remember when things unfolded.

              With typhus being so much later before symptoms happening, and say you were bugging out, and traveling 15 miles a day, then maybe you are 150 miles from the urban region and the rodents when you start having symptoms in the middle of nowhere with no antibiotics and a Merck manual.

          • Okay. You know what to give in case of typhus.

            1.Which one do you give and why?

            2. How do you KNOW it’s typhus?

            3. What contraindications?

            4. What about side effects?

            5. What about drug interactions?

      10. Allow third world people to enter the state,and they bring all sorts of third world diseases with them.

        • It ain’t just that. There’s a large homeless population in LA and SF. Trash is strewn in the streets, the homeless crap and piss in the streets and on the sidewalks. What is not to like if you are a rodent. Like the attorney stated, the disease used to be considered a peasant’s problem.

      11. In an emergency, you can use a broadspectrum insecticide that you setoff and it continuously sprays a for a little bit. There are many healthy risks using that strategy as ALL FOOD must be carefully bagged and these spray propellants that are flammable and so you have issues with the pilot light on water heaters and forced air gas furnaces and ovens. You most likely shutoff the gasline and come back 48 hours later.

        How would you do that when the SHTF?

        • Be careful with the insecticide bombs. NO OPEN FLAMES, such as pilot lights on stoves and water heaters. You will blow up your home.

      12. It also can be spread by lice, ticks, and contaminated hands after dealing with the insects. You have to carefully wash up and NOT touch your face as the fluids could affect the mucous membranes. Try this write down how many times you touch your face in an hour. Human beings routinely do it.

      13. Is California functioning as a Canary ?

        One of the wealthiest states in the nation.

        Yet if tent-cities were money, they could balance the budget.

        • Well New York liable be the next California. Cuomo just came out and said their funding is in trouble and that comes from the wealthy and not so wealthy fleeing the state due to taxes and piss poor governance.

      14. GTFO the cities. NOW! Once the balloon goes up, you’ll wish you did!

      15. ??⭐️⭐️?? This disease brought to you by illegal aliens.(my opinion) Dr Patricia Doyle, PhD and Gary Holland we now have proof Illegals Are Loaded With Disease Caravaners’ Health Issues: respiratory infection, TB, HIV-AIDS, Lice, Chicken Pox, new BIG worry: Hepatitis. News article “Cartels Deliberately Distract Border Patrol Agents By Using Sick Migrants, Large Groups as ‘Cover’” Editorial page:

      16. Because Typhus will end up causing a rash to the torso and affect the lungs, it can progress to vomiting and diarrhea.

        All of these combined symptoms are peculiar so it’s unlikely you would see these and so when patients have bizarre simultaneous symptoms that began with a flea bite, that is when the head scratchin’ begins and you consider zebras(rare issues)…not horses (common issues).

        Almost all medicine is routine as long as there hasn’t been something that BROKE ROUTINE.

        SHTF issues that break routine
        Like an usually sick animal.
        A refugee wandered onto the property.
        You ate something weird because food is in short supply.
        An animal was acting bizarre like a feral dog and it bit you.
        You had a snake bite you that you have never seen before (unusual markings).
        You bugged out and were around a watering hole and drank possibly contaminated water.

        • I hope them critters make it Pelosi’s crib…..’course with a face like that….especially come morning… I can hear them fleas now…”I got to bite HER???? “Oh Hell no!” “You suggested we come here, You bite her!”

      17. This descent into a third-world socialist hell-hole started in the late 1950’s. As the American Communist Party gained political control of the school boards, city councils, county and state government, the stage was set.
        I was born in LA in 1947. I lived and worked in the LA-Orange-Riverside County area until I was able to retire in 2002. At one time, it was a great place to live. My tribe and I got out before we had to shoot our way out. We have never looked back.

        • Beaumont, CA is in Riverside County.

          In the early 80’s, it was probably half rural-use. Most of our neighbors, here, and in adjoining towns, were white people.

          When the schools let out, you would see minority members, but not wholesale, demographic replacement.

      18. Typhus epidemic is what killed in Germany during and after Ww2, which is why cyclon-B was found in abundance in the concentration camps. The gas chamber myths arose from the fact that clothes were fumigated in gas chambers.

        If you use lavender oil on your skin as cologne, it acts to repel fleas. Mint repels rodents such as mice and rats.


      19. It would still mean that the (J)ews were forcibly relocated, so died there.

        I find it tempting, to say that the reductio ad hitlerum is an apt analogy, in every way, now.

        Except, (J)ews illegally crossed borders to get OUT of the country. I saw video footage of people with sun tans. Families crouched down, like the pic of the migrant crossing warning signs, on the roads. That was to escape. Not to overpopulate and outvote the Germans.

      20. In my opinion, during a SHTF scenario where healthcare professionals lack supplies, medicines, testing, and back up support for dfferetial diagnosis, 90% of healthcare professionals would be useless.

        Why? They rely upon protocols using medical informatics and it’s a do this, test this, do that, order this, take that philosophy. Hey Genius…these are not likely options after two weeks in a crisis without constant transportation support to bring in supplies plus the network and the internet is not working!

        The person you need is extremely calm and great at troubleshooting and frankly lucky. They ask good questions and take excellent patient histories. They almost certainly know how diseases were treated with herbs as well.

        How many physicians and RNs can do all those things especially have medicinal herbs andnwild medicinal identification skills?

        Not many…likely a very old rural doc.

        • Say you were lucky and someone in your tribe of survivors KNEW all of these things especially identifying wild medicinals and cultivated herbs.

          That only would work IF they had the foresight to HARVEST, PREPARE, AND STORE them. Many wild medicinals aren’t available in February!

          What would likely happen is an enemy tribe would kidnapthe doc because doing so would ruin the other tribe’s ability to cope.

          Some docs would just be quiet and never let anyone know because by doing so, they risk this issue. Some docs would take off at the first sigh of problems and or go to a better tribe that would make it worthwhile.

          In Latin America, with all the civil unrest, docs sometimes were taken and executed-because they had treated enemy-soldiers.

        • That doc is a target when the SHTF and to save his/her skin, might leave with all the medicines or risk being a pawn. That happened in Latin America, Africa,Asia, etc.

          Docs were abducted during the Civil War.

          • Let’s say by some miraculous act of YAHWEH you have an old school rural doc or a bright former combat medic/EMERGENCY RN. They somehow know what herbs might might and or can identify wild medicinals plants.

            They only can use them if they got ’em. It’s February. How many wild medicinals can they locate even in Western KY with its mild winter? Not many.

            Now you are realizing why so many patients perished during the Civil War and during the last of the homesteading period.

            The most likely first thing they would want to do is go make a pharmacy run and look in the herb aisle as while criminals might steal supplies during a SHTF crisis as valuable barter-items, I doubt they would know what herbs to take or know what medical supplies would be useful.

            This would be a very high priority harvest run.

            • After scrounging like a madman or a US Marine, then the next order of business would be inventorying and accessing what holes they have to treat common and uncommon and rare conditions.

              And then as things come in season and are harvested, prepared, and preserved, making tictures and trying to anticipate what you need to cover a two year period. Why? Because what if something happens like bad weather and you can’t locate some wild medicinal.

              It would be almost a full time job to do all that in case you had an emergency like civil unrest locally and all of that doesn’t include injuries or intentional assault.

        • Are they useful, now?

          If your house is dry, and your water is potable, be glad for it.

      21. Bring back DDT

      22. The way contagion is reported is physicians make a note of infections and the details go through medical informatics and eventually get reported to the state through Mortality and Morbidity reports. And eventually these flow to the CDC and then to WHO.

        Partially an infection control RN is logging these but only if these were conclusively identified by rigorous testing, and double testing for the more unusual cases to confirm testing. And it’s even more complicated by false negatives and false positive results.

        This takes two months as a backlog and that is with a working reporting system for epidemiology and computers.

        If the SHTF, you won’t know what is happening more than 25 miles away unless you have HAM radio. And much of that will be rumors with many spurious ones.

        And so, something rare like typhus is far from your immediate diagnostics UNLESS you are a heck of a clinician and on the ball.

        Very few homesteaders with some medic background as a soldier are going to recignize it.

        IF you know that a war is going on and nearby skirmishes then you can guess that certain common wartime contagion is likely to happen based on history.

      23. “Descends into”???

        Yeah really? You try the public schools here in the 70’s?

        This place has been the 9th level of hell for as long as I can remember.

        So now it’s got fleas to go with that. Ok…

      24. descended into a third world hellscape of poverty and disease.

        Well no shit assholes. What do you think happens when a fucking bachelor pad in an area that won’t result in your immediate death (of which there are legion… just find the 405 freeway and go to the east side of it… all of that? Yeah. See ALL of that? That is the “wrong side of the tracks”. And about half the shit on the west side of the 405 too).


        What do you think happens when a fucking bachelor pad in an area that won’t result in your immediate death is going for like 1800-2200?

        This is really conductive to anything BUT poverty, right?

      25. spreading, along with Hepatitis A, through Los Angeles…

        Don’tcha just wanna stick your dick in some nice California girls?

        Ugh shudder.

      26. In a perfect world, with extensive knowledge and experience, it might take three years to find and store adequate herbs. And that is what a frontier doc would do as one couldn’t buy medicine back then.

        Or, you would make a list of 25 common herbs found in a Walmart, and if the SHTF, grab 25 bottles.

        Which is faster? A smart prepper would do the latter by harvesting immediately when it was safe to go out.

        • htt ps://hsc-archives.sites.medinfo.ufl.edu/special-events/plants-in-art-and-medicine/popular-medical-manuals-in-the-19th-century-united-states/

          They would use these kinds of books and these kinds of herbs as that was the best they had on the frontier.

          • 4m7ovkbu7cw
            Now watch the first episode of Frontier House which is about historical homesteading in Montana circa 1880. The familes are given about 15 herbs which would be similar to what a homesteading family would have to deal with common illnesses.

            Of course it’s a reality show with on staff medical personnel, but as a prepper/homesteader, that is what you would have as well with at least five fish antibiotics plus add to it over time with wild medicinals.

            Our ancestors had one medical books with herbal recipes and that was their standard way of dealing with issues and a frontier doc would ride a circuit by horseback as they almost certainly were no roads, and check on people, and maybe even helped with veternarian issues.

      27. The return of poverty brings squalor and poverty diseases.

      28. Looks like California finally secured their independence!

      29. hey, socialists creating situation to cause typhus?

        wonder what they will use to combat said disease?

        sounds vaguely familiar….

      30. Our future on Democrats and their gimmegrant legions of miscreants, cretins and goblins..

      31. a1nAWjYno6c
        You would expect to see a large increase in nutritional defficiency disease states, most commonly in the young.

        You would most likely begin to see a large increase in poverty/hygiene diseases as well like impetigo.

        The same bacteria involved in acne will cause worse outbreaks as boils.

        In severe cases of malnutrition and starvation, then you see fungal diseases infecting the folds of the skin, in the private area, in the hair, on the neck, on the tongue and inside the mouth.

        You also have kwaishokor and marasmus.

        • cKP4UtKS9GQ
          Fungal disease states

          • You will have to look up the Strep and Staph skin lesions as they are VERY GRAPHIC and the images make nonmedical folks feel extremely nauseated.

            Either if untreated can result in unusual events like degloving, terrible open abscess, or even losing a limb to infection or worse.

            Have a bottle of tea tree oil as that stuff can safely be applied in case of a bad skin infection.

            When a persistent skin infection or burn won’t heal, silvadene works very well.

      32. Notice they don’t say how many cases, or provide any real data? This site used to be better than that.

      33. You used all the tools you had available from taking a patient history. Communication is out to confirm unless you have a HAM radio and there are reports of typhus from some location you have been in, or a reasonable break in routine that exposed you to typhus.

        You guessed and it was right, then based upon what aantibiotic you gave and when they were infected, and the severity of the infection, then if you could safely give doxycycline, a single dose might cure them with a low fatality rate of 2%.

        But children are not supposed to take doxycycline and neither doxycycline nor cipro are good if the woman is pregnant, and cipro has many many side effects.

        If the patient has a bad case and it took a long time to diagnose, or get doxycycline or cipro, then the cure rate is 10-60% with elderly withother issues, maybe not making it, and so you have a very genuine chance if the SHTF under primitive condition to losing infected family members.

        BUT what if you are WRONG and it is not typhus???

        • ht tps://emedicine.medscape.com/article/231374-differential

          Here are all the other most common causes for similar symptoms.

          Differential Diagnoses
          Fever of Unknown Origin (FUO)
          Epstein-Barr Virus (EBV) Infectious Mononucleosis (Mono)
          Kawasaki Disease
          Relapsing Fever
          Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever (RMSF)
          Toxic Shock Syndrome
          Typhoid Fever

          Which ones are common (horses) and which ones are rare(zebras)?

          If it’s a tick bte, it could be RMSF. Women under unsantiary condition during collapse might certainly get toxic shock syndrome. If you ate a wild rabbit and it was infected, tularemia is common. Mononucleosis is common and very debilitating for 1-2 months under primitive conditions.

          Meningitis comes in viral,bacterial, and fungal forms and is uncommon but likely with the viral not being as dangerous…typically, but the bacterial form very serious, and the fungal form not likely.

          Let’s suppose you had to guess. You would rule things in or out and you can’t perform a spinal tap.

      34. Human being are not like machines. The are not like models of a particular machine. They are not uniform. They react differently based upon age, sex, severity of infection, concomittant medical conditions, polypharmacy, etc.

        Never think, “Oh I will know what the patient has, and how to treat it, and catch it in time”.

        Oh really? If you think that, you would be an amazing physician and a genius because the best docs have colleagues for different diagnosis,registered nurses, technicians, diagnostic tests, medical informatics, etc.

        You won’t. It will be on your shoulders…alone.

        How many times has a physician stumbled and gave the wrong diagnosis? How many still don’t have answers after a year of testing? How many people perish while the physicians are scambling and scratching their heads???

      35. Two ranch hands, named Will and Sam, are on a cattle drive in the fifties and upon dismounting at an arroyo, Sam bends over to fill his canteen, and gets bit by a rattlesnake, but in his privates.

        His buddy knows zero first aid, so Will makes his friend comfortable with food, water, and shade, and Will tells Sam he will ride to the nearest cabin and get medical supplies and call docs to see what he should do.

        Will gets to the cabin, and gathers supplies, and calls the doc. The doc tells him to make an incision and suck out the poison, and then…there is a good chance…Sam will live.

        He rides to his buddy.

        “Hey Will, what did the doc say?”

        “He said you’re gonna die.”

        • ht tp://www.sempai.org/~jet/survival/posts/bite_kit.html
          Here is what old snake bite kits looked like and how the incision was made and how the suction pump looked (often called an extractor).

          Of course, that is not how to best treat a rattlesnake bite. That began to change in the early seventies.

          ht tps://www.healthline.com/health/rattlesnake-bite
          They want to know the venom type and want you to get the snake to them for identifcation so the proper antivenom is given.

      36. So, WHEN are the REAL US CITIZENS of Califoonia are WAKING UP and get RID of the party of DOOM, so-called democRATS, to have THEIR State CLEANED-UP from ILLEGALS, people living on the STREETS, SPREADING DISEASE????
        DON’T be FOOLED that this CANNOT, will NOT spread to other STATES as ILLEGALS do NOT just STAY in Califoonia, after all, there are MEASLES OUTBREAKS in 10 States NOW too….!!!!

      37. ht tps://ktla.com/2019/02/07/downtown-l-a-typhus-outbreak-may-prompt-city-hall-to-replace-all-carpets/

        This is why I mentioned diatocemous earth to treat the carrier vector through the fleas. You have to get a handle on that and do it three times to reduce the adult, eggs, and nymphs in the cycle.

        That means treating all pets, carpet, bedding,drapes, sofas, etc.

        Otherwise you get something similar to the bedbug epidemic and it WILL NEVER GO AWAY.

        There could be a huge expensive effect as politics shut down, tourism is vastly reduced, studios shut down, the music industry, etc.

      38. Mac, you could post an article a week on diagnosing a disease of unknown origin during a SHTF scenario. It can be common or uncommon. This article has been one of the most shared one in a year’s timespan.

        I would bet this is one of the most pressing needs as many have no medical training. Yet they would have to diagnose and then source the proper medicines and treatment to save them.

        You might look at the patriot nurse site to see if you can use some of her articles or there are a couple of prepper physicians as well.

      39. ht tps://www.latimes.com/local/lanow/la-me-ln-city-hall-typhus-20190209-story.html

        Now the well paid government employees are getting typhus so suddenly it’s an emergency. But the reality is they can likely take a single dose of doxycycline and be fine.

        The problem for preppers is not recognizing the symptoms whereas if someone is exposed to it, then obviously the physicians are aware, so it’s immediately a consideration plus they have lab personnel.

        You will hear many stories about typhus, because until the flea problem is controlled, it will spread, amd that won’t happen until the rodent problem is controlled, and that is EXPENSIVE.

      40. Be advised, there is a Mumps outbreak in Houston

        ht tps://m.chron.com/news/houston-texas/houston/article/Mumps-outbreak-confirmed-at-ICE-detention-13604419.php

        Illegal alien invaders are bringing contagion. Getting mumps when an adult is very serious and can cause sterility

      41. When you have rodents and fleas in such abundance, it’s just a matter of time before two other diseases can show up. Hanta virus is one that is endemic to the Southwest but rarely seen. The other is Yersina pestis or bubonic plague ie the Black Death. There are always a few isolated cases each year.

        Now if either of those get introduced into LA, it would be a disaster. And the first thing you would guess is it being intentionally introduced.

        The crazy leftists politicians using slipshod management of homeless and illegal aliens created an environment condusive to this contagion.

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