Ohio & Illinois Order More Lockdowns and Restrictions As COVID-19 Cases Surge

by | Nov 18, 2020 | Headline News | 8 comments

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    Ohio and Illinois have amped up the tyranny as cases allegedly “surge” in the states. Illinois will be going on the highest tier of “mitigation” as the power-hungry psychopaths try to keep the public from enjoying their lives.

    Amid the scamdemic, people’s human rights are being erased in exchange for a false sense of security.

    Ohio Governor Mike DeWine, a Republican, has announced a curfew on Tuesday that will run from 10 pm to 5 am for at least three weeks. People who have to go to work during those hours will be exempted, and restaurants will be allowed to provide delivery and carry-out service after 10 pm.

    So these useless orders do nothing to slow the spread of the virus because generally speaking, the people who are out between 10 pm and 5 am are working. DeWine is not operating on facts or statistics, though.  He even says this all based on a belief. We believe this is the best choice to slow things down,” DeWine said. “We’re going to try this for 21 days. Violating the curfew is a second-degree misdemeanor, but the governor said he doesn’t expect heavy-handed enforcement by police, according to a report by RT. 

    DeWine’s order drew criticism from both sides, with some saying he’s not taking enough freedom from people, and others saying the order lacked common sense.

    “Does Governor DeWine think he is combating vampires or werewolves?” Aryeh Alex, executive director of Ohio House Democrats, tweeted.

    Meanwhile, not be outdone, Illinois tyrant, JB Pritzker said on Tuesday that the entire state will operate under Tier 3 mitigation for Covid-19, meaning such businesses as casinos, museums, and movie theaters will be closed, and restaurants and bars won’t be allowed to offer indoor table service. During winter, this could be a death blow to the industry. Fitness centers and most retailers will be limited to operating at 25 percent of their normal capacity, and office businesses will be encouraged to have their employees work from home whenever possible.

    The tyrant is also asking people to spend Thanksgiving on Zoom calls with each other, instead of sitting around a table and being the free sovereign human beings that they were born as.

    Our COVID Police State Wants To Take Thanksgiving And Christmas Away From You Too

    Who knew that traveling to another state to have Thanksgiving with family would turn into a revolutionary act?


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      1. Is this a dog whistle code for, “If you leave Afghanistan, we will bring Afghanistan to America.”? It kind of looks that way!

        Republicans and Democrats go full Taliban!

        Trump said, “But if we don’t fight them there, then we will have to fight them here.” Why do we have to fight them anywhere? Why can’t they just Obey and abide by the Constitution and live within the boundaries and limits that it places on them? That is their job! If they don’t like their jobs, then they can quit their jobs!

        Andrea Iravani

      2. Obama really stuck it to statue toppling BLM with his book title, “A Promised Land.” If that isn’t an FU to BLM and the Marxist reparations movement, I really can’t imagine what is! Kind of like FU losers I was President in the Promised Land. Sorry but I can’t stop laughing at the audacity that it took to title the book that during this whole black victimhood psy-op. I guess that you can’t blame them for trying to get free money and special privelages for the rest of their lives if people are suckers enough to fall for it, but the answer is no.

        Andrea Iravani

      3. These Governors are out of control the whole Wuhan Flu response is an attempted take down of the USA.
        Look at Haiti’s numbers compared to Cuomo Pretend land.
        People do not die from Wuhan Flu unless you kill them period.
        All of the restrictions of freedom are just that.
        The “science” behind the lockdowns and masks is all statistical based on FALSE pretend projections not becoming reality it has nothing to do with pathogen vectors it is a fraud.
        HCQ works every time it is used in the first few days if the person is already dead it does nothing.
        The false eyesight issue raised and reported by pharma to all doctors is the people with malaria who lost eyesight due to worms in the humor not the build up of zinc in the eye.
        If you take 200mg HCQ and 100mg of zinc the moment you have a fever from most virus it will stop and you recover completely in a day or so 5 days max.
        Symptoms fade in 5 hours. Prophylaxis 200mg 100mg twice per week and you have general immunity.
        Zinc even works to stop flu no cancer vaccine needed Zicam and Zinc Gluconate the moment you have a fever or think you got exposed
        If you are a beef eater 2 pounds of steak is the same amount of zinc.
        If you are worried about covid21 it is already here the secondary infection is fungal Fluconizol and BREO 2 weeks and its gone.
        Look at the surveillance of RSV at CDC they stopped reporting that corona to increase the Covid numbers.

      4. Another part of these statistics is that they are all modeled on a natural FLU epidemic the mutation of that virus is every year and took many many generations to migrate to humans that basically had been starved back in the 1900s.
        This wuhan flu viris is a crisper construct and is VERY fragile the SN-pathway is held together with a lipid not a double protein bond. A whiskey drunk will break it in vivo, UV light or just oxygen breaks down the lipid and the virus falls apart. So teh whole statistical seasonal flu model does not apply as it does not hibernate as a dry pathogen reactivated by water like flu does. The wuhan flu is an oil and when the oil evaporates it falls apart typically in 5 hours but in cooler areas up to 16 hours on plastic. The mortality rate of this virus is variable according to political oversight of the region. Look at teh maps democrats more death republicans less death.WHY? is the virus aware of political leanings or is the response to it the source of the death.
        Last I checked Haiti has no social distancing , No ppe no ventilators 17,000 cases and 232 deaths why?
        Because people make their own HCQ grapefruit rind and IRE moss (algae) and drink it twice a weak to stave off mosquito disease and as normal tonic when they get sick.
        The democrats killed 200,000 people in teh first volley of this war it is time for Americans to end these inhuman things.

      5. They are also trying to convince us to accept that they are not
        Peeping Toms and that the new normal will include accepting
        Peeping Toms as legitimate respectable members of society, rather than perceiving them for what they actually are, – lazy assed, mentally incompetent, low life, scum bags, and perverted freaks, and thieves, with deviant personality disorder that belong in prison for life for serially criminal behavior that poses grave danger to life and property. It’s just something that has always been consider taboo and has always been considered anti-social behavior. They are throwing hissy fits attempting to demand respect for unrespectable and unacceptable behavior. Well, they can throw all of the temper tantrums and forced time outs that they want. It doesn’t change a damned thing! They are still low life, scum bag, perverted freaks and thieves, and Peeping Toms with deviant personality disorder, and they are just going to have to accept that label
        because they have earned it. It is non-negotiable. Their character is their desitiny. They have the character of termites. They (((WHO))) have illegally travelled into our lives through our phones, their phones, our appliances, smart meters, and DEWs. Extreminate! Exterminate! Exterminate!

        Andrea Iravani

      6. Are they still using the seeded test kits from China? Dirty tests equal dirty numbers.

      7. So, what exactly are they wanting to deliver in a forced mass vaccine?!

      8. What is the difference between a governor and G-D??? G-D knows he is not a governor.

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