Obama’s Stealth AR-15 Gun Ban Targets Ammo: “No One Can Import, Sell or Even Produce It”

by | Feb 27, 2015 | Headline News | 404 comments

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    If nothing else can be said about President Obama, he has adamantly stuck to one key promise – the one he made to the Brady Center to pursue gun control ‘under the radar.

    The AR-15 is America’s most popular sporting rifle, and it has been falsely mischaracterized as an “automatic” firearm and an “assault” weapon. It has been demonized as a monstrosity via the Sandy Hook shootings. Bans on it and other so-called “assault weapons” have been attempted from every possible angle.

    And now that those measures have failed to accomplish total gun control, the Obama Administration, hungry to undermine the 2nd Amendment and restrict gun ownership, is using backdoor regulations through the BATFE to ban the sale, import and manufacture of the most affordable ammunition for the AR-15. Melissa Melton writes:

    “The Obama administration was unable to ban America’s most popular sporting rifle through the legislative process, so now it’s trying to ban commonly owned and used ammunition through regulation.”

    Chris Cox, executive director of the NRA’s Institute for Legislative Action, has hit the nail on the head.

    Following the Sandy Hook shooting, the Obama administration tried to ban several kinds of firearms, including the AR-15.

    Now it seems that he may have actually found a way to do it, albeit slowly. He isn’t going to outright ban the gun itself; the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (BATFE) is just going to ban the most commonly sold bullets for the gun instead.

    This is being sold on the dubious pretext that it is “armor piercing” and a threat to law enforcement, while the AR-15 its common 5.56 mm ammo (.223 is also used) are not even remotely the most deadly weapons in the hands of citizen gun owners. Yet the bans and restrictions are centered around the perception that is a ‘military weapon best used in war, not on the streets of America…’

    Even the New York Times conceded this is the wrong focus for gun control advocates:

    It turns out that big, scary military rifles don’t kill the vast majority of the 11,000 Americans murdered with guns each year. Little handguns do.

    In 2012, only 322 people were murdered with any kind of rifle, F.B.I. data shows.

    The continuing focus on assault weapons stems from the media’s obsessive focus on mass shootings, which disproportionately involve weapons like the AR-15, a civilian version of the military M16 rifle. This, in turn, obscures some grim truths about who is really dying from gunshots.

    Annually, 5,000 to 6,000 black men are murdered with guns. Black men amount to only 6 percent of the population. Yet of the 30 Americans on average shot to death each day, half are black males.

    Moreover, justifying 5.56 mm ammo for a ban has proven to be a ridiculous game of semantics, with the technical rationale a paper-thin see-through farce. Forbes writes:

    Now, to be as nitpicky as the law, the M855 ball ammunition the ATF wants to ban as “armor piercing” doesn’t have a core made of the metals listed in what legally makes a bullet “armor piercing.” The M855 actually has a lead core with a steel tip. Also, the M855 is traditionally a rifle cartridge and the ban only covers handgun ammunition. The DOJ argues this doesn’t stop them because the law stipulates they can ban a bullet that “may be used in a handgun.” And, after all, any cartridge may be used in a handgun.

    The ban isn’t absolute, but it puts serious pressure on gun owners and definitely infringes on the right to keep and bear arms. Melton writes:

    So you can still legally own it if you already have it… but no one can import it, sell it, or even produce it.

    That’s of course if you can find and it and buy it before the ban takes effect. Prices have already been soaring on this ammo, and ammo in general, given the unrelenting assault on the 2nd Amendment by Obama and his allies, including former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, who ironically was caught on tape admitted that his gun ban really targets racial minorities in inner cities. That focus, of course, won’t spare the rest of America’s millions of law abiding gun owners.

    It is clear that Obama’s “lame duck” years aren’t toothless soft power, but an opportunity for stealth attacks. Defied by Congress and much of the public, Obama has been emboldened in his actions knowing that there is little that can or will hold him accountable.

    We have a man occupying the White House that seems absolutely determined to stretch the limits of presidential power as far as they can possibly go.

    And at this point he has become so arrogant that he doesn’t even care if Congress believes that what he is doing is legal. Just consider what he said during one recent speech…

    “So in the short term, if Mr. McConnell, the leader of the Senate, and the Speaker of the House, John Boehner, want to have a vote on whether what I’m doing is legal or not, they can have that vote. I will veto that vote, because I’m absolutely confident that what we’re doing is the right thing to do.” (source)

    A president that is willing to use executive actions, executive orders and his trusty ‘pen and phone’ to make unilateral legislation is even more dangerous in making quiet actions little covered by the media and mostly noticed only by niche groups of citizens.

    Author Michael Snyder dubbed it a ‘War on Preppers,’ targeting the 1% who have the foresight to stock up on ammo and supplies in order to remain prepared for all contingencies, including being appropriately armed for self-defense:

    Previously, the Obama administration attempted unsuccessfully to ban the AR-15. That didn’t work, so now Obama is going after the ammunition. This is yet another example of the war on preppers that is going on all over the nation. Whether you are a gun owner or not, this assault on our constitutional rights should disturb you greatly.

    Melissa Melton notes:

    Banning the right to keep and bear arms has been on the federal agenda for years now. It would appear that since the government knows it can’t just outright ban the Second Amendment, they’ll just inch it up incrementally and undermine it into oblivion.

    The lesson here remains eternal vigilance, and a reminder never to turn your back on a “lame duck” president in the age of executive actions and rule by agency.


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      1. I really wish someone would take him out…to a nice dinner, on me of course.

        • Wishful thinking, but we do NOT need a MLK again…

          • I don’t think there would be a whole lot of love lost at this stage of the game. And it there was….fine by me.

            • I’d throw a party after laughing my ass off.

              • Off subject,
                but, anyone else noticing the internet acting strange today?

                • For every action there is an equal and opposite
                  reaction, except in the case of the American
                  people where there is no reaction at all.

                    • Great article!!^^^

                    • Very likely. Good article. Probably going to be a worldwide earthquake in there somewhere, world government, world religion, digital currency, mark of the beast, guillotines, poisoned water, periods of darkness and three quarters of the worlds population DEAD. He is risen.

                    • Very good article * * a must read for sure !

                  • For every action there is an equal and opposite
                    reaction, except in the case of the American
                    people where there is no reaction at all.

                    I’m going to print t-shirts that say that.

                    • Only reaction from the leftists are to attend more “Yes we can/Yes we have no bananas” chant ins and turn up the volume on the latest Kartrashian and Dancing with the Strippers shows

                  • “…the right to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.”

                    ’nuff said.

                    • Ignore this, ignore them!! To do otherwise gives them your consent. It gives them legitimacy…..they have none until you give it to them. No amount of bitching or chest thumping here amounts to anything meaningful. Get what you can when you can, and use it wisely when you absolutely have to.

                      Seek Yahwey Elohim, His will, live/enjoy your life and loved ones.

                      And be prepared for that day.

                      P.S. remember the 10 virgins? five prepared and five did not. What did Yeshua tell those who did not prepare? Do you think half of the virgins were pagans? No! They were believers waiting on the same groom. Yet they were not allowed into the wedding chambers. All ten were waiting on the same groom…..sound familiar to today at all?
                      Seek Yahwey, obey his commands (the ten words)and do your best to mimic Yeshua Ha Mashiac.

                    • I have no doubt if this bad takes place, just like if obamacare isn’t unplugged and this net neutrality BS EO isn’t stopped they will be here forever, because “government” wants more control over their serf’s.

                      It is sad to see how many millions who seem to care are not marching to the streets of Washington DC in protest… I guess American Idle is more important…..

                    • If it doesn’t pass constitutional muster, as far as I’m concerned, these “EO’s, laws, decree’s” whatever you want to call them, do not need to be obeyed. What if we all just said “No, I won’t comply” what would TPTB do then? Shoot everyone, jail everyone? Good luck with that.

                    • California Resident

                      That is a must read artcle. Love it friend

                  • 12 gauge pump, close range. Wait til you see the whites of their eyes. Can’t miss.

                    • Not such good advice when they are picking you off from 100 yards with their $99.00 SKS

                • Those of us who have been saying “WATCH THE OTHER HAND” were absolutely correct. They put enough spit on this one to slam it right past us.

                  • Here’s the link:

                    Obama Brags About Power Grab While Americans Debate Color of a Dress

                    ht tp://www.infowars.com/obama-brags-about-power-grab-while-americans-debate-color-of-a-dress/

                    • Its crazy how the average American cares most about the stupidest things like Obola’s dress, the Oscars, Kartrashians, etc., and not at all concerned about what their government is doing to rape them daily. WTF is wrong with people? So easily pacified by drama and iJunk.

                    • Could not believe how the media was going ape shit over the color of a dress when far more important things were happening. You know “like” the heat~wave in the North East or Barry taking a day off from golf.

                  • @sixpack, your comment currently has 3 down-thumbs. If I were to pass judgement on those who saw your post as “negative”, I would say those down’thumber’s represent obama supporters and they are expressing their opinion here on SHTF Plan site. However, I don’t think I have ever read a post (written) by ANYONE who supports what this POTUS stands for.

                    I guess they don’t have the balls to write an opinion, only blast others with a simple click of their mouse. Typical Lib’s….

                    • I’m beginning to feel like it’s the bottom of the ninth, I’m down by several points with 2 outs, 2 strikes and 1 ball…and somebody just stole my bat.

                • apache54, you mean like getting page errors (404) when you know the page is good, then you refresh and the page comes up, or just the slow activity rate?

                  • Or getting odd warnings that say a page is “untrusted” or “unverified”, even though you go there all the time?

                  • sixpack,
                    YUP, something fishy i guess they are already looking to see what they want to turn off!

                    • apache…had the same problems today

                    • Yes, I think they’re getting the code in place to do just that. I think they’re browsing the internet and spotting targets, for when they actually decide to do it. All the code will be in place, to be used at their leisure.

                      I think we’ll start seeing these messages a lot more in the future.

                    • Hey, everyone, my first time online all day. So the African virus banned the M855? Which caliber will they target next? This sets a very dangerous precedent. I’m not giving up anything I have. When the feds and foreign troops finally appear on our streets, lead will start flying and all kinds of weapons, ammo, and other gear will be laying on the ground for the taking. Everyone stock up on whatever ammo, accessories, and especially gun cleaning gear you need now while you can.

                    • @apache, sixpack

                      I’ve had the same things it seems just over the last few days that I’ve noticed, but didn’t think much of it seein as how I’m pretty sure my computer has AIDS

                    • No problems except for this website. That stupid thumbsucker widget is what slows down the site. All Obola has to do is mandate all websites use thumbsucker widgets and the Internet would slow to a crawl. Instant net neutering, err, neutrality.

                  • Not for me–I just got new hard drive.
                    Screen starts with striated garbage(black and gray), then blue background with white lettering comes on fast, but leaves before I can read, then the screen goes black and restarts itself??

                    WTF–has done it twice.

                • Yeah my porn didn’t load as quickly.

              • I would dance a jig in the middle of my street.

              • So will I when Dunjin reaches his ton… Well done.

            • Naw, It’s just part of an economic stimulus plan aimed at the firearms industry (sarcasm off). By law, all federal agencies can propose changes in federal regulations but they must be posted and there is time set aside for ‘public comment’ before it can be put into effect. This allows all interested parties to state their reasons for and against the changes. In the mean time it allows the rest of us to buy even more guns, gun parts, ammo, and reloading supplies. We all knew this was coming but now that it’s near the prices on all of these goods will go up (stimulus). But those who have been prudent will be able to make a ‘killing’ if it does come to pass.

          • Another holiday from it would be ok.

            • Nobama,
              notice the red thumbs to your comment, i guess the fed boys watching this site don’t want anymore holidays! HA!

              • Yep apache, the redthumbcocksuckers are out tonight.

                • Yeah, but they are now being tracked by css.rating-widget.com

                  I assume their IP addresses are being sold to anybody who is willing to pay the price, and of course given to the NSA.

                  • Well, at any given moment there are 20+ active tracking cookies on this site, depending on the page being viewed. I don’t think the rating widget one is anything special. If you don’t want to be tracked, you would have to block them.

                    • I get five blocked by Ghostery, and five more blocked by Privacy Badger. What are you using that you get more?

          • Eppe I knew MLK, And Obama ain’t no Martin Luther King. But if you really want to hear a joke, you know all these emails you get about how many hunters are in this State or another and how on opening day of deer season, there is a bigger army than many small countries, well don’t count on them being much help in a SHTF senario, because they only went out and shot their rifle 2 times before they went hunting, and then they had to shoot 4 more times to kill their deer, so now they only have 14 rounds of ammo left in their box. I know that many on this site have a good supply of ammo, but that probably only constitues maybe half of the commenters on any given day. And how many does that amount to 15 or 20. So if your a reader of this site and not a commenter, stock up while you can. Trekker Out. Don’t Wait To Do It Someday!

            • “Black men amount to only 6 percent of the population. Yet of the 30 Americans on average shot to death each day, half are black males.”

              Corrected: Black men amount to only 0.000001 percent of the working population. Yet of the 30 Americans on average shot to death each day, half are black males committing their typical everyday crimes.

              • Yes and they are shot by other black men. They have the ISIS mentality, it means nothing to take another human life. I am also sick of hearing about Sandy Hook and how it is used for a gun control issue. The coroner walked out of the building and was asked what kind of gun was used “it was a long gun” he said. Well he lied, probably told to lie by the Administration. The long gun was found on the kids trunk after it was all over. Handguns were the only ones used, if they were used at all. Funny how all the families got new homes in different towns and no one has seen or heard from them again!!

                • Totally untrue! Google “Noah Pozner, sandy hook” and then “Noah Pozner- Afghanistan”. Right-click the photos of him with what appears like a school background. That poor kid got killed, TWICE- on two different continents (same name- oops)

                • No kids got killed at Sandy Hoax. The organizers did a very poor job of staging that incident. Too many red flags. The “parents” were hired actors. Accounts setup days before the event. Shooting drills scheduled the day before and the day of the event. Unfired AR in the trunk that was claimed to have been used. No ambulances allowed in. The list of red flags is bigger than the 9/11 scandal. The whole thing disgusts me. And the libtards are eating it up.

            • I lost all my ammo,
              So i gave my guns away to somebody who was moving overseas,

              • Lost all my green ones in the bushes. Couldn’t see them.

            • MT, damned good advice. Not only do those hunters not really stock up on ammo, but those hunting rifles are for HUNTING, NOT COMBAT. Maybe some of the heavier calibers could be used for sniping IF that hunter has the right skills and enough ammo, but those rifles are not made for any sustained firefight. I have semiauto weapons except for my 12-gauge pump so I know those can hold up in a firefight, plus I’m well-stocked on ammo and still getting more. Also GET ALL OF THE GUN-CLEANING SUPPLIES, ESPECIALLY OIL, WHILE YOU CAN. I always keep extra bore brushes, patches, oil, Hoppe’s No. 9 solvent, etc. Also get some silicone cloths, little pricey but worth the extra money. They’re good for cleaning off any excess oil that gets on the outside of the weapon.

              • Who needs oil when you have an AK-47 and bolt action rifles? Id suggest getting some different “combat” guns, buddy.

                “Timeout! I need to oil! Gun jammed. Hey, I said timeout!” Yeah, good luck.

                • FF, the secret is to do proper maintenance is to do maintenance on your weapon BEFORE going into a firefight.

              • To Add.

                Having the right tools for the jobs will make repairs simple. A good set of jewelers files and jewelers screwdrivers. Sharpening stones, files, ceramics, and diamond infused sharpeners are a plus.

                Don’t forget about those tiny batteries. You can get them cheap at Flea Markets.

              • Mav, the best gun oil I use (and I’ve tried them all over many years and tens of thousands of rounds) isn’t even marketed as a gun oil. Buy a quart of Mobil-1 0W-20. Fully synthetic, sticks to the metal surfaces, still there after firing many hundreds of rounds, doesn’t burn off like many “gun” oils. Makes cleaning easier. One quart lasts forever.

                I’ll never again buy any high-priced oil marketed as gun oil.

                • Nobama, thanks for the tip. I’ll get some and try it.

                  • Maverick, best oil I found for firearms is Slip-ewl. Rated down to -100 degrees. Used by the military on all automatics both heavy and light.

                • Something I have found usefull is paint thinner, just good old paint thinner,
                  Dunk your BCG in it, disassemble, then wipe everything clean, use a syringe to inject your lube of choice, use your 10 W 20, if is cold out cut it with diesel or ATF

              • Sorry to disagree Mav.Brave; but no need for combat rifles. Anyone that gets into combat action with an army dies. Those deer hunters kill more deer each year than the total of US combat troops. Only way to win is same as US Army proposed for USSR Tanks: Shoot and scoot. One Rd and then get the hell out. Even then, Comes to it. No real need to face the Army at all, just gut shoot a few thousand Political officers. One Rd one OFFICER. No need to shoot grunts. The Army is our kids; the problem is a bunch of Polits that just want ever more power, and couldn’t care less about the Law (This post sure moved me up a few slots in the Gov Enemies list)

                • Paranoid, I know you mean well and appreciate your concern, but ANYONE who points a weapon at me WILL buy the farm and I don’t care WHO it is. I’ll do my bet to make every one of my rounds count, but whatever happens just happens. As long as the grunts [US grunts] DON’T point any weapons at me, they’ll live.

                  • Poor idea Mav, maybe you get one. Need to get 4=5. Yea first few of us they win most of the time, after they start it, then they need to lose lots.

            • Good lord Trek don’t tell them to stock up. We just started to get some ammo in the stores. People been stocking up as fast as the ammo Co’s can make it for 3 years now. Sorry to argue with you but it looks to me as if LOTS of people have LOTS of ammo. They sure as hell sucked up Millions od rds where I live.

              • Para the WalMart I go to rarely has any ammo, even before this latest panic. Rocky Mountain has ammo but it’s always out of sight. I agree that many have plenty! But I’m afraid the masses are still living in a dream, and think ammo will always be available when they need it. Trekker Out.

                • Sportsman’s Warehouse on 2 ed in Casper has the best prices Rocky Mtn just sticks it to you IMHO. I have quit Going to RMS period.

              • Paranoid, I don’t like ammo shortages either, but you have to blame the gun grabbers in the aftermath of Sandy Hook for the situation. Everyone with good-sized stockpiles are going to really need them when the time comes. I wouldn’t be stockpiling like I have over the last 3 years on ammo if it wasn’t for the gun grabbers. That threat won’t go away without the gun grabbers being eliminated. I’ve already sucked up a lot more rounds than I want to and still getting more while I can. What else re people going to do?

                • You are selling to a guy that has to live for a thousand years just to get my ammo in line.

          • Biden as President?, Please! WE do not need another fool in the White House, two are bad enough!

            • Biden is Obola’s insurance policy. He was not chosen for his skills and expertise in Vice Presidency, he was chosen because he is an idiot and no one, including the most extreme libtards, would want Biden as the Idiot-In-Chief.

            • TPS,
              well think about it!!!! Biden would be better than what we now have, he would not last long anyway, so don’t worry about biden.

          • Where do our politicans get their information on guns and ammo. To call that round armor piercing is a bit of a streach.

        • Nicely played Dunjin.

          • Dunjin,
            GOOD job, ever hear “be careful what you ask for” ? well i been asking for a long time and this particular one NEVER seems to happen!!hope you have better luck!

        • I disagree with Mr.Snyder. It is a war on American companies that manufacture this ammo,American companies that Import this ammo.American people that use this ammo. And American gun ranges that charge us to use their facilities. As far as this ammo running in short supply,I laugh at ANYBODY that did not see this coming six years ago. ……you should ALREADY have a shit-ton of it.

        • Can’t own an AR legally in my shit state. But you can own a much bigger caliber rifle. It’s only banned because these soccer moms all think the AR LOOKS like a big scary terrorist weapon.

          It’s kind of ironic that I want a smaller rifle but it’s banned, don’t you think?

          • Buy a Mosin-Nagant, of course they are getting scarce too. Ammo is dirt cheap too. Inquired about both yesterday at Cabelas, and was told “because of the problems in the Ukraine these guns and ammo might be hard to get till the situation clears up a little”. From the manager at Cabelas!

          • Did you see the wood stocks for the ARs? Even a soccer mom would liks the looks of an AR with wood. F in sharp!!!

        • Today I watched all of the CPAC speeches. I didn’t learn a damn thing from any of them except Gingrich.

          Newt wasn’t meant to be president but he is one of the brightest thinkers. I always learn a lot when he speaks.

          And Sarah Palin gave me an erection.

          So who are you people backing for president? I don’t even give a damn anymore, although I will still do my duty and vote.

          • Well youngster, I’m still trying to decide between Rand Paul or Ted Cruz. Kinda like my choice of clothing, wool or goose-down both are good. But with clothing I can have both. Trekker Out.

            • Wool blocks wind better than a nylon hardshell and retains warmth when wet but freezes stiff as a board in freezing rain.

              Down loses all its insulating properties when wet.

              Get a polyurethane-coated nylon 3-in-1.

              • But you always stay warm when you’re close to me Acid… Tell them.

            • Trekker:

              Please explain your choice of either of these men or for that matter any damned politician on the national scene.

              For any of them to have risen to Senator they had to be supported with “money” for their election; where did that come from and why?

              Ted Cruz has a wife that works in a high level at Goldman Sachs. Does that even give you pause?

              Rand Paul has been in Israel banging his head on the ‘wailing wall’ and is totally upfront with his support for Zionist Israel. Far cry from his father, Ron. Rand knows he MUST fall in line with the Israeli firsters.

              There are dyed in the wool G. Beck supporters here at SHTF; and I think you are one of them. Have you ever wondered where Becks’ “pitchfork” ideas for an out of control government disappeared to? He now sits behind a warm desk, surrounded by ‘your gold’. Writing? book after book, pushing product after product, commercial after commercial, and just keeping his “sheep” corralled enough with his version of what is wrong in America to keep them donating and buying.

              What is it that makes a patriot think that any political candidate choice Glen Beck puts out there will have any thing to do with AIPAC’s choice of who your next president will be?

              Beck is a useful tool for AIPAC and Israel with his “it’s the Muzzies” rhetoric. He reminds me of a female Oprah, and at some point he, too, will be held accountable.

              • To quote Kurt Hoffman:

                “It is better to be despised by the despicable, than admired by the admirable”.

              • Yep, yep, yepper granny. Them ole’ zogs is sho’nuff out to ” git” the likes of ya’ll now! I’ll betcha them thar beck supporters is out to ” git” ya too. Hell, I bet everbody is in on this here con spear o see agin ya granny!

              • Howdy, Granny. I agree Beck is just another shill. I never waste any time standing in a long line waiting to choose between a Democratic turd or Republican turd. They’re all the same to me. Beck looks like someone I got into a fight with back in grade school. And I WON the fight.

              • POG I hate to get into a personal argument on this site, but I could really care less what you think. As for my choices. There has only been one perfect man on this earth, and He is not here now in the flesh. So it matters not who you like, nor whether you vote or not. But some one is going to be elected to the office of President, so you can either attempt to decide that out come or sit on the side line and complain. As for Glen Beck and Israel, You must be a Obama supporter, because like you, he hates them both. Trekker Out. Ass’ed Itch You Know My Choices!

                • Just a little background on Cruz and his wife.

                  Both are graduates of Harvard Law School.

                  Heidi Cruz began her career as an investment banker for J.P. Morgan in New York.

                  In 2000 served on the Bush 2000 campaign in Austin as one of Bush’s economic advisors.

                  She served in the Bush administration as the economic director for the Western Hemisphere at the National Security Council at the Whitehouse, advising the president and the then National Security Advisor, Condoleeza Rice. She is also a former director at the US Treasury Department and was special policy assistant to Ambassador Robert B. Zoellick, then Chief US International Trade Negotiator.


                  P. Edward Haley, a professor of International Strategic Studies at Claremont McKenna College, and one of Heidi’s mentors said, “Absent Ted, I don’t think Heidi would be moving in that PARTICULAR branch of the Republican Party”.

                  Ted Cruz’s Obamacare speech was not a true filibuster. A true filibuster is an attempt to stop legislation dead in its tracks by refusing to let the senate proceed. Rather, Cruz’s time on the floor was an agreement he made with Harry Reid to let him talk for 21 hours, followed by a vote at 1 pm EST 9/25/13.

                  When the vote commenced, Cruz in fact voted in FAVOR of advancing the bill.

                  Trekker, I expect Beck to “vet” his support of candidates before he introduces them to his followers. If the Cruz family background satisfies you that they are the Americans you are looking for to lead America out of the abyss then by all means give them your support.

                  Their background suggests otherwise, they are just another slick part of the Washington Insiders.

                  Just for your info, Trekker. I was a Beck supporter when he worked for Faux. Supported him, bought his books, thought him to be a true patriot. Didn’t see his Israeli firster side until he acquired his own network. He has been around the MSM long enough to know the truth of who/what they are. He also knows his career would be destroyed in a heartbeat if he ever cared to tell you the truth.

                  You may be able to overlook AIPAC and their strangle hold on the America that I love, I cannot. You may be able to overlook who owns the feral Fed Reserve, I cannot. You may be able to overlook Albert Pikes description of the 3 world wars and how they would be accomplished, I cannot.

                  As far as your comment about me being an Obama/Muslim supporter, that is laughable. I despise all the PTB who are ruining our world….Obama and Muzzies included.

                  But I am smart enough to know it takes money to forment what is going to be WW3 and the Federal Reserve will be the go to money men; and it is not owned by muzzies. We are financing our own demise. How ironic.

                  • granny, ya’ll needs to git a life or some good ole psychiatric couseln’ I recommends the latter o’ the two.

                    • “It’s better to be despised by the despicable, than to be admired by the admirable”.

                      You, PSG, are “despicable”.

                      That fits perfectly…..I will NOT be answering any more of your ‘cutesy’ (to you) posts. You are a waste of space, TROLL.

                    • yep,yep, yepper, thar granny. thank ya’ kindly fer the compliment, but I’s a sure ya’ll be a fergitten ’bout yer claim not ta talwk to me ‘fore too long now, cause ya always do.

                  • POG, excellent post.

                  • Granny (the real one),

                    Beck? Mormon theology has some very bizarre elements, including strong affinity for Zionism, Freemasonry, and the occult.

                    What they all share is the sin of Genesis 3:5, thinking that they “shall be as gods.”


                    • Yet another one of your nutjob websites puked up by you as ” truth” to support your whackjob visions of religion. You know what asshole, Heaven is going to be a real lonely place with only you and your handful of Nazi buddies as being the only true believers allowed by “God” to occupy it.

                    • “The Truth,” hah!

                      If you really had the Truth, you would not have to stoop to personal insults. If you really had the Truth, you’d be dealing in facts.

                    • Yeah, ” facts” gleaned from nutjob websites by religious nutcases like your self. That’s no insult fruitcake, that’s a fact.

                    • I suppose you have counter-evidence?

                      Sites that show there are no occult or Freemasonic symbols at LDS Temple square?

                      Sites that show Vigilant Citizen photoshopped their pictures?

                      Sites that show Texe misquoted the Mormons and the rabbis?

                      No, I didn’t think so. You have only the name-calling tricks of the rabbis.

                    • Hey asshole, in Nigeria there’s a guy who has 5 million dollars he’s all set to send you, but first you need to send him 50 bucks to cover his costs. It’s on the internet so it must be a FACT so that’s all the ” proof” nutjobs like yourself ever need. Go ahead and get your millions now.

                • MT–be sure to vote–because that vote really makes a difference!!!!
                  It makes the men behind the curtain controlling fraudulent elections get erections!!

          • Nobody cares what you do acid etch

          • While I’m not one of your biggest fans Etch I really had a good laugh with Sarah giving you an erection. I’ve always though of her a little hot, Like a really hot librarian…cheers

            • So long as she doesn’t speak. Her voice ruins the erection, and besides, it’s rude for her to talk with her mouth full.

              • Nobama:

                It is that heavy 6 pointed star necklace that she proudly displays for AIPAC’s approval that pull on her vocal cords.

                She knows the GAME……..

          • Acid, you ought to get rid of your TV service and don’t waste any time with voting. You don’t have any obligationto to go choose the Democratic turd or Republican turd. I don’t care if Mickey Mouse got into 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. It wouldn’t change a damn thing.

        • That is not even important now….the damage has been done and what WE need to do is fight the “good” fight…survival is essential, but bare bones survival is paramount….it is a warm, fuzzy feeling to “think” you have all you need, but the reality is that you most likely will/must leave your home….what you KNOW is far more valuable than what you have…..pre-conceived ideas of just What/When/How it will all come down is a waste of time…..it does not matter. What DOES matter is YOU…GOOD against EVIL…it WILL be just that simple…and all “good” folks need to seek out others “good” people….

          • FOB, welcome back.

          • Go back under your rock Acid.

          • Oh common. You don’t really mean that. Maybe you really need to get out and get laid…It might relieve all that pressure built up before your brain explodes…

          • Acid, I read that one the other day. I agree something smells about it.

        • I wish Dick Cheney would take him hunting.

          • HAHAHAHA , Ten thumbs , sir .

        • The answer to all these problems is so logically simple i would have thought even the most brain dead neurotic paranoid survivalist prepper would have woken up to it by now…………………………………VOTE you idiots. If you never voted last election then all this and more serves you right.

          • Voting is what they let you do so you think you have a choice.

            The performance of the Republicans since the last election should be enough to convince ANYONE that voting doesn’t make a difference when your choices are merely two sides of the same coin.

        • From Dr. Hyla Cass, as reported by Dr. Joseph Mercola. Mercola’s focus is health, so it is interesting he reported the below:

          “While I was in my residency at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, I began to notice that medications had side effects… It would be okay if the side effects were worth it, but most of the time they weren’t…” Side effects of antidepressants run the gamut from sexual side effects to lack of emotions or “emotional flatness,” restlessness, sleep disturbances, brain damage, and thoughts (and actions, tragically) of suicide, and even homicide. *********Virtually all of the school and mass shooters, for example, have been on antidepressants.
          “You could say, “Well, of course, they were on antidepressants. They were disturbed and that’s why they did the shooting.” But a comparable number of people who were not on antidepressants and having similar problems did not become school shooters,” Dr. Cass notes. “The difference was, first of all, they were genetically predisposed to have that reaction to the medications — but nobody’s looking at genetics when they prescribe medication.*******

          These shooters were either just newly on medication, or had just had some sort of change in their medications or dosage; ie regardless of details, there was something going on with their medications before the event. And that’s a terrible tragedy. A lot of this information has been suppressed, too.”

          Cited from http://articles.mercola.com/sites/articles/archive/2015/03/01/side-effects-antidepressants.aspx?e_cid=20150301Z1_SNL_B_art_1&utm_source=snl&utm_medium=email&utm_content=art1&utm_campaign=20150301Z1_SNL_B&et_cid=DM70407&et_rid=859147429

        • But just Look what we would get with him out of the Way

        • But just Look what we would get with him out of the Way

        • The President can not make LAW — You did not break the law.

          Its an order not a law.

      2. Fuck em
        I’m getting out my red paint and a brush and painting all mine red
        Or maybe blue
        Or maybe black

        Or maybe I’ll paint my common 223/556 stuff green on purpose
        See how they like me now

        • @enemy

          exactly, lets say you like pretty green tips and decide to use some pretty green nail polish to paint them. Does that now make you an outlaw or a felon? these laws are so absurd. It’s a friggin bullet, armor or no armor the sumbitch is deadly. maybe we should outlaw flesh piercing tips too….yu know for our safety of course. But of course in a country where you cant have finger nail clippers on an airplane what do you expect? Oh wait 9/11…..nevermind:(:(:(

          • Magnets are color-blind.

        • I have boxes and boxes of ammo i loaded, was just for this r that, but was all winchester cases with Sierra Blitz King varmint bullets, the tips are green,,,
          Nice green polymer tips,
          So what, im out shootin varmint critters and the fed pigs come along,
          They gonna arrest me because im shooting green tips???
          You know
          I joke around online and talk about shooting stuff up etc,


          This is all just to prove wat a bunch of stupid sheep ficking bone heads you are.
          If your getting a stiffy over some grumpy older farmer dude who is perfectly satisfied to just bounce along the bottom and mind his own fucking business you fuckers have a pathetic life and i feel sorry for you.
          Get a grip, then get a grip on reality,
          Wake the fuck up because while I am not a terrorist kinda guy im sure there sre hundreds of thousands who look and read and stew and dont say a word and will be perfectly happy to pin your asses to the ground with some of the M855

          • KULA-
            A light sandpaper will remove green paint.
            Be safe .

            • Fuck the sandpaper, paint everything green.

              • Just to clear up a few details, as I understand it, only steel tipped ammo was made illegal, a copper plated FMJ lead ammunition is still legal, as are the hollow points with colorful green plastic tips (even green ones) that fill the hollow point and make the bullet fly true.

                Further they made steel tip AR ammo illegal to manufacture, sell, imports etc. If you already own it, possession is not a crime, neither is shooting it at the range, but if I had a case of green steel tip, I would not be wasting it at the range.

                There is no reason to sand off the green paint, unless you want the tips to rust!

                If you have bags of bullets and reload, it may be technically illegal to do so with steel tipped bullets. However, to posses either the components or the completed ammo is not a crime for the gun owner. To admit you manufactured i.e. reloaded them yourself may be a crime. So don’t freaking admit it to anyone, anytime, anyplace or the government will go all Ruby Ridge on you!

                Please anyone correct me if anything I said above is incorrect!

                • But what if I (I mean you) you reloaded it last month?…or year? I forget, I’m old. And peace-loving….and a pacifist….and vegan…. and….

                  PS- Hi fellas, how’s the weather there in Utah? N ever a S imple A nswer, is there?

                  • You have the right to remain silent.

                    Never admit anything to the police. If you say anything, anything at all, “it can and will be used against you”! If circumstantial evidence brings into question any statement you made, it can be taken out of context, repackaged and used against you.

                    This new police state they are building is frightening, the only words to come out of anyone’s mouth these days are, “I choose to remain silent, I want a lawyer, am I under arrest, or may I go now!”

                • Oh shit. I have all sorts of Russian made steel ammo and it works fine. It’s Golden Bear and not the tula crap. Anyway, any word on what’s up with banning that stuff.

                  • Oh they will get to it eventually. It’s their agenda.

          • Kula, Don’t bother with them. These federal people are mostly the same bunch of steroid punk sissys. They get their steak already packaged for them in the store. They wouldn’t know how to dress a deer if they had to. The sight of blood might make them sick unless it was their rare cooked steak on the plate. Most of the ones I have run into are too refined to fight a mans fight. Just a bunch of bureaucratic idiots. Most have not been in a good fistfight.

      3. Nazism 2.0 All the people that have given their life for this country weep. The goddamn enablers in this country are cancer rotting away our rights. They would gladly cut off their foot if it means the other guy gets both feet cut off.

      4. While I do not agree with a ban on any ammo, But what is pissing me is everyone making it sound like all 5.56 ammo is being banned, it is only the AP. We get mad when they call an AR-15 an automatic weapon or an assault rifle, we need to tell it right on our side too, or we are no better. Misinformation is bad no matter where it comes from.

        • armor piercing my ass, sheep. Baaaaaaahhhhh!!!!!!

        • Nicely put 006. Any attempt to ban any kind of ammo is unconstitutional, but fear mongers & retail price gougers use this as an excuse to drive up prices and make more money.

          I do believe Obama is probably responsible for selling more guns & ammo in the US than any retailer or manufacturer.

          • Well the prick already had the EPA shut down the only lead smelting plant, but that didn’t stop the ammo production so he went this rout instead.

        • “…no one can import it, sell it, or even produce it.”

          If, and ONLY IF, this would also apply to Fed/state/local government agencies and entities, then it could be a legitimate ban.

          If not, if it only applies to civilians and exempts any government agency except military, then it is pure unconstitutional tyranny and shall be null and void.

          • It’s unconstitutional no matter what it bans, or who is banned from having it.

            “…the right to keep and bear arms shall not be INFRINGED[!]”

          • Has the military stopped using M855 ammunition? If not, expect a lot of “shrinkage losses” from Government inventories, LOL!

          • Nobama, damned good point. What part of UNCONSTITUTIONAL do those pricks not understand? I guess the whole thing.

        • Stupid ass comment 006. The point is that they are taking things from us little by little and we sit back and do nothing. We scurry around like rats and try to stock up on what they want to take from us. We think “boy aren’t we outsmarting them”. All the while they chew off a piece at a time and we simply let it happen. We so far, are cowards and pussies. We get what we get.

        • 006,
          normally i would agree with you concerning bad info. BUT this time i am so sick and tired of the scumbags running and ruining our country i don’t care what info. it is as long as it gets those f—-ers out of the whitehouse!

          • I probably did not express what i was saying as well as I wanted, but I am with you! I have been working too too hard lately. millions on welfare depending on me and all that.

            • And they don’t even show appreciation to you for working hard so they don’t have to.


          • No ban is legit if they exempt themselves.

            Of the people, by the people, for the people.
            We the people need to wake up and stand up to tyranny.

        • I find it interesting that 30 morons have red-thumbed your comment 006. I have to wonder if they are stoned, or just stupid.

          Since when did truth become a disposable virtue? Evidently for some here it is. For them, accuracy when we state our position is just not important.


      5. He’s just looking out for us because we are too simple minded to look out for ourselves. You’d think you would be more appreciative you ungrateful ignoramus. He is looking out for our best interest, right???Right????

        • Obaaamaaaaaaaa…Obaaaaaaaaaaaaamaaaa….

      6. Normally, I don’t post here, well usually because by the time I read an article most everyone has covered what I might add, but this time, I’m not sure any of the regulars could adequately convey my disgust, anger, and frustration at the infringements this government, and make no mistake about it, it is NOT just this administration.
        It’s BOTH sides of the aisle and every single person in DC that are either actively seeking to claim authority over our natural rights, or passively allowing them to be usurped.
        Peaceful noncompliance will only take us so far and sooner or later, were going to be pushed into taking the action reserved for us, illustrated in the Declaration of Independence if altering or abolishing this form of government.
        When any sitting president feels comfortable enough in his office to make the declaration that “we’ve expanded my authority, and even if congress votes against it I’ll veto it”, it is well past time for passive resistance and begging at the feet of government.
        I say we first stop funding them.
        We vote with our dollars and feet.
        No more paying taxes, no more permits, licenses or fees.
        We buy 80% lowers, build our own and let them expose themselves as the plutocracy that they are.
        F### em.
        I’m over it.

        • Right there with you Scott
          Couldn’t have said it better

        • Scott:
          You hit the nail on the head. Keep the faith brother,
          the south is going to rise again. I do mean that figuratively. I think you know what I mean so get ready stay vigilant.
          S.T.S.F.P. N.R. N.S. N.REB

          • You have no idea how true that is. If something does happen, the south with Texas will split. It will be impossible for the government to reclaim the states. It really doesn’t matter how much military support they have. This battle will not be fought in the open fields. It will be the greatest insurgent revolution of all history. With Russia and China begging for this to happen, can you imagine the flow of weapons into the south, just to keep the break up going? It would be the ultimate revenge for all the years of US backed wars. All Russia and china would have to do is sit back and let the weapons flow.

          • You misspelled “literally”, Yank.

            • Unrecon:
              LOL: Your right about the misspelling. Ha. Ha. Ha.
              Not all those southern boys and girls are going to rise up!;-{ A hell of a lot more will than won’t. The south is in all directions now.
              Keep your powder dry, I’m afraid you will need it very soon.
              S.T.S.F.P. N.R. N.S. N.Reb

              • Yeah, I know a lot of Northerners who say this time they’ll be on our side. I guess better [150 years] late than never.

            • Sorry, but your the yankee, I am the Bayou Cajun, that you will never see coming for your ass.

        • As if. All our taxes and permit money is not even paying the interest on the trillions debt they have racked up. You cant break them when they have control of the printing press. Fiscal responsibility went out the window with the Regan or even probably the Nixon administration when that asshole decoupled precious metals from the currency. And NEVER tell anyone to quit paying the IRS. Those guys will shoot you in the back after they killed your dog, raped your wife and cut the arms off your children and made you sit there and watch it all. NO>> NEVER give them a reason to attack you because believe me THEY WILL! Folks, listen to me, pay your taxes, keep your head down and let the chips fall where they may. The day is coming when everything is going to come to a head and you would be wise to stay off their radar. Stealth is where its at.

          • The only reason we have a chance to win is their over spending. It’s like a drug to them, and eventually it will kill them. Problem is it’s almost as deadly to us. Buy while they may put some aside for themselves, they cannot do it for all their paid supporters and when that goes we have a chance

        • Putin’s primary critic was just killed in open air, 4 shots to the chest in the middle of Moscow. These are the type of “hits” that will soon be taking place in this country. Few well placed shots will go much further than the Rambo style bullshit we envision from the movies. I hope not to fight government troops and organized alphabet groups. I would get my ass kicked. I will on the other hand be glad to take out high value targets that are game changers in the larger picture. 100-300 yard shots from a 30-06 or up close .357 mags in a walk by scenario will be the soup de jour. Our political asshats will one day be afraid to show their faces in public. Our leaders suck and most of our fellow countrymen suck. Only once we the people get uncomfortable will anything significant happen. Bank on it though, things will change at some point.

        • Well put Scott,,,
          Thank you

        • Vote with your greentips. Those votes will count more than any typical staged “election”.

        • Scott, welcome aboard. You took my thunder but that’s OK. A very good post. Again, welcome.

        • 100 likes to you sir!

        • Galt lives!

          Quit the charade. Stop contributing to the destruction of America. Quit the job, live off the land, barter, dont buy into obamacare.
          Llower your expectations of having the American dream. It ain’t for us, its carved out for illegals.

      7. Obamma, the best thing to happen to gun control sense Brady1;-}
        Now watch the sales sky rocket on ammo and firearms.
        That Ahole does not know that he is treading on the wrong people. Someone or group will try to fight it in court. Win or lose there will be another bullet come along and take its place, that is even better. The manufacturers will market it as a hunting load.
        I have my stash I hope you do also….
        S.T.S.F.P. N.R. N.S. N.REB

        • You rich boys buy all the poodle popper stuff you want. I understand there are about five million POS out there that aren’t legal for deer hunting in most states. Must be a lot of rich boys.

          Some of us stack our deer hunting loads to the ceiling. Keep your bolt action rifles oiled and ready, might have to go to war to defend the right for rich boys to own a POS.

          f ’em

          • Struck a nerve with them rich boys didn’t you f ’em?

            Stick with your big bores, American style, big bores that is, M1 Garand, M1A and anything that is well made and shoots a .308, or better.

            Stack ’em to the ceiling and have your Garand always at the ready and your pump 12 gauge for night duty.

            Semper Fi

        • sounds like all they need to do is paint the tips a different color…I never liked green, except on trees and plants anyway.

          • Paint em BACON colored,,,,
            Will serve two purposes!
            Personally, if im shooting at some ignorant infringing mother fuck I prefer 7.62×51
            And they aint no wimpy 147grain plinkers either.
            Hot and heavy thanks, just like i like my pickup trucks and 4x4s

            • Amen, Kula.

            • Kula, you’re making me hungry when you mention bacon.

            • Kula you just hurt my feelings, thats what I was stocking up with for my M1A. Whew, but atleast I don’t have an S10 pickup. Trekker Out.

              • Now you’re talkin’ Mountain Trekker. M1A all the way.

                Semper Fi

            • absatively posilutely. Rub some bacon on it.

          • I think I’ll paint my AR green, because liberals love green.

            Green… it’s the new red.

          • Sixpack: What idiot is going to come to my adobe to check to see if I have any green tips. As for as I know bone scrapes the green paint off any way.

      8. Think I’ll play with my balls this weekend.
        Haven’t stoked the smoke poles in a while.
        At least the EPA hasn’t banned led…yet.
        I’d really hate to have to cast up some silver…
        So guy’s if you haven’t got yer muzzle loaders yet, ya better hurry…Even if they are at the bottom of the list, they will get to them eventually.

        • Assuming of course, “they” will survive the attempts to forcibly take all of the legal firearms from their legal citizen-owners….I don’t think “they” will be successful.

        • Ive always thought that would be a hoot,
          Assemble a few hundred thousand guys in DC for a realistic reenactment of some battle in the revolutionary war, we all dress in period garb with muzzle loaders and take DC, lead balls for all! we dont need no stinkin assault rifles, a few hundred thousand muzzle loaders will do,,,,,

          • Got two Thompson center muzzle loaders and a few cap and ball pistols
            All of them dam accurate and hit like a freight train
            Half an inch lead balls gotta hurt
            Plenty of deer have felt it’s sting

      9. The truth of the matter is, that the(and let us not forget) that the AR. that was found at Sandy Hook was actually in the trunk of the car driven by the nut job that killed those innocent people. So now the nut job in the white house is looking to mess with all who own guns not just AR’S!!

        • Sandy Hook story falls right in line with 9/11/01 and the Boston Bombing and numerous of other incidents. There are so many loose ends and numerous lies that does not fit this orchestrated events so called Official Story.

        • …and not just nut jobs.

      10. Better to stock up now to be safe. Encouraged some of my crew to do the same yesterday and got nice little addition to the stash 🙂

      11. Incrementally, methodically, one little step at a time…some notice, but most don’t. Then, when enough of the little dams up stream have all broke, the amount of water backing up at the proverbial “BIG”‘ dam will be just too much. But alas, many, many more small dams need to be dismantled, which is right in line with their agenda, before we reach that point. All the while, the malleable programmed minds of the dumb down masses continue feasting on mind altering resources that only prolong the inevitable, colossal shake down.

        For those of you who are hoping for some light at the end of the tunnel. It’s too late. We will never return to the “good old days”, besides, the “good” in those days was always an illusion; a picture postcard world of make believe, setting us up for being totally under their mind controlling spell.

        SO, get used to the new world. Learn to adapt. If you don’t have what you want right now, get it while you can, and then, hide it and save it for a rainy day, ’cause the storm is going to blow the minds of the many and life is going to get downright nasty, medieval at some point in the not so distant future…say around 2020.

        Lastly. Better have the means to stay centered and grounded. It’s all going to get beyond crazy. Beyond anything we can imagine. Choose a universe where sanity prevails, one that nourishes the mind and body. Even the internet will reach a point where one’s immune system will be severely challenged. Best to wean oneself off the sites one is addicted to, now. Learn to be happy without the ‘net. IT’s coming.

      12. I have a couple of 223’s and have owned others over the years and have never fired an FMJ I any of them.

        I suppose cheap ammo for practice is a good thing but if TSHTF and I have to shoot someone or need to hunt with my 223’s I want the most effective projectile in it I can get and that is a good 55Gr soft point.

        I rarely use factory ammo anyway, always reload my own.


        • Mogadishu of Black Hawk down fame was a disaster because of the green tip ammo. It passed right through with little damage or shock to those who were shot requiring the Marines to shoot them four or more times to stop them. Get the 75 and 77 grain ammo instead.

          • Get a real rifle, one that shoots a 150 grain or better bullet at 2,600 fps or better.

            Stack its ammo high.

            f ’em

            • The issue is AR-15 ammo not a .308. Few people own the bigger guns. The real issue here is the old this is the first step in what will be a gradual banning of all ammo.

              • Come on John, there are millions of deer hunters that own tens of millions of big bore deer rifles. Shit can the ARs and .223 poodle poppers.

                f ’em

          • Get an M1 Garand, or an M14 like we used to use, john. The .223 is a plinker round.

          • Those weren’t Marines at the Black Hawk down disaster, John. You should know better.

            Those were U.S. Army Rangers and Delta Force and 160th SOAR aviators with other units in support, but not Marines.

      13. I am so discouraged by this government – it doesn’t in the least represent me anymore. I LOVE my country, God help me I do love it, but the powers that run it are a hopeless mess – with rare exception.

        I still vote, I write my congress critters, I e-mail ’em, I call ’em, fax ’em, sign petitions – and the list goes on. But there is LITTLE difference between red/blue, Dem/Repub. They are (for the most part) hopeless, helpless, gutless wonders.

        I don’t know what’s next, n quite honestly I’m afraid to see what will happen next. Some idiot will begin something he can’t finish, and the rest of us lack the guts to do anything about it – even when the PTB over react to it. Then the government will use the event (like they did at Sandy Hook) as an excuse to take ALL our rights away. I think it’s possible they may even perpetrate a black swan event just to give them an excuse to declare martial law, take away our God given rights, or act in a similarly egregious manner.

        And I’m afraid we’ll allow it. I’m discouraged as I look around me and see the spineless behavior on the part of all of us – congresscritters and civilians. Sheep and Sheepdogs alike. All while the wolves play — unbridled, unhindered, and unchecked. May God have mercy on our souls!


        Son of Liberty

        • “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”

          A hard reset of this country is long overdue.

          • AMEN!!!! to that

              Dan Morgan

              Semper Fi

      14. I seem to remember the former president( a draft dodging, philandering Rhodes scholar) doing the same thing with steel cored Chicom 7.62 x 39 ammo after Thompson Center put out a Contender pistol. Funny thing is, ANY decent rifle round will piss through the vests most cops wear. Even if there is no penetration , your ass is down. It’s like being hit with a freight train. A friend who survived such a hit likened it to being hit with a canoe paddle across the abdomen. No picnic.
        And while we’re at it , where does this weasel get off ruling our country by fiat? Arbitrary and capricious enforcement of regulations not passed by legislature ? Socialism isn’t just incipient , we’ve been taken over. Of course, wait until his Bolshevik inspired “net neutrality” takes off . The chipping away of our Bill of Rights continues unabated. Screw these pricks! Molon Labe

        • Whats funny, is that these government pukes think their armor and MRAPS and laws will keep them safe and somehow give them the upper hand,,,
          They are outnumbered 10 or more to 1
          And thats just the Vets…..

          • hey guys I know this is a little off subject but I just got a point blank interceptor vest I heard this was a IIIa vest I know very little about body armor but looking to get some gear what are your thoughts of any of you that has any time with this stuff and as always thanks for you input and advise

            • falloutboy

              Your protection level should be on the label sowed onto the fabric. Odd you know that it is Interceptor (Military?) Body Armor and not the level of protection. Hope you didn’t just purchase the carrier.

            • better get some “hard plates” for that vest, because EVVERRRYYYBODY will have battle rifles out there when it all goes to shit. that III3A is only going to protect you if you get shot with a pistol, for the most part. 308 is going right through it. search for “what will level III3A stop”, or similar, to find some great youtubes/articles on the subject…there’s a good one on survivalblog… those of you that aint got a vest yet, are gonna be SORELY dissapointed when the shootin’ starts, pun intended.BTW, if yer lookin’ for military vests(my PERSONAL choice) you need to know that the bigger sizes are almost impossible to find, as there aren’t any “big” people allowed in the military any more. i feel VERY fortunate to find an XL, and when i do, i gotta pay a much higher price for them. when i sell this stuff at the gun show, the people that are asking for them are ALWAYS BIG(even though they don’t KNOW that)… and don’t pay TOOO much attention to dates, just make sure it hasn’t been abused. more often than not, they can be found in as-new condition…and don’t forget the helmet to go with it….again, XL is much harder to find.

        • Overwatch, AMEN!

      15. O-Buttman has probably been the best unintentional gun and ammo salesman in history.
        Every time he pulls some shit like this Americans run out and arm themselves to the teeth (more).
        I think its safe to say that we outnumber and outgun his minions 100 to 1.
        One of these days the hammer is going to drop…

        • He’s really pissed off at Netanyahu, any bets that Obama will try to have him offed. Just sayin!

          • it is how he handles ‘things”.

      16. The entire government is out of kilter. It’s like being on a run away train with no conductor headed for the mountain pass at breakneck speed. Yea, maybe we can hold the tracks through the next pass but there’s always that nagging doubt.
        Vote for who you want-I don’t think who we elect is going to keep this train on the tracks. It feels almost biblical ya know?
        I get the distinct feeling being a white makes me a DHS target, with their emphasis on middle class, white, Christian males as a potential problems to be solved.

        Funny thing is I couldn’t tell ya the date it all went to sh*t, I just woke up one morning and things were different.

        Anyone not prepping now needs to look around and see what they’re standing knee deep in…

      17. Is there any real chance that the ban will be repealed?

        • He, it actually hasn’t been enacted as of yet. But just like 22LR it will be a long time before the price comes back down, even if it doesn’t go into law, because many will be hoarding it. Trekker Out.

          • If so I hope it takes everyone’s hording attention away from .22LR for awhile.

      18. Yep, life or rules, I have a right to life, not a right to rules.

        • Apparently, our right to life ends as soon as we have to defend it. The govt recognizes no right to life but their own.

          • Sixpack, I’ll still claim ALL of our natural rights even AFTER the shooting starts.

      19. It’s clear by the Federal government’s actions of continued violations of the rights of the American people, that the time is approaching soon when Americans will have to defend themsevles by force of arms because of the federal government’s deepening encroachments.

        We have as president, an undocumented, illegal alien usurper, whose mission has been all along the destruction of the United States. Our congress is sold out to the will of the antichrist Obama, and our military has been neutered to the point of joining the gay agenda.

        We the people are on our own, yet we are not alone, “For anyone who calls upon the name of the Lord will be saved.” Having a right relationship with God through his son Jesus is of most importance in these demonic dark days. Repent of all sin and be strong in your faith in Jesus. It is after all faith in Jesus which is the victory which has overcome the world.

        Make plans on how best to use your firearms and other armaments when the time comes to do so. Be confident, determined, and not double-minded when the shooting battles start. Remember your rights and stand on what the Declaration of Independence says is our duty to do when government turns tyrannical and oppressive.

        God bless you all, in Jesus name. If we don’t ever meet each other in this life, may we by the grace of God meet each other on the other side where there will be no more wars, no more corruption, and no more death.

        • Ghost –

          No disrespect, but how can people get right with God, when most people can’t seem to get right with themselves?
          If there is a Heaven/After World – I care not want to be surrounded by a bunch of narcissistic/sociopath’s. There is enough of that here in this World as it is.

          • Tony have you ever been sick enough to need a Doctor? If so, did you say, well when I get well, I’ll go to the Doctor. It seems like that would be rather stupid, don’t you think? Well this seems to be the case with many people when it comes to God. You don’t get good enough to go to God, that’s why He was manifest in the flesh as Jesus Christ and died for our sins. We go as we are, and if we really except him, he will do the changing in our lives. Trekker Out.

            • Was about to post the very same thing.

      20. 2 MORE YEARS OF ROME

        • The next ass clown will be the same or even worse. This is only the beginning.

      21. The Gun Control Act of 1968 (GCA) is, on its face, unconstitutional in its entirety. Citing an unconstitutional law to justify non-existent regulatory authority, smacks of subversion and treason.

        Par for the course, I suppose.

        • Amen, AC.

        • “Shall Not Be Infringed”

          I doubt today, 128 years after that language was penned, that a clearer more accurate use of words to describe the intent they desired to convey could be found in the dictionary.

      22. My go to gun for all occasions is a simple sporterized SKS and the ammo I have for it for emergency long term use is Chinese copper washed steel core I loaded up on back before it was banned as AP and was absolutely dirt cheap to buy in cases of hermetically sealed tins.

        Hard hitting, big hole in what it hits at any range, accurate enough to hit deer sized targets at over 300 yards, low profile, easy to carry and can shoot through multiple obstacles. Ammo loaded on stripper clips is compact and light weight to carry compared to ammo loaded in magazines and strippers reload it almost instantly from any shooting position if you practice a bit to learn how. It’s in my truck 24/7. I highly recommend the SKS.

        My in home up close and personal defense guns are a simple 5 shot .38 snubby revolver and an AR pistol along with a 12 and 10 gauge shotgun. (actually, the AR pistol is a valid weapon for close range or using from the cab of a vehicle but somewhat of a novelty gun so the 12 gauge would be what I’d grab first).

        Those guns -the AR probably excepted- are not on anyone’s priority for banning list and not likely to attract undue attention if anyone knows you have them since they don’t have the scary “assault rifle” appearance but are actually fearsome weapons in their intended uses (including military confrontations).

        I’m not a big fan of the AR platform rifles, they seem to be overpowered and a bit unweildly for close range use and underpowered for longer range use and need a lot of maintenance to be reliable, but to each his own.

        In the end, it isn’t the gun that counts, it’s the person using it and his or her tactics in doing so.

        • What worry’s me is that commie sks being used by commies and we’ve got a lot of commies in commie land Amerika.

          f ’em

          • Three commies red thumbed your commie sks post, f ’em.

            Semper Fi

      23. I fear that if TPTB are successful in banning the green tips they will continue trying to ban other ammo. I think they are testing the waters with the green tips.

      24. The fact of who this president is , and isn’t
        Is enough to unfold all that has been done in his term
        He has no lawful ability to do any of what he’s done
        Time for us all to make him and this admin
        Many have stated that he is the user per of that seat in our government and that alone makes every act he has taken null n void
        Time to undo it all with a stoke of the people’s pen

        • The admin plus the rest of the fed gov
          When they come back to reality
          Then i will consider being a reasonable man,
          Until then my motto is as difficult as possible!

        • All Boner or McConnell had to do was declare that Obama did not have the authority to do the things he did and anyone who was involved in implementing his actions was acting outside the law and good luck getting paid. We are at the point now where Obamas stooges just flip off the congress when the are issued an order to testify. Since the Democrats have volumes of all the illegal things the Stupid Party leadership have been involved in there is no pushback. I still think that Boner has a man crush on Obammie.

      25. User per= usurper

      26. I said they were gonna attack ammo on prior posts. No ammo gun is a paper weight ATF knows this. If you don’t have a good supply of bullets your behind the ball folks. I said it before this is a trial experiment for the gov. If this works out for them hand gun ammo is next. I don’t have an ar 15 so I don’t buy 5.56. I have what I feel is adequate. But I saw this coming down the pipe. 7.62 is next and if that makes them happy. 45 auto next any automatic caliber is on the table to be axed by gov. That’s change for you. Glad I didn’t wait to get what I want. Get your bulk packs now. Seems like having guns is gonna be for the rich in the future.

      27. So the Emperor makes a statement. The better question is, who’s enforcing it? If the henchmen and minions said “no, this is not something we do in this country”, his pronouncement would be a fart in the wind.

        • true…but it’s the paycheck, pension and bennies they want. Rights be damned if the paycheck is threatened.

          Sure, they will threaten funding cuts and shutdowns, but that is just smoke and mirrors. Everybody got back pay the last time they tried that fake shutdown shit.

          Henchmen and minions, from top to bottom, will always be rewarded for “following orders”. Power is scared of the people.

          They should be.




        SHIT !!!! THEY DO NOT CARE……….

      29. Tip for what it is worth: The high percentage of people shoots right handed and if your shoot’n and scoot’n more than likely you’re going to go right (strong side) in your movement, so the other side if in the know will follow you right, so practice going weak side and practice even more moving to the weak side. Also practice shooting weak side because your life depends on it. Practice weak side and live.

        Spent the day putting on Getto Night Sights on all my weapons that do not have real Night Sights yes they work to some degree, better than nothing.

        • Copperhead thanks for the tip. Some things are so obvious that they are over looked. Trekker Out.

        • Good tip copperhead. Let me say that it is a real pita being left handed. Especially when driving… Very tough to access the sidearm on the left side. Been practicing right handed for some time now (weak hand for me). Gonna get an under-dash holster for that reason, in case I get surprised at a light. Gun in left hand is almost useless in the truck.

      30. This happens just when the price has dropped to a tolerable level. The lesson to be learned is when its available and affordable get it because one does not know what tomorrow will bring.

      31. Waiting for the next shoe to drop,which caliber will be next? Where are the gun owning Democrats? How do you like the man now? Beat him to the punch…get your prayer rug now!

        • Where are the gun-owning Democrats? I know I was utterly flabbergasted to find, on joining my present rifle club, that over half the membership is Democrats! Probably because they are also union members – UMW, mostly. They already won’t vote Obama, and my district did throw out a Dem representative over the War on Coal, but 90% of the local officials are still Dems, and 100% of the school board. At some point they’ll evolve into a more responsible life form, but that may take centuries.

      32. We Will SURVIVE

      33. YES !!!!

      34. We Will SURVIVE !!!!!

      35. Lets see you have fake pres who is really the pres of the USA incorporated with no jurisdiction over anyone without a contract as a corporations falls under the law of contracts to have any force. Any authority they may have is limited to DC, Porto Rico and a few other small places. This guy signs his own death warrant by formally committing treason when he signs any unconstitutional anti gun order. Anyone who goes along with it is guilty too. Why not just ignore the tyrant want to be? Where are the military leaders who swore and oath to and paid to defend against all enemies foreign and domestic? Are they all paid off?

      36. Just look at everything that is going on under the radar so to speak. China siding with Russia on the Ukraine, Russia building military bases in the Arctic, China making military moves in the Pacific, what is going on in the Middle-East, the list go on and on. World’s economies in shambles, tells me something huge is about to happen and I believe it will start with the glowing ember called the MIDDLE-EAST this place is about to become a huge flaming fire, and that is going to encompass the whole world soon. Someone is just going to say F~ck It and let her go, whole hog or nothing. All this IMHO!

      37. Behind every blade of grass … Mother F’ers!

        • …and every tree, rock, shed and pole…

      38. The excuse for this proposed ban is that someone built an AR pistol. And ‘you can’t have’ an pistol that will fire AP rounds. And the 62 grain NATO supposedly pierces armor while a 55 won’t. (snort)
        Really stretching it.
        So somewhere some industrious agents are making pistols that will fire all common rifle rounds and presto! No more rifle ammo.

        ‘Stroke of the pen, law of the land. Pretty cool.’
        – Bill Clinton

        • tj2 I believe Thompson Center covered that a long time ago, with the Contender.

        • Actually tj2, it was one of Clinton’s (piece of shit)advisors, Paul Begala,(another piece of shit) who used the quote ‘Stroke of the pen, law of the land. Pretty cool.’ The only stroking of Clinton’s pen was done by Lewinsky. No malice intended to you tj2.

        • I want a .338 Lapua pistol. Should be able to fire it one-handed, right?

        • I want a 338 Lapua pistol. Should be a piece of cake to shoot one-handed, right?

      39. It’s like congress don’t exist. Obummer does what he wants he is the supreme leader watch for labor camps near you. Oh don’t speak bad about him either or your whole family will pay.

      40. Damm with a govt that we have in control right now, we don’t ever run out of enemys

        • Enemy of the State, it should read, “from their cold dead hands”. When the time comes, it’s always a good idea to disarm them that came to disarm you.

          • Amen

      41. I hope that we (American Citizens) finally stand up and take back control of our country

      42. now might be a good time to learn how to reload and make your own bullets with a crucible and bullet mold.

        add your own .222 steel tip to the bullets.

        everything you need to do such a thing is still readily available online.

        • Govt regulation will be taking over internet due to FCC and net neutrality. These wonderful freebie “how to’s” may one day be difficult to view. It’s slowly slipping folks. California court just upheld ban an new handgun sales that do not stamp the spent casings with ID/SN#. Slowly tightening the noose.

          • I find it interesting that the more the govt attempts to tighten the noose, the more the populace will rebel. Makes me wonder how orchestrated the entire ordeal really is.

      43. In my humble opinion what is truly going on is the government trying to find out who owns the non registered arms in this nation. In other words DO NOT BUY AMMO ONLINE WITH YOUR BANK CARDS! buy them with cash or make your own. who knows how many ar 15’s have been made by 3d printers or otherwise. And that is the point, the government dose not know ether. however they do know who buys ammo on line with a bank card! Get the point!

      44. Just bought 1000 rounds from PalmettoState Armory, it’s still available it here and they aren’t gouging the price. An AR is not my only gun but it has a tactical use in some situations. I also agree with the poster who said the green tip is not the optimal 5.56 round for many situations.
        As for the ATF’s right to do this, what can you say. Regulatory agencies like the ATF ARE Congress now. They draft new laws and Cogress appears powerless to stop them. The President acts lawlessly because he knows the Congress will not implement its main weapon against Presidental misconduct; impeachment. They and a sizable portion of our population have been brainwashed into believing Blacks should get a pass on abominable behaviors because of wrongs done them in the past. Huge swaths of our population live in terror of being branded with the dreaded R word. Obummer knows this and is exploiting it to the nth degree. That’s why the king makers put him in there in the first place, they knew he could get away with behavior that would not be tolerated by a white President. That is also why Hilary Clinton, or if she stumbles Liz Warren is being anointed by the powerful, the same psychology will apply. Who is gonna step up and impeach the first woman President no matter how lawless. It is a winning play book and after 16 years of such nonsense believe me our country WILL be fundamentally transformed.
        I am old fashioned , I believe men and women are responsible for what they do, and I will speak out for them to be held accountable for their actions. If that makes me a Racist so be it, call me a racist, a sexist call me a sexist, a purveyor of “hate speech” so be it. How do we break this pattern, we don’t . I have all the ammo I need and reload equipment. I will spend the summer reinforcing my redoubt and doing a little fishing on the lake it borders, the die is cast folks, we either take the fight to them, which I don’t see happening or enjoy the short time we have before they bring it to us.

      45. If memory serves me correctly, the repubs said they needed a majority in both houses to be effective. I went out last November, and help give them that power. From now on, if I ever vote again, I will only vote for women. I know right up front, that they don’t have any balls!

        • Sure about that? I’ll bet Moochelle’s balls are bigger and hairier than Obola’s balls.

      46. Just anoother item for the smugglers to get rich on.

      47. Our elected officials are supposed to represent the will of the people. Clearly our president has no respect for this basic concept of our political system. His over use of Executive Orders makes him no more than a dictator.

      48. You Newbies better get humpin and get your shit together!

        There are other rifles that shoot .223. Mini 14 and some AK variants. Guess all that crappy ammo we have been talking about is going to get a premium price tag.
        The ” I wouldn’t shoot that shit in my gun.” is about over. Ammo at any cost. You can only reload so much.

      49. Old coach I’m a union guy all the way but hate the democrats. I don’t vote for any .the union tells us democrats are on our side. I don’t see it myself .the unions slate was voted on and a new slate was put in power. It’s called teamsters for a democratic union (TDU) it’s a joke the union hospital people took it over. Teamsters is a truckers union. It seems other professional groups have hijacked the most powerful union and are using it for their own agenda. TDU has done nothing for their trucker brothers that I can see. I’ve given up on the union they have sold us out. When I’m no longer the best paid in the industry I will work where I don’t have to pay dues. I can go on and on about the things that have gone on but it’s too much to type about.

      50. This is just more bullshit propaganda by the gun and ammo industry to create fear and paranoia so you sheeple will panic buy and drive up prices while they laugh all the way to the bank and your foolish asses.

      51. Green Tip ban so what is next? All HIGH VELOCITY ammunition is next, anything over (as an example 2000ft/sec) what they defined high velocity and what that may be who knows. Stop the ammunition and you have gun control (they think), so look for a new big purchase of ammunition from the Government in the near future, like maybe tomorrow. Why do you need a bullet going 3000ft/sec to kill a poor little deer because one going 1000ft/sec will too. Stock up on all the ammunition you can afford now. IMHO.

      52. On a side note,bummer Leanord Nemoy(spock)died.I have no idea about his politics/world views ect.,just found him a entertaining charecter in a cheesy but entertaining show(he did do a lot more then Trek acting wise on film and stage),may he enjoy the next life!

        • That is

        • Fuck Nemoy
          He was a anti gun hypocrite
          Good riddance

      53. Before the last ammo shortage, I had, already, reduced my gun “collection” to only four calibers/types. 9mm, 5.56, .22lr, and 12 gauge. I kept plenty others; 38special, 30.06, 7.62, 30-30, 45auto, etc., but I made a decision to only purchase ammunition for my glocks and sub2K, LMT, shotguns, and 22s.

        At the time I was all worried about SHTF, a Hilary WH, fiat currency, etc. I thought that some kind of collapse was looming, and I wanted to be prepared for it while I was biding my time on the mainland before relocating back to my wife’s birthplace… Hawai’i.

        At the time, I figured that I would load up on things that I could sell with little problem JUST before we made the final move. I wasn’t sure which/if any of my weapons/ammo I could legally (or otherwise) ship back to Hawai’i. But I bought a shit-ton of beans, bullets, bandaids, and bullion just in case something dreadful happened before we could finalize our move.

        Well… before my purchases, I shot all kinds and brands of ammo. I settled on specific brands that MY weapons did best with. For example, CCI minimag .22lr because my finicky sig mosquito didn’t hate them, and my rugers will shoot anything. Similar stories for each caliber.

        I shot at a lot of paper (and a few coyote/groundhog). I researched u-tube and websites like SHTFplan to see what others were doing. And when it came down to bulk ammo for my LMT AR-15, I chose Federal 5.56×45, xm855, 62 grain. Those green tipped cartridges performed great in 95 degree, super muggy weather, and when it was only 7 degrees out. ZERO failure to load or fire.

        Today I am wondering whether to sell ANY of my collection of arms/ammo before leaving the mainland. Those 5.56 metal boxes of 420 rounds weigh 16 pounds!!!, though.

        Oh well.I’ve got about a year or two to figure it out.

        Any thoughts (Kula)???

        • Why move to an Island that can easily be confiscated.
          That’s like someone saying they are going to move to Miami Florida.
          There is no escape route off an Island or a Peninsula.
          It’s a trap!
          With today’s technology, I see very little chance of anyone leaving shore on a boat to find refuge.
          You may as well turn yourself into the nearest FEMA Camp when they are in full operation.

          • Why?
            1. Honor deal with wife of 36 years.
            2. Property relocating to is easier to defend (assuming I am able to keep myself armed).
            3. Much easier to live off grid without brutal winters.

            • Ben,
              Lots of folks live off grid here in the islands, is perfect for a sustainable and self sustaining lifestyle.
              Is perfect for alt power, lots of sun and most places have decent wind,
              Some of that depends on location but im sure that stuff you sre aware of, i mean you wont be building a little farmstead in a town or resort area, but lots and lots of country spots where its perfect!
              Good deal that you are honoring your relationship,,, been with my sweety for 16+ years and cant imagine not being with her,,,

        • I would definitely keep what you have.
          What island? Im on Maui.
          Cant hunt with that stuff over here, legally, not on state land anyway, but private yes, not the best round for local game anyway. Pigs, deer, i like 308, mots of those, 270 is real popular to, old standby 30-06, is pretty much a personal thing.

          If you are paying a mover just be aware of limitations for shipping ammo etc, if moving yourself, best if you spread it out in your boxes etc,
          I didnt tell you that though,,,,

          Cheapest way to move is get a shipping container hauled to your house and fill it yoursel, if your on a tight budget, get those van packs, are a ply box 6’8×6’8×36″or 48″
          Pack it yourself and get a consolidator to ship, or Knaak boxes too for tools and stuff.

          Range sich sorta sucks, and theres no open carry, no concealed carry, they are pretty persnickety about it too, but its not totally impossible to live with,

          Is a pretty melow place to live, even Oahu, bit more of a rat race over there but is not bad,

          My fave is the Big Island, grew up over there, is just a lot lower density of peeps and more space, better 4wheeling and fishing etc, but all islands are nice. Molokai, eh…… Unless you have family there and even then i would be hesitant.

          Work wise….. Theres some, not like the late 80s early 90s or mid 2000s but theres work. Lousy pay mostly, but if you have means youll be ok.

          Anywho, You will like it for the weather and more laid back lifestyle, you get used to the commy covernment, or getting around it anyway, and youll find that crud almost anywhere nice to live these days.


          • Gotta clarify a bit on the hunt part and caliber,
            The state regs require a round that exerts not less than 2600 Ft LBS on contact, so most 223 ammo doesnt get that, i load heavier .224 bullets for an AR i have and it all specs over the 2600 ft lbs, that said i dont use it for hunting anyway, i may at some point for head shots but right now i just use my Ruger 308

            • Good to know you shoot the real rifles, Kula. A superb cartridge, the 30-06, is shot in the best rifles ever made, the M1 Garand, ’03, 03-A3, bolt actions by Winchester, Remington, Ruger, Savage, SAKO, Browning, Mauser, and several others.

              Why anyone would advise the use of the commie shit is beyond me.
              f ’em

              • ’cause you can buy 5.45 spam cans of 1080 rounds for $.22 a round.
                ’cause you can buy 7.62 span cans of 440 rounds for $.21 a round.

                Way more bang for your buck and they go bang every time.

                • That .223 isn’t a bang, it’s a whimper. Get a real rifle.

          • Roger. Mahalo.

            Wife is local. I lived Oahu from 79-90.

            We’ll go parents’ place on Oahu to start. Her folks need help in their golden years, and won’t leave Oahu. After that, Kauai.

            Yup. I have done the ship household belongings thing twice. This time, though, I am selling almost everything before we go. Only thing we plan on taking back are a few momentos/photos, minimal clothing, PMs, guns/ammo, and our Bull Terrier. We have been practicing being poor for quite a while.

            The gun laws in Hawai’i are a p.i.t.a., but I’ll figure out how to retain enough goodies to feel secure.

            I have been hoarding 10 round glock 17 mags. And am seriously considering changing from 5.56 to 308. I am confident that I can get my 29cents per round cost average back on this green tipped evil 5.56 I have.

            Thanks for the feedback.

            • 10-4
              Best of luck,
              Oahu has some good points.
              Every form of refuge has some price.
              Kauai is nice

        • fukushima is still pouring radiation poison in the pacific. if heading to the pacific , you might want to buy a Geiger Counter before you ship out and fortify your basement or a central located room in your home as a radiation shielded fallout shelter.

          so you have a safe zone to go to on very heavy radiation fallout days.

          beware the rain and road dust is radiated.

      54. Here’s why you don’t give up your guns. I live in the west suburbs of Chicago. About 9 PM last night a usual suspect tries to rob the local Walgreens. Shots fired and the chase is on. All the way to Michigan City Indiana. About 75 miles east. A few hours later, and just a couple miles east of the robbery attempt, some gang bangers decided to shoot at each other on the exit ramp from the expressway at Harlem Ave. One wounded. They never disarm the criminals. And this is the suburbs. The city is much worse.

        • Thats reason enough for me!

      55. As circumstances progress and we find ourselves in dire straits, trying to keep our Constitution alive. Will the majority of the prepper movement fight for all Americans. Has it not crossed your mind that you do not want to fight for those who continually agree with the policies of this administration. I gravitate more to those who walk among me more than the one’s clothed in uniforms. I also think I would not let people off the hook without some form of chastisement for their actions. No excuse for the under educated masses.
        So ban this or ban that. Make me a criminal. I am not alone. Just be willing to accept the consequences of your actions or inactions on either side of the debate.

        • Who would fight for all Amerikans? Many, or most are commies.

          f ’em

        • I’m right there with you. In two places PA and IA

      56. Wonder who will be the first to come up with a 3D printer bullet?

      57. Reload ears should put tungsten in the core when they cast their bullets. From what I understand this makes it a true armor piercing load. Depleted uranium would be good if you could find these things. Cops saying the green tips are made to go through tactical nylon. That’s why they don’t want you to have it. Tptb think guns are for shooting paper targets just get a pellet gun it will work for that. Ammo manufacturers need to figure out how to make effective ammo out of new materials.

      58. The only reason the Big 0 banned this ammo is so defenders of liberty can’t stop his well armed civilian militia when he declares Marital law after destroying and confiscating all we have when the crash comes down hard.

        In order to establish a dictatorship, the economy has to be very, very bad off. He has to disarm the people, take control of the media and internet to spread lies and deceptions and ban the truth, make the law-making elected body of congress irrelevant, declare Martial Law with his well armed civilian militia, force opposition into prisons, take over local government offices, make it all look legal, and rule to create fear on the right, and optimism on the left.

        From Hitler’s playbook. So, how much is this happening now?

        • Your so called Big O ain’t never Nathan Bedford’s boys.

          f ’em

          • ain’t never met Nathan Bedford’s boys.

            f ’em

        • His well armed civilian militia is gonna need a whole lot of celox

          • What his army needs is to be issued body bags unless they like sleeping in the dirt.

      59. We’ll be fighting in the streets
        With our children at our feet
        And the morals that they worship will be gone
        And the men who spurred us on
        Sit in judgment of all wrong
        They decide and the shotgun sings the song

        I’ll tip my hat to the new constitution
        Take a bow for the new revolution
        Smile and grin at the change all around me
        Pick up my guitar and play
        Just like yesterday
        And I’ll get on my knees and pray
        We don’t get fooled again
        Don’t get fooled again

        Change it had to come
        We knew it all along
        We were liberated from the fall that’s all
        But the world looks just the same
        And history ain’t changed
        ‘Cause the banners, they all flown in the last war

        I’ll tip my hat to the new constitution
        Take a bow for the new revolution
        Smile and grin at the change all around me
        Pick up my guitar and play
        Just like yesterday
        And I’ll get on my knees and pray
        We don’t get fooled again
        Don’t get fooled again
        No, no!

        I’ll move myself and my family aside
        If we happen to be left half alive
        I’ll get all my papers and smile at the sky
        For I know that the hypnotized never lie

        Do ya?

        There’s nothing in the street
        Looks any different to me
        And the slogans are replaced, by-the-bye
        And the parting on the left
        Is now the parting on the right
        And the beards have all grown longer overnight

        I’ll tip my hat to the new constitution
        Take a bow for the new revolution
        Smile and grin at the change all around me
        Pick up my guitar and play
        Just like yesterday
        Then I’ll get on my knees and pray
        We don’t get fooled again
        Don’t get fooled again!

        Meet the new boss
        Same as the old boss

      60. OT

        Since the FCC thinks it is now all powerful,
        I am peoposing this,,,,
        We ALL get ham radios make up our own callsigns and use the shit outa the system!
        What they gonna do?

        • Proposing

        • The FCC also heavily regulates ham radio. It is illegal to talk on the radio in secret code.

          • Thats the idea you boinker

        • ‘Jus remember…never stay in one place when your using a communications device. Very brief and concise conversation and then get off the radio. Your signal will be triangulated almost instantly and who ever is tracking you can get your direction, speed etc…instantly. There’s a reason the Taliban/terrorists don’t use cellphones any more.

      61. Stephan Berndt is one of the best german expert about prophecy. His book about Alois Irlmaier is one of the best book about the prophecys. He works very professional and puts all the informations about any prophecy after the year 1.000 behind Christ in a computer program to make his analyse. So if you can read german please read the book
        “Alois Irlmaier: Ein Mann sagt, was er sieht”
        I think the book is worth to translate into english.
        On his internetpage is not much to see.

        • just check only the first 35 seconds of this youtube:
          after the daed of the 3 rd politicans WW III. will start!
          Mayby Boris Nemtsov ist the 3rd??

      62. Yeah Kula, have always wondered what they would do if 10,000 or 100,000 of us just said screw it and did it WITHOUT their precious ‘permission’.

        Can they really find and arrest us ALL?

        • Not even remotely, and not even if the guys who are licensed turn snitch,
          If theres a will theres a way,
          Pre arranged times, pre arranged channel changes etc etc,,, sure they can figure it out and find you when you key but in a SHTF scenario they aint doing shit, in normal times i bet they wont do shit
          Some of the regular hams are snitches though, dont want to go astray of thrir almighty license and the FCC.
          I swear, people are such freakin sheep sometimes.

          • Hide in plain sight. The best code is one using plain language that you would expect to hear on the ham band, but has a second meaning.
            Such as calling the xyl on her way to the store and reminding her to get an extra pound of ground beef. Well, a pound of ground beef is actually a 50 round box of 9mm. Stopping for gas is really heading to the range. Just got off the phone with Jim really means the feds are headed toward the compound.

            Easy stuff.

            • DUUUUH! In plain language. State the bleeding obvious why don’t you. Sheeeesh!

        • And the ones that came to check just sorta vanished…..

          • Is right P P. Too much feedback… SQUELCH!

      63. AP-20……..That says it all.

      64. Eppe
        You still connecting people?

      65. Believing that the Constitution is still valid is a strategic error. We are outmaneuvered and Fed Gov Inc is so fearful they prosecute a covert war against its own citizens. To deny this is also a strategic error.
        The laws have been promulgated and are in place. They promulgate liability for their actions now. Borders sans constitution 100 miles wide, Police black ops in Chicago at least, the police state in general. Any movement for redress whether small, medium or large with be dealt with extreme prejudice and if effective institute continuation of government. A leader will not be allowed. After 1963, change has not come about politically and never will. The situation is dire.
        I have no answers but perhaps something like a Constitutional Reaffirmation. Where Nanny State and Uncle Sam are specifically excluded. Like China, BRICS and Eurasia with their Shanghai Economic Cooperation Union where Sam and Nanny are excluded specifically because they are corrupted and hegemonic. Can it be done? Maybe we can bloodlessly turn exceptional and indispensable into irrelevant and suitably humble but I have my doubts. Its allowance would tell the tale.
        So, a western reset will eventually come once our blood stops flowing for the wrung stone bleeds yet. In the west the drips slow as Nanny’s computers click while a golden sun rises in the east to push their own button. Shanghai will now fix the price of gold and silver and not solely the western manipulators. The east rises to reset and the paradigm pivots eastward, along with the remains of our hoard.
        Chinese wring golden stones good, mister. All good reset buttons are made in China, mister. You want to sell some gold, eh? Think that will keep you out of debtors prison, eh? Will that be the western price or the real price. Time is up, you took too long to choose. You get what we say. Move along, constitutional arguments are taken through the turnstiles over there. Next!

        • Doubters can search “Shanghai gold fix” and see the future. Feel the warmth of reality, you may never have experienced it before. Sound money cometh and the golden rule returns. On golden Yuan be the new dawn, Renminbi that.

      66. Food Safety Modernization Act

        This law will kill hundreds of thousands of farms and jobs

        Here is one piece that talks about funding and additional inspeters
        Will post ink in next window,

        But google Food Safety Modernization Act implementation

        That will give you a ton of links,
        Vary the search for more.

      67. We’re the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT and you will do as we say or pay a high price for not complying.
        Ok BUB; pull up your visor and take a long look around (360 degrees), now what do you see a HELL OF A LOT more of us than you. We are not scared or intimidated by your BULL-SHIT you won’t last a week, but hey if you feel FROG’IE JUST JUMP!!!!!! Take a big bite from your own SHIT SANDWICH and die. The cool-aid is down the hall and on the table to your right. Oh, is your life insurance paid up?

        • agreed. I will NEVER give up my weapons to frauds and people who break the laws of this nation. Its us against the tyrant mobs. I hope the government workers take the right side. We must unite. We are vets. I’m a vet and lets get these traitors out now. I think people are not protesting now due to the cold That’s my guess.

          • Yep, they might get me but they cant get everybody!

      68. “”””””””A president that is willing to use executive actions, executive orders and his trusty ‘pen and phone’ to make unilateral legislation is even more dangerous in making quiet actions little covered by the media and mostly noticed only by niche groups of citizens.”””””””
        I’ve listen to Bush, Walker and other saying that Obama trampled on the Constitution and passed a lot of laws that he shouldn’t have, but if pone of them became president, I’ll bet my last dollar that they will not cancel Obamas laws.

        • Of course there wont be any removals. none of them have the balls to do that. If they did those illegal orders would never have happened. We the people also have no balls or that muslim terrorist would never have stolen the white house All squawk and no walk will sink us worse than we are now.

        • Of course not, they’re all commies.

          f ‘Em

      69. Well Mr. Slavo own up, been in moderation now since 9:07 am and again so much for your disclaimer 0-2 hrs. calling BS on it, been posting for awhile now and I have changed nothing. Looks like some of us just doesn’t fit into the SHTF PLAN our post mean little in any kind of discussion here. I’ll keep posting but WTF will it mean.

        Copperhead out!!!!!

        • Copperhead, apologies for the delays today. I am not sure why your posts are dropping to moderation – please note that the determinations for moderation are done automatically by AKISMET in an effort to prevent spam.

          Insofar as moderation delays today – it’s been a busy family day and I could not get away to clear the comments.

          Thanks for your patience


          • A big THANK YOU Mr. Slavo enjoy your evening.

          • Bud, your entitled to take time for you and family,
            Is ok
            We all understand
            Thanks for the space!

        • Patience is a virtue.

      70. FSMA? Now what? I suppose these pricks will have SWAT gear and automatic weapons too huh. They’re doing it for almost if not all Fed agencies now why not them. Hell even OSHA has a SWAT team, along with the Post Office, all with automatic weapons. Methinks we be screwed!!

        • So far, the alphabet SWAT teams have never met the civilian SWAT teams, Nathan Bedford’s boys with modern shotguns and stuff.
          f ’em

        • Usda bought 45acp machine guns for their enforcement officers,
          Google it, USDA buys machine guns

          The hour draws near

          • Awesome
            Now we know who to take them from
            They probably couldn’t hit shit with them either
            The spoils of war can always be used against the aggressors
            A gorilla war they are not ready for
            They train that their subjects will be compliant or only coming at them from one angle
            Fun fact proves this to be completely false
            Not to mention the stock pile of ammo to feed weapons like that is also a bonus for us
            Especially those that will refuse to give up any weapons
            They know not the consequences of their actions and these agencies have proven over and over how inept they are
            When’s the party start ?

            • They might have 45acp sub guns,
              I know no less than 5 guys with Barrett semi auto 50 BMG rifles.
              At least two dozen guys and gals with long barreled 308 AR platform rifles, tens of dozens of people with more than one AR in either 6.8 or 5.56
              And thats in my iddy biddy circle of aquaintences.
              Big middle finger to these pricks


              Add the usual prefix
              Good read

              • Kula,
                I like the old ATT rifle where you can reach out and touch someone! Cheytec M200, .417 caliber you never heard it coming!

                • Yep, our local gun store has a bumper sticker, says
                  If you heard my shot you werent the target!

                  • In Wyo warning shot is another word for miss

      71. Is everyone ready yet to show up in DC with rifles slung over shoulders. This will be the only way to make a real difference. Either you are willing to fight with violence or you still believe in some grass roots movement. Are we gonna keep trusting the NRA to stand up. I’m a believer in if you want something done right do it yourself. Our common ground is the constitution are we not willing to get ugly for it. Start the movement I will support and show up. Otherwise quit bitching and find ways around it if you can. I suggest do something now before the sacrafice is too great. I know nothing like a march on Washington will happen. Gun owners don’t have the balls to pull this off. So if I was the gov I’d call our bluff like they are doing.

        • You are right, AS. This country is full of commies and cowards.

          f ’em

        • What for, theres plenty of these commy sons of bitches and bitches in our own AOs!

          • Sixty million voted for the commie and all sixty million knew and know that he and they are commies.

            There are plenty repugs that a are commies.

            Semper Fi

        • Another million man march. This time with citizens instead of welfare recipients.

        • Now there speaks a true patriot. Enough said.

        • Fuck me… I meant Ass hat the patriot… I hate this order of messaging.

      72. This bunch of Muslims/Communist/American Hating/Narcissist/I’ll do what I want no matter what/OREO’S in charge (?) of this insane out of control Government just makes one grab a fence post bend over and throw up his socks. Now I’m here to tell you I’ve had some massive commode huggers, but friends this bunch ENOUGH SAID.

      73. Bow down to king obama and his minions or be killed. That scenario seems possibly close ahead. What we are facing here is total tyranny. When is at least non violent protest going to sink into American’s heads? It would have to be non violent mass protest initially for people to wake up at the government reaction to those legal protests. It’s hard to believe people would ignore what is clearly happening before their eyes and refuse to stand up for truth and justice. That option will work, ignore their dictates against public assembly and free speech. Wake the people up and into reality. Our voices count.

        • I would agree with you aljamo. Unfortunately, there are way too many idiots who are gunning for a fight. It would only take one shot and that peaceful assembly would turn into a bloody massacre. Are you willing to leave your safety in the hands of any and all the people that show up for such a “peaceful rally”. Trust me, the feds will not have as much restraint with a bunch of “gun toting, anti government preppers” as they did in Ferguson.

          • jm. You capital coward.

        • 1,000,000 Thumbs UP!

          • Only a commie would red thumb that song, Sgt.

            Semper Fi

      74. Let’s see now:
        The Feds have YET to secure our southern border
        The Feds cannot stop illegal alien entry into this country
        The Feds cannot stop the smuggling of drugs into this country at all
        The Feds cannot track nor do they know the location of ALL the visa-overstays
        The Feds cannot track/identify all of the illegal aliens now here
        The Feds cannot track/identify all of the illegal firearms within the City of Chicago
        The Feds cannot track/identify all of the illegal firearms in Washington, D.C.
        The Feds cannot track/identify all of the illegal firearms in Los Angeles, San Francisco,San Diego, Modesto, Stockton,Richmond, Oakland, Sacramento, California
        The Feds cannot track/identify all of the criminal gangsters in any state in this Republic
        The Feds cannot track nor identify all of the gangsters within the US military, active duty or reserves
        The Feds cannot track nor find all of Lois Lerner’s IRS (employee) emails
        The Feds cannot track.identify all of the pedophiles and sex offenders operating in the US State Department, either as employees or contractors
        (Just to name a few of their gross in-competencies)
        and WE, are concerned they are coming to systematically illegally seize OUR legally owned/possessed/used firearms?
        Which Federal employees or DOD personnel would be that freaking stupid?
        This is a scare tactic to drive up the cost of ammo, to thereby deny the use of said ammo to the LEGAL populace. The Obamafuerher has done NOTHING to stop, curtail or reduce the murderous carnage of Black-on-Black violence in his adopted hometown of Chicago. he’s somehow now going to be able to cobble together a group of “operators” to illegally seize lawfully acquired and possessed property of US citizens? After the first 50 maybe 10 residences that are hit, the rest of the national population would not comply at all. Not a chance. This is a Proglodyte-Scare-Tactic, is all.

        • “Which Federal employees or DOD personnel would be that freaking stupid?”

          Ill take ALL OF THEM for 10,000 Alex

      75. Heres a real good read on FTTWR

        Add the http // www


      76. Perhaps they want people to buy guns and ammo and stockpile.

        This way, when the grid goes down, people will kill each other.

        We know they want a 90% reduction and this might just be one way to do this.

        Just my humbl

        • Anti Snakbarian.


          The will close down the cities to protect the infrastructure. You will be on your own outside of that perimeter. No guns in and no guns out also.

      77. There is nothing wrong with the 5.56 round, but it was designed for the little yellow man in Nam. Something has to be done to improve it. A 62Gr green tip just penetrates deeper that the 55Gr. because 62Gr has a lead and steal core, not just lead. This is so that they will go through the mags that muslimes are wearing on the front of them over their chest. (Russian chest pack)

        Now the 6.8MM has no trouble going through the mags with the 110gr. slug. I like the 6.8mm because I have tested it against the 5.56 round and for me it beats it hands down.

        My favorite is the 7.52X51 (308) out of my M-1A or My Rock LAR. with a 16″ barrel.

        If you can, buy as much of the stuff as you can! We are going to need it soon!

        • Nothing wrong with the poodle popper if you limit it to prairie dogs and other poodles. The .223 is the most over rated military round in history. Shit can the thing and give our soldiers a real rifle.

          f ’em

        • Wonder how any vest would fair against a 300 win mag ?
          That’s how I play
          I like my 223/556 for plinking
          But when I seriously want to send a message my 30-06 and 300 WM does my talking
          They better be wearing an inch thick of AR500 plate all over them
          And it will still feel like getting hit by a freight train

          What’s your take on that Sarge?

          • I’m not the Sarge, Enemy of the State, but you know what you’re talking about.

            Give our troops a real rifle. Most of us in the unorganized Militia already have real rifles. Big bore deer rifles and other heavy stuff.

            It’s sad that our combat infantrymen are so poorly armed and I’m talking about their POS rifle, not the heavy stuff.

            Semper Fi

      78. If they plan to come after us, then we have every right to go after them. Whoever knowingly is not following the law our constitution is a tyrant !! They must be stopped peacefully. If they do not surrender power then other means must be used to keep our country running as it should be. We have a takeover and now have orders from the tyrant himself to take our 2nd amendment rights. Nobody is doing anything in the house they are either involved or too much of pussies to standup, don’t want their name out there. So we must take action. This is for real, this is pure evil. Pure takeover of our rights and freedoms. Stand together and get ready.

        • Heres a good read, add the usual prefix


          • Glad your still on here, been off for a bit. Yes I looked at them good stuff. Thanks.

            • Yeaaa im an addict,,,,,
              Cant stand Tv and nobody kicked me off yet!
              Plus i have way too much time on my hands since im trying to wind down my production and its been raining a lot.

        • And another one


          Add the usual prefix

      79. Got a mosin and shot one of those steel core surplus rounds through a tree 1.5 feet in diameter at 275 yards. Pretty impressive for an old gun and for what I paid for all of it. It’s no ar15 but was cheap and fills a niche. I don’t think there is a better deal on a powerful gun.

        • AS, Thankfully for the Finnish sniper, Winter War 1939, 502 confirmed kills, soviet commies, the Mosin was no AR.

          Semper Fi

      80. Just a tip of the hat to you there Mac- This site has been informative & entertaining…
        … and a cool place to blow off some steam
        Some good posters here too
        – thx

        • Hey Ass hat… Do you haul on route 3, Pilgrims Highway? Convoy out. Kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk.

      81. Heres another good read to up your ire!


        Happy happy joy joy

        Bring it on turds!

        • Add the usual prefix

        • Kula.

          After reading that why worry about the 2016 elections.

          • The elections are nothing but a farse,
            Waste of time, look at who is trying to que up for the stampede.
            Nobody worth their salt could even enter the running and those who would have enough brains to stay out of it,
            At this point anything that happens is BS
            Until there is a complete overhaul and we return to the base nothing will change,
            It will never happen

      82. I’ll get a can of green spray paint and paint all my ammo regardless of caliber! Whatcha gonna ban now?

      83. Wouldn’t it be great if this just forced the American ammo capitalist to come up with a better bullet
        Lol fick em even harder I say
        Ok ban this if you want , we will just come up with something better and more effective
        That’s the American way
        Let’s get to work screwing them into the woodwork folks

        • EOTS.

          There is no “American Way” anymore. We are a has been nation on the decline and most, so called Americans, better get use to it. Not True you may say? Then why do we prep to kill each other.

          • You me dear are quite right, unfortunately.

      84. We spend a lot of time worrying about the gov banning guns and ammo. I say do what we want anyway. Obummer don’t even have a strategy to deal with Isis he came out and said it on tv. The gov pushes this point that they know everything that goes on I call bullshit I don’t care if they have data centers with billions of files who is looking through it all. I have cameras on my house everything goes on a DVR now if anything happens around my place I go through the DVR find the clip put it on a thumb drive and report it to police. I’m not gonna sit and watch the camera 24/7 so there are thing that happen that I don’t know. Now the gov is gonna watch everybody’s every move no way. But we are under increased watch. My point is things can still slip through and do. Our gov is so incompetent I think everything they say is to scare folks into behaving. You won’t get unruly because big brother is watching. IMHO there isnt a damn thing they can do about pissed off citizens coming out against them. If the gov starts killing crowds of angry protesters it justifys the protesters position and supports resistance. I love my country hate the so called leadership. Fucking traitors. Time for talking is over it gets you nowhere. Only strong arm tactics really enact change.

        • You’re totally right Ass hat but bide your time for action matey… Don’t get hauled in with the “HOT HEADS” Which is what the government stooges long for. Easy pickings… Stay calm, bide your time… THINK… It’ll be a grave outcome no matter what if it comes to it… For both sides. selah!

        • Asshat:

          You write some really good stuff but paragraphs would help keep peoples attention on your posts. Just sayin…..

      85. Gov will fail they already are. Just need to make it through the aftermath. If they can’t defeat barbarians in pickup trucks and the us gov has helicopters tanks and cannons. What do I need to fear. America is weak that’s what it appears to me just gonna rollover and be hostages it seems. That’s fine with me when It comes down to the personal level I will fight for me and mine. As it looks now it’s every man for himself. With all the law abiding gov has the answer believing folks an uprising is out of the question. Keep gettin fucked without a reach around . So many men don’t have the balls to really do anything just hard talking from behind a gun. Like the guy that throws you the bird because you cut him off. If he was looking you in the eye he wouldn’t tell you to fuck yourself. Coward talking junk and running away . I will look you in the eye and call you a piece of shit I’m not afraid I’ve had my eye opened and opened eyes up to . Men who won’t look you in the eye and give wimpy handshakes are cowards. This is my assessment and most men I’ve met fit this description. I would never fight along side of guys like this. They are weak character. The bosses I’ve seen walk on the same suckers from day 1 when I start a job I don’t take any shit don’t run my mouth or kiss ass either. I use the work situation because this is a social environment where you see all types of people. I’m not saying these guys are bad they are good guys but have no balls to speak up for what they claim to believe in. Things are taken away from them and they just say that’s how it is nowadays so losing things is normal to them. I hate it . Guys used to threaten their bosses and strong arm them and because of it they got fair compensation and respect. Your work don’t respect you one bit. They don’t want to compensate you either. Just like your wife either she wears the pants or you do this is how everything works . Either gov wears the pants or the people do. We the people are like a wolf with no teeth. I’m actually sick of talking about it it’s like beating a dead horse. Ranting makes us feel better for a bit but it does nothing about the problem at hand. This site is shtf PLAN that means we should have a plan and stick to it. This site needs a new name. How about shtf rant it’s more appropriate.

      86. We the people have given up without a fight

      87. This thread is about hyping the .223 and you prepers lap it up.

        Of the 300,000,000 firearms in the U.S. less than 2% are ARs, Sks, Aks and other commie shit.

        .223 is sold by the pallet load at many of the larger gun shows and it doesn’t make any difference what color its tip is painted, it’s all a POS.

        When you going to stop the tyrants in government and restore the Constitution? You’re not, you’re just going to buy more ass wipe and bitch.

        f ’em

      88. Why oh why do we exist? I like my medication, COME CLOSE… I like it a lot… I’m gonna take some of my friends with me on my trip… My dear, dear friends, welcome aboard the SKINHEAD trip… Buckle up your belts… We’re of on an adventure… Trip on up maaaaaaaan… Wow… I love it.

      89. I love mushrooms… I LOVE EVERYONE. PEACE.

      90. The argument should be that the proposed ban is ridiculous for the following reasons.

        1. The prohibition against armor piercing handgun ammunition specifically exempted rifle cartridges per those who proposed the bill.

        2. Most centerfire rifle cartridges, that don’t have steel penetrators, will go through soft body armor.

        3. M193, which isn’t banned, and doesn’t have a steel penetrator, will perforate soft body armor. This is the best argument. Another load of the same caliber with a different bullet construction, penetrates as well or better, but isn’t banned.

        4. The military doesn’t designate M855 as armor piercing and maintains AP in the inventory in addition to M855. Per the original SS109 ammo specifications, the bullet was required to penetrate Russian steel helmets at 800m. NO specification for penetrating soft body armor at lesser ranges.

        • JARHEAD, It would be pure luck if a Marine fire team, shooting non stop all day, would hit a steel helmet at 800 meters. That round is a POS and all Marines know it, green tip or no.

          Semper Fi

      91. A 22 caliber long rifle bullet fired out of a 20 inch barrel will probably penetrate a standard bullet resistant vest. Class II and IIA. A 62 grain green tip will not penetrate class IV vest. I’m told class IV will withstand 7.62×51 armor piercing incendiary. There are already laws proposed to prohibit private ownership of vests. So….

        • I wonder if tyoe IV armor will stop an expanding broadhead shot to the throaght?

      92. I’ve read on various sites that the government plan is to force all adults to take the vaccine shots from big pharma. Having VA healthcare I always refuse these shots when they are pushed on every visit prior to seeing a doctor. I can see the VA mandating veterans take these shots or lose VA healthcare. I wont take any of their poison shots, ever. There goes my vet healthcare.

      93. hpefully this doesn’t get lost in the mix; since isn’t law- what’s the penalty? I mean if Winchester or someone keeps making it, what happens? It’s not a violation of “law”. so now what? Anyone know?
        (besides irs audits)

      94. Its too bad everyone /anyone did read the new “law” on green tip.They’er only stopping green tip ammo,,,,,not ALL 223/5.56 ammo.As far as stopping ALL mfg. of green—not so.The military will still be using it so they have to keep making it.IT’S TOO BAD these “NEWS” blogs don’t tell the whole story when they report something.

        • The whole story is that the 2nd, 9th and 10th Amendments shall not be infringed. The rest of our rights and powers will go along.

          So hang the tyrant SOBs.

          And f the green tips. I got better. It’s called rule 3006.

          Semper Fi

      95. “Germans who wish to use firearms should join the SS or the SA – ordinary citizens don’t need guns, as their having guns doesn’t serve the State.” — Heinrich Himmler

        Yeah..that’s right you stupid suckers – you don’t need guns. you need silly little toy phones to hold out in front of you 15 hours day so you can pretend that you’re “in touch” and have the slightest f*cking clue what’s really happening in the world, don’t you….

        Welcome to reality 2015 good old US of f*cking A.
        You’re now approaching where most countries have been for years. DISARMING THE POPULATION.
        October 2015 – GLOBAL MELTDOWN for 5 years.
        Welcome to reality.

      96. If this ammo ban goes through , were done , speak up people , say something , do something but don’t just sit there and let them win , this is wrong and can’t be allowed to happen , why does this president do everything to screw the american people and does everything for illegal aliens and muslims who wanna kill us good people , this is like a bad dream that just won’t end , please dear lord , let this nightmare end !!!

        • Dear Lord won’t have anything to do with it, Doggie. “Dynamite, not faith, will move that mountain into this pass. Peace, brother.” Old Burt’s line in “The Professionals.”

          Semper Fi

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