OUTBREAK ALERT: Statewide Hepatitis A Infections In Georgia

by | Apr 22, 2019 | Headline News | 16 comments

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    The state of Georgia is experiencing a statewide viral outbreak.  Hepatitis A is spreading across the state as 250 cases of the infection have been identified. That’s more than four times the number of infections in 2017.

    The Georgia Department of Public Health says the cases date as far back as June 2018. The number of cases identified is nine times higher than the total of 24 infections identified in 2017, the department said according to a report by First Coast News.

    Hepatitis A has been spreading rapidly in areas with a large homeless population.  Some cities in California have even taken to bleaching the streets in an attempt to contain the infection.


    The Hepatitis A viral infection (HAV) is most commonly spread through close person-to-person transmission through fecal-oral exposure, according to the department. Drug users, homeless populations, and men who have sex with men are the most at risk for HAV, the department says. Although less common, it can also be transmitted through contaminated food, water or other objects.

    31 additional cases of the virus have been reported in just the past week. This HAV outbreak is ongoing, and complicated by the E. coli outbreak also ravaging the state of Georgia.  According to Northwest Georgia News, health officials also said Wednesday that the number of Georgians hit by an E. coli outbreak has increased to 27, up from 17 a week ago. The CDC late last week identified the probable source of the E. coli as contaminated ground beef.

    Two-thirds of the infected Georgian patients have been hospitalized and one has died from the disease. Georgia is one of 18 states currently experiencing a large increase in the number of cases of this highly contagious liver infection. Northwest Georgia News first reported on the Georgia hepatitis A surge last month when it was not quite as severe as it has become.

    Symptoms of hepatitis A can include nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, loss of appetite, fever, diarrhea, and headache. Take precautions to prevent the transmission of the infection if you are a high-risk person. A recommended way to prevent infection is to wash your hands with hot soapy water after using the restroom or changing diapers.  You should also wash your hands before and after preparing or eating food, and after contact with animals.



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      1. 8 million Americans die each year from the shit they eat.

        • And what is that number of deaths due to medical mistakes every year? I forget but it’s up there!
          Mac, what happened to Jeremiah Johnson?
          Did he get a visit from the guys in black suv’s?
          Or a swat team? “)

          • Maybe he bugged out to the wilderness like the real JJ? Speaking of infections, my doggie got (what I have diagnosed ) a case of “kennel cough” from the dog park. He had a bad deep cough, first with light brown flegm then dry, almost like he was going to puke and sounded like a goose honking. I researched it for hours and decided on a holistic cure. I am happy to report the cure worked excellent! in 24 hours almost no cough, after 48 no cough, day 3 and he is up and runnin like new! The research I did said that a vet administered antibiotic course would take about 2 weeks to cure. 2 weeks vs. 2 days, and a vet said that the vaccine for it was complete bullshit and don’t get it. Here is the cure I am using…

            Sambucus elderberry extract with vitamin C, echinaccia, zinc, 1 dropper full.

            Astralagus capsules, 1 capsule with peanut butter.

            Colloidial silver 10ppm, 1/2 dropper full.

            Tumeric extract, 1/2 dropperfull

            Raw organic honey, 1 teaspoon

            Pineapple juice (10x better than any cough syrup) 1 oz.

            I give him these doses 2X a day. This works for people too or cats etc. Adjust the amount for the animals weight. My doggie is about 70 lbs. I called my friend who was at the park with his dog the same time and he had the same issue so I made a bunch for him to treat his dog. Save this recipe and keep the ingredients in your preps for yer loved ones. A great treatment for colds in humans is pickle juice! I shit you not, it works great!

          • ht tps://youtu.be/HzTlB-TjAzM

      2. The scum illegals are bringing in all kinds of shit from all over the globe.

        • “M”
          You stole my thunder. I was going to say the same thing. He Measles, no Hep. well I guess this is only the beginning. .

        • Yep so get ready for the so called “forced vaccines”. I have some vaccines I will force on them!

        • And guess where they end up working? As a food service worker. Easist job to get.

      3. Every home should have a colloidal silver machine. It deals with over 600 ailments. Virtually all bacteria and virus are eliminated with it. Great stuff.

        • We make it and are not sick much. Never full blown.

      4. The family called me about this last night. Looks like I’m putting off my trip just a bit longer. The family is staying at home and going out as little as possible for the time being.

      5. Just my luck. I have to travel to GA for work in 2 weeks.

        • Old Sailor, I just found out there are 4 confirmed cases of the same crap in my area. So I’m going ahead with my trip. I’m going to a rural area anyway so everything should be OK.

      6. sorry us trolls dont take kindly to instructions frumu northeners

      7. A little perspective…

        250 case of HAV…

        We have about 10 million people who live in GA…

        That is 0.0025 % of the population.

        Even 25,000 cases is still about 1/4 of a percent….


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