Obama Issues Apology for Mistaken Quran Burning; Americans Still Wait For Apologies over Flag and Bible Burning

by | Feb 23, 2012 | Headline News | 187 comments

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    Afghanistan has erupted (once again) into riots over the reported accidental burning of Qurans in a Bagram Air Field garbage burn pit earlier this week.

    As protests rage across the country, President Obama has issued an apology to all Afghans over the highly sensitive issue:

    President Barack Obama apologized to Afghans on Thursday for the burning of Qurans at a U.S. military base, trying to assuage rising anti-American sentiment as an Afghan soldier gunned down two American troops during another day of angry protests.

    In the letter, Obama expressed “regret and apologies over the incident in which religious materials were unintentionally mishandled.” Vietor said

    White House press secretary Jay Carney told reporters aboard Air Force One that Obama’s apology to Karzai was “appropriate given the sensitivity” of the issue. He said the apology was part of a three-page letter to the Afghan leader. Presidential apologies are rare, but he noted that former White House press secretary Dana Perino apologized on behalf of President George W. Bush in 2008 after a U.S. serviceman shot a Quran.

    Source: AP

    Across the ocean, some American soldiers and citizens are still awaiting an apology for the May 2009 non-accidental burning of personal bibles belonging to a US soldier who intended to distribute them to other soldiers and residents of Afghanistan. The bibles were apparently confiscated and burned with approval from the Obama administration to prevent sensitivities from flaring.

    Additionally, there has been no apology to date from Afghani officials, or those of other middle east countries where the highly sensitive issue of American flag burning has seemingly become a favorite past time:

    It’s not that we’re necessarily upset about the fact that anyone burned the American flag or Holy Bible (though we’re not exactly overjoyed).

    Our inherent rights  to free speech are Constitutionality protected to allow for exactly these types of unpopular activities and expressions. And whether that’s happening in America, Afghanistan or some other mid east country, it’s the god given right of the person doing it to express themselves however they see fit.

    But, if assuaging the sensitivities of others is what’s at issue, then it seems appropriate that leaders of countries where in-sensitivities against Americans take place should begin issuing apologies on a regular basis, as well. We don’t recall any such apology ever being issued by a leader of a predominantly Muslim nation.

    Moreover, will apologies be issued by Afghan President Hamid Karzai for the death of two American soldiers and others as a result of the riots? We doubt it.

    In the case of President Obama and the Pentagon bible burning (or even the case of Obama supporters burning bibles and flags), it seems that sensitivity is only important when it affects anyone other than an American.

    Just sayin’.

    Hat Tip Smokin Okie


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      1. first or worst lol…

        • Tired of the 1st or lsat B.S., Grow up!!!!!!! Time is short

          • BAD What?? Let see were does the real discussion begin how many post do I have to go though this time. Hell I just committed the crap I hate others doing. Catch 22. I’m going back to my cave, Didn’t want to visit any of the advertisers supporting this site today anyways. Bring on the thumb down today. Need some statements to stir up my blood. Still feels like a Teenagers Facebook Page.
            To many Mikes Time to change. Morning venting over. If you can’t beat them join them. Wheres my Meds.

          • oh lighten up…your right time is short…..so laugh

        • May 20, 2008 Orthodox Jewish youths burn New Testaments http://www.haaretz.com/hasen/spages/985362.html

          November 18, 2006 Swedish human rights worker beaten, 5 Palestinians (including a 3-year-old child) beaten and stoned while the assailants chanted, “We killed Jesus and we’ll kill you too!” http://www.palsolidarity.org/main/2006/11/18/hebron-day-06/

          February 6, 2007 Typical Israeli harasses Palestinians on their land, “You and your f@#king Jesus can kiss my a$%….We killed Jesus and we’re proud of it…” http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=e1842edc4f

      2. He never should have apologized. I am not saying it was right, but he should not have apologized

        • why not? It’s not like he was telling the truth, no truths have ever come out of that mans mouth.

        • Finally, a little camrader….

        • Both sides are just like little playground whiners trying to one-up each other and flex their desire to be the ruler of that playground because they’re all:

          a) too stupid to understand how intelligence actually works,
          b) masters of a greater game DESIGNED to keep US in this game as an age-old method of control and servitude,
          c) greed-driven control freaks using US as fuel and fodder,
          d) a bunch of useless pussies,
          e) all of the above.

          Trust NOTHING that comes from any government official…ever. Period.

          This is Gold Leader standing by.

          • your spot on Gold Leader!

            • Back at ya, crash and burn!

              This is Gold Leader standing by.

        • What is the purpose? It’s not like they are going to feel any different about it. It’s all about looking like we’re sensitive to their concerns.

          Just more political spin.

          • what kills me is we can kill innocent civilians in other countries with drones and dont apologize but let some one burn a book and they get all upset and obama apologizes.

            • UPDATE!!! the apology didnt work…..two high ranking u.s. officials killed during mob rush into NATO compund.

        • Anything and every thing to embarrass the hell out of our troops.

          • If obama had guts he would have told them to F themselfs.

          • you’re an idiot. tomorrow is friday prayers and they’re going to get all hyped up. burning those books is a prime example of stupid americans doing stupid stuff that will actually get soldiers killed. some e-1 doing latrine duty just got a bunch of people killed. an apology ought to come from the president. it may actually save lives. maybe you’d prefer that soldiers be given more opportunities to die for stupid shit?

            • Ferndale, you’re the fu#*ing idiot. Fu#* them all over there.If they don’t like burned Koran’s, then they can stop burning the Holy Bible and the U.S. flag. You’re as bad as the raghead fu#*s we’re handling with kid gloves.

            • clearly you lack insight into the basics of the mission if you think this is about fairness, eye for an eye, whatever. it’s about security. if they’re pissed off and riled up, they make more bombs, make more attacks, and kill more american soldiers. if that’s what you want so you can feel justified about them burning bibles, then so be it, but i think it’s clearly wrong. you’re too emotional. go rinse the sand out of your vagina.

            • ferndale, you have no idea what you’re talking about. You ever live in an Islamic country and work/train the muslims? They don’t need a reason to kill our troops. Muslims are taught that the US is the great satan. The fact that we support Israel is all the reason to hate/kill us.
              The irony is that these people go nuts over the burning of the Koran and over 80% have never read it.
              As for Obama, he is only a puppet that can’t stand America and I don’t care whether he bows or apologizes,
              he doesn’t represent me nor the majority of Americans. It will be interesting to see what happens to him after being a one term president.

            • I gotta agree to some extent with Ferndale (again – wow!)

              It’s like I tell my kids:

              If someone is disrespectful towards you, does it undo that to be disrespectful towards them?

              Someone has to be the bigger person.

              The guilty party put many many lives in danger, just to give the enemy the finger. Stupid.

            • So it’s OK that they are waging full scale holy war on us but not ok that we burn their precious book? Some people’s opinions are all screwed up.

              Which is more important. A book or a human life?

            • Ferndale: you can’t appease religious fanatics, ever. Reason is a foreign concept to anyone of extreme religious conviction because it comes from the primitive area of the brain called the limbic system known for its emotional response, not real cognitive thought. Reason on the other hand comes from our higher brain, the cortex, which is housed above the limbic system and allows us to question dogmas that are false and destructive, like certain religious tenets that say “kill the infidels”. But a well placed bullet can always cure that problem.

            • Mr. B, I’m absolutely not saying that a book is more important than human life.

              I’m saying that I personally believe in taking the high road.

              I’m saying that the result of this act of desecrating their holy book caused the loss of AMERICAN lives when they retaliated.

              A book for a book, or a flag for a flag or and eye for an eye. Nobody wins this stuff – it’s just a p*ssing contest and it’s pointless.

            • Its just a book. Paper. The message of it should still be in their heart (if they are normal).

              If someone burned the Bible or our Flag, I wouldn’t like it but I wouldn’t kill someone or riot because of it.

              We are dealing with fanatics and we cannot bow down to them. We can do what we want. If they don’t like it, too bad. No apology necessary.

              I say open fire on the lot of them storming US interests over there. That’ll slow them down.

            • Better yet, lets pull every single American citizen out of there and nuke the darn place. The Middle East has been a cesspool of violence, conflict & terrorism for too long.

            • if it’s just a book, why demand that they stop burning the bible?

              this war is unjust. it’s poorly executed. it’s off the rails. no wonder, we’re sending 20-somethings into a medievel culture and pissing on bodies, torturing, and burning their holy book.

              i’d be pissed too! the problem is that whenever we start talking about war, christians forget that jesus primary commandment was to love thy neighbor and shortly after that, turn teh other cheek.

              what about forgiveness, christians? hypocrites.

            • Ferndale, you can’t convince the armchair generals, but I appreciate you tried.

        • What do you expect. He’s a Muslim.

          • He is bipolar; he’ll say he is a christian then prove he is a muslim. He is for the poor/little guys and wants to tax the rich, then he bails out the rich. He says we all need to sacrifice, then he sends his wife on vacation(16X). This guy isn’t an American, he hasn’t even worked for a living.

          • Wait, wait, wait….. breathe people, breathe. For all of you like DRD5508, ferndale, Mr B, etc, griping back and forth about “when they stop burning the bible” or “just nuke it”, and so on, PLEASE READ MY PREVIOUS POSTING ABOVE VERY CAREFULLY. YOU ALL GOT SUCKERED INTO IT ONCE AGAIN, proving that the-powers-that-be have STILL GOT YOU BY THE BALLS.

            My heart goes out to you all…the answer above is still: e) all of the above. This is A GAME MEANT TO KEEP US IN SERVITUDE AND CONFLICT WHILE THEY USE US AS THEIR FODDER FOR THEIR OWN GREED. Open your eyes, hearts and minds and see that WE are human resources, not human beings, for their gain. WAKEY WAKEY!

            This is Gold Leader standing by.

            • To see the farm, is to leave the farm…

            • GoldL, it isn’t about whinning, it is about sharing info with each other as you are doing. Many do sound off, that’s ok. If it helps them feel that they are being heard, good. For many have their voices silenced by the decisions of the politics.
              Agree with most of your first post. Don’t agree with ‘them having me by the balls’. You see, as long as we all can give an opinion or just vent, we all still have freedom of speech which many on this site have served to protect that right. How long we keep our rights? That is the $10 billion question (inflation).
              The best part of this site(besides what Mac puts on here) is there are a lot of like minded people here that is encouraging to others.

            • He needs to be voted out, but the voting is rigged, so I have my doubts about that, no matter how many people want him gone he has his drones the Unions, the Panthers and the Money Lords like Buffet and Miss Opra herself. Anyone have an answer?

        • What doesn’t enrage those animals? Pull out and let them deal with China’s brand of “cultural sensitivity”.
          we have our own resources. F**k them.

        • Ya’ll being diverted,,,,,,how does it feel,,,,,haha!!!!

        • It was a mistake and an appoligy for upsetting someone is just good manners but really what it the point if the people you appologize don’t have the good manners to accept and can not reciprocate by not burning our flag or holy book.
          In the Quoran attacking nonmuslims is what they are called to do.
          In the Bible attacking anyone is what we are called to avoid at almost all costs.
          There is a deafening lack of middle ground here.

      3. They have a right to be offended. They do not have a right to be spared offense. Taking responsibility for their irrational response makes the U.S. the biggest wimp on planet earth. The commanding officer apologized immediately before any of the riots broke out and that needs to be the last we say on the matter. Any retribution needs to be paid back the same 1,000 times over.

      4. Hey Mac, I know this is off subject. Have you heard anything about David Sarti, the prepper who had his guns taken away.

        • I second the question

      5. You’re the man, Smokin’ Okie!! Good job!!

      6. No one should apologize for either one. Nobody died for the goddamn flag. They died for what the flag represents. Don’t worry, China slave labor is making them by the thousands every day. As for religion? Well, that’s a whole new kettle of slaves.

      7. My brother-in-law once saw an Afghani kill another Afghani and his family over a piece of firewood they were arguing about. The guy that lost the argument waited until night time and tossed a grenade into the other guy’s hut. ‘Boom’. Four people died.
        These people are still living in the 7th century and have no respect for life.
        My point? Pull out our forces and let them start killing each other again. It’s what they like to do. There’s no helping them.

        SIDE BAR: On a sadder note, my job might get moved to Kalifornia. Anyone got tips for surviving under a communist regime?


        • Just another reason to pull out of a place we should not be. No need for our troops to police the world.

          @Mal..Cali can be just like anywhere else as long as you surround yourself with good like minded people. Lots of hard workin’, gun totin’, folks everywhere. I live near Santa Cruz. The weather is great, few bugs, and great outdoor activities. The Cali gubbermint on the other hand, is just as out of touch as those douchebags in D.C.

          Cali citizens are very non-confrontational for the most part, I think they like bein’ sheep.

          If you do happen to make it out this way, drop me a line at badamerican@gmail(dot)com. I won’t let you drink the Kool-aid.

          P.S. best freakin’ clam chowder on the planet..!

        • Mal,

          Learn Russian.

        • “On a sadder note, my job might get moved to Kalifornia. Anyone got tips for surviving under a communist regime?”

          Yeah, Mal, I do. Don’t go. I know that jobs are hard to find and keep these days but no job is worth your life. Calif is circling the drain as we speak. Look at the You Tube videos of Detroit. Before the idiots running Calif are done, the whole damned state will look just like it. If you can’t avoid it, DO NOT buy any property in Calif. You WILL lose it.

          • The only humans left in Cali are welfare queens, illegals, and politicians.

            • “At the core of evil is the process of dehumanization by which certain other people or collectives of them, are depicted as less than human, as non comparable in humanity or personal dignity to those who do the labeling. Prejudice employs negative stereotypes in images or verbally abusive terms to demean and degrade the objects of its narrow view of superiority over these allegedly inferior persons. Discrimination involves the actions taken against those others based on the beliefs and emotions generated by prejudiced perspectives.

              Dehumanization is one of the central processes in the transformation of ordinary, normal people into indifferent or even wanton perpetrators of evil. Dehumanization is like a “cortical cataract” that clouds one’s thinking and fosters the perception that other people are less than human. It makes some people come to see those others as enemies deserving of torment, torture, and even annihilation.”

              -The Lucifer Effect

        • I live in the People’s Republik of Kalifornia. Best advice is to not move there in the first place. I am set to move to Alaska this summer so that should fix the problem. If you can, avoid SoCal and the Bay Area at all costs. If you have a choice, live somewhere in Northern Kalifornia where there are still large rural areas remaining which have not been overrun by yuppies and socialists. As far as the regulations and laws go, ignore them as best as you can and surround yourself with like-minded people. The stupid laws only have power over you if you accept them and choose to follow them.

          As far as Asscrackistan goes, I did a tour there in 06 and I saw all I needed to see. After my time there, I feel that depopulating the planet ala Kissinger might not be a bad idea if it gets rid of those assholes. However, I imagine those cretins living like they are still in the 7th century will be the best equipped to survive the meltdown of modern society. Tens of thousands of years from now they will still be fighting and killing one another over some tribal dispute over a goat, and mutilating the genitals of infant girls while they sodomize little boys and farm animals.

          • Thanks (everyone!) for the side bar tips! I’ve got some time to chew on it… I think.

            Spot on… both accounts. Worried about a few rifles and mags not being ‘legal’. I’ll hide them. Certainly not getting rid of them. Unfortunately, I’d be in the burbs of LA. Ugh.
            As far as ‘stan goes, yeah, they will survive the meltdown. You’re right. Well, that’s my downer for the day.


        • Mal, I live in NY, so I know what you mean. The gun laws stink here, but are even worse in some respects in CA. Keep the faith, Clay

        • Just depends upon where in Kalif. There are a lot of reasonable places to live. The problems seem to be the tax system and the fact that the Mexicans are in the process of reconquering Kalif.

          However, make a real effort to make and save some money so you won’t be dependent upon an employer. Figure that if the people who are moving the job and presuming moving you figure that it’s worth the move, try to understand the situation. If you totally understand what’s happening, you just might be valuable enough to suggest that you’ll do the job as a consultant. I tried that once and it worked. Got me started on having a couple of other clients and away up my income went.

      8. Another day ,another fucked up Obama situation.Kissing a Muslim country’s ass.What’s next? . Or maybee i really do’t want to find out.We can’t get rid of this POS soon enough.I motion for Impeachment!!!

        • maybe you and other “patriots” should go ahead and read the constitution and have a fucking clue what you’re talking about when you spout off about a legal concept. you don’t impeach a president for doing something you don’t like. you impeach a president for “high crimes and misdemeanors.”

          go eat some mcdonalds and shut up.

          • and you are as smart as the algae Obama wants to use for smart energy!

        • Agreed, Clark. The BATF Fast and Furious program SHOULD have been sufficient to get the bastage impeached, convicted, and jailed. Unfortunately, his party controls the senate, so there is no frakkin’ way he would ever get convicted, no matter what he did.

          • again, just naming a program gone wrong where bad stuff happened as a result of policy isn’t criminal. how ’bout you peel a couple more layers off the onion?

      9. War is HELL. Let’s win it or get the hell out. The POTUS has had plenty of time to get our most vital interest out (military). He campained on war over there but campained against Iraq. What are we waiting on? To kill Osama bin laden again? Where is Cindy Sheehan, Michael Moore and all of the other dimtards including Hollywood and the main steam media?

        • Media blackout….

          Cindy Sheehan is currently being harrassed and sued by the IRS and those who control the media aren’t letting anyone who disagrees with the government see air time.

          • Daisy…I’m not promoting anything here, but Cindy can still be seen on RT if you get that. I believe it was Thursday they interviewed her last.

        • WELL SAID !

      10. I keep a Quran in the bathroom; it’s not for reading material.
        It’s for my freedom of expression. Sort of.
        No apologies.

        • Obama keeps copies of the Constitution in his bathroom. I doubt he reads it either.

          • I doubt he wipes his own a-$-$ too. just had to put the negatives in front of the $signs

            • Doesn’t the ONE use his hand?? Just saying.

        • Is it as soft as phone book paper?

      11. Since when do american freedoms apply in other countries? when in rome… If afgans burned bibles in the US, I can see getting upset, not if it happened over there.

      12. Since my time in Viet-Nam, its always been the same BS. Send us GI’s (then), and the young GI’s now, off to a 4th world shit hole to operate. THEN the damn politicians and wimpy ass leaders start placing pages of restrictions & conduct ROE on military operations.

        Oh, wait, cannot conduct bombing on holidays, it is Tet, or Ramadan, or some other damn &^%* crap ass holiday. No, no, no, if they drop their weapons (after unloading hell on us) we cannot do anything. Lawyers & frickin media parasites nearby. we have to better than they are. Yet WE get hit 24/7, shot in the back, IED’s, rockets, poison. Oh, man, shut up sarge, YOU volunteered.

        If the situation calls for peace corps then send them. If you want the US Military to do the job, then USE IT ! Wage brutal destruction, kill, break, burn, and level. Make it so NO ONE wants to even think of doing a shin kick on you.

        Placing our guys back in the 7th century with some Wash. DC wimps writing the touchy feelly rules sipping his/her latte. …. is CRAP ! Suggest sending the “rule writers” and politicians to a full forward fire zone. Set their damn word processors on a folding table and see how many pages of rules (ROE) get written.

        Apologize….for what? Spending our nations wealth & young citizens out protecting the likes of …of….what? These countries should be sending the citizens of the USA many letters of an apology for being totally incapable of protecting their own butts and WASTING OUR RESOURCES.

        And yes, some USA flags do come from China. Some from the Islands, Taiwan, Thailand, and also from the USA if you search for the manufacturer. Doesn’t matter. Once it is up and flying, it is NOT going to run.

        Jeez, I gotta go do push ups, punching bag, long walk…my hair is burning!

        Sorry, my rant is over. Here comes the thumbs down.

        • We were wrong in irag. We are wrong in Afghanistan. If the roles were reversed and we had afghans invading the USA then I would fight them and kill them any way possible

        • The truth shall not be denied, no thumbs down here.

        • Make that “thumb” down. 😉

          The rest of us ain’t suffering from a case of rectal-cranial inversion.

          Anyway, thanks for your service. Yes, it was “a shitty little war but it was the only one we had!”. In spite of that, thanks for your service. Many of your fellow citizens regret the abuse our guys took at the hands of idiots in DC more than they know.

      13. I think that they would kill us for any reason and we should not be trying to help them anymore. Not the president since he is a POS, but the house send a message that if you kill one more US trooop we will burn all their books and take our money we give you out, get out and let them live their lives and hope they have a good life. why are we there? anyone know the real answer? Get out and take care of our country and clean up the deadbeats around here.

        • eric – Agree 1000% with your comment ! Use the wasted wealth in OUR country.

        • We are not there. The Globalist Empire is there. They use our troops to expand the hegemony of the Empire. Nothing more, nothing less. The Empire must be destroyed for US to survive.

          • One of the few voices of reason. Thank you, Old Fuzzy.

        • yes we should leave them to their own demise, they are like cock a roaches, they will not die off, they will be hear long after we are gone! We should stop trying to convert the world…we should stay at home and take care of our own. We do not need a World Union and a Obama dictator!

      14. Nation building is for morons.

        • Nation building is for people with a sense of a society larger than family, clan, tribe, mosque, or ethnicity. Afghanistan has never been a nation, but merely a region incapable of any governance beyond the clan level.

      15. just another example of the decline of america…

        • Score one for Wally. Wakey, wakey people!

          This is Gold Leader standing by.

        • Which part was the decline: the burning or the apology?

          • Both.

            This is Gold Leader standing by.

      16. Ok,Shoe on other foot.Afgans come here burn Bibles,what’s gonna happen.WE DON”T BELONG THERE.

      17. Maybe if this country had kept its nose out of other countries business, this would be a non-issue, hell, it may not have happened in the first place.

        Moral of story: keep this countries resources (military included) out of others business.

      18. We have lost the art of War. First conquer the enemy, then impose our principals and will. The surrender must be unconditional not political. No other country has a military victory on then turns around and gives it back.

        I know I’ll catch a lot of hell for this, but we should have annexed Iraq and kept it as our gas station. The same goes for Afghanistan, I mean we liberate them, build roads and schools find minerals and the Chinese get the mining rights? What’s up with that? It’s like drilling for oil in the Gulf of Mexico. Everyone can drill but us. Wake up America our government has been infiltrated, it’s time for change!

        • I have a better idea – we don’t invade countries and kill people that did nothing to us. At the very least quit complaining when they kill a few of our people.

        • you’re right. invading countries for economic gain is legitimate and constitutional and rational. invading multiple countries filled with people who will actually go to the mats and strap bombs to their chests so that corporate assholes can lord over foreign natural resources is sound policy.

          thinking like that will get you a sweet internship at the brookings institute.

          • Mike & Ferndale

            Long before the United States was ever even known of, these Arab’s and Muslims were trying to kill Christians and Jew’s, so your argument is bogus.

            Let me put it in Hollywood terms that maybe you can understand. Islam, Muslims are like a Terminator and they absolutely will not stop. I doubt they will stop evan it the kill all the Christians and Jew’s.

            This in not about money and oil its an Ideology. They absolutely believe I don’t have the right to exist.

            When they come to your door try that hate America shit on them as they are chopping your head off!!! As for me I’ll terminate them.

            These are the same people who put a key around their childs neck and have them walk thru a mine field to clear a path for their own sorry ass. Its the key to heaven for when they explode.

            Its sickening to think about and even worse to see. Iran did this a lot during the Iran, Iraq war. So before you talk about how bad we are, you should study them.

        • The first rule of Art of War is to to AVOID war if possible.

          • Yeah right. Like the Tibetan Monks? That worked out well for them, didn’t it?

            I do agree to avoid war at all cost, but when push comes to shove, vaporize them. Peace through superior fire power is still the best game in town.

            I’m starting to think you people actually think the world is civilized.

            • “Peace through superior fire power is still the best game in town”. This sounds so familiar… Did you write our foreign policy?
              Sadly, this is a very typical mentality of my fellow citizens. Patriot One, this is not peace. This is enforcement of power through forceful submission. Put yourself in those people’s shoes: would you EVER accept your land being occupied and be ok with it? I didn’t think so.

              Do you suggest that Tibet declare war on China? That’s silly. It would be like Cuba trying to attack US. Different weight categories.
              Besides, Buddhist philosophy rejects violence. They are true followers of “Thy shall not kill” commandment.

              And yes, I do believe in people being civilized.
              Unlike some that only saw other countries on TV (and only parts that MSM wanted them to see), I’ve actually seen the world and lived in several different countries.
              I’ve met the most generous people in poor countries.
              I’ve met the most selfish, greedy and violent people in the “developed” world.
              What I learned from my experiences is: people are people no matter where you go. Most are good, with a few a-holes here and there just like in EVERY nation/country.
              We can all get along IF there is a mutual respect and if the peace effort comes from both sides.

      19. Daisy
        First of all I am sorry for the loss of Cindy Sheehans son.I read a little on Wiki. ,and it looks like her son gave the ultimate sacrifice for his country,doing what he wanted to do. He volunteered for a Reactionary Force,which goes to where the enemy threat is .I’m not saying that I agree with the Iraq invasion,hell i was there for the first liberation of Kuwait war.
        Please enlighten me why she should be treated any different than any other family that lost a son over there..

        • Hi, Clark. 🙂

          I’m not suggesting she should be treated differently at all. I was only responding to Rich99’s comment about where she is, currently.

          I respect her stand as an anti-war activist – I’m always impressed when people make a stand for what they believe in, despite the risks.

      20. His name says it all: Barack Hussein Obama…

        • Mmm mmm mmm!

        • A.K.A. Barry Soetoro

      21. this may well be the lamest fake equivalency EVER.

        lemme remind you, we invaded their country. we occupied their country. our only means of excavating ourselves from that shit hole is to actually win hearts and minds. we burned their shit. they get pissed. taliban uses it for recruitment, hence making our goal of exiting with honor and improved security far less likely.

        an apology is cheap. it’s appropriate. just because assholes utilize their 1st ammendment rights and burn flags, doesn’t mean an expedient apology in this case doesn’t make sense. i wonder how many more afghanis are making the trip to the local IED spot to make some bombs now that they’re all riled up?

        this apology may be the best way anyone knows to get on top of this situation short of saying “sorry guys for fucking up your whole country over the last 10 years, we’ll be leaving tomorrow.”

        • Islamic terrorists attack us b/c Allah tells them to: they’re promised 72 virgins and paradise for martyrdom and taking infidels with them. No apologies, appeasements, or pulling out of their countries will change their mindset. We’re the Great Satan and it their fundamental religious belief that we must be destroyed.

          We do need to pull out of the middle east, but don’t fool yourself. Working to take out the Taliban or pulling out and bringing our soldiers home will make no difference. They will continue attacking b/c they see us as weak and an edict from their god.

          • you’re a simpleton.

            iran refers to us as the great satan related to the 1953 mossedegh coup. they hate us for the shah. afghanistan hates because we abandoned them after the russians pulled out and wouldn’t support them as fundamentalist taliban grew in power. we’ve had troops at various times in lebanon, saudi arabia, libya, somalia, yemen, qatar, bahrain, kuwait, iraq, turkey, iran, afghanistan, pakistan.

            keep deluding yourselves that it’s all about virgins and jihad. it’s about the onslaught of imperialism by american neoconservatives who manipulate fundamentalist christians into supporting israel so that revelations theology can be unleashed.

      22. The global economy-controlling cadre that put Obama on the throne (oh yeah the election was rigged) obviously thinks it will continue to dominate the world for the next century by embracing Islam and marginalizing western Christianity.

        This tells me the following:

        The jig is almost up with the Federal reserve and a new system will have to be foisted upon the American peaople soon…

        Islamic money (all that oil revenue) is now a big part of the global oligiopoly that truly controls the world and calls Obama when it needs something done…

        The U.S. Constitution is irrelevant to the shot-callers and the figureheads whom they control…

        Caucasian-dominated western civilization is predicted to decline in wealth, population and productivity in the next century so the global power-brokers are hedging their bets on the exploding Muslim, African and Latino populations….

        Not sure how the Chinese and Indians figure-in on this one and whether or not they are friend or foe to the Bilderberger/Illuminatti/TPTB crowd.

        we’ve been written-off folks…. get used to it.

        • They say that “the meek shall inherit the Earth”. If so, that will be a first. All the meek have EVER inherited is a boot up their butts. No reason to think that this is about to change anytime soon.

          No, I really do think that at some point the technos will go to the stars and leave the morons, jackasses, and idiots here to continue their squabble about which of them can squat on which bump. Good on ’em too. The universe awaits. When the technology is ready, we are so effin’ outta here.

      23. fuck Afghanistan….fuck Islam….fuck Obama…

        • AMEN!

        • @ DNT : That’s exactly what I was going to post !
          There is a storm coming. Never, Never , Never, stop prepping Y’all !

      24. Sadly, America is seen worldwide as corrupt and weak. Gone are the days when we were respected. Yes, we have an awesome Military. But our core has been compromised.

        Most Americans have had thier courage and ability to think beaten out of them. They are more afraid of being called a name, than of being killed. Most Amerikans are weak, and fearful.

        People are still pack-animals. Animals can smell fear and weakness. The animals that burn our flags with regularity, smell our fear. And they despise our effete PC delusions, and our inability to stand up to them on a personal level.

        They openly display their disdain for our good nature as they immigrate here illegaly and foist their dark-age religious BS on us. And what do our people do? Grin like morons, and act like do-do birds waiting to be killed.

        We should never have been dragged into the mid-east to begin with, and we all know who’s war we are fighting. And still we do nothing to stop it.

        As far as apologizing for burning the koran is concerned, the enemy within will continue to shame us all as they please. But why would you burn something that would make great toilet paper, in the first place?

        • seen as corrupt and weak? as if it’s only a matter of perception? we ARE corrupt and weak. we DO send the poorest of the poor to fight wars that give middle class middle-aged americans vicarious boners. your suggestion that we ought to be more brutal and kill more afghanis is STUPID policy.

          we should get the fuck out of there and tuck our tail and run.

          i bet you profess to be a ron paul supporter too. what a joke. you’re just another meathead with jingoistic platitudes.

          • Ah, ferni…

            There was a time when America was truly a light for the world, and now we are percieved as corrupt and weak. Perception is almost as important as fact. You say we are corrupt and weak, I tend to agree. It is the shamelessness of it that drives others to hate US.

            I agree with you that we should get out of there, but unless you really believe that the US has a real choice, then you know it is no longer our call. We are doing the bidding of the Owners, now…

            When and where did I say we should kill more Afgans? I don’t see that comment in my post. To imply that is what I meant makes you look a tad silly, yourself. When mentioning the animals, I was only stating an observation; it was not my intent to imply we should kill more of them. Make no mistake though, they would relish killing you for entertainment.

            As for being “jingoistic”, I am not an imperialist, and saw through the facade early on. I have no illusions as to why we are there. Perhaps you do. Perhaps you have no clue who’s eternal war we have been sent to fight.

            Supporting Ron Paul is another issue altogether. He is the only candidate sane enough to understand that we should not be in the mid-east.

            And you would prefer who? Owned shills like Gingrich, Santorum, or Romney? Now they are truly a scary lot, and will only bring you more of the same BS. The Owners may as well re-install BO, and ditch the facade.

        • Your comment is spot on; Just Me. It IS sickening to bear witness to the destruction of this once great country as a society and nation.

      25. Seriously, our nation should have simply focused on Bin Laden and when the deed was done (in whatever form you believe or that is being put out there this week for our consumption) the logical thing to do was to pull ALL of our men and women out of there and to have simply brought them home. Then the locals could have gone back to whatever way of life they saw fit to live and we could have too. That would have been mission accomplished in my assessment.

        Oh, and we wouldn’t be discussing this crap.

      26. This is why Islam is the future – they back up their views with credible threats of violence while we whimper out an apology.

        • Guess what GIL?

          Americans are sick and tired of the POS in chief, I predict, very soon mind you, that Americans are going to tell the asslifters where to put their insanity. Believe me Gil, the rest of the country has absolutely had it with that jackass in the white house. This man has done everything in his power to destroy our country, up to and including kow towing to the king of Saudi Arabia.

          • three cheers for you cjmartel…anyone but Obama…we were once a proud country, now we kiss a.. to every other country! Stop bowing and apologizing you have set a very bad example of a good and proud country! If you don’t like it here sayonara, hasta la vista, arriva derchi, get L O S T!

      27. Ya think maybe our soldiers over there are trying to send a message like(We’ve been here too fucking long already).Hows about urinating on some more corpses? This has already turned into another Vietnam .When does someone declare a winner.I’m behind our fighting men and women. There are alot of people here that take their Freedom for granted .These soldiers are fighting for YOUR freedom.
        That is why what DUMBO did was a slap in the face to christians ,soldiers, and the rest of this country. And I second so the motion for impeachment….

      28. Where is Ken Starr and Linda Tripp when you need them.They tried to impeach Bill Clinton on charges of (Abuse Of Power).How In Gods name does DUMBO get away with making up the rules as he goes? It’s the race card,isn’t it.

      29. Bring our men and women home and put them on the southern border. We need to take care of ourselves. I would happily go there and help. I’m just a dumb old country boy and I can figure this out. Just cause I’m dumb don’t mean I’m stupid. I say, Lets take our country back. Vote, before we have to do it the hard way!

        • I agree with you fully ,this chess match has become a Stale Mate .Bring our men and women soldiers home.Please don’t try to make it last to re-election!!Have you ever been to boot camp DUMBO???Have you served your country???

      30. Ann Barnhardt made a video of her burning a copy of the Koran. I fully support her on this. I question whether she should have included her address at the end of the video though.

      31. Ann Bumfuckt Can Kiss My Ass

      32. Scout motto says;I thought you said Dale Earnhardt;Sorry bout that.

        • I see no reason to be crass, “Clark.”

        • I don’t think Russia had any more success in the 10 years it spent there

          • And we should’ve learned from their mistake.

            • They did try to warn US…

            • But we couldn’t hear, our ears were blocked by arrogance. It’s a chronic condition.

        • Coming from a country that holds the all time record of slaughtering the most people, who weren’t even warring enemies but your own citizens, talking about just deserts is insanely hypocritical because you’ve not even began to make a single payment.

          As far as nation building goes, we can all look at your stellar record in that utopia cuba only to be out done by soviet north korea.

          And even IF our empire breaks, it will be better than your organized criminal oligarchy dump.

          In AMERICA our rabbits are stronger than your bears.

      33. Another major malfunction from the POS in chief, here we go again, apologize for this, regrets for that, and yes, we really suck because we’re Americans, that should do it!!! I wish I could state what I’m really thinking, I just don’t need to have janet napolitano’s goon squad kicking in my door, this assclown has to be fired, BEFORE the elections.
        As far as that holy koran shit, two US service members dead, because of a couple of books that were burned, we need to get our boys & girls home NOW, fuck those ingrates, let them squat in their own shit and get the USA out of that shithole called the middle east!!


      34. Shouldn’t even have made the news. It’s a non-story used to fan the flames of war.
        Gotta have war, ya know. I mean, it’s just so damned profitable! If all it takes is a few scorched books, hey. That’s some cheap motivation! /sarcasm

      35. To hell with afganistan! I don’t care about those people at all. Our young people should be here enjoying life not over there. Pull out and let the chinese or russians handle them.

      36. Four more years of apology tours by the muslim in chief will weaken America the point of no return (though I contend we are almost there anyway).

        • you think apologies weaken america? you’re in a whole forest and all you can see is trees.

          america IS weak already. this apology didn’t do anything except hopefully save a few dozen boys from head injuries incurred from more riled up afghanis with roadside bombs.

          • Strong person apologizes for their mistakes, weak one finds excuses.

        • Almost?

      37. Rules over ROE only makes cents but no sense unless you are a politician.

        Daisy, keep believing that Sheehan can’t find a working microphone or camera. Why would the i r s be after her. LOL Did she accept money for nothing. These are not questions.

      38. faning the flames..

      39. QUOTE: “Our inherent rights to free speech are Constitutionality protected to allow for exactly these types of unpopular activities and expressions. And whether that’s happening in America, Afghanistan or some other mid east country, it’s the god given right of the person doing it to express themselves however they see fit.”

        Actually…NO…the 1st amendment doesn’t give us that type of protection. It protects in freddeom of expression BUT there are types of “expression” it does not…Like slander.

        we do not have the right to slander, obsenity,defamation, does not protect againt malice or intent to inflame.

        so, anyone who brings out the 1st amendment and claims it protects them against a malice attempt to inflame muslims is not very well rounded in the actual rights.

        the 1st amendment was written for a reason. to slander another’s religon, inflame a muslim population, invade and occupy a muslim country all in the name of “fighting terror” is about as moronic as you can get.

        If it was Bush who apologized to the muslims it wouldn’t be news, now would it.? This is another attempt to slander Obama just becuase the people do not like him for various reasons.

        If we allow our judgement to be dictated by our feelings then will never see true freedom return to this country.

        This article is a non-issue. The arabs have every reason to hate us, we have given it to them. We are the invaders, we are the occupiers, we have taken thier country and turned it into a crap-hole.

        And the arm-chair so called – freedon fighters – sit at thier keyboards and type away at how terrible it is for the muslim population to be mad at us for invading thier country and how terrible it is for the sitting prez (like him or not) to need to apologize in hopes of stopping further violence,for the actions of men who violated the 1st amendment for thier own personal gain, to inflame the local population and deflame the local religion.

        Sorry, but I am not gonna sit on the sideline and become a cheerleader for our troops, just because they are our troops. They were not drafted; they volunteered for this! Supporting our troops does not mean to support every dumb butt thing they do. It means to support them when they are right and to tell them when they are wrong. To stop the wars and end the terror we are inflicting.

        If you really want to support our troops you will tell them when they screw up. No body is perfect, but making excuses for every bad thing they do does not help either.

        • rachel,

          You seem to have tremendous respect for the muslims and the Quran. The bible was written over a thousand years before the Quran. The Quran was written to deceive and undermine the bible.

          I believe we all have a right to speak against evil as we see it, since we are born with the ability to communicate through speech. The men and women in the military, lay their lives on the line to serve and protect. I give them all the respect that they are due, they are warriors.

          I know that my comments will not change your position and yours would never change mine. I believe in God as I know him and I am certain that he would not punish anyone who tried to fight evil. The Quran and sharia law is evil.

          True christians, and Catholics, will have to take a stand against the Quran if we are to survive as a country with a soul. There is no tolerance for a book that was written to condemn the bible, it should be burned and forgotten.

          Evil is spreading throughout the world. This country is becoming Saddam and Gamora: anything goes, forget religion, put as much sex on tv as you can get away with, condemn anyone who stands for God, whatever makes you happy, make abortion a new means for birth control, give 11 year olds condoms, advertise viagra during the family hour, as long as your politically correct.

          Atheism is spreading like wild fire and this is a sure sign that God will return soon to cleanse this dirty world.

          • Did you even read Rachel’s post?

            • yes, and its all hot air…going nowhere!! Get our troops out of there and let them annihilate themselves…stop trying to Democratize the world…the President is doing a bad enough job of that here although I might use the word socialize instead!

        • hear, hear.

      40. there’s no such thing as a god-given right. never has been.

      41. Id like to see an apology to us the american people for all the BS he has created. Id like him to get on stage and say im sorry for screwing all of the american people and then drop out.

      42. The following is a description of an Americam nightmare, or for the likes of Obama, maybe a wet dream.

        Today is our 725th day in camp. I wasn’t sure, but Meat says so. He keeps some scratch marks on the bottom of his bunk and, even though I don’t understand his counting system, I believe him.
        Meat’s a smart guy. He came in with the first group of us, must have been about 6 weeks after the crash. About a month later he got the nickname ‘Meat’ from his habit of turning anything he could catch into food. Usually right on the spot. Rats and mice, though there aint many of them left now, and even worms and snakes and stuff. Hunger will do that to you.
        Yesterday, they moved a new group of people in. Turner says he counted over a hundred of ’em. I notice they don’t even bother segregating the women and kids anymore. The good part is, that’s a sign the government is running low on resources since they can’t maintain us in seperate quarters. And if that means the government is weakening, then maybe there’s still hope for something….Ah, crap. There I go again. Giving in to hope. I promised myself I’d stop doing that.
        The bad part, about not seperating us, is that the screams make it really hard to sleep at night. Especially the ones from the kids. I used to think that human beings, (well, most of ’em) were not capable of being so cruel to each other. Now I know better.
        Meat, and Turner and me and a few other guys are about all that’s left of that first group. Most of those first ones were shipped out somewhere else within a few weeks. A few others got caught in the kill zone, just outside the interior fence. One guy even made it past the second fence before they shot him. I think that was Morales, but I’m not sure.
        I liked Morales. he used to share his rice with me. Like most guys, I was too cocky when I first got here. Then, during that second week, we got the treatment. It’s something they inject you with. They use the same needle over and over for several people. Then after your head starts spinning, they beat the shit out of you. And they’re very methodical about it. That usually takes the fight out of you. If not, they just shoot you. Me, all I got, besides the ribs and bruises and stuff that eventually heals, was two broken knees and a really bad busted ankle. Still hurts sometimes and that’s been, what?…Two years? Turner and Morales kinda helped me out til I got healed up enough to go back to work. I don’t think I would’ve made it if they hadn’t.
        Meat says he spotted a jet yesterday, way off to the south. He swears it wasn’t government, but maybe that’s just his wishful thinking again. I hope he really did see one, and I hope he’s right about it. Sometimes it’s just so hard not to let that tiny little flicker of hope back in. I don’t know if I can take another 725 days of this.
        Tomorrow is the start of rice planting, and that means an additional two hours of work every day. You kinda get used to the 15 hours and it aint so bad. But those extra two hours just seem to drain everything out of you. Oh well, at least we’ll be working outside the fences. Of course we all know better than to try and escape. One thing the government never seems to run low on, is ammunition.
        I had a dream last night. Same one as usual, but of course, I didn’t say anything about it. In the dream the gates are gone. And the fences. And the air doesn’t smell like it has for the last 725 days. It smells….clean. I guess you could say ‘fresh.’ That’s it. It smells like fresh air. And there’s no guards, and nobody hitting you for not working fast enough. And no feeling of hunger. And no little kids’ screams at night….

        The preceeding is a work of fiction (for now)

      43. Somewhere; our Founding Fathers are puking their guts out. Seriously.

        • Thomas Jefferson actually read the Koran to try and understand WHY these people were attacking our merchant ships abroad. He concluded, it’s their religious belief. Nothing but superior power (knocking the crap out of them) will make them submissive.

          BTW ~ Washington, Jefferson, and the other Founders at the time DID take the fight to the terrorists. This is remembered in…”The shores of Tripoli” from the Marine Hymn.

      44. Let’s try to put things into perspective here.How old are these soldiers? How old were you (if you served in Iraq or Afghanistan)? These young men go to war at age 18 or so. How much did you really know at that age. They are told that they are fighting for our freedoms because of 9-11. Do you still believe 9-11 was not a conspiracy? Ask some of the Vietnam vets how they feel about these wars now that they are older. They are not being fought for Democracy or human rights or to get Bin Laden, etc., etc.They are being fought for control of resources that benefit others not the common American.War is ugly. Let’s face it…Obama or Johnson or Nixon or Bush are really no different when you pull the curtain back. They are useful puppets…until they are not.

      45. F the rag heads, F the corrupt people that out us there, F the people who burn MY COUNYTRY’s flag…

        I lived over there in the Seat of the Middle East for two years, pretty much hated every minute of it, got to know the peeps, they are ignorant, unaware, illogical, black hearted and untrustworthy, experienced that personally. I counted down every day until I left, then I did not look back, still had dreams of being there for years, not too much any more, thank God. And had I had a finger on a RED button, I’d have made the entire place a glowing green pane of glass. Maybe it was just me. I got back home in 1993. Then the terrorism escalated, be reminded of that word, escalated. It never stopped, it did not start at 9-11 or the Cole…remember Munich, and who was highjacking all those jets during the 70’s…especially when the worthless one was our President? Now we have another more worthless one, freakin little bisexual city pup, liberal college puke who was not even born here and damn sure is not christian….

        We shouldn’t be there, we shouldn’t even be having this discussion, we should be happily on our way to progress and continued personal freedom, liberty and the continued qualitys that made this nation great, which was not seperation of church and state, but started by protestants in pursuit of personal freedom. We did pretty well until corruption and greed took over everything.

        I don’t know how you-all feel, but I’m not represented in our government, are you?

        I sure do pay a lot of taxes for the single votes I cast for someone who never gets elected.

        nuff sed for now,

        • that whole 1st ammendment issue of how congress shall “make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof” kinda downplays the your tirade there, chief.

          also, if you’ll remember, maryland was founded as a catholic colony, which i suppose is an other inconvenient historical fact for you fundamentalist christian dominionists.

          • ferndale, with all due respect (which is NONE), remember this- you couldn’t say a damned thing you’ve ever said ANYWHERE but in a society founded on, and still somehow maintaining some Christian influences. Better brush up on your history, too, before you lecture anybody on the 1st amendment, the founding of our nation, or other such topics.
            hit the thumbs down button-see if I care!

            • i don’t hit up or down buttons. i’ll crush you with words, not with pansy passive aggressive buttons.

              you dominionists can argue all you want, but the constitution is a civil document, not a religious one.

              fundamentalist christians are no different than fundamentalist muslims or jews. you’re all going to blow the world up for your beliefs.

            • ferndale- I love a lively debate and you seem quite capable of obligiing me! By the way, I’ve never hit the thumb down button here, although I do like passive/agressive women (sometimes, depending on my mood).
              Now seriously, I’m not a dominionist and don’t support the current wars. Please see my response to Eagle eye about 10 comments below. We probably are in much agreement in that area. It’s more about the apology from Obama sending a message of weakness or non-support for the troops, which is the way I percieve it. A leader must never give any aid or encouragement of any kind to a nations enemies. Yeah, I know, they wouldn’t be our enemies if we’d get the hell out of their country.
              As for the fundamentalist label, I seriously doubt that I am one in the way you define it. I never refer to myself that way, primarily because the word has been hijacked by the likes of Jerry Falwell and the moral majority crowd. I aint one of them either.
              If we were to define fundamental in a purer fashion, meaning sticking to the basic, simple, foundational truths as taught by Jesus, then yes, I am one of those. (faulty, sinful, and not very good at it, but still that’s the goal I reach for).
              Unfortunately, nobody outside the faith, and quite a few in the faith, can even understand that distinction. There is a difference in what Jesus taught and what the moral majority types try to achieve. They try to help God along with His plans and get things done politically, socially and culturally. And they always stray from the original God-given plan by adding stuff related to their human tendencies.
              And that leads us directly into the questions about our constitution. Yes, it is a civil document. But it is far different than most civil documents. Radically different from any modern politically-generated statements, laws or documents. It was written by men, 95% of whom were very much fundamentalist (in the pre Jerry Falwell sense). The founders were not only guided by their religious beliefs, they were influenced in every aspect of their contributions toward forming the new nation by those deeply held beliefs. They wrote the constitution the way they did precisely BECAUSE of their faith, not in exclusion to their faith.
              And that’s why you CAN say anything you want. To me or anybody else. Because the remnants of that Christian-oriented and Christian-based system are still operable in America. That system doesn’t punish you for expressing any opinion you want to. And you won’t find that kind of freedom of expression in the muslim, jewish, hindu or humanistic based political systems of other parts of the world. Please don’t counter this last point with references to the crusades, inquisitions or witch trials. I know you’re smarter than that.
              Lastly, as a Chistian I must apologise for the tone of my original response to you. The human side of me would just tell you to shove it, but then I’d have more repenting and confessing to do and my schedule is already full there! Besides, I much prefer a thoughtful discussion to a contest of insults. -okie

            • cheers.

              i’m sick of all the war mongering. i’m sick of the drones. i’m sick of the justification. i’m sick of all the dead, dying, and maiming. i’m sick that i’m paying for part of it.

              my entire adult life, we’ve been involved militarily in the middle east. 1991 we invaded iraq and we’ve had boots on the ground straight on through till now. trillions of wasted dollars. for nothing.

              with something like quran buring, i’m of the same thinking as a china shop owner: you break it you buy it. we broke afghanistan. we broke iraq. we piss on their corpses, murder their women and children, drone bomb their funerals and then we act surprised when they get pissed off at a slap in the face.

              regarding the fundamentalism: i’m an atheist now, but grew up in bible preaching churches filled with hypocrites and liars. folks unrepentent for their behavior because they thought they were on the right team and that’s all that mattered to them. i still wish there were a hell so that i could look in and see those assholes and others like jerry falwell sweating. hagee and others have accepted the accolades of jewish government officials, gotten sweet tours of the holy land, and come home to preach americans into believing that supporting israel and wars against the muslims will bring about the end times. this is sad. it’s common. there’s no other way to explain away how easily policiticans are pushed to stupidly support israel and to fund neoconservative agendas.

              jefferson’s letter to the danbury church is important. it illustrates how important separation of church and state is and how widely it was accepted at the founding. the treaty of tripoli si another document that cannot be explained away. the fact of the matter is that somehow we’ve gotten to the point where fundamentalism, strict adherence to dogma, has ruined rational thought and poisoned the well.

              i wish it were different. i wish that seeming enlightened prepper types would stop trying to justify all the damage we’ve done to the world through wars, covert operations, economic pressure, etc. it’s horrible. all of it. the world hates us and it’s justifiable. if there were a god, we’d have one hell of a judgment coming to us.

      46. When will he apoogize for the U.S. occupying their country and slaughtering innocents?

      47. anyone remember why we are there? Why are we anywhere? Why is it our job to maintain world peace? everynight i see news article after news article about our fellow americans being homeless in this country, 22% unemployment, $5 gas, 9% inflation, im getting sick of it. What happened to my country? where did it go and can i get it back? I don’t care about those people over there, to hell with them! let them kill each other off. Why do i have to have a permit for everything i want to do. I got a ticket for fishing! why? I want to build a small cabin on some land i own, Everyone insists i have to have all the dam permits to do it. I don’t know whats worse the fact that i have to have them or that people act like im doing something bad. why are everyday people so brainwashed these days? just because i think outside the box alittle im flagged as a nut! why? Is there really anything wrong with a man wanting to build a small cabin(paid with cash) on land he owns, and stock it with supplies just incase something happens? Screw Nat Geo! the real freaks out there are the people that believe obama is the answer! the real nut jobs are the people that believe everything is ok and we shouldn’t be worried about fema camps, NDAA, HAARM, martial law, cia, fbi, nsa, nstb, and anybody else that rapes us on a daily basis. Why is pot illegal when cigerettes, porno, prescription drugs, and insider trading by congress are legal?? nothing makes sence anymore! does anybody have an answer? do you people that hide your comments have an answer? does any of this make sence to you? This has got to change, but how? Im going to have a six pack lunch and try and figure this shit out. semper fi

        • spodie… all here know why we’re there…control of resources; theirs.
          When’s the last time we attacked China for their mandarin slices or India for their pineapple??
          Try to tell that to a young soldier killing innocent victims of that country he’s occupying–

          And JRS is right–I had to read aticles of Gulf of Tonkin to my Vietnam vet..he understands now more than ever what sick things are being done in the name of ‘liberty’ by the corrupt cabal!
          Stock up quick, folks..the inevitable is bound to happen soon.

        • Spodie,

          Why? Our country was sold out before most people alive today were even born.

          I once mentioned to a wise man: “When I look around, iy looks like my country is dying.”

          He laughed, and looked deadpan into my eyes. “Oh, no, it’s not dying. It’s been dead a long time. All you see now are the maggots feasting on the corpse.”

          Our country is now an empire beginning it’s death-throes. A once great and free giant, eaten through with rot, about to topple. And you can expect it to get worse before it all crashes.

      48. Well, here I am sitting in AFG. I have been awake for about a year but I still have 2 years left on the contract. When I first heard about him apologizing I was pissed off also. Put then I thought what ever it takes to calm them down so they don’t take anymore lives. Trust me I don’t support him or this war anymore but it was the right call.

      49. spodie,

        I agree that America is sliding into a nightmare. The only thing I would say is that this country has always been run by an elite group. One example is that the Federal Reserve has been around since 1913. Another is that at the highest levels the U.S. actually helped the Soviet union come into being. Antony Sutton has documented that at the highest levels, the U.S. helped bring in the Soviet system. All of the the founders of our country were members of secret societies.

        These are just a few things that helped me realize that no one is taking away my country. It was always run by a dominant minority and it was never in the plans for us to be around forever. Most people will never be able to go beyond what they have believed all of their lives see that this is the case. Of course I would not expect you to take my word for it, but this is what I have found to be true and I wanted to present it for you to look into if you decide to.

        Another area to look at would be the Reece Commission and Norman Dodd. Dodd discovered that many foundations had been working in concert with banks and the governemnt, going back to the early 1900’s, to bring the U.S. into a collectivist model (meaning basically to undermine our national soveriegnty to bring us into a system of world governance).

        I guess I will leave it at that. Oh, as far as I am concerned, the most well researched person that helped me to break free from the deception and lies was Alan Watt. Check out the video titled “A Brief Debriefing on Reality” on youtube if you are interested in his work. Also, his website has a ton of free materials at cuttingthroughthematrix.com.

        • im trying real hard not to go postal(by the way there closing down my local usps dist. center, wonder how that will affect the local economy?)im tying not to immerse myself in this crap to deep. thanks for the feed back. there has to be a mechanism to turn this thing around.

      50. @Fern
        they can make all the bomns they want, if we weren’t there bullying them and invading and occupying them, we wouldn’t have soldiers getting blown up….it’s real simple. It is the propaganda that complicates it, purposefully I might add.

        If were occupied by another country’s military….you better believe most if not all here would be doing the same damn thing!

      51. What OB should say is “If you stupid towel heads kill one more US citizen, the US will carpet bomb everyone of you dirty raghead basterds and all of your family too.

        Instead of being a leader of the world biggest super power (for now at least) he is offering apologies to camel jockeys.

        Good grief!! November can’t come soon enough..

      52. Hey okie, when it is your troops in their country exerting your military might in support of your empire, any apology they might give you would have all the sincerity of a politicians promise or an Obama apology. In their position I would not burn your flag, I would use it for toilet paper.

        Just sayin

        • very well put!
          with the words of Dr Ron Paul –
          Imagine foreign troops in Texas…
          well, do some imagining! imagine Afghans have invaded your country… now, what would you not do to cripple those invading occupant forces?

          • The idea of foreign troops and terror cells “here in USA” behind every bush and hiding in caves is just more of the propaganda bullshit used by the “War Machine” to keep Americans confused about the truth. By keeping them (Americans) in a state of terror or feeling like they will be attacked “here” if we don’t “fight” them on their turf is just a lie. With our troops, based here and protecting the borders, the idiots that try to come in with ill will could be shot on site. Not too many gonna keep trying that shit when they know it means certain death. I haven’t seen any flying camels lately. With the spy technology we have, our military could snuff out any threat before it becomes a situation. Had no problem dropping a nuke or two on Japan. Any country pulling some shit like Iran; don’t pussy-foot around with their stupid ass. We are the super-power of super-powers for the sake of freedom and peace. If anybody wants to screw with our liberty and freedoms; nuke the shit out of them. Don’t ask questions, don’t try to negotiate, just be the biggest damn bully on the block so our children can live in peace and play with their X-Box.

        • Eagle eye, actually I’m in agreement with you on this. Even with Giurza and ferndale. We shouldn’t be there at all! Never should have gone. I don’t support the idea of an American empire. And I support Ron Paul BECAUSE of his foreign policy ideas, not in spite of them.
          The whole point of this particular article is about the apology given by Obama. It’s wrong of him to do that. Partly because, as you and many others have noted, it really doesn’t do anything to buy back the good will of the Afghans. We never had their good will. Never will have it as long as we are in their country. And, no, I don’t blame them for being pissed at us. We are an invading force.
          The thing is, right or wrong, the president should be on OUR side. The apology sends exactly the wrong message to our troops and the American citizens. Sometimes, you find yourself on the wrong side of an argument and the best action is to get out of the argument quick as you can. But while you are in a state of conflict, the leaders should be united with their own side.
          A true leader would get us out of this conflict as soon as possible. Obama is not that kind of leader. And until the troops come home, he should never say anything to give aid or comfort to the enemy.

          • Cheers, Okie.

          • No, the apology does not send the wrong message.
            It takes a strong person (in this case country) to apologize for a mistake.

      53. If the quran is holy and sacred with only the direct words of their allah god defining the islamic belief, and burning it is offensive to their allah god who they believe is the creator of the universe, omnipotent, can do anything, and is the only god…

        Then why don’t they let allah take care of the people who offended allah. Surely allah doesn’t need them to do his work. Indeed their behavior indicates that allah is incapable of doing anything much less being omnipotent and ruler of the universe.

        • you’re applying a judeo-christian god conceptual framework to muslims’ conception of allah. that’s the problem, you don’t try to understand their point of view, just apply your preexisting heuristic. they tend not to view god as an active force of nature, always meddling in earthly affairs.

          it’s far different from the petulant, ego-driven, thou shalt worhip and adore me or else i’ll smite you sort of western conceptualization.

          it’s a hell of a lot more nuanced than frank gaffney or pam gellar would have you believe. then their making millions on whipping up hatred and can’t be bothered with accuracy or completeness.

          • you have little idea what your talking about

      54. As usual there is the rest of the story. The burned Qurans Were actually confiscated because they were being used to pass information by prisoners. Maybe we should have shredded them instead?

      55. In addition to the prisoners using the Quran to pass the messages…the messages were written on the pages of the Quran. This a definite no-no in Islam and the only way to purify the Quran from the defiling is to burn them.

        Unread all of these stories and comments here… Good Stuff…


        • That last sentence should read “I read” not “unread”.


      56. Mr. President…..What about the 4 dead Americans?

        • those four lives rest on the conscience of the CO who ordered that grunt to light that match.

          • Hey Ferndale

            I don’t care much for personal attacks, but it seems by your comment ratings that you are quite unpopular.

            I don’t generally let emotion get the best of me.

            Go fuck yourself you idiot. You couldn’t possibly blame the one who used the book for unholy purposes, could you?

            This will be the last time I comment on a piece of shit like you and others. I also recommend that everyone not only ignore your crap, but give you the thumbs down every time you post. Go find another site to hang out on you American hating liberal piece of shit!!

            • blame the one who used the book for unholy purposes? what are you some kind of expert on islam? guess, what, frank gaffney doesn’t know what he’s talking about; neither does pam gellar. you’re just repeating talking points that justify the use of force by our governmetn against largely innocent people. you’re a statist masquerading as a patiot.

              i’m not surprised that your chief goal is to silence dissent on a particular subject. can’t win an argument, so you pull some pussy passive aggressive bullshit.

              guess what, i’ll keep posting. i’ll change my username if i have to. you can’t silence me.

            • And so it is: the-powers-that-be OWN you guys once again. The more you guys bicker, they more they have you by the balls.

              …and then they start squeezing….one more burned Bible…they egg you on…..one more burned Quran….they egg ’em on…they WANT you riled up…plays right into their hands….Result: OWNED.

              Wakey, wakey, Alice.
              This is Gold Leader standing by.

          • The responsibility of murdering four people lies completely on the murders.

      57. As a Veteran I can longer stand back idle in regards to this whole apology fiasco! I tend to believe this Koran burning affair is a result of what Dr. Ron Paul has diagnosed as “Blow Back”.

        I’ll leave the research on Blow Back to those who failed to understand the results of a failed Middle Eastern Foreign Policy.

      58. I am so ashamed to have obama as our president, he is a worthless SOB.

      59. All korans should be burned

      60. O-bung-ho should have just kept his goober smoochin’ mouth closed on the subject. He could have squelched the whole thing via control over the mainstream media as TPTB do all the time. You can’t change the mindset of a group of peoples that act like inbreds. They are and will always be; the way they have been brainwashed into believing, that some dude called “mohammed” is their saviour and that is their only hope. Yea, I know there are a few that have gotten educated, but to put your whole life into believing that some flesh man is worth dying for is insane. Worse yet, is believing you are found righteous and have great rewards for killing anyone that is not muslim. If it wasn’t for the worlds need for crude oil they would have already killed themselves out of existence. Third world populations usually do just that if left alone. Not a whole lot of common sense found there and God doesn’t send blessings upon people who practice false religions.

      61. Person’s brains become fully developed about mid-twenty of age. What this means is that 18 year olds do not fully evaluate things rationally. Thus, the younger soldiers are the better for taking orders.

        Like you say, ask any vet about wars; most rational vets figure, as Gen Smedley Butler says, war is a racket. And not incidentally, voting in federal elections is too.

      62. Be the change you want to see.

        “If that which thou seekest thou findest not within thee, then thou shalt never find it without thee”

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