Ohio State Gets Armored Fighting Vehicle: “Specifically Designed for Asymmetric Warfare”

by | Sep 25, 2013 | Headline News | 301 comments

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    If we’re not living in a militarized police state, then please explain what Ohio State University could possibly need with one of these.


    The Ohio State University Department of Public Safety has acquired an armored military vehicle that looks like it belongs in Iraq or Afghanistan.

    Gary Lewis, a senior director of media relations at OSU, told The Daily Caller via email that the “unique, special-purpose vehicle is a replacement” for the “police fleet.” He called the armored jalopy “an all-hazard, all-purpose, public safety-response vehicle” with “obviously enhanced capabilities.”

    He noted that the vehicle was “acquired at no cost from Military Surplus.” He also bragged that it has “extremely low miles and is in nearly new condition” but elaborated no further concerning the acquisition.

    “We are in the process of making it usable for our needs in an urban campus environment,” Lewis explained. “Specifically we are removing the top turret and repainting.”

    The vehicle looks like an MRAP, which is the general name for an armored fighting vehicle designed to survive ambushes and improvised explosive device (IED) attacks. Lewis mentioned nothing about IEDs or ambushes in his email to TheDC.

    Instead, the school envisions a number of uses for the vehicle including “officer rescue,” “hostage scenarios,” “bomb evaluation” and active killers loose on campus.

    The vehicle also boasts a “sniper perch” and it is ideal “for crew protection under threat of explosives and small arms fire.”

    Source: Daily Caller

    According to the military, the Mine-Resistant Ambush-Protected (MRAP) vehicle is specifically designed for asymmetric warfare.

    So let’s get this straight.

    University students and teachers are forbidden from bringing a licensed handgun onto school property for personal protection in case of a hostage situation or active killer being loose, but it makes complete sense, because of the terroristic threats we face, to put a military fighting vehicle on campus?

    Perhaps it’s yet another desensitization effort in the grand control grid. Our kids should get used to heavily armed vehicles and police, as they will soon be seeing them throughout communities all over America.

    Hat tip Tess at Ready Nutrition


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      1. Everyone is in on the fix except the American public. Stay safe. Semper Fi

        • Ohio State Gets Armored Fighting Vehicle: “Specifically Designed for YOU”

          There fixed ! 😉

          • Funny thing, I live in a small county of 16,000 and it just made our local paper last week that our Sheriff just picked up a fully operational MRAP to protect his guys on rescue missions that sustain “heavy gunfire”. These are his words. I can’t recall a shootout EVER having occurred in my county much less one that needed an MRAP

            • They are popping up everywhere. A little known fact I got from an engineer that works for the maker: an RPG to the side will take it right out. They are built to withstand an IED from the bottom not something as simple as an RPG from the side.

              • Maudy doesn’t have an RPG. But Maudy can steal a big garbage truck and ram it in the side and turn it over. Maudy is out of control!

                • Oh! I can see that. Maudy Fricket rounding the corner and stomping the gas pedal. Black smoke spues from the exhaust. The whine of the truck’s engine as it accelerates.
                  The sudden blast of the air horn and Maudy Fricket yells out the window of his improvised version of a drone attack. “It’s Trash Day Mother Fuckers!”

                  • And behind her, 50 semis. 😉

                • or an excavator and open it up like a beer can!

                  • …once its on its side a can of gas on top of it and a match tossed in for giggles…nothing made that cant be defeated simple-like…

              • Can you say “Shaped Charges” ?

                • I think some copper would do, buddy! maybe in a traffic cone?

              • Ice pick through the grill to puncture the radiator. The engine is enclosed behind armor. Gets hot enough in there they will have to get out.

              • An RPG is a just a propelled shape-charge. When the tip of the device makes contact with a surface, a small wire the runs from the tip to the rear sets of the charge that lies in the rear of the propelled device. Overseas we used “Slat Armor” that is basically a cage on the side of the vehicle. What it did, was catch the propelled grenade in the armor and prevent the tip from making contact with the side of the vehicle, also severing the det wire. The idea is rather primitive but doesn’t make it any less effective. Only reason I say all of that is to confirm both your statements and the statements of others about “shape charges” or more specifically “EFP”(explosively formed projectile) and their extreme effectiveness at disabling/destroying one of these vehicles. To destroy the MRAP, you must breach from the side or the top. All of the doors have internal reinforced combat locks, so don’t run up on them thinking you’re going to hop right in. I would say the best way to take on this vehicle is to take out the engine block (large caliber), and wait for the goobers to come out. You must also stay cognizant of the RWS(remote weapon system)or CROW system that is many times mounted on the top of these vehicles in place of the manned turret. The gunner sits below and runs the weapon system off of a computer platform, all optics based, which makes it vulnerable. A well placed shot, striking the camera/optic of this gun, makes it useless. Look for the shiny black convex form on the front of the gun. If all you have is the side shot, go for the solenoid on the side of the gun that controls the action (tubular device). So once the engine and offense of this vehicle are kaput, all you gotta do is wait…they will come out sooner or later.

                Sua Sponte

                • Ender, would a tracer round fired into a tire cause it to catch fire? If so, could it cause the fuel tank to blow?

              • What I want to know is can they repel armor-piercing ammo, especially in the front wind screen? What does it take to penetrate the vehicle on the sides or front?

                • An insider on YouTube gave the mil-specs on the same vehicle used in Boston, I believe in September. Those had the kind of “UP-Armor for urban fighting in our present mid east (global) war.

              • Have you watched the Multi-National LIVE (locked loaded search and arrest raid on YOU TUBE, Google Ron Paul/ Boston Military Ops 2013. Freedom Only dudes, the peace will follow only with that.

              • The Models used in Boston were equiped to handle a meteorite impact, They were built for the extremes. Every major city in America will have them in days or weeks, every university likewise, and not for games. THIS is not a game,America is to be taken down as we know it.Its all UN and I think we are under E.U. economics and law. Good Luck and God bless the people i have met in here in my short 10 minutes as a new member.

            • Never know when there will be another
              Kent State type of student demonstration.

              Sometimes battle rifles just arn’t enough
              to keep them dang peaceniks under control.

              Besides, it could be a good deterrent for
              rowdy crowds at Big Ten football games too.

              • They should have sent it to Penn State so they can keep an eye on their coaches.

                • Ahh Well played my friend!! I agree !

                • Joe Paterno had a clean mudshark and they killed him anyway.

              • Or Black Friday.

                • Off Topic: A woman Const Lawyer writer at newswithviews site has a Great article that debunks and demolishes Radio talker Mark levins book and plan he promotes of Amending the us const and doing so by a States Convention etc.

                  Her article step by step deals with every major issue Mark Levin “Claims” in his book and his radio show speeches on that issue. She uses the exact us const word for word to show how wrong Levins plan is and how hes wrongly advocating a states convention method etc.

                  Her name is Publius Huldah article at newswithviews dot com website.

                  ALSO at SAME webiste is article on same issues by Edwin Viera an even wiser us const authority lawyer guy whos last few articles deals with const amendts changes(bad bad idea!)…And he outlines the ONLY real proper lawfull us const method to create Militias Of the several States as written of in the us const clauses etc.

                  If you have not as yet read these Two great writers articles?…Please Do so! You will learn More from a few of those two writers articles than if you took a 6 yr college degree course!

                  That woman writer Publius Huldah makes it very easy to undertstand why Mark Levins “Plan and Book” are so wrong in so many ways. She makes levin look like an amature!

                  • @ Themguys

                    Do you do anything other than hate Jews? You must spend you’re whole life looking for another reason to justify you’re insanity. I think kkk or nazi sites would better cater to your needs because no one reads your stupidity other than maybe granny or whatever handle ninao is using today. It’s very evident you are a muslim sent here to conjure up hate against all Jews when most of us could care less about what Jews or Isreal is doing.

                    ENOUGH ALREADY!!!!

                  • A chick named “Publius” must have really small tits…

              • …expect that soon the game Nazis will be chasing poachers and candy stripers through the woods with these things…morons!

            • Anywhere near Atlanta? One of small suburban counties near ATL is very proud of their new armored vehicle acquisition that was featured on the morning news last week.

              • Saw last month a trainload (at least 50) of them heading South toward Atlanta. (They were painted in woodland camo, not desert. )I guess y’all got one of ’em.

                • Thank you SIR.

              • Saw a trainload (at least 50 of ’em) headed south toward Sin City last month (painted woodland camo, not desert). I guess one “fell of the trailer” in that town?

              • Indy Colt: my Post on debunking mark levins assinine nonsense of state conventioms to alter the us const did not meke any mention of the word jews nor israel.

                so Fuck you asshole. It seems You cannot stand to hear Any truth if it regards jews or israel issues. Thats YOUR problem and YOU should deal with That problem.

                Idiotic so called ‘christians” like You who so blindly accept all issues jewish and believe false teachings by unqualfied preachers that teach you to Worship jews as if they are special and chozen as if God gives jews a free pass on evils done by jews and zionists is absured.

                Yet You and 50 Million more usa evangelical fools doing such jew worshiping is the major reason america is embroiled in endless wars for israel and flat broke too.

                Nobody forces You to Read any posts asshole. Maybe fools like You need to RE think these issues and stop enabling those who destroy true christians and their nations.

                • @themguys

                  I’m not about to argue with someone who’s only comeback is f u a hole. I’ll guarantee someone in your life taught you that Jews are bad and gave you a good brainwashing. Hate will send you to the lake of fire.

                  • He’s right, ignoramus. They are systematically dismantling the country. They started by deracinating it, beginning with their founding the NAACP and providing their own leadership for decades. Phony Jewish intellectual movements such as Boasian anthropology, Freudian psychology, “racism”, Marxism (see Karl Marx), Globalism and others have lead Western Christendom to where it is today: on fucking life support.

                    Start by doing a little research on the “Frankfurt School” and then structure your life accordingly.

                  • Who is truely more sick? One who wishes for equivalence or one who wishes for someone to FULLY BODY BURN FOR ETERNITY. I mean seriously. That’s just sick. Think about it. Sick

                • hellloooo. ‘Levin’

                • Indy

                  Don’t waste your time because I’ve been reading these posts for the past year and Jew hate seems to be par for the course here. They don’t understand the meaning of being a Christian because they don’t believe GOD chose the Jews as his people. I’m with u, I don’t care wither way but get tired of scrolling through the crap.

                  • Chamillionare: Your knowledge of the bible as a so called “christian” is very Lacking. God Never choose “jews” for anything! God did choose Israel who made up ALL 12 tribes of jacobs 12 sons.

                    If you have really been reading all such posts as mine etc here than surely you have read tons of biblical verse proof I have posted reagrding This particular issue you call “Jews”.

                    As such a well rounded “christian” perhaps You can Enlighten us all here by giving a reasonable explaination as to Why the very word “Jew” was NOT ever written of in the Old testement bible books for almost the first 500 pages!?…That word “Jew” is never mentioned Untill the 2nd book of Kings chapter 16!!! nearly 500 pages After page ONE of genesis!

                    Strange that if as You seem to believe its all about jews and jews is who wrote the old testement and if as You claim God choose jews? Why did they All Forget to use that word “jew” to name the peoples they were writing of?

                    You may have read over a years worth of posts on this issue. But so far None of the mass of factual truths posted here by several folks who Do know of it, seems to have made even a Minor dent into your thick skull.

                    Typical of brainwashed evangelicals today who so Blindly trust and believe whatever their Unqualified pastors teach when it comes to jews and who exactly God blessed.

                    In Jeramiah God tells the prophet to go tell his jews brethren that they disobeyed God once too often, and that the jews are NO longer His people or “chozens” due to Their rejection of God as Their God. God says hes not their God and they are not his peoples any longer.

                    Then God tells jeramiah he is going to create a NEW covenant to REPLACE the first one. That New, being Christianity. Which will afterwards be the ONLY remaining Path for “jews” to obtain salvation.

                    So far after 2000 yrs of time to convert sincerally, 99+% of the jews have still failed and still hate and reject Jesus Christ. You Cannot Deny this as factual biblical Truth as it is written as such.

                    Try reading Glalatians book in the new testement to see exactly Who are the people that are going to Inherit All that was Promiced BY God TO Abraham! Way back in Genisis!

                    HINT: it is NOT your beloved “jews” who is spoken of in Galatians and That IS the new covenant of Christ and christianity…”IF” You were a tenth as wise or knowledgable of a christian as You pose as in your reply, you would Already Know these things!

                    Yet you do Not know it, therfore are Not a wise christian, and since You reject all info by those who do know, it shows that You are similar to Indy Colt and several other jew-worshiper foolish believers of Falsehoods. I will Pray that You and he/she awaken asap!

                  • Hey Cham,

                    I guess a guy who says F U a hole is going to preach to us about his awsome knowledge of the Bible. “Beloved jews” nah I don’t think so. I just don’t hate them like you do. Grow up and use your time wisely instead of spreading hate out your piehole.

                • First of all the ones that are doing evil deeds all over the world are not jeq they are ashkenazi jews (they’re not jews at all, they’re synagoes of satan)

            • It’d be great if his intention was to use it against the Feds and Russians when they strike.

              • Them Guys: I’ll bet you got this insightful education from your local drunken preacher at the wooden church next to the one room school house where you got your GED you toothless inbred piece of trailer trash. And these are the nicest things I can think of saying to you. What I really want to put up here wouldn’t be allowed. I’ll bet in your neck of the woods your favorite card reads “Happy Birthday Uncle Dad”.

            • Just watch…they’ll probably roll it out for traffic stops.

            • Have you ever been in a shootout ? If so you would be happy to have one of these vehicles . The way people are now I see nothing wrong with it. Yes it’s a little over kill but the price the Sheriff paid for it why not. Relax and put Red Dawn in or play Call Of Duty.

              • You called that one right. Most of these clowns are nothing more than a bunch of fat little mall ninjas who think that playing HALO and Call of Duty makes them warriors. There are some legitimate warriors here and their comments are sensible based on real world experience. They’re more low key that the super-gamer wannabes. The angrier and louder the response, the fatter the little loser is in real life. Thumbs down equals momma’s boys still living at home.

            • There is a good chance that many Sheriffs and Police Chiefs that take their Oath to the Constitution seriously, have picked up one of these. Wouldn’t you if it was given to you? What ever is going on, won’t be good for us.

              Take a look at Rules for Radicals-1792 it’s exaclly what’s happening today.


              • If they take their oaths to the Constitution seriously then wouldn’t they being using them with us instead of against us? I wouldn’t be so quick to think all these sherriffs are going to be fighting for the “loyalists”.

            • Tell the sheriff the heavy fire will from the US Gov killing freedom loving Americans

          • Your tax dollars at work.

            • Or your tuition dollars at work. OSU has called five times this week and ten times last week, whining for more money. We paid cash (savings)for two of our kids to go there, and maybe it’s pissed-off parents they’re afraid to face. OSU used to be a decent university but now it’s as far left as the rest of them. Our kids are both employed, but I wish I had sent them elsewhere as in someplace cheaper. We could use the money, and indoctrination isn’t cheap!

              • I went to an ACC school that hounds me for money over and over and over. It never stops. They even hound my parents, and my parents didn’t put me through school, I did.

          • American patriots are going to have to become experts in guerilla warfare very soon.

            • First up, is to come up with successful methods of thwarting things like THIS.

              It doesn’t take a rocket surgeon to figure out who/what the govt is “giving” these away for…it’s prepositioning armaments, pure and simple, right under the noses of the citizens.


              • What we’re looking at here, is a failure to communicate…

              • I just figure those fat kampus kops are taking
                real good care of it for us until we need to
                relieve them of it when the shtf. Right?

              • I suppose if you were faced with one of these things it looks like the best option would be to leave at a high rate of speed.
                But how could you deal with one if you had to?
                I would say, go for the occupants most primal fear, fire.
                Figure out some way to get it hot enough to light the tires off. That’s about the only thing thats flammable on the exterior. Then the occupants will soon realize with no tires they are stuck there waiting for AAA. I don’t know anything about safety systems on these things but it wouldn’t be hard to imagine a fire suppression system of some sort as long as it doesn’t suffocate those inside.
                I haven’t heard of anybody defeating one of these things without some high kind high explosive device.
                The only other thing I can think of is a few well placed rifle shots thru the cooling stack in the front of the vehicle. This looks to be an international made truck with truck power. These, unless modified, have loads of sensors that monitor all systems, cooling, oil pressure, vacuum, low fluids and so on. The idea is to take responsibility for shutting down the engine out of human hands and protect the engine only.
                I had an eyeball on an MTVR (Marine 7 ton) when they first came out. It had a C-12 Caterpillar just like any other Cat I’d ever seen. Same turbo, computer module on the left side, same cooling stack in the front. I knew if someone poked a hole thru that stack and once coolant was lost, vacuum was lost, oil was lost, that thing would turn off in about 20-30 seconds. I don’t know if they eventually figured this out and dealt with it or not but maybe somebody reading this that has had an experience with an MTVR being shot in the front over in the sandbox can answer this, did it turn off or what did it do? These MRAPs might have the same problem.

                • Blind them. Paint on the windows. From jars thrown at the vehicle, paintball guns, whatever means possible. Blind the vehicle and it becomes a liability rather than an asset.

                  • Sugar,sand, handfuls of dirt if you have access to fuel tanks. Every little bit helps.

                  • I just thought of a reason to buy a paintball gun…

                  • So now, add to the prepping list–black paint cans, and flame throwers??

                • A shaped charge on the top would work but the vehicle would have to be static to deploy it….

                • 50 cal would go right through it. That is why they are trying to ban them.

                  • The “better than us” crowd is messing with our lively hood. Just makes sense to mess with theirs. Let them try and maintain their standard of living without our cooperation.

                • Sticky Bomb. Watch the movie saving private Ryan. A hot flamine ball of tar tossed or shot with a potato cannon followed by flammable fuel. a pcv pipe buried in the road plumed to a 100 pound LP bottle and a gullitione valve. When the vehicle is over to pipe a trigger will turn on the gas. and set it on fire by a remote switch. the blazing inferno will be sucked into the engines air intake and stop it dead in its tracks. they will exit or die inside. Low Tech done correctly can easily defeat high tech. Keep it simple.

                • 55 gallon drum of home made gelled gasoline launched from a catapault “Punkin Chunkin style”

                  • Kula. you are crazy….need help?

                  • You need a trebuchet for something that heavy.

                  • Can’t let my son see this….he loves punkin chunkin and wants to build a potatoe gun.

                  • hahahaha burn baby burn

              • “rocket surgeon”…pure genius, love it!

              • As they are repositioned into smaller communities it will be easier for the patriots to acquire them when TSHTF.

                • the police of wake forest,nc got one of these about two months ago…as far i know, wake forest in not a hotbed of terrorism, but hell, i could be wrong…the chief of police, said “it’s for the protection of our officers”…what he didn’t say, but meant, was “fuck the general public”

                  • ok …. I saw DHS MRAP …Conroe Texas sitting off 1488 near I-45 approx . 10 days ago …….just wonding …ahhh,,,How many of these things are prepositioned ? MAC SLAVO …how about a rigging a ciunter on here ?

                  • ” counter ” whoops

                • Now that’s an interesting thought…
                  What IF…there IS an external threat beyond anything that’s been discussed here or anywhere else…
                  Except on the floor of the House of Reps.. Where some congressman was reading a bill, a number of years ago, where he verbally redacted half of what was in it…

                  Anybody remember that???
                  I’ve been trying to find the video and can’t…

              • How to thwart an armored vehicle.

                1. Wait until it is parked overnight.
                2.Place thermite over the engine compartment, on the hood. Light and leave–quickly.
                3.The other aspects of the logistics are for you to plan and deceide.

              • My taxes at work to build Obomber’s domestic military… this lovely little number will now be available to quell riots! DHS took delivery of 2,800 such vehicles. They’re here to protect us! Enjoy Comrades!

              • time to design shaped-charge sticky bombs!

              • Sixpack,

                “prepositioning armaments”, is the perfect explanation. I can only hope and pray that Americans see this for what it is. It is truly amazing what a difference a couple of words can make when explaining something like this. I hope you don’t mind, but I am definitely going to plagarize this and run with it!!!

                • One Pre positioned Patriot with either a Bow or Cross-Bow and a few Flaming arrows or Bolts, fired into any part of the uniforms worn by the operators of such vehicles will likly assure none even make it to climb aboard and use it against others nefariously.

                • Go for it CJM.

              • Sixpack,

                “prepositioning armaments”, is the perfect explanation. I can only hope and pray that Americans see this for what it is. It is truly amazing what a difference a couple of words can make when explaining something like this. I hope you don’t mind, but I am definitely going to plagarize this and run with it!!!

              • Well, yeah, we have caught on, but there seems to be nothing we can do about it as individuals. Like Obama-Care, it’s considered to be totally untouchable and, in case no one has realized it yet, we are living under tyranny but it’s going to take some more time for a workable number of people to realize it. Two people can not liberate the country, but two million can make a good showing.

                • and 20 million can make a serious impression…!

            • Wolverines!!!

            • Highspeed:
              I’ve been saying this for years. The group I’m in has been doing this for about 2 years now. Every time practice we learn something new. God I hope it doesn’t come to this.

              • “God I hope it doesn’t come to this.”
                Me too Sarge, but it looks like its coming our way ready or not.

            • If you do little digging you will find militia does not fair well against real solders , Washington did not care for militia at all nor did his generals.

              • hmmmmm…tell that to them federal soldiers who when out across the Mason-Dixon line to teach them there “rebels” a lesson…were gonna wrap it up in a few days…folks from DC even brought their lunches to watch the action and….well, I guess the Southern militia never got the memo about not being able to fight those professional union soldiers…

                • Washington was not in the civil war LOL.

                • Washington was not in the civil war LOL.

                  • Never said he was…the statement was made that(quote “If you do little digging you will find militia does not fair well against real solders” end quote)…the Southern armies were mostly militias and they kicked the crap outta the “real soldiers” sent to put down their rebellion for quite a while….could name a bunch of places and times where “militias”/citizen soldiers/bands of Indian warriors ect… kicked the butts of so-called real soldiers…besides theres more than enough historical evidence to show a mutual love and respect between Washington and his men many who were not “professional” soldiers but still again defeated the “real soldiers” king gorgy sent over… 🙂

              • So, you think those Afghans are highly trained soldiers, then?

          • I just registered here. They said “satisfaction guaranteed”. I thought the were going to complete with or MONEY BACK. They cant come up with the immeasurable value of their own info in here. Besides ,it’s free. Semper fie brother.

        • It’s must be Christmas cause they’re giving them out like candy. Two Texas cities got them, one a beach town and the other a hotbed of suburban boredom. If these places go up in smoke, I don’t want to be in Chicago.

          Under Armored Protection at the top left:

          Take a look at that grill and imagine it rolling over some peaceful protesters.

          • or rolling up to your front door.

              • Damper? I just call it like I see it.

              • Just for the record, the replacement tires on the Bearcat are $4000 a pop. You may want to raise that with your city council (on muni TV if you have it) when taxes go up, the PD says they need more resources etc.

                I know a place that paid $25,000 for a throw-in SWAT phone. They haven’t had a hostage situation in years but couldn’t share with the town next door.

                And we wonder why we can’t keep our freakin’ heads above water on the property taxes.

          • subscription required??

            • This is due to total neglect by 535 elected officials in senate and congress disobeying every Oath and Promice ever made by them collectivly. Then allowing the aprox 35,000 combined house/senate Aides, also on fed payrolls(taxperys paid) to do Most all of the negotiations with aprox 40,000 Lobyist’s who all work for various makers of such Costly vehicles.

              Then those same Aides write the actual bills that get voted into law by that group of 535 scoundrels and swindlers. Which then the US Prez Blindly agrees to and officially signes into law.

              Then another Few Hundred Billion dollars get wasted/spent to buy so many uneeded vehicles, and make that lobbyist group very Happy. That causes the same lobbiest’s to again Return with suitcase’s filled with overflow-Cash to use as Bribes(campaign contributions) so to assure a swell working relationship between Facist Corps, and Kommie fed govnt opperatives.

              The ONLY thing that can possibly Upset this evil operation is if the top zio banksters decide to switch to other swindle scams to spend taxpayer backed cash on.

              Folks that prep and are Wise, will no doubt read up on the many evil methods perpetrated upon the russian civilians in 1918 era when zio invented communisim first gained a foothold by overthrowing russias king(6 hired jewish killers executed the czar and his wife and 5 kids in cold blooded Murder, then in the russian czars dead familys Own Blood the 6 jewish bolshevik murderers wrote on the Wall behind the 7 dead bodies the same Hebrew words fron the book of Danial, “myne tenkle etc etc” I cant properly spell that hebrew in danial but biblie aware folks Know what I speak of).

              Then proceeded to keep mass killing a couple Hundred Million More innocent folks thay opposed and hated so fiercly.

              Because no matter How much preps one obtaines, such wisdom gleened from knowlegde of How such nationwide taleovers occures, shall greatly prep ones self and others in advance so americans will Not get caught off guard like so many in russia and ukraine did.

              Knowledge of just exactly How brutal and deadly the kommies will be will greatly aide in a persons ability to Counter strike, and Kill such vile enemys with no forethought, as any delay in opposing kommie deadly zio killers, as they have proven themselves to be, will result in the same end as russians suffered for 75+ yrs of the worst tyranny ever to occure in all of history.

              A good understanding of the enemys kill methods and the terrible unspeakable Tortures these vile kommie bolsheviks are capable of doing, even to small children and pregnant women. Coupled with at least Some knowledge of what their Talmudic Judiac Teachings actually Train them to do(as they did in russia/ukraine).

              Will go a long way in preparing for such a bolshevik takeover in america that seems almost a certainty at this late point. Learn and awaken as many Others as possible.

              Do Not allow Their inventions of PC-correctness, and whitey-Guilt, to allow Them to do to Us what They did to Russians and Ukrainians. Once you agree to rid yourself of all pc and whitey guilt, it is very easy to teach others truths of these vile komie enemys of all mankind.

              “They are the Adversaries of God, and of ALL mankind” a biblical verse.(by John I think?)

              • They are consolidating their power so as to move on from implicit genocide of founder stock whites, to explicit murder via starvation or door-to-door execution.

                Anyone who identifies with the European-American majority is a target. Just look at the recent target posters ordered by the DHS and the billions of rounds. These posters depict old white veterans, and pregnant white women and children.

                It doesn’t take much to add 2 + 2.

                • TJ: Your two post replies are right on correct. Its just too bad so many who consider themselves prepped and wized up on all issues that matter, are still being so Blindly led by their Blind prechermen or others. Blind leading the Blind always end with Both in a Ditch.

                  To think the meere name of the book author being named by me as “Mark Levin” who IS the person who has written a book and speaks on his rdaio talker show about doing a state convention to ammend the us const, while Falsely telling patriot folks that it is possible to Force a conventions delegats to OBEY and Honor demands by Us to just only deal with One thing we want them to ammend etc Needs to be exposed for the faslehood that it is.

                  How else But to Name the book and radio guy so others will relaize Who I am talking of?

                  So now any person with a jewish Name is off limits as to actually nameing them BY Name? Otherwise it is proof you are a hater!

                  Most small children today have more wisdom than some of the idiotic fools that post replies here it seems.

                  They Never can argue their points as they have zero valid counter points. All they have is a lifetime of pro-jew and pro-israel brainwashings galore deeply instilled into their small minds. Like liberal dems they never will admit it is They who are so wrong headed on these issues.

                  And once america becomes like Russia 1918 all over again, Then they will realize most of the zionist jewish persons or groups these fools so worshiped and Blindly defended, regardless what proofs of evils and wrongs the zio jews are Guilty of over the last 2000 yrs against whites and christians, will then seem so evident to the fool idoits they will wish they had listened then. Only then its always way too Late to begin belief of Truth and facts.

                  They FEAR such truth and facts and its why they never Read an article prior to complaining. Childish Kneejerk emotional feelings based replies is Their Specialty. Its All they Have as a response or reply.

        • One of our military branches has 3600 MRAPs they are going to hand off to another branch. They only need 400. We drove by aprox, 1100 of them tonight coming from dinner. Identical to the one in the pic. I asked my wife, I wonder what they would look like in white? They won’t demil those in Red River, those things are what, 300K each. Some obscure gov agency will end up with those, you betcha!

          • $658,000 actually.

            • ..or about 500$ worth of scrap steel after we get done with them….

        • I love Ted Cruz

          • Chip — Did you notice though, after all that effort
            fighting for the rights of the People, congresspricks
            on both sides of the aisle just put it down as a waste
            of time and a worthless distraction to their agenda.

            When they lay with dogs, they all get fleas.

            • Chip: Do you also Love Ted Cruz’s Plans to Allow More than Twice the current numbers of Leagle Immigrants to enter america and take JOBS away from american citizens?

              Are You aware Ted Criz plans will Increase those numbers from the current 1.5 Million legit immigrants with work visas and green cards etc to Over 3 Million Per year allowed into Our nation?

              Perhaps you need widen your base of knowledge of ted cruz-rubio-and neocon Puppets whos main Loyalty is first and foremost to Telaviv Zionists and israel/jewish intrests there and here in america.

              We would do far better promoting Pro america and pro whiteys polititions. Who also Obey Oaths and the us const.

        • Where do I get one “at no cost”? shit, I’d make that my daily driver…

        • All part of their plan, that will fail miserably. Every now and then I like to rifle through my archives and re-watch old videos. Yesterday, while assembling an archive library for a couple of friends, I found this gem.

          ILLUMICORP – The Great Plan

          While the video is pure fiction, the topics discussed certainly are true. Whomever put this together knew exactly what they were doing. They captured the true arrogance and massive hubris of these twisted inbred degenerates.

          Anyway, when I see shit like this, it reminds me of their planning. Carefully placing assets into position around the Chess board. Slowly and patiently calculating their moves until the final play of the end game. All I can say is; we have plans too assholes. You feeling lucky?

        • ‘Tin soldiers and Obama coming. Were finally on our own.This summer I hear the drumming. A shit load dead in OHIO.’ Didn’t the National Guard kill 4 students at Kent State ? Well OHIO state doesn’t want to be left behind.

        • I know *exactly* what they want this for, and I’m telling you, Michigan is READY!! Game on, Buckeyes!

        • All of this is quite interesting. It appears that since the 1960’s, Kent State,etc.etc. the citizens have LEARNED NOTHING!! But the elite ruining the nation sure have. Never trust the citizens again is the lesson they learned from that time.

      2. Holy crap!! I didn’t know there were that many Muslims at OSU.


        • Here’s a thought…the government tells us not to judge all muslims because of a few lunatics. The government ENCOURAGES us to judge all gun owners because of a few lunatics… WTF??!!

          • well the SPLC did say that patriots and libertarians are ALL terrorist! so whatever they say is right,

            • SPLC are a bunch of lying crybaby whimps who get worked into a lather anytime the smell testosterone…Ive dealt with these clowns and all they are is a communist front group determined to insult and destroy anyone or anything that they feel inferior to…which is everything!!

          • Very good point!!!!

          • War is when the government tells you who the enemy is. Revolution is when you figure it out for yourself.

            • Well said, brother!

      3. If Ohio State doesn’t want that vehichle I’ll take if off their hands.

        • Jim in VA,
          — I think Virginia Beach School Dept. Would have first dibs on the vehicle.
          I hear you have 3 very dangerous 7th graders playing with air soft guns in your area.
          — Miss DeeDee —

          • Miss DeeDee,

            I am afraid you are mistaken, in order for the authorities to deal effectively with three 7th graders with air-soft weaponry, they are going to have to up armor or get an M1A1 Abrams, then maybe they will feel safe enough to go after those horrific air-soft munitions!! Pathetic, isn’t it?

          • Or 93 year-olds in nursing homes!!!

        • what you’re looking at, is EBT for corporations, but ONLY those favored by .gov

      4. There are signs in every state, I think we are in for a long winter.
        Best of luck to all of you.

        • I do my best work in winter

      5. He’ll yes there gonna need it when the liberal start eating their young. The revolt will start on campus and austerity always starts with those receiving the benefits of wealth redistribution.

        • The “benefits” of wealth redistribution go to the elites, who will hardly be adversely affected.

          • Sorry Sixpack your never going to see the elite in the streets. There game is to enslave the masses with debt and taxes.

            • And escape to higher ground when the SHTF. First to their “Gated Communities”… Then perhaps to Europe with the rest of the Greedy fascist scum when the fire gets too close. Escape witht he riches and treasures, Same as Germany 1945… Flee my ,minions, flee with your loot…..

            • Then we’ll just have to find them won’t we….!

              • there are (ex)patriots in many other countries for a damn good reason—time to pass the baton.

      6. probably useful for snatching party animals, jaywalkers, and those who are delinquent on tuition payments. All extremely dangerous…they probably should get an M1A1 Abrams.

      7. Isn’t there any adults left in positions of power anymore? How many people had to agree with this decision for it to go through ?

        • You can bet it upwards of 200, from the feds to state to local, lots of applications, reviews, voting, discussions, approvals, right down the line. This is something a lot more complex than getting a new squad car.

      8. Breaking News,

        Slightly more than 3 hours ago another extremely high magnitude GRB was detected by the SWIFT satellite. The apparent origin was the contellation Fornax, though additional details are somewhat scarce at this early stage. What we do know is that the apparent magnitude was near to equaling the April 27th Super GRB earlier this Spring.

        It ia NOT atypically the case that initial estimations of magnitude are later revised upwards after the first 24 houurs or so where these very strong GRB’ are concerned…so this one might turn out to be a ‘doozy’.

        BI, you will want to keep a close eye on the seismic for the next 24 hours (or more)…If memory serves me here we DID have a spate of unusual deep-focus events almost immediately after that event occured. Updates to follow as info becomes available…

        I will likely be incommunicado for roughly 12 hours hereafter, as we are beginning a revamp of our local power grid here. Till later all.


        • Howdy, JOG. Hope everything is going well for you. braveheart

        • JOG.

          Good to hear from you again. Hopefully you are keeping OPSEC via bouncing the WiFi waves thru at least 15 granite rocks of different angular momentums.

          This should keep any Drone passerby confused.

          Good luck.

        • Hey JOG,
          I knew you would most likely monitoring “things”. Below the radar but still tuned in.

          Take care,

          • make that….be monitoring things.

        • JOG!
          HOW YA BE BRO!

          You was funnin’ us about moving so far out in the sticks they had to pipe the sunshine in…eh?

          • Hello JOG.

        • NO idea what you just said……

        • Happy new year!
          well, not yet,

      9. WE ARE SCREWED.

      10. Well aren’t we lucky. Its probably to take care of all the horse people that ‘invade” Columbus for the month of October

        • I’ve been to Columbus and I wouldn’t want to go back without one of those vehicles.

      11. All these MRAPS coming back from Afghanistan, that are being surplussed and given to law enforcement, including those of colleges are a further militarization of our local police forces. This is nothing more than a pre positioning of military assets through out the country for the benefit of DHS/FEMA TSA gang, or the UN tropps in their blue Keffiyeh’s.

        • Sorry, I said the same thing before reading your post. I tend to comment on posts as I find them.

      12. It is simply an “illusion”. A “tricked out” VW bug to impress the sheeple! Go back to sleep!

      13. Of course it’s necessary – have you ever seen what happens on campus after “The Game” at the end of the regular season? Muck Fichigan – GO BUCKS.

        But, yeah, that’s excessive.

        • sorry i had to give ya a thumb down
          go blue!!!!!!!!!

      14. Lets hope when SHTF, the people who are suppose to use that vehicle, don’t use it against Americans. But for us….

      15. I think of our troops who were killed in places like Fallujah or Gardez because they didn’t have something like this and it makes me wonder what the F do LEO’s think they are going to encounter here? Then again, maybe they are starting to realize how pissed off people are becoming as they wake up. Maybe I’ll do a youtube video to demonstrate how to effectively disable/destroy light armor. Ya know, for information purposes only.

        • I’ve got a few of my own ideas.

        • I wouldnt mind having a copy of the Owners manual,just so I know how to set the Radio.

          • could knock that ridiculous body off the chassis and put a cab from a wrecking yard on it a spreader hopper and some big ag tires and make one hell of a fertilizer spreader!

            • And I know what to use for the Fertilizer..

              • I,d Seriously like to have a look at one of these things, I’m thinkn the Radiator is gona be the weak link, but that just seem to easy its gotta be Shielded,witch over heating could be the way to go.

                • .50 cal API’s
                  should take care of that radiator…

      16. I can see the Buckeyes winning a big one and the masses celebrating with the usual mobs and burning couches. Nothing new. Now the new thing I can see is this thing rolling in all black with lots of scene lighting with a PA system with swat and riot guys firing CS and rubber buck announcing this is the police you are in violation. Disperse immediately! Hell I can even see a gunner atop with a M240B with a search light and night vision sight. So no guns, weapons and, violence on campus huh? This thing is a rolling battlefield. Has no place in domestic policing. What happened to the classic “bread truck” as the swat vehicle? When have we heard on a regular basis of police in the United States coming under attack from IED devices and 50cal rifles on a daily basis? This type of vehicle is way overboard no ifs ands or buts.

        “Kent State massacre occurred at Kent State University in the U.S. city of Kent, Ohio, and involved the shooting of unarmed college students by the Ohio National Guard on Monday, May 4, 1970. The guardsmen fired 67 rounds over a period of 13 seconds, killing four students and wounding nine others, one of whom suffered permanent paralysis.”

        • When I was a senior (1980’s) I was going to do a paper on kent state. Tis was in Mississippi. Couldn’t find 1….not one reference in book, magazine, or newspaper microfiche to use as sources. Only had my mother to tell me about it.

      18. There’s no doubt left about the war the United States government wants to bring onto its citizens….. Why are we collectively silent on all this DHS and other three-letter department build up? Why is there no one in the main stream news outlets questioning this, or anything else this government does? In my opinion, this country of ours is finished. The “free” press is dead. In any other time in history, Washington DC would be overrun with millions protesting… instead we just sit and wait.

        • Stan522.

          The answer to those questions are very simple:

          We are Stupid!

      19. I think they meant to say “Kent State”. You know, the high-risk thing with all those rocks and insults and stuff.

      20. This looks like the perfect armored car that would drive up and take the casino’s money to the bank. The masses are not only getting desensitized, they are getting stupidier. The measure of intelligence of people or animal is just what do they notice that is out of place. Unfortunately what this is happens to be people that can protect themselves and prevent a crime or some act of a murderous lunatic. “Gun Free” zones are becoming more and more EVERYWHERE. Perfect places for the maniac. Now if you happen to be a maniac, where does the predator go that wants to kill a bunch of innocent people? Where else, a place that they won’t be shot back at right away. That would be a gun free zone.

        On to another topic about something that relates to the whole gun issue. I am still angry at the troll NC Joker in the previous article calling all of us murderous and blood thirsty wanting SHTF so we all can go people hunting. NC Joker has been a pain for a long time, but that character stepped over the line tonight. I usually ignore these comments, but when he calls so many out there on this site that have more morals in their little finger tips that this joker has in his whole body, it is time to talk a little about this.

        There are trolls on this site that get paid to disrupt a highly successful site. Notice that Mac’s articles are getting a lot more people looking at them. Then there are individuals that actually believe the garbage they are saying. I am not so sure NC Joker is a paid troll. I am sure that characters like NC Joker that wish all of us death and say we don’t deserve to live are perfect recuits to do something to go after the 2nd Amendment and be “heroes” for BO and anti-gunners like that orgress feinsteinless.

        So often the government looks for losers on the internet to do their dirty work. Many paid trolls get FOUND in this manner. Some true losers get to do the “special work” and get their 15 minutes in the news. I wonder if NC Jo(k)e(r) has yet reached this level. I have noticed NC Joker’s comments becoming a lot more radical recently. Maybe NC Joker is going into final meltdown. Anyway the Reykjanes Ridge just had a few earthquakes on them and I have to calculate what this means. The planet is sure becoming active tectonically this week. Often does around the Autumn and Spring equinox.

        • NC Joe isn’t paid, he does this for free.

        • I hope NCJOkEr comes to my house first BI…
          I got a whole army of boobys for him…

          • He’s not into boobys or boobies.

            • He needs to be into boobies. I think him spending time in the “boobie hatch” would benefit all of us a lot.
              Aside from the shot at such an easy target, I think he really could use a good teacher in cognitive therapy. His remarks seem to follow the theme of many liberals,i.e., “It’s a good idea, I want it to be true, If I treat it as true others will follow and it will become true.” The demonstrated immaturity and irresponsibility are related but separate subjects, not necessarily connected to the underlying pathology. Unfortunately things are not that simple in the world of physical reality. Sometimes it is possible to change social patterns that way (although it is a bit mote complicated than that) but mother nature and people who don’t share your basic assumptions will not be swayed.
              Peter Pan is not a good role model for adults.

              • He doesn’t want to think. He just wants to whine.

      21. My response to this .. after seeing them downrange and growing up with some very interesting home brewd counter measures is http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Marvin_Heemeyer
        IE the Granby Kill dozer built in a mans own garage on a one way ticket against TPTB and yes with a Lincon weilder a machine shop and access to said Tractor, Grater, 10kAT or any other construction equipment these M/CRAPS are dust.. Im not worried when the time comes that we will build our own back yard tanks to take this shit out.

        • I wonder how they’d fare against one of those big magnetic cranes they use to load cars into the crusher at some wrecking yards… or even the grappling ones, with the arms like the ones in those machines with the toys in them.

          • Also, I wonder how those MRAPS would fare against some logging machinery (skidders or skylines)—anyone here a former choke setter?

            • Before the SHTF, patriots need to know where the thing is garaged or kept at night….
              After the SHTF, patriots should first try to appropriate the vehicle for defensive use….failing that, gasoline and road flares on the inside ought to do a good job…to prevent it from falling into the hands of terrorists. 😉

              • I know where 1 is parked!

                The Fire Department I work for is storing the local County SWAT one at our station. With talking a little with one of the SWAT members he said that Washington State (where I am) is getting 4 of these from Joint Base Lewis McChord and the they have 22 more to hand out. One went to California somewhere already he said. Also 6 of them are the 6 wheel drive version. The ones they are giving out were only used for training at the base and only have about 8000 miles on them. No front line use at all. The price tag is still on it by the way, $658,000 is what the Gov. paid. Nice to see they are handing them out for free I guess. At least my taxes wont raise to pay for it, Ill just end up paying for it some other way.

                Also someone above said to just light the tires on fire. Bad news, they have fire suppression systems on them and it covers the tires and the interior compartments so that wont work.

                PS new here but been reading and becoming more alert as the days go by. Thank you for all of the information I have learned. And everything I am seeing is very scary, especially since my wife likes to keep the blinders on. At least I am in the know, somewhat. Thanks again.

                Me and Me

                • roger that

        • simple armor and weld a contraption like a cow catcher on the front of even a D4H and you can turn it over like a turtle! then just push a bunch of cars up against the doors and voila! time capsule!

          • I like it!

      22. Howdy, BI, and I agree. I’ve been jumping on ncjackass myself. I noticed urban dog come back in the last article, but he sounds so much more stupid than nc jackass that I’m just ignoring him. On the topic, the only real reason for all of this military hardware, military weapons, brainwashing of cops against civilians is most obvious. War between LE and the public is coming. LE will lose, even with federal backup and foreign troops. They don’t have the numbers, despite their technology. Something’s coming and soon, I can feel it. If I had to bet on the timing, I’d say watch out for the Grid Ex drill in Nov. when they simulate a grid-down situation. let’s hope it doesn’t become the real deal, but I smell false-flag in the air. braveheart

        • @ braveheart. Did you see JustOneGuy is trying to communicate with the site? I have to ask him about the extremely low solar activity of the Sun, and does this mean that like back in 1859 that a Carrington Event is due whcih seems to be the same now as back then.

          This site has so many good and intelligent people here, it just really gets so sickening when some retards try to ruin it for everyone else. RICH99 at least tries to come up with some constructive comments. These others ass wipes just never do. When that ncjoker said that we are all potential killers, that did it. I persoanlly try to save and protect lives. The people here are only trying to protect themselves and their families when SHTF. NCJOKER is so perfect for the government. I just hope that the joker is not the next one on the breaking news trying to be some warped sense of a hero.

          • Howdy BI!

            Ahh, back on-line, right on schedule….

            Tis been a while…has it not Friend?

            To answer your question directly, it would appear that we are WELL on the way to a repeat of the last Solar Minima, The “Maunder Minmum” of 1645-1715 during which EVERY glacial system ‘pon the face of the Earth ADVANCED (frequently, at break-neck speeds); entire towns in Northen Europe were simply flattenbed by the advancing path of that increased glaciation. Neither should it be taken that the Maunder Minimum was an isolated event, historically. Might you you should look up ‘Solar Minima’ over at the Wiki; Several have occured during the last few thousand years, averaging an occurance every 500 years or so, typically, with some variation.

            I’m aure that you have noted my last post above, yes? Methinks vigilance is warranted – seisamically – over the next several days as whatever happened last night dynamically distributes itself through the core/mantle/crust. Similar to what we saw in April.

            Thank you all – everyone of you – for your warm welcome, surely ’tis a fine ‘Welcome Home’…I am flattered, and humbled, to be in the good company
            of such fine Folks.

            I have so very much to tell you all; about New Life and Joy and the Rejuvenation of the Spirit! Look for an extensive missive thereon later this evening; there is SO much I have to tell you Friends but for now I must rest – revamping the load balances on our itty-bitty ‘local grid’ was rather involved: meshing multiple military 30 kw generators together is rather trying. Till later then, this eve!

            Adios Muchacho’s


            • 😉

              Yes BI; ‘Tis me Friend…


              PS: Howdy Kindle, Piper, UG, braveheart…and slingshot as well!!! In my best Arnold Swartznegger styling…

              ….”I’ll be back”…

              …later tonight. I am well-pleased to be so well-received by all of you! ..till later my Friends.

              • JOG, you BETTER be back tonight. I’m looking forward to your take on things since you’ve been away. braveheart

              • JOG; welcome back!!! I’m looking forward to hearing about your last couple of months.

                I searched Maunder Minimum, needless to say some additional preps are needed (on my part).

                Take care.

              • Welcome back my friend… 🙂

            • Welcome Back JOG! I may not be a big contributor, but I have been reading this site daily for almost 2 years now and love every minute of it. You were sorely missed when you left back in June.

              It sounds like things are shaping up well for you and I know I speak for myself and others in expressing happiness that things are coming together at the new locale.

              Looking forward to your future posts… Take care and stay safe


          • Good morning, BI. Yes, I noticed JOG on here last night. I and several others have already said hello to him; I hope he comes back on. And yes, Rich99 has been sounding decent lately. The trolls like ncjackass and urban dog make me sick also. I enjoy coming here and giving survival-related advice to people in order to give them the best chance possible of surviving any post-SHTF scenario. I have the feeling that the trolls will be among the victims in “the great culling” after SHTF. It will be so horrific. braveheart

      23. Asymetric warfare my arse. Anyone got a spud gun and some beer cans full of paint?

      24. JustOneGuy is back. Just in the nick of time as the geophysical world is lighting up. Okay, first of all the earthquakes on the Reykjanes Ridge at this point form two arcs of energy that follow previous patterns. First arc is one that affects far western Alaska/eastern Russia, Japan and Indonesia to New Guinea, one branch of this travels sometimes to northern Argentina. The other arc goes through southern Alaska and northern British Columbia, down through the Fiji/Kermandec Islands to New Zealand back up around into Central Africa, Morocco/Algeria region and Portugal.

        As more earthquakes on plate boundaries occur, there should be an indication which arc this will go.

        First arc, Danger areas until Oct.10
        Aleutian Islands/Eastern Russia
        Indonesia to Soloman Islands
        Northern Argentina

        Second arc, danger areas until Oct.10
        Southern Alaska to Northern Britich Columbia, could be Cascadia fault
        Fiji/Kermadec Islands, maybe as far west as Samoa
        New Zealand
        Central Africa

        It will take more earthquake activity to determine which arc this movement came from. Until this time, BOTH of these zones remain hot for something in the high 6 to mid 7 range.

        • Never forget that God determines where and when earthquakes occur. This week’s Pakistan earthquake, which formed a new island just off Pakistan’s coast, was a surprise even to you.

          It’s interesting that the Pakistan earthquake occurred just a few days after the Christians were attacked and murdered outside their church on Sunday morning, for no reason other than being Christians.

          • Every earthquake occurs just after Christians are attacked just for being Christians; just not always so violently.
            Also blacks for being black (or for not being black enough), whites for being white, gays for being gay, straights for being straight, etc, ad nauseum.

      25. Braveheart, you need to stop thinking of LEO’s as the enemy. If the SHTF there will not be a legitimate le presence because they will be protecting their own loved ones. I am willing to bet a large number of LEO’s see what is going on and don’t like it either. There are agency’s with special units that need an armored type vehicle (swat teams). Let two of your buddies get popped with an AK because of shit equipment and you will change your mind very quickly on your level of preparedness. Keep up the good work on this site. I love it! But for christ’s sake lay off the 5-0’s, most really do care and try to make a difference despite what the MSM likes to portray.

        • It’s not the LEOs that are decent, hard-working citizens that these comments are directed at—it’s the OTHER THAT ARE NOT.

          They each know who they are, and it if doesn’t apply, let it fly.

        • FX426, you misunderstand to some degree. First, I don’t see ALL LEOs as untrustworthy. I’ve had relatives in LE who were “old school” cops, pre-911. those were the days when the public could really trust LE without question and without reservation. I’ve had other relatives who have entered since 911 and quit because the nature of LE has changed along with their attitude toward the public. They told me, and I quote, “WE joined law enforcement to protect and serve the public, NOT TO TERRORIZE THE PUBLIC.” They rejected the federal brainwashing taking place in all of the local and state academies since 911 and the creation of DHS. I understand a huge percentage of local, county, and even some state cops have questioned and rejected the federal brainwashing and to those cops I’ll give them credit for doing so. I’m sure you can agree that there has to be a certain amount of trust between the public and law enforcement. A growing number of people are at least questioning whether they can trust a cop anymore. When things have reached that point in our country, then you know SOMETHING IS WRONG SOMEWHERE. In the old days, cops could always be depended on and I knew many who were helpful to people. If a ‘civilian’ approaches a cop for any reason nowadays, he or she is lucky if all they receive is a cursing out. NONE OF US SHOULD HAVE TO FEAR LAW ENFORCEMENT AS MUCH AS WE FEAR REAL CRIMINALS. COPS ARE NOT SUPPOSED TO ACT LIKE CRIMINALS OR BE CROOKED. THEY’RE SUPPOSED TO STAND UP FOR WHAT’S RIGHT AND DECENT IN THIS COUNTRY. At least that’s what my LE relatives were taught in the “old school” academy. LE has changed and not for the better. I’m glad to know there’s still some good people in LE who we can trust and not have to fear. But you have to admit, corruption has grown within your chosen profession. Plus, you have people in it who are out of control and don’t belong in uniform. Those are the ones who have accepted all of the federal propaganda as gospel without questioning it. those are the mindless robots who have given LE the worst kind of name. In years past, I tried to remain neutral about this issue and stay out of it. In recent years, however, I have seen a tremendous rise in police misconduct and wrongdoing that has all but eliminated any legitimate basis police work ever had. yes, the basis of police work these days is being questioned along with your intentions toward the public. We the people have been given too many reasons to question it. I know part of the answer: DHS and all of the federal grants that have been provided to but equipment that was intended for the MILITARY, NOT CIVILIAN LAW ENFORCEMENT. There are differences in the roles between soldiers and cops; however, it’s become increasingly difficult to tell the difference. You sound sincere. If I’m wrong about anything I’ve said, you’ll have to prove it to me. I’m not easily convinced, but I do know how to be fair and offer you the opportunity to do so. Sincerely, braveheart

          • braveheart:
            LE has become more transparent in the last decade with all the audio and video recording that agency’s are putting in patrol vehicles. Lets not forget that the freedom of information act allows anyone to access all of our policies and archived incident reports and videos. Agency’s are terrified of litigation and are placing this fear of litigation on the backs of officers. Dude I appreciate your comments but they are completely unfounded and sound like the bullsh*t the MSM is trying to feed people.
            This so called militarization of LE is propaganda. The people we deal with have become more violent and are very well armed. Why cant we be? I don’t own anything other than body armor that I couldn’t purchase as a civilian.

            We already wear body armor on a daily basis, if its in an outer carrier(SWAT TEAMS) now we are militarzed? We face people who are more and more going to rifles(AR,AK,SKS). Armored personnel carriers are necessary for swat teams. they are defensive vehicles not offensive.
            I was on swat at my last agency, I know what im talking about. Its not cool being shot at by some sh*t for brain dope dealer with an ak.

            I carry a long gun(M4) in my vehicle while on duty. Why is it not ok for me to be as well armed as the crazy bastard I may have to deal with?

            Is it the uniforms? These Polyesters that we wear f*cking blow!I know its not nearly as bad as our boys fighting in the sand box. God Bless our Soldiers! But 25/lbs of gear in navy blue polys in south louisiana and then central Arkansas heat in the middle of summer is no bueno.
            Again with the federal propaganda? Dude I worked with an agency in La with 1300 officers and another Central Ar with 600. WTF are you talking about? The DHS classes are fucking boring and lack any sort of real training information. We literally skim through that shit in an hour for an 8 hour class. Trust me if its from the gov to local agency’s its not worth a damn. I get better info from Recoil Magazine and M4Carbine.net. Dude all everyone cares about is working off duty to make extra money and making it home. From my experience you could not be more off base!
            So you see a couple videos of uneducated officers who are not up to speed on law and the constitution and now there is a vast conspiracy? Blanket statement here, but most cops are poorly trained in legal aspects. The pay sucks so we get a few dead d*cks who suck and only want an easy check. The only thing cops are guilty of is laziness and the upper administration not caring enough to give them proper training. the agency I worked for in Arkansas is 10 years behind the one I worked for in Louisiana. Hard to imagine I know. HAHA.

            I hope that everyone who reads this takes it as it is. Its coming from a sworn officer. Guys we will be fighting along side civilians when the govt comes for our guns, freedom and liberty. We are no different than you are, just a different set of burdens to deal with.
            Don’t overgeneralize and let the douchebags form your opinion of us.
            If you aren’t a police officer then you really have no clue what its like in the day to day operations. I don’t care how many buddies you have that are cops. I have family and friends who were in the military and served multiples tours of duty. I would NEVER try to second guess them or say that I know what its like or even justify a silly unfounded opinion of what they do.

            • FX426, I was never 100% certain of all the things I’ve heard and I’ve been wanting somebody anybody currently in LE to prove me wrong about those things. I don’t even want to believe those things. I don’t even want to see any war break out between LE and the public. probably the closest thing to that will be feds and foreign troops trying to grab our guns. I still trust a lot of local, country, and some state LEOs. It’s the feds that I don’t trust. I’m glad to hear you don’t trust feds, either. there’s one are where we definitely have some common ground. Thank you for clarifying a number of things for me and I now stand corrected. I’m willing to work with a good, honest LEO anytime. Good luck to you and watch your 6. Best wishes. braveheart

              • braveheart:
                I wish you the best too.
                While I understand the stereotypes afforded to police because of the history, I feel like I need to be an example and show people that there are officers out there that believe in the constitution and that our citizens are greater than any gov’t entity.

                • Now, if you could just give us some pointers on how to distinguish the bad ones from the good ones, BEFORE we get our brains beat out…

          • Braveheart
            Did you get my answers to your ?s on 2323955?

            • No, sorry, Sgt. Dale, I missed them. I’ll go back to the previous article.

            • Sgt. Dale, I just now found your comment #2345188 at the same article. The way you described doing your job is the exact same way I remember the cops I grew up around back in the 60s doing theirs. I knew I was right when I suspected you are an “old school” cop. you’re definitely one of the good ones. if I was up in your area, I’d be glad to stand with you. Take care and watch your 6. braveheart

        • Sheeeit…I’ve lived in seven different decades on God’s green earth and never found a need to call any “law enforcement”.

          Yet I have been harassed more times than I can count on all my fingers and toes by the “men in blue”.

          If any LEO truly believed in the principles this country was founded on they wouldn’t be serving the .gov and enforcing statute and code written under “color of law” that only serves to fill the coffers of those that write them.

          The only “law” should be possibly a duly elected sheriff…and I’m not even sure of that.

          As the article shows, law enforcement has been transformed into a domestic military force by federal grants and “free” surplus.

          • yea you sound like a sovereign citizen. they’re idiots and rob each other by selling their fake ass “ID’s” and “paperwork”. they scam each other and are hypocrites. i’ve dealt with them and they are a waste of space.

            • By your remark you have no idea what you are talking about…

              There is no such creature as a “sovereign citizen”.

              You are either a sovereign MAN or a citizen of a entity based in corporate DC…a legal “person”.

              You should learn more about the principles the country was founded on.

              • So fx426: 9 Thousand cops in Full military gear/clothes/camo uniforms/machine guns galore/ Tons of “Almost a Tank” vehicles etc etc locking down an entire city called BOSTON a few months ago, to “search” for ONE of Two At large suspects of the bombing incident.

                Thats NOT how it looks? IE: A fully Militarized Cops acting more like us army soldiers especially when going door to door withOUT a single valid warrent, and every homes occupants exiting private homes with Hands above heads Forced at Gun point to obey and lay down on ground while More Militarized cops do an entire illeagle home by home search for ONE criminal suspect.

                Not to mention the Probobly thousand or More Yutube videos the last few yrs showing case after case of rogue cops beating 85 yr olds in wheelchairs for refuseing to be able to Hear 5-7 cops yelling a different “Order” to obey at the Same moment. Then once confused by such Brutal Insane tactics, by so many cops results in the innocent wheelchari victim “acused of” failure to Obey! 1/2 Dozen different cops “Orders” barked louder than a Rabid Pit bull dog at said victim…All 6 cops begin to Tazer the victim a dozen times each cop….resulting in many times, Death by NON leathal ‘weaponery” used by cops.

                Yes we should Never believe That massive amount of Proof that since 9/11 a decade ago america Has been turned into a Police State, that soon will Rival the, 1918 ussr Soviet jewish bolshevik “Paradise” of colletive communisim, that even Today most dem libs relish the idea of doing to america next.

                Well NO offence intended, but to Me and I’d wager to many others reading here too, your basic “Cops are mostly really good cop guys and just a small Few are evil etc” Mantra sounds exactly the same as we Keep being told about African Blacks and Arabs and Judiacs et al.

                IE: Again and again we are told “Its Just a few bad apples because I worked with one or my neighbors one and he/she was really nice and good”

                Ok so then Why after so long now not only has it all continued to be bad, it even keeps getting Worse weekly and to Date Where are All them so called “Good” cops/arabs/blacks/jewish etc folks that should long ago begin speaking Out against such atrocities, like Most White folks always does when a white guy goes bad or rogue?

                Ever notice that? We see and hear tons of pissed off whitey folks complain or condemn whenever a white guy is evil. McViegh as example.

                Yet ironic as it may seem to some, we have never yet heard from those other groups I mentioned including Cops while we keep being told to believe a Vast Majority are “Good guys” in each group.

                Furthermore as a Cop and one who sounds like hes a good guy cop based on your posts here, you Must admit if we are to believe YOU, that a vast majority of Cops in usa are also Good guys?…Then You Must agree with Me that with so FEW bad cops per Your statements..

                It should be a Very Easy Task for all of you good cops to join forces and OUT every one of the small few bad cops, so they no longer pose such troubles to citizens like Us.

                And also because If good cops refuse to OUT bad few cops…Who can blame Patriots nationwide to view Most All cops today in a similar view as they view africans in general? IE: Most africans look the same, and when 95% commit atrocities against white folks, if any real warfare breaks out in usa…Most whiteys will assume every black they see is a potential enemy trying to harm of Kill the whites. Same goes for cops with uniforms appearing like a militarised force of Jack Boot law breakers nationwide.

                If God forbid any events like war occures in usa..And if it happens Prior to all the good cops dealing with that few bad apple type cops, one may expect most americans to see a cop uniform, be it militarized of Local uniforms, to look much more like a giant Bullseye Target.

                Personally from all my experiences and of my 60+ yrs spending first 43 in detroit mich, it sounds to me as if You may be somewhat Naieve or simply like most african blacks do when it comes to their Own kind, they refuse to Admit that the Facts shows those small “FEW” bad ones are actually a greater Majority of bad ones.

                Either way minor numbers bad or huge number bad…The GOOD ones of each group as well as Cops need to Out the bad, at least by speaking Out loudly in opposition to the bad ones. How else can WE citizens know who we can trust if SHTF breaks out in usa?

                Sorry to be so long of a posting here but after so often hearing the exact same about every group be it african blacks-arabs-muslims-jews-libs-Cops etc. I am inclined to NOT believe it when told “only a Few are Bad cause my neighboors a good one” or “I work there as a cop and only a couple are bad cops”

                My messg here already explaied why I aint buying it any longer. I prefere to see PROOF like all those Yutube videos of blantent Repulsive Police Abuse so often happening today its Nationwide, and NO areas small or large city are unaffected by it.

                How about Yutube vids of Good cops dealing with those few bad apple cops as a Start…Same goes for africans and muslims arabs always crying that just a couple are bad guys!..Ooookkkkaaayyyyy!! Wheres some evidence as you cops say!

              • JRS
                I was referring to a faction of Americans who call themselves “Sovereign Citizens”.
                You sir obviously have no clue what you are talking about.
                Do some research and realize you don’t know everything before you spout off.

        • There are a lot of mindless prick LEO who will do whatever they are told – and have been doing so on a regular basis. Like when the landowner in Michigan was on his own property and then thrown to the ground and handcuffed because “he had a firearm”. The LEA was called to escort transgressors (trespassing) off the property….in the news every day is a report of some mindless act of some LEO. If you think the sheeple are being programmed, quadruple that for the average LEO. There was a shooting last year by LEOs who expelled 60+ rounds to kill a single individual in a 3 second shootout. The criminal was hit over 26 times – and the public was not outraged. (The target was in his car and wasn’t going anywhere).These guys are no longer sheriff Andy – and if we don’t get together now to stop this, it will only get worse.

        • leo’s are50/50 on the whole deal its gonna be a total mess between the haves and have nots

      26. Mac, as someone with intimate knowledge of the program I can confirm that is an MRAP. Its a MaxxPro Dash vehicle. Get used to seeing stories like this – lots of these vehicles are becoming available to the public through the government now that we have drawn down in Iraq and are preparing to draw down in Afghanistan. The Army is restructuring what their future force levels should look like and they have determined that they have too many of these vehicles. Some will be sold as FMS (foreign military sales), others will be used for training or destroyed, but many will be offered to state and local governments for free.

        As to their intended purpose, they were specifically designed to allow our soldiers to survive IEDs while in theater. When we first went to Afghanistan and 2 yrs later Iraq, our boys were rolling in Humvees. Insurgents made pretty easy work of our standard workhorse, lives were lost, and so the MRAP program was born.

        Local police departments in the metro Detroit area are lining up to get these vehicles for their SWAT teams. They want to be able to use these for “active shooter” or “barricaded gunman” scenarios. While I am all for LEO being safe to perform their duties, this is pretty much overkill.

        MRAP has been a great tool at saving lives in combat over seas, but I feel it has no role for local PD. This is just more escalation of LEO becoming more and more militarized, and using this kind of equipment for less and less severe threats. I mean, they have the equipment, they have to use it to justify it right?

        My fear as a Joe Blow Citizen is that this equipment will be used against the public in any of the numerous scenarios that are discussed on this site on a regular basis. Keep a finger on the pulse of your hometown, get engaged in local meetings, know what’s happening, and when your PD says they “need” this equipment, say NO…..

        Stay safe,


        • Just part of the plan…built to be used in a war/show of force scenario.

          Whenever/were ever complete and total compliance is mandated by evil.

          Send these bastards back to hell.

          • Well, like I said, these were built to have the occupants survive IEDs…not to hand them out to local PD. The feds don’t pass them out, but local PDs are grabbing up everything they can once they find out that its mostly free, they put in a request and get put on the list.

          • This war won’t be fought asa THEY hope. We will be dumb to go up against them on their terms. Sure they have all the cool toys, but we will have patience, cunning, and a little document known as the Constitution. We will hit they heads of the snake, not necessarily the dumbed down foot soldier. Take out the swine politicians and order givers. One by one in their homes, camping trips, golf outings, daily life. Soon all you will have is a bunch of out-of-fuel MRAPs sittling around with nobody in them because they can’t recieve orders and aren’t getting paid. Patience boys, patience. The beast WILL starve eventually. Once the money printing jig is up, the only revenue will be tax dollars and there won’t be diddly of that left to pay for all these overpriced toys.

            • Many folks here repeat often “When they can’t Print dollars any longer” then That will be The End for TPTB etc.

              QUESTION: We know that Most GOLD is Owned by those very same folks that comprize the “TPTB” group yes?

              So…What if they do quit being able to keep printing fed reserve notes we call us dollars…And Then TPTB switch tactics and pass out $30 Million in Pure Gold bars to the Kommie subversives who badly desire to Kill us folks off and rob and steal all we own etc?

              What IF instead of dollar bill notes they even hand over Todays equivelent of that $30 Million dolars worth of Gold, that NY Bankster Jacob Shiff, working as usa’s main agent of/for the Rothschilds bunch, and member of the same zionist jewish Tribe with the Rothschilds bunch, gave that $20 Million in Gold to Lev Bronstien aka “Trotsky” to take Back to russia and meet up with Lennin who got $10 million worth of gold, from Warburg banks in germany, and then the both of them, Lennin and Trotsky used That gold to begin a War against Russian Gentile goyim.

              Even if not another single us dollar cen be printed or stolen or found anywheres…TPTB DO have More than enough Gold on hand to do the exact same type kommie, anti white, anti christian, revolt inside America and do so for the exact same reasons. To Foment a revolt to Kill as many of us as possible, steal all they can grab, become THE Rulers of the new modern day version of the Soviet ussr russia.

              And since even After almost a Century has passed by since the First soviet bolshevik jewish kommie revolution in russia. We still have NOT seen nor heard any significant number of those bolsheviks russians, Decendants today resideing in the usa, denounce nor even Admit to such massive wrongs and evils. Rather we do see Many such kommie decendants In america Today chomp at the proverbial bit to foment a replica scenario Here and to us folks. It would seem not only very Likley to occure, but a rather Easy thing to create here by use of their Gold same as russia 1918 was done.

              In other words us dollars or not, only a fool or unwise of historic events less than 100 yrs ago, would believe any lack of ability to continue printing money or fiat etc will somehow limit or halt their evil plans occuring in usa in Our time.

              If it took $30 Million in Gold back then, 1918 to kill aprox 1/2 or More of the then largest population in the world, of mainly white folk nations, and do so in a nation of russia that was 3 times the land mass size of the usa today is!

              Then how Much gold today equals 1918 $30 Million value? a Few Billion maybe?…Anybody here think TPTB today cannot easily come up with several Billion in Gold and consider that a meere drop in the bucket when compared to their entire Gold holdings today?

              It is more like Geroge Soros today spending $10 million dollars to buy stocks and ruin a company or small nation. When compared to his net worth of $40 Billion, $10 Million to soros is akin to $5 dollars to me or You.

              And soros is a joke puppet who works For that main group headed by rothschilds.

      27. How much did the law-abiding citizens of Ohio pay to be intimidated by their elected officials?

      28. Is it just me, or is this planet getting stupider?

        • You misspelled “eviler.”

      29. I live in a small town in north GA, and an even smaller town in our county got one of these around a year ago. Nothing ever happens in that town, or this one either, except the occasional drug bust.

        • Maybe they can save it for the invading troops when the hit our soil—it might come in handy then, but NOT in the every day line of duty.

          • Let these small town folk keep them housed an Maintenance for when the Alphabet is ready for them, very smart..or is it, just makws it easer for us to Acquire one.

        • What area? Stephens Co here

      30. We have time to document everything about these vehicles. Storage of said vehicles. LE offices. Heck, maybe even LE officers homes.

        If they know we are keeping an eye on where they live. They might be a little nicer on the road. Shame if we have a collapse and need to visit them afterwards.

        IMHO, I am thinking of going to city meetings and requesting a reduction of police.

        Not against the law to know these things.

        • SD, that’s the right thing to do…get involved, convince administrators that this stuff isn’t needed. I’d bet most city councils don’t even know their Pds are after this stuff let alone know what it is.

        • Sierra Dave:
          Do you really think a cop making 40k a year is going to be out on the streets taking orders during a SHTF scenario? Dude some of yall are delusional!
          We cant get the lazy sack of sh*t police to do anything but breathe while they are at work now! They sure as sh*t aren’t going turn in to a Tier 1 type when sh*t jumps bad.
          As far as all the squared away cops on the streets, they will more than likely be protecting their families from the people they deal with on a daily basis. Not coming after you. When SHTF its every man for themselves. Most everyone here knows whats up and can hopefully protect themselves.
          The people you need to worry about are the feds. Not locals.

          • 1) Why then are they getting MRAPS?

            2) For a while yes until they realize that society has taken the big flush. Some will bail from the get go, and then it will become a mass exodus a certain point.

            3) They are fat and happy right now. Wait til the grocery stores are emptied. They will be plenty motivated.

            4)And post collapse, do you really want LE going around in their MRAP raiding preppers?

            • (1) Dude, your run of the mill leo doesn’t authorize the purchase of an MRAP. That’s the administration buying it up at a discounted price. If they would have bought a $300k Lenko BEARCAT instead of a cheaper MRAP. im sure tax payers would have still bitched. Armored vehicle is useful for swat teams and are in fact used for rescuing people. Cant please everyone but you better believe if someones kid dies they are going to want to know why the cops were prepared or properly equipped.

              (3) Yes everyone will be doing it cuz people aren’t smart enough to see the forest through the trees. at that point a badge doesn’t matter. so its a non issue.

              (4) post collapse does it matter who has one as long as they aren’t your enemy? Be it Feds, Civilians, Former Local LE, or some other militia group that formed up out necessity.

      31. A few paintball guns and they’ll b driving blind

      32. Better to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it. In case of some natural disaster it could provide needed transportation over terrain where other vehicles could not go.

      33. I have read where Caesar Barack the Limp, is dismantling the army, navy, af, and marines…
        giving their equipment away to ‘civilian’ agencies…

        I see now how his ‘fundamental transformation’ begins to build up the ‘civilian force as powerful as the military’…

        BTW, MRAPs are susceptible to the same thing other armored vehicles are… lots of styrofoam mixed into your gasoline until it gets thick… roasted pig.

        • You could consider some paint balloons. Heck, a CO2 powered 3″ PVC gun might giver you some range and ability to blind them. Make your own paint ammo.

          • Ever heard of a ‘spud gun’?
            Not as hard to make.

            • Yes I have. But shooting Potatoes at an MRAP is probably futile.

              The Arabs don’t have buckets of paint sitting in their garages like millions of Americans.

              Blind them and they sit or run off the road. Power to the PsTB trying to overcome the problem of a paint covered windows. High pressure sprayers, chemicals, coatings.

              Not sure there’s a solution.

        • He said he wanted a civilian police force equal to the military. Not everything he says is a lie. Here’s how to tell:

          If he says he’s gonna help you, it’s a lie.
          If he says he’s gonna screw you, look out, here it comes.
          It’s that simple.

      34. When the 10 year went to 3% it tapered you. Fuck you Bernanke.

      35. A slurry of gasoline and petroleum jelly inside of a molotov cocktail might be helpful in an encounter with this vehicle.

        • ….good soap flakes…not detergent but soap…works better than Styrofoam…just shave some bars through a grater if you cant get flakes…then stir them into your gasoline or diesel/kero base…makes a military type napalm…just a little info from a long time ago… 😉

      36. Get used to it. This is the new norm. They seem to be getting a few of these type vehicles up here as well. Of course most folks do not think much of it because most folks are still asleep. Anyone in new brunswick canada. My email is [email protected] yall have a great day and god bless the patriots no matter where they are.

      37. As expected, they are ramping up for what they know is coming….so am I

        • As well we all should.

      38. A Kent State redux. Only God willing, the crowd will be returning fire. Yeah, they maybe able to fire from a couple of ports and of course the top turret, but they got to come out of it if they want boots on the ground.

        On another note. Yesterday when I was coming into the driveway, I noticed that there was a helicopter hovering in place about a quarter mile from me. Turned out to be a local news chopper recording the return of a MP unit (75 in all) from Afghanistan. Of course living in MD. and all the hype of something happening on/around October first in region 3 made me think, Hmmmmmmm.

      39. …and what is it going to cost for the upkeep and maintenance of this Monster truck? Another waste of our tax dollars.

      40. “Let us not deceive ourselves, sir. These are the implements of war and subjugation; the last arguments to which kings resort. I ask, gentlemen, sir, what means this martial array, if its purpose be not to force us to submission? Can gentlemen assign any other possible motive for it? Has Great Britain any enemy, in this quarter of the world, to call for all this accumulation of navies and armies? No, sir, she has none. They are meant for us; they can be meant for no other. They are sent over to bind and rivet upon us those chains which the British ministry have been so long forging.” — Patrick Henry

      41. Providing local PD with military hardware/monies/equipment is akin to passing out EBT cards…

        keeps them loyal to the state

        Surely there are written and unwritten”agreements” between the receivers and donors in the eventuality of a shtf scenario…to quell the local “insurgents” like us..


      42. When the troops get locked inside and it is burnt to the ground and the those big fat tires catch fire, it will look more like a multi-coffin.

      43. Im also going to look at this in a different perspective..

        these vehicles are ours, our money bought them, our brains developed them , our hands built them..so by all means they are ours.

        when ever there is an opportunity to have one in our possession we can use it for the same purposes they obtained it for, hey I don’t make the rules, but that’s how the game is played

        they will either be forced to destroy it, or watch it be taken
        not all of us will sit by and just watch..some of us will get in, roll our sleeves up and play hard.

        so by putting these vehicles closer to the general public thus making them accessable to us..yep great plan, I love how stupid they are because it always works in my favor..its all in perception’

      44. A couple of Molotov cocktails thrown onto one of these turns them into a death trap!!!

      45. Neighbor works for DHS SWAT, travels worldwide. His commander got one of these for free. Won’t go into four inches of sand, gets around 4 miles/gal, no availability of spare parts, no EMP proofing so no wonder it was free. After the initial unveiling, his unit is parked in remote storage never to be seen again.

      46. Here’s a Huffington Post article about it, too:


        I can see why they are doing it (heck, my own alma mater went into lockdown yesterday afternoon because some random guy — who was caught in NY overnight, thank goodness — hopped aboard a shuttle bus and stabbed a student and the driver), but it’s still disturbing.

        Reminds me of when I saw military vehicles rolling through my city in the days after 9/11. I knew they needed to be there, but they were NOT a welcome sight.

      47. Maybe they watched “Animal House” once too often?

      48. @ Anonymous. There maybe something to that horrible massacre of 82 Christians in Pakistan, the worst in Pakistan’s history. When I saw that, plus the Kenya attacks and almost 100 killed in Iraq, I really started to wonder what are the muslims were doing. ALL of these attacks were by muslims, as these islamic radicals herded out muslims first and then shot anyone, any small children in that mall in Kenya.

        I have to admit something, there was not one indication of an earthquake coming to Pakistan. To the Australian plate, Yes, but to the eastern or maybe the central part of it. You saw how well this system works with the forecast of Peru as being one of the targets to get hit yesterday, and then 2 and 1/2 hours later a 7.0 in Peru. From a system that works well, this was a surprise. The island that came up is a result of volcanic mud that was uplifting from the bottom of the sea. This has happened in volcanic areas before, such as that massive pumice island that formed from the Kermadec Islands region eruption of an underwater volcano last year.

        There very well could be some sort of higher power at work here. The Australian plate was due for near a 8 from a skeptical point of view, but the energy signatures sure were not pointing to Pakistan. There are an awful lot of Coptic Christians that have been killed and torment in Egypt, get an earthquake there and the thought of that higher power really gains steam.

        The islamic “religion” if that is what someone can call it, this religion is midevil and NOT peaceful. Every time one of these attacks occur, you seldom see the muslim world openly condemning the senseless murder of people that have not spoke out or done anything against muslims. Just like some bully that decides they are going to take out their frustrations on their wife, children, or some defenseless pet, the muslims many times go after the Christians as well as other religions because they are there to attack.

        I have tried to be fair to all beliefs, but when I see this sh$% and the islamic believers not condemning this act of pure devil hate and I come to a conclusion. I see allah as the devil, the koran as used toilet paper, and the prophet muhammad as exactly what he was, a sicko pedophile that preached death and suffering as a means to further the islamic agenda of genocide of all non-muslims like exactly what we saw in the Nairobi mall in Kenya.

        • Agree BI
          and BTW no one in my family close to that one, but thanks a bunch for the heads up

          I hope no lives were lost, property can be rebuilt, the loss of humanity is what always bothers me, well good humanity ..if the bastards get a wake up call than that’s entirely a different perspective

          you do good work boss, hats off to you

        • Been trying to tell ya BI, that its an electromagnetic Universe… no other explanation fits all observed phenomena…
          The particle guys are intent upon the Illusion of the quantum magnetic bubbles, but Einstein was right, all things are nothing but ‘frozen energy’.
          When you ‘go there’, all your phenomena are merely effects of the Aether of General Relativity. The trick, is understanding what that is… The only way to understand that, is the stuff of Intelligent Design.

      49. off topic:

        Todays homesteading project. Still drying out mushrooms from Sundays forest forage and yesterday I checked the date on a bag of pinto beans and they are two years old, so I put some in water for an overnight soak and today I’ll be canning them. It will take me a few days before I can get the whole bag done.

        Note: The rooster loses his pride when his tail feathers fall off during the molt.

        • For a heads up, the two year old beans seem to be just fine. I have some in a pot on the stove top and they taste just fine.

          The beans were stored in their original bag and put into a tote box and put up on a shelf and went through two summers and winters. The variation in temperature didn’t effect them. They could have probable been ok for a couple of more years.

          • Rick–I have beans in 5 gallon buckets 5 years old.
            They are fine left that way..for years.
            Yep–soak in baking soda the night before makes them cook faster and why mine are staying in the buckets.

      50. Vehicles like these used against citizens?Remember,sooner or later they change the crew,just a matter of time if used against the public to “disable” crew,hope that is never necessary.

        • time to make some sturdy homemade spike strips

      51. if these anecdotal accounts of MRAPS arriving in sleepy little towns and at the bastions of liberalism (universities) are accurate, it makes me wonder if this is not some kind of government sponsored strategy to “hide the vehicles in plain site” by having them dispersed throughout the US for ready access later on. It would be interesting to see who is driving them when and if they ever get taken around the campus block, if only for periodically exercising the engine.

        I guess one way to find out would be for one to pretend he is a reporter for the town newspaper and would like to write a story about the new vehicle, which of course would require a demo ride. If they can’t do it, or if someone other than your local Andy of Mayberry official winds up driving it, then beware.

      52. If the turret is removed they become just troop transports. I do not see gun ports on the side of the vehicle. They could be installed at a later date. better to have this type of machine to fight against than a tracked type. Track can climb. This baby would have to push it way through obstacles. Can not rotate/spin like a tank. You have to blind it or trap it to finally kill it. How many paint balls to cover the windshield or will that potato gun be able to put the paint projectile on target. What do you think that SWAT Team is going to be doing when you begin your assault.

        Think harder my friends.

        • 37 MM pain canisters, accurate and reliable – smoke for cover

      53. This “Worldwide Caution” is on the State department’s web site, and was issued yesterday, 25 September. Does anybody want to hazard a guess as to why they posted this?


        What I find interesting about this warning is that among the catalog of terrorist organizations and potential targets is the sentence, “Examples of such targets include high-profile sporting events, residential areas, business offices, hotels, clubs, restaurants, places of worship, schools, public areas, shopping malls, and other tourist destinations both in the United States and abroad where U.S. citizens gather in large numbers, including during holidays.” I don’t know why they have issued such a detailed warning just now, but I seldom read an admission by the government that there are so many targets inside the US. Please read the whole article.

        “The Department of State remains concerned about the continued threat of terrorist attacks, demonstrations, and other violent actions against U.S. citizens and interests overseas. Current information suggests that al-Qa’ida, its affiliated organizations, and other terrorist groups continue to plan terrorist attacks against U.S. interests in multiple regions, including Europe, Asia, Africa, and the Middle East. These attacks may employ a wide variety of tactics including suicide operations, assassinations, kidnappings, hijackings, and bombings.”

        “Extremists may elect to use conventional or non-conventional weapons, and target both official and private interests. Examples of such targets include high-profile sporting events, residential areas, business offices, hotels, clubs, restaurants, places of worship, schools, public areas, shopping malls, and other tourist destinations both in the United States and abroad where U.S. citizens gather in large numbers, including during holidays.”

      54. At least now everyone knows where some of those trillions WE owe went to.

        Hung with our own federal reserve tokens.


      55. “If we’re not living in a militarized police state, then please explain what Ohio State University could possibly need with one of these.”

        None. Considering, it can also be zapped into Ohio’s National Guard, which isn’t actually a militia; it certainly would be repositioning assets that can be later allocated elsewhere within the domestic US and within the State.

        “Perhaps it’s yet another desensitization effort in the grand control grid. Our kids should get used to heavily armed vehicles and police, as they will soon be seeing them throughout communities all over America.”

        It certainly serves the purpose of desensitization and over-sensitization, which are linked, and it serves to place such military assets.

        “The vehicle looks like an MRAP, which is the general name for an armored fighting vehicle designed to survive ambushes and improvised explosive device (IED) attacks. Lewis mentioned nothing about IEDs or ambushes in his email to TheDC.”

        Of course not, it would emphasize that it’s to combat the populace not some deranged shooter or so on.

      56. Concerning the mall attack in Kenya,,, that as my mom said in a conversation from another post was done by our own people,,, when she was talking about the sleeper cells in our own country she was talking not only about foreign sleepers but also about our own goverment sleepers cells , posing and waiting as doctors, farmers etc , to attack their own people US !!!!! , what happened in that mall should rattle all of us here.that is one thing on top of all other things that will happen here

        • I’ll accept this as a warning and supporting evidence, but I refuse to be rattled.

      57. Dear Santa,

        I have been very good this year. Please bring me an AK-15, 10,000 rounds of ammo and an MRAP under my Christmas tree.

        Thank you!

      58. Another elephant-in-the-room question: Although we all know that an ever-growing proportion of police forces throughout America are becoming more and more aggressive and sometimes downright criminal in their actions, could this acquiring of military vehicles and hardware just be a never-grown-up attitude of “wow, isn’t that cool, gotta have one” attitude more reminiscent of the money spent and adolescent midnight lines for the newest computer games, electronic toys, new flicks, etc? Can you imagine the gonad shriveling that would go on at a police department convention, and the like, if you couldn’t say your department had one of those hot new toys too, with our Constitution-hating government as the pusher?…Just askin’

        • Regardless if it’s a big boy’s toys syndrome, when you have a hammer everything looks like a nail and when LE has a hammer they start to look for nails.

      59. I am genuinely delighted to read this website posts which consists of tons of helpful data, thanks for providing such statistics.

      60. It’s my understanding that the vehicle is slated to be Obama’s new gold cart. Shucks, I guess not!

        Just more tyranny on wheels!

        • Actually we could insert “golf cart” instead of gold cart and we’d still be right on the money!

      61. I work for a small university as a LEO. We have about 14 officers and we are getting AR 15s and military style bullet proof vests. I know the thinking process is because the LEOs have to be prepared for suspects with higher fire power. I don’t like it, but with the shootings such as Columbine where we are now required to take action and not wait for SWAT, I can understand the need. Believe me I don’t like this trend, but do you have a better suggestion knowing what we could be up against?

        • Mesq:
          I think its OK, if you only use them against bad guys. When the SHTF you might want to give the good guys the equipment to fight off the Blue helmets and The ones trying to enforce Marshall Law or NWO.
          Stay Safe My Friend. My God watch over you and yours.

        • Is a .40 cal round not capable of taking out an criminal assailant ? Horse puckey….

          • Not when they have long range rifles. Is’nt that why a lot of you have long range instead of relying on just 40 cals? Just saying.

          • You are more than welcome to take on an opponent armed with a rifle, with a .40 caliber pistol.

            Never bring a pistol to a rifle match.

        • No, because metal detectors at doors and guards 24/7 is still more effective and lots less expensive.
          Plus, adding jobs would be a big factor in considering this line of defense.
          Imagine guards at every door in every college and school.

        • Stop all the colonialist wars the US has started and is planning all over the earth. Stop paying Israel’s way and start to widely separate the US from them. Begin prosecution of those responsible for 911. Dissolve the DHS and use machines to check people at airports ( not TSA goons.) Impeach all federal office holders who have warmongered, who will not enforce border laws keeping illegals out, or who declare against any part of the Constitution or seek to pass or enforce laws contradicting it. Make it illegal to sell a product made by any multi-national abroad if that multi-national keeps an office in the US. That would be a tiny step forward.

      62. Is this vehicle that much of a threat? Or just what it represents. How many would be deployed to one site in any given insurrection or confiscation effort. A command vehicle would be a richer target. How many SWAT can be carried. A dozen tops? Let’s see. A regular cop car can bring 4 officers. A van 8 officers. This vehicle a dozen. A troop carrying 10 ton truck, 20 sitting down and close to forty standing up. Once the officers disembark it becomes static. Secondary use to provide cover from fields of fire to get closer. It can ram things too. Now if it had a 50 cal. in the gun tub, that is a different story. So is it just to instill fear and a macho toy. How many can a police dept. keep in service. If the police dept. started replacing every squad car with these vehicles. I just do not see it.

        Keep in mind the amount of a incinerating devices needed to destroy them. A confrontation in a neighborhood can turn into a firestorm. Then you may have to get close to deliver your flammable device.

      63. maybe they are for when the EBT cards go belly up?

      64. Well folks just letting you know that the P.D. I retired from now has 3 Hum Vees, I know that they just got a bunch of M4s. The Sheriffs Dept. has several Hum Vees and one has a 50Cal mount on it. I also know that they got tons of stuff from the feds. weapons,night sight, night vision Ect.
        But here is something you might want to know that when 9/11 occurred the police dept. had to guard the Nation Guard ground, because the General in Springfield did not want to arm the Guardsmen. What a crock of PPPPOOOOPPP!

      65. Sgt. Dale. Thank you for your thoughts. Many of us have not forgotten the oaths we took to uphold the Constitution. We are out there guys. We will not forget why we are there.

      66. The Police Departments are going to have to figure out what they are going to do. How much shit are they going to put up with without help. Help from the civilians. How many cities have gangs that number in the thousands. Then the Feds putting the screws to them if they do not follow orders. If the police do not make terms with the civilians they have THREE FRONTS to fight. Gangs, Feds and Pissed off Civilians. You Police have to take what you can get and you have to clean your own house.

        You don’t trust us. We don’t trust you.

      67. I live in a small town in Florida but I see Homeland Security armored vehicles driving around the streets here. They are getting ready for something and I doubt if they will let us in on it. I hope you’re all ready.

        • Angela, what part of FL? I’ve lived in Miami previously.

      68. Trust is a two way street

      69. I used to work at OSU and I will tell you, OSU suffers from a acute case of “Exceptionalism”. They spend a lot of money on a lot of unnecessary things. The president is the highest paid university president in the country. I often wonder how OSU never seems to lose games in football and becomes eligible for bowl games. Nobody is that good where they win all the time. I think OSU needs to have its money pared back. The Athletic Department doesn’t have to share any of its profits from their sports activities with the school itself. They have a bloated money source that could be used to pay for some of the things that taxpayers have been paying for. This armored car is an example of the things they like to spend their money on, even if it was “free”.

      70. “Either way minor numbers bad or huge number bad…The GOOD ones of each group as well as Cops need to Out the bad, at least by speaking Out loudly in opposition to the bad ones. How else can WE citizens know who we can trust if SHTF breaks out in usa?”

        Well said, Them Guys. As long as the “good ones” allow the “bad ones” a free pass, the good ones are just as bad.

        • FlaSwamps: Good to see another Truly awake person here! Thanks for the mention.

      71. They will use it when Ohio State wins It all GO BUCKS!!!

      72. They all know it’s coming. The U.S. Dollar, Obamacare, the national debt…all of the things we have allowed are going to cause complete collapse. It’s no longer a question of if, but simply when. Governments and organizations at all levels are arming and preparing to fight the citizens of this country. Guess what? We will defeat them! No nation has ever won a guerrilla war and the U.S. Government is no different. Their days are numbered and they know it. What’s going on now is nothing more than a Kobuki Dance…..a side show….a circus. The days is coming when there won’t be enough rope or enough trees for the bastards running this nation into the ground! It’s going to be like Robespierre times 1000!

      73. apparently you don’t know just how RADICAL all the looney tunes are in columbus ohio, let me name off all the loser fool criminal vermin that we the good public have to deal with on a daily basis, gun nuts, goth freaks, tattoo freaks, greek frat freaks, atheists, homo agenda fools, dopehead idots who are trying to legalize cannabis in ohio, democrats, and anarchists, so YES we need all the armored help on wheels that we can get, they are going to paint the vehicle red and silver and put a big brutus the buckeye sticker on the front bumper

      74. I used to be suggested this web site via my cousin. I am now not positive whether or not this submit is written by way of him as nobody else understand such particular approximately my problem. You are wonderful! Thank you!

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