NY Fed’s “Recession Probability Index” Is Now At “Alarming Levels”!

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    In addition to being the longest economic expansion in United States history, a number of reliable recession warning indicators have been flashing red in 2019. The latest of these is the New York Federal Reserve’s recession probability index.

    Those who have been skeptical about the economic recovery and the “robust” economy have had good reasons to do so.  But now there’s just one more reason recession alarms are sounding. “In the past, every time since 1960 that this index has breached 30%, a recession followed,” Morgan Stanley Wealth Management CIO Lisa Shalett wrote in a July 1 note to clients. It rose to 32.9% in June.

    Shalett also pointed to the gold/silver ratio, weakness in auto sales, housing, manufacturing, earnings, and capital spending. “Recession probability models have entered warning territory and it may be unavoidable,she added according to Axios

    The most worrying part of a recession is that not only have most Americans not recovered from the last one, but many are blissfully unaware that an economic downturn is right around the corner. As the mainstream media lambasts the American public with tales of an epic and monumental economy, the data points and actual facts continue to rise to the surface.

    Bankrate recently reported that a growing number of Americans have no savings whatsoever. Meaning if an emergency occurs, they will have no option to go into debt, or if they have bad credit, worse…have no way to pay for the emergency. Around 28% of adults in the U.S. have no emergency savings, according to Bankrate’s latest Financial Security Index. One in four have a rainy day fund, but it’s not enough money to cover three months’ worth of living expenses.  That would mean that a job loss or one missed paycheck would put almost a third of Americans in financial hardship.

    Economic factors and the central bank’s manipulation of the economy have decimated the middle class and made it difficult for people to save and prepare for future recessions. “Household expenses have gone up and in many cases incomes haven’t kept pace,” says Greg McBride, CFA, Bankrate’s chief financial analyst. “So if you haven’t been adding to that savings, that and the regularity of unplanned expenses can easily chip away at what once was an adequate savings cushion.”

    With recession warning bells going off, now is the time to get your financial house in order.  There’s not a lot any of us can do about the Federal Reserve or government debt, but we can prepare ourselves.

    In Daniel Ameduri’s book Don’t Save For Retirement, he helps readers redefine wealth as a philosophy, not a dollar amount.  When he was twenty-seven years old, Ameduri was on the brink of bankruptcy. A decade later, he’s a multi-millionaire, having taught himself about economics, investing, and other money matters that he never learned at school or at home. The expert guidance he provides in Don’t Save for Retirement will help you prepare yourself by creating passive income in a centrally planned and controlled environment.


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      1. I would enjoy watching megan rapione strapped to a f cking machine with a 20 inch dildo attached and left running in her until her insides spilled on the floor.

      2. No collapse, no recession, sit back and enjoy the ride to $75T national debt by 2050. DOW 100k, S&P 20k.

        All world currencies are tied together and the world is too economically powerful for a collapse. Exception world war III, asteroid impacts, yellowstone, disruption of oil… but that ain’t going to happen.

        Never bet against the FED, they have $infinity+1.
        Bet against them and you’ll be too broke to even take a piss in a stolen pot.

        • I might agree with you, except I know that they want to bring about a NWO with a New World Currency.

          My point is that they don’t want the current system to continue.

          • No recession unless they put a democrat in office then kiss your ass goodbye!

            • AMEN – you are making me religious!

          • However it plays out they need their bully boy the US military. That requires funding and enough political stability in the US so the actions of the US military personnel are reliable. At present this is accomplished by the USD. One world currency can be accomplished with separate nations each having different currencies. If the exchange rates are frozen and the USA has exclusive (with a caveat or two) ability at issuing then Banga Banga can keep their flowery pieces of paper with nationally known heroes. In effect its just different in appearance and denomination.

          • “My point is that they don’t want the current system to continue.”

            Who is they ??? The NWO wants their system to continue with its OWC: the USD.

            Only Russia, China, and other OUTSIDERS, doomsayers, haters, and their allies, like IRAN, want to change the system. The Uber Rich Investment Class, the NWO Political Class, and the multinational MIC Class want the system to be maintained as the “status quo”. And the latter is winning. 🙂

      3. Plus, always remember that when people say the party will never end is when everything falls apart. It happens every time!

      4. Get out of the city.
        Do whatever you can to not
        be dependent on the government
        (private is OK) for water, food
        and power.

        • At the very least out of NY and/or any other blue state. They will take the sweat off your balls and laugh at you while they are doing it!

      5. US Government overextended and Beyond BROKE.
        Arrest the politicians for theft and mismanagment.

        comment censored

      6. Disruption of oil can happen as many are predicting the demand for oil will exceed the supply long before 2050. Bert if you can predict the future please tell us what you expect by the year 2100.

      7. It seems the only Americans that have not recovered form the last recession are those who live under democratic rule. They should take a hard look at reality and just who their politicians are before bitching about others.

      8. For how long is your system not going to recognize my UID and/or IP address? I have been posting on SHTF for years now~!!

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