OUTBREAK In LA: Flea-Borne Typhus Has Reached ‘Epidemic Levels’

by | Oct 8, 2018 | Headline News | 26 comments

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    An outbreak of typhus has struck downtown Los Angeles. The outbreak has been blamed on the skyrocketing number of homeless people in the area.

    According to the Los Angeles County Health Department, 20 cases of the rare, flea-borne infectious disease, which is also associated with poor sanitary conditions and overcrowding, have been recorded in Pasadena alone over the past two months. Health officials now say that the outbreak has reached “epidemic levels,” according to the New York Post. 

    There are several forms of typhus, (also known as typhoid fever) which is a type of bacterial infection known as the species rickettsia and transmitted by biting bugs (arthropods) such as lice, ticks, mites, and rat fleas. When a person is diagnosed with typhus, it means they are infected with one or more types of rickettsia bacteria. After a bite occurs, scratching the itching bite further opens the skin and allows the bacteria greater access to the bloodstream. Once in the bloodstream, the bacteria continue to reproduce and grow.

    According to Healthline, typhus outbreaks usually only occur in developing countries or in regions of poverty, poor sanitation, and close human contact. Typhus is generally not a problem in the United States, however, the outbreak has been declared an epidemic in Los Angeles, a highly-populated deeply dense city with a surging homeless population. Americans used to only need concern themselves with catching the infection abroad, but all that is changing thanks to the socialism of California.

    Untreated typhus can lead to serious complications, and it’s potentially fatal. It’s important to see your doctor if you suspect that you may have typhus. Symptoms vary slightly by the type of typhus, but there are symptoms that are associated with all three types of typhus, such as, headache, fever, chills, and rash. In rare cases, typhus can cause meningitis or death.

    Long Beach has seen 12 cases so far this year, double the normal number. And there have been nine other cases in the rest of the county, NBC News reported. Nationwide, there are only about 200 cases of the disease in an average year, according to the Centers for Disease Control. But the surge in flea-borne typhus appears to have been in response to the number of people living on the streets and in shelters, which has surged 75 percent to about 55,000 in the last six years. “There are lots of rats on Skid Row and there are lots of dogs that belong to homeless people,” Andy Bales, CEO of Union Mission Rescue, told NBC News.

    The Los Angeles mayor’s office said the city has “formed a dedicated task force through our Unified Homelessness Response Center to keep Angelenos safe and ensure everyone gets the treatment they need as quickly as possible.” Specifically, they’re looking for “high concentrations of infected fleas and/or infected rats, feral cats and opossums,” reported the New York Post.

    Officials in nearby Pasadena scoffed at the idea that the homeless are to blame for the typhus outbreak in their town. They point to the warm summer and fall and residents’ frequent interactions with animals in the wildlife and canyons of the nearby Angeles National Forest.


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      1. It’s being blamed on an out of control homeless population. If you read further into the article, you’ll find that it’s prevalent in “developing” countries, poor sanitation etc. Think about that.

        • Either get rid of the Sh1t or get rid of the Sh1ters. No other options.

      2. I know if this was China I know what the remedy would be.

      3. I wonder if this will spread in Las Vegas ?

      4. Leftards allowed their streets to devolve to medieval standards, then end up with medieval plagues; they’ll blame it on Trump.

      5. Brought to you by our shitskin invaders from the south no doubt.

        • my thought exactly uncontrolled imigration is deseaes importtation…

      6. Back about 25 years ago the US guaranteed all citizens a place to live, Clinton was president when that was thrown out I believe. Cops moving against homeless people on public land is against the Constitution, no ifs ands or buts. If the homeless are flea carriers then the government minions are blood sucking ticks.

      7. Typhus was the disease which killed many Germans during WW2. The concentration camps were plagued by the disease causing inmates to become ill, emaciated, and many died. Cyclon-b was used to fumigate clothing and kill disease carrying lice.

        Lavender is a useful plant for repelling ticks and fleas.

        Lavender oil can be used on the body as perfume or cologne.


      8. This is usually how it goes. You’re blaming all the obvious criminals and indigents. The city is suspicious of first worlders who go on nature walks — you dirty people, you.

        • In any major urban area, the more likely cause probably can be traced to rats.

          But, FWIW, I would expect the homeless population to have higher direct exposure to rats than the rest of the population and probably show a higher incidence of infection from the fleas they carry.

          • When we were still rural, you would hear of occasional rats, occasionally, around animal feed. They looked like wild ground animals from the desert.

            When we got crowded, there was a new, invasive specie hiding in trees and rain gutters.

      9. Typhus is NOT “also known as typhoid fever”.

      10. Typhus you say? I’ve heard Zyklon B works wonders on lice born Typhus, maybe it would work on fleas too?

      11. Who would have thought, huh? Jerry Brown will kill the rest of America. The little he-man.

      12. Remedy: Zyklon B

      13. I’m wondering if immersion in salt water would kill the fleas. Since large parts of Commiefornia will be dropping into the Pacific soon, we should have an answer shortly.

      14. Remedy: Zyklon B

      15. my thought exactly uncontrolled imigration is deseaes importtation…

      16. Zyklon B works on fleas and lice you say?
        Does it also work on Democrats, Communists and other leftists enemies of decency?

        • In the Holocaust Revisionist version of history, in which it didn’t happen, but it was a good idea, and you don’t want to be treated like you would do that, but here is the real reason why it actually happened…


      17. Caedite eos. Novit enim Dominus qui sunt eius.
        Kick out all illegal aliens now. Screw the “New World Order” and all the stupid liberals who buy their Bull.

      18. After the Al lies bombed all German cities and supply lines
        Zyklon (cyclone)B, manufactured by Degesch and used all over Europe, couldn’t be delivered to all the “concentration” camps. As a result typhus epidemics ran wild which is what the majority of deaths in the camps was caused by. Ironically, more inmates died in Bergen-Belsen After the British took control of the camp that under German control. All due to typhus.
        I bought this book 2 years ago for 20 bucks or so. Now it is more than a grand?

      19. When poverty returns so do poverty diseases.

      20. The problem is not the poor but the greedy who hoover up the wealth and don’t share. The “Me Too” millionaires are all talk no action as these people suffer more then they ever did!

      21. A Reichstag Fire, leading to the Enabling Act
        Detentions, until you can figure out who is guilty of what.
        Prison labor,also shipped to different countries.
        War fought on many fronts.
        Supply issues, due to leftist, financial sabotage.

        Literally Hitler?

        I have spent some of my formative years with someone who sewed flags on the original uniform, who saw him, in person from a distance, as a dignitary in the parade. Some of my first words were German, so I was sent to a speech class, to sound normal.

        I think, there should be a law about invoking Godwin’s law. Some of these arguments are substantial, not frivolous libel.

        All of that, above, was at work, imho. The people, responsible, were probably pleasant and had nice, private lives. For instance, vegetarian, non-smoker, dog owner, artist, likes to see baby deer.

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