NZ Man’s Eyewitness Account of Coronavirus Outbreak In Wuhan: People Are Fighting For Food!

by | Feb 5, 2020 | Emergency Preparedness, Headline News | 15 comments

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    A man from New Zealand says that he has had a first-hand account of what’s been happening in Wuhan after the coronavirus’ outbreak at the end of 2019. He says people are fighting for food and reselling used facemasks.

    A New Zealand man living in China has described his reality of the viral outbreak that has killed almost 500 people now, saying the China we see on the internet is far from the truth.  The mainstream media is manipulating the information and with Google and The World Health Organization teaming up to “kill” or censor accounts that don’t fit the official narrative, we may not ever get the complete and honest truth of just how bad the outbreak could become.

    The aforementioned New Zealand man, who lives in northeast China with his wife and two children, says they are barely getting by. “It’s getting worse by the day … everything has fallen apart here,” the man, who asked for anonymity out of fear of his family’s safety, said, according to the New Zealand Herald. 

    “Fear levels are high and there is a lot of conflicting information, but people are staying calm,” an Australian woman told the Herald, contradicting the New Zealanders’ claim of mayhem.

    The New Zealand man told the Herald people had been selling masks for as much as $50. “I see old ladies walking around picking face masks out of the trash and then they sell them on the street the next day laughing about it,” he said. “When China says they’ve got enough and they’re handing them out, they’re not, I can tell you that now – there’s none available anywhere.” To make them appear new, the women would iron them after plucking the masks from the bin, the man said. Additionally, according to his claims,  fights were often breaking out over things like eggs and vegetables.

    People in China are being asked to wear face masks when out in public to help prevent the virus’s spread, which could reach pandemic levels.

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        • Good one . . .

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      3. ChinaVirus BioWeapon released by China Commies to cover economic fall.

      4. The mask could also be used to cover the top of her chest. What if someone coughs.

        Confusing people, who confuse emotions with logic —
        Ask a yes-person if he is stupid.
        Tell a no-person he is not stupid.

        It really worked, today.

        Not recently, but I have been to Ontario Airport and March AFB, and the Moreno Valley teaching hospital, where they are being quarantined. Still live in the same county.

        My immune compromised (acquaintance) went there with communicable diseases. Was telling the quota case nurses how to operate simple machines. (Literally, about the same level of complexity as starting a small engine, if you are mechanically-apt or could build things like Karl Childers.) Also, how to apply for state benefits. (I think these people would have failed the part of the standardized test, where you fill-in your name.) Many of the Chinese, who we have been criticizing, are presentably clean and capable of academics, had they the same opportunities.

        Luckily, there is a kind of air lock. If you’re used to being outdoors, the first thing you want to do is look out the window, to relieve the claustrophobia, caused by the negative air pressure. I don’t think you could open it, without causing an alarm to sound, like for an emergency exit. If you did, it would suck the outside air, inside.

        Some kind of disinfectant substance, comparable to Lysol, or astringent skin pore cleaner, or embalming fluid, or aftershave, like what combs were soaked in at the barber shop… comes through vents in the wall, if your nose is sensitive to that kind of thing.

      5. The outdoor farmers markets which were primarily used have been shut down because of the potential for the transmission of the coronavirus. Live wild animals are sold and slaughtered on site. Of the original 98 people that contracted the virus, 49 were at an outdoor farmers market.

        Only chain grocery stores are now open seven hours a day, reduced from twelve hours a day. This was reported by Bloomberg.

        During a panic, people often overstock and hoard in fear, exacerbating the situation. The stores really ought to be able to meet the needs of consumers more efficiently, but the sudden onset of a massive increase in consumption, which they had no way to see coming has resulted in what are likely an adjustment to the increases in demand in their chain stores. I do not know if they have the appropriate level of storage, shelf, or even ailse space to meet the sudden massive demand increases.

      6. Must wreck havoc with their facial recognition program.

      7. A few important things to know:

        1) China has the most sophisticated online and information management system in the world. They also have the most sophisticated connectivity and super computer control systems to run it.

        2) China took over the management of the Internet in 2015 as well as the leadership of most U.N. and international organizations. This was done by either placing a Chinese National in control, or installing a bribed placeman, Tedros, Guterres etc. If you do your research you will see a systematic pushing out of all the good guys.

        3) Google has a partnership with the U.N. and China. They don’t hide this and it is easy to find out.

        4) The WHO was run by a corrupt Chinese Communist for many years: enough said.

        5) To recap, with all that in place, they have this under tight control and the system right now has a few leaks in it, but the AI will course correct and I predict by next week all world leaders will be on the same hymn sheet no matter what is really going on. World leaders are already moving to the new way to communicate with the public. Basically a bunker communication model: official pronouncements from their own media service bypassing the media. This can then easily be transferred to a secure location when things get worse.

      8. Ironing and reselling used face masks? Holy Batman, the entrepreneurial spirit is still alive in China.

        • See “gutter oil”.

      9. Trumpsters, did you notice not one word about the virus in the SOTU address? Surely it is nothing.

        • FLU is much more dangerous in the USA today, compared to Coronavirus. Should the President spend half an hour during the STATE-of-the-Union-address listing every health concern for Americans? Certainly the great work by the CDC to isolate and prevent spreading of Coronavirus is important. But the Main Stream Media, and it’s hype, shouldn’t dictate the American issues that are discussed in the State of the Union address.

        • Feel the Bern! He’s the best you’ve got and that is at best sad. Don’t worry Trump will win again so you can sleep well you commie.

      10. Stock up on Bat soup with Robin noodles.

        We’ll not starve around here if the supermarkets run dry. Plenty of possum to eat. “That’s the thing about possum innards. They’re just as good the next day.” JD Clampett
        Possum head cheese w/groundhog gravy. mm mm mmm

      11. The exact same New Zealand Herald article has a report from an Australian woman living much closer to Wuhan who says things are fine where she is. Stores have plenty of food, things are calm, etc.

        China doesn’t control the internet you moron. Good lord can you even google how the internet works? It’s easy to get first hand accounts from China social media. There’s at least 3 companies in the US that grabs millions of Chinese social media reports and archives them before the Chinese censors can delete them. Anyone here in US has free access to these.

        But some of your posts are pretty funny.

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