Ottawa Police Begin Making Arrests To Squash Freedom Convoy “Unlawful Demonstration”

by | Feb 18, 2022 | Headline News | 19 comments

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    This article was originally published by Tyler Durden at ZeroHedge.

    EDITOR’S NOTE: Still think the police are on your side? The time for sugarcoating reality is over. The job of the enforcers is to keep the ruling class in power. Time to wake up, folks. When this level of tyranny comes here, who do you think will squash the dissent? It won’t be the politicians suiting up and taking up arms to fight us. It will be their order following minions. They’ll violate your rights in exchange for a paycheck you were stolen from to provide. Who’s side are they really on?

    Update (0943ET): AP News reports police have begun arresting protesters at the trucker demonstration in Ottawa’s downtown district.

    CTV News Ottawa’s Graham Richardson says there’s a “beefed-up police presence.”

    Images circulating on Twitter show police vans (commonly known as “paddy wagons”) have assembled as arrests are being reported.

    The government doesn’t want the world to see what’s happening in downtown Ottawa.

    Government checkpoints in Ottawa.

    Here’s a live feed of downtown Ottawa.


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      1. Kanada recently built a bunch of concentration camps. Someones going Bye Bye…

        • They call them “covid” camps. Pretty handy eh?

      2. America’s Military has invaded countries for much less than the current oppression of the Canadian truckers happening now. How about go to Ottawa and take out the tyrants beating Canadians and put them on trial for crimes against humanity. Time to step up the the plate US Government, and protect humans and invade Canada and take out this appointed government Trudeau stole this last election with force. Look at this history of this last Canadian election. Trudeau only got like 35% of the total vote. Kind of like GO Brandon did to steal America’s election in 2020. If nobody will stop election theft them we all lost our country.

        • Even if they manage to get rid of turdue, there are plenty of other WEF trained scum to replace him.


            War is what happens when some monolithic, public work, noble lie, and raison d’être collapses.

            BRICS will replace the WEF.

          • Neither conservationists nor conservatives can ever put a finger on it:
            — What are you conserving.
            — Who are you conserving it for.


        • Come on now you know with our limp dick president nothing like that’s going to

        • Unfortunately, not likely to happen so long as the usurper is in the white house. Tyrants are typically unconcerned with public opinion. Nor do they knuckle under to protests when they have the full cooperation of well armed useful idiots at the helm of law enforcement and military to do the dirty work of thuggery. And the vote has also been altogether corrupted. No, it all comes down to us ordinary citizens. We can still do damage to that prime moron. If anyone has bank accounts, credit cards and mortgages with canadian owned banks like TD Bank, close and move to another bank that isn’t taking sides with tyranny. I plan to do it.

          We are not entirely helpless. We have one power beyond that, heretofore untapped – the consumers purse. All it would take is unity. If everyone started to boycott everything unnecessary to the survival of life, it would cause a massive ripple all the way up to that tin-pot tyrants neck. And there is nothing anyone can do to stop it. Nobody can be arrested for simply not shopping. No trucks needed to be parked. No uselessly ‘peaceful’ protests and no need for violence either. No identities put out there to be doxed, harassed or fined. But just how many non-truckers are on the side of the freedom convoy ? It would take a very sizable portion of the population to make it work. And just how many would actually do it – well, I have my doubts it would be enough. Sad really. The power is massive if embraced. The down side is the possibility of a lot of commercial bankruptcy, insolvency and unemployment if protracted.

      3. I’ll kill whomever I must to defend my family and my property. I’m mad enough now I don’t give a fuck about consequences anymore.

      4. Really, this is not a rhetorical question, how do those cops sleep at night? These cops obviously have a moral dead spot inside of them. They’ve proven over past two weeks they would have fit in perfectly with Stalin’s henchmen. They are not there to maintain legitimate law and order but to oppress and do the bidding of the “elites”.

      5. Trudeau originally wanted to threaten the first born male child of protesters but was told it was to jewish.

      6. I pray for all freedom loving people everywhere.

      7. Don’t despair. The truckers had one goal: to goad Trudeau into implementing emergency law so that we can then spool up Canada for the war against Russia. You can’t go to war without emergency legislation (remember the PATRIOT Act?).

        In the next month you will see Canada go on war footing and the truckers etc. will be drafted. Good times ahead!!

      8. Ottawa Freedom Convoy over. Watched the final livestreams Sat night. They towed the trucks that didn’t leave and smashed the trucker’s windows if they wouldn’t open the door. They corralled the rest of the people at about 9pm EST, left a couple of troopers to pepper spray anyone who touched the fence and blocked off all the side streets but one. You could leave but not return. They didn’t care who stayed because there was no longer anywhere to get warm or sleep. You could stay if you chose to freeze.

        Saturday morning at 8 AM livestreamer went back and there was only 10 people left.

        Next stop….Quebec.

      9. Some of these are nato troops in police costumes. That’s why the evil attacks increased .

      10. Thank you Turd-O you have shown that the western world is not free and charters of freedoms or bill of rights Mater not with a government pen stroke! You have awaken a sleeping giant that is going to bite you in the ass! Do not comply, take your cash out of the bank’s now!

      11. All the MSM narratives persistently forget, all Trudeau had to do was drop the COVID-1984 restrictions. They were being dropped everywhere else in the world anyway, and that was the problem.

        Instead, Trudeau used the Trucker protests to double down on COVID-1984, using the Emergencies act in a desperate attempt to save the WEF Reset in Canada.

        Only BC is insisting on maintaining masking and vax passports past March. Masking and vax passports the iconic features of WEF New Normal.

        Quebec has backed down on retaining vax passports, promising to drop them March 14. Alberta and Ontario are dropping them March 1.

        Border Blockades were what delegitimized the Convoy for most Canadians. Some Border Blockade participants may have been sincere, but Border Blockades smacked of a counter-intel op.

        Alberta was ending COVID-1984 yet was the first province hit with a border blockade at Coutts. Ambassador Bridge threatened both US and Canadian economies.

        Everyone wants the economy re-opened, but border blockades are anti-economy and help the WEF Reset.

        The Mild Omicron wave, pretty much vaccinated everyone for real against SARS CoV-2. So there is no medical pretext for COVID-1984.

        The Globalist Socialists needed the smoke cover of a political crisis to prolong emergency rule in Canada. Provoking cross-border Truckers did that, and maybe Border Blockades was the plan all along. There was no reason to force cross-border Truckers of vax.

        The Ottawa Freedom Convoy got away from them.

      12. The strategy must be human shields or martyrdom, bringing the weakest members of your family, inflatable jumpers, and housepets to a riot. ¯\_ (ツ)_/¯

      13. Unlawful my ass. The real tyrants are scared of their narrative being abolished. Especially since people are waking up.

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