Order Out Of Chaos: How The Ukraine Conflict Is Designed To Benefit Globalists

by | Mar 3, 2022 | Headline News | 30 comments

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    This article was originally published by Brandon Smith at Alt-Market.us. 

    Within the next couple of months, it is likely that there will be direct US military involvement in Ukraine, with Russia now openly supporting and recognizing separatist groups in the Donbass region on the eastern edge of the country and apparently moving to aid them militarily in separation. This is not the first time Russia has sent military units into Ukraine, but it is the first time since 2014 and the annexation of Crimea that the threat of military action has been overt rather than covert.

    When conflict erupts, you are going to see a swarm of media stories in western nations trying to outline the complexity of the relationship between Russia and Ukraine since the fall of the Soviet Union, while ignoring certain inconvenient truths. You will see many of these stories construct a narrative which then oversimplifies the situation and paints Russia as the monstrous aggressor. The goal will be to convince the public that our involvement in Ukraine is a moral and geopolitical necessity. There will be attempts to gain American favor and a call for US boots on the ground. Joe Biden will be at the forefront of this push.

    The surface trigger for the confrontation is obviously rooted in the 2009 decision by western powers and Ukrainian officials to consider the country for membership in NATO. Most of Russia’s actions when dealing with Ukraine can be owed to NATO involvement in the region, including the Russian invasion of Crimea in 2014. Strategically, it makes sense. Imagine if Mexico suddenly announced it was joining a military alliance with China and that Chinese military assets were going to be transferred near the US southern border? It probably would not end well.

    To be sure, Russia has a history of hypocritical behavior when it comes to its involvement in the affairs of its neighbors. For example, only a few months ago Kazakhstan was facing mass protests which the government claimed were caused by “foreign manipulation.” Zero proof was presented to justify this assertion. However, the claim was enough to rationalize the deployment of 2300 Russian troops over the border to shut down the protests.

    In reality, citizens of Kazakhstan were angry over a spike in inflation and high gas prices which continue to grind down the middle class and those in poverty (sound familiar?). In 2019, only 4% of the population lived under the official poverty line. In 2020, that number exploded to 14% of the population. Accurate numbers are difficult to find for 2021, but it is likely that poverty levels are now closer to 16%-20%. The reasons for civil unrest were obvious and justified, but the protesting Kazakhs were accused of being pawns of foreign enemies. As I have noted in many articles lately, this is a typical strategy of corrupt governments trying to retain power when the people rise up and rebel for legitimate reasons.

    Again, imagine if the Canadian government under Trudeau asked for US military assistance in scattering the trucker protests against his draconian vaccine mandates? We need to look at these decisions in context in order to grasp how insane they really are.

    Ironically, Russia is happy to support the unrest of separatists in Ukraine while also helping to silence unrest in Kazakhstan. Keep this pattern in mind because it will help in understanding how events surrounding Russia reflect a global trend that might affect Americans in the future.

    The diplomatic mess between Ukraine and Russia can be blamed in part on both sides, and it’s this kind of historical ambiguity where globalists tend to thrive. The fog of war helps to obscure establishment activities and often it is hard for people to see who is truly benefiting from the chaos until it’s too late. It is my belief that the Ukraine problem is at least partially engineered and that it is designed as the first domino in a chain of intended crises.

    I don’t think there is anything unique to the Ukraine conflict for the globalists; they could have just as easily tried to initiate a regional war in Taiwan, North Korea, Iran, etc. There are numerous powder keg countries that they have been cultivating for a couple of decades. We should not hyperfocus on who is to blame between Ukraine or Russia, we should focus on the effects that will result from any major regional disaster and how the globalists exploit such catastrophes to further the agenda of total centralization of power.

    The Ukraine scenario could be easily defused if both sides took some basic diplomatic measures, but this is not going to happen. NATO officials could take a step back from their pursuit of adding Ukraine to the ranks. The US could stop pouring cash and weaponry into Ukraine to the tune of $5.4 billion since 2014. Over 90 tons of military equipment has been sent to the country in 2022 alone. Russia could stop sending covert special operations units into the Donbass and be more willing to come to the table to discuss diplomatic solutions. The reason these things do not happen is because they are not allowed to happen by the power brokers behind the curtain.

    We are all aware of the globalist influences behind US and NATO leaders, we present undeniable evidence of this on a regular basis. Biden’s penchant for globalist institutions is well known. But what about Russia?

    There are some in the alternative media and the liberty movement who falsely believe that Russia is anti-globalist – Nothing could be further from the truth. As with many political leaders, Putin will sometimes use anti-globalist rhetoric, but his relationships tell another story. In Putin’s first autobiography, titled ‘First Person’, he discusses with fondness his first encounter with New World Order globalist Henry Kissinger as a member of the FSB (formerly the KGB). As Putin rose through the political ranks he maintained a steady friendship with Kissinger and to this day they have regular lunches and Kissinger has been an adviser to multiple branches of the Kremlin.

    It doesn’t stop there, though. Putin and the Kremlin have also kept a steady dialogue with the World Economic Forum, the project of the now notorious globalist Klaus Schwab. In fact, only last year, Russia announced it was joining the WEF’s “Fourth Industrial Revolution Network” which focuses on economic socialization, Artificial Intelligence, the “internet of things” and a host of other globalist interests which will all lead to worldwide technocracy and tyranny.

    Again, the Russian government is NOT anti-globalist. This claim is nonsense and always has been. I would attribute the fantasy of Russian opposition to a steady stream of propaganda and what I call the False East/West Paradigm – The fraudulent notion that the globalist agenda is a purely Western or American agenda and that countries like China and Russia are opposed to it. If you look at the close interactions between the east and the globalists, this idea completely falls apart.

    It’s important to understand that most conflicts between the East and the West are engineered conflicts and the leaders of BOTH SIDES are not really at odds with each other. Rather, these wars are Kabuki Theater; they are wars of convenience to achieve covert ends while mesmerizing the masses with moments of terror and calamity. For anyone who has doubts about this, I highly recommend they read the thoroughly researched and evidenced works of professional historian and economist Antony Sutton, who quite accidentally stumbled onto the facts surrounding the globalist conspiracy and went on to expose their habit of playing both sides of nearly every war over the past century from the Bolshevik Revolution to WWII and onward.

    The strategy of order out of chaos is nothing new, it’s something the globalists have been doing for a very long time. The number of open revelations post-Covid about the ‘Great Reset’ that globalists have publicly admitted to is so staggering that their plans can no longer be denied. Any skeptics at this point should be suspected of having a single-digit IQ.

    So, now that we have established the reality of globalist involvement in both the West and in Russia, we need to ask ourselves how they benefit from initiating a crisis between these powers over Ukraine? What do they get out of it?

    As I have noted in recent articles, it appears to me that Ukraine is a Plan B attempt to conjure more smoke and mirrors where the covid pandemic failed to satisfy the Great Reset plan. As Klaus Schwab and the WEF has constantly asserted, they saw the pandemic as the perfect “opportunity” to force the Fourth Industrial Revolution on the world. As globalist Rahm Emanual once opined in the wake of the 2008 economic crash:

    You never want a serious crisis to go to waste. And what I mean by that is it’s an opportunity to do things that you think you could not do before.”

    The WEF is an old hand at this tactic. Klaus Schwab also used the same exact language right after the credit crash of 2008 as he has used after the spread of covid, always trying to sell global governance as the solution to every disaster:

    What we are experiencing is the birth of a new era, a wake-up call to overhaul our institutions, our systems and, above all, our thinking, and to adjust our attitudes and values to the needs of a world which rightly expects a much higher degree of responsibility and accountability,” he explained. “If we recognize this crisis as being really transformational, we can lay the fundaments for a more stable, more sustainable, and even more prosperous world.”

    – Klaus Schwab on the Global Redesign Initiative, 2009

    Schwab jumped the gun back then just as he jumped the gun in 2020 when he declared the Great Reset an inevitability in the face of covid. The globalists must have expected a much higher death rate from the virus because they were practically dancing in the streets, elated over the amount of power they could steal in the name of “protecting the public from a global health threat.” If you look at the WEF and Gates Foundation simulation of a covid pandemic, Event 201 which was held only two months before the REAL THING happened, they clearly expected covid to do way more damage, predicting an initial death tally of 65 million. This never happened; it isn’t even close.

    It’s hard to say why an obvious bioweapon like covid failed to do the job. Viruses tend to mutate rapidly in the wild and behave differently than they do in a lab setting. I would even consider the possibility of divine intervention. Whatever the reason, the globalists did not get what they wanted and now they need yet another crisis to oil the gears of the Reset machine. With the already tiny death rate of covid now dropping even further with the Omicron variant and half the states of the US in full defiance of the vax mandates it is only a matter of time before the rest of the world asks why they are still under medical authoritarianism?

    War in Ukraine and the mere threat of that war expanding beyond the region could accomplish a number of things covid has not. It provides an ongoing cover for the stagflationary collapse which is now in full swing in the US, the supply chain problems that continue globally as well as the destabilization of the European economy. In particular, the EU is strongly reliant on Russian natural gas in order to heat homes and maintain its economy. Russia has strangled natural gas supplies to Europe in the past and they will do it again. Russian oil exports also fill demand gaps globally, and these exports will be strangled by sanctions or by the Kremlin deliberately cutting supplies to certain nations.

    War is always a distraction from economic sabotage. Even though the seeds of financial crashes are often planted and watered well in advance by central banks, the banks never get the blame because international conflicts conveniently take center stage. By extension, economic crisis causes mass poverty, mass desperation, and mass hysteria, and globalists will say that these dangers require an international solution that they will happily provide in the form of centralization.

    In the US and in many other western nations which have a large number of people still defending individual freedom, the globalists clearly want to use tensions with Russia as a means to silence public dissent over authoritarian policies. Already I am seeing numerous instances of establishment officials and leftists on social media suggesting that liberty activists are “pawns of the Russians” and that we are being used to “divide and conquer.” This is nonsense backed by nothing, but they are trying out the narrative anyway to see if it sticks.

    I have no doubt that any rebellion in the US against the globalists will be blamed on foreign interference. As mentioned earlier, the last thing the elites want is movements of free people obstructing the Reset in the name of liberty. We witnessed this in Canada where Trudeau announced unilateral emergency powers against the trucker protests, giving himself totalitarian levels of control. Even the Russian government has intervened in such public actions to prevent any kind of activist momentum. Biden will try to do the same thing, and war, even a smaller regional war, gives him a rationale to oppress dissent in the name of public security.

    Interestingly, martial law in the US is also much easier to legally and historically justify for the government as long as it is done in response to the invasion of a foreign enemy. The Russian influence narrative may very well be in preparation for martial law within America. Whether or not this actually succeeds is another matter.

    The consequences of a shooting event in Ukraine will be far-reaching well beyond a distraction for the American public; my intent here is not to suggest only Americans will be affected. My point is that there are certain places in the world that are naturally resistant to the globalist scheme, and freedom-minded Americans are a primary obstacle. If there is a large-scale rebellion against the Great Reset, it’s going to start here. The globalists know this as well, which is why the US will undoubtedly be centrally involved in the Ukraine quagmire.

    While the event would be disastrous for Ukrainians and probably many Russians, there are deeper and more dangerous underlying threats intended for the US, and war in Ukraine acts as an effective scapegoat for many of them.


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      1. Now might be a good time to send a drone missile straight up Putin’s ass! Just sayin.

        • And hope he doesn’t return the favor with a nuke or two up ours.

          • Or crash the Space Station all over the U.S.

      2. Good article!

      3. Decent article, Mr. Smith makes some good points. One element I’d doubt, is the “They’re all in this together” meme.

        They may agree on one global government, but disagree on who’s on top of said government and its form.

        Russia and China pursue multilateralism, The EU and US, Globalism.

        Globalism, is a nice inclusive word for Western European Oligarchs on top. Which seems the have been temporarily hijacked by Soros’ Eastern European Khazaarism on top. However, all Europe West and East is but a rump of Eurasia.

        Eurasian multilateralism means Eurasia on top, each nation receiving due natural measure of influence but retaining strong self-sovereignty. Which is easy for large supernations with large geographies like Russia and China to say.

        European imperialism depends on owning other people’s geographies. Eurasian mulilateralism depends on local sovereignty.

        There’s little common ground to be shared in this era of serpent-eating-tail.

        Economic contraction as populations age juxtaposed with the fight for the greatest generation transfer of wealth in history has oligarch despoiling oligarch as well as the usual poor and middle classes.

      4. There is and never was a virus, scam, hoax, psych

      5. Probably the best way to understand what the powerful are up to is to look in a cold, and analytical way at what actions they take. We are seeing increasing shut downs of free media, not only in Russia, but in Canada and Europe. Canada has experienced a massive reduction in its media over the past 20 years and this has only gotten worse in the past 2 years under Covid. This is an important ‘tell’ that they want to move all information communication to a war footing, where we are fed propaganda and disinformation (Kyiv sky ghost, etc.).

        Population: while we hear never-ending alarming stats on the state of the planet, we see a lack of interest in the ballooning populations of the third world, and a passionate desire to keep accelerating their relocation to the West. Why would that be the case if they cared so much about the wasteful lifestyles of the West (a third worlder mover to the US and put on public assistance will massively increase their ‘carbon’ consumption)? This is an important ‘tell’ that they in the first order care only about the money they can make from populations.

        Electronic control: they first chase everyone into the digital space, and then they use draconian means to switch people on and off at will if they don’t like their behaviour. Our smart phones become electronic bands around our lives we can’t live without. The elderly, who often don’t have these things, have been left to rot during the Covid. The amount of neglect of these people is immensely cruel but you won’t hear a pip from Western leaders, who spend most of their time talking about being inclusive of Trans folks etc. This is an important ‘tell’ that their instincts are eugenist and focused on rubbing parts of the population out they see no use for.

      6. Thanks for the cogent article. Another in a long sequence of them.

        The MSM enjoys the Kabuki theater of their own MEDIEVAL SIEGE, news at 11:00. They have bombs & rockets as modern versions of Trebuchets & other catapults. They have a modern Jan (III) Sobieski as they have designated Zelensky. They have a designated villain like Vlad the Impaler played by Putin. And there is little effort to correctly portray all the mistakes over decades that led us to this chaos.

        • Very true. They erase the facts to push for more war and escalation. For example, Zelensky did a very crappy thing before the invasion: remember how he kept the population unaware of the gravity of the situation? He should have been moving people out of the cities a month ago. But he needed to trap men in the cities so they could be made to fight.

          He has also escalated this at every step to push for a WWIII. Who does that? He knows full well what would happen to Europe if WWIII breaks out. A peaceful and independent Ukraine would not be possible in a smouldering and ruined Europe.

          Remember it is still winter. Wait until the refugee season starts and hundreds of thousands of Africans and Muslims continue their long march into Europe (remember, there are many of them in Belarus). Now they will be crossing into a war zone full of heavily armed militias. How’s that going to work out?

      7. You people are fucking idiots. You know, not ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING that happens in the world is a conspiracy plot by the “globalists” (aka, THE JEWS…I mean, if we’re being honest it’s the Jews you morons hate for no reason, right?). And, not ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING that happens in this country is a conspiracy plot by the “deep state” (aka, the Democrats whom you also hate and would obviously love to kill in a civil war). Why don’t you fucking shitheads get some fucking therapy and get over yourselves already?

        • I’d rather just stomp on your head

          • You wouldn’t make it up my driveway, bitch. Go fuck yourself, traitor.

            • Maybe the two of you can figure out a way to meet in person to discuss your situation.
              Keep us posted.

              • That pussy is all talk.

        • Must have struck a nerve. It’s shouting now. It even mentioned racial attacks. Must be in the air…

          And it sounds like Menzo’s solution is, well, – sound.

          • Go fuck yourself.

        • Wild Hunt

          You’re supposed to duck.

        • Isn’t it time for your third booster Edwin?

          • Who the fuck is Edwin?

      8. There is a video of Klaus Schwab telling his audience he has control over Russia and the west. This article provides more information, but personally Klaus doesn’t care who is pitted against who, just so that these Vermin are destroyed in his globalist scheme.

        That’s one thing Kissinger never told Putin, but it is in records and video the WEF wants a depopulation of the whole world, even if it means Putin and his pawns taken out. Putin is not that smart to not see this.

      9. The carbon they want to destroy is you.

      10. I don’t give two fuqs about a border that is 5000 miles away on the other side of the world. How about securing our border morons!

      11. Why were the Ukrainian men forced to stay back and fight for their country, yet the male refugees of African decent and other darkies get to flee to safety,. You’d think these cowards would fight for a country that took them in, gave them free food etc. Now we know not to allow any more Africans, Afghanistans, east Indians, Nigerians Somalis etc into our countries. They are useless freeloaders. Make them stay and fight.

        • I hope you suffer a slow, painful death you piece of shit. People like you are a pox on our society. FUCK YOU.

      12. I see the globohomos took RT off the air. Let the avalanche of propaganda bury everybody. All the world’s a stage. Theatre of fear for the 8 billion stooges. Bugout day draws near….

      13. Although there was a cult narrative, emerging, in which the collectivists would plug into the Matrix, WW3 resulted from the failure of these WEF policies.

      14. If you place bets on whatever commodity is in highest demand, you will be feeding into the most popular form of social decay, by default.

        You are cooperating with market forces. They are at some stage of the Tytler cycle.

      15. Everything Is Currently Designed To Benefit The Globalists

      16. I am wondering if this whole kabuki theater in Ukraine isn’t for the purpose of “distract” due to the covid narrative falling apart and new damning information coming out about covid and the vaccine. As well as, the war can be a scapegoat for the coming economic calamity coming?

        • You are an idiot.

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