OUTBREAK In Pigs: China’s First African Swine Fever Outbreak

by | Aug 6, 2018 | Headline News | 23 comments

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    Last week, China reported its first ever outbreak of African swine fever at a farm in Shenyang. Chinese pig-related stocks then slumped after the world’s biggest pork producer and consumer reported its first ever case of highly contagious hemorrhagic fever.

    In Hong Kong, WH Group Ltd., the world’s largest pork company, retreated 2.1 percent. Muyuan Foodstuff Co. dropped 8.7 percent, Guangdong Wens Foodstuffs Group Co. fell 6.3 percent and Tangrenshen Group Co. declined 4 percent in the aftermath of the announcement of the outbreak, according to Bloomberg.

    The outbreak of the African swine fever is spurring a cull (slaughter of pigs), a ban on transportation, and a quarantine for the neighboring areas. The hemorrhagic disease is highly contagious and mortality rates can be as high as 100 percent, according to the World Organisation for Animal Health. Although the disease is not a threat to humans, it is making its impact on the food industry.  China had more than 433 million pigs at the start of the year, more than half of the world’s total food/pork pigs.

    The first case of African Swine Fever (ASF) virus in China was reported on Friday, August 3, according to the Swine Health Information Center (SHIC). The outbreak was located in the northeast part of the country, in the city Shenyang, district of Shenbei New, in the province Liaoning, SHIC said in a news release. This is a swine dense area of 130 miles (208km) along the North Korean border.

    “Infection on a small farm with a herd of 383 pigs, where 47 pigs died from the disease, was confirmed by China Animal Health and Epidemiology Center on Friday, August 3, 11 a.m., local time,” SHIC reported. SHIC also noted that the Chinese Center For Disease Control and Prevention officially reports a level two outbreak, and “it has been contained with the slaughter of a herd of close to 1,000 pigs,” the center reported. “The transport of pigs in and out of the area has been banned, along with the feeding of untreated food waste.”

    According to Pork Business, The Global Agricultural Information Network reports that pork producers and animal quarantine officials in Bulgaria are currently monitoring for African swine fever (ASF), as recent outbreaks of the virus have occurred just over the border with Romania, and elsewhere in the region. Pork remains the most widely produced and consumed meat in Bulgaria.


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      1. They may need to rethink pork tariffs.

        • My first thought. My second thought is “What if that was not by chance or accident?” What if a virus hits their chickens??? What will they add to the rice to make it palatable ??? Beef ??? LMFAO !!! 🙂

          • Fish heads.

            May not have been an accident but at same time the Chinese have had a ton of dealings in Africa . Accidental or an easy route of sabotage.

      2. As I read the words ” hemorrhagic fever” I must admit I tend to feel a chill go through me. My very next thought – and God only knows why or how it occurred to me – was …. ‘seems that the old laws about eating pork might have had a very very real world purpose’. Mind ya’ll, I like my bacon, hot dogs, chops and ribs as much as the next guy. But…. it ain’t worth bleeding out of my pores for. Swine flu in the past has relatively easily mutated/changed to be transmissible to humans is all I know. Leave it to the Chinese to have this start-up.

        • Commercial pork is the most disgusting, nastiest, toxic, shit ever! The shit they eat isn’t fit for my septic tank! You are what you eat! Let them pigs choke on their pig meat!

        • Well what about Exotic Newcastle disease which is 100% fatal to chickens and other fowl, or mad cow disease or or or?

      3. MADE IN CHINA!

      4. I raise a few pigs.
        They have lots of space, good food, and
        clean water.
        They are definitely kept away from where
        humans can possibly get “soiled”.
        I don’t have a disease problem, my
        pigs are pretty clean, and healthy.
        They also taste very good!

      5. Its HORRIBLE what animals have to go through with so that humans can have a piece of meat on the table! Cows are sometimes skinned alive because workers at slaughter houses have a quota to maintain and the stun guns don’t always go off… and cows outside on the trucks smell the blood and fear and sometimes break their legs attempting to jump off the truck!

        My ex-husband was told he had cancer and the first thing the doctor told him was to stop eating meat (though fish was OK) and to eat a salad every day and fruit daily. And he could have all the beans he wanted and rice. Well, that was several years ago.

        If people were starving and had no choice except to shoot a deer or whatever, that’s one thing. But with beans, tofu and fish available there is no excuse for treating animals so horribly…We reap what we sow…

        • Thats another thing I don’t eat since fukashima and the military bombing the fook out of the ocean with depleted uranium (the impact report said it would kill millions of marine mammals and fish) … Fish and seafood. Nor do I eat anything from the gulf. I am considering not eating farm raised since the introduction of gmo fish too. Freshwater wild caught fish ok. I would rather eat a wild horse than pork. We have a shitload of wild horses I’m sure one won’t be missed and it would feed you a loooong time.

          • I don’t feed my dog or cats shit food either. Purina etc. is pure garbage (look into rendering plants). I buy high end expensive food for them with NO by products or BS ingredients. People feed their animals cheap ass food and wonder why they get cancer and multitudes of other diseases and kidney failure. If I can find it I will post about rendering plants (by products) and it will make you sick.

            • Your cheap pet food byproducts include all manner of road kill, euthanized pets from vets (tumors and all) drugs used to kill those animals, rats and rat shit, diseased and dying animals, and lots of other sickening crap! Way to show your love for Fido….

        • No miss PITA, hunter safety course information, years back was informative, see you let the animals population boom without hunters, there could very well be diseases in the wildlife. Deer getting sick for instance or as im told too many bucks and not enough does could hurt deer. We who hunt are the checks and balances. The eco system needs us as much as we need it. We hunters i know of, try and help the environment.

      6. should note: a Chinese company owns Smithfield and about 1/3rd of our nations hogs. Got a loan to buy it from the national bank in china in less than a day. it’s now losing about 11 million per day in this trade war. Also of note: China never allowed American owned pork to be imported because of a lot of bs reason like the vacinations, hormones, GMO feed, they never wanted to let the flood gates open. it would have (and can still be) a massive windfall for American farmers and pork growers.

      7. Ebola-Swine Flu-Avian Flu combo in China would help the world.

        Just keep it there.

      8. This is why I hunt for my Pork. Have to pick up the last one I shot in Ok. last month.

        • Wild pork is probably ok. If you saw the shit commercial pig farms feed those things you would throw up and NEVER touch that shit again!

          • I have seen this for all meat sold in stores. That is why I hunt all my meat.

          • Wild pork taste like crap

      9. I read the article and thought hmm its near NORTH KOREA! Did the norks do something or cant they just throw a few over the boarder, hope kim gets it…

      10. They have effectively made it illegal to do this for yourself, yet we are supposed to worry about Africa, Europe, and Asia.

      11. From my understanding, the average Chinese person used to be wretchedly poor. So when they started getting regular slave wages, it was a step up, and the thing they most desired was pork in their diet.

        There was a least on TED Tak on it and how it affected worldwide pork demand.

        Pork is the least expensive meat.

        If the SHTF, lots of people would raise pigs as that was fairly common during WW2 to transform whatever food waste you had that wasn’t composted, was pig feed.

        And lots of people would hunt feral hogs too.

      12. A pig’s circulatory system is very similar to a human’s, which is why in history the heart valves were first used to artificially sustain life. And this similarity is dangerous because if a bird flu germ infected material comes in contact with a pig, then the potenial for adaptation exists to affect humans by contact with humans.

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