Nuclear War Is On The Horizon: “This Is Not Just Talk… Action Has Been Taken”

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    As the U.S. elections draw nearer, the amount of bellicose rhetoric from politicians and key military commanders (in truth, “politicians” as well) has been increasing.  The main focus of that rhetoric has been directed toward Russia, and is also “blathered” in the direction of China, North Korea, and Iran when it suits U.S. political interests.  The problem is that all of it is not just talk: action has been taken, especially regarding Russia and the Syrian theatre of operations.

    Within the past several weeks, the U.S. has bombed Syrian troops, killing 62 outside of Deor ez-Zor in airstrikes and then admitting to doing so “mistakenly.”  The Russians responded by firing up a UN/coalition convoy almost immediately after.  Russian naval artillery then took out a command post with approximately 30 “coalition” officers, some of them being Americans.  The U.S. then made itself responsible (indirectly) for an attack on the Russian Embassy in Damascus, Syria: anti-Assad Islamic militants did the job, and these have support with funding and materials of the U.S.

    These “cat-and-mouse” exchanges have not been new by any means, as evidenced by the aerial “Top-Gun” provocative fly-by’s that have been occurring all year long, in Syria as well as in Eastern Europe.  The U.S. has retracted the cease fire agreement and suspended all operations and discussions with Russia pertaining to Syria.  What is new is the level that the rhetoric has reached…rhetoric that is no longer rhetorical but actually constitutes direct threats against Russia.

    On September 29, 2016 the Washington Post reported these words from U.S. Secretary of Defense Ash Carter:

    “Across the Atlantic, we’re refreshing NATO’s nuclear playbook – to better integrate conventional and nuclear deterrence, to ensure we plan and train like we’d fight, and to deter Russia from thinking it can benefit from a nuclear use in a conflict with NATO.”

    The irony of that statement is evident.  While the U.S. emplaces missile batteries in Germany, Romania, and Moldova, Russia has not responded by placing missiles in either Cuba or Venezuela, two countries she holds strong ties with both militarily and economically.  Carter champions deterrence while simultaneously works to increase U.S. nuclear and conventional buildups in Eastern Europe.  But it doesn’t stop there with his words.  This was reported by George Ourfalian of AFP in an article entitled US Using Syrian Crisis to ‘Wage a Surrogate War’ Against Russia, on October 4, 2016:

    “US State Department spokesman John Kirby has made strong statements regarding Russia’s involvement in Syria, claiming that if Russia will not cooperate with the US, Moscow will keep sending troops home in body bags.”

    Strong words, and quite bellicose originating with a State Department spokesman completely removed from harm’s way.  Then this came out today, the date of this writing on October 5th as reported by Alex Jones’ Prison Planet:

    “I want to be clear to those who wish to do us harm…. the United States military – despite all of our challenges, despite our [operational] tempo, despite everything we have been doing – we will stop you and we will beat you harder than you have ever been beaten before. Make no mistake about that.” 

    General Mark Milley, U.S. Army Chief of Staff

    Milley was directing these words toward Russia.  He went on to describe the next coming war, as such:

    “[The next war will] be highly lethal, unlike anything our Army has experienced at least since World War II,” and would involve fighting in “highly populated urban areas.”

    Did the General mean overseas, or in the United States?  The Russians are currently (until the 7th of October) conducting nuclear evacuation drills involving over 40 million people.  Everyone from Putin and his general staff to local Moscow reporters believe that a nuclear war started by the United States is just on the horizon.  Just this week, Putin shelved an agreement between Russia and the U.S. to reduce the amount of Plutonium that can be converted into nuclear warheads.

    That agreement had been forthcoming since Obama initiated it in 2012, but Putin was straightforward in his reasoning behind cancelling things on Russia’s end from PrepBlog on 10/3/16 that because of U.S. belligerence, Russia needs:

    “…urgent measures to defend the security of the Russian Federation.”

    Putin and the Russian people believe the U.S.’s actions are going to lead to a nuclear conflict initiated by the United States.  The leadership of the U.S. is made up of politicians who began their careers as Marxist-Socialists.  Traitors now have their fingers on the triggers of the nuclear warheads, aided by “yes-men” of the general staffs who will not remember their oaths to the Constitution of the United States and the American people.  They will ignore that these charges take precedence above any orders given by a petty, dope-smoking, Marxist community organizer of dubious citizenship who was “emplaced” into office to destroy the country.

    Instead of statesmen and diplomats, we now have self-interested, politically-motivated belligerents backing Russia and other nations into corners and pushing them toward war.  How long the war of words will be continued is unknown; however, when the missiles begin to fly you can be certain of something.  You can rest assured that the men who spoke those words will be in bunkers and other safe places and out of harm’s way…paid for by the American taxpayer.

    Jeremiah Johnson is the Nom de plume of a retired Green Beret of the United States Army Special Forces (Airborne).  Mr. Johnson is also a Gunsmith, a Certified Master Herbalist, a Montana Master Food Preserver, and a graduate of the U.S. Army’s SERE school (Survival Evasion Resistance Escape).  He lives in a cabin in the mountains of Western Montana with his wife and three cats. You can follow Jeremiah’s regular writings at or contact him here.

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      1. I wouldn’t be surprised to see something really big happen before the election. Hillary needs a false flag or serious escalation in Syria.

        • I wouldn’t be surprised to see….. fill in the blank however you wish.

          • I am truly disappointed that so many of us are calling for nuclear conflagration. If nuclear war breaks out, there will be no winners. Some of you are calling for wiping out Western seats of power but I hope you realize that you live in those countries and you will suffer unimaginable pain and suffering as a result. Don’t think for a moment that the Russians, Chinese, North Koreans, and the Iranians are going to come ‘liberate’ you. They too will be sent back to the stone age or worse. Be careful what you wish for.

            Louisiana Eagle

            • Personally, I believe the worst invention ever from mankind – is Nuclear War Material & Energy.

              Those in Power, may they have the endurance & strength to never deploy such a hideous thing onto mankind.

              • personally I believe the “worst” Invention of human beings is creating a system that Lets Others make decisions for us. also known as “politicians”, a “political system” etc form of governing.

                This allows for mass destruction on a massive scale.

                • Yeah really, ever read “Engines of Domination”? Not a completely new idea but stimulating reading. In a nutshell, after humans started animal husbandry some ‘smart’ and devious types figured they could do the same with people. Turning us into an ‘engine’ of their creation.

            • Unless the US launches a First Strike and triggers Russia’s automated nuclear response, the Russo-Sino-E Ukrainian-Syrian-Iranian-Pakistani-North Korean-Venezuelan-South Sudan-Cuban-etc alliance will almost undoubtedly EMP the US who invited Russia and China to Grid Ex drill and thus compromised the energy and etc infrastructure to cut US Military forces abroad off trapped with Unconventional Warfare focus against Russo-Sino alone is a recipe for disaster.

              The sheer fact Soros, Koch Brothers, and other elitists have repeatedly stated Chinese governance was ideal as a world standard cupped with the Deagel Report should be quite telling to all people living in the Western Hemisphere.
              No, Russians and Chinese are not going to be the Western populace’s liberators; the Western governments have saddled their populace’s debts with nations known for brutal execution of dissidents and slave labor who doesn’t give a flying hoot forcing workers to labor in extremely dangerous environments including nuclear wastelands.

            • I don’t hear (bloggers and respondants) ‘so many of us are calling for nuclear conflagration.’

              I do hear ‘us’ warning other preppers that a ‘nuclear conflagration’ appears to be coming – and warning ‘us’ to prepare for the same as rapidly as possible. We DON’T want it, we hope it doesn’t happen, but it appears it could likely come – want it or not, ready or not.

              Keep up the good work guys/gals. I’m not ready for such a scenario out here in the toolies of Alaska, I’m only praying the fallout will have fallen out before it arrives. Though I’m fearful it will not.


              Son of Liberty

              • Keep reading mate. Thanks for the cheerful words of encouragement.

                Louisiana Eagle

              • Sons of Liberty – You wouldn’t happen to be a Yooper, would ya? The only people I’ve ever heard use the word toolies, are yoopers. I’m from Munising, Michigan and your use of that word just sent me right back home… 🙂

            • Even if by some miracle they weren’t sent back to the stone age…

              “Liberate you”???


              Dude… really?

              Liberate you from the burden of exchanging oxygen for carbon dioxide after using you as slave labor to strip mine what’s left of your country for them… yeah that I could believe.

        • NO. No war. Lots of bluster. An increase in the intensity of the war in Syria, but it will remain contained to the Middle East for some time to come.

          Despite its bluster Russia is NOT ready for war. Not yet.

          Russia needs at least two more years to prepare. WW 111 is not gonna happen this year or next. In fact, with a TRUMP election win, it could be avoided until his Administration ends.

          A Hillary win is a different scenario. 🙁

          • Damn Durrango you are hitting on al Cylinders. Bingo.

            Did you al know this.. How Trump “PUNKED” the media before the last debate. Trump called the Press in a conference room, for a Pre-Debate Presser or Photo Opp. But…. when the Press arrived, Trump had the Clintons; Rape victims all sitting at the Table to tell their story. Trump set the media up and “Punked” them. We heard about the press conference, but the Media was “Punked” into thinking it was a photo-opp session with Trump. Trump is Brilliant.

            Article and Video of the Clinton Rape Victims. Then Trump had them all seated in the front row at the debate.
            ht tp://


          • I am compelled to disagree.
            1). Russia, China, E Ukraine, Syria, Iran, Pakistan, North Korea, Venezuela, Cuba, and etc are a military-economic bloc.
            If Russia faced the US alone, you may have had a point.
            2). The author overlooks given an agreement between Venezuela-China around 2012-13 to install tactical warheads between the end of 2016-2017 to become fully operational renders Russia needing to move warheads to Cuba or Venezuela unnecessary.
            3). Russia and China were invited to Grid Ex, so they know precisely where to place strikes to generate an EMP collapsing the US energy grid to smithereens.
            4). With US military focused on unconventional warfare and Industrial output gutted, the US Military overseas is an easy mop up for just Russia or China combined; US forces abroad especially after EMPing communications, energy, and etc makes US forces abroad a suicide mission.

            If Trump wins, his only option to deescalate tensions is to reshuffle US national interests abroad, and most of his supporters have no clue ISIS is either a US-Arabian Alliance creation but sending in US ground forces triggers Russo-Sino’s pacts that President Obama handed Russia staging grounds to invade Alaska from the Arctic spreading the war from the Middle East to over 3 or more continents very rapidly. War expanding 3 or more continents is the generic definition of World War.

            • Russia is a landlocked European country and to win in Europe where its population is located, Russia must dominate the air. Russia must have at least 200 first line 5th generation fighter bombers to win the European theatre.

              They don’t have them yet.

              The other nations you mentioned do not have either the air or naval power to compete in their respective areas to challenge American might.

              A few tactical battlefield nukes and those countries will roll over and show their bellies like a submissive dog. No contest. 🙂

        • Where are the Protests on the street after: Ed Snowden’s “NSA spying on US citizens who are guilty of NOTHING” revelations? Government spying on Everyone Just to spy.

          Where are Protests after after reveal of the Obamunista using IRS to TARGET Tea Party and other Conservatives? IRS used as political weapon.

          Where are Protests of Illegal Alien CRIMINALS-Drug Dealers-Terrorist, ALL are allowed to cross US border ILLEGALLY. Severe National Security THREAT.

          Where are Protests after Hillary Rotten-Clinton given Free Pass after compromising National Security with her private email server in the bathroom, and US ambassador MURDERED in Bengahzi? Many other US friendly Intel Assets KILLED BECAUSE of Hillary’s National Security BREACH with email server. Do you understand that?

          FBI gives Hillary a Free Pass–Hillary ABOVE THE LAW. Where are protest is streets?

          Criminal TRAITOR occupy the white house and other areas of government and YOU do Nothing. Your fellow citizens do NOTHING. Oh yes they did. They put a criminal Anti American TRAITOR back in office for a Second term. INSANE!!!!!

          You asked for it. Now we ALL will get it. DESTRUCTION on Every level:
          Education of children Agenda 21-Feeding/Starving of children in school-Family destruction-Jobs GONE-Economic Collapse-Financial Collapse-Over run with Diseased Criminal Illegals. And the big one here it comes Nuclear World War III. All because you and your fellow Amerikans did NOTHING to stop Criminal Traitors in charge.

          You asked for it. You got it. Still like your Obasmunista “Change”?
          Obamunist is a Anti American, Anti Business, Anti Family, NWO Communist TRAITOR. Hillary is WORSE.

          *********Now LEAVE the USA if you want to Live.
          Stay Only if you want to be Nuked by China-Russia cooperative First Strike.
          Your choice. ******Leaving is Life.

          We are ALL done. Cooked Goose we are. Nukes will be on the way to USA in our life time. Gifts from China-Russia. We are screwed. Europe is Screwed. Civilization as we now have will be lost. Do you understand that?

          Compliant. Complacent. In the dark. Unaware. Like domesticated livestock led to slaughter. Like your “change.”

          ***Final: Leave USSA in order to Live.

          I’m done. No one listens anyway. “Pissin into the wind. Boots are all wet.”

          • amen, You are awesome and correct, Cooked goose is funny but not so funny. Ignorance is not bliss when it catches you unaware

          • “WHERE ARE THE PROTESTERS?” Well, the last ones I heard of who were protesting effectively (Occupy Wall street), went to prison!! That’s where they are!! Haven’t you heard? If you protest nowdays, its considered a federal offense and you can go to prison for a number of years!!

            Now, if you want to protest ineffectively (that is, get a permit and stand with a little card board poster in a government designated location) then you may be able to do that– if the gov. approves… but REAL protests are no longer allowed… (The Constitution has been gutted!!)

        • “I wouldn’t be surprised to see something really big happen before the election. Hillary needs a false flag or serious escalation in Syria”.

          No, I don’t think Hillary needs anything!! All the media has her big smiling teeth all over the front cover of everything!!! they have already declared her the winner! They are constantly bad mouthing trump and saying all this positive crap about her– whether true or not.

          • US is already preparing a Syrian false flag,painting an F-18 to look like a Russian jet.

        • I’ll bet you ANYTHING that nothing happens except a SELECTION !!!
          There will not be a war with Russia directly , only proxy wars so calm down !!!

        • The US will begin the war in Ukraine, that will be the main battle ground for the next war. This will be a distraction from Syria where the US cannot achieve regime change. By containing the attack in Ukraine the US will hope that the war would not spread. Unfortunately the main strategists in the pentagon were kicked out years ago and the plan now is like all the operational plans over the past 3 years. It not only lacks merit but could lead to disaster.

        • This is what happens after generations of inbreeding. The Rothschilds, who rule the world, have been marrying first and second cousins to keep the money and power all in the family.


        • The only way to prevent war is to first collectively annihilate those who want war, suggest war, or even think war.

        • I know there is A God. No matter if you believe it or not everyone will face the God of the Universe and won’t look good for unbelievers. Jesus is the answer my friend.

      2. Where is Cyndi Sheehan and the fascist left press when you need them??

        Anyhow, if Hilary does start a war, hopefully we can send all the feminists and radical gays to fight, since they have been so anxious to turn the military into a sociological experiment.

        • Its interesting how the fake left, sponsored by the fascist rich of Soros fame, is conspicuously absent when Democrats lead the attack.

          Here is a self described left wing web site that referes to Hillary as a Neo-Con, Kissinger as a war criminal and Obama completely undeserving of a Nobel Peace Prize.

          h ttp://

        • Yup,
          They want equal everything, i say give it to em, start with a draft then send them all off to get blown up like our other soldiers.

      3. Sadly the only way to destroy the Zionist Government of Amerika is a long range ICBM.

        • You could be right because the public of the western world are being drugged and don’t have the balls left to deal with those that did 9/11 and not only are they turning into queers as a result but sperm rate fell off a cliff and cancer rates are going up as a result of the drugs.

          Big Pharm wants to talk about colestrial levels but not not sperm levels.

          “Plan B”

          Russia attacks Israel and blows all the real US leaders to bits and then members of Congress will be without bribes and will then be forced to listen to what the people want or face the rope.

          Putin phones up the Clinto/trump puppets and says I have cut your strings so would you like to get “MAD” or should we call it quites on your “War on Terror” and yes you will need to kill these ISIS terrorists you have created or it will be your turn next.

          • Mr Smith, You indeed have a point with “Plan B”. I think a simultaneous on Israel and Saudi would be effective but it has to be so violently that leaves no living creatures in the two swamps of sub humanity.

            Plan B definitely takes care of ISIS but the prerequisite would be for the patriots in the West to start the cleansing of their own countries.

        • Stolz, take out DC, NY, Hollyweird, City Of London, Tel Aviv. Most of the world’s problems solved.

        • Stolz

          It already has been for the last 8 years.
          The nerves to the brain have not registered yet.
          You do not need a ICBM.

        • Yep they can start lobbing ICBM’s on JewYork City and Washingscum DC. Then Palm Beach & Delray Beach, FL, then Long Island NY and Virginia, Hollywood, CA, San Francisco, and Nancy Pelosi’s, Soros, and Bloomberg’s Home etc.


        • Hey Stolz Vorfahren you dumbass, learn how to spell AMERICA. The greatest country ever known. And being such a dumbass, you have no clue to all the scary wicked shit we have in our arsenal.

          • He knows how to spell it, Jim.
            Went right over your head, didn’t it? Ooops.

      4. The righteous rise with burning eyes of hatred and ill will. Mad men fed on fear and lies to beat and maim and kill. Those who know what’s best for us must rise and save us from ourselves. – Neal Peart ( Rush )

        Pray the Rosary daily. It is our only hope.

        • Be like Ruth: Pray, but keep occupied while waiting for an answer. Carry some form of radiation detection instruments and the directions on how to use them every day. Even if you leave them in the car, it will still give you options should these idiots get their war. Remember too that God does not stop every war that people pray about. Sometimes, the wars are part of the fulfillment of prophesy and He will not stop them. It is up to you to survive, if He wills it.

        • Don’t forget the sprinkling of holy water, and the sacrificing of little boys.

      5. What’s amazing to me is all the Americans sitting around like apes in the forest scratching their heads, and rubbing their bellies. We don’t go out with a whimper, we go out with d’oh, as we, and our families, turn to dust.

        Is it not absurd that an entire country is powerless in the face of lawlessness by a few, and await a single man to come and fix it! How pathetic!

        • And delusional

      6. Tonight hubby and I watched NBC news. We’re camping and have very limited viewing options at the moment.

        The open of the news cast had the words CIVIL WAR behind Lester Holt. Very dramatic. He went on to say the civil war was in the Republican party.

        Still, just seeing those words in a news cast seemed very ominous.

        I guess the civil war has to start somewhere, eh?

        • I’m waiting for Toto to grab the bottom of the curtain, pull it back and expose the powerful and mighty OZ.

          • that ALREADY happened…just read killary’s emails.

            • Them evil ones was so busy Training Hillary to be their riseing star female shedevil, that they forgot to teach her computer security when she spent her early years in a Yeshiva accademy training center eh. OyVey!

              Two DEmerits for AIPAC demons!

        • It will be far from civil wgen it gets rolling

      7. Sweet! weeding time. If you found God, no sweat
        he Whore of Babylon is toast

        • the god horseshit is a big part of what has caused the problems on earth now.

          • charliedog, I guess I’d be angry too if I did not have an exit strategy. I’ll pray for you.

      8. Kinda’ tired of the rhetoric from this “former green beret” hiding out in the Montana hinterboonies. Is he a Russian plant, a leftist provocateur, a spy even?
        Somebody should walk up to his retired butt and tap him on the shoulder and ask him, “are your cats ex-KGB too?”

        • Can’t handle an alternative viewpoint? The US is not always the good guy and the sooner you realize this, the sooner you will reach enlightenment.


            remove any electrical gadget support such cams n drones and satellites and they are lost.

            if you want to defeat a ME guy, you gotta walk in the rocks and dust to seek n aim. if you want to defeat usa you have to press the killswith and everyone start whining ” we are offgrid sir “…..

            96h later they eat each other to achieve the fantasm of walking dead tv show.

            almost none realize in case of nuke conflict, :

            1) you dont know it until it is done
            2) radiation got you quietly you dont notice it
            3) you die in days, whatever your prep shit with ton of foods and mountain of ammos…

            when you realize this, you feel better. because not a single western government will officially announce a conflit like nuclear style and ask for population to prepare, this is what mainly differ west from east.

            • Is it true that french taste like frog leggs?

        • Well then move along, dont let the door hit ya in the ass on the way out…..

        • Stormy

          Have you asked yourself who is arming ISIS and what is ISIS doing in Syria? Superficially one can rule out Syria, Russia and Iran so who is remaining? Have you asked yourself why the US used its airpower to support AQ (those nuts hat brought you 911) in overthrowing Libya and why was Libya overthrown?

          Seriously the information is present. Its here, Its at Zero Hedge, Its at InfoWars, Drudge and a host of others. Read, reason, look at the aftermath not the propaganda.

          • Stormy says,
            You probably DON’T know that behind the scenes in most of the countries we have been in a war issue with, Iraq, Pak, Afgan. etc. etc. it was always because THEY would NOT co-operate and allow a oil pipeline through there country, in Gaddafi’s case we took him out because of TWO things, oil pipeline and HE started his own currency and excluded US oil dollars. I will strongly suggest you do your research and YOU will discover two things
            1- you have been brainwashed by watching and believing the MSM
            2- our government has sold us out and has been that way for many years! really hope this enlightens you and you will help to enlighten others!! like i said don’t just go on what i am saying, REALLY go out and dig up the information, it IS there and you will see what i am saying!!

      9. The best indicator of the direction of travel is the propaganda out there. And the anti-Russian propaganda is at its peak. Unfortunately for the fate of humanity, the Clintons have been able to successfully portray themselves as politically correct lovers of women and ‘minorities’ (who are in fact the majority in the world), while casting the Russians as evil gangsters hell bent on war.

        On the plus side, such a future conflict will get lots of ‘minorities’ and Muslims killed in the process – a brief bright spot in a bleak fate.

      10. Please don’t think of or imagine Putin as some kind of good guy or a person without evel intent. Just look at how Russia behaves against its neighbouring countries and not only militarily.
        Russia should be deterred.
        Does the agreement signed following WW2 that granted the USSR the right to occupy Prussia (now Kaliningrad region in south-east Baltic Sea) indeed contains provisions allowing installation of nuclear missile sites there…

        • Putin is no saint. I don’t see Russians in the Western Hemisphere. Russia has two bases outside of Russia, the US has something on the order of a few hundred. Containing?

          “Just look at how Russia behaves against its neighbouring countries and not only militarily.”

          Please tell me your joking. The US used its air power to support Islamic Fundamentalists and took Libya with the second highest standard of living in Africa and reduced it to Somalia. Think the Iraq people are better off and where are those WMDs? Maybe ask the Vietnamese who we betrayed and helped France rape (quite literally) its former colony post WWII after Ho Chi Minh helped us fight the Japanese. We promised them giving them our word that we would not let the French reoccupy Indo-China. Hell we paved their return trip and paid 95% of the war cost against those Vietnamese. Maybe go back a few more years to the banana wars in Central and South America that in the 1980s the CIA schooled Right Wing Death Squads in civilian control that killed Catholic Priests in their terror campaign. Want to read a book? Read, “War Is A Racket” by two time Metal Of Honor recipient USMC Major General Smedley Butler. He stated, “I was a bully boy for Wall Street”.

          Cut us a break.

        • Kurs

          “Russia behaves against its neighboring countries”

          Elaborate please because the coup in the Ukraine was done by the CIA (with Soros help) and they removed a popular democratically elected government installing in a fascist one in its place. So who is Russia screwing over and how?

      11. When Washington is populated by tumbleweeds and not politicians, it’s on.


        Preface to to The Riddle: I was born in The United States of America. Child of a WWII veteran. I still have my Vietnam draft card. I grew up in the greatest country on the planet, with the greatest liberties, opportunities and freedoms. It was a country where, if you owned a business, YOU DID BUILD IT AND NOBODY ELSE DID! A country where people could go to a doctor and choose their health insurance INSTEAD of going to a person who has probably had medical training and certification as a doctor but who is now relegated to standing at a computer terminal and asking a bunch of “meaningful use” questions that are summarily reported to the government (instead of being examined and given prescriptions that the insurance companies actually WOULD cover and that the pharmacists actually WOULD have in stock because they were NOT being mysteriously rationed to them, as they are now). I could watch our space program do amazing things because they were a SPACE program and not the redefined agency now that let all of the greatest minds in the industry go (to other countries) and who does, well, basically NOTHING. Well, I could go on and on with this preface…on to THE RIDDLE.

        THE RIDDLE: I have never moved out of that great country I mentioned above…The United States of America. Yet I now find I am no longer IN that country. This is some other country. Where freedoms are quashed and brave men now hide for fear of being condemned as being “politically incorrect” (AND WORSE) and where all of the freedoms are all but gone and “If you own a business NOW DAMMIT YOU DID NOT BUILD IT…the rest we know and most have forgotten about…

        …SO THE RIDDLE IS – WHAT COUNTRY AM I IN NOW – AND HOW THE HELL DID I GET HERE?! (and how do I get back?!).

        • When you find out let me know because i am trying to find my way back as well,,,,

          • Anonymous: Answer to Your riddle question “What Country am I Now in”?!

            Easy answer for them what are awakened.

            You are Now in the number one main colony of the state of Israel, called “america”.

            You are also in the Latest of 110-Nations that have played Host country to the “Tribe”. Of which zero evidence has ever yet surfaced to prove that Any of those 110 Nations, including the usa/america has Ever actually Invited that tribe to reside within it’s borders!

            Logic and History dictate then that in Every case of all 110 Host nations to Date, every time it has always been an invasion and infiltration of what history also proves to be the greeesiest demonic doer’s of everything wrong and evil to the folks that compromise the 99.98% of worlds Human populations, also known of by the tribe as “goyim”.

            However main reason this is still such a huge mystery to so many folks in the usa,is due to the fact that the same infiltraitors have gained full total controls over every form MSM TV/newspapers etc et al and also by default controls every piece of information folks need and use to form opinions and ideas from. And as most folks do know of now, every such msm media format has been pushing out pure propaganda rubbish ever since the early 1920’s in the usa and EU nations.

            And the real factual truths and proven evidences to it all have been fully suppressed and well hidden untill aprox 10 to 15 years ago, when the Internet websites began to publish actual truth info and factual proofs galore of just how greezy and bad for every nation such invasions and infiltrations are.

            Which is prime main reason Israel officials at top levels have for the past three years been rabidly at work secretly behind the scenes, putting together a workable solution for them to get around the americans first ammendt free speech rights and to censor soon every reply like MIne here! and force every website Server company to Ban and Wipe out Every webiste that still Dares to allow or print and post up relevant truth infos, like a few who dare here always try to do in order to awaken far greater numbers of yet duped usa citizenery.

            So Colonist Anonymous sir or madam, just do some deep research about these important issues and facts about that tribes methods etc and do so fast before its all Gone as if never was there!

        • Amen brother the USA Is now USSA the United socialist states of america and I am with you on this whole pc crap. It used to be that is someone disrespected you by running their mouth you could just haul off and nock the shit out of them but now you go to jail with charges that are violent labled and your black balled in society . And if your not a minority and you run your mouth back well your just the worst person alive. The US has become a country of pussies that are pc compliant due to the fear of social punishment I would estimate prob 80% of todays 25 yr old and younger would have been beat up and peed on back in the day .

        • You are in Palestine.
          Your masters are the jewish neocons who control your domestic and foreign policy, and who train your police to shoot first on each and every occasion.

          A message for Jeremiah Johnson; could you please lead us through the logical pathway which led you to the conclusion that the Assad government destroyed a food convoy?
          As he points out, but you obviously weren’t listening; if he did such things, he would rapidly alienate the people of Syria whom he is sworn to protect.
          And given that a military man such as yourself will recognise the fact that these vehicles were not struck from the air; but as you say yourself, burned out on the ground, and the ground upon which they were burned out was controlled by terrorists, then how is it that you blame Russia for this action?
          This assertion is indefensible; you should withdraw it.

        • Anonymous, I sure would like to answer that question but no one really cares to hear it. We can fix this country but it would take too many people, too long and too much “trouble” to do it. All most people want, who say they want to go back to the way things “used to be”, really want to do is bitch and moan about the way things are. Well guess what? THINGS ARE THE WAY THEY ARE FOR A F—ING REASON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Duh? They didn’t just happen one day while you were busy picking your nose, it happened slowly over a long period of time. Is it really fixable? I like to think so but when you try to get people to listen to reason, they just start spewing crap about,….well, crap that is just more crap. So I guess the bottom line is, I think it will take a really big kick in the nuts to get people to listen to reason, but then I think it will be to late.
          We all loose a shooting match, whither it’s long guns or nukes.

          Mr. Charlie, out.

          • Mr. Charlie: If you read Romans chapter 1(only about 33 lines), If you’re a believer or not, there is no denying It is the EXACT picture of what this once great country has become. Way Too many people have turned away from god and do not honor God as the creator so many have been turned over to reprobate minds. The House, Senate ,& White House has become occupied by moral degenerates that are working in the best interests of the global bankers not the best interests of the citizens. It is not fixable the country is under a judgement from God. America has become Mystery Babylon described in the book of Revelation. Soon it will be destroyed but recover and then totally destroyed. The Bible has 100% accurate so far also a delusion from God himself will prevent the lost from being able to open their eyes and see just how true it all is. Peace unto you.

        • The Constitutional Federalist Republic of the United States of America! ~ Brave men don’t hide, they overcome fear and do what must be done! That doesn’t mean they’re afraid, it’s just they won’t be paralyzed by it!

        • The tree of Liberty was never really tended to…It will take a lot of blood to revive the roots.

          We dropped a nuke on Hiroshima and Nagasaki and they rose from the ashes.
          Voters dropped Democrat/Progressives on Detroit, Cincinnati, Buffalo et al and the dead corpses are still decaying

          • Bx:

            Feed your head.

            Your brain is made of fat. If you go on a low fat diet, your brain shrinks. So, remember…”feed your head”.

            Flax seed, walnuts, bone broth, fatty fish, evening primrose oil, coconut oil, olive oil, avocado, all those 3,6,9 oils, even butter and saturated fat and cholesterol. Go enjoy your fats and remember, “feed your head”.

            Thanks for the Memories. No smart aleck remarks from the ..


      13. The USA just needs to make sure it does not break international law by attacking Syria who has attaced no one and then no nukes will fly this time.

        if on the other hand the US public does want to face 20,000 nukes to protect “Moderate Rebels” come ISIS terrorists and cannot reign in their banker puppet government then they had better start to pratice walking into the light.

        Isreal and it’s bankers are not getting any free land in Syria and the american (forced march) to take over the world seems to have hit a brick wall and yanks in Europe should go home, we don’t want you here and americans don’t like having to pick up the bill so just go home.

        • Mr Smith,
          As a Texan I have often felt the same thing. We wish DC and all the ilk that pours out of it would go home as well. Texas like Europe doesn’t need DC BS either.

      14. The Oligarchs have gone mad,and middle America is toast if they get their way.

      15. The hardest thing for most people to grasp is the level of betrayal from our governments, in particular the UK and US governments: both have been funding and supporting ISIS from the get go and are infiltrated to the highest levels by radical Muslims, in particular the Muslim Brotherhood.

        Right now we are witnessing a civil war within in our governments and between various branches of the government. This is why foreign policy is a mess and seems to be working at cross purposes. And that is what scares the Russians the most: they do not know who to trust in the US government to negotiate with and can’t trust anything they say. All they see are the actions: the first strike policy and pre-emptive strike policy, the bases surrounding them and the bases crawling all over the world.

        You will notice the increasing use of bearded Muslims to do airport border screenings. This is not an accident: it is an overt display of power and who is really in charge. This will only get more overt and more brazen. They have access to the databases and will use that data to further harass the population, in particular whites.

        We are heading into a soft caliphate; at some point the soft caliphate will go hard caliphate, and by then, it will be too late. The population will not be able to respond to the violence that will be unleashed on them.

        • I agree with you Frank. They need to be removed from power before someone pulls the trigger. It is not only the politicians but the banksters and the corporations that control everything. We are but pawns in their desire for global control and power. A few million dead here or there is of no consequence. The death and destruction need to be brought to their doorstep.

          Most of them are psychopaths and sociopaths. They care not for us and have no conscience. They have there lavish bunkers and getaways already in placer for they know what they are doing to the world. They expect to obliterate the masses and emerge into a brave new world in control of everything. They are truly megalomaniacs.

        • i Give Frank much credit for being able to so well overlook and hide the real factual persons in control!

          Indeed Frank. you must be refering to all those “Muslims” such as Diane Finestien, Charles schumer, Bloomberg, Babs Boxer, every Owner of every major newspaper and magazine and many msm websites, the head honcho Muslim inbred family of Rothschilds/Banksters in city of London aka Rothschild city, Telaviv city aka also rothschild owned lock stock and barrel.

          And most every israel state official building like israel surpeme court building etc et al that was paid for by the same bankster family rothschild eh?

          All them sneeky muslim controlers eh Frank?

          Well the jigs up and the tribe has all but Lost all of its former “Mojo Effect” upon the duped goyim folk globally Frank….Except of course for you it seems eh!

          • Them guys:


            You tell Em.

            ? I think Mr. Frank is one of “Them”.

            His fantasies are creepy. I know you don’t have kids. If you had a daughter, guys like Frank are the ones every parent watches for. What kind of sick perverted bastard thinks like him. Oh, yea. I know, “Those Them Guys” what wears the beanies and bangs their heads on the wailing wall. What the Phuck do they have to cry about. If I got $30,000.00 a year for nothing, I’ld make a circle, hold hands, and dance like a drunken Rockette. ! ! !

            • B from CA; Also make sure you have a few live chickens. To use to rid yourself of all sins!…Main method is to Twirl a Live chicken held by its two legs, overhead while insanely rabidly Chanting some incoherent mambo-jambo.

              Yutube has a few good Videos that show each step of live chicken twirling done by an orthodox black wide brim hatted member too.

              Then when fully certain every sin has been transfered into the live chicken you are twirling over your head furiously, and while you also spin around in circles…

              Then stop spinning and Face the cement wall and smash the live chickens head and body against the wall to kil it.

              Then Bingo! You have just rid self of every sin you had! Because the dead chciken now possesses those sins!

              See how that Free pass into heavens back door process works B/Ca?….Caution! this is only supposed to work properly for self chozens as only they are born with free pass into heaven due to birth dna…Or also due to conversion religiously which kinda refutes that birth dna stuff eh?

              No great wonderment as to just why so many of the tribe are so damn fanatical and rabidly paranoid huh?

              Between bang own foreheads against a wall, and live chicken Twirlings to then kill it against a wall too…That’ll be sure to drive anybody insane!

              ps: I concur with your suspicion frank is a made member of tribe too…he makes it too obvious no?

      16. So how many of you have your iodine pills. Have a calibrated Geiger counter and dosimeter to count rads.

        Better still, do to have a place to hide and protect you from a the blast and fallout.

        When is the right time to build a shelter? Is it now? What will your neighbors think as you pile your sandbags up. How long can your significant other stand a room filled with material, to protect you, that was once your living room or bedroom. See how long that lasts.

        We are screwed and you know it.

        • Better to angle for a ride on those underground mag lev trains to the continuity of government shelters. That’s where the p#ssy and food will be. The first strikes will take out the main cities and above ground military bases, so it is a waste of time to hope you will survive hiding behind a sand bag in your home.

          One of the little known purposes of Facebook/Linkedin is to harvest the best p#ssy for shelter invitations. It was never about helping you get a good job (just look at the death of the middle classes and the real unemployment rates). It has all been about p#ssy harvesting.

          • Frank –

            You are quite the character – and I say that as being a good thing.

            Thanks for the chuckle dude ツ

        • I built mine into the walls, etc when remodeling my basement 4 years ago….GTG as I’m ever going to be with CBRN-suits and full face as well.

      17. Why do people think they deserve respect. Where I cum from respect is earned. Until that happens go fuck yourself.

        • Thats what im talking about used to be give respect to get respect or you get a bloody nose or split lip not this pc crap of feelings and being socialy compliant

      18. “They will ignore that these charges take precedence above any orders given by a petty, dope-smoking, Marxist community organizer of dubious citizenship who was “emplaced” into office to destroy the country.”

        Very well said sir. A clear mind is priceless.

      19. I would wager that the Islamist in chief would like to start WW3 between as many infidels as possible before he leaves office so that his jihadist buddies have little to no resistance to their world domination plans. Hang on to your hats people………..

      20. bullshit, USA and Russia both work for the central banks. War is economic profit, reallocation of ownership and population control. Syria is cannon fodder for greater Israel

        • At lease Russia kicked out the Rothschild Banking Cartel.
          One step in the right direction … but … couldn’t say if their banking practices are still corrupt as ours is.

          War is an economic profit – but the kind of war that is getting tossed around here (nukes) … who the hell would profit from this kind of devastation if it was unleashed onto all of us?

          There will be survivors and some of those will include the “big boy/girl club” that have initiated the crisis – what exactly would the elite have leftover to work with?

          Not sure if it would be a place to continue to live – it may be too difficult to sustain life. Iduno … gonna have to “wait ‘n see” I guess.

      21. Don’t worry. There won’t be a war. It’s all sabre rattling to keep you engaged and entertained. If we actually went to war, as soon as the Russians/ChiComs detected us getting ready, their hackers would turn off everything. Internet, phones, railroads, water treatments, power, air traffic control, credit cards, stock market, etc. If our govt goes to war, our country turns off before a single round is fired.

      22. Dear Russia and President Putin,
        We the American people are not responsible for the actions of our current corrupt government. If you would please restrain your target assignment to a little 10 square mile plot of land near the ocean on the east coast it would be appreciated. We can take it from there.
        Thank you,
        A concerned American

        • navy guy

          I think a Russian first strike, if they chose to do so, would be a small yield nuke at the Bilderberg Group meeting. The Russian’s damn sure know who the snakes head is. One hit, get on the Red Phone and say, “The King is dead, your all free”, to every western nation and ensure them that Russia is standing down. Its the greatest most widespread coup in the history of the world. Think of a wasps nest. You can fight the soldiers or get the queen bee. Politicians are just high ranking soldiers, capitals just satellite bases, cities are just hives of workers that have no political power but their survivors have long memories filled with hatred if attacked.

          While the above makes for a movie script I’m amazed that so many, so powerful, that do so much evil, meet at a single place annually. Guarded from civilians? Sure. In time of near or pending war against a nation that has the capability to successfully attack it? Damn risky. If their meeting is cancelled start worrying as they sense that this just might happen.

        • If this was a petition I would sign it!

      23. Brothers, sisters, forsake your differences, anyone who reads this, if the world goes to the worst it can offer, I hope all of you are as prepared as can be.
        If you come into trouble, if your AO is soaking in radiation or nuclear fallout, blockade your windows and doors with whatever you can, black plastic sheeting works well if you have nothing, if you have time, go out and buy a few more plastic buckets, OTC drugs for rad sickness, just what ever you can.
        Or even look into making a small green house which will stop a little bit of the rads getting to your veggies.

        Stand fast, stand tall, stand ready. Sheep dogs only sleep once the flock are returned.

        • Thumbs up!

      24. Winners and losers,theres no good outcome for anyone. If it comes to the red bottom being pushed the VERY FEW that are left will inherit nothing but misery. You can prep for a lot of things but that is just not one that offers any real opportunities. Those few that do survive I wish them well, they will need it.

        • Theres some things that just are not worth surviving.

      25. This is so stupid!!! They are risking WW3 over a frigging gas pipe line from the Arabian peninsula.

        I can’t think of any better way to get the population down to 500,000. What they keep forgetting is that we little people are what keeps them alive.

        Like I have said all along is that the Human race has been here before and we keep making the same mistake. If you doubt it why is there an area in India that has the signs of and radiation that only comes from being hit by a nuke? Why is there cities under the ocean floor that no one knew about until 50 years ago? I guess we are going back to the STONE AGE AGAIN!

        Just some little thoughts from a little person.


        • Sgt. Dale says,
          you have a valid point! as you know our world has been destroyed several times and it has been awhile since that has happened and maybe it is time again? NOPE, not wishing for that, only thing would be to clean out all the corrupt scum out of the world and maybe have some peace for awhile! would be nice, but probably won’t happen!! stay safe my friend!!

          • Apache54 you have to understand we are all corrupt in one way or another. Yes we can point fingers at the elite for the things they have done, yet they are only in their positions of power because we have allowed them to be. Even with this election, people are still fooling themselves into believing that if Trump were to get elected that he would do things differently.

            There lies the problem of the universe if you will. The matrix system is so clever and knows our ego’s so well that it knows what the outcome will be. The entire world is obsessed with collapse and calamity and the universe will oblige what the majority thinks is manifested – heck even the bible says what a man thinks he is.

        • Sgt Dale

          “They are risking WW3 over a frigging gas pipe line from the Arabian peninsula.”

          This speaks volumes for their greed and hubris. I seen the mentality in industry. You push the envelope a little, your successful. Now they think, “Hay were too cautious”, “We’re losing money on the table”. Incrementally danger and risk are marginalized until its, “Oops, we went too far”. I seen it with investigations of catastrophes in the Petro-Chemical / Oil Refining industries. Government is no different except the stakes are MUCH LARGER.

      26. none of us diserve this. if we kept our mouths shut none of this would be happening

        • What the hell are you saying are you insinuating everyone should be friggin sheeple that keep your mouth shut shit is on top of pc mountain . Thats the prob too many have kept their mouth shut too long in pc fear.

      27. One thing I’ve been thinking about…if the US (or wherever) gets nuked to the point where it disrupts power/travel/fuel supplies, wouldn’t there be a knock-on effect of pretty much all the nuclear power reactors melting down in relatively short order when they can’t keep them cool for long? Especially in countries where nukes are a huge part of their power equation.

        Beyond a VERY limited exchange, nobody wants to live in the world that follows. Including even the doofuses in charge. I hope they’re getting good advice on the real results of such a thing.

        Time to make another CostCo run and load up on more canned stuff I think.

      28. Saber rattling. The destruction of a nuclear war will be to great. We have become the laughing stock of the world because of our current political situation. Others are trying to exploit that perceived weakness.

      29. They are risking it all on the spoils of war. The prize is Russia’s vast natural resources. The pipeline through Syria was designed to cut Russia off from selling their natural gas to the EU. That would collapse the Russian government and allow our crooks to put puppets in charge. The elites have bunkers loaded with survival gear bought by tax payers. They actually think they can win and survive. They are truly insane. The Dark Ages may return.

        • Him, You are exactly correct !

      30. There are so many reports on how bad things are in Syria and Venezuela. These conditions have been going on for so long, that it is amazing that there is anyone left alive in either country. Somehow, people seem to survive hellish situations longer than anyone has a right to expect. Anyone of us could find ourselves in a similar situation aince America isn’t exempt. The Maduro government seems so incredibly obstinate not to seek and take all the international help it can get!

      31. I think the truely evil people will die screaming and with enormous fear and dread and the others (fortunate good ones) if its their time will go in a quick flash then vaporized about as much time as the twinkle of your eye from the nuke flash

      32. It is monstruous that someone believe and write here that this situation is due to “marxist” ideology: both US and Russia are imperialist powers, doped with state capitalism: exactly the opposite of communism and marxism. A communist economic system works without man exploitation, money, capital, banks, market, exactly the opposite of economy in US and Russia; a communist economic system is grounded on internationalism, where decision are taken by a world government, exactly the opposite of the political decisions triggering this new cold war between US and Russia. But, I have to repeat it another time here, this crisis absolutely will not bring to a real war. We’re very far from that. Globally, world economy is still in good shape, nobody wants a war.

      33. Marxism sucks more than capitalism due to the totalitarianism. Humans have a way of screwing everything up. Regardless of system. The smaller the government, the safer you are.

        • Totalitarianism you refer to, was indeed a state capitalism (there were exploitation, money, capital, banks, market…) and really fascism is the other face of democracy in a capitalistic production system, as capitalists support fascist governments during capitalistic general crisis.

          Then, if you look at history of mankind, you’ll notice a progression in human soul, and this is because of the progress in material economic structures, and as a consequence also human ideologies and conscience go ahead. Today a powerful man cannot arbitrarly kill a poor man, or have the ius primae noctis.

          About the systems, you cannot judge communism, because never in the history of the world there was a communist economic system; this is a revolutionary program for the future: look at the Venus project to have a naive glimpse how a communist system could be alike.

          About government, you have not to confuse the bourgeoise states (of USA, USSR, Russia, etc) with the necessity to manage and coordinate an economic system. The former is a superstucture apt to exploit and submit workers in the interest of respective capitalists, and it grows bigger as the capitalistic system (and the subordinate class) grows bigger. The latter is the superstructure necessary (and common to all the human social activities, from schools to businesses to states etc ) to organize the exchanges of goods and services.

          In communism, there will not be exploited classes anymore, so the bourgoeise concept of state will have no reason to exist; the economic activities will be totally automated (because will cease the man exploitation to extort surplus value and capital), and the government will be extremely small (military and police will not have almost any sense to exist, for example, and law will be extremely simplified because there will not be money at all) and in perpective this will bring to real anarchy.

      34. Nuclear war will not happen because not only will the man in the street die but so will those in power. Nuclear war is MAD-mutually assured destruction-not good for those in power


      36. If these Washington Morons continue to provoke the Russian
        bear we are all going to die from Nuclear winter !

      37. That fake troll on here, Old Guy thinks that it’s not going to happen..Nibiru, war, and environmental collapse is coming to America. He is cool with everyone, but as soon as I post, he attacks.. troll guy does not own a farm, nor does he own animals, troll guy is none other than and Agency ass clown troll trying to keep me hush, hush so that North Korea or some or another rogue element can EMP the living fuck out of our country.. you dumb fuck trolls should know by now that most of us are awakened. You saw what I posted, just watch what happens next.. those who have BOL, get to it now, GTFOOT..get the fuck out of town while you can. Unfortunately I may be stuck here..


        Yep, we are phucked

      38. FOLKS


      39. Its all over. All the tough talk about fighting HLS when they come to take your guns and lead u off to the concentration camps….er….Education camps, around the country,…won’t save you.
        The last thing to save USA is to dump Hilary. The blacks the gays and the lefty liberals all support her. The Demoncrats are going to round up all the welfare moms and take them to the polls to vote in November…maybe twice if they can get away with it.
        We had 8 years of Obama and no one did anything like impeachment when he violated the Constitution with his Executive Orders, and tried to take away the 2nd 14th and 22nd Amendments to the Constitution.
        We have had scandal after scandal….IRS…DEA.Dept of the FBI says Hilary Rotten was “careless” with her emails.CARELESS?….anyone but a 1%er would be in jail…as I and millions who have had security clearances know she violated three laws.
        Hilary and Bubba Clinton are expert at deflection and ignoring all charges against them. They are lawyers and know how to play the system. They spent $13 million on lawyers to avoid prosecution on the White Water investigation back in the 1990s. They have discredited all the women who pressed charges against Bubba….they are smart because they are Sociopaths who care about no one but them selves ( read the book ” The Sociopath next store”)….charges should have been brought up against Obama, but the Demoncrats played the black card…and every one backed off. I remember the proceedings against Nixon. Obama has done much more than lie to Congress about 15 minutes of audio tape…Read ” throw them all out”….If you don’t know about the Clintons by now….read..” 13 Hours”….” Unlikable”…”Clinton CASH”….but do it NOW….
        Come November it will be all over..the 1%ers will win if Clinton gets in.Trump is not the greatest but he is the “last man standing”…..our only hope.
        Do it NOW…..get out the vote or kiss your ass goodbye.

      40. And so Putin AKA King of the North will come against Obama AKA king of the South and unleash his weapon of indignation and leave the king of the South in utter darkness via an EMP weapon. I believe in life begins at conception.Putin was conceived in Moscow which is due North of Jerusalem and Obama was conceived in Kenya which is due South.Where born doesn’t matter as much as conception.Food for thought!

      41. What most people fail to understand is any kind of nuclear war will almost surely end all higher forms of life on earth. Nuclear power plants take a year to decommission and any time during that year, an interruption in cooling will cause it to overheat and explode. If a bomb goes off near a power plant, there will be no one there to monitor it and sooner or later it will blow. Multiply that by a hundred and you can imagine what a lovely place the earth will become!

      42. The world “knows ” that Obama is weak and possibly slow mentally. Something is out of whack when Russia offers to work on many problems with the US, and is turned down. Obama and his Admin. has done everything they can to demonize Putin and Russia, as well as indoctrinate the American people. Some Americans hate Russians and Putin for no reason whatsoever! Obama has pushed his lies, assisted by Kerry, McCain, Clinton and Bidden, until the whole world believes that Putin is the aggressor. America is the aggressor! Russia had trucked in 100’s of thousands of metric tons of humanitarian support to the people of Ukraine over the past two years. Over two million documented refugees have crossed over into Russia to seek safety. Russia received, resettled them, gave them jobs, money, toys, all they needed to get reestablished. Did you see that on your TV? Indoctrination- brainwashing- and you will support a first strike against Russia! Russia is not a backward country-check it out for yourself. Google Russian military- they have exceeded America in quantity, quality and technology- You may want to wake up and see what your politicians are getting you into- a landscape from Hell- for the next 50 years.

        • Yes – so many Americans are living in the past when there might have been an edge to military. They don’t realize that in tank warfare games in Europe the US came in WAY behind a lot of other countries. Something like 11th place – and the Abrams is old tech.

          Going to war if phukn stupid. Killing other people’s loved ones, friends, family – to make PEACE??? Get real people, use that gray lump of inert material btwn your ears, lol.

          You made great points RB

      43. You people are so slow. They’re already back in Cuba and nuclear war with America has been on the table for years now:

        “Russia to revive army bases in three oceans”

        “Russian General Warns Of World War 3, Russia’s Nuclear Weapons Plans For The World”

      44. Make sure you get an American made can opener. Products made in the USA are made of better quality materials and are almost always of superior craftsmanship. Skimp on some things but not on things that could make the difference between life and death.


      45. Actually the problem is not so much the “Marxist” slant of the “leaders” (who are literally supposed to be REPRESENTATIVES and not leaders) it is that they are enslaved by and enthralled by the Zionists who want to control everyone and everything like the infantile, morally retarded idiots they in actuality are.

      46. “The Russians responded by firing up a UN/coalition convoy almost immediately after.”

        Seriously? Do you have any evidence to back up this accusation, or are you merely speculating?

      47. Unfortunately, none of the claims in this article are true. Typical fear-mongering without evidence.

      48. The article validates my own thoughts regarding the Army Chief of Staff’s remarks. Never heard a senior office talk or act in this way. Did not think much of the choice of wording or the posturing.

        Only now do I see the formal misrepresentations of a half to a full century of socialist and communist rhetoric posing as Banker Capitalism, Federalism, Corporatocracy, and Globalism.

      49. If nuclear war breaks out, it will be because Obama launches a false flag attack on American soil with an American nuke, and blames it on the Russians.

        The Obama regime is that morally corrupt.

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