Outbreak Alert: 175 Dead In Nigerian Cholera Outbreak

by | Nov 12, 2018 | Headline News | 15 comments

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    Nigeria’s cholera outbreak has gone from bad to worse.  So far, 175 people have died and over 10,000 are suspected to have been infected with the illness during the most recent outbreak’s scourge.

    Cholera is caused by a bacterium transmitted through contaminated food or drinking water. It causes acute diarrhea and young children are particularly at risk. Nigeria suffers from a high rate of water-borne illnesses and infections.

    As of November 7th, the cholera outbreak in northeast Nigeria includes 1762 registered cases and 61 deaths in Yobe State2737 registered cases and 41 deaths in Adamawa State, and 5845 and 73 deaths in Borno State, according to figures from the World Health Organization and the Government of Nigeria.

    According to News 24, the Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC) said on Monday that suspected cholera cases have jumped in northeast Nigeria where Boko Haram violence has forced tens of thousands of people to seek refuge in crowded camps. Africa News further reported that hygiene stations are needed in the area to further combat the outbreak.

    “One of the major causes of the outbreak is the congestion in the camps that makes it difficult to provide adequate water, sanitation, and hygiene services,” said Janet Cherono, the NRC’s program manager in Maiduguri, capital of Borno state. “The rainy season has also worsened the conditions. If more land is not urgently provided for camp decongestion and construction of health and sanitation facilities, Nigeria is steering towards yet another cholera outbreak in 2019,” Cherono added.

    Over the last decade, northeast Nigeria and other areas of the Lake Chad Basin have been affected by cholera outbreaks almost every year, due to poor hygiene facilities in displacement camps and host communities. More than 1.8 million people are displaced in Nigeria, as a result of ongoing conflicts. The cholera outbreak is being glossed over by the Democratic Republic of Congo’s Ebola outbreak. 

    “We are calling on the authorities to provide more space in camps and host communities for the construction of new water and sanitation facilities, and for the international community to provide the necessary funding. Only this way can we prevent new cholera outbreaks,” Cherono said.

    NRC has responded to the cholera outbreak by transporting at least 180,000 liters of clean water daily from Maiduguri to communities around Tungushe and Konduga towns. The group has also undertaken tasks such as constructing more latrines where there are spaces for them and by sharing information about hygiene and cholera prevention with affected communities.



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      1. White people helped the black Africans to overpopulate the Continent of Africa. White people have supported black overpopulation in the USA.

        While white people put off having children in order for women to work along side men, the white middle class goes extinct while blacks fornicate and procreate.

        This situation cannot continue indefinitely. Sooner or later some disease will come along and wipe out the black hordes, taking the few remaining whites out with them.

        Cholera, Ebola, Aids, tuberculosis, leprosy, and so forth; all are back with a vengeance.


        • Yup, nailed it!!

        • You are 100 percent correct. We were lied to; told o hold back on having babies and give money to the Africans to help them advance. All these years later, they over populated their Co Titans now are crapping all over the world with that population.

          • 175 Dead In Nigerian Cholera Outbreak

            Needs to be 175 MILLION!

            • Simple math shows there is not enough time or resources on earth to provide a Western standard of living to all of Africa’s squatters. With the fastest growing population on earth, something is going to snap. Right now, Western governments are trying to re-locate Africans to the West. At some point people will wake up and realise this won’t work either.

              China needs resources for its people and China will do what it takes to get them. If the Chinese have to choose between the life of a low-IQ African and a Chinese person, guess who they will choose?

      2. Cholera? So what?

      3. Happy Veteran’s Day, Boomers.

        Pigs and military haven’t done a goddamned thing to protect white civilization from the brown hordes.

        The Oathkeepers even threatened the Alt Right “racists” with violence.

        You really think we’ll have that constitution bullshit when America isn’t white anymore?

        Think Stacy Abrams respects the 2nd Amendment? Think Andrew Gillum understands how the Federal Reserve works?

        Think you will still have freedom of speech?

        Boomer cretins. Enoch Powell said “We must be mad, literally barking mad to permit the importation of all these black welfare dependents. It’s like watching a nation busily engaged in heaping up it’s own funeral pyre.”

        Black apes have been given how many first world cities by the white man? And what is the inevitable result?

        Will you fight for the rights of 68 IQ African immigrants own guns, vote, and serve on juries?

        I wipe my fucking ass with the Constitution and the Flag.

        I piss on egalitarians.

        I think suffragettes should have been hanged.

        Police and Military are fucking white-hating cowards without the slightest comprehension of how this country was built and I look forward to facing them on the battlefield someday.

        There is no way back from what you Boomer scum have inflicted on this country.

        Rot in hell you worthless old scum sucking pigs.

        Go sit next to the oversized, meaningless flag on your porch and choke on your hot dogs.

        Someone needs to fuck you up.

        • Bring it Eisen…..

          • Max,whenever I respond to Eisen I’m put into moderation. this is crap1 He can rant but nobody can respond?

          • You may not like his delivery but his message is pretty much true…

      4. Only people I see around here flying flags are elderly types. Flying the flag at those ages indicates a WW2 connection. Not baby boomers. Baby boomers 1946-64.

      5. Mazx: Your moderation policy sucks!

      6. Monkeys still crapping in their water supply huh?
        god what stupid creatures.

      7. If the dark continent is so great why can they STILL NOT ever get past mud huts and preventable diseases even with 100 years of international welfare. Why can American never rise above the infernal welfare state either while weighed down by multiculturals anchor worn around its neck…. In fact no society can rise and improve while enslaved to artificial welfare programs to drap along parasites who will never integrate nor do any work to improve the entire populations aggregate well being… When the ants are SLAVES to the locusts only the locusts WIN AND SOCIETY CRASHES AND BURNS.

      8. 175 isn’t very many. There are many more in Yemen. Killed at the hands of the US and Saudi governments.

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