Oddsmakers Bet The Senate Won’t Convict Trump & His Reelection Is Certain

by | Jan 21, 2020 | Headline News | 10 comments

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    Oddsmakers are saying that President Donald Trump’s reelection is a sure thing.  Not only that, but the Senate won’t be convicting the president either if global betting statistics can be believed.

    His chances of being reelected, in fact, are higher now than they have been in a year, says one unique source. The president remains “resilient” to an impeachment trial, according to US-Bookies, an online industry source that offers global betting statistics, averages and other data.

    “The odds of Trump getting impeached by the Senate are 10/1, while his odds of not getting convicted are a much more likely 1/40,” the organization said in its analysis.

    “It’s no surprise that the impeachment will have no legitimate effect on Trump finishing his term. Part of this is due to his Republican support, as the odds say that no Republican senators will vote against Trump at the impeachment trial, at 4/5 odds,” says Alex Donohue, an analyst for the organization.

    “Trump’s odds to win the 2020 presidential election further emphasize his resilience to the pending impeachment trial, as the odds shortened from 6/5 to 4/5 since the beginning of December 2019. U.S. Bookies’ live election tracker gives. Trump a 52.5% chance to be reelected, the highest it’s been in the last 12 months,” the organization analysis said.-Washington Times

    Oddsmakers have been wrong before, obviously, and maybe they are again this time.  Yet these are massive odds to overcome and are not in Democrats’ favor.

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      1. Well, well, well,

        Here we are at least, let’s go through the checklist briefly,

        1) A government surveillance apparatus from which virtually none are immune…

        2) A continuous, endless state of War or military action sponsored by same which solely benefits the MIC…

        3) A primary branch of Government so utterly corrupted by Big Money as to not be just ineffectual in administering the Nation to further the pursuit of Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness but which to ALL APPEARANCES is actively engaged in a concerted, coordinated campaign to produce the exact antithesis of the aforementioned estate…

        4) An Intelligence apparatus/community so completely out of control and removed from any effective REAL oversight whose members can scarce be viewed as anything other than having already MYRIAD crimes against this Nation which meet the legal definition of Treason, including but hardly limited to Mssrs Brennan, Clapper, Comey, Rosenstein, et al…

        5) An obscene ‘revolving door’ existent between EVERY last regulatory governmental agency of consequence and the ‘Synagogue of Satan’ which is otherwise known as Wall Street which serves to utterly negate any effort at regulation which actually benefits, ‘We the People’…

        So, now we stand daily witness to the WORST abuse of process ever witnessed in the history of the United States; the sham of a travesty of an unconcealed effort to negate the natural process of the selection of the President of our country. Were I a betting man I would strongly advise any reading this to seriously question whether the ‘rock solid Repukelican support’ in the Senate for the President is in fact anything other than a well contrived variant of Kabuki Theatre which might – MIGHT – end up having a truly unthinkable, shocking conclusion; COUNT on absolutely nothing where our Idiocracy is concerned…NOTHING.

        Have a great day Boyz and Gurlz…and stay VIGILANT.


        • Just One Guy? Hey this is the former Braveheart here. How’ve you been?

          • Howdy Old Friend…yes, I KNOW you; my memory has not suffered over time! Well met, again Brother!

            There seem but few of us ‘old timers’ hereabouts these days; more’s the pity…especially the absence of BI leaves a hole in my Spirit (big sigh…). I so fondly recall our many interchanges of Old.

            We are WELL…and fully settled, though that came with much hard work and accommodation. My best Hopes have been – here, where we are – now fully realized and I am content, if feeling my YEARS a little more than I care for. I find myself more and more frequently needing to rest these old bones in the hot springs near to the main House. Yet as I slowly fade, I watch my nieces and nephews (and others too…) growing handsomely into the roles they will need to assume to perpetuate what we have built and secured.

            I needn’t mention how truly awful things in the broader World appear to be currently…or how fast that appears to be accelerating in just the last few months. IMHO, finally the ‘final windup’ appears to be en route…for which frankly, I am grateful. The World needs about 6.7 Billion less aggravations in it if there is any hope for Humankind as a species on this small Earth – at all. Period.

            And how have you been of late Brother? Well, I hope and securely situated? Time is short, I am now quite sure…we have begun laying in final supplies therefore. One area we’ve unfortunately neglected over the last few years were adequate stockages of Red Wheat, Oats and a few other necessary staple grains (ALL non-GMO, naturally) which obtaining in quantity (tons) on short notice has proved a bit more challenging than I thought it would be. Nonetheless, that particular component of our final preps is now secure. Naturally, there are other things to be locked-in here ere I feel wholly comfortable, mostly things like spare water pumps, alternators and etc for several ‘critical’ pieces of equipment we have that are central to how we operate. Naturally, that’s a fair bit of $$$, but we’ve long been accumulating such and since my suspicion is that – soon, too soon – the Chinese are going to find themselves backed into the proverbial ‘corner’ by their own endogenous pressures and will shortly thereafter attempt an economic ‘Hail Mary’ in the form of a Gold backed Crypto-Yuan with their vast accumulated stores of same and consequently virtually overnight most (if not ALL) Western fiat will rapidly be repriced to it’s actual intrinsic value – namely Zero – then I don’t mind relinquishing it anyway; it was never other than a means to an end, no?

            Returning to a pre-money existence where ‘Wealth’ is based on ‘things’ will be impossible for most…as you well know Sir. What we have done ‘here’ took a long time and a huge investment in personal effort on the parts of MANY, as well as the natural utilization of a sizable amount of fiat. Those who are as yet unfinished in their preps or have not started are simply “Dead Folks Walking”…and though a part of me grieves for their inevitable loss, I can no longer find any pity in my Soul for such; ALL have LONG seen the same signs…those who did not ACT are the Lost. Amen.

            FWIW, keep an eye on the Far East…things will now begin to develop there rapidly…on a multitude of fronts. Not the least of which is the SARS-like manifestation we are now seeing.

            Adios Muchacho…I’ll likely be in rather regularly henceforth.

      2. Be ready for a September surprise as Clinton did to Bush Sr.
        Lice and vermin, all of them but they don’t care as long as they “win”. After all, to them it is only “politics”.
        The irony is that they imprisoned a girl for far, far less, she simply texted her bf to kill himself.

      3. The Democrats, and the Leftist Elite they represent, have no intention of letting the people they rule over have any say so in the government that runs their lives.

        You’re either a part of the Deep State, accept the Deep State as your rightful ruler, or you are it’s enemy and will be subjugated by it or destroyed.

        None shall overcome it, resistance is futile.

        That’s just the way it is.

      4. Regime change in those other shithole countries was based on civil unrest and Kigali, not on due process and sovereignty.

        Wherever or whenever he was raised, Mr. “legitimate effect” Donohue was expecting a meritocracy, for some reason.

      5. We are a nation of sheep. We are governed by wolves. We are owned by pigs. Nothing will change, short of a Deus ex Machina event. For those who follow the Good Book, all of this has been foretold.

      6. Really? My guess is that they are wrong on both counts. This is just a guess based on observation, so, I could easily be wrong. Republicans have never been known for loyalty to members of their own party, which is a good thing, but people would elect Sanders over Trump in a landslide, so for reasons of self-preservation, my guess is that they will convict Trump to eliminate him for their own preservation, which will also fail.

        Considering that both parties support death squad governments in Latin America, and the police have militarized and killed a thousand people a year extrajudicially things are in pretty dire straights for Americans.

        As far as I’m concerned, Bernie is a neo-con welfare for the wealthy Federal Reserve enlisted debt enslaver, and as to whether or not he is able to accomplish ending war and reinstating liberty without a sudden “heart attack”, I am highly

      7. Between now and the election, there is going to be a planned release of classified and damning information on numerous Dems, some Republican Deep Staters, the media, social media goons such as twitter, google, etc, amongst other things such as the revelation of indictments that will be unsealed that will collectively cause The Great Awakening. All will realize the gravity of what Trump’s Presidency is all about, and why he ran. All will realize the evil that’s at play, and why they’re so entrenched on stopping Trump. Once this occurs, nearly nobody will not vote for Trump. It will be the largest margin of victory for an election in history, and we will see extremely prosperous times ahead.

        • I hope you are right, but I still hold to a little skepticism about there being names, named,and other incriminating evidence released. We’ve waited 3 years and nothing has happened yet. I’m not saying it won’t happen but I sure ain’t going to hold my breath, but I sure HOPE you’re right!

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