Oklahoma In Uproar: Arm Of Muslim Brotherhood To Run Float In Veteran’s Day Parade

by | Nov 10, 2015 | Headline News | 86 comments

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    The following article has been contributed by Joe For America.


    What Muslims, specifically the group “CAIR” – the Council on American-Islamic Relations – have planned for Tulsa has people in this town in an uproar. Unbelieveably, the group “CAIR” has obtained a permit for and plans to have a float in this most honorable and important American institution: Tulsa’s annual Veteran’s Day Parade.

    CAIR; an arm of the Muslim Brotherhood – a frontgroup, in fact – is trying to shroud itself in the American Flag and tradition of honoring our Veterans, but this town isn’t being fooled and it’s spreading across the Internet like wildfire – even spawning a movement called “Turn Your Back on CAIR” – which is what many people plan to do during the parade and any event moving forward where CAIR rears their ugly head.

    tulsa1(photo credit: Russell Mills)

    Over 10,000 attendees and upwards of 100 floats are expected at the Nov. 11 annual parade coming up Wednesday.

    Do the resident’s of Tulsa think it should be illegal? No, we’re a freedom-loving country. But they damn sure are going to turn their backs on them. The question in most people’s mind seems to be, “what is the enemy doing in our victory parade?”

    CAIR’s infiltration of the city’s Veterans Day parade quickly inspired a rally on Sunday, Nov. 8th on the tarmac outside the Dan Howard hangar at Richard Lloyd Jones Jr. airport in Tulsa and attracted hundreds of participants from Tulsa and Oklahoma City.

    Video courtesty of Maggie Abel and Paul Kelley

    The packed event, organized by Tiffiny Ruegner of Right Wing News, Bob Dani of the High Noon Oklahoma Gun Cluband our own Joe “The Plumber” Wurzelbacher, was held to encourage attendees to “Turn Your Back on CAIR“, stand up against CAIR, educate people as to what they really are and expose the evils of this group.

    Emcee B.J. Alexander introduced Rex Duncan, Congressman John Bennett, and Pastor Dan “Black-robed Regiment” Fisher during the packed event. The Veterans Day parade in Tulsa is one of the largest in the country each year and having CAIR with their float is drawing the nation’s attention toward the group once again.


    Adam Soltani, Executive Director of CAIR Oklahoma, says claims that CAIR supports terrorism are simply false, telling KRMG in Tulsa; “Any claim that CAIR is associated with the Muslim Brotherhood, Hamas, or any other terrorist organization is absolutely preposterous.”

    However, The FBI identifies CAIR as an arm of the Muslim Brotherhood in America – the connections have been well documented, and the national CAIR organization was named as an unindicted co-conspirator in a 2001-11 investigation into a group called the Holy Land Foundation for Relief and Development. Several members of that group were eventually convicted; one of them also being a founding member of CAIR.

    So why the CAIR float? We all know the answer to that – but we need to go to Tulsa, everyone who can get there – and let them know how we feel by turning our backs when the float goes by.


    Presidential hopeful Senator Ted Cruz is in fact trying to force the Obama administration’s hand to label the “Muslim Brotherhood” – CAIR’s frontgroup – as terrorists with legislation calling on Obama to designate the Islamist political group as a foreign terrorist organization.

    The bill, called the Muslim Brotherhood Terrorist Designation Act, comes after a string of evidence suggesting the group supports terrorism, Cruz said, and after similar moves from a handful of foreign countries in recent years.

    Ben Carson has also boldly jumped into the fray saying he wouldn’t have a Muslim as part of a Carson Administration for the same obvious reasons.


    Larry Williamson, a member of the Tulsa 912 Project, a conservative organization, told the World it is “atrocious” to ask veterans to “march alongside people who represent our enemies in a current war.”

    “I believe all American entrants who the parade is intended to honor should be made aware as soon as possible that they are being asked to share their honor with the Muslim Brotherhood, sworn enemy of the United States and our ally Israel and an enemy in our current war on the Islamic jihad in which American soldiers are fighting and dying,” he said.

    Making matters worse for Williamson, he told the World his Tulsa 912 Project float is scheduled to be in line right next to the CAIR float in the parade.

    In 2008, the FBI cut all its ties with the Council on American-Islamic Relations after it came to light that Nihad Awad had participated in meetings with the Holy Land Foundation.

    FBI Special Agent, Lara Burns testified at the trial that CAIR was a Hamas front. Hamas itself was established by the Muslim Brotherhood in 1988 after the First Intifada or uprising in Palestine.


    Pamela Geller noted earlier this year, San Francisco Bay Area CAIR Executive Director Zahra Billoo “struggles with Memorial Day each year. How does one balance being pretty staunchly anti-war while honoring those who died in the military?”

    Visit and LIKE the Facebook Page “TURN YOUR BACK ON CAIR” here:

    If you really want to help – SHARE and forward this article to your local CAIR Chapter in your city or state.



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      1. Certainly if a Christian pro-America organization in Iran or anywhere else in the middle east wanted to run a float in a parade they would be welcomed with open arms.

        Afterall, the muslim brotherhood and the peaceful religion of Islam is so tolerant.

        • Off Topic…..Two quakes near Chile, near 7 magnitude, in the past ten hours of this posting.

          “Right”, not a game changer, but as M Snyder’s article states, the Ring of Fire continues to build. Something’s gonna snap and real soon, i believe. My arthritis is acting up more than usual, lol. Maybe that is it. More than one person has said they had either a dream or a vision of a major earthquake happening on the West Coast of USSAG before spring 2016.

          I’m praying for the safety of the innocents out there, just in case the prophets and seers are correct.

      2. Maybe we can encourage gay activists to enter a float in a muslim parade, the problem is I have no idea where to find a gay activist or anyone who is gay for that matter.

        • Challenge accepted.

          • AE

            Joe must be a Newbie. ROFLMAO!

          • Acid, if you went into a parade where there’s a muslim float, and pour some BBQ sauce on some muzzies, I’ll buy you a steak dinner.

        • Check the White House, I think you’ll find one there.

      3. Kinda like yelling in biker’s bar
        “All you harley lovers suck…”

          • Ftw, my fav is the one where they did cat urine snorters and tripped out…

            Great music and graphics…

            Scrambles nooooooo

          • FTW

            Uncle Fucker South Park.

            h ttps://youtu.be/VsMcdEswK8k







          • Well, that is debatable on both counts.

            Let’s see, my Harley, an Evo model has been proven to last 300,000+ miles, without an overhaul or any major expense if, I continue to do my own maintenance as always, since new.

            The shop manual i bought for 29.95 when i bought the bike new, has saved me thousands in maintenance costs.

            Then you have the 50 mpg factor, and the fact that i got plenty of good lovin’ soon after taking women out for 100 mile rides, (all before i got remarried).

            They have not been dubbed the Milwaukee Vibrator, for nothing.

            If a woman can’t get in the mood after riding to a killer bar and grill and then returning home to strip off the leathers, and relax on the bed, then she hasn’t been properly handled, or she is just plain frigid.

            The frigid didn’t get too many re-ride requests from passin’.

            • Maybe they didn’t appreciate your flatulence.

      4. If the veterans had done their jobs instead of whining about their ‘we owe them’ benefits then the Muslim Brotherhood would not be here in the first place. They would all be dead and we would own the Middle East instead of dancing to Putin’s tune. That’s just the way it is regardless of how many stand up and say otherwise. thanks for your time.

        • To blame our soldiers for our governments policy. And to be so sure of the way it is. Who can be sure of anything? Only a fool.

        • The veterans did their jobs which consists of following orders issued from on high.

          If the orders were insufficient you need to criticize those issuing them not those following them.

          • in the army for seven years, what allowed me to do that was the statement in the oath, “to obey the lawful orders of those appointed over me”. well, no one gave me an unlawful order. some really crappy orders said by a fucking moron, but none unlawful. by my judgement. my favorite army joke end with the punchline, “fuck you sir!”

        • The long term strategy/guidance for combat OPS is formulated by the National Security Council (NSC) which is made up of the President, VP, Sec Def, Sec State and Sec of energy. The troops follow orders/strategy/end state dictated by these folks. Unfortunately, this strategy flip flops with the political agendas year to year. With the exception of the first gulf war, we have not had a feasible end state since WW2. Eliminating global terrorists threats/support has been the defined end state since 911. It is not a feasible end state; hence, the reason we have been involved in conflict for the last 13 years with no end in sight. Don’t blame the troops for following the guidance dictated by the politicians; that is their job.

        • taxn2poverty:Hey the VETERNS (Military), operates under civilian authority. Now GFYAH!!

        • taxdn2poverty says:

          don’t blame the vets, they did as they were told and the people making there rules of engagement kept them from getting the job done! HEY!! YOU ever been in a REAL spot where people were shooting to kill you and or bombs were every where and 24-7 you never knew if you were gonna live or die??? I bet NOT or you would NOT of made such a IGNORANT remark!!!

        • taxn2poverty,
          You are obviously not a veteran, just another leach that lives with the freedoms provided and defended by those , as you put it, “whining veterans”. In reality it is whining, wimpy, IGNORANT IDIOTS such as yourself and the political persons that don’t allow the fighting men of this country to do their job to their fullest ability. If we took control of military from the politicians and the liberal wimps of this country and gave it back to the generals, wars would be much shorter and victories would be much more permanent. We don’t allow unqualified persons to tell a Dr. or a mechanic how to do their jobs, why should the military allow a community organizer be their commander in chief? The commander in chief SHOULD BE A CIVILIAN, but they should be qualified and listen to and protect their citizens concerns after TELLING THE CITIZENS THE TRUTH. They should not use the military for their political chess games. If we are going to send them to war, lets go all out, let them win. As the Airborne say, Kill them all and let God sort the dead.
          The persons of our military DESERVE the full backing of the citizens as they are willing to give their lives to protect those same citizens. It is the politicians that have restricted our military and put the bullshit rules of engagement on them that deserve your scorn, not those that defend your freedoms.

        • taxdn2 – if you can’t stand behind our troops, feel free to stand in front of them, asshole.

      5. I think everyone should bring their pet pigs and offer up offerings of ham sandwiches and bacon sandwiches to those on the cair float.

        • Let them float, just throw porcine placenta on them…
          While wearing sandwich boards stating so…

          Sorry, just tired of the bovine excrement…

        • I was thinking more of a southern pig cooker pulled behind a pickup, with a good smelling pig roasting. Eastern NC pork barbecue is the best.

          • Archivist, how about giving them some wild boars to play with? The boars could kill those muzzies with their tusks just like anyone else.

      6. Throw pig parts. If they can violate a sacred honor than so can we. Also, 1st amendment. Screw those people.

      7. When we get enough of them here in the USA, they will be out to kill your asses. Nature of the beast.
        Never heard of an Islamic float in any Vet’s parade before.

        By the way. Where are the posters who dislike Vets.

        I’m low on scorn tonight.





        • Sling, they’re already out to get us. Don’t know what their numbers are now.

      8. Have a Bacon float! BLTs for everybody! sausage samiches!

        • You had me at BLTs.

          I have many weaknesses, and one of those is a crispy blt, with good mayo, and homegrown tomatoes, covered with black pepper.

          • DAMN, that sounds good!! more reason to know Islam is a vile cult!! who doesn’t like BLT’s???
            good comment!!

            • Jim, PWTW, and Apache54, stop! you’re making me hungry. I LOVE BLT’s.

        • I am here in Houston and we will have a vets day parade, but we also have a crazy left butch lesbian as mayor, you have probably heard of her; she wants to let mentally unstable men into the bathroom with women.

          anyways, she’s just crazy enough to allow muslims in that parade.

          I just might have to go to it with bags full of pork products at the ready.

          • Lena, if you can, sneak up on a muzzie and pour BBQ sauce all over him/her.

        • Yes and everyone accidently spill pigs blood all over the float and its inhabitants.

      9. Our government ties our soldiers hands and ties our hands. Instigate trouble then take our freedoms away to stop it. Instigate wars to sell bullets bombs . More TSA , More DHS. More cameras everywhere. What happens when a tyrant dictator gets control of all this safety crap.The safety first people need to go ..The freedom first people need to make it happen.

      10. 1985 interview, with former high ranking Soviet KGB agent Yuri Bezmenov, who describes techniques of ideological subversion, and exactly how we got where we are today. This was 1985. (I found fascinating his comment on the global warmers: “exposure to true information does not matter anymore… facts mean nothing to him.”)

        See if his predictions were correct. https://youtu.be/bX3EZCVj2XA?t=63 13 min.

        “Modern media fills the cultural airwaves with a mist of anesthesia, so that principles and values are slowly desensitized to the coming onslaught. The new culture arrives on the heels of this propaganda. It simply moves in and takes over, like slipping a fine new glove over a numbed hand. The outcome of the war is just as devastating, but without bombs bursting , twisted bodies to bury, or rubble to rebuild. A new class, a different culture, simply takes over.”

        – Charleton Heston

      11. Is it legal to walk your pet pig down the street ? On a leash of course.

      12. Yeah, I know, I’m about 30 minutes early. But to all of you active and former military people.
        Happy Veteran’s Day.

      13. Happy Veteran’s Day to those who are currently in the military and the rest of us who did our part….
        I really mean that and wish the best for all vets.
        Beyond that, I don’t have the words.

      14. Who is running this parade. Blame Obama but not the billionaires at Goldman Sachs who bought and paid for him and who’s bidding he is the spokesman for.

        Turn your back? Stop them at the gate. Don’t allow them anywhere near the parade. What a crock. An insult to all Americans.

        God bless our Veterans. Now bring home our service young men and women. Let our allies in Isreal fight if they want. Their brethren in America are destroying everything. The American people are not going to keep putting up with their treason. You can fool some of the people…

        • Well, you nailed it. However; as a nation, we have slid too far down the black hole, by allowing liberalism and political correctness to brainwash the largest percent of the population….the twenty-somethings.

          Their “open-mind” and open door ideology has allowed the potus and his minions to allow them to get a foot hold within USSAG’s borders.

          Ages 22, 23, and 21 make up the largest numbers ranking 1,2,and 3 respectively, as the population goes

          Throw in the 24 to 29 age groups and they total somewhere around 15% of the total USSAG population, of just a total nine year age group.

          The majority live in or near larger city areas and tend to vote a liberal agenda.

          According to recent polls:

          “data found that the demographic group that now has the most liberals – and that has seen the most dramatic swing to the left since 2010 — is women aged 18-49. Among those voters in 2015 polls, 37% said they were liberal, 23% said they were conservative — a 20 point swing since 2010 when 27% said they were liberal and 33% said they were conservative.

          Younger voters also saw a notable swing to the left, with 35% of 18-34-year-olds saying they are liberal and 26% saying they are conservative.”

          Throw in a majority “across the board” voting block of blacks and Hispanics that vote dem/liberal, and the need for voter fraud by dems is not even needed, to achieve their majority numbers. The deck has been stacked against us conservative/patriot/christian Americans.

          Now, I am not stupid, and know that there are just as many liberals flying under the radar, by calling themselves republicans; but, the point is we are screwed.

          Yea, we can fight off a few muzzies and their policies to change/reform USSAG to their agendas, but as the masses continue to be dumbed down, our chance at reclaiming what was once a sovereign nation, is fading fast in the rear view. It would take a sincere leader, with guts, and lots of money, that isn’t afraid to throw pc out the door.

          Two that will definitely not make that grade, are Bush and Rubio. Fiorina is too flakey and I’m afraid Carson is too much Big Pharma. In all reality, Billery will get it or we will be neck deep in Martial Law, which is about the same either way.

          The scenes that are playing out, of outright Islamic America, rearing it’s ugly head, are never gonna stop. it will eventually come to more mass shootings of innocent Americans (like Chattanooga), and the leaders will continue to play it down, while they coddle to the likes of the Mooslime brothers-n-the-hood, and the hundreds of other pro-islamic groups that are already working overtime in USSAG, on, and under, the radar.

      15. If Ted Cruz or Ben Carson didn’t have the Banksters behind them, in front of them, and at their sides; no one would consider these men as the best America has to offer. Hell if they are Presidential material, maybe my mommy was right and even I (a personal wreck) could be President.

        • You are right, B.

          I know it goes against all we believe is possible, but if there is any chance at beating billery, i believe it has to come from the Donald, because of his personal wealth.

          Sadly, he may be the best we have to offer to regain America’s strength. I don’t think we could do any worse than with what we have now. He shows just enough open mindedness, by his escapades on SNL last week, to maybe pull just enough younger voters into his camp, to pull it off. I don’t know, maybe there is no way out but for it to implode around us.

          • i thought Obama vs Macain was a horrible choice for us all. but this time i think it is Hillary or Trump! God is laughing his ass off. and i am buying beans and bullets.

        • B from CA,
          Educate me. Show me PROOF of banksters behind Ted Cruz. As a Texan I have done TONS of research into Ted Cruz and having met him and talking to him, I believe he is the most honest person on the stage. I’m not saying you’re wrong, just show me the proof.

          • I don’t know personally, but maybe it is because of his wife’s connection/employment with Goldman Sachs. If you know something about that, we would love to hear it.

          • Texasprepper:

            A quick look at the website “hang the bankers” would be a good start.

            Ted’s wifey is a Goldman Sachs VP also was/is a CFR member. You don’t get more “Washington Insider, PTB favorite” than that.

            Or perhaps Ted can tickle your ears and make you believe he doesn’t know what Goldman Sachs and the CFR really represents.

            • Thanks for the info, i’ll check it out.

            • Not really sure of the website you listed, seams like lots of liberals such as the New York Times, Bloomberg, etc. are involved but it has peaked my interest, for that, I must thank you. After doing more digging, I found this article.


              Facts are facts, regardless of who is reporting them. If I have the opportunity to speak with Ted again, you can rest assured I will put him on the spot over this to gauge his reaction. It does however link his wife, NOT HIM.
              I will continue to dig for more facts. We as the voting public HAVE A DUTY to fully vet all candidates so that we can make informed decisions. The hard part is getting through all the fluff and BS about the candidates out there. In defense of Ted though, he has done what he has promised to do both while in state govt. here in Texas and as a U.S. Senator from Texas. I first go by the actions of the person who I’m voting for, not the family member. I have a family member that is flaming liberal, but that doesn’t make me one.

            • Thanks for the clarification. I always thought little teddy was a little too “insider politician acting” to suit me.

              His wife might wear the pants like ole billery does.

      16. Taxn2poverty: WTF “if vets had done our job”. 37 is the number of vets in my family – all the way back to Teddy and the Rough Riders. FU. Our job is killing to protect this country – while u sit in the rear with the gear sucking blowpops and eating sugar cookies….btw soldiers pay taxes as well. Your welcome for a free country – enjoy and please don’t bother remembering how much blood was spilled for the right for you and yours to go about living your simple lives.

        • Kind of ironic that folks who don’t vote are ranting about the veterans ‘not doing their job’, isn’t it?

          Maybe Robert Heinlein was right, voting should be reserved for veterans only.

      17. The farmers in the area should enter their “pigs”, arrange to have them walk in front of this terrorist organization.
        Now that would be funny!

      18. Muslims offer conversion or death to the infidels.

      19. Maybe the muslims are just trying to assimilate into our culture.

        Nope, I couldn’t even type it without laughing.

        • I have a shovel and am in need to assimilate some pasture.

          Anything left, I’ll just feed to the pigs.

          Don’t much care for commies or terrorist muzzies.


      20. To my brothers in arms HAPPY VETERNS DAY!! But, alas it’s just another day we get PISSED on.

        • yep, you can piss all over vets; but muslims, many who would like to kill some vets; get full protection.

          this country is so messed up.

      21. This is rediculous! How can they allow these mrderers in our parade. They are anti-American. They support the murder of Americans, Christians and the Jewish people. They have no business being in this parade or any other. They need to go away.

        • First we have to kill political correctness and liberalism.

          Pretty hard thing to do when everyone has a liberal or at least someone playing the PC card, within their own families.

      22. The Deep State: The Unelected Shadow Government Is Here To Stay


        it’s big club
        and we ain’t in it

        “Study the COG plans carefully, however, and you’ll find that the concern isn’t so much about protecting our government as it is about protecting the nation’s governmental elite.

        As Arkin reports: “Countless billions have been spent on this endeavor over the years, a secret orgy of preparedness going on behind the scenes, one that ensures Washington can defend itself, take care of its own, and survive no matter what.”

        To this end, the government has invested heavily in the “architecture of fear”: massive underground bunkers—the size of small cities—which are sprinkled throughout the country for the government elite to escape to “in case of an imminent nuclear strike so that they can set up a kind of Administration-in-exile, directing every order of business from retaliation to recovery.”

      23. About that EMP paint/wallpaper a few articles ago:

        For those of you who were interested in that EMP protective paint, I just heard from them. Here is what they said about its availability to the public:

        Thank you for your recent inquiry and interest in Conductive Composites materials. We are finalizing the product characteristics and are not selling to the general public or commercially as of yet. Please continue to check our company web page at conductivecomposites.com for future updates.


        I was recently reading about your wallpaper and paint, that could act as an EMP deterrent. Do you sell to the public? If so, what types of products and what are your costs?

      24. Don’t want to post my comments? Fine. F#ck you assholes. I’m outta here. I just wanted to wish everyone a happy Vet’s Day and you couldn’t be bothered with posting my comment. Screw you, I’m done with this site.

        • That’s probably best.

          As an FYI: we have an automated moderation queue for new posters so that we can prevent thousands of spam messages from hitting out comment areas.


        As for you russians and chinese. I will talk about you phucks later.

        Any muslim invading my city is making a grave mistake. Just let you jihadist f…ks know something. Our cops are on to you sh.,.t, so come here into my city and pull that crap here, start sh…t and see what will happpen. You islamic f…k, if you come here, invade, take over city towns, etc., with your murder, rape, beheadings, Ripping out and eating mens livers, and all the sick sht….t that you all like doing.

        Better make sure that my girlfriends area of residence is not one of those areas. You bet you ass i will be coming out there to find her. That means that muslims and jihadist who engage me and others will get thier asses shot the f…k up. I bet your ass, you messing with fire. Our governor allows us to purchase AR 15 40 round clips off the shelf in our city. So i dont think that islamist jihadist will be getting their way here. Pam Gellers draw the prophet meeting showed how cops will react once f…ke…d with in Texas. You two piss ass jihadist armed with Ak’s got thier asses creamed by a cop with a .40 cal.

        And for the cops reading my post, please make sure that you guys are carrying your AR’S in your cruisers as back up. You never know when some cracy sh…t may go down in Houston. Also, put together a Bug our bag, since alot of you guys keep forgetting to do that just incase of the EMP event, so that you guys can survive post SHTF.



        Yes, i Do kiss the ass crack of my governor Gregory Abbot.

      26. Yeah, turn your back on CAIR rally and chant shame on you like 5 year old’s while your at it. Because really, what else can you do conquered people?

      27. Give’um a one fingered salute with one hand while holding and eating a pork sandwich with the other.
        Bacon good fellow infidels!

      28. When the U.S. changed Armistice Day into Veterans Day, the holiday morphed from a day to encourage the end of war into a day to glorify war participation.

        take it for what its worth , but understand whats been typed above

        I dont dis the vets ,, but i definitely dis those who sent them, always under false pretenses and bullshit reasons

      29. spreading Democracy one Bomb at a time , weather they like it or not

        dont want your countries government changed? ,, fine we will bomb you into liking the idea , oh and steal all your countries resources and money while were here

        and we will send in all these guys that think they are doing something noble ..just to find out later they were lied to by whom you say? Government? naahhh cant be they dont lie

        jeazus people wake the fuck up

        • Really??? Prove it to me, show me one country who’s resources we have stolen. If anything, we spend more on a country we go to war with. Look at Japan, Germany, and Iraq. We rebuilt them all.

          • Iraq has been rebuilt ???

            HA HA HA


            I needed a good laugh !!!

            don’t forget Libya,Afghanistan,Syria

            we’ve done a fine job in the Middle East

            (sarcasm off now)

        • We volunteered. The fine print on the Contract says we’ll lay down our lives in defense of this Country. We understand that when we sign.

      30. Serve nothing but pork, fill the air with American BBQ.
        Let them suck it in!

        • I forgot, pork’s the other white meat. So expect white guilt lefty’s to bitch and moan and call you a racist for cooking and eating white privilege in this PC asylum.

      31. Mac, as to your comment, I’ve only been here a month or so, have used the same ID, etc. and my comments don’t go into moderation sometimes, they just frickin’ vanish.
        It’s frustrating because sometimes I have something to contribute, at times something profound, at times eloquent, at times funny, at times irrelevant or irreverent.
        At times, all my comments appear, then a week goes by, and nothing posts, like the last couple of days.
        What the hell is going on, because it’s happening to others as well?

      32. Bring out the bacon.

      33. phuck the middle east.



      34. muslims and civil society cannot coxsist but the real problem is the politicians and corrupt courts/DAs/cops/ judges allow this BS who are either involved in the agenda to destroy our republic those who protect the corruption as well as those who are complacent and do nothing are just as guilty.

      35. As an American veteran and father of a daughter and grand daughters I have made a vow to myself. That vow is to never and I mean never, trust, do business with, or befriend a Muslim. Their holy books demand that they either convert me or behead me as an infidel. Plus, I’ve witnessed 1st hand your treatment of women. So, all of you Muslims out there worshiping your false profit and false god since you persist in your belief in an unconstitutional political party/religion, I must vow to protect the women in my family and myself from everyone of you. If this means putting you to death so be it as you’ve drawn 1st blood and deserve what ever punishment you receive.

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