Officer in New York Racks Shotgun to Intimidate Police Protesters: “Are You Scared?”

by | Mar 6, 2015 | Headline News | 141 comments

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    As the post-Ferguson world continues forward dividing people against the police, escalations are occurring on all sides.

    In an incident recorded from February 27, a Port Authority officer in New York was caught on camera using chambering a round in a shotgun to intimidate a group of protesters attempting to block off an intersecting during a demonstration against police abuse.

    A dozen or two protesters were on scene peaceably shutting carrying signs and banners, one with the meme “Black Lives Matter,” while singing at a street intersection, before the officer approach with the weapon in hand.

    “Whoa, there is an officer coming out with a massive gun,” the cameraman in the video is heard stating. “The guy has a massive gun here.”

    The officer, identified as M. Fusco, directs the man with the camera to ‘go over there’ before approaching the other protesters with a tactical shotgun held straight up into the air for effect.

    While directing protesters to the other side, Fusco is heard stating “Guys, this is the Lincoln Tunnel. This isn’t about the protest, I’m worried about terrorists.”

    CounterCurrent News reports:

    Recently, the NYPD pledged to stop policing protests with machine guns. But the Port Authority has decided that tactical shotguns are still a must to keep peaceful demonstrators in line. Not only that, but Friday night, as protesters converged on Penn Station, armed only with banners and pictures as they recited the names of people who have been killed at the hands of the NYPD, one cop decided to pull a shotgun on them.

    The protesters were non-violent throughout the demonstration, but the officer taunted them, saying “are you scared? Are you scared?” as he brandished the tactical shotgun, trying to intimidate them.

    […] Activist Patrick Waldo [recounted] “the officer with the gun was one of the first that I noticed. He actually had [finger]-on-the trigger, shotgun up in the air. We were all like, whoa whoa whoa, take it easy!”

    Here’s two of the videos showing the incident from different angles:



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      1. Controlling city-dwellers is one thing, where I’m from this pig would shit his pants after trying to intimidate me with his shotgun.

        • Amen lol

          • We should continue to pursue non-violent options. If we beg and complain long enough they will listen. There is a presidential election coming up, get your ass off the couch and start campaigning. We can take our country back through the ballot box.

            • Work makes us free?

              • I don’t think these pigs get it. Civies own shotguns as well. Anybody can rack a shell just like that pork. Wow! Big stuff. What a bunch of pussies

                • Excuse me officer but you are outgunned.

                • Don’t call that pig when your house gets robbed or when you crash your car and need 911 because your hurt or injured. You need to listen to Paul Harvey’s “The Policeman” radio broadcast in order to educate your ignoramus and hypocrite mentality. By the way. Those so called peaceful protesters don’t have the right to block an entire tunnel and forcefully deprive other citizens who have nothing to do with these goons from going home, work or elsewhere against their will. Officer did the right thing to protect property and the people stuck in that tunnel. If those protesters were on the sidewalk and not blocked traffic, there would have never been a problem.

                  • YES, they had no right to block traffic. What were they thinking?

                  • Ex deo, those were my points exactly. You HAVE to be armed when confronted by these black troublemakers.

                  • Why would you call a pig when you get in an accident clown? It makes more sense to call the fire department, assuming you didn’t use your brain cell to get an ambulance first. Defending these useless clerks with guns is what allows them to get away with bullying everyday people. Just because the black mob needs to be in check is no excuse to give these morons more power to threaten people. Who are you to assume people are hypocrites for not wanting or needing the police around? I don’t know about you, but whenever I have been robbed or assaulted the motherfuckers got away with it and all the officers did was make a visit and write some damn notes down and call it a police report.

                    They are useless. Guns are useful. Stop relying on other people to defend you (they can’t anyway) and give yourself a fighting chance. All these badged bullies do is mop up the blood and MAYBE help find out who did it.

                    • Excellent points and very true.

              • only at camp FEMA .

                • To be fair, FEMA stole the idea from the Nazis. The slogan, too.

                  • LOL, That was kinda my point .

                    RMG is correct , we can still effect change.
                    OR be pacifist’s and wait for work orders at
                    camp FEMA .
                    Freedom is earned and it takes work to protect it.

                    • I was always taught that a gun was never
                      pulled (racked) unless it was to be used,
                      never brandished as a threat.
                      Elmer Keith, the Montana gun guru said
                      that no more force should be used than
                      was necessary to diffuse the situation
                      and control the immediate environment.

                    • OUTWEST
                      Elmer Keith was correct

              • No, other peoples work means liberals get shit for free.

            • Not fer nothing, but I don’t think voting will work. Its all rigged. Its time to take it back by force.

              • Hey Mr. Cop:

                A winmag or .308 @ 150 yards—you wouldn’t hear a thing, or see the ground coming up fast.

              • I believe you are correct does not matter. We always get a couple of asshole from the Freemasons to run for President.does not matter who we get in office they do what thay are told. We need all the Sheeple in the country to stop paying tax stop working and remove all money from the banks this will get there attention. we have the tech now to have free energy or very very cheap check out what the law is about MPG other country’s have same GM motor that gets 80-90 MPG but because of BIG PIG OIL we get fucked same with Big Pig Pharmacy we pay $$$$ for drugs other country’s pay pennies. My dad in Thailand pays 2 us for Prilosac OTC for 30 pills here its $38

            • Studies have found that if only 10% of any population voices a vociferous opinion, no matter if it’s right or wrong, the entire population will in time adapt that opinion as their baseline.

              We are less than 1% of the population.

              Talk to people about politics.

            • Outlay, Do you really think Hillary of Jeb will be any differen?

            • Yeah! We can “vote” for rinos, that will save Amerika. I can’t believe anyone is still that deluded…

            • What world are you living in. There is no political solution, other than the fact the politicians use politics as a solution to keep the people at bay…. and that is all it is designed to do….

            • only a damn fool at this point would actually voice that a vote is worth a damn

            • Yeah, voting has done so much good in the past. It was SO much fun having a non-choice between Tweedle Dum and Tweedle Dee.

            • You didn’t just write “beg” did you?

        • You’re saying you would give him the excuse to use it?

          Unwise at best, and I see no way you come out ahead by doing so.

        • No Thumbs Great, guess I won’t get any flack when I say, if you were blocked at that intersection and your spouse was having a heart attack or maybe your wife was having a baby and you were trying to get to the hospital, bet you would think this protest blocking the street is great. Nothing like freedom at work. Or maybe you would say why don’t somebody do something, just as long as it ain’t those pigs. Trekker Out. We Are Still Civilized, Ain’t We?

          • Maybe if the fucking pigs would stop murdering innocent people there wouldn’t be any protests.

            Did you ever think of that, you old wrinkled-ass?

            • Acid,your argument would be a lot better if you’d quit calling everybody names. Since you don’t pick out one particular person you insult everyone on here. you have no respect for anyone and then wonder why you don’t receive any.

              • I’m not insulted by acid….hell, he tells it the way he see’s it.

          • Let them demonstrate all they want but suffer the consequences IF you block the street. Cars belong there NOT people.

            Time for some vehicles with COW Catchers on the front like the old Locomotives had !! ??

          • @Mt

            I’m all for the protests but I tend to agree with you on this. 20 people blocking the street is not what I would consider a protest. That’s just people being assholes. Go protest at the police department or city hall and hell if organically it grows so large they have to shut down whole city blocks…well then that’s one thing. But 20 people standing in the middle of the street, that’s just asking to get ran the hell over.

            On a side note I loved the friggin cops comment about how he’s so worried about terrorists…oooh the big bad boogie woogie terrorists. How after all these years does everybody not puke when they say….TERRORISTS

        • Come to West Virginia and do that Fusco. We wont be chanting and holding signs in SHTF. Tick tock motherfucker.

        • I’m disgusted by all the cop-bashing comments posted here over him racking a shell into his shotgun. First of all, why didn’t he already have his shell chambered? What good is an empty chamber? This cop needs training.

          But aside from that, all the hoodlums out on the streets chanting “Black Lives Matter” get absolutely no respect from me. Shoot all of them to improve our society.

          If they would instead say “Lives Matter” then go to work and contribute to society, they would earn my respect. But reality is, these crack-smoking thugs don’t work, don’t contribute anything to society but mayhem, and suck entitlements out of the taxpayers. Fuck all of these virus-infected cockroach turds.

        • you all are sick and ignorant .that is NOT A PEACEFUL PROTEST BLOCKING TRAFFIC ! He should have fired off a few rounds and said STEP ASIDE SCUM BUMS ! IT’S ILLEGAL to stand in the road on a main highway and obstruct traffic . thats people that work and pay taxes your blocking the road and hindering them from getting home to their families. Maybe you should get a job and be someone instead of looking like an idiot standing by the road holding a sign . here’s a new thought for ya…go to work be productive and have some self worth instead of a nonproducer and a burden on the system! ya scum

        • they are scum for blocking traffic …thats wrong. the cop should have fire in the air and threw a smoke can at them and said …hey get a life !

        • You’d be one of the first ones to piss their pants and comply. Internet tough guys are all the same – who do you think you are kidding?

      2. as your so called protestors burnt and looted and screamed kill whitey 4 people were murdered in ferg 1 was a 14 yr. old white girl that was forced to drink gas doused and burned alive by the black evil savages I celebrate everytime a cop shots 1 of them

        • 0jr, never forget that these all-black organizations are nothing more than criminal enterprises. You HAVE to be armed if/when you’re confronted by these apes.

      3. Yet another “hard man” exhibiting a weapon to bolster his ego. What a fuckin’ chump.

        • I think he was just incredibly angry at these deliberately annoying ‘protesters’, who serially think they have a moral right to disrupt the lives of others, and chose the most powerful item he had, ineffectual though it would be, to express his anger.

          Hopeless, but understandable.

      4. Unfortunately there are times one must use a weapon to use the ballot box!

      5. Oh how I wish……Please….

      6. His finger was not on the trigger. The protest was unlawful, as they blocked commerce. There are very good people in law enforcement, and most of them share with my patriotic beliefs. One bad seed should not spoil the bunch. This site has been promoting anti-police ideals more and more. Yet, who will you call first when you get into a bind? Don’t give me any answers to help your dicks grow an inch “I won’t call anyone because my friend Mr. Colt here already told em!”

        I’m done with this site.

        • @Rubicon: stand by your word. I hope to not see on this site again.

          • This site was supposed to be for preparation. Now it’s full of extremism. I won’t be back. Hope it doesn’t keep you up at night.

            • That’s interesting. SHTF, meaning exactly that. Who, what, when and where are all part of that equation. it just so happens the police state is clamping down on the citizens. One must prepare for this, so one must understand this.

              Extremism, how about reality. Wake up and quit the crying.. rubicon

            • Rube,

              I thought you was leavin’?

            • The dick heads from DU and Daily Kos have destroyed it. A favorite tactic of the regressive left. Nothing but a bunch of psychos hang out here now. Half are probably govt. agents.

              • My point exactly. Getting less and less out of the comments area, which used to be full of good advice about preps. Now it’s about keyboard Rambos tell the gov to come get some.

        • I am going to take sides with the police on this one if you do not like it TOUGH SHIT !!!!.

          If you notice he was (not) pointing it at anyone saying (I am going to kill you) like FERGUSON.

          I see it as getting ready for trouble if it happens.

          I do not know if the crowd was unruly, or if he and his fellow officers felt threaten.

          He wants to go home alive, and to be with his family too.


          Lets remember the police are more hated now because of a few BAD COPS and, BAD PRESS so now more then ever they HAVE targets on there backs.

          But we seem to forget all the good the good cops do.

          My dad was a police officer in D.C. during the 60s.for those of you who remember the late 60s was a very bad time with JFK, BOBBY KENNEDY, and MARTIN LUTHER KING being KILLED ( I wonder if we are headed there again ????)

          My dad went though the RIOTS, and VIET NAM demonstrations.



          He carried his POLICE ISSUED 6 shooter NOT A GLOCK 17-19

          He carried a semi auto 8 shot pistol as a back up which he was advised to get rid of latter do to politics.

          He carried his POLICE ISSUED SHOTGUN

          He retired with 26 years of service, 28 letters of commendations.

          He spent at least 12 times in the hospital for in the line of duty injuries.

          The dog had 27 bites on bad guys to his credit.
          Found 7 missing children.
          Found 11 wanted felons.

          One thing for sure when he came out of the car with his SHOTGUN WHICH HE RACKED, and the DOG, and SAID GIVE ME THE CORNER.

          HE GOT IT.

          And if anyone broke the LAW, ACTED STUPID or FAILED TO COMPLY BY BEING HOSTEL.

          Well you know the answer to that one.

          So leave Law Enforcement alone.

          Because the have to fight some of these STUPID UNJUST LAWS,
          as well as POLITICS, and THE LIBERAL LEGAL SYSTEM and some of these STUPID ASSES ON THE STREET ETC.

          To all you GOOD GUYS in UNIFORM

          Thank You

          AND HEY


          • No such thing as a good cop nowadays . In the coming SHTF scenario, I see a badge I crosshair the scum wearing it .

            • I must say this too CHRIS45

              I myself have trouble with who are the good guys now.

              I hope that NO shots will be ever fired thou.

              It will be a sad sad day when that happens.

              • Agreed! A very sad day.
                To all you chest-thumpers, no one’s impressed except yourselves.

            • A good cop is one who will remove his badge and remember their oaths by disobeying unconstitutional orders when they are given. I know there are a few of them. But for the remaining ones that stay with the police state, well, the choice is theirs…

          • I tend to agree. Over six minutes of video I watched expecting to see some great injustice and abuse of power and all I saw was less than 1 second of a cop racking a shell as he was getting ready to take his spot.

            I’ve seen more action and intimidate from golfers getting pissed off that you’re too loud or too close as they’re about to tee off.

            Another sensationalism article on this site for the purpose of baiting in clicks. It worked, I clicked to see it. I’ve been reading and occasionally comment on this site for a very long time and it saddens me to watch the readership slowly transforming into this hungry-for-the-apocalypse-mob.

            There are still some great commenters here; people who seem logical, present or share quality information. But with each article that tries to blast out a headline like you’d see on the National Inquirer just to make something out of nothing, a piece of what I hold valuable as a prepper, a patriot, and a man with common sense dies.

            I beg of you Mac, stop the sensationalism and go back to helpful and informative articles.

          • I’m w/you. Not all cops are bad. It’s one cop against how many? This doesn’t mean I condone bad cops.

            Seeing lots of posts that are making this into an either/or situation, and or just a blanket call out on police, when each situation is different due to differing factors/geography, etc.

            If the protestors were breaking into your business or home and stealing-destroying everything, I bet you’d want that cop or shotgun then.

        • Good riddance 😛

      7. Freedom fighter, or agitator, Salvo, I’ve been a supporter for years. I’m recently started to questioning my support of you. I’m also starting to ask myself the following question.

        Mark exactly who do you represent. Time after time, I’ve read something on SHTF.COM, and after further research discovered someones shit stirring.

        How about you put just the facts out there. We The People, are very capable of coming to our own conclusions, based on just the facts, not some bullshit spin story.

        Dirk Williams

      8. It’s easy to “keep people in line” when the protesters are unarmed, the cops are armed to the teeth and have body armour. Such brave civil servants.

        • The shotgun needs to placed where it was placed for the cop in the movie “I spit on your grave”.

      9. The NYPD are public union city thugs , i get it.
        But is the Port Authority as well ?
        Or are they “privatized ” thugs ?
        like say , Pinkertons were ?

        • Private police sanctioned by the government and given actual police powers are a growing trend.

          One that needs some special attention to define them the same way and hold them to the same standards as sworn official police for legal purposes (think liability and accountability).

          We don’t need less accountability in policing at this time in our history.

          • SHARON ,
            This may shed some light on my concern :
            ht tp://

            As always delete space in http

            • Hammerhead, This reads like a script from the book “Enemies Foreign and Domestic ”

              Matter of fact this is a quote from the article on zerohedge:

              “Its a move one might find in the corporate republic of some dystopian novel”.

              We are in deep trouble.

      10. There ain’t nothing big about a “man” using a weapon. Only women and the elderly have my respect for using one. Anything goes in the defence of little ones.

        • So I suppose then that you don’t have any weapons, Agent Foreskinhead?

      11. “Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.”

        ~ Benjamin Franklin 1755

      12. this cop would have pissed his pants if someone would have got up in his face with a racked 12 gauge and yelled NO loudly in his face

        than 10 of his blue line gang would have had to come to this pussies rescue and pounce all over the guy standing his ground

        take away the gun, that cop would run scared.. thats who’s scared here, the cop ..or why would he act in such a menacing way..that showed me fear big time, his fear

        • The guy wouldn’t be pounced on, he would be killed and it would be ruled justified.

          A different strategy is in order, think things through.

          What police seem to fear more than anything else is a camera, they tend to react to them the way a vampire does a cross.

          • I agree Sharon, camera’s scare them. What else I believe scares them are snipers as indicated by the Breightbarting of Chris Kyle.

          • Totally agree on the camera deal
            The pouncing is what they want to happen , so they will keep provoking it

        • Remember the Bundy ranch when the pork attacked little old ladies with police dogs?

          Did they do that after the militia showed up?

          Bruce Lee said it best. Fucking boards don’t hit back.

      13. this cop would have pissed his pants if someone would have got up in his face with a racked 12 gauge and yelled NO loudly in his face

        than 10 of his blue line gang would have had to come to this pussies rescue and pounce all over the guy standing his ground

        take away the gun, that cop would run scared.. thats who’s scared here, the cop ..or why would he act in such a menacing way..that showed me fear big time, his fear

        • it was so good the first time i said it, i guess the computer thought it best to post it twice

          • some things are worth repeating 🙂

        • Or a bunch of people with AR10s and real armor

        • @jrs

          Dorner was very likely an unsung American hero, with real conviction and a huge set of balls. What I wouldn’t give to know the whole story. I wonder how many “journalists” actually ever did any real investigating into his claims. Most people probably believe this man was a lunatic murdering domestic terrorist. For all the chat board warriors who think they are going to be held up as freedom fighters and heroes of the liberty “movement” when they “do something” about it…well I got a news flash for you, just look at Dorner.

          • Just to be clear about my above post, I’m not suggesting that Dorner is an american hero. Just saying that we’ll never really know the whole truth of who and what he was. There was just always something fishy about the whole thing and how it was handled I thought.

            • Dorner was shut up , because he had info to blow the lid off the Dept he worked in
              He had to be smoked ( in the mind of a cop)

      14. Fusco by name, Fusco by nature! Officer M Fusco is SO tough. Look at the size of his firearm… Fuckin’ prick.

      15. It was a little different in my day… We shouted, “1,2,3,4…we don’t want your fucking war!” and cops on horses, swinging billy clubs came after us, sometimes hitting the young people. But when that wave of protesters scrambled away, running from police, another wave of protesters got up, etc, all through the night. That was in D.C., though. (Capitol hill).

        • YEP, Back in the day my father in law was a rookie cop during the detroit riots.
          He got the shit kicked outta him but never unholsted his gun, nobody did for the most part.
          He said it was mostly a slug fest.
          Times have changed and not for the better.

          • “And its 5,6,7,8 open up the Pearly Gates. There ain’t no time to wonder why whoopie we’re all gonna die”.

            • My God Grandpa, don’t we miss Country Joe ……

              • Where were you in ’62?

                • Made me re read Abbie Hoffman’s “Steal This Book”. Feeling much better now. Remember the Chicago Seven? Tried and convicted while bound and gagged because truth was their defense. History neglected by the core never sees light. We must up our game this time. We can start with the protest songs, they need a little tune up. Give me an F!

        • I did my duty, now….well….I much rather have a nice porter house steak (med rare), baked potato and nice salad or grilled fresh Mahi-Mahi.

          • But all bullshit aside, even though I’m a little older my temper still flashes. I’d of told that cop that if he put that shotgun down I would make it his suppository. And meant it. No matter what happened to me I would beat that fat fuck into the sidewalk. Then I guess I would have woke up later in the hospital but I would have had a smile on my face. I guess the older I’ve gotten the lessons still haven’t “taken”. I might still have one or two left in me though. I just might take a little longer to heal up.

            • I ain’t as good as I once was,
              but I’m as good once as I ever was.

              • What I used to do all night
                takes me all night to do.
                Its been a while since 62
                Give me a U!

        • Now this is a funny commercial, made in Denmark. If the walls could talk. Hah…

        • Huh, hey baby, come to Butthead! Huh huh huh.

      16. I don’t see a finger on the trigger! I see what is most likely a non-lethal (bean-bag) option being deployed. With that said I would hope some of the officers are carrying long guns with lethal rounds. Racking the round is not only necessary to make the weapon useful its intimidating on purpose – it may effect the desired result with no further action required by the police. Don’t pretend these protesters aren’t creating a major disruption to the normal flow of traffic and are definitely disrupting the lives of other citizens. This to me is another example of the police being Damned if you do and Damned if you don’t! What should the police have done? It’s only a peaceful protest until it isn’t?!?,,, and somehow the police are supposed to only show up prepared for a peaceful protest and have known the difference before hand???

        • cf249, I couldn’t agree more. Damned good post.

        • M Fusco can bring his gun, me mine. He can rack his bean bag round, and I’ll rack my AP-20 round. Guess who wins this one.

      17. Most likely why they say,

        • You sure are one prize winning prick aintcha.

          • And you’re a prize winning buffoon. I’d have been nice and dumped you in the street in the middle of the Ferguson riots; When in all actuality you should have been made to go to Haiti while the Freakins’ were exterminating the French.

      18. i for one think its fine if they (the police) have shotguns at protests. theres different rounds for em in a crowd control situation…no need to get all wound up over it unless they start shooting completely unprovoked…dont jump on ANY bandwagon until youve thought it through guys… i might add, ihavent read the whole article yet, but as soon as i got to the “shotgun with his finger on the trigger” part, my fear porn radar went off

        • infiniti spiral, the trigger on the finger is the ONLY thing I question from a firearms safety standpoint. Finger should have been OUTSIDE the trigger guard unless he was ready to shoot. It’s not clear in the video what his reason was for racking the slide but you also have to consider the scum the police were facing.

          • Don’t ever put your finger on a trigger.

            There are finger f ‘en police everywhere.

            The government has hired finger f ‘ers scanning this website and others to see if there are photos of fingers on triggers. And anyone possessing a photo of a finger on a trigger or advocating fingering a trigger will be shot.

            Almost as thick as commies are triggers and gestapo cameras are watching for fingering.

            Now the guy that has his finger on the trigger last, dies.

            I read that somewhere.

            f ’em

        • “Pointed in the air for effect” did it for me. No- pointed in the air for safety.

          • i guess i was misunderstood…i am all about gun and any other projectile safety…when i said “got to his finger on the trigger set my fear porn radar off” i meant everything before that point just seemed a bit….askew. first rule of gun safety, treat every weapon as if its loaded…so, now that were all caught up, maverick, ive read your posts on here forever. you seem like someone id truly respect. simple “internet misunderstanding”…happens all the time. anyone who doesnt understand that first rule, turn your gun in, or turn it on yourself… we dont need no accidents.

          “Keep The Streets Empty For Me”

          Memory comes when memory’s old
          I am never the first to know
          Following the stream up North
          Where do people like us float

          There is room in my lap
          For bruises, asses, handclaps
          I will never disappear
          For forever, I’ll be here

          Morning, keep the streets empty for me
          Morning, keep the streets empty for me

          I’m laying down, eating snow
          My fur is hot, my tongue is cold
          On a bed of spider web
          I think of how to change myself

          A lot of hope in a one man tent
          There’s no room for innocence
          Take me home before the storm
          Velvet mites will keep us warm

          Morning, keep the streets empty for me

          Uncover our heads and reveal our souls
          We were hungry before we were born

      19. With ya kula stay away from crowds. Why go into a crowd with cops holding Shottys and clubs. People use your head you only want to fight if you have to. If it comes to that be swift and deadly. I feel it’s dumb to talk junk to the police. Just leave and work around it. Cops around here will smash you in the head and charge you with resisting. Don’t be a fool. Has nothing to do with being scared more to do with being smart. Dumb article Mac you running out of angles yet.

        • Asshat, keep in mind those cops were dealing with a group of blacks from a criminal group. You never know for sure what to expect from them.

      20. OK, here’s my take on it. I believe both sides made mistakes. On the one hand, you’ve got some protestors from one of those bogus Michael Brown-type groups starting some of their BS by blocking an intersection. They’re unpredictable and have to be monitored very closely. On the other hand, you have the cops who have legitimate authority to keep that intersection open with whatever it takes. Did that cop have a good reason to rack that slide? That’s possible but the video doesn’t make that part of it clear. The only part of it I disagree with is having his trigger on the finger. In the firearms classes I’ve attended in the past I was taught NEVER PUT YOUR FINGER ON THE TRIGGER UNLESS AND UNTIL YOU ARE READY TO SHOOT. From a firearms safety standpoint, his finger should have stayed OUTSIDE of the trigger guard unless his life was threatened and then he would have good reason to put his finger on the trigger. The video didn’t exactly make clear why he racked the slide. There’s 2 things to consider here: 1. It’s possible one or more of the “protestors” made some provocation, and 2. Remember you’re dealing with a crowd of black people, at least some of them with a record of some type. These Michael Brown-type groups are just some more criminal enterprises in the black community. OK, bring on the condemnation. I stand by these statements.

        • Stay away from firearms classes where they teach finger f ‘en.

          Keep your weapon at port arms when on duty, all fingers around the stock.

          Last guy with his finger on the trigger, dies.

          I read that somewhere.

          f ’em

        • i wholeheartedly agree with ya, but maybe havin his finger on the trigger was purely defensive…one less thing to do if the matter should arise. im back-and-forth on things like this. if i was him, in a potentially hostile situation, hell yeah id be ready to go, but my beanbag loaded shotgun would be verticle until then

      21. The sad reality is the officer could kill you from 10 feet away with your hands in the air standing nude and on video and still at best only be fired. Criminal conviction? There’s a greater chance of hitting the lottery as far more people hit the big one than cops get convicted for murder regardless of the evidence.

        The honest answer to the question, ” Are you scared”? “Yes”.

      22. Just finished up my SHTF shotgun, had a barreled cut down to 18 1/2 in. fitted with tactical shock and it’s ready to go hot when needed. Mossberg 835 loaded with 3 1/2 00buck. Now for me that’s my SHTF shotgun to repel boarders.

      23. I think protesters who block traffic are all fucking idiots. I’m all for peaceful protest but when they hold up traffic not only are they pissing off people who just want to get home after working a long day, they could potentially cause a delay for an ambulance or other emergency service where minutes could mean life or death for an innocent person. I’m hoping more people will start running them over. If you stand in the middle of the road like a moron, don’t expect to be excluded from natural selection!

      24. I don’t care how many red thumbs I get , but how stupid can a person be to stand out in the middle of a street in New York city????????
        S.T.S.F.P N.R. N.S. N. REB

        • OK , REB ,
          I gotta ask , what are all those letters ?

          • HAMMER:
            Security Through Superior Fire Power No retreat No Surrender
            N. REB.

      25. a lot of people here are guessing. my guess is it was bean bag rounds. who the fuck would rack a lethal round in that situation?

        • A pig.

      26. This is a hard one for me. Two groups of people. I can not stand either one of them. I hate to stick up for one side because that means I am defending the other one. I think I will just hate both.

        • Take up for whichever side gets the most kills.

      27. @wth says:

        ok blocking the street may not make sense to you now but that shows your not prepared for the worst. What are you going to do when there are 1000’s in the streets and a hundred of them are attacking your vehicle. you are naive

      28. The cop is kinda goofy, whenever I remove a long arm from my vehicle, a round is chambered first thing. Racking a slide in front of people IS considered intimidation and is unprofessional in my opinion. If I feel the situation warrants a long arm, it should have a chambered cartridge, otherwise it indeed will just go “click” when under stress you forget you have an empty chamber. I have held off large crowds singlehandedly, and was quite aware that even though they were unarmed, there were more of them than I had cartridges in my weapon, which is a time at which a seasoned officer gets very diplomatic. An unseasoned officer gets very scared, and makes mistakes as a byproduct of not being able to suppress his fear.

        • If he pulls the trigger, I would unload my 9m into this fuck. Reload/repeat. That’s Diplomacy!

      29. Two groups of people that I hate too. I’m taking up for the protestors.

        When the boot comes down on our necks, it’s not going to matter your politics or skin color, cause that boot will be resting on everyone’s necks and we’ll have to fight or die.

      30. Well, no; black lives don’t matter. They soundly proved that in two national elections. They’re FAR worse off since zero was sworn in and don’t even know it.

        They still commit the majority of crimes and somehow it’s a cop’s fault (Oh, NOT defending cops)? No, it’s their fault but since most of them aren’t raised by fathers or families they have no sense of right or wrong, just gibbmedat.

        No blacks – it’s your fault. Change that and your lives will matter, but not until then.

        And where’s the voting buttons?

      31. While I know plenty of decent black folks, and I believe their lives matter, these signs should say “All Lives Matter.” Just the NAACP should be the NAAAp – National Association for the Advancement of ALL People.

        • Just like the NAACP should be the NAAAP – National Association for the Advancement of ALL People.

          I really need to proofread before sending.

      32. I object to the post-Ferguson comment. Some are elevating Ferguson into some significant event – except in the minds of Al Sharpton and his ilk. Ferguson was about a youth that’s been trained to hate cops, despite white people, and detest authority figures in general. If a cop tells you to put your hands up, you comply…unless you’re on dope or have a death wish. Cops deserve quite a bit of leeway, they put their lives on the line each day. NYC ain’t Mayberry folks…..I would want a shotgun if there was a good chance I could be bull-rushed by 15-20 angry protesters. Most protesters are peaceful, but the police have to prepare for that 1 out of 25 that’s ready and willing to get violent.

      33. Black lives matter when killed by a white guy. When they kill each other, not so much. Case in point, the increased black-on-black violence in Chicago. I haven’t seen Holder or Obama address that topic.

        • Obola, Holder, and Sharpton don’t care about black-on-black violence. They are only trying to fuel racism in this country.

      34. For once I’m with the cops on this one ….those little juvenile anarchists we’re stopping traffic ……if you wanna protest don’t interfere with other people’s lives PERIOD !!! he shoulda pulled the trigger , those anarchists were TRYING to puss the cops off by blocking traffic

      35. The premise of this protest is false, I’d of run thru the protesters, Looking for trouble in an organized society? keep this shit up and you’ll find it!

      36. I would love to shoot an ASSHOLE like him right in the face with a .357 Hydra-Shock! Brilliant!

      37. Wonder when white lives will matter? Also, the cops were outnumbered. If that group turned on them they would have been crushed. Think of the shotgun as a “force multiplier”. I didn’t see anything wrong with this video.

      38. Well guys, I’m going to jump in and give you a little different perspective. Those of you who side with the protestors fail to see the bigger picture. These protestors, like Ferguson are all organized by paid agitators who are using them to create a race/class war. If “they” succeed it will be the excuse needed to declare martial law. That has been the pattern of this administration, so don’t fall for it. Now for the shotgun thing. It’s obvious that few of you have ever worked in law enforcement. I did for 15 yrs. The intimidation factor actually saved my life and the life of my partner, as well as the suspects. So here’s the story. We were on a stakeout for poachers one night and stopped a vehicle that was spotlighting deer. Keep in mind that as game wardens, everyone we dealt with was armed with a rifle, shotgun, handgun or archery. 99% of our stops were routine and the violators had no intention of causing us any harm, and complied with our instructions. This night, was different. Three men in a pickup, spotlights shining out both sides of vehicle. We followed them with our lights off for about a quarter mile, when they tied to drive up a field road on a hill. There was a heavy frost on the grass and their truck spun out and could not get any traction. At that point I told my partner to hit the blue lights and they smoked their tires trying to get away but could not move. We put our spotlights on them and started to approach the truck, when I had a weird feeling that this was not going to be routine. I told my partner to step back behind the door and lets ” do this by the book”. I grabbed my 12 gauge with 5 rounds of 00 buck and ordered the passenger side guy to step out of the vehicle. He rolled out with a .300 savage rifle pointed in my direction and was squinting through the blinding spotlight, trying to locate my position from my voice. I ordered him to drop the gun and put his hands behind his head. He did not comply. By this time I had my shotgun leveled directly at his chest, safety off and finger on the trigger. I gave him a second chance to no avail. Then a third demand to drop the gun and no response. By every legal standard, I could have fired and he surely would have been killed. Now, I really didn’t want to kill a man for a damn deer, but this Mexican stand off could not go on. For what ever reason, I racked out a round and pumped in another. When he heard that most distinctive sound , he immediately dropped the weapon and told the other occupants “he’s got a shotgun”. At that point I noticed the middle passenger bend over in the seat suspiciously. I ordered the middle suspect out and he complied, and with hands up. My partner approached the driver who was an old man in his seventies, and as he did the old guy launched out of the truck and cold cocked my partner, almost knocking him unconscious. As they were wrestling on the ground, I hand cuffed the two subjects together through the open window of the truck and went to assist my partner who was getting the shit beaten out of him. We called for our backup team who transported them to jail. When we inventoried the vehicle, I looked under the seat and found a .45 acp with the hammer cocked and a round in the chamber. We both agreed that these guys meant to kill us if they could. When we got to the jail, the Sheriff was holding the door open for them and they started to walk out. They had posted bail and that was normal procedure. I told him to lock them back up and and run them through the NCIC. With a curious look he said “for spotlighting”??
        When I told him what happened he understood. About 45 minutes later we got a report that the two younger men (mid 40’s) were escapee’s from the Alabama State Prison, serving 30yrs to life for armed robbery, attempted murder, and assault on federal officers. When they were arrested by ABI and FBI, there was a shoot out and they fired 68 rounds at the arresting officers. Truth was they had nothing to lose by killing us. If apprehended, an automatic 20 years would be added to their sentence. If I had not racked that shotgun someone was going to die and I had no intention of it being me. Now I will concede that that was back in the 80’s, and times have changed and there are some bad cops who have no business wearing a badge, but the vast majority of officers are good guys just trying to do their job and follow protocol. There are two very important things that have changed. One is the spoiled, victim status mentality of a portion of our society, and complete lack of a sense of personal responsibility. Much of that has been promulgated by the government itself. The other is that our government has been infiltrated by a “globalist” vs “sovereign” world view. The globalist approach is that more “Laws” lead to a more “peaceful” society. but in truth more laws means less freedom. This globalist mentality has been forced upon the law enforcement community as well, and more and more stringent policies have been adopted. So in summery, both “we the people” and law enforcement have been pitted against each other. Don’t we all know that the MSM has been the propaganda machine for the globalist agenda. So why do we, as a society and sovereign nation continually fall for all their bull shit.
        What say you.

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