Ominous Earthquake Swarm At Yellowstone Supervolcano Now One Of Longest Ever Recorded

by | Oct 6, 2017 | Headline News | 31 comments

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    This report was originally published by Tyler Durden at Zero Hedge


    The rumblings beneath the formerly dormant supervolcano known as the Yellowstone caldera just won’t quit. And the ongoing earthquake swarm at the Yellowstone National Park supervolcano is now one of the longest ever recorded, having started on June 12.

    Over the past three and a half months, almost 2,500 earthquakes have been recorded in the western part of the national park. This is on par with the biggest swarm ever recorded, where more than 3,000 earthquakes took place over three months, Newsweek reports.

    In its latest monthly update about activity at Yellowstone, the US Geological Survey said 115 earthquakes had been reported in the park during September. Of these, 78 were part of the ongoing swarm 6 miles north of West Yellowstone. The biggest event in the swarm last month was magnitude 2.3.

    “This is the sort of work that will happen in the months to come, as we gather up all of the available data and start crunching numbers,” Poland says. “What we can say now is that through the of September, the University of Utah has located 2,475 earthquakes in the swarm. This puts the 2017 swarm on par with that of 1985, which lasted three months and had over 3,000 located events.

    “[This is] certainly a fascinating event and one that we hope to learn more about through some post-swarm analysis,” he adds. “There’s a lot to work on this winter, for sure.”

    While scientists at the USGS have brushed off the threat of a supervolcano eruption, scientists at NASA have said it represents a potentially devastating threat to the US population. These same scientists have suggested several risky strategies to prevent an eruption if one appears imminent.

    Brian Wilcox, a former member of the NASA Advisory Council on Planetary Defense, and several other NASA researchers over the summer shared a report previously unseen outside the space agency about the threat Yellowstone poses, and what can be done to prevent an eruption.

    According to NASA, an eruption at Yellowstone could plunge the earth into a volcanic winter and destroy crops and livestock, precipitating widespread famines. Food reserves would only last about 74 days, according to the UN, after an eruption of a super volcano, like that under Yellowstone.

    With an eruption long overdue, NASA has devised a plan to drill into the caldera and try to artificially cool it – a strategy that researchers say comes with its own risks.

    Scientists at the USGS say the monthslong earthquake storm at the caldera has ended; however, they played down the risks posed by the swarm shortly after it started over the summer, only for the rumbling to continue. Others maintain that an eruption is long overdue.


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      1. So are we all going to die or what? Go out with a BANG~

        • Na, Not this week

      2. If you gotta go then go with a smile.

      3. This is kinda like following Planet X, pole shift and Sasquatch….It is one of MANY doomsday scenarios that constantly crop up in the alternative news sites.

        The fact that the article itself says this has happened before (with NO eruption) tends to debunk the concept.

        Whatever….. Some people go to horror movies because the fear engendered floats their boat…Enjoy the ride!

        • Lots of little earthquakes relives pressure on a rift. this is good. Unless fracking is causing slipping of fault lines in that area beyond the normal. Those are facts.

      4. “These same scientists have suggested several risky strategies to prevent an eruption if one appears imminent.”

        Firstly, suggesting a strategy is just talk.

        In the gum rosin and acetone volcano experiment, the surface tension of a viscous layer restrains the gases, underneath, from escaping, explosively.

        They have basically made a bubble, and measured the splatter, charted and filmed, at different speeds.

        If it was possible, on a human scale, to pop such a bubble, it would cause the eruption, not prevent one from happening.

        This molten material will basically stick to a rock hammer and stretches like taffy. Can that effectively be drilled, and is a bubble close enough to the surface,

        This is probably science fiction, and anyone could conceivably make a contribution, if they have a scalable, better idea.

      5. Which is worse, the potential Yellowstone eruption or the methodical erosion of freedom leading to humanities total enslavement and culling of the masses? The PNAC “new Pearl Harbor” 9-11 psyop has raced forward and continues to this day. Slower death is preferred I guess, like the frogs in the rapidly warming water.

      6. A good location for the next Democratic Convention. Maybe we could move it forward…….free seating for all leftists,box seat for Soros.

      7. If we start getting small magma eruptions. Will it be a slow stretched out thing where more eruptions happen. Possibly over years. Or at the first sign of eruptions, it’s the harbinger of many to come real soon. And the end of society as we know it. When dozens or hundreds of eruptions are occuring along the edge of the Caldera.

      8. The earthquake swarms are essential for Yellowstone to continue to be Yellowstone. The geysers need the occasional earthquake to keep the plumbing open. Otherwise in a matter of time the geysers would plug up with sediment and limestone, etc.

      9. Egads! Satan is trying to break out of Hell. Oh, wait. She already has.


      11. To stop gun violence, leftist Nancy Sinatra calls for shooting NRA members:

        Then there is this classic: Nancy Sinatra Calls For Shooting NRA Members To Stop Gun Violence, from Sinatra tweeted out, “The murderous members of the NRA should face a firing squad.” The murderous members of the NRA should face a firing squad.
        — Nancy Sinatra (@NancySinatra) October 3, 2017
        Here it is in case she deletes it:

        But it didn’t end there. When Twitter users called her out for being utterly insane, she pushed back: I didn’t say every one, I said the “murderous members of the NRA”
        — Nancy Sinatra (@NancySinatra) October 5, 2017
        She used the “I didn’t say every one, I said the ‘murderous members of the NRA’” excuse. Well, thanks for clearing that up Nancy.

        Greg Morelli owns Max’s Jewish Deli in Highland, Illinois and tweeted after the Las Vegas mass shooting that he was glad that is was at a country music festival so that way more white people were killed and proceeded to call the actions of the shooter “community outreach” and not terrorism, reports Truth Revolt.
        Morelli has since deleted the tweet but someone had the good idea to save a picture of it. The tweet read:
        “Soon as I heard it was country music, I felt relief. White people shooting white people isn’t terror….it’s community outreach.”
        What may be even more disgusting is that this tweet got 47 likes and was retweeted 156 times. There are some sick people in this world who would call the killing of 59 people and the injuring of 500 a “community service.” Cited from

        “The View” host Sunny Hostin said on the Tuesday airing of the show that first of all, she think most of the people attending the country music festival that the Las Vegas shooter was attacking were probably “fellow republicans” and that the GOP would not do anything to stop that from happening again, reports the Washington Free Beacon. Story at Here is a 51 sec clip of this non-Einstein H8TER in her own words from the show:

        • “Greg Morelli owns Max’s Jewish Deli in Highland, Illinois and tweeted after the Las Vegas mass shooting that he was glad that is was at a country music festival so that way more white people were killed…”

          Perfectly consistent with his religion: “Kill even the best of the Gentiles.”

          judaism DOT is/who-is-human.html

        • Quick! Censor the truth!

          • As I originally posted…

            Perfectly consistent with his religion: “Kill even the best of the Gentiles.”

            judaism DOT is/who-is-human.html

            Quick censor the verifiable truth.

      12. We have legalized the murder of 55 million unborn beings. We have legalized perversion in same sex marriage.
        We have legalized no-fault marriage (i.e, EZ divorce).
        We have murdered innocent human beings all over the world, in the name of freedom and democracy.
        We have legalized drugs (i,e, pot and pharmaceuticals)
        We have legalized the theft of billions of dollars from the hard working middle class to the greedy Godless elite.
        We have legalized the removal of God, religion, the ten commandments from our schools.
        Therefore, this country no longer has the blessings and protection we once had from God…..he has been ejected from the game.
        So now, we are on the verge of absolute horrors.
        Its that simple.!!!!!!!!

      13. When it reaches 3,0001 swarms….SELL!…SELL!….SELL!

      14. The willingness of authorities to issue an earthquake warning and evacuate an area is dependent on the economic impact of the evacuation as well as the probability of eruption. The amount of evacuation carries a serious cost. If anything they will probably wait for the eruption to actually start. Remember “Money screams while conscience only whispers!”

      15. Just watch the show. I have a very credible source. And as I type this another massive big hurricane is getting ready to hit Louisiana and Alabama, this might be answering the question as to why UN equipment is massing on the north side of Alabama. The cabal uses Haarp and is always planning in advance to devastate areas and bring out the UN. Houston residence were approached by men in military gear who did not speak English that told them, the ones that do, that were the UN. A day will come in this country that people on this site will remember what I have been posing and will be total shock once the environment collapse starts. It a natural occurrence by nature, and HAARP speeds up the process to activate those areas. The ocean floor in our gulf will split open dropping the oxygen levels and killing us off in mass at the coastal areas. The deliberate damage from BP in the Texas gulf will be serious, since that hole just breached a few weeks ago and the water is dying off as I type, its already die offs the populous in the Texas, Louisiana, Alabama areas. This is a planned event. Legitimate preppers on here need to take what I am informing you about and leave certain areas. Even Cliff High of has left his area from the coastline, because he knows what’s coming. I not too worried about the attacks on me from good posters like Braveheart, who just posted another attack on me again, I could not believe what he said. People are far worst than I taught, but not supprising on this site. Someone I taught one time was fake posting as him, and I went after him, then had to apologize to the guy. Now he is attacking me. My days are numbered on this site. Brave is guy that I liked, and not I don’t like him anymore. That I liked, and the constant attacks from Jim in VA, and I make one comment on him and he is constantly attacking me, and now others are attacking me. A lot of fakes are on this site, Brave who I taught was a real poster, now on the attack and offensive against me on this site now. That I taught was good people. I am on here to help out others that advised my on prepping when I just got on here. And I want to thank you guys for giving me advice on water filtration, food sourcing, etc. I have learned a lot from you guys. The guys with the bugout location needs to pack up and really start getting ready, and possible sell off you house, get the supplies there and look into other locations as back. I am not perfectly organized, and none of us are, because we don’t know until the big one hits how we will handle the real situation in the real SHTF EVENT threater. When I war gamed my run, I saw that I got killed and didn’t make it outside of my city, and that if I survived, I would only survive off 3-4 weeks tops, because a part of that run was to see what would happen if I got cut off from my preps 100%, the result was not good.


        The environment, the environment, the environment. pay attention to the planet.

        • HCKS – this is how true your so called “friends” on here are:

          Comment ID: 3749015

          Braveheart has been making a fool of you for quite awhile now.

        • HCKS, I’m sorry to read that your days here are numbered. While I may not have always agreed with your post, I always found them interesting.

          I don’t know where all you get news on what’s happening but your posts always have interesting tidbits included with what you think is going on.

          In the end, there is no perfect answer because there is no perfect storm. Each “storm” or event is unique because the variables are different. By pulling together we can overcome much. Fighting one another as well as the situation is a no win scene for everyone.

          I like your war-game idea. I think that is worth exploring.

      16. Search for Mary Greely on YouTube. She has accurate data and much data is missing or not being reported atm. ie, by NASA etc. and she reports when the geysers are belching black steam/smoke – a sign the magma is moving upwards etc as it burns thru another layer of rock. She is in constant contact with residents right round the area who report to her any anomaly they haven’t seen before. The gov. will not tell you and it cannot possibly move millions like what happened in Vanuatu last week when the whole island was evacuated (180,000 people.) from an impending eruption. Same thing happened in Bali at the same time.

      17. I live on a volcano, Mauna Kea,
        considered inactive, but not extinct.
        There is another volcano Kilauea,
        very nearby that is continuously
        erupting. Mauna Loa is active as is Hualalai.
        They could act up at any time and
        flood Hilo or Kilua Kona with lava and other
        bad things.
        Fortunately our Volcanos don’t blow up
        like Mt. St. Helens.
        We get lots of small earthquakes all
        the time.
        Some we feel most we don’t.
        My point is,
        What you need to worry about is
        when the ground starts to swell.
        If USGS says not to worry, I wouldn’t
        worry. I remember Mt St. Helens as
        I lived close by and USGS had the
        danger pretty well nailed down.
        USGS is one of the few government
        agencies I somewhat trust.
        I don’t trust NASA as it had been


      18. Today the Mississippi river at Memphis is so low barge traffic is halted. alomh a 120 miles stretch its completely dry in places. yet at st Louis its above normal level. its thought that a bulge is holding the river back. Likely in line with the Benton mo hills.

        • Chicago area hasn’t had substantial rain for over a month. We got a little yesterday.

      19. Yellowstone finally erupts in the year 122017. I hope humans don’t worry about this every single day for the next 120,000 years. I’m not the least concerned about this event.

      20. OG;
        There have been horrendous rain storms this year…flooding every thing from north to south.
        The Mississippi is silting shut from all the rain. So much farm soil washes down river to New Orleans. The Corps of Engineers often must dredge the river to clear the channels for barge traffic. If they didn’t dredge….the Big Miss would have cut a “new path” maybe miles from it’s present path. It’s amazing how floods can change a landscape.

      21. The swarm near Soda Springs Idaho is much more puzzling.

      22. We should feel blessed and comforted, that besides the Yellowstone Caldera, there are only nine (9) other super volcanoes in the world. Otherwise, instead of weekly reports appearing about the imminent eruption of Yellowstone — the news would be coming daily. Whew.

      23. Thank you for this very informative article. I live in Montana 250 miles from Yellowstone, and we have had hundreds of earthquakes this year. the biggest was a 5.8 magnitude.I saw very little on national news about these, and about the horrific wildfires we have experienced here, so it’s good to see news on these events. While it does little good to be prepared for an event like Yellowstone blowing its top (we’re all dead anyway – no way to survive that), one can be prepared to survive the earthquakes and wildfires. I’ve always considered myself to be properly prepared for these catastrophes, but after that big earthquake, I realize I’m not as prepared as I thought. I am in a very remote area just a few miles from the CD, and this Is my bugout location, and ALL of my survival gear is in my house. If my house collapsed in an earthquake or a fire swept through and burned me out, I would have no gear to survive. I will be stockpiling some gear and supplies in a different location after this eye-opener. Thanks again for the enlightening read!

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