Obama Wants A Third Term And This Is How He Could Make It Happen

by | Aug 15, 2016 | Headline News | 121 comments

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    Yes, we are all well aware the Constitution limits the Presidency to two consecutive four-year terms of office.  Then again, if you weigh the track record of the Obama administration, the Constitution is nothing more than a challenge that he bypasses and circumvents with every given opportunity.  Small wonder that he may very well do the same thing with the upcoming presidential elections.  Already a sham, the presidential elections are actually a vehicle he can use to grab that “Third Term” for himself.

    First we’re going to quote straight out of the Huffington Post, an article from August 9, 2016, entitled Does He Deserve a Third Term?  Obama is S.T.U.P.I.D!  The acronym “STUPID” is supposed to stand for Super Human, Tough, Unequalled, Proactive, Ingenious, and Demi-god.

    No, your eyes did not deceive you: that last was “Demi-god,” this article from a “Contributor” to the Huffington Post.  The last paragraph is very alarming, and here it is:

    D         –           Demi-god

    What more can qualify a man as god?  A loving father to his children, best friend to his wife, a friend to his subordinates, a mentor to growing young men, hope to the hopeless, a victor in his challenges, the most powerful man on earth, yet a simple man in all his ways.  You will forever live in hearts of all as a god among men.”

    A “god” among men, eh?

    Akin to a professional boxing match, the slow and careful buildup in words by the media has begun.  Those sentiments are not a trumpet call, however; they are an echo of the mind of a narcissistic, soft-dictator that has systematically destroyed the United States over the past 7 years.  If you want the source of the reverberations, feast your eyes on this.  David Feherty of the Golf Channel conducted an interview with Obama and asked him some questions about his golf game.  Obama replied to the questions, and added:

    “But I’m not quitting my day job.”

    Feherty’s response: “Actually you are quitting your day job fairly shortly,” referring to Obama leaving the White House in January.  Obama’s next reply gives it all away.  In the first part, he suggests his golf game might improve.  Then he talks about the presidency (the underlined portion), leaving no guesswork about his true feelings on the matter.

    “Then I may get good. I’m being forced out, I didn’t quit,” Obama said.

    How do you like that one?  So how could this potentially happen?  Firstly, the states are the ones with either state-enacted provision to suspend elections or emergency powers to do so.  We saw an example of this with the September 11, 2001 attacks where a New York judge suspended primary elections.  We also saw it with “Superstorm Sandy,” where several states either postponed elections or re-stationed polling locations.

    Barring such actions or state constitutional provisions, a governor can use emergency powers to postpone an election.  Feasibly under some “extraordinary” circumstance, Obama could direct the 18 Democratic state governors to jump on board and postpone the election.  This is secondary, however, and probably wouldn’t be needed.  Why?

    Because Obama has the power to declare Martial Law, reinforced by the NDAA that declares the U.S. in a perpetual state of war against terror.

    A false flag is the stimulus that Obama would use in order to suspend the elections and the Constitutional rights.  Make no mistake: there is no “love” for Hillary from Obama, and the election is a sham.  It either comes down to Hillary or Obama, and the entire decision is based upon what the globalists want.

    The Posse Comitatus Act (18 USC 1385) was effectively nullified by the Warner Defense Act of 2006, and then it was further shredded and burned with the NDAA and this, out of United States Code 332 (10 U.S. Code § 332) as such:

    10 USC 331. When a state is unable to control domestic violence and they have requested federal assistance, the use of the militia or Armed Forces is authorized.

    10 USC 332. When ordinary enforcement means are unworkable due to unlawful obstructions or rebellion against the authority of the United States, use of the militia or Armed Forces is authorized.

    10 USC 333. When a state cannot or will not protect the constitutional rights of the citizens, due to domestic violence or conspiracy to hinder execution of State or Federal law, the use of the militia or Armed Forces is authorized.

    And this is augmented as such, here:

    House Joint Resolution 1292. This resolution directs all departments of the U.S. government, upon request of the Secret Service, to assist in carrying out its statutory duties to protect government officials and major political candidates from physical harm.

    Looking at the situation in the U.S. and the turmoil in the world it will be astonishing if we even make it to the “elections” this November.  Obama does not want to leave the office.  He has not completed his “fundamental transformation” and there are several avenues available to him that have not yet been pursued.  All of them involve a dramatic event that will enable him to suspend elections and remain in office until the end of the emergency (therefore indefinitely).  Your thoughts on the possibilities are welcomed.

    Jeremiah Johnson is the Nom de plume of a retired Green Beret of the United States Army Special Forces (Airborne).  Mr. Johnson is also a Gunsmith, a Certified Master Herbalist, a Montana Master Food Preserver, and a graduate of the U.S. Army’s SERE school (Survival Evasion Resistance Escape).  He lives in a cabin in the mountains of Western Montana with his wife and three cats. You can follow Jeremiah’s regular writings at SHTFplan.com or contact him here.

    This article may be republished or excerpted with proper attribution to the author and a link to www.SHTFplan.com.

    Also From Jeremiah Johnson:

    Obama’s Operation Choke Point: “Unbridled Abuse Of Executive Power Operating Completely Outside Of The Rule Of Law”

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      1. TPTB need to maintain the illusion of self government. A third term would threaten that. Obama doesn’t run the government, the power elite does. By hook or by crook the occupier of the oval office is their guy.

        • King Koon.

              • HoloFraud, to play victim and gain sympathy for their creepy deceiptful money changing ways. Destroying cultures and countries is their motto. Hitler was right, extermination is the only solution. Again America founds itself on the wrong side of another war.

                ~WWTI.. It really sucks being a US Tax payer and our Government on the wrong side of the wars, decade after decade. Russia is mainly White and Christian, but the US Government and Media, highjacked by Zionists, creates Russia as the evil empire, and then arms, trains and funds ISIS?? What gives?? WTF is our Government thinking? WHAT AM I DOING FUNDING THESE EVIL DOERS THROUGH MY EXTORTED SHAKEDOWN OF FEDERAL INCOME TAX PAYMENTS??? THAT’S WHAT REALLY PISES ME OFF.

                • hillary will order his assassination long before she allows him to deny her what she believes is her turn on the throne. You can bet on that.

              • According to Geri Johnson, we should have been living in the 18th century by now with the North Koreans sending that dreaded emp our way. So I guess come December or January, we’ll be hearing another ass clown fear inducing piece of drivel. I’m betting he’s a closet Obama fan and secretly hopes this comes to fruition.
                Stay quiet Be smart

              • My Uncle and my friends father liberated camps. It occurred.

                • We need to Liberate the 6 Million Jews here, on the US Soil and expatriate them back to Israel. With George Soros leading the pack.


                • Kevin2: Why do you always state “It Happened” to every question or debate or info or facts about the too many to list phony claims made by the members of the holohoax Industry Cash Cow?

                  of course it did and nobody says it never happened.

                  What many wized up folks do say is that MOST of the many claims made about various events did not occure as stated.

                  Nor is the sacred six million number accurate at all.

                  Nor did nazis made Soap from dead jews and no shrunken head skulls were ever made by nazis out of dead jews.

                  ALL of those type claims and far too many more claims to list here have been totally proved False period.

                  And proven Via fully documented, totally vetted, factual evidence.

                  Even the famous “nazi Hunter” Elie Da weazel who earned/scammed a vast multi tens of millions dollars fortune by his many holohoax facts books have most all of it been proven as false claims.

                  This well Describes Elie Weazels so called facts of the holohoax books eh kevin2:

                  However, when we recall words he wrote early in his career and has repeated many time since then, we have a possible key. “Some events do take place but are not true; others are true although they never occurred.”27 Telling a “true lie” with good intentions is simply not a problem for Wiesel.

                  Want Real Holohoax Truth and Facts perhaps?

                  Read article that elie quote came from Kevin2…

                  ht tps://forum.codoh.com/viewtopic.php?t=3779

                  Close the Gap between the Two T’s in HTTP part of Link above….Read and take Note of aprox 35 Notated Documented Proofs of articles truth and factual accuracy Kevin2….ps that codoh site has tons of WWII events proofs that shatter most every Myth we were taught as real and true!….Enjoy the advanced wake up effect it will have on you.

                • Kevin2, indeed. My fathers family is from Poland. Been there, literally. Immigrated, naturalized, Joined the Army, went right f’king back with a rifle.

                • Sorry, Jew ‘Holocaust’ most certainly did not happen. Complete and utter Jewish fabrication.

                  Intelligent and responsible persons should research Ernst Zündel and Fred Leuchter, and I don’t mean on Wikipedia.

                  Thank you and goodbye.

              • How about the 6,000,000 Palestinians the Jews have Murdered in the occupied land of Palestine over the last century. Mostly children and innocent people. The Jews cut the water supply off to the Palestinians, reduce their fishing areas to the unproductive shallow waters only, Israeli snipers murder innocent Palestinian children while playing, then laugh about it. They also shoot at the drinking water tanks on the roofs of Palestinian houses for target practice. Steal land and build jew shit housing on them. Gross human right violations and atrocities, causing suffering.

                And then US Tax Payers are on the Hook for more Annual Israeli Welfare, and weapons defense extortion.

                When will the BS end?


          • This is utter nonsense. You think Obama has any power at all? That he is really in charge?

            He’s just the current salesman for the Deep State, selling their agenda. It makes no difference whether that salesman subsequently ends up being someone else. The Deep State’s agenda will go on and the President, no matter what person occupies that role, will ask “how high?” when the Deep State says “jump”.

            If WW3 is coming and the US needs to tighten domestic security in the build-up (for example, by securing its southern border), strengthen its armed forces, and start to restore some national pride (so that patriots will flock to fight the enemy), a flag-waving populist – albeit one who loves queers and defends their so-called “rights” – would serve the Deep State’s interests very well, even better than a sociopathic ghastly old liberal hag would.

            Everyone needs to realise that voting is only the slaves rattling their chains and that democracy is a sham designed to hide the true decision-making power. No matter who wins the coming election, you will still be ruled by the Deep State.

            • The deep state is only a mirror what it covers up is the many thousands of years to control the invisible hand. The invisible hand is the people listening to the small voice we all have that tell us to do not do . The voice of God,the gut, third eye.many names, but same results. The deep state,NWO,them,or all the names we use we are trying to tell the world about the deep state and we are really talking about a dark version of the invisible hand. Please think it over and tell me what you think. Going to work and be back on Wednesday,be good or don’t get caught.

              • I firmly believe the Deep State takes its instructions from Satan. But the people of the West did not have to embrace the gay agenda and all the other wickedness foisted on us by the Deep State. We could have utterly rejected it, but instead we went along to get along. So there will be a bitter harvest to reap.

        • Bozo is not my president and neither will Hillary be. No one elected or put there has any right to tell me how to live my life, what to think, how to act, etc… As long as this rifle is in my hands I will choose my fate.

          • Amen

            • Whole issue is B S. Wish I could figure out a way to bet 10K with the people who say this. SHTF needs to stop printing this crap, enough real issues around.

              • Every New Congress gets into official office status a couple Weeks prior to Jan 20th when usa new prz is Confirmed and sworn in.

                If ANYBODY dared attempt to remain us prez longer than Two terms as is us const Law…then he/she would be challanged and fast Booted off the podium!

                Read Edwin Vieriea’s newswithviews article dirctly dealing With this issue of declare martial law to remain as prez in office etc!

                Edwins expert analysis totally DE-constructs every possible way/method/shape or form anyone could possibly attempt EITHER to declare martial law or remain for third term prez…And edwin fully explains why it won’t ever happen period….Yes! I am aware it did happen, martial law of a ‘sorts” back in early 1900 era…So what? That was Then alot has happened and changed since.

                It is far too Long an article, actually a couple seperate articles at the only website to carry his stuff to copy paste here…Go to newswithviews dot com and look for edwin Vierieas name at LEFT side screen and click on His name…That takes you To every of the over 100+ articles edwin wrote so far at this website.

                he is probably americas Foremost leagle expert of all matters of MILITIA as per us const Law, Banksters/Money per us const athourity etc and Martial Law per us const law rejects it outright and fully.

                if One us rep or us senator or us military high command or us supremes or even lower fed ct judge Challanges such agendas or events it simply will NOT happen period.

                And far greater numbers than one individual will definatly challange such nonsense and totally Unconst agendas period.

                plus city of London banksters as well as Telaviv master race tribe leadership will never allow for one of Their clown dupes as us prez to go off the reservation in such manner. They Fear too many folks being awakened at same time which such events surely shall casue.

                Make America Great again! make America Nation #110, and Never Again! Ze Big Boot Outsky because, yes it Is time.

                • Them Guys, I’ve heard a lot of speculation since the 2012 election about Obama might try to stay in for a 3rd term. Until something happens, it’s just speculation. But I still believe no matter who gets ‘selected’, I still expect 2nd civil war/revolution will happen so I’m still prepping accordingly.

                  • The same thing was said about Clinton, Bush and even Reagan. Wasn’t much hype about Reagan because the information superhighway hadn’t been up for public use like it is now, and that started with Clinton. Go figure
                    Stay quiet Be smart.

              • Paranoid. This story gets recycled with every outgoing president. I agree that this is complete bullcrap and Obama will be more than glad to leave and make some money.

        • Actually no they do not. They simply need a sufficent crisis to compel support for the removal such election, conduct change of government under COG and officially announce Plutocracy of public-private mergers like TBTF banking. Problem-reaction-solution

      2. THE UNITED STATES ( not America ) has been a foreign owned ” Private for profit CORPORATION ” since 1871. The Constitution has a fatal flaw – amendments. It’s a contract with the crown. So your argument is null and void. Martial Law has been in effect since the Civil War, and the deal was sealed in 1913 . . .

      3. By promoting two buffoons as presidential candidates, BO makes himself look that much better. If he would ever have to ‘unfortunately’ remain in office due to some unforeseen national disaster, the people may be more accepting of him as eternal emperor- in their eyes he would be the best choice of the three.

      4. doesnt matter who sits in the white house … they are nothing more then puppets of the international zionist shadow government that really controls brainwashed amerika.

        • Buttpuppets, poopets, dog and pony show, entertainment for the masses, distraction, globalist asslickers, psycopaths, etc. But then the cops and military love them because they do their bidding always. Better sign up now so you too can go fight for some other country, cause it sure as hell aint ours!

      5. I was never UNoathed when I left the military…
        The Black Caesar had better consider that there are millions of ME out there.
        Including some very pissed off officers and NCO’s forced out by Dear Leaders downsizing.
        I also know for a fact, that there are some on the inside who’ll not stand for any of his crap.
        This style of fear mongering also went around when Bush was at the end of his term, remember?
        Although I would consider it more valid with this scum sucking Moooslime loving communist blatherscythe.

        • If you took an oath then why did you not keep it by defending us from domestic enemies?

          • /popcorn/

            • LOL, you better have a lot of popcorn cause I doubt he has an answer 😛

          • For the same reason you didn’t…
            It is the height of foolishness to think that one person, grabbing his gun and running outside screaming at the top of his lungs is anything but a quick trip to the loony bin. Why, because he won, constitutionally valid election, regardless of my personal distaste and disdain for the choices of the American people, the majority spoke.
            In today’s environment, evil has become good, and good has become evil.
            The Last Trump, has done us all a service from God, whether you accept that or not, he has sent a message;
            SLEEPERS AWAKEN.

            If the Black Caesar decides to extend his term in office, I won’t be outside alone standing with my dick in my hand… because this would be outside the Constitution.
            Does this make me a coward in your eyes? So be it, I was one of few making noises that this man was not an American, but a Usurper. Read some of my posts from 2008-9, but one unknown man’s words are not enough when a spirit of madness has taken over the land…
            Now, the pendulum swings…

            • Everyone in the military takes the oath, and that is a lot more than one person my man. The military could set it all straight but noooooo. So if you knew you would dishonor your oath, why did you take it? I took no such oath so I’m not an oath breaker. Can you please tell me what country you fought for?

              • I see, so you are completely lacking in common sense, and would just prefer to poke at someone with your own internal troll agenda…
                The military, my good man, has been purged of most of the good guys. Those that are left, are leaving the service in droves, disgusted.
                As for you, you are not someone that someone can debate, because you cannot debate a liar, or a SJWtroll.
                Good riddance.

                • Well thats a good reply to skirt the questions. I have a lot of common sense because I question things. Ok I see you won’t/can’t answer me. On your way oh shallow one….

                  • When you have yet to reply to my words?
                    Only commenting on yourself?
                    Yet, you call me shallow?
                    You prefer to wallow in shit, like a pig.

                    • What did I not reply to? I’m commenting on your post. If you can’t think deeply then yes you are shallow. I do not wallow in anything. Care to answer my questions yet?

                    • What did you reply to? Nothing.
                      Comment, yes, debate? No.
                      Reply, that’s a laugh. You take an element, of a post, and concoct a narrative straw man argument.
                      Take it to hell with you.

                      Connection severed.

                    • Just as I thought, you avoided answering any questions and instead attack me and call me names. I was merely questioning some things that most people never think about. That is the same tactic the liberals and politicians use to get out of answering uncomfortable questions. It is a true sign of indoctrination and brain washing. Some people would rather die that know the truth about things that go against their belief system. Some defend their belief/brainwashing to the death rather than investigate the truth. I answer all questions asked of me. If I am wrong about something I investigate and think it through and change my thoughts if they prove to be incorrect. Truth is my friend and I defend it, you might try it sometime…

            • Piper,
              Damn good response.

              Ready and waiting in Houston.

              Son of Liberty

            • Amen PM,
              God bless

              • A good response??? No answers just name calling? WOW…

                • Here’s a good response… You became UNoathed when you never even tried to defend us from enemies foriegn OR domestic. Instead, you aided the enemies. Too much to think about? Don’t want to go there? Never really thought about it? Just parroting the BS propaganda you were fed? Lack of discernment? Try the website I am posting when you click my name, it might wake you up.

                  • Look how many tolls in the US Military are helping arm train and fund ISIS today. You are POS Criminal Traitors in my book, and deserve death by firing squad.

                    ~WWTI… Then these Ex Military POS Traitors retire and collect pensions off the Backs of Real Patriotic Americans. F-em. My “Deserving of death” list is growing.

                  • G, I’m thinkin’ the old ways were kinda better.

                    Might be foolish to some, but at least the shit we’re all covered in at the moment would have been dealt with quick fast and in strong unity, HOOOOOORAH.

                    There’s something good when folks are united with a common cause and are standing together for righteousness…

                    As far as I can see, the alternative movements of today appear to hate law and order just for the sake of hating on something. DUMBASSE MOVE FOR SURE.

                    I aint got no answers G… Just trying my best to struggle through the best I can but I’ve got a hunch that things go around then come around, thinking it’s time for a newage-oldage take on things-STEADY AS SHE GOES!

            • Not a coward,bro. Nobody wants to be the “lone wolf” that starts the civil war that will destroy America. Yes, I believe that we the people will win, but it won’t be quickly, and it won’t be without great cost in blood on both sides. In the end, we will not have the America I had when I was a boy. We’ll end up with a military strong man ruling with an iron fist once our ammo has run out. The only plus is it won’t be the queer that presently occupies the oval office…

            • I could not agree more.

              It will take a leader and a planned strategy to take down this Muslim squatting in the White House, unless he is removed legally through what we hope is not a rigged election,

              and if that happens, I perceive a Civil War, a Coup, a Revolution, whatever is the right term for millions and millions of true patriots, like you and others who write on various blogs… showing their distaste and the fact that they knew from the get-go that this was a Usurper/Impostor/Squatter, elected the 2nd time through Voter Fraud,

              as has been proven over and over in many states.

              He may well attempt to use his ‘authority’ for martial law, for another term, but he will regret it.

        • Drudge had an article that implies Obama may be planning to hang out “Contractor Mercs” to dry, when they do troop draw downs, who are working in Afghanistan as Hillary did to Mercs in Benghazi some who died with diplomats they were protecting.

          Is this part of a purge of potential resistance to the NWO plans.

          • That will end badly, a couple aquaintences of mine who are over there have some scary connections, their group is large and all are well connected and well supplied, and those who fund and support them have more money than God

        • In your mind you did’nt but by your inactions at this late date you most certainly did.
          You sir are a coward, as am I.
          We’ve ALL sat back and have done not a damn thing to protect the very Country we call home.
          The politicians,current and former military,websites called “Oathkeepers”,The very people who should have long ago stood up for this country have failed miserably,all took a oath and chose not to honor it.
          What,you think it’s going to change on it’s own or are we waiting for somebody else to do it?
          The people of this Country should hang their head in abject shame.
          Semper Fi bitchez!

        • Also recall that ‘periodically the tree of liberty must be watered with the blood of patriots and tyrants alike.’


      7. If “they” decide that in spite of all their meddling and reprogramming of voting machines it seems that Trump might still win; I personally think something like this is possible. I put nothing past these people.. I am no Trump fan; but he is getting 20-60,000 people attend every single event he has in every city and state he has them in. No way Billary is getting anywhere near that turn out.. and I note the our current Glorious Leader is getting shriller and more childish each and every day… something is afoot.. time will tell.

      8. A guy I work with went out and bought a Polaris dune buggy or whatever you call it. Told me he spent $15,000 it was an impulse buy. Whoa glad I never get impulses like that. He fell for that one hook line and sinker. He don’t have acreage he lives in the city and has to take it out to New Hampshire to ride it. I could see needing it if he had a ranch. I said cool walked away scratching my head. What could you do with $15,000

        • My neighbor has one, from what I can see it gets ridden around the neighborhood loop once every six months. I don’t recall the last time I saw it on the trailer to go somewhere fun to ride.

          I’d sell my toys if that’s all the use I got out of them.

      9. I am seriously considering NEVER reading any other article by JJ again!
        This one, truly hit home and actually scares the crap outta me, because I can actually see HisObamaness doing just this scenario.
        In all seriousness, J.J. is spot on with his intelligence analysis of the Nightmare Scenario for the Republic.
        And like millions of other veterans, I consider the treasonous behavior of most of our elected officials, worthy of open “rebellion” in protection of OUR Constitutional Rights, unlike those political whores.

        • forbes ran article on O third term a year ago:

          One cannot say that Obama is thinking of a third term. In fact, it is doubtful that even he himself could say at this point if he wants it.

          But if he were thinking about it, he would be acting as he is, and as Roosevelt did: Deny any such intention, but at the same time ensure that no strong Democratic candidate emerges, and keep the personal political machine intact. Make the professionals and core supporters of the Democrats panicky about a possible wipe-out.

          Keep the MSM allies spouting the party line about the lack of seriousness of the Republican opposition to set up the argument that he could not responsibly leave the nation in their hands.

          Then wait and see what the world supplies in terms of a crisis, or perhaps many of them. There is no shortage of possibilities.

          Republicans might put the RCP article in the category of dystopian fiction, but on the other hand, perhaps the zombies are real this time.


      10. Interesting to say the least, and yes a good kick off for an interesting discussion no less. Let me caveat by adding my personal perspective, which may align with your posting.

        1. Democrat controlled State, as a flash point to civil unrest.
        2. Democrat controlled city, as a flash point for civil unrest.
        3. National Guard ineffective due to extended delay in activation
        4. Ability to specifically target points/persons of interest during disturbance to mask intentions
        5. Implement Martial Law, repeat of Katrina (Weapons Confiscations)
        6. Lock down social media, control information leakage on constitutional violations
        7. Broadcast propaganda for movement to controlled locations
        8. Implement tighter controls, use military loyalist to move/engage County Law Enforcement
        9. Request UN support as military constitutionalist break away from loyalist.
        10. He who controls the air, will be pivotal in the control of non conformists.
        11. Large number of 15-27 year olds (non-military) unable to think for themselves. Will be fighting for a broken system

        12. Rough days……..

        Stepping down from milk crate

        • #10: “he who controls the Air” as in air Waves aka tv/radio etc correct? If yes….Then that would be Satan in his role as, “Prince of the Power of the Air”

          And just take a fast look see at whom are satans dupe/children that control Every TV station, TV news show, Talk Radio shows, and newspapers eh.

          It is all controlled by and done as per Christs warnings in John 8:44 and that entire paragraph section of as is written which so well describes those satanic children.

          Although at that late date point of time I won’t be shocked if we see most of them Flee Fast and go direct to Israel where their dual citizenery is valid at.

      11. Connect the dots:

        The biggest event in America today is we have l0,000 Baby Boomers retiring each day for years to come. The biggest problem in America is we cannot for the duration support these retiring Baby Boomers. The reason we cannot support these baby boomers is we have not produced a large enough group of supporting taxpayers.

        Why are there not enough taxpayers to support retiring Boomers? Government eliminated 60 million future tax payers with making abortion legal. Also it is estimated up to 30 million tax payers were prevented by the cheap birth control pill. And lastly the dissolution marriage as an institution in America has created much smaller family units than prior generations.

        How is our government replacing the missing revenue from lack of taxpayers? To replace these missing tax payer’s government has allowed 61 million immigrants plus into America to replace our missing tax payers to support the boomers. These immigrants are fast tracked getting jobs our youth should have using subsidies from the government. Dems and Repubs are together on this. Democrats want the immigrants as future party supporters. Republicans want the cheap labor.

        Why is America a bankrupt government? Revenue from current taxes is too low to pay for increasing entitlements and retirees. Deficits and debt plug the entitlement hole until immigrants produce enough taxes to fill the entitlement hole . Government is betting immigrants will produce the taxes to pay for retiring Baby Boomers before America goes belly up. Once the U.S. world reserve currency runs out and the government can no longer print bucket loads of money and debt they will strip the U.S. citizens cupboards bare to keep going.

        Enter Donald Trump:

        Trump tosses out the immigrants and now there is no one generating the taxes to pay for the retiring Boomers. Country will soon go belly up.

        This is the scenario that as the Political elite shaking in the boots….

        Solution: Create an event that keeps BO in power…

        • OK so what happened to all the money the boomers paid in SS and medicare taxes during 40-50 years of working? And I really doubt the influx of refugees will pay shit in taxes if they work at all. Just more of the old plan to get rid of the usa and it’s working very well.

          • “All the money” is almost nothing compared to what is being paid out. I only paid in a little over $30,000 in SS during my entire working career. I will have received all that back in less than 3 years. If I live to my 80s, I will get 10 times what I paid in.

            What we all paid in was used to pay older people who retired while we were working. And they paid in even less than I did.

            My grandfather was a farmer all his working life, so he never paid into SS. When he turned 65, the government gave him the opportunity to buy enough quarters to qualify for just a few hundred dollars. He then drew SS checks for the next 25 years.

            That’s where “all the money” went. It was a Ponzi scheme right from the start. Roosevelt knew it from the beginning.

            • No Archivist, you did not get your $ back in about 3 years.

              In the real world when someone has your money, it accrues interest.

              Only in the Twilight Zone of Government do they TAKE your money and give it back to you at no interest. In fact in private industry, if you did what our USG did, you would be in the can with Bernie Madoff.

              Oh, BTW, the SS law is written so that the Congress can stop paying us at all, if they deem it necessary….

              I started paying into the system in 1961 and I have calculated that my wife and I will not receive our money back (using the old whole life insurance measly rate of 3%) till we are in our mid 80s (if we both survive that long.)

              Your grandfather was part of the start-up of SS and the exception. There is some gang up on SS that has occurred because of chain immigration, but that is not where the money went. The Congress stole the $ (starting in the LBJ era) to buy votes both Ds and Rs.

              Do not fall for the BS that you are somehow sugar titting on the Government when you receive your SS payment.


            • That analysis don’t hold water though. Because #1 every dollar Paid into usa fed taxes go direcct to their NY Fed Reserve bank branch, The Main top control branch.

              To Pay the Usury/Intrest from us fed govnts massive borrowing of its Own already owned cash that there is zero need to borrow in first place since we the peoples owns usa cash moiney outright.

              And everything done by fed and state govnts as well as every cash payout agendas now have not enough cash or taxes incomming to fund any of it.

              And yet they keep on going and going correct? Every year when total usa debt of fed govnt grows larger some several website commanders claim it cant keep growing debt! and yet yes it does keep growing.

              So whats to stop usa national fed govnt debts from going to a Hundred trillion or more debt? nothing to stop it unless the jewish banksters decide to refuse to Loan more cash out. Cash they do NOT Own for they are just middle men same as in avg Dope deals, where a third party who knows both dope seller and dope buyer takes a Cut off the top in Cash profits aka usury interst! as his Pay to get the dope deal completed.

              Only america aint a dope deal, and jewish banksters never owned nor ever shall own OUR we the peoples Birthright-Nations Moneys….

              Money Is the Lifeblood of any Nation in same way as human Blood is Your Lifeline to remain functional and alive.

              This makes jewish banksters actual Parasitical Vampires or Blood Suckers if one prefers it. The “SCV’s” Or Self Chozen Vampires.

              so Yes indeed vampires Are REAL, Virginia….and as soon as a vast Majority of usa folks awaken to this abject swindle scam and demand a full return of usa cash aka national Lifeblood, to Flow to Us and without ANY forms usury intrest as then none shall be needed…America will, like germany did in 1930’s make a Rapid huge FIX job and likley have it all done in less than five years as did germany back then. It All begins Via a bootOut of jewish banksters and every shabozz goy gentile in cahoots with them, even though vast majority are Not goys.

          • Genius,

            On Feburary 25, 2015 America’s total entitlement cost was outlined by Laurence Kotlikoff’s a Professor of Economics at Boston University when he gave testimony before the U.S. senate budget committee

            Kotlikoff in his opening remarks he stated “…I am honored to discuss with you our country’s fiscal condition. Let me get right to the point. Our country is broke. It’s not broke in 75 years or 50 years or 25 years or 10 years. It’s broke today. Indeed, it may well be in worse fiscal shape than any developed country, including Greece. …” [From the document above]

            “…The infinite-horizon fiscal gap {or fiscal gap} tells us whether the government has, over time, enough receipts to cover its projected spending. … The U.S. fiscal gap currently stands at $210 trillion. … Our $210 trillion fiscal gap represents 58 percent of the present value of projected future taxes. Hence, eliminating the fiscal gap via tax hikes requires an immediate and permanent 58 percent hike in federal taxes. Stated differently, the overall federal government is 58 percent underfinanced. …” [From the document above]

            “… By way of comparison, the Social Security system, taken by itself, is 33 percent underfinanced. …Another comparison is Detroit prior to declaring bankruptcy. The city appears to have been roughly 25 percent underfunded. Hence, the U.S. is in far worse fiscal shape than was Detroit before it went broke. …” [From the document above]

            “…Decades of Enron-style accounting has permitted both parties to keep the vast majority of the government’s debts off the books. Our fiscal gap is 14 times GDP — a larger ratio than prevails in Greece or, it appears, any other developed country. Eliminating the fiscal gap without structural reform would require either an immediate and permanent 64 percent increase in all federal taxes or a 40 percent cut in all federal non-interest spending. Delaying such adjustments leaves an even bigger bill for our children. …” [from thepurpleplans.org]

            Kotlikoff and 17 Nobel Laureates in Economics, prominent former government officials, and others tried to pass the INFORM ACT. The INFORM ACT would have required the Congressional Budget Office (CBO), the General Accountability Office (GAO), and the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) to do fiscal gap accounting and generational accounting on an annual basis and, upon request by Congress, to use these accounting methods to evaluate major proposed changes in fiscal legislation. The bill was introduced Senators Kaine (Democrat from Virginia) and Senator Thune (Republican from South Dakota) and is being co-sponsored by Senator Coons (Democrat from Delaware) and Senator Portman (Republican from Ohio). Democrats and Republicans together voted this act down [from informact.org]

            • That question was sarcastic lol. I’m not that stupid 🙂

        • Other solution;
          Redefine ‘money’…
          … again.
          (1971, was the beginning of the Fiat regime. Fiat currencies have rarely survived more than 40 years before hyperinflating or deflating themselves into worthlessness because of the callous disregard of those pulling the strings. It is not any different this time. The only difference is, they must go for a One World digital currency, because all the western powers have diluted themselves to worthlessness. They can only do this if they all agree to the terms. Russia and China, may be the odd men out, but gold and silver will rule the day, at least for awhile.)

          • When the power goes off due to the inevitable hyperinflation that EVERY fiat paper currency goes through at its end, there will not be any way to have a digital ANYTHING at all. Every last thing that runs on electricity will go dark and cold. You can bet on it!!
            The USD actually became a fiat paper currency in 1913 with the fraudulent passage of the Federal Reserve Act, but the decrease in its perceived purchasing power kicked into overdrive in 1971. Pretty soon we will be seeing hyperinflation just like Zimbabwe, Venezuela and other nations. It’s a world wide fiat paper currency economic system, and all will fall victim to it. No one will get out alive.

        • If you think low-skilled uneducated illegals are going to earn the kind of money that will fund the Social Security System, you’ve got another think coming.

          It’s quite simple math, arithmetic, actually. 6.35% of $10 an hour is less than 6.35% of $30 an hour. You can double it to equal the employer contribution, but the numbers still remain the same distance apart.

          And if you consider the numbers of immigrants who are working for cash and not paying in to the System at all, things are even further behind.

          If you want to restore the SSS, kick the illegals out, eliminate the net drain on the fund, and watch wages for construction and other labor rise to match the cost of American labor. That will re-fund the system, along with millenial’s earnings.

          An amnesty for the illegals will completely bankrupt the system for all time, either SS withholding will have to jump to 30% or 40%, instead of current 12.7%, or borrowing will increase the debt by trillions that will never be repaid, or benefits will have to be slashed to the extent that recipients will be relegated to poverty.

          • The SSS also pays immigrants that never paid a penny into it. I know an old lady from Mexico that gets paid “supplimental” just because her daughter brought her in. Also all kinds of people that don’t want to work get a doctor to claim they are disabled that are perfectly able to work. Under Obama that segment has ballooned and it comes out of SS account! There really is no hope other than means testing (everyone making $70,000 in retirement from investments or pensions for instance doesn’t get a dime of SS no matter what you paid in). And with time that will be reduced.

        • Don’t forget about the number of children and grandchildren not born because of the 50-70 million babies aborted(That’s 1.6 million/yr). Most have the number at around 140 million. Right there is your lack of taxpayers, not to mention innovators, creators etc.
          Just an added tidbit…..The World Health Organization has the global abortion rate at 50-60 million/year!!!

        • What immigrants are you talking about? Paying taxes? They don’t tax welfare bennies, friend. No immigrants pay income taxes. They have minimum wage jobs that exempt them due to poverty, and they collect welfare–EBT cards, Medicaid, Rent and utility subsidies,WIC checks. Once the old lady shits out four welfare bastards they can’t feed, they get “Earned Income Credits” to the tune of almost $5k per year, compliments of Uncle Sugar. They don’t pay ANYTHING!A lot of able-bodied people even collect an SSI check because they’re “disabled”. Did you know EVERYBODY that ever served time in prison collects an SSI checks, EBT card and Medicaid because they suffer from PTSD from having been in prison? Exporting the foreign parasites will have a positive effect on the nation’s economy. Taking those malingering ex-cons to a veterinarian and having them put to sleep will also help…

        • Dude, it’s nothing but a poxy pyramid scheme, it just keeps on perpetuating the cause over and over and over again, there’s no end to it… Think about it! ’tis nonsensical.

        • rabbitone, you forgot there aren’t enough decent paying jobs for the young tax payers that are here. At least Trump says he will get the jobs back. Seems to me that is the first step needed.

      12. Said it before – will say it again.

        This is very possible.

        If either candidate gets elected, then an ‘Event’ may happen that precludes either from gaining office (Meaning they are indefinitely incapacitated. Use your imagination as to how.), therefore the incumbent official(s) retain authority (…indefinitely).

        • The “event” is Clinton’s health. IF she makes it to the election, she will win (whether she wins the vote or not), then she will either die or be labelled unfit to serve. Of course, we all know she’s unfit already but WTF are we plebs to say?

          • Heck you could elect a puppet sewn out of my old underwear and get the same results. It just does as it’s told by the almighty hand up it’s ass!

          • I wouldn’t listen to the MSM ‘polls’, very ‘scientific’, very results oriented, and very far off the mark.
            I think Trump will win in a landslide, in fact, I’ll make a bet;
            One of my hand made knives if ‘she’ wins, and anything of equal value if ‘he’ wins. Bet?
            I would be willing to let Mac be the arbiter.

            • Damn, that’s tempting. You got a description of said knife? Blade length? Carbon? Jimping? Handle (Micarta, scales?) Full tang? blade configuration?

        • Fear porn. Not going to happen.

          In the event an elected candidate is unable to take office, the selection of the next President and Vice President falls to the House of Representatives.

          • Exactly right…
            Somebody pulls a black rabbit out of his hat, and has enough support to convince everybody else that the magic worked.

      13. Other possibility is that Obama could invoke Article 4 Section 4 of the Constitution following a major false flag.

        Article 4 Section 4:
        The United States shall guarantee to every state in this union a republican form of government and shall protect each of them against invasion; and upon application of the Legislature or of the Executive (when the Legislature can not be convened) against domestic violence.

        Originally, this meant that Congress was given the power to protect the states from invasion by a foreign country or from significant internal violent uprisings. The authority to request federal help with riots or insurrections rested with the state Legislature; that authority would shift to the Executive if the state Legislature were not able to convene in time to make the federal request. Today, state governors make such requests, not state legislatures.

        It would appear to me that, based on the words used, along with how broad and subjective those words are, 10 USC 332 and 333 could be considered a federalization of Article 4 Section 4. I can very easily see Obama using 332 or 333 to invoke Article 4 Section 4. A grid-down event would meet all of the criteria outlined in Article 4 Section 4. So would a Soros-funded, coast to coast, BLM uprising should Trump win the election.

      14. It isn’t much of a challenge to get around a Constitution, where those who have the Constitutional authority/obligation to reign in the President’s unlawful/unconstitutional conduct continuously refuse to perform their sworn duties.

      15. Have only one question to the so called secret service, have you lost your fucking minds while being with that Kenyan pretender. Would you really protect that son of a bitch if he attempts to steal the presidency. Have you worthless bastards sold out for money or have you no feelings for this once great republic that you would protect that prick instead of putting a bullet in his head as the traitor that he is. Going along with him and you sell outs will pay the price in watching our country devolve into warring factions. The same goes for the military are you willing to give this African nigger a crown to rule this country. If you let him then a pox be on you and your families and if they die in a horrible way it will be your fault. Oh and for you democrats only one thing to say I hope you never get in my way for I will destroy you and those related to you as traitors to this land.

      16. LOL All the replies etc above. Anyone who served in the military after Korea serves corporate/globalist agenda. Oil company security guards, all of them. Ike was the last real president. Every election a sham or stolen since then (starting when gangster Joe Kennedy took the election away from Nixon for his son, Johnny). Signing a paper and saying “yes, sir” a hundred times a day is not serving your country when the globalists pull the strings. Killing foreigners on the marching orders of Zionists is murder, not war.
        As for the Chimp-in-Chief, I echo the sentiments above pointing a finger at those with outrage who took no definitive action in 2008. Go to any white supremacist site and see polemic and spewing bile and NOTHING DONE. Cowards and white trash all.
        Almost anyone can buy a gun (as so many American mass murders prove). Having lots of guns and food and water put aside does not make you a patriot, just an obsessive.
        Revolution is taking action, not blogging.

        • News Flash… The military has served the corporate interests since BEFORE WW I. Gen. Smedley Butler’s book War is a Racket tells it all…

          • The Last Real usa Prez was Andrew Jackson and he also kept his word of Routing Out the Den of Theieves jewish banksters and kept them out.

            They did at least Six attempted assainations on him! All Failed.

            The War of 1812 by England against the usa was done due to congress Refused to ratify another 20 year term to the fed reserve banksters. Prez Jackson was a hero in that war.

            The current 1913 fed rsereve system banksters is the Third such fed reserve banks to have swindled americans out of their rightfull ownership of the nations cash moneys. But all three times the same nefarious group owned it. Rothschild and Tribe.

            it is all just as was written about them banksters and their tribe…”You are Of Your Father satan, and his lusts for murder, thievery, and Lies You shall Do”

            Now once folks figures out exactly who that verse speaks of?…Bingo! their vast awakenings shall begin and proceed.

            • Them Guys:

              I Just discovered the videos by Michael Hoffman on YouTube.

              He’s quite intellectual. Some really good stuff on Usuary and Christiandom.

              It would be great if we could resurrect President Jackson. We need a strong leader who can lead the expulsion of the Moneychangers out of the temple here in the USA.


      17. This will never happen. But make crisis and have a cure for the crisis. I would say that there might be a 5% chance he will see a 3rd term. If so he will be the last Prez. elected for some time. After the Civil war/Revolution.

      18. The real question is, would I take him over Hillary?

        Honestly I need a few months to think about this one… they’re both so impressively shitty… it’s hard to figure which would be worse…

      19. Trump seems to be getting bored and is doing everything to mess up his run for office. Obama or Hillary may be all that’s left.

      20. They no longer need Obama. They have other ass-kissing sycophants like Clinton and Trump to take over the reigns as if nothing changed.

      21. youtube


        • Huh huh huh ha ha huh huh huh… you dumbass, huh huuuh huh.

          • Anonymous I thought you would like it. 🙂

      22. Obama wants a third term.
        People in Hell want ice water.

      23. If a man can grant himself powers through Executive Orders, then didn’t that man have the power in the first place? The answer is of course.

        This is the reason the NDAA and all EO’s are bullshit. Obama doesn’t have the authority to grant himself powers. Power comes from the people, and the people can remove the power either peacefully through honest elections, or unpeacefully. I am prepared to go either way. SO are the vast majority of Americans. The BS will stop one way or the other.

      24. Nice outfit. Know where I can get one like it?


      25. I believe you are mistaken both about Obama declaring martial law and about the consequences of postponing the election. The expert on this matter is both a Harvard PhD and a JD.”IS OBAMA GOING TO CREATE CRISIS TO SUSPEND THE NOVEMBER ELECTION?” https://www.shtfplan.com/headline-news/obama-wants-a-third-term-and-this-is-how-he-could-make-it-happen_08152016#comments
        “THE BASTARDY OF “MARTIAL LAW”” http://www.newswithviews.com/Vieira/edwin264.htm

        The danger is that if people come to believe something then it acquires a certain reality . . . but, no, after January 20 Obama is finished. People should make every effort to get accurate and true information and not rely on second and third hand renditions of rumors. Genuine legal scholars are your best source–if you can find one.

        • I have been reading those links, and then some, for over an hour now and there seems to be no end to the difficulties looming in our path.

          The Lawyer/Author linked has much to say, it wears me out reading, so I wonder just how interested the “average man”, those the most vocal about their guns, would be in discovering the real facts that await.

          To think that “we” will be able to much of anything in defense of “the system” is just a pipe dream.

          Everyone would best serve themselves and others by just turning within and “getting right with god” (and by that I mean GOD, not the God of religions, which for most practical purposes are just mere gods) …

          The “deck” is just too stacked against us all, we would be better off to jump ship and head for Russia.

          To see what we are up against, TPTB, check this out: https://therulingclassobserver.com/the-ruling-class-preservation-society-rcps/

          Thanks for reading.

      26. As an addendum to the above what you are suggesting is a coup by Obama. Usually coups only succeed if they are supported by or carried out by the military. I can not believe Obama would succeed in getting the support of the US Military. Can you? I suppose he could call on Black Lives Matter . . . maybe some of the Muslim immigrants?

      27. The scheme that will permit Obama to remain as POTUS is all too obvious. Whatever it takes, with unlimited voter fraud, election fraud, media fraud, DNC fraud, campaign finance fraud, and complicity by the RNC and disaffected Republican challengers including 3rd and 4th party candidates, Obama will engineer the election of Hillary Clinton. Obama will insure that the Justice Department does not intervene, nor the courts, nor any law enforcement agency or the military. All of them will ignore any and all obvious criminality. Subsequently, and before the inauguration, Obama will have the Justice Department indict Hillary Clinton on numerous felonies involving the Clinton foundation, campaign financing, and maybe up to and even including treason, thereby preventing her inauguration. Once indicted, Hillary Clinton would be prevented legally from being inaugurated. Because there has been no inauguration, the VP will not be eligible to assume POTUS. Obama will then declare a national emergency and retain the presidency pending legal resolution of the charges against Clinton, which will either take forever, or result in her conviction and ineligibility. Obama will promise a future election but there will be no future election. So there you have it and now you know possibly what to expect. Cheers

      28. This nonsense just won’t die.

      29. Unbelievable how ignorant you are writing something so dumb.. You have the mind of a 8 year old! It’s really scary that there are so many stupid people out there including the people responsible for this article.. Get a grip on yourselves!

      30. Hey Ass-Clown! Do you have a clue what the Constitution says????
        There is ZERO in the Constitution about term limits for the President. That did NOT come about until we went thru SIXTEEN years of that Communist FDR!!!!

      31. The limitation doesn’t say anything about *consecutive* terms. It is 2 terms, period.

        First clue that the author is clueless.

      32. Well I guess if he wants another term , I haven’t obeyed anything he said or did from the first two and never ever will.

      33. It does not matter who is president as the alien/military/industrial/complex (AMIC) has its human component of control and leadership in the twelve members of the Majestic Group and their delegated core agencies. It is they who run the show not the president. Presidents are not part of this compartmentalized ruling body. The CIA and other intelligence agencies that were formed out of the Roswell incident have been in control through the treaties and agreements made with Sub-Rosa alien cultures. The president is on a need to know basis and he doesn’t need to know.

      34. Yes he’s the Demi-god of 100% pure dog shit.

      35. “Yes, we are all well aware the Constitution limits the Presidency to two consecutive four-year terms of office.”

        Dead wrong in one sentence. Presidential term limits did not exist until after Franklin Roosevelt (our only four term president). But don’t let lack of knowledge stop your ranting.

      36. To quote:
        Paranoia will destroy you.

      37. Without Paranoia and government distrust you would have no hobbies left, other than riding around on you hoverounds shooting off your guns.

      38. Thanks, I needed to read something retarded today.

      39. Seems like Obama has Hillary fully surrounded and is waiting only for the right moment to remove her. The CNN doctor now removed and silenced by CNN observed she was on dangerous outdated medication! I think you are right-on with Obama’s third term being plan A. That, as you say means a major false flag in October. That might be foiled however by insider counter moves, allowing a massive landslide victory for Trump which would require a resent to their counter plans against the populist resurgence, perhaps in January. I do not think we can escape a civil war at this point however. ONLY PRAYER AND REPENTANCE could change this! Trump has been chosen by Heaven to expose the corruption of the globalist BEAST system of Revelation 13. The extent of his success depends entirely on how we return to seeking our Creator God and returning to His ways.

      40. This is BULLCRAP!! Obama only likes the perks associated with being president but doesn’t like being president, because he isnt qualified to do the job. He hasn’t done his job from day one, because he doesn’t know how. Valarie Jarrett stays with him practically 24/7 because she does his job for him. She tells him what to say, where to go, when to do something and what to do. He is clueless and we don’t want 8 more years of a sop mop, weather beaten, wimp in The White Office. The people will not allow this to happen, and will go after obama, soros the bushes and anyone else, who is deemed to be involved in this little conspiracy. We do not want 8 more empty years, or an empty headed, incompetent person in the white house. And no, we do not want The new World Order, and don’t want to be part of any other evil, blood sucking, demonic, entity EVER!!! AND we want a strong, intelligent, non lying, non-suspected of killing people, and that is not obama or Hillary. I wouldn’t trust either one of them from a foot away.

      41. After reading most of these comments, I’ve decided that most of you scare me…and I have great fear that you may have procreated. God help us all.

      42. Truth need only be feared by those in denial of it.

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