Odds That You Are a Terrorist: 1 in 624,297

by | Oct 18, 2013 | Headline News | 278 comments

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    With literally trillions of dollars spent and the Constitution being overridden by legislative actions like the Patriot Act and the National Defense Authorization Act, you’d think the United States of America was teaming with terrorists.

    The National Security Agency, for their part, is building massive data centers capable of not only intercepting, but analyzing and cataloging, every digital communication in the country under the pretext of preserving the safety and security of the American people.

    With all this money spent, all the surveillance, all the restrictions being put on the American people, one can’t help but ask: how many terrorists are we talking about here?

    According to a new analysis provided as an infographic below, not that many.

    Out of a population of 258,458,870 Americans who are within the age bracket of being a potential terrorist (18-years old or older), there were an average of 20.7 terrorist attacks attempted in America per year. If we assume that each attack involved 20 individuals, there are roughly 414 terrorists in America in any given year.

    That means the percentage of the population in America that is a terrorist hovers around 0.00016%, or about 1 in 624,297 people.

    We’re not suggesting that terrorism doesn’t exist, but considering that 1 in 1000 Americans in 2010 were the subject of police misconduct ranging from excessive force beatings and murder to sexual assault and false arrest, perhaps the government should turn its surveillance on itself, rather than the 99.9% of Americans who want nothing more than to be left alone.

    The statistics are crystal clear in this regard: the danger posed by agents of the government terrorizing the American people seems to be much more probable than that of a rogue terrorist.

    Infographic via NowSourcing:



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      1. so does this mean I will get government funding now?

        • This is the same agency who wasn’t aware of the Boston bombers. So I say 99.99% of the stats they put out is bullshit.

          But don’t worry NSA because when the USA collapses yu will be out of a job.

          • “””But don’t worry NSA because when the USA collapses yu will be out of a job.”””

            And the people will have the much tougher job of convincing them of that. It may take a few guns and willing shooters.

            • I was never a terrorist until I started reading SHTF.
              Now I’m wanted in 51 states by the NSA because I can
              wipe my butt equally well with either hand.

              • I guess that leaves you 2 states to feel free in ….. SEG

                • C
                  Would that be State of mind and state of Depression. After all the S$%t they just passed.

                  • Obama couldn’t get the number of states right, member 2008? As far as being a terrorist since coming to SHTF, well, we all have made tptb’s job easier being here plus they have probably picked up tips on how to prep.

                • C
                  God Bless. not God Blees

                  • I am an ex-Marine and Viet Nam Vet with an honorable discharge. I have killed for my country. The odds of my being a terrorist is much, much higher than 1 in 624,297 ! Just ask the O’Bummer Administration. They will confirm.

                    Semper Fi. Kill the FED. Death to the NWO !!! 🙂

                • Duh, he is safe in six states. When Obama stated he was running for President the first time, he visited all 57 states. So, he is still safe in six states.

              • Out West:
                You do know that there is only 50 states.
                You are right you are wanted in all 50! You are a Great American Patriot!!!
                GOD BLEES

                • Thank you so much, Sarge

                  I was being facetious when I said 51 states.
                  The District of Columbia (DC) has become the
                  center of our countries universe to the point
                  of it achieving statehood would only be a moot
                  formality via obama’s executive order.

                  Keep up the good work, sir. I’ll stand by your
                  side, Anytime.

                  • I only count about 45 states in the Nation. Countries like Killifornia, Newer York, Illnoise, and others want to be considered independent in their special laws. (At least until there is a national disaster, then they come running to the feds for aid). Anyway…these countries do not count, they bleed the nation dry.

                  • Don’t forget PR…home of some of the finest Rum in the world…and the place,I hear, they’re storing lots of body bags…

                  • O W
                    I would be proud to stand by your side!!!
                    I knew you knew that there is only 50 states, but I didn’t know where you got 51. Now I know DC. Very good point. Lets kick it out of the Union!!!!!!

                  • jerrytbg: Those body bags are for the next Jamaican quake.

                    BI: Had a dream the other night about a three quake relationship. It starts in Vanuatu, about a 7.5 or more; then another in La Jolla, and then Pelee erupts in the Caribbean and LAND rises in the Gulf of Mexico.

                    A trifecta. Just saying. 🙂

                • He definitely terrorized the occupants of that car.

              • ummm
                actually you are wanted in 57 states !

                Obama Claims He’s Visited 57 States


                • Satori – Yeah but, no fair
                  counting African States!!

                  • I am sure he was counting the African State where he was born plus all his states of mind.

              • OW,
                51 States?

                OK…I hope you can wipe because you must have missed geography.

                I surmise that like many that post here you rode on the “Short Bus” to “Special School” and ate the paste.

                • BillyBob

                  I guess a little intellectual license
                  is lost to some here, eh?

                  I’ll try to be a bit more earthy from
                  now on for those with an imagination

                • A troll with a SOUTHERN name. what blasphemy!

              • There are more than 57 states according to the Obie-one.

              • LIAR !!!!!! That’s impossible. I would have to install a bidet if I lost my right hand

                • Those things are gross.

                  • are you serious? Compared to wiping your backside with paper?

              • I thought there were 57 states…

            • Actually there are millions of terrorists according to home land security, we are the terrorists, the domestic terrorists. All of this data is being stored with that in mind and one day they will come a calling.

              They know exactly what they are doing and they can not wait to silence the constitution respecting Americans; the fair minded, the hard working, the responsible citizens, the good parents, the homeschoolers, the veterans, the elderly, the outspoken, the freedoms fighters, the preparers, the very backbone of this country.

              I say, get your filthy regime hands off of my America, take your evil intentions somewhere else and burn in hell when your time comes, you privileged, egotistical, self indulgent, devil worshipers. How dare you tell me what I can do with the food that I buy and store, how dare you tell me that I have to buy some idiotic health care or I will be fined, how dare you try to run my life and destroy my children’s future.

              • This administration does NOT like the Constitution and continues to push legislation to berate, ignore, or trample on it.

                Fact or Fiction: Obama Administration Proposes 2,300-Page “New Constitution”

                According to them: “The U.S. Constitution leaves too many areas open to interpretation; a New Constitution of 2,300 pages (+200 redacted secret pages) is the solution.

                The Obama Administration has proposed replacing the current U.S. Constitution (4,543 words, including the signatures with a 2,300-page “new Constitution” that in the words of an administration spokesperson, “clears up the gray areas in the current Constitution.”

                The proposal was launched after the success of two recent 1,000+ page pieces of legislation, the Affordable Care Act and the Dodd-Frank financial reform act.
                An additional 200+ pages of the “new Constitution” are redacted due to the sensitive nature of the National Security-related amendments.

                Lobbyists from key industries were invited to contribute amendments to the new Constitution;” constitutional legal experts were also invited to submit improvements to the current law of the land.

                Some critics who have reviewed the 2,300 pages of the proposed “new Constitution” have stated that the document is impenetrable even to those with law degrees. Average citizens “will be unable to understand the laws that govern their lives.”

                Other observers note that the complexity and length of legislation such as the Affordable Care Act and the Dodd-Frank financial reform act are already beyond the comprehension of all but a handful of experts.

                An administration spokesperson defended the proposed re-write on the grounds that “the new Constitution will provide the clarity that people want in their Constitution.”


                • @ Ky Mom I am a Kentuckian also and if this turns out to be fact there will be armed conflict. I was talking to a man over in Madison Indiana about the oath I swore when I was inducted into the Army. He felt even though we were discharged from the Army we were not discharged from our oath. After some thought I agree. I sure hope the government doesn’t push me into a place where I have no choice. Keep up the good work.

          • Rodster, you are 99.99% correct in your bs detector.

            Mac, if it weren’t so true this would be comedic on a grand scale. People rationalizing in this manner, though sad and sick, really get me to laugh (as I did with the red charts, coincidentally commie colors?).

            • Words of advice: Don’t underestimate evil and don’t get too antsy. TPTB are just itching for us to strike first.

              Enjoy the weekend folks and your families. Got lots of projects to work on, see you all on Monday. Stay in His Grace.

          • What boston bombers? No one wsas killed in the boston smoke bomb HOAX. There is a mountain of evidence to prove that. Please start with searching “boston bombing hoax” on youtube. Do you still believe the zion media deception machine?

            • Patriot Man, What exactly is the “Zion media deception machine?”

              • Hi Al! It is a deception machine run by zionists. Does that help?

                • I feel so honored to have all the trolls here following me. See you corpses at the revolution…

              • State run propaganda news, lame-stream-media, and ANY/ALL of the alphabet “news channels” on the IDIOT BOX! aka, Zion media deception machine!

                All bought and paid for by a handful of ZIONIST controlled MASTERS. If you still honestly don’t know this Alphonse, time to join the real world.

          • This is the same agency who wasn’t aware of the Boston bombers
            This is the same agency that knew nothing about Benghazi.

            Anyone care to add??

            • Branches of the same agency- who did The Oklahoma City Bombing. Branches of the same agency, who covered up the assassination of JFK Branches of the same agency, who brought down Pall Wellstone’s plane.
              They are ALL a part of YOUR government, Bubby! (Perhaps it is time to stop inflicting them on the rest of this earth?

              • And that is the short list! The COMPLETE LIST would comprise a very long book.

        • It gets even worse when you consider that 99.9% of all the terror plots discovered were actually instigated by the FBI.

          It is safe to say that 99.9999999999999% of the terrorist activity in this country is rooted within the corp. And it is blamed on the People to deflect the actual terrorist the corp employs and protects.

          • GC, you hit that nail right on the head. The feds are the terrorists and will try to justify their illegitimate campaigns against us any way they can. Let them bring it on and we’ll see what they’re made of.

            • Maybe if we register as Mexican drug runners or Mooslim brotherhood members that the gov. GOONS will arm us with the latest equipment. YA THINK? Maybe even a few fighter aircraft.

            • The administration is planning more regulation through TPP

              “Despite the government shutdown, the Obama administration has continued secret negotiations to complete what is known as the Trans-Pacific Partnership, or TPP.

              TPP is a proposed free-trade agreement between the U.S., Australia, Brunei, Chile, Canada, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, New Zealand, Peru, Singapore and Vietnam.

              The agreement would create new guidelines for everything from food safety to fracking, financial markets, medical prices, copyright rules and Internet freedom.”

              Last week, the White House website released a joint statement with the other proposed TPP signatories affirming “our countries are on track to complete the Trans-Pacific Partnership negotiations.”

              “Normally free-trade agreements must be authorized by a majority of the House and Senate, usually in lengthy proceedings.

              However, the White House is seeking what is known as “trade promotion authority” which would fast track approval of the TPP by requiring Congress to vote on the likely lengthy trade agreement within 90 days and without any amendments.

              The authority also allows Obama to sign the agreement BEFORE Congress even has a chance to vote on it, with lawmakers getting only a quick post-facto vote.”

              “The majority of Congress is being kept in the dark as to the substance of the TPP negotiations, while representatives of U.S. corporations – like Halliburton, Chevron, PHRMA, Comcast, and the Motion Picture Association of America – are being consulted and made privy to details of the agreement,” said Wyden.

              However, Obama has so far refused to give Congress a copy of the draft agreement.”


          • Eaxactly.

        • Yes, VRF. Expect some stinger missiles in the mail. Postage paid.

          • sweet!

            oh hey, can you get them to throw in a A1M1 abrams too, and maybe a few MRAPs too.. you know how I like to have what it takes to negotiate

            • I could go for an abrahms,
              I want to yank all that bulky armor and crap off and drop a Ford Excursion body on it,

            • My new AR has a spot for an M203 launcher. Where do you get one of those? I mean there’s a reason they put that indention in the barrel right?

              <—– Joking

              • Cheaper than dirt had them, had the insert to make it fit parachute flares too

            • Don’t know. It’s going to be harder now for Obama to get them to you after Benghazi. Maybe if you set up really good Al Qaeda website and promise to use it against anybody clinging to their guns and bibles he’ll expedite them to you.

        • Reading a great book called, “How to be Invisible”. Its very well written, fun to read and provides excellent information on how to disappear– whether from stalkers, ex-spouses, or even a government gone rogue.

          One review states, ” A subversive, disturbing and altogether remarkable exposure of our frightening transparency to government agencies, investigators,,”

          And, “Widespread police surveillance is the very definition of a police state.. ” etc,etc.

        • fuck em all

          I am a terrorist..by all accounts.


          • a terrorist chef…what a bad ass!

            fuckin A possee. me to and standing fuckin fast in the Rockies.

            “don’t go down without one helluva fight”

            • lastmanstanding


              a terrorist chef indeed..

              doubled our raised organic beds for next spring crops

              folks should be wary of all these sites for prepared foods..check the labeling and ingredients carefully.

              gmo’s ,fluoridated waters, nor anything with hfcs in it..

              lucky you in the Rockies..

              stuck here in the peninsula of Massholes.


        • lol

      2. 1in only 624,297? That seems a little low, we need to raise it up a little more, like 300,000 in 624,297!!

        • You know they are doing everything they can to raise these numbers!

          Buy extra food to store in your pantry? TERRORIST.

          Visit alternative web sites and post in the comments? CYBER TERRORIST.

          Share raw milk, vegetables or eggs produced on your property with your neighbors? AGRI TERRORIST!

          Purchase gold and silver because you don’t trust the monetary system? FINANCIAL TERRORIST!

          Have a kid who made a gesture with his finger that looks like a gun? FUTURE TERRORIST!!!

          I wrote an article back in 2011 where I facetiously opined that at this rate the U.S. terror watch lists will exceed the U.S. population by 2019: https://www.shtfplan.com/headline-news/terrorist-watch-list-may-exceed-us-population-by-2019-world-population-by-2023_01012011

          It may well come to that!

          • Mac, I’m most likely on lists going back to the Clinton era, but I don’t care. I don’t care what the feds think of me, period. I don’t owe them anything but some HOT LEAD if they come to harm me. MOLON LABE braveheart

            • Good after Braveheart,
              I also am probably on the list dating to the Klinton era.
              When they came for those ugly black guns and extended mags, I bought every one I could get my hands on. Been stockpiling ammo for 20 yrs. Ya never know when those commies are going to try to come after them again, they just keep pushing and shoving–soon to be shooting.Ya all have a great day and keep prepping and praying.
              I’m your huckleberry, Say When!!!

              • Braveheart,
                Meant to start with Good afternoon..sorry.

                • Say When, that’s OK. I expect the party could start soon. If the EBTs don’t get cut off on Nov. 1, then watch for the Grid Ex drill on Nov. 13-14. That may be when the party starts.

                  • Breaveheart:
                    My friend think positive on the Nov13/14th date. I’m going to be 425 mile away form home then. If it goes down I’m going to be in Gods country in S/E Missouri in the Ozarks. Man it’s going to be a long walk home. (Ha-Ha)

                  • Sarge, you say SE MO? you’ll only be a 2-hour drive from my AO. I’m down in Memphis, Elvis country.

                  • Breaveheart:
                    Poplar Bluff Mo. Yep that’s Gods country. Elvis was blessed by God. Can I send you my Email on this site?

              • For Say When and others here:
                The etymology of the phrase is traced back to Aurthurian Lore. Huckleberry Garlands were said to be given to Knights of the Kingdom for coming to the service of a damsel. They would approach the lady, lower their lance, and receive the small branch as a symbol of gratitude; much like a medal.
                Therefore, “I’m Your Huckleberry” literally means “I’m your Hero.”(nice :-))
                In current adaptaions, in reference to the movie Tombstone, it means “I’m your man.”(even nicer :-)) as an affirmative response to a challenge.

              • 🙂

          • Just reflect for a minute, on how many ethnic groups and countries have been dubbed “terrorists” in the last decade alone. Now add them all together.

            Doesn’t that put the actual terrorist head count in the billions?

            • We’re either gonna need more prisons, or less politicians…

              • Hey sixpack,
                I have a better idea, we’ll just invent something like EBT cards and feed them all and them put them in bed for a night,night. Change diapers in the morning.

              • Oh, sixpack, I’d vote MULTIPLE TIMES for door #2, if Mac would let me!!!

                • TXGranny, that would be my choice too. We need politicians about as much as we need another hole in our heads. If we end up building more prisons, I vote we put politicians in them. You know private prison contracts with the states, agree to keep the prisons at full capacity…they gotta fill ’em somehow!

              • 6pack – Not one of these traitors will get the luxury of a prison cell. They get the ropes and slow drops.

          • Don’t eat GMO’s? TERRORIST!!

            Tell people about the chemtrail ops? TERRORIST

            Say you don’t just adore jews? TERRORIST.

            Save rainwater? Most certainly a TERRORIST!

            Have a garden? TERRORIST 4 sure.

            Have something better than a small hammer to protect yourself and your family? T-E-R-R-O-R-I-S-T!

            • Advise shoppers to store food, supplies, water, and ammo w. guns–TERRORIST!! 😉

      3. so happy I live in Canada.

        • We know there’s a bunch of you terrorists up there, too!

          • Mac, the REAL terrorists are in Washington DC, no question of that. Never trust anything coming from any government agency, period! It’s all propaganda, nothing more, nothing less.

          • Leave him be, Mac. I’m up here too and the sheeple snores are most times louder than the traffic noise. Kool aid stands everywhere. Cops are still respectful though, for now. Smart Canadian preppers include dealing with refugees. We know north is one default bug out direction and 90% of our population is within a tank of gas from the border. Nuny has no idea. Nope, nada, zip. It is somewhat better here though, I can see the chemtrails start at the border, heading south.

        • nunyo – as a serf to the jewqueen.

        • nun, I guess happiness is a state of mind. I’m sure there’s people in Cuba that have grown up under Castro, that are happy they live in Cuba. As for me and my family we’ll take freedom. Trekker Out. Live Free Or Die!

      4. well, we know all gun owners are terrorists. I hope they expand Guantanamo Bay for republicans and libertarians. Good riddance.

        • Finx f@#$ you to hell and back! When the govt. finally collapses, your check for trolling will be cut off. I dare you to go out and f#$% with any prepper/survivalist, any gun owner, etc. and let’s see what happens to your stupid ass.

          • finx – we finally figured out who you are.

            You’re obama’s Monica Lewinsky Slurp Stud!

            • Slurp Stud, WTFIT? Sounds like he needs to go and utilize some Obamacare and get a shot for something. A BIG shot!!

              • I thought everyone new he likes guys.

                • knew…. sometimes I amaze myself.

            • OutWest, I know what to do with finx. send him on a blind date with Feinstein. He’ll wish he was dead after that.

        • It would make more sense if we just lined ’em all up on a wall and got rid of them.

          Then the taxpayers wouldn’t have to pay for their incarceration and torture.

          Oh, wait… but then who would pay the taxes?


          • Mac, I like your idea best and to hell with the taxes.

            • Brave. There you go again. You continue to be a walking contradiction. One day screaming your daddy should keep his government pension and social security. The next day saying fuck all taxes. I will give you the benefit of just being a retard rather than being two faced.

              • urban, the federal government was doing just fine, fiscally speaking, before the FAKE and thoroughly “ratification” of the jew amendment, called the 16th. Stolen money, a/k/a taxes, is NOT spent on the people. It is spent on killing innocents for jewSCUM warmongers who infected this country 152 years ago.

                Attetion TROLLS — Flag me red, just like the color of your blood that will become rivers of red in the street.

              • Urban dildo, the topic this time isn’t about taxes if you would just read the article. there’s no contradiction in me on anything so go f#$% yourself!

              • Urban:
                There is difference between S.S. and pension. He paid into them. He should be getting them. The other taxes he is referring to are the ones that take care of LEACHES/Zombies.

          • Can we get them to stand single-file so we don’t have to waste so much hard earned ammo on them?

            • aw lookee- i think i hurted somebody’s widdle feeling when I mentioned wasting ammo shooting libtards/traitors/commies (same-same). You’re right- GUILLOTINE IT IS! heheheh!

              And to the j-wad that keeps thumbing-down the perfectly rational posts of others here- you SHOULD be VERY, VERY afraid. If you don’t think a “cleansing” is going to happen here when SHTF- you’re even less intelligent than you show. Maybe Canada will take all the commie refugees again- who knows. But their life expectancy here will be short. We already know who owns (and knows how to use) all the guns….and IT AIN’T YOU!! But i WILL remember who destroyed my country, and they will pay for it- in spades. I suffer fools very poorly.

            • use an assult hammer way cheaper and no reloading

        • There’s a good reason you would think that way. Cause you know full well that when the SHTF you pansy bleeding hearts are going to be the first ones to get your unarmed @sses kicked.

          • Reynaldo, this is a preppers’ site, NOT an MSM site. We are not unarmed and we’re definitely not pansies either, so go f#$% yourself!

            • He’s on your side, Braveheart. Finx was the target.

              • Smokey, if you’re right, then I owe him an apoplogy, but finx’s name didn’t come up in his comment. I thought he was attacking our whole community.

          • Reynaldo, if you think you’re bad enough, then bring it on.

        • You’re joking right? If not you are on the WRONG site,budy.

        • Finxy you poor deluded little obedient guttersnipe, your masters must be proud of your efforts to promote totalitarianism and state slavery.

          The gun toting citizen in this country are the last line of defense against torch bearing scum like you, me I pray for peace, but prepare for war. You I’m sure spend your days sewing knee pads into your pants so you can kowtow in comfort.

          • Y99, finx could be related to ncjoe, urban dog, or even eisen.

            • More than likely the assbaby of all three.

        • Hey finx, we finally got your IP and traced it to your location,
          So have a nice day!

          • “we finally got your IP and traced it to your location,”

            Let me guess , langley VA ?

        • finx – Then I am a BIG terrorists, ready to kill S*ITHEAD trolls like you.

        • What a ridiculous comment. Spoken like a true sheep. I hope you enjoy your stay at camp FEMA, sheep. Baaaaahhh.

        • and WHO exactly do you expect will be coming to take us away douche bag? you’ll be a nice, squishy little target. you think they’ll come up my mountain (which would have to be by foot since the roads will be blocked with large doug firs and sentries) to get me and mine first? or take the nice gooey little soft targets like you?

          Like the joke with the state trooper asking the little old lady with 3 guns in her car- “Ma’am, WHAT are you afraid of?” response- “Me? Nuthin!”. You on the other hand- SHOULD be sharting yourself with fear. (if you’re not, that = I.Q test FAIL)

        • finx; you’ll be among the first to go down in flames when your check from the govt. bounces and no one in your neighborhood will give you TP or a can of spam to tide you over til uncle Sugar shows up..which won’t happen. See ya in FEMA camp!

          • jim- um….you must mean that you’ll see HIM in the FEMA camp…from the outside- right?

            • yeah…I’ll visit him from the other side of the wire.

        • I thank God Almighty for your postings on this site finx. For all the soapy, wishy washy Christians out there that truly believe that there cannot be no wrong in a person and that nobody should be labeled a Weirdo. You have really quenched that idea. You Sir really sound like a 1st class weirdo.

        • Hey dumbass, I’ve got something for ya’ that will solve your ill’s…

          Molon Labe

        • What an idiot

      5. OK, everyone, time for me to get on a roll again. We all know the true purpose for the control grid that has been set up. It’s for those who will surrender to the NWO and play ball with them. Those who refuse to follow the NWO agenda [that is us] will either end up in FEMA camps if you’re captured or head for the hills and join the resistance. I made my decision when I saw the Branch Davidians murdered on TV by the FBI. I’m going to resist. I’ve said this many times in response to many articles on this site and I’ll say it again: NOTHING THIS FEDERAL GOVERNMENT HAS ANY LEGITIMATE BASIS TO IT WHATSOEVER! Not even the federal campaign to demonize us could possibly be legitimate. Considering the overall federal attitude towards we the people, as far as I’m concerned, we the people don’t owe the federal government a damned thing, EXCEPT FOR HOT LEAD IF/WHEN THEY TOTALLY TURN AGAINST US AND THEY WILL! With the exception of the very limited government we started out with after the American Revolution, not one manmade government on earth in all of human history ever had honorable intentions toward the people they ruled over. During the 20th Century alone, 170,000,000 people lost their lives at the hands of evil, out-of-control governments. That was more than any other cause of death known to humankind. We’re headed toward the kind of regime my wife and her family suffered under in Cuba. Mrs. braveheart lost half of her family, including her father, to Fidel Castro’s murderous thugs. If she could see what America is like today, she would roll over in her grave. I could hear her now saying, “Baby, don’t let America turn into another Cuba.” I still miss her and think about her every day. Her spirit is very much alive within me. That will never die. Let it come. They can bring it on. If they feel froggy, then JUMP. I don’t care who it is that comes. Let’s see what they’re made of. MOLON LABE braveheart

        • You know B.I- the only reason why the NWO has not moved to check-mate is the fact that they are scared shitless of us. We’re the big “unknown quantity” in their master plan…and that pisses them off to no end. Not knowing how many millions will resist, not knowing how well we’re armed, the networks we’ve built and the resources we have available to us etc. Realistically, if it were NOT for people like us, millions would be in those FEMA camps already, because they would have nothing to fear. They have ALOT to fear0 and they know that. OTOH, that fear also makes them less predictable and more mistake prone.

          • CWinOR, you’re correct. Just like to add; what also is keeping them from jumping us is they don’t have everyone (other nations) on board for the distruction of this country. Many talk about tptb letting in the Russians and Chinese but they forget, neither likes tptb either. Both countries can’t stand the European mind set nor do they like tptb trying to puppet them.

            • It is possible that you are both incorrect and that you pose no threat whatsoever and they are no more concerned with you than a farmer would be of a bunch of ants. The old saying “if you cannot beat them, join them” may be applicable here. Just a thought!

        • Right on Braveheart,
          Its ok to hold those who you love close to heart and mind even if they have passed. That compassion shows your humanity.
          Those who would try to destroy us are but mere men and women and bleed and die just like us!

        • BH tell me – waco = 20 little kids killed FOR REAL [unlike the sandy hook HOAX}], as in burned alive, by the govvie scum.

          • CWinOR, Kulafarmer, and Patriot Man, we are ALL facing a nightmare scenario that NONE of us ever wanted. hell, I wish the economy would recover, etc., etc., but we all know that’s not going to happen. Revolution is the only hope I see for this country. just clean house and start over from scratch. There are good things that can come from it if we allow them to happen. If it doesn’t happen, then we are most certainly doomed.

            • Revolution??

              Another RAMBO wannabee….

              Easy to type it on your computer.

              Braveheart…do you really think you emulate William Wallace?

              I have read your posts, and I have my doubts.

              My advice “It’s better to be quiet and let people believe you a fool then to speak (type on a website) and remove all doubt.”


              • Ah, so BBJ, you’re trying to instigate something huh? Yeah- we don’t know of anyone, or any group of people that like to instigate shit do we? Hmm…lemme think about that. By the time you discover you’re screwed, you’ll be surrounded by a bunch of good ‘ole boys pickin you off. Better start practicing your pig squeal now.

                • ALL Doubt!

              • BillyBobFrogHumper
                There is but one fatal flaw in your line of reasoning going after Braveheart. Don’t ever,ever underestimate us old guys. There’s more knowledge in that man’s little finger than in your whole genealogy.

              • Bubbabillybob, have fun lookin down around 50,000,000 ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ barrels real soon. Including mine and BH. We Patriots will ID and hunt down every troll out there. Penalty for treason, is ummmm, oh that’s right: DEATH. Have fun trolling and start making your peace with your family…

                • @ PM- Hey man! don’t leave me outta that action! In the SHTF days, there’s going to be ALOT of us “garbage men”!

                  • C, my error. Apologies. Right after I hit submit – I realized I should have added “and most of the people at this site,” not just me and BH.

                • Say When and Patriot Man, thanks for that.

              • BillyBob, you’ve alreasdy removed sll doubt in your case.

              • Many kinds of revolutions there BILLYBOB. I think Braveheart ment the movement of self-reliant lifesyles. Not mass armies of patriots up against a modern army from a major country. Something like a information war which will lead to victory for the ones that are awake.

                • I won’t speak for anyone but myself- but an “information” war is NOT going to do shit. I’m talking ACTUAL shooting-type revolution, but NOT mass armies of Patriots either. Unconventional Warfare, war of attrition, de-centralized foe that blends right into the sheep. Take lessons learned from our past debacles of Empire and apply them against the current tyrants.

              • BBJF, I’m just another person sick to death of what TPTB have done to our country. if you want to go along with this evil system, that’s your choice. Just don’t come to my place for any reason and you’ll be just fine.

            • @ BH- i totally agree. I guess the big question is- who lights the fuse- us or them? The tension in the air is so thick you can cut it with a knife. we have the proverbial blinking contest going on right now. to build this country back up though, as you noted, it will have to be torn down first. the other problem is, as is plenty obvious now, we can’t go back to being one “United” country. There is far, far too much of a divide between what people think the government should be and do. it cannot be reconciled. we’ll have to figure out how to split this country up along ideological and then geographical boundaries. Everyone (obviously) has a right to their opinion. But we’re now at a point where a fraction of a percent get preferences, protections under the law, voices that are heard etc., with no regard for anybody else, and WE have to live with that AND pay for it?! No way. Cram all the libtard whackos into California, build a VERY tall and thick wall around the damn thing and let them wallow in their stink.

              • CWinOR, I don’t know how everything will turn out but one thing I know for sure; this country will never be the same again.

                • @BH- of course you’re right. which is either sad, or cause for future celebration, depending on how you look at it. I’m a child of the 60’s and 70’s. So to think that it could ever not be that way again is a VERY sad thing to me. cause for mourning actually. But to think it could never be like the 90’s to today- HELL YEAH! BURN IT DOWN! In too many ways, the “people” of today, and therefore this country, are just fundamentally effed up. No fixing those. return to manufacturer due to defect.

                  You know what? Since Libtards believe in murdering babies, if you kill one of them, couldn’t you say “Your honor, it wasn’t murder, it was retroactive birth control!”?

                  Any lawyers out there? (I like to plan ahead you see)
                  Yes- I know I’m twisted.

            • @Braveheart,
              I was still trying to push for the American dream up until 2010, business was expanding and booming, was going to lease more land and hire people, then the realities of the government regulation and pick pocketing that goes on hit me, then in late 2010 i read Atlas Shrugged,
              And now here i am, walking away from all of it because it just isnt worth growing a business to employ people and have to pay tens of thousands in taxes, and for what?
              So its a subsistence lifestyle for me, is sort of deflating and defeating though, huge potential that will NEVER be tapped all because government is getting greedy,
              So screw em,

        • Hate to be a buzzkill for the NWO surrender/NWO followers, but there seems to be only 500 million that are allowed on their players’ roster. The rest will be sent to the showers.

          • Perhaps the elite are more compassionate than we all give them credit for, after all we are all still here. Perhaps they will do something with our DNA that gets the population down over the years through infertility and lets those alive live out their full lives. It is more humane than some of the unfortunate posts I have read here the last few days. What the EBT debacle showed me was there is not enough compassion for those unable or unwilling to fend for themselves so it told the elite that the world does not want them and it is ok to eliminate the problem from continuing.

            Just a thought!

            • What exactly qualifies ANYONE as “elite”? Superior intellect? More money than “God”? Born without EVER working a real job for a meager living?

              “Elite” is an illusion, fairy tale, self description.

              I describe “elite” as A GOLDEN TARGET best viewed with “cross hairs” etched on “the view”.


              WE now KNOW that the RULE OF LAW exist only for us, NOT THEM. Time for the “elite” to sleep!

            • Ancient:

              As my spouse would say, you are being woefully optimistic and exhibit a naivete which may impede your level of preparedness for the savage realism of the world we currently inhabit. Humanity is undoubtedly a misnomer, as there is nothing innately humane about the human race.

              And there is no question in my mind that the elitists are NOT the compassionate, benevolent community you envision, as they possess no thoughts but how to benefit themselves and their own progeny, while sterilization and eugenics are opined to be solutions for the masses.

            • @ AE- sorry, maybe you were just playing Devils Advocate there, but as your “just a thought” went….you might want to keep workin on that one, and at least have another look at their previous handiwork.

      6. red background with black text is hard on the eyes, especially the smaller text.

        You are more likely to be randomly killed in a car accident or by our own police or any other way than a terror attack.

        I am not afraid of them, if I am unlucky enough to be caught in their cross hairs, so be it. If that is the time I am scheduled to go, then its time to go.

      7. Let’s see, I’m white, veteran, belief if God and I use to have guns but I sold all those last year…really.

        • that’s ok, I’ll sell them back to you

          • Thanks VRF, at cost right?

            Braveheart no worries my friend, the gunsssssssss are safe, well-oiled and and many of them are ready to give birth to little lead children.

            • Y99, that is a relief to hear that you still have something for “ventilation”.

      8. Y99, I hope you’re kidding about the guns for your sake.

      9. This is all I have to say about that:


      10. I guess I need to keep a copy of Mein Kampf to keep me safe if ever called on by the ‘new’ American watch dogs.

        • Better to have a copy of Protocals of elders of zion so you learn what their true plans are and how they plan to implement said plans. As a backup reference guide, their talmud and cabala books verify where those elder zionists learned it all. Together those books contains all of their kommie plans.

          WARNING!! Ignore those who cry Forgery! yet never actually dispute the contents of said books, nor ever deny contents with any reasonable arguments or counter proofs etc. Their crys of “Forgery” are akin to calls of racist by libs and blacks, and antisenite by others who hate all gentiles. Just READ the damn books and make up your Own mind.

      11. Hot damn ‘merikans again! And again and again! Well I tell you what…
        🙂 Have a nice day.

      12. If the govt is going to declare you a “Domestic Terrorist” becuase you are Pro-Christian, Pro-Gun, Anti-obama against illegal immigration etc. The when the SHTF be all the terrorists you can be before they take you out….

      13. Well, if they truly believe that all of us citizens are “terrorists”, then this must be a terrorist country. So, why aren’t they getting the hell out of our terrorist country?

        You’re either WITH US, or you’re AGAINST US.

      14. You are a redneck terrorist if:
        You are a White, Anglo Saxon, Male, Gun Owner, Have a belief in God, Live in the hinterlands, Have a garden grown with heirloom seeds, and are a prepper, A 90 yr old grandma in a wheelchair trying to board a plane. Have I forgotten anything?
        You are not suspected if you are a 20 yr. old mooslim, wear a burqua, attend a radical mosque, are a mooslim with no trace of a birth certificate, have a phoney ss number, and are leader of the United States of Amerika.

        • Forgot to include those dammned TEAPARTIERS with those irritating yellow snake (Gaddsden) flags!!!

        • and you forgot you also not a terrorist if you’re a wetback that took an American’s job and identity. that just makes you “special”.

          • CWinOR
            Thank you, Stupid me.

            • not stupid…just there’s alot more of “them” (un-terrorists) than there are of us “terrorists”. Gets hard to keep track of them all!

            • You also forgot to mention how that so called moooslim prez is totally Surrounded with zionists jews and most every head hes apointed to most every fed agency is also jewish and/or zionist.

              Ironic that both the koran and the talmud have so much in common when BOTH are compared to the christian bible eh.

              Makes one wonder if perhaps BOTH the mooslims And Talmudic jewish zionists are our true enemys.

              Maybe Thats the real reason all we hear non stop is how israel is our allied best pals, so folks will continue to Ignore Reality and not, Think on their Own for a change.

              When every MSM keeps telling you the exact same, over and over non stop it is usually a LIE right? Or total falsehood they Want you to believe right?

              Then that also counts when non stop every jew run tv news and newspaper nationwide repetitiously tells you that the Jewish State of israel is best friends and allies.

              That should Raise a massive Huge RED FLAG ALERT!

        • Say When, I always knew I was in the right place.

      15. The other day, mife wife went to store to gather just a few items. She took a $50 bill to pay for them. When she came back she asked me why would a clerk put an ‘X’ on the $50 bill?

        I don’t know. Does anybody know? Maybe the civilian spies are out there. I am going to go to store with another $50 and see if it happens again. If so, I’ll ask.

        • sure the cashier wasn’t just testing it to see if it was counterfeit?

        • Ugly; The clerk was checking to see if the bill was counterfeit. The ink from the marker turns a certain color if the bill is bogus.

          Newer bills have a type of magnetic ink imbedded in certain areas of the design, and they have electronic devices to scan the bill. I saw one the other day when I was shopping. I asked the girl about it, she didn’t know too much about it. She said they just got it a couple of weeks earlier, if the light turns green the bill is ok.


          • ALL the jew run fed “money” is counterfeit. It is worthless.

            • glad we have a few ppl here who love the jew-run SCAM called the fed lol. the paper they print illegally and without any constitutional authority, is fundamentally and technically worthless. Soon, it will really be worthless. When the SHTF, the “dollar” will be worth maybe 15-30 cents.

              The chinese yuan is fast becoming the worlds reserve currency. Learn about it.

        • They might be checking for counterfeit bills. I have seen clerks at some stores check $20 and $50 bills with a special marker.

        • Some smaller places quit taking $50 and $100 bills, the fakes are out there and it’s a big hit to a mom/pop café or store.

      16. sorry dudes. typed too fast.

        its not mife wife, but suppose to be my wife.

        • Its allright, i read it too fast and it looked fine!
          Must be i just have fat finger eye!

          • Thanks Dudes.

            I knew you preppers would have the right answers. I’ll quit worrying about it.

          • @ Kulafarmer- TFRT. Redneck short-hand for “That’s Funny Rawt There!” (I don’t care who you are). And yes- I borrowed that from Larry the Cable Guy. I celebrate my inner Redneck! (but I ain’t no Hillbilly! I have too many teeth for that!

            • Stayin dry up there in Or?
              Looks like its going to be extra wet this year, lots of storms swirling across the north pacific

              • Dryish anyway. At least we had a decent summer this year. Next up- the 9 months of the wet season! Some years- I swear I’m gonna rust!

      17. Very good article Mac. A picture truly paints a thousand words, so this was quite the essay.

      18. Want to stop “terrorism” in the U.S? No they don’t…because for one- then there would be no reason to keep the DHS around. But if they DID want to stop it- it’s as simple as QUIT LETTING THEM IN! Period! problem solved.

        And now that Jeh Johnson is about to become the new secretary of dhs, you can bet two things- that the pathetic immigration enforcement we had under J-Nap/Big Brother will become nearly nonexistant, and two- based on his resume- you and I are going to increasingly be labeled as enemies of the state.

        So be it.

        • the Terrorists are in DC.. they were here, never came over on any plane.

          we are all being played, well that is if you believe what they tell you

          • VRF,
            One of them is from KENYA!!!!!

            • yep, but he’s been here for quite a long time lying as he goes and sealing up everything about himself,,, why? because if we knew the truth , his ass would be on a boat back to Kenya

              although some of us aint fooled

              • VRF
                Actually he’s been here way too long. Hey Kenya, your boy
                is missing!!!

                • “Hello White House? Yes- this is Kenya calling. We want our Goat F****r, err, I mean shepherd back. What?! He’s too busy “shepherding” Americans around?”

      19. As I’m a conservative Roman Catholic that believes in the Constitution, I must be a terrorist, huh?

        • +1 Bud

        • Old Gringo, welcome to the club. As I’m a conservative Baptist that believes in the Constitution, and am a Patronlife member of the NRA and a past member of the JBS and a current member of the SCV and even use to belong to the American Legion. You know I’m a terrorist! And even though not true, since I belong to the SCV, I would probably be charged as a racist. Trekker Out.

      20. It’s really pretty much irrelevant what the PTB wants to call us these days; the ‘talking’ part of this issue was over and done with quite some time ago. Soon the ‘doing’ part will be upon us.

        • And I have a feeling that next phase will be starting sooner rather than later.

      21. Besides those that work for their own government, like some of the trollers here on the web site too often, there are likely thousands of sleeper cells that have gotten up throught the porous Mexico border. There is an illusion that the U.S. is separated by some invulnerable ocean and everything is fine and safe. Any of these REAL terrorists just have to get into Mexico. From there it is fairly simply to get a hold of a couple of AK’s and ammo, then it is a hop skip and jump into some border town of the U.S.

        Why has not some of these terrorists groups done a brain dead attack on a mall or two or three since 9/11? Because they don’t want to YET. I can’t stand the rhetoric that goes around the MSM about all the planning that has to go into an attack. This is just plain horsesh$%. You see some psycho kid that takes his parent’s rifle and maybe a hangun or two and drives over to the local mall and goes “hunting”. How much planning does that take? You have a few terrorist cells go to a dozen malls around the country and go postal and this country will go into full shutdown and BO will declare at least a temporary limited martial law like what went on in Boston earlier this year. On a scale from 1 to 10 on planning for something like this, about an 1.5.

        Look at what happened in India several years ago with just a few muslim terrorists. Look at what happened with those two islamic extremists in DC shooting where one kid was hiding in the trunk of the car firing from a hole dug out. People went into panic. You have that around the country in a few places and the MSM would overblow this as an invasion and terrify the entire country. Why has this not been done? Because those that would do this don’t want to. So much of all of this is so planned out like some TV crime drama or something.

        • I read a few days ago and cannot recall where I read it at, that the Same guy, Larry Silverman that earned almost $4 Billion profits on insurance claims from when the twin towers went down on 9/11, and who also is the man seen on Live TV news saying he dicided to “PULL IT” when a reporter asked about Building #7, also was the Owner of that shooper Mall in africa a couple weeks ago that got terrorist attacked and blowed up etc!

          If true? what a coincidence eh!!

      22. Man…that crazy fucker above goin on about that $50 bill man is, delusional or something? Who uses $50 bills? I can’t. ATM only gives me $20’s. Each merchant out there has a limit on type of bills accepted before checking for fraud. I could understand $50 bucks that’s capable of serious damage especially if a mom n pop shop. I wouldn’t want a motherfucker jipping me either. Be glad they didn’t refuse service and say, Get out of store American Get out!

      23. All I got to say is MOLON LABE GOD gave me a mouth, fingers, and a Brain to make my own accessments. Everyone that’s not a obummy zombie; is now a terrorist.

        So I was watching something about weapons and it shows this goopy, slime like stuff you could put on your street or grass that makes it impossible to drive on and even large military vehicles couldn’t make it through. I need some of that stuff.

        Outwest, back to the which rifle to buy question. I also wanted to point out buying a AR 5.56 now in case they get banned at some point. The ban wouldn’t cover a bolt action 308 so you could get one later most likely. I plan to buy one in the next year.

        • I’m looking to add another .308 to the collection here soon. One I’m looking at is the Savage Hog Hunter. You might want to check it out. It’s got the accutriger, 20″ threaded barrel (you’re losing VERY little in performance in .308 by losing 4″ of barrel) and is light weight and can be had for ~$450.00 (msrp is $535.00). Another one that I would recommend for a CQB/Home defense gun is a TNW ASR (http://tnwfirearms.com/). I picked one of these up in .40 S&W (since that’s the pistol cal my house uses) and let me tell you- for the money it’s a great little gun! 16″ barrel adds ~400 FPS and a good bit of power factor to that round, and it is a tack driver! another benefit- it uses Glock mags. it’s a great pack gun.

          • Man that’s a good deal on a 308 I can’t get one yet and ammo is my main focus since I just got the AR. I don’t have but one over crowded range in my area so I’m trying to figure out the best way to sight the new irons I got this week. The only indoor rifle range around here is a arm and a leg for an hour. Anyone used a laser bore sight to zero irons before?

            • I’ve got an Aim Shot bore sighter, with arbors for all the cals. that I use. One of the best shootin investments I’ve ever made. When I sighted in my .223 AR @ 50 yrds- it put my first group ON target with no adjustment needed. That one was lucky, but I’ve had great luck with it in .308 and 12 ga. as well. It can easily pay for itself with as little as 2 sight-ins due to the ammo you can save. Once you get the system itself, you can get arbors (they’re brass cases that go in the chamber that are the same size as your caliber) pretty darn cheap. Just get extra batteries. But you won’t regret getting one- AND they’re actually made in the USA!

      24. So, I suppose I’ll be getting an arms shipment soon

      25. Don’t forget about fiber in your prepps, escpecially if you have alot of MRE’s.

        Refusing to

        I bought some prunes that have a 2+ year shelf life. Prunes are also a great fruit for all kinds of vitamins. I also bought some anti diarrheal pills because last year I got the flu and it was a “screen door” situation.

        Don’t mean to be gross but wanted to share some things I thought were useful to me.

        • M eals
          R efused by
          E thiopia


          • Jay, did you hear about the three Ethopians crossing a croc invested river in a row boat, one fell overboard and he ate two croc’s before they could get him back in the boat. Trekker Out.

        • Keep it real bud, the squirts are a real bummer and can lead to bigger problems, i got a virus when i was a kid from drinking water from a water trough, man i can tell you that has had a lasting effect even 40 years later, and water purification is #1 on my list, could most likely survive without a gun but not without water and chances are even less if you gots the squirts!

          • AMEN! 4+ years busting brush in Central America, I can honestly tell you, other than botulism- I’ve had everything else. In an SHTF scenario, diarrhea could well be in the top 5 of killers. PLEASE everyone- make sure you stock up on Costco immodium- it’s one first aid prep that even though we have several in stock- I keep getting more of. It can save your life. It’s a cheap/easy solution to what could otherwise unravel ALL the rest of your prepping plans.

            Also- for first-aid, research using sugar for treating wounds. My wife and I tested it when normal things (like OTC antibiotic creams) did squat, and we were ASTOUNDED at the results! Please try this yourselves!

      26. I wonder if the guys that threw the tea in the harbor and tarred & feathered the tax man where terrorist?

        • Under today’s guidelines, they could be.

          • Im pretty shure the Tax man who was tarred & feathered was indeed terrified. There are some treasionist I would like to see tarred & feathered. Its a horrible death. The hot tar gives the reciepent second & third degree burns. They usually died from infections.

      27. Three words: Fractional Reserve Banking There’s more debt than fiat available. How about you…

      28. Well I’ve been a terrorist when Jimmy Carter was in office. I became a Survivalist. Now as Prepare I’m more of a terrorist.
        I believe in GOD
        I have guns
        I believe in put food and water a way for SHTF
        I pay taxes, and am not a LEASCH/ZOMBIE
        I believe in small govt.
        I live by the Constitution.
        I’m a Cop that doesn’t believe in violation Rights.
        I’m a Tea Party Member.
        I’m Member of the NRA.
        There numbers are all B.S. If they were true you would have already seen the pre Second American Revolution/Civil WAR activities. It only took 3% to start the lst. one. If they keep taxing us to death that number will be more like 40%, and we will be know a REBELS.
        I know that the TRUE terrorist is in Washington D.C. Look what they just did. They have slaughtered my Grand Children’s future by kicking the can down the road, and adding to the Deficit!

        • Howdy, Sgt. Dale. I believe in all of those things too, except I don’t belong to the Tea Party or NRA. all the same, we’re in damned good company. The day will come when they’ll run out of road for kicking the can. When the house of cards finally falls, that is the end of the road.

          • Breaveheart
            Well my FRIEND! It just PISSES me OFF to see these clowns kicking the can further down the road. It is not going to bother me too much, but they are now SCREWING with my Grand kid and Great grand kids.
            I wish when the S.O.B. in D.C. kick the can that they would have broken their FRIGGING leg and when the fell on their backs they would broken it to. Damn them!! When they do run out of road its going to be hell. I keep having a dream it has something to do with a short rope and tall tree. I just can’t quite put it all together. Can you help?

            • The rope and tree are at the end of the road they’re kicking the can down.

              • the new republic of Kickthecanistan

            • Sarge, that’s an old solution we used to have in the South for certain problems.

        • Damn Sarge, with your credentials, you may be the TOTY.

          Terrorist Of The Year 🙂

          • Patriot:
            That’s good, and I’m honored.
            Maybe they will leave someone else alone!!!
            Maybe you.

      29. Ok… I spend a lot of my free time gnashing my teeth over all this that or the other and last night came up with some more food for thought. I recently read somewhere that there are almost 270 million privately owned guns owned by private citizens in America. Many own more than several and I would say that 25 percent of those are primary weapons, the remainder are ancillary or excess (for example, several shotguns, several hand guns, multiple long guns in different calibers, and some duplication like multiple long guns of the same calibre) For example if someone owns sixteen or twenty guns then I’d say four or five of those would be considered primary weapons (at least for me). For example if I were forced to bug out, (or even hunker down) I could not take or use all my weapons but would opt for a couple long guns, a shot gun and a couple hand guns and as much ammo as I could carry in two large backpacks. Whether or not I hunker down or bug out makes no difference. Now, based on the previous number of 270 million and my 25% calculation, private citizens own 67,500,000 primary weapons. I think, based on a few average gun owners I know, that private citizens own, on average, about 6000 rounds per primary weapon (dividing the total number of rounds owned regardless of caliber, by the number of primary weapons owned). 6000 rounds per primary weapon times 67,500,000 = 405 billion rounds. That’s 270 times more than the total 1.5 billion recently purchased by all the alphabet agencies combined. If the citizens would adhere to the philosophy of “one shot one kill” then based on the “spray and pray” tactics of the American Gestapo agencies and US military, I contend that the US government will run out of ammo long before the citizens do. So, looking at this in perspective, the 1.5 billion rounds bought by the government to shoot us with, ain’t gonna be quite enough. Just remember, collectively, we probably own at least 270 times more than them and in any one on one confrontation, with calculated fire, could probably take out many more of them than they could of us before they got us, even when they attack with superior numbers. So there’s my stupid and very simple minded analysis for the day, at least now I can go back to growing food instead of mulling over in my mind what exactly the government intends to do with all that ammo they are buying since I read about it somewhere everyday and it gets old. Just remember, when SHTF a lot of that ammo will be stolen and a lot of it will be picked up off the battlefield as the more things change, the more it stays the same so, stand firm and fear not… many victories have been achieved down though history in the face of what appears to be overwhelming odds. Just saying.

        • Crabbe I LOVE another mathematician. Your numbers r.e weapons + ammo make complete sense. But the mention of: “even when they attack with superior numbers” makes no sense to me.

          With over 21,000,000 pissed as hell Vets who know, or are now learning, that they fought in the israHELL army to fight jew wars for genocidal jews, and NOT one war for “our freedom,” backed by some 15 to 30,000,000 equally infuriated LNL’d Civvies, [assume 1 in 4, or 1 in 8 weapon owners will fight], at 35 to 50,000,000 men, WE are bigger than all the armies of the world, combined.

          • Add to those numbers the AWOL if the govt does try to push that issue.

            These pricks will kill us off slowly with taxation, obammacare, and poverty,
            We ALL need to grab their can and change the rules.

      30. not to worry! there will always, and I mean always, be terrorists! those that benefit, and you know who they are, the politicians, defense department, the CIA, the FBI, the weapons industries, and many others, will ensure that there are terrorist acts here, there, and everywhere! and rest assured, they will continue to flood the airwaves with orange, red, yellow, et cetera, alerts, to keep you in line. And if necessary, they’ll implode some buildings (911), just to keep YOU terrorized, and so that they can control not only you, but the entire planet, while they make billions of dollars while laughing at the stupidity of the American people. They’re even willing to murder over a million people in other countries — Iraq — chasing the ever elusive “terrorist.” Snap out it, people, and admit to yourselves who the real terrorists are!

      31. We are all terrorists if we seek the truth about anything done by the government. That makes a growing mix of Americans who will speak truth to power despite the the huge intelligence buildup. These are free speech champions. It figures that Americans would be the terrorists, the government’s enemy in this “war on terror”

      32. “Is life so dear, or peace so sweet, as to be purchased at the price of chains and slavery? Forbid it, Almighty God! I know not what course others may take; but as for me, Give me Liberty, or give me Death!” ~Patrick Henry (March 23, 1775)

        Many of us speak of upholding the Constitution, whereas we should actually be supporting the Bill of rights, which Patrick Henry was very vocal about. This is an important fact that many us of have forgotten. The original Constitution *was* very lopsided towards federal power, and Patrick Henry, among others saw the loopholes that tilted power in favor of the government.

        Our First amendment, second amendment and every other one….are being systematically destroyed. Isn’t it ironic that the Bill of Rights…the one thing that was supposed to keep the powers of government in check, is the very thing under attack. It should come as no surprise then, that the federal government is attacking it as it is the only thing limiting their power. Think about that.

      33. I am a believer in Christ Jesus. That cancels me off any terrorist list. Love,humbleness and forgiveness. And plenty of ammo!

      34. Hey CrabNebulla, you dont know how it will play out. Id look at Egypt as a first example,food! Them private citizens are gonna need food! Next,look at Syria,first there was an ‘us and them’ rebellion and soon after that,they tossed in religion,ethnicity and outside forces pulling strings to sway outcomes.
        If ‘merika gets busy in revolution,there will be countless splinter cells killing each other and TPTB will be in their bunkers,watching it all unfold by remote controlled camera. I can guarantee there will be religion gangs,color gangs and soldiers of fortune. Oh, AND they gonna git damn hungry quick!

      35. For all of you that think Mr. Obama is the devil, lets review:

        President Obama has slowed down the recession. Nobody is talking depression anymore, and some are talking recovery. Trying to catch this economy from crashing was like trying to catch a 100 ton boulder dropped off a 70-story building. The inertia alone is going to push you backwards until you can slow the force. Most wouldn’t even step in front of a boulder coming at them like this. Obama stepped in the gap and stuck to a measured recovery plan of stimulus dollars and labor force transition.

        President Obama saved Wall Street. And Wall Street tried to punk him by paying itself first. He exposed the absence of regulatory oversight on Wall Street, and economic and financial investment reform is being discussed like never before.

        President Obama saved the collapse of the American automotive industry. By making GM restructure before bailing them out, and putting incentive money to help the industry, he saved the industry. People want to make jokes about “cash for clunkers” but the automakers aren’t laughing. They’re thanking him.

        President Obama shifted the focus of the war from Iraq to Afghanistan, and putting the emphasis on reducing terrorism where it should have been all along-but now they want to say he’s making war, not peace. Well, at least he didn’t destabilize a whole region on a false premise. It’s better than what we had.

        President Obama relaxed Anti-American tensions throughout the world. This was more serious than the previous administration was willing to let on. The President made good on his promise to make a major address on American-Muslim relations and he did it in a Muslim country, showing a good faith that America hadn’t shown in a while.

        President Obama closed the prisoner “torture camp” at Guantanamo Bay. Holding prisoners for eight years without charging them was acceptable under the previous administration. It is not acceptable under this administration. Obama’s next challenge is what to do with the detainees.

        President Obama has made the environment a national priority, and a primary source for job creation. The era of polluting industrialists is over, and with a President that understands the benefits of green conversion, America can become a leader in the industry of the future.

        President Obama has made education a national priority by putting emphasis and money behind new ideas like charter schools, but speaking directly to school children in telling them they have to do their part. It’s what any President should be encouraging but Obama’s so popular, he was accused of trying to “socialize” or “proselytize” the children. It’s a sad day when the President of the United States can’t speak to school children because their parent’s views conflict.

        President Obama passed universal health care, with a public option, to insure everybody in America has care when they are sick. He’s doing it, despite vilification of ideologues and while in the midst of an H1N1 epidemic where millions could get sick this winter. The people feel him on this.

        He has restored credibility to the American Presidency where the world is looking to him to lead America out of unilateralism and back into multilateral global cooperation. The Nobel Peace Prize was an acknowledgment that Obama had led and is leading a non-violent cultural revolution in America. Everybody, except for a few in America, can see the change. Still, the world understands what happened one year ago, and they thought they’d never see such a shift occur. The election of Obama helped the world see the light that America wasn’t ready to self-destruct.

        • Are you being sarcastic or are you on something?

          • DRD5508,
            About BillyBobFrogHumper: Full Moon;
            Hey BBFrogHumper, your nurse is coming with your meds.

          • If this IS sarcasm- it belongs in the Smithsonian!

        • No hope for you froggy! Your brain is rotted from drinking the Obama koolaid. Sucks to be you!

        • Billybob-you and your frog are so delusional that it’s not even funny! God help you…

          • BBJF, I’ll give you credit for one thing. You’re the best sounding troll I’ve ever come across and definitely the most delusional. To everyone, this troll is an excellent example of what happens to someone drinking federal Kool-Aid for so long. The moral of this story is: NEVER DRINK FEDERAL KOOL-AID!

          • God can’t hear him. Anybody who would spout that crap would’ve had to have turned his back on God long ago.

        • BillyBobFrogHumper
          Did you have to leave your groceries at the store when your EBT card wasn’t filled. I look forward to idiots like you coming up to my bunker when the SHTF..

        • Hi there again bubbabillybob, or should I just call you “michelle.” How much crack do you smoke each day? Tell em – I won’t tell anyone. It’s all gonna be OK now.

          “Just nod if you can hear me, is there anyone home? Relax, just a little pin prink”

        • Thank you BillyBob for your post. My opinion is 180 degrees from yours but I do like to hear what others are thinking and their take on things. I don’t need nor want to live in an echo chamber, apparently neither do you if you came to this site. I wont accuse you of being a paid troll, that’s too easy of a cop out. I did give you a thumbs up, not for the quality of your content but because of the content.

        • You’ve been off your meds idiot. you’ve been talking to Chis Matthews again. You have no facts to back up anything except those fed you by Obama. your government check is in the mail..includes Obama phone.

          • Ok Jim in Va….that was really funny! I needed that laugh-thank you! LOL

        • Obama has done a good job. We could be in a lot worse shape. I do believe things will get a lot better before he’s term is up.

          • We should have been in better shape already…economy,jobs,less debt. what has he done that he should be praised for? Benghazi? Fast and Furious? IRS? Obamacare? Name one!

        • bobfrog,

          You are obviously one of the minions, everything that you have stated is a lie and either you know that or you are simply drunk from the Kool-Aid. Our dear leader is despised by the rest of the world, they actually feel sorry for the U.S. citizen now because we have an incompetent coward leading this country. Because he is incompetent and because he is a psychopath, we are on the precipice of disaster, all at the hands of the regime and their dear leader.

          Better prepare because you will not be immune to what is coming unless you are safe in the underground palace with the anointed one when the SHIT HITS THE FAN!!!!!!!

        • Wow, just wow! Yes Obama saved us, we are free at last.

          I read your form letter post and just off the top of my head let me take a shot at correcting some of your tripe.

          First many believe the (D’s) caused much of the economic down turn with the housing crash they created (never let a crisis go to waste) I’m at a point in politics were I find them all at fault and all equally vile.

          Guantanamo bay remains open and falls into the category of one of BHO’s many lies.

          The draw down in Iraq was planned under Bush, your boy only followed the original timeline.

          If a lair says he’s shifting focus of the war to Afghanistan but implements the most restrictive ROE designed to ensure more American deaths I don’t call that focused. I’d call it criminal and a clear and present danger to our troops.

          Refused to say a word in support of uprising in Iran which could have created regime change, supported Arab spring in Egypt giving us the muslime brotherhood, and illegally bombed Libya in support of AQ and the Muslime brotherhood, left Americans to die in Libya.

          Took us to the brink of WWIII when he threatened Syria, making himself a world wide joke and proving how utterly inept he is.

          I could go on but it’s obvious it wouldn’t matter.

        • If I didn’t know better “Limping Frog”, I would swear YOU were OBIMBO himself attempting to start writing ‘his’ own autobiographical fairy tale on this site.

          Don’t forget the chapter on the NDAA, Benghazi, the “I killed Bin Laden BS”, the elimination of SEAL TEAM 6, and countless other LIES from a phony birth certificate/social security number…etc, etc, etc,. This will definitely be the longest chapter in YOUR autobiography.

          When OBIMBO lies every time he opens his mouth and reads the ESSENTIAL teleprompter…man, that is alot of shit to cover up in one book!

        • Your mr obummer hasnt done shit!
          And the idiots that make up congress need to be shown the door if they have more than one term under their belts.
          But by all means drink more of that liberal leftist coolaid

        • @BillyBobJumpingFrog: You are a zombie. BO is the devil and he has bewitched you and many others as you blindly follow the piper!

          There actually is a depression, not just a recession, a very deep and serious depression as people have quit the job market and are therefore no longer being counted. The unemployment numbers overall are horrendous and if you go into various demographic groups it is even worse. The economy is a house of cards that is ready to tumble once the Quantitative Easing/Pumping dollars into the system by the Feds tapers off. BO and his minions lied, they never had ‘shovel ready jobs’ like he promised. The mounting national debt is a noose around the neck of every American for generations to come. He has done everything in his power with the help of the MSM to undermine the economy of this country. By policy, there are more folks on the government dole now than at any other time in history. Many believe that there is a nefarious reason for this so that his party can stay in power forever.

          If you think Wall Street has been saved by BO just wait until they quit priming the pump with worthless dollars, that have lost more than half its value since BO came into power. The Stock Market is ready to crash at anytime. The current rise in the Stock Market is not sustainable. You are really delusional!

          The automotive industry is still on the brink of bankruptcy and collapse. The only solution is for the industry to cut its obligations to the Unions who have sucked it dry.

          BO is ready to abandon Afghanistan to the Taliban and Iraq to the Iranians and to Al Qaeda. Al Qaeda is gaining strength has a lot more followers since BO took office. He has turned over American objectives, secrets, possessions to the Terrorists. Terrorism is actually increasing world wide but his mainstream media mouthpieces are purposely suppressing the news. The whole Middle-East is less stable as a result of their bungling policies. The BO policy of embracing terrorism and the Muslim Brotherhood has been a total disaster. BO has shown the world that he absolutely cannot be trusted. There is a lot of fear and angst in the American population as a direct result of the actions of this regime.

          Anti-Americanism is growing and getting worse. Please show me one place, one country where Americans are being welcomed with open arms. Even countries that were once friendly have now seen through the duplicity and stupidity of BO and his regime that they will have nothing to do with the U.S. His so called ‘major address to the Muslim world’ has been one major policy flop as demonstrated by the so called ‘Arab Spring’.

          How can you lie like this? BO has not closed Guantanamo Bay. Instead of capturing enemy combatants and interrogating them he is regularly in the practice of blowing them up to pieces (fine by me) but he has taken the law into his own hands and has shown that he and his administration is accountable to no one! Someday, he will be tried as a ‘war criminal’ of the vilest kind.

          BO’s environmental policies have been a total disaster, really catastrophic, for many folks who depend on various mining, drilling, and development industries. He has not done anything new to protect the environment that wasn’t being done already. His support of so called ‘green projects’ has seen one failure after another.

          You say, President Obama has made education a national…
          BO is supported by a cadre of extreme leftist/communist ideologues who are trying to rewrite history and science. BO and his minions are hell-bent on destroying the moral foundation upon which this country was built. If you look at what is being attempted in the guise of ‘Common Cause’ it is truly alarming. BO and his accomplices are working hard to transform the thinking of traditional Americans and doing everything to undermine the moral fabric of the US.

          Obamacare is an attempt to control the American people and the American economy. It is a power grab and an unmitigated disaster that will ultimately destroy this country. It is not sustainable and it will criminalize and penalize those citizens who do not wish to participate in this effort at social engineering.

          Due to the actions of BO, the U.S. has completely lost credibility all over the world and here at home. There is nothing multilateral that BO has done other than trying to support the Muslim Brotherhood and their ilk. He is the least transparent of all the presidents of the past. His cultural revolution is not wanted and believe me it is not going to be non-violent. If the Civil War killed a lot of people, this next Civil War is going to be devastating. BO knows that and has been buying up weapons and bullets to arm his army.

          The Nobel Peace Prize was given to a most unworthy stooge and confirms what Screwey Looey said about BO, that,’ he was selected before he was elected’. The MSM has been complacent with the plans, schemes, plots and machinations of BO and his puppeteers to destroy this once great nation.

          I believe that Americans will eventually wake up and realize that the wool has been pulled over their eyes and that they have been robbed of their Constitutionally guaranteed rights. When the American people finally do wake up, they will rise with such energy that no tyrant, not even BO with his minions and leagues will be able to suppress their opposition and anger. That will be a terrible day!

          You, Billy Bob Jumping Frog, have drunk the deadly BO Koolaid, and swallowed the bait, hook, line and sinker.

      36. @BI: Look at this. Can you say they are waving a RED FLAG in the face of ISREAL concerning IRAN.

        Obama’s potential release of $12bn of frozen Iranian assets would be followed by $35 billion from Europe

        Will US free frozen Iranian assets?
        DEBKAfile Special Report Oct 18, 2013, 6:35 PM (IDT)
        Tehran stands to gain access to nearly $50 billion if the Obama administration decides to free up $12 billion of frozen Iranian assets in the US, inevitably followed by Europe’s release of another $35 billion. The White House was reported Friday, Oct. 18 to be weighing this plan as a means, DEBKAfile reports, to ease sanctions, without asking Congress to repeal or amend sanctions laws. This plan would fly in the face of calls by Congress and Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu for harsher measures against Iran after failed diplomacy in Geneva.

        • @ anon – benni metaYAHOO is a pure jew psychopath. They don’t come any worse from the WORST tribe on earth.

      37. I think the odds in my neighborhood are more like 95 in 100 based on government criteria.

      38. No, Obama was brought in to manage the destruction of our civil liberties. He is ok if you like your constitutional rights destroyed. He is a phony liar, why do you think none of his past is known?

      39. Off topic:

        I had to cancel a razor clamming trip for tomorrow because I got asked to crew for a late season albacore tuna trip on a private boat. We will be running out of Ilwaco and crossing the Columbia River bar at first light. To say that I’m excited as all hell would be an understatement. The tuna are more concentrated this time of year as they’re getting ready to leave the northwest and we are getting live bait. The last late season live bait trip I was on was epic. Three guys working the back deck, fishing with rod and reel put 71 tuna in the boat on one bait stop. We flat out ran out of room and ice. It took me days to process my catch share. If tomorrow if it’s only half as good it will be great.

        The tuna that I bring home is consumed fresh and what can’t be eaten fresh is then canned up. Two to three table spoons of Sambal Oelek mixed in with the fish while canning is the best. The second best is a pinch of salt and some jalapeno peppers.

        So hopefully tomorrow we will the a terror on the big pond.

        • I am SO jealous! Haven’t gone tuna fishing since I moved back to Orygun!

          • Check out ifish.net, the Salty Dog forum, go to some of the TA meetings and get to know some of the skippers and salty crews. It’s a good way to get known.

            • Thanks for the info Rick! If I can ever take enough time away from reloading- I’ll be sure to check that out!

        • Good luck Rick.

          Hey, if you notice anything unusual with the clam shells, drop a line.

          I have read reports that the acidity of the water may be affecting shellfish…just wonderin’

        • Not sure about the waters up there, but a ton of sites reporting that all Bluefin tuna caught off of California coast are radioactive, (above previously published & accepted limits). You might want to wand that catch with a Geiger counter.

          By the way that lie ‘they’ spread about ‘dilution is the solution’ to the Fukushima leaked water is a bold faced LIE. Cesium 134,137 and Strontium 90 do not dilute in salt water if at all. NatGeo just did a story not too long ago. http://news.nationalgeographic.com/news/energy/2013/08/130821-fukushima-latest-leak-how-is-it-different/

          Be safe out there and have a good voyage!

        • Be safe Rick…can’t wait to hear another fishin story.

        • What kind of weights are the fish your getting on that sort of fishing trip?
          Lots of good sashimi!
          Love tuna raw, or seared with cajun spice

          • The albacore up here are peanuts, twenty to thirty pounds average with some thirty five pounders. They are pure fight though and a blast on light tackle.

      40. @ BillyBobJumpingBullfrog. E to the X. Look at the chart showing the debt and how that steepness of the angle of ascend has gone up since BO came into office. You can buy your way out of anything with a piece of plastic as long as someone is stupid enough to back up the credit. Exponential explosion, until the line is almost 90 degree vertical. The freaking debt chart matches almost identically an E to the X chart. 2.718 each time. Let see now BO came into office debt was 5 trillion, now it is 17 trillion. I think that is 3.4 times what it was. A little more than the first number up. Next would be 7.39, that would be 37 trillion. let go a third level up on the old E to X chart. That would be 20 times the original number or a 100 trillion dollar debt. The debt chart is heading right in that direction as it almost matches the e to X graph you see with all other mathematic equations that use e to X. BO and his flunkies can spend like some teenage brat with rich daddy’s credit card. That is helping the country???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

      41. @ BillyBobJumpingBullfrog. You say BO has made the world safer and more friendly? That is why Russia is testing the new RS-26 super ICBM/Medium range multpile maneuving warheads to make it extremly difficult to shoot down by any missile defense. That is why Iran is mass producing stealth attack drones to be used against Israel and U.S. interest. That is why China and Russia still have a large presence around Syria. That is why England for the first time in decades told the U.S. not this time. That is why more and more countries are switching the way they purchase oil and other goods to a basket currency and precious metals. That is why Putin and other leaders have made BO into a true fool on the world stage.

        I don’t know if you actually believe this about BO or you are just trying to rile up everyone for fun. BO stinks, simply as that.

      42. Well I yell you what, BO dont only stink, ‘merican people’s attitudes generally stink too!
        Anyways the same…blame the guys in charge,yawwwwwn!
        This time it gets even EASIER,blame the BLACK guy in charge.
        Hot damn ‘merikans! Dumb as a box o rox! I tell you what!

        • @ Dirty Greek. IF there was a black president that completely pro Constitutional and actually valued the freedoms and rights of the people, and didn’t help to sell out good jobs to the enemy China, I would fully support him or her. There are plenty of dumber than sh$% white people, asians, spanish, and other races that support someone, regardless of race, that is driving this country and the freedoms of the people right over the cliff. They are pro BO supporters. Blame the president, that has e to the X’d the debt, yeah and along with that baboon helicopter ben that is a white guy. That white guy believes in printing your way out of debt, That white guy is not only a piece of idiot, he is the whole idiot. Yeah, I am going to blame whom responsible, regardless of race. BO stinks and so does congress.

          • “BO stinks and so does congress.” Short, sweet, and 110% accurate. Onward through the FOG BI!

        • yeah yeah yeah…the race card again…only the left brings it up!

      43. @ BillyBobFrog. I saw your comment on firearms directed to me and the good people on this site that you called crazies in a more polished manner. What is crazy is ANYONE that would attempt to take away people’s right to defend themselves. A shotgun is nice, but it won’t stop a gang of rapists that want to rape every member of your family after there is no law syatem.

        This country has been extremely fortunate not to have a true widespread mega disaster. WHEN it happens, there is NO WAY enough military even to control what happens to the public that cannot defend themselves, the citizens have to. That is what was meant by the 2nd Amendment, ALL enemies. A semi automatic rifle is not a machine gun, it is a rifle to secure your life. Ask anyone that lived through Hurricane Katrina what life is like without firearms. An AR-15 is nothing but a .22 with bullets that are going much faster than a .22LR.

        You talk about how nuts we all are, yet you personally have not lived in a war zone or a country without law. Try going down to Central or Sub-Sahara Africa and see what life is like there. You have a large enough disaster and this country, at least regional where the SHTF happened, becomes lawless. You people that hate self protection have never experienced the horrors of being attacked and defenseless. You just want to shovel your idealism down everyone’s throat and take away the most basics of freedom. You would declaw and rip out the teeth of an animal and then say now that animal has been made peaceful. No that animal is now a meal to almost any predator. You want the criminal to have the advantage. You people value the rights of some maniac over the rights of the innocent and the soon to be victims.

        Guess what, the criminal has a weapon in their body alone against someone much smaller. You people are exactly the type of radicals that take away pepper spray in England and leave people defenseless against vicous dogs. You take away a little lady’s revolver to be raped by some prevert. Talk about these anti-gunner radicals that not only need mental help, they need to have a conscience, and a good old fashioned intervenous ejection of common sense and decency.

      44. Too bad the best part of this Nigerian Nightmare ran down his socialist mother’s leg…

      45. Report: Israel mulls destroying missiles transferred from Syria to Hezbollah in Lebanon
        10/18/2013 11:56
        Kuwaiti paper: Hezbollah gets remote-operated, Chinese-made missiles upgraded in Iran.
        Israel has information on the location of long-range missiles transferred from Syria to Hezbollah in Lebanon and is considering taking military action to destroy the weapons, Kuwaiti newspaper Al-Jarida reported on Friday.
        The paper, quoting an Israeli security source close to Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon, reported that the remote-operated missiles, with a range of 1,500 kilometers, were made in China and further developed in Iran.
        According to the source, the missiles are being stored by Hezbollah in the Bekaa Valley in eastern Lebanon.
        The Jerusalem Post could not confirm the veracity of the report.
        Al-Jarida quoted the Israeli source as saying that Jerusalem views the missiles as posing a danger to the security of Israel and are therefore examining the possibility of destroying the arsenal.
        Israel has said repeatedly that while it does not wish to interfere in Syria’s civil war, it would act to halt the transfer of chemical arms or “game-changing” weapons to Hezbollah.
        “Our policy is to stop, as much as possible, any leaks of advanced weaponry to Hezbollah and other terrorist organizations. We will continue to act to ensure the security interests of the citizens of Israels,” Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu stressed earlier this year.
        According to foreign reports, Israel has struck weaponry earmarked for Hezbollah within Syria’s borders on a number of occasions in the past year.

      46. Great Now im a terrorist. First i was a truck driver that everyone hated, now im a rancher that everyone hates cause we make em go slow to pass us. now the gooberment says im a terrorist. wowwee zowwwee what the hell is next? I just wonder if we all took a year off how would the gooberment feed their fat assses? i will tell ya its just like ol john wayne said they couldnt find their ass with both hands! on a lighter note the last batch of strawberry wheat beer is ready ( boy is it ready ) sampled some today woooee thats smooth an potent!!!!! just right for settin on the porch waitin for them there looters to show up! THANK GOD i made a lot of it cause it sure is good. wildman out

      47. Be informed,

        The good news is that people like bobbyfroggie will see the true light in due time, up close and personal. No one will be spared from the chaos and inhumanity that is getting closer every day. God speed.

        • Some men,, you just cant reach!

      48. I am damn proud to be a “terrorist” or: one who inflicts terror upon others.

        The terror which I inflict each day is targeted at the ziojewscum criminal cabal shadow “government.”

        Specifically that “terror” is the REAL terror that the enemy fears: the TRUTH, and my endless ability to spread it geometrically, online an in person. I actually hand out 2 page intel sheets to people when the chem [cancer] trails are painfully obvious. I post the FACTS aboutthe enemy on sites like this.

        So how exactly would telling the TRUTH constitute an act of “terror”? Well think of it like this: suppose a nation of infuriated armed-to-the-hilt Patriots, who your side has been f*ing over in the worst possible way for a century and a half, was rising, and YOU were in their sites, and the TRUTH was getting out. The “Truth train” has left the station. We KNOW about the zionist SCUM running this place for 152 years. We know that a lot more.

        So pretend YOU are the enemy, and the People, tens of millions of us, are coming for you. THAT would be very terrifying. Why? Because these mutant life forms know their time is here, and they are truly about to ALL die a very ugly death.

        I am GD proud to be a “Truth Terrorist.”

      49. Who’s the clown who thinks that tiny black print on a dark red background is “soooo cool”? Unreadable crap. Must be how congressional bills are written so no one can actually read them.

      50. Bravo Patriot Man

      51. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mcCPlkw6dO0
        ^^^^^^Well what do we have here? George might know something and I might know something that you dont know. Dont forget,im on the outside looking in.
        1:Clinton…full of shit
        2:Bush…full of shit
        3:Obama…full of shit
        Hot damn ‘merikans,i tell you what,getting sick of the Obama bashing. As a nation,you guys all just generally suck.

      52. Nailed it in 1997.

        Good Will Hunting
        written by Matt Damon & Ben Affleck

        Will: Why shouldn’t I work for the N.S.A.? That’s a tough one, but I’ll take a shot. Say I’m working at the N.S.A. Somebody puts a code on my desk, something nobody else can break. Maybe I take a shot at it and maybe I break it. And I’m real happy with myself, ’cause I did my job well. But maybe that code was the location of some rebel army in North Africa or the Middle East. Once they have that location, they bomb the village where the rebels were hiding and fifteen hundred people that I never met and that I never had no problem with get killed. Now the politicians are sayin’, “Send in the marines to secure the area” ’cause they don’t give a shit. It won’t be their kid over there, gettin’ shot. Just like it wasn’t them when their number was called, ’cause they were pullin’ a tour in the National Guard. It’ll be some kid from Southie takin’ shrapnel in the ass. And he comes home to find that the plant he used to work at got exported to the country he just got back from. And the guy who put the shrapnel in his ass got his old job, ’cause he’ll work for fifteen cents a day and no bathroom breaks. Meanwhile he realizes the only reason he was over there in the first place was so we could install a government that would sell us oil at a good price. And of course the oil companies used the skirmish over there to scare up domestic oil prices. A cute little ancillary benefit for them but it ain’t helping my buddy at two-fifty a gallon. They’re takin’ their sweet time bringin’ the oil back, and maybe even took the liberty of hiring an alcoholic skipper who likes to drink martinis and fuckin’ play slalom with the icebergs, and it ain’t too long ’til he hits one, spills the oil and kills all the sea life in the North Atlantic. So now my buddy’s out of work and he can’t afford to drive, so he’s walking to the fuckin’ job interviews, which sucks ’cause the schrapnel in his ass is givin’ him chronic hemorroids. And meanwhile he’s starvin’ ’cause every time he tries to get a bite to eat the only blue plate special they’re servin’ is North Atlantic scrod with Quaker State. So what did I think? I’m holdin’ out for somethin’ better. I figure, fuck it, while I’m at it, why not just shoot my buddy, take his job and give it to his sworn enemy, hike up gas prices, bomb a village, club a baby seal, hit the hash pipe and join the National Guard? I could be elected president.

      53. Can you prove that female drones are 63% less likely to dangle their back stingers threateningly than higher male rook bees? Safe to say, it’s an impressive figure, if it’s even possible to figure out how that has to be studied, or what the use of it is to the rest of any of them. Ooch! Reverse classification immersion as an evil preference of a random middle earthling till the end of this essay. There are a lot of barriers to attuning to natural ways. How do billions of data bits fit together? If you want a safer world, you have got to humanly protest locking people up as a vast middle economy of potential cold spaces, as thugs or nurturingly leafy enough as any freely policed community. Mil. – Help. Timing is everything as any mime could tell you. What do those jiggling clown collectives garner for the greater betterment, if not a chance at stripped down values? If I was rich, I’d let you up from the basement, offenses pending, save song or sorrow. We could go for a ride to whole foods. I “hate” truckers. It’s my one vice on the landscape. – doctress, please. Very acceptable. (Nirvana meditation). I wouldn’t blame you if you wanted to let the chickens out of the coop. We have to work as socialists on every issue in the spirit of luck without ethanol; nothing remains to push the rich back that can think as force. This should have sounded brilliantly wondrous for all readers. Ooch. Vote; energize the populace politically anyhow. Don’t get re-elected.

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