Our Threat Comes From Within: “The Establishment Is Doing Everything It Can To Make Us Look Crazy”

by | Oct 12, 2016 | Headline News | 97 comments

Do you LOVE America?


    If you are paying attention, then you have no doubt noticed that anything that runs contrary to the globalist establishment is being spun and propagandized to make us look crazy. If you speak out about your Constitutional rights, show concern for the state of our economy, or disagree with “progressive” ideas, then you are, according to the mainstream, comparable to a homegrown terrorist and a threat to the citizens of the world.

    You’re deplorable. You’re irredeemable. You’re a standard redneck. You’re clinging to your guns and your religion.

    But as Joe Joseph notes in his latest Daily News Update, the real threat is buried deep within the establishment:

    When you take a look at what happened at the debate and a lot of discussion going on afterwards, you can see that the establishment is doing everything it can to justify not only its behavior, but to cast any sort of populism aside and call it crazy talk…

    Our threat comes from within… it’s our own rogue government controlled by special interests… that is who the threat is… the ones that don’t listen to you… the non representing representatives… those are the real threat… those people right there. 

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      1. They haven’t seen crazy yet. The rats on top should just wait a bit more and shall see what crazy patriots will do.

        • Make me look crazy? I thought I was crazy…….

          • Nah, you’re the only sane one here.

          • I smoked marijuana once. Ever since then I’ve been crazy……

        • Ready for war.
          We have nothing but corruption at the top US political positions AND IT AIN’T GOING TO GET ANY BETTER.
          SHTF – going to be our only way out.

          • WikiLeaks is Breaking Scandal Upon Scandal… but the Media is Ignoring Them

            “As news about a decade-old recording of Donald Trump’s locker room banter continues to take the lion’s share of the old media’s attention, others have been digesting the 2 thousand emails from Hillary’s top campaign aide John Podesta.

            And what these emails say about the collusion of the media with team Hillary, the backroom vendetta Democrats had for Democrat candidate Bernie Sanders, the general hatred that Democrats have for the American people, and Team Hillary’s criminal actions is truly illuminating.

            This particular batch of emails are hacked messages sent to and from Clinton campaign Chairman John Podesta. He is a long-term associate of the Clintons and was President Bill Clinton’s Chief of Staff from 1998 until 2001.

            Podesta also owns the Podesta Group, a major lobbying firm, and is the Chair of the Center for American Progress (CAP), a far left-wing Washington DC-based think tank.”

            If you are interested in reading the raw emails posted by WikiLeaks for yourself, you can find them at their Podesta email section: https://wikileaks.org/podesta-emails/.


            • Not to mention the utter disdain for traditional Catholics, and his desire to undermine the church.

              Bottom line if Clinton wins to quote Ann Coulter it is Adios USA. I don’t give the country a year before she goes full tyrant and uses a supreme court majority and executive orders to abrogate the first and second amendments of the US constitution, there will be an insurrection of the red states and the red counties in blue states.

              Considering most of the military comes from red states, she will have a hard time keeping the whole enchilada together

          • Bill,
            YUP, your probably correct, it is our only way to save or salvage what is left of our country!!

            • ARE YOU CALLIN ME CRAZY????

      2. Crazy?….No Way!! Pissed?….Hell Yeah!!

        ~WWTI…Tell us when we can start shooting the Tyrants.

      3. What,are you saying Warchild isn’t crazy?!You mean it is new world order types that are crazy?Well,all I can say is “Dammit!”

      4. The enemy is within. It is called the AIPAC. AIPAC is the financing branch of the masters of the USA called Israel. The tribe in Israel also markets Palestinian as crazies and simply shoot the unarmed kids, men and woman and bulldoze their homes.

        Just wait until the same happens in your neighborhood in the US of A by the children of satan.

      5. The title is not accurate: “Our Threat Comes From Within” . It should be:

        “Enemy is Within”. It is called AIPAC. This enemy is the financial arms of the masters of the USA called Israel. To them all non tribal Americans are same as Palestinians. Soon they will kill our unarmed kids, women and bulldoze out homes exactly the same way they do it to the Palestinians. That’s why they want us to be unarmed.


        • Stolz, spot on. Neither der juden nor anyone else will receive anything but HOT LEAD from me.

          • Oh boy here is that hot lead again

            • Look out for brave judans!

            • Tacoma, about time you came back. I thought you lost interest in me.

              • Sorry brave. not interested in you.Looks like you would have learned by now more you talk the more likely you will be among the first to visit the fema camp.

                • Tacoma, that’s OK about not being interested in me. So you think I’ll be the first to go to a fema camp? In your dreams.

                  • No not my dreams.You have give them to much info on this site alone.They know everything there is to know about you.

                    • Tacoma, oh yes, in your dreams and their dreams also. It will be a fatal mistake for anyone to try it.

        • Stolz – Nailed it!!


          • I do not understand the Jew hating if you base it on money then Rome or even ancient Greece. The land of the Egypt and ancient China all had a gold fixations. I am old enough to have heard the story’s told by my German grandparents about how the Jews were treated not the history channel crap but living eye witness’s. You claim that a group as small as they are have all this power but yet not a word about the Italian mob. Please give up the fact’s and sources so I can begins to study this I have traveled far and wide and have seen many more non Jews running the world of high finance 100 to 1 or even higher. This is a puzzle to me for my life and many others do not bare out a life that is controlled by anyone group or even a religion and both of our main political party’s would just die for that much control. Hell even Al Gore dreams of a world of his own to pick winners and losers. So agine give me the facts and source’s for if what you claim is even partly true then I will need time to adjust my preps for not just me but the whole family. You have gone on so long that I have looked into it but I need more source materials to dig though.

            • Victor Thorn has a few good books out. One specifically – (9/11 was an inside Job) will shed a bit light, but that’s one narrow angle of the entire spectrum. Too bad they killed him a few days ago.

            • You are right Old Iron, the prejudice is sickening.

            • Jew haters get their so called information from white supremacist and neo-Nazi “historians.”
              While these ill informed fanatics blame everything negative that has ever happened in the history of the universe on Jews and now on Israel, they completely disregard groups like the Bilderbergers, the Council On Foreign Relations, the Trilateral Commission, the Committee of 300, and the United Nations and their goal of world wide “Communitarianism” (Communism).
              These one world government organizations are comprised of the ultra wealthy, big business, Senators, Congressmen, Presidents, Prime Ministers, Kings, Queens, high ranking members of the military, US Cabinet members, banking/financial groups, and ALL mainstream media heads and many of their reporters.
              Then you have the various “charitable” foundations e.g., the Carnegie Foundation, the Ford Foundation, the Rockefeller Foundation, the Clinton Foundation, etc., foundations that are nothing but tax exempt money laundering fronts for the very wealthy, which allow these powerful men and women to fund groups, movements, schools, universities, etc. that have as their goal the undermining and destruction of our culture, our religion, our morals and values, and our Republic.

              The men and women who make up the membership of these organizations, put their puppets into high offices around the world, who then willingly do the bidding of the group.
              Watch Hillary Clinton’s video thanking the Council On Foreign Relations for “telling us what to do.”

              While a number of Jews are certainly part of these globalist organizations, the Jews Are Taking Over the World bunch, ignore all of the Christians, Buddhists, Muslims, and atheists who make up the majority of these globalist organizations.

        • Sigh…
          Anti Semitic troll alert.

      6. Crazy when I got here, But I’m all right now!

      7. Crazy I think not. however unrealistic and denialist does describe a lot of people. The elections don’t matter. We really cannot change anything for the better. There isn’t a ghost of a chance of restoring the republic. The manufacturing jobs will never return. The middle class is going extinct. There aint gonna be any reset. there aint gonna be a collapse and emergence of a 1800,s lifestyle. The trusted group you joined will disappoint you. Your own family will turn against you. The hard fact is most will be dead. The remaining few will live a stone age existence and many will wish they where dead. And a few will embrace and revel in the new adventure.

        • Old Guy, I started to take Symbolta mixed with prozac after reading your post and still getting the panic attack. LOL.

          You might be correct.

        • So what yer sayin’ Old Guy is this is as good as it gets…been sayin’that for years – Same shit, new day.


          • Yep in a few we will be wishing for the Good old days of 2016. It is what it is. like it or lump it. Nothing will change the political landscape. What you can do Is learn to have the Know How to be self reliant. position you and yours to where you well being is not at the mercy of other people things and conditions. Get to that point and you really will not care or worry about what the government does or doesnt do.

        • Trump Rally’s in FL – “The line of Trump fans stretched for a half-mile, and some began waiting in line as many as eight hours before his speech began – while he was still at a Texas fundraiser” About 8,000 people crowded into a public park in the seaside town of Panama City Beach to hear the Republican presidential nominee speak from an amphitheater’s stage.

          And more Wikileaks document dump on Hillary secret Speech minutes

          Trump referred to the Wikilinks, that says, “‘Speaking in secret to a foreign bank, again just revealed, Hillary said “My dream is a hemispheric common market with open trade and open borders”,’ Trump said, quoting a digest of previously undisclosed transcripts of speeches she delivered on Wall Street for an average of $225,000 each.”

          Trump says, “‘Wikileaks has given us a window into the secret corridors of government power,’ he said, ‘where we see a former secretary of state announcing her desire to end forever the American independence that our founders gave to us and wanted us to have.’

          ‘American soldiers have fought and died to win and keep America’s freedom, and now Hillary Clinton wants to surrender that freedom to these open borders, open trade, and a world government.’

          Trump accused her of both pining for deeper U.S. military entanglements overseas and plotting to abandon the protection of America’s geographic and cultural identity.

          ‘We’re protecting the borders of foreign countries,’ he said, forecasting a new Clinton administration. ‘But not our borders.’

          ‘These Wikileaks emails confirm what those of us here today have known all along: Hillary Clinton is the vessel of a corrupt globalist establishment that’s raiding our country and surrendering the sovereignty of our nation,’ he said.

          ‘This criminal government cartel doesn’t recognize borders but believes in global governance, unlimited immigration and rule by corporations.’

          ‘Behind closed doors when she thought no one was listening, she pledged to dissolve the borders of the United States of America. No borders!’

          ‘Well, there goes the rest of your businesses. And there goes your country, folks,’ he fumed as a helicopter buzzed overhead flashing a ‘Make America Great Again’ message on its underbelly.

          ~WWTI… Link- ht tp://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3833741/She-s-bad-bad-person-Trump-digs-Hillary-recites-Wikileaks-bombshells-pledges-investigate-investigation-ended-classified-email-case.html

          • almost ALL the libtards and the MSM is telling the lies that Clinton is ahead, TRUTH is Trump will SKUNK hitlary BUT the REAL question IS??? are the NWO using Trump to make us feel we won? you know they are NOT stupid and they do have every resource available! I sure hope Trump is NOT part of them, time will tell!! stay safe and keep BOTH eyes open,it is coming fast whatever “IT” is!!

        • Yes but in this new stone age there will be hundreds of nuclear plants that will either go full Fukushima if simply abandoned; or if given time to be properly shut down and move their fuel rods to dry cask storage, will lie dormant with their nuclear fuel rods eventually leeching radiation into the local environment for the next million years or so

      8. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DCKtsYmeqMs

        Dr James Garrow on with Daniel Ott. What happens next? When do we die?


        When i met my girlfriend, i was a star, and she made me do it.

        between 2016-2020, i am dead as Phuck.

      9. hor not you ee T man,

        Whether or not you vote for the T man, citizens of Arizona and Wisconsin rise up and throw McCain and Ryan under the bus.

        • Definitely, those pricks need an awakening

      10. Wow won’t try posting again for a while.

      11. Make me look CRAZY?

        Keep pushing me into a corner, and you will see how CRAZY I can get!!!

        I’m not CRAZY the world is! Just look around. Hell’s Bells the guberment is tell us that if you are male and think your a female you can use the girls bathrooms. 25 years ago you would be in a NUT HOUSE where you belong!!!! Hell “I Batman You Know”!!!! Now If I ran around saying this and dressing like Batman I would be in the NUT HOUSE, and rightly so.

        CRAZY! You Will See Crazy, Keep Pushing!!!!!!!!!


      12. Wait til the mushroom clouds appear. you’ll see crazy. When the EBT cards don’t work,nor any electronics,you’ll see crazy. no cash in the ATM,no gas for the car,no beer for the party..all hell will commence. The armed populace will head for city hall,the state capital and congress and burn down what is there. any rope at the hardware store will run out and anyone involved in politics will be swinging from anything 10 feet off the ground. Then and only then will they turn on each other and decimate one another. there is your crazy.

      13. As in Crazy horse?

        Well, the Jews said the same thing about the people who were trying to wake them up… and you know how that turned out.

      14. Too many play into the Batshit Crazy with things they profess. here comes a shit storm coming my way.

        1. Sorry but the holocaust did occur or my Uncle and friends father both soldiers are liars and my other friends father, with whip scars on his back lied about being a 14 year old Polish Catholic that was forced to put Jewish dead in the ovens.

        2.Man did land on the moon

        3. There was no carburetor that got 50 MPG

        There is more

        The fact is TPTB dilute the truth into a stew of lies and one has to pick the meat and vegetables from the fat, stems and gristle. Adopting every anti establishment position as truth is equivalent to eating the whole bowl.

        • Kevin2, correct #1 to reflect the truth and you can be called 100% awaken. Many stories were fabricated specific to the Ho£ocau$t with purpose. The same way they are fabricating stories about Muslims while they train ISIS barbarians.


          • What is your source to say the holocaust was a fabrication? Are you calling Kevin2 a liar? He said ” but the holocaust did occur or my Uncle and friends father both soldiers are liars and my other friends father, with whip scars on his back lied about being a 14 year old Polish Catholic that was forced to put Jewish dead in the ovens.”

            I myself served directly for men that went into those places and saw the dead, the dying and the infrastructure in place for the “final solution.” Are you calling them liars as well?

            Again, to claim his statement needs to be corrected implies that he is wrong. So please provide the source for your information.

            If you cannot effectively refute “The Good Old Days” by Klee, Dressen and Riess then you must realize that the very people you wish to awaken will simply say to themselves “oh geez, another right wing, Christian White Supremacist with a load of conspiracy theories” and off to Starbux they’ll toddle while you stew over the fact they think you’re a tin foiler so please, source that claim.


            • Well, said. Couldn’t have stated it better.

            • I had the privilege of knowing 3 World War 2 veterans, one man had been a member of the US military and had helped liberate Buchenwald, another man was a young US
              soldier who was present at the Nuremberg Trials, and the last gentleman was a German man who had been conscripted into Hitler’s Army towards the end of the war.

              All of these men had great difficulty speaking about their experiences during the war, especially the old man who had helped to liberate Buchenwald, and all of them, especially the former Nazi soldier, said that ANYONE who denies the reality of the Holocaust, is a dammed fool who knows NOTHING about the World War 2 and the real world.

        • So you said: my other friends father, with whip scars on his back lied about being a 14 year old Polish Catholic that was forced to put Jewish dead in the ovens.

          So they were already dead, and then they put them in the ovens? Is that your story and you are sticking to it?


          • He loaded the ovens with dead bodies. Yes. He was an early teen, a Polish Catholic

            • Also Uncle Jimmy who landed with the 4th ID at Utah liberated more than one camp. My friends father also Army Infantry liberated a camp also. He brought back wood shoes that one of the victims made. They look like clogs.

        • Kevin2:

          There are many things that have benn recently found to have been blamed on Natzies that were actually crimes committed by the Communists. These false flag operations were some of where Polish officers were murdered by men wearing the uniforms of dead German soldiers.

          Also, there were ovens, actually crematoriums, in the concentration camps. Those who died were cremated. Jews and others died because there was an epidemic of Typhus. There was also hunger especially at the end. Both Germans and Jews died.

          No one denies that during the war some soldiers in positions of authority acted badly. Rape, cruelty, even murder did take place. What has been scientifically proven is that there was no way possible for the Germans to have gassed to death millions of people. It is factually already proven.

          There are billions of dollars paid to survivers. This law suit for a slip and fall personal injury has garnered so much money for “survivors”, they’ll never admit lying.

          Don’t know if your kin folk are incorrect or lying.

          The Germans have been demonized far beyond reason. I admire both the German people and I reject claims by our lying MSM and our lying government. The Germans defended Christianity. The Germans removed a foreign enemy from among them who had openly claimed to declare war on them. If Their Leader had not removed these infiltrators from their high positions in German banking, etc., Germany would and was dying, and would have died. Hitler gave Germany twelve years of peace, prosperity, and freedom. I reject the portrayal of Hitler as a vicious madman. Listen to his speeches in English. He wanted peace. Peace. Not war. It was Churchill who pushed for war. Hitler loved the English people and did not want to fight England. Churchill’s niece was one of Hitler’s entourage. Hitler may have had a child with her. No one knows for sure because this relationship and the child have been kept top secret to this day.

          In any case, no one suffered more than Germany during WW2. And Poland would have negotiated with Germany when Hitler offered them a great compromise before the war, but Roosevelt withheld the critical fact that Russia under Stalin was going to invade Poland and take the Eastern part of Poland. Roosevelt was a Communist. His New Deal brought socialism, the first stage of Communism to America.


          • “Don’t know if your kin folk are incorrect or lying.”

            Uncle Jim and my friends dad have no reason to lie as neither does Mr L. No Jews lived around us, came from a very blue collar town that was 3/4 Italian American. Mr L kids were forbidden from watching any war stuff on TV. We used to tell his two sons about the Combat episodes.

            • ” I reject the portrayal of Hitler as a vicious madman.”

              A friends wife was from Belarus. Her father as a kid had to hide in the woods when the Germans came through as they killed everyone. They put the people in town in a building, women, kids, old people and set it on fire then shot everyone that tried to flee.

              I reject your rejection.

              • Kevin2, maybe you are mixing the Israeli Trained ISIS with the Germans. You know there are many fabricated stories thee days on the media and humans do have a tendency to mix realities with fictions.

                You look like a well educated and intelligent person and I am sure you can expand your historical research without basing the final judgment on same sources who are benefiting financially from the fabricated *****Ho£ocau$t*****.

                p.s. can you notice the Dollar and Euro currency symbols?

                • I can assure you that my Uncle, my friends father that was also in the US Army and Mr L the Polish Catholic were not part of some Jewish conspiracy. Hell there were no Jews where I grew up.

      15. There wasn’t any moon landing. Especially in a tin foil capsule LOL. I agree no such thing as a magic carb. Yep the Germans did bad things. And so did every one else. The US government did far worse to the native americans than Hitler did to the tribe.

        • Old Guy, 1000 Amen to your post.

          Kevin2, You just got a free education. Use it.

        • No moon landing?

          Give it up, grandad was a rocket engineer. We went to the moon.
          I personally watched Apollo launches. We went to the moon.
          We have hundreds of pounds of moon rocks that have been analyzed by the best laboratories in the world in dozens of countries. We went to the moon.
          I’ve had dinner and spent an evening with a couple of astronauts including one that went to the moon. We went to the moon.
          The Russians tracked our every move, hated us, but still never questioned the moon landing. We went to the moon.
          Earths best telescopes now equipped with adaptive optics can see the landing sites with such detail that the tracks from the rovers are visible. They are exactly where we landed and lander bases, rovers, packs and equipment are exactly where we left them. Really, we went to the moon.

          • yea right.

            • So how much was real?
              We launched rockets into space with people, and they came back.

              We use satellite views of weather to track Hurricanes since the 60’s, were they real?
              I get satellite TV from space, is that real?
              We have a space station in orbit that is so big, it is the third brightest object in the night sky after the sun and the moon, it can clearly be seem with good binoculars, is that real?

              Grandad had over 800 patents for rocket related inventions, I can google his name and see the patents that were declassified, are they real?

              What possesses people to swallow every conspiracy story they hear. Where exactly did the very real space program split and become Hollywood, and where did it again connect with reality in your minds.

      16. Our country has been taken over– a coup has occurred… we no longer have a government…

        But people are waking up! Give them copies of stuff from this website and other websites… they do listen and understand when you give the facts!!


        • TWO THUMBS UP!!!
          Molon Labe!!

        • You tell em’ Mel Gibson.


        • Brave.
          Well stated.

        • Amen Braveheart

          Be polite , Be Professional..But, have a plan to kill everyone you meet

      18. BTW, nobody has seen crazy til’ they’ve been on the ‘business end’ of one of my weapons.

        • How many have seen that?

      19. We need snap emergency national early election TOMORROW


      20. Don’t forget. We don’t have to put up with this government tyranny:

        “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.–That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, –That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness. Prudence, indeed, will dictate that Governments long established should not be changed for light and transient causes; and accordingly all experience hath shewn, that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable, than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed. But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security.” (Declaration of Independence)

        • That sums it up.
          Thanks for the reminder!

          • And Also often Overlooked within the same “Declaration of Independence” document are the wording of…That This nation of America was created by the orig founding Fathers and also for Their Future Posterity aka offspring decendants…So what is so overlooked too often is the fact that They were European White men, and hence when They stated “and for Our future posterity too” they were most definatly speaking of and meaning the future WHITEY populations of america too…NOT afrcians NOT mexicans, Not international jewry, Not queers fags and dykes..

            And certainly Not Kommies!

            America was Not created from Slavery of afrcians as many todays blacks try to convince You of!

            No…America was created to be a nation of safty and security and prosperity By and For mainly Euro Whites and most were also Christians too…This is what america was really created by and for period.

            No that aint PC correct! and it also aint “Rayssisit” because YES white folk also deserve a nation for themselves to live and propser in and live as Free agent human beings as christianity so promotes also.

            And not untill 1965 fed law changes of immigration laws to halt more euro whites entering into usa and instead opening flood gates to every type third world pest and pervert and trouble maker/user/destroyer/rioter/looter/ and overall Undesireables in general, was done by Two NY jewish kommies…One a usa senator from NY the Other a NY usa rep official that kept promoting those 1965 law changes….Has america ever fared to badly as today.

            just fifty yrs ago usa contained aprox 90% European Whites just as the orig founders Planned it to be!

            Untill international kommie jewry went all out to destroy yet another white nation and its founder/builder/payer/persons aka Whiteys.

            USA=Nation #110 wrecked and ruined by the worlds nation wrecker jewry tribe..Which are actually factually converted Khazars aka edom! Also called by Christ as the “tares”.

      21. Anti-establishmentarianism!

        Deplorable then.

        Deplorable now!

        I really haven’t changed that much over the years.
        Don’t expect to change much for whatever time I have left.

        Do bow the knee to the Lord Jesus Christ.
        He’s anti-establishment too, don’t ya know. ?

      22. What is really discouraging is how successfully the powers-that-be are in telling people how to think. This is really disheartening1

        • 101 reasons why we need a cleansing of the gene pool

      23. The The Second Amendment of the United States Constitution reads: “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.” is there for a reason. Perhaps the time is very close at hand to use it. I to urge Wisconsin voters to remove Paul Ryan from office.

      24. Our Threat Comes From Within: “The Establishment Is Doing Everything It Can To Make Us Look Crazy”

        Fair enough, but … the threat comes from an outside source as well … as in … a country called Israel.

        Get rid of “dual citizenship elected politicians” … America may have some stability. – ’till then … the “game” continues.

      25. Crazy like a fox.

        What does it mean to be crazy? It means that your reality is different than the agreed upon reality.

        If the world is flat, and everyone can easily observe this agreed upon reality, to ascertain and proclaim that the earth is round and not flat, is simply insane. Put you in prison, Galileo. The world is flat. The earth is the center of the universe. And you are a heretic.

        My friends, we are in good company.


        • You just spoke more truth in this one post (maybe accidently) than every comment I have read on this site in the past decade or so that I’ve been lurking.

        • The Earth indeed in the centre of the universe
          Hence why EARTH anagrams into HEART (main organ in centre of your chest)

          rearrange the letters on a bit of paper, you can’t fault a single one (Y)
          ~ osama bin laden = lob man in da sea
          ~ princess diana = spin a car n dies
          ~ princess diana = ascend in paris
          ~ osama bin laden = lob man in da sea
          ~ the Israeli state = the elitists area
          ~ united nations = tainted unison
          ~ climate change = chemical agent
          ~ climate change = a technical gem
          ~ population control = a cull potion pronto
          ~ national crime agency = a camera nicely noting
          ~ national crime agency = only a magicians centre
          ~ bermuda triangle = I gambled a return
          ~ bermuda triangle = burglar dementia
          ~ the big society = cite bogey shit
          ~ armed forces = comrade serf
          ~ satellite = latest lie
          ~ cosmonauts = mason scout
          ~ cosmonauts = out on scams
          ~ the cosmonauts = US acts the moon
          ~ NASA astronauts = USA on satan star
          ~ NASA space mission = a cinemas passions
          ~ planet earth = theatre plan
          ~ space shuttle = cheapest slut
          ~ space station = satanic poets

      26. The two enemies of the people are criminals and the government. So let us tie down the second with the chains of the constitution so the second will not become the legalized version of the first.
        Thomas Jefferson

      27. We the people are the rightful masters of both the congress and the courts, not to overthrow the Constitution but to overthrow the men who would pervert the Constitution.
        Abraham Lincoln

      28. Peace is that brief glorious moment in history when everyone is standing around reloading.
        Thomas Jefferson

        • Good one.

      29. The deterioration of every government begins with the decay of the principles on which it was founded.
        Charles-Louis de Secondat

      30. The strength of the Constitution depends on the will of the people to defend it.
        Thomas Jefferson

      31. It all just shows how afraid the establishment is.. degrade, dehumanize and label their enemies to make them not human… next step will be to cut off information and alternate media.. then comes the march of history… ban means of self defense, armbands, no businesses, roundups and then execution of dissenters..
        We are NOT crazy.. We KNOW history..
        Please stop the insanity.. don’t continue down this path.. If you continue down this highway to hell at first you may think you are winning… but in the end you will all end up in the same place as everyone else… we all die eventually..
        Its coming faster.. prepare.. good luck and God Bless

      32. We will rise above the establishment. We are looking for a leader to take us there.

      33. The liberal people who simply adopt the media line on different subjects are woefully ignorant. Ask a few relevant questions on important issues and you’ll find they don’t know the answers. Even if they get you angry, don’t lash out. Don’t threaten them and especially not with gun violence. They faith in what their liberal college professors teach them is pathetic. The professors are not all-knowing and always right. They are prone to keep spouting rhetoric and not listening to the other person’s ideas.

      34. The enermy within is the jewish banking system that took full control of the USA on 9/11

        Americans are just slaves to the bankers and there only hope to be set free is by russia dealing with Israel and then all the strings to puppets in Congress will be cut.

        when/if Israel gets hits then americans will have there one and only chance to stand up (which i know is hard for cowards) to deal with the remians of the US government and if they don’t then they will find themselves nuked by more than just Russia

      35. educate great – sadly not enough time – what we need is to wake a lot of folk up
        Wake-Up the military thats what we really need
        why the phuq would either side want to use Dirty Nukes – when we have lovely “emp'”
        these days – been radicalised by my own counrty

      36. The establishment has made a mess of things. Time to nut up and start change.

      37. I’m sorry folks, but the establishment is not making you look crazy. You are doing it all on your own. We went to the moon. Hitler killed millions of Jews. This country is run by the 1% for the 1%. Hillary and Trump are both part of the 1%. Corporate America is poisoning the water, the soil, our food supply and us all for profits. Corporate America is sending jobs overseas. Corporate America is represented by Republicans and enabled with the assistance of the Democrats. Trump is a con man, liar, and narcissistic crazy man who is likely to start WWIII. Hillary is a defense hawk who is inclined to use military force to protect corporate interests, pursue trade policies that benefit the 1% at the expense of the 99%, and pursue gun control policies that really don’t reduce gun accidents or deaths. There is no big plan for one world order without physical or country borders. The 1% don’t need it. They have so much money they can travel and move to any place in the world that they want to go or live. If you have money and you don’t like the US, move to Chile, or South Africa or your private island in the pacific. The 1% do it all the time. The new world order is economic. The World Trade Organization takes away sovereign nations rights. NAFTA. The Trans Pacific Partnership. Free trade and free flow of capital is the new world order the 1% seek and they already have much of what they want. Corporations and the 1% want to rule the world. The 1% run the country through purchasing Congress with campaign contributions, jobs after Congress, lobbying jobs, power, etc.

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