Ohio Cop Video Update: Officer Relieved of Duty for “Unacceptable” Behavior

by | Jul 21, 2011 | Headline News | 148 comments

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    UPDATE JULY 21, 2011 – 20:45 CST: Ohio Police Officer Has Been Relieved of Duty

    From the Canton PD Facebook page:

    I want to assure our citizens that the behavior, as demonstrated in this video, is wholly unacceptable and in complete contradiction to the professional standards we demand of our officers.

    We would like to remind everyone that this incident is being fully investigated and the officer has been relieved of duty.

    Source Note: Facebook is currently unavailable — mirror of comments available here
    Hat tip to SHTFplan reader Rslev


    In the following video a driver in Canton, OH is detained (and then arrested) by a police officer for not disclosing he has a license to carry a concealed handgun.

    Ohio law requires that a license holder advise an officer that they are armed. In this particular instance, the car was not pulled over, as the individual was letting two passengers out of the car. The officer did not approach the driver of the vehicle until about five minutes after first reaching the scene.

    We also note that it looks as if the officer was illegally searching the vehicle without probable cause (with the driver still in it), entering from the passenger-side without making contact with the driver.

    The individual, identified as William, attempted to tell the officer he has a concealed and carry permit, but was abruptly cut off.

    The question for the courts is, did William advise the officers about the weapon in accordance with the law?

    The officer then goes on a tirade with numerous choice statements and threats – mind you that William has been detained in handcuffs at this point:

    • “That shit that you just pulled I could blast you right in the mouth.”
    • “I’m so close to caving in your goddamn head”
    • “You’re just a stupid human being”
    • “You want me to pull mine [gun] and stick it to your head?”
    • “People like you don’t deserve to move throughout public. Period.”
    • “You lost this [right to conceal and carry]. I tell you right now you lost it. You’re gonna catch a felony too.”
    • “I tell you what i shoulda done. As soon as I saw your gun I should taken two steps back, pulled my Glock 40, and just put 10 bullets in your ass and let you drop.”
    • “And he [the other officer on scene] would have been a nice witness as I executed you because you’re stupid.”
    • “I see this car, I’m pulling you over and I’m towing it. I’m gonna pull that car over, tow it, and you’re going to jail every time.”

    We understand that police officers deal with pimps, prostitutes, thugs, thieves and pretty much the scum of the earth on a daily basis. Law enforcement is certainly a high-stress job and those who protect and serve are often in danger executing their duties. We don’t know much about William’s background, and that he allegedly had a pimp and a prostitute in his car in an area apparently known to be a haven for prostitutes doesn’t exactly work in his favor to support he is an upstanding citizen.

    However, the aggressive intimidation and threats seem to be a little out of line.

    Canton, Ohio PD has reportedly received thousands of calls regarding the incident.

    Continued efforts by citizens to make these types of videos public are the only line of defense for individuals against illegal and unreasonable detainment, arrests and prosecutions. It is our hope that by sharing these types of videos, those officers who are bad apples will realize that they are under scrutiny by the public at all times. Perhaps over time this will help encourage a change in the behavior in those who would use the official powers granted to them by the public to berate, intimidate, and in some case imprison law abiding citizens.

    Hat tip Sketch, Hotair.com, Ohioans for Concealed Carry


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      1. Well I can’t defend this one. This cop has serious issues with anger. I know cops like this and I don’t like them either. He is an embarrassment. He is an asshole.

        Just remember, there’s always one in the bunch that ruins it for everyone.

        Mac I was actually gonna send you this clip earlier, just didn’t get around to it.

        • Let’s be honest — there are ego maniacs life this in all walks of life.. the problem with them being in the law enforcement (and most political professions) are the consequences for those on the receiving end of the anger and ego.

          Whether the individual, William, is an upstanding guy I don’t know… But if he were, and then was prosecuted falsely, he could lose everything. These are the dangers, and I hope technology can help us make this a better place for everyone… See something, say something — right? 🙂

          • My criminal justice instructor in college told us the most screwed-up people in the world go into law enforcement. He said women who have been raped and “won’t let this happen again” and men who like to hunt people like animals and bully them become cops too often. He taught us that if you want to be a cop, you have to approach it as just another job. Too bad this guy didn’t have the same instructor.

        • Calling this cop an asshole is a huge insult to assholes!

          • As a member in good standing of the American Assoc. of Assholes(AAA), whose membership has been confirmed by many, I must say that this cop is not one of us! He seems to be a good potential candidate, possible even a future ‘asshole of the month’ award winner, but he currently is not listed anywhere on our rolls. It may be that he applied and was denied membership. We do have minimum standards, after all…

            • SmokinOkie; Best laugh I’ve had in a long time, thanks. Others at work enjoyed it also. Me personnally, I liked the ‘We do have minimum standards, after all’ Brilliant.

        • We’re way over-reacting here. I’m a CHL holder, I carry every day, and I take it seriously. But I have to come down on the side of the cop on this one. Don’t get caught driving in a seedy area in the middle of the night picking up a prostitute. Maybe that’s a good place to start. It’s not obvious to me that the carrier made a very effective attempt to inform the officer. We all know what these officers face day in and day out. We’re exactly the people who get ticked off when people back in the states start second-guessing our troops on the field. Why aren’t we willing to give this cop the same consideration?

          • Are you kidding me! A completely out of his mind control freak, intimidating a civilian, beligerant cursing, screaming, threatening, wearing a gun and bitching about blowing his brains out! This man is extreamly wrong and dangerous. Fire and prosicute.

          • As a freeman I can go anywhere I want anytime I want and associate with anyone that I want to. I do not require officer profanity mouth’s approval.

            He is NOT a professional, he is a punk that needs a serious butt whipping.

          • Don’t make excusses for the Dick. He screwed up.

          • Find a huge nail. Hammer the nail with maximum swinging force, striking the nail with your face.

          • This police officer needs to find another line of work. He is not cut out to be a policeman. I say this for several reasons, the first being for his own safety and well being.

            He’s all over the car questioning the girl and then moves onto the driver that has a CHL and gun on him. Does he really wait for someone to tell him they’ve got a gun before taking measures to protect himself and his partner. Do the thugs in this town actually anounce to the police that they have a gun? It isn’t the guy that has a CHL and and gun that’s going to get him killed it’s the thug that shows him the gun as he’s pulling the trigger and blowing his head off.

            For his own good and the safety of those around him he should resign and find another line of work. If he doesn’t go on his own then he should be terminated.

          • because we are not at war with the american people

          • I’ll give the cops some consideration…the next time I get pulled over to be harrassed I’ll consider pulling a rifle and opening fire immediately so they don’t execute me like a fucking prisoner of war in this police state gulag you call America.

            • GMAB,
              I strongly suggest you utilize some constraint and common sense if/when you’re ever pulled over, and don’t do what you suggest. The country that I call America is the same one that I spent 26+ years defending, and it’s not a “police state gulag”…yet. At least, not where I live.

          • @yehudah:
            When you say, “It’s not obvious to me that the carrier made a very effective attempt to inform the officer”, I agree. I carry concealed in Nebraska, and have been pulled over twice for moving violations. The first thing out of my wallet was my permit to carry, and I immediately informed the officer/deputy sheriff that I was carrying…before they were even near the driver’s side window. They both treated me with the utmost professionalism, and I got off with a warning on both occasions for my vehicular infraction.
            I actually agree with the officer that the victim’s actions were “stupid”.
            That all said, what the officer did in response was at best unprofessional and at worst, criminal.

          • Guy, Did you not watch the video. This cop was considering killing him. To make those kinds of threats and the threat of “getting him later” by stopping and towing the guys car every time he seen him was way over the top…. well, not as much as “pulling his glock and murdering him… but hey, It SHOULD be OK for cops to do that with no recourse right?

        • this pos needs his ass beat and tortured for a while, lose his badge forever and his pension. How he passed any screening is beyond me….oh I forgot most all cops are exactly like this and this is the norm. Heres the thing that gets me though…..his partner is almost just as bad and IS just as guilty!! He did nothing to correct the officers wrong or to stop it. This shit gets my heart beating

          • Although I never contribute to any of the discussions, I like to read these comments on the various issues. I chuckle at some of the funny/clever comments and ponder the ones that are insightful and thought-provoking. Now, I respect all my fellow humans on this forum. We wre borned, raised and live in various different environments, which tend to shape our views. Unfortunately our subjective views hardly do not change a universal, empirical fact. True?
            Now, lest I be charged with plagiarism, I would like to give credit to BJ for establishing this established fact in a most raw and and uncompromising way ..”oh I forgot most all cops are exactly like this and this is the norm”.
            YES, YES, YES, it is true

            As for the Apologists among us who have said,for example; “The cop was wrong but…” or who have repeated that cliche about job-related stress, I am not going to insult you. Why? Am I above trading a few insults? Heck no. But this situation is way too serious to be reduce to a personal squabble.

            Pssst! C’mere. I”ll tell what will get you thinking clearly. And its garanteed to work every time… When one of those crazy bastards beat your little girl for not usung here turn signals, tosses her into jail overnight, with some hardened criminals, where she is sexually mollested, and ignore her please for any necessary daily medication which she needs.. Then I’ll see you ugly mug (is that an insult) on TV crying…”They didn’t have to do that to my littlte girl” .. works every time

          • BJ, your comment about most cops is like me saying most people that go by BJ got it from committing an oral act.

        • Another stupid cop

      2. This cop is a fool. Aside from being a fool he is an arrogant a$$. He should be fired immediately and then charged in criminal court for false arrest, intimidating with a firearm, threatening and a litany of other offenses. Once that is complete he should be sued in civil court.
        It is quite clear that this officer should not wear a badge much less carry a gun.

        • you got my vote..maybe there needs to be a group that makes sure this type of legal action happenes, you know it would for us.

        • The day is coming when The People will take care of assholes like this. No trial. No hearing. They People will get tired of the “justice” system protecting its own and they’ll find him, dismembered in some alley with a note attached. But, they’ll have a citywide parade for him never letting out the truth that he made his bed and now takes a dirt nap because of it.

          Fortunately, when it starts happening, it won’t take long for it to be corrected. Most of these guys are simply bullies and, when they realize their violence monopoly cabal can’t protect them, they’ll either act decent of find another line of work.

          Each one of these instances pushes us closer and closer to that which none of us want to talk about: revolution. Take 100 Williams and put them together in a room, and fund them. Guess what you get? 100 revolutionaries that will go toe to toe with ignorant assholes like this. When you treat people badly, if they get the chance, they’ll stomp on every tail that looks like yours.

          Law enforcement needs to start getting a clue. The people are tire of being treated like we’re all pimps, rapists and prostitutes. Stop it! The pot is simmering.

          • Why don’t you go to your local PD, and sign up. From the sound of it you would make a super cop. I bet you have been in jail or under 25 years old. Grow up kid.

            • Greydog, you are sadly behind the times.

              I am 46. Hold several graduate degrees from top universities. I earn a comfortable six-figure income as a professional. I am descendant of the Mayflower company and numerous American Patriots from New England and New York. I voted for Reagan in my first eligible election and worked as a grassroots “conservative” my entire life. I go to church – Episcopal. My parents voted Goldwater and were Birchers back in the day.

              Let me tell you something: “cops” have nothing to do with “protect and serve” unless it’s their paymasters you reference.

              For the past several years, increasing steadily, it has become clearly nothing more than a blue-collar job for punks with serious emotional problems and an overarching need to control and force others into their submission up to and including murder if need be.

              Let me speak more plainly: they are a criminal gang in the employ of the state. Nothing more, nothing less than the Crips, the Bloods, Hell’s Angels or your local Mafia franchise, except the Mafia has a much more stringent hiring process and a significantly higher ethical code of conduct.

              Get with it, old man. The days of “America – love it or leave it” and “my country right or wrong” are long gone. Those in power now are the exact people my grandfather Brewster and millions of others sought to flee: Tyrrants and would-be kings. The PoPo are nothing more than their heavies.


              Sign me,

            • Who would want to sign up to be part of this cesspool?

            • I think you would shit yourself in fear if you knew how many tens of millions of us that believe in liberty are not just rebellious anarchist adolescents.

              And we have military training. And guns. And we do not fear you.

          • I love you Net.
            But don’t you think that the situatin entails…

            (1) an overall stance against injustice where ever it pops up.? For example, an over-zealouis, witch-hunting prosecuter who abuses his power. Or How about detaining a law-abiding citizen on some ttrumped-up sex charge because their is no evidence to support the allegations against him? You can do has much harm with as pen as that cop did with dirty septic pit of a mouth.

            (2)How about objectivity Net? Are you willing dispense justice equitably regardless of your affiliations? Really?
            …Wait, and by the way net. If you are a cop, hanging around the forum talking revolutionary stuff in order to bait people, I agree with everything you say, and DROP DEAD YOU LOSER. If not, then be vigilant.

            Remember if the cop got that poor guy and you did nothing, and then they came and got me and you did nothing. When they come to get your ass , there wont be anyone around to do any thing. Thanks

      3. Ohio CCW was a hard fought win for Ohioans. Most the police in our state objected strongly. Ohio cops tend to act like these guys and treat all people like total SH*T, beneath them and undeserving of anything. They seem to think they are the only ones who deserve the right to self protection.

        I don’t know whether the guys story is true, but innocent until proven guilty still applies. The cop seems to have anger issues and appears a liability to the Canton squad “I swear to God mark im gonna lose my mind if I see another one of these numb skulls” Sounds like he’s one misunderstanding from “executing” someone.

        • If one of us sheeple made a similar comment about a cop it would be game over, arrested, imprisoned, barred from ever owning another firearm, not able to get a job, probably have the state take your family away b/c you are unsafe and generally have your life ruined.

          The same should happen to this a$$hole. Example officer oath of honor:

          On my honor,
          I will never betray my badge,
          my integrity, my character,
          or the public trust.
          I will always have
          the courage to hold myself
          and others accountable for our actions.
          I will always uphold the constitution
          my community and the agency I serve.

          • Ifear if it were the other way around the driver would be dead….he(cop) is itchin to waste someone,had it gone down the other way his partner wouldve covered his butt…

        • Should look up his police record. I’m sure he has executed people before. And from the sound of it, executing people and covering it up is standard practice in Ohio.

      4. What one consenting adult does or doesn’t do with another consenting adult should be irrelevant in this or any other incident. How many times do you think people are wrongfully killed by pigs like this one and then covered up? Cops are oppressors whether they want to believe it or not. When a cop is compelling a citizen to do something they do not want to do under threat of state sanctioned violence then they are an oppressor. Doesn’t matter that the particular cop goes to church every Sunday or belongs to the NRA or has a family, the cop is still an oppressor by being the tool by which state sponsored violence is exercised. The only place for that kind of violence is when someone else has initiated violence. All other uses of police power are wrong.

      5. Well, I’m sure if you give it a few days, Massad Ayoob, will figure out a way to defend this idiot just like he did the Swat team in Tucson, Az when they murdered that Marine.

      6. Absolutely. This cop is a fool.

      7. It is unfortunate but punks like this have been causing a rapid decline in respect for law officers. The behavior that this officer exhibited has not only caused a negative view by the fellow with the gun but also everyone that views this video. This punk is responsible for the next cop that gets shot.

        It is plainly obvious that this “cop” threatened the citizen and attempt to terrorize him. There is also no excuse for the profanity that flowed incessantly from his mouth.

        In Oregon it is not required that you inform the LEO that you are a cc licensee but it is good a idea. I was pulled over on I5 one morning. I handed the State Patrolman my drivers license and permit simultaneously. He asked if I had a weapon and I answered that I did. He told me to not touch it. We discussed my speeding and then we parted ways. (I did not receive a ticket. It was dark and the officer had been behind me for a while. I came up on a slower moving vehicle so I moved to the fast lane to pass it. The driver then started increasing his speed driving next to me until we were going about 10 over the limit. Finally I got irritated, punched it to go around and that is when officer friendly lit me up)

        I truly wish that most officers were as professional and courteous as the OSP officer I dealt with. These guys deserve our respect and support but the pricks like the foul-mouthed moron in the video just keep reinforcing the stereotype of cops being out of control.

        • I can’t see why a cop would get excited about anyone with a CC, if they have a license, they passed the same back ground that the cop did. It’s the stolden guns they should worry about.

      8. The Nazi cop needs to have his blood tested for steroids— his anger/attitude is completely out of control making him unfit for duty. He’s a danger to society. Whatever happened to ” Protect and Serve?” He threatened to execute the licensee…wow! Rubber room time for this stupid numb skull…Wonder if he beats his wife, kids, and pets?

        • “Protect and Serve” ended with 9/11. All cops are for-profit these days, which tends to promote aggressive policing. It’s not like they’re the only ones treading on our fundamental rights, they have great roles models all the way up the chain to the top.

          • Revenue collection, just like all the red light cameras that are EVERYWHERE now. Even in small cities like Front Royal Virginia.

            Police have the following objectives:

            1. to collect revenue for the local government
            2. to meet their quota
            3. to hunt the American people and harrass them and get them into the court/prison system as efficiently as possible

            Why do you think they spend more resources busting drug users, gamblers, and prostitutes than they do on hunting down murderers and rapists? Because people that buy drugs, gamble, and solicit prostitutes HAVE MONEY FOR THEM TO TAKE. Most murderers and rapists don’t have anything for the state to take from them, except their freedom, which the state places near zero value on.

      9. Canton isnt too far from me, and I carry..legally

        the problem is (and i know this to be true from speaking with other cops I know)
        none of them have been taught proper protocall for dealing with a law abiding citizen with a weapon.

        period..no training folks

        If you say “weapon” to a cop in a stop you could get pummeled..if you say “gun” you will set them off
        and at what point in a stop or encounter are you supposed to tell them your a C.P.L. holder and are armed?
        especially if you are not the one of “interest”?

        so if a cop wants to ask me a question about my cool ass car, am i supposed to tell him im packing? fuck him..if im not the one of “interest” im not saying shit..what if he’s a prick cop like this guy and he starts to rough up my friend,, should I “drop him with 10 rounds?”

        if one cop is in the cruiser and the one at your window asks to to produce it..the cop in the car doesnt know the situation and may take you out..

        and dont even get me started on the dangers of handing over your loaded weapon to a cop..muzzle sweeping everyone in your car..or the cop..

        this cop needs to be let go..
        those types of threats would land you or I in jail.

        this case better be persued, and he needs to be gone

        whats this ass holes name?
        like i said i drive thru this area PACKING..i want to know who this jerk wad is

        • VFR…I used to live in Canton/Massillion worked at Superior Meats and Sugardale back in the day,went back last fall first time in over 30 years(stopped by Lehmans to pick up some farmstead tools and talked to some old friends in Amish country)place sure has changed in those years…be safe!

          • yeah it seems to have changed a lot around that area and a few other places i used to go..maybe its happining everywhere and I just seem to notice it more around me? I dont know but none of it is good

      10. In most patrol vehicles, like mine, as soon as the overhead lights on the patrol car are activated the officers microphone activates. A supervisor at the end of his shift should review the officers traffic stops through out his shift and evaluate his actions. There is no way in Hell this officer should have been allowed back on the street, he is a LIABILITY, also there is no way for any officer other than a supervisor to erase the tape. Also the search that was conducted by officer # 2 was not a search incident to arrest, which is unlawful if the driver (registered owner) is taken into custody a search can be lawfully conducted, or if a k9 has alerted to contraband in the vehicle at that point a warrant is not required or permission needed to search the vehicle Multiple civil violations committed by both officers!

      11. if the truth were known about his family life, I would say that they are happy when he leaves the house, if they are even still with him, he belongs in a rubber rm.

      12. The real problem is the other cops NEVER do anything when cops like this do something wrong. If cops pursued justice even if it meant other cops went to jail you’d have none of this behavior. Instead, cops cover for each other, higher ups excuse this kind of behavior, and judges usually side with the cops. They are a caste apart from the rest of us, and it is almost impossible to hold them accountable for unlawful actions. That’s why you see more and more of this stuff, because they (almost) always get away with it.

      13. What did he call the first male suspect? Wasn’t it “Hoss”?

      14. anyhow the entire licence issue for the ability to carry is covered by my 2nd amendment..no where in it does it state i need a licence or to say im packing..the right to bear arms is just that

        licencing is an infringement period

        • Anybody that can’t carry heat should have to carry an extra license. How does it feel.

          • I dont understand what your saying.

            • I completely agree with you. One shouldn’t have to pay a tax to carry. Those that are not allowed to carry should pay a tax every year.

            • gotcha Slim, I kinda thought thats what you ment

      15. I hope that this cop is kicked off the force! Anyone with that many anger issues should never be allowed to serve the public.

        What scares me is the fact that this cop is allowed to carry a gun. After hearing how many times he threatens this guys life I think the public has every right to be concerned.

        • BOth should be fired…like a poster in here said the other day….”a good cop who tolerates a bad cop….IS a bad cop”

      16. we need a NAME!

        officer what?

        • His name is Officer Penishead.

          • lmfao..

            although i compose myself,..Im serious,,I want this “Mr. Penisheads” badge

            I dont ever want to deal with him, or any like him

          • Enus

        • Daniel Harless.

      17. also

        whats the statistics on cops being gunned down by C.P.L. holders?

        How much you wanna bet it will get swept under the rug..

        this dick head will be out to abuse another citizen..hate to see how he talks to a non packing citizen

        this cop better be tested immediately for steroids, and other “preformance enhancing drugs” and street drugs..NOW!

      18. Again , another reason why these public servants need to be held to a higher level of responsibility

        Now the tax payers get to pay this guys monitary gain off the law suit from this cop..
        no money out of the cops pocket..its coming out of ours people..

        thats why the cops act like this, there isnt and cause and effect for thier behavior. yeah so some “comrad” lip smacks him a bit..Big fuckin deal, they go out the next night and have drinks at the police mans ball, than DRIVE home! oh sorry another problem thats been kept on the down low..

        We as the citizens and the ones paying their salaries need to be heard ..were not paying for your fuck ups any more..
        This cop needs to have a personal law suit against him, and it needs to hurt.

        • Wow, VRF, this really has you pissed off! Not misplaced at all. Thats what we need to hear: Personal laws suit. He overstepped his authority. Outside of that, his violence monopoly mafia (The State) cannot protect him.

          File it. Take him down. Sue the city and get what you can. This deserves damages! …and BIG damages.

          • Yeah, maybe im taking this a bit too personal

            but , Ive always been a bit worried about how im going to be delt with when i get pulled over packing..Im always carring, so its going to happen sooner or later
            I was one of the first in line when Michigan became a shall issue state, so I been packing and staying proficiant for 10 years or more,(way more I have like 20 years of training ahead of that, i dont want to say what kind) lucky me i drive a company owned vehicle not registered to my name..so running my plate isnt going to give them shit.

            I hope i dont end up with 10 holes in me.
            Fuckin dick head cop..I got just as much right to carry as he does, and had to pass the test and background check as did he.
            I bet all 10 of my holes would be in his face!

      19. He’s definitely hot wired on something…steroids or meds or both.

        I have a permit to carry and it’s guys like this, who would shoot first and ask questions later, that make me very careful on how and when I carry?

      20. The thread on hotair.com has an update that say this officer has been suspended and is now under investigation due to this incident.

        Mac, how about a post that describes how to cheaply setup your own audio & video recording system in your vehicle, perhaps with the camera mounted on the dash, or under the rear view mirror, and pointing towards the driver’s side window? For example, there are cheap miniaturized camcorders disguised as electronic car door unlockers that have an onboard battery and flash drive.

        • Mick, this is something i have thought about installing in my own car, because you never know… They can take a cell phone because they are easy to spot, but a hidden cam inside the car pointing towards the driver/outside the driver side window, or even a dash cam, and a good mic can be very useful.

          I’ll look into it at some point in the future and if I end up installing something will definitely put together a post.

            • because there will come a time when their cameras wont have the evidence you’ll need

            • I love the noise those little blue balls make when you run your pointer over them real fast 🙂

        • I have posted a few of those on other threads of mac..I’ll try to find them if he doesnt before I do

      21. This is a prime example of an officer that should not be armed and may be better fit behind a desk in a warehouse guarding stolen property.
        If I was his Captain I would be real worried about an ACLU law suit that is about to come down the pipeline and impact my operating funds fore the next 5 years.
        I would expect this to cost at a minimum $750 thousand to two mill if they settle out of court and I believe the driver deserves every penny.
        The continual ASSitude by an individual in a position of civil control (an officer of the court) requires that he maintain control of the situation and be in control of his emotions of which clearly he was not.
        And as for this officers comments the I.A. and district attorney should be looking at Aggravated Assault-False Arrest-Illegible Search and Seizure-Witness tampering (threats to the woman) and prior arrests that may have been Questioned in the past.
        This type of video could unlock the doors for other prisoners in the system due to his heavy Handedness.

        I feel that this officer needs Anger Management Classes and he needs to pay for them not the PD.
        Then after a thorough evaluation never put in a position of authority.

        • First of all, this person is no “officer”. When on earth did they give themselves such a promotion???

          Secondly, he should never be given another public dime unless it is by virtue of his prison cell. Desk duty my butt! What he did was make felonious assault and terroristic threats and he should spend a few years with his fellow sewer dwellers in penance.

          • Your first post above wouldn’t allow any post underneath of it. I wanted to say that was an excellent post and couldn’t of been said any better.

        • Fired and prosecuted.

      22. I smell steroid driven anger.

        • There is no such thing as steroid driven anger, do your research.

      23. Agreed. COPS need to manage their own. It’s past time some retired LEO’s who are Oathkeepers, start a training program through their local “Chapters” and enlist others all across America.

        WE need good LEO’s. WE don’t need assholes. COPS are often military veteran’s too. So in MOST cases WE are talking about the best of the best.

        It only takes one bad apple to spoil the bunch; or at least OUR perspective of the bunch; which is why I keep a well worn copy of Rules of Court on my dash, a Marine logo on my bumper near my plate, and a small American and Viet Nam flag decal on the other side.

        They are informed in advanced, and if they don’t respect that, they usually grasp the implication of the Rules of Court. I am on their side. They need to be on mine.

        • Now a days that Vet sticker and Nam flag is a target for these dip shits..remember they view us as the Threat..the local Terrorist.

          I like your Oathkeeper Idea, problem is with assholes like this guy its too late, he needs euthanization..or maybe just castration?..i get those mixed up

        • I agree 100%. This so-called officer of the law is a maniac who needs a strait jacket and a padded room before he loses control completely. The other ‘officer’ is just as guilty because he aided the first moron. Karma can be counted on and I hope to hell he gets back seven fold what he is dishing out. When you give a fool a little power this is what happens.

        • Sorry but I am not sure vets are such a good choice for LEO’s anymore. Huge difference to get used to for one and two, most the ones coming back now have serious issues….kind if like this guy. A lot of prescribed meds for the returning soldiers

      24. One more thing I Have a CC Permit and have been pulled over and I ALL-WAYS have my DL and CCP out BEFORE the officer gets to my door and hand them both over when the officer approaches
        This in it self will tend to relax most officers and will get then gun issue out of the way early and in most cases show the officer that you are as concerned about his safety as he is
        This this tends to soften his final decision on whether or not to give you a ticket (in ten years as a CCP holder nothing but warnings:)
        But in this case that yahoo(the officer) was in a nasty mood and didn’t care I think HE made a mistake that endangered a fellow officer (he was not listening and paying attention) and had already made up his mind on what this stop was about and when he realized what had happened it scared him plain and simple.
        His reaction was to go alpha male ego monster and make it the drivers fault in reality it was his

      25. Welcome to the POLICE STATE! Hitler and Stalin are laughing in their graves.

        • Great to hear, hopefully forever..and probably soon to be arrested himself

      26. OK guys, I’m going to offer a different perspective.

        1. Yes the cop is a hot-headed, anger management dude who would probably be the first to follow “orders” and confiscate guns or shoot civilians. Got it. He’s a dick.
        2. As a civilian, and not knowing police protocols, he seems like didn’t do a proper vehicle stop. Don’t they usually address and talk to the driver and ask them to get out of the car first? Maybe everybody get out of the car? I don’t know. But that seemed odd. And leaving the driver in the car while the other cop searched the back- that seemed wrong.
        3. It’s 3am in the morning and the cops are pulling over a hooker, a pimp and some dude who is a suspected John. I’d be short and to the point, and perhaps pissed off too. All cops ever see at 3am in that part of town is the scum- the future “golden horde, so I do have some empathy for him.
        4. Protocol? The language and attitude was inexcusable, period. Unprofessional. Calling the driver an idiot and stupid- inexcusable. The driver was so polite and cooperative, he did not deserve the cops rant.

        Cops I know tell me it’s getting crazier and worse, so I have 10% empathy for the cop and 90% for the driver.

        I wonder how cops will treat me when they pull me over and I present my CC permit. I just might ask them (small town suburb)

        • J-Boy:

          What’s with this “civilian” stuff?



      27. Its obvious whats going on here, cant you see that his wife weighs 320 lbs and he is very very angry about this, that and the fact that she ate his last maple bar that morning for breakfast.

        • Actually I have seen people go off like this, years ago it the Gym we would call it roid rage. It was quit common to see people blow up over nothing that were on steroids. And it is a fact that many police take steroids. Maybe they should be tested just like many in sports.

      28. We should not even have police forces in the USA, nothing in the constitution about a police force, Only Sheriffs are mentioned, There is a big difference between police and Sheriffs, Sheriffs are elected and can be voted out of office. The police are almost untouchable. The first police departments were started around the Civil War area and they were to have very limited power, now they are a paramilitary force that seem to answer to no one.

        • Agreed. No “police”. It’s a damned european concept anyway.

        • Whoa there young fella!

          No cops?

          Please have some concern for all of those Kripsy Kreme employees that would lose their jobs.

      29. When two fools collide……….I couldn’t finish watching the vid, I wanted to choke that cops lights out. The driver, should have his ass kicked for carrying and trying to pick up the hooker.

      30. One Dip Shit, One Stupid Officer, its a bad mix. I’ve been pulled over in the wrong hood just because I looked so out of place.

        I can say it never went like that. The office stopped me and asked if everything was ok and what I was doing in that part of town. I told him I was armed and he asked if I had a permit. I said, I did and he gave me directions back to the highway. He never asked to see my permit.

        I’ve also been pulled over for breaking the law (speeding) and he let me go with a warning. Never asked to see my permit.

        I think a good officer knows an armed citizen could be his only backup in a bad situation. Maybe its just the thin blue line on the back of my car.

        Let’s all send $5 to help dip shit make this go away. As for the office I think he should lose his badge, he was a complete ass.

      31. HA! Just read the update. …a bit of good news to end the evening on.

      32. I hope you cops are watching out for this ex-cop..this guy may not take being fired so well seems he has problems, maybe even mental..and could be as the DHS video suggests a Terrorist for you to deal with in your own station..Im thinking he should be jailed for everyones safety in that community..

        dont tell me he sitting it out at home..think people…think!

      33. This cop is completely unprofessional and needs a psychiatric evaluation before he can ever carry a badge or a gun again. He is a danger to himself and to the citizens of this state. Yeah, the driver could have made a better choice by not being in the area at the wee hours of the morning. It’s not hard to imagine that this “peace officer” could have easily shot any of these people there and covered up the whole incidsent if there was not any witness around. I too will be looking into a stealth camera. Just imagine if there was not a video camera in this case! This cop needs to be taken off duty and undergo pyschologic treatment. I DO NOT want this hot headed steroid pumping muscle bound bully carrying a gun to “protect” me!

        • “Unprofessional”????

          Firstly, “cop” is not a profession. In a profession, one “professes” — that is, says things.

          Lawyers are professionals. Professors are professionals. Hell even politicians are professionals.

          “Cop” is a blue-collar semi-skilled trade and never forget that. Not to denigrate it — its practitioners do that well enough all by themselves — but the mutilation of the English language must stop, especially by using higher-order nouns than warranted by the situation.

          At best “cop” is a noble calling and a family tradition of the working class. It is a proud occupation to be sure.

          But it is not now and never will be a profession unless a cop changes careers and teaches others.

          OED Rules.

          • I disagree.

            When I was a young soldier stationed overseas I met some women that were definitely “professional” and they didn’t talk much.

      34. uhhh nice to know we’ve got upstanding model officers like this all over the U.S. ummm, err, protecting? us??

      35. And THIS is the way it should be done!!!

        I would think that if that maniac officer wants to keep his job he should be made to watch this video about 10,000 times….BEFORE being reinstated!!!

        • I disagree, respectfully. This cop asks a lot of questions that are not required to be answered……..AND he asks questions about the gun that he should know as a cop

        • …Then during the 9,999 viewing, he is given the coup de grace behind the temple. Reinstated my ass

      36. There was a time, when I first got my corp issued paper to use my right to carry that I figured I would be an asset to the police officers out there as a secondary back up if one were to ever be alone and in trouble..Fagetaboutit!

        maybe that senario would never have played out, but than again ..one never knows.

      37. I live in a small bedroom community in NW Chicago Burbs. POP about 7,500. We have a police force of about 5-6. My neighbor and his wife who ride bikes everyday, were recently stopped by one of these “officers” for “running a stop sign” ON THEIR BICYCLES, in a small development, off major roads, going over a one lane cobble stone bridge. The stop had no interchange, just a one lane bridge.

        $240, a verbal lashing, and 20 minutes later they were released by this knuckle dragger and were almost taken into custody because they did not have any ID while exercising on their Sunday morning bike ride.

        Mac…you need to stop making excuses for the police…they are not what they used to be. This sort of egotistical, god-like, “I can do whatever I want” to you attiude now pervades all levels of police, down to the most local communities.

        I have started a effort in our town to ELIMINATE the police department by ballot measure, and have our community policed by the local county police. I now have a target on my back. But quite frankly I don’t give a damn. I’m regularly stopped when leaving my neighborhood, patrol cars consistently stop in the street in front of my house for no reason, etc.

        So yes the USA has become a police state, and with bad attitude to boot. The decrease in state and local taxes have turned our police into tax collectors of the first order. they need to protect their pensions, jobs and benefits by increasing revenues in addition to their normal duties of daily harrassing citizens.

      38. Why is this officer not arrested and charged with many major felonies, including federal terrorism charges?

        If a non-PD Muslim wearing a turban did and said the same exact things as this PD officer, how many centuries in prison (if not the death penalty) would he already be sentenced to?

        Any PD officer needs to suffer a greater penalty than a civilian, because, after all, he is extremely highly paid and trained, with medical and retirement benefits non-government (serfs) can only dream of. IOW, the PD officer desperately requires a life sentence when he does what this officer did, and the same for his partner who allowed it to happen. Yes, I’m afraid you need to arrest your fellow PD officer when he commits such egregious crimes in front of your face!

      39. Cop failed to secure the situation prior to entering the car. It would be no loss of both cops had been killed.

      40. Terrible tactics by the officers, and even worse conduct. As an officer for 16 years, and 13 of those spent as a Field Training Officer, we try our best to weed out guys like this. Sometimes, though we fail them and do our best to flunk them out, sometimes the department keeps them on.

        Being relieved is the least of his problems if he is hit with a civil suit.

      41. I deal with LEO everyday and this officer and his partner are the reason that so many officers are killed on traffic stops. They are the idiots. This case will never make it to court. The DA will decline. Please make a public stand against these guys. No probable cause, did not wait for a return on vehicle info., approached car without securing scene, were abusive, assumptive and judgemental. Hell they could have just as easily been killed by the passengers that hey did not secure. I will not defend these guys in anyway.

      42. Dumb & Dumber. Although, I can’t decided which one is which.

      43. Just another A-HOLE COP.

      44. the only reason the permit holder wasn’t shot by this cop is becuase he was actually calm and far more “professional” than the wacko cop. I’m impressed by just how well this guy kept his cool. Cause if I had this cop telling me he would have shot my brians out I think I might be freaking out a bit. The permit holder did a great job.

        • Rachel: “Cause if I had this cop telling me he would have shot my brians out I think I might be freaking out a bit.”

          Oh man, no foolin!

          There ain’t nothin’ worse than getting shot in the brians!


      45. Yes, Rachel, the permit holder did a great job, no doubt.

        I don’t know about anyone else, but this is exactly the behavior I expect from cops. There are no bad apples, the whole barrel is rotten.

        I saw this link on Survivalblog:

        OUTRAGE: Fury erupts over Ohio police video; NW activists join debate

        Also, as Karl Denninger writes in his article, How Unalienable Rights Become Privileges : “The NRA, the Brady folks and others all in fact argue over nonsense. They argue over “reasonable restrictions.” But there are no reasonable restrictions when it comes to peaceable exercise of a right.


      46. Awesome! These cops are getting out of control. That cop is a piece of human garbage. Total scumbag idiot bigmouth loser.

      47. At what point in time that the cop starts talking about putting a gun to the citizen’s head and dropping him is the citizen justified to attempt to draw and shoot the fucker?

        If I were carrying and joe blow started talking like that I would be in fear for my life. Same as if a cop was saying it.

        Both these “peace” officiers should be fired and prosecuted both criminally and civilly (sp?). Disgusting.

        Who is protecting your family while you are out abusing citizens, jerkoff?

      48. I hope someone shoots that fuckin pig right in his face.

      49. What’s so shocking about this? This is what you should expect when dealing with pigs in the American police state. They are the enforcement arm of the elite and their only job is to harrass you and keep you down.

        They aren’t even trying to hide their corruption anymore. The only reason this particular piggy got a slap on the wrist is because of audio/video recording that he was stupid enough to leave running. If he had been just a little smarter, turned it off, and executed the guy like he threatened, nobody would EVER know and it’d be swept under the rug like TENS OF THOUSANDS of other police executions every year.

        America is a brutal authoritarian police state and the fact that some of you seem to STILL NOT GET IT is ridiculous.

      50. I live in Ohio, and this is some crazy bs

      51. +1 regarding the permit holder/”suspect” – now MAYBE he COULD have been a little more “forceful” in trying to tell the cops (especially when that one cop was searching the car – which seems like a really bad idea without getting everyone out of the vehicle first?)…but overall, he kept his cool really well…

        And yes, although I can understand why the cop was angry that he was not informed of the weapon earlier (which was obviously AT LEAST partially his own fault), once he did find/was given the weapon, he went so far over the line it’s almost comical (wrong word, I know). It almost seems like he subconsciously realizes at some point that he’s already really screwed up, so he might as well try to make the suspect cry or something…so much so in fact that his rant almost seems to help keep the suspect calm.

        That is, maybe the suspect realized, at least subconsciously, that the cop had clearly crossed the line and/or was just nuts…

        Anyway, yeah, this is pretty bad. I for one will be shocked if this cop ever works again in law enforcement.

        I WILL give the cop this much credit though – at least he knew the pertinent laws. I’ve seen several other videos like this lately where the cops literally don’t know what the local laws are regarding open carry, concealed, etc…

        Now THAT is #&^@ing amazing.

      52. This dude is a self correcting problem when the videos like this come out. He was probably a problem officer for some time and his supervision was probably trying to reel him in but sometimes police unions (and most unions) seem to protect the idiots while the good members of most unions never need their services. I am not anti-union, but I am anti-union abuse. As a retired officer and former union member this is not the first time I have seen this, and sometimes it takes an event like this to get someone fired. Unfortunately.

        Now, on the flip side, was there a sting going on? Was the area under surveilance for pandering and prostitution? If I am ever stopped (and I have been), as soon as the officer approaches I have my hands on the steering wheel and my CCW/Police ID card in hand. I ID myself and let the officer know I have a weapon in the car and ask him for further instructions. It isn’t that hard, and I have never been harrassed or yelled at. Although I did have one CHP officer take my weapon during the stop (someone had stolen my trailer license plate and he was verifying the VIN). When you are stopped, the officer is in charge. Most will be decent, but a few will be idiots, just like in any proffession.

      53. The problem with this , is they will wait for this all to die down..and than Mr Asshole will get a desk job or some “light duty”

        and probably within a year he will be back to bashing heads in, but than at this time he will be more covert about his actions.

        If he doesnt do some time over this , and end up with a civil suit..he wont learn shit. Remember this was all “williams” fault, this thinking type never wake up….narcisitic to the core is what these types are.

        Innocent people eat cops bullets everyday, and are injured due to neglect of this thin blue line. It all comes down to forcing adgendas..either of thier own or someone with money and power.

        If the department doesnt want to be honest about what this guys problem is, Us taxpayers will continue to fund this opression against us (yes folks with your dollars you are treated this way, and his defense and his legal funds paid for by we the people, including the judgement cost on any law suits this incident brings)

        Remember the name, it wont be the last time you hear it.

        There will not be full disclosure on this..Trust me..we will get only what they want us to believe.

        and last I checked even though there are “bad” neighborhoods..there isnt any law broken being in them or passing thru or talking to people who live there.
        If that cop thought he had a crime in progress , he than even handled that wrong.
        all his opinions about those involved are predjudice, aligations and mentaly driven, (Drugs). And if that neighbor hood is so bad, than maybe he better get to doing something about it, rather than use it as a revinue pool.

        We the people who are law abiding , and free to move about public, need to be made aware of how this case is delt with ..transparency as they call it.

        There have been too many years of “them” discounting what “we” think of their policies, laws, and their actions of them.
        the serving the public stopped, when it became a revinue game.

        I am hopeful that Mr Harless partner asked to talk to his superior, and bring this to light before it got way past booking stage, one may never know. but if not, than he needs to be punished too.

        Yes we will have the cops to fear in a SHTF situation.
        there will be good, and bad.

        time will only tell how that will pan out.

        My proceedure for a traffic stop is to hand the man, my ID, registration , proof of insurance, and my blue CPL card., with out saying “gun” i have legally informed him of my status.

      54. The guy certainly didn’t do himself any favors with where he was and who he was with, but the cops are complete idiots on this one.

        CCW or not, the FIRST thing is to secure all of the occupants of the car! If the driver HAD been a bad guy, the 2nd cop, who was searching the car, might well be dead right now.

        SECOND thing, CCW holders aren’t out shooting cops, so the hothead was being, well, stupid and hotheaded.

        It does, in fact, appear that the guy attempted to inform of his CCW and his gun, and was told to STFU. This is indeed a real problem in “must inform” states.

        • So what the hell are you implying? That US citizens need a license to visit somewhere you consider off limits because of your version of morality? May I suggest you take a brief look at the US Constitution you pea brain?

      55. Well, I remember cops were more polite and respectful as a kid. I have noticed they are more ready to use violence and not big on social skills and treating people with courtesy anymore. The younger new cops are on the mean side. No respect. I know they have a hard job, but they should at least give people a chance to proclaim their status.

      56. Relieved of duty? Hopefully, this means he was fired, his job was terminated.

        In reality, this cop should be charged with multiple crimes (threatening to kill the man, threatening to lie about it in cahoots with his partner, assault, harrassment, and misuse of the badge of law).

      57. By the way Mac – thank you for this very important coverage of this story – your site it the only one I have seen it on so far. People need to hear this.

        Thanks Mac!

      58. This guy doesn’t need firing or counseling or any other disciplinary action. He just needs to go right into a straight jacket and be shipped off to the looney bin and heavily medicated for the public’s safety… and his own.

      59. LOL! That is so rich that the cop got his ass handed to him – FIRED! Now he can become just like the others in the unemployed line. I hope he loses his house, car, and is put out into the street. He will get his just reward soon. Bastards!

      60. canton ohio better fire this STEROID RAGING PRICK before he goes off on someone and they or their family sue for millions and canton loses. make him go elsewhere for work. mall cop chasing little old ladies. bar bouncer.
        dog pound truck. anything but a cop.

        • Anything but a job where he has to interact with people…and no job where he even imagines he has any authority…..

      61. Then again, he might just internalize all that anger and rage, go over the edge, and mow down a dozen or so innocents in a shopping mall before eating a bullet. Anyone acting as he was when he had a job and the security it offered could simply snap when that safety net is removed.

      62. If police cannot do their jobs without treating all people as animals or grossly violating the rights of the citizens they have a duty to protect, then get another job.

        Is it a dangerous job? Maybe. But if you don’t like it, or if you feel the danger to yourself it not acceptable, THEN GET ANOTHER JOB.

        If you cannot handle that job in a manner that does not violate the rights of your superiors (citizens), or if you cannot perform the job in a way without putting your own safety and convenience above the God-given, natural rights of your superiors (citizens) THEN GET ANOTHER JOB!

      63. The cop is living in Bizarro World. He is 180 degrees out from reality. The driver did nothing wrong. NOTHING. And this cop goes off. The driver is pretty amazing, really. He is calm, straightforward, and apparently honest. Don’t know about the prostitute/pimp stuff, but his story and tone certainly don’t seem dishonest. The cop is simply a maniacal fool. The cops, in fact, together, are the Keystone Cops. How do they let the driver sit there for 6 minutes while they do all the other stuff they do. If he was going to pull the gun, he would have pulled it then. The FIRST chance he had, he told the cop about the permit. Then the cop acts like the driver pulled the gun and tried to shoot him. Where does he get that? What is he on?

      64. (1) Please follow up on outcome of this–would really like to know what happens to cop and to driver. I hope driver was exonerated.

        (2) Driver almost certainly will get a lawyer and sue, right?

        (3) The big picture issue here is this–in 2011 we have reached the point in this country where the cops are often put in the position of being “the enemy.” They commonly are out enforcing what are, at bottom, revenue statutes (moving violations). The a great deal of focus of police work is to produce revenue. That is why, most of the time, they are ticketing the honest citizens who happen to have a lead foot or miss a light or roll through a stop sign with no one within a mile of the thing instead of being on “the mean streets” fighting hardened criminals. The legislature passes stupid laws and the executive carries them out and the judiciary upholds them–and the cops are the ones who have to make contact with the people, so many of whom are becoming bitter and angry about the abuses by their government.

        (4) SO, it is time to tell your legislators to repeal so many of the revenue laws and to tell the executive branch elected officials to get the cops where real crime is being committed. To government, we are all criminals now. It is time to wake government up. Make it clear that we are not the enemy. And that they need to find, and fight, the enemy.

      65. The more I think about this the more I realize what REALLY makes me so mad…

        I honestly believe that “we” (people in general) tend to be rather forgiving if someone makes a mistake and/or acts like an ass IF that person is willing to admit it and genuinely seems sorry.

        In this case, had the cop gone off on his rant for just a few minutes (which would MAYBE be understandable given the appearance of the gun at that point, even if the timing was his fault to some degree)…but then kind of cooled off…seemingly realizing that he crossed the line…and then talked to the “suspect” with any sort of respect…even without explicitly apologizing, I really think that we wouldn’t be so hard on him and/or perhaps he would keep his job.

        All he needed to do to was sort of regroup and calmly approach the suspect with something like “look man, you gave us a bit of a scare there…if you are carrying, you really to let us know ASAP…” He really didn’t have to acknowledge the fact that his behavior perhaps led to the bad timing…

        Instead he just keeps going on his rant like the damn Energizer Bunny.

        The way it played out, at the end of the confrontation, which person do you think is better suited to carry a gun? Honestly, my pick is the suspect.

        • why should a person with a CC scare any cop, the person with the CC goes thru the same background ck as a cop and most are cleaner that any cop, they don’t use a badge to intimidate people, falsify reports to jail people ect.belittle people daily. the more of these videos about cops come out, the less people have respect for any of them.

      66. This is really sad, and scary. What is this nation coming to? It must really suck for the decent cops to have douchenozzles like this making their job more dangerous, and creating distrust and antipathy towards cops. I was an MP for a little bit a while back, and people like this are why I decided not to pursue this as a career.

      67. “However, the aggressive intimidation and threats seem to be a little out of line.”

        Yeah, just a smidge.

        I heard the cop was fired. Charges should be filed against this “servant to the people.”

      68. He should be fired ,fined,put in jail. Take anger management classes and never be aloud to own a gun.And stand on a corner with a sign that says I’m an idiot.Other wise he should just have his head blown off with a shotgun.

      69. The cop (that was not an officer!) admitted right there that he totally was out of line, when he stuck his head into a vehicle, without determining it was safe to do so. If the driver had mentioned he was carrying, while the cop was in the back seat, there would have been a cop being tried for murder, instead of being fired (or relieved of duty). That was soooooo stupid of the cop to be so reckless. It was soooooo lucky for the driver, that he shut his mouth as he did!

      70. It’s propaganda.

      71. I don’t get it. He should have locked down the driver before hand. He was lucky the guy was a permit holder and not a nutcase. To act that way is just reprehensible, further than that, IT IS CRIMINAL.

      72. Seriously, I am so tired of hearing that police jobs are so dangerous and then watching these two Barney Fife’s just operate without a care as to the “danger”.

      73. I live in Tennessee where we have a carrying permit…it is not a concealment/carry permit….if we want to tie it on top of our head with a bright red bow and walk down main street…we can. We can strap it to our leg and go into a store, in plain sight. We are taught to wear it concealed for our safety.
        We are taught to place our hands on the streeing wheel with or driver lis. & Carry permit “TOGETHER”…and hand them together as one and state that we are carrying as we aredoing so.
        We have some “fine” officers down here also…one of ours shot a families pet dog in a messed up stop???? DO NOT GOT ME WRONG…I support our police department or the bigger part of them…know alot of them on a first name basis and would help them anyway that I could..BUT this JERK officer in Cantan, OHIO needs JAILED for his actions-works and deeds!

      74. I Really feel sorry for you US Civilians . Your Police officers are so horrible . They treat you like shit and think because there part of the force/government/law that they can treat people like shit.

        I’m from England and all are cops treat you with respect and have very nice attitude towards you. Unless you disrespect them .

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