Oil Rain Killing Crops, Animals – What Will It Do To Humans?

by | Jun 23, 2010 | Headline News | 13 comments

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    Reports are now beginning to surface in higher numbers about the dangers of oil rain along the Gulf Coast.

    Some have argued that clouds could not possibly carry oil and then drop that oil as rain. In Oil Hurricanes May Cause Toxic Rain and Food Security Issues it was pointed out that this was a distinct possibility.

    We now have video confirmation that oil is, in fact, dropping out of the sky in Louisiana:

    Reports are also suggesting that something, though it has not yet been confirmed exactly what, is causing plants and animals to die around the Mississippi River bottoms. Though it is currently being labeled a “mysterious plague,” we would venture to guess that it is likely being caused by toxic oil and/or the Corexit 9500 oil dispersant:

    It is now becoming evident that in addition to the economic, ecological and environmental impact, we may very well have a food and water security issue resulting from the BP oil rig explosion.

    Toxic rains coupled with toxic fumes could pose significant dangers to residents along the gulf coast. The rains could prove to be even more dangerous, as they could potentially destroy crops hundreds of miles to the north of the shore. Thus, we are not only losing roughly 30% of domestic seafood production, but the possibility of large scale crop failures.

    In addition, most water companies provide city water via open reservoirs. If the rains are toxic with oil and dispersant, we could be looking at polluted drinking water supplies, and unfortunately, boiling the water may not help. It is not yet known if standard water purification systems used by most cities will be able to appropriately clean the water.


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      1. The weather girls should write a song about this… except instead of saying “hallelujia”  they should say “run for your life”

      2. The second story about crop damage has been linked to an accidental release of sulfur trioxide into the atmosphere from a nearby manufacturing plant. Apparently, it does not have anything to do with the oil spill.

      3. This is probably a hoax.  Why wouldn’t he show the windows of houses and tops of cars  if it were truly raining oil.  He probably just changed his motor oil in the driveway the day before.

      4. That’s OK, it don’t bother them boys and girls in Washington,DC none. Hell no! They’re doin’ fiiiine. Prolly laughing their butts off at the plight of all those red state rednecks. Yeah, them boys and girls will just get their fresh seafood flown in from someplace else, no big deal.

      5. Comments…..Very interesting ariticle, I like the term predictive linguistics, if you only knew the true meaning of this term.
        It is a mathematical system based on letters where each letter equals a number, it is called the abgd concept, wich means the true structure of linguistics starts with these four letters, example alpha,beta, gamma, delta , the Hebrew, Arabic, Armaic all have this same concept, this system tells us there is one universal linguistic concept which all languages are derived from.
        Based on this universal principal the future is deciphered, for prophecy, foresight call it what ever you like is nothing but intricate mathematics. The most important part of study of this system is the concept of time, all the ancient people mentioned in the article didn’t follow the timing patern of today, sorry to tell you that you’re not in the year 2010, and two years from now is not 2012.  The only system that is somewhat accurated but fluctuates anywhere from 1-6 months and then readjusted every 19  years is the Hebrew callendar, so in reality you are in the year 5770 since the fall of Adam, less 3705 the year Christ was born puts you in the year 2065, so the year 2012 relative to this system means nothing.
        All I can tell is this, humanity is suffering a slow death this pace of decline will continue and pick up pace as we get to the year 2016 when a major war will break out, it will last 19 years, at the end of this cycle few will survive, wars, famine, natural disasters,and disease will wipe out over 90% of humanity, so if you’re left standing the year 2034 consider yourself fortunate, for the population bubble had burst and you survived.
        When God saved Noah he didn’t come down from heaven and build him a boat, but he showed him excactly how much time he had to prep and finish his own boat, this is no different you can either sit back and mock or start building your boat, the choice is yours but the imminent flood of disaster is on its way and can’t be stopped.

      6. Imagine to read later in the newspapers:
        The fire brigade had almost the forest fires in California under control, but unfortunately, then it began to rain…
        Hope this scenario will not happen.

      7. Why did SHTFPlan remove my today’s comment?

      8. fyi… i saw on unfilterednews, i think last week, that tennessee had experienced such damage to crops, which is way inland from the gulf, suggesting that it might be due to spraying or something of the such.  the pics of their damage looks spookingly similar these pics.  maybe this is just another strategic administrative plan.  nothing could possibly suprise me any more.

      9. Sam’s article is most likely the corect one.  We are being poisoned, not only by the Gulf Oil Spill and Corexin, but from the skies.  It’s called chemtrails, and if you don’t know what it is, go to http://www.caricom.com and see the assault we are under.  Just read the ingredients in prepackaged food.  Aluminum, high fructose corn syrup.  Fluoride in your toothpaste, clorine in your water – both are poisons – and what about bleached flour?  Poisons re sed to leach it, that’s who those who know buy unbleached flour.

      10. Comments…..Cody, everything you mention is right on, and more for example mouth wash that has alcohol dilutes the white cells covering the tongue and tonsils weakening their immunity, anti perspirant that shuts the pores trapping in toxins etc.etc. As for white flour it is a very carcinogenic substance, not because it’s toxic, because when the fibre is removed no longer does the carbohydrate ferment, when fermentation is obstructed then our body stops producing a important chemical called ethanol, which is a very important chemical, for it is the building block of our white cells that strengthen the immunity, this same chemical controls body temperature, regulates our cholesterol and  a very important enzyme in digestion.
        If you don’t understand organic fermentation read up lavoisier’s work on artificial fermentation.
        But one of the biggest poisons in our diet is MSG, marketed in foods under 22 different names, this chemical is termed the liquid cigarette fed to people all over the world by the truck loads.
        Look after your health because when SHTF you better have the strength, mentally, physically and spiritually. May God help us all in the dark days ahead.

      11. It’s hurricane season in the Atlantic, and that means Mother Nature could be whipping up fierce storms and sending them charging into the Gulf Coast any day now. There’s something even more worrisome in the recipe: There’s oil in the water.
        So what happens when a Katrina-class hurricane comes along and picks up a few million gallons of oil, then drops that volatile liquid on a major U.S. city like Galveston or New Orleans?
        Chemist will tell you, the various petrochemicals found in crude oil evaporate even without a storm picking them up! Oil, in other words, does evaporate into the air. Or, more accurately, some of the lighter chemicals in crude oil evaporate even at temperatures of around 100 degree (F). Those are Gulf temperatures.
        Now, these lighter chemicals that more easily evaporate also happen to have lower flash points, meaning they catch on fire easily and at lower temperatures than other elements in the oil. The flash points for gasoline, for example, is much lower than diesel fuel. That’s because gasoline is “more flammable” and is a lighter fuel than diesel.
        So let’s say the oil blowout continues, and the Gulf of Mexico is carrying millions of gallons of cude oil as a massive hurricane approaches. It’s a hot July day in the Gulf of Mexico, with temperatures soaring towards 110 degrees, accelerating the evaporation of volatile oils which get mixed in with hurricane-force winds.
        The hurricane makes landfall in New Orleans, let’s say, dumping potentially hundreds of thousands of what is essentially “volatile fuel” on the city of New Orleans. Now at first it’s just a wet, slippery toxic mess that kills trees and grass. But what happens after the storm when the sun dries out the city?
        All the dead trees killed by the oil turn into kindling. The sun evaporates off the rain water, leaving behind fuel. A few days of sun baking and you have a city doused in fuel, ready to burst into flames. It’s every fireman’s worst nightmare. The whole city essentially turned into a giant match.
        Now, sure the more volatile fuels might evaporate, but as they do, they’d fill the city with explosive fumes. One spark, one fire, one lighting strike and your whole city literally goes up in flames. The BP oil spill, in other words, provides the fuel that could turn an ordinary hurricane into Mother Nature’s arson attack on an entire city.
        Now, BP is at least $20 billion in the hole in an effort to compensate some of the Gulf Coast businesses for the damage they’ve caused. But how will they compensate people if an entire city burns to the ground?
        Catastrophe is what happens at the intersection of poor planning and bad luck. BP has given us poor planning, and now Mother Nature may be about to deliver a heavy-handed dose of bad luck in the form of a seasonal hurricane that takes oil from the Gulf and dumps it on land.

      12. I just posted a report on my FB profile page titled “it’s raining in Chicago” about a message from a FB friend in Chicago who has noticed oil on her car after a week long rain….. you can read it on my wall.

        Katherine Magdangal on Facebook

      13. This is so simple…Rev 8:8 and 8:9 was our oil rig volcano.  Rev 8:10 says about Wormwood.  Read it…

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