Oprah Slams Obama: “An Immediate, Flat-out, Unequivocal No”

by | Oct 23, 2013 | Headline News | 258 comments

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    U.S. Democratic Presidential candidate Obama is joined by talk show host Oprah Winfrey and his wife Michelle at a rally in Des Moines(Oprah Lends Her Support to Barack Obama – 2008 Democratic National Convention)

    Do you remember when Oprah Winfrey endorsed President Obama in the run-up to the 2008 Presidential election? The country went wild. If Oprah was behind him, he had to be the one!

    “I’m euphoric, I’ve been doing the happy dance all day. I’m so proud of Barack and Michelle Obama and what this means for all of us … the new possibilities for our country. And if he wants me to, I’m ready to go door to door.”

    Like many Americans, Oprah was ready to put her reputation and wealth behind Barack Obama, expecting that his message of  hope and change would finally put America on the road to liberty, equality and prosperity. She was so emphatic and emotional about the possibility of him being the leader of the free world that she reportedly cried her eye lashes off at the Democratic National Convention.  She wasn’t the only one. People all over the country were fainting in his very presence (and apparently still are).

    But like much of the country, Oprah isn’t singing Obama’s praises any more.

    It seems she has realized what opponents of the President’s policies have known all along.

    Barack Obama isn’t just more of the same, he’s much, much worse.

    The media icon was asked to attend a meeting at the White House along with other celebrities to see how they could help create some positive publicity for the Affordable Care Act.

    Rather than jumping on board like Alicia Keys and Jennifer Hudson, Oprah reportedly quickly said that she would not be attending the meeting.

    ‘All of Oprah’s top people thought she would go, because when the president invites you to the White House, most people automatically say yes, but Oprah said she didn’t have the time or inclination to go. It wasn’t like she had to think it over. It was an immediate, flat-out, unequivocal no,’ an Oprah advisor told journalist Ed Klein.

    Oprah had been promised direct access to the administration in exchange for her support and friendship. It was a partnership that was to be beneficial for both her and the President.

    But apparently Oprah, like the rest of us, got the shaft once Obama took power.

    Oprah intended to make her unique White House access a part of her new network,’ an unidentified source told Klein.

    ‘There were big plans, and a team was put together to come up with proposals that would have been mutually beneficial.

    ‘But none of that ever happened. Oprah sent notes and a rep to talk to Valerie Jarrett, but nothing came of it. It slowly dawned on Oprah that the Obamas had absolutely no intention of keeping their word and bringing her into their confidence.’

    This is a burnt bridge that will not be fixed anytime soon, Klein argues, which could come at more of a cost to the TV host than the President.

    ‘Obama hasn’t budged, and neither has Oprah. She’s hurt and angry, and I seriously doubt that Oprah will ever make up with the Obamas. She knows how to hold a grudge,’ a source close to Winfrey said.

    Welcome to the club, Oprah. You fell for the propaganda just like 50 million of your fellow Americans. Moreover, you helped push it right along, believing that Barack Obama had your best interests at heart.

    At least now you know how the rest of us feel.

    We’re all hurt, angry, holding a grudge and screaming a flat-out, unequivocal ‘NO!’


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      1. Oprah proclaims “The Emperor has no clothes!”
        May her millions of disciples rise up and lay siege on his castle.

        • A lioness licking her wounds
          is a very dangerous animal.

          Welcome to our side, Oprah.

          • Make no mistake about it, Oprah is not on “our” side…

            • Absolutely she’s not. She didn’t abandon Obama because of his disastrous policies leading this nation down the path to communism and a NWO…..she abandoned him because he abandoned her first; he didn’t come through with the perks he promised. Narcissistic people think the world revolves around them. Why should she care that millions are out of work; or that the police are being militarized against the citizens; or that this crew is supporting bloodthirsty people in the middle east. Disgusting, the apathy…

              • O is a useful idiot. She believes that she will be part of the new power structure. Now she understands the incompetence that she has fostered upon the country. O, and the O empire is all about O. She voted for the fraud twice.

              • You nailed it man!…she wanted to play in the kings court and got shafted…she is not nor has she ever been “on our side” she is just like him and would gladly lord it over all of us if given the power…not a shred of sympathy does she deserve!

                • Oprah and the Obamas are the same…they are puppets. Mere puppets. Neither are smart enough to be agents unto themselves. Obama obeys his money and political banker handlers, and Oprah is some corporate media bitch for the zion run propaganda cartel. They are rewarded with fame, fortune, and power…quite a bit downstream from their handlers and play their roles as actors in the greatest reality show on air. These people fool no one with a clue.

                  • Fool me once shame on you! Fool me twice, shame on me!!! 🙂

              • She lost any respect I may have had for her back when she campaigned so strongly for him. I will never trust anything that woman says ………I hope her empire falls,,,her ego is hurting but she definitely showed her true self

            • She aint no Lioness either! More like a spat between a baboon vs the chimp.

              • Why would a bigot like yourself think that a black person can be compared to you??? The thumbs up or down from this response will be a gauge of other like minded bigots like yourself.

                Let the polls begin…If you agree with the racist statement above, give me a thumbs down, if you disagree with “Them Guys” or “Chip” racist statement, give me a thumbs up.

                This should be interesting…

                • I highly doubt that comment had anything to do with race. It was pointing out that although this woman has a personal issue with the president, that doesn’t mean she’s of like mind with most of the people on this site.

                  • Would referring to the occupier of the WH as a “poo slinging monkey” be considered racist as well? Or is that just a plain comparison to a primate (which liberals say ALL humans evolved from)that conducts himself in the same manner as the occupier of the WH? Now lets see who the racist is!

                • Seriously???….I won’t give you any thumbs up or down. Just the Middle Finger.

                • I’ll tell you what. I’m sick of black animals attacking non blacks and often killing them. Black animals are out in force all over the U.S. & the world attacking whites with impunity. Bath House Barry promotes racial divide and panders to the black animals among us. I never thought I would see a country so divided until Ole Barry came along and proved it to me by pushing blacks to new levels of animal behavior & entitlement. So am I a racist? How can I be racist when I am stating FACTS? I do NOT like the majority of blacks in this country BECAUSE of their mentality & criminal behaviour. I do NOT like Oprah because SHE is a racist and only loves Bath House Barry because she thinks he is BLACK. Most blacks voted for King ObaMao because of his skin color. Does that make blacks racist? YOU BETCHA!

                  • The only reason Barackalypse got into office is due to the pure racism of the people who voted for him! The ONLY reason he got elected is simply because he’s “Black”. He had (and still has) ZERO qualification to be POTUS. IF he was White, he would have never even had a chance to become a candidate- much less win! Even the White people that voted for him did so for racial reasons! RACISM elected BO- it’s as simple as that.

                  • @Jack

                    How can I be racist when I am stating FACTS? I do NOT like the majority of blacks in this country BECAUSE of their mentality & criminal behaviour.

                    This comment is why you are racist! You clearly say you don’t like the “majority” of blacks. This is the problem that is killing America. Stereotyping a whole race just because a small percentage commits crimes. Yes, the media (which you only seem to listen to or accept as facts when it feeds your bigot views) portrays blacks in this light. Do you honestly believe that the majority of blacks act this way??? I think i know your answer.

                    Now would it be right for me to say I do not like the majority of whites because they are child molesters and mass murderers? Of course not, because anyone with half of a brain knows this is not the majority. However, i guess only when it applies to blacks.

                    It’s people like YOU SIR who give the prepper movement a bad name. I’m of like minded with alot of you when you speak on the inefficiencies of POTUS or big brother government, or the overall preparedness that everyone should be concerned with. It’s just when you start spewing that negative racist $hit is when you lose me.

                  • Seriously???

                    It is not stereotyping if it’s true.

                    I never saw a black person in a suit (except on Amos ‘n’ Andy) until I was in high school. What should I have thought about black people, when all I saw growing up was big fat women, nasty looking men, and teenage boys who would walk down the sidewalk and all of a sudden start dancing when there was no music? And I couldn’t understand what any of them said. When I got to high school, there were a couple of black students who were smart, but the rest were dumb as rocks.

                    Now I go to a store, and the only people I see using EBT are black people. I’ve never seen a white person use one. I suppose some are, but I’ve never seen them.

                    I’m not racist. I treat each person the same, black or white, unless they do or say something to change my mind. Whenever a black person wants to join my church, they always get a unanimous affirmative vote.

                    But if most members of a group of people are alike, why should it be wrong to state that fact?

                  • As an African American woman, and a Physician, I am highly offended by your comments. The ignorant and anti social behavior that is glorified by the mainstream media and popular culture transcends race. I am not an Obama fan and I am not an Oprah fan. Stop lumping everyone into your little racist bucket. Judge me by who I am and what I have accomplished, not by the color of my skin.

                • Seriously, don’t start calling any of my community bigots. you don’t know what you’re talking about. I’d like to think something good could come from this feud between Oprah and the Obamas, but time will tell. At least now she knows how we feel. How can you still have faith in Obama after all of the broken promises. Obama makes the typical run-of-the-mill politician look good. How has the “HOPE AND CHANGE” worked out for YOU IN PARTICULAR?

                  • Only calling the bigots bigots. Does that offend you???

                    Don’t answer quick, think about it, and then answer…

                  • archivist

                    i live in the south west and can tell you from experience that the biggest majority of EBT users here are wet backs.

                    then if you go too walmart its the friggin white trash hillbilly’s no teeth shit for clothes gonna gets them some vittles and pay with the good old EBT card.

                    the Mexicans buy a Sams club membership and buy in bulk
                    i see them in the stores loading up carts full of ” Gringo food ” and then pull out the EBT card all the while NOT watching there 4 or 5 kids under the age of 6 and another one ( or two ) in there belly. Just Monday i saw the cream of the F*&king crop mex women pregnant with two small ones her daughter ( maybe 17 if she was lucky ) preggers with 3 small ones total of 7 kids then two more teen age kids come up and ask MaMa if they can have some chips. between the two of them 9 children. and no the 3 small children were not the older women’s she said in broken English ” my kids are getting tired of all this shopping.
                    they had a freaking flat cart loaded juice cuts of meat i cant afford ( i counted 11 steaks and 5 roast sized cuts) potato chips. tortillas by the Case !! Juice boxes for the little ones Mac and cheese cereal with loads of sugar etc etc total bill was close too $600.00 and then the pregnant daughter wanted a pair of slippers $18.00 she pulled out almost $1,000.00 all in $100.00 bills. so you know some one is working for cash under the table. ( or maybe two someones )

                    NO fruit no veggies no potato’s 1 gallon of milk no flour rice or cooking or baking supplies so that they can actually make good decent food nothing healthy
                    Just this garbage prepackaged trash

                    and when it came time too pay for the Non EBT stuff Mama 1 pulled out a wad of 20s 50s 100s that would choke a horse no 1s no 5s maybe a few 10s (i was about 5 feet away) i would bet she had close too 2K

                    then she bitched about having too kick in $28.70 How un fair that she should have too kick in a few bucks
                    after all its going too take away money from her getting her nails done. and carrying her designer purse and talk on her new 4g phone.

                    they wander down the aisles there children running around like little monkeys jacked up on sugar screaming and acting like idiots ( and yes i know children will be children ) but Sams is not the place for this
                    all the while mama chattering away in Spanish and acting like there the only people in there blocking aisles

                    and now we have what 12 million ? 14 million ? most illegal sucking the system dry and they want too put them ALL on Ovomit care!! fri and sat they go out drinking and fighting then run too church on sun so all is forgiven. sheesh
                    and this is what were supposed to welcome ??
                    remember the idiot Harry Pinky Reid will start pushing for immigration reform after the holidays.

                    GET A freaking clue people we have too stop this bull shit i like the idea about getting a bunch of buses
                    BUT her is one better just broadcast on TV that were going to start in the North and start working our way down south and check papers for ALL Mexicans

                    Hell i bet a bunch would break there necks to get “Home ”

                    Maybe get rid of some damn liberals too

                    skittle shittin unicorn

                • Seriously, don’t start calling any of my community bigots. you don’t know what you’re talking about. I’d like to think something good could come from this feud between Oprah and the Obamas, but time will tell. At least now she knows how we feel. How can you still have faith in Obama after all of the broken promises. Obama makes the typical run-of-the-mill politician look good. How has the “HOPE AND CHANGE” worked out for YOU IN PARTICULAR?

                • Seriously, don’t start calling any of my community bigots. you don’t know what you’re talking about. I’d like to think something good could come from this feud between Oprah and the Obamas, but time will tell. At least now she knows how we feel. How can you still have faith in Obama after all of the broken promises. Obama makes the typical run-of-the-mill politician look good. How has the “HOPE AND CHANGE” worked out for YOU IN PARTICULAR?

                  • Braveheart,

                    You missed the point completely. I don’t think he has done a good job at all. Does that lend credence to those who choose to be bigots? Or is this the only way that some white people can speak on non white people? I have had very good conversations with people of all races who absolutely blast the POTUS, but can do it with class and leave race out of it. Some people on here can’t do this on an intellectual level. Scroll down and look at the comments….. If you’re of the same views as the bigots, then yes, i’m talking to YOU too.

                  • @Seriously???

                    So if I called Obama a “monkey”, would you consider that racist? Would you think of me as a bigot against his ethnicity? And if so, why? Please explain. Use english, not emotion.

                  • Seriously, if you’re truly opposed to Obama, then OK, there’s one area where we have some common ground. He has given the shaft to YOUR people as well as white people and everyone else. He’s not good for anyone of any color. Plus my late wife was a Hispanic from Cuba. the only reason you don’t get a dose of her tongue is because I lost her to a drunk driver. We’re not against black people. we’re just opposed to the damage Obama has done to this country. I know it was already seriously damaged by his predecessors, but he sure as hell added to it. Obama gave us change, but not the kind of change everyone thought was coming. Plus, what do you have to say about the fact that Obama attended Rev. Jeremiah Wright’s racist church for 20+ years and everyone in Chicago knows how racist he is. Oprah has always been antiwhite; she just tries to hide it the best she can because if it wasn’t for white people being misled by her, she wouldn’t be so rich.


                  • I think Rush said it best when he said that if women in America were happy, Oprah would be broke. How anyone can watch her show is beyond me!!! She makes me just as sick as Osshole that I could give two shits if she supports him or not.

                    And if the fact that I don’t like two African Americans makes me racist, whatever makes you happy!

                  • Here is how to handle CAPS: turn off the key that says CAPSLOCK! It takes almost 1 second.

                  • you got it right jimbo

                    Please drop the caps

                • Another delusional white guilt dominated fool here again it seems. Now they even see words like “Compared to You” that were not written!…What next? darwin theorys that all humans started out Black then somehow evolved and became whiteys?…If You are happy at the massive destruction and violent crimes. Especially violent rapes and murders of whiteys BY Africans? all across america the past 50 yrs and especially in the past Two yrs of non stop gang attacks on whites by african savages then either you suffer massive white guilt, or are a biased african hater of whiteys like hobammy et all.

                  Africans never had it so good at any time and in any nation as they have in america the past 60 yrs. Yet the Vast Majority of black africans remain Ungratefull and savage. Nobody, No group or race of people has had as many opertunitys offered to them and Paid for BY white middle class taxpayers other than african blacks period.

                  No honest person can ever deny such truths and facts. But I bet YOU will deny it eh!…Another lib guilted fool. Or just another Ungratefull MONKY savage eh!

                  Well all your savage ape pals better Wise up cause most whites aint falling for that Race Card no more, and furthermore Most whites nationwide are Really getting totally Fed Up when seeing all the recent attacks perpetrated upon totally Innocent white folks most every location nationwide. Expect very soon those same whiteys are going to deal with said savage brutes and it will end badly for the savage africans.

                  If that “Offends” your emotional based “Feelings” too fuckin bad. If speaking truth and Facts makes Me a racist or biggot? Great! Give me a shiny Large size medal I can proudly wear and display MY feelings about the majority of african savage blacks in america.

                  Later we can discuss the savage african intruders all over europe with more Flooding into every part of european nations daily and causeing the same problems there too!

                  • @Them Guys

                    I don’t think i need to say anymore than what i have already posted to others.

                    Just a recap though:

                    If you think the “MAJORITY” of blacks are animals as you say above, then yes you are a RACIST. If this doesn’t apply to you then move on, but i think your child like rant above speaks for itself. Some of the things you mentioned are absolutely true. No ones denying that, what was your purpose of a partial history lesson? Especially since you conveniently left out all of the injustices done to blacks as well. You’re not very objective are you???

                  • IMO
                    It is best to not use too wide a brush to paint any picture, the details can be lost,
                    While i agree that there are many violent people whose racial base is from sub saharan Africa,
                    Men of ALL colors are guilty of some of the most horrific crimes against humanity.
                    There is both good and evil within ALL of us, the question is witch do YOU chose?

                  • Them guys

                    you are basically saying what i have said for 20 plus years all this bullshit with the chimp in charge boils down too White liberal guilt. you see it all the time in people like Bill gates and most of the hollyweird crowd.

                    there ashamed of the fame and fortune they have and most never did a single thing to earn it ( bill gates is the exception )and instead of just giving it away too charities and such they continue making more and more and pay lip service.

                    then when they get a chance they run there mouth on tv about how the repukes are nothing but racists and the Tea Party is the new KKK ( Robert Redford and Rep grayson too name a couple .

                    These brain dead liberals all march to the same beat and its all just too show that there better then the rest of us poor slobs. or much like the Dems and there feckless leader its all about keeping the Blacks down in the ghettos and in poverty just as a way too Be superior too them you see it when ever a dem talks about immigration and entitlements . and you see it with Rev ( what a joke ) Jessie Jackson and al ( race baiter ) sharpton
                    seriously what church did Jackson go too that teaches his special kind of hate

                    and the dems have the worse case of plantation mentality i have ever seen. Sen Harry Reid said that “Obama didn’t speak with a detectable Negro Dialect”
                    and because he is an old white dem he gets a pass
                    if one of us said it we would be taken out and shot!!
                    and its true when he is talking too whites but let him get in front of a bunch of blacks and his Ghetto jive comes out.

                    it was not too long ago that the democrat party was ( and in some areas still is ) the most racist Party around. and in the inner city you have planned parent hood using abortion as a form of population control. but if you try and tell a liberal about Margret Sanger ? and her eugenics thoughts you get a blank stare.

                    or how about such inner city marvels such as Cabrini greens in Chicago in the late 60s and 70s thru the 80s it was one of THE most violent most crime ridden areas
                    it was where the Dems packed the inner city blacks in cramped dirty dark apartments and basically left them to fend for them selves
                    so they killed and robbed there own elderly
                    it was built between 1942 thru 1962 till it was demolished between 1995 and 2011

                    they crammed 15,000 people into 3,607 units and in the early days it was mostly Italians til the 70s when the blacks took over. and they turned it into a shooting gallery. now we have Cabrini greens in just about every city. only the names change

                    but now that’s all been wiped clean by the Chicago dems and there and the residents have been moved all over chicago but there problems are still there with all the violence in the last 5 years

                    it was only maybe 60 or 70 years ago that a lot of members of the democrat party were members of the KKK.
                    and they claim that FDR was a secret member along with a couple supreme court judges

                    now they “Claim ” that there the all inclusive party gays blacks Muslims all are welcome as long as they don’t dig too deep in the past of the Democrat party.

                    and they actually do want all in as long as the members just donate till it hurts and dont expect too much

                    When the black community in the USA get a clue about who is and who isn’t leading them down the garden path and when they get a clue about who is really keeping them down and they leave the dems and there so called Cultural leaders like Sharton and Jackson
                    then and only then will they get control of there own futures.

                    but i am not holding my breath

                    skittle shittin unicorn

                  • The generation of American adults who came of age during the late 60s/early 70s was misled by the predominantly Jewish Marxist-Leninist brigade that infiltrated US academic institutions. Today, increasing numbers of Generation X, and younger, folks are recognizing that the social engineering their parents adopted and passed onto them is actually suicidal to a productive nation.

                    Obama’s action are finally starting to speak louder than his slick words, and people are waking up to the fact that they have been hoodwinked. Now if only they would ask themselves why Obama rose so quickly to power, and come to grips with the tribe of nation-wreckers who facilitated his ascendancy.

                • I guess i have my answer. Thanks for playing guys. The bigots never seem to disappoint or feel offended when one of there own are called out. I would also like to thank those who gave a thumbs up, as there are truly good people out there no matter the color. God speed to the non bigots, and those who are…….well you are the problem, and don’t really count.

                  • Funny thing- when the animals mug you, they won’t care how “enlightened” you are, or how racially sensitive you are. you’re just another whitey to them, another target.

                  • “If you think the “MAJORITY” of blacks are animals as you say above, then yes you are a RACIST”

                    You need to start the above sentence with “I think” because it’s merely what you think. You state it as if it were a known fact and that is not the case. It is merely your opinion.

                    May I ask a few questions. Would you or would you not say that the majority of blacks voted for Obama? And voted for him merely because he was black? I know for a FACT that most of them voted for him and voted for him because he was black, NOT because of his policies or his qualifications. And many of the white people that voted for him voted for him for the SAME reason!
                    AND choosing anyone for any position based on their color is racism of the highest order.
                    This is what leads some of us who are harmed financially, emotionally and personally (all of us) that he became the POTUS to sound somewhat racist to YOU is because we are pointing out the extreme racism that got him there in the first place!
                    You see it’s like this. It is our clear conscience that allows us to stand up against him and his policies, calling it as we see it, instead of cowering in fear with guilt ridden heart, afraid of being thought racist. We throw epitaphs at his “heritage” as dubious as it seems, because of the known fact of why he got voted there. If his color can get him into office then his COLOR should be part of the discussion!
                    He himself has promoted, set a tone if you will, of great divisiveness in this country; against whites, rich (but not the super rich), Christians, conservatives/tea partiers and for that I will in turn discuss those issues including race and use words you might not like. But, they are still factual and sometimes facts can be very offensive. Get over it. Political correctness is the pussification of America and our eventual downfall.

                  • Seriously, I have some other questions for you. How do you feel about the NAACP, a BLACK organization which has done more to hurt black people than any average white people on the street ever thought about doing? How do you feel about all of the black-on-black crime which is a major cause of decay in the black community? How about the influence of hip-hop and rap music on the young people, especially the songs that degrade young black women? How about your own politicians, especially the Congressional Black Caucus, which are no different from white politicians? I treat everyone the same regardless of race of gender. I do like MLK said, judging people according to the content of their character and NOT by their skin color. If I see any black people doing something wrong, it’s not racist to point it out; same if I saw any white people doing the same thing. It’s not racist to try to hold people up to a higher standard. Anyone who tries to hurt me, and I don’t care what your color or gender is, you will find out the hard way that there is a price to pay for your action. there’s nothing racist about that either.

                • what was racist about a fight (spat) between a chimp or a baboon


                • You’re the racist. If he had said the same thing about a white person then you wouldn’t have said a thing. That means YOU think black people are more like baboons then white people are. Pitiful. Get some help, racist.

                • Hmmmm – 162 downers.

                  Looks like you’re better off hangin’
                  with your African soul brothers.

                  One word of caution though, Gandhi.

                  These negroes you love so much?

                  They hate your white guts. Really.

                  Be careful.

              • I hate to pop your racist fantasy bubble but all whites in america who were vaccinated since the 50’s have monkey tissue in them, they also have the cells and DNA of a black woman named HENRIETTA LACKS. Google her name and see for yourself…….I know it fun to pretend and low rate others based upon your shallow false perception of race to make yourself feel better but in this case its literally the pot calling the kettle black….lol. Science and fact does not support your racial purity Jim Crow fantasy…..all persons vaccinated are n_ggers…lol.

                • Don’t you have something to watch on B.E.T?

                • IHP

                  No problem. Not a genetic trait. That is why you have booster shots.

                  Nice try.

                • @Wri8trofWrongs,

                  I couldn’t agree with you more. The majority of blacks more than likely voted for BO. However, i can take that one step further.

                  Can you also agree that the majority of whites voted for Mitt Romney?
                  Can you also agree that if Hillary runs for office, the majority of women will vote for her?
                  Can you also agree that if an openly gay man runs for office, the majority of gay people will vote for him
                  Hispanic, Latino, etc. etc. etc

                  This is a mute point though, as we can all agree that most people are sheep, so this is no surprise.

                  The point of this discussion is painting the broad brush saying the majority of blacks are animals and criminals, or the majority of whites are child molesters, and mass murderers, which is not the case.


                  Is it safe to say that only the people that YOU have encountered are criminals or below your standards? Or does it make you feel better to say that all blacks are the same?

                  • You keep leaving out the word “almost.” Read my message.

                    How about using the scientific method? You do an experiment 100 times. It comes out the same 98 times. You throw out the outliers and go with the 98. That’s what we’re taught in school.

                    That’s what I’ve done. Almost all blacks I have seen act and talk a certain way. Unless shown different, it would be natural to assume that any others I see would be the same unless proven wrong.

                    I was amazed in college by a teacher from South Africa. He was black but had an English accent and used proper English. I had never heard a black person that used proper English. It was always “dis” and “dat” and “I be doing so and so,” even high school teachers. My chemistry teacher could not pronounce the letter “Q.” She would say “kyer-rah” or some such. My high school U.S. government teacher was totally ignorant. He knew nothing about the subject and told us to teach ourselves and give ourselves tests. I got 100% and the blacks got 0% because they wouldn’t do anything at all.

                    That’s why “Amos ‘n’ Andy” was funny. There were all these business people in suits and ties, and women in nice clothes. It was nothing like reality at all. The only character that seemed real was Lightnin’.

                • @Wri8trofWrongs,

                  I couldn’t agree with you more. The majority of blacks more than likely voted for BO. However, i can take that one step further.

                  Can you also agree that the majority of whites voted for Mitt Romney?
                  Can you also agree that if Hillary runs for office, the majority of women will vote for her?
                  Can you also agree that if an openly gay man runs for office, the majority of gay people will vote for him
                  Hispanic, Latino, etc. etc. etc

                  This is a mute point though, as we can all agree that most people are sheep, so this is no surprise.

                  The point of this discussion is painting the broad brush saying the majority of blacks are animals and criminals, or the majority of whites are child molesters, and mass murderers, which is not the case.


                  Is it safe to say that only the people that YOU have encountered are criminals or below your standards? Or does it make you feel better to say that all blacks are the same?

                  • I wanted to vote for Herman Cain.

                • I HATE PUNKS, you’re at the wrong website if you claim to have heard such propaganda here.

                • ewww, you’re gross

            • Oh Fat Windy is definitely not on our side!

        • Oprah the Prepper? Oprah the Christian?

          She’s still way behind.

          • Oprah Christian?? Last I heard it was NEW AGE.
            In my house, that ain’t Christian.

        • Everyone acts as if Oprah has seen the light. She still believes the exact same things that Obama believes but she is upset because she was cut out of the inner circle. So you have no awakening only scorn. She realized that they never wanted any input from her only her endorsement. It is a hard pill to swallow when you think that you are high and mighty and then you come to realize that you are only a pawn to be used when needed and as needed.

          Ad gloriosum sempiterne Deus

        • I would not count on it. Oprah knows what is best for her. She is still one of the most powerful women in America and the First Lady doesn’t even come close. She is not and never will be one of “us”. Too much is being made out of the fact that she didn’t go to the White House. She is probably testing the direction of the wind. When Obama really needs her and calls for her personally, she will be there for him.

        • They say it ain’t over till the fat lady sings.
          It sounds like Oprah is singing our song.

          • Guest2745855, I wouldn’t count on Oprah ever singing our song and the fat lady appears to be in no hurry to get up onto the stage.

        • Orca supported her color when she went for Barak. To me that makes her as much a racist as the rest of her left wing ilk.

        • Someone posses in the koolaid.

        • All Oprah saw was black…..

        • Oprah is just one more rat abandoning the Obama ship. It is the new media craze;

          Did anyone catch Rachael Maddow recently skewering Obama following his speech on indefinite detention?

          How about Bill Moyer’s recent, thoughtful, hour-long Obama reprimand with respect to the Transpacific Partnership Treaty and other crimes against the constituents?

          Even John Stewart, the screaming socialist, cannot hope to continue to publically support Obama and not get lynched in the ratings. He, too, has begun to chip away at the most glaring Obama atrocities being brought to light.

          None of these folks had a problem attacking “conservatives”, when they believed there was an enemy opposed to their personal agendas. So, either one of two things is going on; (1) a slow realization is dawning that there exists a private, global organization that works only for itself or, more likely, (2) the public tide of opinion is turning against Obama and they do not want to go down with his ship.

      2. Well now;as the song sings: “THE LIST IS GETTING LONGER”-

        • Pissed, dam I hate auto correct


        • Who the hell cares what that bitch has to say, she is one of the minions with a personality disorder, it’s called elitism.

      4. So Ophra, you screwed your audiance of white Americans to follow your chocolate Jesus. And now you see the error of your ways . F^€k you!

        • I agree with you on this.

          Oprah is just another liberal bitch that got lucky by running her mouth at the right time and place; therefore catapulting her into the limelight of Follywood and the masses of idiotic sheeple that follow her shit and fell in love with her bullshit.

          Just because she is wealthy, people look up to her and her “fake” ideology of christianity or some kind of screwed up bullshit scientology crap.

          Who the fuck died and made her Queen. A mouthy assed bitch with millions doesn’t get her closer to God; in fact it most likely has the opposite effect. Another evil bitch is Billery. People should run “away” from these Jezebel spirited, evil, lying bitches instead of praising them. What a fucked up society of the masses we are living with in these last days.

          Stop giving them acknowledgement!

          • Does the SGT-Report website Owner still Produce the Oprah show and dancing with stars show along with 1/2 dozen more msm tv bad influences for kids and others too?

            It seems Hypocrytical to own a website that bashes MSM and everyday type tv like oprahs show, while at the same time you also are the main Producer of those very shows eh.

            as an FYI: That other website guy Mike Rivario(I think thats his name?) is also totally conected into hollywood and MSM TV producing many parts of special effects or something similar. Thats acording to several expose type videos that I saw recently at yutube videos on those two particular so called truth type website owner guys. Revario is a member of the Tribe also so that explains why he never mentions anything tribe related when hes outting banksters etc.

            Makes me wonder how many More within the truth website movement, may also be playing Both sides at the same time.

            Seems only a Proper thing to do is to tell folks the full story in such a double standard scenario. I for one lose respect for, and am unable to further trust someone when such info is revealed. Kinda like the neighbor Cop who ends up busted dealing dope from his personal car! While all along the entire neighborhood thought he was such a straight shooter cop. Maybe its just me…But it really does ruin my trust when such is revealed.

            • Them Guys: I can’t tell you how many times I’ve read something from a supposedly reputable source only to find out it was completely false info or altered somehow. To gain credibility they have to sometimes give you the truth but they won’t give you the WHOLE truth, like how you always point out how the Zionist influence is ignored. Personally, I don’t believe anything I read unless I can confirm it with my own research.

              Everyone should keep in mind that one of the best ways to take down a movement is to infiltrate it. Tactics: spread disinformation, create false conflicts, DISTRACTIONS. For example do you remember the whole 60s hippie/drugs counterculture? Research into it & you’ll find that it was largely a government created experiment, most likely to distract & corrupt the youth. Can’t have them protesting & questioning the atrocities in Vietnam, right? Frank Zappa, Jim Morrison, Grateful Dead, Timothy Leary, Charles Manson, etc. – all had ties to the military/government. LSD – MKULTRA – Laurel Canyon – Aleister Crowley, too many links to mention here.

              • JC75: yep exactly right. I always look for the proof links or at end of article the listed by number sourced info links etc for the real truth proof what we are researching is based on real facts.

                You’d think with today so many folks wakeing up and demanding real factual truths that we’d finally see an end to the usual “Mask’s” most website writers use such as “TPTB” “ELIETS” “1%” etc etc…I mean come on already.

                No matter who or what TPTB are in any particular given atrocity or agenda etc its High time every serious writer who desires to be taken as a Serious writer of truth and facts, begin to simply Name the culprits.

                Be the culprits white-black-jewish-zionist-commies-libs-repubs whatever!…I am so tired of the same old ideal that we all Must force ourselves to always Hide that particular fact whenever the culprits are blacks or jews for example.

                Its all tied in with this massive brainwashed mentality that Demands we all only see “certain” groups persons as the worlds greatest Victim class. And nobodys group has moreso demanded to be seen always as Victims no matter what than blacks and jews.

                If say some women or man tells you they got Married And Divorced 110 times!…Wouldn’t your first question be something akin to “Gee! Why so many times married?!”

                Of Course it is the first question you’d ask. Then suppose that person answers you similar to this “Well ya see the main reason I had to marry 110 times was, in each marriage, it was Always the SPOUSE I married that caused troubles so I had to get a divorce!”

                Maybe if it were 2 even 3 times married gone bad you’d believe he or she…But 110 times married and ALWAYS it went sour due to the Other spouses fault in all 110 times?!

                Even a small 5yr old kid would never believe such nonsense. Yet thats exactly what You amd Me are to believe when the issue is Blacks or Jews as eternal victims of “Others” and always as Innocent victims too…ALL other ideas or questions earns you an evil vile name called. Ask a question get labled Nazi!

                Well I never since being born automatically acepted what I was told because I was told too accept it period. Thats BS crap thinking at best. I always question Everything.

                If that offends anyone or a group of certain minorities? Too bad Bubba….I am offended by those who think I am stupid enough to believe their group is always Innocent victims as if they are Born a automatic victim due to color or religious beliefs.

                I do not care if Your religion teaches that You need to kill whiteys off. You have the right to believe that.

                BUT..”IF” history shows solid proof that You not only believe it but also have done it for real, and more than once?…Now thats a huge problem for me. Yes if thats the case I will automatically MIstrust any from your religion or group.

                That means all such groups not just muslims and koran. ALL others too if their holy books teach the same or worse. And from the many verses I and others here has posted that come Direct FROM Talmud, its obvious to any Honest person that yes the Talmud does have Much in common With the Koran when both speak about NON members.

                Weather you are called an “Infidell” that need be killed off…OR are called a Gentile Goyim that “Even the Best of gentiles should be Killed”

                WHICH will Make You or Me Deader or More Dead?

                Those who kill Goyim gentiles as religious belief? Or those who Kill Us for being an Infidell by their beliefs?

                DEAD=DEAD! regardless which religious books orders your death done. Yet if one explains this and says, “See maybe BOTH muslims and jews religious beliefs are DEADLY to us and Our religion or race etc”

                Somehow I am NOT an evil Nazi as long as I leave the jewish part OUT…Its A-OK to name and say Muslims are evil. But if I point out Talmudic jew verses that state the exact same nearly?..NOW I am a evil nazi right?

                Wrong. I am Normal, and good and it is those fools who think that way and call folks nazis thats the problem.

                They Know I am correct 100%, that I make perfect sense, yet I am still an evil nazi for pointing out that their pet project of jews is perhaps not all super swell and nice. You just cannot fix such fools minds it seems.

                That they thik by calling a person names like evil nazis will shut that person up? Thats even More absurd an idea!

                The more I get called evil names the More determined I get to speak out and I never hesitate to speak out in public areans etc. America right NOW Needs Ten or Twenty Million MORE folks like Me! Folks who do not fear calling a spade a spade or a jew a jew when its what fits.

                Stay tuned as I believe we soon are going to hear from millions more folks that speak out truth regardless what PC crap others demand. Once the wakeup begins NOTHING Can Halt or stop it period. We are IN that time frame today, the beggining of a vast awakening and nobodys emotional basket case feelings is going to shut it up.

                Its in Fact Long Overdue! If truth sets folks Free?…Get ready to release them Chains! Cause truth speakers are comming and nobodys going to stop em period. I KNOW because I Am One. Its only the begining! truth Haters better pack bags and Exit stage Leftist your days are numbered.

                And All the White Patriots said: “Free at Last! Free At Last”! Time for Whites civil Rights!

                • Time to secede, separate and boot the ingrates.

        • Maybe we should demand reparations from Oprah for her mistake. We paid for it, not her.

      5. How did Oprah get where she is in her profession and not be able to see Obama for the liar he was? He never said one concrete thing! Not once. She is a business woman she should have know better. But she saw what she wanted to see and so did millions of others. And Obama was betting on that.

        • You mean, Obummer’s handlers were betting on that. They figured all the angles and planned all the racism indoctrination. They sold their product to the American people with great precision.

        • Hey, she didn’t build that!

        • Because black, that’s all there is to it. Got to support the hivemind lest she be cast aside as a houseslave.

        • Hi c,
          She got where she is by playing on the weak minds and emotions of the duped mental midgets that used to sit in front of their TV’s and cry their little hearts out. Worthless pieces of crap are weak minded little people that can’t seem to make it through their day without Oprah leading them through the latest diet fad, or whatever sad little puppy story she had for the day. PATHETIC MORONS. BRAIN DEAD IDIOTS. obama VOTERS

        • Mostly she got there because she’s just like him. A race hustler who abuses her staff and lies on a daily basis.

          • oprah is nothing but a one time welfare queen

            and much like OVOMIT an affirmative action success

            she got a tv job just based on her skin color nothing else

            now shes a rich elitist lesbo piece of trash

            skittle shittin unicorn

      6. This is beautiful. Now, if we can get more celebs to come out and take a stand….many know it in their hearts, but often just lack the courage to say it publicly, or are tied to the strings of the puppet masters. But I believe Oprah, and several others, represent the “100th monkey”. I pray this accelerates the turning of the tide.

        Gold Leader standing by.

        • I personally don’t give a damn about any celebs and their participation in the mess we are dealing with since they are the problem…oh well 99+% at least. Their handlers in Hollywood make movies to brain wash the society that killing other humans is just a game and is fun while they side with the anti 2nd amendment forces to disarm law abiding Americans. Oprah and many other billionaires simply are shows without any substance….they say the right thing to make you feel good but when it comes to action, they show their true colors that is pure selfishness. Maybe black community is proud of her but I hope not since she hasn’t done a damn thing for them…..Did she build any schools in black communicates to promote education or provide grant to a smart kids to go to college? All I know she has provided free Cadillac to some of her TV audiences and made them cry and jump like a monkey in the air. No thanks…..her buddy copied the same crap by giving away free cell phones and the cost came from my pocket and yours.

          • Those cars she gave away weren’t even provided by her, it was a promotion by the manufacturer. She didn’t even pay the taxes for the people that got them, they were responsible for themselves. There was zero out of Oprah’s pocket for this, and she came off looking like a saint. Disgusting….

          • Tactical and Gold, you both make great points. True, she’s part of the problem in the first place, plenty of style with zero substance. Her fortunes alone could turn entire communities around….but did she? Nope. But as Gold figures, could this be enough of a lynch pin to speed the awakening and open the eyes of a majority of people? Time will tell.

        • “You through your pearls before the swine,
          you make the Monkey Blind.”

          “Shock the Monkey”, By Peter Gabriel

      7. She needs to go back to giving cars away to her audiences. She was popular back then, or so we were led to believe. This chic has morphed into an ego maniac. And now that she is no longer on network TV and she has to keep feeding her OWN show, she has found true reality. She ain’t half as popular as she thought she was.

        • Ask the farmers if they support her, ask how many farms were lost overnight because of Oprah, alot of people dont remember that little incident, the one where she had to hire a certain lawyer whos name we all know to get her ass out of the flames. My good friend lost three farms because of her. If she and I were the last two people on the planet I still wouldnt speak to the bitch!

      8. My answer from day one was no, Hell No! Everyday, there are a few more seeing the truth behind the lies of the usurper and thief.

        B aware, B Awake, B Alive

        • The very first time I ever saw hobammy was on tv when he was running for his First election, 2008. When my neighbor came to visit and said since he knew I was orig from detroit I could probobly give him a little Insight to learn more about the Black guy for prez issue.

          I told neighbor guy sure thing what tv cgannel is he going to be on? I switched tv to proper channel, and a few minits later Hobammy came on live tv and began his telepromter act.

          We watched him on tv exactly Two Minits. Then I grabbed the remote and switched channels to watch Gunsmoke reruns!

          My neighbor kinda was shocked, and says “hey You told me we can watch hobammy so You(me) can give me an Honest opinion etc!”

          I answered him Yeah I said I will so what do ya wanna know?…Then I proceeded to tell the neighbor guy my Honest opinion learned from 43 yrs of life in detroit and being surrounded by blacks all that time.

          Basically I said Hobammy is a typical black aka monkyboy. That hes an arrogant egotist, that hes going to win due to severe massive white guilt that has so permeated americas whites in general, and that soon after he wins election, like within a couple weeks at most everybody white that voted for his sorry kommie marxist ass will see that hobammy will end up being the absolute worst prez ever, and that if my neighbor and white voters thought Jessie jackson and Al Sharpton were really Racist antiwhite typical negro african ape like kommie marxists…Just you wait and see how much Worse a racist and totally antiwhite hobammy will be.

          My neighbor freeked out kinda and said I had to be joking as how can I possibly say all that from just Two minits straight viewing and listening to hobammy?

          I did not see my neighbor for about 6 or more months afterwards. Maybe longer, and the very first thing he said was “Man how did you peg that monky racist asshole so good after just Two minits of hobammy on tv back when I visited you”?….he told me I was 100% correct on every detail i told him to look for.

          Then a few weeks later I saw Sheboony the wife in some TV news show giving Her “I never liked america rant speach!”

          That sheboony bitch took even Less than two minits for me to peg her correctly! More like 20-30 seconds flat. And again I was 100% accurate in all I stated of her being even a Worse antiwhite racisit bitch, that will make hobammy seem “Tame” when compared to her!

          So far Two staunch lifelong liberal dems I know of both admitted they voted for the Blackman thinking his “Majik” is going to finally fix racial issues once and for all time if elected!…Both a week apert admitted it was a huge mistake and how sorry they were for thinking a blackman in the whitehouse will change average negroes attitudes or somehow make america a better place!

          Two aint alot. Its a good start though eh. To hear Both liberal dems tell me how sick and tired of being blamed for every problem blacks in general have and had, and then to hear each liberal dem tell me “Now I understand what you keep bitching about on liberal dems and blacks” was like Fine sweet Music to my ears!! Thats the Only two libs I ever heard admit to anything related to such issues. I felt as if I won some prize kinda.

      9. No one wins when freedom fails
        the best men rot in filthy jails
        And those(Oprah)that cryed appease appease
        are hung by those(OB)they tryed to please.
        Hiram Mann

        The poem goes something like that I may not have it word for word but it popped up as soon as I read the article. Whos gonna put humpty dumpty back together again
        ? Ellen? Tyra? now that there is entertainment. This whole thing is just disgusting and the rest of the planet must be laughing at us. Shit you thought “W” was bad, wait till this guy is done with it!!!!! I wonder how far off the repeat of the night of the long knives is going to be? If I was a DHS employee I would be seriously considering a career change.
        Anyhoo Im ok your ok lets eat.(old Oprah joke nevermind)

      10. Just as an aside Did I read that McCane is thinking about a 2016 run? Wow the republican party never ceases to deliver the goods, Hillary must be thrilled.

        • Boss, how true! But the joke is on us.

        • I hope the old fart assumes room temperature before he has a chance to screw up another election.

          The best thing McCain could do would be to go help Jimmy Carter build houses and just shut up.

          Can’t stand him. He’s spent what moral capital he had from his POW experience, long ago.

          Now he’s just useless and what’s worse, is actually a detrimental to the cause of liberty and a return of this country to a Constitutional Republic.

          • Walt K.

            I agree with you on McCain. The problem is even if can get him out of office, they always come back as a an official spokes person on some news show.

            They can’t shut up!

            • McCain is the Republican version of Chuckie Shummmmmmmer.

              Last time I was in the Senate Office building McCain had decorated the hallway on either side of the door to his office with Flags and all sorts of patriotic junk. He was the only one. Him and Chuckie need to move to Naples and spend time racing their power chairs.

          • They will likly think by running Rubio or Rand paul it will force the seperated conservative voters and libertarians to all join forces to win back the whiethouse. Watch for hannity to really go all out gung ho for that. Hannity already was asking Chaz to admit hes eligable as a natural born american citizen, of which hes Not. his dad was a cuban, mom a canadian and usa citizen both but if I reall it chaz’s mom was Born candaian before she became a usa citizen. Same for Rubio Both his parents were cuban citizens at his birth.

            Then they have bobby jindall govner of LA as backup and he too is NOT natural born. Every one hannity swoons over non stop are the same as hobammy. Ineligable to even run for prez period. Now we know the Real reason no repubs nor any hannitys or rush’s etc complained of hobammys fake birth certificate crapola. Because the repubs are going to do the same crap and run ineligable persons.

            But Unlike lib dems who care not whats constitutional or not, most repubs and especially constitutionalist type voters Do care and they care alot of such issues.

            I predict if they run rubio or chaz or rand paul we will see not only a 3rd loss in a row, but maybe the worst biggest loss in a very long time.

            Not to mention how so many folks are wakeing up to israel issues and fake wars to benifit israel jewish folks mainly, after so much tv like fox showing rand paul and probobly the others as well flaunting their little skull cap while banging their foreheads against the wailing wall of Shame, that alone is likly to cause even More voters to remain home again.

            The repubs outta just all go visit that wall in israel, don their skull caps and do a huge group photo together. Maybe they can find a few delusional misguided folks to Buy such a group photo showing who those polititions are Really Loyal to because it sure aint loyalty to us americans.

          • Walt, you’re right on target about McScam. He betrayed I don’t know how many other POWs when he was in captivity and his Dad {an admiral] was in the charge of the coverup concerning the Israeli attack on the USS Liberty. A quick shot to the head is the only solution for him. braveheart

        • He was talking about congressional run again, not presidential……..Still bad, just not as bad!

        • Actually, my thought is that fossil politicians such as McCane and Graham etc.. are more dangerous than Hillary and Obama since they show different faces but their goals are aligned with the wall street and the international crime units. While I see both parties as one body with two heads, they all are part of the NWO criminal banksters……if they are not, they can’t hold on to their seats. The game is being played and has been played for years. The only hope is for the people to be intellectually awaken to see the true picture.

      11. I have as much respect for Oprah as I do Obama. Not one fricking ounce!

        • She is not, nor will she ever be on my side.

          • The enemy of my enemy, is my friend.

            • I really don’t like that saying. The enemy of your enemy is t your friend, he’s just someone whose interests are partially aligned with yours for a short while.

              An example I can think of are the mujahideen in Afghanistan. They didn’t care much for the Soviets and neither did the US so American policy was to treat them as friends. See how it came to bite us in the ass over the last 12 years or so?

              Oprah is not a friend of freedom. The only part of of interests that aligns with yours is her dislike for Obama at this time. But give her half a chance and she will redistribute your wealth, take your guns and make it so your children will have her brand of liberalism crammed down their throat in the mandatory Indoctrination Centres… I mean public schools.

              She is just a different head from the same globalist monster. I’d wager gold to stale donuts the powers that be are starting to see Obama is about to outlive his usefulness and are lining up a suitable replacement.

              • Don’t know I hit the down vote, but your are so correct!

              • She’s a spoiled brat that didn’t get her way with Jarrett…
                I can’t wait to see how this plays out…nah… who cares…

      12. Chocolate Jesus, my ass! You’ve got to give her credit for refusing to be cow-tied another second. Way to go, Oprah! Now sound the alarm in every media outlet you can and wake up the masses.

        • Oprah is not upset because Obama is a fake. She is upset because the Obamas didn’t welcome her into their circle, a/k/a Valerie Jarrett’s circle. Guess Val didn’t like the competition for Obaama’s attention…so Oprah is a woman scorned, etc., etc.

          • My inner circle consists of the sexiest wife, beautiful kids, great family, great friends, and couple really cool places to live. I have everything that they are looking for, but just can’t seem to find. Their lust/greed is getting in their way of seeing the light. Eventually they will all crash and burn.

            • Crash and burn from an uncontrolled flat spin to the ground.

              • You just gave me a flashback…retrieving boxes…Thanks.
                No harm done though…
                It’s just that I didn’t like the food if we had to wait…yuck. But then again, in the future it may be all that’s available. Something for all of us to ponder…
                Stay safe. ‘)

        • She will not betray her race. She will remain quiet.

      13. this is off topic but important..the new movie, molon labe, will be available to view free tomorrow, oct. 24th at designated websites…from 8 p.m. to midnight…then available for purchase as a dvd… some of the websites include the daily bell, infowars, chuck baldwiin live, oathkeepers, gun owners of america.. here is the direct website for the information: http://www.molon.us/release1.pdf No doubt, more push for gun control will be coming: this movie should be so educational on how the 2nd amendment is necessary for our freedom…perhaps Oprah and Obama will watch it…they may learn something as we all will…

        • Thanks for sharing!

      14. Would not be surprised if
        This article ends up on
        The Daily Mail
        LMAOOTFL 🙂

      15. Oprah is a billionaire. She is elite. Her only problem is that she didn’t receive the special treatments she was promised. She and her ilk, is not our friend and never will be, unless they join us in our poverty.

        She might not be in the inner circle, so someday, that might actually be possible. The NWO will even destroy billionaires if they choose to…she’s no exception.

        • The Mark of the Beast will be taken by all who want to follow the Beast. If you don’t, whether you be rich, poor, old or young, you will be hunted down. What does that tell you about the anti-Christ? The people who thought they were in his inner circle – aren’t.

          • Nobody as yet knows who is the antichrist man. All thats fairly certain at this point is that the antichrist Will be fluent in, Yiddish.

      16. Oprah Winfrey is an Illuminati TOOL !!!!!

      17. She will never say a negative thing about him. In other words she will never tell the truth. She got to be a billionare by being the same sneaky, backstabbing piece of crap that he is. I hope for the worst for all of them.
        That’s hope I can believe in.

      18. Oprah is a chocolate slut. Why would anyone in their right mind listen to that bitch? Ok… I just answered my own question. No one in their right mind would listen to anything she says so that explains how so many idiots followed her to obama’s slaughter pens. Oprah’s mouth fits perfectly over obama’s chocolate dick.

      19. did you vote Democrat in the last election ?
        then you were PLAYED

        did you vote Republican in the last election?

        then you were PLAYED

        more and more people,including Oprah,
        waking up to the fact that the political parties
        and nothing more than two slightly different sides of the
        same counterfeit coin

      20. did you vote Democrat in the last election ?

        then YOU got PLAYED

        did you vote Republican in the last election ?

        then YOU got PLAYED

        Oprah,like so many of the rest of US
        is waking up to the fact
        that the political parties are merely
        slightly different sides of the same counterfeit coin

        • We’ve known that for a long time…HOWEVER, since much less Republicans bothered to vote in the 2012 election, Obama got his second term. You can also phluck life up by inaction. Therefore, I would rather have the least of two bad choices running the show than the worst of two bad choices running the show.

      21. Opra is on no ones side but Opra’s
        She could give a rats ass about any of the little people
        She just can’t believe she got fucked over too, how can that be , she’s way too important for that to ever happen
        Welcome to earth bitch , it’s a motherfucker ain’t it?

      22. I don’t think she is waking up, Satori.

        I think she is just so egotistical and power hungry, that she can’t stand the fact that somebody got over on her. She was taken by the crooks she layed in bed with.
        Now she is throwing a pity party and wants to rally her troops.

        Why do we even care what Oprah or Ellen or Hillary thinks. They don’t have the interest of Americans at heart, because all they want is Americans allegience/praise and money.

        • Oprah was singing the praise of Obama, how he was going to make life paradise for all the black people in America. The only thing she woke up from was the pipe dream she was pushing. If anything she is just trying to rally her support base, seeing how their benefits are getting slashed and all the Obama promises are going sour on them.

          That and she’s trying to wipe the egg off her face for supporting Obammy in the first place.

        • Breaking News Alert!!! Oprah just got busted by TSA when she arrived back at O’Hare Airport, and after a reg normal pat down search TSA alert agents discovered that Oprah was attempting to smuggle in 250 LBS of CRACK hidden up the back of her dress!!

          OOOPPPSSS!! Cancel that newsflash alert as it sems Oprah was only carrying her usual 250LBS of ASS Crack under her dress!

      23. oprah is a pig

        • and what comes out her ass is obama

      24. Oprah is not stupid. She is one of the wealthiest women in the world. You don’t get that way being stupid.

        I think she just jumped on the Obama wagon because he was black and being that she is black, well what black man or woman wouldn’t?

        Hell right now I being white want a white guy in there.

        What gets me is the amount of people in America who relate to being black. The rap music, the hip hop culture, the wanna be black gangster and don’t forget how many white women want to have black kids knowing full well that daddy will never be a part of that kids life, leaving her a single parent on welfare for the rest of her life. Never being able to shed the stigma of being a traitor to her own race because the proof is living in her house till it moves in with grandma. Notice almost never with grandpa?


        • She’s not stupid, but she is evil.

        • It was all pre planned by design, for positive solid Proof research: the 1912 published book “The Racial Plan for America” by self admited jewish communist head party Leader of the england kommies back then 1912 where the book writer lived. His name was Israel Cohen, his entire book is a praise for his and his kommie pals and several kommie jewish rabbi’s plans to create tension in the usa by promoting blacks thru hollywood movies-sports-msm’s-and universities, while at same time forceing all whiteys into lower and lower status more like an equal to 3rd worlders for whites and upper crust wealthy Prestige for blacks.

          And also included in Israel Cohens kommie antiwhite Racial plans to finally see a total End of the entire white race, was to get as many jewish folks elected or appointed to high fed offices, make new racial based laws detremental to whites while boosting blacks as much as possible, with his grand final scheeme plans to make fed marriage laws that will Ban whites from marrying other whites, and Forceing by fed law only BI-Racial marriages for whiteys. That was intended to speed up total demise and an end to whites as a race by makeing mixed race babies. Then after that final generation of pure white folks died off, all that will remain will be Biege and brown folks everywheres. Israel Cohens Racial demise of whites plans were NOT limited to just america either. Rather his main Goals were an entire world with zero whites left forever. Then his Master race self chozens tribe of jews and zionists can rule the NWO without competition or rfuseniks. They consider non whites much eaiser to Rule over.

          Read a few pages of that 1912 book and you cannot deny such was planned by design and BY jewish and zionist kommies. AKA= Nation Wreckers.

          • Them Guys.

            When they finish with the race mix here the will head to China.

            • Slingshot: Them zios has already Been in China a long time. Ever since the late 1600’s and early 1700’s eras when the Sasson zionist jewish family,now multi Billionaires, conroled the Opium trades from the dutch west indies co in cahoots with the British eliets.

              Mao was Taught all he knew of communisim by several zio jewish komie familys who lived in china since late 1800’s era. The USA fed govnt along with zios is who made communisim possible in china, and also thru the major funding efforts in Russia 1918 era, when Jacob Shiff as the main rothschild agent in america back then, funded Trotsky with $20 Million Gold bullion.

              Every nation destroyed by communisim never would have been if not for crooked usa fed govnt officials in cahoots with evil zionists and bolshevik jewish kommie bastards.

              55 yrs ago was when at age 5yrs old I first learned a Most Vital piece of info. That being there is ONLY one type Good Kommie…Thats a DEAD kommie!

              Now at age 60+ I see nothing has changed. It still remains the only good kommies are DEAD komies. NO political or other type system ever created has been as deadly nor as EVIL as Communisim.

              I think even God will make an exception to Hatered as long as its Kommies we Hate!..Cannot wait for Him to drop that hammer and begin whacking kommies everywheres!

              ps: I do Not mean avg unwise folks caught up in commie agendas such as ebt cards etc. Many were forced into ebt type programs by circumstances not of their control, like NAFTA etc.

              When I say DEAD kommies I mean what most calls TPTB eliets and their lesser fellow travelers etc..I Know You know who I mean.

          • Let’s face it. White folks are proud, strong, smart and capable. There’s a reason it was us White folks who added all sorts of port cities all over Asia and Africa and successfully subjugated and colonized the New World and not the other way around.

            And unlike people of colour, White folks have a truer racial unity. Look at African and Middle-Eastern/Southwest Asian tribalism as examples. And a united race is much harder to crush. But if you attack the purity of the White race as you described, you will destroy its future and shatter the spirits and pride of our race and incidentally our will to fight.

      25. Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. She is acting like a jilted lover. Did Oblabla let you down Hippo?
        Welcome to the club. Millions of brain dead zombie types are waking up to the fact that they were played by YOU and this POS in the peoples house. Kinda late now to have all these second thoughts. That ship has sailed.

      26. Well Oprah (and all you other mindless sycophants in need of ANOTHER liar to sway you),

        I warned you all. Just because you all were too stupid to see it up front gives you no room to squiggle out of what you did… elect ANOTHER henchman of world finance.


      27. Her tv network got the invoice for Obama care in the mail the orher day
        Can you imagine how many people she imploys ?
        Will she shed investments?

      28. You know you’re country’s in desperate trouble when millions of votes hinge on Oprah’s opinion.

      29. The hell with oprah,she is not speaking out against obama atrocities but just pissed she didn’t get her full access pass.I say the hell also with spell check,will not capitalize either of their names as I have no respect for em!As promised,a little good news daily when on, http://wtvr.com/2013/10/22/cop-buys-shoplifter-groceries/ ,I love how officer said only thing she wants in return is when women gets on her feet return the favor to someone in need.I am not sure of mothers situation but hope perhaps this happens.When cops act badly needs to be exposed but when cops go out of there way and take a personal hit to help others that needs just as much attention.Live and enjoy today,prepare for tomorrow.

      30. The body politic is seeing that neither political party has their interests at heart and for that matter the overall good of the country as outlined in the Preamble. Globalist moneyed interests govern the system. Obama put some faith in the democratic process for many but as the reality becomes all too clear for them that their faith evaporates and people say, “More of the same”. I suspect increasing polarization in the establishment candidates social positions to keep the masses involved in the dog and pony show elections.

        Watch the voter turn out in the future. Its decline in indicative of a pubic that has abandoned the political process. Mixed with a declining economy it spells trouble.

      31. He loves me, He loves me not, He loves me, He loves me not,not,not, Boo Hoo!!! I’m just going to take my billions and what’s left of all those star struck zombie wenches and go home. Oprah

      32. Keep them fed and entertained


        “And big truth is that „sheep“ people (non preppers, non survivalists) are not gonna see it coming and it is understandable, but also lot of real preppers are blind.”

        if yer not following Selco over at SHTF School
        your missing out on a LOT of very good advice and insights

      33. It was rumored that after the first election Oprah tried to be the Queen Mother then was not allowed into the White House again.

        I hate to say it but Oprah is a fool. She’s a billionaire who should understand capitalism but she promoted a Marxist who would have made it impossible for her to get rich. Not only that but she also consistently promotes anti-Christian, heretical, and New Age thought on her show.

      34. lolololololololol **deep breath** lololololololololol

        pray for the best while prepping for the worst

        III to III

      35. off topic. I just want to “keep everyones head on a swivvle” as my football coach used to say…
        anyways, ive said it before, I smell a false flag.
        1. Israel is not getting its way with Iran.
        2. by the thousands, everyday, people are waking up to government abuse and tyranny. (elections are coming up, and I bet our politicans, aka royalty, are getting nervous..)
        Obamacare is a failure, NSA is pissing everyone off, including many other nations.

        the government needs to keep us in line.
        theyre already talking about our relationship with Saudi Arabia turning sour. our “leaders” are pushing for another war, desperately.

        I just have a feeling something is coming that will pa

      36. end of my sentence should say “panic the masses”

        • I saw a TV ad yesterday, for an Upcomming TV special on Nat Geo channel thats called something like “American Blackout!” what will life be like “IF” all the national power grid goes blackout due to an EMP event?!!

          After several recent articles about an EMP, and much Hoopla on this issue is it another coincidence nat Geo TV is now doing a made for TV special on this very same potential issue?….Or a ready made False flag opp’s where the fed govnt can automatically blame some other thing or persons and get most folks to believe what they get told?

          • Yea that American blackout is just one of many warnings Nat geo is giving to its viewers. I told my wife over the weekend its getting scary that people on that network is showing many programs like this…. apart from doomsday preppers which makes all preppers look like crazed idiots. Hope this isn’t because of the grid x stuff next month

      37. No big deal.

        The two,”O”s, are having a disagreement.

      38. What? Are we supposed to feel sorry for her? I have no sympathy for her at all. And I have no sympathy for the people who voted for the Kenyan. I hope they pay for their stupidity in spades. People who could actually think, and knew exactly what this man was BEFORE he got elected tried to warn them. But the idiots who voted for him were so pre-occupied with what he promised them THEY WERE GOING TO GET….at the expense of others….that they refused to listen to logic and reason.

        In my opinion….probably 90% of the people who voted for him did so because 1. He’s black 2. He promised them stuff 3. He was more “cool” than McCain or Romney (neither of which I particularly liked.

        The other 10% were probably rich white people who voted for him out of some misplaced “white guilt”.

        I’ve got no patience for “stupid”. And the people who voted for Obama, are loaded with it.

        • Walt,you vote for either party you are stupid in my opinion!Each has a few lone voices of sanity that is crushed by the parties and their masters.Those who say they are voting for the lessor of two evils,what the hell,you are still voting for evil!Live and enjoy today,prepare for tomorrow.

          • By not voting is the same as voting for who ever won. You can’t escape the results of an election. Until the system is changed, the one we have is all we have to work with.

            Protesting by not voting is like pissing in dark pants, you will get a warm feeling yet nobody will notice.

            • RIO.

              I used to say, If you don’t vote, you can’t complain.

              Voting is crap. I’m not voting this next time. I want the Dem’s to take it all. I mean to say that you can not find one or two Republicans that are decent enough to run for the Oval Office. They keep digging up Richard Nixon’s.

              • Slingshot, that crap about needing to be a registered voter to speak your mind is something I always rejected. Nobody is really chosen by voters in elections. elections are nothing but a show. The candidates are always chosen for a particular office by someone behind the scenes. Like Joe Stalin once said, “It’s not the people who vote who really change anything. It’s the one who counts the votes.”

                • “If voting could really change anything, it would be illegal”

                  Think about that statement for a while….especially in light of how Congress and the Kenyan act on a daily basis.

              • Slingshot, I hear what you’re saying. I’m so frustrated with the RNC and the Republican Party. They have left me to the point where I feel as though I have no representation. I will keep voting and voting “NO” and voting “Against”. “No” against anything that gives government more power, “no” against anything that would piss John Wayne off. I’ll stop voting when and if the revolution starts, I’ll stop voting when the total collapse happens, I’ll stop voting when the communist, statist and corporatist have taken total control……I guess I better stop voting 🙂

                • I’m voting against incumbents in primary, but will vote all Republican in Nov 2014 because–

                  1. I have seen want dem control is like since 2006
                  2. The USA is more divided under them
                  3. They really hate the Constitution and show it
                  4. All I need is to visit NY, LA, Camden, Gary, Chicago, Detroit, and many others, to see what all of USA will be like if they keep getting more and more control.
                  5. Dems love racism. They get lots of votes and monies and programs thru racism.

                  To better USA. We need the dems to have less control.

                  Just my opinion.

                  • We need a civil war.

                  • Bottom line is: We KNOW Democrats will come for the guns if you put enough of them in office. Why on earth would you want to do that? Because you are pissed at Republicans?

                    I agree that almost always now, it is a lack of options and the two parties are hard to differentiate, but geez, it is like having Hitler the Democrat run for office and you don’t bother to vote because you don’t like the current Republican chancellor because, golly, he just doesn’t represent what you really want.

                    I agree the Old Guard Republicans have lost sight … BUT the Republicans who are making a move to stand their ground are the ones the Old Guard have dubbed Tea Party … and they have thrown them to the Democratic wolves to feast on…and America gleefully picks the carcass, mocking them the whole way…without ONCE saying why these newcomers are so bad.

                    Bottom line, I don’t really don’t care if a Republican is a greedy son of a bitch as long as he leaves the Constitution alone.

                    AND if both parties’ candidates are Constitution haters, then we need to ALL step out of the box and do as much as we can to support a THIRD candidate. What is it about the American mind that only allows for TWO choices?

                    By being angry with Republicans and rationing your vote, you can GUARANTEE this country is done.

                    Sometimes hard choices are made…but you can bet your bottom dollar…as shitty as Syria’s president has been…those Christians who have had their relatives’ heads chopped off by the newcomers wish to GOD things were like they were before.

                    And if in your arrogance, YOU are deciding that my vote is for evil because I chose to exercise my Constitutional right BY voting…bah, you are just as bad as the people you purport to hate are.

            • Rick,you folks in Oregon realize there are other parties/candidates,say like Gary Johnson in last potus election.

            • Every DAMN TIME you vote…YOU support/condone the system that has been PROVEN FALSE/RIGGED on numerous occasions. THEY want YOU and YOUR ilk to believe YOU STILL HAVE A CHOICE…YOU don’t.

              Keep pumping the “my vote means something worn out propaganda”. It supports EVERYTHING CONTINUING TO REMAIN EXACTLY AS IT IS!!!!

              WAKE UP!

          • Warchild and Walt, I agree with both of you. I’ve never been a registered voter, never belonged to anyone’s party, period. I’ve been that way since the 70s, when it was really anathema to be independent-minded. George Wallace said it best in 1972, “There’s not a dime’s worth of difference between the democratic and republican parties.”

            • Uhm…I think that was Will Rogers that said that.

            • George Wallace: “The Onlyiest solution to their Forced Bussings, and Integrations, is to Keep us and them SEPERATE! Us and Them SEPERATE!”

              You Know he was right or he never would have been shot!

            • I felt that registering to vote was futile for years and years when I lived in Solid Blue States. And I still think it was. But then I moved to Michigan, and registered, because there might be a chance. First election I voted in, the district elected a Republican for the first time in a while, by SIX VOTES. What I still love about that is that the district encompasses Ann Arbor, the Beserkley of the midwest. Those dopers now have to put up with a Conservative congressman, and ex-FBI to boot. That wasn’t all. The STATE rep I voted for also got in by single digits. Now I’m retired and living in another swing state, and I’m registered.

              • Forgot to mention that the county school board recently tried to sneak a new millage (tax) through in a “special election” that got very little publicity, and was held on a weekday in May. Once again my vote counted – the tax got defeated by something like 2% margin.

                It ain’t just big elections you have to watch. Pay special attention to school boards, zoning boards, etc. An awful lot of evil is perpetrated by those two alone, because they get their friends out to vote, but nobody else does.

          • I’m a thirty + year Libertarian.

        • Hey Walt, we must remember the larger percentage of voters have these things in common also:

          #1 They are liberal to the core, no matter what color,creed, or religion. They will vote democrat even if it’s a pink pig in a jump suit wearing high heels.

          Case in point; My wifes aunt and our next door neighbor.
          She is 70 years old and has a PHD. She claims to be a christian. She is wealthy.
          One would think she should have some common sense; but, I haven’t seen any yet. As she is a self proclaimed christian, one would think she would follow God’s written word concerning abortion and homosexual acceptance and marriage. He is against it. She is for it.

          At every election, she has signs put out, all by the road, pushing the vote for anyone and everyone on the democratic ticket from the locals all the way to the Whitehouse. She doesn’t know any of them from Adam’s house cat but that doesn’t matter because they are democrats and that is all that matters to her.

          This hard core liberal democrat mentality is rampant across America. It comes from a screwed up way of thinking whereby they are replacing God and His laws and statutes with mans. They want individualism and free thinking so bad that they will vote in an evil, against God, politician just to show their defiance of His laws.

          I’m not saying the Repubs/conservatives are a whole lot better, but at least we keep our guns,bibles, and stop killing the unborn (but very much alive) babies, with them having a majority.

          God says in Deuteronomy that the “house of Israel” should only choose a king (president) from within it’s own peoples, or the blessings will cease, and much strife will come upon them.

          America, was, and still is, predominately caucasian and therefore still considered the “house” (not the land or nation) of Israel. To put a man of another race, or a mixed race, into a role of leadership; kingship or priesthood, is not acceptable.

          Look at our nation now and the freaking mess we are in.

          I don’t think we are to ignore the possibility of leadership of a caucasian woman, because God had women in positions of power and authority over certain tribes within Israel in days of old. I know a few, (very few), women that would make a better leader than what we have now.

      39. I’ll give her points for this much.

      40. Too bad she did not know to say NO years earlier.

      41. How is Oprah being pissed at Obama a SHTF moment? I thought this forum was SHTF Plan and not some checkout stand tabloid. Just why should I care if between two of the biggest egos, one of them is pulling a tantrum? This would only be a telling article if Oprah was to suddenly get audited by the IRS, investigated by the FBI, arrested and convicted of some crime, much like Putin does in Russia. Obama wont be doing that until his third term.

        • Comic relief, my man, comic relief.

      42. Really does make me laugh. She is such a satanic new age woman I truely am not troubled that she is hurt by her half black false messiah. Not only has this person helped mislead millions to actually vote for Barry but she continues to lead many down the wrong path with her new age religous garbage. I really have no idea at all why so many of the sheeple would even follow her in any direction. Wait I just answered my question. Anyway if she really is hurt and upset I can’t help but laugh. But lets think for a moment. He did follow through on one of his promises. He did bring change and a new country. He has managed to infiltrate, threaten, and bully his way to a new Marxist government. He has however stepped on some toes he may regret later. If you want to know more on that topic I suggest you visit trunews.com and listen to rick wiles show from October 21, 2013. This is a very good picture of how deep the rabbit hole goes with Barry. Thank you, keep your heads up, trust in the Lord God almighty and keep prepping. God Bless ya’ll.


      43. It looks like she has quit training for a marathon?

        • Michelle or Oprah? Marathon? No they be training for plow pullen. Put this thought into your head for the day.

          Either one of them using a thigh master. LOL


        • anyone with the kind of money that she has that cannot control their weigh in a consistent manner has self-esteem issues.

          If she would just walk away from the system and be a regular human being she might end up with a life.

          I am NOT an ow supporter, in fact I think she is a fucking joke.

          She will get what she deserves, as will barry.

        • Oinkprah Oinkprah

      44. Opra, Obama, both start with O and end with chit.

      45. Serves her right, she is irrelevant.

      46. To Rick: I gave you a green arrow ’cause you’re right. Besides that, I used to watch Oprah in the late ’80’s and ’90’s cause I was home during the day. She was pretty good in those days but had gradually transformed into a communist as the years passed. I finally quit watching her altogether with two segments she had…one on how great the communist countries were doing with their socialized heath care (she sang the praised to Cuba where a stripper made as much as a doctor) and the other where she “suddenly” became “black” and spoke with her black guest in ghetto dialect. Oprah is a sell-out now and deserves what she gets. All her millions isn’t doing much good for her reputation now, are they? She had a huge base of the white stay at home moms and now they’ve turned their backs on her.

      47. Just remember who all of these individuals are…

        • Oprahs base of viewers was mainly women who daily sit on their couch, eat massive amounts of choclate candy and potato chips galore gaining more poundage weight daily, while desperatly awaiting a chance to phone in to ask any of the non stop Psyco babler guests on her shows a question like “Please can somebody tell me why my husband no longer wants to Poke me?” gee lady maybe since you gained 400 lbs watching doprah shows daily, eating snacks so much your hubby just don’t see the same slim N’Trim gal he married a few yrs ago.

          In my entire life I have never recalled hearing a guy pal or even a male stranger at any bars etc saying how badly he wants to screw the 400 lb chick present at the bar or resturant etc. I’d wager Doperah has contributed to more very heavy women due to her tv shows so many women remain glued to daily, than most any other source of fatness nationwide. Plus most daffy women get daffeyer and believe whatever the show promotes. Then they rack up hubbys credit cards buying every slimdown sit ups machine offered every 10 minits during commercial breaks.

          I have a female family member who alone has spent at least $15 Grand cash just on every new sit up abdoer apperatus advertized on tv daily. Her entire living room floor is a major Hazzard area with barley a foot of free space to walk between her many abdoer situps machines. And she never lost an Ounce in 20 yrs!

          Shed always complain “Them abdoer machins never work properly!” Yeah maybe becuase with a solid Inch thick dust on every one its obvious none ever get used!..But always keeps Buying More ab machines for rock hard abs!!

          Oprahs main Job number one is to Keep dumbed down usa women folk, dumbed down permanantly. New ager mambo jambo and fatty snacks um um good!

          As a kid when Colored TV sets(talmud vision) was first announced, I never back then realized what they really meant was even More african coloreds on tv shows! Somehow black and white sets maybe were best.

      48. To all of you congratulating Oprah on her opposition and “coming over to our side” let me enlighten you, she is just angry that she had been snubbed after helping him get elected NOT because she sees him for the evil tyrant that he is, GET IT? Oprah is NOT on your side, she is just throwing a temper tantrum because she wasn’t allowed into the inner circle from the get go. Man you people are gullible!

        • TY!

      49. All these BO worshippers better realize that BO is like those ancient tribal leaders that pay back those that are loyal to them by sacrifcing them, their women and children on an alter. Those black people, that are extremely racist, see BO as their God better realize that BO is like Michael Jackson and rather be white than black and hates the black that is in him. BO would be more likely to have a shred of loyalty more to one of his white supporters than a black.

        Quite simply BO is part of a beast government.

      50. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE! Tell me why any one should care, listen to, take counsel of, take the advice of, what ANY Celebrity has to say on ANY topic? Why? Just because Oprah is more well known, or more wealthy than me does NOT make her smarter or wiser than me, or any you good people here in this blog. Guys like Be Informed or Mac could out think and debate Oprah while being drunk off their ass. All Oprah can do is play on emotions of the low information sheeple. Yeah I am pissed. But it is entertaining to see Oprah being bitch slapped by reality.

        • Next article should be on John McCain.

          Crickets, Crickets.

      51. I saw this on Steve Quayle and just like the rest of BO care, it tries to backdoor OTHER agendas.


        The worst backdoor about BO care is the national ID card system and the “attempt” at shoving an implant into everyone to “streamline” getting medical information on anybody. An implant that would be required, the mark of the beast that so many talk about. Backdoor to BO care is the word here, as this article talks about trying to snare people into more gun control.

        • I keep hearing more and more of this stuff,
          My family thinks im nuts because im so adamantly resistant to all of it,
          More and more regulation,
          More and more interference
          More and more control,
          I will be damned if i am going to do any of it,
          I will turn into a dread locked activist rebel hiding out before i will EVER tow their line,

        • I’ve had a lot to do with RFID devices in my career. If they ever manage to plant one of those in me, I’ll take it out, without anesthetic, if need be.

      52. Its a little to late to turn back now. Oprah made her choice in 2008. This doesn’t help her one bit now. She wasn’t very smart back then and I don’t buy it now.

        She only gave away cars for a tax deduction.

      53. I think they should send them both out to the cotton fields for a few years.

        • Bravo Sierra. Massive radiation plumes amount to one gasoline truck of mildly contaminated water every week or ten days. Whats the ratio of that to the Pacific Ocean?

      54. Oprah got filthy rich by somehow luring white women into her fold. She has always sucked, as has her spinoffs like Dr Phil. They are all Jerry Springer wannabes. Now Marco Rubio, what a piece of work. I don’t understand how he got elected. Must be all the anti Castro immigrants that control Dade county politics, or the repubs think a hispanic will pull all the soon to be legal, but illegal votes their way. Rubio sucks. Florida’s repub government sucks. This is a state with 100 years straight democratic leadership before the 1980s. Jeb Bush completed the theft, then Rick Scott solidified it. These yankee repubs can all go to hell.

        • Not Yankee Republicans.

          Democratic Closet Yankee’s

        • @aljamo – Hey friend: dems and repubs are ALL the same, and have been for over a century – commie jew shills.

      55. Off Topic:

        “U.S. oil and natural gas production surged past Saudi Arabia in 2013, making the United States the world’s largest oil-producing state.”

        “Drill baby drill” it should be “Jail baby Jail”. Now that we are the world greatest producer of oil and natural gas why hasn’t it shown up at the pump? why hasn’t it shown up in the overall economy? My questions are rhetorical because I know the answer as do all of you.

        “U.S. exports of gasoline, diesel and other petroleum products has hit its highest ever level for the third quarter of the year and is on pace to set an …”

        • Answer to why no price drops are: Taxes, regulations (like the BS requirement to add ethanol, which is very expensive), and the Obamanoids doing everything they can to stop additions to refinery and pipeline infrastructure.

        • your just one step ahead of me today , good to see you shaking it up
          Tip my hat Mr Satori
          carry on!

        • Don’t worry Satori, The PIGS in Saudi Arabia will continue their ties with their cousins in Israel and act as US is out of the picture. PIGS will eat anything and everything no matter what they look like.

        • This is also on zero hedge. Plus more bad economy news. Also, I am preparing of a VERY COLD winter this year. I am cutting Lots of firewood. Some predict a mini ice age type winter. There are tens of thousand of cattle that will agree cause they froze to death this month. Prep tip: watch a vid and build a wood stove or large rocket stove, or buy one. get fire wood and put in garage (move car outside). Install a stove pipe through your roof if you dont have one.(triple wall through ceiling/attic) Buy or make a hearth pad and have proper wall clearances. A hearth pad can be made from 1/2 inch cement board and floor tile. Be prepared to seal off unneccessary bedroom/bath doors and ventilation for the winter to conserve heat. If you loose power, without heat you will freeze.

        • Could be on of the best things to happen ournation to come out of this Kenyans being in power…

        • Yah, the rag-heads are P.O.’d as hell that Obama was forced to back off in Syria. The whole Syrian civil war is over whether a pipeline will be built across Syria to bring natgas and oil from Azerbaijani fields to the Med. The Arabs want it, because it would be a cash cow for them. The Russians want the gas to go through Russian-dominated areas, for the same reason. Obama was educated by the Saudis, supported in his political rise by the Saudis, and they thought they owned the whole US government because they own him. That’s how it WOULD work if the US government were like theirs. The scheme failed, and now they’re madder than wet cats.

      56. Oprah is not on the side of the middle class, conservatives, pro-Christian or Pro-Gun. She is nothing more than an Elitist who has had her massive ego damaged…. She has been played for a fool by zer0 and his crowd of fellow Marxist. She is just another one of who Stalin use to call an “Useful Idiot”….

      57. Dick Cheney not guilty of treason. Yeah right. He outed the CIA agent. Guilty. He lied about Iraqi wmd. Guilty. He is a corrupt oilman. Guilty. He has been in government for decades. Guilty. He was Gerald Ford’s chief of staff, Ford who sat on the Warren Commission and approved the pack of lies. He is a key lead figure in the events of 9-11. Guilty. He was Bush’s brain for 8 years. Guilty. Sinister, evil excuse for a human. Now he has to turn off his pacemaker, so terrorists can’t give him his due.

        • I TRULY hope that when SCUMcheneys’ time comes, it will be as excruciating and slow as possible. I hope “it” suffers unimaginable, prolonged PAIN.

          • If you guys actually believe all that, I have a killer deal on tidal real estate that you’ll just lap up.


      58. Forget economic collapse!
        Get use to wearing radiation suits and full resporator systems – IF YOU WANNA LIVE!!!

      59. I really think her 15 min. are way over..
        really surprised that were even wasting more of our time and breath on this nobody


      60. When push comes to shove oprahs racisim will prevail. She will go tribal in a new york minute.

        • “Go tribal.” Love it old guy. Thanks for the laugh. She needs a big bone stuck in her nose.

      61. She is not important, and shouldn’t be whats important in the news..
        maybe something more like this?
        someone needs to investigate who is shutting up the MSM, and why the cover up on something so distructive to our future.
        why are so many sticking their heads in the sand over this? or have we been lied to about how volatile nuke power is? hey they cant have it both ways but their actions are sending me mixed messages.

        Giving this free shit army bitch our time is distracting us from real problems and issues, its all more than likely to keep her face and name in the news( shes nothing but a media whore)..shes an attention whore to the 1000 degree

        “Sitting at the top of Reactor 4, in a pool that is cracked, leaking, and precarious even without an earthquake, are 1,565 fuel rods (give or take a few), some of them ‘fresh fuel’ that was ready to go into the reactor on the morning of March 11 when the earthquake and tsunami hit,” writes Consolo. “If they are MOX fuel, containing six percent plutonium, one fuel rod has the potential to kill 2.89 billion people.”

        I think that paragraph above warrants way more attention than some fat bitch with an “I come first” mentality and a checking account to buy her any selected politician she chooses

        • Amen! how about covering how the Saudis are now close to cutting off diplomatic ties with us? The consequence of that would be the quick death of the petrodollar.

          • yep , agreed..way bigger fish to fry than this skank hoe and her opinions, besides , shes way late for the party, and not dressed right

            • Ya who cares about opra when things like this i happening…The venezuelan Gov.has takken over a toilet paper factory. The National Guard has taken control of the plant, and officers will montitor production and distrution. Preident Nicolas Maduro created a specil commitee to tackle the problem.
              I sure hope they get this problem wiped out.

      62. Poooor fucking Oprah. I really hate that for her. Actually, I could not give less of a shit. Glad she got a taste of the shit sammich we all are eating right now.

      63. All i can say is when she walks it looks like two raccoons fightin under a blanket in her pants!!!!!! hahaha time for a biggg fattie to make me feel better about bein me along with a bigg laugh about how oprah got screwed HEHEHE! wildmanout

      64. Don’t you love seeing liberals wipe the sleep from their eyes? Soon they will all see there are only two real parties. Them and us. No helicopter for you Oprah. Hollywood should take note.

      65. Why is it that some of use could see through Obullshit. And it takes some of these sheeple a shot to the head to wake them up?
        I hope this clown gets impeached, this guy is a criminal!!!!
        Opra finally woke up. It only took 5 frigging years. You talk about racism! They voted for this man because of his color. It had nothing to do with his politics!!! I could give a SHIT less what his color is I want some one to lead this country according to the Constitution!!!!
        Obullshit is a HYRED Commi/socialist.

        • Howdy, Sarge. oprah is still the same POS communist. just a dispute between commies, nothing more.

        • She didn’t wake up. She’s just mad that she’s being ignored.

      66. They will make up….under denver airport.

        • shes not his type if you catch my drift?

      67. @ Seriously??? (Comment ID: 2827657): Like most blacks, or white apologists, you’re quick to point to the “convenient” part of the history of slavery, but how about the inconvenient part. You know, the part of black history where Africans kept slaves from neighboring tribes for hundreds, perhaps thousands of years (we’ll never know how long- because they never developed a written language to record their history) before “evil whitey” came along. There were already WELL ESTABLISHED slave trade routes for HUNDREDS OF YEARS before evil whitey came to town. If it weren’t for the African slave PROVIDERS, there would never have been evil whitey slave BUYERS. but that doesn’t fit the “Evil Whitey” dialogue now does it? and the FACT is- Africans are still the Africans worst enemy. Look at the atrocities they continue to commit against each other today! No doubt you’d find a way to blame whitey for this too, instead of just admitting the facts as they present themselves.

      68. Honestly, if I were black I would be the most pissed off at Obama. Just as he used Oprah to endorse him, he used the Black American public, as well as other “minorities” to vote him into office. He lead them to believe he would make a change for them, but what has he done? He played on your emotions and used his skin color to do so. Tell me how this man relates to you? He was raised by white people, lived in other countries, went to Ivy League schools, and so forth. In what way does he relate to the average Black American? He doesn’t relate to average white American. That is the point. He is not for this country or for any of us. He is another puppet seeking power and authority. Everyone get off your “racist” soap box and see it for what it is. It is not black vs. white. It is US vs. THEM. Got it?

      69. The day that she said he’s the one…was the week that I’d stop watching her show.

      70. Insanity.

        Doesn’t matter what party. Or even a third party.
        Only to tip the balance in a non violent way to bring on change. You do want Change???? This country is DONE! Take a look around you. I don’t care how you vote or if you choose to do so.
        Sooner or later they will come for the guns and do things to us we find most unacceptable. Do you want to do it now or later when they are more entrenched and enslaved many more?

        • Slingshot: While you have obviously given up for whatever reason, which are your reasons and not my business, I chose to continue to fight the good fight whether it be with my vote or my voice or whatever is needed. … I won’t wait until the last moment as they are trying to shove me onto the train.

        • Slingshot:

          At Bannockburn, 12,000 (with no heavy cavalry) Scots beat decisively a better trained and armed army of 30,000 English (with Heavy Cavalry) using only their superior leadership (Robert Bruce) and the terrain.

          Marathon 10,000 Greeks vs 60,000 Persians.

          Salamis 300 Greek Triremes vs 1,200 Persian.

      71. FUCK OPRAH !!!

        ;0p pssszzt oprah and her NWO ZOG SuperFriends .

        Arm Up Stock Up Prepare …

        Predator or Prey of the NWO ZOG ; the choice is yours .

        M.O.M. ;0p

        • NinaO, what’s happening?

          • RESPECT … BRAVEHEART !

            i’m chillin like a villain as usual .

            just patiently waiting for the shootin to start .

            See You On The Firing Line .

            M.O.M. ;0p

      72. Supremes going to judge if the EPA can issue levels of Co2 for tax purposes and permits.

        China and Russia a spewing all sorts of Co2 in the air and they are not part of the Kyoto accords.
        Fukishima may send radioactivity into the air that will cover the USA. Cook all our asses like a Microwave.
        Nobody will worry about cooking smells or Obamacare if that happens.

      73. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rnSbUuCEvrQ

        Ha ha..

        “Issss love Obama…God know I do…”

        yeah…watch the video.

        Seems the big O ….the TV lady is finally waking up.

        Seems the smooth talking Obummer is really slipping.

        It’s all falling apart Obama.

        I predict a war next he will get us into.

      74. Serves her right! I’m glad that smarmy fraud got smacked down!

      75. “Orca” winfrey calls traitor tramp condo-sleeza rice, her BFF. Any one who associates with a serial killer and 911 co-butcher like rice et al, is a 100% TRAITOR. F*ck orca, I could care less what this witch does. She has trashed her once massive fan base.

      76. Our country and our freedom is in grave danger.  Way way too similar to Nazi Germany! Chicago gangland tactics in the Whitehouse!
        What contemptible low life scum and villainy the National Socialist Democrat party and their deceitful lapdog liberal media have put into power with their ignorance, voter fraud, and Islamosocialism! Far worse when they get such scum elected as RINOs!!

        It is not only just the criminal traitor Barry Soetoro Obama who is to blame, but the other communist scum in the Democrat party and the RINOs Please be sure to SHARE this post about Hussein “Hitler Lite” Obama far and wide! People do not comprehend how truly wicked and dishonest he is!

        Anti-American, anti-christian, muslim brotherhood serving, sleazy, criminal pervert traitor “Hitler Lite”in the Whitehouse! The website http://www.barrysoetoro.net now contains a link to a video where eye witness testimony is given regarding Hussein’s homosexuality, drug abuse, and some very serious questions about murder. This is for real! Fox news reporter Todd Starnes. Also read about documented voter fraud and much more!
        #obama #POTUS #crime #criminal #drugs #democrat #socialism #politics

        Share the truth about John “Hanoi Jane” Kerry another lying traitor.

        Online Christian alternative to Facebook. http://biblefolk.com Biblical Christianity Acts 2:38 friendly
        #christian #community #social #socialnetworking #christianity #bible #biblical #fbooked #facebook

        • You do realize that communisim is an admitedly Jewish invention right? Islamos had zero to do with the russian revolt of kommizim in 1918. Just an FYI for you incase you did not know that. I keep seeing many folks state that hobammys islamic fasicts are in control of america.

          Yet how do they explain that a vast Majorit of folks surrounding the prez and every head of major senate or house comittees on foriegn policy, war, pentagon etc etc etc all has Jewish names?

          Hobammy may prefer muslims I do not know for certain. It seems so yes. But that wont change facts that its kommie and zionist Jews who controls every MSM and fed govnt of usa today and for the Past 100 yrs. Just want to clear that up is all.

      77. Oprah is a Lesbian, Black, Female. Fits all the Affirmative Action requirements. Does she represent me?

      78. Please everyone: FYI, this commie tramps name is O-R-C-A, not oprah. Get with it!

      79. Remember when the big O called the long-legged mack daddy O “the one?”

        Now she just thinks he’s number two.

        Too bad she’ll never apologize to the world for being such and idiot.

        And leading other idiots astray.

      80. Oh PLEASE ! Oprah KNEW all along who Obummer was and what he would do. She knew Obummer would ruin this country. I used to love Oprah and once went to Chicago to be in her live audience. Behind the scenes I heard her speak like I’d never heard her before … using the phrase “mother-fkr” … and other disgusting satanic phrases. She is a DECEIVER. Wake up and fight for liberty.

      81. The third class of friend-“The enemy of my enemy is my friend.” Two thieves fighting over who gets to rob and kill me makes one of them my friend?
        Not in my book. At best a potential ally or neutral in one or more arenas of conflict. Possibly a useful distraction.
        If they were really my friend there is already a word we use for that. We say “friend”.

      82. This is on Newsmax

        The Obama administration is giving individuals who buy health insurance through government-run marketplaces until the end of March to enroll in a plan without a penalty, an administration official said.

        They can shove their crap back where the light dont shine’


      83. Monkey see, monkey do!

      84. “…I seriously doubt that Oprah will ever make up with the Obamas. She knows how to hold a grudge,”

        Well, good for her.

      85. well hell, people on this site talking about whites being racist i’m here to tell you that I lived, went to school,and fought with the buckwheats all through school! I’ve been called white trash, honky, cracker,monkey, you name it and I was called it and all through school I called them buckwheats! that’s right buckwheats with a s. if you so called politically correct mf ers cant stand the sound of that, well sorry for you! as for the om papa, her an dr phil can run of together and have some little hb’s, I don’t care about them and I don’t care about the color of the president because we all know who runs this government!

      86. How do we know this is true? — I mean, I sure hope it is true. But I would like to see some proof, before I pass this on.

      87. “I’m euphoric, I’ve been doing the happy dance all day. I’m so proud of Barack and Michelle Obama and what this means for all of us … the new possibilities for our country. And if he wants me to, I’m ready to go door to door.”

        She needs to go door to door, alright… apologizing to the American people for helping to smear this s**t on our country. Voting for Obama because he is black is as racist as refusing to vote for someone because they are black. Most of us on here never fell for Obama’s BS. We knew from his voting record that he was THE most liberal person ever to be in the US congress. As such, his agenda is not compatible with the ideals of most Americans. He had no experience or training worth mentioning that qualified him to be the Commander in Chief of the world’s most powerful military or the president. I only hope to God that we’ve learned a lesson from this experience and don’t repeat it… ever, let alone soon. With luck and some very hard work, we might be able to repair the damage he has caused in a couple of generations.

      88. Every 4 years, America collectively loses it’s mind and, once again, believes lying politicians, WITH A HISTORY OF LYING, and votes for ‘their guy’, because he’s gonna’ effect alllllll these changes.

        And a year or two later, everyone is sooooooo surprised to find out the clown they elected is a fraud.

        Well, NO SHIT. After 4 years of lies, you STILL went out and voted for him! Again! This defies credulity!

        The best summation of Americans I EVER read was spoken by a 1900’s author, H.L.Mencken;

        “No one ever went broke underestimating the intelligence of the American people”.

        Tooooo true.

        I voted for Ron Paul. My Black military friends voted for Ron Paul. Had Ron Paul not faced a rigged election, he might have won, but hey; Based on a 30 YEAR HISTORY OF VOTING, he just might have effected change. REAL change.

        But then, he would have been murdered, too, just like Kennedy, for going after the illegal and unconstitutional Federal Reserve.

        So for all those that voted for this clown? You’re getting EXACTLY what you deserve. For those who voted for Romney?

        Read the above about believing “proven liars”.

      89. Bob: “Hey Jim, did you hear about the Obama administration scandal?,

        Jim: “You mean the Mexican gun running?”
        Bob: “No, the other one.”
        Jim: “You mean SEAL Team 6?”
        Bob: “No, the other one.”Jim: “Obama saying the avg family would save $2,500 on their premiums?”
        Bob: “No, the other one.”
        Jim: “Forcing businesses to violate their religious beliefs by paying for drugs that abort the unborn?”
        Bob: “No, the other one.”
        Jim: “Violating the rights and sanctity of our Churches?”
        Bob: “No, the other one.”
        Jim: “Spending $634 million on a website that doesn’t work?”
        Bob: “No, the other one.”
        Jim: “Obama calling for an increase in our debt when he lambasted Bush for the very same thing?”
        Bob: “No, the other one.”
        Jim: “Obama having NSA spy on 124 Billion Phone Calls in One Month?”
        Bob: “No, the other one.”
        Jim: “Saddling our kids with $17 trillion in debt of which they can never get out of and will not have as good a life as we have?”
        Bob: “No, the other one.”
        Jim: “Bailing out Detroit after decades of corrupt Democratic management?”
        Bob: “No, the other one.”
        Jim: “You mean the State Dept. lying about Benghazi?”
        Bob: “No, the other one.”
        Jim: “You mean voter fraud?”
        Bob: “No, the other one.”
        Jim: “Intentionally trying to hurt Americans during the sequester?”
        Bob: “No, the other one.”
        Jim: “Blocking veterans who secured our freedoms from their monuments, but giving the green light for Illegals to use Monument Mall?”
        Bob: “No, the other one.”
        Jim: “Denying school kids the ability to tour the White House but still spending lavishly on his parties?”
        Bob: “No, the other one.”
        Jim: “You mean Obama saying we can keep our insurance and doctors if we wanted to?”
        Bob: “No, the other one.”
        Jim: “You mean the military not getting their votes counted?”
        Bob: “No, the other one.”
        Jim: “The NSA monitoring foreign diplomats?”
        Bob: “No, the other one.”
        Jim: “You mean the use of drones in our own country without the benefit of the law?”
        Bob: “No, the other one.”
        Jim: “Giving 123 Technologies $300 Million and right after it declared bankruptcy and was sold to the Chinese?”
        Bob: “No, the other one.”
        Jim: “You mean the president arming the Muslim Brotherhood?”
        Bob: “No the other one:.
        Jim: “The IRS targeting conservatives?”
        Bob: “No, the other one.”
        Jim: “The DOJ spying on the press?”
        Bob: “No, the other one.”
        Jim: “Sebelius shaking down health insurance executives?”
        Bob: “No, the other one.”
        Jim: “You mean Obama spending $3.7 Trillion on Welfare Over Last 5 Years”
        Bob: “No, the other one.”
        Jim: “Giving SOLYNDRA $500 MILLION DOLLARS and 3 months later they declared bankruptcy and then the Chinese bought it?”
        Bob: “No, the other one.”
        Jim: “The NSA monitoring our phone calls, emails and everything else?”
        Bob: “No, the other one.”
        Jim: “Millions of Americans losing their health care coverage?”
        Bob: “No, the other one.”
        Jim: “Forcing Americans to include coverage in their insurance policies of items they do not want?”
        Bob: “No, the other one.”
        Jim: “Ordering the release of nearly 10,000 illegal immigrants from jails and prisons, and falsely blaming the sequester?”
        Bob: “No, the other one.”
        Jim: “Denying Arizona the right to protect its borders?”
        Bob: “No, the other one.”
        Jim: “Providing weapons to Syrian rebels many of whom apparently are Al Queda”
        Bob: “No, the other one.”
        Jim: “The president’s repeated violation of the law requiring him to submit a budget no later than the first Monday in February?”
        Bob: “No, the other one.”
        Jim: “The 2012 vote where 115% of all registered voters in some counties voted 100% for Obama?”
        Bob: “No, the other one.”
        Jim: “The president’s unconstitutional recess appointments in an attempt to circumvent the Senate’s advise-and-consent role?”
        Bob: “No, the other one.”
        Jim: “The State Department interfering with an Inspector General investigation on departmental sexual misconduct?”
        Bob: “No, the other one.”
        Jim: “Clinton, the IRS, Clapper and Holder all lying to Congress?”
        Bob: “No, the other one.”
        Jim: “The President using nearly $1 trillion dollars of stimulus money to fund his cronies?”
        Bob: “No, the other one”
        Jim: “You mean Fast & Furious?”
        Bob: “No, the other one.”

        “I give up! … Oh wait, I think I got it! You mean that 65 million low-information voters who don’t pay taxes and get free stuff from taxpayers and stuck us again with the most pandering, corrupt administration in American history?”

        Bob: “THAT’S THE ONE!”

        …and let’s not forget Obama’s use of a social security number that really belongs to a dead man, his Selective Service number fraud and his faked birth certificate (proven to be fake, with ‘probable cause’ established) and lying to congress and the American people about it.

        Here’s the latest scandal:

        Michelle Obama’s Princeton classmate is executive at company that built Obamacare website


        . . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . .. . ..

        I say impeachment is in order. What say you, Mr. Speaker?

      90. Welcome to the cult of personality. Popular because he’s the first so called black president, Socialist liberal, entitlements for all, not a republican.

        It appears Obama is as out of touch with fiscal and political reality as are his pundits.

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