On Borrowed Time: “They’re Going to Turn the Blame Directly on You”

by | Jan 17, 2014 | Headline News | 582 comments


borrowed-timeIf you regularly follow establishment media and you’ve fallen for the notion that the stock market is the primary measure for economic health in this country, then you probably also believe that the recovery has taken hold, that the economy is growing, and that our elected officials have done a great job dealing with the crisis.

Never mind the record job losses or the over 100 million Americans who depend on a government distribution in some form to make ends meet. Officials in political and financial spheres, through their manipulated job statistics and financial market intervention, have convinced the majority of people that things are actually getting better.

But just because the Dow Jones has hit all time highs doesn’t necessarily mean we’re back to boom times again. In fact, as Charlie McGrath of Wide Awake News notes, the situation is exactly the opposite of what it appears to be. We’re already seeing cracks in financial markets as evidenced by the destruction of long-time American staple retailers like JC Penny and Sears. And this week Best Buy announced very disappointing holiday sales results, which led to an almost immediate collapse in its stock price of nearly 30%.

But despite the overwhelming signs that consumers are tapped out, the stock market shook it off like nothing happened.

To mainstream pundits this was a sign of the tenacity and strength of the American economy. To those who get it, this was just more confirmation that the entire system as it exists today is being manipulated on all fronts.

They’re saying that we’re recovering. They’re saying that Dow Jones 16,000, that Dow Jones 20,000 equals success on Main Street. In the meantime, The war on poverty just reached a new fifty year low. The war on unemployment, the war on fixing an economic crisis brought to you by a bunch of bankers that started in 2008 to present, that has been an abject failure on every front when it matters to Main Street… that war is being sold as a success.

So you’d better understand what that means. The days of easy cheap bailout money, the days of easy cheap papering over the depression money in the form of social safety nets… you better rest assured of one thing…

You are on borrowed time. You are on borrowed time for the kind, caring government that is lulling a populace into servitude with these handouts.

Because they’re gonna stop doing it, and when they do they’re going to turn the blame directly on you.

(via Wide Awake News)

What does this all lead to?

A total dismantling of free market principles… a free market under attack around this planet will lead to an overt totalitarian society… that is the path we’ve been set on.

A path that leads to government having more solution, that leads to more failure, that leads to more crisis, that leads to more solution… a self feeding beast that turns a once representative government into a totalitarian juggernaut.

This is what we’re facing in this country… The IMF came out and said the planet is facing a 1930’s style default.

…this is all by design. We are heading towards a total in which the crime for standing up for yourself will be met with the heavy boot of tyrannical government.

It isn’t all hunky-dory. We’re not heading down the path to rainbows and lollipops because the Dow Jones says 16,000.

We need to use these indices as what they are… a true measure… a reverse of what is truly going on on Main Street. The higher the Dow goes, the more the bank stocks, the more the suffering on Main Street continues to expand.

When the system finally buckles – and it will – who do you think is going to get the blame?

The answer is quite simple. It’s going to be those people who planned ahead.

  • Did you stock up on food and other supplies ahead of time while Americans are starving in the streets? Then you are a socially selfish individual and you’re personal property will need to be seized and distributed for the greater good. In fact, a recent Executive Order gives the President authorization to do just that.
  • Did you purchase silver or gold as a hedge against inflation or fear that our monetary system would collapse? Then you are to blame for undermining our national currency.
  • Do you have a retirement account like a 401K or IRA while other Americans have to depend on paltry government assistance checks to survive? Then you are the problem because you haven’t shared your wealth. Congressional members have already discussed turning your personal savings into government managed plans much like Obamacare.
  • Do you often discuss free market principles like the elimination of income taxes or letting large institutions fail when they mismanage their company operations? Then your ideas are to blame.

This is how totalitarian governments operate and when it hits the fan ours will be left with no other option (save being dismantled) than to create scapegoats.

Guess who’s going to be first on the red list

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    1. eppe

      Being Green

      Checking out at the store, the young cashier suggested to the much older woman, that she should bring her own grocery bags because plastic bags weren’t good for the environment.

      The woman apologized and explained, “We didn’t have this ‘green thing’ back in my earlier days.”

      The young clerk responded, “That’s our problem today. Your generation did not care enough to save our environment for future generations.”
      She was right — our generation didn’t have the ‘green thing’ in its day. Back then, we returned milk bottles, soda bottles and beer bottles to the store. The store sent them back to the plant to be washed and sterilized and refilled, so it could use the same bottles over and over. So they really were recycled.

      But we didn’t have the “green thing” back in our day.
      Grocery stores bagged our groceries in brown paper bags that we reused for numerous things, most memorable besides household garbage bags, was the use of brown Paper bags as book covers for our school books. This was to ensure that public property, (the books provided for our use by the school) was not defaced by our scribbling. Then we were able to personalize our books on the brown paper bags.
      But too bad we didn’t do the “green thing” back then. We walked upstairs, because we didn’t have an escalator in every store and office building. We walked to the grocery store and didn’t climb into a 300-horsepower machine every time we had to go two blocks.

      But she was right. We didn’t have the “green thing” in our day.
      Back then, we washed the baby’s diapers because we didn’t have the throwaway kind. We dried clothes on a line, not in an energy-gobbling machine burning up 220 volts — wind and solar power really did dry our clothes back in our early days. Kids got hand-me-down clothes from their brothers or sisters, not always brand-new clothing.

      But that young lady is right; we didn’t have the “green thing” back in our day.

      Back then, we had one TV, or radio, in the house — not a TV in every room. And the TV had a small screen the size of a handkerchief (remember them?), not a screen the size of the state of Montana. In the kitchen, we blended and stirred by hand because we didn’t have electric machines to do everything for us. When we packaged a fragile item to send in the mail, we used wadded up old newspapers to cushion it, not Styrofoam or plastic bubble wrap. Back then, we didn’t fire up an engine and burn gasoline just to cut the lawn. We used a push mower that ran on human power. We exercised by working so we didn’t need to go to a health club to run on treadmills that operate on electricity.

      But she’s right; we didn’t have the “green thing” back then.

      We drank from a fountain when we were thirsty instead of using a cup or a plastic bottle every time we had a drink of water. We refilled writing pens with ink instead of buying a new pen, and we replaced the razor blades in a razor instead of throwing away the whole razor just because the blade got dull.

      But we didn’t have the “green thing” back then.

      Back then, people took the streetcar or a bus and kids rode their bikes to school or walked instead of turning their moms into a 24-hour taxi service in the family’s $45,000 SUV or van, which cost what a whole house did before the “green thing.” We had one electrical outlet in a room, not an entire bank of sockets to power a dozen appliances. And we didn’t need a computerized gadget to receive a signal beamed from satellites 23,000 miles out in space in order to find the nearest burger joint.

      But isn’t it sad that the current generation laments how wasteful we old folks were just because we didn’t have the “green thing” back then?

      • Gunner

        The only real highs this country is
        seeing are coming out of Colorado.

        • What?

          Hey Gunner.

          I guess for most people this comments section is going to be “Off Topic Friday”

          Welcome to the list, everyone. 🙁

          • Be informed

            It seems like if you are not on the red list then you are in far more trouble than you could believe. It simply means that the government doesn’t regard you as a free thinking person that will simply lay down on your back and wait for FEMA and the state to rescue you. Imagine all those the government thinks are so unimportant that they are in the same category as blob fish. All those that are no perceived threats to even flies. Imagine all those that are as bland as grass.

            Yeah, all of the people here are on a red list because they still have minds and use them. Even the trolls are on a red list for elimination when they are no longer useful because they are total pains in the neck. I would rather be on a red list like this because it means that I am still alive and have a vibrate spirit, unlike the majority of the masses.

            • Proftel

              Inclusive eu no Brasil! Kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk!

                • DRD5508

                  eppe, very well said. Thanks for the reminder. We also didn’t have the gov’t in our lives like today; it must be the ‘green thing’.

            • KY Mom

              Is this a warning?

              ‘Extraordinary Crisis’ needed to preserve ‘New World Order,’ which is under threat of being derailed by non-state actors like Edward Snowden.

              wnd dot com

              • Proftel

                Snowden não é o gatilho da merda que está por vir.
                Não acredite no “Business Insider” quando eles dizem que os chineses ricos estão indo para a américa, a procura de melhor educação para os filhos, não estão.
                Chines rico manda os filhos para Suíça como todo bom judeu, pode crer.
                Chinês rico está comprando fazenda de soja no Brasil e na África, usando conhecimento da EMBRAPA (do Brasil), comprando e pagando muito bem.

                A terceira guerra mundial vai com certeza acontecer mas, não será provocada nem pelos EU/China/Russia, será pelos israelenses.
                A merda garra aí.
                Se algum dos grandes se meter, dará merda fenomenal.

                • eppe

                  I hate to tell you, but you need to convert to english, most posters here cannot read what you are saying…
                  Just saying.

                • Lazarus


                  Snowden is not the trigger of the shit that’s coming.
                  Do not believe in “Business Insider” when they say that the Chinese rich are going to america in search of better education for their children, are not.
                  Wealthy Chinese send their children to Switzerland as every good Jew can believe.
                  Rich Chinese are buying soy farm in Brazil and Africa, using knowledge of EMBRAPA (Brazil), buying and paying very well.

                  The third world war will surely happen but it will not be caused by either the U.S. / China / Russia will be the Israelis.
                  Shit claw there.
                  If any of the major meddle, give phenomenal shit.


                • Anonymous

                  Thanks for the translation. Lazarus…

                  Proftel is right on the money about the Israelis. “Sampson” option and the land grab for water rights in the Golan heights… they will not be denied.
                  Dual-citizens in the corporate District are “best” friends.

                • JohnFornaro

                  I gave Profitel a thumbs up, recognizing Portuguese, and then translating it.

                  translate.google.com is what I used and also what Lazarus used. It’s grammatically awkward, but hey.

                  It’s interesting to see how the thumbs up/down thing can be misleading. Profitel’s comment was pretty spot on, but most of the objections were not based on his content, but made on the basis that he could not speak English.

                  One wonders if the general feeling around here is that if you don’t speak English, then you’re dammned? Just askin’.

                • Rodster

                  Thanks for the link. Drudge linked an article yesterday that indicates higher ups in the Gubmint want him dead. No surprise there other than some individuals who preferred to be nameless admitted to it.

              • Big Muff

                The administration will arrange a terrorist or cyber attack against the country and then try to blame it on a home grown tea party group.

            • 1braveheart

              BI, good evening, sir, and once again I have to agree with you. I don’t even care what kind of list I’m on. Anyone who approaches me with bad intentions toward me had better bring body bags for themselves, plain and simple. MOLON LABE braveheart

              • Paranoid

                Relax Brave; No one can blame us. I know for a fact that I have done all I can to support the entire Ammo and N-Pac Food industry. And to keep my Honey happy; I’ve supported the Gold, silver, and pretty stone people. What more can be asked?

                • Mountain Trekker

                  Paranoid, you better quit hanging out in some Central American country, staring out at the Sea and enjoying yourself, and get back to Casper. They had a gun show there this weekend and they said the numbers were way down, mostly because YOU wasn’t there and now they don’t think Obammy is going to take our Guns and Ammo away. May have been some bargains. You know how it is when there ain’t no demand. Trekker Out. Hope You Get A Heat Rash!

            • Dark Storm

              The way I see it… if your not on the red list, then you should be ashamed of yourself! Heck, I’m not only on the red list but I probably got a gold star by my name!

              • WaroftheRoses

                Me, too.

      • Rodster

        I had an emergency visit to my favorite dentist, crown came off from eating candy. Lesson to be learned. 🙂

        One of the dental assistance I found out is a prepper and we had to cut it short so she wouldn’t get into trouble. The office doesn’t think she has all cards in the deck, if you no what I mean.

        As we discussed, the whole entire system worldwide needs to collapse and rebuilt but not by Central Planners and Bankers. It needs to be built by honest people like our Founding Fathers who warned us of Central Planning and Banking. They knew from dealing with the Brits what an Empire does and how it behaves.

        Eventually the whole thing will collapse from it’s weight. Too bad the outcome maybe tragic as their will be HUGE losses of life as so money are dependent on the Gubmint and when the Gubmint fails so do they.

        • 1braveheart

          Rodster, I totally agree with your analysis. it will be tragic all around and I dread it as much as anyone else, but I know it has to happen. It can be put off for only so long. I think 2014 is the year. Keep prepping. braveheart

          • North Georgia Idiot

            You said the same shit in 2012 asshole!

            • 1braveheart

              Idiot, f#$% you!

              • nosuchuser

                Based on your well reasoned response, I must assume that the truth hurts…..

                • 1braveheart

                  nosuchuser, f$%^ you!

            • Truth

              What an appropriate name…IDIOT.

              • Big Muff

                Hillary wears a strap on in bed.

            • Sigi

              Until it is ‘the year’ nothing has changed about our course and the destination, so why don’t you focus your energies on dealing with that instead?

            • Professor Higgins

              N. Georgia Idiot: Don’t forget he also said it for 2013 and he’ll say it for next year as well. Many of the people here have put all, or at least a large part, of their lives on hold preparing and waiting for this collapse “that’s just around the next corner” that they’ve neglected to live in the here and now and enjoy their lives. But then again, I get the distinct impression that most of them cannot enjoy their lives because they’re lives are quite painful for one reason or another and wish that it would all end. What they fail to grasp is that all great civilizations eventually collapse, only these people are hoping for something catastrophic. But what is actually happening is what always happens to empires is a slow disintegration interspersed with a few sizable drops here and there until we all wake up and find out that no one is running this country anymore. One hundred years after the fall of the Roman and Mayan Empires people in far away provinces still thought that they were part of their special Empire. Our great grandchildren will hear or read about a great civilization that once existed and it will seem like a myth to them. Oh well!

              • Rodster

                Nice try Paul Krugman. You failed to mention that the US financial system collapsed in 2008. Without Govt intervention the entire global system would have gone the way of Lehman Bros. You also failed to mention that the US is currently insolvent and the only way it’s propped up is with monopoly money. 😛

                It’s not a matter of “IF” anymore but “WHEN”.

              • Rodster

                Yes, damn straight we are hoping for something ugly. I sure as hell don’t want central planning, central banking or the NSA and every other agency spying on us. I don’t want to be governed by people who have never worked a day in their lives, to go to Washington to work there the rest of their lives. I don’t want to be governed by incompetent, corrupt politicians who’s sole purpose is to give handouts to the losers so as to get reelected. So yes bring on the collapse. 😉

                • nosuchuser

                  Then you really should follow ‘Durrango Kid’s’ advice and endeavor to EXERT YOUR INFLUENCE on who your community (Congressional District) sends to DC….

                  Just sayin…

                • greg

                  I don’t think you get it all. The world is run by the rich elite, the greedy capitalists, by Corporate America, by Multinationals. They own the politicians (from both parties). They caused the financial collapse, pushed through the free trade agreements, shipped jobs overseas, cut taxes for the wealthy, pushed us into wars overseas, the list goes on and on. They are the real welfare queens. Occupy Wall Street had it right.

                  Ponder that one of the functions of Government is to maintain peace and order. To do this it has to preserve itself too. Places like the NSA and Homeland Security are full of Conservative Law and Order type people who take their jobs seriously and want to protect this country from enemies both foreign and domestic. Being Conservative they are willing to bend the rules a little bit if that is what it takes to accomplish their mission. It’s organizations like the ACLU that fight for our constitutional rights when the Government goes overboard.

                  With respect to those “losers”, millions of those people want to work, they want jobs and though there are unfilled jobs there are 3 to 5 times more people who want to work than there are jobs. What are they supposed to eat? Where are they supposed to live? There aren’t enough church pantries to feed them. Research has show that hungry people lead to revolution. Christ told us to love our neighbors and feed the hungry. I think we are all better off over the long term if people aren’t hungry. A revolution won’t be good for any of us. Just be patient and the unrestrained greed of the multinationals, CEOs, and the rich elite of capitalism will destroy itself and give your your collapse. Tax breaks for the rich don’t create jobs, demand for products and services create jobs.

                • Professor Higgins

                  Rodster: My point exactly! The collapse as you call it has been taking place for quite some time but most of you can’t see it for what it really is. You and the others are all hoping that it’ll be something spectacular like one of the ones in those “Doomer” novels and movies everyone is so fond of, but IT IS happening but not with a bang but rather with a small whisper. The collapse is rather reminiscent of a rollercoaster ride where everyone is going along with all the exciting twists and turns but nothing too drastic. The all of a sudden there comes a sharp, frightening drop that scares everyone and this continues until the ride is over. I won’t bore you with all of the dips, just the last few ‘good ones’. 1987 when the market dropped, and the again in 2000, and most recently in 2008. Each time people are hoping that this will be last ‘big scare’, but it isn’t. We’ll all wake up one day and realize that no one is running the country. Washington is trying desperately to hold onto power, that’s why all this spying and excessive regulations over everyone’s lives, but it’s all in vain. The tighter their grip, the more slips through their fingers. It’s rather like trying to hold Jell-O by squeezing it. The federal government knows it’s dying, it just can’t except the fact so it tries frantically to hang on, but it’s all for naught. The rest of the world, including China, is not far behind and they too know it. Our children and grandchildren will inherit a very diffused world. The U.S. will looking something like that book from the 80’s called “The Nine Nations of North America” where everything is regional. America is dying and nothing is going to save it or replace it so you might as well get use to the idea. Pick a quiet spot of North America and try not to stand out.

            • mark

              Thats what will get you, thinking it wont happen because it hasnt happened YET. It cant help but happen and if you were paying attention at all you would know it.

        • James

          I had a similar experience as you but it was the dentist himself. He was on board and knows what is going on. We both agreed that the whole situation can not last much longer.
          That is why wife and I are buying an older used boat to enjoy a little of our retirement before it hits the fan. At least we can reminisce how it was to be out on the nearby lakes. I can use it then as gasoline storage. It holds 70 gallons! God Bless, James

          • Rodster

            Ha I lived on a boat for 7 years, best years of my life. My motto back then when anchored to a dock is that’s the cheapest form of waterfront property you can find.

            When the SHTF there’s nothing like untying the dock lines and just sailing off as you watch the smoke and the chaos from your stern.

            And if you do, don’t forget to hold up a beer can and yell: “We told you MF’ers but you wouldn’t listen”.

            • Mountain Trekker

              Hey Rod, I lived on a ship for over three years, room and board was free and I even got paid, although not much, I even got to see alot of the world. Three of the most miserable years of my life. Trekker Out.

        • Big Muff

          So true Rod. The people in dc lie so much they don’t even know the truth anymore. They want all of the illegals to vote. They want to take away guns. They want us to live like people in the third world or to just die.

          • Rodster

            When you come to that conclusion, you can’t help but think, they as in TPTB are deliberately collapsing the system. 😉

            • Big Muff

              Yes I think they are doing it on purpose.

      • Kulafarmer

        Your gonna get reamed by eisenwhatever,,,
        But i love your post!
        Whe didnt have the green thing back in my early days either,,,
        We had a pickup truck, it was solid and made of steel and metal and there wasnt much to it,
        It did eat more fuel but we only drove it where we needed to go, and it lived a nice long life of 30 years till some kid in a japanese built box ran a red light and flipped it!
        But it wasnt green, because it didnt have plastic everything and more wires than a power plant, it didnt require a rocket scientist degree to fix and it wasnt obsolete and not serviceable after 3-5 years! But it wasnt green, it didnt have AC or carpet, or a catalytic converter or ABS (whatever the hell thats good for)

        Chew tabacca cew tabacca chew tabacca spit!

        But by God,,, it wasnt green, it was Ford Red!

        • eppe

          My first 2 cars were ’55 Chevys, it was nice to work on them, and could fix most anything that went bad. Miss those old muscle cars too…
          Who else had HOT muscle cars in the 70’s???

          • Archivist

            It probably wasn’t a “muscle car” but my first car was a 1967 Pontiac Executive. I bought it in 1975 for $400.

            I had it up to 120 mph when I passed a highway patrol car. I guess he couldn’t believe that old car could go that fast, so he never even slowed up. All these years later, and I’ve never had a ticket, not even a parking ticket.

            • me

              eppe had a 68 SS Camero, 450hp, turbo 350, 3.73 gears, built by a pro stocker. Fastest car I have ever rode in. We got in a race on I85 with a vette starting at 60 mph. He snatched it down to 1st gear and punched it. We shot to 80, hit second and bolted to 120. Hit 3rd, and hit easily over 120, the speedo was pegged and were still acellerating. Most fun we could have had was going fast. Too bad we could not see the vette’s driver’s face, know that he hated to beat by a lowly Camero.

              • Any Mouse

                80 mph in first gear, with a 3.73 rear end. That is simply amazing. Considering that my 70 Chevelle L48 350 with a 2.92 rear end and racing tranny (th350)would only do about 60mph in first, 92 in second and waaaaayy over the 120 on the speedo if you gave it enough room in third.

                I call shenanigans.

                The shift point on the Chevelle with a 3.73 rear end was 42mph at roughly 5200-5300 rpm in first, roughly 75 in second and between 112 and 117 top speed.

                • Facebook Page

                  Can I get in this race with my cl 600

                • eppe

                  That is what happens when you are only pushing 300hp. Why do you think a 3000hp dragster with 5.13 gearing or higher will hit nearly 300 mph?
                  I have ate at “Shenanigans Pub” before, decent food, but the staff was lacking…
                  You want to buy my double hump heads?

                • Red

                  I was young but remember the cars. I remember “Smokey and the Bandit” and think of how many cameras that anyone even attempting that would get caught on today. You can’t get away. I feel bad for the kids.

                  We live about 10 miles out of a small “town” (pop 20,000) and the number of military helicopters that fly over us is unreal. I suspect the drones will be next…

                  Check out your own place on Google Earth. They know if you have a garden and livestock……..even if you live in the boonies.

            • Christian Man

              Kinda like my 1964 Pontiac GTO, I bought while stationed in Japan. When I returned stateside in 1966, it was shipped back to Seattle Pier 70 for me.

              Loved that car even if it had more sea miles than land miles. But it wasn’t the “green thing” either.

              Our kids were taught how to play and enjoy the outdoors, come home from school and play out in the woods, or down the road, then ride their bikes home. No Video games and a small TV after they got home. But that wasn’t the “green thing” either, and they learned at an early age about firearms, shooting, and taking care of themselves. Before all the do gooders came up with the fancy names for being a young male growing up in the country and started trying to feminize them to fit the molds.

              The deputy appreciated my son keeping a house breaker in place, with an old Marlin 30-30, until the Deputy got there. The neighbor gave him a hug and a huge apple pie for that.

              Anyway I stray, I’m old but not ready to leave all this, when the SHTF, but PTB will have to drag me off screaming and making a fuss after I run out of ammo.

              Reminder don’t get in an fight with an old guy, we will just shoot you, cause we don’t like messing around.

              • Paranoid

                Sorry; but could you explain the concept of: “Run out of AMMO’? Just reload! You always buy ammo before you shoot and never shoot as much as you buy, so you always have more. Are you from this Planet?

                • Christian Man

                  Smart Ass! You are @Paranoid!

              • Canadian Vet

                If you are going to shoot it out with the so-called authorities, I wouldn’t worry about YOU running out of ammo. Once you fire your first shot, apprehending you will become a very distant second to killing you and everyone in your house. In fact, they will likely run out of ammo before you do because they will just shred the part of the house you are shooting from and then they’ll mop up.

                And the term “mop up” isn’t just an expression at this point because it is likely they will need a shop vac and a mop to remove parts of what is left of you from your house and the only screaming will be these so-called law enforcement agents to whoever survives their reaction.

                • Anonymous

                  They will “deploy 3 incendaries” like they did Dormer.

                • Paranoid

                  If they need 1000 cops for each of us, like they seem to and shoot several extra people that are just out and delivering papers. I’m not to worried. I’ll just set in the basement and yell “BANG” once in awhile until they have all shot each other.

                • Canadian Vet

                  Except like Anon said they might just go “Dormer” on you and burn the place down around your ears.

              • Lux

                Kinda like my dodge omni. I used to red line it up to 5k on the tach and hit 0.008 miles per second before dropping it into second. Those were the days.

            • Anonymous

              hell ya, I bought a 1970 Executive in 1995 for $500 and it only had 46,000 miles on it. Great machine.

              • Mountain Trekker

                Just for fun, wonder if I can get as many red thumbs as Eisenkraut. Never had a car until I was 23. Sounds to me like a bunch of spoiled Baby Boomers. Trekker Out.

              • Mountain Trekker

                Anon this ain’t gonna work! Thought my post would go below all those other car owners.

            • Little Old Lady

              I had this Nash Rambler once. It went beep beep.

              • mark

                I had a 1976 Trans Am that was bought by Elvis Presley for his step brother. In fact he bought 3 for his three step brothers but they only had them 2 weeks before they made him mad and he sold them back to the dealership . My cousin worked for the pontiac dealer in east Memphis and let me know when it would be available. That car would outrun thunder and lightning and was strong enough to pull Georgia out of the South. I would cruise the interstate between Memphis and Jackson ms. At 135 to 150 like you would drive 70 in a family sedan.
                That stopped after a 5 car roadblock on I 55 just north of Jackson almost got me thrown in the crossbar hotel. I had outrun a Highway patrol pursuit car and they werent amused. The judge knew my Grandfather so I got off with a 30 dollar fine. I would rather sandpaper a wildcats ass in a phone booth than deal with the court system nowdays.

          • GulfVET

            My brothers and I had lots of muscle cars, but mainly in the 1980’s. I had a 68 Charger R/T, 1974 Dodge Challenger 340 with a pistol grip 4-speed, 1970 Nova with a 396 and Muncie 4-speed and currently I have a 87 Buick Grand National that would smoke em all, LOL. Hell, even my (then girlfriend), now my wife, had a 1965 GTO 389 4-speed! My brothers had: 1967 Firebird 400 RA-III, 1971 Plymouth Superbee 440-6pack auto, 1974 Charger 440 auto, 1969 Olds 442 4-speed 400, and my older brother had a MINT 1970 Buick GS Stage-1 that would beat anything that pulled up to him! Oh yes, those were the days of cheap gas, fast cars and minimal government intrusion. Our country is just a shell of what it once was. I say, we know what’s coming, LET THAT DAMN BALL DROP NOW!

            • eppe

              Don’t you wish you had every one of those killer cars back, safely stored in a barn? I do. Also had a 71 El Camino with a 375hp 396, turbo 400, 3.73 gears that would smoke em up to 80 mph. I wished I had each one back, maybe one day….
              Yes it is off topic day, we all need to reflect back on the days when life was simpler, gas was 50 cents a gallon, government was smaller, but you all get my gist…
              I still have the double hump 2.02 heads off that 68 Camero, hope to rebuilt one from scratch one day…

              • JayJay

                I lost my first husband in ’74. Gave a ’57 Chevy to his brother. BIG mistake.
                Live and learn, boys.

                • 1braveheart

                  When I first turned 16, I took $300 out of savings I had from doing odd jobs and bought a 1964 Chevy II Nova 2-door post coupe, straight six cylinder engine with 3-speed trans. Had to spend another $200 to solve a few problems on it to get it drivable. This was in 1973. gas in my area was 25 cents a gallon and I could fill the tank for only $2. Car was so easy to work on someone with half a brain in those days could fix it. In my senior year, just 3 months before graduation, I was rear-ended by a U-HAUL truck going at 50 mph. I was stopped at a red light. My driver’s side door was jammed and I started smelling gas fumes. Fortunately, I had my driver’s side window open so I climbed out thru the window as fast as I could. Not 30 seconds later the car exploded and turned into a crispy critter. I was going to keep that car beyond high school. Man, I loved that car. The next thing I knew, my Dad surprised me with an early graduation present in the form of a 1969 Malibu he got from one of my neighbors. I moved to FL in that car after graduation. When I met the future mrs braveheart, she had a 1971 Volkswagen Karmann Ghia. We kept both of those cars the whole time we were together. After she was killed by the drunk driver, I couldn’t even sit in her car without breaking down. I didn’t dare try to keep that car because I would always remember it as her car, my wife’s car. So I gave the car to one of my in-laws who needed one real bad. At the same time, the Malibu was stolen from me so I was left with nothing, but not for long. One of my neighbors was an electrician who had a 1972 Dodge cargo van for sale with the slant-six engine and 3-on-the-tree, the short version which was very common in those days [can’t get a short van anymore]. He bought himself a full-size van with automatic and made me one helluva deal on the short van. I packed up and moved back to TN from FL in that van. Not 2 months after I got back I started having electrical trouble with that van. the Chrysler products from the mid-70s were very bad about that due to some design flaw in the electrical system. In 1985, 3 years after coming back, I was on the local interstate and something popped under the dashboard and smoke started pouring out of it. I stopped the van and just let the SOB burn. That damned thing kept me broke trying to keep it running and I’ve never had another Chrysler product since. I went back to chevys and stuck with them ever since. braveheart

              • Any Mouse

                Man eppe those heads oughtta be worth a small fortune by now. They were getting pretty scarce 15-20 years ago when I redid my last small block.

              • Billy Idol

                Now they build 300 HP V6s.

          • arco

            First a 69′ GTX with 440 six pack, then a 70′ with 440 and dual quads.

            Gas was less than a buck back then.

            But then I got into Two-wheels and never looked back.

          • Proftel

            Aprendi a dirigir num Dodge Charger R/T 1971 fabricado no Brasil, tinha 11 anos, serve essa esperiência?

            • eppe

              Never was a Dodge man, but anyone who was a “muscle” man is a friend in kind….

          • Babycatcher55

            My first car in 1975 was a 1965 Plymouth Barracuda, University of TN orange….;) I loved that car!wish I could have found parts for it, I would still drive it….

            • sixpack

              I had one of those—I called it “the fish” because of the back fenders…good ol’ MOPAR 318.

          • markinaz

            I drive a ’71 Buick Skylark 350 4 barrel auto tran possi trac rear end, dual exhaust ect…the body, huge chrome bumpers all in excellent original shape, interior is kinda beat up but mechanically she is very sound. my house/team mate is ASE cert. mechanic keeps her tuned up to spec. i work from home so don’t driver her but to the grub store en such. she gets it real quick from standstill and just floats and I mean floats smooth, down the freeway. pissing off down the freeways smooth, steady 120mph (+). 42 years old and still kicks ass. 440 miles from turning over the odometer. the sound of this things motor just makes my you know what hard. every time i take her out i get a ‘Nice car” “What year is that”, “Want to sell it?” Hell no!

            • James

              My first new car was a 1967 Buick GS400. I believe it had a 336 posi with an automatic. When dyno’d it ran like a raped ape on Sunoco 260. The good old days!! Regards, James

          • sixpack

            ’69 Ford Torino here, 351 Cleveland AT. Then a ’71 Mercury Montego, 302 AT. Then a ’74 Pontiac Firebird Esprit, 350 PI bored 30 over, 4-speed. The first car I ever got that WASN’T a muscle car was an ’85 Datsun 510…in 1994.

            I’ll take brawn over a computer brain any day.

            • posseecom

              My powder blue 2 door 1976 Olds Cutlass Supreme

              455 Rocket V8
              455cubic inch (7.5-liter)
              overhead valve V-8
              190 horsepower
              350 ft.lbs. torque
              Rochester four-barrel carburetor

              as All in the Family said…

              “Those were the days”


              • newbee

                Back in the late 80’s we ran a 76 olds cutlass supreme at riverside park racetrack not sure if you been there. It was considered the fastest quarter mile racetrack in the country at the time not sure if that was true. The driver of the car was my sisters boyfriend at the time I was only like 14 and you had to be 16 to get into the pits so I was a big kid always looked older then what I am so I would just say I was 16 and they would take your social security number and you would get your pit pass. I thought it was so cool to be in the pits. Man that’s when life was so easy and simple

              • Bobi

                Funny, a year later it was a 403 small block with same performance, plus 4 inches bore by close to same in stroke & in 78 scale down / platform model same color with a 260 and th 200… times where are changing !

              • old guy

                I was watching the TV show American car prospector. He was admiring a 442 olds. He stated 442 meant it was equipped with a 4 barrel carb 4 speed trans and dual exhaust. I told my wife he was wrong it was 400 cu in 4 bbl carb and dual exhaust. Ive seen many 442,s that where automatics and three speeds. the three speeds where ford transmissions?

          • Old Guy

            I still have my 55 chevy I drove in high school. Paid $150 for it in 1966. it was a 283 powerpack and three speed back then. Now its a 454 with two carter 625 four bbl carb,s Fenderwell hedders crane cam, four speed ford nine inch rear ect. I also have 5 more 55 project cars 3 56,s and two 57 parts cars. I keep them hid so folks don’t pester me trying to buy them. I take the 55 to George Rays Dragstrip at Paragould Ark. (google it its famous !!) a couple of times a year. Its no longer competive but draws a large crowd and I always get offers to buy.

            • Trent

              OLD GUY—I ran a 65 Nova, Super Stock J stick car (SS/J) at Georges a long time ago when passing thru. ( just testing some stuff)
              Lotta good ole boys down there.
              Car was white and blue OLD GUY , and still runs out of Kentucky in Super Stock J.

              • Old Guy

                I was there almost every sunday in the late 60,s early 70,S before I was married. Tore up a lot of parts and had a lot of fun. George Ray died a few years ago however the track is still operating. Its $10 admission whether you race or watch. Its the only wildcat non sactioned heads up drag strip left in the USA.

            • Anonymous

              You the MAN…nice…the powerpac was rare.

            • Anonymous

              That’s a rare machine, if it had a 283 powerpac in “55. Most came with a 265…the original bowtie V8.

              • aljamo

                Those old muscle cars were gas hogs, which was ok with gas so low priced back then. Like someone noted, the big 3 domestic automakers produced rust buckets and generally low quality craftmanship. Enter the foreign competition, better cars from Japan. I bought a 1991 Tercel new for 7500 total, this car I still drive 23 years later, put in a total of repairs at 1000 after all these years. It gets 40 mpg on highway. My main point is the collusion between big oil and big auto, these mpg’s have gone down and the price of cars has doubled in 23 years. All vehicle’s should get at least 60 mpg’s right now.

                • M

                  The 70-71 ” feather ” duster got 35 mpg with , slant six automatic. Cars today with weight reduction /upgrades should get around 105 mpg straight up with a automatic/six as the baseline.

                • sixpack

                  Yeah, but if a toyota and an old ford collide, it’s bug-on-the-windshield time, and you can guess which is the bug.

                  …I’d rather be in the ford.

              • Old Guy

                Yes it could have possibly came with a 265.However it was originally a 235 six cylinder. Now if you bore out a 265 to 3&7/8 you would have a 283. by 1966 Mine had a 59 block bored .060 and pop up 11 to 1 pistons. for 292 cu in. a set of 57 fuelie heads ported polished &cced. A 300 hp 327 cam and the larger 327 ram log exhaust manifolds a edeldrock 3CB intake and carter AFB carb. The hot rodder I got it from had done the swapping. I still have the heads Intake and exhaust manifolds. It also had cal custom finned alumunum valve covers and I still have them also.

            • sixpack

              “Now its a 454 with two carter 625 four bbl carb,s”

              Whoa Nellie! Hang on to your hat! Luv it!

              • old guy

                My work & tow vehicle is a 71 3/4 ton with a 400 (402) big block turbo 400 trans and 456 gears. Above 60 mph the gas guage moves faster than the speedometer. Ive been looking for some taller gears to try and help the fuel economy. Ive also been thinking about swapping the 402 out and installing a 366 big block from a 2 ton truck. That way I will have the 402 to put into one of my project cars. I also have in my collection a mid fifties GMC PK that has a factory installed Pontiac V8!1

                • Any Mouse

                  I had a 72 3/4 ton Chevy with the 402 in it. I had to get rid of it when ex wives car caught on fire in the driveway and had to replace because she couldn’t drive the truck. It was a tough over engineered sumbich that would haul or tow just about anything you could get in or hook to it. It sucked gas and was so noisy that the neighbors hated it. I traded a 73 nova with a 307 for that truck in 91 and there are days I sure do miss it.

            • old geezer

              In 55 it should have been a 265 c.i. they didn’t go to the 283 until 57 unless the motor had been changed.

              • old guy

                Yes you correct the 55 chevys had the 265 V8. it had no provision for a oil filter on the block. the 56 & 57 265 engines had the oil canister on the block. the 57 283 could be had with two WCFB carter carbs or fuel injection. none of the tri five V8,s has motor mount bosses on the side of the block. As I explained in another post My 55 was originally a 325 six. I bought it in 1966 from a guy leaving home because he was drafted. He had installed the (souped up) 283 engine and hurst floor shift traction bars and 411 rear gears. It also has tuck and roll interior and bucket seats.

          • maven

            1970 –351 Cleveland Mustang F/B

          • RandomTangent1957

            Had a lot of cool cars over the years….sold a lot of them….but still have a couple. I still own the car I was driving when I graduated High School in 1975….a 1964 Ford Galaxie 500XL 2dr hardtop, Rangoon Red, Black Interior , 427 4spd, then I had a 1965 mustang with the pony interior 289 auto for my every day ride, then a 1968 Torino 302 auto Dailey driver, then 1970 Dodge a Challenger R/T convertible …383 Magnum, 4spd (still have this one) then 1971 Dodge a Charger SE 383,Auto, traded the Charger for a Honda CB 350, (still have) then bought a 1972 Dodge Charger 340, Auto (still have), 1968 Mercury XR7-G 302 Auto, 1970 Plymouth AAR Cuda 340 six pack, 4spd, 4:10 Dana rear, then a 1975 Cordoba 360 Auto, then 1976 Cordoba 360 auto, then a 1979 Honda CBX 6cylinder ( worlds fastest production motorcycle at the time (still have), then a 1969 Mercury Cougar 351W auto, then 1977 Cordoba 440 727 auto, 3:23 limited slip (still have) 1976 Ford Granada 6cylinder, 1979 Ford Granada Ghia 6cyl, 1970 Dodge Challenger R/T 440sixpack, 737auto, 4:10 Dana rear ( still have ), 1971 Ford Torino 302 auto, 1978 GMC Heavy a Half Ton 2WD pickup, 1984 Plymouth Reliant K car , 1965 Chrysler LeBarton 4dr hardtop 413 auto (still have) 1987 Buick Park Avenue, 1987 Mercury a Grand Marquis, 1992 Ford F-150 super cab (still have) 1987 Mustang GT 5.0 HO Auto (still have)
            1973 Dodge Challenger Ralley 340 , 727 3:23 rear (still have) 1997 Mercury Cougar XR7 (still have) 1988 Jaguar XJS-V12 (still have) , 2000 Ford Lariat LE F-350 Crew Cab Long Bed Dually 7.3 Diesel, Auto , 4X4 4:10 axles (still have) 2002 Ford Excursion 4×4 7.3 Diesel, 3:73 axles …my current daily driver. There are some I wish I had hung on to…but I still have a few of the good ones left. Just need the time to play with them !

      • Archivist

        I used to work in convenience stores a long time ago, and returnable bottles were a pain. We had to keep them sorted in separate areas because each distributor wanted theirs separate. There was Coke, Pepsi, Dr Pepper, RC Cola, Double Cola, at least half a dozen different distributors. I also worked in a Pepsi plant, where there was one guy who job all day was using a piece of wire from a coat hanger to fish cigarette butts and candy wrappers out of drink bottles and pulling bottles with paint or cracked tops.

        The house price seems high. The house I grew up in cost only $2,500.

        When I was little, there were still houses without electricity at all, and some that only had overhead lights. If you only had overhead lights (with a pull string – no wall switch) and wanted to plug in the iron, you had to have an adapter screwed into the light socket with outlets in it. Then you would plug in an extension cord. Since it dropped down from the ceiling fixture, it came to be called a “drop cord.” The really old Sears catalogs had irons with “Edison plugs,” which meant that the irons had screw plugs instead of modern two-prong plugs.

        I wonder how hard it is to restore a push mower that’s been sitting under a shed over 50 years?

        • durango kidd

          I don’t know about the push mower but if there is a pristine split window ’63 Stingray under a tarp next to it …….

          Just saying, my next BOV will be a 2015 Corvette. 🙂

          • Kulafarmer

            I want a baby window bug!

        • John W.

          You haven’t lived until you were stuck enjoying all an outhouse has to offer. Those were the days. Thank God the old man came home drunk one night and did some serious damage to the landlords property and we had to move. Oh happy day even for a five year old.

          • Archivist

            When I was four years old, we lived in a house with an outhouse. My grandfather had an outhouse into the late 1970s. The house I’m in now has an outhouse that hasn’t been used since the 1960s. There’s still a roll of TP in it. Restoring the outhouse is on my list.

            • Anonymous

              Cool. You got a fully stocked bug outhouse.

          • Steve

            I remember tearing off a page or three from the Sears catalogs for TP in the outhouse.
            Hated those shiny pages !!

            • Anonymous

              Theres a cabin a mile down the road with newspaper as wall paper with WW1 as most of the front page headlines. I can still read alot of it. The owner built a new house in front of it and covered the cabin roof to protect it. I found a old wagon frame and a 1951 chevy deluxe on my propertys (still there). I figured 02 might have crashed the chevy in the ditch and left it there.

        • JayJay

          Shoot, in Tennessee, somewhere around late 70s, Gene’s niece lived on a reservation with no power OR running water to a trailer she lived in; with 2 babies!!!

        • Babycatcher55

          Shouldn’t be too hard, you can get new blades for it, thru Lehmans or one of the other hardware places…they are becoming more popular….

      • man on the inside

        absolutely spot-on

      • durango kidd

        Eppe: We had the “green weenie” back then, and we still have it!!! 🙂

        BTW: JC Penny and Sears are disappearing due to bad management and a lack of leadership, making bad decisions. Other retailers are doing quite well, like Nordstrom’s. That is what happens in a competitive retail market place.

        Adapt or die like the dinosaurs. 🙂

        • eppe

          Gotta ask, what is a “green weenie?”

          • Northern Reb

            In my fathers house and in mine the green weenie was a peice of 5/8 inch garden hose about 2 foot long with a piece of leather tied on it so you could put it around your wrist. We used it to train horses not to rear up or try to rumb you of on a tree or post. Did not use it much. Only used it two or three times on one horse that would bite, kick, rear up and try to strike you with his hoofs. buck, lay down one you. His name was SATIN. after a couple of sesions the horse got some manners and you could let a little kid ride him.
            S.T.S.F.P. N.R. N.S. N. REB

            • John_Allen

              Inquiring minds wonder whether giving horses a green enema was the precedent for water boarding. The connection is a bit Rube Goldberg but follow along. A large fraction of CIA folk are Ivies. Some of whom travel in the “horsey set.” Or own horses themselves. So the question of how to break a recalcitrant horse is not to them moot.
              Brainstorm on the 7th floor of the CIA HQ. “Boss, I know how to break those jihadi prisoners ….” “Now Johnson, if you’re gonna suggest the green hose enema stifle yourself, because neither 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue nor our friends on Capitol Hill will go for that.” “No, boss, we tie ’em to a board and act like we’re going to drown them.”
              “Johnson, you’re a genius. Fly your idea by our Wet Ops department.”

          • durango kidd

            Eppe: If you have to ask you will never see it coming. 🙂

            • eppe

              Sorry never dealt in horses, my wife has, so she probably knows…

          • Truth

            It what uncle sugar shoves up your bung hole when your not looking.

        • 1braveheart

          DK, before Sears goes out of business, I’m going to get a set of Craftsman tools. those are till some of the best tools money can buy. My Dad has had Craftsman tools going way the hell back. At one time Mom worked at Sears and we could get things on her employee discount.

          • Trent

            Craftsman tools are made in China now.

            • 1braveheart

              If that’s true, then I cancel that plan.

            • John_Allen


              Being built in China isn’t necessarily a demerit. If they can build an ICBM accurate enough to drop a nuke in the Pentagon courtyard from 9,000 miles away I think they can build a set of socket wrenches.

          • REB

            1braveheart…lots of em a chink now sorry to say…I traded in a 3/8 rachet a few weeks back that broke and after a half hour wait they gave me another…I say another because it werent a new one (,guess I shoulda fussed more but Im not that way… screw me over and I just wont be back…it was a used one theyed wiped down and it even had a rust spot on the handle…the lifetime warranty?…thing of the past I guess…wont be buying any more craftsman…not for the warranty anyhow…might look at SK or MAC tools…just be careful…

            • Farmer's Daughter

              Yeah, Sears gives “fixed” rachets for warranty replacement now. Unless the customer complain, then they get a new one. Everything has gone to Hell.

        • Billy Idol

          The early 20th century business model doesn’t help. Walking into K Mart is like stepping through a time warp back to the 70s. Remember Woolworth’s? The likes of K Mart put them out of business.

          Nordstrom caters to a more affluent customer than Sears, but point made.

          The strongest don’t survive, its the most adaptable, like the cockroach.

          • Anonymous

            I used to get breakfast at the Kress in Stockton Ca.

        • Average Guy

          “The collapse in foot traffic to the 109,500 shopping centers that crisscross our suburban sprawl paradise of plenty is irreversible. No amount of marketing propaganda, 50% off sales, or hot new iGadgets is going to spur a dramatic turnaround.” …


        • RealAdvice

          I imagine we’ll be facing a federal retailer bailout in 3.. 2..

      • Proftel

        eppe :
        For twelve long fucking years I taught Geography .
        First , in 1995 public schools where I saw that the priority of teachers is not the priority of the direction (more worried about playing paint and gardening ) .
        I went through private school where the owner’s wife , semiliterate treated us badly when student received bad score .
        State University professors saw rising in table screaming to defend their projects .
        Federal University was no different but , with the aggravating factor that once a gay couple came to my front door to complain about the bad grade that the debt had obtained , called the police .
        No solution in chaos ? There !
        And it need not be the guy with Hitler juventudo khaki uniforms ( amazing how military schools comes proliferating ) .
        The first thing to do is : tell the parents that they did the children then they that care , if you need to give some blows to give ;
        The second thing is to send pisicólogos social workers and hell ( this is very important ) , enough people meddling in others’ lives ;
        The third thing to do ( and that’s where the state ) is to show the limits within schools such as : student enters only in jeans and white shirt , something that everyone has , enter only if no cell , only enter if to line the courtyard , singing the National Anthem .
        If the unfortunate disrespect a Teacher ( a) , it loses the right to a public school , parents pay private school to the unfortunate ( which will probably stop a prison needle into the vein ) .
        It is not so difficult to implement these guidelines , with lack is political will to suborn the system ( as they say here , need to have the balls to suborn the very media that teaches everyday that tattoo is beautiful thing , to put pircing is beautiful thing ) .
        Sorry for the outburst .
        I see much wrong today .
        A song for you :

        • eppe

          Thank you sir…
          My father in law was from Trillio? Peru, and I can relate.

      • Proftel

        eppe :
        For twelve long fucking years I taught Geography .
        First , in 1995 public schools where I saw that the priority of teachers is not the priority of the direction (more worried about playing paint and gardening ) .
        I went through private school where the owner’s wife , semiliterate treated us badly when student received bad score .
        State University professors saw rising in table screaming to defend their projects .
        Federal University was no different but , with the aggravating factor that once a gay couple came to my front door to complain about the bad grade that the debt had obtained , called the police .
        No solution in chaos ? There !
        And it need not be the guy with Hitler juventudo khaki uniforms ( amazing how military schools comes proliferating ) .
        The first thing to do is : tell the parents that they did the children then they that care , if you need to give some blows to give ;
        The second thing is to send pisicólogos social workers and hell ( this is very important ) , enough people meddling in others’ lives ;
        The third thing to do ( and that’s where the state ) is to show the limits within schools such as : student enters only in jeans and white shirt , something that everyone has , enter only if no cell , only enter if to line the courtyard , singing the National Anthem .
        If the unfortunate disrespect a Teacher ( a) , it loses the right to a public school , parents pay private school to the unfortunate ( which will probably stop a prison needle into the vein ) .
        It is not so difficult to implement these guidelines , with lack is political will to suborn the system ( as they say here , need to have the balls to suborn the very media that teaches everyday that tattoo is beautiful thing , to put pircing is beautiful thing ) .
        Sorry for the outburst .
        I see much wrong today .

        • nosuchuser

          Given your semi-literate and rambling response I have a hard time believing that you taught at any respectable institution.

      • AnneMarie

        Boy, I can relate to all of that. Cool. Our generation didn’t really have much to do with the eco-mess of today.

        • 1braveheart

          Our generation had NOTHING to do with the eco-mess of today. Environmentalist wackos and government interference are the real culprits.

          • nosuchuser

            So you’re going to take a pass at responsibility for: asbestos, lead paint, leaded gas, PCBs, CFCs, acid rain, Cuyahoga River (Cleveland) fires, etc?

            No, you’re all saints….

            • Mountain Trekker

              Nosuchuser, you got a problem with all those items? Atleast they were made in the USA! And that Cuyahoga River rarely ever froze over in the winter and that was before global warming. Trekker Out.

            • REB

              Baby boom…46-64…you list a bunch of stuff that was in use well before that time…besides leaded paint and gas were quality items…

      • Any Mouse

        Today’s electronics are much more efficient than the ones in the days of yore. My 6 year old 22 inch Samsung LCD TV uses less energy than a 25 watt bulb and generates a whole lot less heat.

        I remember quite well the old TVs. You could feel the electrical field surrounding the set when it was on.

        Back in the day, washing machines were powered by a small gasoline motor.

        Back then farmers turned the Midwest into a dust bowl by over working the land resulting in the incalculable loss of fertile topsoil.

        Cities of industry were so polluted that most days the sun was blotted by the smog, back in the good ole days.

        The “good ole days” weren’t as idyllic as the poem tries to lead the reader to believe.

        I do sorely miss milk in a glass bottle though

        • Gwyn

          Todays washing machines are built to last only a few
          years. The washing machines of the late 50’s and 60’s were built to last forever. Some of the electronics back in the day were more cost efficient than some of
          the ones that are build today.

          • oldvet

            I bought a 2 year old Sears Kenmore, from an estate, for $125 in 1989. It finally quit in 2009. 22 years. Doubt it could be duplicated today.

          • Hitemharder

            I bought a used set, washer and dryer (Maytag) 15 years ago and they were probably 10 years old or older when I bought them (best $300.00 I ever spent). They are still running strong and I have no intention of buying any new junk units.

          • nosuchuser

            It’s more profitable to sell something that doesn’t last too long….

            Of course the above is ONLY true if your dealing with an uneducated consumer who has not real alternative to the product you’re trying to sell him.

            Thankfully, it seems that the general trend is towards better informed consumers[1] demanding better quality and longer lives from their ‘durable goods’.

            [1] I HATE the word consumer. The proper term is CUSTOMER and I believe that the general decline in customer service and the quality of goods sold can be DIRECTLY ATTRIBUTABLE to when ‘management’ stopped viewing us as their customers and started thinking of us as ‘consumers’

            • RealAdvice

              Everyone KNOWS what “consumer” means. It’s subliminal messaging. You hear “educated consumer” and you THINK that it’s a compliment but really you’re being called a high-class slave. “Customer” is more correct but companies don’t sell as much junk when they label you a person who demands quality and ultimately is responsible for the business success/failure. Consumers will prop up the machine no matter if they are offered quality or junk.

            • Mountain Trekker

              nosuchuser, well I’ll tell you right now! When ever I go to MickeyD’s or KFC I’m a Consumer.

        • sixpack

          I miss pouring it out of the bucket…

          • Whoever

            I’ll raise you one,

            I miss sucking it from the teat!


            • sixpack

              Okay. You win.

        • Billy Idol

          The earlier flatscreens used more energy than their predecessors, but you’re right about the vacuum tube electronics. Incandescent lamps are better heaters than lights. The good ‘ol days weren’t always good. 70s American cars were junk that rusted out before they were paid for. The big 3 American car makers opened the door for the Japanese brands and then bellyached when they came to the party.

          • A.Martinez no not that one!

            Unions killed the American car market! Their sorry ass labor.

          • nosuchuser

            It is well known that earlier models of American cars did in fact suffer from severe corrosion problems.

            This problem wasn’t addressed until that bastion of communism known as Canada mandated that all cars sold in Canada MUST have corrosion protection. The ‘big three’ decided that it would be cheaper to provide the same protection for all models sold, not just Canadian cars and thus we all benefited…. The same thing happened with emissions controls imposed by California (the largest car market in the US).

            The lesson to be learned here is that ‘management’ can’t be relied upon to find the solutions to KNOWN problems with out being FORCED to do so. It wasn’t the unions (in general) that broke the back of the big three in the 70’s, it was management failing to adapt to changing demands. This is EXACTLY WHAT IS SUPPOSED TO HAPPEN! They failed to adapt to a changing market: rising gas prices and their customer’s desire for greater fuel efficiency.

      • posseecom

        The Red List Mac?

        Obviously all of us here are on the list…


      • Miss DeeDee

        Thanks for bringing back some memories.
        Double thanks for letting me feel like I might just not be the only old fart on the site.
        — Miss Dee Dee

        • 1braveheart

          Hello, Miss DeeDee. It looks like we’re in the right kind of company. braveheart

          • Miss DeeDee

            Hello Braveheart,
            Sitting on the surfside of Sanibel Island watching the elderly pick up sea shells I think I’m not doing too bad for mysel—
            — Miss Dee Dee

            • Paranoid

              Hi DeDe I’m in Panama, looking out at the Pacific for the next 6 weeks. Life is tough, but someone has to do it.

              • Miss DeeDee

                I hear you,
                —- SMILE —
                Miss Dee Dee

        • maven

          This fart 70 Y.O.

          • WaroftheRoses

            Hey! I’m a kid at 62.

          • WaroftheRoses

            Hey! I’m a kid at 62.

      • MIKE

        Well said. I am under 50 and I remember everything as you described. I loved going with my father to return bottles at the dairy and remember covering my textbooks with grocery bags. The younger “me” generation might as well be from outer space.

      • .02

        This is probably more of a reason the young are angry with the boomers:

        “Here, have a crappy job with no benefits, no vacation, no sick pay and no retirement. We’ll pay you so little that you’ll be falling behind with every week that you work from just trying to pay the rent and buy food, and you can look forward to being used up and eventually discarded like a burned-out light bulb.”

        Gosh, can’t imagine why people aren’t just flocking to jump in and enjoy such a great “opportunity.”

        • Any Mouse

          I think the yuppie subset of the boomer generation were the ones indulging in this behavior the most.

          I wish I could give you 50 thumbs up.

        • nosuchuser

          Welcome to the re-run of the ‘Gilded Age’.

          The most depressing thing is that the people who will be, or have been, hardest hit by returning to the ‘Gilded Age’ are the most vocal advocates for bringing it back.

      • California Girl

        When people write paragraph after paragraph here on this site I usually scan through their comments, but yours really kept my attention. Well said. I may have to copy it and send it to my liberal relatives. “Being green” also made me think of Kermit the frog, which is kind of cool.

        • Miss DeeDee

          California Girl ,
          I got your note about disagreement with others . Thanks.
          It reminded me of my disagreements at the dinner table
          with my Dad ( RIP I miss him dearly )
          He would say
          ” If everyone agreed with me we would all be right and I’d have
          Nobody to argue with. Life would be so dull. – Now eat your peas ”
          — Miss Dee Dee

          • California Girl

            Wow. Your Dad sounds nice. Mine would want us kids to agree with him or not say anything at all. Needless to say, I was a very quiet kid!

      • Nailed It

        Actually, they did have the green thing ‘back in the day’. Circa 1929 J. Russell Smith published Forest Agriculture, Rudolph Steiner started Biodynamics. It was there if you cared to looked for it.

      • Dick

        I have to look at this fear with clear glasses.
        We are putting a lot of confidence in the government being competent enough to carry out this plan.

        A lot of “jack booted thugs” will be needed to control the 100 MILLION leeches the governments incompetence has created. These thugs will also have to be managed. Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, Syria, Egypt, Somalia, Vietnam, gun control, obamacare, Benghazi and more are examples of the government managing people.

        Don’t get me wrong I am worried and prepping for TEOTWAWKI but I’m more worried about looters than the governments “red list”.


      • Sensible

        I agree with you. Then plastic bags came out and you used them, plastic bottles, and you used them, then you took your car everywhere when gas was cheap. To continue, then cars became very expensive, and you bought them…… All the while, your children watched and thought this was the norm. Now, yes, you didn’t have the green movement then, but maybe now you know why we have it now. Because while you transitioned to all these wasteful methods, you didnt think of your childrens future. And now you want to justify your ignorance because you were confronted by truth and attack young people who are trying to be resourceful and environmentally conscious using history as their example. Shame on you, lets acknoledge the past, our transitional mistakes, and move forward together. It wasnt the kids of now that caused these foolish problems. For lack of better words, “smarten up”!, you should know better!

      • catena

        As a kid growing up in upstate n.y., one day i threw a rock at a passing car, a 41 ford 5 window coupe, i think, yeah i busted the quarter window.
        the guy stooped. mom had to pay the man $5 dollars,,,
        when my dad got home ,and was told about it “DAD” said to me go out and find a tree branch, of course i got the smallest and shortest one, “OOPS” he goes out in the woods and get his own,,,my butt burned for a few days, that had to be around 1950…,,I WISH WE COULD GO BACK AND STAY THERE NOWADAYS!!!!
        we had no tv, a red handle waterpump in the kitchen, a out house with a sears catalog, a hand operated meat grinder a hand operated orange grinder for orange juice, we slept up stairs, using a wooden ladder and the whaps and bugs, they didn’t bother us if we didn’t bother them, a bath we had a small pink tub, mom cut our toe nails…dad had a well used auto, that run great, but we stayed at home a lot, we caught the school bus in front of our house.
        across the street was a farm, and we bought gallons of milk, ha, the cream was so thick in that gallon jug. mom made butter, ect thinking it was .50 cents back then. us kids were all breast fed, i do so wish i could go back to thoes days forever!!!

      • Jojo

        Refreshing truth.

      • Lanny

        Eppe; Brilliant! Reads like a Paul Harvey story! You hit it way out with that one! BI, I’m proud to join you! Couldn’t have said it better! Keep believing

      • Jenn

        I absolutely LOVED your post! Permission to share?

      • aswqe


      • John haggle

        To eppe… Good comments eppe! I’m 64 now and I can relate to the conservation of resources based upon necessity, ideas you’re presenting. Of course that lifestyle also was encouraged and promoted by the moral, ethical, and religious ideals at that time.
        Realistically, it was also a time where people believe what psychopaths promoted in media which lead to unnecessary wars, election of incompetents, and an “us against them,” mindset.
        It has never been the “current generation” that is at fault. We all have been the “current generation” and will all be the “old folks.” It has always been the powers of deception that can never have enough, that control our minds through mass media and other forms, promoting their ungodly evil by getting the “old folks” to blame the “current generation” .. or blame the democrats, republicans, liberals, conservatives, this race, that group, …. anything to divide us and conquer us.
        “You can only experience ultimate reality through the pursuit of the TRUTH.” is a lead off from “I am the way, the TRUTH, and the light, no one comes before the Father except through me.” The Deceiver, will always encourage to look elsewhere for the fault, that is the easy way and the great temptation. The Deceiver has many forms and can be perceived by analysis of reality. When we have the ability to perceive the deceiver… AND … the ability to perceive the TRUTH, we cross the divide from materialism and blame, to a existence of satisfaction, productivity, and benefit.
        Thanks again for your insights eppe

      • Adam Coffland

        I am grateful I took the time to read what you had to say. Thank you for the post, God bless.

      • Berdatte O'Shaughnessy

        I did all of those things! QAnd I was a lot healthier too!Instead of social workers constantly looking for possible signs of abuse, our teachers encouraged our parents to have us learn to swim and also how to do a number of things to survive on our own. If something abusive happened, everyone in town knew who did it! And you had to prove it! Gossip couldn’t send someone to prison! When we realized that we weren’t helpless(by growing gardens, swimming, learning to fish,etc.) we had the confidence to stand up to someone who threatened us one way or another! And most of us finished high school! And held down good-paying jobs instead of living a lifetime on welfare! The latter became popular in recent years! Just like the green revolution!

      • Interested party

        Just…awesome. Thanks for sharing. Your not green because you aren’t doing what she perceives is “right”. She lives in her own selfish, I know better than you because I am young, hip, liberal, progressive, Obama voting über citizen of the world. She talks the talk. Our parents walked the walk, and didn’t even think to use that way of life as a cudgel against the average person. She will make a fantastic little beauracrat (sp?) one day.

      • Ben Dhere

        I would’ve asked the cashier, and store manager…why don’t YOU just get rid of the plastic bags entirely?

    2. NorthGeorgiaIdiotsCousin

      I Love You Cuz

      • Mountain Trekker

        NGIC It’s nice to see how much you Love your cuz Braveheart, and this seems to be one of the Hallmarks of this site, as you ready through the comments, it seems love exudes from just so many posters. I know that with all this love amoung the Brothers we can never be defeated. Trekker Out. Ain’t Marine But Semper Fi!

        • 1braveheart

          MT, NGIC is not related to me, but as long as he’s NOT trolling, he’ll be OK.

    3. Jim Bob

      As long as Jim Cramer can pound on his sound effects board and yell booyaaah, Larry Kudlow continues to crow about king dollar, the surrealism will continue. Kinda like the Kafka novel about the insect who dreamed he was a man…

      • Anonymous

        I have been for the last year trying to convince people that the end game is near. I spend a lot of time studying the financial situation and I can sum it up very easy. Look at the depression last century and look at the facts that led up to it. It is almost a copy chart by chart.

        But then the government was not upside down and was able to use real money, not printed, to boost the economy. This time we are at least 17 trillion dollars in debt and even more nearly 100 trillion dollars in debt in unfunded pension funds. When this goes down it will be hard and may well be the end of America.

        Take it or leave it but facts are facts and everyone needs to prepare for a complete collapse.


      • Anonymous

        What a clown Jim Cramer is. He’s a joke as is our “economic recovery”.

      • nosuchuser

        Jim Cramer is a just another carnival barker. If you want a good watch: lookup ‘The Daily Show’ when John Steward raked that jackass over the coals.

        Jim Cramer: I never engaged in
        John Steward: really?

        Rinse and repeat for 15 minutes…

        I never watched the daily show until someone shared that clip with me. Now I watch every episode (that you DVR).

        The saddest thing is that John Steward is a FREAKING COMEDIAN and is consistently rated as the ‘most trustworthy new source’ on tv.

    4. Donna in NM

      Good evening all! Going to repost my question on another article, since I was late to the game and at the end of the comments. Thanks Sigi & King Krazy for your replies.
      Off topic question: Getting ready to order seeds. Any companies I should stay away from, or any that get strong recommendations for? Thanks in advance.
      P.S.: Thanks to all who responded to my last off topic question about what to do with our $$.

      • Ronald

        You need to go to Thesurvivalistblog.net it’s got lots of people ready to answer questions, unlike here which is mostly political.

        • Sgt. Dale

          You have it wrong. Just a question and you will find a lot of the good folks here giving you an answer. Talk Politics and you will get politics.

      • bigben

        I like Southern Exposure Seed Exchange. They handle a lot of heirloom seeds. SouthernExposure.com . Me, I’m just a backyard gardener. Had red ripper cowpeas, dent corn,watermelons, okra, speckled butter beans, turnips and greens, and lady finger field peas. Looking forward to this spring.
        Keep on prepping

      • Anonymous

        @ Donna. I use Victory Seed Company. they are in Oregon. On the net also.

      • Ugly


        It depends on what your goal is. If it is food for that year only, then there are plenty of hybrid seed, that are non GMO, available from many good suppliers on the internet. If it is heirloom seeds, then get on the ‘net’ and look.

        Myself, I buy both. The heirlooms I usually look at Seed Savers (www.seedsavers.org) or Johnny Seeds. They have been fine by me so far. On hybrids, I usually buy at the local garden store.

        I hate to recommend any supplier because in the ‘seed’ business there really are hundreds of reliable suppliers.

        I even bought the survival seed stuff at MyPatriotSupply.

        Hope that helps some….

        • Anonymous

          I read that you should not grow Hybrid next to heirlooms as they can cross polinate and the seeds from the heirlooms will not produce as much next year.

          • Ugly

            That is true only with similar crop types. For instance, you shouldn’t grow hybrid sweet corn along with heirloom sweet corn. But you can grow hybrid sweet corn along with heirloom lettuce, carrots, and herbs….etc.

      • KY Mom

        Donna in NM,

        Order heirloom seeds. There are many different Internet sites that sell seeds.

        My patriot supply dot com has heirloom seeds packets on sale today for 25% off.

        I have ordered seeds from this site. The seeds are good and the prices are reasonable.

        Hope you find what you are looking for.
        KY Mom

      • Heirloom innate

        Strongly recommend Baker Creek at http://www.rareseeds.com
        Lots of open-pollinated eye-candy to carry you through the decades.
        I also like Johnny’s for reliable hybrids and well-known standards to increase the odds for high yields. Don’t rely on heirlooms only without trying them first, they may not be adapted to the conditions you have to offer. Hybrids are generally chosen to be more widely adaptable thus more likely to produce a crop, and often have some disease resistance as well.
        Tip of the iceberg…

      • Donna in NM

        Thanks everyone for your responses. I will definitely check out some of these sites. I guess I was really looking for any sites to stay away from.

        @Ronald, Thank you, and I will check out the site you suggested. I understand there is a lot of political talk here, however this is not a political only site. I have been hanging around long enough that I have come to respect the opinions of some of the posters here. They have been doing this WAY LONGER then I have; and if I can learn something from them, then I am going to ask some off topic questions.

      • Hecate

        I am using Bountiful Gardens, Seed Savers Exchange, and Baker Creek Heirloom Seed Company. Bountiful Gardens is great so far. We ordered from them and Seed Savers last year. No problems with failure to germinate or any of that. We just ordered from Baker Creek this year. I’ve heard good and bad about them so we will see how that goes.
        So far, I really like Bountiful Gardens. They have a lot to choose from, prices are better than Seed Saver, and the catalog has lots of pics for you to see all that is offered.

      • KY Mom

        Donna in NM,

        If you have neighbors that garden, ask what type of tomato or other produce they grow. Certain varieties grow better in different climates, soil type, etc.

        I have found that the older gardeners often have lots of useful information about gardening.

        I use Heirloom seeds. You can purchase them online in a bundle (for a garden) or select the varieties you want by the packet.

        Here are a few websites that sell heirloom seeds:

        Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds —– http://www.rareseeds.com

        Seeds Savers Exchange —– http://www.seedsavers.org

        My Patriot Supply —– http://www.mypatriotsupply.com/

        Heirloom Solutions —– http://www.HeirloomSolutions.com

        Emergency Essentials —– http://www.beprepared.com
        (This is a huge website! They sell garden seeds, plus all kinds of useful things. Type in ‘garden seeds’.
        *They only sell seeds here in a packaged bundle.)

        Hope this helps!

      • apache54

        Donna NM
        try “seeds of change” some are actually grown n NM, we use them and there are many others,
        good luck from another southern NM person

        • Mcdave

          I’ve had good luck with Seeds of Change.
          Former Duke City

        • Donna in NM

          Thanks apache54. I guess you knew I had to be from the southern part of NM(southeast corner, since the northern half has shit for brains!! LOL!!

      • Northern Reb

        I have bought seeds from several different vendors all have been good.
        I started to buy NON GMO seed at different stores when I find them. I take them home and seal-a-meal them and put them in a sealable 5 gallon bucket. When I fill the bucket I through in a couple hand warmers and seal the bucket and put in the basement. I have a full bucket with the type off foods I like and I know my kids and grandkids will eat.
        I try to buy them late in the year when they go on sale. You can get a good hand full of seeds for 1/2 price or sometimes even less.
        The reason I started doing this that way is, Big Brother can”t see my purchases that way. The less they know the better I like it.
        S.T.S.F.P. N.R. N.S. N. REB

      • WaroftheRoses

        Heirloom seeds are the best, but Burpee seeds are not GMA so they are good, too.

      • REB

        Not sure if this’ll work but heres a link to check out and learn more about seed companies and whos who…hope it helps… 🙂

        Read more here: http://www.countrysidemag.com/issues…erri_Cook.html

    5. 1braveheart

      Eppe, thank you for that trip down memory lane. Oh, to be young again, to go back to the days when life was less complicated than it is now. But those days are gone forever. TPTB can take their blame and stick it. as far as any ‘lists’ go, I’m probably on lists going back to the Clinton era, but I don’t care. Let anyone target me, regardless of their reason, I will put up resistance. When you come after me, bring plenty of body bags for yourselves, because you will lose. If you have ANY sense, you’ll forget the idea. MOLON LABE braveheart

      • eppe

        I agree, it was a simpler, better time. I feel as if we will be “forced” back to these times, the way things are going, like reusing items, not throwing away everything.
        I am training a new girl at work on software and design, and she asked a question, which I came back with the statement “Well lick my face”. She and others about peed on themselves laughing soooo hard. We are 30 years apart, and she wonders where I get these sayings. I told her “it’s not the age, it’s the mileage and terrain”. Glad you can relate to the article I posted, brings back memories too….

        • 1braveheart

          Eppe. without question we’ll be forced back into such times. I’ll miss the internet and SHTFPlan.com along with all the great people here. But think. How long and how well did we survive WITHOUT computers, internet, cellphones, all the modern gadgets we have today? I did just fine without them. As far as getting good information goes, there were certain publications I used to get like the Spotlight newspaper, American Survival Guide magazine, etc. and listen to certain shows on shortwave radio like William Cooper’s ‘The Hour Of The Time’, Col. Bo Gritz’s ‘Freedom Call’, Tom Valentine’s ‘Radio Free America’, Mark Koernke’s ‘The Intelligence Report’, and who could forget Dr. Stan Montieth with ‘Radio Liberty’. These shows were going strong BEFORE there was Alex Jones, Joyce Riley, Jeff Rense, Dave Hodges, etc. that first group of radio hosts were the PIONEERS of today’s alternative news media. I kept listening to those people on shortwave long after the internet became common; didn’t even learn computers until 2005, only 3 months before Katrina. I still keep shortwave for backup because eventually we will lose the net one way or another and that will become the only source for information from anywhere. everyone should have a good portable shortwave radio with single-sideband [SSB] capability for backup. Also a shitload of alkaline batteries for that radio are a must. Radio Shack carries some for under $200 each.

          • eppe

            Amen brother…

          • Proftel

            Sobrevivência você aprende no Mecanica Popular ou nas Seleções do Heard Digest.
            O resto é prosa, um dia o gaz acaba, noutro o carvão e ainda noutro, você precisa caçar com as mãos.

          • Any Mouse

            A really decent general coverage or short wave is gonna set folks back a few bucks but well worth the investment. A clear night with the right atmospheric conditions a person can listen to the world.

            • Archivist

              I have a Realistic DX-150A receiver from Radio Shack. I bought it a few years ago at an auction for $60. With a good antenna, you can pull in stations from around the world. It receives from the AM band up to 30 MHz. You can still find them at a reasonable price.

              • Any Mouse

                Good antenna=alligator clips and a nice length of wire. Speaker wire is fantastic when put to use in this manner.

                I prefer a dash of SSB in my receiver, many times it has better propagation than straight up AM.

          • posseecom


            I’ll take William Cooper alone over any of these modern day knockoffs…

            Cooper did several broadcasts dismissing jones as a fear monger and disinfo moron..Jones ,Hodges and the rest utilize everything Cooper wrote in Behold a Pale Horse.and subsequent broadcasts…then expound on unnamed sources as their intel..with their own brand of doom and gloom thrown in..

            It appears the myths (promulgated for decades) of foreign troops/u.n. within or around our borders ready to invade has gone off their radar as well..

            We must deal with the facts..with solid documentation/video/transcripts to validate the sea of conspiracies at hand..

            Snowden has been one of the first insiders to expose..hopefully more patriots as he will surface..

            Many fired officers suffered from the recent “purge” are now coming out en force..

            Interesting times are awaiting us..

            as my friend manos always closes

            Stay well..
            Stay safe..


          • Anonymous

            Braveheart ,
            Boy that brings back memories , those shows used to be only on the short wave ,
            Now the ones that are still around are on satellite , network talk radio and the Internet .
            survivalism has gone partially mainstream. ( political event along with hurricanes Andrew , Hugo , Katrina , Super Storm Sandy have waked up a lot of people due to the governments poor performance in natural disasters .

            If the net goes down thing will go back to Radio , the new ones Radio Free Redoubt has plans if the net is shut down they will go to HF radio . One off the most important steps you can take is to get either a ham Transceiver handheld. Radio ( some have only VHF , UHF capability in transmit mode but have full band coverage in recieve mode. Check out the Yeasu Portables still made in Japan not china and are water proof for field use , I have a Yeasu VX8dr powerful in a tiny package a little larger than a deck of cards , 3 AA batteries or rechargeable pack , goal zero nomad 7 charges them perfectally in 4 hours.) you get what used to weigh pounds now in ounces what was once carried in combat remember the old PRC’s ) Some of the HF CW rigs are almost the same size and have global reach when conditions are right.
            You can keep these in your go bags in a faraday bag got one from work used in evidence gathering its made for the government by EDEC called the Black Hole Faraday bag not cheap but should protect from EMP.
            Most of the important information will come via amateur radio even if you do not get a license you can still listen for intel purposes . This could be a very good prep for situational awareness .
            You can get a technician license novice with very minimal study and the test is administered by fellow hams not the government.

            Brave a lot of those Realistic brand radios are manufactured for radio shack by Sangean and Grundig are are very good recievers for the money. SSB upper and lower area must .

            Remember your C3i training .

            Semper Fi 8541

            • 1braveheart

              Anonymous, archivist, any mouse, and possee, everyone should keep a shortwave radio as backup because the net will go down when TSHTF. Last spring I found one of the old Hallicrafters tube radios from the 1950s for $150. Had 2 knobs missing and a bad plug. Bought a $3 heavy-duty AC plug from a hardware store for it, rigged up a wire antenna for it, plugged it in and VOILA, it still works. Also have 2 Grundig portables with SSB. Single sideband capability is a MUST HAVE feature in shortwave, otherwise the radio’s usefulness is limited. I’ve been using a wire antenna with alligator clips forever with very good results.

              • Any Mouse

                I’ll bet that old hallicrafters sounds sweet when she warms up. There is nothing like the sound of an old tube set and she’ll keep you warm on those cool nights. I used to have a tempo one that I would listen to, she got away from me about 15 years ago, man I wish I had that radio back sometimes.

                Have you found a source for replacement tubes yet? Some of them are getting rare.

                • 1braveheart

                  any mouse, you just reminded me of something I should’ve done back when I first got the radio but had other projects going at the time. There are supposedly some online sources. I need to look into that.

                • REB

                  I bought a cabinet at a sale full of tubes and such,many new in wrapper…for a buck 🙂

          • nosuchuser

            Sorry, the ‘genie is out of the bottle’ now. Our choices at this point are to either adapt or to starve[1]. We’re never going back[2].

            [1]. Starving may mean a slow sliding in quality of life and economic security in place of actual starvation

            [2]. Assuming that they very,very rare possibility of a massive event that kills most of the population.

      • Proftel

        Bicho, você é muito novo, somos da época da “era Kennedy” Kkkkkk.

        • Babycatcher55

          Ummmm, I don’t think so. I bet JFK is rolling in his grave to see what’s going on….

    6. Basstard

      It’s always my fault. Just ask my wife. But seriously, I am so tired of seeing the politicians on tv bloviating their bullshit like they know what’s best for us. I only hope that the arrogant bastards thought they were too important to prep and Nancy Pilosi has to turn tricks at a leper colony

      • Kulafarmer

        Anybody who thinks they know better than I what is good for ME can stuff their head further up their rear!
        Big middle finger to you government pricks and those who support you!

        • hammerhead

          damn straight !

      • Miss DeeDee

        Basstard ,
        Nancy Pelosi turning tricks at a leper colony !!!
        You don’t give the Lepers enough credit.
        — Miss Dee Dee

        • newbee

          If she needs to turn tricks to feed herself she will stave to death.

          • 1braveheart

            Pelosi makes the bitches I put out of my life back in the 80s and 90s look good. I know I’m not desperate.

    7. .02

      Damn, blew a coyote up so bad the hide was ruined. Hit it high in the shoulder @ 55 yards with a 53 grain vmax @ 3300 fps. Called it in picture perfect but was shooting down hill and didn’t adjust for shooting high. Has a hole in the hide about the size of a soft ball. Might skin it anyway and try to sew it up. Loaded some 50 grain tnt to maybe not blow them up so bad as I am hoping for a bobcat and if I destroyed that I would be sick.

      • Anonymous

        Try to avoid a exit wound. Assuming you are shooting a 223 by your bullet/wt/fps, try a 70 grain bullet soft point and slow it down. imr 4895 23grains. 2500fps

        • .02

          It didn’t exit, it splashed.

          • sixpack

            Lesson learned: Never shoot at birds high up in the trees with a high-powered crossbow—retrieving your arrow sucks.

            • Anonymous

              Spread bird seed on ground.

              • sixpack

                Kinda takes all the fun out of it, doesn’t it? Unless I was getting hungry…

            • Hitemharder

              Same for squirrels, especially after they climb into a hole in an old beech tree with your bolt!

        • Proftel

          Vi isso, o cara levantou demais, se danou!

      • Kulafarmer

        Thats my choice for defensive or offensive ammo when SHTF, screw that 55g FMJ crap, im not exactly caring if im NATO compliant, would rather do major damage with a V max or Blitz King,,,,
        To hell with poking holes in them 2 leggid varmints, lets blow em apart!

        • Walt Kowalski

          Better to use XM855 62gr. Has a steel core penetrator. You may need to shoot through some things to hit your target. Those V-max bullets will fragment BEFORE achieving sufficient penetration depth.

          The 62 gr. will penetrate and then tumble…which will cause lots of damage I assure you.

          • Kulafarmer

            Im thinking face, throaght, groin, leg, under the arm or through it, if im going to hit em straight on it will be that nice new savage BA 338LM, i dont think armor stops those

            • .02

              The Lapua is an awesome weapon. Nicknamed the “poor mans 50” and deserving I might add.

        • Shootit

          You are two kind. They will be facing 175 grain Speer Hotcor Magtip out of my 7 mag @ 2900 fps with a sectional density of .310…. Body armor will not stop it. Most Bullet proof glass will cave. For penetration sectional density it the key. Bullets will be on the heavy end for given caliber. 😉

        • nosuchuser

          My caliber choices go like this:
          1) At home (suburbia): 12GA Magnum, #7 Birdshot. Lethal beyond 20 feet, won’t penetrate the walls of the house.
          2) 45 ACP (1911) backup to shotgun(other choices). Lethal to 50 yards(+), penetrates house (requires more caution….)

          3) Cabin (isolated): .308(M1A) lethal beyond 500 yards, neighbors are far enough away (distance, terrain, trees, etc) that caution isn’t required. Primary choice provided that I don’t have to hump it ‘very’ far.

          4) Cabin (isolated): 5.56 (HK416) lethal beyond 200 yards. Primary choice if I have to hump it ‘very’ far.

          • Shootit

            It will be interesting if they get beyond my dogs. There is a time and place for everything. If someone is trying to defeat my door they will be met with the correct response.

        • .02

          The varmint bullets sure make a mess. Shooting legs with a Ballistic tip or v-max is going to make for some really ugly shit.

      • Any Mouse

        Calling coyotes is a hoot. Sometimes we do it at night just to hear them howl back. Calling crows(the birds not the musical group) on the other hand is an absolute blast! If you can fool the scout the rest of them come up in a hurry and you have a real ruckus on your hands.

        • Any Mouse

          not the group Counting Crows.

          • sixpack

            or black crowes?

            • Sgt. Dale

              55gr Sp out of 223 little hole in and BIG hole out!!
              I just tried 6.8MM SPC on Varmits 110GR VMax DEAD DOG DOWN!!!
              I know what they do on 4 legged Varmits. I wound what they would do on a two legged Varmits?
              AIM SMALL MISS SMALL

              • John_Allen


                i posted a notice on a pair of my more vulnerable ground floor windows. Bobby Burglar is the intended audience.

                The notice in 36-pt bold helvetica says: You Try, You Die. A spent 6.8 SPC cartridge is scotch taped below that.

                Robert T. Burglar has not been back in the year since those notices went up. He doesn’t want to find out what two 6.8 will do to him.

                I know far less about firearms than you do. But what sold me on 6.8 SPC is our war fighters overseas requested that cartridge be developed when .223 was not giving them the stopping power they need.

                • Sgt. Dale

                  John Allen:
                  I went to school with a John Allen form 1960 to 1972,
                  What I have found is that the 6.8 is a good med size deer round and will knock the crapp out of varmits.
                  It has about 1/2 again the knock down power of a 223/ 5.65 and 3/4 the power of a 308/7.62×51 and.
                  Shoots just as flat as the 223 with the better range.
                  AIM SMALL MISS SMALL

                • .02

                  6.5×55 swede is nicknamed the “drill”. DEEP penetration from the needle like bullet.

        • Anonymous

          I hate crows. They snitch off your location when hunting.

          • Any Mouse

            A good. buddy of mine taught me that when varmint hunting if you can get the crows to come in the coyotes and others will follow.

      • hammerhead

        leave the coyote lay , his pals will come back to eat.
        If your savin hide why not use a .22 ?or .17hmr?

        • .02

          I have a 17 hmr but it is too small.. a 223 is a bit big for bobcats but these 50 gr tnt are supposed to be the ticket for no exit wounds..Problem is we also have cougar that could show up as well. Wife saw one in broad daylight going to town last week. If i was to do it all over again, I would probably go with the 17 fireball. But I am way to deep into the 223 to change over. Expensive..

        • .02

          But now that I have a ton of 223 brass, I will go to the 17 Remington if I decide to go 17 center fire as I can neck down the 223 brass.

      • Anonymous

        Ha Ha. you got 9 red thumbs for blasting a coyote, probably some of your WA area tree suckers! I can just see them thumbing away…pooor widow willey didnt do anything to get shot. Until he raids thier chickens.

        • .02

          Yep, if they were knowledgeable about the host of diseases (rabies, plague, Lyme, mange, heart worms) these things carry, and give to pets and some straight to humans they might be thanking me.

    8. Anonymous

      Its in the air, and you really can feel that something is terribly wrong! When company’s like Facebook and Twitter that continually loose money, yet their stock prices keep going up! It’s absurd. As soon as the fed raises interest rates that is when it will all start to unravel!Like Ive said before, “the train is off the tracks, and were all hurling silently through the air, only a few of us have the sense to brace for impact!” The rest are all sleeping, or in denial! may God bless!

      • sixpack

        Companies like twitter and facebook don’t need to make money, they get propped up by the NSA and the corporations buy the raw data they accrue for commercial uses. That’s the true purpose for fb and twit’r, etc..

        • nosuchuser

          They either make money (advertising) or the ‘market’ (aka investors) is supporting their operation to develop the user base to market to and sell said market to advertisers. No CIA required, just simple, base, greed…..

          • sixpack

            No, facebook IS indeed providing both technical support AND a diverted data stream to the NSA databank in Utah. We now know that for a fact. The NSA has everything we do online in real time. Look it up.


      @ Eppe

      10,000 thumbs up! I remember when!! Great comment.

    10. Ugly

      Time is Not on our side….

      • Proftel


        • Babycatcher55

          It surely is…


      This is one of the most profound messages that can be put out to the public. My respect for Lloyd Marcus is great. He is truly an American Patriot!! If a white person would have said what he says here, I would expect a backlash from the media and others. I agree with his sentiments and statements. I would ask you to read it and forward it; unless you don’t agree with his analysis. And if you don’t agree, then may you be blessed with no consequences from it.

      A Black man’s point of view
      By Lloyd Marcus

      As millions of my fellow Americans, I am outraged, devastated and extremely angry by the Democrat’s unbelievable arrogance and disdain for We The People. Despite our screaming “no” from the rooftops, they forced Obamacare down our throats. Please forgive me for using the following crude saying, but it is very appropriate to describe what has happened. “Don’t urinate on me and tell me it’s raining.”

      Democrats say their mission is to give all Americans health care. The Democrats are lying. Signing Obamacare into law against our will and the Constitution is tyranny and step one of their hideous goal of having as many Americans as possible dependent on government, thus controlling our lives and fulfilling Obama’s promise to fundamentally transform America . I keep asking myself, “How did our government move so far from the normal procedures of getting things done? Could a white president have so successfully pulled off shredding the Constitution to further his agenda? I think not.”

      Ironically, proving America is completely the opposite of the evil racist country they relentlessly accuse her of being, progressives used America ‘s goodness, guilt and sense of fair play against her. In their quest to destroy America as we know it, progressives borrowed a brilliant scheme from Greek mythology. They offered America a modern day Trojan Horse, a beautifully crafted golden shiny new black man as a presidential candidate. Democrat Joe Biden lauded Obama as the first clean and articulate African American candidate. Democrat Harry Reid said Obama only uses a black dialect when he wants.

      White America relished the opportunity to vote for a black man naively believing they would never suffer the pain of being called racist again. Black Americans viewed casting their vote for Obama as the ultimate Affirmative Action for America ‘s sins of the past. Then there were the entitlement loser voters who said, “I’m votin’ for the black dude who promises to take from those rich SOBs and give to me.” Just as the deceived Trojans dragged the beautifully crafted Trojan Horse into Troy as a symbol of their victory, deceived Americans embraced the progressive’s young, handsome, articulate and so called moderate black presidential candidate as a symbol of their liberation from accusation of being a racist nation. Also like the Trojan Horse, Obama was filled with the enemy hiding inside.

      Sunday, March 21, 2010, a secret door opened in Obama, the shiny golden black man. A raging army of democrats charged out. Without mercy, they began their vicious bloody slaughter of every value, freedom and institution we Americans hold dear; launching the end of America as we know it. Wielding swords of votes reeking with the putrid odor of back door deals, the democrats landed a severe death blow to America and individual rights by passing Obamacare.

      The mainstream liberal media has been relentlessly badgering the Tea Party movement with accusations of racism. Because I am a black tea party patriot, I am bombarded with interviewers asking me the same veiled question. “Why are you siding with these white racists against America ‘s first African American president?” I defend my fellow patriots who are white stating, “These patriots do not give a hoot about Obama’s skin color. They simply love their country and oppose his radical agenda. Obama’s race is not an issue.”

      Recently, I have come to believe that perhaps I am wrong about Obama’s race not being an issue. In reality, Obama’s presidency has everything to do with racism, but not from the Tea Party movement. Progressives and Obama have exploited his race from the rookie senator’s virtually unchallenged presidential campaign to his unprecedented bullying of America into Obamacare. Obama’s race trumped all normal media scrutiny of him as a presidential candidate and most recently even the Constitution of the United States . Obamacare forces all Americans to purchase health care which is clearly unconstitutional. No white president could get away with boldly and arrogantly thwarting the will of the American people and ignoring laws. President Clinton tried universal health care. Bush tried social security reform. The American people said “No” to both presidents’ proposals and it was the end of it.

      So how can Obama get away with giving the American people “the finger?” The answer: He is black. The mainstream liberal media continues to portray all who oppose Obama in any way as racist. Despite a list of failed policies, overreaches into the private sector, violations of the Constitution and planned destructive legislation too numerous to mention in this article, many Americans are still fearful of criticizing our first black president. Incredible.

      My fellow Americans, you must not continue to allow yourselves to be “played” and intimidated by Obama’s race or the historical context of his presidency. If we are to save America , the greatest nation on the planet, Obama’s actions must be thwarted.


      • no justice

        I saw a picture of 0bama with his middle finger in the air next to his nose and thought “what a presidential pose” that picture should go down in history next to his name forever. A thousand words right there.

        No wonder C. Christie and him get along good, they are both bullies.

        • Kulafarmer

          They both nedd to be kicked to the dirt and stomped on till they stop moving.

          • PO'd Patriot

            I’m lacing up the redwings now………

      • Miss DeeDee

        Reel Issues,
        Black, White,Red,Yellow,Brown,Green or Rainbow matters not .
        What this individual is doing is what we must thwart.
        You are spot on there.
        Whether or not you agree with the politics of the Tea Party or not , the
        main point I feel they present is ” How are we going to rationally pay for
        the plan presented ” — I that too much to ask ?
        — Miss Dee Dee

    12. laeagle

      Keep prepping!

      • Shooter

        What does the Fed do with its profit? Why do we even need the Fed?

    13. BigB

      I have over the last year trying to tell people that this is happening fast. I know I sound like a broken record regarding our nations financial situation. It is bad. Just look at the charts from the 20’s and 30’s and you can see a direct correlation with todays stock market up to and including the crash 5 years ago.

      I marvel at how our government has been able to prop up the stock market. they learned from the past mistakes. It is hard not to see that we are in the midst of an organized depression but with one major big difference from the 1920’s and ’30’s.

      That difference is back then the government was not in debt such as owing the communist Chinese 1.7 trillion and only God knows how much to the rest of the world.

      Nor did we have a 17 trillion dollar deficit that does not include upwards of 100 trillion in unfunded pension plans. Back then the government was able to inject real dollars into the system and it got the economy going again. That was when they had gold to back the dollar. That is gone. Now we only have made up digital dollars and they are not able to do the trick for much longer.

      When and I say when because there is no avoiding it, the system will collapse under it’s own weight and it will be the end of our government once and for all. No notice will be given. You will only have hours in which to recognize that the end is here. The entire system of laws, food distribution, availability of gas, water and sewage will dry up within hours, days at the most.

      Prepare my friends like your life depends on it because IT DOES!


      • David in AZ

        “You will only have hours in which to recognize that the end is here. The entire system of laws, food distribution, availability of gas, water and sewage will dry up within hours, days at the most.” I pray for an awareness that gives me a window of 6 to 8 hours as our sanctuary is 3 hours away and i’ll need a little time to pick up a rental to haul the “stuff” I’ve been holding down here just in case we can’t get out of “Dodge.”
        The scenario laid out for us by Charlie McGrath is, frankly, the truth. There will by necessity be a termination by blood letting of “social” handouts and I think when this reality hits main street then the S will HTF big time.
        I have to say that with so many MSM bankers/IMF types talking about stuff falling apart that in deed we are going to see and experience this within the next 2 years. and by that I mean the absolute destruction of everything we hold dear… buckle up tight and pray, prep and protect cause ugly is opening the gates of hell

        • John W.

          Suppose they already have roadblocks set up? What are you going to do then?

          • Walt Kowalski

            Roadblocks are meant to be attacked. Consider them targets.

          • Any Mouse

            If David can get out of the Phoenix metro area there are thousands of miles of secondary roads and trails crisscrossing the state. Some of the routes may be more difficult than others but law enforcement would be hard pressed to shut even a quarter of them down.

            • Sgt. Dale

              If you can’t talk your way throw. You have a couple of choices. Go around, or Go Throw. Your Choice.

        • Anonymous

          @ David in AZ. I would change you strategy on the van rental. This is a very weak link in your plan and is bound for failer. Buy a trailer or move more stuff now. A bug out is a very quick exit.

        • Realist from TX

          Great ideas, but your plan has a major flaw….you are depending upon picking up a rental to make it work. I suggest getting a pop up trailer or small enclosed trailer now.

          • durango kidd

            Be there to get there David. 🙁

        • nosuchuser

          SHTF for ‘main street’ along time ago! See the rise of ‘mall wart’ and other ‘big box’ retailers for evidence. the law of ‘economies of scale’ crush all unless you have well informed customers with discretionary income…..

        • California Girl

          From what I have read if the collapse occurs because of a crumbling derivative market you might have a week to pack up and get out of town, but I wouldn’t push it. You never know when gas stations will stop accepting credit cards, etc. I’ve even heard it might be as far out as 10 days to 2 weeks before the crisis really sinks in for the masses. Most of the Sheeple won’t understand what a derivative collapse means to them and will go on with their lives waiting for the banks or the government to fix it. The first riots will probably occur due to bank holidays. The PTB can pull the plug on derivatives any time they’re ready and send many fiat currencies down the drain.

          • Anonymous

            The banks will freeze your account in ——hours. ATM, Debit, Credit wont work.

    14. posseecom



    15. guero

      Who ya gonna blame in West Virginia?
      Our whole state is a survival group, how do you think we made it this far? All the folks raised dirt poor in these mountains are survivalists!
      The first day of deer season is like the invasion of Normandy, and that’s not counting the bow hunters.
      When I went to church Wednesday night, I didn’t even pay attention to everyone wearing hunter’s camouflage.

      • Ugly


        You are right. Those that live a simple lifestyle will fare a lot better than those that played the system and lost and were not ready. It is like the parable of the Ten Virgins in Matthew; some bought oil and some did not. The ones that did not buy oil wanted some of the oil from those that did buy oil….

      • Prepared Pastor

        I moved here ten years ago after evaluating several areas in the west. My retreat neighbors have always heated with wood, hunted, gardened, and raised livestock so don’t have far to fall. We don’t have cell service or high speed Internet now so won’t be bellyaching when it’s gone. The auto-patch on the local repeater is more reliable.

        There are so many hunters the neighborhood gates our public road during deer season to keep them from squatting on our land. There are more deer than people here. Ask a neighbor how many deer he got and don’t be surprised to get an in-season and out-of-season tally.

        I like that people look at a flat map and think we are too close to states with big cities because they’ve never attempted to wind their way through the back hollers.

        Montani Semper Liberi,

        • JayJay

          There is a little Piggly-Wiggly( The Pig)in our little town.
          You can get a box of frozen out-dated meat for $20–the meat cutters fill it for you.
          Most times there are 7 or 8 pieces of meat in them; like $14 roast, pork shoulder, New York strip.
          Thank you Jesus!!
          And it is from the slaughter house we buy from anyhow for a lot more than a box for $20.

        • eppe

          Were you affected by the chemical spill?

          • guero

            No, but relatives were. They visited with us and others for about a week. Their commute time to work went from 10 minutes to 45 minutes. The funny thing is, I warned my son he needed to ensure a pure water supply about a week before it happened.

            • Babycatcher55

              Did Point Pleasant have water issues as well? My grandchildren live there, and their county didn’t show up as one of the affected counties. But they are right where the Kanawha and Ohio rivers meet, so I thought they might be…

      • nosuchuser

        How is giving your WHOLE STATE over to the ‘resource companies’ working out for you? Didn’t one of them just take a giant shit in your water supply?

        West Virginia: Too poor and desperate to fight for hope and change…

      • WaroftheRoses

        Montana, too.

    16. MadMarkie

      I live reasonably close to a beautiful county park here in South Central Florida. In addition to its other amenities, the park has an extensive trap & skeet range and a 100 yard rifle & pistol range towards the back of the property. Right across the road from this facility there is a law enforcement only range that even has its own tactical combat course.

      Since it is after hours for the civilian side; the firing that I hear in the distance EVERY evening while sitting on the patio can only be coming from the law enforcement side of the street.

      Our amigos in blue sure seem to be burning up a whole lot more ammo than they did previously. They didn’t do much night time training before; now it is almost every night.

      Gee ……. I wonder if they might know something that no one has bothered to share with the rest of us?

      • SWFL

        You just described an area I have been to. Any chance this is off to the left, just before the entrance to a county landfill and East of the interstate? If so, we may be somewhat, not too close, maybe-maybe not,near enough or not so much neighbors.

        • MadMarkie

          @ SWFL –

          The county park that I am referring to is Markham Park, out towards Weston, FL, in Broward County, FL.; just off the 595. Beautiful place, huge picnic area with lots of tables and bbq set ups, doggie park, RC control model flying field, etc. One of the few government expenditures of my tax dollars where I don’t feel raped and ripped-off by my elected officials. So, are we neighbors?

          • SWFL

            No, but we should have been. A similar set-up over here. Have you considered moving?

    17. .02

      Was reading a gun site just now and seen this as a signature:

      Our forefathers didn’t bury their guns. They buried those that tried to take them.

      • arco

        Wish I could give it two thumbs up

      • Kulafarmer

        Is just a freakin beautiful thing!
        50 Thumbs up .02

      • Sgt. Dale

        I think there a lot of us here that would do the same if they try to take the guns. I know I would give them mine after I have fired around 10,000 rounds down range.

        • Paranoid

          I Figure to change Barrels about then. Take no ugly prisoners.

    18. Ugly

      We know the POTUS and 535 will not accept any of the blame they created. Thus, not is not the real issue. The real issue is are you ready for their next step?

      • John W.

        I expect that quite a few of the 535 are going to be real surprised when Obama takes them away for safe keeping. If I were a member of congress, affiliated with the Stupid Party and showed up in Congress where there were no Democrats in attendance or they all suddenly leave I would be getting out of there.

        • Canadian Vet

          Maybe it’s just my imagination running wild, but why can I somehow see full sessions of Congress and the Senate called only for “White supremacist extreme right wing gun nut prepper militia homegrown terrorists” armed and trained by DHS crash that party and Obama “miraculously” escaping the massacre?

          Or would he just dispense with the false flag and openly neutralize Capitol Hill either through murder or incarceration?

    19. wormdirt

      Folks I can tell you with certainty (and from experience) that all the fund managers today have their hands poised over the ‘sell’ button. They are all just taking in their profits and waiting to see who flinches first. When the real selling begins it will have a cascade effect across all markets around the globe. Now I am going to give everyone a VERY important piece of advice (especially if you don’t keep up with the markets hourly like I try to), and the advice is this: If you hear that the markets have temporarily closed due to an unexpected but heavy sell off, drop what you are doing and go to the bank or atm and get out a wad of cash. Hopefully you already have a stash at hand, but if you don’t then be forewarned. If the selloff continues after markets re-open (and it is severe enough) then ALL funds will be frozen or SEVERELY restricted. Plan ahead, be prepared.

      • eppe

        Steely Dan “Black Friday” lyrics talking about the stock market bear market in the early 70’s…

        When Black Friday comes
        I’ll stand down by the door
        And catch the grey men when they
        Dive from the fourteenth floor
        When Black Friday comes
        I’ll collect everything I’m owed
        And before my friends find out
        I’ll be on the road
        When Black Friday falls you know it’s got to be
        Don’t let it fall on me
        When Black Friday comes
        I’ll fly down to Muswellbrook
        Gonna strike all the big red words
        From my little black book
        Gonna do just what I please
        Gonna wear no socks and shoes
        With nothing to do but feed
        All the kangaroos
        When Black Friday comes I’ll be on that hill
        You know I will

        When Black Friday comes
        I’m gonna dig myself a hole
        Gonna lay down in it ’til
        I satisfy my soul
        Gonna let the world pass by me
        The Archbishop’s gonna sanctify me
        And if he don’t come across
        I’m gonna let it roll
        When Black Friday comes
        I’m gonna stake my claim
        I’ll guess I’ll change my name

        Loved the Dan waaay back before Aja, most of my friends thought I was crazy, I told them I was ahead of the curve, same as today, we are ahead of the curve….

        • eppe

          For those NOT in the know, here is a comment about the lyrics above. These are not mine, just the same thoughts…

          I think this is more about the next “Black Friday” that starts the next depression. He’s jumping out as soon as possible. The men diving from the fourteenth floor are the next wave of men to commit suicide in the Great Depression fashion.

          He’s going to collect up all the money he can and get out, before his friends – and the police – learn about it. He isn’t going to suffer like everyone else.

          Muswellbrook is a small town in Australia. He is going to escape to there and, having destroyed the records (the red numbers being financial losses), live a life of leisure. He will have jumped ship and live outside the world of worry.

          He closes by saying that he may have to be creative to evade the authorities, but he’ll do it.

        • eppe

          Another favorite, little known or played…

          “Any World (That I’m Welcome To)”

          If I had my way
          I would move to another lifetime
          I’d quit my job
          Ride the train through the misty nighttime
          I’ll be ready when my feet touch ground
          Wherever I come down
          And if the folks will have me
          Then they’ll have me

          Any world that I’m welcome to
          Is better than the one I come from

          I can hear your words
          When you speak of what you are and have seen
          I can see your hand
          Reaching out through a shining daydream
          Where the days and nights are not the same
          Captured happy in a picture frame
          Honey I will be there
          Yes I’ll be there


          I got this thing inside me
          That’s got to find a place to hide me
          I only know I must obey
          This feeling I can’t explain away

          I think I’ll go to the park
          Watch the children playing
          Perhaps I’ll find in my head
          What my heart is saying
          A vision of a child returning
          A kingdom where the sky is burning
          Honey I will be there
          Yes I’ll be there


          Kinda explains the world we live in at the moment…

          • eppe

            Another about the “rich kids” of LA…

            While the poor people sleepin’
            With the shade on the light
            While the poor people sleepin’
            All the stars come out at night
            After closing time
            At the guernsey fair
            I detect the el supremo
            From the room at the top of the stairs
            Well I’ve been around the world
            And I’ve been in the washington zoo
            And in all my travels
            As the facts unravel
            I’ve found this to be true


            They got the house on the corner
            With the rug inside
            They got the booze they need
            All that money can buy
            They got the shapely bods
            They got the steely dan t-shirt
            And for the coup-de-gras
            They’re outrageous


            Show biz kids making movies
            Of themselves you know they
            Don’t give a fuck about anybody else


            Sorry, just could not help myself…
            Anyone got a ‘Steely Dan’ t-shirt???

            • eppe

              Comments on this song… Not mine

              The fact that they reference a random fair in Ohio and then mention Vegas, Steely Dan seems to be contrasting the lives of the “Haves” and the “Have-Nots” in America in a sarcastic kind of way. “The poor people” as described to us by Hollywood elitists
              and showbiz types, are actually everyday hometown folks who work for living to support families. Once again SD is ahead of their time with this song. To this day we still hear Hollywood actors and actresses speak out on issues they know nothing about…while revealing a shallow naievety about how the rest of the country actually operates. The Dan even poke a little fun at themselves by indicating that the cool people will all be wearing Steely Dan T-Shirts. I’m not sure about the ‘Washington Zoo’ reference. I’m thinking it was a way to describe Washington Politics
              in general.

              • Northern Reb

                Boy talk about old muscle cars and old music is making me feel younger but I know that will not last long.
                NOW lets see if I can get my old butt off this CHAIR !;-)
                S.T.S.F.P. N.R.N.S. N. REB

                • eppe

                  It ain’t the age, it’s the mileage and terrain.
                  I have always said “You cannot take an old VW four wheeling and expect it to last forever”…
                  But now at 54, I seem to be able to keep up with those half my age. Maybe not for long, but I say it is the will that will keep you young…
                  Maybe I am wrong, but with age comes wisdom….
                  It is like that commercial, things that are sedintary will be sedintary, things that move will move. The older I get, the more it makes sense…
                  Keep moving, it makes you younger….
                  What does S.T.S.F.P.N.R.N.S. mean?

                • Northern Reb

                  S.T.S.F.P. N.R.N.S. MEANS TO ME:

              • aljamo

                eppe… I am a big Steely Dan fan too, saw them in concert at the old Tampa stadium, 2nd billed to Chicago. My fav Dan tune is Change of the Guard. A really good rock and roll band.

                • Anonymous


                  You saw them at the Big Sombrero?

                • Sgt. Dale

                  Thanks MAN:
                  I’m thinking of my 70 Boss Mustang, My 73 Merc. Montego Gt. 351 Clev. My 73 Mustang Mack 1 351 Clev. and all the tires I had to buy.
                  The music bring backs a great time in my life. 60 and 70 was great times, other than Nam. Thanks man.
                  When it all falls apart and we have a simpler life, even though its going to harder work, its going to be a joy and, I Thank God for it.
                  My the Lord Watch over you and yours.
                  AIM SMALL MISS SMALL

                • 10mm

                  Little Factoid. Steely Dan was named after a dildo. Shit ya not. Look it up. My fav jazz fusion band. Studio players mostly.

            • 1812 Again

              In 1814 we took a little trip
              Along with Colonel Jackson down the mighty Mississip.
              We took a little bacon and we took a little beans
              And we caught the bloody British in the town of New Orleans.

              We fired our guns and the British kept a’comin.
              There wasn’t nigh as many as there was a while ago.
              We fired once more and they began to runnin’ on
              Down the Mississippi to the Gulf of Mexico.

              We looked down the river and we see’d the British come.
              And there must have been a hundred of’em beatin’ on the drum.
              They stepped so high and they made the bugles ring.
              We stood by our cotton bales and didn’t say a thing.


              Old Hickory said we could take ’em by surprise
              If we didn’t fire our muskets ’til we looked ’em in the eye
              We held our fire ’til we see’d their faces well.
              Then we opened up with squirrel guns and really gave ’em … well


              Yeah, they ran through the briars and they ran through the brambles
              And they ran through the bushes where a rabbit couldn’t go.
              They ran so fast that the hounds couldn’t catch ’em
              Down the Mississippi to the Gulf of Mexico.**

              We fired our cannon ’til the barrel melted down.
              So we grabbed an alligator and we fought another round.
              We filled his head with cannon balls, and powdered his behind
              And when we touched the powder off, the gator lost his mind.


              Yeah, they ran through the briars and they ran through the brambles
              And they ran through the bushes where a rabbit couldn’t go.
              They ran so fast that the hounds couldn’t catch ’em
              Down the Mississippi to the Gulf of Mexico.**

              • aljamo

                Johnny Horton singing The Battle of New Orleans. Loved this song as a kid, still do today. That and North to Alaska.

                • buttcrackofdoom

                  the movie “north to alaska” was in MY opinion, the best movie john wayne made…and johnny horton was also excellent.

              • Northern Reb

                S.T.S.F.P. N.R N.S. N. REB

                • Sgt. Dale

                  Don’t forget the Bizmarck!!!
                  My mother still has his album.

                • nosuchuser

                  Sgt Dale (below):
                  Don’t have the album but have ‘Sink the Bismark’ safely stored on my server(mp3). Also the ‘Sinking of the Reuben James’…

                  The lesson to really learn: When every thing goes to shit; Spin your guns around and feed projectiles and propellent into the breech until you can’t…. We will not go quietly into the night; you must come ‘under our guns’ and suffer our wrath…..

        • PO'd Patriot

          eppe, +1 on SD…..no static at all.

      • JayJay

        If you have a stash, be sure to convert those 100s to 5s and 10s for grocery, gas, etc. I don’t need gas or grocery, but many may in a collapse.
        Bank never said a word when I did it.

        • Mountain Trekker

          You know JayJay I use to think along that line, that $100 and $50 would be to big in a collapse and then I realized that is what it takes now to buy groceries, and I can usually put a $100 worth of gas in my truck. So when the collapse comes I’m sure it will take more to buy an item then than it does now. Remember the crash of 2008, things never got cheaper. But a few 5’s and 10’s won’t hurt. Trekker Out. Might Want To Buy A Coke!

          • JayJay

            But if everyone uses 100s and there are no banks to speak of, where will they get their 5s and 10s for change?
            If I buy $80 of groceries(never gonna happen, I am prepped), I am not giving them my other $20!!

      • PO'd Patriot

        What if they hit the sell button and not a soul wanted to buy? What then?

        • wormdirt

          Then the market makers would be left holding the bag, which would drive the price of shares down even further. Its the same number shares in the float, its just they have less and less value.

          • wormdirt

            Of course the bid-whacking would be so bad that it would be a race to the bottom.

          • Shootit

            It would drop to the last buy order. I have been guilty of putting in buy/limit orders way bellow market on quality companies. Had a market hick-up on a stock and ended up owning it at a 25% discount. 30 days it was back to previous level and I dumped it. You will just have to watch the bid/ask and watch it crash. It could be good entertainment if you are positioned correctly.

        • buttcrackofdoom

          i expect FIRM support eventually at half off prices for the stock market. but i don’t step out of the shower to take a piss either, so you probly shouldn’t take investment advice from ME.

      • PKLauLau


        Will you please send a shout out if you see this happening?


        • wormdirt

          Will do, although a market freeze would be plastered all over the news so there is an excellent chance you would hear of it in plenty of time. Market ups and downs don’t frighten me near as much as what politicians might choose to do with the crisis.

          • Sgt. Dale

            I took everything out of the market.
            The only reason its as high as it is. Is because Q.E. what ever number we are on now.
            What took 5 dollars to buy takes 15 dollars to buy. That is the only reason its so Damn high.
            I think I’m right on this. If wrong please let me know. Thanks

            • wormdirt

              I agree with you,Sgt. Dale. The fed’s money printing is exactly what is causing this bubble – and like all bubbles it WILL pop.

          • buttcrackofdoom

            when the market falls a thousand points in a day, then you’ll know the SHHTF.

      • oldvet

        CIRCUIT BREAKERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • Sgt. Dale

          Old Vet.
          Remember when they had that sudden crash about a year ago and the circuit breaks didn’t kick in. The shut the whole down to stop it.
          You are right Circuit Breakers are set up to stop a crash.
          Take care my friend hang in there.

          • nosuchuser

            The ‘circuit breakers’ only exist to stop the the high frequency trading algorithms. A good chuck (sorry don’t have exact figures at hand) of the daily trading volume is driven by various algorithms trying to ‘rat fuck each other’ (thank you Bill Mayer for the analogy).

            This kind of behavior is the natural outcome of the ‘over-finalization’ of our economy. Too many people make way too much money pushing around ‘scraps of paper’ without any connection to the underlying work which must take place to make the ‘scraps of paper’ worth something.

            My current favorite example of someone who ‘really gets it’ is Costco. When the wall-street analysis’s said ‘you need to do this, that , and the other thing to be successful’ he in effect ‘flipped them the bird’ and said ‘no, you don’t know what your talking about’ and we’re going to keep doing the things that work for us (ie build a company for the long term).

            If you’re actually running a company the important thing to remember is that the annalists on wall-street DO NOT HAVE the long term interests of your company in mind when the make their ‘recommendations’… Take their advise at your peril….

    20. aljamo

      By the time Obama’s terms are finished, he will have driven America into more than change we can believe in. He has flushed America down the pay toilet.

      • John W.

        Yet he would still be re elected if he ran for a third term which he just may do. How can you explain terminal stupid?

        • Sgt. Dale

          By stupid people or fix voting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
          KICK THIS CLOWN OUT NOW!!!!!!!!

          • buttcrackofdoom

            can dead voters be STUPID?

        • nosuchuser

          He can’t be elected to a third term. The 22nd amendment Constitutionally limits presidents to two terms in office. This limit was unofficially established by George Washington and followed by convention until FDR and WWII. I believe that two terms should be the limit for President, but am willing the give FDR ‘a pass’ given the extraordinary circumstances while he served as our President.

    21. homebody

      It is not by accident that the markets and interest rates are controlled – the FED and TREASURY can keep the numbers in range by printing dollars – Also the ten year NOTE will be kept under 3% as long as possible, even if they have to add places of decimal like 2.9999999. I do not understand why other countries and some investors continue to buy this worthless paper – when they stop so will the US economy.

      • nosuchuser

        If the US economy stops so does the rest of the world…..

        • Mountain Trekker

          Yeah, like who else is gonna buy all that junk from China! Trekker Out. Maybe Mexico?

    22. Yuri

      When an anorexic looks into a mirror, she “sees” someone who looks too fat staring back at her. When the neck-less bodybuilder with “bigorexia” looks in the mirror, he “sees” a scrawny wimp. Neither is a true reflection of reality, just as the Stock Market is not a true reflection of the health of the economy.

      Nevertheless, though these funhouse-mirrors do not accurately reflect reality, the perceived images AFFECT reality.

      In the case of the anorexic, even though what she “sees” is distorted, that distorted image CAUSES her to eat even less. The skinny geek that the bodybuilder “sees”, though unreal, CAUSES him to lift more weights or take more steroids.

      Likewise, perceiving the Stock Market as an accurate reflection of the state of the economy — even though it clearly is NOT — CAUSES Americans (producers AND consumers) to spend more, or more frivolously, or save less, or ignore potential problems down the road, or invest unwisely. These things BOOST the Stock Market. They reinforce the perception that everything is a-o.k. and getting better.

      Perception is NOT reality; but it affects reality. The (false) market-bubble-driven perception that the economy is in recovery affects the decisions that people make at home and at work. Unfortunately, all of those decisions are the same as the decisions of the anorexic or “bigorexic” — i.e. to double-down on what does not work.

      A rational person staring at skin-and-bones in a mirror that gives a true reflection will go get a burger. One who sees a muscle-bound monster might do the same, or take a vacation or something. But the anorexic goes right on starving. The “bigorexic” goes right on lifting and juicing. And the market-distorted economy continues to hum merrily along in its lackluster “recovery”.

      It all ends the same way. Danger, injury, damage, death.

      Reality is what’s left when the mirror gets smashed.

      Now, I’m off to listen to The Who’s ‘Tommy’.

    23. Proftel

      Não quero passar inveja a ninguém mas, aqui a temperatura está a 25,8º Celcios, a umidade do ar a 44%, estou de calção e sem camisa com chinelos “havaiana” nos dedos.
      Isso é Brasil no Planalto Central a 150 Km de Brasília (capital do Brasil) a maioria dos norte-americanos pensa que é “Buenos Aires” Kkkkkkkkkkkkkk).
      Sinceramente, dei graças a Deus de que os caças Mirage foram extintos de nossa Força Aérea (eram doze e faziam muita merda quando passavam em cima da minha casa em Anápolis-GO), tremia tudo.
      Nós brasileiros estamos a quase vinte anos proibidos de andar, possuir armas legais. A maioria as tem, todas ilegais dentro de casa.
      Como Kissinger disse ao presidente Kennedy em 1964 no salão oval da Casa Branca, “é muito difícil invadir o Brasil…” hoje todos sabem porque a coisa é muito maior.
      80% de nossa energia elétrica vem de usinas hidroelétricas, produzimos petróleo, gás, comida para a China, e parte da Europa.
      Estamos com déficit comercial em dólares sim mas, que se danem os índices, não trabalhamos com dólar, trocamos Yuan com Reais, trocamos Rublo com Reais, US$ não faz mais diferença na nossa balança de pagamento a não ser com a Europa (onde enfiamos os dólares a troco de alguns bens que nos interessam).
      Vocês nunca verão um brasileiro trocar calefação por comida (o cara escolher entre esquentar a casa e pagar uma conta alta ou usar o dinheiro para comer).
      Nós brasileiros não precisamos de aviões de caça de última geração para sobreviver, aqui plantamos e aqui vivemos, sem fome abaixo do Equador, sem frio, sem usinas atômicas (só temos três para qualquer eventualidade), sabemos fazer a bomba, não queremos.
      A única intervenção que está dando baita dor de cabeça é o Haiti, está cheio de Haitianos chegando no Brasil, seria melhor importar todos, aqui se dá um jeito para tudo.

    24. Socrates

      @Mac- GREAT article….you nailed it. Eppe comes in close second 😉

      What is amazing to me is how far, how fast it has ALL spiraled out of control. Never in my wildest dreams could I have imagined the state of affairs the U.S. (and world) is in now. Yet, there it was…all around us gaining momentum…we just didn’t see it.

      Reality is ironically like a M. Night Shyamalan movie- it takes a while a build the story and characters, but the speed builds up towards the end…and the totally unthinkable ending happens… in a flash! The whole movie comes together in a just a few moments and you finally ‘get it’. It all makes sense now. You thought reality was skewed and your perception was off, when it was really your perception of reality that was skewed.

      Some will stay asleep through the reality of the crash, the apocalypse and the end. They still won’t believe that the world around them can be that wrong and surreal…but it can and it is.

      Sometimes I wonder if it would have been better to be asleep and unaware of the evil and events unfolding all around us. Then I catch myself waking from a dream and being glad I’m still alive…and not asleep. This means there is still hope that I can awaken others; gently nudge them or even shake them till their eyes snap open and say-
      “Wake up! This IS reality. You WERE dreaming though…”

      • eppe

        I want to thank you and Mac for the ability for us to communicate in such a fashion, because soon we may not be able to. We all know here that the world we live in is not RIGHT. Saying that, I wish we could go back to earlier days, but alas we cannot. But we in the know can set ourselves up to be ahead of the game, when it all crashes.
        I wish it would not happen, it just seemd the cards are stacked against the population of the once great USA…
        We can only get some others on the same page…
        If you are not prepping, you are just inepting…

        • 1braveheart

          Eppe, you’re giving me too many reminders of how old I am. I’m still prepping and I’m never inepting. braveheart

          • Sgt. Dale

            Your not getting older your getting better. Just like Fine wine. (LOL)
            I’ll be prepepping to the day I die.

            • 1braveheart

              Howdy, Sarge. on the last article or 2 you mentioned you were 60? I’m at 56, will be 57 in March, so I’m not far behind. In a way, I do feel I’m getting better since I quit smoking in Dec. COLD TURKEY. Already been thru all the withdrawal symptoms. It was a bitch, but I was determined and I reached my goal. Since I quit, my full sense of taste and smell have returned, and man, everything seems different! But I feel very good for my age. I’m still prepping all the way until the balloon goes up. I still feel it will be sometime this year. MOLON LABE braveheart

              • Sgt. Dale

                Yep Jan 31St. 1954.
                Quit smoking. GOOD FOR YOU. It takes some will power. Proud of you!
                Did you see my post further down. About using our handles after TSHTF if we have to move around.
                Like I said in it. When I get settled in Tenn. and Braveheart needs some where to go he can come to my place. He would have to use the code. I would say SHTFPLAN and you would reply 1Braveheart.
                What do you think.
                We both know its going to fall apart soon and you just don’t know. You might have to take it on the road.
                AIM SMALL MISS SMALL

                • Mountain Trekker

                  You know Sarg your handle might be alright here on SHTFplan, but when you show up at Braves house and you say, Sgt.Dale, he might forget and think your one of TPTB and use Old Bertha on you before he realizes who you really are. Trekker Out. Mistaken Idenity!

                • Sgt. Dale

                  I will have to say AIM SMALL MISS SMALL, Sgt. Dale. I don’t want to see Bertha bark!

                • Northern Reb

                  You are and old fart, but I’m a little older than you. Welocome to the club.
                  So yes you my call me SIR or MR. !;-b LOL
                  Just having a little fun.
                  S.T.S.F.P. N.R. N.S. N.REB

              • Northern Reb

                Congrates!!! on quiting smoking went through that 14 years ago, IT IS A REAL BIT$% TO QUITE. The withdarwals are so much fun, like getting the sh$% kicked out of you.
                Hang in there It took me 4 tries before I kicked the habit. I finnaly can not be around or in the same house or room where there is smoke. I just cant cut it, I can not say that is the way it always was, I would smell a cigarette burning and I would want one, that lasted for several years.
                I fell better now than what I did 12 years ago.
                GOOD LUCK HANG IN THERE. When the SFTH you do not want any addictions they will get you KILLED or worse you will be someones SLAVE.
                S.T.S.F.P. N.R. N.S. N.REB

                • Northern Reb

                  BRAVE; That is SHTF YOU DON’T WANT ANY ADDICTIONS.
                  DA%% old age, fat fingers and slow mind1:-)
                  S.T.S.F.P. N.R. N.S. N.REB

                • 1braveheart

                  Northern Reb, the first week of Dec. I came down with what I thought might be flu, but after getting short of breath I went to the emergency room. A doctor told me that X-rays showed me having a respiratory infection. I was prescribed an antibiotic to take twice a day for a whole week to clear up the infection. that was when I made my decision to quit COLD TURKEY. Getting short of breath was the wakeup call for me. the sad part was that I LOVED to smoke, especially after a meal. I always had to light up after a meal. been doing that since I was 14, but not anymore. Plus, it’s better that I gave it up now instead of waiting for any post-SHTF scenario. That would be the WRONG TIME to go thru withdrawal symptoms. giving up smoking was a bitch but I did it. I’d like to stick around awhile longer. Getting short of breath was all the motivation I needed.

                • Miss DeeDee

                  After quitting smoking I feel like I have a stare down session with the Grim Reaper every day —-only now HE BLINKS —
                  — Keep the Faith
                  — Miss Dee Dee

      • Proftel

        O que você disse é bíblico, se mande para os montes e não carregue nada quando a merda agarrar.


    25. Okie rebel

      Definitely miss you folks when shtf.

    26. Northern Reb

      I will too, only been here for a short time. But I will really miss YOU ALL.
      S.T.S.F.P. N.R. N.S. N. REB

      • Sgt. Dale

        I’ll miss all of you even the trolls when they shut this down or the SHTF.
        If by some chance we have to keep moving and we run into people maybe we should use a code to let them know we have been talking with each other on this site.
        Maybe we can say SHTF Plan. and the response would be our handles here.
        I know that when I get set up in Tenn. That I hope 1Breaveheart & I run into each other.
        What the hell we will need as much help as we can get.
        JUST AN IDEA.

        • Northern Reb

          Will you Yankees let us Rebs in??? LOL!!!
          S.T.S.F.P. N.R. N.S. N.REB

          • Sgt. Dale

            HELL YES !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • Miss DeeDee

          I for one would purchase a SHTFPlan baseball cap if you marketed them. I would also be interested in a SHTFPlan umbrella with a large middle finger on top for the drones to see.
          — Thanks again for all you do and the courage you have to host this site.
          —- Miss Dee Dee

    27. aljamo

      Just gimme some truth. That’s what the people want. We are sick and tired of obvious lies everytime anyone connected to the feds opens their mouth. A little truth goes a long way and truth in government will give the people a livable future.

    28. Proftel

      Quit talking here, may be a thing of the NSA, FBI or whoever.

      Write beautiful and there appears a moment the text is a narrow-minded idiot.

      I have three desktops, two laptops, a tablet and two notebooks in the hands of my wife, my two sons, the wives of my sons and a nephew.

      I go from page to page, different connections, from there a few minutes what I wrote in English or Portuguese is misrepresented.

      I think it is better to stop coming here.

      Continue reading the comments from time to time.


      • eppe

        There are too many of us for them to get, keep commenting, just in english, we always need to see things from a different element….

        • Proftel



          É minha última noite nessa página, tentei conversar, vocês norte-americanos olham só o umbigo, não discutem idéias como os franceses alemães espanhois e até alguns ingleses, os norte-americanos se acham os donos do mundo e não são, estão numa merda de dar dó financeiramente, estão sem nada para comer, só com armas nas mãos, não conseguem falar com um Brasileiro com toda a tecnologia que tem, não conseguem argumentar.
          Eu converso através da internet com quase todo o mundo que o Chrome traduz, os norte-americanos são os mais “travados” intelectualmente no trato com outros, isso me deixa puto da vida, pode crer.
          Quando a merda garrar, pode crer que mais da metade dos que estiverem com fome na América irão para cima dos Mormons, será uma carnificina e o começo da Guerra Civil.
          O resto do mundo não irá ajudar de jeito nenhum porque a maioria das indústrias não estão mais aí.
          Não haverá chinês nem russo ajudando vocês, isso é teoria da conspiração.
          Muito menos brasileiro Kkkkkk, depois do que vocês (o governo dos EUA) nos fizeram passar por trinta anos, queremos mais que vocês se danem.
          Pode crer que aproximadamente 85% dos intelectualmente ativos no mundo em todos os países pensam assim.
          Você não sai dando porrada, matando gente,derrubando governos por quase 100 anos sem levar um bom troco na cara.
          Roma caiu, foi assim, contratando mercenários (assim como as forças armadas dos EUA hoje contratam qualquer um).

          A coisa está feia aí e, não serão as grandes empresas que resolverão a parada, elas já estão fora.

          ou voces derrubam esse governo incompetente como fizeram os franceses ou, serão escravos.

          Infelizmente é isso.

          • Eisenkreuz

            Brazil is communist butt your women have big butts.

            • skeptic

              I don’t read the site all of the time but I recall you trying to convince others here that BitCoin was the real deal. I’m not crazy about a lot of your posts but it sure appears that you were right on that point. How come you haven’t been crowing about it or did I just miss that issue?

              • Eisenkreuz


                • anonymous

                  Eisen sucks dirty donkey dicks!

          • Sgt. Dale

            I can’t agree with something I can’t read.

            • Northern Reb

              May be the people in Washington should try that???
              You know that reading thing????
              S.T.S.F.P. N.R. N.S. N.REB

        • Sgt. Dale

          I agree with you I wish he would stay. Only write things I English.
          I don’t always disagree wit him. I just can’t read Portuguese. For all I know he could be call my mother names. Now that would PISS ME OFF.

          • buttcrackofdoom

            i THINK proftel is saying it depends on which computer he is on if it gets the translation right…or SUMTHIN’ like that…he has said some good/interesting things, but like the rest of you say, it’s no good when he says it in spanish…because it sounds like twitter to ME(which doesn’t make sense EITHER)!

            • Anonymous

              It’s not Spanish, it’s Portuguese. Proftel lives in Brazil, where they speak Portuguese. Here is what he said in his last post, the one where Eisen started talking about the women’s butts in Brazil. He was upset about all the downvotes on the previous posts, and frustrated with how the miracle of Google translate misses some words with dual or figurative meanings to make him sound more like an idiot than he should naturally. Also the translate machine suggested he may have meant nesta instead of nessa in one word at the beginning. So with that frustration in mind, he is announcing that he is giving up on trying to talk to us, but may still read.

              Either we or he can use the machine like this:

              eppe :


              It’s my last night on that page , I tried to talk , you Americans look just the navel, do not discuss ideas like the Spanish German French and even some Englishmen , Americans find themselves the owners of the world and are not , are a fucking pitiful financially , are nothing to eat , only with guns in their hands , unable to speak to a Brazilian with all the technology we have , can not argue .
              I chat online with almost everyone that Chrome translates , Americans are more ” locked ” intellectually in dealing with others, it makes me pissed off , believe me.
              When the anchor drag shit, can you believe that over half of those who are hungry in America will go up Mormons , will be bloodshed and the beginning of the Civil War .
              The rest of the world will not help at all because most industries are no longer there.
              There will be Chinese or Russian to help you, this is conspiracy theory .
              Brazilian Kkkkkk much less then than you ( the U.S. government ) made ​​us go for thirty years , you want more damned.
              Can you believe that approximately 85 % of intellectually active worldwide in all countries think so.
              You are not giving out beating , killing people , toppling governments for nearly 100 years without taking a good return on his face.
              Rome fell , was thus hiring mercenaries ( as well as the U.S. military today hire anyone ) .

              This is bad and there will not be large firms that will solve the parade , they are already out .

              or you guys drop this incompetent government as did the French , or be slaves .

              Unfortunately it is .

    29. Logicrazy

      Could not resist the muscle car comment: I had a 68 chevy pickup/hotrod. It had a corvette 350, & a 400 turbo trans. Candy apple red, and beat a 88 corvette in 1/4 mile. Built it myself at 15 and drove it like I stole it for 4 years. It was more solid than anything I have owned since.

      • Eisenkreuz

        I miss the Formula.

        • Anonymous

          @ Eisen..Similac or infenmil?

          • 1braveheart

            Anonymous, I fell out of my chair laughing at your response to eisenpuke. keep it coming.

        • anonymous

          Oh the poor baby ran out of his formula!

          • buttcrackofdoom

            no response from him YET, so we can assume his mommy couldn’t leave him alone in the basement while she runs to the store to get more pablum. poor poor eisenhowever…coulda been one of the finest minds of the twelfth century.

    30. Slick One

      Now let me get this right, I will be blamed for:

      #1. Generations of career welfare moochers

      #2. Bad management of corporations

      #3. Federal wastage and stupidity

      #4. America granting most favored nation trading status to communist China

      #5. The stupidity of gun grabbers

      #6. Amnesty for hoards,droves and swarms of illegal aliens

      #7. Factories moved into third world nations from America weakening our economic base

      #8.The new world order and globalisim

      Perhaps they should blame people for not being stupid and using their brain!

      • Sgt. Dale

        You think Obullshit will take the blame?

    31. maudy fricket

      Buy more medicine. Medical supplies. Dental supplies. Pain killers. Illicit pharmaceuticals. Whatever it takes. Major trauma bandages. Anybody have a stretcher? Can you make one? Figure out how you’re going to transport more than one seriously injured person. Where are you going to take them? Put your heads together now before it happens. That is Maudys’ contribution tonight. Good night to all in computor land and to all the ships at sea.

      • Eisenkreuz

        Still think legalizing drugs is bad, you social conservatives?

        • 1braveheart

          Eisenpuke, one thing you don’t need is drugs, you know how to show your sorry ass without any help. You’re just an all-natural POS.

        • Mountain Trekker

          Eisenkraut, it just depends! Are you showing yourself to be an example? If your on drugs, they should be illegal. If your not on drugs, maybe they should be legalized. Trekker Out.

      • Canada Canuk

        @maudy fricket:
        Thanx for the reminder on the meds etc. I picked up my sambucol, iodine, and Atlantic Kelp yesterday, have lots of collodial silver but am getting another order next week, as dh is using on a skin irritation(around previous surgery) also the minute I hear a cough(anywhere) I’m reaching for it!

        Today, I started re-organizing the supplies in the basement…what a job, but much better now….and I did see where i have some ‘holes’ in the preps….but I have too many cans of BEANS (: Take care, CC.

      • buttcrackofdoom

        “where there is no doctor”…this book is PRICELESS to a prepper….might not NEED a doctor if you have THIS book…and a few others…i collect all the medical and drug books i can find at yard sales, and your local library probly has a used book sale every month or so at LEAST. for pennies on the dollar you can get fairly new med books.

    32. mongrel warrior

      How can the government blame the people that stack Gold for undermining the dollar when the FED chairman is on record saying that Gold is a barbaric relic? I think that we have to focus less on the government and more on the private individuals that we know are responsible for the country’s economic problems. If they attempt confiscation we will have to compel them to find a safe haven. Before they can confiscate your food and metal they will have to confiscate your copper lead and brass first. Everybody will have to put up or shut up then.

    33. watching and waiting

      Don’t worry. With the events that we will have to face, I don’t think anyone will have the materials other than ammo
      perhaps to survive.

      Too many people are only looking at a single event that will last a few months up to one year. Usually they discount war,crime,earth change events and the weather.

      Not a bad idea to have a hidden cache.

      Perhaps not a bad idea to take up archery…….

      • Old Guy

        Watching. I think your correct. We are in for a long miserable horrible ordeal. there wont be any reset. there will be I think not in any specific order Economic collapse, world war, Martial law, civil unrest, civil war, race war, gang war, clatyclismic events, disease & plagues, starvation that will seen to go on forever. I think 90% will perish. And it wont be every where all at the same time. It will be regional as most trave will be via the shoe sole express. the Infrastructure will likely never be rebuilt in the lifetime of anyone alive today.

        • Anonymous

          I think you’re getting carried away. If 90% perish, as you believe, who is going to work for, or make, the things that make rich people rich?

          A slow grind of many into a lower standard of living, yes, but a real life reenactment of what you have read in the various survival novels, no.

          The gang problem is getting worse and DOJ will remain unwilling to address it until this administration is out of power. For that reason, exercise alertness when you go out in public, shopping, etc., particularly if you live in an urban area of any appreciable size that includes an underclass. In the smaller towns, theft will be the problem, as it is increasing even now.

          Nothing has changed — there are more people than there are jobs. Notice that this very theme is on the agenda for the upcoming Davos economic confab as one of the top 10 problems facing the world. They call it chronic/long term unemployment but it’s the same concept.

          Never forget that this descent all began with the Clintons.

    34. maudy fricket

      They can blame anyone they want to. They always do. In Chicago, when the new police chief took over, he went to a radical black church and gave a rant against the people he said were responsible for all that’s wrong in the black community. The Pilgrims! You heard that right. He blamed the Pilgrims. Somewhere there’s a rope with his name on it.

      • Anonymous


        Was he bowlegged and wearing a Stetson?

        Maybe he was a black John Wayne…

    35. maudy fricket

      We live in a shack in the shadow of a huge dam that has a growing crack in it. Will we perish or will we act first?

    36. maudy fricket

      Earthquake swarm in Puerto Rico continues. Been going on for days. Pretty intense.

      • Anonymous

        Good thing fema sent all those supplies there a few months back. they might get a big one. Its been a while (months?) since we had a shaker over 7 near a populated area.

      • Be informed

        @ maudy fricket. The Puerto Rico area already has one of the most active regions in the world for small earthquakes in the 2.5-4.0 range. The aftershocks to the 6.5 adds to this much. Think of taking some plastic wrap and squeezing it into a tight ball in your hand, then release it and watch the plastic try to uncoil itself. These movements will continue for some time, the tighter and more compression you had it in your hand the more of these spasms that will occur. Aftershocks are the same. Some faults are smoother than others depending on age, the angle of the fault, the type of rock mass, and many other factors. The Puerto Rico Trench area has all the right ingredients where this earthquake occurred to continue for some time, maybe even weeks. Watch for the Cocos and Nazca plates in this area to influence the whole region during this month and February.

        • maudy fricket

          It’s space aliens trying to knock out the observatory.

        • Babycatcher55

          BI have you heard anything about large booms and shaking near Colonial Heights Virginia? Several of my friends back there are concerned cuz they’ve been hearing it for several days now…

    37. Tractor

      They will tell you
      Right before they shoot you.

      • Sgt. Dale

        You know that there was an earth quake in D.C. On the Belt way Fault line. Did I tell you Obullshit changed the name to Bush’s Fault!!!
        Oh well 1000’s of comedians out of work and I trying to change my profession.

        • 1braveheart

          Good evening, Sarge. I just got home a few minutes ago and saw your latest posts. Your plan sounds great to me. MOLON LABE braveheart

        • buttcrackofdoom

          i just heard obama has stopped on a bridge in DC and has traffic stopped for MILES…he’s distressed about what he’s done to the country as it seems he has found a conscience. he knows he’s about to go to jail, so he’s threatening to pour gasoline on himself and light it on fire unless he gets a million dollars collected by midnight tonight, so he can flee to china. a cop at the barricade was asked a few minutes ago how the collections were going….the cop replied…we got 25 GALLONS of gas so far, but they’re still SIPHONING!!!

          • Sgt. Dale

            LMFAO! Made me blow Pepsi out my nose!!! Shit that hurts.
            Thanks Man.

          • 1braveheart

            buttcrack, I just spit up some coffee right in front of my laptop. That was damned good.

          • Northern Reb

            I just got a vistor from the nursing staff wanting to know why I was laughing so hard, I let her read your post. She had to leave in a hurry, I CAN’T PUT DOWN WHY
            She just came back, and I’m in trouble for posting that she had to leave.
            I have to give her the sfthplan web site.
            S.T.S.F.P. N.R. N.S. N.REB

            • buttcrackofdoom

              people laugh at me all the time, but it’s after they SEE me…….here’s another if you can “get it”…a lot of peeps DON’T….ask someone if they know why football players have no NECKS??…..then when they say, no, i don’t know….shrug BOTH shoulders(move them both UP)…hope you don’t have to think about it tooo long!…you’ll get it if you got that keeeen sense of the OBVIOUS that I possess.

          • Miss DeeDee

            Where the heck did I leave my book of matches
            —- Miss Dee Dee

    38. NC joe

      And why shouldn’t “they”, whoever “they” are blame you. You sure are blaming them. However, you sure must think a lot of yourself since you believe you will be blamed for any upcoming calamities. You are either grossly arrogant or extremely delusional. I dare say, whoever “they” are do no give your meager existence a second thought.

      • 1braveheart


        • Any Mouse

          He has a point and I think everyone may be missing it.Re-read his last sentence, the PTB don’t care about yours or my existence, only the enrichment of themselves.

        • Mountain Trekker

          Braveheart, You the Man! Next time you have to use a new name. I think it should be “Troll Patrol” Trekker Out.

      • 1braveheart

        ncjoe, for once, you made a valid point. they don’t care about any of us, not even you trolls. they just want to enrich themselves at our expense. But they are definitely to blame for what has happened to this country, so f#$% you!

      • Kevin2

        NC Joe

        “They” through their ownership / control of the media made sure that Labor and Business were blamed for the inflation in the 1970s not the massive increase in both government spending and the creation of pure fiat currency being the cause.

        “They” don’t care about anyone but “they” know public opinion can galvanize political forces against their goals slowing down their advancement. You can bank on them lying and deceiving to achieve their desires.

        As FDR stated, “Nothing in politics happens by accident”. “If it happened it was meant to happen that way”. More wars were started with False Flags than real flags.

    39. Old Guy

      The other day I Was taking to a 65 year old woman who came from new York. She is a rabid Democrat and thinks Obama is the greatest president ever. She was really enthralled about the health care law. I never argue with her as there is no point in it. However I asked her how the Obama care was working out for her. She stated it wasn’t and that the republicans changed & ruined it so that it wasn’t any good. She stated that if the party of no would let Obama do what he wanted everything would be fixed. however the republicans wont let him. I suspect there are a lot of Pig headed liberals where she came from. It would be funny if it wasn’t so sad.

      • Be informed

        @ Old Guy. I don’t know how anyone could think BO is the best president ever, or even a mediocre one. This is the illusion that BO has with too many people out there that have no concept of what a good leader that puts the people and the country first ahead of any party alliance. This is the problem with BOTH parties, they don’t think America first. They ONLY think about their own job security, even if that sacrifices everyone else in doing so.

        • Any Mouse

          They are the same type of people that worship the Kennedy clan.

          • Northern Reb

            You can say that about the Bush clan.
            Obama WOULD NOT make a PIMPLE on Goerge Bushes ASS.
            George still screwed up on alot of thing.
            It is a shame we don’t have any true leaders just demigods screwing things up and lining there pockets with our and our childerns money.
            Our Founding Fathers would be leading a Revolution right about,—- NOW.
            S.T.S.F.P. N.R.N.S. N.REB

            • Any Mouse

              The Bush clan doesn’t hold a candle to the almost Olympian status to which Joe Kennedy’s descendants have attained. Every time a second cousin takes a crap it ends up on the news somewhere.

      • John W.

        old guy,
        I had the same conversation with a longtime friend. I really wanted to smack him in the head. Where have these people been the last five years and what are they on?

    40. Seen2013

      Succinctly described Bismarkianism, Bismarkianism is all about using welfare-warfare to centralized power of a ruling party, elite, and/or other public-private mergers. How the power-structure is formulated is the type of national socialist power-structure occupies the positions of power.
      Progressives are digressive for the enhancement of central power under the bait and switch through subsidized fiefdoms, public-private partnerships through socialism, and finally power-structure determined by public-private mergers through national socialism of Communism, Communitarianism, and Fascism. Historically, the three predominant camps boot the odd one out, and this camp mobilizes for civil war by hijacking secessionist movements.

      • Anonymous

        Neoliberals and neoconservatives are separated by a simple tweaking of rhetoric and the mask of downtrodden on one side and nationalistic fervor on the other.

        The “ism” is irrelevant.

        Consolidated power and wealth is.

      • maudy fricket

        I think Bismark was the first to implement a pension system. And when he was asked why, he replied, “because it’s easier to control people when they think they have something to live for”.

    41. Cowdoc

      How many of you concerned citizens have joined Constitutional Emergency?

      • Yuri

        No thanks, I’m already on Mac’s “Red List”.

        Should I send TPTB a Christmas Card, too?

    42. Freespirit

      I am 74 and can attest to the fact we “didn’t have the green thing” back in those days BECAUSE we already did recycle most of what we used ( I still do in many cases)and use HUMAN energy for much of what we did !

      I still walk and use the bicycle for many short errands ( less than 3 miles), which just so happens to be what most of our errands encompass, today, in distance.

      To keep fit I RUN 2 -3 miles every other day. Work out with weights,chin -up bar,other exercises and the “bag” and play tennis and dance the old R and B style.

      I am also still in business and travel to several countries for months at a time.

      Tell me about that “green thing”

    43. Anonymous

      Someone’s been trolling my moniker. I’m the real anonymous. The rest are not anonymous.

      • Gunner

        SOoo — how are we to tell the difference…..?

      • Mountain Trekker

        Anon, I’ve got this figured out. In a few days I’ll have a quiz. Then I’ll know if your Anonymous or if your just some Anonymous person trying to make us think,it’s the real Anonymous. Anonymous Out.

    44. averagejoe

      I love reading and listening to baby boomers wax nostalgic about the childhood they inherited as a result of their parents and grandparents stewardship of this nation. I just hope they realize what kind of childhood/life they are leaving for successive generations, after their time at the helm. Please don’t forget to thank a genx-er for your SSI check, because your generation sqandered your money. You are retiring on money stolen from your children and grandchildren. The baby boomer generation inherited the greatest nation in the history of mankind, and broke it’s back. I hope your generation enjoys the retirement your kids and grandkids will never see.

      • AnneMarie

        averagejoe: Would that I could vote you down a thousand times. I believe I am not the only baby-boomer who did not squander anything that you feel entitled to. I am not in debt one red cent and have never been. I saved quite nicely for my own retirement, which I am now enjoying. We worked for what we had, unlike the present iThingy generation who want everything right away if they have the money or not. I’d better stop before I get really angry.

        • Yuri

          I am not the only baby-boomer who did not squander anything that you feel entitled to.

          What is it that, according to you, Joe feels “entitled to”? The sweat of his own brow? Is that yours?

          If you do not receive SS retirement benefits, then Averagejoe’s comment doesn’t even apply to you.

          If you DO receive OASI benefits, then he’s got you dead to rights.


          From the article:
          “62.5 million individuals received a benefit from Social Security in May 2013. Benefits from this 78 year old program, established in 1935, are received by nearly 20% of the population. In fact, nine out of ten individuals age 65 and older receive Social Security benefits.”

          Are you the One-In-Ten, Annemarie? Or are you stealing from your own children? Sounds like a trap question, doesn’t it? A false dichotomy. Except that this dichotomy isn’t false. If you get SS benefits, you are stealing from (and enslaving, btw) those currently working.

          In fact, everyone who’s EVER gotten SS retirement benefits (since the program began) has gotten wealth stolen from the younger generations. No one ever has gotten, gets, or will ever get the money they paid in. The money taken out in taxes doesn’t get put away in a “lock-box”, nor does it get invested. Instead, it gets spent …. period.

          In its place, Fedgov issues a now-nearly-worthless bond — an I.O.U. Then, they pay off that I.O.U. with money that they’re currently taking in in taxes on those who currently work.

          If you kept your life’s-savings under your mattress, and a burglar broke in and stole it … would YOU feel “entitled” to go and steal your neighbor’s under-the-mattress fund?

          If you get Social Security, that’s EXACTLY what you’re doing.

          JUSTIFY YOUR THEFT. Do it without the rationalization of “Hey, I was stolen from … so I’m entitled to steal.”

          And let the geniuses of subsequent comments who mock Averagejoe’s intelligence suck on that one.

      • maudy fricket

        We just wanted to see if you have what it takes to start over. Kind of like the “boy named Sue”.

      • Alphonse

        average Joe: you are able to reduce complicated processes and emergent history into sweeping simple-minded generalities. I would rate your intelligence as a below average Joe. Your lack of spelling abilities bolsters that assumption.

      • thisTexan has had enough

        averagejoe-your intelligence is way below average! You are wrong about baby boomers and I resent being dissed by a dumbass like you. Why don’t you confront the 50-69 year old whom you dislike so much and leave the rest of us out if it?

      • Yuri

        I would agree with you except for the fact that the Baby Boomers are only now getting on SS (OASI). It is actually the tail-end of that “greatest generation” that has been for years living off money taken from the currently employed.

        The government took their money while they worked, spent it, and then ostensibly paid them back with money taken from their children — the Baby Boomers — while they worked. The Baby Boomers are just now starting to do the same to their own kids.

        • Old Guy

          Yes its a Ponzi scheme. I am 63 and just signed up for social security. If I just receive back what I paid in Ill be satisfied. Most receive everything they paid in back in 3 to 5 years. My parents dad paid very little and mom nothing. they lived until their 90,s and drew over $300,000 from the Ponzi scheme. Ok its not fair. So what? hardly anything in life is fair. Some day it will all collapse and then the wheat will be separated from the chaff.

          • Yuri

            “Yes its a Ponzi scheme. I … just signed up …”
            “Ok its not fair. So what? hardly anything in life is fair.”

            The degree of immorality in that comment is astonishing.

            • old guy

              Yuri your full of it. For more than 4 decades I have been a producing maker. Never drew welfare or unemployment. And you think me Naming the fact that its a Ponzi scheme and life isn’t fair is some how immoral? Why shouldn’t I try and recoup the money I paid into the Social security Ponzi scheme? I have been largely self employed so I usually paid twice the percentage that most do. I will mail the fed over $6,000 in self employment tax when I pay my 2013 taxes this year.

              • Yuri

                “Why shouldn’t I try and recoup the money I paid into the Social security Ponzi scheme?”

                I’m sorry that the answer to that isn’t obvious to you.

                • What?

                  Hey Yuri,

                  Tell me if I’m right here. The problem, if I am getting you, is not that SS is being doled out in the first place, it is that it is a transfer payment. In other words, a form of welfare. Now, before we all get angry here, some of you have admitted that most get much more than they paid in. Anything over and above that could and probably should be considered a form of welfare.

                  Here is the problem as I see it. SS has NO money in it. Why? It has all been “BORROWED” with an “IOU” by the congress of the USA. Who, as a whole, authorized this? Our elected reps. Who, as a whole, elected our reps? The “greatest generation”, the baby boomers, and GEN-X. The only ones that can’t really be blamed yet are GEN-Y, and the millennials. The boomers are a convienient target, I think, because that is when the “radicalization” of politics in this country started.

                  So, when there is a knee-jerk reaction to the criticism of “where did all the money go?” We can all, as a group, look in the damn mirror, and wonder what might have been.

                  Not that it’ll do any good.

                  And then the MSM will run a special report about Gonzo the Wonder Cat and we’ll all forget about this.

                  Feel better yet?

                  Me neither.

                • old guy

                  Nope the answer is obvious to me. I guess Im too dumb? I cant answer riddles and don’t have a crystal ball up my ass. So why don’t you simply explain to me why it is immoral for me to try and recoup the money that was corcerced from me that I paid into the social security Ponzi Scheme.

                • Yuri

                  From my comment above at January 18, 2014 at 5:31 pm

                  “If you kept your life’s-savings under your mattress, and a burglar broke in and stole it … would YOU feel “entitled” to go and steal your neighbor’s under-the-mattress fund?

                  If you get Social Security, that’s EXACTLY what you’re doing.”

                  And, I might add, that Old Guy is here rationalizing his theft with the justification that he was stolen from.

                  A Ponzi scheme is fraud, i.e., theft. Typically, only the initiator of the scheme is aware of the fraud, and early participants are the defrauded. In this case, Old Guy admits to knowingly participating in defrauding others (i.e. stealing from them) and then wonders what’s morally wrong with theft.

                • Miss DeeDee

                  If I had the power to mandate you yo give me 6 to 12 percent of your income weekly, with the promise to return a set figure monthly to you at a determined age until you pass away ( Annuity ) then I spent your contributions to the extent that there was nothing left to pay you the promised allotment , who would you call a thief or scum bag ? Would you advocate discontinuation of the program? Would you just increase your income tax 6 to 12 percent to pay for the programs and benefits not related to Social Security that is now happening ? You tell me. I’m just a baby boomer that has been contributing into the system since I turned 14yo. My generation does not hold the steering wheel or the throttle to the train wreck any more. Yours does. Remember that whatever results you take blame. Same as you blame the Boomers.
                  — Miss Dee Dee

        • old guy

          Yuri says—-Tell me if I’m right here. The problem, if I am getting you, is not that SS is being doled out in the first place, it is that it is a transfer payment. In other words, a form of welfare. Now, before we all get angry here, some of you have admitted that most get much more than they paid in. Anything over and above that could and probably should be considered a form of welfare. —————————————————— Ok I gotta agree with yuri After a Social security Recipient Recieves the money that they personally paid in to the system and a little extra for interest & inflation. Everything paid afterwards is indeed welfare or dole. And most reciepents get every penny back within 3 to five years. However many die before receiving a penny. And the monthly amount the boomers will receive is being greatly reduced. and the age to retire with full benefits is increased. I will receive about $1000 per month. I don’t really need it. We can maintain our current lifestyle on a $100 per week. After SHTF for us we could survive on zero dollars per week. For Many folks their SHTF would be if the government checks didn’t arrive. eventually sometime probably sooner than later those government checks will disappear.

          • Yuri

            “Ok I gotta agree with yuri After a Social security Recipient Recieves the money that they personally paid in to the system”

            This is the problem, Old Guy. You’re missing the point that the Social Security Recipient DOES NOT receive the money that they personally paid in to the system.

            There is NO system to give you that money back. That’s what a Ponzi scheme is. Money is stolen from initial investors, spent or squandered by the Ponzi schemer, and the initial investors are NOT paid back with money returned on their initial investment. Never. Not ever. There IS NO investment. The money is stolen …. gone …. spent …. squandered … bye-bye.

            THEN, and only then, the Ponzi schemer pushes off into the future the rebellion by investors that would surely occur if they discovered that their “investment” was simply blown away … spent on hookers & booze … or thrown away at the blackjack tables in Vegas …. or providing mansions and yachts for the Ponzi schemer. The Ponzi schemer puts off this rebellion by partially paying the initial investors with money that is STOLEN — by fraud — from later investors.

            The initial investors’ money is GONE. They (you) do NOT ever get back what they “paid in”. Instead, they are paid with money stolen from someone else.

            Typically, the initial investors do not know this. They usually believe (because the Ponzi schemer has led them to believe) that the money he pays them is a legitimate return on the money that they (the investors) initially gave to him (the Ponzi schemer). But that is not the money he gives them. THAT money has been spent. It no longer exists in a form that can be given back. It is gone.

            That’s exactly what the U.S. government has done with the money they took in in the form of payroll taxes. They spent it. It’s gone. It no longer exists in a form that can be given back to you …. hence the “I.O.U.’s” filling the Social Security “Trust Fund”.

            So, how are you getting the money that Social Security sends to you in the form of a check every month? Where does that money come from? Whose wealth does that money represent?

            Hint: it’s NOT yours.

            • old guy

              You core concept is flawed. Shure its not the very same exact money, No different than when I deposit cash into my checking account and later withdraw cash from a atm. The money deducted from my paychecks and the self employment tax I paid was credited to my personal social security account. The federal goverments fiscal irresponsibility has nothing to do with the right I wish to exercise by trying to recoup what I have paid in. The social security tax revenues have always been part of the general budget. There never was a separate account for social security monies. All goverment spending is a tax. Its a tax on the making producers or in the case of the borrowed money its a tax of the futures making producers. Your blaming the wrong group of folks. you should blame all the taking parasites who don’t produce anything. too many taking parasites and too few producing makers is simply not sustainable. If whatever you do does not directly or indirectly use the natural recources of the planet to make build or grow a product that adds to the GNP your a taking parasite and part of the problem.

            • old guy

              Yuri says From my comment above at January 18, 2014 at 5:31 pm

              “If you kept your life’s-savings under your mattress, and a burglar broke in and stole it … would YOU feel “entitled” to go and steal your neighbor’s under-the-mattress fund?

              If you get Social Security, that’s EXACTLY what you’re doing.”

              And, I might add, that Old Guy is here rationalizing his theft with the justification that he was stolen from.

              A Ponzi scheme is fraud, i.e., theft. Typically, only the initiator of the scheme is aware of the fraud, and early participants are the defrauded. In this case, Old Guy admits to knowingly participating in defrauding others (i.e. stealing from them) and then wonders what’s morall wrong as theft.—————————————— ok you already stated that the social security funds are comingled with the entire federal budget. Look at it this way you put a certain amount of cash money in a bank savings account. and later you withdraw it in cash. its not the very same cash. take it a step further the bank had previously went under failed and the feds came in and took over and covered the bad loans and your account was intact because of the FDIC and feds taking action. You getting your savings under your wrong thinking would be theft And immoral.

              • Yuri

                I shouldn’t have started down this road, and have said too much already. So this is the last I’ll say on the matter of Social Security.

                1. It’s not a matter of the fungibility of money. Nor of pooling funds. The issue is time and whose money is in the pool. If the money you paid in was pooled with others who paid in during the same period, then you’d be right, there’d be no difference in which individual dollar bills you were paid out with.
                The problem is that the entire pool was spent, rather than saved or invested. Then, when the time came to pay out, an entirely new pool of taxpayer money was created to give the illusion that the money of the initial contributors was being paid back.
                When you put your money in a bank, that money gets loaned out … at interest. Some portion of that interest is paid to you for the temporary use of your money. If the bank, instead of loaning money at interest and expecting it to be paid back, simply spent the money (or even gave it away), THEN the situation would be the same as what the government is doing with Social Security.
                The bank must give you back the money you deposited. Even if that money is currently not in the vault, the bank can, in time, get your deposit back to you by getting back the money it has loaned out. The government, on the other hand, does not get the money BACK from wherever it was wastefully spent. Instead, it goes and TAKES money from someone entirely different.

                Loaning money at interest (as a bank does) and spending money (as the government does) are not the same thing. The bank, on request, gives back the money put in by each depositor. The government spends money put in by each “depositor”, then takes the money from a NEW “depositor” to pay the earlier “depositor”. This is what separates a legitimate bank from a Ponzi scheme. There is no account in which the amount you “deposit” (by payroll taxes) is kept track of to ensure that YOU get YOUR money back. The only thing the gov’t keeps track of, is how much you’re supposed to ultimately be paid. Then, and only then, it goes and acquires that amount.

                2. The FDIC is funded by taxes. So, if the FDIC pays you back when a bank fails, it IS theft.
                That’s someone else’s labor being used to pay you when the bank fails (or is robbed). The deposits are “insured” not by people willingly paying for insurance, but by money EXTORTED (via legislation, regulation, and force of law) from the banks. Money which the bank would either use to further its services, increase its shareholders’ profits, lower the interest on its loans, or pay greater interest on accounts to its depositors, … in a free market, that is.

                3. Ultimately my point was not to call you immoral, or a thief, or to pass judgement on your receipt of Social Security. It was to tell you that such receipt — despite what you have previously believed — IS theft.

                What you do with that information, when you come to believe and understand it, is up to you. The system has been in place for many years. People have been induced to rely upon it. So, although it IS theft, I am not trying to tell anyone that they must stop accepting Social Security payments tomorrow or damn their souls. The national situation is what it is, and individual circumstances are what they are … in part based on acceptance of the idea that Social Security benefits (and indeed Socialism) are not theft.

                What I did not expect, and what caused me to belabor this point so badly, was two things:
                a) Annemarie’s claim that AverageJoe was claiming to be “entitled” to something not his when, in point of fact, SHE is the one receiving a GOVERNMENT ENTITLEMENT (that’s what the govt, the law, and the courts CALL it) at others’ expense.
                b) An admission by you, OldGuy, to being a knowing participant in fraud, and nevertheless claiming a “right” to someone else’s money and wondering why an ADMISSION OF FRAUD AND THEFT might be considered not such a great thing.

                I cannot explain much better than I have already. Certainly not in the context of this comment section.

                It seems that you didn’t intend to admit to theft by admitting to knowingly participating in an ongoing Ponzi scheme. On that point, I can only refer you to 11 U.S.C. Section 548 – “Fraudulent transfers and obligations”. Or a book on Criminal Law, or even Black’s Law Dictionary on fraud, theft, or theft by deception.

                Beyond that, you should familiarize yourself with a man named Bastiat.

                • Babycatcher55

                  This is one of the best explanations for how the Socialist Security system works, that I have ever seen. Thank you Yuri, for explaining it so well. One of the reasons I went back to school relatively late in life, and am just now building my midwifery business, is that I have felt for many years that there will be no retirement funds for me. Part of my preparedness is that I have a business I can run, and love to do, so it doesn’t feel like a job….I’m 58, and I feel for my fellow Boomers who haven’t prepared. We are in for a crapload of trouble shortly…..

                • old guy

                  Theft. Ok The fact is all government spending is a tax. Its a tax on the producing makers. The taxing & redistriduting by the government is social engineering. Its theft robbery from the productive. If your money comes from the government coffers younever really pay any taxes. since your money comes from tax dollars that was robbed from the productive & redistributed to you whatever tax you pay ( be it sales tax property tax ect) is merely a recycling of previously robbed money. Its like getting a dollar for free and paying a 10 cent handling fee. And therefore anyone who uses the highway,s parks, public schools and any facility or infrastructure that is funded by tax dollars by Yuri,s definition that makes you a thief. makes you a thief because that government funded infrastructure is paid for by dollars taxed (robbed) from some producer. So Yuri remember the next time you get in a vehicle or use and public facility or infrastructure ect. By your own definition your a immoral thief.

                • old guy

                  Yuri just what do you do for a living?

                • Yuri

                  As I tried to explain above, I was not trying to condemn those on Social Security, especially if they had never before considered it to be theft. I wanted to explain that it IS theft, and leave what to do about it up to an individual’s conscience. Knowing and believing it to be theft — which I thought you had, by admitting it to be a Ponzi scheme — and then being stridently proud of participating in such theft struck me as another matter entirely.
                  It is clear now that you did not, and still do not, consider it to be theft. So, I apologize for saying that you were being immoral. Now, I think that you’re simply confused as to why it IS theft, and are desperately trying to rationalize a way to avoid thinking of it as theft, because then you might feel differently about receiving it.

                  What you receive from Social Security is not for public use. It is for YOUR use alone.

                  What government spends on infrastructure, roads, schools, parks, etc, ARE for public use. Services for public use have long been considered a legitimate function of government. There is an argument of plunder to be made against taxation even for the use of the general public; but I’m not going to make that argument here. Taking one citizen’s wealth and giving it to another citizen strictly for the receiving citizen’s use (rather than use by the general public) is a different matter altogether. It cannot be considered a legitimate purpose of a just government. In addition to Bastiat, check out Locke for more on that.

                  As for what I do for a living, I have two advanced degrees and I work retail in a local hardware store.

                  And I am a reformed former thief.

      • The Old Coach

        Hey little Joe, I’ll happily take back all that we boomers did for you.

        AND BTW when I look at the sharks looting the country from Wall street, I see YOUR generation, not mine. Age range of stock brokers and hedge fund managers is not 55 to 65, its 25 thru 45.

        MY generation had morals. (Well, most of it.) We worked for a living, paid the mortgage, (or the rent), married our babymamas, paid for your college degree in some useless discipline, built the Internet for you….we have even almost cured the AIDS that you spread around the nation by buttforking your bros and hoes willy-nilly. WE are not the ones who took out second and third mortgages on our already overpriced McMansions to fund trips to Jamaica for a week of weed and feed every February.

        I admit that we did do one thing wrong. We didn’t commit your greedy faces to the stable bucket when we had the chance.

        There. I feel better now.

        • 1braveheart

          Averagejoe sounds like ncjoe.

          • Northern Reb

            1 BRAVEHEART:
            Yes I have to agree with you 100%.
            This guy (Averagejoe)does not realize that the people that have been and still are WORKING are paying into S.S. And are paying for his grand parents S.S. and maybe his parents. He probably a mope and we are paying his also.
            Are we getting screwed in the long run. yes thanks to all those clown in Washington that has given S.S. to people that never paid a dime into it. I’m not talking about handicapped people.
            If I have to tell you how I’m talking about then you are dumber than I thought!!!!!
            S.T.S.F.P. N.R. N.S. N.REB

            • 1braveheart

              Northern Reb. I’m curious. What does STSFP NR NS mean?

              • Northern Reb


                • Northern Reb


                • Miss DeeDee

                  Northern Reb,
                  Thanks from a lot of folks
                  — Miss Dee Dee

                • 1braveheart

                  Thanks, NR, sounds good.

      • old guy

        The prosperity that all working middle class americans enjoyed wasn’t the result of anyones stewardship. It was a one time anomaly in the entire history of the world. Before WWII we where destitute. Roosevelts New deal Socialisim was doomed to fail. WWII ended the great depression. After the War we where a nation untouched by war on the mainland USA. Europe was bombed out. The USA had intact factories, unlimited natural resources, cheap energy. and a willing workforce. The USA became the whole worlds producers. If some one needed or wanted anything they came to the USA to get it. That created the blue collar making producer middle class. And we prospered until the Fake gas crisis in the 1970,s. The UN NWO and agenda 21 folks decided that the US middle class had more than their fair share. So policies where put in place to redistribute the Middle class jobs and prosperity to third world places. It was done on purpose by those in secret societies who control all the politics and foreign policies. Blaming the ordinary citizens for what the global elite and 535 elected officials in Washington do is not rational. We are now a doomed nation of too many parasite takers and too few producing makers. For me things where pretty good until the fake gas shortage in the 70,S. I had been in the workforce less than ten years. It became a struggle to earn enough to feed my family on just my income. However we did without saved 10% got out of debt. I drove semi truck and was gone for weeks at a time. I Don’t think Me wanting to recoup the money I paid into the social security Ponzi scheme is wrong.

        • Kevin2

          old guy

          I been saying that for years. I wasn’t WWII but the aftermath of WWII that fueled the boom for the next two subsequent decades.

      • Kevin2

        The Greatest Generation worked hard, educated their children, won WWII but had a fault. They were far too trusting of government.

        The protesting Baby Boomers started out right but sold out and traded security for long term freedom. To think that the generation what marched at Kent State and rallied against injustice would become globalist leaders is pathetic. They are now the J Edgar Hoover and Warren Commission of today.

      • John W.

        average joe,

        You are delusional. The average boomer had zero to say about anything. Just like your generation will have zero to say about anything. When LBJ started his Great Society most of us were in our early teens when the voting age was still 21. The elites care not a bit about what the cattle want. They run saying one thing and once elected do just the opposite. Good luck with your sniveling, loser.

      • t-zulu

        I rarely post, but my goats been got. Id be willing to bet they who are on mac’s site are not the squanderers you speak of. prepping is just the way of life before most got lazy and fell for the govt dole

    45. Old Vet

      Rice Drink

      1/2 Cup Sugar
      1 Cup Long Grain Rice
      1 Cup Water
      Large Capacity Blender (7-8 Cups)
      4 Cups Milk
      1/2 Teaspoon Cinnamon
      1 Teaspoon Vanilla

      Place rice in a bowl with enough hot water to cover. Let sit overnight on counter.
      Next day, remove the water. Place rice, 1/2 cup fresh water and 2 cups milk in a blender until rice is all ground up.
      Add sugar, vanilla, and cinnamon. Blend.
      Add the remaining two cups milk, and 1/2 cup water. Blend.
      Strain through thickly layered cheesecloth (more than once may be necessary; do NOT squeeze the cloth).
      Chill and serve. Makes approx. 6 cups.

    46. Old Vet

      Wild Greens

      wood sorrel leaves and stems; a handfull for flavoring.
      dandelion, chickory, and pokeweed leaves; pick a good mess because they cook down.
      1/4 lb. bacon, or fatback

      Pick the leaves of these plants like you would lettuce.
      Wash and cook the leaves down in a pot of water.
      When they’ve cooked down, strain them, add a little water, and the wood sorrel, and let them sit and warm.
      Take your bacon/fatback (if you use fatback, cut it into thin strips to fry) and fry it in a skillet good and crisp.
      Drain off most of the grease (save it for other uses) and take the greens and put them in the hot skillet with the bacon, mixing it well.
      Serve it up, and eat well!

      Be careful to only pick the young leaves of the pokeweed; the ones not showing any red on the underside of the leaf, as the plant becomes poisonous as it gets big and shows red viens

      • PO'd Patriot

        I never was much on greens when I was a young’un. But it seemed when I turned thirty-ish, it was like I could never get my fill of em. I usually eat a mix of them 3-4 times a week.

    47. Old Vet

      Peppermint Tea

      About 1/2 cup dry Peppermint leaves.
      3 or 4 cups very hot water.
      2 or 3 tablespoons of honey.

      Boil about 3 or 4 cups of water.
      Add the peppermint leaves and shut the heat off.
      Let the tea steep for about 5 minutes.
      Pour through a tea strainer.
      Add the honey and pour into cups.
      The tea can be made from fresh leaves or dryed leaves.

      Good for colds or an upset stomach.

      • JayJay

        AND bad breath!! 😉

    48. Old Vet

      Fruit Drink

      4 Cups water
      1 Cup of Fruit (Wild Strawberries, Wild Blackberries, any fresh berry or perhaps peaches)
      Honey (to taste)

      Combine the water with the crushed, strained (if desired) fruit.

      Add the honey and stir. Chill.

    49. Old Vet

      Pinto Fry Bread

      ¼ Tsp. Black Pepper
      1 Tsp. Salt
      1 Tblsp. Baking Powder
      2c. Flour
      2c. Pinto Beans With Broth

      Place the pinto beans in a bowl and mix in the salt, baking powder, and black pepper.
      Add enough of the flour to make a thick mixture.
      Heat frying pan, add a tablespoon of lard.
      Spoon in mixture like small pancakes, brown on both sides.

      • 1happycountrymom

        OMG!!! Yum!! Think I’ll add some dehydrated onion bits too.

        Ya’ll keep preppin’

      • JayJay

        At my house, we just soak our pintos in the bean juice!!!

    50. averagejoe

      To whomever thumbed my comment down, I have to say, which generation has been at the helm for the past 20 years, and is now fading into the gray of retirement? Which generation inherited leadership of this nation from “The Greatest Generation”‘, and leaves it in its current state? The radical teens of the 1960’s and 70’s have driven this nation into bankruptcy and ruin, and their grandkids will pay the price.

      • Any Mouse

        Are Yuppies what you are shooting for here averagejoe? The cocaine snorting bullshit factories from the 1980’s.

        • The Old Coach

          He doesn’t know. That’s why he wrote what he did.

      • Jim Bob

        Average Joe,

        Let me share some valuable life experience with you. What good are tears going to do? First, and this is a universal truth, NOBODY CARES! Second, they’re not going to help you on the road YOU have to travel. It seems the ONLY thing teachers want you learn about history is the bad boomer,{ read white} generations destroyed America.

        Do yourself a big favor, FORGET IT, or simply curl up in the fetal position and wait to die.

      • old guy

        You are barking up the wrong tree. you somehow think that your success or lack of it is at the mercy of other people things or conditions. You placing blame does nothing constructive and actually attracts negative bad luck to your self. You need to change your core concept. My children have already benifited from my success and my grandchildren will benefit from them. I I take care of me and mine and everyone else takes care of them & theirs there wouldn’t be a problem. The UN and NWO agenda 21 folks are the ones who purposely redistributed the US blue collar middle class,s producing jobs to other places. There wasn’t any viable thing we citizens could do to prevent it. Now If we want to bring about change. boycott all sports. Its wrong to pay taking parasite players millions of dollars to chase balls. and the stadiums are funded with public tax dollars. Boycott all sports even high school sports. Why let your child help make some parasite coachs living.

      • Northern Reb

        A little history lesson. Do you know what history is?
        Prez. Jonhson in the 60’s started the down fall. Guess what he was not a baby boomer. Then we had Prez. Carter in the 70’s than kicked use depper in the hole, not a boomer. Then we had Clinton (Thanks NAFTA) The first boomer that screwed things up. Now it’s Obama the 2nd boomer that is screwing things up.
        S.T.S.F.P. N.R. N.S. N.REB

        • Northern Reb

          thats roll over and go back to sleep THAT FOOL GOT ME PISSED!!!!

        • The Old Coach

          Obama ain’t old enough to be a Boomer. He’s a ’60s Red Diaper Doper baby. (Thank you Michael Savage.)

        • old guy

          you left out the two bush guys? Bush Sr was the first president that I heard utter the words New World Order.

    51. aljamo

      averagejoe… wow, what a load of complete bullcrap. Parents and grandparents of baby boomers were born from the late 1800’s through about 1930 or so. They are not the cause of your sour grapes. You actually think people had any power back then? If averagejoe is the average joe, this country is in bigtime trouble.

    52. save_america1st

      Hey all, remember this piece of shit scumbag that was on Doomsday Preppers saying he and his crew were going to just go out and rob and kill all the other preppers? Well, the police got him.
      Turns out he already had a previous felony on his record, so owning and using guns while threatening to rob and kill neighbors was about the dumbest thing that a-hole ever could have done! LOL


      Excerpt from article:

      TACOMA — Tyler Smith, 26, a felon who lives in Buckley, was charged Thursday with unlawful possession of a firearm after he was seen firing two rifles on the reality TV show ‘Doomsday Preppers.’

      “If you threaten your neighbors and commit a crime on national TV, you’re likely to be caught,” said Pierce County prosecutor Mark Lindquist said after the charge was filed.

      On Wednesday, when Smith was arrested, Pierce County Sheriff Paul Pastor said he couldn’t believe what Smith had done on national TV.

      “Did he really think we wouldn’t notice that he had done this? He was seen on television possessing, firing, holding a firearm and indicating that it was his intention to rob his neighbors, not defend his family in the event of something extreme, not to stay home and defend what he had, but to go out and take things from someone else,” Pastor said Wednesday.

      Smith appeared in an episode of the National Geographic Channel’s ‘Doomsday Preppers’ reality show.

      “We’re not in it to stockpile,” Smith says of what he plans to do in the event of a Doomsday event. “We’re in it to come take what you have, and there’s nothing you can do to stop us.”

      Smith claimed to be a part of a group of survivalists known as Marauders, and he made it clear he was armed. But, as a felon, possession of a firearm is against the law.

      “A convicted felon and you go on television committing another crime, possessing firearms. What are you thinking? Did he really think that we would not notice that he had done this. We noticed and we arrested him today” on gun charges, Pastor said.

      • newbee

        I figured a real prepper would have gotten to him before the police did.

    53. Kulafarmer

      I dont care what list im on,,,
      Big middle finger to you governmet pricks!
      Im not NATO compliant so you can bet my ammo doesnt just poke holes, it turns your guts to jelly!

    54. maudy fricket

      Rubbing alcohol. The dermatologists always prescribed expensive creams and salves. $60 a tube. That stuff never worked. One day I grabbed a bottle of rubbing alcohol and no more dermatologists. If you don’t rub it on, you can always make a molotov cocktail out of it. You can probably even drink it with Red Bull or something.

      • Eisenkreuz

        You cant drink rubbing alcohol. It has methanol in it. Youll go blind.

        • Mountain Trekker

          Eisenkraut, Now we find out, you really do care! We Love You Man! Trekker Out.

          • Be informed

            Anything toxic will do you in through kidney failure. ALWAYS be very careful what you ever put into your mouth.

            • JayJay

              It’s the liver alcoholics have to worry about.

        • buttcrackofdoom

          i’m just gonna drink enough of it ’til i need GLASSES! “wink”

          • Mountain Trekker

            buttcrackmeup! Trekker Out

        • The Old Coach

          Rubbing alcohol is isopropyl, not methanol. Still not drinkable, though.

          • Eisenkreuz


          • t-zulu

            you can distill mouthwash to rid it of the triclosan and make it potable

    55. Be informed

      @ VRF. Just like I stated above to maudy about the Cocos and Nazca plates, the Nazca plate is getting real active. There was just an earthquake that occurred that never had one, the closest one was back on August 5, 2007 about 95 miles away. 10 days later you probablt knew what happened, 8 pointer right off the coast of Lima. The northwest coast of South America is very due for an eventual whopper, 8.5+. The recent activity on the outer boundaries of the plates suggest a more North South America and/or Central America including Mexico, rather than something more south.

      If I am not on the computer if you could watch the western section of the Nazca plate. Look at about 15 degrees south near where the it looks like a sideways U, the same sideways U at about the Equator, and the second branch of the plate that run next to the western boundary at about the Tropic of Capricorn. You see one or more earthquakes at these 3 points and a significant earthquakes if highly likely on the way to anywhere between southern Mexico to South Peru/Far North Chile. Not to alarm your family in Peru, but there are definitely one of the areas in the crosshairs.

      I have seen this before at similar stress points along the plate. The western section of the Nazca plate moving means much stress building to the east along the coast. With the recent swarm on the northern Mid Atlantic Ridge, the region shows compression is going on directed at the Nazca, Cocos, AND the Caribbean plate. All these regions should be on alert for some heavy activity.

    56. TheGuy

      Have you ever noticed taht every-damned-thing this country does is “THE WAR ON *fill in the blank*(tm)”?


      What a bunch of insecure little runts we are.

      Everything’s effing war. War war war war.


      I guess we took it to heart when Germany said we were a bunch of softies that couldn’t fight our way out of a wet paper bag. Despite the fact that we did (although honestly, Russia did more)… we seem like we can never live down that insult and have to “war” the shit out of everything to “prove ourselves”.

      • another Jay

        Actually, if they declare “war” on a problem, then they get federal funding.

    57. Nam Marine

      Old news to people in the know !

    58. Satori

      47% Of All Jobs Will Be Automated By 2034, And ‘No Government Is Prepared’ Says Economist


      if true this is gonna be ONE HELL OF A GAME CHANGER
      social unrest on steroids will be the result

      kids today better be damn careful of their career choices

      and for those who drop out ???
      a lifetime of poverty

      we will very likely end up being a two tier society

      of course we are already well down that path

      • Anonymous

        You are precisely correct.

      • Kevin2


        This reminds me of a story from 1970 involving Walter Reuther and Henry Ford III (orVI regardless a Ford). Reuther was taken on a tour of a brand new Ford Auto plant and shown the first robotics in a Ford facility. Mr Ford said to Walter, “Those robots won’t go out on strike”, “Walter replied, they won’t buy any cars either”.

        • old guy

          Nope the robots didn’t buy any cars. but those who developed manufactured and produced the raw materials and kept the robots working bought cars.

          • Kevin2

            They only lost 95% of their customers. The robots were probably made in China while the raw material came from overseas too.

            • old guy

              not in 1970. the unions got too big for their britches. When the gas prices rose and the price of a new car was more than a home mortgage sales dropped. I love my old 50s,60s, &7i v8 American made gas guzzling vehicles. However my main driver is a 4 cylinder mini truck. Its tough as nails and I don’t do anything but tires, spark plugs and oil changes. 300,000 miles and still going strong. the problem was the us car manufactures failed to build vehicles that would sell for a reasonable price and give good service. I wouldn’t own anything made by the big three after 1972.

    59. maudy fricket

      According to Maudy’s Manifesto, we are not free. We do not have a Free Constitutional Republic anymore. We live in a Socialist Democracy. The USA is a large plantation run by corporate slave masters. They send our good paying jobs to the low paying 3rd world plantations. And they also bring in slaves from the 3rd world plantations that cost even less. Soon, the entire world will be one big plantation with no escape. Even if you prep real good, you still live on the plantation. The US Chamber of Commerce (the Masters) and the US Government must be eliminated. Any way possible. (red flag just popped up on NSA computer somewhere) The smartest people I know say the government must destroy itself, for it is too big for us alone to do it. So, never pass up a good crisis. Use it to crush the slave masters. Freedom. You can almost see it from here. Almost. If you close your eyes and imagine.

      • Gunner

        Maudy — that was so well put *****.

    60. ptmama

      In 1983 my husband and I had matching convertibles. His was a 1966 Olds 442, mine was 1966 cutlass. We bought his from original owner for 500.00. Unfortunately we got rid of them when our kids were little. We have had a number of old vehicles thru the years. We now own a 1965 and 1964 2 door cutlass’. Parts are hard to find.

      • Bobi

        Don’t give up, many restored vehicules out there among them cutlasses, thay were the best at the top of the GM parade, they were made of strenghtier iron largest bore by stroke highest rpm for a small block ever, with proper cam it acheived plus 450 on the dyno with small block, single carb…

    61. aljamo

      Topics are varied. What about the elephant in the room in plain view? The present level of police state aggression from all angles. The elephant is 9-11. The aftermath of this event is front and center today. The LIE has cast all doubters as potential terrorists. Most people are afraid to openly speak up about their doubt. Common sense has proved beyond a shadow of a doubt, that the official story is completely false. The people cannot allow this blatent tyranny to continue to be defended. Dont be afraid to keep pushing the criminals for the truth.

    62. JayJay

      Just read part of this about bio agents:

      {{{In both cases, these whistleblowers tell stories of research related to methodologies on how to bypass all HLA typings with regard to certain pathogens. The research is so volatile that many of the research personnel have fallen ill. Most disturbingly, the connecting dots are suggestive of the fact that some entity, within this country, is doing research on how to make a bio-agent so completely destructive so as not to leave any survivors.}}}

      We don’t have a chance—stay indoors and do not connect with anyone outside???

    63. RICH99

      Yes but what does this mean ???? It doesn’t equate to a collapse any time soon like most on here think !!!!
      If you look at common core and THEIR attempt to REeducate the new generation , it makes one think they want to wait it out till the current generation is does out and the reeducated emerge .
      I will NOT see a collapse in my lifetime ……I’m 45 !!!!!

      Prove me wrong or shut your cum dumpsters !!!!!!!

      • JayJay

        Common Core was probably accepted because somebody kin to some higher up owned a publishing house??

      • 1braveheart

        Rich99, you can disagree with us all you want, and events will one day prove you to be wrong, but you’re crossing a line telling people to shut up, so back off with that crap.

        • RICH99

          Yup…..one day……one day !!!
          And ONE DAY cows will evolve and be able to fly ….one day !!!

    64. ENFP

      My first car was a ’57 Chevy. I didn’t even have a driver’s license. My 2 college roommates and I went to the Pendleton Rodeo in their car. It broke down and couldn’t be repaired. I was the only one with enough money ($70) to buy this very used car in 1966. We picked up a hitchhiker on the way back to Washington State U. He was driving and got the ticket for the car having no good muffler.

    65. Agent Provocatour

      It’s time to “Shrug it off ” folks!

    66. Christian Man

      Now i am wondering what our “dear Leader” has been smoking in his spare time.

      He now believes that Marijuana, is not as bad as alcohol is, seems like he wants to promote Marijuana, so that the his people are not only on the public tit, but will be more like good sheepe by using marijuana.

      All falls into the idea of making the sheepe compliant, and easier to take their constitutional rights away..

      The end my friends is near when the “dear Leader” and Goberment starts talking that garbage.

      Time to top off the preps. Start some sourdough starter.

      • Kulafarmer

        The patriots who will be the undoing of these tyrants arent a bunch of dope smoking sheep, thats going to be a problem isnt it

      • Anonymous

        Obama is simply continuing the Soviet/KGB effort begun during the Vietnam war to get our country hooked on drugs so that we cannot reason rationally, think clearly, decide responsibly, or function normally. A spaced out population with fried brains is a population easily conquered.

        Never confuse Putin with anything other than a KGB thug. He is Obama’s master and the Chicoms are Obama’s overseers.

        And never doubt that communists are behind the push to legalize mind-altering drugs in this country. This never, in a million years, would have happened had the Clintons not come to power. They began it, they sowed the seeds, they promoted it, and they laughed all the way to the bank as they racked up their millions while purporting to be the champions of the poor and down-trodden.

        • JayJay

          ***And never doubt that communists are behind the push to legalize mind-altering drugs in this country***
          Well, after Big Pharma maybe. 🙂

      • Anonymous

        As for being on this so-called “red list:” Bring it.

    67. aljamo

      Christian Man… Why the attack on cannabis? Anybody that knows anything knows cannabis is far safer than alcohol. The gradual decriminalization into legalization is a direct result of millions of American opinion’s that it should be legal. Obama, the useful puppet is against cannabis per his handlers, the big pharma death merchants. The rest of the corporate masters oppose it’s legality. As far as cannabis users being compliant sheeple, there is no evidence supporting that assertion. You are stuck back in reefer madness thinking. The lies against cannabis have been proved to be false for decades. How can you believe anything this government says?

      • Christian Man

        I do not agree with that Lame excuse.

        If smoking is bad for humans, why would you allow folks to smoke more?

        Keep every one calm and easy, no better way than Marijuana. the mellow drug, one especially suited to keep the Sheepe in line and dependent for both food and their pleasure. It sure won’t take much work to provide drugs for the druggies.

        Alcohol make most abusers more violent and more resistant to obeying orders.

        I’d rather have some alcohol to clean out injuries, cuts and wounds than a drug such as marijuana.

        • JayJay

          I’ll take my hemp oil over alcohol any day.

        • Any Mouse

          “If smoking is bad for humans, why would you allow folks to smoke more?”

          Allow folks? What makes you so much more superior as to disallow it?

          Research why marijuana was really vilified and later outlawed. I’ll bet you’ll be surprised to learn that your just towing the line for big tobacco.

        • JayJay

          ***If smoking is bad for humans, why would you allow folks to smoke more?***
          That is the STUPIDEST question I have heard in about 30 years!!!

          Big Pharma owns all tests results of any studies done.
          If you don’t see the results THEIR way, you just lost that funding for other studies…and there are OTHER ways to make you see it their way.

      • JayJay

        Cannabis was in EVERY household in the early 1900s.
        *** Reference to the hemp plant (cannabis) appears as early as 2700 B.C. in a Chinese manuscript. European explorers arriving to the New World first observed the plant in 1545. It was considered to be such a useful crop that early Jamestown settlers in 1607 began its cultivation and later in Virginia farmers were fined for not growing hemp; in 1617, it was introduced into England. From the seventeenth to the mid-twentieth century marijuana was considered as a household drug useful for treating such maladies as headaches, menstrual cramps, and toothaches. From 1913-38 a stronger variety of the marijuana plant was cultivated by American drug companies for use in their drug products. It was called Cannabis americana.***

        In fact, Kentucky just passed an Industrial Hemp Legislation.
        We’re gonna grow it!!! 🙂

      • Smokey

        I’ve worked with alcoholics and potheads, there’s not a dimes’ worth of difference between them.

        They can’t focus on the task, meet a deadline, logic skills are suspect, interpersonal skills take second place to their ego, they zone out during meetings, and make the most egregious of technical errors in their work.

    68. KY Mom

      Mega default in China scheduled for January 31
      – Forbes dot com

      Bank of America is actively preparing for the Chinese January 31 Trust Default
      – Zerohedge

    69. Be informed

      Getting conflicting reports on the actual magnitude of the recent New Zealand earthquake from 6.3 to 6.5. IF it turns out to be a 6.5, then this would be a major earthquake accurately forecasted on Comment# 2910978 five days ago at 8:52 AM on the California signs petition article stating that North Island New Zealand was part of the target zones. It at least shows that earthquakes are behaving like they should in regards to the precursor earthquake activity on the outer plates, which means that future major quakes are predictable.

      • Anonymous

        I appreciate and enjoy your earthquake reports. BUT anything under a 7.0 doesnt raise a red flag for too many people unless it is in a very populated area with potential damage. Otherwise it seems to just be like another big storm blowing through. The NZ quake will probably be nothing more than a blip on the news. Keep up the good work.

        • Be informed

          @ Anonymous. I put a threshold of 6.5 because this is where they start at a classification of a major earthquake, and because this seems like a point in which there is enough energy to start to do much destruction kind of like the beginning point of a Category 3 hurricane. On May 26, 2006 a 6.3 killed 5,749 in Java. Actually many of the near to New Madrid fault nuclear power plants are rated up to a 6.5 before failure. Other nuke power plants in some of the eastern states are safe up to a 6.3 or 6.4. These are important as you say in the wrong spots.

          I am still looking for something much, much larger. It is very concerning about the compression that is going on between the Pacific on the west and the North American plate on the south and east to the Cocos, Nazca and Caribbean plates. These plates, especially the Cocos influencing the San Andreas, and the Caribbean influencing the New Madrid, and the Nazca plate putting stress on the Caribbean plate. The Caribbean plate breking on the eastern and northern section would be almost as bad as the Cascadia or the Japanese fault going. There could be a sizable tsunami for the Atlantic Sea Coast of anywhere from 10 feet to maybe even 30 depending on if there was a dynamic overshoot that helped lift up more seafloor like in Japan and Indonesia. This is rather alarming to see the previous precursor quakes and that 6.5 off of Puerto Rico. I still say that the entire northern section of the Australian plate is ready for something quite large. The Pacific plate seems to be causing much additional tension on it the past month or so.

      • newbee

        BI. I took a picture with my cell phone of your post Jan 15. As far as I am concerned 6.3 – 6.5 that’s a pretty good forecast. Looking forward to your future reports. Thanks for keeping us informed

    70. swinging richard

      KY Mom you are spot on again. I wonder if they will call in USA debt, or start a war to prop up a failing economy.

      • KY Mom

        swinging richard,

        Time will tell what will happen next. The financial status of so many countries is tenuous.

        If this default occurs, it would be at the BANK, DESCRIBED AS THE “WORLD’S LARGEST BY ASSETS”.

        Both articles warn that a “WMP (a Chinese wealth management product) default could devastate the Chinese banking system and the larger economy as well.”

        from the article at Zerohedge:

        “The potential first default, even if it’s not CEQ1 on 31 JANUARY, would be important based on the experience of what happened to the US and Europe; the market has tended to underestimate the initial event.

        Over the last year, China appeared to be mirroring what happened in the US during 2007…”

        • newbee

          Over Christmas my uncle and I were talking about China and he was saying that they are going to crash hard. He said that all those high rise building that they built had hardly any renters. I am not sure if this is just his opinion or what.

    71. Cowdoc

      I will ask again. Have any of you true patriots got balls enough to put yourself on the line? Have you got guts enough to do something for other people and for yourself? Any of you that have any concern need to read and join CONSTITUTIONAL EMERGENCY. This is our last chance to make an organized attempt to take our country back from that muslim bastard that pretends to be president. He has infested our whole government and our country with muslims unlawfully.

      • maudy fricket

        Cowdoc, I went to the site you mentioned. I read the first part that said come to D.C. in May, for a peaceful, non-violent, physically unarmed protest. We have different ideas on what makes large balls.

        • PKLauLau


          It seems awfully “convenient” to have all the “good guys” in D.C., in one place, at one time. This concerns me. I know something needs to be done….but….I just don’t have a good feeling about this.


      • JayJay

        **Have any of you true patriots got balls enough to put yourself on the line**
        No. And that is because of Luke 21.
        I don’t believe this nation can be saved.
        We have no intentions of turning back to God; greeting Him back in schools, etc.
        It is written if you will just read.
        Also why this is important:
        I Timothy 5:8….Anyone who does not provide for their relatives, and especially for their own household, has denied the faith and is worse than an unbeliever.

        Why are you here?? you might ask.
        To watch and wait for this collapse. The news gets worse every day. It IS coming whether it is Russia attacking through Alaska as I read, or the dollar collapse which will turn this nation into a worse depression than ever imagined.
        I just watch. To learn how close it is. 🙁

    72. Anonymous

      Survival Blog. com has a article on EMP Myths. Hope some fear pornofiles read it so they STFU about thier cars.

      • Mountain Trekker

        Now are you the real Anonymous or are you the Anonymous, Anonymous.

        • Anonymous

          No. I had problems with my name, like others, so Im the phoney anonymous.

        • PKLauLau


          • PKLauLau

            That was to Mountain Trekker…btw…

    73. Any Mouse

      If there is an EMP strong enough to fry my small electronics I may not want to be around for the aftermath.

      • maudy fricket

        Any Mouse, are you a man or a mouse? (pun intended) It’s always better to outlast the bad guys. We’re here because our ancesters didn’t give up. And our progeny will be here a 1000 years from now because of us.

    74. Stew Pedaso

      This article like so many started with asking if I watch main stream media. Just a thought but if I’m reading this doesn’t it kinda show that I’m not? I’m just guessing but I would imagine people who watch the mainstream because they trust it don’t even know about this site…period.



      Defiance Is The Natural Offspring Of Resistance

      From a WRSA reader:

      Defiance is the natural offspring of resistance.
      It is defiance that puts meat on the bones of resistance.

      Resistance takes many forms, it begins in your mind, it begins as something maybe as simple as a gut feeling, realizing, in our case as people under the increasing shadow of tyranny, the form of state “authority” as it exists is not legitimate.

      More here: http://westernrifleshooters.wordpress.com/2014/01/19/defiance-is-the-natural-offspring-of-resistance/

      But Defy.

      Live free or die.





      Semper Fi 8541

    76. VRF

      you have to accept blame to be blamed

      good luck with that when it comes to me

    77. maudy fricket

      Today, Monday, they get to honor the leader of the Marxist movement to end White Christian America. Our government has closed all of it’s offices in his name. If you don’t understand the significance of this, then shame on you. This government, wether republican or democrat, has furthered the Marxist worldwide movement more than Russia or China. We sold out Rhodesia, South Africa, SW africa, Zaire, and we re-installed communist Aristide in Haiti. Made no difference if we had republican or democratic administrations. The government in DC is your biggest threat. It’s unlikely that you can vote your way out of this. Think. Use today to plan for an opportunity.

      • KY Mom

        They are now open about where they stand.

        New York Governor Andrew Cuomo said in his Friday radio interview that those who are pro-life and supporters of the Second Amendment, are NOT welcome in his state.

        Fox News

          • Gwyn

            Thank you for posting your comment and link, KY Mom.
            I live in Upstate New York. Cumo does not represent me.
            He does not represent any of the Upstate New Yorkers.
            The CessPool of NYC democrats control and run the votes
            for NY State Governor. His statements were out of line. Again, they do not represent me or many of the Upstate New Yorkers. The Upstate New Yorkers are always forgotten by the N.Y. Gov. and the big city Apple.
            A few months ago, Cumo acknowledged upstate N.Y. and
            sent the area some relief due to an ice storm.
            That was a big surprise. Usually, Upstate N.Y. is completely forgotten once the Gov. of N.Y. gets in.
            Robert Duffy, Cumos Lt. Gov. came from Upstate Rochester, New York. I hope he does not forget the
            Upstate New Yorkers. Oh, many of those that live in New York City think that those that reside in Upstate New York are a bunch of no – good, Ignorant, Country Bumpkins. They are wrong. Don’t UnderEstimate Upstate
            New Yorkers, oh New York City, or Cumo. That will be your mistake and undermining. Monroe County, New York has the Highest Taxes in the entire United States. That is uncalled for. Oh yeah, Repeal the Safe Act. That is
            Unconstitutional, Gov. Cumo. Your laws and executive orders are just as extreme and radical as Obama.
            Also, take a look at the mass exodus of New Yorkers
            leaving the state. Many here are getting fed up.
            Don’t UnderEstimate Us.

            • KY Mom


              I grew up in upstate New York. Many family members and friends still live there. I know there are many who do not share his views.

              It is very sad to hear the governor talk this way in a radio interview.

        • VRF

          well if he’s anti second amendment then he’s not welcome in MY country!
          GTFO now!

        • JayJay

          Not welcome in New York??

          So, make that happen. No vacationing in that state leads to no eating at their restaurants, no buying at their gas stations, no motel reservations in their towns, and no shopping at their malls, dept. stores. 🙂

          Will do, Cuomo. Attention!! Class dismissed!

      • t-zulu

        that’s why we call it james earl ray day lol

    78. Old Vet

      With all the headlines saying the GOP could take back control of the Senate and keep control of the House (so what). If you think for one minute that Big O is going to allow that to happen what planet are you living on? There will be a MAJOR FALSE FLAG, to give him the opportunity to declare Martial Law and cancel the fall election. Just brace yourself for the E O’s coming and what they initial. I have said before that there will be no Mid-Term election when Big O was reelected. Yes I know there is not one thing different between the two parties. If nothing happens in the Middle-East this next New moon, look out for Mar. 1.
      The way things look in this world today, someone has stuck a spike nail in the pop off valve, it’s going to blow wide open soon very soon, prepare like there is no tomorrow just because there just may not be. Stand your ground and look them in the eye (they hate that). As Sgt. Dale says AIM SMALL-MISS SMALL.
      Believe it or not we are the last free people on the face of the earth. I personally will die a FREE MAN, and when the battle starts show no mercy and give no quarter to those that want to take it (FREEDOM) from you, absolutely NONE. Remember it will take CHEAT’N TO WIN.

      It’s your Life as a Freeman–Make it Count!

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