On 9/11 Anniversary, Twitter Users Celebrate ‘Deserved’ Attacks

by | Sep 11, 2018 | Headline News | 28 comments

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    Whether you believe the 9/11 attacks that happened back in 2001 were the result of a government conspiracy and coverup or a terrorist attack, people still died and their deaths should be remembered.  But Twitter users instead, are “celebrating” the anniversary of the “deserved” attack.

    Not everyone on the left-leaning social media Twitter decided to mourn the lives lost on September 11, 2001, on the 17th anniversary of the loss of almost 3,000 lives. Some took to the social media platform (which has supposedly dedicated itself to “conversational health” according to Breitbart) to say those who died deserved it.

    *Some of the following tweets contain curse words.





    Other of course mourned the loss of life that took place that day.  And some even marked the day as a memory of the 17 years of war that has taken place since then, with no resolution, only more death.


    If you would like to see more tweets about this, please click here and read Breitbart‘s original article.

    No one deserved to die on 9/11 regardless of whoever or whatever was behind the horrific tragedy that happened. They were all pawns in some sort of game and we can point fingers until the end of time if we want to.  The fact is, not many know what really happened and even fewer will ever find out. May all the souls lost that day find peace.


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      1. Rev gray, I have no idea why we are still in Afghanistan either. After 17 years one would think that the Afghanis could handle this themselves. Apparently not. So, I say we ship our soldiers home and let the chips fall where they may. We did our job HONORABLY. We fought,bled,died for a country that does not give a happy damn for its future. Send the troops home. NOW !

        • The US should have NUKED bombed Saudi Arabia and Israhell into a sheet of glass day one after 9-11. They are the culprits that attacked us. And hang every treasonous SOB in the CIA that had finger prints on this 9-11 blue print attack. There is still time. Revenge is best served cold when they least expect it.

          • Yes, we all know that you are an imbecile. There is no need to refresh our memory first thing every morning.

          • You know better. The intelligence agencies did this to the United States in ORDER to start a bunch of endless wars in cooperation with Mi6 and Mossad.

            Our enemies are from within. I wonder when people are ever going to realize that? If never, you’re forever going to be victimized by them, and have no hope of holding them accountable.

          • What about Israel?

        • Much of Afghanistan outside its capitol city is tribal. It’s been that way for centuries and doubtlessly will continue that way until time ceases. The Russians could not quell them with their iron-fisted methods so I doubt American ways will effect any change either. The only thing that changed them was when Mohammad converted them way back when and I think–though I’d have to check for sure–that their conversion was at the edge of a sword.

          • Agree: Europeans were told Afghanistan would become Sweden by now. Instead, Sweden has become like Afghanistan.

            Afghan culture is tribal. And backward. It will always be that way. The best thing to do is to secure the border and keep them in there. Don’t bring them to the West.

            Like all Muslim cultures life is focused around the anus. Develop a hi-tech butt plug and stuff it in all their behinds so that we can track them via satellite.

            They will never be civilized by us. I actually do not care what happens to their women. If they women want to come to the West and get a mini skirt and become Western, maybe we let them. But coming here and bringing that culture? No.

        • Afghan is a huge but rare mine, and a portage from Communist China (another rare mine) of even more rare (that’s how “rare” this stuff is!) earth materials. Those rare-earth materials are environmentally disastrous to extract and dispose of in the industrial quantities needed but, are vital in order for Big Energy to monopolize “green” (battery-powered) energy. Big Energy needs those rare-earth materials now to keep their pocketbooks filled by our culturally addicted purchases of their stuff in order for their continued economic and political empowerment over us all to continue when (since) their peaked oil (of which Big Oil is already having to unprofitably and at great environmental peril frantically squeeze out of rocks!)– the same oil business that even Saudi is looking to exit from–is undeniably admitted to have finally and unaffordably run out. The Saudis grew dates before they struck oil. They’ll have to go back to that–if there’s any usable water left in the aquifers to grow dates with after wasting and ruining it fracking for what’s left of the oil to fuel everyone’s driving addiction! As with wasting croplands for biofuels and even further depleting water for hydrogen fuel cells…talk about someone sawing off the same limb he’s sitting on! That’s modern, big industrial, high-tech Man!

        • Amen to that !

        • And, today another 22 American Veterans took their own lives.

      2. “…not many know…and even fewer will ever find out.”

        “The fact is” the second part of the above sentence is not a fact but a conclusion based on your personal knowledge or lack there of and your own personal perspective on the matter.

        I realize that “the fact is” has crept into our language as a meaningless phrase to add emphasis, devoid of its literal meaning, similiar to the word “literally” as a matter of fact, if you follow me, like because it just is.

        _ it is time I did something meaningful with my time.


        • Kind of like fraud author Jeremiah Johnson saying this: “The point to keep in mind is that (as evidenced with the seizure of Crimea in 2014) a Snap exercise can transform into a real operation at any time. For the size and scale of this exercise (the largest ever conducted in Russia),

          JJ said that said this a few articles back, and I called out his fraud statement based on zero evidence. Russia has a navel base they defended and they did not seize Crimea, nor did they enter under a guise of a military exercise. Both fraudulent statements by the lying scumbag POS JJ.

          How about every time an author lies, they get a typing finger digit chopped off? That will teach the to lie.. SO when you seen them, say “hey give me a high two” instead of a high five.

          • Most people believe what they want to believe according to their own mindset.

            Evidence and fact have no role in this, and pretty much true on all sides of an argument.

      3. All those pretty little receptionist answering the phones and making appointments,had to be burned alive. Building 7?? , Hopefully the smoke from the perpetrators torture will rise for eternity ,They will soon find out. Seems there are only two major religions that consider non members expendable? Islam and Judea? Read some of the Quron or Talmud, and the truth will set you free.

      4. “Whether you believe the 9/11 attacks that happened back in 2001 were the result of a government conspiracy and coverup or a terrorist attack, people still died and their deaths should be remembered.”

        And another sad thing is that people still are dying from the after-effects of those buildings going down. I saw a headline on my phone that said the funds to help 9-11 survivors was running out or very low. Anyone know what this is about?

      5. Just so I have this clear, the Pentagon, the most secure building in the world had every single camera not functioning on the morning of 9/11?

        I may be dumb, but I ain’t stupid.

        • Having seen the stock videos of something tubular hitting the Pentagon, seen pictures of the hole …. I’ve wondered how the heck the wings – moving @ what?, 500mph or thereabouts – did not slice into the building left/right of the entry hole. Saw a CGI video graphic that was aired day before this 9/11 anniversary that showed them ‘magically’ folding in as if on hinges into the fuselage. Oh? Yeah, and I’ve got a nice bridge to sell ya too.

        • I watched TV all day 9/11. I remember seeing security video footage of a white plane flying into the Pentagon. Some network showed it during that week and then it disappeared.

          The National Guard shot down flight 93. Thats why it broke up over a vast area. They had to, it was heading to DC. Target WH or capitol.

          We have to remember that regardless of who is responsible for atrocity, human lives were taken. Abominable crimes were committed. And yet Americans continue their slumber. They subscribe to Netflix and buy the latest Iphone and eat junk food and raise idiot offspring who will definitely say “what’s 9/11?”

      6. I wish somebody with some balls would open a proper investigation into “Lucky” Larry Silverstein. 2 planes, 3 buildings, all fall within their own footprint from jet fuel that can’t get hot enough to melt steel. Yet, molten steel is seen pouring from the twin towers. Evidence (ruble) immediately removed and shipped to China for scrap? DNA from victims collected from body parts no bigger than a pebble, but a pristine passport of an alleged hijackers is found on the ruble intact…. Can’t happen. Suppressed evidence, dancing joos, stand down orders and airline stock put options aside, how can anyone with a brain believe the official lie? The sad thing is most people have never heard one word of what I just typed before now. Sad, stupid sheep.

      7. The military……..I believe it.

      8. When the attack on the Pentagon occurred, the building was being renovated to make it harder. The part of the building that the plane flew into had just been renovated. If it hadn’t, the whole building could have been destroyed.

      9. White guilt has hit critical mass! Soon middle class whites will be forming conga-lines over the nearest cliff!

        • I don;t have white guilt. I have white anger.

          • Me too JS…. and when enough White Men get really angry the world never likes the result. You’d think the idiots would learn.

      10. When someone get’s hurt through an accident or illness, then scar tissue forms. In a worse case you get metaplasia. It’s a scar tissue that can become pre-cancerous.

        Well. Liberalism is a CANCER. Unhealthy folks have poor coping mechanisms and they aren’t like normal people. They become shrill, mean, rude, and downright malevolent.

        Weirdly enough, an internal death instinct, self-loathing, and revulsion happens. They will hate their own ethnicity and their own nation and people.

        Hatecan lead to self-sabotage and self-destruction or WORSE…especially a mob of liberals.

        Liberalism…find a cure.

      11. In 1979, Peter Jenkins published his very influential journal A Walk Across America. He was spoiled and a liberal badmouthing America. An African american janior yelled at him and said, “Boy you don’t even know what you’re talking about. Have you ever traveled and met Americans across this nation?”

        It inspired him and he walked from the NE down to Louisiana. Then back up from there to the West. He took his dog as his hiked. He met lots of Christians who helped, fed, and sheltered him. He worked whenever he stopped to get supplies. He met his future wife, and she traveled the second leg of the journey. There he met more Christians who helped them.

        It’s a sweet patriotic heartwarming true life story. It would be good for young people to read as they are so deluded by professors at university and horribly now in high school. The latter is criminal as far as I am concerned.

        His book inspired lots of people, who ended up making their own journeys. The aboringines of Australia will go on a walkabout. Americans will hike the Appalachian Trail for the same reason.

      12. Some pretty astute People here.The dirty Zionists, both in America and ISIS-RA-EL (Mossad), the filthy Wahabbi Sauds and the kreeps that helped in the Zioneocon Amerikanazi regime of the Bush administration including the Traitors in the Military headed by that scum-bag Chaney, all had a hand in the murdering of those People on that Day of Infamy.

        To this day even young People are being afflicted with Cancers and various medical conditions brought on by the inhalation of poisonous dust and perhaps lingering radiation from suitcase nukes, thanks to the lies of the EPA, headed by Christine Todd Whitman, who should be in prison for telling the first responders the air was fine.

        Most of the dogs used after that event are now dead from Cancers and many of the Firemen and rescuers have either died or are suffering terribly.

        The MSM will not tell you this. Anybody that thinks these heroes and the innocent victims of this horrendous deed deserved to die are utterly vicious, cold-hearted Bastards!!!

      13. “…people still died and their deaths should be remembered.”

        And the people responsible for that have not faced justice. Bush and the neocon mafia.

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