NYC Secretly Shipping Homeless People To Over 350 Cities Including Honolulu, Houston

by | Oct 30, 2019 | Headline News | 25 comments

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    This article was originally published by Tyler Durden at ZeroHedge.

    New York City officials have been quietly dumping homeless people to more than 370 cities across 32 states, including Honolulu and Houston.

    Under Mayor Bill de Blasio’s “Special One-Time Assistance Program,” (SOTA) local homeless families are given a full year’s worth of rent – which has cost NYC taxpayers $89 million on rent alone since August 2017 – before exporting some 5,074 homeless families (12,482 individuals) to cities as far as the South Pacific, according to the New York Post, citing data from the Department of Homeless Services (DHS).

    The city also paid travel expenses, through a separate taxpayer-funded program called Project Reconnect, but would not divulge how much it spent. A Friday flight to Honolulu for four people would cost about $1,400. A bus ticket to Salt Lake City, Utah, for the same family would cost $800.

    Add to the tab the cost of furnishings, which the city also did not disclose. One SOTA recipient said she received $1,000 for them.

    DHS defends the stratospheric costs, saying it actually saves the city on shelter funding — which amounts to about $41,000 annually per family, as compared to the average yearly rent of $17,563 to house families elsewhere. New York Post

    Critics say the solution has failed to curb the city’s homelessness problem. Moreover, officials in the receiving cities are furious – while some of the homeless families are now suing NYC over being abandoned in ‘barely livable conditions,’ according to the report, which claims that “multiple outside agencies and organizations have opened investigations into SOTA.”

    The mayor of Willacoochee, Georgia, was similarly stunned. “I’m not familiar with none of that,” Samuel Newson said.

    The mayor of Harrisville, Utah — who was so baffled to receive a call from The Post that she questioned if the reporter had the wrong number — asked if SOTA recipients are connected to social services in the towns where they move.

    Are they just cutting them loose and saying, ‘Here you go’? Or are they making sure they don’t find themselves in the same situation a year later?” Michelle Tait asked. –New York Post

    “We were initially seeing a lot of complaints about the conditions. Now that the program has been in operation long enough that the SOTA subsidy is expiring, one of our main concerns is it might not be realistic for people to be entirely self-sufficient after that first year,” said Jacquelyn Simone, a policy analyst at Coalition for the Homeless.

    According to DHS, 224 SOTA families have returned to NYC shelters.

    “We suggested that DHS reach out to people as their subsidy runs out to confirm they will be secure and not have to re-enter shelter, but the agency told us they have no plans to do that,” said Joshua Goldfein, a legal aid attorney whose firm represents SOTA families who claim they were pressured to move to New Jersey slums.

    About 56 percent of the families move out-of-state, costing the city an average of $15,600 in annual rent. Thirty-five percent move within city limits with an average rent of $20,500, and 9 percent move elsewhere in New York state, costing approximately $17,900.

    Homeless individuals and families are eligible for SOTA if they can prove they have been in a New York City shelter for at least 90 days and that their household income is no more than twice what it owes in rent. DHS would not expand on eligibility rules. –New York Post

    Read the rest of the report here.


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      1. grayhound therapy. If this post goes into moderation Im done with this site. Like Hicks I will never be back

      2. Two can play that game, other cities and towns should start sending all their homeless people to NYC. They should charter buses and bring them in by the busloads, and drop them off all at one time at a random city intersection, then drive away. Rinse and repeat. I bet other cities and towns could do it at a fraction of the cost NYC does it.

      3. Other cities and towns can do the same to NYC, and not just NYC, but the homeless can also be bussed into Philadelphia, Boston, all over New England, NJ, Chicago, LA and S.F., Seattle and Portland, Baltimore, and Wash. DC too. These areas want the rest of the US to be taken over by their policies, let’s send the fruits of these policies to them.

        • Other cities absolutely do the same thing, the only one getting rich here are the Drug Dealers and Greyhound Bus.

          Years ago local sheriffs did this, they ran off the homeless, they gave them a sandwich and some water and dropped them at the county line. The sherif promised that if they returned they’d end up at the work farm.

          Granddad one year thought he’d catch up with his dad during the Great Depression, he hopped freight trains across the US, he was 15 years old. He made it to Texas and a local sheriff stopped and searched a train. No Trial, no judge, he ended up on the sheriffs chain gang doing slave labor. He managed to get word to his dad, who had a connection and got him out. Likely he would have died there had he not been rescued.

          Many homeless Americans are right now living the same experiences our forebears experienced during the Great Depression.

          Obama told America the bad economy was the new norm, live with it. Trump has been turning it around, yet there are still millions of Americans who want to work. I find it incredible that so many evil people see it as a need and duty to stop Trump and return to the destructive Marxist policy that Ibam espoused.

          If democrats somehow stop Trump, I think it a prudent time to go totally gray. The drop off of regulars here posting remarks has me thinking many preppers are already going underground, that’s a euphemism.

          Stay frosty.

      4. A plane ticket is much cheaper than housing or “institutionalizing” someone. I saw an interview with Dr. Drew this week in which he stated the closing of mental institutions in 1963 led to this chaos. The homeless situation is predominantly a failure to provide care for those with cognitive issues. Add to that the “liberal” or “politically correct” idea that CITIZENS have no rights to demand people conform to civilized behavior (vagrancy laws, you may not poop in front of my front door, etc.) and you end up with the type of chaos visible in L.A., and San Francisco. Beware, the political deviants (Demonrats) want to bring this behavior to your hometown.

      5. This is actually a very good policy. If somebody is homeless in a large city and they can’t pull themselves together with all the opportunities of a large city, then they shouldn’t be there.

        It is the same with the unemployed. Many take up housing that could be converted to house the employable and the rent payers.

        It is actually cruel to leave these people to rot in major cities as well as they are a blight and a source of disease.

        More cities should do this and make being unemployed, homeless and beggar or vagrant illegal. I have noticed many more black youths harassing people and begging on my subway ride. This should be illegal and why aren’t these young punks sent to boot camp somewhere?

      6. This is a hoot! NYC trying to dump their problems on other big Democrat cities. I guess misery loves company.
        Honolulu has a similar program in that they will pay your airfare to leave if there is family at the destination to help the homeless person(s). They ran out of money pretty quick.

      7. So, there is 1yrs rent, floating around in the economy, as discretionary, and more than 1 uninhabited structure for every 1 person homeless… Charities are getting more food, clothes, and cars then they can manage, but there’s no way, humanly possible, that you could ‘earn’ it.

        At some point, you were good enough, and it was literally systematic.

        Daylaborers and newly homeless, the terms of your employment will always change, when you are beyond walking distance of familiar, social support. I can’t tell you how many strandings. The stranger offering rides should always be suspected of human trafficking.

      8. Unfortunate.

        We need to fix the problems that create homelessness: drug and alcohol abuse being part of the problem, the unfair trade act is a contender, and irrational immigration policies don’t help anyone but the Communists and Corporations, and contribute to the problem of homelessness.

        The solutions seem radical because we have moved so far in the wrong direction that moving toward a saner world is hard to align with our twisted frame of reference.


      9. The beauty of socialism/communism.

        See how well it works?

      10. at least its better than the old method.
        back in the day you would be arrested for vagrancy then given a free ride to the state line and told not to come back unless you wanted a beat down giuliani style.

      11. While, shipping the problem off to someone else is pretty underhanded, a years worth of free rent is a sweet deal. If someone is a healthy, functioning adult and they’re given a year of rent, that gives them a years grace to find employment.
        I recently read about one California city that spends a billion dollars a year, dealing with their homeless population. With 12,000 homeless in the city, that works out to more than $83,000 a year per person. Once again, give them that money and tell them that if they’re unemployed and homeless in one year, they get rounded up and sent to a work camp. I know it sounds harsh but, there does come a point where a line needs to be drawn.

      12. I didn’t know that homeless could get on any freeloader programs. Interesting and disturbing.

        • I guess only in NYC or even Cali would such a hair-brained idea pop up. Don’t send any bums my way. It’s all I can do to take care of me and my own. No one owes anything to homeless people.

      13. the democrats need to increase their voter base in these cities.

      14. We don’t need them in Houston, We have enough of our own.

      15. Are comments actually getting thru now??

        • NO! Everything goes into moderation so we cannot “communicate” to each other as we did before.
          Mac has decided to change how the site operates.

      16. Just ship them all to California, they love all immigrants there!

        • f said, “… why aren’t these young punks sent to boot camp somewhere?”

          r said, “… if they’re unemployed and homeless in one year, they get rounded up and sent to a work camp.”

          After X amount of police encounters, CA is giving them a choice between jail with forced labor and crisis housing, with restricted movement and forced labor. They think the sweatshop is ‘tough love’.

          Large in-groups of friends or homeless ‘communities’ get removed, without explanation.

          But, they just keep coming and coming, no matter how many sweeps.

          As someone who is interested in agronomy, tools, and inventions, I would respectfully remind the readers that they make almost nothing for themselves, from scratch, or don’t know where the smallest things come from, typically.

          Since your utilities probably work, be grateful; you are closer to the top of the social pyramid, for the time being.

      17. If everyone is leaving this site, where are they going? I enjoy reading all of the comments, at least I used to.
        As for being homeless in NYC….I don’t believe even they want to be there.
        California is the place ya oughta be…..loom up the bus and move to Beverley…..Hills that is, swimmin’ pools….movie stars…..

      18. You know what the greatest thing about dating homeless women is? You can drop them off anywhere !

      19. People want the parkland, all the businesses of the cityscape, the farm, and mcmansion, to be their own, private living space, when, historically, it took massive crews of poor people to run it.

        You want to ship millions of people to la-la land, so they are never seen or heard-from, again — your labor resource. This is a real commodity.

        Then, who is supposed to bring your food and manufacture all the quatloos, in the room, where you type. These would not be conveniences, if you had to do it, personally.

      20. This will only benefit those that actually want to get off drugs,work,and better their situation.

        If the recipients are not willing to get off drugs,it’s all for nothing,because they will only be repeating the cycle that got them in their predicament to begin with, and they will be back on the street as soon as the benefit is exhausted.

      21. In the U.K. you have large parts of the urban inner city population who barely work and are only able to live there because of free rent, free healthcare etc. But the problem is this: the presence of these people blocks housing provision for people who actually have jobs and skills. So those people are stuck commuting, often for several hours a day and are exhausted. If you kicked the poor bums out of the city centres and let developers build condos etc. For the employable, you would have a huge economic boost as well as a big improvement in the health and quality of life for employable people. Crime would also go down since the majority of street crime is either black or Muslim youths. Shift them out of the city, and prosperity would go up. Also more tourists, especially older and monied ones, would visit. Your welfare and crime costs go down and your city becomes more prosperous.

        It is politicians who are keeping these mob armies fed and housed in urban areas. And when they riot they never do it in the fancy places where the politicians live. Inevitably the knee grows burn down the poor areas.

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