Online Game’s Currency Is Now Worth 7 Times More Than Venezuela’s Bolivar

by | May 8, 2018 | Commodities, Headline News | 12 comments

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    The currency in the online role-playing game World of Warcraft is now worth more than Venezuela’s bolivar. File this one under: “Things that happen when socialists take over.”

    Although it’s probably not very funny for those who use money as toilet paper in the socialist dystopia of Venezuela, it’s nonetheless, a teachable moment for delusional leftists in the United States who are chomping at the bit for a master like Bernie Sanders Nicholas Maduro. Because of anti-capitalist ideals, the fake gold of Azeroth in the World of Warcraft is now worth seven times what the bolivar is worth.

    Here’s the math behind the currency value:

    Per Google, one U.S. dollar is worth 68,915 bolivar.

    Compare that to the price of WoW tokens, official in-game credits that can be used to extend a player’s play time or buy in-game items. Tokens can be bought with either $20 real world cash or sold for a fluctuating amount of in-game gold. One tracking service lists the current gold price of a token as 203,035 pieces. That works out to about 10,152 gold gaming pieces per USD.

    By those calculations, World of Warcraft virtual gold would be worth 6.8 times as much as the bolivar.

    If you factor in the black market rate of the bolivar, though, the difference is even more staggering. Dolar Today, which tracks the black market rate of the bolivar, seems to say the currency’s current value is 636,771.03 per U.S. dollar.

    By that figure, WoW gold would be worth nearly 62 times as much as Venezuela’s official currency. –Forbes

    A big shoutout to Forbes for doing the heavy lifting on the math. But it doesn’t change the fact Venezuela seems to have dug themselves into a pit that they won’t get out of with more regulations and market controls. Of course, Venezuelan president Nicolas Maduro has shifted his support away from the Bolivar and over to the recently-launched national cryptocurrency, the Petro.

    Venezuelan citizens, meanwhile, have taken to bartering in their day to day business dealings. Which is a better deal anyway – no sales tax (extortion fee).


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      1. Modern “capitalism” is a lie, it’s socialism/Marxism/communism etc..
        We’re doomed to that here too.

        Only faith, spit and a little duct tape is holding it all up.

        We’re living the 10 planks right now.

      2. I feel sorry for the couple, but it couldn’t happen to a nicer chain store.

      3. What a sick world we’re living in. When even the concept of a game token has a worth beyond that of any nation’s currency. Don’t know about you all, but it’s long past time we just crashed this mess and started over. Like a blackboard — old school type — just erase, wash and get some new chalk out. A novel idea….. pull out the original Constitution and get rid of all that was added to it.

      4. They are missing a trick here. With such a bargain basement currency they should just throw open their borders to tourists and let it rip. Sex tourism, whatever: just get that foreign currency coming in. The Greeks made the same mistake. Rather than use the cheap currency as a teaching moment and go hell-for-leather with tourism, they sluggishly responded and protested, then they ended up with millions of refugees coming their way as they dropped their guard on their borders. Dumbies then had millions of refugees to house rather than millions of tourists with cash.

        • Frank:

          With an exception to your idea about “sex tourism”, I agree that tourists bring in money. With prices so low in Venezuela, it would be a bargain for tourists as well. Perhaps Venezuela will be the next location for big business to set up shop.

          That’s how it works. First bankrupt, then go in. Buy up land and exploit cheap labor. I’m in. But I will treat my workers fairly. And I won’t turn Venezuela’s daughters into whores for perverse greed.


          • The Andrews Sisters said it best: “Calypso sing and make up rhyme, guarantee you one real good fine time. Drinking rum and Coca-Cola, go down Point Kumana. Both mother and daughter, working for the Yankee dollar. (Oh beat it, man, beat it.) Since the Yankee come to Trinidad, they got the young girls all going mad. Young girls say they treat them nice, make Trinidad like paradise. Drinking rum and Coca-Cola, go down Point Kumana. Both mother and daughter, working for the Yankee dollar.”

        • You’re not the first to think of that… one flaw…

          Those people are starving quite literally, you’ll be robbed blind the second you blink. OR you’ll wind up arrested for some excuse or other to justify Maduro’s ego, though most likely robbed blind in the best of cases.

      5. South and north american daughters are already whores might as well make a little cash while enjoying your hobby. That’s the only thing sluts contribute to “civilization”.

      6. Dumbass. I enjoy this website. I usually jump in once a week. I always read the comments. Most I agree with. I’ve never made comment until right now. I hope somebody breaks off your cock and shoves it up your ass so far you choke on it. 😉 have a wonderful day. Love the girls.

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