One Million Protesters to Occupy Wall Street

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    Alexander Higgins, who has been keeping us abreast with developments relating to the Wall Street protests says it’s Game On, as union leadership is now getting heavily involved in Occupy Wall Street:

    The plot thickens as more unions pledge support to the Occupy Wall Street movement and a collective group with 1 million members expected to march against the machine.

    As I previously reported unions are coming out in full force to support the Occupy Wall Street protests. We received news that the 200,000 member strong Transportation Workers Union would be joining the protests. The Teamster’s union endorsed the protests. Rumors of Verizon workers joining the protests. A scathing endorsement was issued by the Industrial Workers Union has also endorsed the Occupy Wall Street protests. Then news that several more unions had committed to or were contemplating joining the protests, while two the unions scheduled solidarity marches.

    Now TPM reports even more unions are joining up to protest against Wall Street and the movement is set to grow rapidly.

    The article also comes along with the news that a collective of 8 groups, with over 1 million members will be joining the Occupy Wall Street movement to show solidarity and march against the machine.

    The other eight organizations expected to join in the October 5 rally, based on its Facebook page, are United NY, Strong Economy for All Coalition, Working Families Party, VOCAL-NY, Community Voices Heard, Alliance for Quality Education, New York Communities for Change, Coalition for the Homeless, which have a collective membership of over 1 million.

    Source: Alexander Higgins

    There will undoubtedly be an interesting mix of individuals on the ground in New York on October 5th. Third party libertarian types have never mixed very well with unions, but perhaps Americans will be able to unite behind a single cause rather than be manipulated into conflict by mainstream talking pieces at the behest of political operatives. We’re not holding our breath, but this is a good start.

    As we suggested in American Powder Keg: New Black Panther Chairman Declares “The Hour of War Is At Hand” much of America is disgusted in the direction we’re headed, evidenced by the 81% of Americans who say they are not satisfied with the governance of the country. We’re all in this together:

    The majority of America is not happy and they’ve lost hope, because regardless of what group you identify with, what color you are or what way you lean politically, you’re losing jobs, falling behind on essential bills, having difficulty putting food on the table and are constantly being accosted by government on all levels.

    The challenge is not so much getting people motivated – because you can be assured that as this crisis deepens, millions will have no choice but to head to the streets for the reasons outlined above. The problem we face is that we are dealing with politicians and business leaders who have no other motive than power and money, and they will do anything and everything necessary in order to deflect blame. Thus, they’ll need a scapegoat(s), as we suggested previously:

    When the riots start – and they will – the core motivators for individuals who hit the streets will be similar. Where the difference will arise is who each person or group will blame. Those elites in the upper echelons of our command and control apparatus thrive on hate, confusion and panic, and they will use our own ignorance against us.

    When we discuss the coming civil disobedience and unrest in America, we may find ourselves visualizing protests where the people join together to oust a tyrannical government. Be forewarned. This is not the most likely outcome – at least not at the outset. With so many different ideologies in this country, every one of us interprets the problems and directs blame a different way. These differences will be used against us; they’ll be used to turn us against each other.

    As has been the case throughout history, and most certainly in recent protests and riots around the world, the powers that be will likely utilize agent Provocateurs to wreck havoc in an attempt to discredit the message of the people. Because of the differing backgrounds and world views at any given rally (especially one like Occupy Wall Street), it wouldn’t take much to create conflicts and clashes. Many of those who will be out in force on October 5th and at the many coming assemblies, rallies, and riots that we’ll see in America’s future will be myrmidons taking orders from their respective political, union or organization leaders. Thus, these engagements will not come without risk. There is always the danger that people will be misguided, misinformed, and misdirected, eventually turning on themselves.

    It’s great that Americans are taking to the streets to effect real change. One million people is a big number, despite the media feigning ignorance to the fact the Wall Street protests are even happening. This is how it starts. It is our hope that the people carry through with the original intent of the movement and focus their energy on the problem – unregulated greed and corruption on Wall Street and within the halls of Congress – rather than each other.


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      1. Well, it is MY hope that they arrest each and every one of these socialist, progressives, anarchist, punks and capitalist hating scuz buckets.

        Ever work for long for a really poor person ?

        Me neither.

        • What are you talking about Sammy? All we ever say is “Sheeple Wake Up” and now you want them thrown in jail?
          The ones that need to be in jail are the ones that created this whole mess and that’s what this protest should be about.
          Personally I don’t understand your comment, therefore – thumbs down dude!

          • They aren’t protesting for any reason that most reasonable people would support. Most are anarchists or outright communists who are trying to hasten the destruction of our country.. so I stand by my comment and add ” Frankly my Dear, I don’t give a damn ” to it for whomever might disagree.

            • This protest on Wall Street is a Red Herring. They’re are using our frustration with the economy to hasten the demise of western civilization. The union leaders’ (Trumka, Stern, & Lerner to name a few) are in league with George Soros to collapse the system. It’s all about power and control!

              These are NOT the people you want to get into bed with!

            • Heck, these ‘people’ don’t need to help in hastening the destruction of our country–this administation with the last few and the CONgress are doing a damn good job all by themselves!!

            • I would tend to partially agree. Make no mistake, these “protests” are completely different than Greece or more specifically Argentina (2001). These people can protest then go back to their cozy homes or even take a break from their protest to hit the local McDonalds for lunch. It’s not the same as protesting because you’re starving or protesting because you can’t take care of your family.

              Honestly, what actual change do they think this little occupation is going to make? Are you impacting the way they do business in ANY way whatsoever? Oh, some professional protesters are chanting on Wall St which is home to hundreds of businesses. If anything they are boosting the local economy by riding the bus/taxi/train, eating local food, buying local supplies. Meanwhile people in office towers conduct conference calls without a hint of them even being out there.

            • how about freedom . You probably think the war on terror is real also . Get serious sam.It’s game on with the new world order club.Look at what’s really going on. You are being taken down by your own government.Funny the main stream media avoids the real news like almost fifty million americans on food stamps and why pumping trillions into the sinking economy (big banks )will only hurt worse, and soon. good luck sam

            • SnS does have a bit of a point there, to wit:

              The main reason for protesting is, well, just to protest. There is no set and definable goal, no unified demand(s), and nothing beyond sitting around and complaining in a way that gets camera time.

              The problem with doing it this way is that while yes politicians will notice, they will react by mouthing and mumbling platitudes that will mollify the protesters. Okay, but since there is no yardstick to measure those promises against, and no goal to tell whether those promises were fulfilled, the politicians can claim victory for the little guy while at the same time stomping down the masses even further. Few of them will even look any deeper than the typical CNNFOXMSNBC relay of the BS press releases.

              In other words, it’s a good start, but doing it this way won’t fix the problems that they’re railing against. If anything, it’ll give the politicians a veneer to cover the messes with while they make even bigger messes underneath that veneer. By the time the mess can no longer be contained, it’ll take everyone by surprise, and will be rather unfixable.

              It would have been better if there were a set of widely-agreeable goals.

              Examples would be things like a simple, straightforward, and legible (to anyone with a high school diploma) tax code with no loopholes, no bailouts for any corporation for any reason, revocation of FDIC certification for any bank that does fractional reserves, a complete abolition of of ‘short sales’ in the stock market (simple – you put in a rule that any stock bought must be held for at least a period of time, from 7 to 60 days), and similar goals. Things you could measure. Things that would put a monkey wrench into the works for the more crappy dealings that are currently shoving the economy over the cliff.

              It might not be enough to stop the eventual crash, but it might slow things down enough to do something about it.

            • If you would acutally go to and click on the global revolution channel. Then you would see live stream footage of the so called “punks.” They are there to put a stop to the greedy banks. To put and end to high taxes, and point money back in our pockets! Prime example right here of someone not knowing what they are talking about!

            • Sam, you are exactly right! The other people are now part of the problem. NOT part of the solution!
              These protesters are all Acorn members, SEIU Union punks,
              and welfare hippies! This includes the 100 cops that refused to go to work! They should be fired, and the rest of this rabble should go directly to jail!

            • Don’t be fooled by their rhetoric. This is a left wing socialist movement following the same script that Obama and the unions are. First they create the problem, then they scapegoat “the rich” then a revolution by the “working class” then the elite behind it all take over and opress everyone for their own personal gain. Can you truely be so stupid as to believe those demonstrating just came together by chance to fight for the working class??? This is a created disaster/depression and the demonstration is being carried out as part of the master plan. If the left succeeds the inevitable next step is a purge of anyone who owns anything; a home, a car, a business, etc. If we don’t wake up it is all over for freedom and America.

          • Most of these protesters are left winge hacks, socialists, and communists ! Now I agree that things are out of control, but I don’t want the country kneeling to these fools !

            • Here here. I couldn’t agree more. Most, not all but most< of these idiots are just protesting to protest. Not the kind of people I want to give in too.

            • Could it be that these protests are being used as the first stepping stone to the following…
              1.) smokescreen to justify Marshall law
              2.) Marshall law implemented
              3.) because Marshall law implemented, elections suspended.
              4.) because elections suspended, Obama is re-elected by default.
              Is this a potential scenario?

            • The fact that the media is giving any coverage to these rent-a-mob astroturf rallies in lower Manhattan – never mind the full court press coverage they’ve been giving – is proof positive that the media agrees with their aims and shares their agenda and values (plus the issue of the media being joined at the hip with the Obama administration). You don’t hear ANY of the so-called “fourth estate” questioning the funding behind those rallies, or which Communist front groups have been organizing them, or even if Obama or his minions (i.e. Van Jones) have been directing/coordinating them. It also contrasts sharply with the media’s callous indifference/outright hostility towards patriotic, beleaguered middle-class Americans taking part in Tea Party rallies demonstrating against the Big Government statist agenda being shoved down everybody’s throats by Obama and the Democrats – and the insinuations the media has been making about the Tea Party rallies.

            • This isnt directed at any individual per say but, i would love a non-bias explanation for what these protesters are attempting to accomplish/why they feel they should be in wall street instead of washington?

            • Then get out their with em and make a difference! Comes a time you need to make a stand and that what is going on. We can no longer just sit and do nothing. This will not just be swept under a rug and ignored as if nothing ever happened. Change is happening on many levels and is being manifested now publicly across the Country and the world. We can no longer tolerate being controlled and enslaved by the ruling Elite and their system of slavery!

          • These are the “sheeple”. What exactly are they trying to accomplish? Few could even grunt out a coherent thought let alone know why they are there. Listen to the interviews. No, these are the usefull idiots bringing on “revolution” without having any idea for what or about what. Most hope that they’ll be able to harrass the cops and some bankers cause some proplems and once the thrill waers off go back to moms basement and plot the next fun event. But this time, the controlers are going to try something more and these dumb-a$$ will be caught in the middle of it. Yup, these are the “sheeple” and they are still asleep and ignorant.


          • The enemy of my enemy is not my friend!


          • @ MU-Yeah, that “the enemy of my enemy” thingy has worked real well for the Arab Spring hasn’t it. The regular shlubs are still going to bed hungry after everything has changed hands.

        • Actually Sam, I worked part time for two farmers in my area all four years of college. I would call these farmers poor. I’ve had to wait and get paid when the Milk check comes more than once. They go month to month trying to keep the farms that have been in thier family for generations going.

          • Key word.. “worked”. Past tense. “people” claim that they hate the rich, then complain that they don’t have a good job. Makes perfect sense to me..

            • Sam,

              For me to protest against unfair measures or unethical behavior, is a healthy thing to do.
              But i’m trying to be skeptical on this specific case, because union workers are involved.
              I see it here, and probably is true in the U.S. also, that union members are having so many privilleges from the government which is outrageous.
              So actually they don’t have anything to do in some protest against the bad capitalists, since they are the worst kind of capitalists themselves.
              Hypocrites who wear the skin of the sheep and act like blood thirsty wolves.

              Ba safe Sam.

            • BINGO.. Manos – you said it much better than I have been able to say it myself. Thanks !!!

            • Manos: Actually the only union workers getting substantial benefits from the government are Government unions.

              GU are a very bad idea and need to be dissolved as government believes that taxpayers have unlimited dollars and benefits to give government union workers, and Congress for that matter.

              I am a professional now, entrepenuer, and capitalist, but on my long hard road up I worked in factories and mills as a union worker, and although I didn’t like giving up my union dues, there were a few times where managers were clearly assholes and then I was glad I was a union member.

              Occupy Wall Street? No, burn it to the ground! Arrest and indict the GB ELITE for theft, fraud, and crimes against humanity.

              Try them, convict them, and then give the harshest punishment possible.

            • The problem with unions is that they choose, when to show their power to the government or employers. But when they see that odds are against them, they just play the chicken.
              Where are the unions today, when 45 million people live on food stamps?
              Where are the unions when people are homeless and families get seperate?
              Where are the unions when illegals take the jobs of americans?
              Where were the unions when so many thousand jobswere outsourced to China, Indonesia, Bangladesh, or Vietnam?
              As for you last paragraph, yes i’m with you. All those jobs related to fake money, brought the world here. Somebody must give an end to this crap. But for me this end will come from the plain people no matter employers or employees.

              Good morning

          • Claymation,

            Yes I remember my dad struggling month to month to make a bank payment on his farm. I remember feed prices going up and egg prices going down. Every penny mattered in those prices when you have 75,000 chickens. He bought crop land just to make something there when feed prices soared, but once he got past the hard work and pay off period he did very well. My pop grew up on a dirt floor before WWII, and after serving in the pacific built a great life for himself; I’m so blessed. The thing is by the time I came around I didn’t see the struggle. Now I’m not saying what you saw and what my dad went through were not real, but the fact is many farmers today are NOT POOR. In fact they do quite well. Here in CA you drive the “country” side and you see mansions not old farm houses and the old Ford PU is replaced by a BMW SUV. Sorry but today’s farmers in this area – are f’ing LOADED.

            • Jim, I still stop in and see both farmers from time to time. The bad thing for dairy farmers in our area is the price they get per pound of milk stinks. The families I worked for struggled and continue to struggle until this day. If you have a few hundred head or so, sure you can make out pretty well, but trying to make it with say 70 to 100 head just is not feasible these days. I am glad farming is paying off these days for someone though.


          • Not a good exsample. Imagin having to wait for the sale of the milk as an adult, not a snot faced college co-ed? We all did that kind of work when we were 12 and were happy to get the pay when-ever but you can’t own a house or raise a family on “when..” By 16 all my kids had regular part-time/ful-time jobs and no longer worked for the local farmer and that was inspite of a very poor regional economy. The farmer just did not have the wealth to keep any regular employees.

        • +1000000000000000

          cmon Mac, I can’t believe you aren’t seeing this for what it is, this isn’t Tea Party people, these are collectivist REVOLUTIONARIES.

          While we all may agree on who, at least some, of the enemy are, our vision for fixing the problem is vastly different, ours leads to the world of our Founding Fathers, theirs leads to Stalin’s, Hitler’s, Mao’s, etc, etc. world

          • I suppose I can’t argue with that… you make a strong point, indeed.

          • Agree 1000%.

            This is NOT a good protest by patriotic Americans!
            The march on Wall Street is organized by progressive, socialists, communists, Marxists, and anarchists. Their goal is chaos and the destruction of the western way of life. Do NOT be fooled into believing these union leaders TRULY have America’s best interest at heart! This is NOT a good thing for our economy, our nation, or our future.

            • RWM is Right On!

              To be honest I think this is part of the Obama machine to soak the rich, engage the class war and all the while he looks like the moderate “not involved.”

            • Our nation and economy was screwed up loooooooong before anyine took to occupy wall street!

            • I’m amazed by all these people here who are suddenly in love with Wall Street. Now you know why America is not, and probably, won’t get out of this economic disaster. Too many people are invested in the scam. First you hear complaints, then when someone agrees with you, you change your mind. Very patriotic.

            • RWM: While I agree with your assessment, I believe that some action is better than no action and this action may start action by patriots.

              Remember the Arab Spring was ignited by a Tunisian Street vendor who set himself on fire. The American Revolution began with the distribution of British tea into a solution of salt and water.

              So while the ideas and ideals of Occupy Wall Street do not align with the majority of US, their initiative may spread a Spirit of Renewal in the American Revolution, inspiring others to action.

              The status quo is unacceptable.

            • With all due respect to the one of the posts of ‘durango kidd’, the so-called “Arab Spring” was actually organized, directed and coordinated behind the scenes by the Muslim Brotherhood in order to usher in radical Islamist regimes. Everybody else (including that “Tunisian street vendor”) were all useful idiots doing the anti-American, anti-Western, pro-Sharia Brotherhood’s bidding.

            • Anything Trumpka is involved in is BAD for our country!! He is evil…plain and simple!

            • I’m with Jim on this one. TPTB are trying something new to placate the masses. But it’s really not new, is it? Control both sides of the argument and you win no matter what. They’ve been doing that from the beginning, haven’t they? Now, they start a protest with their own paid actors controlling the masses…a protest they’ve carefully scripted. Then, they will play it out with promises and solutions which they’ve also scripted to make them look like heroes. This is used to quell the masses. When the controlled protest seems to work, the blind masses have no need to protest for themselves. Problem solved, for them. For us, absolutely nothing has changed.

          • Mad Hatter, you are correct, HOWEVER, that means we better get busy and start putting these bankers in jail. The problem we have here is nobody is punishing the people that have destroyed our system. If we don’t start putting the insiders and other criminals that have hijacked our financial system through their unfettered greed and corruption, the lefties will do it for us.

            Watch this and perhaps you will understand:


            You see, the majority of Americans can go either way, but when they see the real culprits—the bankers—-getting away with daily looting and pilfering of the American way of life, at some point they are going to crack and if the lefties are the only ones trying to fix the problem, people will fall for their way—same thing happened in Germany.

            I am terrified that the lefties will win this war, but I also understand that if middle class Americans won’t turn off “Sports Center” and stop going to the golf course and worshipping golfers and actually get engaged in the REAL PROBLEM, the lefty solution is going to be what we end up with.

            The irony in all of this is that socialist/progressive policies during the Clinton Administration along with the corrupt policies of Robert Rubin, the treasury secretary during the Clinton Admin are DIRECTLY RESPONSIBLE for most of the greed that took place on Wall Street. If you look at a chart of the markets, they went parabolic once Clinton deregulated everything and encouraged bankers to give money to “everyone” with government backing. I think the Clinton’s and their progressives KNEW THEN they were setting time bombs to destroy capitalism.

            It is also ironic that the bankers elected Obama because they knew he would go along with further looting of the public treasury. Most people associate Wall Street with Republicans, but the numbers NEVER BEAR this out. Goldman Sachs runs our country, and they are almost exclusively democrat/socialist/progressive supporters. Same with J.P. Morgan. The problem is the corrupt media lies to frame the situation to make it look like it is rich greed republicans when the reality is the problems are largely socialist/progressive bankers and their lawyers who support Democrats and then get their propaganda ministers in the media to convince people it is republicans. We have a BIG PROBLEM here.

            The problem is socialist policies are NOT GETTING THE BLAME. We need a strong leader who will throw the bankers in jail and enforce our laws—not more socialism for the rich which ironically is what leaders of the left wing political parties silently advocate for.

            I don’t know the solution, but I know it begins with indictments and MANY BANKERS going to jail. If that doesn’t happen, kiss the republic good bye!

            • Thumbs up!

            • Personally its all a sham to give cover to causing a crackdown to martial law. Both clintons and onummer have ties to soros.
              I have a theory that obama and Hillary worked out a deal, he starts the socialist ball rolling for the progressives and then since his popularity will be so bad she will step in and run as his replacement in 2012 to save the day and finish the job.
              Remember was started by soros to save bill from impeachment. All the policies that led to the banking crisis and home problems started during Clinton’s tenure.
              Its all a giant setup and shell game to further their progressive takeover of every aspect of the country. Obamacare is almost identical to Hillary care that was defeated. The tarp nailout was written by a soros supporter while in jail for fraud through the apallo alliance (seen soros again). Its all a trap and these lemmings are bought and paid for. Follow the money trails to find the leaders and real problems. Luck all

            • that’s what i was trying to get across.– Well done ws

          • Really? So sad. Your ignorance is just……so sad.

            • MM2nuke said:

              “I have a theory that obama and Hillary worked out a deal, he starts the socialist ball rolling for the progressives and then since his popularity will be so bad she will step in and run as his replacement in 2012 to save the day and finish the job.”

              Remember Bilderberg 2008 in Chantilly, VA: Reports were that Obama & Hillary “went missing” that same weekend. Speculation was that they were secretly attending that Bilderberg meeting. Whether true or not, that same Monday/Tuesday right after the Bildy mtg. ended, the big MSM headlines were that Hillary was “throwing in the towel” re her Presidential campaign & would be putting her support behind Obama for Prez. Point being, many believe Bilderbergs decide who will be the next President… & if that is true, watch Rick Perry as he was summoned to attend Bilderberg a year or two later (the difference being, though, his name was on their actual guest list wherwas Obama/Hillary’s names were not). So we shall see…

              MM2nuke also said: “All the policies that led to the banking crisis and home problems started during Clinton’s tenure.”

              I’ve heard it said that when TPTB want to further their foreign agenda, they put in a Republican president. When they want to further their agenda here at home/USA, they install a Democratic president. By understanding this, we can know in advance what their plans are, at least for the next four years. When Obama “won” in 2008, I thought, “Uh Oh, they must have some nasty plan for the homefront”… Enter ObamaScare.

          • EXACTLY RIGHT!!!


          • I believe that is what Sns was getting at.

          • I don’t see this article supportive of the unions joining forces to protest Wall Cheat; at first, I thought, wow, it’s gotten this far??
            And then I realized those speaking out in their display may have been ‘rewarded’ to do such…ya think??
            Just thinking outside the box.

          • Mad Hatter: While these may in fact be “revolutionaries”, even socialists, communists, and marxists, at least they are doing something. No one else is doing anything and that leaves the status quo.

            The status que is unacceptable.

            By rights, considering the state of the economy and the quality of government and leadership WE are getting in DC, Washington should be burning with Congress in session.

            While these leftists will not control the government they can at least take a message to DC that the vast majority of America supports:

            Get ‘er done!

            • Yet again another of hundreds, if not thousands of idiotic statements by durango child. Your logic is the same that has brought rulers MH talked about into power….the enemy of my enemy is usually NOT my friend either……

            • So you take the side of the communists/anarchists? Their way will lead us exactly down the road that we saw in the ex-Soviet Union and other Communist countries. Many of the forces directing these protests are outright Communist front groups, with some of them being Maoist (Revolutionary Communist Party), others being Trotskyist, still others being Leninist, and so on. That you agree with them clearly shows you yourself are a statist/collectivist. Yet when patriotic Americans push back in Tea Party rallies against the Obama Big Government statist agenda, you smear their motives and accuse THEM of being useful idiots to “the bankers” and so on.

          • There are Tea Party reps at Occupy Wall Street events across the country!

            I’m referring to the “real” tea party patriots who believe in the individual, personal liberties and not the collective. WE “real” tea party patriots have not been co-opted by the corporate wing, Palin worshiping, Rushbot echoing, Mark Levin neo-con frothing at the mouth, Herman Cain flavor of the month, Glenn Beck listening fools of the GOP establishment!

            We may not agree with union leadership and their motives for being there, i.e.(destroying capalistism)but the point is that it damn well needs to be restructured to resemble something more of a bona-fide free market and not this crony capital crap that currently exists.

            How I wrote that without dropping an F bomb is beyond me…

            • Anon- I couldn’t agree with you more. I’m a Tea Party devotee and I loathe all of the above you mention. Those people you mentioned are war mongering Neocons who think we belong in the middle east forever!

              Since my age group (the baby boomers) are too busy watching Dancing with the Stars and reading their AARP magazine, the young lefties are outside sticking their necks out.

              We do not have a free market economy right now. We have an economy that the biggest whore wins the contract. The whore who has the most friends on wallstreet and in government. The rest of us are just fluffers.

              The most qualified candidate does not necessarily always get the job. Look at what Blackwater did to our soldiers in the middle east. An entire documentary on PBS showed the tragic malfeasance and abuse of our military.

              None of the above you mentioned will ever mention the REAL news that is happening and will froth and spit all over themselves if we even think of dropping one tiny cent of foreign aid to Israel.

              They’re all insincere phonies who are legends in their own minds. They don’t give a damn about the common man. At least the wallstreet bankers are honest about their disdain for us.

          • There are Tea Party reps at Occupy Wall Street events across the country!

            I’m referring to the “real” tea party patriots who believe in the individual, personal liberties and not the collective. WE “real” tea party patriots have not been co-opted by the corporate wing, Palin worshiping, Rushbot echoing, Mark Levin neo-con frothing at the mouth, Herman Cain flavor of the month, Glenn Beck listening fools of the GOP establishment!

            We may not agree with union leadership and their motives for being there, i.e.(destroying capalistism)but the point is that it damn well needs to be restructured to resemble something more of a bona-fide free market and not this crony capital crap that currently exists.

            How I wrote that without dropping an F bomb is beyond me…

          • It is hard to say why the union members are actually there. Maybe they are communists, maybe they are revolutionaries or maybe the got ordered to go or got fed a really great lie but the bottem line is that the people pulling the strings and those behind the scenes are communists and revolutionaries and they have been calling for revolution and a war on this nation.
            We should all take that very seriously and not get manipulated in the direction they want us to go. We CAN refuse to give them that power.

        • poor rich you, ever seen horrible bosses? sometimes people work b/c the rich have taken out the comp for any not uber rich to make it.

        • SNS is right. These guys are nothing more than a bunch of communists. I don’t like Goldman Sachs, but the ideology of these union goons is dangerous
          to capitalism.

          have a great day,

          • Mal; Nothing has been more dangerous to capitalism than the GB’s; nothing!

            • DK:

              Baloney! Two greatest threats facing western civilization:
              1) Communism
              2) Wahhabi Islam

              There are good bankers in the world and evil bankers. GS and their ilk crawled into bed with big government. The slimy little bastards did it because they knew they could control the dipshits in Washington and make a buck off of them. They’re morally bankrupt, that’s for sure. But they’re not on the hook for killing 50-100 million people. The communists running our government are going to use these union goons to their advantage and pawn them off on the media as ‘average joes’. That just isn’t true. They’re nothing more than brain dead cannon fodder for the Marxist elite. I’ll fight these shits until my dying breath. I’ve seen what these Marxists are capable of. It ain’t pretty.

              I’ll continue to read Washington, Jefferson, Franklin, Adams et all. I’m sure these demonstrators couldn’t give you one quote from our founding fathers. Because they hate them and they hate the nation they founded. God bless America and unfettered capitalism.

              Good night,

            • GBs?

            • Mal: Agreed, radical islam and communism were/are the greatest threat to western civilization.

              BUT western civilization is much much more than just OUR economic system.

              The GB’s (gangster banksters Daisy) have single handedly corrupted capitalism and undermined OUR civilization, and put it at risk.

              There’s a difference.

        • We may have to “divide and conquer” to remove the present government. Maybe some part of the FUSA will be to your liking.

        • He has a point, look who started it and who the players are.

          Just another attempt to bring down capitalism.

          • Big E: Granted, their ideas are twisted and their leadership lacking, but I would rather have a bad demonstration than no demonstration at all. Maybe in time they can get it together.

            Consider what passes for reality for most Americans:

            1. Free Trade that has gutted the middle class and transferred the wealth of America offshore;
            2. Unbridled illegal immigration to suppress American taxpayer wages (who are subsidized by that same middle class);
            3. Double digit inflation at a time when the economy is contracting;
            4. Robo signing mortgage and securities fraud,
            5. Reinstitution of the Patriot Act, which is totally unconstitutional in the name of security while destroying personal liberty and personal privacy;
            6. FEMA camps;
            7. TSA;
            8. Unsecured borders;
            9. Illegal wars of aggression;

            The list goes on and on and on. Its high time someone does something. I hope all hell breaks out. Its the only thing that will begin to get the government off the backs of Americans and turn things around.

            When this Adminstration and this Congress understands that the American people are not going to accept the trickle down shit from the top any more (which continues to concentrate at the top for the benefit of the few) then things will change.

            It will take the blood of patriots (and the blood of the PTB) to make it so. You would have thought the PTB would have gotten a clue from the attacks on the AZ congresswoman. They didn’t. They chalked that up to a lone crazy mentally derranged druggie, but failed (no refused) to connect it to the dissactisfaction of the nation at large.

            I hope every city in America packs a crowd. These assholes in the Obama Admin and Congress need to understand that they work for US and its time to start producing.

            Death to traitors! Thats the penalty for sedition.

            • The key to the success or failure of this or any protest for that matter is keeping it non-violent. This may be difficult with such divergent views and opinions on what the real issues and goals are. Then you have to be aware of all the agents provocateurs.

              If they could all swear an allegience to non-violence and ostracize the troublemakers; well, now you’re talking real change for the good of all concerned.

            • Yup, right on!

              1000000 thumbs up

            • DK I think you are right! We all here are a conservative bunch but really what have we actually done?
              If this demonstration actually focuses on the bansters and wall street mob, what can it hurt? When this thing goes down, there will be an opportunity to people like us to get involved so we don’t end up a communist country. Regards, James

            • Hugh: Name me one successful mass protest in the USA (or anywhere else for that matter) that has ever remained non-violent. Violence is part of OUR DNA and it is the only way to get the attention of the PTB.

              They work for US and they should fear US. They do not even respect US!

              Its time to CHANGE that. HOPE these guys are successful.

            • @DK The objectives should always be clearly stated and defined less there be confusion as to what the real goals may be in order to measure any gains.

              Primarily, swaying public opinion sensitive to your cause can only be attained when you excercise restraint and permit the PTW to initiate any acts of violence. That is of paramount importance. Then and only will then will the phrase “the whole world is watching” become more than just a familar reference from a bygone era of sucessful rebellions who understood like Gandhi that:
              “Coercion cannot but result in chaos in the end. One who uses coercion is guilty of deliberate violence. Coercion is inhuman. Non-cooperation with evil is as much a duty as cooperation with good. Nonviolent action without the cooperation of the heart and the head cannot produce the intended result. All through history the way of truth and love has always won. There have been tyrants and murderers, and for a time they can seem invincible, but in the end they always fall, always.”

            • Hugh: While “non-violence” is a noble thought, I would remind you again that there has never been a “non-violence mass protest; even if that violence was one way, from the PTB to the people.

              (And you didn’t name me one that wasn’t.)

              When the PTB demonstrate violence against the people in a mass protest, even if that protest by the people is “non-violent” they lose their legitimacy as an Administering power. Even this Administration has made that distiction against Libya, and now Assad in Syria.

              Lets HOPE they remember that thought when CHANGE comes for them.

              Bottom line: There is blood on the streets. The blood of patriots.

        • You hit the nail right square on the head Sam, they’re nothing but a bunch of thugs just like the “D.C.Terrorist” that are helping the bankers AND themselves to OUR money.
          These communist criminals are not anywhere close to the revolutionary protestors that began the quest for our freedom from Britain. These are the children and grandchildren of drug dependant “hippies” from the 60’s.
          They are no different than the islamic terrorist that have to hide their face behind a bandana or a ski mask.
          If they are so proud of their fight for what is right (?) then why do they need to hide their identity, its because they are nothing but cowards.

          We are the ones that will end up paying for what they are doing right now, we are the ones that will lose more of our freedoms and rights, they won’t and they and the ones paying them know this.
          America is on life support right now, the honest hard working tax paying men and women have been taken for a one way ride. We are the ones that should be protesting and making demands, but we can’t, we don’t have the time to do it, we are to busy working and trying to support our families, some are having to work 3-4 part time jobs if we can find them, not because we are greedy, but because that’s what it takes with all of the raising cost and the politicians wanting to raise taxes on everything they can. We are just trying to survive, to feed, clothe and house our families.

          YES Sam I agree with you 100% about the thugs, those protesting on Wall Street right now are nothing more than a bunch of cowardly terrorist hiding their face behind a mask.

          • TexasRedneck……AMEN BROTHER !

        • These folks have a right to peacefully protest the raping of the economy by Obama and the big banks and Wall Street. When Obama’s organized and directed thugs start the violence, the peaceful folks should have the good sense to get the hell out of there fast. What Obama wants is a large crowd that he can falsely call ‘violent’, then he can take ’emergency measures’ to control it. This is exactly what we do not want. But the Constitution gives these guys the right to protest, but in this case it is a ’set up’, for a dictatorship, and suspension of our rights.

          Be careful here.

          • Hear, Hear!

            A deliberate ploy, the staged scenes of violence to incite violence against the men in blue (white), to bring in the armor and put out a curfew (more control over you and me) on Wall Street and beyond.

            They’re miles ahead of us on all fronts.

            This is a complex and convoluted cluster F we all find ourselves in. No clear cut answers. Who’s who and what’s what are swirling about on every front. “They” know the psychology of the masses and how to predict and manipulate and create any number of outcomes always in their favor. We just got to stay cool and outsmart them as a collective. There has to be some or multiple unifying factors for those of us who choose to side with “supporting” freedom and the fundamental inspiration behind the Constitution. Choose our battles with Clarity, Purpose and Fortitude.

            Those who post here frequently know we are all “basically” on the same side. We have our differences but we wouldn’t be coming to this site if we didn’t have a number of common interests that support the greater good for establishing peace and harmony in a world gone mad.

        • Yes, I work for myself and the small business own’s me.

        • Wake up dude! All groups need to be represented here as we are all in this together. The idea is to get everyone working so nobody is poor. We all work and all help employ eachother. Instead, what is happening is the banksters are sucking the $ out of everyones pockets and leaving us with scraps. They call it inflation! I call it robbery!

          • And yet it is under OBAMA that unemployment went up to 9% and above and stays there. It is OBAMA and the DEMOCRATS who have instituted policies that insure the poor STAY that way, through the expansion of entitlement programs that are further bankrupting the nation, and thus ensuring the poor will remain on the government dole for life. It is OBAMA that pushed forth politically-motivated “stimulus” programs that were nothing more than crony-oriented giveaways to favored groups such as ACORN, Solyndra, et al. It is DEMOCRAT policies that have INCREASED poverty. The Republicans of today, to be sure, are no prize – John Boehner in particular is endemic of a checkpants, country-club establishment elite – but the Democrats have been totally taken over by neo-Marxist elements funded by the likes of George Soros. They have a vested interest in keeping the poor that way, so that they will be more easily manipulated into becoming part of rent-a-mobs like this one.

          • Disector: Wrong. Inflation is NOT the source of this mess. Double digit inflation and, concurrently, deflation, are just symptoms:

            the result of 30 years of FREE TRADE that has stripped America of its means of production, jobs, and GDP by transferring 42,400 factories (or more) offshore.

            The Globalists like to sell Americans FREE TRADE (when in fact it is managed trade) as a FREEDOM because Americans love FREEDOM.

            International trade is NOT the same as bartering and neogotiating at a garage sale. Don’t let these NWO globalists make you believe it is.

        • Arrest them for what? Protesting? Ever heard of the Bill of Rights?

        • The fact is that I have indeed worked for a relatively poor man who has often lived rather meagerly from paycheck to paycheck. My guess is there is quite a few people that work for poor people and I’m not talking about social workers for the welfare state.

          I’m talking about self-employment.

          I’m also pretty sure a lot of self-employed people would be better off if an actual free market existed in America as opposed to the corporatist/fascist “mixed economy” run by the elite liars, thieves and murderers in Washington and on Wall Street and the “K” Street pimps.

          Most entrepreneurs don’t start off rich and many don’t aspire to become super rich, but merely seek to make a decent living. Generally, most go through some hard times before they do start making a decent living and that’s for those who don’t go broke in the first couple of years.

          In addition, once they do start to become successful, they hire people and they actually produce something as opposed to tassled loafer clowns on Wall Street who shuffle paper, misallocate capital and fleece the rubes.

      2. The collapse is near!!!!

        • No collapse. Not even close. If you think the sky is falling now, wait until it does. You will shit your pants. This is nothing.

          • exactly right,people haven’t seen anything yet, wait til we’re at 50% unemployment,all entitlements are gone,gas is eight dollars a gal when you can get it and you see me pushing a cart up in the village selling our homemade bread for one “silver” dime a loaf. maybe it’s time to plant more wheat this fall.

            People should look up The Gulag to get an idea of what could be coming.

            • BRING OUT your DEAD!

        • DK is right.

          We haven’t even touched the holy-crap factor of 1934, let alone an actual collapse.

          When the big boy hits, it’ll make everyone shit their pants, from street bum to CEO.

          When you can’t find a doctor, go to the store, or get gas, you’ll know it’s begun.

          When city dwellers start killing each other off over a packet of food or a bottle of soda, you’ll know it’s begun.

          When finding clean water becomes a really big problem, you’ll know it’s begun.

          When the only light you’ll find after sunset involves burning something (candle, lantern, fireplace, whatever), you’ll know it’s begun.

          When large numbers of women and even girls begin renting their bodies out in a straight exchange for food or warmth, you’ll know it’s begun.

          When you see more kids dying before the age of 5 than living beyond it, well, you get the idea.

          Long story short, this ain’t it… yet. How deep and how bad remains to be seen, but we have quite a way to go before it gets to the point of total collapse. Your very presence online with sufficient leisure time to post something proves this.

          • OQ ~ I’d “thumbs up” that post 20x if I could!

          • Amen!

          • Completely correct! But, I sure hope it never comes to it. As I always say “pray for the best and prepare for the worst.”

          • Sounds like you’ve read “One Second After”…it’s just like that and I agree with you that we are standing close to the abyss.

        • I don’t think “Collapse” is some event or a moment in time. It’s an event that took place some time ago and will continue for some time to come. It’s an event comprised of hundreds, thousands of events. You may be doing alright right now. Your neighbors life may have collapsed two months ago.

          Collapse is an individual experience that can come and go for any of us at any time. Two years ago or three years from now. If the money is not there: Collapse. IF the health is not there: Collapse. If the Rx drugs are not there: Collapse. There might be rioting in the next town over, but your town may not see a hint of violence.

          Ultimately it’s how one reacts or responds to the world around oneself. If one is strongly centered and grounded in their Self, collapse will come an go without infecting the nervous system. Many people will hear about a collapse in some other town and mentally they will collapse. The world is as you are.

      3. The best way to protest against Wall Street and the big banks is to stop doing business with them. If everyone abandons them, they will shut down.

        This has the potential to escalate & get violent. It could spark the violence many of us have been hoping would never happen.

        • So let’s say we all pull out every dollar from wall street. Then what? The death of Corp America will make some here happy and the elitist academics ready to steam role their govt right into place. Sometimes the devil you know is better than the one underneath.

          Most of these protestors are not for a true freedom or a real capitalism. They are socialist, communist, and expect you to provide for them.

          Yes there are crooks on wall street that belong in prison, but there are crooks everywhere. At least I’m free to use wall street if I want, but once these morons get their way that freedom is done and gone.

          Fix it. Don’t break it.

          • Sorry Jim—-if you are taxpayer YOU ARE NOT FREE to NOT USE WALL STREET. Wall Street owns our government, and much of the money they get comes from the government via all sorts of “programs” including pensions that are run by government bureaucrats.

            I did not want to chime in here, but the ignorance of the crowd is eating my insides out. The bottom line is the only way to defeat Wall Street is to enforce the laws on insider trading, corruption, and crime. That will not happen because the government regulators are part of the revolving door between New York City (Wall Street) and Washington. The Wall Street crime syndicate has taken over our country because they own Washington and the Media and not only make the rules, they set the nations mood via their propaganda arm in mainstream media.

            You all can say that not doing business with them will make it difference—IT WILL NOT. They will simply get more bailouts, etc., and move more of their business overseas.

            The only way to stop the squid is to kill it, so whether you agree with the protestors other political viewpoints, we should all be UNITED in our shared hatred for the squid that has destroyed our free markets.

            • What I see is mass confusion. Those of us that own (have owned) businesses and worked hard to make something believe in capitalism.

              Those that have been screwed by unscrupulous brokers, been lied to by real estate agents and hosed by inflation hate the K street bankers.

              The taxpayer that is struggling to make ends meet cannot be sympathetic to the government union worker bitching his 90k retirement at age 55 might get cut to 80K.

              The roofer, plumber, carpenter and truck driver that has over 50% of his overtime stolen to subsidize the illegal alien that has destroyed his pricing power of his labor is pissed.

              There is not a simple solution to a complex problem. The best we can do is to educate ourselves, our children and our neighbors about the value of working for one’s self in a capitalist system, all the while reminding ourselves that we must never give in to the temptation of greed.

              What good is wealth if you lose your family or your country?

            • Any conservation or protest we may have that doesn’t begin and then end with the express goal of abolishing the Federal Reserve is complete nonsense. Everything else is a manufactured distraction.

              Slay the “Creature” and you cut the source of funding for their criminal enterprises.

              If there be a God, then save Ron Paul…

          • Amen brother……this is the start of the violence where the bottom rises up and top comes down. Just like Van Jones has been saying for years. They had dropped the radical pose to achieve the radical end…..but they will come out in full radical regalia just before they think they’ve won. What does this mean for those stuck in the middle……rock and a hard place comes to mind. All I can say is that when the SHTF aim small-miss small in all things……stay focused and don’t let your attention wander, it only takes once before there isn’t a second.

            • Good video.

        • One small problem with that… “Intellectual Property”.

          I see it in the IT realm all the time. Let me explain:

          If everyone suddenly cut off Microsoft, it wouldn’t matter – they’d just use their existing money to shake down other companies over patents they claim to own, and rake in royalty fees for everyone else’s products. Hell, they do this right now (they just recently did it to Samsung over patents they claim are violated by the Android mobile/smartphone operating system).

          Crap like this is happening all over now… They even have companies that produce nothing, have only lawyers as employees, and only have one asset: a buttload of dubious patents. They then use those patents as a cudgel to sue large companies for royalty fees. Just use Google and look for “patent troll”.

          Long story short, cutting a company off at the knees isn’t as simple as convincing everyone to stop buying their products.

      4. While it would be great for most of us to disconnect from Wall Street and the Big Banks, it won’t happen anytime soon Mr. B. Our economy is simply plugged in too deep to these institutions.

        My take on the protests is that it WILL lead to violence, without question. Just consider the line up of attendee’s – history has proven this before and it will once again.

        • That’s rich people talk…in the community and rural areas, hopefully, WTSHTF the towns will incorporate their own form of currency; they will make what they need, barter what they need, and find ways to go to the next existing, prospering community to get what they need.
          If the economy collapses as expected, will we really sit around waiting for the BIG BANKS and Wall Street to tell us what or how to operate??
          There are those out ‘there’ preparing for just this–I don’t really think when this goes down worldwide, bankers and wall streeters are gonna be setting up business as usual.

          • As opposed to your Communist class warfare talk, I presume. These rallies in lower Manhattan are totally organized and directed by groups with an insidious agenda having more in common with the road paved by the likes of Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot, Castro etc.

      5. IMO, there’s no side to support here. I’m certainly not supportive of what Wall Street has done, is doing and will continue to do, however, the groups involved in these protests have an agenda that I also disagree with.

      6. You have hit the nail on the head with this article. Unrest by the masses when they learn that their freedom is just a charade perpetrated by the elite of society, that their political leaders have been prostituting themselves to the highest bidder for decades will have grave consequences. When the dust settles, there is no telling what our country will look like, but for sure it has not been a representative republic since 1913 and since the 17th amendment took away the state’s voice in the Senate. We live in a democracy that is descending into socialism and fascism. God help us because nobody else will without first helping themselves.

      7. I want to see the same cop with the white shirt running around spraying his MACE when the crowd is a million LOL.

      8. After the NYPD response to the latest protests, it seems that free speech may not exist inside the city limits.(ie pepperspraying those incustody and being cooperative, arresting passerbys, using excessive force etc…) I hope there are many cameras in crowd. It should sure be interesting. Is anyone here planning on attending?

        • Yet you’re the type who is against the free speech rights of – and even supports violence (as by SEIU, etc.) against – patriotic Tea Partyers who are fighting back against this socialist/communist juggernaut of which these rent-a-mob astroturf rallies in lower Manhattan are a part. These America-hating fifth-columnists you so worship are useful idiots for the Obama regime’s “class warfare” strategy. The NYPD is absolutely correct to respond as they did to these punks.

          And as for those with cameras – they are part of anti-police groups (such as Van Jones’ “Cop Watch”) that have been thoroughly documented to run interference for drug gangs, groups such as Crips and Bloods, illegal-alien gangbangers (i.e. MS-13), and other violent criminals.

          • I agree Concernedamerican, Obummer would love to have trouble start. Hasn’t he been going around the country racebating and trying his best to start class warfare? A lot of these people on Wall Street do not love this country. They have been indoctrinated in our leftest colleges to blame America for everything that has gone wrong in the world. They cannot think for themselves anymore. And we should not forget that the Unions are not what they use to be. They are part of the reason our jobs are gone overseas. People have a right to express their opinions concerning what is going on in our country today. However, we do not want to see this turn into something nasty and watch fighting and bloodshed on the six o clock news. This would only help Obummer to get re-elected. Thoes who hate our country would love it. Lets not give them what they want. The elites love to sit back and push the American peoples buttons.I wish we could still save our country, but I know we have crossed the line. I truley pray people on this site can discern what the powers that be are doing’

            stay prayed up and keep prepping.

            Just finished reading Patroits and After America. I recommend both books.

      9. I can just see this turning very ugly and violent, very fast……could be used for the “false flag” they are looking for……..they didn’t just have practice in DC for a major human catastrophe for nothing…..Thank God I don’t live any where near that cesspool.

      10. They should have similar protest in each federal reserve city, corporate state capitol, and local courthouses across the country. That way everyone who want to can attend one.

      11. I love it!!!!

        Nothing was ever won by sitting back complaining about it. While I’m not a fan of unions, they can get the bodies out there. Just think of it: ONE MILLION AMERICANS from all walks of life saying NO.

        Yes, this could become violent really easily – I hope that it does not. I don’t think the intention of these protesters is to incite violence. But each one of these people is willing to take that risk.

        Doing nothing is exactly the same as acceptance. Finally, people are standing up and refusing to take Wall Street’s garbage.

        Long live the right to peaceful assembly!!!

        • Dalsy,

          For me, all Americans should join the protest.
          Not only union people.
          Union people are there because they want to defend the excess of their earnings, their privilleges, and way of life.
          Plain people like you and me, should go there to defend their whole existence as free human beings.
          A small remark since i have the experience of our protests, the riots, the police snitches, and the final supression.
          People must know why they are there. They must not follow some white collar leader who seems to know what he is doing.
          Most important, plain people must guard the demonstration against potential snitches thrown by the police or other agencies.
          i don’t support beatings, burnings, smashes, or whatever violent behavior.
          One very succesful demonstration in Crete, was 50.000 people just standing for hours and hours, wearing black, silently, and with dignity.

          Take care

          • I just expressed this in an email this morning…have we forgotten?? God gave us our rights—not CONgress, not any administration, not DEMs, not Republicans, not bankers or Wall Street arseholes, not U.N., not even local law or enforcements…if that is understood, we would be on a recovery to get our nation back that our forefathers gave us.

          • Manos: The succesful demonstartion in Crete may not be as “successful” as you think.

            I never heard about it.

            Unfortunately the PTB never get the message from the people until blood is in the streets. Then and only then do they believe that the people are serious about having their voice heard and their desires implemented by OUR elected officials who have been elected by US, and paid by US, to serve US!

            They work for me and when they are not doing a bad job, they are not doing squat!!!

            Malfeasance in office!

            • D.k.

              This demonstration happened during summer of 2007, and it was totally out of the control of political parties.
              Back in summer of 2007 many fires erupted all over Greece burning thousands of acres. Around 80 people died back then, and the previous government just looked the spectacle.
              All over Greece, people walked out in the streets wearing black, in order to show their grief for the burnings and the dead citizens.
              Mass media tried to minimize the demonstrations because it was close to the Fall elections, so it would harm the government get elected again.
              It was not succesfull because the government was re-elected. But the main thing is that people walked out by themselves, like some mass instict drove them off their houses.

          • Wow, that must have been a beautiful sight. Stoic Dignity.

        • The organizers are socialists, communists, Marxists, and anarchists. Be careful who you get in bed with! These are NOT TEA Party people! Their goal is destruction NOT correction. Nothing good comes from chaos.

          • RightWingMom, You are exactly correct! Their main plan is for violence to CAUSE Martial Law! Obama’s only chance to stay in office!

          • The fact that the National Lawyers Guild – a known Communist front group – are advising these snot-nosed rent-a-mob brats tells you all you need to know about who’s directing these protests behind-the-scenes.

        • Mr. B; I have to disagree. There is no way to “stop doing business with them”. They are business.

          As for the potential for violence? Yes, and it should never have reached this point because OUR elected and paid representatives should have been representing US. They weren’t. They haven’t.

          Now let them get the message LOUD AND CLEAR. Whatever happens, Congress is guilty and We need to tell them so.

          They are not incompetent. They are highly intelligent and highly incompetent. They know exactly what they are doing, and what they are doing to US. They have no excuse.

          Let the Congress, Power elite, and Gangster Banksters pay the price! As far as I am concerned the Corporate fascists on the right and the Global Socialists on the left can kill each other on the streets of NYC and DC.

          It will leave a much better world for the rest of US.

        • Daisy: Well said.

        • ” I don’t think the intention of these protesters is to incite violence.”

          The protesters themselves may not be planning to get violent but their “leadership” sure as hell plans on it.

          • Or what about those agitators just waiting to make a few bucks??

      12. it’s begining to remind of the the vietnam protetesting of the 60’s. except hollywood hasn’t gotten it’s greedy mitts on it just yet.

        I suspect it will soon turn into a cash generating cow for wallstreet and hollywood for they are noted for taking control of grass roots projects.

        I do like seeing the sheeple wake up and actually do something. It’s far better than being cowards. but I do fear agendas that could use the movement to other advantages.

        Just hope it no one gets hurt.

        • `Michael Moore is there to make some more money on the protests.

          • I think he just wants food.

        • Michael Moore was already there. It will be a Movie of the Week soon!

      13. I think most of you guys DONT realize these protests are not directed at the coruption. They are orchestrated buy people who want to fundementaly transform america into a socialist/communist form of government. That is what all the uniions are about, plundering my tax dollars. they want to tear up the constitution, yout either believe in the constitution or your a communist. Van Jones said it best “top down, bottom up, and inside out” Sam at the top of the post had it right, arrest the ones who are civily disobedient and the cops will.

        • corporate troll!!!!!!

        • 100% correct. Thanks for being clearer than I was. I’m having a “pissy” day keeping people employed and paid. So I don’t suffer anti capitalist well or long..

          • Not here to defend you bro, you can take care of yourself quite well. I understood your thought pattern in your earlier post.

        • So true, the unions are by far socialist now. My own father works as a brick mason in the union and he was talking about same wages one day, communist? Yes.

        • You got it Rob! Public sector unions are disastrous for the USA. Their demands are socialistic, communistic and most of all, unsustainable.

        • Rob: Good point but no one else is doing anything at all, so I say let them have at it.

          May they kick some serious ass!

      14. For our kids, we must pay the price and standup to the Bankers and our Corrupt government. The longer we wait the harder it will be.

        • Tinker,
          I agree, but these people are NOT the ones to stand with!

          • So how is the right people to stand with? Where are these people? Are these people ever going to take a stand? And if they do take a stand, what are their goals?

      15. it will be interesting to see if the police react to the union members the way they did to the previous protests.
        I wonder if the police unions will support the other unions or will they bust heads in the true NYPD tradition. It might look like Chicago in 68.

        on a side note, where was the ACLU when 80 people at Waco were murdered by TPTB, ie Eric Holder was in charge of that operation too as Reno’s Ass AG.

        Also, was the Senate Judiciary committee briefed on Fast and Furious? and if so, then Chucky Schumer is a culpable as anyone in this scam

      16. this event will be interesting. So many of the participants involved do not count on the most educated and informed of America’s threatened classes for membership. I can only hope that violence doesn’t break out between the participating groups and that they all don’t become violent against the devil’s spawn that earn their living on Wall Street thereby damning their cause.

        Either way, it’s us patriots and breadwinning taxpayers against them and the people that they control with their money and their corporate hold on the MSM.

      17. These protesters are the ones who will turn into zombies wtshtf.

      18. There are 52 cities planning the same protests as New York, yep this will turn into a bloodbath!!!!!!

        • these are interesting times we’re livin in gents, i’m just listening for “the shot heard ’round the world” to come out of one of these protests…it seems to me that america’s collective morale is sinking lower by the day, something’s got to give…when and where is anyone’s guess…

      19. This walk/protest will have no impact at all with regards to Wall Street and our Government.

        Our govt just STOLE $500 Million from taxpayers by giving it to Solyndra – a company that they KNEW was going to fail. They gave it to them so that their political donors would get their investment money back.

        What was their response?! Up Yours! That’s what.

        They gave $1 Billion away to two similar companies yesterday. One of which is run by Pelosi’s brother in law. The other has a major investor who was also an investor in Soylandra.

        They do what ever they want, whenever they want, American citizens be damned.

        You can walk, scream, moan & protest but the only way they will learn is if we vote them out or over-throw the govt. Neither of which will happen. Too many sheeple in America.

        • And these rent-a-mobs from the union don’t give a damn about the government corruption. They just want to take what you are earning.

          It is us, the honest hardworking, wealth creating Joes that are getting hosed.

      20. @Manos,
        So true in what youve had to say about the unions. Theyre as corrupt as the government and wall street. The unions are backing these protests. I could see it getting ugly, but I wish it didn’t have to be this way at all. What we need to fight against is the corrupt leaders who’re being corrupted by the corrupt companies paying them off. America should become once again a community based country, where none of the feds are strongly involved in our schools, businesses, etc.

      21. A few picket signs observed on Wall Street:

        from the teacher’s union…”Stop Cutting School Budjits”
        from the street sweepers union….”We Ain’t Cleaning Up After THIS Parade!”
        from the SEIU…”Bouncers Wanted-Apply Within”
        from the Traffic Controllers Union…”No Left Turn”
        homeless guy…”Will Protest For Food”
        from the Asylum Workers Union…”Stop The Madness!”
        from the Truck Drivers Union…”Next Diesel 25 Miles”
        from the Midgets Union…”Punch Wall St Right In The Kneecap”
        from the Comediens Union…”Somebody Call Bill Engvol, And Tell Him To Bring More Signs!”
        from GreenPeace…”Tell The Brokers- No More Tuna Salad For Lunch”
        from the Printers Union…”Down With Handmade Signs”
        from the Psychics Union…”See? I Told You!”
        from the Brotherhood of Professional Athletes And Team Owners…”United We..Aint!”
        from the Borg Union…”Resist! Even Though It’s Futile”
        on an ATM…”I’m A Slave To The Bankers”
        from PETA…”Forget Wall St! Chickens And Cows Are Being MURDERED!”
        from the Barbecuers Union…”PETA Sucks!”

        • From the Patriotic Americans….”Don’t Tread on Me”

        • from the stay at home mom’s union “diapers and politicians need to be changed often…and for the same reason.”

          • Nail on the head!

            • Carpenter’s union?

        • From George Soros’ union: George will lay off all of you tommorow morning. 🙂

        • PETA; People Eating Tasty Animals

          • booooooooo…..

            • Daisy: Ranch or blue cheese with that salad? 🙂

            • Vegetarian: Old Indian word for lousy hunter.

          • I prefer the term “P.E.S.T” as opposed to anything PETA.

            “People Eating Steak Tonight”

          • I love all of God’s creatures..right next to the mashed potatoes.

          • I work with a vegan…farts too much.

        • Lol @ the Printers Union.

          “Buy your signs from Sign DeZines” << referring to a prior comment rant on the destruction of the English language.

        • thanks for that SmokinOkie….a good laugh…well done.

      22. If voting would work, then why hasn’t it. The Electoral vote coupled with (They) put who will serve the Globalist agenda. I wish and pray for answers, the fact is its broken, this is not stated as give up, give in, but a house divided against itself cannot stand. This empire has been corrupted, we the people have got to come together!

        • if voting actally made a difference, it would have been made illegal

      23. It’ll be a cold dayin hell before I stand with the unions or the Black Panthers

      24. the unions have invested its members pension funds in this market, and are going to get lynched by their members if this crashing of the market means no retirements, thats the only reason they care, and the fat cats of the unions will not be there..just the workers, the ones who havent and wont wake up to the fact that they have been and will get fucked by their own union adminisration,, nothing really new there, they been getting screwed by them from the get go..this time its just going to be on a bigger scale and its going to be a huge rug pulled out from under the common man that thought he worked his entire life and paid into this “fund” that he would end up with a nice retirement..Not in this days America he wont, he will be a wal-mart greeter trying to get by on cheese and crackers..just like the rest of us that were trying to let them know they too were going to get screwed

        remember the rumor of unionizing the military?..yeah great idea..O putz Bama

        • the ones who havent and wont wake up to the fact that they have been and will get fucked by their own union adminisration(again)

      25. That’s nonsense. They’re Marxist idiots who are brainwashed in college.

        • Bill S; That is funny. I went to college. The University didn’t brainwash me. If you see enough radicals in one place they generate a particular smell that gives a clue that their ideology stinks.

      26. going to watch and see how 1 million people get the cops attention..

        yeah this might not be a good place for rambo the cop to act like hes running the show..1 million union good luck flatfoot, I think it would be best if they just watched too, because weather they like it or not , their future hangs in this balance too

      27. “unregulated greed and corruption?”

        That pretty much sums up the unions in this country over the last 30 years. Like so many of the union marches I’ve seen on our state capital here in Mexifornia, this protest will be about union and government employees concerned that they will be losing their fat salaries and pensions and expecting the private sector to pay for it.

        I have many friends who work for the state, whenever they whine I tell them to come over to the private sector-real world and see if they can find a job with the same perks. They shut up…

      28. That’s just untrue. Those people are protesting against capitalism. They’re useful idiots to their Marxist professors. They feed them platitudes, lies, and half-truths and the fools go out and protest.

      29. The problem with these protesters is they are protesting at the wrong place. I’d be protesting w/ them if they were at the Federal Reserve AND knew why we were there. Generation lost it is.

      30. Interesting thoughts. I live 10 miles or so, from where this is taking place. Do the Unions have their own interests at heart here, of course. However, American individuals are also there for their own interests as much as those of the country at large. I can understand the desire to not be associated w/ the unions and those that are of a more socialist ilk. However, if this isn’t the time to bring forth the power of the American citizen to protest what the government has become and the injustice of what the bankers/Wall Street captains have done to our economy………… then, when is the time?

      31. “…This is how it starts. It is our hope that the people carry through with the “original intent” [my emphasis] of the movement and focus their energy on the problem – unregulated greed and corruption on Wall Street and within the halls of Congress – rather than each other…”

        History repeats it’s self – again. During the 1960’s struggle for civil rights, not all people of color and definitely the majority were not in support of the picketing, protests and marches. It had been done before, with marginal outcomes.

        My parents and many of their generation, didn’t see why we wanted to “rock the boat”. Then there were those with the menial jobs blacks were regulated to work in, that advocated for letting things be. Afraid we would lose what little had been gained. Not all was sweetness and light in how to go about equality.

        In those times, it was the Church, Community and Chapter elders that made the strategy and they weren’t always in agreement. In the beginning of the 60’s movement, we the youth, unemployed and disenfranchised were the one’s that took to the streets doing the picketing, protesting and going to jail as we had nothing to lose. It was the elders doing the appeasement and negotiating all the while jockeying on who would be leading the parade and getting the credit.

        I’m sure there are some of the same dynamics going on in the Occupy Wall Street protests. The turning point in the 60’s movement versus previous demonstrations, were the massive numbers of majorities with a conscious, that joined in the marches and protests. There was no universal agreement of the direction or outcome, but we could agree the status quo of separate and unequal had to change.

        I’m in agreement with the Occupy Wall Street over unregulated greed and corruption and being sold out by our government and wanting some accountability and justice. I’m an Independent, so I don’t care what party is involved, or whether they are unionized or their color or race – if their agenda is giving the greedy bastards the bums rush, I’m all for it.

        • Preach it!!!

          What you accept is what you get!!!!

          Nothing changes as long as people accept the status quo.

      32. We had a spontaneous protest of sorts down at Moe’s Mosey-On-In Cafe this morning. We didn’t mean it as anything but a prank at first. A few of us made some little signs saying stuff like “Where’s the Beef?” “Free the Condiments” and “Voting Rights for Chicken Fried Steak Lovers.” You know, just silly things meant as a joke. We were just kidding each other out in the parking lot, and we didn’t even tell Moe about it. Fact is, most of us kinda like him, greasy hashbrowns notwithstanding. While we were having our fun, a couple motorcycles pulled in. Then a few more. Next thing you know, there’s a whole bunch of ’em. As they were dismounting their bikes, two school buses pulled in with the ag boys from the FFA conference. And right behind them came a huge shiny tour bus painted up with “Gothic Syndrome Metal Rockers Tour 2011” on the side.
        Bubba and I were sitting on the tailgate of his truck, and he looks at me with a sly grin and says ‘This could get real…interesting. Wanna go fishing right now? I got two poles, c’mon, hurry up! Let’s go. I’ll buy the bait, c’mon!’
        Now, normally, I’m a curious guy. Just curious enough to get into trouble. But this looked like an excellent opportunity to see if the bass were biting out at the lake, and besides, Bubba never offers to buy the bait, so we left. Before we passed the city limits sign, I heard the first of the sirens. We even got stopped by a state trooper leading 4 more patrol cars. He jumps out and runs over yelling “Where’s Moe’s! Which way to Moe’s Cafe?” We pointed the way, he jumps back in and roars off, leading the pack of disco lights and noise makers. We decided not to stop for bait, we’ll just use our old lures. Figured we’d never get back out on the highway from the bait store parking lot, not with all them ambulances and fire trucks and cop cars constantly screaming by. I’m not sure how this will all end, we can still see smoke rising in the distance. Guess we’ll read about it in the paper tomorrow.
        It sure is peaceful out here at the lake, though. The fish aren’t biting at all, but me and Bubba don’t mind. We’re gonna make a looong day of it…

        • Now that’s funny. I don’t care what you say…

        • I really like this parable because one of the main frames I find useful in casing the problems of mankind is the dichotomy of city versus country. I contend that for 250,000 years people lived in isolated conditions and naturally respected the great tenet, ‘Don’t tread on me!’

          Since I wrote the above paragraph I have thought for over an hour about this dichotomy. If there are ‘Likes’ given to this post, I will make the effort to cast my thoughts into a multi-page rant, otherwise, I won’t waste my time whilst I prepare a small 12×12 shed for potential occupation should societal conditions warrant a very low (alternative) energy existence for a length of time.

          • No windows.

      33. Choose your evil carefully people.

        1. Wall Street. Yes we all know the evils of wall street. In terms of dollars its probably the biggest evil of all, but what is life like with out it. Who is protesting it and what do they want?

        2. Unions? Like the one in Seattle that took guards prisoner and held them against their will while destroying “company” property all because the company picked a different union! Unions just want the hand out to them; they don’t want a difference they just want want want like the 50% of America that doesn’t want to pay but wants the hand out.

        3. The student anarchist? Come on people – everyone here is intelligent and knows what this group wants – they want communism. They can’t see succeeding in life so they want government to take from those who did and give it to them.

        Sorry there are no winners in this protest movement. I wouldn’t support it one inch if I were in town.

        • Jim, you write what many of us think. That the whole story is a crap, staged in order for some to gain their position in the NWO.

          Allow me only a small correction regarding the number 3.
          Anarchists hate/despise communists.
          Anarchists do not seek communism or socialism. They seek a society of no authority at all. In fact they seek some kind of utopia. From the time that an anarchist group, chooses one of them as a leader, their move is condemned in terms of definition. They become a herd of angry idiots who burn and break.

          Best wishes,

          • And doesn’t anarchy ususally lead to their worst nightmare?? military coming in and establishing govt to control??

            • I believe it was the punk murderer Che that said “You do not have a revolution to get democracy, you have democracy to get a revolution.”

              The whole point of most revolutions is to force the state to become so oppressive that the people overthrow it. At that point the sneaky little creeps like Lenin and Castro come in and set up a tyrannical despotism.

              Case in point…See Egypt, 2011.

            • JJ,

              It depends on how you define anarchy.
              Anarchy in its most basic theory states: Neither God nor slave.
              So what pure anarchists want is a society of equal members. This is pure utopia, since it contradicts with the human nature.
              Because there will always be some dominant person who will try to take control. His purpose can be for corrective measures at the beggining, but the deapest he gets into power, the more addicted he will be to it.
              At this point, anarchy theory cancels itself, and it becomes a bad copy of communism.
              So if you mean this JJ, you’re right. It usually leads to gov control.

              Read the book of Jules Verne: Magellania (or another title would be: the Jonathan castaways).

        • Just wondering how many of these union members participating in the anti-capitalism protest are collecting such HUGE pensions that they’re draining the system themselves????


        • I see evil a little higher up. President, U.S. Fed Treasurers, Central Banks, uncle ben, congress, senate, anybody that has the ability to change the laws “for the constitution” instead of “against the constitution”.

          • Give me control of a nation’s money supply, and I care not who makes its laws.

        • All this – these people think….. and are….can’t support them because their view is….

          There wasn’t all that much support for those fighting the American Revolution either – wonder what the out come would of been if the Patriots had qualified who they would of fought beside based on the criteria and comments I’m reading here? Do you think they were all in lock step? You have to think exactly as me? There wasn’t even a Constitution then….

          What happened to a common cause? Doesn’t mean we are forever joined at the hip. I prefaced my comments on what I was willing to support – maybe on this matter our collective outrage is common ground but we differ on other issues. Fine, for this battle I’ll support the cause, for the war I’ll go back to my troops.

          • These are myrmidons protesting because they are told to. They are rent-a-mobs.

            Example: Barney Frank & Chris Dodd pulled nasty tricks to ensure James Johnson & Franklin Raines made millions by hosing “unsophisticated” borrowers. These same union members and “student” have, election after election, worked to make sure these corrupt bastards stay in power.

            The people better learn who their good guys are, Marvin Phaup, June O’Neill, and who the bad guys are, Sauron, Soros, Strong, Rubin etc. before we decide which side of which conflict we are going to be on.

        • well said, Jim. plus an observation about the protesters I’ve seen in this latest side-show: those kids are WEAK and WHINEY and SOFT! They look (to me) like they’ve lived pretty cushy lives and don’t really know what it means to FIGHT for anything. However, once the thugocracy of the unions arrive, anything could happen. The most important question for everyone’s consideration is “What am I doing TODAY to prepare?”

      34. Lead us.

        • Wow! My first official minion! I’m speechless with arrogant pride. Be careful what you ask for, though. That would be a real circular parade with me at the head…we’ll never get anywhere, but we’ll sure have fun along the way!

          • That is so unfair. I even posted on Facebook my need for a minion, and didn’t recieve a single application for the position.

            Some folks have all the luck.

            • Daisy: As you may have noticed,I am not a “minion” kind of guy, as I tend to do things “my way”, but hey!

              I like the way you think for what its worth!

            • It’s an easy job.

              ~ Tell me I’m brilliant
              ~ Yell at my kids in a deep voice when necessary
              ~ Keep the house reasonably tidy, as I tend to absentmindedly drop things in a trail behind me
              ~ Agree with me nearly of the time
              ~ Kill bugs for me

              In exchange the minion will receive room and board,
              access to our HUMOUNGOUS library of books, and unlimited internet access.

            • Daisy: That sounds like a “friends with benefits” package no man could refuse. Where do I sign up for an audition? 🙂

              Coincidently, I do have a firm and life long policy about “bugs”. They live outside. If they live inside their dead.

              No exceptions!

            • what Daisy no RICH jokes today, what I didn’t leave enough cab fair this time???

              @ DK…

              you an’t missing much thats why I left the cab fair, and left the motel… oh make sure you tell Daisy you can rotate the tires on her trailer for her everytime she moves, take care of her 6 kids ( actually they are goats, not real children). And since you’d be drunk most of the time it’d be easy to agree with and call her brilliant…

            • That’s your side of the story “Rich”. The way I heard it was that Daisy cracked a rib from laughing so much once she discovered that you had even less between your legs than you do between your ears.

              Oh, and riding in the back of your mommies car does NOT qualify as your first Cab ride..

            • I love ya, Sam. Just sayin’. 🙂

            • My pleasure, Ms. Daisy. Happy to be of assistance.

              I don’t mind if someone disagrees with my ‘pinion. I have more than most and so I’m not surprised nor offended when some disagree.

              But mean and nasty is not an opinion. It’s a character flaw.

      35. Sold all stock, put everything into silver and gold. Paying off all debt and never going into debt. again. Living different than my parents. Instead of buying a second home, RVs, travel and such…. I’m going to set my child up in a home that’s fully paid for from day one. That way she will NEVER be a debt slave to the banker. My family will be done with them and never pay into their system again. THAT is what you do…make sure you get yourself and your kids out of their system. Cut them off forever. The video link above was good..but the avg. folks need a game plan to end the enslavement to the banks and wall street. Cut up your credit cards NOW. Stop watching mainstream TV, it’s all lies. Focus on your family and own kids to make sure they will never be DEBT SLAVES.

        • I forgot to mention they will “nationalize” IRA and 401k. Get your money out now and put it into metals.

          • Now our govt has never nationalized private retirement funds before, but they did precious metals…..hmmm

        • Sounds like a good plan to me!

      36. We don’t have capitalism anymore and haven’t for some time. We have cronie capitalism mixed with corporatocracy (sp?) But socialism or it’s brother communism arer just as bad if not worse. TPTB have exactly what they want right now….all this BS coming up that isn’t the fix either, they have most everyone fighting, which is what they want. These protestors are protesting something that should be protested and changed….but what do they want to change it to…that is the scary part. We already have the answers, because it has happened in the past and it worked fine before govt grew too big and grew up around the banks and corporations….that’s what needs undone…..not the whole system all together, we just need to go back in time to the way it once was.

        But I believe we are seeing things play out as they were intended by our creator, the author of life….the scrip is already finished and we are just seeing it play out. America’s glory days are long past. Now is time to just concentrate on what matters most

        • Well said! (pushes thumbs up button)

        • “…OCCUPY ‘TIL I COME.” — Jesus Christ (@Luke 19:13-KJV)


        • Chinamart sent us a brochure—they’re carrying guns again…

          • JJ: Saw an AR in camo there the other night. $900.

            • I’m NOT even going in that dept…uhhh, tea rack to attach to my microwave table—that’s more my speed..not anti-gun; poor!!!

            • that’s tea TOWEL rack—geeze, mention of a $900 AR got me off thought.

            • Did you buy any?

            • POA: No. Got mine(s). Its actually 997 and looks like it should be located in the toy department as a water gun for kids. Looks real cheap from what I saw behind the glass.

              For 900-1,000 you could buy a better one at a pawn shop.

        • I live in Western NY. I was just looking at a single shot 12ga single shot there (Wally world) for 135 bucks. I want to get my son a starter gun for Christmas and the price fits in my budget for him, and the gun is perfect for small game. Any thoughts?

          • …..BUY IT…….!!!

          • Claymation, H&R 12 gauge pump persuader, $199.99 at Gander Mountain or Dick’s Sporting Goods. Just like a Remington 870, but made in China!……..So what? So are my boots!

          • I’m 5’1′, short arms, short legs…(mom and dad didn’t think this through–they both were short!!!!!)
            dh got me a 12 guage—AND THEN he got me a youth 20 guage—-I am in love!!!

            • Happens to the best of us, even with a short Mom & tall Dad. When I was much much younger & between jobs, I got the idea to join the military. When the recruiter asked for my height, I said, “Five Feet & One-Half Inch.” He replied, “No, You’re Five-Nothing.” DMV later did the same thing. Government even steals people’s height, lol. I wan’t my half-inch back! (Never did join the military… too much of a night owl, I decided.)

              I have bought kid clothes in years past for myself, cheaper. Never thought of a kid-size rifle, but good to know info!

            • haha, im 6’8″ and the first time i fired dad’s old side by side i nearly got nocked on my ass. its better now with a recoil pad, but still kicks like a mule.

            • Good point JJ!

          • Yeah, I’m bad. Spoiled my son. Winchester makes a lever action .410 shotgun that looks like a model 94. It is a kick to shoot just make sure you don’t try 3 inch shells in it.

            • POA, let me know if you ever want to part with it.

        • SEMPER FI MARINE ! Liberty or Death!

      38. You really believe it will be one million protesters?

        • No. the unions will hire 1,000,000 but only a thousand or so will work the protest. 🙂

        • Sounds like more than half of them will be getting paid to go. They are socialist party employees, not protesters.

          And no, I don’t think it will be anywhere near one million.

      39. Joke of the day! 🙂

        Little Johnny’s neighbor had a baby.
        Unfortunately, the baby was born without ears.

        When mother and new baby came home from the hospital, Johnny’s family was invited over to see the baby.
        Before they left their house, Little Johnny’s dad had a talk with him and explained that the baby had no ears.

        His dad also told him that if he so much mentioned anything about the baby’s missing ears or even said the word ears, he would get the smacking of his life when they came back home.
        Little Johnny told his dad he understood completely.
        When Johnny looked in the crib he said, ‘What a beautiful baby.’
        The mother said, ‘Why, thank you, Johnny’
        Johnny said, ‘He has beautiful little feet and beautiful little hands, a cute little nose and really beautiful eyes. Can he see?’

        ‘Yes’, the mother replied, ‘we are so thankful; the Doctor said he will have 20/20 vision.’

        ‘That’s great’, said Little Johnny,’cuz he’d be screwed if he needed glasses’.

        • You got me this time partner. 🙂 🙂 🙂
          First of all, it’s already been translated and sent to 5 different people.

          Secondly i have another.

          A guy goes to the hospital to see his new born son.
          So as he tries to look at the babies’ chamber, some doctor stops him and says:

          – I’m sorry sir, are you Mr Johnson?
          – Yes he replies.
          – I would like to have a talk with you before you proceed.
          – Ok, let’s hear it.
          – You know, i have some bad news for you sir. Your son is gay.
          – Are you mad doctor? How can this be possible. He was born hust one hour ago.
          – Sorry sir, but you have to face the truth. Please let me show you.

          So both our poor guy and the doctor enter the chamber. What our little man sees, are many many babies crying, shouting, moving, smashing, and only his baby smilling and playing with his feet and hands. So he turns to the doctor saying:

          – See doc? Tak a look how my child is, in comparison to the others.
          – Ok, just take off the dummy from his butt, and then see what happens.

        • Good one!
          here’s another (race sensitive people, please excuse me, just a joke around here):
          Young dad enters hospital room where his wife is resting after giving birth to their son. he is impatient to see his son. Doctor enters and comes to the dad
          – Mr Doe, I have some unsettling news, your son is ginger haired!
          dad looks to his wife with startled and inquiring face
          – Deary, you forget, when I was 3 months into pregnancy a red haired guy crossed the street in front of our car
          – ok then
          – but that is not all, Mr Doe, – says doctor – your boy is not only red haired, but also black
          now dad is looking at his wife in fury, but she answers
          – deary, you forget, when I was in my 7th month a black guy crossed the street in front of our car… you know these supernatural things sometimes happen…
          dad shrugs and says to himself “what a man can do in the face of supernatural”
          so the couple gets their red haired black baby boy and heads home. next day guy’s parents come to visit their grand child. when they see him, Mr Doe Senior takes his son away and asks him
          – WTF????!!!!
          so guy retells the story from hospital
          his dad sits down, thinks for a while and utters
          – you know son, when your mother was only 1 week pregnant with you, an idiot crossed the street in front of us…

        • At the maternity ward waiting room…

          A young man paces nervously. An older guy sits calmly reading the paper. He says “I take it this is your first time?”
          Young dad: “Yeah. I’m really excited! How about you?”
          Old dad: “This is our 7th.”
          Young dad: “Then you’re just the guy I need to talk to. You see…I, uh…well…what I mean is…How long after the birth before we can have sex again?”
          Old dad: “Well, that depends….on whether she gets a private, or semi-private room.”

        • Infant Contacts! 😎

          • I noticed you have issues finding a smaller/shorter rifle for smaller stature. Had the same problem with my kids and me. I’m not the biggest either and we went with 243 marlin youth rifles for deer, 20 Ga shotguns, and 9mm carbines for defense in hi point for kids (cheap and effective) and a beretta CX storm and m9 for me.
            Other option is lever action carbine in 357 and a 357 revolver since you can use 38 special in either (my wifes guns). Good luck

      40. I wouldnt be caught anywhere near that protest. All it is going to take is one small spark and that place will explode. It will be a very ugly scene. I loved the video, it was a little long winded, but the idea is true. I just wonder if this protest is the beginning of the end?

        • If there are to be any changes in the world, there will have to be protests and someone will have to attend, if no one protests, that’s means everyone is satisfied.

        • It will take only 1 person with a gun and thats it. Then you will see blood in the streets..

      41. all I know is that when it all comes apart and we’re all in survival mode…. any ACLU member, communist party member, stock trader, welfare queen, black muslim, black panther, corporate attorney or dope pusher had better stay waaaay clear of my firing position.

        • Oh STFU…. you are all talk and no bite..I saw you shoot at Appleseed and you couldn’t hit the broad side of the barn at 1 ft. Do us a favor and cover your self in honey and lay on the fire ants, that’d be more enjoyable then your lies

          • nobody shoots that bad at Appleseed B-itch99…..and Appleseeders don’t smear each-other either. You ever even been to a shoot???/

            didn’t think so. So which is it you belong to? Obamanoids? ACLU?

          • OBTW…I’ll be at Scout’s on Oct. 23rd if you want to have a personal conversation about it…..better leave your gun in your car though.

      42. Case in point.. THIS is who many of the so-called protesters really are..

        Van Jones, president of the progressive organization Rebuild the Dream, joins The Last Word to discuss what Washington should be doing about jobs. Jones calls the US’ deficit problem “phony” and made up.

        “Hold on to your hats, we’re going to have an October offensive to take back the American dream and rescue America’s middle class,” Jones told MSNBC’s “The Last Word.”

        Jones warns of an “American Fall” like there was an Arab Spring.

        Jones was President Obama’s “green jobs czar” until he resigned in fall of 2009.

        • “They are protesting because the bankers have ruined their lives”. Well maybe in one sense that’s true, however everyone should be responsible for themselves. Just because the banker says “you can do it” doesn’t mean that you can, only YOU know the truth.

          BUT… the bankster’s did sell what were to be AAA securities and damaged the world economies.

          The protesters have a right and I’m glad they chose to send a message and get off their couch and out from in front of reality shows.

          @Sam n’sam, I hear you. There are those that will take advantage of a situation like this for their own agenda…. Only sheep will follow.

          My hope is that the protesters will not be swayed and stand their ground, BUT that doesn’t mean the entire protest is what you’re calling it… who they are!
          You’re taking a few and saying it’s the majority, that’s where we disagree.

          • In a way you are right, but many people did do the right thing and ended up burned by the market distortions that the Wall Street bubble blowers, the Fed, and CONgress made happen.

            Sometimes you are forced to play in someone else’s game. Like it or not. Know it or not.

        • ??? @ SnS

          Doesn’t it take less then 5% of the total crowd to incite mob or riot?? Wouldn’t it be more likely that one of Jones’ minions could set these protesters into a frenzy?? Just asking, anyone else??

      43. well, I am in no position to tell americans what to do, especially when my countrymen are acting like freakin’ castrated goats/sheep. but this is my opinion, take it or leave it.
        I know Sam not sam will not agree with it, and I know your reasons Sns. I worked for one family business that you could not call rich by any means. they were paying me exactly as much as they could afford, they showed their profit and all employees agreed to their wages. that is what I call a good capitalism. otherwise capitalism should be demolished.
        IMO any and all protest/insurgency/rebellion would be welcome. even if that is commie/socialist bastards behind those protest. now, before you jump on me, consider this – change is needed and change isn’t coming if you are determined to play along Capitol/FRB/Wall str rules. the whole Western World has lapsed into stagnation on the matter of political system. the so called democratic system has made all the arrangements so that sheople would not make any difference by voting.
        so even if this coming insurrection would be commie inspired, you would get some sort of shake up. there are several possibilities and all of them would eventually lead to a better system.
        1 scenario insurrection inspired by commies succeed and commies establish a ever more totalitarian system. then the whole american nation will eventually rise up and depose them. that’s where you have to take events into your own hands – don’t let the old system come back. I mean before doing anything, at least read some Heinlein 🙂
        2. scenario insurrection grows, but federal MF decide that it is enough and send in all they have. then probably more protest/insurrection starts all over the country. finally federals will declare martial law and then it is up to freedom loving americans to fight them and establish the true democratic country.

        and maybe, just maybe, any of those events might trigger some changes in the cesspool of old Europe.

        IMO any change would be welcome, because Western civilization and all people in it became complacent. no one cares to risk their welfare for the sake of truth and freedom (never mind their lives)

        one more thing (this one is radical, all those cardinally opposed to such matters, please stop reading)
        about these so called peaceful protest. success of such thing is very debatable. only few successful come to my mind – hippies and India independence. all others – protests against “war on terror”, “investigate 9/11”, “stop spending cuts” and others, what have those accomplished? jack shit! I see these “peaceful” protest as government invention to let the sheople to vent their frustration. ask yourselves what Jefferson, Adams or Burke for that matter would have said about the situation we all are in now?
        Government must live in eternal fear of their people in order to function properly. as soon as they start feeling comfortable they start doing things like inventing central banks. how will they be frightened by “peaceful protests”?

        Dear Cheney Dick
        I wrote you this
        I’m your biggest “fan”
        I wanted to ask
        Could I kick your a$$
        Like that as soon as you can?

        You are the biggest Dick
        I have the greatest kick
        You are the biggest Dick but ain’t got kicked…

      44. It strikes me as odd when I hear anarchists lumped in with these other groups, I’m beginning to think that many of these so called “anarchists” that are clammering for more fairness and wealth redistribution are no different than the rest of those socialist commie pig fuckers they are hanging out with. Perhaps many of them misscategorize themselves and maybe some of “the enemy of my enemy thing”. One thing is for sure, this should be interesting to watch from a distance.

        • I think the popular notion of anarchists spun by MSM is the issue here. My guess is that many who label themselves anarchists in fact just want a true free market that regulates itself with no government or other intervention, much like the black market or craigslist.

        • Seattle in 00? 01? Can’t remember the exact year. Talked to a few “anarchists” on the street. They didn’t have a clue. They were really wanting the fascism of Obama.

          Everybody has to think fer themselves.

      45. To HELL with public unions and as for non-public unions, they had better tread smartly and remember that they are still outnumbered by the civilian masses. The truth is a march on Washington would be more in order for that is where the true enablers live, plot and count their spoils.

        Nonetheless, when the masses get hungry and desperate enough, those holding the gold will point their fingers at the unions and say, hungry…go and pick the flesh from their bones! Union thugs are just as guilty as their Corporate equivalents so as I said, to hell with the unions.

      46. These people should protest. The corruption of Wall Street makes Soddom and Gemorrah look like sesame street. Our country needs unions. Without unions we have pure socialism. (government control). Unions help keep them in check. Unions represent the working mans voice. We do need small government but with an equal balance between the private an public sectors. As a conservative I cant look at as you are either for or against unions. That is what the far left liberals are trying to do. Divide and conquer. True conservativism is union based as it represents a fight against the socialist agenda. The problem was that today Unions themselves have become corrupt and like the government become too powerful and controlling. Regardless we need the equal balance we had from days old.

        • Wow, have you been sold a bill of bullshit!
          Trumks has admitted to bring socialist, visits the white house frequently calls onummer several times a week! The whole GM nailout was a union payoff for the election. You need to wake up and learn some history. The unions backed Hitler and lenin and haven’t changed. SEIU, the unions and oboma admin are all working together to crash the system to install a new socialist society. Wake up before its top late.

      47. I would love to participate in the protest going on near me in KC, but I can’t stand next to the parties involved. We need to fight for “We the people…” once again.

      48. There is a difference between Capitalism and Crony Capitalism. The Unions that routinely occupy the protest lines are no better than the crony capitalists that they protest. Their intent is to line their own pockets.

        Sadly, most of these protesters have no idea why they are even there. They are sheep with the wool over their eyes.

      49. If a government puts a gun to your head and takes your money/labor it’s “patriotic”
        If workers stick together so they can support there families they are “socialists”.
        Even Luvig von Misses (Austrian Economic Theory) seen unions as a counterbalance to corporate power.
        An economy isn’t how little you pay for goods and services, its about money flowing from people to corporations and from corporations to people.

        • What would LvM think of union administration that sells out to government (corporation) and other corporations? I think he would say that they have been “assimilated”. Todays assimilated unions, while they may protect their union members on a case by case, in general they are sellouts for bribes and favors. In the end they become part of government.

          Controlled opposition. A ruse. I was all for this until the unions got involved. Unions are dishonest psychopathic institutions. I’ll be glad to see them fall apart with the rest of government and government-like institutions that have, in the end, oppressed The People.

          • Notwithstanding their verbosity and pomposity, von Mises, Rothbard, Rockwell, Woods, and the rest of the “Austrians” have promoted an utterly immoral system. “Austrians” will claim their “science” is merely amoral and, like professors from UC Berkeley will argue for Communism, “Austrians” will argue that “true” libertarianism “hasn’t been tried yet.”

            Given that the “free market” is always sold out by whatever government to the highest bidder, the “free market” will always devolve to abusive monopolies. The “Austrian” fantasy that business and government are opponents is asinine. Government always gets subverted by money and so always serves the interests of business. The “science” of “Austrian” economics fails to recognize that business and government are always partners in crime. “Austrian” economics will give us more of the same poison that now is killing us.

            “Austrians” are like physicians in the pre-antibiotic era: If a little arsenic didn’t cure the patient’s syphilis, maybe a little more arsenic will.

            I opt for living under a system that punishes usury (defined as taking profit on a loan of money) and defends just wages and just prices (defined as wages and prices that would allow a working man to provide his wife and family with the essentials of life).

        • Private sector unions demands are ultimately tempered by the market. Excessive, unrealistic demands will result in the demise of the profit earning entity.

          Government unions, on the other hand, are not faced with such a reality. They simply demand government take more from the productive to pay for their unsustainable wage, benefit and retirement packages.

          Private sector unions have all but disappeared….government unions are the ONLY ones growing.

      50. I absolutely agree that the people they are protesting against are the perpetrators of the crash we are experiencing, however, they have been IN LEAGUE with the unions, the union bosses and the welfare class. This is an attempt to confuse the populace. While the union membership may hate the elites, the elites love the union administration because it can be manipulated and used against the common man. After all, groups have neither common sense nor compassion and are easily manipulated.

        I agree with the protests but the protesters are nearly as guilty as the ones they are protesting against. The term “muddy the waters” comes to mind.

      51. Have you seen interviews with these people protesting on Wall Street? These people don’t want jobs, they want social justice. They want it given to them. I’m tired of all these winers, I need a job, I need healthcare, day care, food stamps, welfare, job training and what has it gotten us? A bigger group of winers.

        All these winers are the reason why America is in debt. Politicians and winers, now the people who vote for a living out number us people who work for a living. But hey, the fact that they are on Wall St. and not Pennsylvania Avenue shows how well the politicians have deflected the attention away from themselves.

        Looking at the people there, the filth, the smell, I don’t think there will be many Tea Partiers on Wall Street unless they work there.

        I doubt they will get anywhere near a million people. Even the idiots are not that dumb. I doubt the rank and file union worker even wants to be around those people either.

        In my humble opinion this will be a nonevent, but watch Detroit, it could be in flames by then. I hope I’m wrong, but we will see what happens when the welfare checks stop.

        • PO: You are right about these people of course, and I mentioned the lack of their ideas and leadership last week when I first checked it out, noting that Jefferson did not write their manifesto.

          Hopefully something better will come of this attempt at grassroots action. The status quo is unacceptable. Lets see what happens before WE pass judgement.

          The crony capitalism and government corruption that passes as an economy in America needs to be assaulted by someone. I hope there is serious ass kicking in those streets.

          I got mine, and it wasn’t easy, but if my future was as compromised by One World Globalists on the Left and Corporate Fascists on the Right like the future of most American kids today, I would be down there kicking some ass and taking some names. I promise you that.

          Enough is enough.

          • great attitude dk..”I got mine, don’t give a shit about the rest of you or the future of our nations children” isn’t that the same attitude you (sometimes) rail against when your not supporting the opposite opinion? “I would be kicking ass but I just don’t feel like it”………. what a putz.

            • ANON: On the contrary. Arizona is a long way from NYC and I have responsibilities here. So I am not going to NYC.

              I have been to NYC. Its the closest thing to Hell that I have ever witnessed, and I have seen Hell.

              The difference between Hell and NYC city is that there is less filth and fewer vermin in Hell. At night there are pretty lights in each. In the glaring light of the sun, they speak for themselves.

              Rest assured I am supporting change in a conventional way where I am at with the respources at my disposal.

              My activities here at SHTFPlan are only one part of the “triad”.

          • This is far from “grassroots,” this is the ultimate textbook example of a rent-a-mob – as well as a textbook example of useful idiots at play. While the players on Wall Street are no prize, the fact that these rallies are organized by out-and-out Communist front groups and supported by Mafia-style Communist labor unions (another key ally of the Obama regime) that want nothing less than the total destruction of the capitalist system and replacing it with the command-and-control, central-planning model of failed Communist regimes of the past tells me all I need to know about their motives. If I ever met any of those snot-nosed, callow twerps face-to-face, I would ask them point blank who paid them to show up or which group put them up to it.

          • Arizona is looking more and more like California day by day. And then the SHTF how long will even a barn full of 55-gallon water drums last? Not long enough to grow a crop. That’s for sure.

        • PO

          “…Looking at the people there, the filth, the smell,…”

          I’ve heard those type of remarks before. Remarks to denigrate those involved. A true protest is not a 9 to 5 event. You don’t get union breaks and a lunch hour, or showers and catered meals. Oh wait, my first few Tea Party rallies had venders selling flags, t-shirts and food, was over by 4 PM and I went home for a shower, dinner and a glass of wine.

          You bitch at the people for being sheeple and asleep and when they start waking up and do something, they get bitched at for that. The Left seems to take to the streets and the Right seems to sit on the side lines and judge. IMHO

          • Spoken like a true leftist. Those at the current rallies ARE sheeple, being led through the nose by outright Communists seeking to exploit their feelings of alienation and resentment in order to push their insidious anti-freedom agenda.

            • You are way behind the curve if you think that the linear left-right paradigm sufficiently describes the economic/political landscape. The left-right paradigm is just a re-working of a millennia old Kabbalistic trick that has been useful in the American religion.

              The trick was eventually committed to paper by Rabbi Issac Luria in the 15th century (during the same time as when Queen Elizabeth I’s spy John Dee studied necromancy at that black magic rabbi’s feet). As Rabbi Luria expressed it, the “middle pillar” exists between the “pillar of severity” and the “pillar of mercy.” Those pillars of “mercy” and “severity” were nudged along so that “the middle pillar” would progress towards the desired goal/manipulation.

              You want to be manipulated? Then keep yourself yoked to the subjective creed of the “left-right” paradigm.

              You want to be free? The objective truth will set you free. There is truth and it is not subjective, relative, or up for sale—not for sale to the banksters, the “international” financiers, or their rabbis.

          • kinda my thoughts as well.


        • I have no sympathy or support for you – you are the definitive example of a useful idiot and cannon fodder for Communist groups promoting outright Marxist revolution. “Stand up and make your voice be herd” – you have unintentionally shown you are indeed part of a herd – albeit an America-hating, freedom-hating, fifth-column herd which supports bigger and more centralized government, and outright tyranny. Which of the Commie groups paid you or roped you in to be part of this – ANSWER? Workers World Party? International Action Center? ACORN? Revolutionary Communist Party? Communist Party USA? Spartacist League? Socialist Workers Party? Obama’s Organizing for America? Or was it a Marxist college professor? Why don’t you try your schtick in North Korea or Cuba or Venezuela or Communist China (of Tiananmen Square infamy) and see how far you go there? I can guarantee you that, unlike here, you would be DEAD or rotting in jail for the rest of your life in any or all of those countries for demonstrating against the government. People like you should have been arrested for treason and sedition because of the network of Commie groups that have ORGANIZED these demonstrations.

          • +1

          • better DEAD than RED

        • I bought $300 in rechargable NiMh batteries today and a solar charger. I upped my food stores with 360 individually-selaed freeze-dried entrees from Wise foods, I am enrolling in a junior college Electrical Engineering Technology program this spring to be able to wire anything….

          Getting seen in video by the DHS pissed-off and getting arrested and having a criminal record for it will not help you, your family, your local comrades in arms, your parents etc. if you’re detained without rights if the system collapses.

          Stop risking your freedom by trying to land this crippled bird and help your fellow passengers get their chutes on my friend…the only way to save America now is to survive the inevitable crash and help rebuild from what’s left.

      53. Arrrghhh—Tea Party. The Tea Party has been utterly co-opted by banisters and Zionist shills like Palin and her handlers, hence the Tea Party is merely managed opposition. If you recall how Newt Gingrich managed to subvert the 1992 Congress, you will understand why you should expect no meaningful change from the Tea Party.

        As much as I despise socialism, I can expect at least that the socialists will prosecute many of the right [pun intended] people for capital—underscore CAPITAL—crimes against humanity, economic and otherwise.

        • auto-correct’s typo, not mine—should read “banksters,” NOT “banisters.”

        • Methinks I smell a serial Jew-hater who would have done very well as one of the Nazi guards who herded the Jews into the gas chambers and ovens in WWII. “Zionist” is code for Jew. So is “neocon.”

      54. One thing is for sure, citizen activism DOES work. Remember when Tennessee state was trying to pass a state income tax into law a few years ago? The people put a stop to that quickly, after the word was put out by two radio stations.

        • I had to laugh. Here in Orygun every once in a while some pol will float the idea of a sales tax and it goes nowhere.

          What struck me and made me laugh tho was the fact that the number one issue that really gets the tempers flaring, the letters to the editor inbox overflowing and the biggest vote turnout is…….are you ready……… the idea of self service gas. Yup, we are one of the only two states where the average person is not allowed to pump their own gas.


          • Lol, that is too funny, I had no idea that dinosaur pleasure still existed anywhere (no self-service gas in Oregon). Now if Oregon also does not ascribe to Daylight Savings Time, I just might have to move there.

        • Also, Texas stopped the Trans-Texas Corridor…even when Perry changed the name.

      55. In our lifetimes you will see the govt. require you to turn in your silver and gold. Further, they might require you to turn in your shotguns. At that point…refuse no matter what the penalties. I wish the patriot groups would take a more public stand and partner with the retired and active military. Marines, where are you guys…get us organized please!!!

        • We are waiting until our Military Brothers and Sisters come home to help us. We need all the help we can get!

          • If there is to be an overthrow of our government, I’d want our armed forces leading the charge. Not the “perfumed princes” (as the late Col.David Hackworth referred to the upper brass) but the rank-and-file in-the-trenches blood-and-guts hard-as-steel types who know from experience how to FIGHT and how to WIN! SEMPER FI!

          • Unfortunately, Obama is taking care of that as well with his efforts to homosexualize and to further weaken and emasculate our military. He has as much contempt for veterans as he does for the middle class and the small businessman.

      56. I’ve been at my company for 20 years…I basically run the place. They hired someone with a few degrees and didn’t know where the bathroom was. They paid her $13k more than me and expected me to train her. I stood up to mgt. and shook my cage. They gave me a token raise. I’m pushing them again. Folks this is the age to fight back. Have the courage. Fight, screw the liberals. Be a tiger, when you walk into a room folks should know you are there. Bankers and NWO guys…we will fight you. HERE’S THE NEW RULE FOR AMERICANS…. NEVER USE ANY DEBT EVER AGAIN. GET OUT AND KEEP OUT OF DEBT. DO NOT FUND THEIR MACHINE. Will someone please ask Maxine Waters for me if she knows how many zeros are in a trillion? People like this need to be removed from power. Get ready to have a peasant retirement… life in the country. They will steel it all.

      57. Who here thinks WS and durango KID are one and the same? look at the demeaning ignorant arrogance and the flow of the comments…………

        • ANON: Who is WS? And who thinks anonymous is really, anonymous?

      58. Every Anarchist/ Commie kook and misdirected nut in the World is heading for Wall Street, but they should be heading for the Federal Buildings. This reminds me of Argentina where the government destroyed everything and the stupid people ran up and down the streets throwing rocks at the banks. It’s time for The NY Police to crack some sense into the protestors heads.

      59. Anyone who thinks these protests are about people “waking up” is delusional.

      60. wow. it’s incredulous how many of you support wall street, and you should be ashamed of yourself. wall street has violated our human rights and you think it is okay. unbelievable. well good luck with that! k thank bye

        • You agree with Commie pinheads like Van Jones and his “top down, bottom up, inside out” philosophy? That is the “brain trust” behind these rent-a-mob astroturf Commie rallies. All those protestors are on the side of more centralized government, more government control over everybody, and quite frankly are doing the bidding of Obama who’s been ginning up class warfare against those who are more successful in life than them.

        • I don’t “support” Wall Street aand I damn sure don’t support these ignorant fools from rent-a-mob protesting either.

          Has Goldman Sachs and Fannie Mae conspired to profit at the expense of those they were supposed to be helping? You betchya. Did they have accomplices in congress? You betchya. Should these folks be cuffed, stuffed, booked and hooked and then tried for their crimes? You betchya.

          Is supporting the purple shirted myrmidons and empty headed punks clamoring about Wall Street trying to overthrow a capitalist economic system in favor of communism the right thing to do? You betchya if you’re an idiot that pines for years in the gulag or jusr wish to hurry up for your dirt nap.

          Communism is a criminal enterprise masquerading as a government. Who in their right mind would support what is sure to be the leader of violence against us?

          Folks better wake up, stop going baa baaa, wake the sheeple, baa baaa.

          • “They’re poor little lambs who’ve lost their way – baaa…baaa…baaaaaaa”

      61. Listen to these crucial points, from your much-more- experienced-than-you european fellows:

        1 – yes, different ideologies among people will be certainly used by government to defeat protesters: “divide et impera” is the golden rule throughout history. Only solution: people focus on the real marxist principle: they are all workers, and the surplus value they produce is exploited by capitalists’ class.

        2 – Spontaneous mass protests – even if organized by internet – is surely condamned to failure. There is incontrovertible experience in Europe about this. Only solution: a centralized revolutionary leninist party.

        3 – The problem is not Wall Sreet. Financial greed and corruption is normal in capitalism’ cycles. It will never be defeated, because – as Marx says – crime is ingrained in capitalism and – as says Lenin – we live in imperialism age: finance is more important than production, because capitalism’ enormous development brings to the costant fall of the profit rate, so right-wing finance fraud schemes are of paramount importance to delay bigger crisis. At the same time, left-wing welfare is a fraud scheme of paramount importance to delay bigger civil wars. Only solution: be prepared for revolution when bigger social revolts and general wars will approach.

        • You quote Marx and Lenin! Are you kidding us here?

          • No, AZR, but this is the funny thing: I could quote an astonishing amount of sentences from this blog and from related comments, as perfectly marxist-leninist; mccarthysm legacy and hate against communism in USA is so strong that you cannot even admit this fact. And this is a reason because is highly probable that next years US will experience a dramatic counter-revolution against workers without serious opposition.

        • orosobubu: Capitalism, socialism, or marxism, in and of themselves, have neither intrinsic virtue or vice.

          Vice and virtue are attributes of the soul and a choice to be made for the manifestation of either.

        • Maxine Waters for president in 2012. President of the head toilet bowl cleaners at the white house. ha Someone ask this lady how many zeros are in a trillion. You get a long blank stare and she changes the subject I bet. I feel bad for all the sharp, educated intelligent black women out there.

      62. I would love to see 10 million people storm the capital, burn the place to the ground and raze the entire rotten system.

        Don’t you guys see that our political leaders are criminals? They do not care about us! Power, greed and foolishness rules the day.

        How many people can keep making ends meet if health care, gas, groceries, electricity, clothing, all continue to rise while wages and jobs stagnate and go away?

        Think about how the fed has destoyed old people who had a little savings to draw interest off of and now they get less than 1% on their lifes work?

        These people are flat out criminals.

        • And the protesters are demanding MORE government, MORE corruption, MORE control over the people.

          This is the classic pincher strategery. (sic) We can’t even figure that out here on SHTF plan and yet we expect the mind numbed, Survivor watching, beer guzzling union hack to comprehend that he is demanding real oppression.

          (what these morons call “oppression” now is what we used to call responsibility)

        • actually there is nothing wrong with the capital, we just need a change of personal. We could start with and demand TERM limits for all elected personal, no benefits when they leave office and they pay into the same system that we’re force to pay into, No more public unions, they work for us and will do things our way or it’s the highway.

        • Stop complaining about the damn dark and light a candle—in other words, you must HAVE a job.

      63. Have you ever heard about Tiananmen?

        I mean, that is a very perfect venue for a terrorist act.

      64. Wondering if (how many or few ) taking part in the protest are making any connection and/or paying attention to the Federal Reserve.

      65. Folks I have been following this protest since day 1, and the problem I see is these kids have no goals,no direction,no true statement the want to make. In fact most of the comments I have seen on the web site is the don’t even need the media to spread their word. But In fact it took arrest for them to even make the news. As far as the unions joining with them well we shall see what the out come will be.I just know at least they are trying to stand up and do something, even if they have no clue as to what they want. I think once the teamsters get in to it it will get out of control very fast. But hey only time will tell.. In the mean time I just keep prepping and adding beans bullets and bandaids..


      66. Can you say “widespread civil unrest?” Soon, the LA riots of 1993 will reawaken and go nationwide.

      67. You people are fucking nuts!( you know who you are, the ones sitting around foaming at the mouth waiting to blow someone away for looking at your shit) Some of you can’t wait for something to happen and have no idea what your in for. It will be bad, like nothing you have ever seen befor just save a round.

        • Welcolm Can of Fish to the nut bowl! Do you have any?

          • Inbreeding, that’s what i’am talking about

            • Oh, you enjoy inbreeding????

      68. This is all going according to plan, the changes being ushered in leading to the NWO. Take financial collapse, throw in some ignorance, confusion, repression, rebellion and desperation and toss well with some natural disasters. The world will be SO HAPPY to bow down at the feet of the one who brings them the solutions to their problems. The key players have been known for years, the plan inevitable, the outcome determined and the Victor crowned! The time is right. LOOK UP, for your redemption is nigh!

      69. Hitler had a plan.

      70. Is there anyone here who believes that these “protestors” care about the average working American ?
        They are nothing more than the Fruit of the George Soros Tree.
        The same folks who protested “GWB’s Wars” and now are silent while Obama does even more war.
        Don’t you see the Anarchist types with the backpacks and bandanas ?
        They’re only put there for chaos and a chance to break things to further the Soros agenda of a Progressive America.
        They’d burn your family store down as fast as a bank.
        Funny…how some of the destruction they preach, shows itself on some here.
        While those here claim to be the opposite.

      71. EAT THE RICH !!!

        • M&M: Feed the poor or the poor will feed on you.

        • When the elite go in,,,weld the doors shut…just like roaches, they go in, but they don’t go out. smells of revolution these days.

        • Funny, that is what Michael Moore and Roseanne were saying. Do you think their choice of words has anything to do with their girth?

      72. I’ve been watching the news and this form of “protest” isn’t even worth the coverage.

        Now if they were turning over BMW’s, setting fire to the NYSE, beating traders and banksters to death in the street, ripping-up the pavement and ripping-off the bronze placques from the buildings in a frenzy of exasperation and torment and otherwise making the scene look like a typical soccer riot in Britan….then we might see our billionaire-owned government have to make a decision between their corporate masters and the people of America….

        I guess that will have to happen later on down the road.

        • OOOOhhhh don’t worry, it WILL HAPPEN !

      73. These people may very well be communists and socialists. But you know what… where is the disarrayed emasculated Tea Party other than gyrating their loins in orgasmic ecstasy over Mitt Romney, Tim Pawlenty, Newt Gingrich, Michele Bachmann, Herman Cain, Rick Santorum and… uh… er, that crazy guy Ron Paul? Let 1 million people march over there and let whatever happens happen. It may or may not work to our advantage. Not that anyone in the emasculated Tea Party would take advantage of it. Nope, the Tea Party is going get one of those people up there in as president … and nothing is going to change and they’ll all still go home and say… “We won! All better now,” and doze off like they did under Bush.

        At least give those commies/socialists credit for showing up. Some of us know a guy who tried to get a march going on in D.C. and 3 guys showed up.

        Disregard the above. The economy is going to totally collapse… freefor will come to the rescue, and after capping off a few billion rounds fighting off the enemies of freedom… and possibly the Chinese, liberty will once again abound in the land of the plenty and waving fields of grain.

        Right after the economy collapses.

      74. When it comes to protesting against today’s Wall St, I say let’s have a “big tent.”

        First, bring down the incumbents, then we can sort out who’s in charge later.

        That’s the way all power struggles work. You combine against a common enemy.

        The Egyptian and Tunisian revolutions were the real deal. Nobody “orchestrated” Mohammed Bouazizi’s tremendous act of self-sacrifice. A million people didn’t muster in downtown Cairo because the CIA told them to.

        These things are possible. They actually do happen. People can make them happen.

        You can make it happen in America today. Just show up as yourself.

        You don’t have to agree with everybody there. In fact, a lot of people there will probably irritate you.

        Nobody gathered there needs to know the right answers to all the problems which beset us. You don’t need to know the right answers, in order to know that our rulers have the wrong answers.

        The people in the streets didn’t steal trillions. They didn’t start wars. They didn’t cheat future generations.

        Our rulers did all of those things.

        The radicals and anarchists in the protest are irritating. Some of them are real S.O.B.’s, too.

        But right now, under the present circumstances, they happen to be OUR sons of bitches.

        • The so-called “Arab Spring” revolutions all through the Middle East were ALL directed behind-the-scenes by the Muslim Brotherhood for the purpose of ushering in radical totalitarian Islamist regimes who will rule according to Sharia law under a universal global Islamic caliphate. In Libya, for example, all the so-called “rebels” are in fact al Qaeda, no exception.

          “The people in the streets” is nothing more than code language for useful idiots doing the bidding of groups with nefarious agendas (i.e. Communist fronts seeking to destroy this country and drive us further to the path of the ex-Soviet Union). That Hollywood leftists like Susan Sarandon are part of these orchestrated rent-a-mobs (not to mention the involvement of Big Labor) says everything one needs to know about the ideological bent of these rallies. And every one of those snot-nosed, disheveled, unkempt, smelly brats have been told what to think (and what to chant), to deflect their attention away from Obama’s massive policy failures which made a bad situation even worse.

          And the media’s glorification of these ignorant sheeple while completely ignoring or outright dissing Tea Partyers fighting AGAINST Big Government statist tyranny frankly borders on the criminal.

        • Well said, Roland.

      75. It will be good rioting practice for the coming election (assuming it’s held due to the ‘crisis’). The Unions will get some much needed exercise cause you just can’t bully others if you’re too chubby. The marxists will try to figure out what slogans ‘work’. And the remaining low lifes get to steal a tv or two. We get to practice spotting the leaders when they turn into a golden horde. Fun for all. Well the founders are turning over in their graves, but the cast of Jersey Shore will use it as an excuse to party. god help us all.


      77. If the herd is “buying as much house as they can afford”…
        Live in an apartment. If they are buying stocks…buy metals.
        When they buy metals…buy rental property but use no debt.

        Everyone laughed at my $7k in computer books.
        But years later..they all got fired and my employers are
        hooked like crack junkies on all the little systems and
        small scale databases I created. Now I hit them up for a raise
        and get it in an age when all are out of work. It was a prep!

        My new gig….building a large business and technical guild.
        Many are joining as they have no hope, plans or direction.
        It’s doing well. Another prep. Soon I’ll have my own private
        business and technical army. Another prep.

        You create your own opportunity. While all these folks are
        protesting I’m reading books and pounding computer code and
        building my guild. The sheep never learn.

      78. Its who takes over after the riots and revolutions that matter! Iran 1979 started with normal people and within 3 months the islamofascists took over, Muslim brotherhood taking over tunisia, lybia, Syria, Jordan, yemen, and everywhere else the arab springboard has happened!

      79. Open your eyes wide without judgement and see for yourself what is going on. There are the usual crazies there, but there are also the average americans who want to see those who crashed our economy in jail, not getting our tax money and then huge bonuses on top of that while mainstream america is losing their homes and jobs.

        Most of these people don’t want a handout. They want justice and a sane balanced economy with reasonable regulations that go back to restoring the Glass-Steagal Act and maybe even a serious review of the effects of NAFTA.

        You can make the books on the Fed transparent too.

        My personal wish is for a government that provides basic services, is efficient and is boring as hell.

        • Wrong. “Social justice” is a Communist buzzword. All tyrants who came to power used such a code word (not only the likes of Lenin, Stalin, Mao et al., but also Hitler). Furthermore, they are ALL, without exception, useful dupes of the Obama machine (that is, his academic Marxist pinhead buddies such as Van Jones, Valerie Jarrett, Frances Fox-Piven, Stephen Lerner et al.) and Communist front groups such as, the Workers World Party, ANSWER, as well as the unions and their leaders (i.e. Hoffa, Trumka, Stern – all of whom have met with Obama at the White House). They are the very definition of a rent-a-mob, called up at a moment’s notice to do the bidding of the Communist fronts who are their puppeteers. Every one of those unkempt, disheveled, dirty, filthy, smelly slobs, to a person, are Obama supporters. Their demands, in every which way, are straight out of Karl Marx’s “Communist Manifesto.”

          And far too many in Wall Street, ironically, have contributed $$ to Obama and the Democrats – essentially repeating the history of what Lenin used to remark about capitalists giving him the rope with which he eventually hanged them. Why don’t those spoiled brats protest against overpaid Hollywood airheads, for example? Oh, I forgot, they also support this orchestrated, choreographed anarchist nonsense.

      80. I am simply relieved that someone, ANYONE, is willing to protest in the streets again. Does anyone here still believe we can get real change through the ballot box?

        • My uncle was a WWII veteran and treasurer of a large company. He was moral and ethical to the nth degree and had what one might call a sterling reputation. His motto: “Always keep a hard copy for your files.” Now, with electronic voting at all the precincts, there are no hard copies of the ballots. In fact, there’s nothing to indicate that any of us voted AT ALL (except the register that the poll workers fill out, which lists our names & addresses but NOT our choices for office). So re Randy’s comment about change through the ballot box, I have to say I really don’t know any more. And saying it almost makes me cry. I want my country back!!!

      81. You guyes crack me up, you call these kids communists socialists and anarchist. But what I see is a bunch of kids that are pissed off, most of them are in debt up to their ass with college loans and for what to work at Burger King? They have found out that they have been taken to the cleaners, by a system that told them to get a education and then they could live the American Dream. I say this because I know for a fact this is true, My daughter has 2 BS degree’s and has to work as a bartender to make ends meet. She is still going to school for her Phd, thank god we set up a trust for her..
        So here is my thought on this, take off your shoes and put on these kids shoes and see how you would react to the basic f–king they got. I for one will back these kids because they are the future that may have to take care of us in our older yrs. And then again maybe they won’t be taking care of you…


        • They have been brainwashed by Marxist college professors to hate America and to embrace central planning, command-and-control government, and massively suffocating control over every aspect of people’s lives. Every one of those snotty punks, without exception, are leftist drones who are at those rallies because their handlers in Communist front groups (not to mention Obama’s minions/surrogates such as Van Jones and Valerie Jarrett) told them to – and who are doing the bidding of groups whose agenda is insidious and nefarious. This is all part and parcel of the Cloward/Piven strategy laid forth by Marxist radicals to COMPLETELY bring down this country and usher in an oppressive, repressive, totalitarian Communist-style regime in this country. All those brats are demonstrating for MORE big government, MORE top-down control over people’s lives, and an END to individual liberty, free markets and equal opportunity. One does not have to “support” Wall Street to see the truth behind these rent-a-mob puppets and drones, and that those warm bodies are acting entirely on orders from ACORN, Obama/Jones/Jarrett, “Organizing for America,” etc.

      82. Look what’s happening out in the streets
        Got a revolution Got to revolution
        Hey I’m dancing down the streets
        Got a revolution Got to revolution
        Ain’t it amazing all the people I meet
        Got a revolution Got to revolution
        One generation got old
        One generation got sold
        This generation got no destination to hold
        Pick up the cry
        Hey now it’s time for you and me
        Got a revolution Got to revolution
        Come on now we’re marching to the sea
        Got a revolution Got to revolution
        Who will take it from you
        We will and who are we
        We are volunteers of America

        wall street…top 1%…corporate america…get ready…we are coming for you…

      83. There are protests erupting across the nation. Google “Occupy” + your city.

        Everything must be on the table if humans are going to survive the coming centuries. No more ponzi economies where the worship of money holds priority over the viability of the land base to provide us and our non-human neighbors with life.

        Clean air, drinkable water, arable soil, and functioning biomes are a pre-requisite to all human activity. Defense of these planetary mechanisms from predatory market systems is not a political choice, it’s a survival choice.

        Further, the exploitation and enslavement of the majority of the people on this planet to a monetary paradigm must end. News flash to all the holier than thou’s. Click clacking in a computer all day isn’t “work.” Bending to the Earth to pick up the things we eat, is work. And the market system has slaves performing that work. Human slaves, energy slaves, and ecological slaves.

        All the while, paper pushers and economic alchemists grow fat from the wealth they digitally create and manipulate to keep the underclasses enslaved.

        All the nay saying about these protests, all the pretentious contrarianism serves only the master class, and the dominant culture. One day it will be your family with no work, no food, no place to live. Will you still sit their declaring them all parasites, communists, anarchists, and other twisted and bent words to protect the paradigm that only exists in your head?

        The world is rising against the dominant hierarchy. You yourself sit very near the bottom of this pyramid. Either join up, or be satisfied with the ever shrinking, ever more toxic portion of scraps you’re served from the master’s table.

        • Without exception, the same radical Communist front groups and Obama minions like Van Jones are organizing and orchestrating EVERY ONE of those rent-a-mob astroturf “protests.” This is all part and parcel of a master plan by Obama and his minions to divert attention away from his policy failures and destruction of our freedoms, not to mention further ginning up his class warfare strategy, by appealing to the ignorant sheeple’s base envy, jealousy and greed. Not to mention acceding to the “Cloward/Piven” strategy which is being followed to the last letter by Obama and his gang of Marxist pinheads.

          And your enviro-wackoism is straight out of Nazi Germany, where the whole “green” movement had its roots. The whole environmentalist movement is about ABSOLUTE CONTROL over every aspect of people’s lives, forcibly reducing their standard of living to below that of a Third World country, as well as destroying economic development. You don’t care about people at all, you only care about “the cause.” Environmentalism is Malthusian and eugenicist in their scope.

          And just remember the Solyndra boondoggle a.k.a. “Solargate.” Every one of these “alternative energy” schemes are right out of any one of Ralph Kramden’s “get-rich-quick” schemes he spun in numerous episodes of “The Honeymooners.”

          You are a slave of nefarious far-left radical interests that HATE humanity and whose ideological cousins have murdered between 100-200 million people in the name of achieving their goals of a utopian society.

      84. yea! let’s destroy Capitalism so we can get JOBS!!!!
        ——-> that’s “progressive”

        eat me.

        • Screw jobs. Who wants to clock in every day to make someone else rich? I want everything on the table. I want money on the table. I want people to actually consider that what they call the economy, I call the ever quickening conversion of the living into the dead.

          People don’t need jobs. People need access to healthy, viable land, which provides everything they need for survival.

      85. More people are in jail from the protest than the Wall St folks who contributed to the whole thing almost collapsing. Yeah, they’re not starving and apparently don’t have worry about missing work on weekdays. But, they’re against the bailouts to the banks and so am I.

        • They have no idea of what they are protesting, its just “the Man”. The real problem is in our political elite who make laws that favor them. Few if any of the Wall streeters and Banker broke any law. It may not have been moral, but the law allowed them to do everything they did. Lets not foreget that the housing bubble was created by the same morons protesting now. Make no mistake, this is the best time for them to attempt to overthrow these United States of America and institute a socialist dictatorship!


      86. I like the tune, but who wrote the words…Hoffa? It must be nice to have a job were you and 200k of your closest comrades can take the day off. Please be aware that no one believes that this is anything but a progressive PR campaign.
        And as far as this “poor kids”, we couldn’t fill our last hiring goal because of the lack of qualified canidates. The gen Y’ers who started didn’t stay long as they found out work was involved. Have you heard the term “the tethered generation”? It means they are attached to their mommies via blackberry and we have actually had parents calling into the work place to complain about their kids not getting a raise or promotion.
        So I had to put on their shoes, as mine were stuck in their ass. But that was a lovely, tear jerking story…sniff, sniff. sigh.

      87. There are millions of people who have been hurt by the Depression. Yes, some by thier own greed, but greed that was bolstered by banksters that approved and said all was well. Many more millions affected by the loss of income resulting in having to live sub-standardly. Politicians bickering to make themselves look good but NO action to repair the damage done over the past 4 years. They want a new economy, with workers like in China, Indonesia, Pakistan. Work for existence in a country that is designed for people to earn a living wage.People can’t take it anymore. The rich have apathy, the poor have each other.

      88. LOL, it’s ironic that for months people have been calling for action against the banksters and when finally the people start to protest, they are suddenly accused of being socialist, communist, ect.

        occupy wall street itself is accused of being a front for special interst groups without any proof being offered. No proof has been offered by anyone making these claims. Absolutly NONE!

        the people are from many different walks of life. everyone understands a crime was committed that has lead to the current mess and those perps should be arrested and in jail.

        terms used to insult the prtesters like “punks” are remind me of the terms used by my grandparents to describe the hippies of my youth.

        I will not be joining any protesting, for that is a younger person’s game, but I will fully support thier RIGHTS to do this.

        • You are taking the side of outright Communists whose goal is to bring down this country by any means necessary and move this country AWAY from individual liberty, free markets and equal opportunity, towards a system of more centralized government, massive government control over the people, and top-down tyranny and totalitarianism. Not to mention their actions posing a potential threat to both public safety and even national security.

          Go look at the groups behind these protests – EVERY SINGLE ONE A COMMUNIST FRONT GROUP, and EVERY SINGLE ONE CONNECTED EITHER DIRECTLY OR INDIRECTLY TO THE OBAMA ADMINISTRATION AND THEIR MINIONS/SURROGATES, AS WELL AS BEING CONNECTED DIRECTLY OR INDIRECTLY TO THE DEMOCRAT PARTY ITSELF. Those marchers are there because they were told to by their handlers. They are THE VERY DEFINITION of astroturf, THE VERY DEFINITION of rent-a-mob, and THE VERY DEFINITION of leftist drones and useful idiots.

          And you have some nerve to dismiss such an organizational and structural link between these protests and the radical far Left, especially since you people are so quick whenever patriotic middle-class Americans exercise THEIR free-speech rights in Tea Party demonstrations, to accuse them of being tools of “banksters” and the GOP.

        • I support their right to protest, but I don’t support why they are doing it. So they are protesting the ’08 bailout? LOL! Three years later? They’re protesting the jobs lost? Three years later? They’re three years late to the party, the Tea Party has been protesting it from the get go and look how many despise the tea party. The difference between the 2 movements, the tea party doesn’t hold up traffic nor do they get arrested. The tea party cleans up after themselves and the wall street movement disrupts and leaves a mess. I support the tea party more than any other movement out there. The Wall Street protesters know not what they are doing. Just a bunch of whining anarchist doing what’s been done in France and Greece and they got no where. This is all about class warfare and Obummer loves watching it and even encourages it. “Get your bedroom slippers off and get your marching boots on, we’ve got work to do.” Obummer should be arrested for inciting riots.

          • Better late than never. Kick ass kids!

          • You voted for him.

        • The hippies protesting the illegal, wrong in every respect war in Vietnam are now vindicated. No doubt as the years have went on the “greatest generation” for the most part have lost a lot of their faith in “the system”. In the end be it war protests or civil rights most often “The People” are on the right moral side and the “Establishment” is not. They can use their ownership of the MSM to spin and put “Smoke and Mirrors” on an issue but in the end it can’t stand the light of day.

          Unlike previous groups like the 60s draft age youth and minorities in the civil rights movement this issue effects 90+% of the population negatively. Lincoln said something about, “You can’t fool all of the people all of the time”. They are attempting to do that by demonizing the protestors. It won’t work this time on the body politic. Too many people are effected.

        • I agree wholeheartedly. I think there are a lot of different reasons that people are out there. I admire them for having the courage of their convictions to peaceably assemble (guaranteed by the Constitution, upheld by the Supreme Court.)

          As for the ones blocking traffic, that’s just civil disobedience. They are making a point. If standing there wasn’t getting anything done, they decided to cause an inconvenience. They aren’t hurting anybody or damaging any property.

          Good for them!

        • “occupy wall street itself is accused of being a front for special interst groups without any proof being offered. No proof has been offered by anyone making these claims. Absolutly NONE!”

          Actually on the Glenn Beck radio show several months ago he played a recording of Stephen Lerner from the SEIU how they were planning on destroying capitalism.

          So, no, I cannot “prove” to you these are leftist whack jobs. I was aware that the left had planned this quite a while back. Honestly, I was under the impression most folks knew this was coming.

          • Only under an administration run by someone like Barack Obama, with his particular background and friends, can something like this go on.


        You can’t shoot the mesenger on this one even if its ALex Jones…the words are straight out of the potesters

        Occupy Wall Street Protesters Call For Totalitarian Government, Re-Election Of Obama

        There is something very wrong with this picture

        Paul Joseph Watson
        Sunday, October 2, 2011

        Despite their honest intentions, many of the Occupy Wall Street protesters are being suckered into a trap and calling for the very “solutions” that are part of the financial elite’s agenda to torpedo the American middle class – higher taxes and more big government.

        Watch the clip below in which journalist Adam Kokesh talks to Occupy Wall Street protesters.

        The ignorance displayed in these interviews knows no bounds. The protesters just don’t get it. They are calling for the government to use force to impose their ideas, all in the name of bringing down corporations who they don’t realize have completely bought off government regulators. Corporations and government enjoy a mutually beneficial relationship – getting one to regulate the other is asinine and only hurts smaller businesses who are legitimately trying to compete in a free market economy that barely exists.

        The zeal for totalitarian government amongst some of the “protesters” is shocking. One sign being carried around read, “A government is an entity which holds the monopolistic right to initiate force,” which seems a little ironic when protesters complain about being physically assaulted by police in the same breath.

        One woman interviewed by Kokesh also announces her intention to help Obama to capture a second term. How can a self-proclaimed Occupy Wall Street protester simultaneously support the man whose 2008 campaign was bankrolled by Wall Street, whose 2012 campaign is reliant on Wall Street to an even greater extent, and whose cabinet was filled with Wall Street operatives?

        Something is very wrong with this picture.

      90. @ concernedamerican. You go hide in your basement like the coward you are and keep up the keyboard pounding ok. I’m not looking for your Sympathy or Support so keep living your life inside you hole you dug and hide. As for me I’m going again next weekend and trying to get something started locally I am done with these tyrants and will continue to do “something” anything I can cuz I feel this is the time to STAND UP and RISE UP. You want to put a label on me? Ok label me P!$$£D OFF!!! I’m done going thru the motions and need to do somthing other then talk about how bad things are getting or how bad things are now. As for the people who started the protests who cares cuz there’s at least a couple different groups there now. I’ll say it again. THE TIME IS NOW TO STAND UP TO THESE TRAITORS AND TYRANTS!!!!!

        • You ARE a traitor, and you are clearly doing the bidding of a REAL tyrant – Obama. I warn you again, try your whining anarchist act in North Korea or Syria and see how far you get. If I were running a business and looking for employees and you came to the door, I would immediately throw you out on your ear. NO-ONE will hire you with that kind of attitude. You are being led through the nose by Barack Hussein Obama, Van Jones, Valerie Jarrett, Communist front groups like Workers World Party who are the REAL organizational force behind these rallies, and financiers like George Soros who fund these rent-a-mobs of which you are an unfortunate part. You are operating in service to nefarious interests that HATE America and seek to institute Soviet-style TYRANNY and TOTALITARIANISM. You are going down the EXACT same road as laid out years ago by Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot, Castro, Chavez et al. You are nothing more than a useful idiot for an insidious agenda. And you SHOULD care as to who’s directing them. If they should take over, you will be among the first to be taken out and shot – just like those who protested against the Shah in Iran in 1979 were after the Muslim Brotherhood-backed Ayatollah Khomeini took over.

      91. And now that everyone has had the chance to see some interviews and news coverage of some of these
        “protestors”, in their OWN words.. many calling for outright communist policies, suspending elections, giving our Glorious Leader another chance, etc. etc. etc.

        I re-iterate the first post in this thread.. without edits.

        “Well, it is MY hope that they arrest each and every one of these socialist, progressives, anarchist, punks and capitalist hating scuz buckets.

        Ever work for long for a really poor person ?

        Me neither.”

        • Sam not sam,

          I agree with you.

          I just read the article posted on Drudge Report.

          “Protesters Call For Re-Election Of Obama”


        • Yes, every person out there wants the exact same thing, and it’s to ruin your day Sam. I want you arrested for expressing yourself on this web page.

          What, don’t like the taste of your own ignorant medicine?

          • To a leftist drone like you, ANYBODY who does not march in lockstep with the Commies and anarchists who dominate these rallies are “ignorant.” In fact, it is the PROTESTERS who are ignorant. Go move to North Korea or Cuba or Venezuela or any other totalitarian dictatorship which you obviously support by your fascistic advice.

      92. Well right or wrong the word is spreading. Take a look at the cities that are planning to march . Also you might want to look at Alex Jones web site. He is late getting on the bandwagon, But he is planning to protest at 3 fed buildings in TX this week. I have said it once and I stand behind this ( All it takes is 1 person with a gun and the SWHTF in America and chances are it could go world wide.

        • I’m afraid you are correct… just one is needed.
          This is potentially a BIG setup.. Like Copout said in another thread, this does not pass the smell test.

      93. I support the “Occupy Wall St” protests.

        This is were it starts, May God bless all the protesters.

        • Oh, so you support Obama’s re-election? Because that is exactly what these ignorant doofuses, slacker losers, ACORN welfare rabble, ’60’s hippie radicals and other assorted leftist agitators (in other words, the usual groups of astroturf rent-a-mobs) taking their marching orders from Communist front groups like the Workers World Party and from such Obama operatives as Van Jones and Valerie Jarrett are standing for. They support big government statist tyranny. They are backed financially by unsavory characters like George Soros. This is all part of a master plan to ensure Obama’s re-election. That unions such as SEIU and Hollywood leftists like Susan Sarandon stand behind these subversive rallies – and an outright Communist front group, the National Lawyers Guild, is giving advice to these useful idiots and leftist drones – says all one needs to know about the ideological bent of these rallies.

          • Oh, and I forgot one other group that have been roped in to be part of these rent-a-mobs: Potheads.


      95. i supported Occupy Wall St up until this weekend when i noticed the MSM unanimously pushing the idea the protestors want action on “global warming”. LOL. it’s the same Bankers who hope to make TRILLIONS from the discredited manmade global warming scam.

        matt taibbi knows this, yet he goes on AlGoreTV to promote the Occupy Wall St protests. be careful folks or your protest will be hijacked just as the Ron Paul Tea Party was.

      96. I just don’t understand some of you people, with your sweeping categorization about protesters and hand-picking some of the more unpopular ideologies you ascribe to them.
        The fact is a growing number of Americans are losing their jobs, their homes, their savings, are deeply in debt and are worried about basic survival. If you are not among these unfortunates it must be easy to denigrate them from the comfort of your living rooms.
        Another fact is, by all honest expert opinion worldwide, things are going to get worse, likely much worse.
        So if you fall into this category at some point you might just understand the dissatisfaction and need to take to the streets that the current protesters feel.
        Remember, while the economy is worsening at an accelerating rate for 99% of us, it’s great for the rich and the corporations and the Banks.Their share of the pie is growing and is currently the highest in the world.
        These protesters know this, and are getting screwed by this and while there are many different points of view among them, they share a basic sense of serious economic unfairness. Not to mention the erosion of our God-given rights, the endless wars of aggression and occupation.
        Try to allow a little humanitarianism into your comfortable world.

        • And why are people losing their jobs, homes, savings, etc.? Obama’s very policies. He has declared war on prosperity, on the middle class, on small business, and anybody who is self-reliant. It is because of HIS policies that no business is hiring anybody. Those demonstrating are ignorant sheeple who are herded by Communist front groups (and in many cases, have been bussed in by leftist agitator groups a la ACORN) to do their bidding in terms of their goals of destroying this country and ushering in a Soviet-style totalitarian dictatorship. EVERY ONE of those protestors, WITHOUT EXCEPTION, are Obama supporters. EVERY ONE of them support more centralized government and statist tyranny. The fact that the unions and Hollywood idiots like Michael Moore and Susan Sarandon support them says all one needs to know about the ideological origin of these rallies. Not to mention the destruction of property and other lawbreaking activities which the Left is infamous for.

          And if things DO get worse, you can blame Barack Hussein Obama, Van Jones, Valerie Jarrett and the numerous Communist front groups who are using these dolts as foot soldiers carrying out their plans for Marxist revolution. All those “protesters” are acting on orders from all these people – not to mention a little $$$ coming their way from George Soros.

          And these ACORN rabble are deliberately kept poor so as to make them more easily manipulated to be shock troops for the Obama/Jones/Jarrett etc. strategy of Marxist revolution.

          • I forgot one other guilty party who had a hand in fomenting these protests – Stephen Lerner.

          • It’s sad that some give the fraud that much power–the senate, the dual-citizenship ‘leaders’ are ruining this nation; check out how many don’t owe allegiance to OUR nation with high positions, law-making decisions too.
            This country hasn’t been run by Americans for decades—and there’s the problem.
            The fraud doesn’t have the intelligence to get out of the rain by himself—he is making a great NWO puppet.

      97. this could be the shtf catalyst, folks… if these fire off the same or even similar chain of events we’ve seen in northern Africa and middles east, we’re in for quite a ride… and just think – all this at the start of the election season… makes me wonder…

      98. I support peoples right for peaceful assembly and redress of grievances, but in their own words they don’t even know why they are there. Lemmings and useful idiots! They are being used by those who crave power and want to kill this country!
        Protest the members of congress and Clinton who signed the bills forcing the banks to take loans to those who couldn’t afford them , to illegals who took the money and ran home, obama who forced the banks and lenders to take bailouts and refused repayment on the loans to control them even more. Its all in the congressional record and online databases. Go riot where the cause is not the symptoms. Shut down the regulatory czars, EPA, FHA, fema, etc to restart this country again. The government has crushed businesses, farming and anybody else that has a spine. Fight the cause morons not the symptoms!
        Rants over

      99. hebegebe,

        I am also concerned these protests are being used as the first stepping stone to plans of the TPTB.

        hebegebe says:

        September 30, 2011 at 8:33 pm

        Could it be that these protests are being used as the first stepping stone to the following…
        1.) smokescreen to justify Marshall law
        2.) Marshall law implemented
        3.) because Marshall law implemented, elections suspended.
        4.) because elections suspended, Obama is re-elected by default.
        Is this a potential scenario?

        Some on the left have already made comments about suspending the election. So, some are already thinking about it.

        Rush Limbaugh: Barry Soetoro; No Identity Papers; Suspended Elections – 9/30/2011

        Was NC Gov. Perdue Really Joking About Suspending Elections? Listen to the Audio

        KY Mom

        • Suspend elections? Why? Choice A and choice B both feed from the same corporate bowl. Both further the agenda of their interests. The illusion of choice placates the masses with the mechanics of an election without the substance.

          • Because the Left are totalitarians at heart, that’s why they seek to suspend elections, and use any and every pretext to justify their decision.

      100. well obviously the common man is not at fault here..why you say?

        because there is no way we could ever run a show like this without being behind bars for it.

        String em all up..every last one that is responsible or played a role in this game.

        a game were all are hurting because of.

        I dont see our legal system ever being proficiant enough to take down some of its own, or to this scale of criminal, hell they cant even prosecute a known guilty party, let a lone investigate something this huge and be successful at it

        joke of a government
        joke of a court system
        Joke of a financial system

        and in the middle of it all a hard working man or woman trying to survive it all..

        criminals , not paying for thier criminal all on its own

      101. And another revolutionary falls from grace.

        • That fat hag is also a vicious Jew-hater who admired Hitler. Speaking of Jew-hatred – anyone notice at those rent-a-mob astroturf rallies, speakers railing against the Jews and how they control the banks and most of the money goes to Israel? There is RECORDED PROOF of such vile anti-Semitic comments at those demonstrations.

      102. Hmm, this seems a little suspicious…


        JPMorgan Chase recently donated an unprecedented $4.6 million to the New York City Police Foundation. The gift was the largest in the history of the foundation and will enable the New York City Police Department to strengthen security in the Big Apple. The money will pay for 1,000 new patrol car laptops, as well as security monitoring software in the NYPD’s main data center.

        New York City Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly sent CEO and Chairman Jamie Dimon a note expressing “profound gratitude” for the company’s donation.
        “These officers put their lives on the line every day to keep us safe,” Dimon said. “We’re incredibly proud to help them build this program and let them know how much we value their hard work.””

      103. This is all part of the bamsters reelection campaign. He creates these conditions that cause people grief, projects it onto others, calls out his union, progressive, Marxist thugs to protest and cause social strife. Get ready for the protests and flash mobs. He plays Americans against Americans all while proclaiming himself a healer. The post racial president. I prey to God he’s voted out before he destroys the greatest wealth generating economy, the safest country and one that affords it’s people the greatest liberty in the history of the world. Very Orwellian. He is the problem. Him and his political allies are not the answer.

      104. 1. The gov’t don’t need protests on Wall St as an excuse for extra surveillance and police crackdowns. They’re doing all that stuff already, in case you haven’t noticed yet.

        2. There are always “agents provocateurs” to be found in a mass protest. Every government tries that. That is really old hat, History 101 stuff. So when you look at a large protest, expect some of the people there to be government stooges planted to embarrass the rest.

        That doesn’t mean the government is directing or orchestrating the protests. If anything, it means that protests are frightening the government into trying to counter them. If the agents provocateurs show up, that means “keep on doing exactly what you’re doing–and more!”

        3. Employ the KISS principle. When large numbers of people are protesting against the corrupt regime, a regime which has diverted TRILLIONS of dollars of public money into their own pockets, don’t waste your time over-analyzing the chess moves. You’re only beating yourself when you try to play that game.

        • BAAAAAAA BAAAAAAAAAAAAA no one said its the GOVERNMENT orchestrating the protests, its the ex hippie communistas, of which many are within the obama administration, who are secretly behind the protests.

          Roland don’t be a useful idiot thinking these people want to SAVE America, they are their in support of FUNDAMENTAL TRANSFORMATION

          • ‘DrDetroit’ is an example of the brainwashed fifth-column useful idiots operating in service not only to the aforementioned Communist front groups behind these rallies (Workers World, Revolutionary Communist Party et al.) but also to numerous Obama minions/surrogates/operatives etc. (such as Van Jones, Valerie Jarrett, Stephen Lerner, Richard Trumka, Andy Stern, and even retread hag Frances Fox-Piven).

      105. @concededcitizen am I in a communist county (yet)? NO I’m not. Buses bring people to the protests? Lmfao your paranoid. RUN AWAY THE SKY IS FALLING CONCEDEDCITIZEN go hide from the angry “hippies” and do NOTHING! to stop what big business (aka the us government) is doing to this country. Occupy wall street is spreading watch your local city. As for what these protests are about there about big business the billionaires the payed for government reps making there own rules with no input from the people. The way you sound cocededcitizen is that anyone that does not agree with you 100% is wrong and sound like a communist yourself. So move along there’s nothing to see here. RISE UP STAND UP DO SOMTHING THE TIME IS NOW TO TAKE THE POWER BACK!!!!! I AM 1 OF THE 99%

        • Wrong. You are part of a radical fringe of kooks, misfits, losers, slackers, ’60’s hippie retreads and dirty, smelly slobs being led through the nose by subversive elements with a destructive agenda. You are being used by Obama as part of his master plan to foment civil unrest around the country as a pretext to impose martial law so he could become dictator for life. You’re not 99% of ANYTHING. You are only part of the 20% of the population that identify as liberal left; 42% identify as conservative and 35% identify as moderate. You are part of a mob of the type that has always led to totalitarian governments and dictatorships, dating back to the French Revolution of 1789 and on to the Bolshevik Revolution of 1917, the Cuban Revolution of 1959, and so on. You are an example of the sheeple bleating “BAAAA BAAAA BAAAA” and whatever else they’re told to by radical Communist front groups directing things behind the scenes. The REAL American people are the beleaguered middle class and small business owners who take part in Tea Party demonstrations, who you seek to fleece in service to Obama and his agenda of class warfare to divert from his policy FAILURES which pile up by the day. You HATE America, you HATE prosperity, you HATE success, you HATE individual liberty and you LOVE Big Government statist tyranny and absolute control over every aspect of everybody’s lives. You are among the mob calling for the DESTRUCTION of this country and replacement with a system like the ex-Soviet Union. If it were up to punks like you, everybody in this country would be subsisting on dead rats like in North Korea, and living in the most squalid of conditions (as in that same Communist h***hole), not to mention the government dictating to EVERYBODY what job they should be in. You obviously are a slave to Obama and his statist, anti-business, jobs-killing, freedom-smothering agenda of tyranny and totalitarianism, and I would not be surprised if an ignorant idiot like you voted for him back in ’08 and continue to support him in his bid for re-election. You have no problem with his itinerary of unelected, unaccountable czars? You are a useful idiot for Obama. Period, end of story.

          And shut up, you punk. No one wants to hear from a Commie loser like you. Go move to North Korea and get back to me when you live there, with all the filth and squalor and mass starvation and political repression, for a year. I hope scum like you are arrested for sedition, because there is nothing patriotic about what you are doing.

          And how dare you slur ME as a “coward” when it is filth like you that wear masks to hide your face.

      106. @concededcitizen so your tea party? Thanx now I know your a total lunatic. I voted constitutionalist the last 4 elections. So to you have a good day and try not to burst a blood vessel. Last comment and I won’t be reading this section anymore. If it looks like a COWARD smells like a COWARD talks like a COWARD it must be a COWARD since you like to generalize everyone. THE TIME IS NOW TO WAKE UP STAND UP AND GET THE POWER BACK TO THE PEOPLE!!!!!!! Search occupy (your city) to find out what you can do.

        • Listen, you fifth-column Commie stooge and serial America-hater, YOU are the lunatic coward. Go move to North Korea or Cuba if you love their totalitarian, tyrannical system so much, which by your verminous posts you obviously do. I mean it. Get out of here. You are a complete and total dupe of the Obama machine. How much of a stipend did you get from George Soros? From ACORN? From SEIU? From Take your Commie front group links and shove them. They are being spread – like a cancerous gangrene or poisonous weed, I might add – by Marxist radicals like Lerner, Trumka, Jones, Jarrett, Stern, Fox-Piven, Wade Rathke, Bertha Lewis, et al. Those are the scum whose side you are associating with. You just want everybody to kiss your putrid, dirty, filthy, smelly, diseased, treasonous, seditious a**. “Power to the people” is a CODE WORD for “power to Marxist-Leninism.”

        • And furthermore, I have an absolute right to generalize vermin like you. I am a student of history and have seen where subversive movements such as that with which you are associated have led. You are on the side of a destructive ideology which has directly led to the deaths of up to 200 million people around the world over the last century, plus absolute misery, loss of individual liberty and total repression. Not to mention you being a total hard leftist drone, following the exact same script and talking points written by your Commie handlers, as well as being a foot soldier/shock troop for Marxist revolution, completely doing the bidding of Obama and his Marxist revolutionary cronies.

        • Finally, you are the epitome of the old saying: “If it looks like a COMMUNIST, smells like a COMMUNIST, and talks like a COMMUNIST, then it must be a COMMUNIST.”

      107. Why aren’t they in Washington. That’s where the cancer is!

        • Obama’s policies are exactly designed to bring down the country.

          Obama is a Union boss…THE union boss.

          The unions are there.

          If you are not union, You do not belong there.

          If you ARE there, expect a tour of the FEMA facilities that are close by.

      108. WOW

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