OUTBREAK ALERT: 500 Are Sick After Visiting Tennessee Zip-line Attraction

by | Jul 16, 2018 | Headline News | 10 comments

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    More than five-hundred people so far have been sickened in Tennessee at a zip line attraction after E. Coli bacteria was found in the water. And at least 550 people have tested positive for the norovirus after visiting the same location.

    The state’s health department said last week one person who visited the CLIMB Works Zipline Canopy Tour in Gatlinburg tested positive for both the norovirus and enteropathogenic E. coli, according to a report by Fox News.  “At this time we cannot point to one simple cause of this outbreak,” said Tennessee Department of Health Deputy State Epidemiologist John Dunn, DVM, Ph.D., in a statement.

    “Preliminary testing and environmental health assessments indicate the water system at the zipline facility may have contributed to the outbreak; however, there are likely other sources involved in the spread of the illnesses, including contaminated surfaces and person-to-person transmission,” Dunn said. “It’s important to note that while norovirus is reliably identified in stool samples during outbreak investigations, identifying it in food, water, and the environment is more challenging,” Dunn added.

    Dunn also noted that the water at the zipline facility was contaminated with fecal material and that additional testing is currently being conducted.

    Both the norovirus and enteropathogenic E. coli are immensely uncomfortable for humans who contract either pathogen. Norovirus causes acute gastrointestinal illness and is often characterized by sudden onset of nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea; symptoms typically last one to two days. Enteropathogenic E. coli causes watery diarrhea; symptoms may last several days.

    Since June, multiple visitors to the facility have complained of falling ill, with one person, Emily Oney, posting on Facebook that her experience was a “terrible way to end our family vacation.”

    “The tour itself was fine. We had a group of 8 for the mountaintop tour on Saturday morning. By Sunday afternoon, 6/8 (including a 9 and 11 year old) of us were throwing up and terribly sick and could not figure out why,” she wrote in a post. “Do not drink the water here. Climb Works should make this right with all the families that were affected by this. Terrible way to end our family vacation.”


    CLIMB Works owner Nick Thompson told WTVR that the company and Thompson himself “feel awful for anyone that got sick.”

    “We have implemented every recommendation from the Health Department and are currently only using complimentary bottled water for our drinking water and added an additional chlorination system for our non-potable water,” he said in an email. “We feel awful for anyone that got sick and are asking anyone affected to contact us directly so we can help make the situation right for our guests.”


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      1. No doubt caused by all the MUSLIMS moving into TN…

      2. E. coli is quite common in Mexico and the libtards want open boarders… just say’in.

      3. must have scared the shit right out of some people

      4. Anyone live in or around Colorado Springs? Thinking of moving in that direction.

        • Him.. people in Colorado are complaining about the fleeing Californians flocking there, but so are people in Utah, Idaho, Nevada and Arizona from what I read. That and Colorado Springs leads the nation for ten years in radiation fallout. Perhaps those are minor and of little consequence when considering moving there.

          • I know they have nice scenery. The demographics are still a lot better than where I am. Chicago area. Denver is increasingly leftist, but Chicago has been dead for along time. Chicago metro area has the largest black population in the US and the second largest Hispanic population. Add in Irish Catholic Democrats and there is no hope.

            • Yes, the Irish Catholics are your problem group.

        • I would try to move west and or south of Colorado Springs as far as I could. I lived out there for a few years in Durango much better area but pricey. If work is not an issue Pagosa Springs. Bayfield is nice also.

      5. Norovirus is a very nasty contagion to acquire as it tends to make an entire household sick. Under SHTF conditions, it could be lethal. Say someone improperly butchers some game animal and then contaminates everyone with it during a time without utilities or running water. An immune compromised person like a child or elderly family member could die.

        It sweeps through universities, cruise ship passengers, jails, etc because if even one person spreads fomites, a certain percentage will be exposed. Classically it happens right when an exam is taking place and students cannot afford to miss the exam and expose the entire class who then expose the entire school.

        Something as simple as a shared handtowel could be the cause.

      6. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TAkH4jakLYA

        In general any anerobic bacteria that lives in the gut does so without oxygen. These frequently contaminate meat, even meat from the grocery as a little carelessness taints the meat. In some cases like Shigella, very little contamination results very serious contagion.

        With Norovirus, the patient most often has diarrhea but may have vomiting and diarrhea which is a red flag. Many things can cause diarrhea but if it’s bloody, it can likewise be very serious Shigella, Campylobacter, Salmonella, or rarely Yersina.

        A very dangerous treatment can be reducing gut motility by using an opioid like loperamide ie Imodium. In general, you want to expel the contagion not retain it. The issue is dehydration so you should look up Oral Rehydrate Solution which is nothing more than a homemade saltsugar solution, but in an emergency can save lives.

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