Obama vs. Romney: It’s Not Looking Good For the American People or the US Constitution

by | Jun 15, 2011 | Headline News | 155 comments

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    If you happened to be watching the Live CNN Polling the night of the debate, you may have noticed something odd about the results:

    Are we really to believe Ron Paul polled at 0% after having won the CPAC straw poll decisively in February of 2011?

    At the very same time CNN ran their “insider” poll showing Ron Paul at 0%, their online poll showed him at 81%. Granted, the online poll could be skewed and we can probably attribute a good portion of those online votes to alternative media readers who get most of their news on the internet, but 0% just doesn’t seem remotely plausible.

    There is a concerted effort to diminish Dr. Paul’s standing among republican voters, as has been evidenced time and again by the way his policies and popularity are covered. The left-leaning mainstream media has already chosen their candidates with Mitt Romney leading the pack. As they did in 2008, the media is pushing the republican candidate with the most left-leaning platform of the group, and the one that can be attacked as non-conservative post-primary, just as they did with John McCain. We know how that ended up in the last election, and they’re using the same playbook today.

    President Obama’s popularity may have tumbled in the last two years, but when it comes time to hit the voting booths he will still have a large amount of support nationwide. The third party movement – the real third party movement, which can just as easily be called the ‘No Party’ movement – is certainly not voting Obama. And, we’d be surprised to see them vote for a mainstream republican candidate as well this time around.

    Mainstream media of the democrat persuasion, which includes CNN, NBC, CNBC, ABC, and CBS know that independently minded Constitutionally-leaning voters are apt to stay home and not vote for the ‘lesser of two evils’ this election. This bodes very well for President Obama, as the republican candidate will need these third party independents to swing the election, so eliminating any possibility of a truly faithful Constitutional candidate from emerging is the immediate goal of the mainstream media (including Fox News) for the next year – until the primaries.

    For those who understand that the left and right political spectrum is a tool of tyranny, it’s easy to see that Mitt Romney is just another Bill Clinton, George Bush and Barack Obama. In the end, it really won’t matter all that much whether we have a second Obama Presidency, or a Romney Presidency, because neither one of these individuals will step up to stop the corruption in business and government, the looting of our wealth, and the attack on personal liberties in America.

    To review, here’s what conventional education would have us believe is the political spectrum:

    Here is the way it actually works:

    The traditional left and right paradigm attempts to differentiate between the Republican and Democrat parties. The “True View” shows us that both parties are one and the same in terms of personal, political and economic freedom.

    At this time, we remain pessimistic about the chances of a true view right leaning, or even centrist, candidate winning the White House in 2012. And, unless the appetites of third-party / no-party electorate are satiated with a Presidential, or even Vice-Presidential, candidate who they can trust, it is quite possible that President Obama rules (his words, not ours) for another term.

    As frustrating, scary, damaging and pessimistic as that may sound, it is what it is. It is still early in the Presidential election cycle and there will certainly be trends and surprises that emerge over the next year and a half, so this assessment is certainly subject to change. But right now, it’s not looking good for the American people or the US Constitution.

    References: The Daily Bail, Run Ron Paul, CNN, Wake Me Now


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      1. Only candidates that kiss the rear ends of Israel will be allowed to run.
        We can all forget about “returning to a constitutional republic”.

        • You probably voted for Weiner.

          • That makes no sense, Weiner is an “Israeli firster”.
            Moreover, being a Libertarian makes me dislike any politician that sways from the founding documents.

            • You’re learning fast!

            • MAC, I want to know what you have to say about BJ’s threat that I received tonight (June 15, 2011) in front of your audience to read??

              Is there going to be anything done about this or just be ignored, I will be killed or physically attacked by George Soros’s people????

              I responded to BJ’s postings he sent to me today, and his constant personal attack on me. I don’t have any enemies.
              BJ also has been attacking me personally through name-calling.
              Because I told him I did not like his behavior. He did not like that I support Conservatives and was talking about potential candidates —– NOW BJ IS THREATENING MY LIFE.

              Often people don’t like any posting or any person, they don’t read it. But BJ (George Soros’s people) is taking way too far. I don’t care who will win the election. I just mentioned who is making the news and provide some facts.


              In Response to BJ’s posting on Wed., June/06/2011 aprx. 9:50PM

              BJ says:

              June 15, 2011 at 11:38 pm denial is the first and hardest part to get past Jane. Just admit you have a problem…then it’s all down hill from there. Do it soon before SHTF, if not your own group will want to kill you and feed you to the zombies.

              You can thank me later


            • Sorry, I have to repost BJ’s ORIGINAL THREAT. Some how when I posted, the message was changed during the transmission.


              This is BJ’s posting on Wed., June/15/2011 aprx. 9:50PM

              BJ says:

              denial is the first and hardest part to get past Jane. Just admit you have a problem…then it’s all down hill from there. Do it soon before SHTF, if not your own group will want to kill you and feed you to the zombies.

              You can thank me later


            • .

              1. BJ repeatedly sent his malicious postings to me. Because they don’t like my postings, so they have BJ out to target me ever since.

              2. People with “little mind” or who are in a state of PSYCHOSIS like BJ, who cannot argue and feel their master’s agenda are in JEOPARDY, and so they began a personal vendetta against me or whomever that they feel insecure about. I saw videos, people are being attacked by the same type of people, and now they are threaten my life.

              I have to take BJ’s threat seriously, because of his consistent behavior…….

              3. Based on his statement, we all know the coming collapse has been designed to serve as a mean to target me and others who they consider as their enemies, based on his threats.

              – History of events (the Bolsheviks, pol pot, etc..) are so parallel to what he is doing now and his threat.

              – As I’ve seen where Congressman Cynthia Mckinney was jailed in Israel, because she brought crayons to Palestinian children; she said crayons are not equal to WMDs. Im pretty sure some of us have seen how they treat

              MAC, You wrote many articles demanding that politicians act in certain way, but this psychotic BJ starts doing the same thing directed towards me, you choose not to do anything about it.



            • This is my first article where I responded toward one of his postings. A simple response using fact and logic. But he repeated making personal attacks towards me, using filthy language and calling me names. Who knows many different “usernames” he’s been doing this under????

              From the article – Ventura: Abolish All Political Parties” https://www.shtfplan.com/headline-news/ventura-abolish-all-political-parties_06082011

              **** JANE says: June 9, 2011 at 10:50 am ****

              BJ,…. Your comments are always just a bunch of LIBERAL NON-SENSE.

              How could it be a distraction when the Democratic Party and the GOP are in the business of promoting their candidates?? ….. See how stupid your statements really are when you said: “Actually Jane, the Republicans and Democrats are the ones that distract for the real issues….Ventura happens to be right on the mark.”

              Actually Ventura, he is a DISTRACTION, because he is not even a candidate. He’s constantly being promoted by the elites and Alex Jones, and has been given a TV show.

              1. Those idiots think Ventura does not have any motive or a clear motive are stupid. One of Ventura’s agenda is telling Republicans and undecided voters not to fill in their ballots, and you know Dems and the Illegals will – Therefore, in this way DEMS WILL WIN AGAIN. The elites are trying to reduce Republicans voters, get it??

              2. The conspiracy theory is partially true, that’s how they control people and make a profit. However, Ventura’s theory is trying:

              a) to distract people away from the real culprit and
              b) to make the rivals opponent look like the guilty party.

              I don’t work for anyone, so don’t send me any posting; You can use different tactic(s) to sell your LIBERAL BULLSHIT to the masses.

              It’s a lot work to take care postings and that’s the Republicans party’s job, NOT MINE.


      2. I personally would rather see Bachmann vs. the ‘O’ – either way we are all in for a world of hurt soon (if not some of us already there).

        • I would vote for a ticket of Bachman for President, with Palin for Vice President. Especially if Sarah could put aside her differences with Levi Johnson. Levi would make a great Secretary of State.

          I mean, if the USS United States has already hit the iceberg and we are, as a country, going to go down anyway …….. then we should be able to go down with a few grins and giggles to send us on our way.

          Todd for Secretary of Snowmobiles!!!!

          • I like it!

          • LOL!!! Nice…

          • .
            Rush Limbaugh said, the House Representative (such as Michele Bachmann) HAS NEVER WON THE PRIMARY ELECTION.

            MICHELE BACHMANN is a distraction, that’s why Dems want to keep her in the running as long as they can, so she will disrupt the GOP’s election process.

            BACHMANN is very busy mother of five kids, and she probably spends most of her time in the beauty shop to cover her gray and to highlight her hair (in blond or auburn as I’ve seen at different times.)


            • But at least she knows how many states we have, but your Obama said the U.S. has 51 states.
              I see the GOP’s strong candidates are:

              1. MITT ROMNEY
              2. DONALD TRUMP
              3. General DAVID PETRAEUS. I see other countries have their military leaders to lead their countries. I don’t like “ The Run-Away General, McChrystal who is now teaching at an elite university.

              – They talk like a president
              – They act like a president
              – They look like a president


              Beside Bachmann, Ron Paul, conservatives do not want Pailin for president either. Pailin was not able to survive as a VP candidate in 2008, and she would not be to do any better in 2012.

              The GOP will loose again if they listen to phony advisors about such a ticket.


          • Why would we want Palin? She doesn’t even know basic American history. Are you kidding? She is a tool and a fool. I want intelligence in a leader, for once.

            • An example is…?? Don’t get me wrong I don’t think she is super smart but think she would make a better prez.. than the Big Obummer, and I haven’t heard her wrong about history yet, maybe I’m missing something. or maybe you just don’t like her either.

        • Michelle Bachman voted FOR the mis-named “Patriot Act”. She also had a previous career working as an attorney FOR the Internal Revenue Service.

          She’s a total fraud.

          • Send her to my old folks home. She can straighten me out. I seen the movie, Sleeping with the Enemy.

      3. If voting changed anything then it would be illegal.

        • It should be illegal for you to vote.

          • Go away or I’ll flip a booger on you.

            • Then don’t vote.

        • Very true!

        • Do you idiots really think they are going to install a president of your choosing by way of your vote…..try critical thinking…not magical thinking…we have already witnessed a president (bush….yeah I know… as a vet who served in war I dont capitalize traitors names)get installed by the supreme court. Where the flip is that in the constitution…and that was years ago, they got it down to a science by now!!!…Stop acting stupid and realize the our vote means diddley-squat…until you are ready to die for what you believe in…you don’t have a vote any more..ROTFCrying….pathetic

      4. …and Bachmann? Seriously? I wouldnt’ trust her to dog sit.

        • Thank god we are all entitled to our own opinions 🙂

        • Do you own a dog?

          • Why? You looking for a girlfriend? ….Stay away from my dog!

            • Who would you trust to dog sit? Bachmann has more moxy than most of them. Put Palin and Backmann together and now you have a party! Even your seeing eye dog could vote better.

      5. Rick Perry seems to have thrown his hat in the ring. What do you folks think about him?

        No matter what I believe that ANYONE would be better than obama. What a train wreck. He accelerated our decline by about 500%.

        • Perry is just another fast talkin politician… Ask the people here in Texas whose land he tried to take under eminent domain to build a nafta highway from Mexico into the US about where he stands on private property rights… A host of other issues, most recently the anti-TSA groping legislation that he made no attempt to voice his opinion on, makes him a no-go for me… (in his defense, he has said he’ll put the nullification bill back on the table if he sees texans support it, but I wouldn’t hold my breath)

          • As a former Texan, I concur. He’s like a little Bush,…but gee ain’t is hair pretty?

            • thats purdy, not pretty

          • The Trans Texas Corridor is “dead” in name only. Corridor 69 beginning in Brownsville and working its ugly head through S.E. Texas and exiting Texas joining I-49 south of Shreveport , LA with a spur jotting north to Texarkana, Tx is more than alive. It is interesting if not concerning what might develop with the “fictional” NAFTA Superhighway should Perry land in D.C. In some ways maybe that would be best for Texas then perhaps we would get someone that is indeed “Fed Up”.

            Remember, Perry attended a Bilderberg conference in ’07. That group does not meet in order to drink coffee and play 42.

            I loved it when a politician in Oklahoma said build your Trans Texas Corridor but it will stop at the Red River.

            Check out the site below for more than one could possibly want to research as far as the dupe on Texans for the many public/private, Comprehensive Development Agreements etc. with impacting implications on ladnowners in Texas. Toll roads could possibly be an answer to Texas infrastructure woes but not when they are given to foreign investment companies with accompanying fifty year leases.


          • And Mac may I add when we were fighting the NAIS (animal id) Perry fought us hard…hes in big ags pocket and big pharmas pocket(remember the mandated cervical cancer shots he tried to push on the young girls of Texas?

            Hes no friend of freedom!

          • Thanks, Mac…many have for months asked about Perry…like they didn’t know he was a NWO wolf??? Uh, by the way—I believe I read Perry is the schmuck that re-named the Nafta hwy project to disguise it to the Texans…they found out anyway.

            Texans know!!!!

        • I’m going with Ron Paul all the way, just like 2008 and I don’t care if it is wasting my vote as my liberal neighbor says.

          • …There are those who say a vote for Dr. R. Paul or a third party candidate is a wasted one. I say a Republocrat vote is a waste and a vote for four more years of the same.
            True conservatives MUST vote conservative in all elections starting at the local level. Seek them out and support them.
            The powerful elite must be stopped and soon. The militarization of America’s police forces must be stopped before every thinking citizen is lead away. The corporatocracy is destroying America’s workforce, turning us into serfs.
            You may become discouraged from voting. It is only a waste if you vote for the lessor of two evils.
            Yes, I also worry that some false-flag even will prevent a national election in 2012. We MUST stop fighting among ourselves. Stand and Fight for what is right. That is not a cliche.
            Fight for the return of dignity in America. The dignity of work, and personal responsibility, to make America great again.

        • Perry is a Globalist which is why the Bilderberg Group invites him to their parties.

          Palin has the values. Bachman has the experience. Neither of them have a brain.

          Write in Senator Udall of Colorado.

      6. Ron Paul is crazy, though. Doesn’t he want to abolish the Fed? Please. I’m glad he got 0%.

        Right now, I’d vote for Romney.

        But I think Obama is a lock for 2012. Sad to say. Maybe if gas is over 5% and the stock market is below 10,000 the GOP would have a chance.

        • YES….he WANTS to abolish the FED. Romney is a tool just like you. TROLL !!!

          • +1

            • Is everyone aware THE FED is a private bank?

              The Fed is not a U.S. institution, yet it controls our money. Does everyone understand QE1 and QE2? THE FED has been printing money to buy our own debt.

              Sure China buys some of our debt, BUT DURING QE1 AND QE2 THE FED HAS BEEN PRINTING MONEY TO BUY THE REST?? ARE THEY KIDDING?? I am no expert, but this can not end well.

              This is what Thomas Jefferson said about THE FED;

              “If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of their currency, first by inflation, then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow up around them will deprive the people of all property until their children wake up homeless on the continent their Fathers conquered…I believe that banking institutions are more dangerous to our liberties than standing armies… The issuing power should be taken from the banks and restored to the people, to whom it properly belongs.”


              OF COURSE, we ignored these wise words, and now we are fkd, or course.

            • ++++1!!! Abolishing the Fed is the first step in restoring fiscal sanity!!!

          • What does Muck rhyme with. Anonymous, you said what I was thinking!

        • If I go with anyone, it’ll be Ron Paul. Not a fan of the Fed myself.

        • You’ll get us stuck, Muck.

        • Muck,
          Before you put down Cong. Ron Paul for wanting to terminate the Federal Reserve you should watch a youtube video called “The Money Masters”. This is an excellent documentary on the Federal Reserve. The FEd needs to be abolished, or at least totally revamped and revised. Please make yourself aware of what devastation our banking system (debt based money) has wrought against the American people. Watch the video and then judge Mr. Paul based on knowledge of the facts rather than zombie like adherence to the line your puppet masters want you to tow.

        • Muck is a troll…..discredit RP and move on…..not so fast….I know plenty of people who are voting RP….why is there a media blackout on him…..Why is he the only candidate that address the source of the impending collapse (the federal reerve bank)…why is he the only one that wants a return to the gold standard? I believe he is genuinely sick of this country beig robbed. He is older and can remember differant times…he is older and won’t be the prez getting head in the Oval Office…He honestly wants to shut down the military/indutrial complex and be remembered for saving america from the crooks feasting on our blood and bodies…

      7. ask yourself, why, or who in their right mind would want this job now?

        none of the candidates will be in office to do the Peoples work, so its completely pointless

      8. Whoever it is, is going to be known as the Captain that went down with the ship, providing we stay afloat that long… Just my prediction…

        • That’s just it…if we are afloat in 2012….and if not, will we even have an election ?

          • The big ‘O’ might get his dictatorship yet… So sad…

            • sad, but true…I think you are right! at least where I live there are plenty (jewish folks included) who are staunchly behind the obamination.

            • I’m afraid that could only happen over a lot of dead bodies if anyone ever tried to become a dictator in America. Old people like myself wouldn’t matter, but there are thousands of military officers from one star down who wouldn’t go for it.

      9. Let us not forget the biggest lie the government tells…

        That it is necessary to have a government at all.

        The corp can go on it’s merry way. Sooner or later it will wake up enough people to realize that no government is better than the one it operates.

      10. A couple of things to consider: first, the next president, regardless of who that is, may very well be the one who presides over the collapse of our economy. Not that it isn’t collapsing already, but we may see a really big move downward that even the media and masses can’t ignore. The one in the white house at that time will be viewed in a similar light as Herbert Hoover, and they will get all the blame for the coming depression, just as Hoover did for the last one. Of all the candidates, only Ron Paul has the understanding of what liberty and constitutional government is. He’s not likely to win the nomination, much less the general election, but if he did, I’d hate to see him painted by history as the failed president who brought down America.
        Secondly, it really doesn’t matter who wins the election. The powerful people behind the scenes, whoever they may be, are the ones who direct national and international economies, as well as most political and social issues, wars and all the rest. These powerful people don’t have the world view that most Americans have. Or even the world view of most europeans or asians. They have allegiance to, and belief in, only themselves and their power and money. No religion, culture or national identity matters to them. They don’t care about America, or Greece, or France or anything but themselves.
        All is not lost for us though. The PTB don’t have total control of us.(yet) We still maintain a bit of freedom and we can move out of the way of some of what is coming. And we can resist, within our limited means, their attempts to completely enslave us. Gods Creation and others here have mentioned some ways to get out from under the corporation. It’s not easy to do, and it’s not the answer to all the problems, but it is one way to protect ourselves.
        Also, we should remember that human nature despises enslavement. No people in history have just quietly endured tyranny forever. Sometimes it takes years, or generations, but the people eventually throw off their chains. We may lose our nation and maybe even our way of life in America. Certainly we will lose the economic prosperity we’re used to- we are losing that already. But, if we keep that spark of human dignity and freedom alive, and pass it to our children and grandchildren, then they, or their children will some day know what true freedom is again.
        In the meantime, we keep fighting, praying and preparing.
        And we will NOT go quietly into the coming dark night. Christians know what that means and so do non-believers. Some of us will carry on based on our faith in God and some will carry on based on their belief in human dignity. Either way, we’re on the same side in this one. If we lose the next battle, at least we’ll know that we won’t ever lose the ultimate war.

        (end of sermon. pass collection plate, gather hymnals, and dismiss congregation)

        • Hey! Who put the slug in the collection plate? And tell those rednecks in the back to stop making change. Just put the WHOLE dollar in, you cheapskate!

          • It was a BO buck!

        • Enjoyed the sermon. I know I ain’t dead yet. Not by a long shot.

        • Do I get a hand shake, ask me how my family is doing & happy to see you here today? Bringing in the Sheep (off key & loud), second verse same as the first. Why do you get to double park?

        • …SmokinOakie That is one hell of a comment. Certainly one worthy for all to read. A true common sense look at the big picture. There are so many new commentors here with differing opinions. At least come back and just reread this. Don’t try to nitpick it apart. Look at what it says, Please. Thank you S-O. Thank you MAC.

        • You wantas run???

      11. Ron Paul loss so much support for his Presidential run with his Osama Bin Laden Raid comments. That yes I can believe he came in last. He now should stay where he is where he can do good. He did not loss my support on his goal to retire the fed. But he has proven that he is not a strong leader to sit in the Oval Office.

        • Are you kidding? and who, in your opinion, was the last strong leader to sit in that oval office. Who was the last man to NOT be a puppet to the military industrial complex and the power elite?

          • Kennedy/Ike/McKinley/Garfield/Andrew Jackson

            • Kennedy only slightly tried to buck the power elite and we see what it got him.
              Which brings up an interesting theory: aren’t we about due for a false flag assassination? (congresswoman Giffords notwithstanding) Imagine the resulting chaos if Obammy was targeted. And if he survived, say kinda like Giffords, would he not be swept in for another 4 (or 30) more years? …..I’d better stop. I think I just scared myself!

            • Kennedy, yes but I’ll give it to him. He was coming out with new money.

            • Don’t even go there.

          • We havn’t really ever had a strong leader in recent times. Maybe before i was born but I only have book to form that opinion on. That is the problem.
            Ron Paul, I respect him, he is a good man. But he is not a strong leader or someone who can respresent us all. His place is where he is and go after the fed and support a leader that might maybe step up and lead us as we deserve one to be.

        • You’re a troll mike….if he is doin good at the state level….why not move him to the national level where he can do GREATER GOOD….your statement does not show critical thinking and has disproven your oiginal argument….magical fairy tale thinking is a hallmark of a Grimm Brothers troll…!!!

      12. Ron Paul has the right message but he needs to wrap it up and make it look pretty for the stupids.
        1. Abolish the Fed.
        2. Bring em home
        3. Fix things here before we poke our noses in everyone else’s business.
        4. Act like the Constitution means something.

        • Now you ARE making cents!

        • Excellent post Charlie! The only change I would make is to bring #4 to the top.

          It is really disheartening to me not to see more candidates with the same message. Those 4 items would do a tremendous amount to help straighten out our country!

          • You have to do a #4 before you can have a #1.

        • Charlie,
          I totally agree. Ron Paul has a great message, but he appears to be kind of a whiny, girlie girl sort of man. Actually, he’s probably tough as nails . . . he has to be to have consistently fought the establishment for the last 20+ years, but he comes off as kind of wimpy. I would still vote for him, but I’m afraid the rest of the stupid sheeple will go for for the glossy sizzle in B.O. or Mitt Romney.

      13. Like we are going to be allowed an election next year!!

        I look for Obama to declare himself emperor for life!

        • You are wrong Chuckles. He’s running for World Hitler of the IMF via the buck.

      14. The God Father stands out for me because he didn’t sign the “memo”.

      15. solution boycott the polls just NOBODY show up at polls just to see what happens remember the signs the last time we came we were unarmed

        • That is a stupid statement troll…if we dont vote then they have won….if we all vote and they install a manchurian we will know it…then we catch them in a lie…If you talk about guns and other nonsense…I have family members who work for the government and I am sure when you point that small arm at them they will point a BFG at you and place you in a state where you will never be able to vote again….

      16. Line them all up and make them: pee in a cup, get groped, scatter rayed, produce birth certificate, write their oath 500 times on black board & join National Guard for two years then send them over seas with a fresh haircut. If they survive that, let them run.

      17. The problem is that freedom lovers are a dwindling commodity in the “New America” John Derbyshire is an Englishman who immigrated to the US, legally, and married a Chinese mainland woman and has 2 daughters with her. He says that CHINESE do NOT repeat DO NOT like Whites, especially AMERICAN WHITES and that they are NOT for FREEDOM they are a BIG GOVERNMENT voting bloc who believe in gun bans no freedom of speech etc. Now I read in the NEW YORK TIMES of all places that SOUTH Koreans hate Whites and hate WHITE Americans above all, this after how much HELP we have given them and imported all their crap and gave them so many of our jobs. People from Latin America DO NOT embrace the ideals of the Old Republic, just fact. Most repubs will tell me that, “oh the Cubans are hardcore Republican” Well guess what? Cubans in Florida voted for Bill Clinton TWICE, they voted for AL GORE, they voted for JOHN KERRY, and they voted for OBAMA.

        Then you have a sizable number of Whites who believe working class Whites are the PROBLEM with America, then you have sizable number of REPUBLICANS who love THEIR government programs, so that leaves folks like us who want freedom, who would love to see the Old Republic and that demographic restored. We are the types who love Rand and Ron Paul, but I frankly don’t disbelieve CNN’s poll.

        We are NOT going to vote our way out of this, seriously.

        What about those Chinese and other BIRTH TOURISTS?
        OH YEAH.
        Post-American America.

        • You’re new here aren’t you? You don’t have your wings…..

      18. What is surprising to me is how what Obama is actually doing is missed by so many. Obama, whether a one term president or not, has succeded in his goal: It is what is called a silent jihad against our country. I’ve both lived with and trained arabs/muslims and studied Islam. When people wonder why the peaceful muslims say nothing concerning the radical muslims, they have to understand that radical Islam is only one form of jihad.
        Now has Obama been successful in his jihad against this nation? You bet, he catered to the greed of money/power of the our politicans. Using their blindness of his true agenda to con the con artists. Is Obama smart? Not really. He is only a better con than the others. An organizer that wasn’t any good but has always been given credit for the efforts of others.
        Look at how many candidates are vieing for the Republican nomination. Why? Because, outside a third party candidate, anyone of the candidates knows they’ll beat Obama heads up. They (Republicans) know that most of Americans are so fed up with Obama that most will vote for anyone other than Obama. Is Romney the answer? No way!
        Charlie: ‘Act like the Constitution means something’ should be number one and read ” Govern by the Constitution”

        • What are you trying to say and how many personalities do you have?

          • Anonymous, you don’t understand? How many personalities do you have? I’ve been reading SHTF for a long time, picking up some helpful points and finding the usual commentators both fascinating and quick to judge. Though I may be new to you, I’m only providing additional thought.
            For your info; I’ve been prepping for a long time and have spoken to many people concerning preparedness.
            P.S. I find your comments, normally pretty interesting.

            • I’m kidding, trying to get where you are going. I’m interested or I wouldn’t opine.

        • Look, don’t bash the prez. He does not control this mess…he is a pawn like you and me….look at what happened to all the prezes that went against the banks….thanks to all the racist history in this country, his hands are tied. If he went radical and restored your eroded freedom that you have caused thru hiding behind white skin color(thinking u have diplomatic immunity to US policy) you would not recieve him due to your racist upbringing….(you as in the masses) so he is doing what he can….keeping his job and trying to fix what bush and all the other crooked presidents b4 him(who happened to be white btw)At this point it is impossible to overcome the wheels that have been set in motion….sometimes I wonder if the reason that he is prez is so that a black will be in office when the inevitable happens….well it dont matter now just hold on my son….you are in for one helluva ride….you should have stopped it when Bull O’connor was sicking canines on your fellow citizens….now ur sorry? give me a break….next time when you see citizens being harrassed unfairly, instead of watching it on tv and laughing….realize that you are next!!!! Justice becomes injustice when ur on the recieving end…..see you after the collapse….oh and I would advise you to become familiar with the young people that have their pants sagging b4 the collapse….just a helpful tip…!!!!

      19. I like to see Ron Paul and Herman Cain on the same ticket. Cain wants to get rid of the I.R.S.

        • Cain was a former head of the Kansas City Federal Reserve. He loves the Fed. Which basically makes him incompatible with Ron Paul.

          • yeah and if something happened to R. Paul (Like has happened to every prez that went against the banks)He would become the prez and issue another charter…..if they didnt get rid of Paul b4 he could even abolish it….like the would be having hearings and you could hear the knives sharpening in the background..LOL

      20. Mark when can I get promoted to big boy pants?

        • Welcome to Mac’s World Griz! Who in the Hell is Mark? Can you fill them. Then put them on!

      21. Ron Paul is the only Leader and Patriot in the whole of Washington D.C. I sure won’t vote for Romney and I would not give the sweat off my ass for that P.O.S. Obama.

      22. Hell no its not looking good. Clowns to the left of me, jokers to the right, here I am, stuck in the middle with you. (Steelers Wheels)

      23. Oh yeah, Bachmann, Palin and obama would be all be great choices for president, along with Charlie Manson as vice president. Maybe have Steven Tyler as secretary of war, Courtney Love as secretary of state and replace the whole surpreme court with members of the Rolling Stones and Aerosmith. Let Simon Crowell hang by his skinny neck, and set up the presidential cabinet up with the leading vote getters on American Idiots….. and feel free to add any other crazy, insane types of unqualified nonleaders anyone would like to suggest.

        I apoligize to the members of the Rolling Stones, Aerosmith and Courtney Love for insulting them. Im sorry.

        • Dont forget Britney Spears for secretary of state….she could keep those jaded old politicians in China buying our debt for a few more years….if she stays out of rehab long enough….

      24. The American experiment is in the terminal stage of an inoperable disease, the most prominent symptom of which are these two parasites.

      25. Sure hope that Manos is doing OK. Greece appears to be cookin’ off today in the streets.

        • I was thinking the same when i heard

          • Hey babes,

            I’m fine and thanks for your thoughts and prayers.
            Things are tough here, and the government is trembling.
            The citizens’ movement is earning more and more people every day.
            What worries me though, is that the cofin is already being made by the Germans. I don’t know if we achieve something.
            But at least we will not go silently into the night.
            I will keep you informed.

            Be safe. Tough times ahead.

            • Babes! When it gets here, there will be guns behind every blade of grass. Stay safe for your family Manos.

            • I was thinking of you today, too, Manos. Hang tough….

            • Our thoughts are with you manos! And thank you for your regular updates! Tak e care of yourself and stay out of the way if you can.

            • Stay safe and God bless you

      26. honest question in reference to the rep/dem chart at top. i can understand why people compare dems to commies, but why are nazis always compared to republicans? Nazi germany was a Socialist state – more of a dem stance. They believed in population control/eugenics thru race, contraception, abortion, etc – dems again. They didn’t really hold the same positions on most issues. about the only thing i can think of is a “conservative social view” – a desire for a return to the customs/morals of the past.

        if anyone can explain i would appreciate it – i had a college history professor make the same assertion and had to ask why she would say that. when i explained the socialist nazi party held almost none of the same stances as those **declared** by modern repubs she had to retract her statement. I think its an attempt to delegitimize the repub party – which admittedly i grew up believing i was a follower of. and admittedly they dont really follow most of their declared stances anymore.

        • Fascism is the most overused and “under” comprehended lablel ever used to describe a political ideology.

          Liberal Fascism by Jonah Goldberg gives some very good background info so you can make up yer own mind. Vox Day had a class on it at Vox University.

      27. DOW is only down 1.48% today. Is that all ….. you haven’t seen anything yet! Wait until the end of the month. Roll the window up, now smell this. Oysters and beer at Hooter’s last night and Martha (the neighbor) brought over her “special” home made (kitchenette) baked beans. Them old women that gravity caught sure know how to cook. I wonder what she wants? I tip BIG!

      28. Empire has already picked it’s candidate. The corporation will put Romney as the Republican nominee. I don’t know why people love this guy so much. The other night on the CNN debate I swore I could see “strings” coming from this guy’s back and hands. It’s all a construct. The media will decide what is right for Rebublicans. I can see it already. Fox news is pushing Romney, CNN is pushing Romney and your average American Republican will start to think Romney is a good choice and the only one who can beat Obama. The Empire/Corp will simply switch players and will change the perception of their agenda. Yeah! Everything is getting better! Mitt Romney will save us! Puh-lease.

        Did anyone notice how Ron Paul was marginalized? So was Herman Cain. I think a good majority of the populace whould want Ron Paul. I know I like his message. If he gains traction. Watch the establishment take him down.

        My 2012 Republican ticket Prediction

        They will kiss and make up and will be a “formidible team” and we will get Vanill and Vanilla-er.

        What a country.

        • 1. There are a lot of reputable people who said the closest Ron Paul will ever get to being in the White House as the President will be when Paul takes a walk around the outside of the building.

          2. He has not run two times only, but several other times as well.

          He wasn’t known because nobody cares about him.
          Ask anybody from the older generation, and they will tell you; and I did just that.

          3. The last time Paul ran, he got about 0% to 5% depending on the locations. He got less than 1% of the Electoral votes.

          4. Democrats will vote for Obama or Hillary, and Conservatives will never vote for Ron Paul. So Paul will never win as Donald Trump said.

          5. He is near 80-year-old, the body is deteriorating as is part of the human life cycle.

          In the past, the mainstream media bashed other GOP candidates who were in their 60’s, but they’ve never demanded to see Paul’s healthcare record. Liberals are pushing for Ron Paul??? Wow, so far the Liberal talking heads are loving and promoting another loser GOP candidate selection.


        • Mushrooms. That’s right just stay in the dark and keep eating sh!T!!! Big Government loves mushrooms…they are so easy to feed.

          Ben you’er right man.

          • speaking of Mushroom, where is he?

            • He was really Ben Bernanke.

      29. Check out the Euro falling down this evening. That’s not fair because the $ isn’t going up to float the rest of the world’s boats. What model are you Jane?

        • No wonder the dow fell. Traders flocked to the dollar when the euro slid according to the reports. If that statement don’t make you shiver I don’t know what will. Sure hope they had enough printed up to go around. Wall street traders seeking safety in the fiat dollar. WOW! Hey Wall Street Traders, I got several jars of air that I scooped while out on the Chesapeake Bay. Sell ’em cheap, gold or silver currency only.

      30. no matter who replaces obama, it is gonna be survival of the fittest and those who are not prepared are in for a rude awakening. and the one who replaces obama is gonna have to be one tough bird who can make the hardest decisions ever made…decisions that even the best preppers are not gonna like but will agree to for their survival.

      31. When Greece stands up (re-nigs) the whole system falls. In-Coming! H20 & basics.

      32. Honestly Ron Paul has no chance (sadly) and he is the only person running who isn’t owned by someone or a tool/fool. We need a real American to run. But they’re too busy I am afraid to waste their time when they know alone they have no chance of changing anything.

      33. I would rather have AAANYBODY as president other than
        the vacationer-in-chief. Preferred, Ron Paul.
        Acceptable, Mitt Romney. Romney’s problem is that he
        spent his whole live believing in the fairy-tale
        invented religion MORMONISM. Although, I’ll admit, I
        know quite a few mormons, and they are, really, GREAT
        people, the things that they have to believe in order
        to be indoctrinated into that religion are almost
        beyond belief. Anyone who believes the crap doesn’t
        have a good grasp on reality. Hasn’t done the research.
        Romney’s mind is like a deep fog, he’s doesn’t know who
        he is or what life’s all about. He’s a poser, that’s it.

        • The problem with Romney is not that he is a Morman. His problem is that he is a globalist gangster bankster. He epitomizes the system which is why , in the end, he may very well get elected.

          He is one of them Not one of US.

      34. Whenever the topic of politics comes up on this site, the same people spout the same thing over and over. This tells me that people are not interested in learning, they just want to spout their opinion. While there is nothing wrong with having an opinion, being married to that opinion regardless of the facts is not the way to gain knowledge. If you are not gaining knowledge, then you are treading water. The state of America is not the fault of Obama, Bush 2, Clinton, Bush 1, Reagan, Carter, ect. The names change and but the results do not. Maybe we should loosen that stranglehold we have on some of our opinions, be objective, and see if we can have different results.

        If you always do, what you always did, you always get, what you always got”

        • Great critical thought process. I do not want to appear racist but I used my reply above to illustrate that the prez is not the leading industrialist in americe, he is not over the banking system. World politics have more to do with us foriegn policy than he does and if he steps out of line there are powerful forces that can cause him to be embarrassed and even removed from office. He can only accomplish what he has support to accomplish….he can’t even single handedly destroy the country even if he wanted to. Most people think with magical thinking and the one thing they must do is put a face on evil….it is not one face but a corrupt system that even you and I participate in….what do you do in a corrupt system? THE BEST THAT YOU CAN….the idea that we will come together and throw the ape off of our backs is a farce cause all that will happen is we will end up with black Micheal fighting white johnny while that is happening we are both getting our book bag stolen…..Freedom…..free to carry on with our ignorance…they need to take away our rights and enslave us if we never learn critical thinking because a nation of fools is more dangerous to me than a lame duck politician!

      35. I heard Alex Jones say they got these numbers from polling about 53 people….

      36. Ron Paul is a freaking nut-job.

      37. C’on now lets all say it TOGETHER!!!


        AMERICA is gone… get use to it!

      38. Couldn’t disagree with you more. He is the greatest statesman of all time. Are you sure your opinion is well researched?

        • So far I really like Ron Paul. He’s longstanding record speaks for itself. He believes in holding to the U.S. Constitution. I believe he truly serves our country for the good of the people not for the good of the f^*king Government!!!


          No brains no broze all Bullshit!!!

          • What you don’t relize the constitution hasn’t been in effect since 1933. That’s why all the govt. can break any law they want and set themselves up for life an you can’t do anything about it. Sorry the truth hurts!

            • Griz:

              The U.S. Constitution far as I see is in full effect as long as (We the People)are willing to enforce it! You’er right on the fact that our government is not following the Constitution and I never argued that fact. My point is that Ron Paul is the only one who on a regular basis refers to the U.S. Constitution as a legit document that the government should still be following. At witch those no good Son’s of B!tches DON’T!!!!

              Don’t talk to me like I’m some dumbass …. The fault is within with in yourself.

            • My neighbor that I use to have (Mr. Wilson) told me that everything changed in 1913. He even admitted it. A few things happened after that. But hey, what do I know. I buy the beer with the label on it that tells you when it was created and when it’s cold enough to consume properly. I don’t drink it, I just buy it to impress my truck driving friends when they drop by. I hear it’s green and made special for people that live in that state of mind.

      39. With all the scandals in gov. even on local and state levels it’s a wonder anyone bothers to vote. Me and others quit over 20 years ago; none can be trusted, period. Since we have moved further to the left for decades, we see that voting produces zero results.

      40. Who Is The President? Don Stott
        June 16, 2011

        We all want to be sure of our President. Is that logical? Forget the obvious fake birth certificate, which has the wrong hospital name on it. How about a few other items which may be lacking as far as a true ID of probably the most powerful man on earth?

        Who was best man at his wedding? When did he meet Michele? Every President gives photos of his past for his library. Who knew him at college? Who knew him at high school? Why has no one from Obama’s past come forward, saying they knew him? During the campaign, George Stephanopoulos, who was a classmate of Obama, never had a class with him, and questioned why no one has acknowledged that Obama was in their classroom, ate in the same cafeteria, or made speeches on campus, which they heard or read about? Why won’t the President allow Columbia University to release his records?

        Fox News contacted 400 Columbia University students from the period when Obama claims to have been there, but none remembered him. Wayne Allyn Root was, like Obama, a political science major at Columbia, who also graduated, like Obama in 1983. He said, in 2008, “I don’t know a single person at Columbia that knew him, and they all know me. I don’t have a classmate who ever knew Barack Obama at Columbia…EVER. Class of ’83 political science, pre-law. You don’t get more exact or closer than that. Never met him in my life, don’t know anyone who ever met him. At the 20th class reunion, who was asked top be the speaker? Me. No one ever heard of Barak!” Obama’s photograph does not appear in the school’s yearbook, and Obama consistently declines requests to talk about is years at Columbia, provide school records, or provide the name of any former classmates or friends while at Columbia.

        Why was Obama’s law license inactivated in 2002? Why was Michelle’s law license inactivated by court order? It is circulating, that according to the U.S. Census, there is only one Barak Obama, but 27 Social Security numbers and over 80 aliases. The Social Security number he uses now, originated in Connecticut, where he has never reported to have lived.

      41. I appreciate your intent to foil the left vs right paradigm, but expanding it the way you did is confusing. A better fit is to use the Nolan Chart.

      42. Do you work at the white house?

      43. Jane:
        You have my wife in stitches 😉

        You win the tin foil schizophrenia award….It’s a big hat, you don’t need a building permit for your hair do ya?

        With your expertise at playing the victim card, I’d think you were a looney left wing liberal.

        • @ BJ

          LMAO, you have a wife? I can’t imagine two psychos being under the same roof. I guess now your home qualifies as A MENTAL INSTITUTION, that’s why you are here 24/7, bashing and threatening woman like me and doing your psycho things (in a state of denial).


          As I’ve told you before, don’t send any more postings to me, because I rarely visit the site any more. Occasionaly, I will but nothing like before.


          • Conservative never attack other conservative. Conservative SHILL DOES, and you do in several of your postings all day. Your dirty tactic are intended to discredit, disgrace and intimade me. In spite of all your efforts, YOU FAILED MISERABLY, hahaha!!!!

            This is my first article where I responded to yours. A simple response using fact and logic. But BJ, you repeated making personal attacks towards me, using filthy language and calling me names. Who knows many different “usernames” you’ve been doing this under????

            From the article – Ventura: Abolish All Political Parties” https://www.shtfplan.com/headline-news/ventura-abolish-all-political-parties_06082011

            **** JANE says: June 9, 2011 at 10:50 am ****

            BJ,…. Your comments are always just a bunch of LIBERAL NON-SENSE.

            How could it be a distraction when the Democratic Party and the GOP are in the business of promoting their candidates?? ….. See how stupid your statements really are when you said: “Actually Jane, the Republicans and Democrats are the ones that distract for the real issues….Ventura happens to be right on the mark.”

            Actually Ventura, he is a DISTRACTION, because he is not even a candidate. He’s constantly being promoted by the elites and Alex Jones, and has been given a TV show.

            1. Those idiots think Ventura does not have any motive or a clear motive are stupid. One of Ventura’s agenda is telling Republicans and undecided voters not to fill in their ballots, and you know Dems and the Illegals will – Therefore, in this way DEMS WILL WIN AGAIN. The elites are trying to reduce Republicans voters, get it??

            2. The conspiracy theory is partially true, that’s how they control people and make a profit. However, Ventura’s theory is trying:

            a) to distract people away from the real culprit and
            b) to make the rivals opponent look like the guilty party.

            I don’t work for anyone, so don’t send me any posting; You can use different tactic(s) to sell your LIBERAL BULLSHIT to the masses.

            It’s a lot work to take care postings and that’s the Republicans party’s job, NOT MINE.


              CHECK THIS OUT, WOW:

              · Comment by BJ: “Resistance is futile, when the number is one against the whole machine. Only when the masses all wake up and it is a coordinated effort on a mass scale,…”

              · Comment by JANE: “@ NetRanger … Hey I am just letting people know where there would be safe places in the event of a nuclear attack, but you are talking about the…”

              · Comment by BJ: “you can put your phone, radio, laptop or what ever into a mylar bag, seal it and then it will be EMP protected. Make sure the device is not touching the…”

              · Comment by BJ: “We would probably be invaded not too long after an EMP….they’d wait a little bit, for starvation and other forms of death to do their job, but…”
              · Comment by BJ: “Thats what I said about a week ago on one of these here Mac blogs. We just don’t have the know how and tools any more. Most of that knowledge has…”
              · Comment by BJ: “remember that mysterious rocket/missile over the pacific and california a few months back?? The one the TPTB thru the media said it wasnt misslie?”
              · Comment by BJ: “they melt down on a mass scale and the country becomes uninhabatable”

          • Jane the doctor wants to see you right away…your meds need altered. Lithium maybe?

            • @ BJ







      44. I find it hard to believe any who come here and have any real thoughts on how screwed up everything is would even think of a vote for anyone other than Ron Paul or an independent..

        to those of you in here that think Romney or Bachman or any of the others are the answer, I can only say you are flippin nuts and I am wasting my time reading any of your jazz on this topic or reading your whining on other topics at this site… them 2 party’s have killed this nation and you will line up and vote for more of them again… what a joke… pffffffffffffff go get yourself’s some more koolaid..

        “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result”
        ~ Albert Einstein

        • You got it Black Sheep, if I voter at all it will be for Paul

      45. clear

      46. RON PAUL 2012!!!
        Help us make him win!! Stop watching crap news like CNN and Faux News and that stuff…go to alternative news like Alex Jones or Lew Rockwell! There youll learn more bout Ron, and you’ll know HE’S the REAL DEAL!!!

        • Heck….and I hear em crying about a constitution that has a blurb in it about black people….everyday I go out and still bear the brunt of being black person in America. bush was right, its just a gd piece of paper….it amazes me that you whites actually believe that you have rights…..didnt you see what you did to us? What do you think…you live in a different country that has differant politicians, courts, and law enforcement than us? You must have thought it was ok cause they are just blacks? Look when you support a evil system, there is no honor among thieves…if you do a bank job do you think you can put your gun down and split the money when you get back to the hideout….if you do, then you get killed and they divide your cut. It seems to me that you whites “put your gun down” while we were being tortured and exterminated thereby sealing your own fate. Heck in 1776 most of us were somewhere bailing hay….stop whining and sing so hymns about the good old days for the next 400 years….get creative and put some hidden verses in them about your master…I mean elitest cause if they hear you they will surely whip you. “Oh woes us, what are we gonna do?” Cmon…..did you really expect justice on stolen land? The Indians should be the ones crying…..they have lost everything and are moving on. The blacks should be crying….they have lost everything and are moving on….the whites…..well …I hope you move on after you get a big taste of what you have given out so readily…so no crying…do like everybody has had to do cause your skin aint gonna save you this time..!!!!

      47. The LAST REAL US President was Andrew Jackson!!! The President who fought the bankers and actually Killed the Bank!

        Even SOB since then was a BANKER WHORE!!!

        Don’t you get it… Watch Hacking Democracy!!!

        And learn the TRUTH!!!

        Bunch of Fools!!!

        You all DESERVE what is coming for you!!!

        I feel sory for your KIDS they never had a chance!!!

        Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Sheeple!

        • AMEN…..yep.(and for the trolls)…revolution? You better hit the fridge for another beer and ribeye sandwich… and dont bring your scary self outside till the curfew is over….and while you sit there and watch it on your favorite network media outlet you won’t even know that the laser guided bunker buster is headed your way because the real patriots, resistors…the cats in the saggy pants that you are taught to hate, are now considered a “pocket of resistace” and are dying in front of your home…..yep….you arent worth saving….sit inside and go to that camp when they come to round you up….I’ll be gone by then…I’ll let you take my shower, or you can have my extra cup of Kool-aid….never liked it much anyway after living off it and white bread as a youth….Some of you are so domesticated and used to pampering, you will probably die off when they cut power…welcome to the world of survival….oh cant take it? well lay down in a FEMA coffin….I’ll cover you up!!! Man it aint even no differant to me. You call us punks…wait till you dont have an ATM to go to…..hell I am used to it…u see I have had the worst housing, food, education, jobs….but one thing I know is that I can survive with or without the current system….I will be overjoyed if all I have to worry about is street crime….anarchy or lack of money….I’ve mastered those already by being a disenfranchised second class citizen and I cant wait for all to taste my cup I have been drinking since day one!!!! One man’s poison is another man’s joy…Oh and thanks for the hardships….I think I can make it because of them…you have trained me well!!! Financial collapse….what do you think millions of minorities in the US have been facing all this time….we already had that…..you make me laugh with your scary self!!!! ALL THEY CAN DO IS KILL YOU!!! So in the time you have left enjoy it with your fam….trust me, you gotta leave here so stop whining…or lay down in the FEMA box and gimme that platnum visa…I never had one… and let me show you how to enjoy the time you have left….

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