Outbreak Alert: Hepatitis A Outbreak In Salt Lake City Expected To Last MONTHS

by | Nov 21, 2017 | Headline News | 19 comments

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    Salt Lake City, Utah is only one of three major cities in the United States experiencing a Hepatitis A outbreak. And now health officials are warning residents to protect themselves against infection, as the outbreak is expected to last for “months.”

    There seems to be no end in sight for the cities grabbling with Hepatitis A outbreaks. Spurred by over-regulation and taxation, homelessness is now the norm in many US cities, Salt Lake City being no different. And Health officials in Utah now believe they could continue to see new cases of Hepatitis A for the next several months.

    The first outbreak of Hep A began in back in May in San Diego, but Salt Lake City started to notice serious issues in August. Since then, at least 75 cases have been reported statewide. With at least 3-4 new cases being discovered each week. The normal amount of Hepatitis A cases is around 2-4 per year.

    Nicholas Rupp of the Salt Lake County Health Department said one of the main contributors to the outbreak among those experiencing homelessness is a lack of access to hygiene needs. “Places to use the restroom, places to wash their hands, and those things all contribute to the transmission of Hepatitis A,” said Rupp. “Hepatitis A is not killed effectively by alcohol-based hand sanitizers,” said Rupp. “We always say hand sanitizers no matter what you’re trying to accomplish are not a substitute for hand washing.”

    Hepatitis A is often spread because of fecal matter getting on someone’s hand. If a person does not wash their hands properly with warm soapy water, they can spread the infection to surfaces they touch. With temperatures dropping outdoor hand washing stations are not an option in Salt Lake City, and although many people often use hand sanitizers, as Rupp noted, it’s not always effective.

    Salt Lake County hasn’t had to use bleach washes on the sidewalks just yet though like San Diego did. The 4th Street Clinic has also been suggesting vaccines and improved hand washing to all of their clients. Medical Director Dr. Michele Goldberg said patients are responding well. “Most people are totally for it,” said Dr. Goldberg. “They want to get a vaccine and would rather get a vaccine than be in the hospital.”

    The clinic has given out more than 350 vaccines, and the state is helping other organizations distribute more. The reason the outbreak could take months to get under control is the virus’s long incubation period, which is about 28 days. It can take weeks or months to show symptoms and the virus has normally spread to others by then.

    Dr. Goldberg knows they have a long way to go to stop the outbreak, but said their staff is going to remain vigilant in getting people the information and help they need. “You don’t lose the steam that you had initially,” said Dr. Goldberg. “Really just every patient that comes in the door, every medical accident says OK have they had their vaccines.”


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      1. Don’t some of these scum foreigners wipe their asses with their hands?

        • These filthy disease ridden foreigners need to be incinerated and put an end to this garbage. Their plan is to rot us from the inside out and that is exactly what they are doing people.

          • Most of these people are not foreign, they are US citizens.

          • Import da turd wurld and you become da turd wurld.

            Enjoying the diversity yet?

            People are all the same. Only difference is skin color.

            Sure. Can’t wait to book that dream vacation to Haiti. SAID NOBODY EVER!!

        • Pretty much. Some homeless are dirty too. But with hundreds of homeless MISSING from SLC long before the outbreak, one must wonder; “Why the panic now ???” This disease is facilitated by (foreign) restaurant workers who do not wash their hands after using the toilet and making food for YOU to eat.

          Folks, Public Health Services in America have become a PROFIT CENTER and the DISTRIBUTION ARM of the Pharmaceutical Industry in this country. Another scam for Taxpayer money. Follow the cash.

          When I was a kid I had two shots: polio and tetanus. No measles or mumps vaccination. In 1986 the number of REQUIRED vaccinations for kids were 14, before their immune system has matured. Now the vaccine schedule is about 50; including this vaccine administered to NEWBORN babies on the first day !!!

          Is it any wonder why kids today are so FUCKED UP, health wise ??? Google the vaccine schedule and list of ingredients in these vaccines. We are POISONING the next generation to profit BIG PHARMA !!! 🙁

          • Give your kids LOTS of Vitamin C to counter-act the poisons in these vaccines !!! Vitamin C is TOTALLY non toxic and is effective in massive doses even against rattlesnake venom !!!

            Hep A is also transmitted by the sharing and reusing of needles by druggies. 🙂

            • Possibly, because you are balancing something corrosive, with a clotting agent?

            • I spoke to a PHS Nurse who approached me for a free Hep A shot last week. Proudly she began to inform me of the different Repetitious forms like B & C. I gave her an earful about BIG MEDICINE AND BIG CANCER. She said that was why she entered PHS as a nurse.

              Then I gave her an earful about the “fillers” and “binders” used in these vaccines as well as her role in the PHS as a profit prostitute and distribution channel for BIG PHARMA’S parasitic pursuit of taxpayer dollars.

              Needless to say the look on her face when I was through with her suggested that she had a whole new perspective on her career choice: particularly when I posed the following question to her.

              Why would a new born baby need a Hep A shot, unless the Hospital it was born in was a fucking cesspool of germs ??? She turned and walked away. Another moron under mind control of the PTB facing a real revelation. 🙂

        • There is a discreet, manageable way, not to start your own encampments on fire, not to litter, or feed people your poop, if these weren’t intended as acts of resistance.

          These are perhaps your own, embittered countrymen, since the foreigners are given social promotions, unconditionally.

          • Mostly it is the IGNORANT activities of Mexican and Central American Illegals working in fast food who do not wash their hands because they do not know any better; not because there is a deliberate attempt to spread disease by anyone.

            Stupid is as stupid does. 🙁

      2. Why doesn’t your government care about your health? Because it’s not your government. Period. Act accordingly.

      3. There is no good reason in the world to take a shit on the god damned sidewalk – if you feel the need to do that garbage, well you deserve to HANG period! WTF has happened to this once great nation I ask all of you? ? ? ? Allowing the filthy foreigners from the 3rd world into the US is definitely not helping us in any way.

      4. Hepatitis A! Coming to your town soon! First, homeless people and illegal aliens and now Mormon missionaries. People, wash your hands and avoid shaking hands with people and be careful what you touch. That’s not a crack about Mormons. They’re as good as any of us about washing their hands after a bowel movement and that’s the problem. Not enough people wash their hands.

      5. I didn’t know that:

        Hepatitis A is a vaccine-preventable, communicable disease of the liver caused by the hepatitis A virus (HAV). It is usually transmitted person-to-person through the fecal-oral route or consumption of contaminated food or water. Hepatitis A is a self-limited disease that does not result in chronic infection.Sep 29, 2017

        ht tps://www.cdc.gov/hepatitis/hav/index.htm

        How do you get hepatitis A virus?

        Key facts
        1. Hepatitis A is a viral liver disease that can cause mild to severe illness.
        2. The hepatitis A virus (HAV) is transmitted through ingestion of contaminated food and water or through direct contact with an infectious person.
        3. Almost everyone recovers fully from hepatitis A with a lifelong immunity.

      6. Thanks for the warning to stay away from people.

        • I am not eating there — hopefully, reducing my risk of contamination — but I get sick, every time I come across one of these encampments.

          It would literally be healthier to stay away from people. Yes, really.

      7. fwiw. they are now bulldozering these people’s trees, bushes, and personal effects, grinding it into the dirt, with those big tire treads, and scooping it up, into removable piles, for their winter safety, most especially where there is a natural flood plain or manmade drainage area.

        If caught, they are given ultimatums, restricting their freedom of movement and employment.

        I think, there are probably far more indigent people, than what we call normals, forming the backbone of our sweatshop economy. We are privileged, to be reading this, and might be denialists, if we were shown what the Allies showed the Germans. We do many of the same things, just sanitize the wording, so that no emotionally-loaded expressions will trigger us.

      8. Bulldoze one camp, and they make another. Kind of like Section 8 housing. Bulldoze the projects because they are shitholes. Then disperse the residents so they drag down EVERYBODY’S neighborhood. It’s even been called “Scatter Site”.

      9. Bring back mental facilities. Place the mental patients and the druggies inside. I don’t care if they lose their freedom. Enough with the freedom BS. If you are unable to take care of yourself the human thing to do is to house these people in asylums.

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