Obama Secretly Set A War With Russia Into Action Before He Left Office

by | Jun 25, 2017 | Headline News | 60 comments

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    Barack Obama was either very secretively cunning, or someone in his administration was.  Before there was an investigation into “Russian hacking,” which we’ve seen no shred of proof even happened, the former president ordered a retaliation against our Cold War foe, which could lead to war.

    Before the tears of the saddened liberals dried after Donald Trump beat Hillary Clinton to become the 45th president, Obama was at it with his “pen and phone,” determined to destroy any chance Trump had at being a success. Obama, who was upset that Hillary Clinton would watch Donald Trump inaugurated as president, decided to shift blame to Russia. He authorized a covert cyber operation to deploy “implants” in Russian networks that could be triggered remotely in retaliation to any future cyber aggression by Moscow, The Washington Post reported Friday.

    Since we have yet to see any evidence that Russian hacked the election, and admission from intelligence officials confirmed that no votes were changed because of the fabricated “meddling” story, Obama’s ticking time bomb of cyberwarfare could blow up in our faces.  After demanding the NSA infect Russian networks with the implants, he also made said implants difficult to remove.  Should the Russian government attempt to undo the actions of the emotional temper tantrum by Obama, they will be extremely discomforted.


    The implants, developed by the NSA, are designed to hit Russian networks deemed “important to the adversary and that would cause them pain and discomfort if they were disrupted,” a former U.S. official told The Washington Post. Note the use of the word “adversary,” almost as if Obama’s goal was to begin a war with Russia. And to make matters worse, “U.S. intelligence agencies do not need further approval from (President) Trump, and officials said that he would have to issue a countermanding order to stop it,” the Post reported. “The officials said that they have seen no indication that Trump has done so.”

    These implants could be “activated” if Russia interferes with another election, which is code for: should Trump win re-election in 2020.  They could also be used if Russia takes action against the United States, although there is no reason to suspect that they would. Vladimir Putin does not see the US as an enemy, so it appears that Obama is simply attempting to incite a war with the former Soviet Union.  It’s not really a secret that Obama and Putin didn’t like each other.

    Putin is coming out of this looking like the bigger man.  He’s taken the evidenceless blame on his country with a grain of salt. Democrats and their warmongering leader, Obama, seem to insist on poking the Russian bear. Putin has so far, downplayed the retaliations against him, and his attitude regarding the media hysteria, which is leading to an another war, is actually cool and calm compared to those in our own government.  Actions taken by Barack Obama during his term could result in a war with Russia, in which the left with blame on Donald Trump.




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      1. Obama was a deceitful man! He is the one who should be investigated!

        • Obama is a Traitor and a Sellout to America and our people. Russia is not our Enemy. ISIS IS, NATO is our Enemy. The Feep State NWO and Israhell is our Enemy. Black mail and con jobs false flags and theft. Until we can drain the swamp of these parasites we will be fighting this Cancerous Infection daily.

          Let Israhell go Fight Russia. Let Israhell go fight Syria. Be a man you frigging beggars. Our security and Intel has all been hijacked by the war monger Commies.

          • Very good point. There is not a single election in any Western country that America does not get involved in in some form or another. They have variously backed the Labour Party in the UK and the Conservatives, depending on who was friendliest to American business and tech companies.

            As for Canada, Trudeau was an obvious lightweight and flake (and pot head) who did not come across well in any of the debates. Yet, somehow, there was a surge in support for him in a country where most of the population is small c conservative on economic, family and security issues. Most Canadians do not support the Liberal agenda of more Muslims, more spending, more debt, more taxes, etc. Yet, that agenda seems to be a carbon copy of the US Democrats policies under Obama. Go figure! Kind of like the US Democrats just moved North for the duration of the Trump years.

        • i couldn’t understand what Obama was trying to start a war with Russia. I saw this back in July and September of 2016.

          I guess he thought a war would guarantee a win for Hillary, but then Trump calmed things down with Putin. So now the a-holes are trying to say Trump was in bed with Putin.

          They are still trying to start a war.

          I say bring it. Let Russia destroy America. Lord knows they can. I don’t live in an urban area so the chances of my survival are good.

          The prospect of wiping out the democrats makes the risk worth it.

        • laeagle, Yes! you are so right, how many Treason counts against our Country by Obama & Hilary do there have to be to address their many action’s? could only be seen as trying to bring down America , Their hunger to regain power & become A Dictator is so plain in your face !

          When Will the demands of the people bring them before Courts, Judges that are not Friends of the Clinton’s & Obama , as Comey’s History shows covering for Hilary time & again, Mueller & Comey History of partners in Crime, is this how you want your Country run ? by Liars, thief’s ,body counts growing any in their cross hairs The God Father & Witch Queen has but to give the nod, May God forgive those that will turn their heads & let America be taken over by these 2 again, We finally have a Pres that, “Will” do for the people of America, when will all the people see they missed Hitler’s plan We all would be the Next “Jew’s”, to the Interment camp’s , they had them ready & waiting WAKE ! WAY ! UP America !

      2. He was and is the face of the Demonrats!

      3. Can you imagine if Obama and his administration was investigated and prosecuted like Trum and his team are getting? Turn the tables on the NWO!

        • Fake news.

        • Just Release the 28 Redacted Pages of the 9-11 Report and lets really see (((who))) the real enemy is. Whats Jeb Bush and the Gews so afraid of, this 28 pg report getting out and made public. Trump has read the report. He knows. And we Americans deserve to know who was involved. And the 5 Dancing Mossad operatives filming 9-11 then caught dancing and cheering. NEVER FORGET THAT FACT PEOPLE. YOU DID NOT SEE RUSSIANS DANCING DID YA ON 9-11.

          • CrackSummSkullsays: Yes! God says, ” The Truth will set you Free”, Yes! if the Truth were known we would be set free from those Deep-State, Shadow Gov Evil Men & Oh! the Evil Women that took 3,000 Innocent lives , their Family’s deserve to see Justice served, their Blood cry’s out for Justice !

            Would it surprise any to know Russian Putin knows who & why they brought the Towers down & threaten Obama to reveal this Info, He has plenty of reasons to let both go down in a blaze of Truth & Glory When will Lady Liberty balance the scales ? These Elite’s are not god’s as they think themselves to be
            Those with out Soul’s do walk among Us , if their action can not be called ” Treason ” then do we just throw the word & crime out, Above the Law are three words should Never be spoken .

            Will you look at these 2 and be able to say to your Children & Grand Children, “One day you Could be Present of the greatest Country on the Earth”,

            We would never want our Children & Grand Children to see those 2, 3 counting Bill as people they would want to grow up to be like, to become Pres , God Help ! them No! growing up to be Honorable in the sight of the Most Holy God ! their goal, If they do answer for their Crimes, what do we tell our Children & Grand Children?

            One thing we know is to stand as far away from them as humanly possible , Little Children there are Honorable Men & Women and Pres Trump came to try to set the Captives free from Deep -State Yes! no matter what you think,

            Pres Trump is Honorable, He has fought them all for You, Your Children & Grand Children & for His Children & Grand Children , until Jesus come’s for Us would you rather have Pres Trump as your Pres or Agent Obama or Hilary possibly both? God Protect Pres Trump & Family & Atty Gen Session & Family keep them in your Prayer’s our time of Grace is the time Pres Trump Is!! Pres. He was sent by God for a time like this , God doesn’t make mistakes!

            Blessing’s in Jesus be safe !

          • They already did very quietly release those pages.Google it.. Justin Amash shared them on his fb page months ago.

        • I am surprised that Trump did not fire a TON of people. There are way too many Obama people still in positions of Government authority.

          • That makes me wonder:
            1) Was Trump not allowed to fire the entrenched parasites?
            2) Is Trump simply just more controlled opposition, and has no real intention of firing the parasites?

            Obummer was simply just another interchangeable part, another placating decoy, like every President before him, for the last century. Americans don’t like to hear such things, but such is life…

            • JustMe

              The last one that exerted true independence shouldn’t have had a convertible.

          • Trump did get rid of an entire wing at the State Dept. He’s only been Pres for 4 mths. Obama had 8 years to destroy it. So give Trump some time to fix it.

            I thought every department of the US Government was to be audited according to Trump. Start with a “Zero based budget.” I bet we save a trillion a year with Zero Based Budgets. And find the 2.3 Trillion missing from the Pentagon a day before 911 happened. Or start putting these F*ckers in prison who had their hands on it and now its gone.

            Hillary Investigation, Bush Family & 911 investigation, Release the redacted 28 pages of the 911 Report. We have a right to know WHO!!

          • john stiner, much is being done as reported with Vocal recorded message by a person working in State Dept , both FBI & State Dept. She says are like Grave Yards , people have cleaned their decks out, She say’s ,”My Super cleaned Her desk out & gone & her supers has also cleaned their desk out & gone”, She go’s on to say they are all those in State Dept & FBI Obama Left overs,

            she told Dave Hodges She fears for Her life, She has been poisoned 2 times & Her cat killed, their getting into Her apt. 2 Muslim Men cornered Her in a Car wash, others witnessed it, their car tags showed Govn Tags.

            She knows what’s been done in side State Dept. only white People in there folders, this is covering reports of Child Traffic, The Machine within slowed down to a stop, She was brought in on the carpet for having Pres Trump picture on Her desk, while the others have Obama & Hilary pictures on their desk,

            They were trying to bring charges against Her for having Pres Trump’s picture on Her desk, she repeats over & over they are Obama’s left overs , will not do the work required to honor Hilary & Obama .

            Yes! things are being uncovered, & being followed through with, Pray for this young women She is in great danger ! Go To Dave Hodge to hear Her tell this , She Needs help from Pres Trump , She is a Trump voter & follower.

            Pray for God to sent His Angel’s to watch & protect She & Her Family Her In Jesus Name !

      4. I guess that if a war with Russia starts then we’re the new Nazis.

        • Funny that the democrats point at republicans and call republicans fascists and nazis.

          Funny because the democrats are socialists. The nazis were socialists.

      5. Frankly berry isn’t that smart. He appears that way as he is a good speaker,, but dumb as a rock,, usefull idiot in action.

        I do not agree with Putin’s style of government, but I don’t live there. If that basic style of government comes here,, well it’ll be war as none of us will have it.
        That being said, Putin is showing a much better sense of character than berry or the libturds ever have. He sees what we see and laughs at the absurdity.

        Every government out there does what is being said and we are no different,, living in a glass house and throwing stones,,, just proves you’re stupid!!

        One of these days there will be a atonement, the bell has started to ring and it is getting louder everyday, it calls the faithful to their knees, to better steady the firing squeeze!!

        There will be no investigation into the corruption,, it is solely the job of the people to insure it doesn’t happen. The gubberment needs to remember that we (each one of us, the people) outrank them. Once they were elected or appointed,, they gave up the status as citizen and became a servant to The People.
        Time to remind them of the way this works!!

        • Templar 1, the shoeshine boy was a good speaker ONLY when his teleprompter was working. Every time it quit he was lost.

          • Thus the “useful idiot” reference.
            Thanks for making the connection Sir!

          • More truth in that statement than you realize. Watch some of his interview with no teleprompter, Obama was a total retard.

      6. While Obama set the narrative the cruise missile attack and shooting down the Syrian jet that just so happens to be flying over Syria is a massive provocation complements of the present administration. Trump knows about the US facing ISIS. MIC has got him line, hook and sinker.

        We’re going to get USSC 2nd Amendment supportive Justices and for that I’m glad. The nonsense “Paris Accord” is history too and I’m happy. TPP is gone too and thats joyful. Forgetaboutit regarding foreign affairs.

        h ttp://www.zerohedge.com/news/2017-06-17/david-stockman-blasts-derangement-danger-potomac

        • facing ( logistically supporting / financing)

        • Kevin2, agreed. I smell the neocons behind this move. Trump should order the NSA to remove those implants or whatever they’re called. That attack on the syrian airbase was also a neocon move. We don’t need a war with Russia if it can be avoided.

      7. When WW 3 starts you sheeple are a set up that it is all Berry’s fault and not Tramp. BTW; I voted for Gary.

      8. If McCain had won we would have been in WWIII by now. I did not vote for Obama. If the Neo-Cons are someones answer they don’t understand the question. The “Progressives” don’t want Progress they want communism for the masses are are so focused on achieving it that they are unable to see the big picture. They don’t realize that they’re doing the bidding of the fascists controllers at the top who use communism as a social administrative tool.

        • Kevin2, once again I agree. The neocons need to be taken out of power. With either McCain or Hillary we wouldn’t even exist right now.

        • Fake News.

          • Is that all you know how to say?

      9. Obamanation is nothing but a shit stain on the USA’s flag. Eventually we’ll wash away the filth that is him. A scum muslim faggot foreigner that should not have been president

        • Menzo:

          But Obama is clean cut, speaks well, has charisma and a nice smile.

          __ Isn’t that what’s important in a President of the United States of America ???


          __ Repeal the 1965 Immigration Act

          __ a cop was knifed by a Muslim in Massachusetts yelling “Ally Akbar”

          __ Bring back segregation and Miscegination Laws

          __ Stop being intimidated. The goal is white genocide and slavery for black, brown, and white.

          __ the (((globalists))) believe with a religious fervor in their right to rule us.

          __ civil rights and civil war did not free the slaves, it made slaves of free white men, that’s all.


        • Menzo, when you clean it off make sure you’re wearing a HAZMAT suit, LOL!

        • Certainly you can’t refer to GW Bush as some kind of patriot. Obama’s stained legacy is his unwillingness, despite great campaign oratory, to undo what GW Bush and Clinton did. Between eternal war for Wall Street, trade deals likewise for them at middle class expense and an increasingly gross violation of the 4th Amendment the US in application is contrary to the Civics 101 class we were at one time taught. Economically and politically we’re hollowed out.

      10. Without a visible widespread antiwar movement into every one of these United States the future is bleak for all of mankind. Nothing good will happen for the American people until that happens. What could be more important at this stage in the rush to total insanity? Trump is yet another neocon Zionist controlled stooge. MAGA, what a sick joke! The fight against total tyranny begins when the common people voice their collective opposition publicly and not until then. Instead people linger on as if having no voice.

        • The Vietnam Anti War movement was galvanized around the draft thereby making it quite personal for the 18-24 group. As long as there is sufficient cannon fodder enlisting there will be no draft. As technology increases fewer personnel are needed. Don’t expect an Anti War movement of size to develop. If it does, with the advances in NSA spying its growth may not be completely stopped but it will damn sure have obstacles that the 60s generation never dealt with. Occupy Wall Street was co-opted and run off a cliff in relatively short order.

          TPTB have access to unlimited technology, talent and funds.

      11. I believe the criminal treasonous genocide supporting psychopath Obama is the Fallen Angel Beelzebub, Astaroth, or Botis, I have narrowed him down to one of these three, or he may of morphed into all three.

        • Ron Ahrens: Funny you mention that A Pastor’s call of the Christians to pray, Pray for an invader is in the White House, He Is the Chief Prince of the demons, He gives the other Demons their orders in Hell,

          He came into the White House when Obama moved in but did not move out when Obama left,

          He has many jobs, one is called the Prince of War’s,
          He is the Whisper in the ear & on the shoulder , The Pastor, Pastor Nathan Leal read this out of the Bible, and gives His Name, it starts with the Letter N, I don’t like writing His name.

          Pastor Leal shows a chart certain things having Happened to bring wickedness & Evil into America, one was bring the Tower’s down on 9/11

          Another when these 3 witch Dr’s brought The Crystal Skull’s over to America, New York, L.A. & sorry have forgotten the other, they prayed over these Crystal Skull’s & released Demons through out the City’s the Tower’s of Babl, were to go up in New York, LA & another City,

          People never Doubt your Prayers have Power, & Power in the Name of Jesus, & your Voices being Heard stopped this, many believe that through Cern opening Portal Hole’s Star-Gates to release the Demon’s from Hell & those Portal Holes would have been these Evil Tower’s of Babl would be their entry into the Citys.

          Obama was deeply into all this, His mother was a Voodo High priest Witch, When Obama refused to take His Oath of Office putting His hand on The Bible, He refused, at the same time around His wrist He wore a Monkey Demon ,

          We Guys really got the whole ball of wax of Evil when Obama was Fixed in as Pres, He was never a Legal Citizen, you have to understand these Luciferian-Communist-Brotherhood Unholy Men & Women are Satan’s Foot Solders, They brought evil to America to try to destroy all that was & still is good about America that God Blessed,

          Obama did not complete His Task ,why ? Because the Blood of Jesus & His Holy Spirit is in every Christian, we are ! Truly the Image of God , He created Us in His own image,

          We were & are too! powerful for punk Obama, He couldn’t cross that Blood line of Jesus ! He’s still trying to bring America down by Taking Pres Trump down that now has the Blood of Jesus & Holey Spirit in Him when He with Pastor was Born-Again! God said to Us, “You are in a Spiritual Warfare, NOT ! Of Flesh & Blood, But Evil Wickedness IN HIGH PLACES !”, God said “Put on the Whole ! Armor of God that you may fight against the Evil of this World”.

          Guys can you see this whole Battle now is Good over Evil, Jesus against Satan, the Luciferian Left Dems , Deep-State , are preparing for The Anti-Christ, that why they want their power back, they have to Have WW3 to bring on the Islam-Brotherhood Muslim god back, for Communist to bring back their god Satan in the Body of The Anti-Christ THEE Satan Himself,
          stay with me here,

          Anti-Christ Satan will come into Israel as the Man of Peace, but He will be the Deceiver, He will deceive the Whole world , even ! The Elect if it were possible ,

          He will make an agreement with Israel for a few Years, quite the Wars & promise food for the starving world,

          Much comes before during & after, He will receive a Deadly wound to the Head, copying Jesus He will come back to life &Rise in 3 days for all the world to witness, on cable TV or internet LIVE STREAM !

          He will create Wonder’s Making lighting fall from the sky to the Ground.

          But wait the Witness will come with great Wonders, making lighting fall from the Sky, they come preaching Jesus & revealing the Anti-Christ to be False ! one of the Witness from the Bible is thought to be Mosses, they too! will be killed their Body’s hung in the Center of town for the Whole world to witness, TV or Live-Stream Net , after 3 days they will Rise again !

          While all this is going on the 144,000 are preaching Jesus to the Jews, & many will be Born-Again accepting Jesus as their Lamb of God Returning Savior,

          Ok, Now ! Anti-Christ will sit in the Temple of God & proclaim Himself to be God, then the Jew’s will know they have Been deceived, In Shock & great fear they Flee to the Mountain’s for safe Shelter,

          God said in the Bible for this time, “Pray your Flight not be in Winter or your giving suck to child”.

          Much will take place & the Evil Anti-Christ will be Beheading & doing all that is Wicked .

          Then out of the Cloud’s come a sound there a rider on a White Horse, with millions, billions of Saints of God all dressed in White, the Rider, has His arm raised with sword in Hand, It is Jesus the Son of God, the Lamb of God, He destroys all wickedness & evil from the Earth, all will bow their Knee’s before Jesus & Satan too! bow’s His knee before Jesus all & Satan confess out of their Mouth’s that He is Lord !!! Jesus Has the Victory over Satan, He has had the Victory from the Cross ,

          One step on those that have Repented of own free will & with all their Heart mind & Souls have Repented of their Sins & accepted Jesus into their Hearts as their Lord & Savior, they will be returning with Jesus to Us, the Saints of God waiting for the Grand Home coming in Heaven, there those that endured until the End, Jesus promised to give a Golden Crown to each, there we will be in Heaven In White Gown’s & Golden Crowns on our Heads, For Eternity we will be with Jesus The Angel’s all our loved one’s & friends that

          Have Repented of their Sin’s & accepted Jesus as their Lord & Savior, all to meet around the Feast table of the Lamb Jesus. Praise God, Glory to God & to the Lamb of God Jesus for ever & ever Amen !

          Later will be the Great White Judgment seat of God, for those refused Jesus Turned their backs on Him, for those Like Obama & Hilary, Like a giant Screen TV will be shown every sin commented every evil act commented in the Body & out of it.

          No! sweet talk to God, No! fancy fast talking Rich Attorney going to save you Now, your free will chose to be wicked & Evil, taking the Blood & flesh of baby’s & young ones, your deeds will delivery you to a red Hot Hell for all of Eternity .

          If you have not yet accepted Jesus into your Heart & Life, this IS!!!! the hour of your Salvation accept Him while He is near, your own free will WILL ! accept Him as your Savior or once again turn your back on the greatest free Gift you will ever be offered,

          Remember it is given to no man or women the promise of Tomorrow only through Jesus & that will be Eternity He LOve’s YOU , He’s waiting with arms open, saying come to me all will be forgiven for I love you with an ever lasting Love Come My Son , My Daughter I will forgive You & give you Rest ! When every time a Soul is saved all the Angel’s in Heaven sing, will they sing for you???

          • Sharon,

            You are obsessed/controlled by religion. Please wake up and use your “critical thinking abilities”.

      12. Watched a video by The White Rose. About a South African ( prophet ) in the 1920s ? Predicted a black boy would be Potus then a white man with what looks like a wig. Then total distruction of Russia and the US.

      13. 25.12. 2015 NATO: Seeking Russia’s Destruction Since 1949

        In 1990, after the fall of the Berlin Wall, U.S. president George H. W. Bush through his secretary of state James Baker promised Soviet premier Mikhail Gorbachev that in exchange for Soviet cooperation on German reunification, the Cold War era NATO alliance would not expand “one inch” eastwards towards Russia. Baker told Gorbachev: “Look, if you remove your [300,000] troops [from east Germany] and allow unification of Germany in NATO, NATO will not expand one inch to the east.”


        • Interesting read but its intellectually dishonest not to paint stalin as anything other than an oppressor. There is no doubt that the CIA played dirty in elections circumventing true honest elections but its naive to think that the USSR wasn’t doing the same. In the end given no other “yardstick” measure JFK summed it up accurately at the Berlin Wall, “We have our faults but we haven’t put a wall up to keep our people in”.

          I distrust all concentration of power be it finance/business, religion, political or labor. The Eastern Block post Stalin was not the utter hell hole that we were taught and the West not streets paved with gold a utopia.

          • Kevin2, thank you for that description of Stalin you gave. I personally know people from Poland, Cazechoslovakia, and the Baltic States who reallu suffered at the hands of the Soviets during their occupation. Today’s Russians are not much different despite what a lot of people have been led to believe. The USSR totally subsidized Cuba’s economy from the time the trade embargo was imposed all the way until the USSR went out of existence. The only way Cuba’s communist regime has survived since then has been by opening their economy to tourism and foreign investment. I also think all concentrations of power as you described are wrong but the eastern blocwas not exactly ‘”Shangri-La” under Soviet occupation. In Russia right now the generations who grew up under Soviet rule believe they were better off under the their old system and have taught today’s generations of Russians all of that same garbage. They long for a return to communism or something close to it. even Putin himself has said many times the collapse of the USSR should never have happened. Of course he would know, being aformer member of the KGB secret police; ‘state terror’ organization who helped to keep the system in power.

            • The Deplorable Braveheart

              I have spoke to several eastern block immigrants at length. Post Stalin the “terror of the state” was largely minimized. They had dental care as my friends father in law had gold fillings / teeth. They ate, they had medical care, they certainly drank, the streets were safe to walk anytime. They couldn’t freely speak to effect change but we can speak and still don’t control the system.

              The “cradle to grave” welfare system that sees to it that everyone has a roof over their head and food is very comforting for them. The thought of actually being responsible for your own life frightens them to death, they actually don’t know how to do it. Saving, planning, its all new to them. Many long for the more controlled and predictable old days.

              Our system keeps those really in power largely by bribery and on occasion very selective force. JFK is an example as are the Clinton corpses. These are not truly investigated.

              Regarding “better off”, the very bottom, the homeless, are better off under communism. I have no doubt that the commoner in Cuba has it far better than the commoner in Haiti. If you have ambition, a desire to really do better communism absolutely sucks. Unfettered, uncontrolled, unregulated capitalism is cruel too.

              • The Deplorable Braveheart

                Popa Doc and Baby Doc Duvalier and the Tonton Macoute ran roughshod over Haiti with nary more than a stern glance from the US and help from the CIA. The Somoza’s in Nicaragua, like Haiti, father and son, were propped up by by the CIA, trained at the “School For The Americas”, terrorized the civilian population with “Right Wing” death squads. Priests that spoke against the corruption fueled poverty were targets for assassination. Castro had like company on the other side of the spectrum.

                There are no saints.

                • Kevin2, agreed. a certain percentage of the founding core of CIA were Nazi war criminals brought to the US in ‘Operation Paperclip’. Most of the German scientists under Werner Von Braun who developed the V-1 and V-2 rockets for Hitler were brought in to start up our space program. Most other Nazi war criminals escaped to South America after WW2 WITH THE HELP OF THE VATICAN ITSELF. That;s the most glaring example I know of concerning how bogus the Roman Catholic Church. When I first met my wife she was Catholic, although a ‘recovering catholic’.

              • Agree: having been to both Haiti and Cuba I can vouch that Cuba is about a thousand times better than Haiti in every respect. Cuba may have restrictions on free speech and gays (is that a bad thing?), but it is safe, people have good healthcare, the food may not be snazzy but everyone gets a nutritious diet, the women are HOT (thus the tempatation to go gay is a lot less than in the US, where men are surrounded by Orca whales), and there is a general fun-loving spirit that makes day-to-day life good. As for Haiti, it is everything bad from America – predatory capitalism, out-of-control elites, extreme poverty, no healthcare for the poor, lousy food, unsafe and violent streets, dirty, full of disease and garbage, it goes on. These two examples show the reality of what most third world countries face: a choice between hell on earth or a modest paradise where everyone has a decent but simple standard of living.

      14. Regarding Italy post WWII the Italian citizenry was led down a path that they didn’t want with Fascism. Communism certainly appealed to them for this and another reason. My father, a first generation American born from and fluent in Italian always said, “The best Italians came to the US, the ones that stayed in Italy were lazy”. If your inherently lazy communism / socialism has an appeal that is contrary to the ambitious. Ever seen anything freshly painted in any pictures of Italy? I’m half Italian and I call it as I see it.

      15. “have yet to see any evidence that Russian hacked the election..”

        On the other hand, the disgusting, hypocrite Obungler administration was very open about sending senior staff to influence the Canadian election of Oct 2015. As a Canadian citizen (dual citizen with the US), I am outraged and disgusted at the usual hypocrisy of the left.

        See the links below for a few details


      16. He’s the anti-Christ. His current goal is to become the leader of the world by heading the United Nations.

        In the late 80s when obama was in his late 20s, he made a trip to Nairobi, Kenya, where he dressed up in a white robe, and a fake beard, and called himself the maitreya.


        The blessing of Hussein. He [is] with us.

        Barack Hussein in Arabic means “the blessing of Hussein.” In Persian, Obama translates as “He [is] with us.” Thus does the name of the presumptive American president-elect, when combined with his physical attributes and geography, suggest that the End of Times is nigh – precisely what Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has been predicting

        Ali ibn Abi-Talib, the seventh-century figure central to Shiite Islam, is said to have predicted when the world will end, columnist Amir Taheri points out. A “tall black man” commanding “the strongest army on earth” will take power “in the west.” He will carry “a clear sign” from the third imam, Hussein. Ali says of the tall black man: “Shiites should have no doubt that he is with us.”


        In numerology,

        Obama’s SSN 042-68-4425 –> 6-5-6.
        His real SSN is 042-69-4425 or 6-6-6

        On November 5, 2008 the night after Obama was elected President the Illinois lottery numbers were: Pick 3 (6-6-6) & Pick 4 (7-7-7-9)
        666=Antichrist, 777=Completion, 9=Judgment

        Annular (ring of fire) solar eclipse 6 days 6 hours 6 minutes after obama is inaugurated.


        On November 11, 2008 the Secret Service gave Obama the codename of THE RENEGADE
        > The dictionary definition of Renegade is:
        a “lawless” one, a “rebel”, a “deserter” from a faith (apostasy), a “deserter” from an allegiance
        > II Thessalonians 2 – Declares that the antichrist will be the leader of the “apostasy” or “rebellion” and will be known as the “lawless one.” This is the Secret Service’s codename for President Obama!

        The Secret Service named his presidential limousine “the Beast”!

        Twilight zone rod sterling’s lost classics (1994) at 21:35 shows Barack Obama
        Same as Satan in the uncut version of “the Bible” movie

      17. People had better define “War”. Nobody is going to invade Russia, China, India, America, Canada, Israel, France, UK, Pakistan, et al.
        Because nukes would be used. Our threat of War is with Moslems, Democrats, and some Koreans. Obama facilitated that threat of war.
        He is a narcissistic sociopath. Democrats elected him to destroy the world as we know it. He did a damn good job. Our job is to prevent the war, and if we fail, survive to re-build after all the enemy is totally erased from the face of the earth. Notice, I did not say defeated, I said erased, as if they never existed.

      18. rellik

        Moslems are only a threat because we invite them here. Leave them there and let Shia kill off Sunni to their hearts content. We’ll buy oil off the winner.

        • I like your idea.
          I’m tired of wasting American lives
          on Moslem’s.

      19. Can’t stand Obama the complete liar either. Like has been said George W. Bush’s 3rd and 4th terms. Nothing but fascist neocons one after another, Trump would not be there if he was any different. The Clintons both the same evil.

      20. The long withheld JFK whodunit papers set to be released later this year. Anything new to be revealed, never going to happen and everyone knows it. Trump will be ordered to block actual truth for “national security” reasons. Yeah, security for the criminals running this corrupt excuse of a representative government of the people.

      21. Two moderated comments in a row. I figure if a comment is moderated somebody does not like what is being said. No?

      22. These Fks are going to be so busy covering their asses
        And wondering from what side the attacks on the personally will be coming , that soon
        They won’t have time to deal with us

        And that , people is the time we strike and take this country and government back over to being run by we the people again
        It’s gonna be bloody , and it will happen while other conflicts are going on
        Just be care what side you choose , because the pedophile class of politicians are going to get crushed

      23. Why has not the negro been arrested? Why is he free to roam the country and give our intelligence away that he learned about for 8 years to the communist and Muslims he so adores?

      24. Putin is not going to have a problem with any “implants” in Russian networks. He will call P.C. Matic and them them all removed.

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