Out Of Control Chinese Space Station Carrying Toxic Waste Will Crash To Earth In Days

by | Mar 8, 2018 | Headline News | 69 comments


China’s first prototype station, Tiangong-1, will come crashing back to Earth between March 29 and April 9, experts say. The space station is carrying toxic waste, and it’s still unknown where Tiangong-1 will actually hit once it falls back to the planet.

The Chinese space station is said to be errant and out of control while carrying extremely hazardous toxic waste.  The problem is that the space station is going to crash into the Earth within the next 21 days, and experts have no idea where it’s going to land.

According to The Daily Mail, the doomed 8.5-tonne craft, which has been hurtling towards Earth since control was lost in 2016, is believed to contain dangerous hydrazine. Agencies around the world who have been monitoring its descent believe it has a higher chance of hitting Europe, the US, Australia, and New Zealand. However, no one really knows where it’s most likely to actually impact.

Tiangong, which translates to “heavenly palace,” is being closely monitored by the European Space Agency (ESA), based in Paris and their Space Debris Office in Darmstadt, Germany, and were able to make the prediction that the space station will hit Earth earlier this week.

In recent days Aerospace, a US research organization that advises government and private enterprise on space flight also updated its re-entry window. It said the space station will enter the Earth’s atmosphere on April 3, give or take a week. “Every couple of years something like this happens, but Tiangong-1 is big and dense so we need to keep an eye on it,” Jonathan McDowell, an astrophysicist from Harvard University told the Guardian

While most of it will burn up during re-entry, around 10 to 40 percent of the satellite is expected to survive as debris, and some parts may contain dangerous hydrazine. However, due to changing conditions in space, it is not possible to accurately predict where the module will land. “It is only in the final week or so that we are going to be able to start speaking about it with more confidence,” said D. McDowell. “I would guess that a few pieces will survive re-entry. But we will only know where they are going to land after after the fact.”

In recent months, the spacecraft has been speeding up and it is now falling by around 6km (3.7 miles) a week. In October it was falling at 1.5km (0.9 miles) a week.

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    1. B from CA

      So toxic waste is only going to fall on white Countries. What a strange coincidence.

      _ Don’t we have enough toxic waste already?

      _ Communist China, what a great friend. Got any more poison dog food? How about some toys for toddlers painted with toxic paint?

      Got to go to Walmart, Target or someplace else for some cheap Chinese imports. I don’t blame the average Chinese citizen. They are victims, too. Sorry about McDonalds and Coca-Cola.


      • Paranoid

        What a chunk of BS. Hydraxine is rocket fuel. Stuff burns like rocket fuel! It’s close to Gasoline and if anyone thinks it’s going to survive temperatures that melt metal in incoming space junk I’ve got a bridge to sell you.

        • Paranoid

          This site used to have some integrity ; Is it really trying to get to be the National Inquirer of the internet?

        • Peg Greterson

          Paranoid, where did you get your chemistry degree?

          • Paranoid

            Three years doing hazardous waste clean up for the State of Ohio, 25 years as a Petroleum Engineer. Operators Licence for Hazardous waste sites and sewage treatment plants. And yes I have worked with Hydrzine, wonderful stuff, especially with red fuming Nitric acid. but a bit in orbit GET REAL

            • Genius

              Teach me some stuff paranoid! I like chemistry! Seriously….

              • Paranoid

                Do not combine Hydrazine and Nitric acid in your tinfoil hat. It’s nasty.

          • Joe

            Because only chemists are aware that hydrazine is completely unstable at atmospheric re-entry temperatures?

    2. Norman Oliver

      This should say something to everyone about the quality and hazards of buying ‘Made in China’.

      • Gunner 54

        Is it true they’re having a 72 hour flash sale on a slightly used space station…

        • Norman Oliver

          While supplies last.

    3. Menzoberranzan

      Made in china.

      • The Deplorable Braveheart

        Menzo, agreed. MADE IN RED CHINA! There, fixed it for you, LOL.

        • Menzoberranzan

          That’s why I don’t shop at the chinese fleamarket, walmart.

          • Genius


            • The Deplorable Braveheart

              Genius, now there’s a happy thought. Let me add to it: it should have as many of our politicians aboard as possible wherever it hits.

    4. Archivist

      It’s been “hurtling” towards Earth since 2016? It’s only moving at a rate of 3.7 miles per week, or about .02 mph.

    5. Heartless

      Couldn’t they just have built-in a ‘return to sender’ program? I wonder if it has a nuke-power system aboard.

    6. JAS

      Any chance we can get it to hit israel?

      • AMERICAN


        I would hope it hits your house

        • Peg Greterson

          Hey, Stupid American: JAS said “isreal”, NOT AMERICA! Pull your head out fer chrissakes. “I hope it hits MY house.” There. Beat you to it.

          • Genius

            But he’s giving himself a colon exam lol. Gew never know what he will find!

    7. Sierra Dave

      How about taking out Mecca.

      • Menzoberranzan

        I’m for that, filled with crazed islamic savages.

        • RandomTangent1957

          How about on Obama’s house or Hillary’s House… Or perhaps the next Hollywood awards ceremony , where we could get Michael Moore & a thousand other Lefty Socialists plus a bunch of the Lying National Media types there fauning over the celebs ! Now that would be a bang for your buck ! ???

          • The Deplorable Braveheart

            RT1957, welcome back and I like that idea.

      • Kfilly

        I would prefer for it to hit Wall Street or in Washington DC.

        • Genius

          I would prefer it break up and hit every rothschild palace….

          • CrackerJack

            Hope it vaporizes Soros.

    8. The Deplorable Braveheart

      Let it land somewhere in China where it started from. They need a dose of their own medicine.

    9. MWK

      not big enough to change the voting demographics if it hits NYC. 🙁

    10. Houston/Cypress/Katy/Shtf

      Yep, fucking figures. chi-coms at it again.

      Jas, I don’t know who the hell you are, but I find your comment offensive. I do business with quite a few jews, and they pay on time, send me customers, etc. You are and anti-Semitic fucking prick that needs to be banned from this site. The government is the problem, not its people. But I see where your coming from. Nothing personal, just saying. And besides I got some jew blood in me.

      Sierra Dave, I find your comment offensive and acceptable, good one. Fuck mecca. It needs to drop right in the middle of that shit-hole arab piece of shit country and level that shit cube, that they run around.


      Hey trolls, welcome to the SHTFPLAN.COM, hope you feel welcome around here.

      • Peg Greterson

        So Catie, it is “Ok for me, but not for thee”. A typical j3wish sentiment. Good riddance to all o’ya.

      • Peg Greterson

        So Catie, it is “Ok for me, but not for thee”. A typical j3wish sentiment. Good riddance to all o’ya. I got some j3w blood too. It is in a quart Mason Jar down in the basement.

      • JAS

        I have never met a jue tha t doesn’t put Israel ahead of America and they can all go f their pigs. If we get into wwIII it will be because of israel.

      • FTW

        HCKS –

        You have shown your hatred towards Russians, Chinese, Blacks, North Koreans, Middle Easterners & Mexicans on this site. Yet, you find it offensive that someone mentions for Israel to be destroyed?

        I’d say … you have more then just a little J3w blood in your system.

        Every time anyone says that Israel is our only friend in the Middle East, I can’t help but think that before Israel, we had no enemies in the Middle East.” ~ Fr. John Sheehan, S.J.

        • Genius

          HCKS, you might want to get a blood transfusion then….

        • awed bawl

          Israel is our only fiend in the Middle East

    11. Kevin2

      Hydrazine was used in power plants to remove oxygen from feedwater. Its toxic and was largely replaced by less hazardous O2 scavengers about 4 decades ago. Being flammable it will likely burn up upon entry. Many chemical plants have far worse chemicals.

      • bb in GA

        When I worked in the Power Generation industry about 50 years ago, hydrazine was alive and well in the plants I worked in. I knew it was used in the “Water Lab” but I never knew its exact function. Thanks K2.

        OBTW, I was assumed smart enough not to drink or huff fumes off the chemicals present in my environment, but I don’t remember being especially warned about the Toxicity of hydrazine beyond if it had labels/stickers saying as much.


        • Genius

          Roundup is probably a bigger danger.

          • Kevin2


            No doubt of that. This amount of hydrazine is insignificant. I give hydrazine a 5 out of 10 for bad. The chronic exposure cancer causing stuff is insidious. No symptoms with a couple of decades of exposure until close to pension time and then its malignant everything. I look at Roundup as Agent Orange light. It kills plants, it will kill you. It will just take time.

        • Kevin2

          Warned? Five decades ago asbestos was just an annoyance. Lead in the form of TEL Tetra Ethyl Lead was in gasoline. Industry racked up a body count or sure.

          One of the many reasons industry fled overseas was to avoid being environmentally and safety responsible.

          • Genius

            Damn good point K2!

            • The Deplorable Braveheart

              Genius, if roundup is that bad…..HMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM! An idea for a weapon just occurred to me…..

              • Kevin2

                Roundup is dangerous in chronic exposure. Get it on you, ingest or inhale it over years and its liver cancer time as the main filter just can’t take any more exposure. Industry hides behind this. “It wasn’t our chemical”. When you walk into your job upright and leave horizontal they can’t deny that it occurred there. This is why they are more cautious with a small cut than a cancer causing agent.

    12. OnionBreath

      I hope it hits Sacramento !

    13. homericninjas

      The day Skylab fell I was ripped to the gills at an outdoor concert with 45,000 other folks. Can’t “remember” being to worried about it.

      • Peg Greterson

        I happen to own a piece of Skylab that fell in Western Australia. An enterprising Australian found it, had it authenticated by NASA, then cut it up and sold pieces along with the documentation. My piece cost $5.

    14. Brian

      “Toxic waste” lo mein and “toxic waste” fried rice coming to your neighborhood?

    15. hoser

      As long as it hits a Blue State I’m happy

    16. Red Hawk

      the sky is falling

      this will burn up on re-entry

    17. bb in GA

      Ditto what I said about the Asteroid post…

      The Earth surface is about 71% Ocean. More than 2 out 3 chance it gonna splash.

      How much of it will survive?

      10 -40% of 8.5 tonnes = 0.1 x 8.5 x 2240 lbs = 1904 lbs

      So somewhere between a compact car size object to a couple full size cars, but likely all in pieces.

      Toxic or not – like the asteroid – lots of more important things on our individual plates.


      • Genius

        Oh goody, more shit in the oceans! With medical waste, radioactive waste, fukashima, corexit, on and on and on, depopulation is within reach 🙂

    18. Houston/Cypress/Katy/Shtf

      Jas, I hate to admit it but what you just said it true, sick and true. My comment on FTW, its not the citizens that I hate, its the soldier in the tanks, and the ones on the ground with the guns shooting at us is who I don’t like. When you foreign soldiers listen to bullshit from your countries leaders, and believe that Americans are bad, then you jump on a ship, invade my country, come with tanks, jets, ships and land here, bomb our cities, shoot us, and fuck our women. Then you invading soldiers must expect to get your asses shreaded, when you fire on us.

      I for one don’t like Russian soldiers coming up in my face in the middle of the Galleria Houston Tx, and this did happen, talking shit to my lesbian chick friend demanding that she hand over her computer. It’s not average Russians I have problems with it the ones that are deployed over here that are working for the UN for gun confiscation, and disarmament, detainment, and 30,000 plus guillotines, and FEMA camps. I have told several cops about that incident and made sure the captain of a police department was notified about my incident.

      Any other cops in the know that want to know what’s up. Want to know where the Russian fuckers are hanging out, try Café Euro on Fountain View and Westhiemer Rd Houston Tx. I hope the cops read my post and raid the shit out of the fucking place. One security guard told my sifu(master) about the arrogant muscled up Russians hanging out in the galleria. Incase you all forgot about the incident in another state up north, where Russians attacked a marine in a bar, beating him so badly he almost died. That incident was and unprovoked attack.

      FTW, chill buddy, you don’t know my city that well guy. I am not a racist.


      • Genius

        Uhhhh “I for one don’t like Russian soldiers coming up in my face in the middle of the Galleria Houston Tx, and this did happen, talking shit to my lesbian chick friend demanding that she hand over her computer. It’s not average Russians I have problems with it the ones that are deployed over here that are working for the UN for gun confiscation, and disarmament, detainment, and 30,000 plus guillotines, and FEMA camps. I have told several cops about that incident and made sure the captain of a police department was notified about my incident.”

        This is brought to you by your buddies the Gews! Keep loving your enemies. They don’t do their dirty work, they get their slaves to do it for them. Not that hard to figure out.

        • Genius

          This is brought to you by your buddies the shewws! Keep loving your enemies. They don’t do their dirty work, they get their slaves to do it for them. Not that hard to figure out.

      • Archivist

        I would never live in a city as bad as you claim Houston is. Why don’t you move?

    19. Old Guy

      Let It hit scramento,or shitcago, DC or anyplace Hellery is located.

    20. Brian

      A geiger counter measures radiation. If there was some instrument like the geiger counter that could show the level of toxicity, you could carry it around in your daily life. You would know how toxic the air you breathe is and how much toxicity was in the food you eat and the fluids you drink. The toxic waste in that station will be insignificant. We can be thankful that no such instrument exists. Ignorance is bliss!

    21. TC13

      One thing that I thought of, and I may be totally wrong, but if this satellite explodes over the US in just the right place, wouldn’t it be somewhat like an EMP going off?? Just a thought. If you look at the coordinates that are on the Space.com website about this lovely piece of “uncontrolled/out of control” space junk, it will fly right about over the center of the US if the space agencies involved in tracking this thing are wrong about it breaking up over Spain, France, Portugal, Greece, etc…a good chunk of the US is between 43 degrees N and 43 degrees S. Who says it is “out of control”? But then again, I’m just thinking “out loud”.

      • Paranoid

        Nope conventional explosions don’t give significant EMP and this will burn up in atmosphere EMP is only significant if in a vacuum. It only exists because the energy must go somewhere and in space there is no matter to heat up so it’s EMP.

    22. the blame-e

      Somebody’s space station is always falling out of the sky. [Yawn]


      mmmmmmmm Does this stuff burn up reentering in the atmosphere ?


      If the world were really lucky, this thing would land on the Pentagon.

    25. T surfer

      Too bad it won’t land on China where it was sent from.

    26. anticomie

      “people’s republic” at it’s best. All governments need to eradicated. Only the Law of Moses and the Will of God needs to be obeyed.

    27. Fritz

      Just what we need … more junk from China!

      • awed bawl

        chinese junks usually sail the ocean

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