Oregon’s ‘School Exclusion Day’ Bans Unvaccinated Kids From Schools

by | Feb 22, 2018 | Headline News | 61 comments

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    Today is school exclusion day in Oregon.  The public school district will be banning children from attending their classes if they are not fully vaccinated.

    The word they are looking for here is “segregation.” But Oregonians are calling it “School Exclusion Day.”  As noted by the state’s Health Authority, “parents must provide schools, child care facilities with kids’ vaccine records”. If their “records on file show missing immunizations”, their “children will not be able to attend school or child care” from this date forth.

    According to Newsweek, today’s the day that, you won’t be given an education if you’re a child in Oregon and you don’t have a suite of vaccinations (including MMR, Polio, Hepatitis B, and more.) Similar enforcement initiatives are in operation in other states, from Texas to Illinois.

    Authorities explained that, in 2017, nearly 30,000 letters were sent to parents and guardians letting them know their children’s inoculations weren’t up to date. Ultimately, 4,646 children were kept out of educational facilities until things changed – and the state is hoping this year will feature a decrease in said numbers.

    Of course, there’s a problem. Vaccines aren’t mandatory in Oregon, so why are they punishing unvaccinate children? Propaganda.  The vaccine industry with the help of Big Pharma, prop up governments who like to force shot on kids. According to Oregonian state law, all children in any form of education, both public and private, preschools, and certified care facilities, must have up-to-date records or have an “exemption.” Generally speaking, these exemptions are medically based, but most begin tossing around the theory of “herd immunity” and blaming the unvaccinated for the spread of diseases.

    Dr. Russell Blaylock MD, a retired neurosurgeon, says that if one takes a moment to consider the history of vaccination, the concept of herd immunity as it applies to vaccines unravels quickly.

    “When I was in medical school, we were taught that all of the childhood vaccines lasted a lifetime. This thinking existed for over 70 years. It was not until relatively recently that it was discovered that most of these vaccines lost their effectiveness 2 to 10 years after being given. What this means is that at least half the population, that is the baby boomers, have had no vaccine-induced immunity against any of these diseases for which they had been vaccinated very early in life. In essence, at least 50% or more of the population was unprotected for decades. –Russell Blaylock

    Of course, the real evidence won’t be blasted all over the media, and the introduction of booster shots lined the pockets of the vaccine manufacturers and doctors.  Not to mention the emerging data on this year’s flu vaccine, which basically says it’s spreading the flu.


    IFL Science notes that in some cases, nonmedical exemptions are also allowed for “personal, religious, or philosophical reasons”. Although in Oregon, these aren’t obtainable immediately upon request, they are given out.  According to a 2014 review on such matters, nonmedical exemptions are showing a rate increase across the nation.  That’s is a good sign.  It means people are reading on their own and deciding for themselves what is best rather than allowing a fear-mongering media to alter their opinion.  “Most exemptors questioned vaccine safety, although some exempted out of convenience,” the study noted.

    At the end of the day, parents should have the freedom to choose what to is injected into their children.  Personally, I’m not going to set my kid on fire to keep yours warm.  Take care of yourself and your children and stop pushing useless narratives that most can see through.  Oregon is quickly spiraling into an authoritarian mess, and it doesn’t look there’s any way of stopping it.


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      1. Another reason to Homeschool.

        • We do, for this and many other reasons. Idaho is perhaps the best state in the union for homeschooling rights (guns too, among many other rights, these things are related) and while our kids haven’t been vaccinated our two teenagers run track and cross-country for the nearest highschool without any problems.

          In this state you can elect to just take 1 class (one of our kids is thinking about taking French next year) or just after school sports if you want. My taxes pay for all of the school anyway and in Idaho you can participate to the extent you want, take a few classes online if you want, play football with no classes, or just homeschool completely.

          Oh and here the burden of proof is on the state to prove that the education my children receive isn’t comparable to what they could have gotten in government run schools. Needless to say the state doesn’t even try this often (maybe never?) because it would be impossible for them to prove.

      2. Vaccine Nazis.

      3. Does this apply to all the illegal Mexican kids ?

        • They are the ones getting exemptions, them and the relocated “refugees”

          • Nailbanger, that’s super BS. If our kids have to take shots so do the illegals. Illegals are the ones bringing in diseases.

      4. Trust us we know what’s good for you. Allowing anyone to inject a substance into your body is the height of dumbed down stupidity.

      5. medical tryanny is alive and well in Oregon – needless to say homeschooling is best

      6. Mr. & Mrs. ‘Jones’, we’re sorry; but, if you wish to send your kid to school you must risk autism, poisoning or some other detrimental physical outcome for your little Johnny/Mary. Trust us. And in case we happen to error, we’ll be glad to provide counseling for you and your damaged child. Perhaps a very late term post-partum abortion?

      7. Are they still getting money for these kids even though they are not allowed in? I’m guessing they are. Otherwise, the districts would be screaming about lost revenue.

        • Yes, they are. That’s why they aren’t banning them until now. They get money based on head counts at the beginning of the school year, so they want as many bodies filling seats as possible at the beginning of the school year.

          I think any parent whose child is denied their “free” education should sue the district for their school tax refund. Maybe if every parent in every school sued for their tax money back, this crap would stop.

          So much for a “free” country.

          • If I refuse a vaccination and turned away from the school, that means I don’t get my dose of taxpayer-funded communist, anti-white, anti-American brainwashing. Looks like every cloud has a silver lining after all.

      8. Vaccinated children get cancer.

        Vaccines cause autism.

        Vaccines must never be given together. MMR violates this safety precaution.

        If you want to vaccinate. Wait. Do one at a time. Research the safety of additives, dead virus vs live virus, no mercury, aluminum, monkey kidneys.


        • Presently, there is no safe vaccine.
          The single dose measles vaccine, when given to a child who has had appropriate levels of vitamin C, vitamin D3 and vitamin A (measles is often caused by a vitamin A deficiency, the reason why children were given cod liver oil in previous generation) may be effective in more than 50% of the cases- but the testing is totally flawed. Most of the other vaccines are harmful/useless. End the psyop.

      9. GOOD! Maybe more parents will decide to put their big boy pants on and take their kids out of public indoctrination schools.

      10. For a society that is committed to protect children against being stigmatized for homosexual or transgender tendencies, they’re showing a blatant disregard to stigmatizing children for being unvaccinated. One issue with vaccines is the preservative Thimerosal that is added to the vaccine. It contains mercury which is toxic in all its forms. It is is small amounts but it is still poison. The FDA and CDC have banned other substances on far less scientific evidence than what has been gathered against the vaccines. The FDA website has said that an alternative form of the vaccines are available that don’t contain Thimerosal. These are supposedly optional. If you do choose vaccinations, do your research carefully and don’t just trust that they will be safe. The consequences can be severe.

        True love is not eternal but heavy metals,like mercury, are. Once they are stored in your body’s tissues, they last.

      11. The entire west coast is infested with commie vermin.

        • PD, that’s why the west coast is called the LEFT coast.

      12. The part I still don’t get about forced vaccinations is this: if one believes that the vaccination protects oneself from the disease, then why would one care whether anyone else gets their shot or not? After all, one is protected, right? Maybe it has something to do with big money or state control of one’s personhood.

      13. We will all know when vaccines are safe, the day they become free of charge.

      14. I grew up and went to school in southern California.
        I was on world wide mobility in the military.
        I have had so many shots I can’t possibly remember.
        My Military shot card was full and I had
        to get a new one.
        I’m healthy, a retired engineer, and married for over
        40 years.
        If these shots are so bad I should be living in a tent
        shooting up in a park somewhere?
        I’m wondering about the facts and data about shots
        being good or bad.
        I do know Small Pox was wiped out due
        apparently to vaccination efforts.

        • No vaccine has wiped out any disease. That is part and parcel of the psyop. Read about all of the fraud that occurred in the reporting during the Salk polio vaccine trials and thereafter.
          Most vaccines are introduced when the incidence of the disease is at least 95-98% eradicated from sanitation measures and good nutritional input.
          Read Gandhi on vaccines.

          • PT,
            I’ll read up on it.
            “Most vaccines are introduced when the incidence of the disease is at least 95-98% eradicated from sanitation measures and good nutritional input.”
            I would not call most of India or Africa, clean with good sanitation and having good nutrition.

            • You should check out the following video, in particular at 1:06:36. But watch the entire video because it will be a good education. You will be better able to make informed decisions in the future.


              Other research indicates the incidence of disease was even lower when vaccines were instituted, principally in western countries. In India and Africa, often the vaccine agencies are upfront and rather transparent about their depopulation agenda. While there are many well-meaning people attached to these programs, there are some seriously evil individuals at the top in key decision-making positions.

          • That is not true. The smallpox vaccine was very effective. However, it is also the one vaccine that no one gets unless you work for the government or the military in a biolab.

            The former USSR made thousands of pounds of weaponized smallpox. Where is that weaponized smallpox? There are not many things that keep me awake at night but that question does.

            There are some useful vaccines including the vaccine for rabies (if you get it soon enough) and the tetanus vaccine (dying from lockjaw is, thankfully, a relic of the past for most of us in the western world). Do people still die of rabies and lockjaw? Yes. But neither are a death sentence as they were 100 years ago.

            As for smallpox, you had better pray that shit doesn’t get loose because you will pray for a nuclear bomb. From the reading I have done, recently, smallpox could travel around the world in 12 weeks and kill millions. If you think the CDC has enough smallpox vaccine for you and your family, I have some ocean front property for sale in Arizona. Cheap.

            • Smallpox? No.
              Rabies. Yes.
              Tetanus. Absolutely no. Thimerosal and aluminum full complements.
              if you look at the figures for individuals contracting tetanus you find Paul Offitt’s numbers from the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia.

              Offitt tends to hype his analysis and he has been known to protect his vaccine interests rather than the truth, so I would put the numbers much lower.

              I’ve seen numbers far lower.
              If you get a wound and clean it out properly and use concentrated iodine, alcohol and appropriate antiseptics, likely not going to be a problem.

              I don’t have a problem with vaccines per se, except that most of the present vaccines suffer from poor data, poor studies and the damage being done from an authoritarian but not competent medical establishment is completely out of control even as these individuals try to mandate more and more vaccines.

              Perhaps you should begin to read Jon Rappaport’s weblog
              Nomorefakenews.com . He goes over much of the fraudulent data which is presented by the medical establishment, the FDA and the CDC. It will begin to wake you up to the fact that much of medical care is a psyop that hurts you and you have to be very careful about therapies and what clinicians tell you. They make incredible amounts of money to hurt you in many instances.
              You have to be your own diagnostician and you must control the therapies. Perhaps hard to do, but that is how you will get the best result.

            • In school in 1958 i was supposed to get my smallpox vaccine, but i was so scared that i vomited and they passed me by thinking i was sick. So i never got it and don’t have that awful mark on my arm. I did get two polio shots. In those days the parents had to sign a paper giving “permission”. Now those rights are gone. The polio shots had the monkey virus in them. Today in my late 60’s i have lipoma lumps all over my thighs at least 6 on each leg and one on my hip. I believe it’s from the polio shots. I am of average weight and not fat.

        • Not everyone reacts in the same manner to these shots, people are not identical in their immune systems. Two of my sons had reactions to these injections. One had a neurological reaction and the other had an allergic reaction. My other children had no known reaction. I had no reaction to the tetanus shot, but did have a reaction to the combined tetanus/pertussis vaccine. you cannot get just a tetanus shot, the two are combined. I’ve experienced this at the hospital and county health department, so I have to decline the combined and do without the protection against tetanus when injured. Also some batches can be contaminated in some way, which would also have an effect. I will no longer take any vaccine. I worked in the medical profession and know lots of doctors who would not take the hepatitis vaccine. So in the long run , think all your options before taking vaccines.

          • Interesting that the problems you point out isn’t more widely known.
            I get tetanus shots every 10 years, perhaps because I had pertussis
            (Whooping cough) as a kid, that part doesn’t bother me.
            I have cattle, a mule, and various other animals and occasionally get a puncture wound so I have to keep up with my Tetanus.
            I refuse flu shots though.

            • You can get the tetanus shot, alone. You have to ask. I am the same way. I get one every ten years. Dying of lockjaw isn’t the way I want to leave the earthly realm!

              • I did ask at both places and was told that’s all they had was the combined. I took my chances with puncture wound from a dog bite. Luckily the owner of the dog had proof of dogs rabies shot. The doctor at the hospital did not seem to care enough to try some way to get just the tetanus shot for me. I keep my health up to ideal conditions by eating organic and no fluoridated water, no fructose corn syrup. The doctor at the hospital did give me two different kinds of antibiotics to take, saying that was protocol for dog bites.

              • I did ask, still got the same answer.

              • They trick you when you go to the emergency for something. The nurse asks if you had a flu shot, a pneumonia shot and then asks if you had a tetenus shot. They ask “when” and since i know they are good for ten yrs i always say i had one 3 yrs ago. I won’t take their poisons. I read that the tetenus shot is made from horse serum.

            • Get yourself a Colloidal Silver (CS) generator! Best damn investment I have EVER made – in terms of avoiding BigPharma poisons and medical bills.
              I use it for: Pets, gardening, stuffy nose, after shave, non-toxic under arm deodorant, cleanser/disinfectant, and tons of other scenarios. For friends, family & acquaintances, I have lost track of how many ailments I have eradicated with my CS device: Toothaches, tonsilitis, colds, sore throats….

              Whenever I travel, my dual battery/AC CS generator is always on my carry-on luggage. When SHTF arrives, I think I’ll make some pretty good coin selling CS to the sickly masses. Without good health, you are nothing; life just sucks. During SHTF, this will take on a whole new dimension as the ignorant bluepilled masses drop like flies.

              If I’m not using CS, I will take Neem (leaf, not oil!) which is highly regarded as the “village pharmacy” in Aryuveda medicine. It’s dirt cheap on Amazon.
              Get the capsules since 99% of users can’t stomach the strong bitter taste which isn’t a concern to me because it is truly a remarkable herb, so I care about the BENEFITS – not the TASTE.

              If Neem were not so readily available in the wild throughout the Developing world, I am absolutely positive that it would be marketed as one of the most expensive herbal medicines in the world. Imagine Neem’s price if it only grew in Switzerland, France or New Zealand. 😉

              Note: Don’t ever give Neem to kids under 12! Use Neem oil only for external uses.

              • Does your colloidal silver machine use electricity or a battery? Mine uses a small square battery and i stock up on those in case the power goes out. But i prefer olive leaf. A month ago i got the flu and i quickly took the olive leaf tea i had frozen for emergencies. I was sick TWO days, and the first was the worse with chills and aches. All better in 3 days!

        • The thing is you were one of the “lucky” ones. You did not get sick from the vaccines, but some do get very sick and some do die. It’s like russian roulette. You take the shot and take your chances and pray you don’t get real sick. But some of the effects are very subtle like if you get asthma or an autoimmune disease, etc….how do you know it wasn’t from the vaccine? You don’t know and the drug companies make a fortune from people who get sick from the vaccines.

      15. My body my choice, isn’t that the montra??

      16. Relik…different time and different vaccines…look at all the little fucked up shits running around now a day. Very sad.

        • Part of that is because these doctors are jacking them up prior to the age of 3. Their immune system isn’t fully functioning until three years old. Why the hell does a newborn need to get Hepatis B? They don’t (unless their mother is a junkie and they were probably born with Hep B anyway so it’s too late).

          The vaccine schedule is crazy. Parents need to educate themselves. There is no way I would jack up my kid with all this crap, today. No way in hell. I’d leave the country first.

        • I’ve seen no evidence that vaccines cause these kids to be nuts.
          I do know they like to drug problem kids.
          When I was bad in school they just beat me.
          I eventually learned to behave.

      17. when it is abortion its “choice”. when its vaccine it “no choice”

        • Excellent point.

          • Maybe abortion is a choice becuz they WANT to kill off humans as too many people on the planet. And then to give the ones left alive the vaccines to make and keep them sick in the future to make more money for the drug companies.

      18. What is bad about the vaccines lies with the substances they add to “preserve” the vaccine. The antibodies if rendered safe (big if) and correct are not the problem. It does vary by the individual on how many side-effects there are. Mercury should never be in anything that goes into the human body.

        They do research but the way such research is done biases the results toward finding vaccines to be safe and efficacious. If a researcher comes up with the “wrong” conclusion, he reduces his chances of getting additional research money. Even someone who is solidly in favor of “scientific truth” is affected.

      19. If you cared about your kids, you’d home school.

        • Kids who go to public schools are not “ours” anymore. They belong to the government and are brainwashed BY the government. They will turn against us the parents someday! They are the lost sheep and i doubt some can be saved.

      20. “most begin tossing around the theory of ‘herd immunity’ and blaming the unvaccinated for the spread of diseases”.

        In the Stelara tv commercial, they say to warn the doctor, prescribing, if someone *else in your family has taken a vaccine.

        Why should that be important, to an immune-compromised person — when someone else is vaccinated — unless the “herd” is spreading it around.

      21. This would be a good excuse to start home schooling.

      22. When I was a boyscout I went to camp Roosevelt and at the shooting range I hit the staples every time, The range master instead of telling me the sights were off and I would of hit the bullseye every time, he just smiled. Why ,because his kid was on the shooting team and he knew I would beat him. This is what this is all about , sabotaging your kids so their kids will win. If their kids are vaccinated, why should they care if yours aren’t.

      23. The schools that “require” the medical (vaccination) records of anyone, much less children, violates HIPAA. Maybe the parents should hire a lawyer & sue the school system…also report the school system for violating HIPAA. And use the reporting for the basis of the lawsuit.

      24. “When I was in medical school, we were taught that all of the childhood vaccines lasted a lifetime. This thinking existed for over 70 years. It was not until relatively recently that it was discovered that most of these vaccines lost their effectiveness 2 to 10 years after being given. What this means is that at least half the population, that is the baby boomers, have had no vaccine-induced immunity against any of these diseases for which they had been vaccinated very early in life. In essence, at least 50% or more of the population was unprotected for decades. –Russell Blaylock

        Wow, this is a stunning eye opener! Where are the “Free Press” MSM presstitutes to announce this startling revealation to their readers? Dr. Blaylock’s quote should be FRONT PAGE NEWS! But nooope, that wouldn’t be good for the BigPharma advertisers whom the BigMedia establishment whores themselves out to.

        This whole planet is fu(king insane! Here on this beautiful pristine Earth, we fu(ktard humans hate each other EITHER because of SKIN colour (which we have no fu(king CONTROL of), race, religion or class.

        In the case of BIG business, vulture capitalism mixed with cronyism has resulted in another artificial hate: The contempt & disgust of the 1% elites for “We The 99% Peons.”

        The 1% hates us so much, yet we are distracted on sooooo MANY levels (thanks to Operation Mockingbird) that we can never come TOGETHER to solve this 1% elite mess once and for all – if ya know what I mean. 😉

        So the wars of Chaos continue (Syria, Ukraine, Yemen, West Africa/Boko Haram, East Africa/Al Shabaab et al), economy suffers (jobs, inflation, DEBT), our health deteriorates because the 1% elites are poisoning us peons from all directions (junk food, GMO foods, chem trails, VACCINATIONS). Yet WE do NOTHING about it!
        Folks, wouldn’t you consider this^^ to be the epitomy of INSANE? I do!

        Why even bother wanting to exist in this sh!tty world if there’s so much hate? I should put an ad on Craigs List like this:

        *** If there are FRIENDLY aliens on this planet with transport to exciting intelligent worlds, please contact me! Also provide a video link to show proof of your existence as well as your technological capabilities for, you know, like TRAVELING FASTER than the speed of light. Many thanks! *** 😉

        “Captain Picard, beam me up! Set course for Planet Risa!” 😉

      25. For the life of me, I still don’t understand why a person who has gotten the vaccine to PREVENT it from occurring would take issue with me who won’t take the vaccine!!! If it were doing its job, then it wouldn’t matter….right?

        Don’t mind me, I’m part of the unwashed who is trying to make sense of their logic/illogic!!! In the meantime, I ain’t takin’ it!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • Your logic is a little flawed. You are depending on herd immunity in order to support your lack of vaccination. However, I am inferring that you would support people who also choose not to vaccinate their children or themselves.

          There is a tipping point in this scale. Once you have a certain percentage of people who are unvaccinated, herd immunity no longer applies. You will then be at risk for infectious diseases which were prevented by the vaccine.

          Watch a baby die from diphtheria or measles, or a child stricken by polio, or a young man dying a horrible death from rabies. Then imagine that it is YOUR child. My grandmother had a baby who died of diphtheria, and it was one of the most terrible things she had ever seen. They suffocate.

          I may be the freak in this comment section, but I am damn grateful I will never have to see my children go through anything like that. Praise Jesus for that.

          • I almost had a sister who was 5 yrs older than me, but my two younger brothers in 1943 had the whooping cough and the house was very cold. My mom had to put the 3 month old baby in the same room with the brothers where the heat was and she caught it and died. How i wish i could have had a sister.

      26. Did anyone hear about Nikki in Pa. getting FREE random sex toys from Amazon ? Read about it on Orrazz ! The shameless slut !! ?

        • ??? What does this have to do with vaccines?

      27. Black Picard is right about the childhood vaccinations losing their effectiveness. I’ve seen the same reports. This is happening at the same time as the antibiotics losing their effectiveness against super bugs. The possibilities are increasing of new outbreaks of diseases thought all but dead.

        With heavy metals, the body hides them in your tissues so that blood and urine tests appear normal. A substantial period of time can pass with no symptoms. The body compensates until it can no longer do so. Medical doctors use symptoms and laboratory readings to determine the presence of a disease. There are antibodies that are present long before the symptoms. It is a question of cost that the antibodies are used to diagnose. The earlier you detect the problems, the easier it is to do something about it.

        • I was reading about how to detox the heavy metals from the body by using Silica. It removes the heavy metals. Either the pills or a cheaper way is to add a teas. of Diatamacious Earth to a big bottle of water. Must be taken every day as we are breathing in the nano particles from the aerosol sprays in the sky everyday. This goes to the lungs, then to the bloodstream and then passes the blood/brain barrier. The pd is tasteless. The DE has silica in it. Must be food grade and not the pool stuff. Cheap.

      28. Read about vaccine shedding, why do you think the worst outbreaks always happen between highly vaccinated groups? Read about what vaccines do to your thymus gland. Read about all the diseases that disappeared without vaccines.Read about cancer contaminated vaccines. Read about Bechamp theory vs Pasteur. Educate yourself.

      29. It’s been two days now …. where’s my last comment ????

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