Obama Mocks Tea Party: “You would think they’d be saying thank you”

by | Apr 16, 2010 | Headline News | 22 comments

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    Via Breitbart:

    President Barack Obama said Thursday he’s amused by the anti-tax tea party protests that have been taking place around Tax Day.

    Obama told a fundraiser in Miami that he’s cut taxes, contrary to the claims of protesters.

    “You would think they’d be saying thank you,” he said.

    Yes, Mr. President, thank you.

    • Thank you for the largest expansion of government in the history of the United States.
    • Thank you for adding an additional untold trillions to our national debt.
    • Thank you for the hidden tax being created by the continued monetization of US Treasury debt and expansion of money supply
    • Thank you for the additional taxes we will be forced to pay for the new health care ‘insurance’ over the next four years even though there will be no care
    • Thank you for the additional capital gains taxes you’ve proposed, which will stifle investment
    • Thank you for the up and coming Cap and Trade bill, which will further burden Americans by increasing energy costs, and thus costs across all industries that rely on oil and coal, for example, the food industry which must transport goods across the country and plastics which are derived from oil.
    • Thank you for the great idea about the Value Added Tax which has crippled the European economy for 10 years and made their people poorer – we definitely want that here in the USA, as well!
    • Thank you for duping millions of Americans into believing that the policies of Marx, Engels, Lenin and Hitler will fundamentally change America for the better.
    • Thank you for forcing me, my family, friends and dear readers into a forced health care system, which says that if we do not voluntarily buy the health care offered to us by the federal government, then we will be forced to do so at the barrel of a gun.

    Thank you, Mr. President!


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      1. Obama is not a legitimate president.  

        He is a ‘mass media created fraud’ and ‘one of the most prolific liars in political history’. 

      2. Hey obamass, I will certainly say  Fuck you!  Its half of “thank you”..

        What an arrogant piece of garbage, a disgrace to the country and its founding ideals

      3. If you don’t like it here move to another country where it is better.  Oh wait you don’t want to because it is still the best place to live.

      4. Paul A., are you suggesting that all of these policies are fine with you? Really?

        You have absolutely no problems with the ideologies of Marx/Engels?

        The problem here, of course, is that the ideologies of Marx/Engels, which seem to be the fundamental changes to America that President Obama spoke of during and after his campaign, run counter to the very founding of our country.

        Why should I/we leave if we have a problem when we can just use the very constitution itself to get rid of the viruses known as socialism/communism.

        If you are such a big fan of these policies, I’d suggest you trek into North Korea, Venezuela, or rent a place in Beijing for a close up view of what the end result looks like.

        If you’ve never seen this first hand, then I am not sure you have any clue as to what is actually happening here.

      5. What about thanking him for bailing out those poor banks………..bless their cotton socks

      6. The Tea Partysans! Probably the same people who thought that Ronnie Reagan was so great. He who started the run up to the largest deficits in US, history turning the nation from the world’s biggest creditor to its biggest debtor, alternately slashing and raising taxes more than any president before him, enlarging civilian government and massively enlarged the military. 

        Responsible for the Iran-Contra affair, the most serious constitutional scandal since Watergate (and lied about it), which resulted in a greater number of senior officials being indicted, forced to resign or accused of illegal or unethical conduct than any administration in the 20th century. He who hailed both the Contras and the forerunners of the Taliban as the “moral equivalent of the Founding Fathers.”

        He was then followed both financially and fiscally by what happened under Bush 1, remember S&L and Neal Bush?

        The Republicans have raped the United States right up the ass.  Ronald Reagan was (and is) a traitor to the American constitution and the tea baggers and birthers are traitors too.  They should all be shot.

      7. Comments…..Mac, in a way Paul has a point, “Residency implies consent” Montesquieu. “Do not complain of oppression my earth is vast move if you have to” Scripture. The only problem with moving there isn’t many places left in the world that like Americans.

      8. Wrong Hey You!!!.   According to the Washigton D.C. controlled   mass media outlets it’s the Democrats and Progressives who are getting the death threats from United States citizens.   Not Republicans.  I could care less about either corrupt party but your party is the more deserving of the nations’ anger right now, for sure.  Suggest you get your personal affairs in order now, I don’t think the revolutionaries are to be very kind to progressives like you going forward, as your hero Barry takes the nation down the road to financial disaster.     Good luck fella, your going to need it.

      9. Comments…..Will someone please determine this arrogant usurper is not an American citizen once and for all so we can maybe begin the process of getting rid of him.  The people in Kenya are openly saying he was born there but we aren’t listening!


      10. Sam, you make a good point regarding consent… I think there are some who would argue that residency would mean citizenship, which would most certainly imply consent. There are those, however, who consider themselves “sovereign,” non-citizens, thus consent is not a given in that particular case. Of course, if you have a social security number or a bank account or a job or have ever paid taxes, then I think by law you cannot be considered “sovereign.”

        I’ve read about that sovereignty argument being used to fight federal tax laws – with no success, though.

        Basically, if you’re born in the USA today, you have consented by default.

      11. QUOTE: ” They should all be shot.”

        The end result of policies of Marx/Engels.

        What happens, Hey You, when the people doing the shooting turn around and say that you have gone against the party?

        Make no mistake — there were millions of Russian communists who loved the party and were subsequently lined up on the wall and executed. 

      12. Comments…..Mac.the word citizen really means “one who gevern” so if the people act like true citizens in a democratic society,then the will of the people would be sovereign, and civil servants would act according to the will of the people, all laws would have to be ratified by the people before being passed. Instead we gave ourselves up to distractions and material wants and became subjects stomped on by an evil order. Really we brought it upon ourselves.

      13. Many folks I know think the Prez is a real butt!!!  He is trashing the econ., with no future for younger (and maybe older) Americans.   Resistance is building up, but whether patriots will win  depends on how many are out there;  and so far  it appears to be too few to matter!  Tea parties  are just demonstrators with little knowledge of   the NWO and who  the elite are, etc.  They are protesting taxes and big gov.  The smart ones are sitting at their computers.  I do not attend rallies, speeches, etc. as no results are ever seen,  after 40 yrs of knowing about the elite nwo.

      14. Agree with everything except the FED has NOT been monetizing the debt. They have been doing the opposite!

      15. I’ll start off with my usual “Bush is the devil,” etc., etc.  Fine – I won’t argue.  I don’t care.  The Republicans in D.C. pretty much suck as much as the Democrats do.  I can not name more than five “national stage” members from both parties combined that I would not kick to the curb.

        That being said, regardless of what one thinks about the Tea Party movement (which has been at least somewhat hijacked at this point) Obama’s comments are another illustration that at least one of the following is true:

        1.  Obama is getting some REALLY bad advice.


        2.  Obama’s narcissism is the most powerful force in the universe.

        All recent polling suggest that a AT LEAST A SUBSTANTIAL portion of the population (maybe not a majority) shares AT LEAST some of the concerns associated with the Tea Party – deficits, taxes, bailouts, etc., etc.

        It amazes me that he continues to talk down to them instead of at least pretending to be sympathetic to their concerns.

        I fully understand that he inherited quite a mess (resulting from the actions of BOTH parties), but I see little to no evidence that he is doing anything to make any of it better.

        At this point, the only substantive change I see is with respect to  the health care bill…

        …which essentially requires “all” Americans to carry health insurance, essentially guaranteeing the insurance companies more customers while not providing any real reform.

        Bang up job, D.C.  I’m sure the insurance companies are shakin’ in their shoes.

      16. Comments…..Sam the issue with your viewpoint is the difference between sovereignty  in a republic and democratic forms of government.  In a Republic, sovereignty resides with the individual and in a democracy sovereignty resides within the collective.  This is why for the last century “they” have tried (very successfully) to convince us we live in a democracy instead of a Republic.  That the collective can remove your sovereign rights.  The “will of the people” in a democratic state is mobocracy and controlled by whomever can move the herd in their direction the most.  6 wolves and 4 sheep decide what is for dinner and the minority should be happy with the outcome.  I for one, am not and never will be, a “true citizen to a democratic state” and continue to oppose it preferring my individual sovereignty over mobocracy. 

        I agree that the userpers have gained the current status through slight of hand magic tricks, distractions and materialism targeting the general population as well as the entitlement state giving to the poor at the expense of the middle class (wealth redistribution).  This is something we have brought upon ourselves.  Now we should continue to awaken those that are still asleep (if possible) until a critical mass is reached in the population.  Using the issues of the day is a good catalyst in the awakening process however it is informing those who are asleep of the fundamental “principles” employed manipulating the herd.  The Hegelian Dialectic-Georg Hegel, Modern Propaganda (origins for profession journalism)-Edward Bernays and the ever repugnant Keynesian economics-John Maynard Keynes.  Additionally, a fundamental understanding of the central banking system and fractional reserve banking should, at the very least,  irritate anyone who is halfway intelligent.

      17. Comments…..1234-I agree with you on the latter statement, I have studied those people’s works whom you mention along with Adam Smith and Marx, etc. for it is a moral obligation to seek intelligence, therefore the opposite is true, for those who have no intelligence have no morals.
        As for your comments on democracy the true rule of law in accordance with scripture should be a democratic monarchy, where the will of the people is represented by the king. So when the children of Israel asked their prophet to have God appoint a king for them, he said God has appointed Saul to be your king, they said how can that be so when we are greater in riches than him, he said because God has endowed him with both power of mind and body.
        The moral of the story the people have to enlighten themselves and unite in choosing what is good for them, a sound leadership that puts them first, instead we have a system called corporatocracy, where the rich buy and appoint  the political class to serve their will.
        One thing for sure is nature always has a way to bring about equilibrium, soon we’re going to have a final purging of this whole scummy system, and only the righteous will survive, just like the days of Noah, lot, Moses etc,  and just like salmon the survival rate shouldn’t be more than 2%.
        123- it’s nice to debate with intelligence, good luck and  God bless.

      18. tbx69931234….BRAVO!!

      19. His extremely arrogant comment reminds me of another arrogant comment from history;
        “Let them eat cake”

      20. Comments…..Sam, That is an interesting position “for it is a moral obligation to seek intelligence”, this presumably is an ideology from the John Erskine essay ‘The Moral Obligation To Be Intelligent’.  While the overall theme and intent I agree with, I have points to take with it.  While it is clear to me that the intent of the essay is that man should seek intelligence and not merely to seek or align himself with those that possess intelligence. 

        To me, intelligence is not something that can be sought or attained.  It is something that is endowed to us by our creator, whomever your creator is if you are in the camp of Devine Creation or if you are an evolutionist, then, a genetic trait passed to you.  Either way, everyone has some varying level of intelligence.  The point I believe missed in the essay is knowledge is what should be sought not intelligence.  To a certain degree, regardless of a level of intelligence and absent an understanding of cause and effect, morals are irrelevant at this point.  Once cause and effect (knowledge) are applied to intelligence, morals are then established.  Therefore I believe it is society’s moral obligation to seek knowledge and not intelligence though the knowledge may be derived from a source more intelligent that the knowledge seeker but it is not necessary.  Seek knowledge, apply intelligence then morals are established. 

        As for your second paragraph, I am not well versed in theology but I have concerns. How many Kings have claimed to have been appointed by God?  How many Kings have had a Democratic Monarchy?  The created can never be above the created but I will never bow to another man.  I require proof not faith that the Creator has appointed a specific person (the created) as a King before I would ever bow to that individual or subjugate my own intelligence, knowledge and morals to someone where their intelligence, knowledge and morals are inferior to mine.  I did that once, when I was much younger, it was called marriage but I digress.

        So I agree with your third paragraph which leads back to the first paragraph.  If sufficient mass become informed, apply their intelligence they should identify moral deficiencies in what is occurring and the masses can effect a change in our governance. If that doesn’t occur as I believe it may not, those who seek knowledge will be (somewhat) prepared for the purge leading to a return in equilibrium in the not-too-distant future mentally, physically, spiritually and ecumenically. Those who continue in the status quo, pop-culture society will be fated the same as those who mocked Noah.

      21. Comments…..Some very good points, first of all we are all born God like but not equal to God there is a difference, example God has the power to create anything he pleases,where man has the ability to duplicate anything he please if he applies his ingelligence to cultivate knowledge, so God creates a bird, man studies the nature of it’s functions and builds a plane, ” What is genuis but the abilityto mimic nature” William James, or “The ultimate prototype belongs to God” Kant.That is my view on the intelligence, knowledge issue.
        As for the annoited king, everyone can become one if he cultivates the attributes of sound body and mind, and if we don’t become kings over nations becoming kings over ourselves is good enough, hence the personal sovereinghty mentioned earlier by 1234.As for bowing down I don’t believe in bowing down to anyone other than the creator up in heaven.

        As for those who don’t use their God given qualities to cultivate knowledge, they are no different than any other animal who just eat,sleep and shit. Heaven and hell start here, the attributes of heaven is enlightenment and hell is to be deaf, dumb, and blind, man is the only creature that has the freedom of choice to create his own destiny. 

      22. Comments…..Sam,  The comment above today from Anonymous was in fact mine.  I submitted my comment without entering my name and email address realizing the error after the fact.  So much for intelligence.

        As for your response, Once again well written and  thought provoking.  As for becoming king of myself and personal sovereignty I believe that is what everyone should strive to achieve.  The result would be tremendous with the least significant result being less need for government or arbitrators of societal morality.    I do not believe our society will attempt this enlightenment, for lack of a better word, if history is any indicator (which I believe it is).  I can do my part and attempt to provide knowledge but many if not most seem to lack a basic interest or worse, are mocking or condescending of anything contrary to their indoctrination.   I am not resigned to failure however I see the benefit to prudent planning for many different types of catastrophic events that may impact our society and civilization both short and long term.  It may be a foregone conclusion that people en mass will only seek the knowledge after a “point of no return” and after whatever the catastrophic event is, has become apparent or more precisely in this day and age, the establishment of professional journalism can no longer avoid the event.

        “In the field of observation, chance favors the prepared mind” Louis Pasteur.

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