NYT Leakers CONFIRM FBI Ran ‘Spy Operation’ Against Trump Campaign

by | May 17, 2018 | Headline News | 24 comments

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    Leakers have confirmed to the New York Times that the Federal Bureau of Investigation ran a spy operation against the Trump campaign. This covert spy operation involved government informants, secret subpoenas, and possible wiretaps.

    “The F.B.I. obtained phone records and other documents using national security letters — a secret type of subpoena — officials said. And at least one government informant met several times with Mr. Page and Mr. Papadopoulos,” the Times reported, citing “current and former officials.”

    This report by the New York Times and the leak itself seem largely an attempt by both to paint the FBI’s efforts in the most flattering light possible. Instead, the story revealed that the FBI – which is supposed to be an apolitical agency – was spying on the Trump campaign through phone records and with “at least one” human asset.

    The Times‘ story also seems to conflict with what the FBI has previously stated about how the investigation into the Trump campaign began with information that Papadopoulos had told an Australian diplomat he knew that Russians had stolen emails that would be embarrassing for Clinton. Leakers told the Times that “within hours” of opening the investigation into the Trump campaign on July 31, 2016, the FBI dispatched two agents to London to interview the Australian diplomat who had talked to Papadopoulos, meaning that the investigation had officially opened even before they interviewed him.

    In fact, it was not until two days after the investigation began that the agents summarized their interview — which apparently “broke with diplomatic protocol” — and sent the summary back to Washington.

    The Times‘ story glosses over this discrepancy by saying the agents’ report “helped provide the foundation” for the case – instead of sparked the case – as has been claimed.

    Those facts appear to confirm that the FBI had opened the investigation on the Trump campaign based on other information — perhaps the “top secret intelligence source.” –Breitbart

    According to Breitbart, this news comes ahead of the release of the pending Department of Justice inspector general report on the FBI’s actions during the 2016 election.  The Post‘s report came out as House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes (R-CA) was fighting the Justice Department for access to information on the source.

    According to the Wall Street Journal‘s Kimberley Strassel, the source meant “the FBI secretly had a person on the payroll who used his or her non-FBI credentials to interact in some capacity with the Trump campaign.”

    Strassel also questioned in her piece when the investigation really began, and why. She wrote:

    “…when precisely was this human source operating? Because if it was prior to that infamous Papadopoulos tip, then the FBI isn’t being straight. It would mean the bureau was spying on the Trump campaign prior to that moment. And that in turn would mean that the FBI had been spurred to act on the basis of something other than a junior campaign aide’s loose lips.

    The Times’ story is also entirely unclear as to when exactly the FBI agents began looking into the Trump campaign. The story alleges it was mere “days” after their investigation on Hillary Clinton’s email server ended. Comey had announced he would not seek charges against Clinton on July 5, 2016, and the FBI officially launched their investigation on July 31, 2016. Additionally, according to the Times‘ story, the investigation seems to have been sparked by suspicions over some campaign members’ pre-existing connections with Russia before they joined the campaign.

    The Times’ story also confirms the FBI used the salacious Steele dossier in addition to “F.B.I. information” to obtain a wiretap on Carter Page. Democrats have tried to downplay the FBI’s reliance on the falsified document, yet to no avail. Even more glaring, the story reveals the FBI went to lengths to hide the investigation from the Trump campaign instead of alerting it that it might be a target of Russian influence operations.

    Breitbart has done an excellent job of compiling a timeline of events.  Please go here to read their rundown of this political story.  There’s much more to this.



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      1. Yo Mac! Typo In The Title! Great article though!

        • Thanks! It has been corrected.

      2. I’m shocked I tell you! Things like this just don’t happen in America.

      3. shocked… SHOCKED… that this can happen in America….

        Oh wait, no I’m not.

        • JS – I wonder how many else are thinking the same exact thing?

      4. Who cares?? He is part of the elite now. (i,e, he doesn’t give a f… about us!)

        • Anonymous, agreed. We are truly on our own.

      5. This is WAY worse than Watergate
        I will call it towergate.
        People in the FBI and Cia and others need to be jailed
        If Sessions does not get off his Arse – he needs to be jailed
        Unbelievable and nothing is being doen
        Folks we are done as a country
        The rulle of law is dead

        • So far, Sessions is an amazingly worthless cunt!

      6. Anything that has a “gate” attached to it, you just know is a great big nothing burger. And even if . . . if . . . it is a something burger comes the caviat “Where’s the beef?” We are so fucked.

      7. There was some guy on Fox News, Bret Bair show, that said “Well, the FBI probably had suspicions of wrong doing and had to investigate the campaign.” Like it was OK to get a mole into Trump’s operation.

        This is worse than Watergate but it will be old news soon. The MSM has already put it to bed or soon will.

        One thing about Trump, or Biff as a friend of mine calls him, is that he doesn’t forget anything and gets even.

        BTW, already fourteen DOJ and FBI officials have been demoted, fired, and/or referred for criminal prosecution. Let’s hope it’s just a start.

        • Muller… why don’t you make like a tree… and get out of here.

      8. Okay, so who’s going to jail and when? It’s more likely going to be some of us for speaking our minds than someone in the FBI!

      9. Just HANG these vile, no good rat bastards!!!

        • I don’t understand it. Trump has the Marine Recon at his beck and call,why the hell doesn’t he use them to take these commies out?

      10. Folks you got a rogue criminal gov’t. Whatcha gonna do about it? Bitch and moan? This is all Americans seem capable of anymore. No wonder they are laughing at you behind your backs.

        • Hey, Mrbud, smokin the good stuff are ya?
          What great country with a rogue government do you live in?
          We here at SHTF at least know about it and are awake.
          What would you have us do?
          You a provocateur? Sounds like it.

          I couldn’t tell you how many letters I wrote to my Senators and Reps. years ago with my “views”, as they called them, in their return form letters.
          As in, “I will consider your views when I vote on this matter.”
          And then voted the opposite.

          • Hey Ketchupondemand: I was here working and raising a family when you were still crapping in your diapers, boy.. Now put that in your pipe and smoke it. Are you a paid troll, sounds like it.


          • “We”? You mean faceless posters posting on a survival board? Until you put a face by your name, I will continue to do the same and express opinions, just as you are. Talk is cheap……

      11. That all of Washington (95%) and the swamp media (97%) voted for hillary the satanic witch, and we have never Trumps, and an endless investigation by democrat leaning insiders, and no one can do anything about it, tells us things are far worse then we ever imagined!

        And we know where this comes from. We know that obama and hillary rigged the system. We know they are calling the shots. We have a completely libtarded government willing to commit treason!

        What concerns me is there can’t be anything going on in washington that isn’t known. As the spies are watching them far closer then anyone else. So we have indications of actual satanic activities, witchcraft, secret societies, the pedoestas, disturbing art collections, disturbing emails, things that happened in portugal, Marina Abramović, spirit cooking, etc, etc. No one denies these things! The emails are real, and pedoesta admits it! And everyone on the libtarded left, and the media, continue to ignore and deny.

        I think we are about to see how deep this rabbit hole goes. They aren’t just going to give up and go away. America’s worst days are in front of us.

        Seriously, imagine what we don’t know.

      12. This is how civil wars are started…..

      13. This is worse than anything in American history with regards to overthrowing a democratically elected government. The government overthrows democratically elected governments around the world on a daily basis, but our own government? Sheesh!

      14. Carter Page was an FBI operative, this news implies the FBI had more than one operative.

        Ignored by the media Carter Page was a key operative of the FBI. Previously Carter page acted as an informant for the FBI, he was instrumental in a sting and was a key witness in the arrest and conviction of several Russian Oligarchs.

        Once the FBI and deep state helped Carer Page get into the Trump campaign, the FBI used his presence to help get improper FISA warrants. The FBI created the story line that Page was a bad actor with close ties to convicted Russian Oligarchs. His presence in the Trump campaign was framed as a threat to national security.

        The story worked, the FBI managed to get a top tier warrant to survey Page and anyone he had contact with. If anyone in America so much as even mentioned his name, or even googling the name, they became a surveillance target of the FBI. This is key, via Page and the lie the FBI made up to FISA, the FBI got the keys to the kingdom.

        In a nutshell the FBI invented a boogie man, placed him in the Trump campaign and then used him as an excuse to survale anyone he was able to make contact with, and he tried to be very friendly. Page was only with the campaign for a short time, but he lead to many people being closely survaled long after he left.

        I’m finding the idea that the FBI had more than one plant in the Trump campaign and transition team just diabolical and treasonous.

      15. To the best of my knowledge they’ve always been honorable. Well, other than Waco and maybe Ruby Ridge and maybe in Oregon with poor old Finis, but I just can’t believe they would do this to The Donald. Not our FBI! Trekker Out. Never Forget!!!

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