“Our Drivers Have Been Attacked”: UPS Halts Deliveries To Swedish “No Go Zone”

by | Mar 3, 2019 | Headline News | 47 comments

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    This report was originally published by Tyler Durden at ZeroHedge.com

    Editor’s Note: Following mass migrations all across Europe, leftist leaders in the E.U. have completely denied the rise in crime, violent extremism and no-go areas of their major cities. As we’ve noted previously, such zones actually do exist, and though official confirmation is as of yet not forthcoming, UPS delivery services in Sweden have been suspended in these very areas. In short: It’s a madhouse and a far cry from the peaceful and loving country that Sweden once was. There’s a common denominator – can you guess what it is?

    “Our Drivers Have Been Attacked”: UPS Halts Deliveries To Swedish “No Go Zone”

    Though European leaders and their counterparts in the US (along with their allies in the mainstream press) have continued to deny their existence, migrant-dominated “no go” zones remain a persistent public safety threat to the Swedish public. And in the latest repudiation of the Swedish government’s refusal to accept the term, and acknowledge the fact that – as Swedish police chiefs warned back in 2017 – these areas represent “parallel societies” where Swedish institutions aren’t recognized, UPS has ceased delivery to Rosengard, a notorious neighborhood in Malmo, Sweden, after several of its drivers were assaulted and robbed.

    According to local media reports cited by RT, delivering to the neighborhood has become too dangerous for UPS, after the US carrier told the press that “our drivers have been attacked and therefore we have decided not to hand out packages at [the district].”


    The decision to cease package delivery follows a spike in crime in the notoriously poverty-stricken neighborhood, where police say they cannot effectively carry out their law enforcement duties.

    Rosengard, a troubled, immigrant-dominated neighborhood, has gained notoriety due to a spike in violent crime recorded in recent years. Gun violence, armed robberies, and other offenses seem to have become commonplace there, according to media reports. The district, plagued by unemployment and poverty, has previously appeared on a list of Sweden’s ‘vulnerable areas’, which some media and local politicians refer to as ‘no-go zones’.

    Across Europe, the term “no go zone” is used to describe areas where even the police are afraid to go. UPS isn’t the first organization operating in Sweden to adopt an official company police to avoid ‘no go’ zones. That list also includes PostNord, the country’s government run postal service.

    For some local service providers at least, the words ‘no-go zones’ are taken quite literally. In 2017, the Swedish ambulance union said first responders need military-grade protective gear to withstand the dangers of such areas. Later that year, the government-run postal service, PostNord, halted mail delivery to some addresses near the troubled Stockholm suburb of Rinkeby, where large-scale riots were taking place.

    Back in 2017, a leaked police report identified 23 ‘no go’ zones across the country where police couldn’t effectively operate.

    But in the US, the New York Times and its partners in the mainstream press refuse to acknowledge the existence of an immigrant driven spike in crime in parts of the liberal Nordic paradise. Why? Because it contradicts their pro-immigration agenda.


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      1. The only good Moslem is a dead one.

        • Reports in local outlets say all evil dooers have worn Red hats with the Slogan MAGA on them! “News at 7:00”


        • Rellik, and dismembered! Sometimes you just got to show ’em the pictures!

        • That is not an acceptable comment in civilized society. You should be ashamed of yourself.

          • guess those offended can kiss my ass.

        • Amen to them apples!!! It is just so vile and disgusting that this nonsense is tolerated. And just think we have plenty of these sand-fleas roaming the streets of America thanks to the like of barry hussein, the homo muslim himself.

      2. Sounds just like Chicago, St Louis, Camden, Charlotte….. basically anywhere a democrat is in charge.

        • Dan, it’s Democrats AND certain groups that vote predominantly democrat. It was crazy to believe that we could import 100 million foreigners from 3rd world countries and not destroy White Judeo/Christian Western Civilization.

          Yes, the real number is 100 million. When I was young there were 230 million people in the US and now there is 330 million. The white population did not account for this growth. So where did it come from?

          What have we done to our country?!?!

          • What has happened to our country? Voted in the wrong representatives who now believe they are rulers. These representatives have been managed by handlers who present them as positively as possible to gain votes. Once in the DC swamp, they do as their party leader pleases.

      3. “…’UPS Halts Deliveries'”

        This is my main fear about Amazon taking over and putting our system of retail brick and mortar stores out of business. If UPS can’t or won’t deliver to any given area, for any reason whatever, it becomes a SHTF-crisis event.


        • Excellent point.

      4. Here in the U.S. muzzies get elected to Congress, while the Communists in Commiefornia are trying to remove John Wayne’s name from an airport for an interview he gave 48 yers ago.

        20 Sheriffs in Communist New Mexico rebelling against new gun laws there. STAND TALL PATIOTS! (and watch out fur dem hogs)

      5. This isn’t immigration;it’s invasion!

      6. I have long maintained that the number one thing to do as a prepper is to make sure that you live in a safe area, surrounded by “like minded people”. It’s a REALLY big step but it may be the most important prepper decision you make.

        One of the first things I did as a prepper was to move away from “the corridor of death” (i.e. the Route 29 corridor). Which stretches from Baltimore to Washington DC. I now live in a rural town, but it’s still in Maryland. It’s better than it was but I still hope to make my escape before TSHF.

        Remember fellow preppers: Location, Location, Location!

        • Justice,
          “Remember fellow preppers: Location, Location, Location!”.
          is good advice. Problem is when you find a good place people, follow you there and screw it up!
          40 years ago I moved to a Mill town 32 miles east of Seattle. Most residents drove 4WD trucks, owned two chain saws, and had a rifle and fishing poles in the rifle rack. When I left twenty years later it was full of California Yuppies complaining to the sheriff when I would do my Sunday( quite legal) shotgun, pistol, and rifle practice on my acreage.
          My older brother moved to McCall Idaho in the early 90’s. Good fishing, rural, and people were very libertarian. Today the place is shi_tty with liberal yuppies, and housing divisions. He went up to rural Alaska to escape the influx.
          It is very hard to find a “safe” area with like minded people, without it being “discovered”.
          If it is an easy place to get to, the rabble may follow and FIU!

          • I remember in the movie Jeremiah Johnson, at the end “settlers” were coming up into the wilderness, where only mountain men (like him) would venture to go.

            When I was a teenager my family moved out to “the country” (“Howard County MD) where there were more cows than homes. Now it just another suburb of Washington DC. I don’t have many more moves left in me, but I hope I can find one last place “away from the things of man!”

          • Rellik, the only move I expect to make is to the BOL in north GA and that may come sooner then I think the way things are looking. If I’m attacked wherever I’m at someone will just get a dose of hot lead. Don’t care who it is or their motive. As long as they avoid me they’ll be just fine.

        • Justice, I live over here in the “Land Of Pleasant living”. And my how it has changed from the island I grew up on.

          • repr sleepr, my God what a small world.

            My family used to have a place in Ocean City. Last fall I went back there, to reminisce, and it felt alien to me. I have lived in Maryland most of my life but it is time for me to leave.

            • The savages are ruining O.C. as well, the cancer just never seems to stop spreading and I am so sick and tired of the filthy and crime and mess being everywhere I turn my damn head. My family has owned a beach house down there since the 50’s, way back in the good ole’days so to speak. Damn shame.

            • Been to a many Howard county fairgrounds gun show. Still try and make to the Timonium one.

              • And yes, O.C. has become more or less a dump. And Rehobeth beach is teaming with fags. Getting worse than Key West. When I want to stick my feet in the ocean, me and the missus head for Chincoteague, its a small clean town and the beach is spotless.

        • Location doesn’t mean nearly as much as you think it does

        • I feel the same living on the Virgnia side of Metro DC.

          • Yahooie, I didn’t know you live in VA. Small world. Howdy Neighbor!

        • I can’t wait for the next off-plan shuttle…

          “Earth! What a sh*thole! I’d rather stay here with the ‘things’!” ~ Alien Resurrection (1997)

        • Amen Justice! I unfortunately work right off of the glorious Rt. 29, in Columbia, which by the way was a very, very nice area when I was a kid growing up in the 80’s but once again look what Gov’t did for us and destroyed Howard County as well…just makes me puke. Thank God I also moved but stinks I am still in Md. as well

          • Concerned Citizen, I saw so many great concerts at Merriweather Post Pavilion. Howard County was a great place to grow up. So many great memories.

            I want my country back!

      7. Not many places to move to anymore….Alaska maybe.

        • Howdy neighbor, it’s Justice in MD. Man, I remember when Virginia was a solid Red State and now look at it!

          I hope if things get bad, word will spread about a prepper paradise, where we can all head to and ride out the storm. But I suspect that there is, and will be, no such place on earth.

          With respect Alaska, that reminds me to re-watch “Northern Exposure”. I would move there but I doubt that the women are as pretty as Maggie and the blonde waitress (Holling’s Squeeze).

        • JIV,
          Alaska is VERY different from the East coast. Most east coast people don’t do so well there. I spent 20+ years in the Pacific NW so weather and terrain are familiar plus I have family there. I only moved to Hawaii because it was wife’s turn to pick where we live
          (Alaska was my first choice). I’d invite you to rural Hawaii, but you don’t know what rural is, until you live in the middle of an ocean and you can’t ride, drive or walk away from there. Few outsiders can handle it. I’ve been here 19 years and I don’t surf.

          • rellik, my office mate at the SEC was born and raised in Hawaii and she was glad to leave and had no intention of going back. I always took it that she knew what she was talking about.

            One of the main problems with both Alaska and Hawaii is the high cost of living. I know I’m looking to cash out of a higher cost area and move to a rural lower cost area. I’m retired and don’t need to be near “where the jobs are” anymore.

            • But in my mind, Hawaii is exactly like Gilligan’s Island where all the girls look like Mary Ann and Ginger. And Alaska is like Northern Exposure.

        • Jim in Va, are you serious? Have you ever flown over ‘flyover country’. Vast amount of land masses are sparsely populated. Families there raise and grow their own meat and produce locally, school their children at home, provide their own security and emergency communications, build and maintain their own shelter.

          Much of it is mountainous and forested. Think of the last 50 years. How has the mightiest military in the world fared against such indigenous people?

        • Very good point, you can only run so far away…we are all being put into the proverbial CORNER folks and being surrounded by an out of control, vile plague, cancer.

      8. About 25 years ago Camden NJ Police didn’t go to Camden because it was so bad and the NJ State Police took over.

      9. More city fearmongering. What are country folks a bunch of pussies. They scream about how city people can’t handle life out in the woods. Are you kidding the woods is a cake walk compared to the streets. I think country people are just afraid. Weak. You don’t know how to deal with people if your afraid. If you can’t handle the city how the hell are you gonna survive a shtf world. So sad

      10. Just leave the country altogether! Pay no tax to the IRS on your first $105,000 of income. Enjoy lower medical costs, cost-of-living 1/5th to 1/4 of what you pay in the U.S. Lots and lost of other advantages. What are you waiting for?

      11. I’ve been to Alaska twice and loved it…wife is the opposite. She’s kind of citified and I’m not. I’m doing good where I am but Virginia is about to turn dark blue and the closest place to go would be West Va.

        • It is awful and disgusting how the demonRATS have ruined a State like VA, my God…shame, so so shameful. The likes of NVA have ruined the entire damned state.

        • I thought the Swedes were smarter than that, but then again, I thought we were too. I grew up in No. Va.,moved to Fauquier as a teen. Hated every minute of it. Now, on my own, WV is my home. Still work in Va. but settled in Hampshire County (over 98% white and low taxes, not being racist-just the facts). Love how Manchin votes Republican. The mountains are awesome. Spring water in all directions. WV is perfect for me-and still close to family. I bet they run my way if the S.H.T.F., and they have to bug. Them and a million others. They call it “almost heaven” for a reason. I’m not scared of Hanging Rock. To me it’s an asset, I could shut down the highway east with a digging bar and sledge. Proud to live here. Preppers welcome. Plenty of wildlife, fresh air, and privacy, for now. I know my real estate dollar went a lot further, and I’m with my kind. As a city boy, never thought I would say “proud to be a hillbilly”.

      12. In Sweden, the Swedish Democrats are a nationalist, right-wing party who want stronger immigration restrictions. There are a lot of people in Sweden who are getting really hacked off. Hopefully, they can create enough pressure to get something done about it. Of course, there are a lot of people in this country who are upset at places like Flint, Michigan where non-Muslims feel threatened to go.

      13. Let me guess, more of those lovely, peaceful foreigners and especially those sand-ape Muslims? Wow, when will people learn about this low IQ subhuman gorillas? America, wake up before you become the next Sweden and why do you think they want our Guns gone so badly??

        • CC, we lived in Minne-snowda for 10 years and if you think VA is bad, you should try going to what was formally called St. Paul, but is now “Mogadishu on the Mississippi”.

      14. I’d only go to those areas when pigs fly.
        Hey! that’s an idea.

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