Obama Vs. Obama: Afghanistan Debate *Video*

by | Aug 10, 2010 | Headline News | 34 comments


An interesting look at Senator and Presidential Candidate Barack Obama versus President Barack Obama.

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    1. 20smoney

      saw this video earlier on huffington post… its a great video

      what a mess we have in afghanistan

    2. Patriot One

      O vs. O and he still didn’t say a damn thing. flip & flop. Mac I’ll send you one that compares Michelle O. to Sarah Palin.

    3. Astor

      I thought I was watching another Dumb & Dumber sequel.

    4. Obama gives head to NWO

      Liar versus Liar.  Obama sucks versus Obama sucks. 

      Same outcome.  The liar-in chief sucks.  

    5. MadMarkie

      There is another video out there where “Candidate Obama” looks the people of the United States right square in the eye and tells us in no uncertain terms that if we get behind him, work for him, vote for him and help him to get elected to the office of POTUS that the very FIRST thing that he will do upon assuming office is to disengage from these two failed wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and bring our troops home.

      I guess that we got lied to again by another elected official after we heard him say what we wanted to believe that he was actually going to do?

      Iraq??? Just as soon as we leave, if we ever do, the Sheites, with the assistance of their buddies, the Iranians, will go back to killing the Sunnis again like there was never an interruption. Then our homies, the Saudis, will have to get involved on behalf of the Sunnis and the United States will have to reingage.

      No other country has ever been able to successfully invade Afghanistan and conquer these people. The Russians lost big time and they had absolutely NO human rights considerations. Remember the bobby-trapped toys that they used to leave laying around so that the kids would pick them up and blow their hands off and their eyes out? There wasn’t one trial conducted by the Russians to prosecute even one of their soldiers for killing an unarmed Afghani. How many of our soldiers and marines have we put on trial for supposes offenses committed in Afghanistan? And Barkie Obungle is going to lead us to vistory there?

      Just wait until we ‘whack’ the Iranians over their nuclear aspirations. The criminally insane are running the asylum!!! God help us …… we desperately need his assistance.

    6. Bill

      What a fuckin liar.

    7. Diogenes

      Interesting video, from a sociological perspective at least. Did anyone else pick up on how the two Barry’s appear to be completely different personalities fighting for control of the same mouth? The younger Barry presents himself as caring and credible and naturally at ease and personable when speaking and the Manchurian Man is a robotic mouthpiece spuing out statements that smack of an authority figure condescendingly scolding the town idiot for thinking on their own, as if they need to be corrected and put back in their place.
      The latter reminds me a story I heard once…how did it go again…ah yes, he has transformed into the quintessential Pinocchio…a walking, talking, lying wooden mannequin man. Oh no, it was the other way around I believe…but not for Barry. He never gets it right!

    8. Rick Blaine

      NICE.  I love it.

      I’ll say it again – In all seriousness, although I fully appreciate that Obama inherited quite a mess, I honestly think his narcissism approaches the point of a legit personality disorder.

      When he says things that clearly contradict previous things he’s said, it’s almost like he invincibly ignorant to it.  It really seems he somehow able to ignore it or simply not realize it.  It’s fascinating really.

    9. Paul Revere

      Obama is about as fascinating as scraping fresh dog shit off your shoe on a hot summer day.   The man is the black plague reincarnated, a pestilence, a national epedemic, a social disaster, a economic fool.   I would not give him the sweat off my ass.

    10. Get Ready

      Better pay close attention to these lies folk they will come back to haunt us & our children if we don’t act NOW GET IT????????

    11. ken zlager

      it isn’t obama that angers me -it’s the stupid uneducated folks that support the democratic  and the republican parties by voting for their jigolo candidates.

      it’s the voters fault. they don’t realize they got thrown off the bus 30 years ago.

    12. Hermes

      I won’t pretend to fully comprehend or have knowledge of the de facto power structures in this world, but I think I’ll venture to say a thing or two. I see Obama as being not much more than a mouthpiece or simply a windsock who rides the wind, where ever it blows. I have to say that he almost seemed to believe what he was saying in the clips from when he was a senator. Whereas the Beloved Leader obviously parrots whatever the petstore owner tells him to say. He’s just one little cog in one big machine.  Obama is somewhere in middle management and I have to ask myself at times how much decision-making power he actually has regardless of the de jure notions of the president being “the Chief Executive” that we are breastfed through public education and mass media.
      The following video is worth viewing if these questions are also of interest to you. Hillary Clinton licks some boot at the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) and seems to concede that governmental policy is derived from someone else than we the taxslaves. (Surely no surprise there)
      Hillary at the CFR

    13. Durango Kidd

      How would he know how to create a prosperous, stable , secure Afghanistan? Hell, he can’t even do that for US!

    14. Sam

      Comments…..How Orwellian, ” Members of the party must believe the two contradictory ideas at the same time”.  I s that what you call double speak. The elite say ” At one time we tell them the truth, then we tell them lies, this way they will have no opinion at all”. That’s what you call neutralizing the minds ability to think.

    15. TnAndy

      Politicians lie to get in office….some of them even believe their own lies…..but once they get elected, somebody from the folks that are REALLY run things sits them down, gives them the game plan, the script to talk, and suggests they visit the JFK grave at Arlington for a view of the future of those that decide not to play along.

      I’m constantly amazed at folks that think that ANY politician in high position has any personal involvement in the way things are run…..they are all merely puppets on strings, there for the public show.   You want to get mad, get mad at the shadow figures behind the stage pulling the levers…..not the fool actors on the stage.

    16. Mardochee Augustin

      Obama was overhyped and was and is a liar. His economic team is basically the same fossils from Bush,Clinton and Reagan. Also the people in his economic team are the same people who either caused the subprime  collapse in 07-08,or did not see it coming. The he has the nerve to say we are in a recovery but all the while we have bubbles bigger then subprime going to pop in 2-5 yrs. The the big one our dollar collapse in 7-13 yrs from now

      Afghanistan is a lost cause. What neo cons failed to realised is that we did not even win in Iraq. All we did was paying sunni warlords to stop working with Al-Qaida in Iraq. The shiites complied also.Now the sunni,shiites are secretly arming up and waiting for us to leave Iraq. When we leave Iraq it will plunge into chaos. Afghanistan is where empires die. All we are doing in Afghanistan is draining our military and our economy. We will never win. It is time to bring our troops home,put them in the border to fight of the paramilitary drug cartels. If we bomb Iran it will be a tragic mistake just like Operation Barbarossa.

      It is still to early to say if Obama is finished,but if Ron Paul runs against him.Obama will be destroyed in 2012.

    17. TnAndy

      Nah….Ron Paul doesn’t have a chance, nor will anyone like him ever have a shot at the presidency.  Total pipe dream.

      Last time anyone like that came close ( Perot in 92 ), the “shadow guys” showed them the playbook and their role…..( You may remember Ross faded away quietly after it looked like he might throw the race into the House….. things were explained to him ) 

      Ron Paul probably wouldn’t “fade”, so he would have to suffer an ‘accident’ of a fatal nature.

      There is no way the real powers that be would ever allow someone to sit in the office of president that they don’t pretty much control.
      ( I offer 2 terms of a coked out nincompoop like GW Bush as proof )

    18. lostinmissouri

      What chaps my ass is that  “War Protesters” were every where when George W Bush was pres.
      Now, even with escalating the wars, under Barry Oduma,  there is no more “War Protesters”??   what gives?

    19. Sketch

      @ lostinmissouri-

      War protesters? right now I’d settle for some beatniks protesting in the GOM. Where the hell are the Hollywood types picketing the BP spill?

    20. Tom

      I’m pleased and happy to repeat the news that we have, in fact, caught and killed a large predator that supposedly injured some bathers. But, as you see, it’s a beautiful day, the beaches are open and people are having a wonderful time.

    21. Sketch

      We need a bigger boat.

    22. Bill

      @Tony – If Iran starts something it will be to the extent that they won’t need any graves.  They will all be vapor..

    23. digitalcommando


      i’d be very careful with any “boogey man propaganda” the united states government starts spreading- especially via faux news. remember the tonkin gulf incidents and the phoeey WMD’s?

    24. Tom

      Here’s to swimming with bow legged women!
      Iran won’t have to dig any holes.  Last time I seen free swimming pools was off the coast of Beruit in 83 when looking down at the New Jersey. 

    25. Tony

      Which is worse bombing Iran’s sites or allowing Iran to obtain nuclear weapons? If we or Israel are going to bomb their nuclear sites it better be done within months or they will have the bomb.

    26. Tom

      Don’t go mach 1, it’s going to happen anyway.  You know the answer.

    27. Chris C.

      If people don’t get it by now then all is truly lost.

      Whomever is elected, from whichever party, by how many voters, will not change A DAMN THING.

      This country is run by a cabal, for lack of a better term. A cabal with an agenda of one-world government achieved through decapitation of the poor and middle classes. Whomever gets to the office of President has to change his tune, or risk being JFK’ed. That man serves as the  perennial reminder of what happens when you don’t do what you’re told.

      The time has past where any meaningful change can be had through politics. We need something else, something more revolutionary…

    28. Chris C.

      typo from earlier post (last paragraph):

      The time has passed…

    29. pm

      Tony – it’s a shame that you buy into the fear mongering  tactics used against the US people to make at least some of think that Iraq was a threat and all the other BS we were fed. Do some research and don’t be a chump for the propaganda you are fed. We are ( as American citizens) willfully allowing our fachist gov’t to LIE it’s way into another war. FOR WHAT ? Conquest ! just like the Nazis wake up .  

    30. Tom

      “Slow ahead.” I can go slow ahead. Come on down here and chum some of this shit.

    31. Durango Kidd

      PM – Its not for “conquest” in the literal sense of one country subduing another, but for the pacification of all opposing societies, philosophies, and peoples to the New World Order for the benefit of the banksters.

    32. Jason

      Obama=puppet=liar=Manchurian Candidate=sellout=Benedict Arnold=traitor=whore

    33. Eric

      First let me say, I HATE Obama, and I am in NO way trying to stand up for him.  The lies he has told the American people are despicable. 

      However, this video is dishonest and unfair.  SENATOR Obama is talking about the war in Iraq in that speech.  PRESIDENT Obama is talking about the war in Afghanistan.  The video makes it look like he is talking about Afghanistan as a Senator and as the President.    

      My point is, we can’t continue to fall for the crap the media is feeding us.  We need to wake up and look at the facts.  Forget liberalism, forget conservatism.  We need factualism.     

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