Obama and the Spill – What was he thinking?

by | Jul 9, 2010 | Headline News | 22 comments

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    A new video from Right Change says that President Obama has mishandled the BP oil spill from day one:

    View at Vimeo

    H/T Willie Wonka


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      1. Barkie Obungle is going to end up being a ‘one-term-wonder’ as far as I can tell. Where the hell is that CHANGE that we were all promised? It’s all business as usual there in the District of Criminals. Passed health care reform, did he??? I wonder why my wife and I still don’t have any health care insurance????? We do have ‘Divine-Health-Care-Insurance’; we pray daily that neither of us become sick or injured!

        Gonna end the stupid and illegal wars in Iraq & Afghanistan immediately upon being elected president! That didn’t happen, now did it??? They have been expanded way beyond their original scope and their is no end in sight in our lifetime.

        Gotta love it folks! God Bless & good luck to all,

      2. mm I don’t think the US gov. or anyone else is responsible for providing you,  your health care or insurance. It is your responsiblity. That is why our country is in such bad shape.  At least half this country thinks its owed something. 

      3. Obama the Ass clown ! This guy is a shill  and the next President will alos be because taht is they way they have it rigged.think we have a 2 party system, thunk again .When the oner owns both partys, its a win -win situation and the loser is then ?american Public who get blasted daily with Media propaganda that is Awefull.  Obama needs the illegal votes badly so doing nothing on the baorder but to bankrupt Arizona by leagal litigation is his responce to Boarder Security . Illegal president in office  continueing an illega lwar and continueing to do business as usual whilr the PEOPLE get screwed. there it is !!!

      4. Why is everyone always picking on him? Can’t you give him a break, this is his first real job, ever, in his life. As you can imagine being President of the United States has a pretty steep learning curve. Also, we do things differently here in the USA (the greatest country in the history of the world) than how they do things in his home country of kenya. (In fact 9 out of 10 kenyans think he’s doing a great job). Give him some time, let him hold some community meetings and figure out what to do – or who he should pass the blame to.  Remember that most problems can simply be solved by raising taxes, punishing the middle class and giving the federal government more control.

      5. @okc
        Tell us one thing he’s done as promised? Tell us how he handled the bp oil spill is justified or in at least bit handled properly do you think the video above is completely made up?

      6. obama doesn’t run anything. he’s just a front for the banking cabal.

        amazing that so many folks don’t understand how things really work…

      7. Come on now childrens… Mr. Obama is too busy being a dictator and doing whatever the hell he pleases to give a sh!t about this inconvenient”oil spill” (god forbid they call it what it really is… a volcanic oil spew… not spill).  He’s waaaaay too busy systematically dismantaling & destroying the private sector so’s he can grow the government even larger… while simaltaneously destroying the economy with over spending.  Oh yeah.. and let’s not forget that Mr. Obama HAD to bypass senate confirmation process while they are on break and appoint Dr. Donald Berwick as the new Medicare administrator even though the chance of them approving him wasn’t likely.  Just incase you’re not familiar with who Dr. Donald (the pompas ass pr!ck) Berwick is and what his agenda is… take a gander at this… http://www.glennbeck.com/content/articles/article/198/42745/  Do I even need to mention how busy he is forcing through the Cap & Trade bill as well?  Come on now childrens… he can only focus on what’s most important (to him and his socialist comrades) at the moment. 

        Poor Mr. Obama can’t be bothered with this pesky little “oil spill”… after all… he did say that he can’t swim down there and plug up the leak or suck it up with a straw.  What do you expect from him?  He’s ONLY the president of the United States of America.  You childrens act like he actually has the power to do something about this.  I’m sorry to be the one to inform you that he’s too pompus and arrogant to give a sh!t about you… me or anyone else who doesn’t support his socialist agenda to “redistribute the wealth”.

      8. Even if Barry is only a one termer….we still have over half  his term to go.  I am not sure this country can take 2 more years of BHO.   All the bleeding hearts call George Bush a liar!   Bush  should take lessons from this guy.

        What really chaps my ass,  is  WHERE ARE ALL THE WAR PROTESTERS,  that stood on every corner, or shouted at every Bush meeting,  to end the “illegal wars”?
        I guess since Barry is Pres.,  the war isn’t illegal anymore.

        I thought George W was the worst  president, ever.   It took W nearly 8 years for me to come to that conclusion.  Now I can say without a doubt,  BHO  is already this nations worst ever and I can not imagine whoever comes after being any where close.

      9. Obama is SO pathetic, as Commander IN Chief, he couldn’t even close GITMO!

      10. Jules

        Ever heard of sarcasm?

      11. Bush and now this incompetent , arrogant, idiot…. we need someone outside of both parties in 2012.

      12. Unfortunatly Obama has been un knowingly groomed from the start to be the elites wet dream. When he first got elected into his state he said when asked he wouldn’t go for president, that he wasn’t ready for that. So what made him take that huge step when he knew it was out of his depth? The same people behind the Oil spill, the financial crisis, the war on terror, 9/11, well, almost everything in the past 50 years.  What did he get the peace prize for? For wanting nuclear disarment? I don’t think so, Many a great people have rallied for that.  Ill tell you what for, for keeping the Peace and not telling the public the apocoliptic  knowledge he has had bestowed upon him. I wonder why he wanted to reform your health system? Maybe cause thats the one thing that he can do to make the upcoming events easier and fairer, to make sure everybody gets the medical attention they need when the chaos begins. He has been pushed into a position that he simply can’t get out of, Very soon after the volcanic eruption off the gulf coast, caused by the mysterious exploding oil well, There will be Public Disorder resulting in the national guards being called in and Marshall Law

        the media will suddenly turn on Obama, the american people will blame him and call for his head, And Unfortunatly thats what will happen, he will get assinated from within and someone innocent will get it pinned upon them. All the American people will  mourn the death of their President as the mainstream news will once again change their tune & praise him. The American people in distraught from the Events occured by the volcano and the Presidents Death will ease a bit and calm will restore

      13. Mac, you have to get the word out on this.  People are swimming in this stuff, eating fish, birth defects next?.  All along the Gulf of Mexico.  The U.S. government is fascist and a outrage to Constitutionalists and decent people everywhere.  Obama is a environmental criminal and murderer for letting BP use this dispersant.  Read on.

      14. great comments all. Paul, i read that piece from GW last night and followed several links to conferences that included DHS personnel where this Corexit toxicity was discussed.

        Very interesting, and extremely scary stuff. Even if they plug the hole, what happens if that stuff comes up in the Hurricane storm surges?

        The most significant info I came across is that the Corexit was found to be non-hazardous because of government tests on these and other chemicals in sea animals over a 96 hour period. since the animals didn’t die, the chemicals were deemed non-lethal and safe… but 2 weeks later, they were toast.

        Humans down there are being exposed to this stuff for hours a day and reports suggest it may seep into water supplies…

        Can’t happen, right? Corexit isn’t toxic or the gov wouldnt have those guys out there doing cleanup, right?

        Ask the guys who did the Exxon Valdez cleanup in the 80’s…

        oh wait, you can’t… they’re all DEAD. Average life span of an Exxon Valdez Cleanup crew member = 51 years.

        Incredible that they are allowing this to go on instead of using natural microbes to eat the oil. What is the motivation, one must wonder?

      15. Mac, 

        Let’s take a minute to judge Obama’s actions……… not his words: 
        We can judge by Obama’s initial lack of any response to the crisis……. his few visits during the crisis ……… and the short duration of his visits to the South, …..that he loathes South and what it stood for in the past.  And he loathes Republicans.   He got votes from neither during his election campaign.  (the South voted Republican)

        So his actions reflect his thinking.   He could give a damn what happens to the South.   He knows he gets no support from this part of the country because any honest person here knows he is a liar in the pocket of bankers and a preening teleprompted son of a bitch to boot.

        He’ll do anything to appear presidential and save his sorry political ass.   (including massively defrauding -and- endangering  American citizens at home and overseas).      


      16. So, this begs the question: How will those states vote in Nov 2010 in the event of mass evacuations in the South? Can elections in those states be suspended by Federal mandate in the event of a national emergency?

        Just askin’….

      17. First, the decision to disperse the oil was stupid. It has to be easier to collect if it is together. Second, most chemicals are toxic and the dispersant is toxic. Its “Roundup” right? Roundup is toxic.

        Obama is toast in November. The landslide that will sweep Dems from office will rival anything in the past. When the PTB figure out that this guy has served his purpose, but is no longer useful to their cause, that he is worth more to them dead than alive, they will martyr him and bring in Hillary for 2012.

        Don’t think we will see any mass evacuations. If there are, there is also such a thing as an absentee ballot. Either way, this experiment in socialism is over.

      18. Bp’s New Cap. A Ruse?
        What better way to create calm and hope than to announce that next week there is going be a new cap put on the well, and maybe the leak will be stopped. I fear the worst, that it is a ruse, to buy time. What for? Martial law is all I can think of. With the restrictions on journalists, and the use of Corexit, it seems that suspicion is begged for.

      19. “Martial law is all I can think of.”

        Big surprise there.


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