Report: Radioactive Device Stolen In Iran: Officials Warn: “Could Yield A Dirty Bomb”

by | Nov 30, 2016 | Headline News | 39 comments

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    Editor’s Note: The threat of a large-scale weapon of mass destruction being deployed on U.S. soil is very real. We encourage our readers to consider CBRN (Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear) protection for their preparedness supplies, including an advanced tactical gas mask, NBC-rated respiratory filters and this FDA approved thyroid blocking agent for radiation protection.


    Conflicting reports from the middle east indicate that a radiological device has disappeared in Iran. The Tehran Times, an Iranian media mouthpiece, claims that an anonymous source has dismissed the reports as politically motivated, saying that the device was a radiological “camera” and nothing more.

    But Western intelligence agencies say that the missing material containing the highly unstable isotope Iridium-192 could be used to manufacture a dirty bomb or to poison water supplies:

    The missing material, Iridium-192, was reported to the International Atomic Energy Agency by Iran’s nuclear regulatory body earlier this month, warning neighboring Gulf states of its possible nefarious use.

    A dirty bomb, or radiological dispersion device, is a conventional weapon equipped with nuclear material. The idea behind a dirty bomb is to blast radioactive material, such as powder or pellets, into the area around the explosion.

    Citing Saudi intelligence sources, Asharq al-Awsat reported Friday that the Iridium- 192 was stolen as it was being transported from the Bushehr facility. The vehicle carrying the nuclear material was later found abandoned with its contents seized.

    The IAEA defines Iridium-192, a highly unstable isotope which emits both electrons and gamma-rays, as a category-2 radioactive substance. Substances with a category-2 classification can permanently injure or even kill a human being if exposed to the material within hours or days.


    In short, someone in the middle east just got ahold of a radioactive device loaded with Iridium-192. Officials says they don’t know where the device is or who may have taken it.

    For all we know it could be on its way to Europe or the United States right now.

    Earlier this year a report from the White House warned of four ways that terrorists could use a nuclear device against Americans on U.S. soil. A dirty bomb is reportedly the simplest weapon to build and smuggle into the country:

    The most likely scenario that security experts fear is that a group could get ahold of radioactive material, such as cesium or cobalt, for a dirty bomb that could be carried in a suitcase. Those materials are widely used in industrial, academic and hospital settings, with no consistent security standards across the globe. Last year, an Associated Press investigation revealed multiple attempts by black market smugglers to sell radioactive material to Middle East extremists.

    This isn’t the first time nuclear material has disappeared. A recent theft of nuclear material just across the Southern border in Mexico raised concerns that terrorists may be operating just miles from the United States. With a porous border, officials suggested that it was possible for a rogue group or lone terrorist to cross into the U.S. undetected and attack domestic population centers.

    With so many unknowns, it would be naive to dismiss the possibility of a nuclear or radiological attack in the United States.

    Earlier this year the Department of Homeland Security put in a massive order for radiation detectors to ensure nuclear devices aren’t secretly being transported in public areas. Likewise, Texas has issued hundreds of detectors to game wardens and other law enforcement officials near the southern border.

    That new threat is terrorism. One fear is that terrorists could try to smuggle radioactive material into the country by boat. The Port of Houston has for years had radiation detectors to scan cargo.

    So now, besides guns and handcuffs, game wardens will have one more tool.

    “We’ve acquired about a hundred devices that allow game wardens to detect radiological or nuclear emissions. These are little devices that can be worn on someone’s belt,” Harvey said.

    While the government understands the seriousness of the threat, the majority of population ignores it as a non-issue.

    But that apathy won’t stave off the threat, nor will it save your life should a nuclear or radiological device be deployed inside the Continental United States.

    We encourage our readers to consider CBRN (Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear) protection for their preparedness supplies, including an advanced tactical gas mask, NBC-rated respiratory filters and this FDA approved thyroid blocking agent for radiation protection.

    Those who would do us harm will stop at nothing to kill as many men, women and children as possible. A chemical, biological, radiological or nuclear device will be their weapon of choice for such an attack if they can get their hands on it.

    And by all accounts, that is exactly what they are aiming for.


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    White House Warns Of Nuclear Terrorist Attacks: The Four Ways They Could Strike…

    Nuke Threat On Southern Border: Texas Game Wardens Issued Radiation Detectors

    DHS Prepares For Nuke Attack With Massive Order For Radiation Detectors: ‘To Ensure Nuclear Devices Aren’t Secretly Being Transported In Public Areas’


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      1. So we have the terrorist coming across our southern boarder with a dirty bomb. Our jerkoff in the white house has a No fly zone over Syria which can start WW3

        Which is worse or more likely to happen.

        • ANNO
          We are thinking alike!!!!

          It is nice living in the stick.

        • Anno
          We are thinking alike here!!! Just remember that radical islam wouldn’t do anything any of this. They would never use a dirty bomb, Obullshit’s bro would never do a thing like this now would they?

          It is nice living in the sticks. Not enough people here to get the effect they want.

          • BREAKING NEWS ALERT!!!


            Alex Jones has just broke the story on Turkey declaring war with Syria. Well., here it is.
            Everything we hoped would never happen.


        • The Tyranny In Our Future

          I DON’T KNOW IF YOU PEOPLE CAN “GET” THIS (ARTICLE BELOW) OR NOT. IF YOU CAN’T, PLEASE TRY REAL HARD BECAUSE OUR LIFE ON EARTH DEPENDS ON IT (whether or not our country becomes a full blown police state!!)

          November 29, 2016 | Categories: Guest Contributions | Tags: | Print This Article Print This Article

          The Tyranny In Our Future

          Guest column by John Whitehead

      2. Dirty bombs are not nothing… but on the other hand, I think you are more likely to die from the possible conventional explosion behind it. BUT, as noted, it is NOT nothing, and would create a massive economic issue if let go in a business area.

        • You can make a dirty bomm with 10lbs. of tannerite and a 50lb. bag of dog shit 😛

      3. I imagine Sayyed Ali Hosseini Khamenei is going all “oopsie, my goodness, now where did that bad stuff get off to now? Suleman my little goat-boy run and see if you can find it!!!”. Yeah, right. ‘Anon’ – you’re probably dead-on right.

      4. OMG!! Trump is putting “I can see Russia from my window” imbecile in charge of veterans affairs… (I’m beginning to regret I voted for trump!!!). 🙁

        • Anonymous…… Don’t worry about her in charge of VA……..We have all of the Billionaire Jews in charge of commerce and treasury.

          Make America Great Again.

        • Sarah Palin never said that. Tina Fey on SNL made it up, and even politicians are confused about it. What Sarah Palin said was that you can see Russia from Alaska, which is absolutely true.

          • so true, and it shows how many are lead around by the stupid MSM and still are

            sad when people cant even tell when they are being lied to

            and than wonder why we are in the shit were in

      5. Oh, well… Bush was good for a laugh (My brother and I had hilarious time laughing over old bush’s comments!!) Maybe Palin isn’t a bad choice after all… (I loved the jokes made about her on late night talk shows!!) 🙂 Good in everything! (As long as I can control my vomit!)

        • at least she can be looked at with out puking

          cant say that about any of the Democratic (things) females

      6. SGT Dale.

        Nice to be in the woods. Clears the mind.

        Well my AO would turn into a zoo if any major problem hit.
        With a dirty bomb device ground detonation, the contamination would be small and confined. Spread by wind currents at most. An aerial burst would produce a bigger contamination area. Most likely happen in a high traffic area.

        On another note concerning civil war or riots.

        There is nothing more that I can stress and that is defeating bullet penetration into your home. I have shot up all kinds of materials and thought it was awesome. Till you figure that could be part of your home.. If you understand what bullets can penetrate, it may give you a distinct advantage by looking at what stuff is made of in your neighborhood. I do advise having one shooting position that has a high confidence level for protection against rifle fire. Provide yourself head and eye protection from spent shells and flying debris. Even an additional safe place for family.

        Look at your home. Is it Wood, Cinder block or brick? How much glass in your home.

        Stop the bullet and prevent injury.

        • we had a new furnace put in here a few years back, its actually a boiler, we have radiator heat, just amazing, we had a huge old oil furnace that took up the entire center of the floor, and then the barrel for the oil took up the rest of the room, this new boiler run on natural gas, hangs on the wall now, about 3 feet wide by two. amazing technology to me. any way, they drilled thru our house walls to put in the pvc pipes for intake and exhaust, the man that did that work came in and showed me what he cut out, those perfect circles. I was wondering if the walls in this house would be a good detriment to bullets? The circles he handed me are solid 100 year old oak, and at least 2 or more inches thick. Our home was built in 1900. It has the old pink shingle type siding under the aluminum siding and insulations as well. In wisconsin with our Winters the more insulation and quality building like in this older home were expected in crafting these older homes, back in the day! So outside of covering the windows, with some thing 2″ plywood maybe? The doors are also the thick heavy oak paneled doors, so the centers/panels are a weak spot. any advice is appreciated, ty in advance!

          • wk, I have to believe that you would be fine with oak at 2″ up to 30 cal. rifle.
            You might look at youtube for penetration tests; maybe ones with 2 2×6’s put together..or try making a test of your own. That’s a fun little project for ya.
            Glad our house is cinder block with about 1/2″ of finish cement on each side with most of the voids filled also.
            Aluminum doors are the weak spot.

            • As for weak spots, I read once take 1/4 or 1/2″ plywood and cut 2 pcs. to the shape you want and build a “sandwich” by packing the space inside with small gravel rock.
              It was originally written to beef up car doors, windows, etc. in a bad shtf.

              • ketchupondemand

                I will use the half inch plywood with 4×4 posts that will sandwich solid concrete bocks. Nothing beats two rows of stacked sandbags. Dry sand gives you better protection. Earth filled cinder blocks. Again with plywood framing. Pave stones and solid cap stones can fill small gaps. Gravel might give you a problem. I would mix it with earth and pack it down.
                I was hoping to find a simple chart that states.

                Example for each caliber.

                .308 penetrates at 100 yards. 3 in of sand. 10 inches of earth. 18 inches of wood. one forth inch steel plate.

                But you know what. I think google doesn’t want you to get a CLEAR PICTURE of the stats. You have to DIG for it.

                Pain in the ass Commie bastards, but if you wanted to know how to fuck a camel it would pop right up there with advertisements out the ying yang.

        • “A”
          Thanks for the advise.

          Been working just such a place or two.

          1/2 of the House was built in 1879, so that tells you what that section is made of. The other 1/2 was built in 1920/30 so you know what that is build from. The other nice thing is to get a clear shot at my house with out being seen you would have to be over 100 yards away. Then again there are some little friends there that will let me know you are there, and some of them just might bite your ass!!! If you get my drift.


          • The main part of my house has no drywall at all. The big advantage is that I can hang a picture anywhere I want because there’s always wood there. The second is that no one is going to walk through any of the walls. Also, all the doors are solid wood.

      7. How much radioactive material are we talking about??? Grams, pounds, tons???

        • Crat

          Just a gram or two in a pint jar that goes bang will set off a panic. You see we are scared to death when it comes to Radiation.

          You see they don’t have to kill they just have to terrorize.


          • It is sad to think that it may take something like this to wake up the sheeple. At that point people might start treating the terrorists that obama has brought into our country like they deserve….. Hangem high! Blood for blood.

      8. Iridium-192…? Unlike other more dangerous isotopes, the toxicity is quite low. They would need a large amount of the stuff to do any real harm. Nothing here. This way to the Egress please…..LOL

      9. “Iridium-192 was stolen as it was being transported from the BUSHehr facility…”



      10. Its not that they can get their hands on some small quantities of radioactive material. The real threat is the “system” we have in place. Remember that just a phone call of a bomb threat (with no bomb at all) can shut down a major airport, and delays flights all across the country. Imagine (10) phone calls or (100).? Or a “suspicious” package in front of a store will evacuate an entire block. Remember the requirement to “shelter-in-place” in Boston, whilst the authorities look for a wounded 19 year old.? We’re talking a complete lock down of a major metropolitan area, instead of asking the citizens to find him. We are paralyzed with fear, like frightened little children in the dark. (watch all the morons with helmets riding their bicycles at 3 mph on your street). When the enemy is given the green light to bring us down, your going to see absolute chaos and fear as we descend into the apocalypse.!!!!!!!!!

      11. The US government are the terrorists. They created and fund terrorists worldwide. Their minions of spies and assassins infest like a horde of cockroaches. Trump won’t lessen the problem, likely to ramp up the police state.

        • aljamo, you’re probably right about Trump.
          Still, better than being on the losing side of nuclear WW3 with Hitlery.

        • aljamo,

          You are correct. My concerns about Trump are:

          1- Head of Treasury…a Billionaire Jew from Goldman Sachs.

          2- Head of commerce, Another Billionaire Jew .

          3- Closest advisor is the son in law… another Billionaire Jew

          I must say OHHHH SHIT…….we were forced to suck something.

      12. Fear Porn

      13. Report: Radioactive Device Stolen In Iran: Officials Warn: “Could Yield A Dirty Bomb”

        Sounds like bogus “intel” … considering the source …

        But Western intelligence agencies say that the missing material containing the highly unstable isotope Iridium-192 could be used to manufacture a dirty bomb or to poison water supplies:

        Western Intelligence has lost any sort of credibility over the years … these are the same folks that said Saddam had W.M.D’s … Assad gassing his own people … Osama Bin Laden killed in 2011 … uneducated ragheads highjacked planes and destroyed the Twin Towers … etc.

        With a new & so called improved President coming into the realm … why the Iran negativeness? Who gains more from this hysteria?

        Keep enjoying the “show” ツ

      14. Ketchup 30 cal or 7.62 steel core rounds can punch through a car engine or up to half inch thick mild steel. Most steel structures are mild steel cause it’s cheaper. The plywood sandwich idea seems good but how thick would the middle need to be plus in the end it would be immovable. I’d go with sand bags. Dig a sandbox for your kids around 6 ft deep and fill with sand. This will disguise the huge amount of sand and the bags can be stored. When you feel your gonna need the sand bags have the kids fill bags while you fortify the interior walls and around the windows with them. Chances are there won’t be any water or sewer so use the hole in the backyard as a latrine. Sand bags also double as flood protection. if you haven’t shit in the hole dump the sand bags into the hole again store the bags for later use. Sand bags are cheap can be put in your car or truck empty taken to bugout location. 100 bags for $36 that’s cheap. Only thing that sucks is shoveling sand and stacking but you can customize your protection if you feel you need more bags in one spot add more or move some from another spot.

        • Asshat, I had mixed results with 7.62 rounds. Owned an HK91 for 20 years and tried out a lot of stuff. It wouldn’t penetrate a 3/8″ steel plate at 25 yards.
          Cast iron engine block? I’d like to see that.
          I sure miss that rifle. One of Germany’s best. Accurate.

      15. We have already been hit by millions of dirty bombs . There called Muslems.

      16. They better use their dirty bomb quickly, then. Iridium 192 has a half life of 73 days. This is just another scare tactic doom porn article.

        • John, exactly.

          Likely it was a medical radiation source, that would be in fractional gram quantities at best. With such a short half life it would be 99.9 percent gone after a year and a half.

          Inhaled it is quite dangerous, but if not used almost immediately, it loses its potency.

          If I could steal a pound of the stuff, I’d bury it for a couple years, and let it decay away. The product of decay is a stable form of platinum, then sell said pound of platinum$$$$$.

      17. The only entity that can benefit from this is Israel. They stand out like a sore thumb in terrorist circles.

        • Derick,
          The theft of this material would only serve two purposes in my mind.

          A high tech analysis of this sample would reveal information about Iran’s nuclear program and processes. Manufactured nuclear material has a fingerprint. This information would serve many Western nations, not just Israel.

          The theft of this material not just embarrasses Iran’s, it discredits their ability to run a safe secure nuclear program. This also serves many nations.

          Israel may have done it, but really who besides Iran cares?

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