Orange Snow Blankets Parts Of Russian And Eastern Europe

by | Mar 26, 2018 | Headline News | 20 comments

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    Skiers in Sochi, Russia, were met with a strange sight this past weekend. The usually beautiful and powdery white snow of Eastern Europe and Russia turned an interesting shade of sunset orange.

    “We’re skiing on Mars today,” exclaimed one excited social media user as he skied down the orange tinted slopes. Skiers and snowboarders in Russia, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Moldova, and Romania posted photos of the surreal scenes on social media on both Friday and Saturday. People skiing and living in the region complained of sand in their mouths, the BBC reported.

    The red dust in the snow, however, caused limited visibility for people as they tried to make their way down the slopes in Sochi, but the orange snow has been explained.

    A sandstorm in Africa kicked up so much orange and red dust that it made its way to Russia and parts of Eastern Europe. The sandstorm was so massive that it could be seen by satellite. Then, as the sandstorm was underway, storms in northern Africa picked up sand, dust, and pollen particles from the Sahara and blew them across the Mediterranean and Europe, The Independent reported. It then mixed with snow and rain in eastern Europe and Russia, turning the snow orange.

    According to CCN, The Athens Observatory said on Friday that this is one of the largest transfers of desert sand to Greece specifically from the Sahara ever and the strange meteorological event also caused the skies in Crete to go orange.

    The African dust covered the entire country and concentrations were the highest in the last 10 years, according to the observatory’s meteorological service.

    The snow’s orange tint was both an interesting and strange sight to many. This is just one example of how powerful the Earth and its ever-changing weather can be.


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      1. Historically, every time the see the word Africa or African in the news its connected to something bad.

        • Kevin: EVERYTHING, I mean literally to do with Africa is a huge mess and debacle and then those rats leave and go all over the world and spread their “cancer”…

      2. Well, IF that ludicrous explanation is really true, then this must certainly have happened in the past, whenever the same environmental and meteorological conditions were in place.

        So how many references to orange snow in that part of Russia can we find in old Russian texts? I’m not just talking about previous years; I mean previous centuries. Russians were good at compiling historical Chronicles, detailing anomalous weather events as well as wars and political matters. So if it has happened before, we should be able to read about it.

        Yep, I didn’t think so.

      3. Orange is the new black.

        The may be just a natural oddity. Nature has always had weird events. In the time of Moses, the Bible tells us that the rivers turned to blood. We now know that certain algae can cause this phenomenon of waters turning red. I thought the picture video showed what looked like sand, even before I read the fact that it was indeed sand. But my first thought was that it was the red algae from water to clouds to snow.

        On the other hand there could be human interference in weather by the secret rulers with hidden motives. They do possess methods of weather modification. It’s still something of a mystery as far as I can see. But if I were taking bets, I’ld go with the official explanation as just an oddity in nature with no human connection.


      4. “Don’t eat yellow snow!!” My dad used to say.

        More seriously this is a direct result of land mismanagement on an epic scale in Africa. Everything, and I mean everything in Africa is screwed up: from out-of-control population growth, diseases, water pollution, discarded refuse, you name it. And when it comes to land management, the Africans have been destroying their soil while failing to halt the growth of the deserts. It is sand whipped up from the deserts that is then carried over to Europe (just like the armies of refugees).

        They could learn from the Israelis, who take back the desert and replenish the soil so they can grow for the European markets. The Israelis are the world’s experts on irrigation and slick erosion. They should just hand Africa over to the Chinese and the Israelis who would do a better job running the place.

        • …The result of land management, by people, mainly by the ones from Euroamerica–humans that can’t accept Nature. They think Nature has to also be under human (namely, Euroamerican) control. The results are apocalyptic.

        • Frank: All of Africa is a large “plague” of sorts if you will…what a true waste those damn last crooked buffoons are and they want everyone to help them and send them food and money and on and on. How about you apes stop screwing like chickens and do something positive for a change…no god, vile rats, the whole bunch of them.

      5. Somthing like this happened in Siberian in 2007. They reported that the iron levels were four times higher than expected. The cause they cited then was dust storms in Kazakhstan. I guess they couldn’t blame this on global warming!

      6. Events such as this will become more frequent in the future. Mankind as a whole has been mining the worlds soil at any cost to the environment and future. Even developed countries like the USA have lost half of their top soil in only 200 years. Regenerative agriculture practices will be the only hope for profit and survival of humankind. Author David R. Montgomery sums it up well in his books. Dirt The Erosion of Civilizations, Growing A Revolution, The Hidden Half Of Nature and other books. Montgomery is a Professor of geomorphology at the University of Washington.

      7. Red Iron Oxide Dust is what it really is, Coming from the inbound planet Nibiru / Planet 7X. Just another warning sign from our good lord, saying I am coming.Start getting ready Folk’s..

        • Robbie: We are ALL going to die, as there is NO real God period. . .All talk, all of it.

          • Concerned Citizen you are correct, we are all going to die. But we all believe in God, some of us believe while we’re alive and the rest will believe when they die. It will be very sad for those that don’t believe until after they die. Trekker Out

      8. Well, isn’t this the racist appropriation of african heritage, sands and culture ?
        Other countries so complicit should be forced to pay reparations
        and probably a few hangings for good measure but only whites.

      9. Yes its claimed that the tail of Nibiru is red iron oxide dust? and its claimed that the last passage of Nibiru was during the time of the Exidous? I always a bit leery of the official explanation.

        • The magnetic pole has not flipped, yet, per se, but has reportedly drifted, apart, toward the directions of North America and Europe, separately, for whatever reason. Now, there is a warm spot, there, and thaws.

          I see changes in plants, animal movements, and wind direction, which I have never noticed, for 30yrs of being an unqualified observer, who just pays attention.

      10. Makes me question the white guilt narratives, used to explain the spread of disease.

      11. Yes the magnetic poles are shifting. And along with that shift the Magnetosphere is weakened allowing space wind and space particles to enter the earths atmosphere. That is a plausible explanation. But you cant blame the pole shift on man caused glowbull warming

        • o said, “you cant blame the pole shift on man caused glowbull warming.”

          Not me.

          It just seemed to coincide with images of magnetosphere.

      12. Marie, actually it is true that the dust blown from Africa can contain all kinds of pathogens. For example,after the earthquake in California in 1991,there was an outbreak of Valley Fever in the affected parts. The EQ stirred up the soil in which the the Valley Fever pathogen was in and made many people and animals sick.

      13. Robbie could be correct. Nibiru/red dragon/red kachina/planet x/destroyer system is said to have red iron oxide dust in its tail of comets gathered from the enormity of the planet and its strong electromagnetic pull. Its also what is causing the poles to shift and the abnormal weather anomalies and earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, record temp highs n lows, etc. This nibiru system is what causes the seals, bowls, trumpets of revelation. Rev 6:12 speaks of a mega quake qnd pole shift. This pole shift literally shifts the earth into a new dimesion/realm aka new heaven on earth. The meteors are coming soon followed by very visibly huge planets from this nibiru system. Please repent of sins for the kingdom of heaven is near! ???✌

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