“One Of The Most Vile, Misleading Headlines Of Our Time”: NY Daily News Runs FAKE NEWS Headline Claiming Florida Shooter Was “Trained” By The NRA

by | Feb 17, 2018 | Headline News | 102 comments

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    In what has been described as one of the most vile, misleading headlines of all time, the left leaning New York Daily News published their Saturday edition with a cover that includes the ridiculous fake news claim that alleged Florida school shooter Nikolas Cruz was actually “trained” by the NRA themselves.

    Apparently aiming to give Democrats an assist with their renewed push to disarm the American people, The NY Daily News latched onto the fact that the JROTC program at the school received funding from the NRA as evidence that the shooter himself received training from them.

    The problem? The claim is about as misleading as they come, especially when you consider that while it is true that Cruz was at one time a member of the JROTC, so where dozens of other students, some who even HELPED others get out of the school during the shooting itself!

    All the NRA did was give a grant to the JROTC program. They did not “train” Cruz and, sadly, the leftist propagandists at the NY Daily News are well aware of this fact but are hoping their readers are so uninformed that they believe this actual fake news.

    The story itself was specifically designed as a hit piece against an organization that liberals throughout the country have painted as an all powerful, well-funded group when, in reality, anti-gun groups have spent literally hundreds of millions of more dollars than ANY pro-gun group ever has.

    Users on Twitter were quick to destroy the fake news cover, making it clear that at least some Americans are able to see through this transparent leftist propaganda.

    Make no mistake. ALL those involved with this disgusting hit piece, including the reporters who wrote it, the editors who allowed it, and the punk who wrote the fake news headline are nothing more than leftist propagandists masquerading as journalists.


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      1. They are going after our weapons hard and heavy. Come and get them.

        • LSM has totally degenerated into propaganda and EVERY story is slanted to support the Agenda on the Left. They think we are “dumb” and “dumber”.

          All it does is expose their bias and steel our resolve. 🙂

        • The NRA should sue those faggots!

          • Like what idiot still buys or subscribes to Fake news? Or Cable Lie TV??. Stop feeding the scum beast, you morons. Sheesh..

            • The “New York Times” says print media will be dead in 10-years. At present, 60-percent of their subscriptions are digital, and the “rag” is still losing money. Held a “Time” magazine lately/ Its just like 10-pieces of glossy paper held together with a staple. “Newsweek” is just about toast. CNN, FOX, NBC, all cutting staff. At that rate, the “New York Times,” along with its twin sister in propaganda, the “Washington Post,” along with all of MSM won’t be around long enough to see the death of print media.

            • Pretty much all lefties take msm as gospel

        • MenzoB., you echo my thoughts this morning. Worse, the article only touches on the course this will take. The NRA sooner or later WILL have played some role in some shooter’s life. If not this time, maybe the next. The game-plan is always the same – ‘blame the gun’, ‘blame the NRA’, ‘blame the lack of some government rule or regulation’, ‘blame something, someone besides the actual insanity within the person who pulled the trigger’. Don’t you all see that? The minor goal is to get the guns, the larger is to have 100% government control over all facets of our lives.

        • yep, come and get them, you cowards…..

        • i think your right. And Trump will sign the “Bipartisan” new gun legislation with “common sense gun laws”. The pro gun groups will be shocked that its Trump and not Hillary who signs the new gun laws

        • Menzo, they have no idea of the hell they’ll be unleashing onto themselves. They’d better back off for their own sakes.

      2. They are doing nothing but grasping at straws. Tim McVeigh was one of General Swartzcoffs body guards that made him military trained ….

      3. They keep talking about the Second Amendment protecting hunting rights and AR-15s are not protected because they are not for hunting. Hunting rights? It doesn’t have a damn thing to do with hunting. It’s about the ability of we the people to defeat a tyrannical government. Plus you can get you a deer with one as well.

        • Personally speaking I can’t stand the things. For deer, a good old 30.06 works fine, for me. For fighting men? I have heard the AK is more durable. M16-A1 was always too fussy and had to be kept too clean.

          • “A1”???

            You are dating yourself 🙂

          • Times have changed. Quality is impressive now. AR-15 / M-4 variants are superior to all rifles as either a defensive or offensive assault rifle; and you can get them in several calibers.

            America is not building Edsels and Corvairs anymore !!! 🙂

          • M16-a1 with no case deflector, made by Harrington & Richardson. I am familiar.

          • I hunt with a .270

          • Awwww. Now. Be nice. Sure, there are better weapons than the AR-15. The Russians have the AK. A lot of American soldiers serving in Iraq and Afghanistan traded their ARs for the AK. There are a lot more AKs in the field than ARs for a reason. The Germans have the G35C Assault Rifle. The Chinese have the QBZ-95 Assault Rifle. Even the British (those Limey Bast*rds). They have the Tactical Assault Rifle ICS G33 which is superior to the AR-15.

            • Name me ONE US Army or US Marine unit that let its own “trade” the M-4 for the AK.
              Didn’t happen.

              • Ah stryker…. I happen to know a couple of vets that did exactly that. Granted, they kept their Army-issued rifle in the tent; but, they grabbed an AK off their enemies post-mortem. Living in Florida, I happen to own both rifles. The AK is a lot more forgiving of the sand, humidity, mud…. it just is. Tolerances low. A primitive in the darkest bowels of Africa can be trained in how to strip one down and re-assemble with not much more than a stick to lift the damn levers with. Hell, you can pack them with crap, leave them in a pond for a month and fire within seconds of pulling out of the water.

          • Blame-e, I wish MSM was already dead. I won’t miss them.

          • PD, the old M16A1s were notorious for jamming in Vietnam. They’re supposedly better made nowadays. The 5.56mm/.223 rounds are good out to 600 yards and made for accuracy. AK will still shoot after taking it through mud, sand, and water but the 7.62mm round is only good out to 200 yards in the AK and 300 yards in the SKS. I’ve got cousins who use 30.06 and .30-30 for deer. My go-to rifle is the M1 Carbine.

            • The M-1 is only good for the same ranges but with less power. A 30-30 is a good brush gun and the .06 is good for range and knock down power. I personally would use my .300 win mag with various loads. Mule deer are fookin big and a .300 isn’t overkill if you use the right ammo.

          • The A1 had the improvements of the chrome lined bore, stiffer buffer lowering cyclic rate and forward assist. It still “shits where it eats” with the direct impingement gas system.

        • The only hunting rights in the constitution are the hunting rights to defeat tyrants. Is it open season yet?

          • Genius,
            My thoughts exactly! That is truly a “Genius” statement.

          • Genius, I always knew there was a good reason for your moniker, LOL.

        • Yup, those ARs and similar rifles are for us to stand against tyranny, they aint for when those tyrant deer get outa hand,,, that said,
          Those fuckers better be more concerned about what i can hit with my bolt guns if they decide they want to step on my rights, 1200m,

          • Nail, too bad you can’t make it over here, I’d love to go shootin’ with ya. 1200m that’s some serious shit there! May I ask what caliber you use for that range? I shoot bolt guns a lot more than anything else because it’s a challenge to do long range work. My fav is the .300 winmag. I am hoping to add some range to my range this summer. I need 8, 9, and 1000 yd. setups. Lehigh Defense makes solid copper match boolits in .308 diameter, I’m going to try them. Besides, they will penetrate like a mofo!


      5. What group owns ,controls that media outlet? Revalation 2:9,3:9 John 8:44?

      6. The second most important thing the designers of arguably the greatest nation ever on this planet, believed it should not be infringed. And believed American citizens ,who they called the domestic enemy, and who every government employee has sworn an oath to protect us against. Would try?

      7. The second most important thing the designers of arguably the greatest nation that ever existed on this planet,believed it should not be infringed. And that the domestic enemy who every government employee swears an oath to defend us against .Would try?

      8. Pat Caddell: Press Has Become ‘Threat to Democracy’ and ‘Enemy of the American People’
        By Noel Sheppard | September 30, 2012 9:58 PM EDT

        “The press’s job is to stand in the ramparts and protect the liberty and freedom of all of us from a government and from organized governmental power. When they desert those ramparts and decide that they will now become active participants, that their job is not simply to tell you who you may vote for, and who you may not, but, worse—and this is the danger of the last two weeks—what truth that you may know, as an American, and what truth you are not allowed to know, they have, then, made themselves a fundamental threat to the democracy, and, in my opinion, made themselves the enemy of the American people.”


      9. The libtard swamp media is 100% responsible for the coming balkanization wars of America!

        Of course they get their orders from the those who rule in the fires that burn below (soros and obummer).

      10. Is the solution to body armor? Blind them with birdshot?

      11. It’s more like: “recruited, drugged, equipped, instructed and assigned by the Deep State (CIA?)” to commit this deed so mainstream could propagandize it to foment more bleats from the sheep for even more gun-control to make the public even more vulnerable.

      12. ???⚾️??⏰??☮️☯️??????????????️‍???????????????????▫️?♠️????⁉️

        This is how journalists confuse people with half truths.

        It was good for a laugh.


        • Actually, that was a full untruth.

      13. The NRA’s sole purpose is the defense of the 2ND Amendment of the United States of America. That’s it. And because the attack on this country by the enemies of the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and the very existence of the United States of America, is so intense, the NRA has a full time job on their hands just doing that.

        The question here should not be why people like Hillary Clinton, the Libtards, MSM, the Democrats hate guns, but why they hate this country and the people that own guns.

        • The NRA’s sole purpose is to profit from everyone’s fear.

          • That is the reality, but it is not the NRA’s fault. You cannot blame the hatred of guns and the hatred of people that own guns on the NRA.

            The “powers that be,” the rich oligarchs, the MSM want you to hate the NRA, just like they want you to hate free speech, freedom of expression, the woman’s right to her own body, real jobs, real incomes, real pensions, real educations, and unions — etc.

            • NRA opposes allowing teachers and staff to protect these kids. NRA doesn’t even respect rights of parents licenced for concealed carry in schools.

              “We believe in absolutely gun-free, zero-tolerance, totally safe schools. That means no guns in America’s schools, period.”

              -Wayne LaPierre

              ht tp://web.archive.org/web/20060930231931/www.nra.org/Speech.aspx?id=6043

              Is Wayne secretly on Bloomberg’s payroll?

              • I am not sure what Wayne LaPierre is doing taking a position like this. He’s not my NRA. That’s for sure. Maybe LaPierre is just buying time until the reality of these school shootings catches up with the people.

                What is the reality of these school shootings?

                What we are dealing with here is (I’d like to say “society” or “culture” but that is just not it.) the “Powers That Be” don’t want the masses educated. The people seem to be going along with this. The people have given up on education.

                The future looks so dystopian — for the country, for society, for the culture, for education, for the teachers, and for the students.

                Some part of me knows that all this outstanding student debt can never be paid back. The people must know this. They must. But the prospect of a default en masse doesn’t seem to scare the people. I think the people are welcoming a default. They are fed-up with the whole raw deal.

                Even to the “Powers That Be,” the prospect of a default on student debt scares the crap out of them. And nothing scares the crap out of the “Powers That Be” except maybe their private jet being blown up on the ground just before they were going to escape from what they had sown.

                And the teachers are right in the middle of all this. Tight budgets. Life for teachers is already tough enough. Low pay. Working 2- or 3-jobs just to make ends meet. Not even being able to afford to live within the community you are teach at. Lousy working conditions. Under-funded pensions. Troubled students. Etc. The school system has given up on the teachers.

                Take all this into consideration and is it any wonder the schools have given up on the students. These school shootings represent the students having given up on their schools.

                Things are not getting any better. In fact, things are only getting worse. I wonder what comes after school shootings.

      14. On a lighter note. Did anybody see the breasts on that gorgeous woman standing next to President (It’s good to be king) Donald Trump?

        You can’t tell me that the smile on the face of that beautiful creature isn’t saying “Look what God gave me for Christmas.”

        • Yes they are very nice.

      15. If you think for a moment that the communist/progressive left has given up because we voted in Trump you would be quite wrong. They’re just getting started.
        I’ve read where some are seeing the latest school shooting as another false flag. Lot’s of videos starting to show up as well. ht tps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g67mCOP75sk
        The closer we get to the 2018 election, I would suspect you will see the communist/progressives increase their activities and go full blitz to knock out conservatives. IMHO

      16. Isn’t there sufficient defamation of character here for a lawsuit?

      17. your only option is to try the dirty filthy bastards for treason, and so called americans dont have the balls for it.

      18. The pussy hats are going to get something thru congress- lets give them something we can live with…

        As a long and hand gun owner, NRA trained, could live with something like the following:

        Death penalty for use of AK type weapons in school/church shootings, regardless of age and mental capacity. Whether registered or not and regardless of States death penalty Laws. No exceptions. Violators Use it and Die Law.

        Death penalty for firearms and lethal weapon use in the commission of aggravated capital crimes -school/church shootings, public gatherings, police officers, presidents and congressional members – Federal and State. No litigation escape clause. Regardless of age, mental capacity and State death penalty Laws. Violators Use it and Die.

        No out or defense for age and/or mental capacity. Gun use in crime means you will do time. Lawyer speak here for penalties for those abdicating due diligence with responsibility for age and/or mental capacity care.

        It’s not about taking away our guns.

        • First Rule: You don’t give the “pussy hats” nothing.

          You give the “pussy hats” anything and they are only going to like you for 5-minutes and then hate you all the more after that. Look at all the grief President Trump has gotten every time he tried doing anything nice for these “pussy hats.” Have the “pussy hats” done anything for President Trump; modified their hatred even a smidge?

          You give the “pussy hats” an inch and they will demand it all.

          • Blame-e, damn good point about not giving the damn ‘pussy hats’ anything, EXCEPT for some hot lead.

        • LH
          I like the general idea. Death penalty for any use of any weapon in a mass killing.

          Increase the legal age for a minor to purchase any “gun” to 21.

          The “mental illness” exclusion for purchasing firearms expanded to include being prescribed psy medications or under the care of psychologist/mental health professional.

          Common sense.

          • The “mental illness” exclusion means anyone who is registered as a democrat or who is one of LBGT confused.

            • Yep…most dems and LGBTQs are some pretty fooked up and confused people. You wouldn’t want them armed with a pair of scissors much less a firearm.

          • “Common Sense?” You cannot negotiate with these people.

            I live in Upstate New York. In the dark of night Governor Andrew Cuomo pushed through the “NY Safe Act.” The most draconian gun control legislation ever — even more so than in California. All because one crazy person in Webster (a suburb of Rochester, NY) went off his rocker. This legislation was based solely on some “message of necessity” Cuomo had received in the dead of night. A message that he has never cared to share with the citizens of New York State.

            Basically, Cuomo passed gun control on every Upstate New Yorker (New York City has even more restrictive gun control), basically saying how anybody who owns a gun must be a troubled loser, a malcontent, insane, lone wolf.

            The NY Safe Act is plainly unconstitutional, but because of Cuomo having wealthy and powerful allies like former NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg (CEO of Bloomberg LP) — with a net worth of $50-Billion dollars, the 7th-richest person in the United States and the 10th richest person in the world — the facist, pig-faced, goons can have any kind of government and any kind of gun laws they want.

            You cannot negotiate with these people.

            • No negotiation! No compromise! Never Ever!

              NOMFIA – Not One More Fucking Inch Assholes!

              • ???

            • Blame-e, another good post you made. Libturds don’t even know what common sense is.

        • Death Penalty for attacking the Constitution of the United States.
          When “revisiting” the 2nd Amendment, will they also delete the 1st, 13th and 19th Amendments?

        • This does not give pussy folks what they want – our guns or more gun free zones. Where this crap would be stopped is if more gun owners (teachers, admin, janitors were known to be armed and on site.) What a difference if the hero coach in Florida had been armed with more then his body.

          One armed resource officer can’t be everywhere and is not enough. Shooters seem to plot gun free venues and then plead age or mental capacity issues – this latest one now says – heard voices. Really??? (Was that the Defense lawyer idea – after all the “child” only needed a hug at his court appearance)

          It’s a statement and message that we gun owners don’t support the killing of innocents. There are consequences – Death automatically if you even think of using guns as your choice of destruction. That’s gun control.

          Pussy hats won’t like that. Refocus attention from guns and gun free zones to putting the blame where it belongs – shooter(s), regardless of age and mental capacity.

          Also, there should be attention, penalties and consequences for permissive type parenting that releases these deplorables into the community with untreated behavior and mental issues. Make it legislative easier for victims of mass shootings to sue in civil court. Money talks to non attentive parents.

          Remember Columbine? The mother told the police they couldn’t enter their son’s locked bedroom- after the shooting to investigate – because even they the parents weren’t allowed in. The police found massive evidence of their plans.

          The blame-e says… “You give the “pussy hats” an inch and they will demand it all…” They won’t get it all if gun owners message gun use in mass shootings equals consequences – Death – no exceptions.

      19. The only reason the national compromise association has become a household name is through ppp-cronyism and giving social promotions to quota cases, like Cruz.

        It also begs to be asked, why the employer of last resort can’t afford it’s own recruitment efforts. You were asked innocent, routine questions, about employment, in my school and clearly wanted to trick people.

      20. Shall not be infringed means we don’t give them shit.

        • I am with you there 100-percent, Menzo.

        • Menzo, you know braveheart is with you all the way too.

      21. This 100 page “bill” is nothing more than another attempt at dismantling the 2nd Amendment. I’ll go along with needing to be 21 to purchase a long gun; however, there’s a catch to that: I want everyone of those lawmakers to spend 12 months of their time in some of the worst crime ridden places the USA has to offer-without their bodyguards, their concealed carry permits stripped from them; AND as a bonus, they get to live off of the prevailing rate of social assistance available.
        Once or twice they get robbed, raped, get the sh!t beat out of (or into) them, they might rethink their position. Especially since the average rate of Police response is 6 minutes-and when they do show up, it’s with more arms, tactical stuff than what is usually required…peace through superior firepower? More like “oops-shot the wrong dude-good grouping, bro!”
        Be well,

        • You guys aren’t paying attention. Negotiating with these people means you are going to lose it all — the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, the 2ND Amendment. The right to privacy, the rights of private property — you’ve already kissed those goodbye.

          • blame-e, 100% right. Is it open season yet?

      22. Shall not be infringed! same as will not!

        • It HAS BEEN INFRINGED hundreds of times already! And I don’t see it stopping anytime soon. Just a slow grind into flour. Too bad the NRA isn’t replaced by a powerful group that knows what infringment really means…

          • Like the GOA perhaps.

            • Yup, years ago I dumped the NRA and went to GOA. They were 10x better but still not my ideal org. The NRA is so big that they do slow things down but constant compromise or compromise period is not in my vocabulary. An armed society is a polite society, an unarmed society is a victim of every atrocity imaginable.

              • GOA is ignored by the politicians because they’re too small to influence elections. The politicians don’t care about the issue; they care about getting re-elected.

                • I know and that’s sad….

                  • Because of this I an an NRA – NRA/ILA supporter.

      23. Have you looked at those little Gender-neutral POS kids they have paraded out to attack Your Rights? They can KMA.
        “A sword never kills anybody; it is a tool in the killer’s hand.” — Lucius Annaeus Seneca, c.4BC – 65AD
        40,000 people will die this year on America’s highways….not a single politician or “survivor” demands cars be banned.. or even presses for clean,safe, mass transit.
        2% of America’s children/babies are Autistic …. a tremendous burden of virtual living death on families and society. The pompus windbags refuse to do a ruthless scientific search for the cause.
        Soaring over-dose deaths cut life expectancy for third year in a row …… Pharmacy Executives enjoy their yachts. From 2000 to 2016, more than 600,000 people died from drug overdoses. On average, 115 Americans die every day from an opioid overdose.

      24. You are right. Giving up our rights to bear arms in any way is not acceptable. Given the fact that most of these “events” occur with plenty of evidence that they are false flags/staged, I can’t see giving up my rights based on lies of the left.

      25. Its the liberal State and City governments that are at fault as well. Yet, you have to really blame the people for voting them all in. That is NYC for you.

      26. As a co founder of Wiki Leaks and lover of Julian Assange I just want to say the NRA is a dangerous lobby that appeals to the delusions of right wing nutters who are clueless and see FEMA detention camps everywhere.

      27. The 2nd doesn’t belong to the NRA. Its not theirs to negotiate with. the 2nd shall not be infringed.

        • Old Guy

          Good luck with that without an organized financed group that can bring votes to the table. The NRA is that group.

          The 2nd Amendment certainly has been infringed and it would have been eviscerated like British and their commonwealth nations who had no organized opposition.

          • I am curious to know how many brits, aussies, germans, etc. did not turn their guns in and have them cached…

            • Oh I’m sure there are a lot still hidden away. That’s why you never willingly submit to a registration that you can avoid or ignore, that’s giving up your only last chance.

            • Genius

              They all had mandatory registration directly to the owner for decades before they confiscated. Their government knew exactly who to go to and what they had. Certainly the WWII weapons are here and there and I assume its not uncommon for an MP 40 to turn up especially in criminal hands. The fact is they’re pretty congested and don’t have a shooting culture. We Americans are different.

              • If anyone disobeyed it was outback Aussies. Germans follow orders, Britts don’t care.

                • I haven’t registered (bought from a store) any weapon in 22 years. I refuse to do it. Germans aren’t all order followers, trust me I know quite a few. The majority though disapoint me (I am German mostly).

                  • Germany had mandatory registration. For the most part in the US you could buy guns unregistered from a private sale and have them unregistered in your possession. Europeans , Aussies, Canadians didn’t have that luxury. The moral is registration leads to confiscation. On this note I’ll post this tidbit of information again. Registration cannot be legally applied by those forbidden to own a firearm. If a criminal has an unregistered gun, even though registration is required, they cannot be convicted of failing to register. They can be charged and convicted for possessing a weapon by a convicted felon but not for failing to register it.

                    Haynes v US 1968

                    h ttps://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Haynes_v._United_States

              • K2,
                Hawaii has a requirement for 100% registration of all
                guns made after 1899. You have to get permission from
                the police to buy a gun, if want to purchase and they
                say NO! and they know you have guns, via registration,
                you have to turn all the guns you already have in to them.
                Hard to believe Hawaii is an American state.
                So in a very real sense there are a lot of Hawaiian
                criminals that have guns.
                I cleaned up a Model 94 made in 1905, for a lady.
                It was definitely not registered.
                It still isn’t and I forgot her name.
                I wanted to buy the gun, and I certainly would
                have not registered it. She
                would not sell it.

                • rellik

                  The laws come in a drips and drabs. They appear separately as inconsequential but collectively if one steps back they see the web of control surrounding them. “Oh its just registration, we need to know if bad people have guns, its doesn’t effect you”. Well, if it wasn’t meant to effect me I wouldn’t have to comply with it would I?

      28. If NRA was replaced with CIA I could believe it!

      29. LMAO. In other news. My favorite Democrat [heavy sarcasm] from my home state no less, Chuck (Chunky) Schumer is saying how the “Senate GOP’s silence on guns and Russians is deafening.”

        Ha. Ha. Ha. Ha.

        These lefties. Saying “Guns!” or “Russians!” to people like Chuck Schumer is like yelling “Squirrel!” at the dog while pointing towards the edge of a steep clip.

        “What a maroon.”


      30. Truths, half-truths, and the headlines of the Daily News!

      31. Genius, thanks for those old videos. I was only a kid when those commercials aired back in the 60s. Flintstones was one of my favorite cartoons.

      32. Resistance to tyranny is obedience to God

      33. Whatever happened to crazy?? Chris Rock
        ht tps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Db0Y4qIZ4PA

      34. Alinsky once said that radicals should cut their hair, put on a suit, and effect change from within the system.

        In my day, any smart ass grammar schooler would be able to see through the pretend social standing of a RINO or Rainbow Confederate, to identify him as a leftist interest. A degenerate can see it.

        When subversives see social engineering along the lines of post Civil War Reconstruction, they are emboldened; you have effectively radicalized and harbored a terrorist and spread his message to others.

        • So, the NYT was true enough, here.

          Cruz never flew under anyone’s radar. Why are you covering for that fact. It was conspicuous.

        • Beaumont
          “In my day, any smart ass grammar schooler would be able to see through the pretend social standing of a RINO or Rainbow Confederate, to identify him as a leftist interest. A degenerate can see it.”
          Those days are long gone except to the few who choose to open their eyes and see the world for what it is. Reality is grossly misrepresented by the left leaning communists vying for power. This next election will tell the tale.

      35. Ever hear the term “First we kill all the lawyers”
        It should be changed to “First we kill all the journalists”.

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