Obama’s Operation Choke Point: “Unbridled Abuse Of Executive Power Operating Completely Outside Of The Rule Of Law”

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    In an earlier article I touched on the withering attack on the 2nd Amendment that has subsided to a “dull throb” for the moment.  A large portion of that is “Operation Choke Point,” the regulatory “assault” instituted by the Federal Government to force the banking industry to deny services to industries, not on the basis of illegality, but incorrectness as judged by the administration.

    This cabal is represented by the Office of the Comptroller of Currency, the Federal Reserve, and the FDIC under the “ringmaster” of the Department of Justice.  The aforementioned agencies have regulated the banking industry by using their positions as directed by the administration to sever businesses from their connections with the banks.  Specifically, the firearms industry, to include (in order) first firearms manufacturers, and the complementary industries that are synergistic with those manufacturers, namely ammunition manufacturers and accessory products for firearms.

    The regulators mentioned have used their authority to browbeat the banks into submission and deny businesses in the firearms industry such things as lines of credit, as well as forcing the closure of business and purchasing accounts.  Any banks that refused to institute any of these measures against their clients then opened themselves up to inspections, scrutiny, examinations, and harassment from a regulatory perspective.  The “cover” phrase for the regulatory agencies: “To promote bank safety and soundness.”

    “Reputation risk” is the term used by the regulating industries, in essence, to blackball the banks by stating their clients (in this case businesses involved in the firearms industry) were increasing risk for the banks and that the banks themselves were absorbing “negative publicity.”  The regulators insisted they had an obligation to “protect” the banking industry overall by eliminating the potential for the absorption of bad publicity by one of its members due to negativity associated with that third party.  In essence, guilt by association, and in this case guilt not by a court of law as a verdict for a crime, but a bureaucratic regulator operating at the behest of the Obama administration, making its own restrictive “laws” to inhibit legal businesses.

    These procedures completely subvert rule of law.  The reputation risk concept enables these regulators to force financial institutions to close any account and cease business with any business they deem to be either “improper” or “unsavory.”  This is a method to deny the businesses the financial support structure they are dependent upon to conduct their affairs and eventually to force the businesses to close.  If the bank refuses to turn on the client, then the bureaucracies will attack the bank and punish it.

    Some of the largest targeted sectors are pawn shops, tobacco outlets, gun dealers, and check-cashing services.  There are reasons these businesses are listed as “unsavory.”  The pawn shops do not allow for complete accountability on what is sold and what is purchased for the government to track.  Tobacco outlets are along lines of the recent “politically correct” attacks on smokers and the attempt to stamp out smoking in general.  Check cashing services usually enable people to cash their paychecks at a usurious rate regarding the fee; however, it allows for the circulation of cash in the hands of those who do not possess a bank account.  Gun dealers: the reason is self-explanatory.

    All of this is about control and dominion, the erosion of personal freedoms, and the move toward totalitarian suppression of all liberties and complete monitoring over any and all activities of the average citizen.

    All of these agencies have exceeded the authority granted to them under normal banking rules and regulations.  Rather than taking care of the individual depositor and the business, they are forcing the paradigm of the administration’s platform and squelching individual liberties.  It is an unbridled, unchecked abuse of Executive power, operating completely outside of the rule of law and answering only to the President.

    One of the biggest problems underlying all of this is precedent.  Once precedent is established, it is a great deal harder to enforce the law on the lawbreakers, and additionally they can use their modus operandi in other areas and expand their power and control.  The American Revolution was a dream that happened once.  In Egypt they ousted Morsi, arrested or killed the Muslim Brotherhood, and took their Constitution and their country back.  Won’t happen here until people realize exactly how far down the road we are and what we have lost.  We’ve broken faith with God and with one another, and the country is in such shambles that it may not ever rise again.

    Jeremiah Johnson is the Nom de plume of a retired Green Beret of the United States Army Special Forces (Airborne).  Mr. Johnson is also a Gunsmith, a Certified Master Herbalist, a Montana Master Food Preserver, and a graduate of the U.S. Army’s SERE school (Survival Evasion Resistance Escape).  He lives in a cabin in the mountains of Western Montana with his wife and three cats. You can follow Jeremiah’s regular writings at SHTFplan.com or contact him here.

    This article may be republished or excerpted with proper attribution to the author and a link to www.SHTFplan.com.

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      1. Each State has to pull out of these big Banks and Big Corporations . Or they will break the whole State into real a hell hole

        • Dusty, The problem is all of the states are being controlled by the big banks and corps. The entire J…SA is one big fucking money exchanger corporation mixed with military industrial complex.

          • JSA, has a ring to it lol :p

          • WOW! RT TV News bottom tv screen news scroller Stated that….As Seen on RT TV news at aprox 4:30 A.M Fri. 8/12/16……”French Polititions want New Policy to ARM Frances Polititions with Firearms they can Carry CCW”!!

            What total fuckin Hypocrits eh! Disarmed every citizen or almost all within entire EU states continent, yet Now Frenchy Polititions want to carry Guns for Personal protection due to Fear due to recent Terroristic attacks inside france and eu states!

            No mention seen as yet on a new Policy to HALT mass immigration Invasions of vast hoards of violence prone 3rd worlder islamics and african savages in general eh?

            Nope…Just arm with guns polititions for their own safty while leave typical Goyim citizenery unarmed at mercy of savages attacks…Hmmmmm.

            Can’t Wait to see how usa tv news shows are going to either Ignore it totally, OR…Massively Spin this guns for french Pols agenda while still maintaining agenda of total disarmament of usa goy citizenery eh?

        • Americans are a race of slobs, obese, addicted to all sorts of prescribed medications, OTC medicines and synthetic vitamins, extremely gullible and unable to think for themselves (trained not to think critically).

          • I would have to agree with Yulop on his assessment of the typical American, circa 2016.

            I pay particular attention to my fellow White Americans whenever I am out in a public place, or when I’ve been driven to visit my local Wal-mart – and the obesity levels are downright disgusting. I seldom ever visit any shopping malls – but, I can remember when I was in my 20s – I could go into a shopping mall and see multiple-dozens of smoking hot White girls who had great figures, who looked like they were in-shape and into some form of regular exercise and who WERE NOT COVERED WITH VOMIT INDUCING UGLY TATTOOS or grotesque, jungle-style body piercings.

            Not anymore. On an average day, I’m lucky to see one or two White females who look like they are concerned with how they look. White guys are no better; most are fat, lack any discernible muscle tone or development, and have the ‘Whigger’ look – baggy pants hanging down off their ass, underwear exposed, dirty, unwashed hair, or worse yet – hair done up in black dred-locks or corn-rows, or wearing those stupid looking shorts that look like a pair of long pants that were left in the dryer too long and shrunk up to the middle of the idiot’s lower leg.

            We have an almost 100 percent certainty of a Second American Revolution coming in the near future – and these are the sorry wastes of White skin who will be expected to help us restore the Republic?

            If our White European ancestors – the colonists who fought the first American Revolution and who won our freedom from the tyrants in Great Britain could come back and survey what’s happened to their descendants, I’m sure that they would feel like puking.

            • Tucker, I see the same things in my area all the time. It’s disgusting and nauseating to see what white people have turned into. The only white people I,m willing to stand up for now are ones who think like you, me, Them Guys, Stolz, etc. White people like you described are just steeple and can go kiss my ass. If they’re under libturds influence I won’t have anything to do with them.

          • Y. And some of us are not this and would kill your sorry ass dead. Go lick Obama’s ass some more

          • Yulop, or Tumbo, or whatever you’re calling yourself this time; how’s that jewish student program paying you to troll the ‘net and make waves going?
            Here’s your exact post from 2 days ago with a different screen name:

            Tumbo says:
            Comment ID: 3596661
            August 10, 2016 at 4:25 pm

            Americans are a race of slobs, obese, addicted to all sorts of prescribed medications, OTC medicines and synthetic vitamins, extremely gullible and unable to think for themselves (trained not to think critically).

            Hey, speak up or drop dead asshole.

            • Yukon, how’s the weather in Tel Aviv?

        • Wow Jerry, thanks for bringing us up to speed.
          Stay quiet Be smart

          • Ya or the zombies will get ya lol.


          Read ‘Civil War Two’ by Thomas Chittum. The book is dated

          but I do believe it is still prescient, given our current

          state of affairs. God help us, because we surely need it.


          • God can’t help us…only we can do that ….

          • I have the book. It is older but the conclusions seem right on.

          • Cm, welcome. I have a copy of that book and the info is still relevant.

        • http://www.amren.com/news/2016/08/clinton-running-mate-tim-kaine-rouses-crowd-of-black-faith-leaders-in-new-orleans/




          The mayor said it could cost the city $5 million to $10 million annually to make the suggested changes, which include improved training and new technology and equipment to modernize the police force.

          City Police Commissioner Kevin Davis said he has already fired officers as a result of the Justice Department’s investigation. Davis also said he would not tolerate policing that is sexist, racist or discriminatory.








        • The information in this article might explain why “Cheaper Than Dirt”
          formerly located in Ft Worth, Tx and Mckinney Tx closed?
          Both locations are now closed.
          Seemed like their business was good?
          Anyone here know the scoop on closure?

          The Obama admin also bought up all the ammo and supplied Post Office, NOAA, Social Security Admin etc. with Large stores of ammunition. (Keep that in mind in case of trouble.)

          The FEDS also took away most equipment at local Army depots.
          Notice that they are mostly closed and not operational. The FEDS did not want state government/governers to have access to Military grade equipment.

          Instead they have Jade Helm and practice murdering their fellow Americans.
          The Jade Helm Map shows who the Obama Heads consider enemy combatants.
          Shows who they are practicing to attack.

          You think it is a joke? Old news?
          Just exercise?
          BS. Was a trial/dry run. Or maybe they pre positioned some equipment?

          Keep your powder dry. Keep the Larder fully stocked. Water is most important.
          Store large quantity. Medical supplies.
          —–Then be prepared to leave it All behind and run for your lives.

          Hope you all have multiple fall back positions.

          There are sick psycho’s in control of the United States. Our own government considers YOU the enemy. They don’t exercise and store ammo unless they intend to kill you.

          Economy is on edge of TOTAL WORLD WIDE ECONOMIC IMPLOSION. Collapse.
          Too much debt. Too much printed money.
          Top off your supplies and be ready to evacuate before Russia-China ICBM and SLBM take out a large portion of what was at one time a Great Nation.

          Don’t be married to your location or preps. Nuclear strikes are ugly. Not much left behind. Area hot for long time. Cities are death, Ground Zero. Get out of them.

          Look at Venezuela for Object lesson on what Obama-Hillary wants to achieve.
          No one will put treasonous-criminal US politicians in jail. Why not?

      2. Really what more can happen lol he does that shit all the time. It’s like our provincial government they’ll do what they want when they want on your tax dime.
        In other news I minimized my flooding issues the ammo seems to be ok. My revolver took some damage to the blueing (it was submerged for about 3 days) good old S/W can’t beat em. Other good news I picked up an SAA colt with 4.5″ barrel definitely got some age on it holster wear on the left side can anyone tell me if that barrel was cut down or were they available with a 4.5″ barrel it’s seems to have a hair trigger just think about touching it. Well balanced fits nice in the hand it’s really no wonder they were so popular no idea what it’s chambered for can’t seem to find that of serial numbers any help?

        • serial#’s should be on the bottom of the frame forward of the trigger guard. The barrel is most likely 4.75 in length. You can check on colt website when you find the number to find out if it’s a Gen 1, Gen 2, or Gen 3.

          • Caliber should be stamped on the barrel. Majority were either .45LC or .357 mag. Might want to carry it to a Smith to have it looked at before you fire it.

            • These rogue measures just reflect the existing Tyranny, and Fascism in our country today.

              I shall pick apart this item in the article?:

              Check cashing services usually enable people to cash their paychecks at a usurious rate regarding the fee; however, it allows for the circulation of cash in the hands of those who do not possess a bank account.

              Well Well, it now seems if you don’t have a bank account, you are a deemed a criminal. Not like paying $400 Million of unmarked laundered money to Iran for navy hostages, by paying in French currency eh? Flying it in on a secret flight in an unmarked plane in the darkness of the night. And when the Servicemen were wondering what is taking so long to be released, the captive’s overseer’s said they were waiting for the other plane to arrive before then can be released. That’s in the public archives.

              However, ever go to a bank to cash a check you got that is drawn on that bank, but you don’t have a bank account there? Then they try charging you a cash checking fee with no disclosure to see if they can get away with it, and or try to convince you to open an account at that bank to control the money, as to Not let the cash get into your hands that day. I used to rip the shit out of these scam bankers, when they try to charge me a fee. You see under Law, if you use your ATM card to withdraw money out of your account, and the ATM is from another bank, by law they need to disclose the amount of the fee prior to the transaction to see if you want to pay it or leave. If you choose to say OK, then they charge me the usery ATM fee, then they disburse my money, plus that ATM fee attached to your existing bank balance.

              I have just told these banks at their counter, that I don’t see any Fee stated on the check, that is drawn on their bank and they need to cash the check on demand as I originally requested. Sometimes I have requested a Manager instead of dealing with the Dopey bank teller, and state the same thing. And that the Bank fails to disclose the fee to cash the check.

              90% of the time I leave the bank with the full amount of the check as written, and I do not pay any fee, because I know the rules and don’t put up with their scam shit. Banks are corrupt as they get. Don’t let them get a single scam pulled over on you. Stay tough and resolved and tell them you will file a complaint to the FTC as well as the States Atty’s office for failure to disclose a check cashing fee. I also state if you want to charge a fee then, that they need to clearly print in right on the check, so when I an accepting the check, I can decide then and there if I want to accept that fee or not, and or another form of payment.

              Get all your money out of the banks people and avoid them at all costs. They are Fascist Ripoffs.


              • Why do you need a bank unless your planning to go into debt?

                • Oh ya to process the card tard payments lol. The federal reserve: Spreading death and debt since 1912!

                  • And there is a peev of mine, motherfookers using cards at 7-11 to buy a sandwich or soda. ARE YOU THAT BIG OF A LOSER YOU DON’T HAVE 5 BUX TO BUY A SNACK? You want cash banned? Keep swiping those cards you retards! Fuckin idiots feed the beast they bitch about. No demand for cash = no more cash assholes! Did I ever tell you how much I hate the public???

                    • And there is a peev of mine, motherfookers using cards at 7-11 to buy a sandwich or soda. ARE YOU THAT BIG OF A LOSER YOU DON’T HAVE 5 BUX TO BUY A SNACK? You want cash banned? Keep swiping those cards you retards! Fuckin idiots feed the beast they bitch about. No demand for cash = no more cash! Did I ever tell you how much I hate the public???

                  • Moderation…. GRRRRRRR

            • I just got back from the gunsmith he’s gonna have a look at it so far as I can tell it’s chambered in .45 LC made circa 1895ish can’t wait to try it out it’s a very uncommon firearm here. Pretty short barrel but a common civilian model sold for about 15$ at the time. It got this one 170$ Canadian. Nice thing is I won’t have to register it if it checks out to be over 100 years old. I like that idea. Believe it or not it’s still a Canadian citizens right to own ball and cap weapons as well as powder walk in walk out no id no wait to buy the fire arms the supplies nothing my local gun smith was telling me that very cool I thought.

              • Sounds like you got a First Generation. If condition isn’t too rough, it could have quite a bit of value other than just a shooter.

        • I bought some Cerikote spray on finish that I cured in a toaster oven to finish a gun part.

          It’s an incredibly durable finish. If collectibility of the pistol is ruined by water, strip the blue and rust, then Cerikote it. It will restore it, and make it near indestructible.

          A tiny can was $20, but in retrospect was well worth it. I got mine on Midway. It’s supposed to be a ceramic filled powder coat that cures in an oven. It sprays on like a powder that could be wiped off, until that is it is cured at 400 degrees or so for a half hour. Once cured it doesn’t come off.

          • Cerokote can wear down (thin) depending on abuse but it’ll take quite a beating. One of my ARs is cerokoted (factory) and has held up well for several years.

        • You probably already know this. But don’t fire anything hot ammo wise in old Colts.
          Your first purchase should be the following reloading book if it is a .45?
          If not .45LC these guys can hook you up with the caliber if different.
          Cheap. Easy read , 73 pages.
          “The Complete Reloading Manual for the .45 Colt”


          Read book CAREFULLY. Book Explains diameter differences in ammo for old vs. new guns. Reload die problems and issues. (Book saved me.)
          Be careful, don’t load one of their HOT loads meant for modern stronger Black Hawk.
          They list load recommends for old guns.
          You MUST pay attention to details they spell out. Easy to misread or overlook.

          Replace light springs in that old gun before firing. Hair trigger is Accident waiting to happen. Average person has no need light trigger and puts those around you in real Danger.

          You probably already know all this stuff. But might help someone else with old gun issues?

          That little book solved many problems I had fought with for many YEARS. I Wasted money and time due to lack of good info that was in that little book. Old timer gave book to me when he saw me with my single action. There are good many people in this world.

          This is what is possible with “old guns:

          Look up “Bob Munden” on YouTube, Amazing.

          PS–If I tried to shoot like Bob Munden I’d shoot my hand off or shoot my own foot.

      3. Well…

        1) The firearms industry can just as easily operate on the same basis that the Marijuana industry does right now in Oregon, Washington, Colorado… that is, cash-only… and lots of it. I actually know a few folks who run dispensaries out here (Oregon). They operate on an all-cash basis. The benefits include not having to keep perfectly straight books insofar as taxation (because cash leaves no paper trail), not having to report every last little detail of their business (and there’s no way to 100% accurately report/audit what does happen), and being able to fly mostly under-the-radar with regards to the federal government (state government is a different story, but still…) The obvious downside is that they are very ripe for burglary, robbery, etc.

        Also note that most of them do their business banking with local credit unions, where the feds can’t really put any pressure on. And that leads me to…

        2) Credit Unions and smaller lending institutions happily loan surprising amounts of money at surprisingly good rates, and the feds have a very hard time messing with them as well. Note that I haven’t even come close to touching on the use of Bitcoin and other crypto-currencies, which act as a wonderful medium for moving money without governmental interference.

        It’s like the old SciFi adage: “Life finds a way.” Well, so do markets that are deemed black (or in this case gray).

        Meanwhile, on a personal note I would suggest keeping your firearms on the down-low…

      4. I’m pretending I’m one of Charlie’s Angels.

      5. Now I’m Hart to Hart.

        • Cuz you can pretend all you want, but your still Barney Fife.

          • NGIC, that’s the imposter again and I’m NOT Barney Fife either, you f$&@in moron.

            • Stanley!!!

          • Well, golly!

      6. Don’t forget to reread J.J.’s home defense thread.

        Prep for war.

      7. I don’t blame Obama as much as our feckless Congress. It is up to them to stop Obama and they don’t lift a finger. They are responsible for the rise of Trump.

        • oh, congress IS doing sumthin’ allright ……i WISH they were doing NOTHING….we would be better off!

        • Obama has blackmailed them all into submission. They all have a dirty little secret they don’t want out of the bag so they can continue doing what they all do…spend spend spend our money while stripping away our freedoms to eventually become a mooslim country. Why else are they now teaching young kids that incest, transgender, having sex with a small child doesn’t harm them…or now Canada approves of beastiality (because their new ruler is a mooslim convert). If they start training these kids now they will achieve their goal in 15 years. By getting everyone use to hearing the narrative over and over it starts sounding normal and no push back. Just sayin!!!

      8. Ah yes, another article with no references. Please state the cases where firearms manufacturers and others were put out of business as described. You can’t just make blanket statements and expect to be believed.

        As for credit unions – In the wild northwest they are putting up the money for big dope grows (equipment, land, etc.). Dope grows bring criminality (criminal types, cartels, etc.) and associated criminality (seasonal workers who can’t find work and turn to homelessness and/or crime; druggies following the yellow brick road to the promised land of oblivion; general thieves and lowlifes). Cash only business equals criminality in most parts of the Redwood Triangle. The crime statistics back this up. Families stay in at night because the streets are lawless. Felony and murder rates soar per capita (see Humboldt County for example). When small business aids and abets crime it is creating/endorsing/committing crime itself.

        • I’m at a loss to get HOW THE HELL “The Executive” (who has NO POWER in make law), has somehow managed to incite a small riot.

          However, what’s everyone bitching about? They (Obama) was NOT successful in THAT attempt “against guns” as much as all of his other ‘intentions’ have failed just as miserably (anti-gun). I tend to look at this as just one more “rock in the gears” to fuck up the general flow of things related to firearms and the business.

          The author brings up lots of great points and info, yet none of what’s been attempted has “held water.” (And the very last damn thing that Americans will tolerate is someone coming from another country with intentions of waging war or enslaving us). We’ll kill their asses …and at the moment we’ve got some inside our borders that “needs killings”. (Major Payne).

          Don’t worry about when or if it is coming, cuz it is. Almost here as a matter of fact, or less than 90-days is close enough. That will be followed by weeks-months-years, depending upon when we start (the longer we wait the more likely it will be that Hitlery would set us up for an EMP or “nuke-job” by ‘dabbling’ with Putin (cuz she’s nutzoid) who will, in turn, “nuke the Iron Dome” in The Mid East and (just maybe) drop one on DC (or perhaps PUTIN will put a price on her head …for the sake of Earth)?

          I realize the president has “gone around” Congress and whomever to kick off Operation Chokepoint ….but it failed, mired and is completely ‘stuck’.

          If the feds try to outlaw guns, only outlaws will have them (all of us), and then all ammo and parts will remain ‘handy’, but horribly expensive if you don’t have what you need to make your own. I still think the bottom line is to make America ‘fester’ from within (whether it is real or imagined Obama loves “fucking with ppl’s minds”).

      9. Stormy, You are right in part, This is 5 year old news, as JJ is living up in the mountains with hi 3 cats and news gets to him really slow up there. And in fact the Feds reversed their lists and compliance by banks because they started getting sued, and backpeddled to cover their asses, because it is discriminatory. I know first hand business that got their banking lines cut off under this operation Choke point. So it is real but 5 years too late for JJ. Mr Plum.

        Read this update posted in 2014:
        [T]he lists of examples of merchant categories have led to misunderstandings regarding the FDIC’s supervisory approach to institutions’ relationships with TPPPs, resulting in the misperception that the listed examples of merchant categories were prohibited or discouraged. The FDIC encourages insured depository institutions to serve their communities and recognizes the importance of services they provide. In fact, it is the FDIC’s policy that insured institutions that properly manage customer relationships are neither prohibited nor discouraged from providing services to customers operating in compliance with applicable federal and state law. Accordingly, as part of clarifying our guidance, the FDIC is removing the lists of examples of merchant categories from outstanding guidance and the article.

        FDIC, in other words, is trying to portray the matter as a miscommunication and is suggesting that banks were overreacting to its “guidance” by severing relationships with customers that were in the listed categories. Needless to say, FDIC is not accepting responsibility for creating what many say became the target list for Operation Choke Point, much less acknowledging the businesses were deliberately being forced out of the market for banking services. Indeed, FDIC’s statement seems to blame the list on the TPPPs themselves: “The original documents contained lists of examples of telemarketing or Internet merchant categories that had been associated by the payments industry with higher-risk activity” (emphasis added).

        On the other hand, FDIC’s rescission of the list and its acknowledgement that, at the very least, the list conveyed the wrong message are welcome developments.

        Whether that settles the matter of Operation Choke Point, however, is far from clear.

        Brian Wise, who helped create the U.S. Consumer Coalition to shed light on the abuses of Operation Choke Point, remained skeptical in comments to the Washington Times:

        While we support the FDIC’s decision to remove the list of ‘high-risk merchants’ from the FDIC website, damage has already been done to countless businesses across the country who have already lost their bank accounts. … Whether the list is published on the FDIC’s website or not, we expect banks will still be fearful of doing business with these lawful industries.

        Others are pursuing legal remedies to deal with the excesses of Operation Choke Point, including an appropriations rider, litigation, and pending legislation. Congress is also continuing its investigation into the matter, most recently with hearings conducted by the House Judiciary Committee and the House Financial Services Committee.

        Clearly, the pressure is on the Obama administration with regard to Operation Choke Point, and while the president might hope the FDIC’s latest action would make that scrutiny disappear, any such hope would probably constitute wishful thinking at this point.

        Indeed, The Blaze is now reporting on allegations that tactics like those used in Operation Choke Point may have been employed against specific political groups, including Pueblo Freedom and Rights, the grassroots organization that led last year’s historic recall of anti-gun Colorado Senator Angela Giron.

        Given all this, and who knows what details of Operation Choke Point that may yet emerge, the FDIC’s recent attempts to cover its tracks may be a case of too little, too late.

        Read more: ht tp://dailycaller.com/2014/08/04/fdic-backpedals-on-operation-choke-point-as-victims-fight-back/#ixzz4H4EFilsw

        ~WWTI… Want to know? I’ll update you.

        • Like I said this is 5 year news,ZZZZZZZZZZ and much of the Operation Choke Point has been choked out of existence. Very soon though, JJ will be telling us that Hitler is invading Poland. lol I also saw on another website lat week where JJ was also trying to rehash over and politicize, his same old personal water problem, as if it is some Phony Agenda 21 excuse, to blame for his miscalculations of choosing a home and well. You know having to put a meter on his well pump, since he and his neighbors have been ripping off the native Americans water supply for free, for decades. He was caught and now has to pay. And the natives are now in charge of the water rights in his area.

          Just goes to show you when choosing a good BOL location to understand what mineral and water rights you have, before you go all in and purchase the property with 3 cats in tow. When you claim you are some sort of Expert green purple yellow beret band aid applier, you better know what is fact, because this is a “NO BULLSHIT ZONE” HERE AT SHTFPLAN, DIARIAH JOHNSON and we will research your phony old claims and articles. Right Guys and Gals..


          • You got it WhoWTFKnows….or should we call you Jackknife?

            You trolls hit on Johnson EVERY ARTICLE…but don’t say nothing on other articles.

            Guess you don’t want any good stuff to get out. Nobody’s perfect, but nothin’ positive from you and your alter-ego Jackknife.

            You’re the one(s) who are full of shit.

            Jon Retherford,
            CSM, 101st ABN DIV

        • Once a Trump justice department is in place, the law suites will be flying.

          Operation Choke point is clearly illegal and career lawyers could end up disbarred in mass.

          Unless Hillary wins. Then we are all screwed.

          • Oh come now…. Just because Hillary wins doesn’t NOT mean we, as people, will cease to justifiably insist upon our rights, and I don’t care who she is, she hasn’t the power to coerce us into slavery, poverty, wars, vaccines that kill or any OTHER damn thing this ‘out of control’ government is doing.

            As for Operation Chokepoint, as soon as it started We The People were specifically told it was a measure being taken by Obama to “choke off” FFL’s from being able to continue supplying folks with firearms (thinking that over time ammo and working firearms would be harder and harder to find until nothing was left). Obama has always failed to understand American Ingenuity hasn’t he? Yep. And that means he’ll continue to make the same errors repeatedly.

            NOTHING exists (to my knowledge, and short of death), that is going to make the people lay down their weapons so that others can sweep across America and make ‘her’ a 3rd World Nation, free of White Christians and just Whities …and whomever else they decide is not “politically correct.”

            Amazing that in order to live today, we MUST take a political stance, when politics is quite likely the worst “set of guidelines” man ever dreamed up, and imho should be done away with.

            There is NO NEED for politics or the corruptions it always brings. There IS a need for us to Keep & Bear Arms, not to be infringed. (Why would our government wish to disarm all of us knowing the world wants us disarmed so that they can finish us off)? (The answer is IN the question, so that is that). The answer IS that our government is now “against the people” (or at least The Feds most assuredly are, as they are backing Obama on every “last little line and to-the-letter” (of illegal laws).

            Using illegal laws to “fuck” with Americans doesn’t set well with me at all. Having a president who is 100% out to destroy America, and not one politician has risen up against him(?), it almost beyond belief!!!!! Our Found Fathers “saw it coming” and that’s why The Second Amendment was agreed upon 100% (or none of the states would have ratified the Constitution or Bill of Rights.

            Simply put, without weapons (read: rifles and pistols and ammo and knives, etc), there are several “peoples” of this world who are all-to-eager to put us to our deaths. To lose our weapons means to lose our lives.

            It will be interesting to see how many “lay down their lives” in vain, being they’ll be killed either way once they’ve relinquished their weapons to “anyone” (Hillary, Uncle Sam, Santa Claus).

            And now we have proof positive that ISIS/ISIL IS A CREATION of our POTUS (clearly he stands against The USA and is a traitor and has been and is treasonous right)? So why the hell is he not in shackles in a dark prison, or just plain dead at this point? No law in the land is (I suspect) the reason. The ‘killer’ is that the media thinks we are so fucking dumb that we don’t know what the prez really is (a domestic enemy) …which The USA has never really had to deal with in prior times (not at this level of insanity).

            Always “carry” a well-cared for firearm (or two to be safe), at least a couple of spare mags or speed-loaders, and be alert at all times

            We fight, we’ll win. Some will die, others won’t, but we’ll all remain free. Any OTHER approach will not leave us in a state of Freedom, (unless you feel you’d be free to do as you please in a FEMA Camp – for brain-retraining and Muslim-teachings, Sharia Law Training and how to speak in a Muslim ‘tongue’ (English would be banned sooner than later).

            See you on the battlefields…

      10. We are well on the way to European model of socialism/communism in controlling business as a government entity. A small business as defined by European standard is one too small to provide the bribes, lobbies or big contributions to buy favors of political candidates. The EU’s red tape model on business that is that it is active birth to death of the business. This is what Obama and the liberals have brought to America to gain power.

        America government has made itself the personnel department for business. Governments objective is every nickle that flows through a paycheck as a benefit will pay a portion to government. This gives government the strangle hold on the employee’s paycheck whether he/she is a sole proprietor or corporation. Obamacare was a big step in controlling all benefits.

        America government has made itself the hub of control of business entrepreneurs. The net affect of this is regulation reduces the number of new business start-ups. And if the business starts it must also obey a confusing tangle of state and local edicts that follow state and local rules governing hiring, zoning, permits, certification, licencing and evaluation.

        The liberals are now in their next phase of control of business like they have in the EU. In this phase all money sources the business entrepreneurs obtain to run their business will be controlled by government. This will give the government a stranglehold on all businesses especially those that do not meet their “model” for is allowable for a business is allowed to do. In the EU thousands of businesses have been driven out existence because big brother does not like them. The same will happen in America as our government looks more an more like the Mafia.

        Government interference was the reason I shut my small profitable business down 3 years ago. The hassle I had to put up to run the business that came from government made it no longer worth the fight. However in the end their thirst for power will kill the golden goose…

        • People like you number in the hundreds of thousands and a lot of them are ready to get back into the game as soon as the pick pocket in chief is gone.

      11. The Republicans did nothing because most of them are in on it.

        The true American conservatives have very little representation in Washington.

        Hillary will bring more of the same only worse. I am reading the book crisis of character, written by a former secret service agent. She will be worse than Obama because he has paved the way for her. At least Trump will appoint conservative judges and not go after the 1st and 2nd amendments.

        The truth is the republic is already dead. Obama finished it off, the next president will only determine the speed at which we collapse to a banana republic.

        The only thing we can do now is see what is coming and prepare as well as we can. America is a powder keg and there are hundreds of fuses just waiting to be lit, any one of them could set this thing off at any time no matter who is in office.

        Store up enough stuff for your entire family and then some, for a long time, remember the story of Joseph in the Bible. He was wise enough to see the famine coming, the Bible is full of such stories, the book of Proverbs in particular is full of wisdom and being ready.

        • spot on, marine! i just hope there are enough like you when the time comes(now?)

        • The Problem with Cuntservatives is they are too hooked on their Ideology. Instead of supporting Trump, they would rather vote for Hitlery because that would keep their war mongering supporters well greased.

          Conservatives have no desire to Make America Great, just their pockets filled with money and their hearts filled with hate. Just listen to JEW Mark Levin Conservative talk radio POS / Trump Basher, he is a Paid Shill that deserves to be kicked out of America. He is a Traitor.

          ~WWTI… BTW/ Rush Limbaugh has been nailing it on this election coverage. I never used to like him years back, but he is making a lot of sense now. BTW/ I listen to everybody right/ left, etc, to understand where these people are coming from. Then make up my mind as to who tells the truth and who is lying. The MSM is the Tribes Voice to bash Trump and mask Killery’s criminal activities.

      12. That picture of Obama has always been repulsive to me!!

        • Somebody with Big Public name recognition and popularity should start a petition drive to obtain millions of signatures demanding that the Guines Book of world records, list Hobammy and his wife as The Most arrogant and Uppity niggers in all of american history.

          That would make for a very swell legacy for both he and she.

          And instead of a prez library like all the rest of usa prez got the hobammy’s should instead get the worlds largest Outhouse erected in their esteemed honor!

          locate said largest Outhouse in middle of Chicago city!

          Very cosmopolitan!

      13. HILLARY works out side the law Do you Really Expect Barack Hussein Obama Aloma Ding Dong Not Too. Those people are Corrupt from The Cook shack to the Tail block. Yeash!

      14. The country is dying right before our eyes and we are powerless to do anything to save it. I’m telling you it is going to take more skill than you can find in a Boy Scout Handbook to get the job done.
        As usual it will be like the Hurricane preparedness here in Florida. “I have my flashlight and batteries, a case of water and a couple cans of tuna fish and a box of crackers”.
        I guess some people can’t take a hint.

        The countdown continues.

        • anon I’m afraid your right. The more I talk to the public the more I realize they are a bunch of idiotic, non thinking, knuckle dragging, facebook addicted, pokemon playing, apathetic, dependent, retarded, politically correct, consuming, keep up with the Jonse’s, no dignity, no sense, parroting, go along to get along, dumb ass, brainwashed, zombie, no hope, stuck on stupid, fat assed, imbiciles. Fook them, they deserve EVERYTHING THEY GET!

          • The ignorant dumbed down populace can’t even put two plus two together anymore. Must be that commie core new math in their state-sponsored institutions of propaganda and controlled thinking.

        • Many nations have risen and fallen thru time.
          Being in Germany years back it’s past was of intrest to me. In a old book there was a sentence. It read something like [ The pure in heart suffered the least ]

      15. I used to collect antique juke boxes pinball machines some slots…
        I found a WWII machine at an auction called “choke a jap” it was a test of hand strength had a big dial that went around measured the force you could apply to choke a jap.
        Can you imagine if someone came out with a arcade machine called operation choke point and it had Obama or Hillary’s head n complete with digital choking sound that got louder the harder you choked them? The shit kicker bars would go crazy.?

        • frosty, do you still have that choke a jap?…i’m interested if you do. i also collect slots and arcade games….loved the “poison the rat” game and i don’t remember the one with hitler on it…..i LOVE your idea for the new game….maybe an isis soldier too.

      16. The last lead smelter in the US closed. No more lead for bullets for anyone in the US from US sources. That includes the military. We won WWII due to industries like steel and automotive industries. companies like Singer sewing machine and Union switch and signal made guns Where are the steel industries and look at Detroit today. We are being set up to lose the next war.

      17. He’s called the lawless one for a reason!

      18. Since 1923 Baron Edward DeRothschild and the J*ws took control of the vast lands and holdings of the Vatican.

        Is it any wonder The Church is no longer recognizable. It’s traditions and principles turned upside down. No Latin. Love the Muslims. Embrace invasion. What’s next??


        • This seems to have all (first) start rolling with someone bitching about The Ten Commandments, and I was shocked to see them rolled into the basement of that facility.

          Then, every other facet of Christianity was attacked; right up to include people bitching about what was WRITTEN ON THE CHURCH SCHEDULE – – and more than one Baptist Church optioned to just remove all signs, including the ones ID’ing the building, but that still wasn’t enough (because their agenda is calling for the abolishment of Christianity (because they intend to turn your ass into a Muslim-thinking, Sharia Law upholding “alien in your own country.” Screw them and their agendas!

          Many posts here “say it all” in that it is clear that the majority are going to do “next to nothing” and allow everything to slip away.

          The rest, the survivors, will be the ones that stand and fight for what is right, in The Name of God and against those that would destroy our Country. NOT ON MY WATCH!

          Molon Labe (and after they have failed, let’s hang them)

      19. Tim Kaine reminds me of a slim version of Webb Hubbel.

      20. 100 people shot in a week in the city of Chicago.

        If that is not a war zone I don.t know what to call it.

        • Anon, I was reading an article, where supposedly ISIS was going to recruit Gangs in Chitcago and arm then with guns to go shoot cops. Gee who could be behind that?,… creating Chaos and fear?

          ~WWTI… Trump has a lot of house cleaning to do coming up. I’d love to help him.

      21. It is entirely possible our nation has reached the point of no return. If that is the case, WE the people sat idly by, watched it happen and did nothing to stop in. I’m voting for TRUMP, he is our last chance to save what’s left of America. He may not be able to do it with a large percentage of our elected officials against him but I’m willing to let him try. They had their chance and they got us in this mess ! Obama and those like him may finally have done what they set out to do, destroy America in any and all ways possible. It took many years and a huge amount of bribe money but they may have finally succeeded. No matter who wins the election, it’s going to get ugly, REAL ugly and we have no one to blame except ourselves ! WE let them do this to us.

      22. Jeremiah…your home state of Montana is the most corrupt of all! FLDS Mormon church and law enforcement doing human trafficking and tax lien fraud to sell teen girls into sex slavery and rip-off retired vets. Corrupt all the way to the governor’s office. Your media, judgs, law enforcement, legislators and senators are all part of the crime. Hope FBI lets us burn your state to the ground after the arrest.

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