OUTBREAK ALERT: Nipah Virus In India Has Killed 10, What You Should Know

by | May 23, 2018 | Headline News | 32 comments

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    The Nipah virus, which is spreading through parts of India, has already killed 10 people, including a nurse treating patients who had become infected. So far, here’s what we know about this little known infectious disease:

    The outbreak of the Nipah virus began in the northern district of Kozhikode and has spread to neighboring Malappuram district, Rajeev Sadanandan, additional chief secretary for the state’s Department of Health and Family Welfare, told CNN on Tuesday. So far, nine patients that tested positive for the virus have been quarantined and are being treated.

    The first few cases were reported Saturday in a family from Kozhikode, and then India’s Ministry of Health and Family Welfare and the World Health Organization were contacted, Vijayan’s office said Monday via Twitter. Two brothers in their late 20s and their aunt, aged 50, died from the virus, while their father, 56, remains on life support.

    Many have never even heard of the Nipah virus (NiV), so we dug up some pertinent information. As per the fact sheet about Nipah Virus by the World Health Organization,  infected bats shed virus in their excretions and secretions such as saliva, urine, semen, and excreta but they are symptomless carriers.

    The NiV is highly contagious among pigs and is spread by coughing. Direct contact with infected pigs was identified as the predominant mode of transmission in humans when it was first recognized in a large outbreak in Malaysia in 1999. Drinking of fresh date palm sap, possibly contaminated by fruit bats during the winter season may have been responsible for indirect transmission of Nipah Virus to humans. Human-to-human transmission of NiV has been reported in several recent outbreaks demonstrating a risk of transmission of the virus from infected patients to healthcare workers through contact with infected secretions, excretions, blood, or tissues.

    To prevent human to human transmission of NiV, avoid the respiratory secretions of those infected, as those are the primary carriers of NiV in humans.  If you are near anyone who has the infection and have had the chance to breathe in their out-breath, there is a possibility of infection. The risk of transmission goes even higher if the infected patient has respiratory symptoms, such as coughing and sneezing. Because respiratory secretions are the primary carriers of the virus, never share food, a bed. or be in very close proximity to a sneezing or coughing NiV patient. At any cost, one should not come in contact with the saliva of an infected person.

    Symptoms of Nipah virus can begin with a headache and some drowsiness but quickly transform into a coma within a matter of days, according to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Other symptoms include acute respiratory syndrome, where the lungs cannot get enough oxygen to the body, and fatal encephalitis, an inflammation of the brain.

    So far, the only treatment for NiV is limited supportive care, similar to that of those who contract the flu or a nasty cold.


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      1. Source, Military prepares to evacuate the entire island of Hawaii,. Hawaii will no longer be livable, they must leave now, its that bad. I got attacked by Jim in Va and John Stiner. You two idiots are going to see this happen. You talked too soon, Cali is next, your going to see it split open and break off. I am not giving dates, this is the fun part. What the militaries plan on going with the people masses of them is unknown, I don’t believe that many of them are going to be taken to safe areas, possible taken against their will to bad places. I was not told this part, it my opinion based on how the governments and military operate. The military is on water heading that way right now. It’s that bad. I am being told to move to north Dallas asap, and I am making preparations to do so since I can run my business there. I should have done this crap over 1 year ago, now the ocean floor of the gulf just ripped on and Lava is flowing on the ocean floor in the Texas gulf right now, this is what increased the temperature. I wish this was garbage info, I am just telling you what I know, that I have been informed to act now..


        • How about florida? My son lives on the gulf coast. Thanks hicks

        • You need alternate sources. I call BS.

        • Fracking?

          zerohedge DOT com/news/2018-05-23/did-fracking-cause-hawaii-volcano-eruption

          • I had heard a while back that Fracking was bad news, well, guess we are finally seeing what that b.s. casued – perhaps it was ALL done on purpose folks – think about that one for a minute.

        • Look I think you are going into panic mode. You do what you want to do. Don’t fear porn others that the WHOLE Hawaii is not livable now. Evacuation orders where given weeks ago for some people. My gosh the sky is falling. And California is not going to break off and then float away. Physical occurrences happen in this world. The earth is changing all the time. And WHO told YOU to act now? When lava comes through a tear in the ocean that is good as it relives pressure AND seals itself up. And calling people IDIOTS? You should look in the mirror and talk to yourself. You are not giving dates cause you have none to give you make it up in your mind as your opinion as you have stated in your comment. I suggest you not panic people as you could be liable to them kind of like yelling fire in a theatre. GO take some Valerian root and chill.

          • Sammy: Okay Mary, take it easy. No one can give exact dates about a damn thing in this world. Believe what you will or stick your head in the sand and hum Dixie or something or maybe just take a dump and relive some of your pressure build up.

        • Lay off the meth crack Hcks, you need and should seek professional help.

          BTW/ The waters in the Gulf of Mexico are getting warmer because it is Summer Time Hcks. Happens every year during the summer months of May, June, July, Aug Sept… and over here in FL the water temps on the beach can reach 90 deg’s plus,, amazingly beautiful and soothing. The world is not exploding just yet.

          And to answer the Articles Question: 10 Dead what should you know? Yeah, I wanna know where Bill and Melinda Gates murderers where, when these deaths happened? Their poison scam foundation has injured many Indians and why India kicked them out of the country for good.

        • The military is not evacuating all or any of Hawaiʻi! that is a deception. I live in Hawaiʻi. Where are you getting this false information? You need to check your sources this is just fear mongering. The actual eruption is only affecting 350 acres of land other than the vog which is similar to L.A. smog which creates a mere nuisance situation. The Big Island of Hawaiʻi contains 4,028.0 sq mi of land or approximately 2,577,920 acres. (There are 640 acres to a square mile. 4028.0 miles x 640 acres = 2,577,920). Thus, the numbers clearly show a very small amount of the Big Island is actually affected by the lava flows.

        • HCKS: So whats the story man? What does all this mean – what is the end result here? I believe what you say for what it is worth…some very odd things are going on and naturally the Gov’t will Not tell us anything but lies and double talk, etc. There are just so many things “messed up” people…

      2. The entire event is going MEGA MASSIVE ASS, SHTF between now and 2025, the wars, the environmental distruction, globally, all over the place. Its very, very bad. I have to leave town starting this month to find a new residence up North in Dallas. And I am stressed and not happy with all this work that I have to do now. My BOL on the North side of town I am abandoning that one, its now useless, wont server a purpose, the land only costed me 5,000, so its not at a secure area. Dallas, north east Texas is the best place or East Texas, more North. I don’t want to have to deal with the chi-com and other soldiers down here in the south. So I am leaving Houston asap. I don’t know how fast but I feel I can rap it up in 90days. By October 2018 time frame when the temp cools down, its just too hot right now. The entire moving cost, getting new house to rent, new office, moving expenses is around $5,000 right now and the list of other crap has me around 7k to do it successfully. You preppers on the north side of the country, you are friking lucky. I wish I was in your position. I should have gotten the frigging hell out of here 2 years ago, I just didn’t have the money to move yet, now I do.


        • Not really lucky hicks up north here cus yellow stone gonna get us real good.. yep real good

          • HCKS has had us all invaded or about to die for several years now and not one damn thing has happened. Like telling everyone to move to northern Colorado a couple of years ago. Did he? No. Bullcrap artist, and not a good one at that.

            Anyway, make sure you have respirators, even those plain white ones, and make sure you bend the wire in the nose area down over the nose to get a tight fit. The ones with a valve are better, but have something.
            You’ll need them eventually as those coming from south of the border are contaminated Petri dishes as well as those from India.

        • Hcks… Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz… Why don’t you paint wheels on the side of your cardboard box home, and drive out of the Houston area. Kinda like a Mobile home.. lol

      3. It wont take long for it to get here cus we have fook loads of Dr s from India comming here to rape our medical system not to mention the tens of thousands that are buying up our gas stations and motels lol then they bring all their families and i mean all aunts cousins parents ect ect.. everyone here wants to only mention the mexicans and mussies being an infection but fail to mention anything about the rapeing of our prosperity by the PUNJOBS

        • G-Soldier: What you speak is 100% True and accurate. The White man is a dying breed for so many reasons and this damn once great nation will be a massive “shitter” filled with yellow chinks and dirty, bug eating dot-heads and don’t get me started on the Muslims and the illiterate Mexicans and on and on and on. This country is toast guys – there is NO saving it.

      4. While I am not on the Hindi spectrum, per se, I think that some of the hygiene practices of the Brahmin are going to make them less susceptible than the untouchables — particularly, the less they come into physical contact.

        • Yea they dont shower often nor wear deoderant and they stink! Ever stay at a motel they own? They are filthy and their gas stations are ran down cus they dont keep them up they just bleed them for all they can then go back to india considered rich there

          • Some of that incense is said to kill as much bacteria as a disinfectant spray, not that I would brush my teeth in the Ganges.

        • India is a filthy place and life is cheap there. It is a mistake to apply Western ideas of the sanctity of life to India. People are used to mass death and 10 people dying is nothing. Call me when this virus takes out a few million or so.

          India is a population disaster zone and is exporting more and more people to the rest of the world as a result. Indians immediately lower living standards whereever they land up. Hygiene and sanitation standards also drop whereever they arrive. Just look at the shops they run or the restaurants.

          They do, however, have some of the most beautiful women in the world. Import the women, export the H1B Visa job thiefs.

      5. Godsoldier, Florida wont be as bad, just a lot of coastal flooding, from high water, from the spreading with of sunamis. Texas and Lousianna will get several sunami. The other problems are really the corbon gases, dropping the oxygen levels in the gulf regions coming up from the ocean, and we have a major dead zone in the gulf already, caused from the current activity that’s been going on for the last 6 years.

        This is the problem, since we are below sea level, this is why I am leaving. When the selve, continental shelf collapses, drops, the water goes up, trigging sunamis, this is the problem, it could happen anytime now, once the ring of fire activates, then take down cali, Mexico rips open, the guld shelf collapses and then Texas gets one. taking out the entire Houston Galveston areas all the way up to the Woodlands, up to as far as Austin. In over 100′ of water. I have to do something and leave asap.


        Listen to them lie their asses off, trying to call bullshit on what I was already told.


      6. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IeP0_beJ4kU

        God Soldier I just found this video. I wont even response that fake poster troll Jim in Va, this dumbass is working for a fusion center. Watch his pattern of attacks on me that been going on for 2 years now. Nice try Jimmy boy, you stupid dumbass.

        I was not even aware of how bad the gulf situation was until last weekend when I was told quit worrying about the soldiers, the people will kill them out, its the environmental distruction that will catch them off guard, that’s what the soldiers are counting on, the people just don’t know that yet. Until till just now. I was told this 2 years ago that 2018-2019 is the start of the these events, listen to this guy what he is saying, my car has insider info.

        They can hide it, but cant bullshit people like me.


        • Your car has insider info?

      7. Indian people are black. That is they are a mixed race with some mostly black and others mostly white or Asian just like the blacks in the USA.

        The first wave of immigrants from a foreign Country are usually the ones most easily assimilated, followed by their rift raft.

        The globalists kill off our people and replace them with foreigners.


        This new virus sounds like meningitis. The trick being played on us here by the medical community is the same trick they played with polio. By renaming new cases the vaccinators claim victory over the old disease and spread fear about a supposedly new disease.

        __ liars and deceivers


      8. I’m not in India. So, who cares.

      9. Fracking has nothing to do with what’s taking place. Not this type of activity. The activities are natural to mother nature with planets and solar systems. This is what people don’t understand. Earth will be unlivable in another 100 years. This is scientific fact. We are going to have to move to Mars, and terra form that planet, and they having been doing this since 1971. 100,000 earth humans are living on that planet right now, with permission from several Type 2 civilizations. The US has a base our moon, Jupiter’s moon Ganamede and Neptune’s Triton right now. Europa has life in the oceans, and NASA and the Black ops have known abou this for over 35 years, fish, crustasions, and other types of life forms by the numbering in the billions of species. The surface of that moon is completely oxygenated, but pressure is low so you cant walk out there and breath, it has a lot of radiation from Jupiter, so a space suit it needed, and the secret space program is on there with bases doing research as I type. Black ops invited my scientist friend to go off world several times, but he didn’t trust them. They wanted my friend to leaver Earth permanently. Alpha Centauri is also colonized, and aliens have colonized several neighboring solar systems close to earth for the past 1,2000,000 years. You all would not believe the things I get to hear and things I have seen literally in person. I am not going to waste time talking back to the trolls, let me just tell you all what I know. I have seen even the entire book of all the races of aliens where they come from. The same one that NASA has, my guy has a copy. The moon is artificial satellite occupied by reptilians, the entire moon, and they take humans from this planet over 1,000,000+ every year and take them to make them as worker slaves just like us on earth all over the galaxy. you wouldn’t believe the crap that’s going on. All these politicians are just nothing but lying bull shitters babbling horse shit publically. 1,000 human extra terrestrials live in the city of Houston, working in our jobs, and Governor Abbott is well aware of it, I was told. We almost got nuked by Iran and Hizbollah 6 times in this city. They have prevented over 6 terrorist nuke attacks in our city. Mac, I will let you and your moderators decide if this gets posted, your call. If don’t see this posted I understand, I am letting you know I have some damning information. Its already too late the environmental destruction I warned about 2 yrs ago has stared now. Hawaii is done, its literally on the internet, and these idiots are on here even with the eruptions and the volcano calling BS on my post. This is what’s so crazy about these trolls, I don’t know when they feel is the right time to let the masses know that its over. It’s all real Mac, I am not making up this stuff.


        2018-2025. Sorry, this is it folks, we are literally in it now.

        • Somebody made it up. I haven’t read it anywhere else, so you must have made it up.

      10. You want something to REALLY worry about? How about the news that Arizona is planning on taking in 400,000 Californians in the event the BIG ONE hits and refugees from California come streaming in? Now that keeps me up at night.

      11. Southside, good post, educate these stupid dumb asses, that keep attacking me as if they know more than me. And most of the women and females will be disappearing in the process since they plan to use chi-coms soldiers, and their Russians and UN soldiers to do the force evacuation. Good luck women, you all are fucked. These stupid dumb fucks have no idea what’s going on in this country. These little stupid people on this site, think they can just jump on here, call Bullshit on me, and that is acceptable. What you just posted, I heard about those facts already. This is why I am getting the hell off the coastline, Mac just put up a thread about Power plant collapse in Hawaii, yet trolls are on here trying to talk shit to me. nice try trolls, keep jerking off to internet gay porn in your stupid cubicle, and make sure you bosses will guarantee you a safe heaven to run to, you stupid useless pathetic fucking idiots.


        Women, prepare your mass extinction. 2019-2025. Good luck.

      12. Snakes kill at least 45,000 people a year in India. I don’t think Nipah is at the top of their list of concerns.

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