“On the Verge of a Massive Collapse”: Ron Paul Says Stock Market Headed for a Day of Reckoning

by | Jun 20, 2015 | Commodities, Headline News | 81 comments

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    Ron Paul

    We all know it is only a matter of time until the music stops.

    But Dr. Ron Paul, the former Congressman often celebrated for his outspoken views and opposition to the funny money economic system, says that day could be coming soon.

    Despite record highs in the market, former Rep. Ron Paul says the Fed’s easy money policies have left stocks and bonds are on the verge of a massive collapse.

    “I am utterly amazed at how the Federal Reserve can play havoc with the market,” Paul said on CNBC’s “Futures Now” referring to Thursday’s surge in stocks. The S&P 500 closed less than 1 percent off its all-time high. “I look at it as being very unstable.”

    It is easy money that is propping up the stock market and allowing Wall Street firms to capitalize on zero percent interest injections from the Federal Reserve – but is that same easy money that is stressing the system to a tipping point.

    That point could come from a rumored increase in the Fed’s interest rate – a move that would have such gravity in the current system that is could send the entire system crashing.

    Dr. Paul explains in this video:

    Former Congressman Paul points out that the entire stock market is propped up on confidence – belief that the Fed has things under control, a false high that cannot last forever.

    However, the plunge protection team has been very effective in maintaining the illusion as long as they have, Paul charges:

    In Paul’s eyes, “the fallacy of economic planning” has created such a “horrendous bubble” in the bond market that it’s only a matter of time before the bottom falls out. And when it does, it will lead to “stock market chaos.”


    [T]here “will be a day of reckoning” that will lead to a collapse in both the fixed income and equity markets.

    It is the massive equity markets trading on pensions, insurance and similar vehicles that are stretched so thin, because their value is based on projected future value as a long term investment – now cut to the bone by interest rates that give nothing back and even carry costs and lost earnings through negative rates.

    As things stand, failures in these areas will drastically wipe out the savings, retirement and investment wealth of the middle, working and poor classes who are depending upon them down the road, but instead may find themselves without enough support to get by.

    Meanwhile, the bond market is entirely rigged by the Federal Reserve and central bank purchasing – it is perhaps the only thing keep the market afloat – through unfair ‘free’ money to the biggest banks who are getting top dollar on their assets while ordinary people watch their assets go in the toilet.

    But as long as the stock market officially rings in some of its best numbers, the suckers in middle America will keep investing, setting themselves up for a fall while keeping this dangerous shadow game going.

    If Dr. Paul’s dire predictions – which have been on record for many years – are proven right, America is in for a rough road ahead, led there by the hand of the Federal Reserve – on the familiar promise of good intentions.

    That’s the way the money goes,
    Pop! goes the weasel.


    Ron Paul: “The Next Crisis Will Be Even More Destructive”

    Ron Paul: “It’s Going to Get Much, Much Worse”


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      1. Nothing is going to happen. Because nothing ever happens.

        • Spittin’ sand are we???

          Have a good one!

          • Dig up Woodrow Wilsons bones and throw them
            on the steps of the federal reserve in protest.

          • Yea, it could,but;

            The persons controlling the money and debt, think they control it all, but; they don’t.

            They are not calling all the shots, because there is a Higher Power at work here.

            • Everything they are doing is reactionary
              Never proactive
              You are dead right

          • Gee brainiac ….that’s what I have Been saying since 2010 !! Duh …did ya have to read an article to figure that one out did ya ! Just can’t cure stupid

            • Gee Rich we all can’t be as smug as well,…….you! LOL.

          • Her book, “All The Presidents Bankers”, was long and detailed like Griffins, “The Creature From Jekyll Island”. That being said the ability of those in control is amazing. Its like the financial equivalent of, “Turning Water Into Wine”.

          • Real issue is the Fed and IMF ‘deciding’ interest rates based on idiot economic theories. The market should decided interest rates and therefore market values. This is central planning that has failed. The only thing to wait for is the collapse. Probably as a result of a left field ‘shock’ to the system.

        • Oruval.

          There are lots of things happening. They have not reached the boiling point. If nothing is going to happen, then why are you here. I will give you that there are many levels of preparing. Not all of us prepare the same and for not the same reasons.
          Some preparation can be done with camping, hiking, fishing, hunting or gardening. Serious preppers are survivalist. They are into body armor, expensive weapons and higher degree of training.
          So are any of these actions hurting you in any way?
          To have a debate on any topic is great but to say nothing is going to happen. I leave it to Murphy’s Law and the Laws of Probability. Also Freedom of Choice.

          • Since I could not stop for Death,
            He kindly stopped for me ……..

            • wow! best thing i’ve read all day!

        • And from the telegraph in Brittan… folks its now mainstream.

          And with Judas Helm 15 and other things…. seems like e are getting close…..

          The manager of one of Britain’s biggest bond funds has urged investors to keep cash under the mattress.

          Ian Spreadbury, who invests more than £4bn of investors’ money across a handful of bond funds for Fidelity, including the flagship Moneybuilder Income fund, is concerned that a “systemic event” could rock markets, possibly similar in magnitude to the financial crisis of 2008, which began in Britain with a run on Northern Rock.

          “Systemic risk is in the system and as an investor you have to be aware of that,” he told Telegraph Money.

          The best strategy to deal with this, he said, was for investors to spread their money widely into different assets, including gold and silver, as well as cash in savings accounts. But he went further, suggesting it was wise to hold some “physical cash”, an unusual suggestion from a mainstream fund manager.

          His concern is that global debt – particularly mortgage debt – has been pumped up to record levels, made possible by exceptionally low interest rates that could soon end, and he is unsure how well banks could cope with the shocks that may await.

          He pointed out that a saver was covered only up to £85,000 per bank under the Financial Services Compensation Scheme – which is effectively unfunded – and that the Government has said it will not rescue banks in future, hence his suggestion that some money should be held in physical cash.

          He declined to predict the exact trigger but said it was more likely to happen in the next five years rather than 10. The current woes of Greece, which may crash out of the euro, already has many market watchers concerned.

          Mr Spreadbury’s views are timely, aside from Greece. A growing number of professional investors (see comment, right) and commentators are expressing unease about what happens next.

          The prices of nearly all assets – property, shares, bonds – have been rising for years.

          House prices have risen by 26pc since the start of 2009, and by 68pc in London. The FTSE 100 is up by 75pc.

          Although it feels counter-intuitive, this trend of rising prices should continue if economies remain weak, because it gives central banks licence to keep rates low and to carry on with their “quantitative easing” programmes.

          Conversely, if the economy does pick up and interest rates need to rise, the act of doing so is likely to stall the economy and force them to be reduced again. Once more, demand for those mainstream assets would be rekindled and the asset boom continues.

          But then there is the shock event. Daily Telegraph columnist Jeremy Warner also captured some of the concerns this week when he wrote that the trigger for an “inevitable correction” could come from “a clear blue sky – a completely unanticipated event”.

          How are fund managers preparing for this gloomy possibility?

          Mr Spreadbury sticks to bonds because of the remit of his funds. Within that world, he said a shock to the system would cause a flight to safety and the price of British government bonds, or gilts, would rise sharply. He also holds bonds of companies that would be most protected in times of turmoil – water companies, power network operators – and those where the bonds are secured on a solid asset, such as land or buildings.

          Examples include Center Parcs and Intu, which owns shopping centres.

          Marcus Brookes, another well regarded fund manager who looks after billions of pounds worth of investments, is less constrained in where he invests, because of the different remit of his funds. Schroder Multi-Manager Diversity, for example, can pick and choose between assets.

          Mr Brookes said the probability of a major shock event was small but even he holds 29pc of the Diversity portfolio in cash, a huge proportion compared with most funds. This decision is due to his concern that bonds are overvalued and may fall. He aims to deliver returns of 4pc above inflation so can’t afford to put too much in assets that he believes will lose money.

          “The problem is that people are struggling to work out how to diversify if QE programmes stop,” he said.

          Mr Spreadbury added: “We have rock-bottom rates and QE is still going on – this is all experimental policy and means we are in uncharted territory.

          “The message is diversification. Think about holding other assets. That could mean precious metals, it could mean physical currencies.”

          • Only a blind idiot keeps his cash in a bank, in this environment.

            • Yes under the bed short term but the rats of inflation will eat the paper money and you would have to be a fool to beleive the offical inflation numbers they put out.

              Long term you need silver/gold under the bed, it breaks the rats teeth as they try to eat it but don’t worry this is not a “Buy before it goes to the moon” Post because i think metal prices still have some way to fall and i’ve been right when Zero-headge has been saying it’s about to explode for the past two years.

              I would not advise BitCoin because the banks can pump and dump BTC like anything else they buy and sell

        • AOL news article: “Other Countries Change their Gun Laws after Mass Shootings; why not America?”

          I tried to post comment but couldn’t because of problems in logging in… thought you guys might give it a try. I KNOW you will be able to give good answers!!

          • Gun laws are for those who believe that laws protect them…they do not. Criminals break the law…any law.

            If you think that passing any law will change your future you are a fool. Period!

            Only you can protect youself and those you care about. The proven axiom that the “cops are minutes away when seconds count” is THE law.
            If you think any different, ask yourself why you don’t see crazy crimes where there are guns in the rear windows of most pick-up trucks.

            An armed society, is a polite society…period.

            You do not see any mass murders where there is any chance that the victims are armed. Only in “gun free zones”. Look at DC, Chicago or NY City. Ever wonder why the criminals have free range there? Maybe because the probability of rumnnig up against an armed “bubba” is very slim.

            Try that shit out here and you are dead. Period.

            • GC,
              Great insight! Almost in the same vein, the old saying “Rules were meant to be broken”, comes to mind. There often is a reason a rule was made but as people push back the frontiers intheir ever expanding quest for knowledge, wealth, territory, many of these so called ‘rules’ become obsolete. We live in an amazing period of time where there is fame and fortune to be made, territory to be conquered, knowledge to be gained by those intrepid individuals who understand human nature and the nature of boundaries, rules and regulations and are willing to take the necessary risks of going into uncharted territory.

          • I posted a reply but missed the fact that my alias was missing. It’s caught in the mediation filter. Should show up at some point though. I’m anonymous now. Cool!

            It was my take on gun control and those who think they will be safer with more laws; IDIOTS that can’t do math.
            God bless their hearts.

        • Its all rigged, wallstreet are biggest crooks in history.
          E Trade will flat out steal your money.

          • Vet: I would never deal with an online broker I can’t meet in person. Raymond James or Ed Jones only two I’d deal with. I never had an account with Merrill Lynch (Bank of America) and can’t be trusted for various reasons, friends got fed up and transferred acct to another firm. Service is lousy unless maybe you invest lots of money. Now is the time to ditch risky stocks and buy muni’s rated A or higher (tax free) to boost retiree income.

      2. I still think we are like Japan and there is no way they will raise rates in any meaningful way. Maybe a quarter point just to make buy back some credibility. But I still believe there will be more QE before rates rise.

      3. This year.

      4. Seems like we have a huge number of pending catastrophes that could signal the fall of this country.

        Given our current financial environment, a loss of trillions in the stock market could create a domino effect of collapse…

        • The odds certainly seem to be stacked against us.

          In the past it -catastrophic failure of a government- has been limited to one nation or at least one nation at a time but today I see it as a globally encompassing thing with no one escaping anywhere by any means for any length of time.

          As for me, I’m not placing any bets one way or the other yet. If I did it would be for the fall to happen within 10 years at most, but that could still be averted if people wake up to reality in time (just averted, not comfortably).

        • The ponzi scheme that the Banking Cartels have created only has one direction to go, and that is down. I am amazed how long they (bankers,thieves & assholes) have been able to keep this thing going as long as they have, but in due time it will eventually collapse.

          I’m not sure what worries me more. The fake manipulative phoney numbers and artificial rigging, or the majority of people who think these numbers and economy are accurate and legit.

          There is no regulation nor any honesty in this system, and to those that think there is …. well, they will have a rude awakening when reality decides to finally show up for them.

          • TM: They make up the rules and know the mass’s will comply with them to the poor man’s last dollar. It is always and forever will be: OPM (other peoples money) plain and simple.

          • Don’t leave Government out of the blame matrix. Clinton/Cuomo/Frank/, et.al. created the ’90s bad debt bubble by forcing banks at the point of a gun to make massive amounts of bad loans, purely for political purposes. Fat Barney even admitted it after he left Congress. They should be first in line for the guillotine if the opportunity arises.

            Not that bankers are blameless. Given the massive corruption of the regulators, (again forced by Congress and the White House), they played the game. Honest people in banking (I know one or two) were shoved to the sidelines so the sharks could have free rein.

      5. Ron is a smart man,remember his calls decades ago in congress about housing and the bubbles,wondered,who the hell is this guy?!I back then started reading/talking to me dad who was a bond investor on a international scal business wise,started prepping,and,well,the rest is history.We need more survival/reuse/alt energy-economy articles,we get it,we are fucked.That said ,being ready perhaps we can be a little less fucked.

        • War, don’t know about the degree of Fu@#ed, its a lot like being pregnant. Either you are or ain’t.

          • PO,to a degree but look at it like this,you break your leg shtf,your fucked,people with you know how to treat/splint/cast,your fucked but less fucked.Hence why articles on med/weapons/food ect. would be more helpful in these coming times.So,will say to all who want to learn some basic/extend skills to post world collapse medicine visit the hogwartsschool,tis a great site with outdoor/alt med in tough times,my contribution for the day.

            • WD

              You have to go to other sites to get the meat and potato style of prepping. SHTF is a political and social dedicated debate site. Notice, to get on the subjects you want to discuss, the thread has to be hijacked.
              It is, what it is.

              • WD…the skiils needed to survive include being able to glean relevant tidbits from all posts. There is no one place to get an instruction book.
                You need to get what you need from each source. Kinda like a hummingbird and a field of flowers…no one flower means life, but as a whole they mean survival.

                Ask a question…get an answer. Ask a lot of questions…find survival.It’s work.

                • Sling and gone,realise do need to look at other sites,why I contribute other sites believe helpful,been here for years.I would like to see a more even mix,we get a great survival article occasionally but would just like to see more,the reason being I like the site and the forum folks.

                  • PO, WCD, All,
                    I hate to say it but we will all be pretty f…ed up when the real SHTF! There will be little room to be smug. Of course there will always be those who are ahead of the game but any number of chance happenings and circumstances can throw you off course and lead to disaster. (I am thinking of the two main explorers attempting to find the South Pole). One planned extensively and planned to gather data and information along the way and the other had only one goal, to be the first to reach the South Pole and come back to tell the story. Disaster awaited one, and fame and fortune awaited the other. Hind sight is always 20/20! Both were aware of the incredible risks they were taking.

                    Louisiana Eagle

            • Thanks WcD! will take a look at the site. You probably been on the this one, Survival Sherpa. I enjoy his articles. Been collecting pine pitch as well as fat lighter from pine stumps for awhile now. Also wrap your ferrous rods with Gorilla tape at the end. It’ll serve as a grip as well as unwinding some and using it as a fire starter (and other uses). Works great.

              • PO,Sherpa a great site!In the vein of Willow Haven(Creek)&Hedgehog Leather works(Paul),good basic info how to use/reuse and get by/survive articles,hedge had the best I saw on paracord management(I needed it!).I would for the cooks visit USCrow,builditsolar for alt ideas along with Low Tech magazine.Military gear really enjoy Mason/Dixon Tactical for good basic info.,laughs go to Knuckledraggin(Laughs needed in tough times.LA Eagle,I agree that no matter how well prepped could still be fucked but at least trying,the preps also keep me learning and allow me to sleep with a bit of piece of mind!

                • Brother, thanks for the links!

      6. Nothing good ever comes of psychopaths running the show.

        • Grab a bag of popcorn and watch the show…it’s gonna be a good one!

          • Popcorn is ready, I’m ready for the show, just tired of all these damn previews. Get the show on.

            • Nobama, that’s such a pathetic comment. Why bother?

      7. Been waiting for a long time. But I have to admit, the government is running out of wiggle room. Picked up some 12guage ammo today, on sale.

        • Got my Lapua .30 cal 167 grain scenar bullets in the mail this week. They look sweet and scale VERY consistant…probably only micrograms between them.
          Should have a good bit of down range data by next weekend. Will post how they compare to the Sierra Match 168 BTHP rounds at 500+.
          Lapua brass and RL-15 powder for those who wonder.

          • Added thermal optics to my preps today. Mounted on an AR-10.

            • Tex,after giving them a field run would appreciate your thoughts on what you have/cost ect.Though not in the budget at moment is on the when I get a few more gigs list.

            • Why would you post that on a public forum where you know the feds are monitoring and taking notes? Caution. OpSec.

      8. when the music stops i’ll be more worried about a ZogFalseFlag, declaration of WW3 against russia and china; and few nukes being set off across once free Zog Amerika to cover up the zog fiat dollar crash, than my few leftover fiat dollars being worthless.


        • You sure do talk some fuckin shit dude… You’ve got friggin myxomatosis for sure.

      9. F-16 just few over the house at (2:00pm my time Central) about 350 AGL at 300 to 350 mph. fully loaded every rack full of bombs and missiles. Circled the small airport close to the house about 2mi. away. Coming from SE going NW.
        No Bull Shit!!!!!

        • Oh, no big deal.

          He was just looking for something to bomb.

      10. Made a cash deposit into the credit union large enough to pay most bills. Have questions about two. Got coffee, checked out the coffee-drinking distaff talent. Topped off the family jalopy. Went right home, paid bills. The customary month-to-month $19 remains. I have plenty of popcorn. Can even enjoy it grid down. Let the collapse begin. When banksters start diving out of office building windows we can make book on whether they bounce or go splat. It will give me less pleasure to see hitherto middle class friends, wonderful but ineducable people, in dire straits. But as I told them years ago, the consequences of normality bias won’t be pleasant.

        • OMDKB

          I will have Normal Bias against those who failed to prep.


          NP. Was that a Gunshot.

          P. Yes it was and very close too.

          NP. What are we going to do?

          P. Nothing. It is all in your mind. It didn’t happen.

      11. Its coming….you can almost hear it.

        • Sorta like thunder, you hear it, you know the storm is coming, but you don’t know when til the. Raindrops start hitting ya…

      12. If Dr. Paul is right we had the warning and you should have very little to nothing in the market. If he is right Celente will look like genius with his prediction of Gold and Silver going sky high.
        Here is my hope. That I’m setting in front of my computer on 6/20/16 reading articles on this site.

        • All is calm on the Michigan front. The skeeters are settling down in the woods now and cutting all the firewood for winter is almost done. Came in from the “campsite” to have a good evening with the wife in the comfort of a house and am reading about the chaos.

          Looks like a boring summer on the outside looking in. They are really good at the “gradual decline” I must say. I have lots of patience though. They think they know where to find us…they are in for a BIG surprise.

          Those of us who took heed to the warnings for the last half a decade or more are just sitting tight waiting for them to tip their hand.

          We have time…they don’t. Have a good evening Sarge


          • G.C.
            Thanks I work to day on the Freedom Run. Chiraq to the Mid East memorial wall in Marseilles Il. over 5,000 bikers. This year they couldn’t get to the wall because of the flooding. So the bikers just did the ride.
            Tonight I’m just setting back and watch the Tube. Ghost Busters 2.
            I hope you and yours have a great evening.
            If you are a dad. Happy Fathers Day.

            • Warchild had a vasectomy long ago,I hope not to hear “Happy Fathers Day”directed towards me!

              • I hear ya, WD.

                Got mine in ’95. After being railroaded, lied to, and having my kids brainwashed by, once good, turned evil, Mommas; I was gonna make damn sure no body gonna call me “baby daddy” again.

                Now i love my kids and grandkids, even though they are miles apart. I will have plenty of time to see them in Heaven, if they make it.

                The two bitches, well, the jury is still out on them.

                Happy Fathers Day to all you that deserve to be called such.

          • Michigan here too GC Midland area–friends up around grayling telling me –lots of abnormal stuff going on there–these are sheeple–non prepper types–sending me pictures of lots of Mrabs white in color parked OUTSIDE the fence–security forces giving them a lot of shit about photographing –aim small miss small my friend. The time is coming near

      13. ALONE, IT BEGINS

        watched the new survival show the other day called ‘alone’.

        after the first night alone a cop contestant on the show got scared and quit; because a few bear cubs and momma bear paid his camp a visit in the middle of the FIRST night.

        scared him sheeitless!

        a few observations by me as a certified BackCountryRescue SOLO I-EMT FirstResponder, High Angle Rescue and Animal Trainer.

        first thing you should do is establish a high ground base camp AWAY FROM THE GAME TRAILS, near a fresh water source.

        second thing set up a lean-to between two tree’s to protect from the noon sun and foul weather.
        build a log barricade 4 feet high around the front of your lean-to to deter predators.

        third thing is build a fire; if no dry wood split a log open use the dry heart of the wood to shave dry kindling build your fire ontop of the dry heart surface of the split log. shave dead twigs for fire starter shavings.

        fourth thing make a live wood 3 ft cudgel club and a 5 ft short stabbing spear fire harden the head and point: use both to defend against predators.

        fifth thing scrounge for grubs worms snails muscles grass roots and fern roots. these are all edible. use a short stick to dig for roots. cook snails and other grub on hot rock in fire pit. soak crushed roots in water to de-starch.

        sixth thing if predators find camp build barricade post fencing with pungy sticks pointing out toward their approach. use it as a gate at the entrance to your lean -to so you can sleep at night. if it gets really bad build a stretcher hammock between two tree’s 8feet high above the ground; lash two poles to the tree’s and build a bed on the two poles. sleep high off the ground and use a tarp to build a tent over it. rope yourself into the bed at night when sleeping.

        if confronted by a predator animal that wont leave the area by shouting at it, put your back to a tree and fight it off. don’t charge it. just stand your ground and fight. a pile of fist size rocks to be used as projectiles if threatened is a good thing also. use your spear to keep it at bay while your free hand throws and clubs.

        wild animals will test you, don’t let them push you around. stake your territory and defend it.

        keep all food separated from you main camp high up in a tree or rock cairn. respect the other animals feeding areas and den’s. walk away never run.

        just a few thoughts on the show and how i would do it to survive alone in the wilderness for the first few days till i had my bearings and search the area for a more permanent DUG-OUT camp.

        *remember rule of 3; 3 days without water , 3 weeks without food; protect from cold exposure, heat exhaustion, conserve your energy calories, watch and eat what the other animals eat. wear a hat or make one.


        • RWR,

          Thanks for a great summary of tips for surviving in bear country. In tiger country it was said you needed to be a couple of feet higher than the height of a rolled up shirt thrown into the air, which would be higher than 8 feet. Of course the higher the better. Will a survival knife alone be able to do all the things you were suggesting in a timely fashion? All sharp edges quickly become dull. Here in Louisiana we don’t have any rocks to speak of and so it behooves one to carry a means of sharpening the knives and hatchets. Hatchets are under rated. Mosquitos and gnats are a real threat in our area and can make life very miserable, very quickly, so, we always carry repellents. Smoke is always a great repellent around the camp. Some people use tobacco smoke as a repellent. But, it is hard to be incognito if you have any kind of smoke around.

          Louisiana Eagle

          • LA,a knife sheath with ferrous rod and small stone very helpful and adds very little weight/or size to sheath.Of course,pocket blade that is kinda of hard,have my small hunting pack for even day hikes ect/even a few hours,no matter what have at least a few basics in hand including stone,though stone more for broad heads can be adapted quickly.

          • you have to be realistic on what you can do alone in the wilderness cold, weak, sickly from improper diet and drinking foul water, you might be injured or have a infection also…

            ideally you would build the hammock directly above your ground lean-to top pole which should be between 3-5feet high ideally depending on if you build a bed bench in the lean-to to stay off the cold damp ground. remember the smaller the lean-to space the easier it is to heat it by reflective fire from a properly stone backed fire pit.

            yes i agree the higher the better. 16 ft would be ideal , though falling from 8 ft is easier to survive than from 16 ft. you can also build a pole lashing ladder against the lean-to support tree’s to reach higher or use a rope ladder. skin young saplings of the green bark weave a rope for lashings. double lash and wrap for strength.

            learn to make hand napped flint knives and axe heads.

            use what you have, if necessary use the local flint rocks, naturally shaped axe head like granite rocks, nap the stone axe edge with other hammer head shaped rocks to sharpen, use young tree saplings to make a hand axe handle. use green animal skin strips and leg tendons for the lashings. salvage the parts from fresh kills-beware of predators protecting their kills.

            for mosquito’s Indians used a medical plant called Golden Seal. It is very bitter flower.

            The Cherokee pounded the large rootstock with bear fat and smeared it on their bodies as an insect repellent. It was also used as a tonic, stimulant, and astringent.

            all the how to information is available online.

          • @le thank you for the info. didn’t know that about the tigers ;0)!

      14. Posted an answer to one of but missed the reply filter after a reboot… the above posts… probably show up as an “anonymous”. It was me on the gun control rant. Really it was…I take full credit for it.

      15. Could it pop? Sure! Not pop? Possible too. But, I think personally it will pop. Reason being. We are in the 7 year cycle. 08, 01, 94, 87. It happens one time. Ok, shit happens. Twice, dumb luck. Three times and more, it is a trend. To keep things in perspective. Throughout history, mankind has failed to learn from past mistakes. History repeats itself. Over and over again. My perspective at least.

      16. It’s all a matter of time and time is ENDLESS. !!! !!! So what’s the point exactly ???

      17. They have stopped issuing visas to foreigners as of a few weeks ago. The government claims it is a technical glitch. So, people are having a hard time visiting the US for business. Bad enough these days just trying to get in as a tourist with all the hassles.

      18. Its like some 60 year old that smokes 2 packs a day and has been for 35 years while consuming at least a fifth of VO and two 30 packs a beer a week. You know that this guy won’t live a long life and your damn surprised he’s made it this far. Your even more surprised when you meet his brother 8 years his senior with the same habits.

        • Kevin2

          Those brothers are having way too much fun. Has to be the genes. ;0)

          • Kevin,see those guys in 70’s-80’s,they still split wood/take care of property and homes/take care of animals ect.You see em at the porch in front of local store is rare time of rest,then they harass Warchild for his long hair(I give as good as I get!).Sling,you mention jeans,do Levis add longevity to ones life,seems their quality going down since outsourced!

      19. There is always a reckoning, always a time to settle. I hope the banksters are aware that they will be reckoned with also.

      20. Doesn’t anybody proof read their work before the post it anymore?

        Multiple and stupid mistakes are popping up in almost every piece of copy I read online these days.

        I expect sloppy grammar from the penny-per-word Indians that made writing a worthless career over the last decade, but even Mac is not proof reading his copy before he posts it. Or the things he’s quoting.

        Everyone is too consumed with making a buck as fast as they can they forget (or refuse) to implement the fundamentals that likely got them the notoriety they may enjoy now.

        It’s getting pathetic Mac. Hire a worthy high school kid or wounded vet for $5.00 per article to proof read your copy before you post it. Spending $10.00 a day to retain your integrity is a small price to pay.

        At least with me you lose the message when my mind wonders off trying to assume I know what you’re trying to say. Then I go completely sideways and get obsessed about how you are contributing to the decline instead of keeping me focused on the topic at hand.

        Now… what the hell were we talking about again? Oh yeah, (looks up at page title) Ron Paul says we’re fucked.

        Oh, and happy Father’s Day you dad’s out there! Teach your damned kids proper English and grammar. Then enforce with them why it’s important to practice it in everything they do.

      21. How golden socks does the will of Leviathan.
        Fed Chair wizard pees in the snow.
        Gentile Khazar Wizard sells snow cones ([debt]derivatives=[war]bonds) to benevolent Semite WallSt/Bolshevik communists.
        Communists buy ([debt]derivatives=[war]bonds) in exchange for America’s hard aaets >houses,companies,real estate,natural resources{including war dead}.

      22. I would like to nominate Billy as forum editor.

        • Reading comprehension is key… it’s not the discussions in the forum I’m referring to.

          • Billy,was serious,why not volunteer to vet said articles,am sure Mac could use help/break and you get to practice editing.I get the gist of all the articles whether I agree with em or not,but,if you feel with a few errors we look like slack jawed troglodytes then by all means,don’t complain but do something!

      23. Billy–sometimes it’s hard to hit the right letter on ur tablet as you’re riding the back roads of Illinois.

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